Fun Stuff In Official Star Trek Movie Credits has received the official final credits list for Star Trek, and it contains quite a few interesting names. A complete cast list and a list of the main crew members are linked on the film’s info page, but below, we point out some of the more interesting tidbits we found throughout the entire credits. [WARNING: SPOILERS]


Trek vets in cast (besides Leonard Nimoy)

  • Greg Ellis appears in the movie as Chief Engineer Olsen. Ellis previously played Ekoor in DS9’s finale, “What You Leave Behind.”
  • Majel Barrett Roddenberry receives her final screen credit as the Starfleet Computer. Her name is separated from the rest of the cast list.
  • Douglas Tait is credited as the long-faced alien seated between Kirk and Uhura in the Iowa bar. Tait was previously seen as a colonist on Gaia in the DS9 episode “Children of Time.”
  • Robert Clendenin is credited as a shipyard worker in the film. He previously played a Vidiian surgeon in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Deadlock.”
  • Alex Nevil is credited as a shuttle officer. He previously played a Menk in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Dear Doctor.”
  • Mark Bramhall is one of the many actors credited as a Vulcan elder. He previously appeared as Gul Nador in the TNG episode “Parallels.”
  • A Vulcan council member is played by Anna Katarina, who previously played Valeda Innis on Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “Haven.”
  • One strange omission is William Morgan Sheppard (Klingon commandant in Star Trek VI) is listed in the credits, even though he plays the head of the Vulcan Science Academy
  • Also not listed is Chris Doohan (son of James who appeared as background in Star Trek TMP). Although he has no lines, he appears a few times in the transporter room.

That’s Sheppard in the center of the dais, but not in the credits

Crew (and family) cameos

  • There are two ‘barflies’ credited: one is J.J. Abrams’ father, Gerald W. Abrams and the other is James McGrath, Jr., JJ’s father-in-law.
  • J.J. Abrams’ “good luck charm” and best friend Greg Grunberg revealed he was able to work himself into the movie, and we now know the role he played: that of Jim Kirk’s stepdad (voice only).
  • Producer Jeffrey Chernov‘s children, Max and Zoe Chernov, appear in the film as Vulcan schoolchildren.
  • Neville Page, who designed many of the creatures and aliens in the film, is also credited as a Romulan crew member.
  • Marcus Young is credited as both a burly Starfleet cadet and as a stuntman
  • Zachary Quinto’s brother, Joe Quinto, is credited as a stuntman
  • Sean Gerace, who was the researcher on the film, appears as a tactical officer.

More cameos

  • Film producer and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, I Am Legend) is credited as a Vulcan council member. Goldsman recently wrote two episodes and directed one episode of J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci’s Fringe.
  • Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch, who died of cancer last summer, appears in the movie as a Starfleet officer on a bridge. The credits reveal that Pausch specifically played a crew member aboard the USS Kelvin.
  • ‘Madea’ writer/producer/director/actor Tyler Perry plays Starfleet Academy president Admiral Richard Barnett, his first acting role in a film he didn’t direct
  • Stargate Atlantis’ Paul McGillion is credited as Barracks Leader
  • Star Trek New Voyages Kirk and (former) Spock, James Cawley and Jeff Quinn, did shoot scenes for the film as background actors, but do not appear in the credits (although they may still appear in the film)
  • Diora Baird (on Maxim’s Top 100 Hottest List) has touted her role as an Orion in the film, but she does not appear in the credits [and Anthony can’t remember seeing her in the movie either]

McGillion hands out assignments as the Barracks Leader

Trek trivia in cast credits

  • Someone named Ben Binswagner plays a character named “Admiral James Komack.” Admiral Komack is a character who was reference in the original series episode “This Side of Paradise” and who was seen (played by Byron Morrow) in “Amok Time.” The first name “James” appears to have been chosen as a reference to James Komack, the director of TOS’ “A Piece of the Action.”
  • Rachel Nichols‘ Orion has a name: it’s Gaila. Interestingly, that was also the name of the Ferengi arms dealer played by Josh Pais in the DS9 episodes “Business as Usual” and “The Magnificent Ferengi.”
  • Spencer Daniels is not credited as George Samuel Kirk, Jr. (Jim Kirk’s brother), the role he was reported to be playing. He is instead credited as someone named “Johnny.”

Trek vets in the crew

  • Trek language creator Marc Okrand was a Romulan and Vulcan consultant on the film.
  • Veteran Trek designer John Eaves listed as a ‘concept illustrator’
  • Joel Harlow is credited with creating the make-up for the Romulans and Vulcans; the other aliens were designed and created by Barney Burman. Both are veterans of Trek (Harlow provided a few prosthetic of Porthos for Star Trek: Enterprise and Burman did some make-up work on Star Trek III and Star Trek VI), but the extent of their work on previous Treks pales in comparison to what they did for this film.
  • Mark Mangini (a veteran of past Trek films) and Mark Binder (Transformers) are credited with designing the “mind meld soundscape.”

Linguist Marc Okrand (pictured discussing Klingon on Star Trek III DVD) is back helping with Romulan and Vulcan

Visual Effects fun facts

  • Roger Guyett serves as the Second Unit Director in addition to his duties as Visual Effects Supervisor.
  • Industrial Light & Magic has 300 credited visual effects artists.
  • In addition to ILM, other companies which provided visual effects are Digital Domain (which previously worked on Star Trek Nemesis), Svengali FX, and Lola VFX.
  • There is a special section of the credits dedicated to “Star Trek Avionics.”
  • The film credits both aerial photography (provided by David Nowell) and underwater photography (by Pete Romano)
  • The main titles were designed by Andrew Kramer. He also designed the main titles for FOX’s Fringe.

Music and Sound fun facts

  • The Beastie Boys song “Sabotage” is listed as one of the songs used in the film. I would think “Intergalactic” would be more fitting, but what do I know?
  • Two songs heard in the movie (“Josh Greenstein” and “Awasoruk Jam”) are listed in the as being “Written & Performed by Cyrano Jones.” As every Trek fan knows, Cyrano Jones is the name of the intergalactic trader responsible for introducing tribbles to the crew of the Enterprise in “The Trouble with Tribbles.”
  • Also Josh Greenstein is a marketing exec at Paramount and "Awasoruk" is Kurosawa spelled backwards, apparently an homage to famed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa
  • Oscar-winning sound designer Ben Burtt‘s specific credit is “Special Sound Effects and Montage.”
  • The sound was re-recorded at 20th Century Fox. Interestingly, Fox will be Paramount’s biggest competition at the box office when Star Trek opens next weekend against Fox’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which will be in its second week of release.
  • Michael Giacchino provided additional orchestrations in addition to composing the score for the film.

Music by Cyrano Jones?

Roddenberry Dedication

Lastly, the film is dedicated to the memory of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, who died in 1991, and his wife, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, who died in December.


More stuff on Star Trek info section

You probably haven’t looked in a while, but there is a lot in the Star Trek info section.

The media section currently has all the clips from Star Trek in it. We will be adding the TV commercials and official press kit videos tomorrow (hopefully)

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This is gonna be fun.

way cool


well everything except the part where we hear “sabotage” is spoiled so lets keep that under wraps

I saw it last week, and enjoyed it, especially the closing credits, worth sitting through. Very much like the OPENING credits of Superman Returns.

I cant wait, My Mother won tickets on the local radio station to see the film on the 7th, she is taking me, LOL
And my nephew’s are bussing to see the film, as are my brothers and sisters, non of whom are or were trekkier before. . .

Something special is happening to TREK.

Nice to see that it is dedicated to Majel & Gene =)

The Dedication to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry Majel Barrett Roddenberry is a very nice touch I thought.

It’s also wonderful that Majel plays the voice of the computer in the movie!

if anyone is seeing the movie in Tempe AZ, i’ll have a sign maked “ Tempe chapter” at the tempe marketplace 16 midnight showing.

I misspelled, *trekkies*, thats better.

Ben Burtt did a fantastic job on WALL-E… Hopefully JJ made some good choices from what I’m sure were a plethora of options Ben provided!

I’m sure you all know he did the sound design for Star Wars as well ;-)

(There better be a good Communicator Chirp!)

Does any one know if there are any Klingons in the movie? & if so are they TOS Klingons or mutants?

Cant wait to see it. I have two VIP Tickets for the Minnesota Zoo Imax Theater for Friday Night

Is Diora Baird not in the movie?

Great little Trek connections in the full credits :-)
Nice to see that they got Marc Okrand back to do the alien languages, good continuity there. And of course Ben Burtt is a great sound designer, so it’s awesome to have someone of his calibur on the job.

2 hours and 4 days. 2 hours and 4 days

Baird is not in the credits and may not be in the film…the only orion that gets any screentime is rachel nichols as ‘Gaila’…there are a few in crowd scenes at the academy, but she may have been cut.

“Cyrano Jones” actually has a bio page as a songwriter on artistsdirect.

The Beastie Boys?


Love the tribute to the Roddenberry’s


Jimmy Bennett plays young Jim Kirk (who drives the Corvette, etc.)

Groovy rundown. Here’s hoping Cawley’s cameo makes it on-screen; I think I’d puff up with secondhand fanboy pride to see that.

Maybe the choice of “Sabotage” is a respectful nod to the canonistas :)

RE: bennet…right it is Spencer Daniels who plays ‘Johnny’ although in the script he is George Kirk Jr. (and also in the novel i believe)…so that one is a mystery…perhaps Jim calls his brother ‘Johnny’ as a joke?

I also added that Chris Doohan is not on the credits, but he does appear in the film (no lines). Also not listed is Diora Baird who talked about playing an Orion. I also dont remember seeing her

Did anyone else notice the reviews page on

I looked and didn’t see James, but that camera moves around pretty fast so i will look for him when i see it on imax next week. I think i saw jeff quinn but it is brief. Don’t remember seeing pausch.

Paul McGillion actually has a bit to do…he has the announcement thing and then another moment with Pine. Sheppard has a long scene with Quinto and it makes no sense that he is not in the credits…cant figure that one out.

Thanks for the cool article. I bought a phaser today. :)

#24 sez “I looked and didn’t see James, but that camera moves around pretty fast so i will look for him when i see it on imax next week.”

He could be trapped in a lens flare. If so, we must form a rescue party!

Rock & Roll and Trek need to get thrown together… Maybe not like the Beastie Boys, but wouldn’t it be interesting? Led Zep, out there beyond Gamma Hydra… Pink Floyd And a frontier to behold, Aerosmith and alien-kind to meet… In the vein of all great throwbacks to our ‘arcane’ time. I want a Captain, strong and cool like Kirk, with measure like Picard, sense of adventure like Kirk and Archer, conflicted and a little guilty like Sisco & Janeway – who can blast Dr. Feelgood jumping to warp. Though I tread dangerous water making such a suggestion, I don’t care – even the bit of me that is a stickler for Trek the way it is and has always been, there is a part of me that wants to mash it up and break really, true, new ground… Admit at the very least, it could be ‘fascinating’ to see a Vulcan taught by a cool Earther Captain to meditate to Hendrix’s Purple Haze. Fighting the Klingons or Romulans with Van Halen blaring! =+D (I’m kinda kidding, and also kind not.)

Doubtless the Scott Bakula cameo is being uncredited to keep it a surprise.

28. Is that true? You should have put a spoiler label if that is true.

Canon Error: The USS Kelvin itself is a Canon Error which affects time-line A (classic). The USS Kelvin is design like the (JJ’s) time-line B’s Enterprise, but The USS Kelvin is made before for the change into time-line B.
Star Trek: Enterprise is still Canon even in (JJ’s) time-line B.
The NX-01 had spinning red glowing Bussard collectors and some designs like the Classic NCC-1701 from time-line A (classic).

The USS Kelvin has black/blue Bussard collectors and has designs
like (JJ’s) time-line B’s Enterprise.

The USS Kelvin designs still falls under time-line:A (classic) Canon Error because it is before Nero (B.N.) and not apart of JJ’s After Nero (A.N.) screw the canon time-line B.

I’m glad to see Majel Barret recognized in memorium. I might of boycotted if she wasn’t.
Having Gene R. also recognized shows a great deal of class on Abrams and/or Paramount’s part.

Pop music and ST don’t go together that well (Roy Orbison, anybody? Hippie interludes onthe way to Eden?). I have a 30th Anniv. German CD of Techno tributes to the show that’s compelling in it’s awfulness.
Say what you will, but ST does better when it traffics in more traditional forms of music.

30, the NX-01 is in the movie??

We should take Sid’s comment with a grain of salt! Now if he does have a cameo I’ll give my mea culpas!

Anthony keep in mind this has happened before. Judson Scott who played Joaquin in TWOK was not listed in the credits. Though that was more his requesting it because he felt he didn’t deliver or some other factor.

Same for Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan in Generations she stated because she was a fan and did not consider it an acting gig.

Same here possibly goes for William (formerly W) Morgan Sheppard.


Well after this movie only ‘ST: Enterprise’ will be of any relevant canon anymore so maybe Archer is in it.

At least we now know what the Temporal Cold War was about: Prime Timeliners vs. New Timeliners!

30: good point.

now lets all ignore the engine caps and enjoy the movie.

For those of you who have seen the movie already, is there anything at the end of the credits, like an extra scene or something like that, that we should stay for?

I hear ya Noirgwio,
Anything but the Beastie Boys. I guess JJ thinks there hip? Lame,,,


“I don’t care – even the bit of me that is a stickler for Trek the way it is and has always been, there is a part of me that wants to mash it up and break really, true, new ground”

Hendrix, Led Zep, Dr, Feelgood, Aerosmith and Floyd? “New ground?”

How about DEVO? They’re at least from the ’80s.

“J.J. Abrams’ “good luck charm” and best friend Greg Grunberg revealed he was able to work himself into the movie, and we now know the role he played: that of Jim Kirk’s stepdad (voice only).”

I thought that was supposed to be his UNCLE,not his step-dad?

“Maybe the choice of “Sabotage” is a respectful nod to the canonistas :)”

Sounds right, especially since there’s now no way short of the reset button to get to anything like TOS. It would be like having Apollo-Soyuz occur on schedule in 1975 despite altering the significant event of November 22 1963 to be the obliteration of Dallas by Fidel Castro with a Russian nuclear weapon.

Richard Arnold also told us Friday he has a cameo as a Romulan that required him to shave his head.

Regards from FedCon! They showed 28 minutes of the movie Friday night. Looks awesome.

Uh. Admiral Archer would be well over a hundred years old by the time of this film. Doubtful that Scott Bakula appears in this.

Look at the soundtrack for First Contact. Roy Orbison and Steppenwolf? Come on. So what if there is a Beastie Boys song.

From reading the Music and Sounds fun facts section, in the last quote: “Michael Giacchino provided additional orchestrations in addition to composing the score for the film.”

I figured that there had to be more music from the film than what is listed on the movie soundtrack. I do hope that Paramount will release a complete edition of all the music that was featured in the film in the near future. For example, 20th Century Fox did this with the Star Wars 4, 5, and 6 films.

“One strange omission is William Morgan Sheppard (Klingon commandant in Star Trek VI) is listed in the credits, even though he plays the head of the Vulcan Science Academy ”

He also played dr. Ira Graves in TNG: The Schizoid Man and Qatai in VOY: Bliss.

Double dumb ass on all of you sabotage haters.

Ooby dooby!

Very cool. I’m so glad they dedicated the movie to both Gene and Majel, that made my day!

Also, re “Music and Sound Fun Facts”, orchestrator Jack Hayes ( ), which the soundtrack CD back cover credits as “additional orchestrations” for Michael Giacchino, has a previous “Trek” connection for being the sole orchestrator on James Horner’s “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan” score.

No Star Trek Enterprise cameos then? Oh well…

@47 Not one of Roy Orbison’s classics!

If only if it had Pretty Woman instead, the song not the movie!