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Quantum Mechanix Gets Star Trek Movie Replica License – Will Make ‘Studio Scale’ Enterprise & more May 11, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Replicas,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Many starship aficionados and collectors have been wondering if there were going to be studio scale or museum quality versions of the new Star Trek feature film ships. Well, to paraphrase the classic Captain Kirk, the word has indeed been given and Trekmovie has all the details of Quantum Mechanix’s new license for Star Trek


CBS Consumer Products and Quantum Mechanix have announced that QMx was granted a license for collector grade collectibles from the new Star Trek film.  QMx is a leading maker of replicas, objects and prints from a number of sci-fi licenses, including Battlestar Galactica, Serenity, and Stargate. Regular readers of TrekMovie know about "The Enterprise Project" where artists have been painting and reconfiguring scale models of the new film’s USS Enterprise. Quantum Mechanix is the company that has been building the Enterprises used as a canvas by the artists.

For 2009 QMx has two Star Trek products planned for collectors:

Artisan Edition Studio Scale USS Enterprise NCC 1701
The Artisan Edition Studio Scale Enterprise will be 34 inches long with working lights and exacting detailing in paint and design. QMx promises that "each Artisan ship is assembled, wired, and painted by hand in a working model effects shop. The process, while more resource intensive and more time-consuming than overseas manufacture, ensures discerning collectors get a replica of unsurpassed quality." These models will be based on the series of ‘artist models’ that QMx made for paramount (see Enterprise Model Gallery), but QMx tells TrekMOvie they are making ‘dozens of improvements’, including improvements in the electronics, and lighting, as well as having the shuttle bay doors open to see inside. They will also be making improvements to the ‘plasma effect’ of the nacelles and adding an effect for the impulse engines as well. QMx will not give us a price or even a range right now, but assume these are not going to be cheap. Each ship will be handmade here in the US and will be the same quality as those made for studios.

Here are some pictures of the ships made for Paramount previously to get an idea of what the Studio Scale Enterprises will look like (but note the modifications mentioned above). More photos at the QMx site.

QMx ‘Star Trek’ New Enterprise model made for Paramount…will be similiar to ‘Studio Scale’ model sold to public later in 2009

Mid Scale Replica Enterprise
And for those who are on a budget, but still want something more detailed than the Playmates toy version, QMx will also be making a 10" ‘mid-scale’ replica’ of the Enterprise in 2009. While smaller and affordable for many fans, these models will feature quality designs and hand painted detailing, but no lights. According to QMx, they will be similar to the Stargate F-302 they make, which retails for $120. No pictures of a 10" Enterprise are available, but here is a look at that Stargate ship to get an idea of the quality of their work.  

Qmx F-302 model from Stargate

Ordering information for both will be available hopefully soon. Both will be availble direct and one or both will will be available at Sideshow Collectibles, Entertainment Earth and local comic stores and hobby shops (via Diamond).

That’s Not All Folks!
QMx tells TrekMovie that they are already thinking about additional ships to make in both the studio scale size and the mid scale size for 2010. They also plan to make additional Star Trek collectibles, but would not give details. Looking at their lines for Stargate and Serenity, these other items could be prop replicas, art prints, posters, and/or T-Shirts.

Qmx Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol from Serenity

More info on QMx at their official site. You can also track progress on their project making a studio scale version of the Firefly ship from Serenity at fireflyshipworks.com.

With the new feature film in the theaters, TrekMovie’s The Collective articles will continue to bring fans all the news about new film and classic items from all versions of Star Trek.



1. Stiff Necked Thistlehead - May 11, 2009

Wish I could afford it…I refuse to say the F word.

2. Roddy - May 11, 2009

I wish they would make a die cast version like Corgi did….

Anyone know if Corgi will make the new Enterprise Die Cast like their previous models?

If not, I am going to paint my original Corgi Enterprise with a blue dish and nacelles.

3. miraclefan - May 11, 2009

SWEEEETTT! I’ll have to get the ”smaller” one. Oh, and is there any word of Round2 getting any of the rights to do the kits from the movie?

4. ety3 - May 11, 2009

OK, I have a merchandising question: where are the companion books? Not the novelization, I mean the “Art of Star Trek,” The “Star Trek Movie Companion,” “Making of …”. I have those books for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and others but are there no such plans for Trek? I’d love to see the production art for the new film.

I’d also like to get my hands on the new uniform shirts, but that can wait.

5. Dr. Image - May 11, 2009

I have the second wave of Mal’s Serenity pistol, pictured above. The first batch had a much-superior paint job compared to the one I got. Don’t get me wrong though, the construction and materials are top-notch, as are all of QMxs stuff. Why they screwed up the paint on that gun though is a mystery to me. Wish I could find one of the first ones.
I’ll probably go for a Mid Scale E. The Playmates has some proportion issues which do not do justice to Church’s design at all.
Hope they do the Trek props too!
Let’s see…… FIFTH!

6. Lancelot Narayan - May 11, 2009

Terrific. If only they would make a model of 1701-A. I’d get one.

7. U.F.P. - May 11, 2009

1 Im with you. Maybe the 10″ though…

8. Stiff Necked Thistlehead - May 11, 2009

This past weekend I bought the bridge and transporter playsets and all the figures. They are the first Trek ANYTHING, besides dvd’s,that I have purchased since the MEGO bridge set in the 70’s…literally!

I guess I’m back collecting in a big, big way….DAMN!

9. Chris - May 11, 2009

Hopefully their ‘mid-range’ Enterprise wont have any large and glaring inaccuracies such as the platform for the F302 being labeled BC-303

10. RD - May 11, 2009

Where is this “window” to the bridge supposed to be? I don’t really see it on the detailed shot of the top of the saucer …

Also, did I miss something? Are there going to be actual model kits like the AMT retro-releases? And if so, why aren’t they already on the market?

11. Robert Saint John - May 11, 2009

Good! Hopefully Quantum Mechanix can tell us the definitve answer to the question:

“What is the length of the new starship Enterprise?”

12. Me - May 11, 2009

I’m a science fiction modeler. I want a damn MODEL THAT I CAN BUILD AND PAINT MYSELF.

Paramount? J.J? You’ve done everything else for this movie perfectly. How about something for us modelers?

13. U.F.P., $Version=0 - May 11, 2009

10 Ithink the window is on the underside of the saucer. seems more logical to me but maybe I just got turned upside down during the film!

14. Kosher Coder - May 11, 2009

The pics look awesome. I’m sure I’ll get one of those Enterprises. Although, they screwed up the Buzzard Collectors just like Playmates did. Onscreen, the E doesn’t have the vertical band over them.

15. Dr. Image - May 11, 2009

The new E looked ok on screen, and looks ok on its own (sort of), but whatever you do, don’t put your Playmates ’09 E next to your AA/DST E-A.
The TMP/E-A puts it to shame!

I wonder if the odd proportions of the new E were deliberate to facilitate “filming?” In other words, so that it looked good from the most “photographed” angles. Sort of like forced perspective- from the rear there would be less perspective distortion due to the tapered nacelles.

Or maybe I’m just trying to rationalize the screwey look of the damn thing…

16. TonyD - May 11, 2009

I’m glad to see that Master Replicas did not get the license this time. They used to make some fantastic collectibles but their quality really slipped in recent years and they have not been at all timely in releasing their products.

The 34″ replica sounds interesting but it’ll probably be simply too big for most collectors. As such, I’ll be checking their 10″ model. Too bad they aren’t doing an intermediate size like 18″; that would have been a good compromise.

17. Daniel Broadway - May 11, 2009

I’ll probably pick up the 10″ model as well. I do wish Polar Lights could get a license as well as OMX to do scale models. OMX could do the very nice build ups, and Polar Lights could just release kits of the same ships.

That way, I could get the 34″ one from Polar Lights without having to pay the probable $1,000-1,200 it’s probably going to cost for the finished product from QMX.

18. Daniel Broadway - May 11, 2009

Oh, and I’d LOVE to have the Kelvin too. I love that ship.

19. Heywood Jablomee - May 11, 2009

Personally I like the look of the Kelvin better than the new Enterprise. At least the Kelvin doesn’t look like three different ships mashed together…

20. NCC-1976 - May 11, 2009

Since Round 2 has announced the TOS Enterprise as a 1/350 kit for 2010, I may sell my Master Replicas Model to fund one of these Quantum Mechanix Models.

21. S. John Ross - May 11, 2009

Oooh, Serenity. NOW we’re talking.

22. Capt. of the USS Anduril - May 11, 2009

I would SO save up for that Enterprise, even if it took a year to save up for it!

23. Hat Rick - May 11, 2009

What beautiful models! I love the new USS Enterprise.

Question: Can we get an article on whether the “real” ship upon which it is based is about as long as the TMP refit, or instead, up to 3,000 ft long? There is a raging debate over this at StarTrekMovie.com and the TrekBBS.

24. Unbel1ever - May 11, 2009

I wish, I had the money to buy this ship. Well, it’ll probably never be released in Europe anyway.

25. The Beezer - May 11, 2009

Any chance Johnny Lightning will make a plastic version like the rest of their star trek line?

26. SebiMeyer - May 11, 2009

Speaking of that… where is this months edition of Nacalle Monthly? If it’s held up at the distibution center on Vulcan again, there will he hell to pay!

27. Unbel1ever - May 11, 2009


What distribution center ?

28. Lennier - May 11, 2009

Yay! An F-302!

29. captainedd - May 11, 2009

I believe Hot Wheels has made a die cast model of the new Enterprise…couldn’t find one in Wal-Mart, but they had a few of the Enterprise-A, -D, and the Reliant as well

30. BrandonBR - May 11, 2009

@ 14.

Actually they do..it is a translucent strip but the vertical stripe does exist on the digital model and as you’re never very close to it its not visible.

Also keep in mind in some instances we had to change the ship shot for shot so there are things in there that you all may not have noticed that are in the final model.

IE: the front deflector dish shrinks into the body when the ship goes to warp and the nacelles have vents that open upon preparing for warp.

I believe Andy’s guys will be putting the vents into the final model.


31. Scott Gammans - May 11, 2009

Hat Rick, I was watching the movie closely tonight (btw, *sold out* for the 7:15 IMAX show in Northern Virginia… yay!) and there is just no way that the movie Enterprise is even roughly close to the original starship size-wise. This is one MASSIVE beastie… I can definitely believe the 2,500-3,000 foot lengths.

32. Steve Mavronis - May 11, 2009

RD, the bridge forward viewscreen window is at the base of the upper saucer bridge module, in the front slot that is lit up. The 3 slots are windows in this movie version; in TMP 1701-A version they appeared to just be lighting.

33. Steve T in NY - May 11, 2009

Ok, OK.. firt off.. these studio scale, professionally built models are great, but i don’t have 1200 to spend on something that will sit on a shelf. What about model kits? Who has the license to produce a good scale model of the new E or the Kelvin, etc? Thats what I am looking for.. As a model builder, i want to build one for myself.

Secondly, I saw the movie twice, the second time paying quite alot of attention on the “E”. It is NOT 2000-3000 feet long. All you have to do is scale the shuttlecraft coming out of the hanger bay, with the ship itself and you can see it’s definately the size of the original, or very close to it. The interior shots of the brewery, or whatever they used were horrible, and made the engineering section look more like a Borg Cube, than the engine room of the most powerful things man has created up to this time. JJ i think wants to have you believe this ship is big, but whenyou see the scenes of shuttle flying by the hull at the shipyard, and then again in the hanger bay, you can clearly see that it may only be marginally larger.

I loved this movie BTW, but the bridge having a window was odd, especially since that window was where the light comes out of the ship to light up the name/NCC number on the hull. The bridge is actually up further, just like the old ship, so they kind of screwed that up as well.. no big deal, they have the next one to get it right!!

Come on Companies…Make some kits for us modelers out there!!!!

34. Steve Mavronis - May 11, 2009

They added 3 new light areas just rear of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 lettering to illuminate that. The Bridge window is behind that at the circular base of the bridge module itself.

35. Mark Eckert - May 11, 2009

Its labeled BC-303 cause its supposed to be the 302 on the deck of the Prometheus about to launch.

36. DavidJ - May 11, 2009


Seconded about the “Making Of” books. I can’t believe they’ve got ones out now for the new Terminator and even freakin Angels and Demons… but no Star Trek?

Did Paramount think we wouldn’t be interested???

37. tribble farmer - May 11, 2009

That thing will probably cost more than the Camaro I’m trying to buy. Otherwise I would totally go for it.

38. Andrew C - May 11, 2009

Toy Palace Germany says it is 1250 euros.

Now I’m going to go look up the exchange rate.

39. Andrew C - May 11, 2009

Ouch. 1700 dollars.

40. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 11, 2009

Definately WILL NOT be buying the new E to build. Horrible design.

The writers should have stuck with destroying the aft part of the ship when the Cores went off.

41. ShinRa Actual - May 11, 2009

@2 Mattel is producing Die Cast (sort of) Star Trek ships; among the line up is the new Enterprise, but it’s not out yet. Already in stores is the TMP 1701, 1701-D (saucer seperates), and Reliant, with the Bird of Prey scheduled to be out in the next wave. They’ve also got a bunch of redecos listed, mostly Battle Damaged variants, but also the TVH Saratoga and HMS Bounty.

@9 BC-303 is the desgination for the Prometheus; The base for the 302 model is supposed to be the landing bay.

42. JJ_roddenberry - May 11, 2009

The more I see it, the sillier it looks …. gosh I’m hoping that it gets a refit in the next movie.

43. Paul - May 12, 2009

#42 Agreed… the nacelle pylons have to go, they are just ugly. And her neck is way too thick to go with that skinny bottom.

I don’t vomit when I see her, but still, I’d certainly fancy a refit.

44. greeneyedlady - May 12, 2009

Called around today, had to reiterate Star “Trek” not “Wars” for Walmart, they had nothing, expect nothing too. Walked into Toys R Us and started to tear up that there was a huge display right in front. It has been WAY too long since Star Trek has been on the shelves. Got all 3 hot wheels ships, big playmates enterprise and am still playing with the good communicator and tricorder. What I REALLY want now is Spock’s future ship and the big Romulan ship. Hey, and wouldn’t those be fun to build? Got the large figures too, all were spot on but Kirk. These are all for my son of course (ha!) My husband, retired Commander looking all dangerous with his goatee buys the phaser today on the Marine Base.

45. Capt Krunch - May 12, 2009

Wally World had the die cast Enterprise models and the Reliant for @12 bucks..displayed with the new actions figures etc. the 1701 from TMP, TWOK , 1701D from NextGen, Bird of Prey, as well as the new E! I don’t think they were Corgi..maybe Mattel…

46. Dr. Image - May 12, 2009

The Hot Wheels Reliant is really nice- perfect for one’s desk.
Have to get a TMP-E next.

#30- Fascinating. Wish those actions were visible in the movie.

47. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - May 12, 2009

Hat Rick

The new E IS waaaaaaaaaaay bigger than the original. Way bigger.

The new bridgecap has two decks (see the 2 high portholes on either side of the cap. In the film you see tiny people in there, where as the old one had room for only one deck, The aft section of this new bridgecap also apparently is large enough to incorporate an officers lounge.

The new Hanger bay is far bigger as well. Don’t judge the forced persepective of the shuttle coming out. Look at the scene where the cadets first enter the hanger bay you see many many more shuttles stacked on either side of the deck. The original did not have the space for this and had room for only one shuttle at a time on the back of the flightdeck. or two but running the length of the ship. this one has shuttles facing one another on each side plus room for an entire flight deck in between. And when the shuttles land they crewmen on the deck look like specs.

The sets we saw below decks, water reclamation, Uhura’s listening station, and the Laverne and Shirley beer factory engineering are too vast in scale to fit in the dimensions of the original secondary hull.

Unless they didn’t pay close attention to the size of the sets, effects and interiors compared with the actual dimensions of the ship, this Enterprise is Galxy class sized, no doubt about it.

48. JT - May 12, 2009

How about a refit from TMP!

49. Steve Mavronis - May 12, 2009

Soon I’d like to see a close up screen cap of the bridge module 3/4 view from the front, showing the bridge viewscreen in the forward window slot. It sure does look like there is room for 2 decks in there now. Plus it should generally fit the circular corridor behind the bridge set that you see Kirk running into the bridge from. Maybe this new ship is scaled twice as big as TMP refit and TOS E after all.

50. Daniel Broadway - May 12, 2009

# 48. You can get a 1/350th scale (35 inches) Refit from Round 2 models.


51. Spock with a Crowbar - May 12, 2009

BOOKS! I agree, 4 and 36, I’ve been wondering since the beginning–

ART OF STAR TREK, MAKING OF, etc. Where are they??!!

52. THX-1138 - May 12, 2009

Yeah boy, I sure would like to get this nifty ship but I’ll bet when all is said and done and it becomes available to the public it will be $2000 U.S. So yet another studio scale replica I won’t be buying.

Someone should shoot this thread and all the others I have seen on sites such as Cultvman.com and starshipmodeler.com to R2, Revell, Platz show ing how the fans are clamoring for a model of the E and other ships from this film. Trek collecting is experiencing a new golden age. The modelers don’t want to be left out.

Please model companies and JJ/Paramount?

53. Hat Rick - May 12, 2009

47, thank you for the information.

49, ask and ye shall receive:


54. BrandonBR - May 12, 2009

@ 46. I know that the venting on the nacelles occur in the movie and are very prominent in the final shot of the enterprise before it goes into warp.

The sucked in deflector dish effect starts to occur in that same shot as well..you can see the plates start to open up to prepare the deflector arms to pull the dish in.

@ 49 There is a shot from the front of the bridge during the flight to the Narada where Pike call outs to Kirk “you shouldn’t be here anyway” that shows the viewscreen. Contrary to earlier postings here the lights that illuminate the designation NCC-1701 are nowhere near the bridge.

For those of you looking for comparison points of this new version of the Enterprise I can say to look towards the first film, TMP refit, as one of the points of departure for the ship design and allocation.

55. Hat Rick - May 12, 2009

Regarding the picture at 53, based on that picture, which I got from a thread posted at StarTrekMovie.com, the ship cannot be merely the size of a modern-day supercarrier. Assuming that the silhouettes in the viewscreen/window are individual crew members, and remembering that the viewscreen/window is about the height of an individual, compare the size of the primary hull (saucer) with the entire supercarrier in the following picture of the Navy’s USS Enterprise:


The Navy’s Enterprise is 1,123 feet long. The sailors in the foreground are actually larger than the figures in the starship’s viewscreen/window. The figures near the back of the ship are closer in size to those seen in the viewscreen. In the image posted at 53, the camera’s perspective is that from a location not even at the saucer’s edge, and still the figures are about as small as those at the back of the Navy ship in the above photograph. This must mean that the RADIUS of the saucer alone is about 1,000 feet — the radius. The saucer itself, then, may be as much as 2,000 feet in diameter.

There is some uncertainty as to the actual height of the viewscreen/window, but the general idea is conveyed by the above estimate.

The length of the new starship Enterprise may be around double the diameter of the saucer, lending credence to the belief that it is either 2,500 or 3,000 feet in length.

56. MC1 Doug - May 13, 2009

#36: “Seconded about the “Making Of” books. I can’t believe they’ve got ones out now for the new Terminator and even freakin Angels and Demons… but no Star Trek? … Did Paramount think we wouldn’t be interested???”

Actually, you’re probably closer to the truth than you think. No one need look closer than to the publication frequency of TREK books in recent years.

Pocket Books has reduced the number of new TREK titles in recent years… they have even reduced the number of staff dedicated to editing and soliciting.

(Although personally, I think PB overdid it anyway; by creating a glut on the market as they did, it was nearly impossible to keep up with all the books published in the 1990s).

And with an apparent lack on interest, why else would Pocket Books NOT publish an update on the venerable ST Encyclopedia to include info on the ST Enterprise years or of Nemesis… or an Enterprise Companion book?

Sadly, just too many fans lost interest around the time of the release of Insurrection/Nemesis/Enterprise.

Hopefully, the movie’s apparent success will signal a re-birth of interest in new TREK literary materials.

57. Steve Mavronis - May 13, 2009

53. Hat Rick, big thanks for that bridge shot! This new Enterprise is indeed huge based on this image. I like many others was having a hard time digesting that it is supposed to be 2500 feet long (even at 1/1000 scale a model would be 30 inches long) but looking at the height of that bridge viewscreen opening (which is what, as big as a person?) I’m starting to believe the scale of it now. In this alternate Star Trek universe Starfleet must like to build big, and Nero’s to blame!

58. Hat Rick - May 13, 2009

You’re more than welcome, 57. I agree with you that it seems to be a very compelling image from the standpoint of understanding the sheer scale of this new Enterprise.

59. THX-1138 - May 13, 2009

Does the scale of the forward window/viewscreen jive with the scale of the shuttle bay above? I am having a difficult time reconciling the two scales. It APPEARS that the scale of the shuttle bay is smaller than that of the bridge. And all of it APPEARS different than the scale of the workers on the scaffolding. Is this just a matter of not quite getting the perspective and aspect correct between the three shots or do you think that ILM is just being a bit vague?

60. Doctor Mobius - May 19, 2009

Considering the widely different scales The other movie Enterprises had (How many decks in the rocket boot scene in V for instance) I’m not gonna worry too much if somebody throws out a number that doesn’t jive with how big the Enterprise looks. Quite frankly the movie worked, and worked well.

The brewery seemed a bit odd for a set, certainly the biggest change, but hey it’s being run by a Scottsman now so really is a brewery all that out of place?

61. why guy - June 19, 2009

As for a new trek enterprise model. I bought the toy and completeley disassembled it and started refinishing it. I will publish pics of the progress soon. And guidelines as to how to make this toy NOT look as such. But, as a truly accurate replica.
Otherwise if your a truly competent modelmaker yourself you might want to give this a try. The toy costs 30 bucks and when you take it apart it is much like any model kit you would buy just not on sprue and far from detailed. It can be done! But you will have to work for it.

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