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NASA Poster Depicts Next ISS Crew In Star Trek Uniforms June 25, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Science/Technology,Trek Franchise , trackback

Since Star Trek first went on the air in the 60s, it has had connections to the real life space program. And today the latest example is a new official poster for the next expedition to the International Space Station which has the crew dressed in Star Trek uniforms Check it out below.


Star Trek’s latest crew
The next expedition for ISS (Expedition 21) is scheduled to begin in October when three new crewmembers arrive via a Soyuz launch from Russia. The new crewmembers, combined with three from the previous expedition, will form ISS Expedition 21. Mostly for internal purposes, NASA creates special posters for each mission, and for Expedition 21, they went with a Star Trek theme, with the crew in Next Generation uniforms, an Original Series typeface, and the Enterprise NX-01 in the background (which seems fitting as Enterprise featured the ISS in the opening credits). 

The poster is available at the NASA Space Flight Awareness page. It can be downloaded in hi resolution or low resolution.

The Star Trek themed poster is not their first foray into popular culture. In recent years NASA’s Space Flight Awareness group has been taking on various films for Shuttle and Station missions. Here are some examples.

NASA goes to the movies


Thanks to Keith Cowing of for the tip



1. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - June 25, 2009

Gah, why couldn’t they have went TOS or New movie!?

2. Sean4000 - June 25, 2009

That is AWESOME!


3. Greggy Boy - June 25, 2009

Good one #1!
Typically NASA – outdated, obsolete and out of sync with the rest of the world to the last…

4. Dovile - June 25, 2009


Very cool! And I’m sure more people will be interested in the mission because of this poster.

No, really funny and cool idea:)

5. Anthony Pascale - June 25, 2009

FFS the negative Trekkie nitpicking didn’t take long, did it

sometimes I wonder why I bother

6. rm10019 - June 25, 2009

I hear you Anthony, i think it’s just a sophmoric culture the internet breeds where if you’re not the first person to say something that’s a negative put down, you’re not as cool as the next guy. Pretty sad.

7. Millennium Vulcan - June 25, 2009

Hell Yeah! A mixture of TNG and ENT. Pretty cool.

8. OneBuckFilms - June 25, 2009

Funny !!!

9. Will_H - June 25, 2009

great concept, but too bad its all mixed up. NX in the background yet theyre wearing horrible versions of the TNG uniforms. Actually I think they should have stayed with the ENT era theme and used those uniforms since that’s the closest Trek to modern space exploration.

10. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - June 25, 2009

Hey, it’s always cool when NASA gives a nod to the inspiration of Star Trek, but it did bother me they went with those uniforms and I said so. Just being honest.

11. SciFiMetalGirl - June 25, 2009

It’s always seemed to me that NASA has always tried to keep a slight distance away from Star Trek, so this seems to be a pretty big step for them to take!

I think it’s great that they are making an appeal to us! I’ll bet that they probably were just using what they thought would look best in the poster, or perhaps they used the uniforms of the astrronauts choice, but regardless, at least they made the effort!

12. The "was SOOOO First" Maquis, and you Know it AP!! - June 25, 2009

“Imperial Star Ship” crew?? oh No I mean “international Space Station” right, right….

13. Val Jean - June 26, 2009

@ #1 OMG they arent in TOS uniforms, thats gona so screw it all up!!!!

whining and complaining always…dont worry anthony the rest of us are glad you DO bother!

14. Big Red. - June 26, 2009

@ #5 — I know why you bother. For the other 95% of visitors…the ones who appreciate it.


15. MiniKirk - June 26, 2009

Hey, am I just missing the sci-fridays articles? Or have you guys stopped doing them?
Also: Thanks for bothering Anthony. Seriously, this is the ONLY place I go for Trek news.

16. I like the miniskirts - June 26, 2009

Noo nooo noOOOO! Why the shadow of THAT enterprise. That series was a travesty.

17. Bill Peters - June 26, 2009

So Cool!

18. toddk - June 26, 2009

we are nitpicky because we love star trek…i was about to say that “what’s next? the supreme court wearing deep space 9 uniforms?” HMMMMMM??

Keep bothering anthony, it keeps us entertained!

19. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - June 26, 2009

Anthony, trust me, no one is more grateful for this site. I check it every day and thank you and the rest of the crew for the work you do. I just wish they had better taste in uniforms. ;)

20. sherlockfreak - June 26, 2009

Agreed, #1.

21. Nanook177 - June 26, 2009

Say what you want about “Enterprise” but those uniforms were the most practical and “real life” usable of any Star Trek series.

22. Sxottlan - June 26, 2009

Can we get larger pics of their other posters. They look hysterical!

23. Greggy Boy - June 26, 2009

No really…
It’s just like in that old ‘Simpsons’ episode when Leonard Nimoy shows up in Springfield and Mayor Quimby says ‘May the Force be with you’…

24. Sean4000 - June 26, 2009

This is still knocking my socks off. I love the idea!

This is the REAL Starfleet!

25. Jim Nightshade - June 26, 2009

i hear anthony’s frustration-after all people checking and reading star trek news are All fans, yet every single thread has so many negative,rude,picky comments so if all you guys being negative nellys all the time are fans, then what chance is there to promote trek-we cant even agree on what is good and what we like-i have enjoyed and embraced every incarnation of trek and i know many others do too but mentioning enterprise sucks or voyager sucks, whats the point? no series or movie is perfect or ever will be-each has had valid human points to think about and were entertaining-lighten up peoples is what i think anthony feels frustrated about…

26. Jim Nightshade - June 26, 2009

I think the nasa poster is cool-on the other posters i recognize the matrix one but what are the other two?

27. Sean4000 - June 26, 2009


Harry Potter and Ocean’s 11.

28. SChaos1701 - June 26, 2009

Nice pic. I love it.

29. Penthesileia - June 26, 2009

Gawd those uniforms they are wearing are awful – I guess its funny enough as a joke to go around NASA internal mail, but personally I’d be a bit insulted if I was an astronaut and made to be in those uniforms given that the photo has turned up in public domain. They’ve put in the hard yards, they deserve decent outfits in photoshoots!
Haha then again I am super anal.

30. James - June 26, 2009

Does this mean they’re gonna build NX-01?!!


(muchos sarcasm)

31. Dom - June 26, 2009

TNG uniforms! Vomit!

32. DannydeK - June 26, 2009

@30 I really think that if we had artificial gravity, enough building skills and a good enough propulsion system, we would create a ship similair to the NX-01 (depending on the techniques we use for the engine though).

Or we might go for something like a submarine in space, which would be logical since it’s a efficient model and we have experience with it.

33. Gummy - June 26, 2009

I think that it’s very cool.
I wish that I had thought of it.

34. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!! - June 26, 2009

Cool! Thanks Anthony.. Keep up the good fight and ignore the idiots! ;)

35. Craig - June 26, 2009

Glad to see they went with Prime universe uniforms

36. FEDCONMC - June 26, 2009

Anthony, idiots are popping up all over the internet. Do what many have decided to do: DELETE THEM! Screw the free speech crap. People abuse it too much. You have a great site here and it belongs to you so hit that delete button on things you don’t like and start banning ip addresses.

Remaining on topic: Cool posters!

37. Mr. "There are always possibilities" - June 26, 2009

Anthony: you have done a great service for Trek fans! Thanks you so much for this site, which is extremely enjoyable, and has kept me entertained every day for over a year!

Its hard not to let the negative people get in the way of doing something positive. I have experienced this personally. Please know that the haters are outnumbered many, many times by people who love this site, and enjoy the work you do, (and LOVED the new movie). Hang inthere!

Live long and prosper and boldly go!

38. opcode - June 26, 2009

Wrong uniform… :)

39. Alf, in pog form - June 26, 2009

I really loved the action packed episode where they taught ants to sort tiny screws in space.

40. Gloopy - June 26, 2009

KInd of a weird mash-up of TOS/TNG/ENT, but the general public won’t notice, I guess.

41. steve1 or 2 - June 26, 2009

#39 – LOL

Or, the one where their bones degenerate in the zero gravity environment?

Anthony, thanks. Keep it up

42. Nate - June 26, 2009

“It’s always seemed to me that NASA has always tried to keep a slight distance away from Star Trek, so this seems to be a pretty big step for them to take!”

I’d hardly call naming the first shuttle “Enterprise” an attempt to keep a distance from Trek. :-)

43. Jeffery Wright - June 26, 2009

those uniforms make them look like convention fools… no one should wear those costumes but actors, they never look right on anyone else, just ridiculous!

44. ChristopherPike - June 26, 2009

30. Real enough until CBS ordered the sets be a) bulldozed or b) auctioned off for a quick buck. (grandios grevance)

Nice to see the NX-01 silhouette get some love from NASA.

45. Driver - June 26, 2009

Isn’t the first guy from the left from the movie Armageddon?

46. Jeffery Wright - June 26, 2009

the nx01 mission fatigues would have at least looked more natural…

47. Robert H. - June 26, 2009

Personally I would have preferred the Star Trek: Enterprise uniforms.

48. I'm dead Jim - June 26, 2009

#36 – I totally agree! Anthony, I too am tired of these negative nitpicking morons. PUSH THE DELETE BUTTON!

Coming back to the main thread topic… I have the NASA channel on in my office all day and there are frequent references to Trek by ISS astronauts as well as even Leonard Nimoy doing a “you’re watching NASA TV” promo. So this is no surprise to me.

49. JimJ - June 26, 2009

OH NO!!! The typeprint is italicized instead of normal like the Star Trek printed in the movie itself. What awful taste NASA has!!!!!!!

#5-Just another attempt at humor by me to point out how ridiculous some of these negative doom and gloomers seem to be on this site and about every other site on the internet. You do an absolute FANTASTIC job, and though I don’t read every single article because it’s not my thing (things like novels, comics, gaming), I sure as hell don’t pop up there and spew negative vomit: “I think I may throw up on ya!”

Anthony, seriously; I used to go to 3-4 sites to get my Trek news, now I just go here. Your site is FABULOUS!!! Additionally, I have visited those “old sites” once in a while out of curiousity and 75% of what they have as news seems to come directly from your site and it’s “cited”. You are the cream of the crop!

50. AdamTrek - June 26, 2009

These are very cool. I didn’t know they did these mission posters.

But, better versions of TNG uniforms exist that they could have worn.

I wonder if the ranks and the department colors they are wearing correspond to their position and job for the mission. Anyone know?

51. Rico - June 26, 2009

It’s very cool. Why pick it apart? I think it’s great that they have some fun and try this type of thing.

52. Alf, in pog form - June 26, 2009

#41 – Yeah, that was a classic. And then there’s the one where they flew up into space and circled the Earth a couple of thousand times, but when they got back nobody really cared.

53. Dom - June 26, 2009

I was way OTT with my remark 31. Busy start to the day and a bit thoughtless, sorry.

But I think it’s a rotten poster compared with some of the past ones shown. The photoshopping is dire and the costumes are cheap imitations. With all the hype surrounding the new Trek film, you’d have thought they could at least have been fitted up in outfits from the new movie and photographed better!

54. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!! - June 26, 2009

53.. It’s all made with government funds. Some would complain that they spent too much doing what they did. Stop nitpicking for god’s sake..sheesh

55. Dennis Bailey - June 26, 2009

This is cool.

People complaining about the uniforms are idiots who shouldn’t be allowed to talk with the grown-ups. Period.

56. ensign joe - June 26, 2009

“FFS the negative Trekkie nitpicking didn’t take long, did it”

this is what happens when cultivation leaves the intended track.. it becomes mindless devotion consuming all in its path..

new trek is god and there can be only one god.. any other trek is a false god that should be forgotten..

careful what you wish for

but anyway its friday and should be a day for flowers so I say: Kudos new Trek team!! Having NASA adorn the trek style at this point in time shows that your movie is ringing that trek bell again.. lets hope it resonates and inspires like good trek should :)

57. TerilynnS - June 26, 2009

What a wonderful tribute to all of Star Trek! Who the eff cares which uniform, font and ship – the fact that they are all mixed up it just great and IMHO shows that there’s a lotta Trekkies in NASA!

Instant download for me! Good luck to the ISS teams current and future – I always try to catch the flyovers when visible!

58. AJ - June 26, 2009

That poster is GREAT. Way to make real-life heroes feel and look larger than life. “Engage…”

59. MC1 Doug - June 26, 2009

Most cool!

So much of our daily lives have been heavily influenced by the hard work of scientists and workers from NASA. The list is pretty endless.

To the stars!

60. Dom - June 26, 2009


I’m quite sure Paramount would have provided everything for free if asked nicely. I really like the idea, but I just think the execution’s a bit crap. That’s not nitpicking.

I’ve seen better staff party invitations made than the above image! It looks like it was hacked together by an amateur sometime in the early 1990s.

When you look at the quality of the other film-based images, you can’t help but be appalled. I’m sure someone visiting this site will have turned out a better version of the image by the end of today!

People wouldn’t have made rude remarks from the outset if the picture had been good, but with the best will in the world, it isn’t. I mean, you’ve just had had a fantastic new Star Trek film and they’ve put up an amateurish picure based on a 15-years-dead spin-off show! Do none them actually go to the cinema?!!!

61. Trekkie16 - June 26, 2009

OHHH NOOO Two of them are wearing red shirts; I hope they don’t have to go on an away mission. *hide, stay in your rooms, don’t leave, it is dangerous, you are wearing a red shirt*. :-)

Nice posters, very cool.

62. psychojediboy - June 26, 2009

#60 – Would you rather your tax money go to buying more accurate uniforms at a much higher price? Or should NASA use our tax dollars for, I dunno, space exploration? I’d say NASA honors Star Trek more by keeping their focus where it belongs.

63. Moe - June 26, 2009

It’s so nerdy. Awesome.

64. SerenityActual - June 26, 2009

I wish NASA would make these posters available to the public. They are great :)

65. Andros - June 26, 2009

Couldn’t NASA ask Paramount for some loaner costumes? I mean, it does look pretty “fan-filmish”.

66. Dom - June 26, 2009

62. psychojediboy

Did you not read a single bloody word I wrote? I wrote: ‘I’m quite sure Paramount would have provided everything for free if asked nicely.’

There you go! That could have saved you some of your tax dollars!!!

Frankly, anyone with half an ounce of talent could have created perfectly reasonable uniforms within Photoshop without even needing to put them in silly, cheap, tat costumes.

You’re so pumped up on your ‘Let’s kick the “nitpickers” because I want to feel cool!’ rush that you’re actually dissing a king of haters-of-nitpickers! Look at anything I’ve posted on other threads, particularly the ST09-related threads and you’ll see that I relish wading into scraps with revolting, myopic little obsessives who are worried by such minutiae as whether the colour of Chris Pine’s eyes will destroy the Sacred Canon (‘All bow down and worship the Holy Canon!’)

Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the nitpicky details of the image. I don’t even care whether it’s a Star Trek image. From a critical point of view, I think the poster looks like a cheap, badly-made piece of trash compared with the other ones. It matters not one jot that there are canon (‘All bow down and worship the Holy Canon!’) or non-canon (‘All bow down and worship the Holy Canon!’) aspects in the image.

That NASA is putting out badly-made, cheap-looking, dated garbage to promote their missions is the embarrassment!

Frankly, I don’t even see where the big fights are coming from on thia thread. A few people like the above panto image and a few of us think it’s a bit s**te! It seems to me that the only arguments here have been started by stroppy ‘cool-fan wannabes’ slagging off supposed ‘nitpickers’!

67. 16309A - June 26, 2009

#5 Andy–Keep bothering! We all appreciate it! I for one think the poster is great! All three of the major timelines are represented.

68. 'Trick - June 26, 2009

Great idea.

More proof that ST is awesome, and has been (and hopefully will continue to be) inspirational for real-life space explorers.

I throw in my vote for “keep bothering.”

As for the “hodgepodge” approach, it is fitting. Something for everyone.


69. Mike Ten - June 26, 2009

#12 I think you were right with the Imperial comment. Sometimes I think we are in the mirror universe the way humans treat each other. I would hope we don’t attack the first aliens to visit Earth like in the Enterprise mirror episode.

Back on topic, NASA should have went with the Enterprise uniforms since they are the most practical of all of the Trek uniforms. It’s funny that on DS9 and Voyager they had to come up with uniform variants for Miles and B’Lanna with pockets for tools.

70. CmdrR - June 26, 2009

Somewhere out there in the ether, there’s an article on why NASA could get by without Kirks, but would need a bunch of Scottys and Spocks.

Anyway — NASA and Trek together again!

71. Jessica - June 26, 2009

The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT, is debuting the new Star Trek today and running it for the next few weeks in true IMAX. We’re reaching out to the most active Star Trek fan sites to invite you to come by if you live in the surrounding area. We know there is plenty of passionate discussion about how the film compares to the long history of the series, but we’d also like to know whether watching it on a full IMAX screen changes the experience in a fundamental way.

Now, you may be asking what Star Trek has to do with an aquarium. We actually play a variety of films in the evenings in our IMAX theater (and you can check out the updated schedule here:, but there’s a particularly close tie-in between Star Trek and the work we do at the aquarium. For instance, many of you have likely noticed that the leadership of the Enterprise closely resembles naval infrastructure, and the parallels between naval exploration and space exploration runs throughout Star Trek history. From Khan’s quoting of Moby Dick to saving the whales in Star Trek VI, this is a thread that runs deep in the Star Trek story world. So, from the influence of C.S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower on Roddenberry’s creation of Capt. Kirk to the many references to Jacques Cousteau (including not just the parallels to Capt. Picard but The Cousteau yacht itself), there’s no doubt that life on—and in—the water had a great influence on the development of Star Trek.

We feel true IMAX gives a whole new perspective on the Enterprise, and we’d love to know what you think. If you get a chance to stop by our theater and check out the film, drop me a line at to let us know what you think.

72. psychojediboy - June 26, 2009

#66 – And my point is that NASA has better things to worry about than how “professional” their posters look. Did you miss the part of the story where Anthony said these posters are for internal use? They’re not trying to “promote” anything.

73. s-o-matic - June 26, 2009

@ #5 Anthony Pascale

I, for one, welcome our NASA art directors.

Seriously, thanks for this site, Anthony.

74. Spock Grokker - June 26, 2009

NASA actually references Star Trek in a number of ways. In fact, friends and I went over to Kennedy Space Center last week (to see Star Trek on the IMAX!) and took the bus tour. When they take you out to the shuttle launch pads, about 3 miles form the actually shuttle sitting on the pad, there’s a little movie to watch and a gantry to go up and take pictures. The music they play the entire time? Star Trek: TMP and Star Trek 2. And many of the people in line picked up on it immediately. It was great!!

75. Drew - June 26, 2009

Anthony, ignore the idiots. I ignore them unless I’m feeling down. It cheers me up to realize, “Hey, at least I’m not so bad off that I’m complaining about the uniforms on a NASA poster.”

Idiots are good medicine.

76. Tahni - June 26, 2009

I love it! :D

77. Kirk - June 26, 2009

I love NX-01 in the background. Way to go NASA! CBS give us ENT miniseries!

78. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - June 26, 2009

Someone needs to clue NASA in on the fact that TNG isn’t “the thing” anymore. It’s all TOS now, baby! We’re not living in the 1990’s TNG monopoly over the genre anymore.

79. Rastaman - June 26, 2009

Neat! But dare I say … a bit dorky. Then again, if I was an astronaut I’d probably be wearing my uniform on the space station itself. If ever there was a time to invoke Star Trek, now is the time.

80. CaptainRickover - June 26, 2009

# 78
Hmm… Perhaps NASA like good old TNG more than the new movie?

81. Donn - June 26, 2009

Hey, I think it’s great. To complain about the mixing of the eras or the “quality” of the uniforms is to miss the point.

I too wonder, just for curiosity’s sake, if the department colors correspond to their roles in the mission.

82. Var - June 26, 2009

LOL I love it even if, from a costumer’s point of view, the costumes are a bit ill fitting and cheap. It’s the thought behind the poster that makes up for it. Good job NASA!

83. ken1w - June 26, 2009

LOL. That’s kind of cool, but the problem with TNG uniforms is that when not made and fitted properly, they look like pajamas. And what’s with the NX Enterprise silhouette in the background? Actually, that part was probably correct; those brave (real) space travelers would have looked better in Archer’s uniform, I think.

84. Daoud - June 26, 2009

Who keeps stealing my fun? Who killed curiosity?

The posters are cute. Maybe someone at Paramount will offer them something better for Expedition XXII. Get the funny with the Roman Numerals? Normally Expeditions use Arabic numerals!

85. Mickey B - June 26, 2009

I am so confused by all of you who are griping about the poster. I think it’s fabulous that NASA is trying to get people’s attention. Who cares about the little details… I think it’s these details that make it fun to look at. They included pieces from three of the five shows to gain an audience. I praise NASA for recognizing the influence that Star Trek has had over it’s designs, engineers, and thinkers. Without Star Trek, a lot of people who never have been interesting in space, science, technology, etc etc etc etc… I say get some humor and enjoy the ride.

86. Dom - June 26, 2009

72. psychojediboy: ‘And my point is that NASA has better things to worry about than how “professional” their posters look. Did you miss the part of the story where Anthony said these posters are for internal use? They’re not trying to “promote” anything.’

Oh feck! Yeah I did! Bollocks! I’m going to go and hide in the corner and blush!

Still think someone at NASA could’ve done a better poster than that though!

87. SChaos1701 - June 26, 2009

Anthony, don’t let the naysayers, doom and gloomers, and the maladjusted bring you down. You have a great site. Probably the best best Trek related site ever and you should be proud of that. I’ll tell you what, if it will help the site, I will calm down my responses to the naysayers, doom and gloomers, and the maladjusted. Hell, I think you should take the suggestion from earlier and delete the stupid comments up here and not let them make the awesome site look bad.

88. Star Trackie - June 26, 2009

#55 “People complaining about the uniforms are idiots who shouldn’t be allowed to talk with the grown-ups. Period.”

Guess I’d rather sit at the kiddie table than spend my days chasing little kids off the lawn. Yeah, those cheap rubies uniforms do rate rather high on the suckage meter. And the fact that they are from TNG doesn’t help matters! lol

Give me astronauts in real NASA suits, which is PLENTY cool enough. And if you HAVE to have them in uniforms, at least put them in something from the TOS era, new or old. At least that would resonate with the the kids, whom I assume would be the target audience for thse type of thing, raising awareness as well as recruiting new blood and all. And I’m all for that. But if it’s NOT for kids or recruiting purposes, then what is it really for and why are my tax dollars paying for it?

89. SChaos1701 - June 26, 2009


Jeeze dude….freakin chill out about astronauts who have accomplished more in life and any of us here having a little fun and wearing costumes from an effing FICTIONAL TELEVISION SHOW. Let it go and have a little fun with it instead of ruining it for others.

90. Lt. Bailey - June 26, 2009

This is fantastic! It shows that NASA has a sense of humor but they can also give the public what it wants.

100 years from now, historians will see this and say that the Federation really existed.

91. CLSUSMC - June 26, 2009

Why can’t they have some cheap inexpensive fun? These posters were started for NASA to have fun with themselves. Not to please every nitpicking trek fan. I’m plenty ok with whatever they want to do, so long as they come back to earth safely.

92. Rocket Scientist - June 26, 2009

The posters are fine as fun projects for workplace morale. No need to make a big production out of it, especially if it’s not meant for public consumption.

And BTW, I really like that they combined elements of different shows in the franchise. It’s ALL good!

93. Daisywitch - June 26, 2009

Have all you naysayers and nitpickers forgotten that, almost to a person, NASA is comprised primarily of STAR TREK FANS!!! Heck, half of them got into their particular science BECAUSE OF STAR TREK. Most of them ARE the dorks who get dressed up in the cheap, off the rack uniform costume (like the $30 dollar shirts in the poster) just to go to a Star Trek convention and have fun. I know, I went to and volunteered for years on the staff of the Vulkon in Florida and have met them (Cape Canaveral anyone?). And astronauts can be the biggest dorks of all. About anything “space”.

I think cool beanies on the poster. Thanks, Anthony, for getting word out about it. Because THIS nitpicker thinks that sometimes just being dorky is OK, too.

94. cagmar - June 27, 2009

Haha! Wonderful, NASA! This is where Trek begins — in real life; with inspiration, creativity and children that looked up at the stars, said What if? and then went and did something amazing.

Real life champions that I hope keep going to the stars.

Shout out to Canadian’s Guy Laliberté and Robert Thirsk on this expedition! Good luck all!

95. fctiger - June 27, 2009

Wow, I think that’s sooo cool! I do wish they kept it solely an ‘Enterprise’ theme though since they have the ship in the background and like someone said, those uniforms are actually practical and was designed from a NASA perspective in mind. But no one gives a dam but us lol, so just fun to see! And I think the TNG type uniforms are most recognizable now since they been in the most shows.

96. JusticeBoy - June 27, 2009

I think its cool that they did this and I have nothing against Enterprise or TNG, but those uniforms have the screenprinted communicators & no black on the sides.

I sometimes look for Trek uniforms on Ebay & these are the kind I never bid on.

97. Jim Nightshade - June 28, 2009

Nichelle Nichols was a spokesperson for nasa for a few years-they all love trek there and always have-read some of the stories from the tos crew when they visited nasa–as far as the poster not done very well-well it is or was mostly internal and tongue in cheek-it only needed to be goof enuf to get the message/point spoof across-i think its great! I also think they chose tng costumes cuz its easy to find references-the new movie and even enterprise are harder to find reference wise–

98. Jim Nightshade - June 28, 2009

#27 sean4000 thanks for letting me know which movie posters the others were spoofing-i had to look em up to remember the posters haha

99. Donna Parker - June 28, 2009

love it

100. jonboc - June 28, 2009

should have been new movie uniforms to be effective . TNG was popular 15 years ago. NASA‘S future is the kids, and they dont care about TNG.

101. The Wombat - June 28, 2009

How about a note on the space elevator challenge?

Prize money now up to $4 Million.

No engineering students out there?

Scotty, where are you when we really need you!

102. Funny People Movie Poster | The OriginalUnOriginal.Com - July 2, 2009

[…] NASA Poster Depicts Next ISS Crew In Star Trek Uniforms … […]

103. James McEnanly - August 23, 2009

to Nate
Originally, OV-101 was supposed to be called Constitution, but there was a grassroots movement to have the name of the ship changed to Enterprise.
Although NASA does not always follow Star Trek, sometimes Star Trek follows NASA. Take a look at the actual work uniforms for Expedition XXI

104. Sean Collins - September 9, 2009

Hello…I’m the guy that designed the poster here at NASA. Frank De Winne the Commander of the mission bought the shirts online and wore them to the photo shoot. All the Astronauts/Cosmonauts were photographed separately then I cut them out in PhotoShop and put them together and added a cool background. NASA did get permission from CBS Paramount because the posters are not sold, they gave permission. It was meant to be a fun poster and get people involved in the mission that is still going on now. It wasn’t supposed to be technically accurate to Star Trek, just fun. The next poster I am working on will be the STS-132 crew posing in Minute Made Park in the Astro’s dug out. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.