Quantum Mechanix Gets Star Trek Movie Replica License – Will Make ‘Studio Scale’ Enterprise & more

Many starship aficionados and collectors have been wondering if there were going to be studio scale or museum quality versions of the new Star Trek feature film ships. Well, to paraphrase the classic Captain Kirk, the word has indeed been given and Trekmovie has all the details of Quantum Mechanix’s new license for Star Trek


CBS Consumer Products and Quantum Mechanix have announced that QMx was granted a license for collector grade collectibles from the new Star Trek film.  QMx is a leading maker of replicas, objects and prints from a number of sci-fi licenses, including Battlestar Galactica, Serenity, and Stargate. Regular readers of TrekMovie know about "The Enterprise Project" where artists have been painting and reconfiguring scale models of the new film’s USS Enterprise. Quantum Mechanix is the company that has been building the Enterprises used as a canvas by the artists.

For 2009 QMx has two Star Trek products planned for collectors:

Artisan Edition Studio Scale USS Enterprise NCC 1701
The Artisan Edition Studio Scale Enterprise will be 34 inches long with working lights and exacting detailing in paint and design. QMx promises that "each Artisan ship is assembled, wired, and painted by hand in a working model effects shop. The process, while more resource intensive and more time-consuming than overseas manufacture, ensures discerning collectors get a replica of unsurpassed quality." These models will be based on the series of ‘artist models’ that QMx made for paramount (see Enterprise Model Gallery), but QMx tells TrekMOvie they are making ‘dozens of improvements’, including improvements in the electronics, and lighting, as well as having the shuttle bay doors open to see inside. They will also be making improvements to the ‘plasma effect’ of the nacelles and adding an effect for the impulse engines as well. QMx will not give us a price or even a range right now, but assume these are not going to be cheap. Each ship will be handmade here in the US and will be the same quality as those made for studios.

Here are some pictures of the ships made for Paramount previously to get an idea of what the Studio Scale Enterprises will look like (but note the modifications mentioned above). More photos at the QMx site.

QMx ‘Star Trek’ New Enterprise model made for Paramount…will be similiar to ‘Studio Scale’ model sold to public later in 2009

Mid Scale Replica Enterprise
And for those who are on a budget, but still want something more detailed than the Playmates toy version, QMx will also be making a 10" ‘mid-scale’ replica’ of the Enterprise in 2009. While smaller and affordable for many fans, these models will feature quality designs and hand painted detailing, but no lights. According to QMx, they will be similar to the Stargate F-302 they make, which retails for $120. No pictures of a 10" Enterprise are available, but here is a look at that Stargate ship to get an idea of the quality of their work.  

Qmx F-302 model from Stargate

Ordering information for both will be available hopefully soon. Both will be availble direct and one or both will will be available at Sideshow Collectibles, Entertainment Earth and local comic stores and hobby shops (via Diamond).

That’s Not All Folks!
QMx tells TrekMovie that they are already thinking about additional ships to make in both the studio scale size and the mid scale size for 2010. They also plan to make additional Star Trek collectibles, but would not give details. Looking at their lines for Stargate and Serenity, these other items could be prop replicas, art prints, posters, and/or T-Shirts.

Qmx Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol from Serenity

More info on QMx at their official site. You can also track progress on their project making a studio scale version of the Firefly ship from Serenity at fireflyshipworks.com.

With the new feature film in the theaters, TrekMovie’s The Collective articles will continue to bring fans all the news about new film and classic items from all versions of Star Trek.


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