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Fun Stuff In Official Star Trek Movie Credits May 2, 2009

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback has received the official final credits list for Star Trek, and it contains quite a few interesting names. A complete cast list and a list of the main crew members are linked on the film’s info page, but below, we point out some of the more interesting tidbits we found throughout the entire credits. [WARNING: SPOILERS]


Trek vets in cast (besides Leonard Nimoy)

That’s Sheppard in the center of the dais, but not in the credits

Crew (and family) cameos

More cameos

McGillion hands out assignments as the Barracks Leader

Trek trivia in cast credits

Trek vets in the crew

Linguist Marc Okrand (pictured discussing Klingon on Star Trek III DVD) is back helping with Romulan and Vulcan

Visual Effects fun facts

Music and Sound fun facts

Music by Cyrano Jones?

Roddenberry Dedication

Lastly, the film is dedicated to the memory of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, who died in 1991, and his wife, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, who died in December.


More stuff on Star Trek info section

You probably haven’t looked in a while, but there is a lot in the Star Trek info section.

The media section currently has all the clips from Star Trek in it. We will be adding the TV commercials and official press kit videos tomorrow (hopefully)


1. That One Guy - May 2, 2009

This is gonna be fun.

2. ricker - May 2, 2009

way cool

3. 750 Mang - May 2, 2009


4. G12 - May 2, 2009

well everything except the part where we hear “sabotage” is spoiled so lets keep that under wraps

5. rm10019 - May 2, 2009

I saw it last week, and enjoyed it, especially the closing credits, worth sitting through. Very much like the OPENING credits of Superman Returns.

6. Paul Fitz - May 2, 2009

I cant wait, My Mother won tickets on the local radio station to see the film on the 7th, she is taking me, LOL
And my nephew’s are bussing to see the film, as are my brothers and sisters, non of whom are or were trekkier before. . .

Something special is happening to TREK.

7. I am not Herbert - May 2, 2009

Nice to see that it is dedicated to Majel & Gene =)

8. Chris M - May 2, 2009

The Dedication to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry Majel Barrett Roddenberry is a very nice touch I thought.

It’s also wonderful that Majel plays the voice of the computer in the movie!

9. Sci-Fi Bri - May 2, 2009

if anyone is seeing the movie in Tempe AZ, i’ll have a sign maked “ Tempe chapter” at the tempe marketplace 16 midnight showing.

10. Paul Fitz - May 2, 2009

I misspelled, *trekkies*, thats better.

11. I am not Herbert - May 2, 2009

Ben Burtt did a fantastic job on WALL-E… Hopefully JJ made some good choices from what I’m sure were a plethora of options Ben provided!

I’m sure you all know he did the sound design for Star Wars as well ;-)

(There better be a good Communicator Chirp!)

12. Mr. Forehead - May 2, 2009

Does any one know if there are any Klingons in the movie? & if so are they TOS Klingons or mutants?

13. Kent - May 2, 2009

Cant wait to see it. I have two VIP Tickets for the Minnesota Zoo Imax Theater for Friday Night

14. Denny Crane - May 2, 2009

Is Diora Baird not in the movie?

15. Matt Wright - May 2, 2009

Great little Trek connections in the full credits :-)
Nice to see that they got Marc Okrand back to do the alien languages, good continuity there. And of course Ben Burtt is a great sound designer, so it’s awesome to have someone of his calibur on the job.

16. martin - May 2, 2009

2 hours and 4 days. 2 hours and 4 days

17. Anthony Pascale - May 2, 2009

Baird is not in the credits and may not be in the film…the only orion that gets any screentime is rachel nichols as ‘Gaila’…there are a few in crowd scenes at the academy, but she may have been cut.

18. Dennis Bailey - May 2, 2009

“Cyrano Jones” actually has a bio page as a songwriter on artistsdirect.

19. 790 - May 2, 2009

The Beastie Boys?


Love the tribute to the Roddenberry’s

20. AJ - May 2, 2009


Jimmy Bennett plays young Jim Kirk (who drives the Corvette, etc.)

21. S. John Ross - May 2, 2009

Groovy rundown. Here’s hoping Cawley’s cameo makes it on-screen; I think I’d puff up with secondhand fanboy pride to see that.

Maybe the choice of “Sabotage” is a respectful nod to the canonistas :)

22. Anthony Pascale - May 2, 2009

RE: bennet…right it is Spencer Daniels who plays ‘Johnny’ although in the script he is George Kirk Jr. (and also in the novel i believe)…so that one is a mystery…perhaps Jim calls his brother ‘Johnny’ as a joke?

I also added that Chris Doohan is not on the credits, but he does appear in the film (no lines). Also not listed is Diora Baird who talked about playing an Orion. I also dont remember seeing her

23. Devon - May 2, 2009

Did anyone else notice the reviews page on

24. Anthony Pascale - May 2, 2009

I looked and didn’t see James, but that camera moves around pretty fast so i will look for him when i see it on imax next week. I think i saw jeff quinn but it is brief. Don’t remember seeing pausch.

Paul McGillion actually has a bit to do…he has the announcement thing and then another moment with Pine. Sheppard has a long scene with Quinto and it makes no sense that he is not in the credits…cant figure that one out.

25. Rick Moyer - May 2, 2009

Thanks for the cool article. I bought a phaser today. :)

26. S. John Ross - May 2, 2009

#24 sez “I looked and didn’t see James, but that camera moves around pretty fast so i will look for him when i see it on imax next week.”

He could be trapped in a lens flare. If so, we must form a rescue party!

27. noirgwio - May 2, 2009

Rock & Roll and Trek need to get thrown together… Maybe not like the Beastie Boys, but wouldn’t it be interesting? Led Zep, out there beyond Gamma Hydra… Pink Floyd And a frontier to behold, Aerosmith and alien-kind to meet… In the vein of all great throwbacks to our ‘arcane’ time. I want a Captain, strong and cool like Kirk, with measure like Picard, sense of adventure like Kirk and Archer, conflicted and a little guilty like Sisco & Janeway – who can blast Dr. Feelgood jumping to warp. Though I tread dangerous water making such a suggestion, I don’t care – even the bit of me that is a stickler for Trek the way it is and has always been, there is a part of me that wants to mash it up and break really, true, new ground… Admit at the very least, it could be ‘fascinating’ to see a Vulcan taught by a cool Earther Captain to meditate to Hendrix’s Purple Haze. Fighting the Klingons or Romulans with Van Halen blaring! =+D (I’m kinda kidding, and also kind not.)

28. Sid - May 2, 2009

Doubtless the Scott Bakula cameo is being uncredited to keep it a surprise.

29. USS TRINOMA - NCC-0278 - May 2, 2009

28. Is that true? You should have put a spoiler label if that is true.

30. darrksan - May 2, 2009

Canon Error: The USS Kelvin itself is a Canon Error which affects time-line A (classic). The USS Kelvin is design like the (JJ’s) time-line B’s Enterprise, but The USS Kelvin is made before for the change into time-line B.
Star Trek: Enterprise is still Canon even in (JJ’s) time-line B.
The NX-01 had spinning red glowing Bussard collectors and some designs like the Classic NCC-1701 from time-line A (classic).

The USS Kelvin has black/blue Bussard collectors and has designs
like (JJ’s) time-line B’s Enterprise.

The USS Kelvin designs still falls under time-line:A (classic) Canon Error because it is before Nero (B.N.) and not apart of JJ’s After Nero (A.N.) screw the canon time-line B.

31. AdmNaismith - May 2, 2009

I’m glad to see Majel Barret recognized in memorium. I might of boycotted if she wasn’t.
Having Gene R. also recognized shows a great deal of class on Abrams and/or Paramount’s part.

Pop music and ST don’t go together that well (Roy Orbison, anybody? Hippie interludes onthe way to Eden?). I have a 30th Anniv. German CD of Techno tributes to the show that’s compelling in it’s awfulness.
Say what you will, but ST does better when it traffics in more traditional forms of music.

32. Brad - May 2, 2009

30, the NX-01 is in the movie??

33. Smitty™ - May 2, 2009

We should take Sid’s comment with a grain of salt! Now if he does have a cameo I’ll give my mea culpas!

Anthony keep in mind this has happened before. Judson Scott who played Joaquin in TWOK was not listed in the credits. Though that was more his requesting it because he felt he didn’t deliver or some other factor.

Same for Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan in Generations she stated because she was a fan and did not consider it an acting gig.

Same here possibly goes for William (formerly W) Morgan Sheppard.


34. Mark T. - May 2, 2009

Well after this movie only ‘ST: Enterprise’ will be of any relevant canon anymore so maybe Archer is in it.

At least we now know what the Temporal Cold War was about: Prime Timeliners vs. New Timeliners!

35. Sci-Fi Bri - May 2, 2009

30: good point.

now lets all ignore the engine caps and enjoy the movie.

36. Janet - May 2, 2009

For those of you who have seen the movie already, is there anything at the end of the credits, like an extra scene or something like that, that we should stay for?

37. 790 - May 2, 2009

I hear ya Noirgwio,
Anything but the Beastie Boys. I guess JJ thinks there hip? Lame,,,

38. AJ - May 2, 2009


“I don’t care – even the bit of me that is a stickler for Trek the way it is and has always been, there is a part of me that wants to mash it up and break really, true, new ground”

Hendrix, Led Zep, Dr, Feelgood, Aerosmith and Floyd? “New ground?”

How about DEVO? They’re at least from the ’80s.

39. TheBigCW - May 3, 2009

“J.J. Abrams’ “good luck charm” and best friend Greg Grunberg revealed he was able to work himself into the movie, and we now know the role he played: that of Jim Kirk’s stepdad (voice only).”

I thought that was supposed to be his UNCLE,not his step-dad?

40. Forrest - May 3, 2009

“Maybe the choice of “Sabotage” is a respectful nod to the canonistas :)”

Sounds right, especially since there’s now no way short of the reset button to get to anything like TOS. It would be like having Apollo-Soyuz occur on schedule in 1975 despite altering the significant event of November 22 1963 to be the obliteration of Dallas by Fidel Castro with a Russian nuclear weapon.

41. SebiMeyer - May 3, 2009

Richard Arnold also told us Friday he has a cameo as a Romulan that required him to shave his head.

Regards from FedCon! They showed 28 minutes of the movie Friday night. Looks awesome.

42. Geodesic - May 3, 2009

Uh. Admiral Archer would be well over a hundred years old by the time of this film. Doubtful that Scott Bakula appears in this.

43. Geodesic - May 3, 2009

Look at the soundtrack for First Contact. Roy Orbison and Steppenwolf? Come on. So what if there is a Beastie Boys song.

44. Pamela Williams - May 3, 2009

From reading the Music and Sounds fun facts section, in the last quote: “Michael Giacchino provided additional orchestrations in addition to composing the score for the film.”

I figured that there had to be more music from the film than what is listed on the movie soundtrack. I do hope that Paramount will release a complete edition of all the music that was featured in the film in the near future. For example, 20th Century Fox did this with the Star Wars 4, 5, and 6 films.

45. Kirk - May 3, 2009

“One strange omission is William Morgan Sheppard (Klingon commandant in Star Trek VI) is listed in the credits, even though he plays the head of the Vulcan Science Academy ”

He also played dr. Ira Graves in TNG: The Schizoid Man and Qatai in VOY: Bliss.

46. Major Shat Lover - May 3, 2009

Double dumb ass on all of you sabotage haters.

Ooby dooby!

47. Nick - May 3, 2009

Very cool. I’m so glad they dedicated the movie to both Gene and Majel, that made my day!

48. Brandon - May 3, 2009

Also, re “Music and Sound Fun Facts”, orchestrator Jack Hayes ( ), which the soundtrack CD back cover credits as “additional orchestrations” for Michael Giacchino, has a previous “Trek” connection for being the sole orchestrator on James Horner’s “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan” score.

49. ChristopherPike - May 3, 2009

No Star Trek Enterprise cameos then? Oh well…

50. Smitty™ - May 3, 2009

@47 Not one of Roy Orbison’s classics!

If only if it had Pretty Woman instead, the song not the movie!


51. Spockish - May 3, 2009

So who is going to become the record holder for the most times viewed?

I remember a spot on some Entertainment Tonight like show back in 1979 for Star Wars IV (A New Hope).

I know I’ve seen all the TOS replays at lest 15 times each. I moved to DVD’s when I got them back in 1992.

The only ones I’m missing is Voyager, and will have to replace the damaged disks my brothers puppy created to DSN season 7.

If no one knows aready do not leave a box of DVD’s on the floor around pets. They like the salt that fingers leave on things. And sweaty fingers do not help either.

Second reminder…

If you do not want to have your bothers son to keep watching his Star Wars Clone Wars cartoons set your DVD so the Adult rating is G, this way they will need to enter the 4 digit passward to watch any thing. Thats good until they either learn the code or burn unrated copies of the DVD’s. In my case I figure thats good for 5 years and by then he’ll have his own system to play his junk on. It may only be a PC and not a Home Entertainment system but they have to start at the bottom like I did. This way they will learn you have to earn joys in life not beg for them.

52. Montreal Paul - May 3, 2009

I am happy they dedicated the movie to the memory of Gene and Majel. That was a class act thing to do. I am really looking forward to seeing the movie. I have a few trek and non-trek fans see the premiere and they all loved it! I think JJ et al accomplished what they wanted. Way to go!

53. Dom - May 3, 2009

30. darrksan

Star Trek: Enterprise was set in the midst of a temporal cold war and all the various characters of Star Trek TV shows and movies regularly committed temporal vandalism on a massive scale.

If we assume this behaviour was as widespread amongst the rest of the Starfleet, the civilians of the Federation and the other various major powers in the galaxy, not to mention the major powers of all the other galaxies in the universe, then really, there’s little chance that anything we’ve seen in Star Trek exists particularly intact!

Canon is utterly mutable and open to interpretation. If we look at it rationally, in Schrödinger’s Cat terms, the only way we can ***know*** if we have a fixed ‘canon’ timeline in one universe is if all the Treks had been made in order and disregard all the time travel stories.

For that matter even Star Trek: The Next Generation is set in a different universe after the events of Yesterday’s Enterprise (Tasha Yar’s daughter having overseen the events leading up to the Klingon Civil War.)

Easiest way to view the film, frankly, is to say ‘This is a new film with a new production team’ and accept that total consistency is impossible in such circumstances!

54. Max Choi - May 3, 2009

#12: “Does any one know if there are any Klingons in the movie? & if so are they TOS Klingons or mutants?”

A subplot with Nero imprisoned on and escaping from Rura Penthe had been filmed, but it’s been cut from the theatrical release–so no Klingons this time around. (It should be included with the DVD/BluRay, though). In the one still I shot I saw, the Klingons seemed to be of the lumpy headed variety, but they were wearing masks, so I’m not 100% sure.

55. Pat D. - May 3, 2009

Yeah Marc Okrand!!

56. Nicholas - May 3, 2009

The tribute is a real touch of class!

57. FeRD - May 3, 2009

51. Spockish: “I know I’ve seen all the TOS replays at lest 15 times each. I moved to DVD’s when I got them back in 1992.”

..Try again. The SD and MMCD disc formats that were *PRECURSORS* to DVD didn’t even start development until 1993, and the specification for the final DVD format was written in 1995. If you were in Japan you maybe had DVDs in 1996, most Americans had their first encounter with the technology some time in 1997. (And by 1998, we’d practically ALL adopted!)

58. Darklighter - May 3, 2009

I’m almost positive I saw James Cawley at one point, very briefly. Kirk nearly bumps into him on the bridge when Kirk is rushing to tell Pike about the pending attack. Cawley is facing the camera on the left side of the screen, Kirk’s back is to us on the right.

59. John Sullivan - May 3, 2009

I always joke that the film needs another six months on hold to fix the ship, but one of the true benefits from the 12/06/08 delay is that the producers can give Majel her due. I only cried twice since my Dad died last summer, and that was when I heard – long after the fact, that Majel had died. She not only had class, but she still defines what it should be (and too often isn’t) for the Hollywood of today.

60. tom - May 3, 2009

That is great to have a tribute to the Roddenberry’s. I wonder who will do the computer voice for the sequel??

61. Ralph - May 3, 2009

No celebrity cameos?

62. rm10019 - May 3, 2009

No scene at the end of the credits to worry about, but the music during the credits is enough to make any fan swoon.

63. marvin - May 3, 2009

bit of subject, but any news about ticket sales and tracking?

64. Brad - May 3, 2009

So is the NX-01 in the movie or not??

65. rm10019 - May 3, 2009

nx-01 is not in the movie

66. afterace - May 3, 2009

#64 I rather doubt it :)
BTW. The BFCA rating for the new movie is now 95% instead of 93%…so far so good!

67. VOODOO - May 3, 2009

Box office estimates are in for “Wolverine’s” opening weekend. It lloks like the film made about $87 million dollars in it’s opening frame.

I am very curious to see how “Star Trek” will do next weekend. This is the most important week for the franchise since the re-launch in the late 1970’s.

68. LiamK - May 3, 2009


Just a note regarding the character of Johnny – he’s walking along the side of the road as young Kirk is joyriding in his stepdad’s car and being pursued by the cop. Kirk shouts out to him as he goes speeding past.

And I also don’t remember seeing any other Orions in the film.

source: myself, saw the film last week :)

69. SaphronGirl - May 3, 2009

67. (VOODOO)

Interesting… that falls below estimates for Wolverine.

70. dep1701 - May 3, 2009

I posted this on a slightly older thread, but since is the newest, I’ll ask again here:

does anyone know of anyplace online where I can find the image of the New Enterprise and the space station that’s pictured behind the inner tray of the soundtrack CD?

71. The Original Spock's Brain - May 3, 2009

Wolverine’s gotten lots of bad reviews (not that it matters to most people, I wasn’t going to see it anyway). You’d think that ST09 would have good word-of-mouth and repeat viewings. I know I’ll go back to see it on 35mm to get all I missed. So it could surpass Wolverine in US box office. But then Terminator arrives on 5/21…

72. Sci-Fi Bri - May 3, 2009


OMG epic Schroedinger’s cat win.

…i wonder how TNG would have turned out if they kept Yar and killed Troi in season one. better, i think.

73. AJ - May 3, 2009


It seems that dismal reviews are not enough to keep summer movie-goers away. Last year Indy4 was hammered critically, and it did bonzo BO.

If you go to the review sites (Rotten Tomatoes), and fan sites (AICN, CHUD, etc.), you’d think that Wolverine would fail miserably, but it’ll turn a profit for FOX once international sales are tallied.

I still worry that Trek XI doesn’t have the traction that Wolverine does. The depth of the marketing, the TV saturation, and the international junket were all the right decisions to hopefully get the butts into seats in record numbers. Reviews may be of less import these days than the familiarity and reliability of the franchise as a brand.

As a ‘B’ movie franchise, Trek films only made money if they were good. It needs to get to the point, like Indy, X-Men and Star Wars, where even a Trek Turkey will rake in sufficient bacon to keep Paramount happy and justify a sequel.

74. --Mandalore-- - May 3, 2009


The NX-01 was retired shortly after the founding of the UFP. So that’s a no.

But if I’m not mistaken, ENT would still be considered canon since it takes place before the event’s in this movie.
And Archer would be at the launch of the NCC-1701(in the original timeline anyways).

Just a few more days! The wait is (almost) over……


75. sebimeyer - May 3, 2009

Just got home from FedCon in Bonn Germany, which was awesome as always. (Already signed up for next year before this years con had even begun. Yes, it is THAT good.)

I had the chance to ask Mark Shepard, William Morgan Sheppard’s son, if he knew why his father was in the movie, but not credited by Paramount. He said “no idea, you’d have to ask Paramount.”

Anthony, how about placing a call to your sources at Paramount about this? I’d definitely be interested to know why William Morgan Sheppard wasn’t credited. I talked to him at last years FedCon and he seemed very enthusiastic (and secretive) about the movie, so I find this very puzzling.

76. GaryS - May 3, 2009

first I heard it might make 92 miliion
then 90.
last night,89
it stopped at 87 .
hmm estimates kept going DOWN.

77. Spock's Spinners - May 3, 2009

@74 not necessarily. Archer retired from StarFleet before the TOS characters were even born, according to Memory Alpha. Whose to say that there wasn’t a break from ships named Enterprise?

78. Oregon Trek Geek - May 3, 2009

I hope they pick out someone special to ST to be the next regular for the computer voice. I don’t know who that could be–but I’d like to see someone not only very talented, but with a special tie to ST…. anybody have any suggestions? (I suppose they could also just re-use Majel’s voice from all the decades of clips that are out there….)

74–I was wondering how old Admiral Archer would have been at the launching of the 1701… and how many years between NX-01 and 1701?

79. Paulaner - May 3, 2009

#53 “Easiest way to view the film, frankly, is to say ‘This is a new film with a new production team’ and accept that total consistency is impossible in such circumstances!”

Totally agreed. We are grown up enough to accept the plain truth: new crew, new production team, new Trek. Period. I am going to sleep at night without having to believe in a prime and in an altered Trek universe :)

80. S. John Ross - May 3, 2009

I’m holding to my belief that Star Trek’s opening weekend won’t cross the $60M line (thinking it’ll fall somewhere in the $35-55M range), but with the fever pitch of the buzz I’m starting to doubt my powers of prognostication :)

81. noirgwio - May 3, 2009

Re 37, 790 – They’re not the worst but yea, I agree. ;+D & Re 38, Aj – Devo? Really? Egads… I don’t think you understood what I meant by break new ground. Yes, the music I mentioned isn’t new, but rarely these days do you find anything that evokes such raw, intense emotion when listening to. Music is rooted to my very soul, it fuels what I write, the feelings behind all possible situations. Beethoven to AC-DC, Glenn Miller to Sublime, Simon & Garfunkel to Katy Perry… No, not all of them would fit in Trek necessarily, but Trek doesn’t need to be static. Like the newer Doctor Who, Trek is a living world of its own, bringing forth a beautifly peaceful future, of adventure and life affirming situations, such that it should evolve like real life does, accented by dramatic, funny, angry, saddening music of all backgrounds… Except Polka. And Devo. =+P

82. AJ - May 3, 2009



DEVO was a joke. I actually think popular music and Star Trek do not go well together. I think “Enterprise” was severely damaged by “Faith of the Heart.” It almost trivialized the series. This, after Jerry Goldsmith’s glorious theme for VOY.

I find Trek and Rock go together better when Rock bands sing about Trek (Warp 11, Spizzenergi, Nerfherder, for example).

83. cd - May 3, 2009

#30 – I thought they avoided all the canon discrepancies because this is not only an alternate timeline, but an alternate universe. It appears (to me anyway) that there are too many differences than can be explained away just by the timeline change caused by Nero. The new movie is the equivalent of DC’s Elseworlds or the alternate earths in either DC or Marvel.

84. noirgwio - May 3, 2009

Re 82, Aj – I know it was a joke, tongue planted firmly in cheek, yes? Well, as I’ve said in many of my albeit infrequent, previous posts, I loved ENT because it spoke to my age – putting Trek’s exploration and adventure in a reachable timeframe, it spoke to my love of Trek, and Quantum Leap. It made many elements more real to me. I was inspired BY that song, not against it. I love Trek in all its forms, but especially TOS and ENT. Say what you will about it, we all dig what we dig… And I do enjoy the sweeping scores of the films. But it must be allowed to evolve. Frozen, Trek should not be, however much we may not always like it. To live beyond US, it must be made newer, hipper, etc. Hense the apparent thinking behind the new flick. New Doctor Who got me really into all the old stuff… Newer Trek will do the same for others that don’t know what we do, as long as it’s healthy, well handled and respectful of its origins. IMHO.

85. I am not Herbert - May 3, 2009

Trek & Rock?

I suggested long ago that GWAR should get a “special guest star” role as a bunch of marauding space aliens!!!

Make it so!!!

86. Will - May 3, 2009

Others have asked, but seriously, why the Beastie Boys?

87. cpelc - May 3, 2009

I think Valeris explained Sabotage in the Undiscovered Country. Right?

I saw it as a nod to that ;)

88. Daoud - May 3, 2009

Question for those who’ve seen the movie, and recall The Cage.

How closely do the Kelvin bridge officer uniforms match the uniform Pike wears in The Cage during the Picnic near Mojave with Horse scene with Pike and Vina?

Recall the bright blue undershirt, with the grayish blue jacket with high color, same grayish blue color slacks and black shoes?

89. Thorny - May 3, 2009

72. Sci-Fi Bri … “I wonder how TNG would have turned out if they kept Yar and killed Troi in season one. better, i think.”

Much worse. Yar’s continued presence would have left Worf with a much smaller role, unless Yar or Worf moved to another job, a’la Geordi becoming Chief Engineer out of the blue. And Worf was TNG’s third best character, so less Worf would have been bad.

90. noirgwio - May 3, 2009

Re 85, I Am Not Herbert – Lol, I dig it! My sis, a bigger GWAR fan than I am, though I like some of thier stuff, and I have joked and really had conversations about just that type of thing as well. I thought I even might’ve read that one or more of them was a bit of a Trekkie, though I might be wrong. They definately wouldn’t need anyone to design outfits for’em!

91. Captain Otter - May 3, 2009

Re: Sabotage- frankly, I think it is a good move. I listen to centuries old music all the time- from medieval folk songs to Bach to opera. I bet most of you do to.

So the idea of drunken idiots or immature adrenaline junkies rocking out to the Beastie Boys even a few centuries down the road makes since. And before Kirk becomes the good captain, he spends time as both a drunken idiot and an immature adrenaline junkie.

Re: Bussard configurations and other canon issue- give it a stinking rest already. I will give you three reasons why no one should bring up canon again:

1) Previous Trek material has already proven to be wildly inconsistent. If Franks or Nimoy or Bennet get to bend time-line rules, so does JJ.

2) The whole concept or time-travel implies multiverses, not a universe. Learn some physics. Isn’t that part of the point of Trek? To teach us to appreciate scientific theories? If you knew your time travel theories, you’d realize how ridiculous you sound.

3) Issue fatigue has set in. We have already heard you. Over and over. And over. And over. Just stop. Please. We get it. You are mad. You’ve made your point. Those of us who might have been sympathetic at first (as I was) are now so tired of the constant moaning and complaining that we actually hope JJ goes reboot-crazy just to send you over the edge.

Now please, move on.

You might as well picket your local Piggly Wiggly because Tony the Tiger’s bandanna is now a slightly different shade of orange and it has ruined your childhood memories. Maybe Kellogg will care about your constant complaining. Paramount won’t.

Re- new computer voice: Am I nuts, or would Marina Sirtis be a perfect replacement for Majel Barrett-Roddenberry?

I think a little accent is just what the Big E needs.

BTW- any Dallas fans going to the Imax on Thursday @ 7:00? Should be awesome!

92. noirgwio - May 3, 2009

Re 91, Captain Otter – Firstly, where’s Admiral Bluto Blutarsky? (I’m also an Animal House fan, though I’m not into alchohol.) 2nd, Marina Sirtis is a really damn good idea for the voice of the computer, Blalock too could do interesting things vocally.

93. Dom - May 3, 2009

91. Captain Otter

If we watch Enterprise, then from that show’s perspective, the whole future of that timeline is a quantum uncertainty. No guarantees of what the future may bring. Same goes for all the Trek shows.

So the version of history Nero invades in ST09 isn’t necessarily that of TOS.

Along the same lines, just because Shatner’s Jim Kirk and his crew are portrayed as being from the past of the DS9 characters in Trials and Tribbleations, doesn’t mean the DS9 characters are from Jim Kirk’s future: just one possible future yet to happen.

Ergo, when watching TOS there’s no guarantee the events in that show will lead to the universe we see in TNG. We’ve seen one iteration where it does.

94. Gary - May 3, 2009

Hmmm…mo mention of Uhuras first name. Wonder if they will mention it.

95. Captain Otter - May 3, 2009

Re 92- Bluto opted for politics over the military, if you will recall. I’m sure Senator Blutarsky had a hand in expanding the NASA budget when he wasn’t getting drunk on junkets funded by lobbyists or chasing interns around his office.

Re 93- You’ve got it. The whole idea of “canon” assumes a degree of certainty about future events which simply does not exist if indeed we inhabit a multiverse.

By the same token, our past is just that- our past. However, the most likely are alternative realities where Abraham Lincoln was never shot, or where the Aztecs whooped the snot out of the Spanish, or where Rome never grew beyond a city-state. All of those realities would be just as real as what you and I regard as real.

Perhaps, then, the reason people cling to fictional canon is a desire for certainty which cannot be afforded by real life. Perhaps it is more comforting to imagine an unchangeable future of valuer-clothed human triumph and achievement.

In other words, perhaps a few folks are treating Star Trek as a substitute for religion. And for them, JJ is a heretic who must be burned at the stake.

Ironically, that is the very sort of irrational behavior Roddenberry seemed to oppose in crafting Star Trek in the first place.

Talk about missing the forest for the trees!

96. Danny E - May 3, 2009

Saw a sneak peek..this movie is phenomenal. Perfectly done to please EVERY Trek fan and make millions more…….. :)

97. noirgwio - May 3, 2009

Re 95, Captain Otter – You’re probably right about the great Senator (President, even!) having a hand in NASA’s beginning. I think of admiral as more honorary anyway. How can you not love a man who went after Germany during the Gulf War… But then, he was rolling. =+D

98. SciFiMetalGirl - May 3, 2009

All my friends hate the credits, but I love them!

99. Falvoant - May 3, 2009

James Cawley is in the ffilm I dont know about Jeff Quinn

100. Gene Coon - May 3, 2009

I would have preferred that the film be dedicated to Gene R., Robert Justmand and Gene Coon.

101. cd - May 3, 2009

88 – I haven’t seen the movie but the clips I have seen show the Kelvin uniforms to be nothing like The Cage uniforms. >:>{

102. Gary Seven of Nine - May 3, 2009


Don’t ask Paramount, ask his agent.

103. Gary Seven of Nine - May 3, 2009

What a perfect analogy!


In other words, perhaps a few folks are treating Star Trek as a substitute for religion. And for them, JJ is a heretic who must be burned at the stake.

104. Gary Seven of Nine - May 4, 2009

I would’t say they match them at all, however, you’ll find similar styling in the male uniform trousers and a nod in the female uniform collar and that’s all I’m going to say.

Anthony, if this is a no-no, please delete my post.

Also, Sabotage is really brief and works in the context of the scene.


88. Daoud – May 3, 2009
Question for those who’ve seen the movie, and recall The Cage.
How closely do the Kelvin bridge officer uniforms match the uniform Pike wears in The Cage during the Picnic near Mojave with Horse scene with Pike and Vina?
Recall the bright blue undershirt, with the grayish blue jacket with high color, same grayish blue color slacks and black sh

105. Daoud - May 4, 2009

#101, 104 Okay folks, thanks, but again, I”m *not* talking about the Cage *uniforms*, I’m talking about in Cage what Pike wears specifically in the *picnic illusion*. Bright blue undershirt similar to what we see Robau wearing in the “What gives you the right” advertisement, with a zippered overjacket and pants that are the same blue fabric. Nothing spoilery involved, the Kelvin uniform’s already been in ads and pictures released.

106. Spectrum of the Spock - May 4, 2009

Joe Quinto makes the credit but not Chirs Doohan????


107. Spectrum of the Spock - May 4, 2009

sorry – *Chris*

108. Star Trek Cameos Revealed | /Film - May 4, 2009

[…] TrekMovie has gotten their hands on the full credits for JJ Abrams‘ Star Trek, and have uncovered a bunch of casting and cameo easter eggs. I have included some of the more interesting ones below: […]

109. Star Trek Review - May 4, 2009

Spewing i saw it yesterday but forgot to sit through the credits. will do the next time around

110. I am not Herbert - May 4, 2009

105. Daoud: I don’t think the picnic outfit is any kind of uniform at all. I think it’s his casual riding attire. Looks kind of like denim to me. Levis?

111. Kevin Dilmore - May 4, 2009

#86 Don’t fret. In my mind, “Sabotage” totally works where it’s used, and I liked it better than when I heard “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf in “Star Trek: First Contact.”

It’s merely a smile moment, and all the kids (and adults) who know the song if from nowhere else that from playing it on Rock Band will connect with it and get into the scene.

112. Sean O - May 5, 2009

Ok enough hating on the Beastie Boys because they mention Star Trek in many of their songs.

Here is my favorite one from Intergalactic – “Your knees start shakin and your fingers pop like a pinch on the neck from Mr Spock”
or the beginning of Ch-Check it out – “All you Trekkies and TV addicts”

I think its great their song is in the movie and trust me they will be dying to see the movie

113. Abner - May 6, 2009

You guys just need to relax and go enjoy the movie – change is good!

114. yvaine - May 7, 2009

#91 – Marina Sirtis! That’s a great suggestion!

#94 – Someone mentions Uhura’s first name in the movie. And it’s a fun little scene too. ;)

115. James - May 8, 2009

William Morgan Sheppard played the Rura Penthe Warden you dumbass not a commendant. If you’re gonna list stuff then get it right.

116. Ken - May 9, 2009


Has anyone confirmed if there’s an Extra Scene at the end of the End Credits in this movie?

Thanks in advance! :)

117. Star Trek Easter Eggs And Cameos « THE FIRE WIRE - May 9, 2009

[…] Abrams made sure to include a batch of easter eggs and cameos in the movie to ensure repeat […]

118. Jason Anderson - May 9, 2009

Who played Uhura’s roomate? She was an Orion. That wasn’t Diora Baird? Who was it?

119. Rest - May 9, 2009

Nothing during credits.

120. Scott - May 9, 2009

115. James – May 8, 2009

” William Morgan Sheppard played the Rura Penthe Warden you dumbass not a commendant. If you’re gonna list stuff then get it right.”

Dude…chill out, man. Get control of your emotions…unless, of course, you need to scratch that seven year pon far itch. Go ahead and do it before you bite someones head off and regret it later…


121. Anthony Pascale - May 9, 2009

James, two things
1. warning for flaming

122. lalala - May 12, 2009

did anyone see kumar (kal penn) in the background on the ship? myself and a coworker swear we did, but can’t see to find anyone else who did!

123. adam - May 14, 2009

Hi Folks I was wondering if anyone could help me identify some music from the film. The scene were young Kirk races a stolen car through the desert is set to a fantastic piece of rock music. I have been trawling through various credits and music lists but to no avail. Can anybody out there point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance Adam

124. john - May 14, 2009

sabotage by the Beastie Boys

125. Daniel Lebovic - May 16, 2009

It looked like, when several times, doors to a room on the Enterprise opened, on a bulkhead or on the door, was an inscription beginning with the letters “MI” followed by the inscription “001”. I caught an “MI6001″ AND definitely caught an 001 that followed the letters “MI3″.

Obviously I’ve seen this movie too many times. Also, a more obvious one: the opening scene on Vulcan is a nod to the scene where we first see Spock on Vulcan in Star Trek IV (math/morals/etc. questions). Where was Vulcan’s Red Sky, though?

I noticed in the backgrund of severa scenes the presence of not only the Golden Gate Bridge (the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce must love the Star Trek folks), but the Transamerica building as well. Nice to know it is still around.

Nero’s demanding of the access codes also was a slightly more elaborate version of Kor’s demanding of information of Kirk’s “Star Fleet” defensive information in “Errand of Mercy.”

One line of dialogue I am still not sure that I heard correctly: Did Spock say, “Forgive me, an emotional transferrence is an ineffective mind meld, “ineffective as a mind meld,” “an effective mind meld,” or something else?

Since Shatner’s love of horseback riding was made public for all to see in “Generations,” we get at least two horse references in this film – one by Scotty and the other by Spock about a stallion needed to be broken.

Also, what’s the hang-up about Uhura ordering the Cardassian drink? Remember – from the first second of the movie, we’re in an alternate universe, one in which the Federation could have already met the Cardassians. This also explains why there is no Captain April (for those who enjoy following non-canon “continuity” discussions).

Pike’s line “I am relieved” had a neat double meaning. I believe the torture was ineffective (nice to know that some people still believe that even in the 23rd century, such barbarity will not produce the desired results, even when the captive may have had the information). The double meaning of course being, “You may take the ship, and, by the way, I’m glad this ordeal is over.” I guess had Pike said, “I STAND relieved,” inadvertent laughter would have ensued.

For those who think that the Spock/Uhura relationship was “heretical,” 1)alternate timeline, and 2)for those who wanted to see it, something was there in the original show… Not romance, but Spock was, shall we say,…. nicer to Uhura than the rest of his shipmates on the show.

Kirk’s line “I will not allow us to go backward!” and Spock’s sublime “thrusters on full” line at the end: were these the writers’ way of telling us that, yes, the days of the old (and increasingly stagnant) Trek are over, and the days of a faster-moving one are in?

This movie cited more Starfleet codes, regulations, etc. than any other did, I believe. Would love to see what those even more obsessed than I would make of that.

A few questions I have: How did Nero know, merely by being told the Stardate by Captain Robeau (in a nice touch, the filmmakers used a person of Pakistanian descent as a person of authority and not as a terrorist…. The terrorists in the future will be perceived to be/will be from other worlds, this movie and the last two-parter on “Enterprise” seem to be telling us), that Spock was not yet present? Did the Vulcans that were praying in the caverns know that their planet was being attacked? Was the fastest Vulcan ship REALLY commissioned on Stardate 2387 (i.e. the TOS and not the TNG era?) or was that fact a result of the creation of the alternate reality itself? Also, Nero’s explanation of what happened with the supernova bordered on the incoherent (perhaps because he was so filled with rage) Anyone understand what he was saying (or why Star Trek villains are such ingrates? Kirk could have had Khan killed and Spock tried saving Nero’s homeworld, and look how they were thanked)? Also, one “Easter Egg” I’m surprised most haven’t noticed: “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains….” is from Arthur Conan Doyle, uttered by Sherlock Holmes, a central character in Nicholas Meyer’s “Time After Time.” Spock uttered the same words in Meyer’s Star Trek VI and I believe they were used in “Unification” (TNG) as well. At least 3 instances of “47” (at least one in dialogue and one visual). Second Star Trek movie in a row with a rogue Romulan who was “not part of the Empire.”
Could go on for hours, but enough fun for one day

126. CasualFan - May 18, 2009

122.: I also thought that kumar was in there somewhere.

125.: I though he said “an effect of mind meld.”

re Spock and Uhura:

127. CasualFan - May 18, 2009

122: re Kal Penn, it wasn’t him

128. the_law - May 19, 2009

Is that James Cawley in the scene when Spock re-enters the bridge when Kirk & Co. are debating how to get on to Nero’s ship?

I believe Mr. Cawley is standing right there by the door that Spock enters holding a tablet device.

129. sto credits - March 8, 2010

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130. Trekkieman - August 23, 2010

I loved the Long Face Guy sitting between Kirk and Uhura. What an interesting character. The actor who played him is: Douglas Tait. I enjoy watching him every time I see the film, and I have seen the film over 30 times!
Douglas Tait on IMDB: is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.