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Playmates Week (Day 2): Review Of Star Trek Playsets April 14, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Review,Star Trek (2009 film),Toys , trackback

Today  we continue our weeklong look at the first wave of Playmates Star Trek movie toys (officially coming out April 19th) with a look at the two playsets, one for the bridge of the USS Enterprise, and one for the transporter room. Both playsets come with figures, and both can be expanded with bonus pieces from the Galaxy Collection of 3.75 figures. See a full review with pictures and video below.


The Return of Star Trek Playsets

Playsets are always a tricky product for toy companies to create. They have to balance the price and playability with concerns about the size and how much shelf space both stores and parents will devote to an item. For their two playsets based on the new Star Trek film, Playmates Toys have found the equilibrium needed to make cool items that are also portable and don’t take up too much space. TrekMovie presents this detailed review of the USS Enterprise Bridge and Transporter playsets in our continuing experience in the Great Material Continuum that are ST09 toys.


Packaging (5 stars stars)
The packaging for the Transporter playset maintains the classy black look of the entire Playmates Toys line. For those who like to purchase and not open these items as collectibles, the playset packaging will look great next to the action figures because they have the same style. Also, the packaging features the ability to try the sound and lighting effects of the transporter unit and provides detailed descriptions of all the features. It also clearly shows that there are some bonus pieces available inside the 3.75" action figure packages to add to the playability.

Playmates Transporter Room Playset Packaging

Standard Playset (4 stars)
The standard playset includes half the transporter pad and ceiling, a console and chair, the vinyl floor mat, and most importantly the portable transporter unit. A bonus Scotty figure is included which has a different facial gesture than the individually sold 3.75" figure (see our previous article). This is a very fun playset once you get the feel for it. The portable transporter unit is a bit complicated and takes some practice which accounts for the 4 stars stars. However, once fans get the operation, the fun should be infectious. I certainly want to beam everything in my house and my six year old son loves the playset.

Playmates Transporter Room Playset

By purchasing the Uhura, Original Spock, and Nero 3.75" action figures, fans get bonus pieces of the transporter pad which allows for connection to the playset, forming a full circle. This looks great. However there is a trade-off. When you attach the bonus pieces to create a circular transporter pad, you have to remove the back wall, which can be placed behind the pad, but is not ‘attached’ anymore.

Playmates Star Trek Transporter Room Playset (w/ three bonus pieces)

Playmates Star Trek Transporter Room Playset
(showing bonus pieces unattached and back piece removed)

How it works:
There is a console that seats one action figure. This console has two buttons, one that engages the portable transporter’s light, the other than initiates the transporter sequence with lighting and sound effects. There is a small, specially designed stand included that you use to hold an action figure. You then place this stand on the transporter pad, clicking the figure into place. Then, by sliding the portable transporter chamber over the figure and clicking it into place, the figure is locked within. For fun lighting and sound effects, you could either press the button on the transporter chamber or use the buttons on the console. After the show, you remove the chamber and viola your action figure has transporter.

Transporter Playset console and figure stand

The portable transporter unit could then be positioned either back on the transporter pad or brought to the planet of your choice (your couch, the carpeting, outside, the dog house) and by pressing the delta insignia, the return beaming sound and lighting effects activate. By pressing two buttons on the side, the figure is "beamed" and released from the chamber. You could then pick the figure back up with the transporter chamber and continue the cycle.  Sound complicated? It is, although with practice my six year old son was able to figure out all the playability of the Transporter Room.  I never thought a toy company would surpass the coolness and fun of the 1970s MEGO Enterprise playset transporter. Playmates Toys certainly has. This is an ingenious playset.

Demo video of Transporter in action



It has been almost 15 years since the last full Enterprise playset was made by Playmates Toys for the Next Generation. Many fans fondly remember this incredibly cool playset. However, in today’s market, that playset would be more than $100 to purchase. Playmates Toys has provided a rethinking of playsets with the Enterprise playset. By including bonus pieces to the bridge in the action figure and by making the floor out of vinyl, the playset gains a mobility and feasible price point so that parents and collectors alike could afford it. But is it fun?

The Packaging: (5 stars)
Much the same said about the Transporter packaging is true here. It is thematically designed with the entire Playmates Toys line and features good information for those thinking of purchasing it in stores. It is also reasonably sized for those wishing to display unopened.

Playmates Bridge Playset Packaging

The Playset (4.5 stars w/o bonus pieces – 4.75 stars w/ bonus pieceas)
The standard playset includes the viewscreen with a cool and removable image of the Narada, the Captain’s chair and helm console, two data screen, and the vinyl playmat. The playset includes a free Captain Kirk figure which is the same as the action figure from the regular 3.75" line. While it would have been good to have some kind of electronic effects (perhaps the viewscreen could have included a button pressed for lighting and sound effects), as a parent, I like that this toy allows my son to engage his imagination. Sometimes toys are too electronicized and play is a passive experience. With this set, things could be moved around and my son has to supply the sound effects and action. Also nice is that it is easy to store. You could display it, or easily pack the playset up for another time. While I love the new Millennium Falcon from Hasbro or the original TNG playset, those are so big that they become a problem.

Playmates Star Trek Bridge Playset (basic)

One of the cool features of the playset is that the chairs swivel like in the movie and original television show. This is a nice detail that shows the care that Playmates Toys is putting into this line and the figures look great if the main purpose is display. My son enjoys moving and matching the various pieces to the floormat or sometimes redesigning the bridge after a Narada attack.

Playmates Star Trek Bridge Playset (w/ bonus pieces)

Included with the 3.75" figures (other than Uhura, Original Spock, and Nero which include Transporter playset bonus pieces) are additional consoles and chairs to add playability to the Bridge. This makes a great deal of sense. For those who just want the basic playset, the price is very reasonable. As fans get more figures for the playset, they also get more consoles and chairs. The more figures you have, the more consoles and chairs you need. By including the bonus pieces in the figures, it helps not only add to the fun, but also is practical.

NOTE: There is going to be a second wave of 3.75" that will include the rest of the Bridge bonus pieces this summer.

Playmates Star Trek Bridge Playset (w/ bonus pieces and figures)

Both of these playsets are recommended. The Transporter playset has the cool transporter effect and the Bridge playset is a quality presentation that engages the imagination of those playing with it. Hopefully, Playmates Toys is planning future playsets from other environments (sickbay, for example, which has never been offered before or the USS Kelvin). The next article in our Playmates Toys ST09 extravaganza is a discussion of the 12" action figures from the Command Line.


Playmates Star Trek toys officially go on sale this Sunday. They will be available at Toys R Us, Wal-mart and Target as well as other retailer. If you want to save a trip to the store, or guarantee you can get all of them, you can pre-order:

NOTE: Some Toys R Us stores have started to sell some Star Trek Playmates toys early and Entertainment Earth is just starting to ship the toys.

Next up: Role play toys
Tomorrow we will have an article (with video) on the new Star Trek tricorder, phaser and communicator.



1. DGill - April 14, 2009

These look promising.

2. Darkwing - April 14, 2009

yeah, and already have toys released

3. George - April 14, 2009

I may start collecting again

4. J. Rabbitte - April 14, 2009

Went to the Times Square Toys-R-Us on a lark today, and managed to score a Transporter Playset. The Simon Pegg likeness is eerie, and the transporter effect itself is fantastic. I’m not a huge fan of the vinyl floor, as I can’t exactly figure out what it does, but I love the electronic features.

5. tp3000 - April 14, 2009

These are great. Still debating what to get. Definitely Uhura and the Enterprise and Quinto Spock.

Thanks for the article.

6. DGill - April 14, 2009

I’m very curious though. How the hell do the figures disappear and then reappear in the transporter module? Believe it or not, I’m completely fooled! :)

7. Ryan Sutton - April 14, 2009

The Wal-Marts in my area have already released all of the figures and ship. No Bridge or Transporter set just yet. I also talked to my brother and he said he has seen them in the Wal-Mart in his area too. It seems that the small Galaxy Uhura and Warp Spock are the rare figures. Only one Uhura in about 50-75 and no Original Spock in the Wal-Mart box.

These figures are the best line I have seen in years. I love how Playmates just gets it right !

8. Jason Medeiros - April 14, 2009

I’m a huge collector of all things Star Trek and Superheroes. I missed out on most of the Playmates TNG line and won’t repeat that mistake.

9. garen - April 14, 2009

repost of myself from yesterday’s review article:

went to TRU today in St Clairsville Oh. They had a bunch of 3 3/4″ figures. As well as 6″ and 12″ They also had the toy phaser, communicator and tricorder(which is rather small)

for the 3 3/4″ figs they had a transporter room playset and the bridge playset. They also had two Enterprise scale replicas.

10. Capt. of the USS Anduril - April 14, 2009

Our Wal-Mart has 2 of the ships and about a bajillion figures. If I hadn’t already pre-ordered my Enterprise, I’d have picked one up. Of course, our Wal-Mart didn’t have the items grouped together. The Enterprises were stuck on the bottom shelf with the Star Wars crap and the figures were over on an endcap at the far end of the aisle. o.O

11. Jeyl - April 14, 2009

#6 “I’m completely fooled!”

Indeed you should be! There is an interesting piece of metal I believe that is see through ONLY if light is being shined through it. So if you were to look at this piece of metal on it’s own, it’d look pretty solid. However, if you show light through it, it’s very transparent. So, when the light turns on inside the tube, it’s allowing light to go through the metal piece thus showing the contents on the inside.

Anyone care to elaborate if I’ve made any errors?

12. ReyD - April 14, 2009

I have to honestly say they totally look like crap, really, not worth my buying anything.

13. Valar1 - April 14, 2009

last night my wife had bought the entire first wave of galaxy figures at Wal-Mart today we went together to see if there was anything else- she was surprised that the aisle where the toys were kept were half empty, the displays ransacked, and assorted Wolverine toys being put in to take up the empty shelf. I don’t know if that’s an indication of the movie being big, or if it’s an indication that a lot of fans are buying these up.

14. johnny - April 14, 2009

11 you have only one error it is a mirror

15. Dr. Image - April 14, 2009

AA-DST, if only… sigh.

16. Valar1 - April 14, 2009

Forgot to add, I live in central california, and the Uhuras and Neros were all gone, as well as the ship toy.

17. martin - April 14, 2009

Could you perhaps take some very close up images of the console displays for the toys?

Also is there any word on Kelvin Toys and Playsets?

18. Devon - April 14, 2009

“15. Dr. Image – April 14, 2009

AA-DST, if only… sigh.”

Yeah, if only.. then the prices would be higher and we would be lucky to find the thing on time without their inevitable production delays or in great quantities. Yeah, if only. *sigh*

19. Sci-Fi Bri - April 14, 2009

Poll on biggest blockbuster flop this summer. GUESS whats #1

20. Devon - April 14, 2009

#19 – GI Joe!

21. Carlos Teran - April 14, 2009

Wonderful toys… I’m pre-ordering the whole thing just now…

22. Someone - April 14, 2009

TrekMovie, you disappoint me here. These ratings are far too high. Do you really feel like you get your money’s worth with these sets, particularly the bridge? It is very bare bones and you have to buy 18 more figures to complete it! What’s more, that whole thing with having to detach the back wall of the transporter if you want to complete the set is just a terrible design. That should knock it down below 4 all by itself.

23. DGill - April 14, 2009


You are a lucky man. I’ve seldom heard of a guy whose wife was as interested in “Trek” as him, or anything else for that matter! Good for you two.

24. Joe Dickerson - April 14, 2009

Got the bridge playset today at TRU on the way home (Spent most of the day focused on Star Trek toys; luckily I finished my deadlines last week and yesterday). My oldest son LOVES it – wants ALL the figures so he can have a complete bridge, and he’s not that much of a Trek fan. I think the sales of the Trek toys will be better than we anticipate. He also wants the Transporter playset – I’ll be picking that up on the way home tomorrow… :-)

25. DJT - April 14, 2009

That transporter set looks like a futuristic ‘porta-potty’. At best a sonic shower.

And that pepto colored bridge carpeting looks like.. well…something you’d find in a porta potty.

26. Richard Martin - April 14, 2009

Please scan in the viewscreen picture of the Narada. PLEASE!

27. Dr. Image - April 14, 2009

#18- Funny I never had any problems finding AA items.
And none of them ever looked as lame as this crap.
So enjoy. Better your money than mine.

28. Tony Whitehead - April 14, 2009

I kinda figure this isn’t the page to ask about this, but I seem to remember that there were going to be actual plastic models for this film as well. Ya know, the kind with glue and decals and nacelles that go all wonky on you when they’re hangin’ from the ceiling vent.

Any word on these yet? or ever?

29. BonesCLCW - April 14, 2009

Just bought the Enterprise. Pretty cool, but smaller than I thought it would be. Lights are nice though.

30. Peacekeeper - April 14, 2009

# 9

The phaser and stuff is ok. The phaser is the right size. It is actually as big as the Original Series phaser from Art Asylum. I had posted a video of the equipment but my posts keep getting deleted. I think they want to be the first…even though I have had my stuff for a week. If you want look on youtube for it. I give this post 4 minutes before another delete….

31. spockatatic - April 14, 2009

Sweet! My cousins and younger siblings are going to love this! But, man, the fights are going to get intense. Oh, the joys of living in the same house as two seven-year-olds, one nine-year-old and a three-year-old…

32. JonWes - April 14, 2009

Thanks for the great overview! The only place stocked in my town is Wal-Mart and they don’t seem to be carrying the play sets yet. Just as a note to everyone, I’ve heard that future releases of the Bridge and Transporter are supposed to come with different Kirk and Scotty figures in other outfits so you don’t have to buy the same figure twice to complete the sets.

33. Refuge of Quark's - April 14, 2009

Great review, thanks. One question though, just so I don’t upset anyone here. If I get the bridge set and catch my kids putting figures on it that I’ve had for 14 years from the other various series, how severe should the punishment be for them having broken canon? God, if I even see a Yoda figure on the bridge, someone’s going to the hospital…

34. Someone - April 14, 2009

No laughing matter, child abuse is.

35. DGill - April 14, 2009

I just saw several images from the “Terminator Salvation” toyline, and they are hands down, much cooler than the “Star Trek” toys.

36. Devon - April 14, 2009

“#18- Funny I never had any problems finding AA items.”

Well if you know how to drive to the one place in a 25 mile radius that carries AA/DST, then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

“And none of them ever looked as lame as this crap.”

These look fine. AA/DST is collectors stuff. These are TOYS. Calm down.

37. DukeofEarl - April 14, 2009


Finally, the voice of reason.

These figures and sets look like they could have been made 15 years ago by Playmates.

And the Playmates TNG transporter is WAY better than this one.

38. Roy - April 14, 2009

If Playmates really wants to get in the good graces of Star Trek fans; they would make a bridge set and a transporter set for The Original Series that would go with their original Star Trek Action Figure Line.

Also, I don’t like the bait & switch. If you want a complete new Star Trek Movie bridge set; you have to buy other actions figures to complete it.
When Playmates issued the Next Generation Bridge Playset you didn’t have to buy other Next Generation Action Figures to complete it. Everything needed to make a complete Next Generation Bridge Playset came within ONE BOX. How much money will someone have to spend just to have a complete Star Trek Movie Bridge Playset???

I known some of you fans will disagree with me; but this new stuff is VERY LAME compared to what Playmates issued over 10 years ago. I will take the Next Generation Transporter & Bridge Playset to what is being offered today.

I would like to see TrekMoive do an in depth article comparing these new movie figures to the original TOS action figures. Along with pictures side by side of the 2 Kirks, Spocks, McCoys, etc… Then let’s see which line the fans like better. I think it would be a great article. Let’s see if Playmates has made any changes since they last produced Star Trek Figures.

39. Valar1 - April 14, 2009

I’ve got a Kirk of both the 7 inch size and the 3 .5 inch size. They both seem to have the same levels of articulation and poseability. The 7 inch one has a bit more detail, but I’m surprised by how sturdy the 3.5 inch ones are. Be warned though, the paint jobs on the small ones are really shoddy- examine those suckers before you buy them. Also, both of these have very limited movement in the hips- they really look lame when sitting in those chairs that are provided. The only poses that look good are standing or a slight jog type stance- a skipping stance? lol.

I realize these may not be the best toys, may not hold up to previous standards, etc. I’m just excited to see some Trek stuff in the store, and I got most of it for my eventual progeny. Let him complain, lol. It’s just so cool to be able to walk in and see a Trek aisle in the store- just blows my mind.

40. OneBuckFilms - April 14, 2009

I’m more interested in the role play items personally.

Accessorys for the uniform on pre-order for Cons etc.

41. Bella Donna - April 14, 2009

The transporter? Pretty cool, I’d say. I don’t care much if it’s complete. Having the back wall there is nice, and I didn’t complain in the old TNG line that the transporter set was a big barrel that only really worked to move one character at a time. At least three can stand on this new one, and it feels like a playset.

But the bridge… hoo boy… Now, I can’t debate whether or not a bridge as good as the TNG one would cost $100 in today’s market. So let’s compare it to a recent one that was decent enough and scaled for the same size figures. The Indiana Jones Lost Temple of Akator playset.

The thing was made of solid plastic, and that’s better than a vinyl sheet any day. It’s solidly built and interactive. It’s got a breakaway door, a rolling boulder (an Indy classic), a tree to whip-swing from, and folds open to play inside with. Granted, it’s kinda barren inside. But it also comes with Indy and an Ugha warrior. Retail? Roughly $45.

But here we have the center seat, the helm/nav, the viewscreen, Kirk, and a picture of a floor for $25. Okay. Shave off half a playset’s price and you get this. But if you want a full set, you get to spend around $8 per figure. And with 18 figures needed to complete it, you get to spend an additional $144 or so finishing a bridge. A bridge that doesn’t have walls or a solid floor.

And you get a redundant Kirk.

Suddenly, the bridge doesn’t seem so hot. Now, throw one of those new shuttlecraft our way like the figure scale vehicles of old, and I may be one happy (geeky) girl.

42. The Jimmy James - April 14, 2009

And don’t forget to give us a light and sound Kelvin while making a shuttle for her.

L&S Kelvin for the win.

43. Valar1 - April 14, 2009

I’m not down with the belt all of these figures come with to hold the phaser and communictor. Hell the 3.5 inch ones don’t even have a communicator- it’s just a mock up on the belt- my wife nearly broke her nail trying to dig it out before I took out my magnifying lens and told her it was just a part of the belt that was painted to look like a communicator.

I thought the belt was just a contrivance by the toy company, then I saw the Spock picture that came out yesterday- kneeling on the transporter pad, well, he’s got a big ol Santa Claus belt on, with his communicator tucked away in there. I guess it’s details like that which are supposed to make this movie more realistic, lol.

44. darrksan - April 15, 2009

19. Sci-Fi Bri – April 14, 2009

Poll on biggest blockbuster flop this summer. GUESS whats #1
well last year, speed racer and x-files was biggest blockbuster flop.
now, which Movie this year has feel or looks like speed racer or x-files?
1. Flashing version of an old 60’s show like speed racer.
2. Fan-base not open to the new film like both speed racer or x-files.

45. Binker - April 15, 2009

I’m just waiting for the review on the Enterprise.

46. Battle-Scarred Sciatica - April 15, 2009

hey, theres another medeiros out there…. i truly am not alone……

47. John Tenuto - April 15, 2009


Thank you for the comments.

This isn’t the 1990s, however. Firstly, Playmates Toys could not make an original TV show playset as they do not have a license for the shows. Secondly, if they released the TNG playset today, at its size, most retail stores would refuse to carry it and it would be about $150 (much like the Star Wars Millenium Falcon).


48. John Tenuto - April 15, 2009


I agree. The Akator Playset is wonderful. However, it must be remembered that the Akator Playset is twice the price of the Enterprise playset and it too included a redundant figure (I like that wording, thanks!). For another $20-25, the Enterprise playset could indeed have included more. Yet, it would have cost more. I loved the fourth Indiana Jones movie and purchased the toys. However, because of the fan reaction to the film, the poor quality of most of the action figures, and the prices of the toys, the line was canceled. In this economy, I appreciate a $20-25 playset and my son has fun with it. That’s about all I could ask for as a fan and parent with a toy. Also, stores were more inclined to dedicated shelf space to Indiana Jones being it was from Lucasfilm (although obviously the action figures and playsets didn’t get enough sales as the line was canceled).

If people do not like the playsets, that’s perfectly understandable. I really love the TNG playset, too. However, like everything else, context is required. No matter what the company, 3.75″ lines are meant to be played with and need to be reviewed on that basis. Now, if we think the playability is bad with these sets, then fine. However, we can’t compare a $40 playset with a $25 playset fairly.

49. ST Junkie - April 15, 2009

I just saw the 3.75 & 8 inch figures at the local Wal-Mart……I thought the 3.75″ figures looked rather cheap….Compared to Hasbro’s SW line, I thought Playmates could have done better with likenesses and detail…….The 8″ line though is FANTASTIC…….The detail is incredible and unfortunately I just spent my weekend fun money……

50. Jay - April 15, 2009

What the heck is this!!?
These toys aren’t CANON!!!

51. Jay - April 15, 2009

One thing I really hope for is an “AMT-esque” release of model kits. I don’t know how many remember, but AMT had model kits for practically everything Star Trek — the TOS bridge, TOS Enterprise, D-7’s, Romulan ships, the Reliant, Bird-of-Prey’s, shuttlecrafts, etc, etc, etc.

I do think Polar Lights would be a better company. I wasn’t too impressed with the AMT re-release of the TOS Enterprise. I would certainly love to see a 3′ Enterprise (new) or maybe the USS Kelvin, the Jellyfish, or the Narada. I model of the bridge or maybe a cutaway would be fantastic.

52. Spectrum of the Spock - April 15, 2009

does the bridge playset come with working lens flares???

also, love the way most of the action figures recline when seated. Chillin’…

53. Toys"R"Us - April 15, 2009

Here’s a link to the Star Trek Store on

54. Toys"R"Us - April 15, 2009

The shortcut URL to the Star Trek store on will be up and running shortly, it will be

55. Trek Fan Forever - April 15, 2009

I just purchased the Enterprise, the Bridge, and Transporter along with six figures last night (3.75), I must say that I am pretty pleased. From a collectible point of view they will look rather nice displayed.

I understand that this is a franchise that we all love and care about, but shouldn’t we all be happy that Paramount and Playmates Toys has had the desire to go forward with such an ambitious product line for Star Trek .

It’s been nearly seven years and let’s be honest, they didn’t have to give anything to us at all, so in the words of Admiral Kirk in ST:III, “Young minds, fresh ideas…be tolerant”.

56. Red Shirt - April 15, 2009

Audio samples of Giacchino’s score can be heard here!

Hard to judge based on such short snippets. I like it, but don’t hear as much leitmotif as I loved from Goldsmith and Horner. Shame too. Listen to “The Incredibles” or “Sky High” or even his work from the Pixar short, “Lifted.” He’s got the chops, but so far what I hear is teetering on a Media Ventures feel. Certainly can hear some “LOST” in there, which is understandable, of course… :)

I hope for more. Again, I am not judging based on only the tiny bits on that website….

Red Shirt out!

57. Chadwick - April 15, 2009

I could care less for playmates or toy reviews. Yea its part of the movie marketing and franchise marketing, but blah, I would rather see what Art Asylum and Diamond Select toys are doing in the way of models. At 25 I am not a fan of toys lol but a ready built model that sits nicely and the shelf and you can look at it (and don’t touch) is my cup of tea. Once I learned a few years back of the Enterprise display models Art Asylum put out I sold all my star trek playmates toys on ebay. The detail was much better, (because they are not toys they are models.) I know the 1701 D is coming out and they have a more detailed version of 1701 (called the HD version.) The Art Asylum toys are the most impressive I have seen (unless you build your own, or buy one of the $1000.00 display models.)

But oh wow do I remember the fun I had as a kid with my Next Generation transporter set.

58. Chadwick - April 15, 2009

@50. Jay. There is a new canon WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

59. Chadwick - April 15, 2009

@ 56. Red Shirt. THAT IS SWEET! A great little taste of the score. Thanks so much for that post.

The new music sounds great so far. But I am more enthusiastic for Track #5 (the music we hear on the website) rather then the remade TOS star trek theme. Its great that the theme is on there but meh, it does not impact me the way the music did in the third (FIRE EVERYTHING) trailer or the music for the website. I mean for me the Star Trek theme music is the opening song for the Motion Picture, the music from TOS is important but more nostalgic for than the powerful Motion Picture and TNG theme song. When I think of the new movie or its “theme music” track 5 is the one that nails it, when I hear that I think Star Trek, when I see clips of this movie that is the music I think of. Track 3 Labor of Love and Track 5 Enterprising Young Man are the best samples so far. It may not be Goldsmith and Horner but it is Star Trek, I love it so far, and I am confident in Giacchino. Track 5 is my new Star Trek song.

60. Andrew F - April 15, 2009

It is Wednesday, April 15 – 9:53 am CST and the Playmates Enterprise and both sizes of figure are at my local Wal-Mart on the shelf ready for sale!!!!!

61. Jay - April 15, 2009

Hahaahahaa…. absolutely. I LOVE IT!!

62. Red Shirt - April 15, 2009

@ Chadwick

Yes, out of those tiny, minute samples…Track five is great! Big sound there, huh?

So, where exactly does that fall in the movie?

63. Dr. Image - April 15, 2009

#56 Red Shirt- I agree. Very string-based, ala Lost. I was hoping for something more in line with The Incredibles, but that style might not have suited the story. But it’s also not stale in the way (God bless ’em) Goldsmith got with Nemesis. Cautiously optomistic.
So we shall see… er, hear.

64. Red Shirt - April 15, 2009


No, it is not stale. Track five works in that theme we’ve heard from the website, just arranged faster and orchestrated a little differently. So, that is James T. Kirk’s new theme? Little help, folks?

Surely Anthony has this score by now, right?

65. Spanish Brock - April 15, 2009

@56 – Thanks man! I really really really really like the End Credits – using the WHOLE Alexander Courage theme and not just the intro that most of the movies have used. That’s crazy fun!

66. Red Shirt - April 15, 2009

Everybody forgets Cliff Edelman! I really liked his score for “ST:TUC” Sure it is a bit derivative of Holst’s “The Planets” but that is what Nick Meyer was going for. I think Meyer originally wanted to use “The Planets” but they ran into rights issues, so they hired Edelman to score something in the same neighborhood. I think he knocked it out of the park!

67. THX-1138 - April 15, 2009

Just to put my $.02 in the discussion between Dr Image and Devon.

The playsets look fun for my kids and I will probably get them for them. They love Star Trek. But it’s not really my bag. I like the ships.

As far as price points are concerned, My DST/AA ships haven’t cost more than $37, so that’s like $8 more for what APPEARS to be a superior detailed ship. Worth it to me. Of course I’ll have to see the new one first. And I don’t know where you live Devon but I saw two DST/AA 1701’s at a video store last night at the mall along with about 5 TOS phasers and communicators. And of course a bunch of action figures. They also have them at several of the other video outlets and toy stores in town. Curiously I never see them at our local We B Toys (Toys R Us), although our local store is notorious for hiring a bunch of toy collectors that horde anything collectible and get first pick before the public. They suck.

I bought LOT’S of the Trek line from Playmates. And I have been a steady customer of DST/AA for the ships and equipment. DST/AA has sent me free action figures as a show of appreciation for being a good customer. I don’t recall getting anything for free from Playmates. I know where my customer loyalty lay.

BTW, I don’t live in a paticularly highly populated area, probably the 2nd or 3rd largest city in my state. The upper left one in the lower 48. So it’s not like “toy mecca” here.

68. THX-1138 - April 15, 2009


Track 15 is still the best piece of music I heard on those samples, and I am a big Giacchino fan. Of course, this isn’t a complete idea to judge from. But from what I’ve heard, he saved his best stuff for the Courage arrangement. It’s the most sweeping and romantic and lent itself surprisingly well into what sounded like a reprise of the adversary’s theme.

69. Paul - April 15, 2009

I’m a little confused how people are buying the toys already. I work for TRU, and the cases are very clear that they are shelf dated. Plus, they will not ring up at a register. The register says the item is street dated and cannot be sold. Will not allow for management over ride either.

The same was true at Walmart. I found a couple Enterprises on the shelf and I noted to an employee I was sure they were street dated. She scanned something and indicated how upset she was the stuff had got on the shelf early. And then I helped her box everything back up. That was just yesterday. I would think that that all stores in a particular chain would be on the same national system to help reinforce street dates. Breaking a street date has fined stores thousands of dollars. Playmates must just not care too much.

70. afterace - April 15, 2009


71. John Tenuto - April 15, 2009


Hello Paul,

Playmates Toys, from my conversations with them, care VERY much that there are toys being released early by some stores.

72. John Tenuto - April 15, 2009


With respect Chadwick, it isn’t like we don’t have 25 articles a year (2 or more a month) about Diamond Select Toys here at TrekMovie. This notion that one article takes away the existence of another article is not true. We discuss ALL Star Trek collectibles and merchandise here at TrekMovie.

Secondly, these ARE toys. Look at the Playmates Toys commercial. It is meant for my son, not for me. These articles about toys, not collectibles, although many fans will collect these. DST toys are not meant for play, they are meant for display. The opposite is true for Playmates Toys 3.75″ line and playsets.

73. Darth Bunky - April 15, 2009

Still think it’s kind of a rip-off that when you buy the set, you only get part of it. Guess they figure Trek fans are both suckers and flush with cash.

74. DMB1138 - April 15, 2009

Is the image of the Narada the only picture you can put in the viewscreen? I know that earlier pics of the bridge playset had a more generic starfield image.

75. UrMom - April 15, 2009

HOLY CRAP! Where did Kirk go?!?!?! XD

76. Paul - April 15, 2009

I think the toy line is a neat concept. Remember, these are *toys*. I love the DST line, but I can’t afford them all and I have a full time job with benefits. To purchase one DST figure in the store (the only one around here that has carried most of them) costs 18.99. That’s not secondary after market either. And many have been impossible to find. A 2 pack at the local store that carries them? Over $40.. for two figures.

Now, how is a child going to keep interest in a toy line if he (or his parents) have to pay $15-20 or more a figure? If the child wants just the bridge crew alone that’s well over $100.

It would be nice to have a line aimed at collectors, I agree. But that’s not these.

Yeah, the Playmates TNG bridge was waaaay cool…and it was also way expensive. I convinced my folks to buy me one by pleading and pleading.. but it was a long time after until I got anything else.

Someone mentioned the Akator IJ playset. Where I work we have an entire wall of clearance price. People aren’t buying them now that a movie isn’t out to support it. Which means the company takes a hit on those clearance prices, and my store takes a hit on those clearance prices. Yet a company has to produce so many of an item to clear a profit. So, a summer movie (no matter how big) really doesn’t have long enough life in the theatres to justify producing the kind of playset we had for TNG.

Star Wars manages one or two (like the Falcon) maybe a year, and that’s the largest selling boys line out there.

77. Bloons - April 15, 2009

Bridge set looks horrible, massively inferior to the TNG one, but then the new movie bridge looks cack anyway.

Beaming effect was impressive, but having to lift the chamber up was rubbish, like a stupid magic trick.

78. Bloons - April 15, 2009

Also: nice to see Superman in the background observing the process, lol.

79. Valar1 - April 15, 2009

Okay, doing the math on the Bridge Set- it’s 18 figures needed to complete the thing, at about 6.50 per figure and about 25-30 dollars for the barebones set. So that comes out to a grand total of 142-147 dollars for 19 figures [one extra Kirk] and the complete bridge. I don’t know about you but 150 bucks for 19 figures and a playset sounds alright to me, considering the rates other action figure toys go for nowadays.

80. The Jimmy James - April 15, 2009

How about just not having “street dates” and going with “sell it when you get it”.

It’s a gorram toy, and personally, I’m starting to get a little miffed over all this hoopla, treating toys a though they’re more important than the flick.

Just sell the things, people. I’m sick of waiting.

81. Valar1 - April 15, 2009

Also, note that the company has broken up the action figures into two waves. You can buy 7 now for the Bridge, and then later on they will have the remaining 11 to fill out the bridge- so that break makes it easier on the wallet.

82. THX-1138 - April 15, 2009

I think my kids will be using a little device called “imagination” to fill out the stations on the bridge. The TOS bridge didn’t need two baseball teams to run it. And neither does this one.

Besides, I only count 10 chairs. Do the rest stand around?

83. GeofferytheGiraffe - April 15, 2009


I understand your frustration, but Street Dates are usually tied to Advertising (newspaper circulars, tv etc…) which is tied to $$$$$$$.

Advertising a product and then having none in the stores tends to make customers very grumpy. Even Grumpier than the people on this board….

84. The Jimmy James - April 15, 2009


This is true. So noted!

PS, thanks for coming to my 9th birthday party and bringing me a Nintendo NES Advantage controller. That freakin’ rocked.

85. GeofferytheGiraffe - April 15, 2009


Yea. I hand built those things myself. Getting the rapid fire to work was a bitch.

BTW: Stop buying crap on the internet and go to my stores. You are taking food out of Baby Gee’s mouth.

86. Jeyl - April 15, 2009

^ Are you two related?

87. Christine - April 15, 2009

That transporter is cooler than any set my brother or I ever had when we were little. xD I’m a little jealous; I wasn’t young that long ago.

Maybe I could start collecting again..? ;D

88. The Jimmy James - April 16, 2009


I’m a goodguy. I buy locally whenever I can. Target, K-Mart, TrU and my local comic shop. Personally, I hate the hassle of internet sales. I can’t pay cash and I have to wait for the mail to deliver it.

Correction. I have to wait for the mailman to usually leave that slip so that the next day I can go wait in line to pick it up.

Same price as local store + S&H + inconvenience = BAD DEAL.


Nah, but note the name that the poster goes by. On my 9th birthday, my parents had the TrU giraffe character, Geoffrey, deliver my big present.

89. THX-1138 - April 16, 2009


Hey, tell your employees at my We B Toys to stop hording all the new stuff for themselves. They show up to work early on the day the stuff comes in and take first pick. Then the rest of us get the crap seconds. If you want us to stop buying off the internet then have a little better control of your outlets. Some stores have the stuff for sale, others don’t. Ridiculous. It fosters some pretty bad feelings of resentment between fans in different locales and gives your chain a bad reputation.

At least I have a direct relationship with some of the online dealers who can tell me exactly when the stuff I want to order will be in and can give me information on the lot I am purchasing from. They know that to keep me as a repeat customer to make sure that the quality is at the tops. I think it’s ironic that I get better customer service from a person thousands of miles away than I do if take a 10 minute drive to a local retailer.

90. JonWes - April 16, 2009

I got the Transporter and Bridge tonight! Really like the Transporter. Not so sure about he Bridge. I wondered… anyone who has the bridge… can you help me out? It doesn’t seem like the helm or tactical chairs can actually FIT into the bridge chair bases. I took a picture:

Do I have the wrong kind of chairs or something?

91. L W - April 17, 2009

What the hell?

The bridge “playset” is just a vinyl matt and a couple plastic pieces that make up about 1/4 of the bridge. It’s one quarter of what can become a piece of crap, and a total ripoff. How the hell do they justify charging $30 for that? And how on earth are kids really supposed to play with something that doesn’t even have attached pieces?

I realize you were probably given samples from Playmates, and feel obligated to “ooh” and “ah,” but this is really appalling.

92. Phil 123 - April 18, 2009

they honestly don’t look that good to me. especially the vynl floors – nothing actually attaches to it, so give the table a wobble and everything could fall down. also, i feel its a bit of a rip off that the full bridge and transporter rooms are not included in the sets. When i was a kid i had the Enterprise D playset for the tiny one inch figures, and it was really good. shaped like the Enterprise, the sauser opened up to reveil a very good likness of the bridge, and an OK ready room and bridge.

also had a little romulan war bird and a phaser that opened up into an alien enviornment. really cool sets.

93. oregonduckmd - April 27, 2009

I agree with 91 and 92. The bridge playset is really a poor product. The playability is low, as the pieces fall over when placing figures at the consoles. The vinyl floor mat has a big crease down the middle making the floor level uneven. My kids got out the Enterprise D playset and just started playing with it instead. So, I boxed it up and took it back to Toys R Us, along with the figures.

94. Lord Mudd - May 5, 2009

In your article you say you hope they do more playsets. Wishful thinking that will never be rewarded. Back when Playmates first screwed up the license by changing the scale away from 3.75 inches, they did 23 playsets; bridge, transporter room, and engineering. I have all 3. They suck. They also included with their figures a survey card. I filled out and mailed every one. At the bottom there was a space for suggestions. I gave them my number and said call me about my holodeck playset idea. They never did. My idea was for the greatest trek playset that would have ever been done, and now because the line is dead, it can and will NEVER be done. Why was it so great? For the same reason you say these sets are so good. The box set included a floor plate and 4 picture frame walls, one of which had the ‘electronic’ door in it. Into these frames you inserted cardboard backdrop pictures and put accessory pieces in the middle to create various programs. The box set came with 2 programs, achieved by flipping the cards over in the frame. Additional programs came in seperate packs in “ziplock” bags to keep the pieces from getting lost. These might have retailed for $5.99 to $9.99 depending on how many pieces, and certain ones would have been more, because they would have included exclusive figures, like for example, the black cowboy Data for the fist full of Datas program. The best part of this set was that once you had the basic box set, all you needed were the cheap program packs for TNG, DS9, and/or Voyager to create any play environment for your figures from all 3 series… the perfect playset for the entire line! Playmates however was not interrested in giving the fans/customers what they wanted, and so all of you are now forever denied this magnificient item thanks to them!

95. Lord Mudd - May 5, 2009

they did 23 playsets

3, sorry, typo.

96. Lord Upton - May 17, 2009

I agree 100% with #91. I was so thrilled to get the Bridge and then, as I am placing the pieces together, I find out that I had overpaid for an incomplete Bridge. I had bought most of the separate figures and therefore I thought (silly me) I was ready to have a complet Bridge set. But nooooo! It was all a freakin’ upsell. I now have to read the fine print, match pictures (not to confuse myself with the imaginary one with all the pieces (pieces yet to be rolled out from China for the 2nd Wave) while briefly in the toy aisle.

I was so pissed off. I don’t know why the reviewer of this blog simply cheers everything and did not catch the huge discrepancies here. Great… now, I understand I have to wait for the 2nd Wave to hopefully complete the Bridge—Fork moe moneeeeee succa! Geesh!!

97. Aaron Poston - January 2, 2010

The transporter playset is awesome. It comes with almost complete and the three missing pads come with figures currently available. The Bridge playset… not so cool. The playmat sucks for all the reasons mentioned above and not only do you have to collect all the figures to get the whole bridge, now you can’t even do that. Why? Because Playmates canceled the rest of the line. Ergo, completing the rest of the bridge is now impossible. Even if you buy multiples of the figures available they only come with certain pieces. Once again a big up-yours from Playmates.

98. Dave - August 13, 2010

Did you guys neglect to mention that the remaining 3.75 are never going to be released and thus the bridge will never be complete. I think a class action lawsuit is going to be in the works for the bridge set at least unless playmates can provide an extension pack for the rest of the bridge at relatively close costs minus the fact that we wouldn’t get a figure.

99. Dan - October 9, 2011

Dude, the article was made when the toys first came out, before anybody knew that Playmates dropped the ball so badly.

It really does suck that there is no wave 2 and Playmates won’t even provide the pieces to complete the bridge to those suckers who bought it.

So the only way to complete the bridge is to get a second playset (for the ‘rear’ diagnostic screens) and as many existing 3 3/4 figures as it take to get the console pieces to flesh out the bridge. And something to melt all the surplus plastic into an infinitely more useful paperweight. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.