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The Collective: Diamond Select Star Trek Toys Update – New Figs, Release Dates, Pics + more April 22, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: TOS,Toys , trackback

For fans who like ‘classic’ Trek, there are a great many products from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum on the way during the next few months. TrekMovie has all the details, including exclusive images of reissue two-packs and information on brand new Toys R Us exclusives.



Toys R Us Exclusive Kirk, Spock & McCoy

TOS Kirk and Dress Uniform
After a very successful Wrath of Khan Kirk exclusive action figure earlier this year, Diamond Select Toys and Toys R Us are teaming again to bring fans another limited edition of James T. Kirk. This time it is Captain James T. Kirk in Dress Uniform (with all his medals and green shirt). The figure will be available in the next few weeks at TRU retail stores and online. Be sure to keep checking both as the TWOK Kirk exclusive sold out very quickly. As with all the TRU exclusive items, the Kirk includes a cool sticker on the packaging identifying it as being limited to the venerable toy store.

TRU Exclusive Kirk in Dress Uniform

"The Cage" Spock
Just as in "reel" life, Kirk has Spock with him. Available at the same time as exclusive Kirk at TRU will be a brand new Spock in a "The Cage" uniform. DST has previously released Captain Christopher Pike as an action figure with his command chair, so Spock will look great next to his first commanding officer. We hope that DST considers a "Number One" action figure because it would be a first ever in the history of Trek toys.

TRU Exclusive Spock in "The Cage" Uniform

TOS McCoy [re-issue]
Finally, DST and TRU keep the ‘troika’ together with a reissue of the TOS Dr. Leonard McCoy figure.

TRU Exclusive TOS McCoy [reissue]

All of these DST TRU exclusive action figures are available imminently at TRU stores and online.

CBS TOS Blu-ray Exclusive "WNMHGB" Sulu

Next week, the Star Trek Season 1 Blu Ray disks will include a mail-away offer for an exclusive Sulu (from "Where No Man Has Gone Before"). The cost is $7.50 for shipping and handling and the DVD box includes an insert with instructions.

CBS Blu-ray TOS set Exclusive "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Sulu

Amazon Exclusive "Trouble w/ Tribbles" Kirk in Chair

DST/AA has another exclusive with for this July. Continuing the "action figures with Captain’s Chairs" line, Amazon has a "Captain James T. Kirk and Electronic Chair Trouble With Tribbles edition" which will feature sound and voice effects and a green shirted Kirk from the famous episode. The 7" figure and electronic chair is priced at $29.99 and available for preorder now.

Amazon Exclusive Capt. Kirk "Trouble With Tribbles" Electronic Command Chair
[Pre-order at Amazon for $29.99]


TOS Two Pack reissues coming this summer

For fans who are just discovering the quality and collectibility of the DST action figure line, there is good news. DST is reissuing some of its most popular action figures in two pack varieties. Captain Kirk and Uhura, Spock and Montgomery Scott, and McCoy and Sulu will be available starting July 2009 at retailers. TrekMovie has the exclusive two-pack sales imagery.

TOS figure 2-packs coming this summer

TOS Wave 5 pre-order

TrekMovie previously reported on the next regular wave of TOS figures from DST/AA. These figures are now available for preorder from Entertainment Earth for a September availability. The set of four figures is pre-selling for $52.99. This particular wave has been getting a great deal of attention not only because of its variety, but because of the excellent likeness of Captain Kirk which is always a difficult proposition for every toy company. DST reports that even William Shatner liked the figure and approved it without suggesting changes. Now I must report a bias. Any action figure Mr. Shatner likes, I am so approving of too.

TOS figure Wave 5

[Pre-order  from Entertainment Earth for $52.99]

MEGO Playset coming next week

DST has been partnering with EMCE Toys during the last few years to make excellent retro versions of the 1970s MEGO line of action figures, including some surprising like retro original Khan, Sulu, and Chekov, and improved Gorn. On April 29th, the much loved MEGO Enterprise playset will be available in a retro version that even features the original box. DST has released an image of the packaging and TrekMovie will have more details about the future of the line soon.

The DST version of the classic MEGO playset
[Pre-order Playset from Entertainment Earth for $59.99]

Tricorders coming end of May

After a long wait, the Science and Medical TOS tricorders should be arriving May 27th. DST/AA has published the first pictures of the packaging for each tricorder at their website, showing a nice customization of both the box and the products themselves. Also available at the Art Asylum website is a cool preproduction gallery showing the progression of the toy for those who are interested in how these items are produced. The Medical tricorder is an Entertainment Earth exclusive, with the Science tricorder having a general availability.

TOS Medical Tricorder packaging (front and back)
[Exclusive pre-order Med. Tricorder from Entertainment Earth for $39.99]

TOS Science Tricorder packaging (front and back)
[Pre-order Science Tricorder from Action Figure Express for $39.99]

During the February New York Toy Fair this year, DST announced a Geological tricorder. Plans are pending and the tricorder has not yet been scheduled, but there will be an announcement of where and how to get this edition of the role playing toy soon.


Ships: D in May + 1701s in August + Klingon and Reliant coming?

The USS Enterprise D, long awaited by fans, has a new availability date of May 20th. DST has an image of the ship in its packaging and it is appropriate to quote (Simon Pegg) Scotty, "I like this ship! Its exciting!"

Enterprise D packaging
[Pre-order 1701-D from Entertainment Earth for $49.99]

Last week, TrekMovie reported on the next two toy ships available in the extensive DST/AA line, the HD and Mirror Universe versions of the USS Enterprise. Both of these items will be available this August and can be pre-ordered from EE.

ISS Enterprise and ‘Remastered Enterprises
[Pre-Order ISS 1701 from EE – $37.99] [Pre-Order HD 1701 – $37.99]

What is next for the toy ships? DST is reporting that they definitely have a Klingon ship planned (a first for DST) and there is a possibility (long term, though) of the USS Reliant (a long-time fan request). This July at the San Diego Comic Con (7/23 to 7/26), DST is going to show the USS Enterprise 1701 B and USS Excelsior toys and have more information about their availability.


More TrekMovie DST coverage coming soon

Our coverage of DST/AA Star Trek items continues next week with a look at the Worf and Gowron two pack
and a review of the entire DST/EMCE Toys retro MEGO line (with playset). Future articles include a look at the Borg line from TNG and Voyager. TrekMovie is home to all the newest information in Star Trek collectibles from all the timelines. Collecting Star Trek has no sense of the limitations of the temporal natures of the universe!

For more about DST and AA, check out their websites and


And don’t forget the entire new line of Playmates Star Trek movie toys is now available at Entertainment Earth.


1. Raktajino - April 22, 2009

Wow, that sure is a lot of toys and figures. I’m glad that’s one area I never ventured into.

2. Spectrum of the Spock - April 22, 2009

hairy arms Bones is back!

3. CmdrR - April 22, 2009

Who cloned the tribbles?

And… why?

4. T2 - April 22, 2009

How the new Trek fans can become confused with these releases coinciding with the movie, but I’m liking that tricorder and Ent-D!

5. Selor - April 22, 2009

So many toys and oh so little money… *sigh*

6. Spectrum of the Spock - April 22, 2009

“The Cage” spock has the wrong phaser…

7. Jeyl - April 22, 2009

What about the Wrath of Khan phaser? I want more Wrath!

8. Mee - April 22, 2009


Complete with McCoys hairy arms. These put Abercrombie Kirk and New Spock figures to shame.

9. DavidJ - April 22, 2009


Hey good catch.

And how can that be a “remastered 1701″ when it doesn’t have the extra panelling detail on it? Without that, isn’t it basically the same damn toy as before? lol

10. DC - April 22, 2009

6. good eye. he should have a laser, not a phaser. also, he doesnt have the “pilot style” hair that he did in both pilots

11. Omnibus - April 22, 2009

I’m picking up the medical tricorder from EE. I already have a Master Replicas TOS science tricorder and really like it. While I know this new tricorder wouldn’t be on the same quality level as the MR version, I’m hoping it comes out as well as Diamond/AA’s other Star Trek items have in the past.

12. Izbot - April 22, 2009

“The Cage” Spock has the wrong haircut!! He had jagged bangs! And a laser pistol, not phaser! And the communicator’s wrong, too! And he should be grinning and holding a singing plant! With an away jacket and harness utility belt!

The Tribbles were added digitally! And they look like exfoliating bath scrunchies! It’s a faaaaaaake!!

13. Jorg Sacul - April 22, 2009

12. Your complaints are not canon.

;-) j/k!!

14. freezejeans - April 22, 2009

These look amazing…I still have the 70’s MEGO Bridge in a box somewhere, hopefully they’ve updated the art on the interchangeable viewscreens! It was pretty bad, and I knew it even as a kid, heh. Kirk & tribbles is awesome. “I don’t care how, I want ’em off my ship!”

15. Alex Prewitt - April 22, 2009

What is Uhura a chimney sweep?? Her uniform looks filthy!

16. Spectrum of the Spock - April 22, 2009


and thicker eyebrows and slighlty different ears…

17. Zev Love X - April 22, 2009

Yeoman Rand’s legs look well articulated to perform ALL of her duties for her captain.

18. Ian - April 22, 2009

I want DST to create an Enterprise from the new movie. The Playmates’ version is lacking something in my mind.

I’ll definitely be getting the B and D, and it would be fantastic if they did come out with a Reliant!

19. Chadwick - April 22, 2009

I think the hair on McCoy’s arms the best part lol!

20. frederick - April 22, 2009

Even as an “action figure” Uhura is turning me on.

21. Brad - April 22, 2009

1701D is Vaporware.

22. Star Trackie - April 22, 2009

Man, the AA/DST packaging is so much more fun that the Playmates movie stuff on the shelf right now. Next to these vibrant fun packages, PLaymates is downright low key and dreary. Not that it stopped me from buying stuff! lol Already have all the new movie props and want the ship.

I’m definitely in for TOS wav 5 and the tricorder has been on pre-order since 1979, so I’ll be thrilled when it arrives on my doorstep this May.

And a Klingon ship? Old school TOS style I hope. Would make a great companion piece to the original E.

23. Chris Rod - April 22, 2009

yeoman RAND! ..

IM SO EXCITED! ! !! ! !

24. Quarksbartender - April 22, 2009

I would love the Klingon ship to be Qonos 1 from Star Trek 6

25. OneBuckFilms - April 22, 2009

I have my greedy eyes on the Science Tricorder.

26. Aran - April 22, 2009

There’s something wrong with the nacelles on the ‘remastered Enterprise’ toy!

27. Josh - April 22, 2009

Any news on the Enterprise D from “All Good Things”?

28. Sheryl - April 22, 2009

So I have to re-buy Kirk and Spock so I can get Scotty and Uhura? Lame. Anyone up for trading when these come in?

29. Cap'n Kirk - April 22, 2009

They need to make the Enterprise 1701-C next so we can have the entire lineage from NX-01 – 1701-E. After that … CVN65 the Nuclear Carrier & the Shuttle Enterprise? I can’t be the only one who wants all those

30. mntrekfan - April 22, 2009

i am loving the DST figures. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new McCoy and Kirk. And a Klingon ship!

31. Planet Pandro - April 22, 2009


You and I are in the same boat, my friend…

32. CJS - April 22, 2009

Did I miss the episode about Dr, McCoy and Mr. Hyde?

33. THX-1138 - April 22, 2009

The remastered Enterprise from DST/AA has grid lines and the weathering on the saucer. I personally want the Enterprise B more than the Excelsior. And I would love the Reliant, but if they make a Klingon ship, I’ll bet it’s the BOP.

I saw on some website a review of an Art Asylum Phase Pistol and communicator from Enterprise. Did those exist? Where the heck are they now? I want those!!

Still waiting for the Medical Tric from Entertainment Earth. What does the scanner for the Science tricorder do? It doesn’t look to a have a spinny deal like the Medical one, which is the main reason I opted for the Medical one.

34. Kevin Dilmore - April 22, 2009

Okay, so they flubbed “The Cage” Spock’s phaser (at least in the prototype photographed).

To their credit, they knew that the wraparound tunic Kirk wore in “The Trouble With Tribbles” featured rank insignia on the cuffs rather than near the collar. And the Wave 5 Kirk isn’t just the figure in the “Tribbles” chair but a variant, giving collectors both versions.

Props to that. :)

35. Selor - April 22, 2009


Not mine, but yes they exist and I got a Phase Pistol and an Enterprise Communicator, really nice they even got the Power Pack (with flipping up the front side of the Pistol as like in the series)

36. I'm Captain Kirk... I'M CAPTAIN KIRK! - April 22, 2009

I’m in the same boat as probably a few of you on here. I went to Toys ‘R Us and was so excited when I saw almost an entire row of Star Trek figures and merchandise… Upon closer inspection, I found the figures to be of unacceptable quality (the only figure that really looks like their actor counterpart is Bones/Karl Urban). The roleplay items were a joke, and are toys meant for kids.

There are toys for kids, and there are toys for collectors. The amazing quality of product that AA/DST puts out is of amazing quality and authenticity and doesn’t feel like some cheap plastic toy… It feels like a replica. Yes, the waits may be long, the prices may be a tad higher… But it’s worth it. Long story short, I left Toys R’ Us empty handed. Until such time as AA/DST puts out toys from the 2009, I’ll be skipping this round, which kinda hurts because I was really excited to get my hands on some of the new Trek tech and figures.

37. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009


Selor I feel your pain! I am married, my wife and I both work full time, and I am also a full-time college student, so needless to say money is tight!

I have always warned my wife that no matter how old I am, when we are in more comfortable financial circumstances, an entire room of my house will be converted into a toy/comic book museum…its in the prenup!!

Well it should be!

My daughter is only 3, and even though she’s smart as a whip, she’s not quite ready for Trek, so I can’t splurge on her for an excuse to buy toys…but the time will come!!!

And at least she’s driving my wife nuts by running around the house yelling “KHAAAAAN!!!”

38. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009


I know!!! I bought my original Spock figure at Target, and I only settled for the blemishes because it was the last one left, and I don’t want to drive around the city all day (I live in Houston, that would take FOREVER)…

Not only that, but they don’t have any display out, I had to dig around to find them, there are only two rows, one for Galaxy size and one for Warp series, they have the transporter room playset, and they crammed it right next to literally seven feet of wall dedicated to Star Wars

For shame, Target, for shame

The Toys R Us on the freeway sadly closed down..there are like 20 more in houston, but that was MY TRU, since childhood…so sad, they always did such a great job stocking and displaying their wares (I worked their during Xmas in High School, we were really serious about that kind of stuff)

Oh well

39. Prologic9 - April 22, 2009

Would be nice if Cage Spock came with a Laser and not a Phaser.

40. B - April 22, 2009

if only they’d sell Diamond Select toys in canada :-(

41. Schtobes - April 22, 2009

Re: 40. B – April 22, 2009

They do! I’ve seen them at both comic book stores and at Toys R Us, albeit in limited supply.

42. Commodore Kor'Tar - April 22, 2009

I am soooo looooking forward to the Enterprise D ! I’ve had it on pre-order for what seems like forever !

43. Lt. Ricky - April 22, 2009

No Chekhov love?

44. LondonTom - April 22, 2009

Anyone know where you can pre order the enterprise D in the UK?!

The rest are pretty cool to tho!

45. shadow - April 22, 2009

Are they going to do an Enterprise-C? Because I have a Ships of the Line thing going on above my computer and with the DST B and D coming out, I think my C model will be a little over sized for the rest of them.

46. Crewman Darnell - April 22, 2009

Tricorders finally arriving!

DST/AA came up with a shrewd marketing scheme, forcing me to buy both. I slightly prefer the science tricorder, but can’t live without the hand-held scanner incorporated with the medical tricorder. It looks exactly like the original prop – and with sound FX. The hand scanner with the science tricorder doesn’t resemble anything I’ve seen on TOS. I’m guessing it was designed uniquely for that model.

47. Smitty™ - April 22, 2009

I like the 1701s no bloody A B C or D! The two-pack reissues never found a Spock, Scotty or Bones. I have the Kirk that came with the chair and I already have Uhura.

Tricorders? Hex to the yeah!


48. Kirk, James T. - April 22, 2009

Hmm now if only DST did a 3 3/4 scale line then i’d buy them. I love the USS Enterprise – D buuuut i dunno if i should get it, we’ll see when/if/please DST get it out.

49. Smitty™ - April 22, 2009

Spock’s head + WNMGHB Sulu’s torso = Cage Spock


50. jonboc - April 22, 2009

Hmm. The box states the “electronic: hand scanner on the medical. I wonder if it spins with a motor, or will the only electronics be the sound FX. Either way, I want it!

51. Smitty™ - April 22, 2009

I still have the old Playmates one that came with the med scanner toy.

I was figuring out if a motor from those tiny fans might be workable to turn the scanner mechanism.


52. Miles R. Seppelt - April 22, 2009

Hmmmm…anybody know an organ broker so I can sell a spare kidney or something? All these goodies are gonna cost some serious wampum.

A new golden era of Star Trek toys – WOW!

53. Jeff - April 22, 2009

Where’s Chekov?

54. speaker - April 22, 2009

Bad link on TOS figure wave five photo. Great article!!! Keep ’em coming!

55. Smitty™ - April 22, 2009

@53 It’s a season one wave!


56. Nostalgic G - April 22, 2009

I’ve been pretty dissapointed with the drop in quality from Art Asylum lately. I really like that DST is re release the classic figures since those ar some of the best figures we’ve ever gotten from Art Asylum. What sucks si the two-packs idea.
Some people may be forced to get these two packs in order to fill gaps in their collections making them get an extra figure they may already have. I hope they keep releasing them individually. It makes more sense to do it that way.

I also just posted images of the upcoming Burger King toys at my site: treknostalgia.blogspot

They are in the super deformed style and each of them plays a line from the movie. The Enterprise toy even plays the theme to The Original Series. I’m really looking forward to getting those.

57. FSL - April 22, 2009

Why doesn’t the Cage Spock come with Cage style communicator and laser pistol?

58. Simon - April 22, 2009

I would really like to see a USS Defiant.

I’m rebuying the Enterprise-D, the Playmates version I have isn’t anywhere near the Diamond Select versions of the other ships.

59. McCoy - April 22, 2009


You mean the alternate Gary Mitchell?

60. Michael Shaun Collins - April 22, 2009


“Complete with McCoys hairy arms. These put Abercrombie Kirk and New Spock figures to shame.”

LOL. This reminds me of when we used to hear complaints regarding how the likenesses of these figures were “terrible.” I suppose it’s all relative. :P

61. Iowagirl - April 22, 2009

Great, awesome, wonderful – especially the Tribbled Kirk is a must! :)

62. tranchera - April 22, 2009

Oh for Christ’s sake, this is the limit, the absolute limit. Action figures wearing every variation of every costume they ever wore…

“Here’s the Season 2 Kirk with a bit of lint that wasn’t on his shoulder in the next episode”

And the Tricorder gets delay after delay??

I won’t hold my breath for that May release. They’ve probably mistyped something and it’s actually a May ’11 release.

63. tranchera - April 22, 2009

and why would they make a Janice Rand, unless it’s to set fire to?

That’d be even better than the Burning Elmo videos that people were doing for a while!!

64. captain_neill - April 22, 2009

I def have to get Nurse Chapel and Yeoman Rand to add to my classic figures

these ones look fantastic. I wish I had room for the Enterprise D as I think that one looks awesome.

I definitely want a tricorder, they look awesome, still love this tricorder a lot. I hope they do the 24th Century tricorder soon as well because I would love this as well.

65. DaveM - April 23, 2009

For those lamenting the lack of Diamond Select toys in Canada… you CAN go to ENTERTAINMENT EARTH and purchase the full line of toys there. They do SHIP to Canada.

66. Mee - April 23, 2009

OOOOOOh if someone asks about Cage Spocks Phaser/Laser and hair one more time….Like 20 others havent already….Im giving them the Vulcan Death Grip!! ::::kidding:::: maybe….

If we want to get that technical, where’s the classic “Kirk gut” not seen in any of these figures which was a part of the 2nd and 3rd seasons!

I dont see Kirk with a gut so these are alll CRAP!


Still better quality than the new Pine/Quinto Abercrombie trek figures.

67. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - April 23, 2009

#29. Cap’n Kirk

With you on that buddy.
The whole lineage of the Enterprise legacy… I’d love that.

68. captain_neill - April 23, 2009

the D looks fantastic as do the Tricorders. I wish I had room. I presume the tricorder will include the shoulder strap?

Do you think they will have Kirk in the jumpsuit he wore in What Are Little Girls Made Off? that would be cool.

I hope they do that Number One figure, that would be a true collector’s item.

69. captain_neill - April 23, 2009

The Cage Spock has the wrong phaser, and his eyebrows should be bushier

70. tranchera - April 23, 2009

Is this a JOKE??

Who cares about Cage Spock?!

71. Izbot - April 23, 2009

62. tranchera –
“Oh for Christ’s sake, this is the limit, the absolute limit. Action figures wearing every variation of every costume they ever wore…
“Here’s the Season 2 Kirk with a bit of lint that wasn’t on his shoulder in the next episode” ”

Ooh, yeah! I hope they do a Kirk variation where his delta sheild patch was missing in that one scene in the transporter room that one time! And another where it’s on the wrong side and backward ‘cuz the film editor flipped the negative that one time! And one where his shirt is torn and you can see the little breakaway snaps in the close ups! And with the thicker season 3 sideburns! And ones for the hairstyle variations for Scotty & Uhura! And a Chekov with bad hairpiece in his early episodes and a separate one with Koenig’s real hair! Ooh! And earing variations for Uhura! Spock with green-bloodied tunic from “Private Little War” (but no bullet holes!)! And old-man versions of everyone from “Deadly Years”! Etc!!

72. Mike - April 23, 2009

Wish theyd do a DS9 Season 7 Kira in Bajoran Uniform. Also Garak, Dukat, Weyoun and Quark.

73. EFFeX - April 23, 2009

That Enterprise D looks awesome, I still wish I had my old one from back in the day with the sound effects and detachable nacelles.

74. William Kirk - April 23, 2009

Looking forward to the Excelsior…

75. Jovan - April 23, 2009

#70: Obviously a lot of fans do if you have to complain about it. I’m a fan of “The Cage” uniforms myself.

I don’t mind the regular series eyebrows, ears, and haircut so much as I do the regular series accessories. It wouldn’t be too hard to have a “laser” pistol (come on, we all know they’re really just phasers) and communicator.

76. Judd Sandage - April 23, 2009

heh I would love to see a properly sized BOP and the Refit 1701 with ST:3 battle damage so that I can hang them facing each other from my ceiling, as well as the Reliant off in the background. I need to get the 1701 TOS and the D, but I never have liked the B only for the addition of the extra crap to the excelsior, it almost seemed in the filming process they thought “hey this is the Enterprise B right? well why don’t we add crap to the excelsior and call that the B? that will work and we can destroy bits of the crap with out damaging the excelsior underneath!” BAH!

What I really want is the C as it is the original design for the D and I think its one of the best designed ships after the 1701 Refit/A… and the Reliant.

77. SHCone - April 23, 2009

LOL@ the hair on Bones. That’s awesome.

I really miss my E-D ship from when I was a kid. I recreated the crash from GENERATIONS a little too… vigorously.

There was fire.

It was very sad.

I might make up for it with the new one…

78. JL - April 24, 2009

I just picked up the new movie phaser and communicator at Target last night for $14.99 each… does anyone have these yet? They’re kinda cool, although I think they are a bit overpriced… maybe $9.99 each…? They’re small and they really don’t do a whole lot.

The over usage of fake chrome on the phaser is still kind of odd to me… just weird and old looking, like a Flash Gordon gun or somethin’.

Just my two cents.

79. Nathan Archer - April 24, 2009

Definitely more a fan of these! The new Playmates stuff is ok (such as the Enterprise; not bad considering the price). I’d even be tempted by the Bridge set, but we seem to be getting short thrift in the UK – none of the Galaxy figures include bridge pieces! So I’ll stick with DST/AA for my Trek models.

80. Spectrum of the Spock - April 24, 2009

the Kirk kinda looks like Esai Morales…

81. Mr. Anonymous - April 24, 2009

Man, I really hope Diamond Select does a toy-series for the new film eventually.

82. HesDeadJim - April 24, 2009

The only way I would buy a Cage Spock action figure is if had a talking feature, with three lines from the Cage, AND EACH ONE OF THEM SOUNDED LIKE HE WAS YELLING AS IF NOBODY COULD HEAR HIM, and also it would have to include his pronunciation of ‘Sensors” as “SEN-SOHHHRS”

And my work here is done

“But you didnt do anything!”

Didn’t I?

83. tranchera - April 25, 2009

Actually I think it’d be cool if Diamond Select would do a life size version of Mirror-Kira, from the knees up to her shoulders. That’d be fun.

84. Sarpok - April 30, 2009

I really, really hate to wonder about this, but why do all the male Diamond Select figures look like their crotches are missing?

Sorry, but it kinda bugs me.

85. Garth - May 14, 2009

I have tertiary syphilis.

86. Crazy Guy - May 20, 2009

It’s too bad the I.S.S. Enterprise in Remastered didn’t have the Terran Empire insignia on the hull.

87. Lance Uppercut - June 17, 2009

If you ordered a medical tricorder, be prepared for huge letdown. Production quality is crappy (sloppy paint, bad voice clips) and the scanner is completely FUBAR.

88. Tiber - September 8, 2009

Where do I get these DST toys in Canada??? They seem to be non existent in the Great White North….

89. Lavona Sawin - April 10, 2011

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