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Review – Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 – Blu-ray [UPDATED] April 21, 2009

by Matt Wright , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Review,TOS,TOS Remastered , trackback

Back in September 2006 CBS commemorated the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek by going back to the original film and digitally remastering the series for the HD era, cleaning up the images and adding new CGI special effects. Previous HD-DVD & DVD releases were available with only the new. But now thanks to the benefits of Blu-ray, fans have a choice (original or CGI), and can see Trek in 1080p.


Season One of Star Trek holds many favorite episodes, a classic commander versus commander in deep space battle in The "Balance of Terror," the tour de force of acting seen in "The Devil in the Dark," we see Kirk’s word put to the test in "Court Martial," and more. And now, finally, we can see it in HD, with the choice of ‘seamless branching’ between the original effects, or the new digital effects. 


Review: Star Trek: The Original Series – Season One Blu-ray Boxed Set
[note: all images in review can be expanded by clicking on them]

Thank you CBS/Paramount! Gone is the clunky clear acrylic box of the DVD sets. Not only is it in keeping with how other Blu-ray boxed sets have been packaged it is also much more environmentally friendly, using far less plastic. This is the same type of packaging other studios have been using, such as with Warner and their recent ultimate Blade Runner release.

The new thin Blu-ray case versus the older DVD packaging.

The case open with 7 Blu-ray discs.

One little annoyance about the new packaging is that there isn’t an insert that lists the episode titles, all the papers seen in the picture above are advertisements. The episode listing is actually on the reverse side of the cover art inset. Since the Blu-ray case is translucent you can see through it to the printed list of episodes, of course disc 7 is in the way of the 2nd half of the list, so it’s a slight inconvenience.

Left: The episode details as they appear in the case.
Right: The backside cover insert pulled out.

Navigation and Options
Once again CBS took this new release as an opportunity to improve upon the past releases. The rather clunky menu system from the DVD releases has been scrapped and a brand new menu system that uses the motif of being on the bridge and looking at the viewscreen to engage the episodes and choose options. There are four options to the left by blinking colored lights:

  1. Episodes (selecting an episode lets you choose which version to watch)
  2. Starfleet Access (the picture-in-picture commentary version of an episode)
  3. Additional Data (any extras on the disc as well as the classic previews for the episodes are here)
  4. Communications (chooses which soundtrack/language you’d like and controls over subtitles)

A small scanner screen pops up on the right which shows you the options. The viewscreen flashes by with the specs of the Enterprise and snippets of the episodes on the disc while the console lights up.

TIP: You can always toggle between the Remastered and Original Effects by using the angle button on your remote (if it has one) or by bringing up the interactive pop-up menu while the episode plays and toggle it with the little film camera icon.

The menu (click to enlarge)
NOTE: The interactive menu text is missing due to issues with the screen capturing process

Unlike the older menu system you don’t have to choose an episode first and then arrow through a cumbersome groups of options. On the HD DVD release if an episode had the Starfleet Access option you’d have to move through lots of options and toggle it on and then go back and hit play. Here when you choose Starfleet Access is simply lists the episode(s) on the disc that have the feature available, selecting the title launches it with the commentary. If you choose it from the normal Episodes menu then it plays without commentary, much more straightforward!

The Video Transfer
As we’ve raved about before in our TOS-R reviews, the original live-action filmed content is incredible. Star Trekwas one of NBC’s front runner TV series used to show off the benefits on color television, and it really shows here — the vibrancy of the colors, there is a ton of detail that can be seen in the fabrics, sets, and faces. 

Tech. Specs: CBS gave the Blu-ray release a brand new video encode at 1080p, compressed with VC-1, with pillar boxing to preserve the original 4:3 aspect ratio.

These shots show how the HD transfer makes the show look better than ever

Now to the question on everyone’s mind, how do the original special effects hold up? As one might guess, it really depends on the shot. The “planet of the week” shot which was constantly being optically reproduced in different tints is pretty bad. The other special effects that were shot specifically for an episode can be better. The matte lines and other optical garbage that ended up in the shot are blatantly obvious at 1080p when they occur. This release makes it clear why CBS chose to create the new digital effects for the shows transfer to HD, however it is still great to see the original effects in HD and they should be appreciated by the ‘purist’ fans.

Comparison shots show new effects usually work better in HD

…but this comparison (original on left and new digital version on right) shows that even the original iconic matte paintings hold up well to 1080p

For the curious here is what the DVD of TOS-R looks like upscaled to 1080p. Notice the blurier details in the background, Mike and Denise Okuda and the others further back are pretty clear in the HD version above, while in the SD version they are harder to make out.

Audio Quality

CBS has an amazing job with the sound on the Blu-ray set. It’s quite a testament to the technology we have today that these discs sound as good as they do. Audio is much harder to restore and squeeze extra clarity from as compared to film (which has lots of rich detail that can be recovered). The audio is stored as DTS-HD Master Audio which is a lossless compression (think of it like a ZIP file for the audio), which means this is as good as it will get. It sounds just like it sounded in the sound engineers booth when they made the Blu-ray discs. The audio is amazingly clear, with dialogue well prioritized, it is never drowned out by other sound effects. Another well designed touch is the sense of ambiance mixed into the surround channels. When on the bridge you are engulfed in the sounds of ship. As mentioned before, this is well done and can be rather subtle so it never detracts from the dialogue. 

One of my favorite episodes, and a great test of classic Trek audio, is
"Balance of Terror." The clear metaphor of submarine warfare is continued in the audio cues. It also includes portions of most of the common orchestral themes that were used in season 1. Music is mixed in nicely and envelops the viewer when it is fitting to do so. The handling of the proximity phasers is one that has been tweaked throughout the life span of Trek on DVD. In the first Star Trek DVD release (the one with 2 episodes per volume) the sound mix had an aggressive low rumble as the proximity phasers exploded in a depth charge like way. When I got the first season of TOS-R on HD DVD/DVD I was disappointed that the phaser charge now had nearly zero LFE (low frequency effect) use. This new mix has a brief low rumble as the charges go off, which is more fitting to the new CG effect.

Special Features

This Remastered set contains many of the excellent interviews and features from the previous DVD sets, with the exception of the “Red Shirt Logs” easter eggs. It also has the original previews aired on NBC in the ’60s for each episode. There are even more than we discuss here, you can see a full list of the features in our press release article.

Billy Blackburn’s Treasure Chest
Like the HD DVD version before it, disk 7 contains a featurette based on home movies made by Star Trek background actor Billy Blackburn. Blackburn narrates over clips from the show, as well as his own home movies shot on location and on the sound stage. This special feature alone is why the newer TOS-R sets are really worth considering.


(click to enlarge)

Spacelift: Transporting Trek into the 21st Century
Disc 1 includes Spacelift, which is documentary that we’ve seen much of in STARTREK.COM video clips when TOS-R first was brought to syndication. The crew of CBS and CBS Digital wax poetic about TOS and their project. It is in widescreen and you can see a few seconds of the widescreen CG shots CBS Digital made in case of widescreen versions (This documentary was also shown at the “The Menagerie” screenings held in late 2007).

Blu-ray Exclusives

Picture-in-Picture Commentary
Blu-ray can mix two video feeds at once, on episodes that are listed under Starfleet Access a running commentary starts in the lower right hand corner of the screen. It will come and go as scenes come up that have commentary associated with it.

Picture-in-Picture commentary example (click to enlarge)

BD Live  – Online Extras
BD Live is an optional component to Blu-ray that allows for extra content and interactive features to be downloaded or streamed over a high-speed Internet connection. You must have a BD Live (also called Profile 2.0) player and the requisite 1GB (or more) of flash memory connected to your player for download space. Most BD Live extras from the movie studios have been underwhelming to say the least, usually it is simply a portal for the movie studio to pitch more DVDs, Blu-ray discs and upcoming theatrical releases to you from the comfort of your remote. Slowly the movies studios have started to branch out and actually provide bonus content of real value. For example Warner Bros. The Dark Knight had a live chat with director Christopher Nolan and DreamWorks Animation added a bunch of featurettes available for Kung Fu Panda. The good news is that CBS is heading in the right direction with their TOS portal.

The Star Trek client is only 4MB and took less than 2 minutes to download, and then about 2 more to load up the Java environment on my Panasonic BD35 player. It loads an interface that has a menu to choose from various categories:

Even More Extras
On disc 6 you can find the Interactive Enterprise Tour which is fun, but is only about 10 minutes worth of content; it consists of pre-rendered paths with a navigational control that pops up to pick locations along with a voice tour that explains what each area does. You are shown pre-rendered graphics of a shuttlecraft leaving the hanger bay (you are supposed to be in it), you are then shown around the Enterprise to view key features such as the Impulse Engines, Warp Engines, Shuttlecraft Hanger Desk & Control Room, the Ion Pod, Equipment Bay Doors, a view of the Bridge Dome, Phaser and Photon Torpedo area with a fun little ‘launch torpedo’ button, and the Main Sensor/Navigational Deflector (check out the little maintenance guy in a space suit).

Easter Eggs
There are two “easter eggs” in the set, both are little extras about TOS-R. They aren’t hard to miss. On both discs the red button has no text next to it, arrow over and select the red button anyway. On disc 2 is a TOS-R “sizzle reel” a best-of CBS Digital’s CG work, in a huge bummer, the reel is only standard definition, as I recall this reel has been available on web for a while. On disc 5 is a TOS-R preview, this is the goofy “Remixed, Remastered, Re-energized…” advertisement that we covered a while back presented here in 1080p. Thanks to our friend Bill Hunt of The Digital Bits for pointing these out!

Lastly, Disc 1 starts with the first version of the trailer for the new Star Trek (2009) movie.

Bottom Line
This is basically the ultimate edition of a beloved classic, whether you’re a purist or like the new CG. The remastered series was meant to be seen in HD and looks it. Both the audio and video are fantastic. If you waited, like I did, for the inevitable Blu-ray release of TOS-R, we got a treat because it includes both versions for a complete collection. You’ll love how gorgeous Star Trek can look and how awesome it can sound (proper surround sound and subwoofer required!).

If you’re happy with how the standard definition sets look upscaled from standard DVD, well then I’d say stick with it for now, but I would think about putting the Blu-ray edition on a birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. list and start to replace them with the  high definition (and more complete) versions. Also Trek fans with HDTVs should bear in mind that there are a number of additional Blu-ray titles coming out this spring and later in the fall/winter.

The hardest call is for those who bought the HD DVD / DVD hybrid set for Season One and a HD DVD player. There really isn’t enough here to justify the ‘double HD dip’ unless you are converting your library over to solely Blu-ray.

The Star Trek Original Series Season One on Blu-ray comes out April 28th. You can pre-order it now at Amazon.  

Amazon pre-order: $72.99 [discounted $129.99]


Coming up Next: TOS movies Blu-ray set
The next Star Trek release is the Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection coming out May 12th. The set contains each of the TOS era feature films in HD with many new special features, including new audio commentaries and new featurettes. There is also a seventh bonus disk called Star Trek Summit,’ which is a new 70-minute roundtable featuring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, and Jonathan Frakes, moderated by Whoopi Goldberg. Look for that review in a couple of weeks.

Amazon pre-order $93.99 [discounted from $139.99]  

Here is a preview of the ‘Star Trek Summit’ special feature, which comes on an extra disk.



More upcoming Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray titles…

Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy [Blu Ray & DVD – May 12]


Best Of Star Trek – TOS & TNG [DVD – May 12]




1. KJTrek - April 21, 2009

I definitely getting close to buying a Blu-ray player, if only for this!


2. FishDS9 - April 21, 2009

Wishing I had a Blue Ray player. sigh

3. Liam Dillon - April 21, 2009

Buy again, episodes I bought on tape, then dvd, then on Blu-Ray – of course it’s more, better, clearer, Blue (no it’s not). Looking forward to watching both these and the movies in glorious 1080p

4. Jim - April 21, 2009

This is definitely what I’ve been waiting for re the remastered edition. Perfect timing, obviously, with the film coming out. Now for the films . . .

5. General Martok - April 21, 2009

I WANT!!!!!!!!!!

6. ThePhaige - April 21, 2009

I want to see more of that round table with Whoopi……

7. Kelvington - April 21, 2009

Wonder if they play well on the PS3?

8. MikeD. - April 21, 2009

It’s times like this I wish I had a Blu-Ray player. When it is time to upgrade these will be 1st on my list.

9. Torchwood - April 21, 2009

I want too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but alas, no bluray or hi def tv :(

10. Driver - April 21, 2009

Still a good $300 for one of the better BD palyers, like Panasonic. The prices will fall come Thanksgiving/Christmas.

11. I am not Herbert - April 21, 2009

Yeah… I’m going to wait until the cost of Blu Ray players / disks drops more…

…but these do look like a great addition to the collection. ;-)

12. screaming satellite - April 21, 2009

these new sets are avaliable as DVD only too arent they? does the DVD only have both versions of each ep or just the Remarstered?

13. Joseph Coatar - April 21, 2009

Great price on that amazon pre-order! Finally a reasonably priced Star Trek set!

14. Joseph Coatar - April 21, 2009

Doesn’t everything?

15. Drew - April 21, 2009


16. Banging One of Baltar's Chicks! - April 21, 2009


It has now been justified why I actually bought a Blu-Ray player to begin with!!!

Oh GODS I can’t wait to see this in Blu-Ray!!!!

Did they clean up the films too or just do a clean HD transfer? Also is there anything on these Motion picture films that weren’t on the 2 disc DVDs?

17. DarthDogg - April 21, 2009

I dont think Patrick Stuart was quite getting what Johnathan Fakes was trying to say to him about reconcidering signing his name on body parts. Thats OK though, im sure the Shat was followin along quite fine.

Cant freakin wait to get this. Damn my brokeness right now.

18. Brian - April 21, 2009

Can’t wait for it to arrive!

19. Brad - April 21, 2009

So all of the epsiodes are in 4:3? I would have sworn that I watched the remastered series in 16:9 when it was played here in Hi-Def. Please let me know if the remastered episodes can also be watched in 16:9 in wide screen, without the black sidebars.

20. John from Cincinnati - April 21, 2009

My only complaint about this set is the episodes are in broadcast order. I prefer them in production order.

21. DavidJ - April 21, 2009

Can’t wait to get this.

Although I still find it irritating that A) there’s no Cage, and B) they’re listed in airdate instead of production order. : (

22. M33 - April 21, 2009

#21 I Completely Agree!!

23. DavidJ - April 21, 2009


Well at least you get BLACK side bars. On my plasma TV they’re gray for some retarded reason.

24. ScottDS - April 21, 2009

#16 –

The films were cleaned up (we’ll find out to what extent in a couple weeks) with special attention paid to Star Trek II since the negative was in terrible condition.

The Blu-Ray discs of the films are missing the text commentaries but each film will include a picture-in-picture “Library Computer” feature instead.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture is missing the audio commentary and three featurettes. In addition, only the THEATRICAL VERSIONS of Star Trek: TMP, II and VI are included. No Director’s Edition of TMP, no extended TV version of TWOK, and no Special Home Video Version of TUC (which means no Col. West).

Also, Star Trek VI will be presented in its originall 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Previous widescreen releases have been opened up to roughly 2:1 (the film was shot in Super 35 so there was extra room to open it up).

Fo more info:

25. Brian - April 21, 2009


You’re getting grey sidebars for one of two reasons…either A) the black levels on your tv are incredibly high and you need to set it up properly or B) your TV uses grey bars in 4:3 mode to avoid burn-in.


What you saw in 16:9 were the new fx, probably on XBox Live. TOS was shot in 4:3….if it were reconfigured for 16:9 everyone’s heads would be chopped off because it wasn’t composed for that aspect ratio in the first place.

26. Ran - April 21, 2009

My BluRay DVD and Plasma TV have ordered me to get this… Although I will wait for the director’s cut for the movies.

27. Julio Scissors - April 21, 2009

Those Billy Blackburn extras were the best part of the DVD set. Loved ’em!

28. Joseph Coatar - April 21, 2009 has a lower price on the 6-disk motion picture set: $79.86

29. Aragorn189 - April 21, 2009

Sounds good. I’m a little slow on the high def and blu ray upgrade for financial reasons (college students don’t get much disposable income and I have yet to buy the rest of the Star Trek series. I have TOS, TAS, and the Movies). Probably once I have more disposable income, I’ll consider upgrading to Blu-Ray. But until that time, I’ll stick with my DVDs as they are more economical.

30. Andy Patterson - April 21, 2009

“it is still great to see the original effects in HD and they should be appreciate by the ‘purist’ fans.”

“Bottom Line
This is basically the ultimate edition of a beloved classic, whether you’re a purist or like the new CG”

Gentlemen,…I shall consider it. This is probably the thing that gets me to get Bluray. Shhhh….don’t tell my wife. This’ll probably be like when I got the piano. She came home and there it was.

31. Andy Patterson - April 21, 2009

Now can somebody recommend a good player. I don’t know anything about it.

32. Quarksbartender - April 21, 2009

31 Andy get a playstation 3 its upgradeable, wireless, you can download content including Star Trek DAC for the PS3 it is by far the best Blu-Ray on the market for the money

33. Aaron R. - April 21, 2009

“The hardest call is for those who bought the HD DVD / DVD hybrid set for Season One and a HD DVD player. There really isn’t enough here to justify the ‘double HD dip’ unless you are converting your library over to just Blu-ray.”

Excactly… this pissed me off cuz i wasted my money basically.

34. HesDeadJim - April 21, 2009

I have a question…

I didn’t grow up watching TOS, I started with TNG and worked backwards…

For those of you who DID, and who are excited about seeing the original series remastered with CG, were you really sitting there back in the 60s or 70s and thinking “Man, these effects look like crap, I can’t wait until the technology gets better so that this can be re-done!”

Its just strange to me, I never understood why one would improve on something like visual effects…now films aging, becoming splotchy, thats one thing, but CG

I don’t get it

I guess I am alone

35. DJT - April 21, 2009

Well, I, for one, am getting the trilogy. I am looking forward to the commentaries.
TWOK – Nick Meyer and Manny Coto
TSFS – Ron D. Moore and Michael Taylor
TVH – Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci

36. The Last Maquis - April 21, 2009

I figured it out!! I know What I’m Going to do….finally, I don’t own anything on Bluray at all, I have DvDs They look great but to have to buy it all again for BR I don’t think so, However I have yet to Buy any Trek on DvD SO if I get a Bluray Player, I’ll just Buy only Trek On BR, this TOS collection will be the first, But I want DS9 on Bluray Too damn it!!

37. Captain Cameron goes Berserk!! - April 21, 2009

DS9 on BLU-RAY!!

38. Oregon Trek Geek - April 21, 2009

34– As a kid growing up on Trek reruns in the mid 70’s, I didn’t have any complaints about the effects. By the time Star Wars came out, it started to become apparent that the TOS effects were dated.

That’s why when TMP came out, we were all relieved to see Trek with (comparatively) perfect ILM-quality effects.

I’m wondering if The Cage is in the TOS Blueray package? Did they remaster The Cage?

39. Will - April 21, 2009

I like that it’s finally on Bluray but I’m bummed that they didn’t do something more interesting for the packaging.

Personally, I think they should come in TOS Tricorder themed boxes.

40. vice1986 - April 21, 2009

I wont buy them, I already have season 1 and 2 on HD/DVD. Even on the standard DVD version (S2), the picture looks really good and the DD 5.1 is pretty decent as well. Watching season 1 in HD I notice alot of shots are rather “fuzzy”, so I myself don’t see a huge difference between the HD and standard DVD versions if you put it in context of the whole thing. It’s good that its out on blu-ray now though.

41. Matt Wright - April 21, 2009

31 — I’m going to have a Blu-ray buying guide soon. Probably timed between this review and the ST movies in May. If were you I’d wait a few weeks more anyway. The 2009 line up players is just hitting stores and getting reviewed. More $200 price point players are coming this summer too.

42. Scott Gammans - April 21, 2009

FINALLY!! The original series, with the original effects, and in 1080p! AWESOME!!

Can’t wait for seasons 2 and 3 to be released. Thanks for the review, Anthony!

43. Matt Wright - April 21, 2009

Re: The Cage — just like all the other TOS sets it will be included at the end of Season 3. People with the Season 3 TOS-R DVD sets have already seen it. There’s a video of the effects up on YouTube, it was linked in a previous TOS-R article recently.

44. DeBeckster - April 21, 2009

Are they the complete episodes? Or are they edited like they were when they were aired on television?

45. Matt Wright - April 21, 2009

#44 this has been asked and answered so many times, we have a TOS-R page with a FAQ for a reason…

Yes it’s of course uncut, just like the DVD version before it…

46. DavidJ - April 21, 2009


For me the issue has never been the QUALITY of the original FX, just the incredible lack of VARIETY.

Even as a diehard TOS fan, it gets a bit frustrating seeing the same handful of ship shots used again and again in every episode. With the new FX, it’s a bit easier to buy that the crew are exploring a totally different environment and area of the galaxy each week.

47. doubting thomas - April 21, 2009

still waiting for a proper restoration with modern sound and visual effects

48. jonboc - April 21, 2009

#46, the lansdscape of the Shore Leave planet is always nice to look at. Plenty of nice colorful shots to choose from there. Of course, Sherry Jackson’s Andrea, from What Are Little Girls Made Of?, isn’t so bad to look at either.

Nice write up. I own the HD set and the standard DVD set…but they aren’t on the same disc. Guess I’m in for the blu ray for the convenience and the new sound mix.

49. DarthDogg - April 21, 2009

#36, 37

Oh dont worry, THE SISKO shall return to us, and when he does, he shall be Blu. look it up, its in the Bajorin profficies!

50. Joe Atari - April 21, 2009

Has anyone determined if the mono audio tracks are truly the *original* broadcast mono tracks? I think previous DVD sets had Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital 2.0, the latter of which was simply downmixed from the “sweetened” 5.1 tracks. I don’t think the original broadcast audio has been available since tape and laserdisc, but it would certainly be nice to have here along with the non-remastered effects.

51. jotin - April 21, 2009

yay for my ps3 and 42 in 1080p tv!! wooo!! HD Star Trek here I come!

52. Matt Wright - April 21, 2009

50 — Everything I’ve read says it is indeed the origional mono track. I can check it out later on if you’d like. I didn’t check it due to time constraints on the review, that and most people will want to use the very clean and clear surround version.

53. Imrahil - April 21, 2009

Nice. I have this preordered and should get it in early May. :)

54. kfjhksdjh - April 21, 2009

I already preordered both the first 6 movies and TOS S1. I am thrilled! :-)
The above interview with Frakes, Stewart, Nimoy and Shatner is gold.

55. ObiWanCon - April 21, 2009

Can anyone tell me if the movies in the DVD movie collection have been cleaned up and Remastered, I assume they have but I’d like confirmation. Thanks.

56. Matt Wright - April 21, 2009

#55 — As far as we know, all the movies were subjected to a basic restoration (much like TOS was). TWOK’s film negatives were in a really bad shape and were given an intensive restoration in the same process that was used by Paramount for The Godfather.

57. RD - April 21, 2009


at least on my DVR schedule for KTLA Channel 5 at 4AM. The DVR schedule also shows an afternoon marathon starting at 1:30PM to 6:30 PM consisting of “Mirror Mirror”, “Amok Time”. “For The World Is Hollow …”, “The City On THe Edge of Forever” and “The Trouble With Tribbles”. Definitely some of the best among them. I wonder if there is a theme here …

As I suspected all along when they pulled The Cage from the April airdate last year, they have saved it for the week before the new Trek movie opens. Further, it is preceded by “WNMHGB” this weekend (4/26), pretty much a Star Trek primer. Too bad it’s on in the middle of the night in most markets.

I wonder if Paramount is providing incentive to the broadcasters to air marathon episodes in the week leading up to the movie or following?

58. Joe Atari - April 21, 2009

52 — Thanks for checking Matt; although it’s not a deal breaker it would be nice to see.

The other thing that would be a nice to have would be the ability to play the “next voyage” preview between the episode coda and the end credits ala the original broadcast. A few years ago (when I had much more time on my hands) I edited every TOS DVD episode to play this way; if I had had a good high resolution copy of the “In living color on NBC” peacock bumper at the time I would have added that too. =)

59. Matt Wright - April 21, 2009

Ahh good so they did indeed go ahead and schedule The Cage in May, this was what I had heard some months ago.

In other markets it looks like just The Cage is being shown (no marathon), and of course it will be pretty edited since it runs longer then an hour and added to that all TOS episodes need to be edited for modern syndication run.

60. shadow - April 21, 2009

They did a great job on the Godfather, I hope their quality level is the same for TWOK. I cannot wait for the Blu-Ray sets! It’s exciting!

61. Banging One of Baltar's Chicks! - April 21, 2009

@ 24. ScottDS – April 21, 2009

Thanks man, I wasn’t even aware that there were THAT many versions out there… Naturally now… I WANT THEM…


I never understood why they do this… Last night I was watching the Demolition Man (yes I did), the scene where they have virtual sex, the one I have on VHS has a flash of boobs, this one, nothing… Who sits down and reedits this and for who?

62. RetroWarbird - April 21, 2009

Damn … this might finally spur me into a Blu-Ray player. Probably a PS3 … they’re versatile, after all.

It’s a crying shame about the “Motion Picture Set” not having the Director’s Cut of TMP, the added scenes from the TV airings and so forth. I could understand unfinished deleted scenes, but I’m especially disappointed with the Director’s Cut (I guess a little miffed about TUC as well … the best of the movies should have the best of the cool goodies).

Can’t WAIT for TNG and DS9! It’s times like these I’m glad I stopped buying DS9 after I got Season 4 because it was right when the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD “battle” was going on.

63. Banging One of Baltar's Chicks! - April 21, 2009

@ 62

I can say as a PS3 user, that not only was I surprisingly happy to have invested in this console, but found that the games I never thought I’d play were suddenly the coolest thing I’ve seen. But I do mainly use it for BDs…

It works well and I love it…

Go for it if you want to enjoy ALL the amazing stuff the PS3 can do AND enjoy Blu-Ray movies as well!


64. The Original Spock's Brain - April 21, 2009

34. HesDeadJim – April 21, 2009 “were you really sitting there back in the 60s or 70s and thinking “Man, these effects look like crap, I can’t wait until the technology gets better so that this can be re-done!””

As a kid in the 1970s, I remember noticing the matte lines around every shot of the E and that the planets the were same except for the color from week to week. It was distracting, but you overlooked it because the stories and characters were the reason you watched. In the resolution of DVD, most of the optical effects looked dreadful, the 1080p versions would’ve been intermittently depressing if the effects had not been remastered. Even Gene was aware of the limitations he had at the time. All you have to do is watch “2001: A Space Odyssey”, for example, to see what was possible in the late 1960s, but was not available on a TV budget. Gene would’ve appreciated the remastered versions, because they more closely approach whole of his original vision.

65. John Sullivan - April 21, 2009

… uh … what was that crap about “Thank you, Paramount for the environmentally friendly packaging using less plastic?

If this were “Angel,” “Battlestar Galactica,” or even the “Star Wars Trilogy,” then that Earth-friendly nonsense would fly. As Star Trek Laserdisks, Betamaxes, VHS tapes, DVD disks, and Blue Ray presentations are good enough to last forever, what’s wrong with giving us an outer protective shell made of Tritanium meant to last forever? What kind of totally loony nonsense is the author spewing here?

66. Driver - April 21, 2009

As good as BD is, unfortunately, CGI Enterprise still looks CGI. 2D and lacking a real miniatures ability to mimic a real ship. The budget, I know, was somewhat lacking.

67. Sean4000 - April 21, 2009

Good work on the review, Matt.

68. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 21, 2009

I’m getting this and the movie set for my birthday next month. Can’t wait – May is gonna be total Trek month!!! :-)

69. thomoz - April 21, 2009

None of you noticed – on the HD shot of the purple matte painting
(the new one on the right) there are people in the left of the frame.
Right in front are Micheal and Denise Okuda, in red & blue uniforms!

That was a laugh-out-loud moment for me.

I’ll bet the Okudas brought their own uniforms to the shoot (laughing)

70. Robert Saint John - April 21, 2009

#34 – “For those of you who DID, and who are excited about seeing the original series remastered with CG, were you really sitting there back in the 60s or 70s and thinking “Man, these effects look like crap, I can’t wait until the technology gets better so that this can be re-done!””

I’m not sure you realize how much televisions themselves have improved since the 70s. I’m not even talking about digital (cable or terrestrial). Television screens were generally smaller, transmission was subject to interference and ghosting, audio was mono, etc.. Heck, color TV itself was still pretty new when I watched the show in first syndication.

So, no, we weren’t saying the fx were crap back then. We were seeing the best picture that was possible at the time. I’ve been surprised how much an improvement there was to be had. And with the exception of 2001 and a few other motion pictures, there wasn’t much that made Trek fx look bad. Almost everything had matte lines then, for instance. But it didn’t take long. By the time Space:1999 (’75) and Star Wars came around, Trek was starting to look dated.

And now, with newer displays, some older shows are just painful to watch unless you can zoom *out* on them. I can barely stand to watch anything on VHS anymore because that resolution is so low and noisy. The first season of TNG, IMO, is not holding up that well. So, yeah, I’m really grateful that they not only cleaned up the live action, but also that they updated the fx (which, for the most part, they did not go too 21st century on, which is good). And with everything available on BR, nothing is lost, everything is gained.

71. Jake - April 21, 2009

Just get a PS3 then the blu ray player will be well worth it.


Most advanced games

Internet browser

buy movies and download free demos.

play music

Picture slide shows.

You get the point

72. Iowagirl - April 21, 2009

Great – love it – will buy! :)

73. captain_neill - April 22, 2009

Because I got season 1 remastered previously I was only going to get seasons 2 and 3 on blu ray to complete my rematered collection.

Also I have my season 1 2004 DVD set signed by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, so that will be staying with me.

The packaging may be less clunky but it is less attractive to me. What I lied about past releases was it was designed with the fan in mind and had Kirk and Spock pictured and in the 2007 HD DVD and DVD hybrid pictured with the Enterprise. with a bland new font and no characters on the box set they sure as hell made for the blandest box set designs yet.

I will def be getting Seasons 2 and 3 but after this review season 1 is tempting as well. But I paid a lot for the HD DVD and DVD combo.

74. noirgwio - April 22, 2009

Yea well, I’ll be sure to get this set… When Publisher’s Clearing House shows up with my winning check that is. See, I dropped three Ben Franklins on the first (non-cgied) TOS DVD sets, then another almost $300.00 for the remastered. So I can already watch either. I like crisp television, but VHS tapes were crisp until DVD came along, and all you’d see and hear was plenty of advertising jargon about how DVDs were superior – which them was a manufactured truth as VHS quality suddenly declind. Well, DVD got great… How long before we get them sabotaged for the sake of Bluray? I think we all need to wise up and start pinching quatloos!

75. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - April 22, 2009

The “Interactive Enterprise Tour” looks fun! It makes you wonder what the STXI movie would be like if they used high-resolution CG versions of the TOS Enterprise instead of the new redesign (note that I am not a hater of the redesign, just entertaining a thought).

76. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - April 22, 2009

#74 — I haven’t bought any DVDs or VHSs of TOS, because I’ve been waiting for satisfactory quality, which frankly none have attained until now — I’ve been satisfied with renting ’til now. I may be spending $73 on my first Blu-Ray discs ever (even though I don’t have a player yet — waiting for the price to go down) for these discs.

77. tranchera - April 22, 2009

i just masturbated over those sample pics

78. samwiseb - April 22, 2009

Got a BluRay question:

What’s the difference between a 1st generation/ 2nd generation BluRay player? I’ve heard (somewhere) that one of these ST sets will require the latter in order to run?

Not getting an HDTV anytime soon (I don’t think)… however my DVD player’s showing signs of crapping out, so it might be time to start thinking of upgrading the player…


79. adam c - April 22, 2009

the cgi spoils it for me

80. captain_neill - April 22, 2009

can I ask if anyone finds the new packaging design a little bland?

I still believe the previous TOS DVD releases had better designed box sets.

However, a complaint about box set design does not take away how fantastic this box set sounds.

Just wished either the Enterprise or Kirk and Spock were on the covers

81. noirgwio - April 22, 2009

Re #76, For anyone who hasn’t bought them until now, I can see why they’d want to… But my dvds of it are of a satisfying enough quality for me. I don’t want to delve too deeply into the whole HD hype/scam… With each next gen doohickey, there will always be promises of higher quality. Finances and better judgement dictate that I personally will stick with my sets. And I agree to disagree on whether the ones I have now are adequate quality when compared to these.

82. noirgwio - April 22, 2009

Re76; I’ll agree to disagree on which is better quality… For 1st time buyers, I can see the want for these. But with each next gen doohickey, there will always be the promise of “higher quality”, IMHO, and with the financial status of myself and others like me, who saved up for the other ones, it’s not worth doing it again…

83. doubting thomas - April 22, 2009

i really wish they’d put the episodes on the discs in the correct order.

84. noirgwio - April 22, 2009

My comp fouled up, ended up posting twice, sorry. =+)

85. unemployed - April 22, 2009

Can you finally play all? Or do you to nav one epi at a time like before?

86. Andy Patterson - April 22, 2009


I never questioned the effects as a kid. Never thought of them as bad. They were just a product of their time. Didn’t even enter my mind that they were “dated” until around the 15th and 20th anniversaries of the show. TV Guide and other sources were referring to them as such. But as I’ve said several times this is coming from the guy who took The Six Million Dollar Man and Batman seriously as a kid and didn’t think of it as “campy”. One thing you got give me….I believed in, and stood by my heroes.

And I think I shall wait until the next generation of players comes out this summer. Does one have to get a Playstation to play them? I’m just kind of fundamentally opposed to having that in my house. We get along fine without having video games going in the house.

87. James Cawley - April 22, 2009

I got an advance copy of it and let me say to all TOS fans, BUY IT!
It is without a doubt the best thing to happen to TOS ever! you will not regret getting this.

88. TOS_Trekfan - April 22, 2009

For those of you who have seen the new set:

For the next episode previews – Does it stil use the “Next Voyage” format or is it the real original “Next Week” format ?

For TOS 1st and 2nd season episodes: the previews all start with “Next Week”, only the 3rd Season started using “Next Voyage”.

When TOS came out on VHS, Paramount decided to superimpose the “Next Voyage” and it has remained on every incarnation.

89. Ron Tracey - April 22, 2009

Ok. I know I’ve asked this before, BUT…I took the Remastered stand def DVDs that came out last year, and played them on my Pioneer Elite BluRay player…and I was blown away by the video quality!! I could see the velour shirts’ details, and face wrinkles!!!!
So…my question is…what pixelage was I watching? And what (if any) pixelage upgrade will I be getting WHEN i buy this BluRay disc set????

PLEASE help me?? I am a tech-illiterate,,,

90. Driver - April 22, 2009

#89 you are watching 480 X 640 upped to whatever the native resolution of your TV is.

91. TonyD - April 22, 2009

I’ll be picking up TOS Season 1 from next week. I thought new new CG effects looked good overall and were an improvement over the same handful of stock shots that we got in the original series. My only minor disappointment with the discs is that the new CG effects have been cropped to 1.33:1 so that they match the live action aspect ratio. The effects were rendered at 1.78:1 and when I saw some shows on Xbox Live they were shown at that ratio. The cutting back and forth between 1.33:1 for the live action and 1.78:1 for the effects was not jarring at all and it gave the effects shots a more cinematic feel. I really wish they had left them alone, but that’s a minor nitpick.

The movies are another matter. I’m really disappointed that Paramount didn’t include the directors editions of ST:TMP and ST II:TWOK as I thought the new scenes definitely made the movies better. In particular, Robert wise always said that his director’s edition of ST:TMP was closest to his original vision; it streamlined the story and also cleaned up a lot of effect shots (like the model support rig being clearly visible when Enterprise leaves drydock). Since Paramount has not seen fit to release the movies individually, I’ll be passing on that collection. Hopefully we’ll get the director’s cut of ST:TMP somewhere down the road.

92. Closettrekker - April 22, 2009

#86—-No Andy, you do not need a video game console.

I have a regular Panasonic blu-ray player. I only have a select group of blu-ray discs so far (of course, I have the TOS-R set on pre-order), but even my standard dvd’s (in which I have invested a ton of money over the years) look noticeably better.
All that I know is that blu-ray looks fantastic. In my house, I was actually the one resisting it—but my wife got it for me for Christmas anyway. I love it.

My wife doesn’t know that I’ve pre-ordered this. She certainly wouldn’t understand why I’m repurchasing TOS again, but I’m having the set sent to my business address. I’ve decided to soften the blow by stopping on the way home to do some shopping, so that I can piggyback the news with a gift for her! Never fails…


93. tranchera - April 22, 2009

jesus i’m going to shoot again

94. captain_neill - April 22, 2009

I am going against what I said, i Really do want to get this on blu ray it looks amazing

95. tranchera - April 22, 2009

i dunno, i’d like to buy these discs but the fact is i already have TOS and it has the benefit of not having that awful remastered nonsense on it. until they get the tecnhology to have 3D kirk and spock in my living room acting out the episodes, i’ll save up my money

96. sean - April 22, 2009


My grandfather and mother watched TOS when it was originally broadcast, and yes, they knew the effects weren’t great. They used to get a giggle out of some of them. But the stories were so good (well, at least 1/3 of the time) that it didn’t matter. Although it’s difficult for my mom to watch TOS now, whereas I enjoy it just as much as I always did.


I’ll have to disagree – the previous DVD box designs were DREADFUL. Huge wastes that literally didn’t fit with the rest of your film collection and those goofy plastic containers were really a bad design choice. This is a more practical design and definitely more environmentally conscious.

97. Michael - April 22, 2009

Episode the Cage comes with the 3rd season on the Blu ray set like the original dvd sets, also remastered.

98. Jenni Generation - April 22, 2009

Dammit, now I wish I wasn’t dedicated to not getting a Blu-Ray player until they come down in price. >_< I really want this…

While I find it easy enough to get past dated effects (trust me, TOS has nothing on unremastered 60’s Doctor Who. If I can watch that, I can watch anything.) I admit that I’m able to get dragged out of the story by them at times, shallow as that sounds. But then, they’re part of the charm, almost. So it’s kind of nice to have the ability to swap between new and old effects at will…

99. Jim - April 22, 2009

that round table chat looks sweet. They always throw in something to make me double dip on these films!!

100. Scott Gammans - April 22, 2009

Someone above said that the CGI ruined it for him. Um, hello–did you read Anthony’s review? The Blu-Ray box set offers the option for “seamless branching” so that you can watch the episodes in high definition AND WITH THE ORIGINAL 1960’s VISUAL EFFECTS.

For my own nefarious purposes I’m thrilled that Star Trek is being released in high definition with this feature, but purists who hate CGI should also be thrilled. This is almost certainly as good as it’s ever going to get for Star Trek, quality-wise.

101. Scott Gammans - April 22, 2009

excuse me–I meant Matt Wright’s review. Sorry Matt! Great job on the review!

102. John from Cincinnati - April 22, 2009

The near future is direct digital downloads. There will be no need for a space consuming library of plastic discs to hold our entertainment. Live streaming, HD quality, on demand at the touch of a button. Blu Ray will be a thing of the past quicker than it took DVD’s to die.

103. thereare4lights - April 22, 2009

@102 Just like on Narada.

104. DJ Neelix - April 22, 2009

“Thank you CBS/Paramount! Gone is the clunky clear acrylic box of the DVD sets. Not only is it in keeping with how other Blu-ray boxed sets have been packaged it is also much more environmentally friendly, using far less plastic.”

Did you plan to throw away/recycle your set within the near future?? That was the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever heard.

The HD-DVD/DVD packaging was a work of art, the most beautiful Trek box design so far.
The new BD version looks painfully bland and generic. It’s actually so horrible that I have considered not buying it (but obviously I will since I want to see TOS-R in HD).
They are now also breaking the tradition of always having the original logo (or a variation of it) which is something I think is pretty unforgivable.

105. Danpaine - April 22, 2009

…EBay, three years or so from now, at about 1/4 of this price. Till then, my standard def DVD’s will work just fine. These folks have been in my pockets waaaay too much over the years.

106. Ensign RedShirt - April 22, 2009


Downloads are definitely the future, but there will always be a market for people who want their video with as little compression and as high a quality as possible and extra content. Downloads are currently hamstrung by lack of bandwidth. When connection speeds get better, it’ll take off. Also, the current trend by cable companies to charge people who download enormous chunks of data also needs to be addressed.

The studios are trying to keep value attached to their properties so that they can avoid what has happened to the music industry, which is dying a slow death. They’ll hang onto optical media for as long as they can.

107. shadow - April 22, 2009

So I’ve been looking around for the cheapest price, and I noticed Best Buy has it for $64.99. But I’m slightly confused because they claim in the product detail that The Cage is on this set… So if they’re wrong about that, are they wrong about their price too?

108. captain_neill - April 22, 2009


Agreed I want Trek in HD but this packaging is the worst, the past box sets were a lot more attractive

109. RAMA - April 22, 2009

The before and after shots really prove why the remastering was done. It just looks so much better. Its respectable now.

110. Thomas Jensen - April 22, 2009

Buying the first season set, passing on the movies until the directors cuts/extended versions are available

111. Penhall99 - April 22, 2009

Actually it would have been cool if they had cleaned up the original 60s effects shots (removing matte lines and dirt and stuff) for this release). If so, maybe they wouldn’t have looked so crappy in hi-def.

But thats ok. As long as the original, unaltered episodes are included with the remastered ones, I dont see why everyone wouldnt be happy with this release.

112. Matt Wright - April 22, 2009

To all asking about Blu-ray, I’m going to try and get a basic article up soon about buying them, etc.

If you’d like, let’s talk about some of the common questions you guys have. Don’t do it here in this article since this is for TOS-R Season 1. I’ll look into setting up a new place to comment like the Chat tab we have now.

113. Johnnyb - April 22, 2009

Is anyone else annoyed with the sole focus on Kirk & Spock as if Dr. Leonard McCoy doesn’t exist any more? Star Trek was always about Kirk, Spock & McCoy as a Triumverate to discuss the human equation. It seems the new Star Trek 2009 movie has made it popular to downgrade McCoy to B-List status. Annoying. Anyone else feel the same way?

114. mazzer - April 22, 2009

34: As others said above, I concur that Star Trek and its effects looked amazing, state-of-the-art, and very original in the 60s.

What I DID dream of during the first run of the series was owning a color TV. I still remember watching scenes from “Arena” through a shop window on a color TV, and so wishing I could see Star Trek in color at home.

115. Matt Wright - April 22, 2009

89 — If it helps I put up a new comparison of the TOS-R season 1 DVD of the Starbase 11 matte painting, have them open in seperate windows and then switch back and forth you can easily tell.

As #90 said, the DVD has about 350,000 pixels to describe the information from the 35mm film that TOS was shot on. In comparison 1080p has 2 million pixels (much finer) pixels to describe the details, colors, and grain from the film stock.

Your DVD player and/or HDTV tries its best to extrapolate the difference between the 480 lines of information the DVD has and make it look as nice as possible on the 720, 768, or 1080 lines an HDTV has. It esentially does this with best guess blending of neighboring pixels.

This is a bit old but here’s a pretty nice explaination:

104 — Or perhaps I care about the overuse of material in packaging. It has nothing to do with recylcing (which is then too late), it’s about cutting down on the material used in the first place. Further the 7 disc case is in keeping with how the home video industry has designed all Blu-ray cases to differentiate them from DVDs ones. Blu-ray cases are smaller and of course blue.

116. Banging One of Baltar's Chicks! - April 22, 2009

@ 78. samwiseb – April 22, 2009

The generations you speak of in terms of Blu-Ray players is more correctly the Blu-Ray profiles.

Here I’ll explain to you the difference between the profiles :

•Profile 1.0

Profile 1.0 is the original hardware requirement for Blu-ray players and essentially meets the bare minimum for playing back Blu-ray Discs. You’ll have no problem playing back a movie, listening to standard audio commentary, tracks or using interactive “pop-up” menus, but you won’t be able to access advanced features like picture-in-picture video commentary or download any extra content online.
If you’re the kind of person that never watches special features, you might be fine with a Profile 1.0 player, but be aware that you may not be able to take full advantage of more advanced Blu-ray features. Manufacturers aren’t allowed to produce any more Profile 1.0 players, but it’s not rare to see the older units still being sold–for example, the Sharp BD-HP20U is still widely available. With the price of Profile 1.1 players falling as quickly as they are, it’s probably worth skipping Profile 1.0 players.

•Profile 1.1 (also known as BonusView or Final Standard Profile)

Profile 1.1 allows for picture-in-picture commentary on certain Blu-ray Discs.

There are several different hardware requirements (see the chart below), but it basically boils down to the addition of picture-in-picture functionality, also known as BonusView. Typically, Blu-ray movies use this feature to enable a small window of video commentary, where a director or actor talks about a scene while it happens in the background. Profile 1.1 players need to have the secondary video and audio decoders necessary to play a smaller video in the corner, while also playing the main high-definition movie in the background. Movie studios were somewhat reluctant to include BonusView functionality at first, but now many Blu-ray Discs include the feature.

•Profile 2.0 (also known as BD-Live)

Profile 2.0 allows for Internet-enabled features, such as downloading movie trailers.

Despite Profile 1.1 also being known as Final Standard Profile, there’s actually still another Blu-ray specification, Profile 2.0, also known as BD-Live. The reason it’s called BD-Live is that the major difference between profiles 1.1 and 2.0 is that Profile 2.0 requires that the player have an Internet connection, usually via an Ethernet port. Although some Profile 1.1 Blu-ray players have an Ethernet port, these are strictly for firmware updates and can’t be used to access downloadable content.
In addition to Ethernet connectivity, the other major requirement is 1GB of local storage capability. All that means is that the player has to have some way of adding storage to the player, which is where the downloadable content is stored. We’ve seen players with USB ports or SD card slots to fulfill this requirement, while other players have some built-in storage–you’ll have to check the specifications to see how the player implements this feature. While the BD-Live features we’ve seen on discs so far have been underwhelming, they’re sure to improve as disc makers get a handle on the technology.

Profile 3.0 (Is an Audio only update)

So let me break it down..

Features Profile 1.0 Profile 1.1 Profile 2.0
Required local storage None 256 MB 1 G
Secondary video decoder Optional Mandatory Mandatory
Secondary audio decoder Optional Mandatory Mandatory
Internet connectivity Optional Optional Mandatory

Clearly having the ability to upgrade firmware, download contents for games, movies falls under the upper profiles. But most players today are either 1.1 or 2… so you’ll be safe getting your BD player. ;)

Good luck and enjoy it!

DO NOT buy it if you have a CRT TV…. only get it if you have a Flat screen TV, otherwise you’ll see no difference between DVD and BD… or if you do it’s very small…

117. Banging One of Baltar's Chicks! - April 22, 2009

Here’s a review of what to buy when going for a BD player :

“Which profile should I buy?

The easiest way to avoid all these headaches is to buy a Profile 2.0 player, which is currently the most future-proof option there is. In particular, we recommend the PS3–not only is it the best Blu-ray player according to our reviews, but it also has traditionally been updated with new features before other Blu-ray players. Additionally, because the PS3 has such a fast processor inside, we’ve found that special features just work better, with faster load times and smoother playback.

If you’re the kind of person that never fiddles with special features and you’ve found a great deal on a Profile 1.1 player, there’s no reason not to buy it as long as you know what you’re giving up. Profile 1.1 players should have no problems playing back future Blu-ray movies, you’re just won’t be able to get additional content online. Profile 1.0 players are increasingly rare these days, so unless you find a fantastic deal, you can probably find a Profile 1.1 player for a similar price.”

118. DJ Neelix - April 22, 2009

“104 — Or perhaps I care about the overuse of material in packaging. It has nothing to do with recylcing (which is then too late), it’s about cutting down on the material used in the first place. Further the 7 disc case is in keeping with how the home video industry has designed all Blu-ray cases to differentiate them from DVDs ones. Blu-ray cases are smaller and of course blue.”

The HD-DVD box had the same height as all other HD-DVD/BD cases/boxes, so it fitted perfectly in the shelf along with other BDs.

I’m not complaining so much about the actual case, as about the horrible layout.

Having said that, if they would have kept the same design then us who bought the HD-DVD version would’ve had a coherent collection, without having to purchase the first season all over again.

119. Jami ! - April 22, 2009

Hmmm will this play all regions ?

120. Scott Gammans - April 22, 2009

Matt Wright, could you answer shadow’s question on post #107? Is “The Cage” on this box set?


121. Scott Gammans - April 22, 2009

Ooops, never mind… I enlarged that photo of the episode list and “The Cage” isn’t on there. (When are they going to release that episode, I wonder? Probably with season three, I’m guessing… gotta do something to put lipstick on that pig!*)

* – and yes I said that just to tweak the season 3 loyalists :)

122. Matt Wright - April 22, 2009

If you look at post #43 it’s been answered. Like the other boxed sets it’s in Season 3.

123. Matt Wright - April 22, 2009

119 — The release is coming out in Region A and Region B the week of April 27th.

124. adam c - April 22, 2009

Thanks for following up on my comment Scott Gammans. I didnt know that.

125. Brad - April 23, 2009

I’m not going to buy TOS until they digitally replace the old Enterprise with the new one from the new movie! :oP hehe

126. captain_neill - April 23, 2009


What I dont’ like about the box set design is that there is no Enterprise or no Kirk and Spock and McCoy on the cover. That is what I prefered about the previous box sets, they were designed for the fan.

I am looking forward to picking this up but I seriously wished the image on the box was better

127. Doug Irving - April 23, 2009 just lowered the price of this set to $65.00. That’s 50% off MSRP. I just pre-ordered.

128. Review - Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 - bBlu-ray/b b…/b « Welcome to - April 23, 2009

[…] Read the original here: Review – Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 – bBlu-ray/b b…/b […]

129. Jon B - April 23, 2009

Just got $40 for my birthday. Might use it to get Star Trek season 1. You know, I read reviews about the set on The Digital Bits and DVDBeaver, but this review just felt better for so many reasons. :)

I know you were joking, but it’s pretty obvious that The Cage will be on the Season Three set. The way it’s been for the past two season sets, no reason to change it now.

Very funny. That kind of change is borderline Lucas, who should consider releasing Star Wars on Blu-Ray like how Star Trek the series is being released now. (Ditto for the ST movies, but the ST movie changes are less drastic).

Speaking of which, I saw the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture, thanks to iTunes. It wasn’t that different. The first film was always boring, no matter what version. However, I still appreciate it and I stick by my earlier comments: I’m not all that distraught that TMP is only on Blu as a theatrical.

Do I find it a little hypocritical, considering how the series is being released? Yes. However, as it always was, the only reason I’m holding off from the movie set is the hopeful release of a 10/11 movie set. Can’t wait for the review though :).

130. Jon B - April 24, 2009

I just realized: there are no overlapping discs. I was worried that I would have to take out one disc to get to another, but they’re each on their own holder. Sweetness

131. Jonathan - April 24, 2009

Hey all and heads up!!

Amazon just lowered the price on this set to $65! If you’ve already pre-ordered it, the new price should automatically be entered in your cart (I checked and mine was change).

If you haven’t pre-ordered, do it now while this price lasts!


132. thomoz - April 24, 2009

“Actually it would have been cool if they had cleaned up the original
60s effects shots (removing matte lines and dirt and stuff) for this release).
If so, maybe they wouldn’t have looked so crappy in hi-def.

But thats ok. As long as the original, unaltered episodes are included
with the remastered ones, I dont see why everyone wouldnt be
happy with this release.”

The gaps above the ship (seen above in the original FX from “Tomorrow
Is Yesterday”) are just not fixable (take it from me, I work in Photoshop
all day). It’s actually easier to re-render the whole shot, like they did,
than to clean up a misaligned hole-shaped-like-a-ship.

133. RD - May 3, 2009


It is really unfortunate that considering the movie coming out May 7 and featuring Capt. Pike, that they did not also include at least the fully restored color version of “The Cage” as bonus material on this disk, even if they supply the it with the B&W version on the 3rd season. Anyone who buys this collection as the result of seeing the film (i.e. NOT ALREADY A FAN) would benefit from the inclusion. But I guess the Menagerie handles this chapter of Trek well enough.

Too bad they organized the series by airdate rather than production order which makes so much more sense. Why on Earth would they do this?

134. JM - May 10, 2009

I just got a Blu Ray player and the first season of Trek. Between that and the new movie I am having a Trek Fest Weekend.

135. noirgwio - May 20, 2009

Well, even though I posted that I wouldn’t bother with this, I DID end up getting it after all! I already had the PS3 anyway, and I could NOT beat the $69.99 price tag found at Wal-mart! When Best Buy wants $89.99! And, James Cawley lauded it… I admire him and his contributions to Trek-dom, as well as the various crew of this site. S’all good.

136. tristan - June 27, 2009

i agree with all the added extra reasons to buy this ultimate release of season 1. the only drawback is the pillarboxing of the original nonremastered version

137. Trevor - July 11, 2009

I’ve been watching the Blu-Ray release of Star Trek Season 1, and while I do own and have seen the HD-DVD/DVD combo collection (and have watched a few of the episodes a couple of times on the DVD side), watching the Blu-Ray on a 480i 4:3 TV really is something else from the DVD’s.

But I am finding that there is one draw back to the set that I would tell people needs to be fixed before purchasing the set. On my Samsung Blu-Ray BD-1590 the Star Trek movies set plays fine with the audio commentary and all that, plus all the other Blu-Rays that I have from Paramount and other studios, but with the Star Trek Season 1 Blu-Ray, whether I’m watching an episode with or without the Starfleet Access turned on, my Blu-Ray player doesn’t seem to pick up the Starfleet Access all that well and it will go back to where Starfleet Access segment that it’s on started, or even when watching an episode that doesn’t have the Access or with an episode that has the Access but switched off, the player does the same thing. And sometimes it’ll only repeat the last 10 seconds, while other times it will repeat the last 10 minutes.

Somehow I think that when CBS and Paramount were encoding the Blu-Ray’s there must’ve been a tiny mistake or something that was left over from the HD-DVD encoding that does not sit well with Blu-Ray players, and is causing a lot of “hiccups” in the playback.

But as I said, this is only happening on the Star Trek Season 1 Blu-Ray set, and on none of the other sets or movies that I have on Blu-Ray. So, hopefully, CBS and Paramount will resolve the issue before they release Season 2 of the show.

138. Abbie - January 29, 2010

I am really confused over buying the sets. Some stores are showing the Season 1 as widescreen, then offering the rest in full screen, then the “box set” as only in full screen. So do they have both? Or is there some confusion because the ‘extras’ are widescreen?? Any help before I purchase them would be great

139. Kent Butabi - March 3, 2010

They are standard 4:3 – NOT widescreen. Also, go to BEST BUY .com right now – all three are $39

140. Spock's Brain - January 13, 2012

#47 said:
“still waiting for a proper restoration with modern sound and visual effects”

How’s that wait going then, what… three years later? Good for you is it? Watching this incredible, historic restoration of Star Trek TOS-R has certainly been good for me. You do realise you will die “waiting”… don’t you? This is the one and only restoration, as no one would be stupid enough to merge state of the art ultra realistic effects with 1960’s live action scenes. It would clash and jar the viewer. The CGI was done to look like the original model-work for a reason. Like they would have made it had the technology to sue computers instead of models. Also, seeing as they have both the original effects and updated effects, it seems everyone but you is catered for. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.