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Star Trek Season 2 Blu-Ray Coming September 22nd + More Trek Home Video Announcements At Comic Con July 9, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Star Trek (2009 film),TOS,TOS Remastered , trackback

In April CBS & Paramount released the first season of Star Trek: The Original Series on Blu-ray with a note that Seasons 2 & 3 were ‘coming soon’. Now an industry trade magazine has revealed the date for Season 2. We also have news on what what Paramount Home Entertainment has planned for Comic Con. 


Season 2 in September + Slave girls at Paramount SDCC booth
Home Media Magazine reports that Star Trek Season Two on Blu-ray will be released September 22nd, for a retail price of $116.99 (bear in mind it will be discounted, Season One has a street price of about half that). Although the remastered Star Trek Season One was previously released on HD-DVD, it was the only season on that format. So the Blu-ray Seasons 2 & 3 will be their first time in HD. Season Two (like Season One) will feature seamless branching between the remastered digital effects and the original effects, and it will include new special features. The set is not yet available for-preorder. As for Season 3, TrekMovie sources indicate that will be out in early 2010. 

TrekMovie has previously reported that there are more Star Trek titles coming out this Fall, including a set of all the TNG movies on Blu-ray and, of course, the JJ Abrams Star Trek feature (on standard DVD, and deluxe edition DVD & Blu-ray) [see previous TrekMovie story for more details]. TrekMovie sources confirm that details, images, and dates for all the upcoming Trek titles will be announced at Comic Con in San Diego, the last weekend in July. Apparently, Paramount is actually planning to make Star Trek a big part of their booth, including Trek-themed giveaways and models dressed as Orion slave girls.

TrekMovie will bring more updates on the Star Trek Blu-ray and DVD details as the become available.  


1. Michael Longstreet - July 9, 2009

Why are Star Trek dvds always so damned expensive? A normal season of a show on blu-ray would be around $70 to $80. Paramount knows how to milk their fans. Has for years.

2. Jordan - July 9, 2009

I’m ready to be milked…. i want….

3. Cap BD - July 9, 2009

I guarantee you’ll see these for way less than that on

Wish I could be in San Diego for the announcements. Can’t wait for JJ’s Trek on Blu.

4. Michael - July 9, 2009

FIRST! I’m STILL NOT Again, Re-buying the entire TOS series on BD!
I will get the new movie on the deluxe ed. I’ve bought it on vhs, standard and HD dvd, and that’s all folks!

5. Zaranyzerak - July 9, 2009

The Trek Blu-rays aren’t expensive at all, especially comparing them to previous home video releases of the series. Just going by Season 1, let’s see how it compares. Here’s how much it would cost to get JUST Season 1 in most of the previous releases:

Original VHS Release (1 ep per tape, $20.00 each) – $580.00
Laserdisc release (2 eps per disc, $60.00 each) – $900.00
Original DVD release (single discs, 2 eps per disc – $30.00 each) – $450.00
Original DVD Season set – $160.00, original version only (now sells for around $60.00)
HD-DVD/DVD Combo Season Set – $130.00, remastered version only (now sells for around $85.00)
Blu-ray Season 1 set – $120.00 SRP, usually sold for between $60-90, both original and remastered version in HD.

The Blu-ray set is a freaking BARGAIN, especially given the quality you get AND the fact that you get both versions. It’s totally worth it, and would still be a bargain at twice that price. I did a 3-part series on the subject on The Multimedia Chronicles series I do on YouTube…

6. urbandk - July 9, 2009

what’s the deal with TNG? i think i read that the original film wasn’t saved so high def is out of the question. is that right?

7. Devon - July 9, 2009

#6 – TNG was filmed on video apparently…..

8. sean - July 9, 2009


Out of the question for the show, but this article is talking about the TNG movies, which were shot on film.

9. captain_neill - July 9, 2009

I am looking forward to getting Season 2 and TNG movies on blu ray. they will be awesome

10. captain_neill - July 9, 2009

I look forward to getting the new movie on blu ray as well

11. jastrek_montreal - July 9, 2009

If they only include director cuts of the movies…. then i’ll buy the TNG movies on blu-ray. And also a ton ton more features. Also can’t wait for JJ’s Trek on blu-ray. Thats going to look freaken spectacular on my 50 inch plasma.

12. Avi - July 9, 2009

TNG was shot on film. But all post processing was done in video. TNG could be remastered, but it would require new SFX for every shot and re-editing every episode.

13. Jcvmf214 - July 9, 2009

Take it from me. i had the LASER. All of them from columbia house ..these are not expensive

14. rm10019 - July 9, 2009

12 has it right. The video assembly editing makes remastering TNG like 10 times labor intensive and more expensive thatn TOS

15. rm10019 - July 9, 2009

BTW, where is the new S1 BD-Live content? The press release was over a week ago!

16. The Bear - July 9, 2009

I waiting on the Blue-Ray edition of “Orion Slave Girls Gone Wild”. I wouldn’t mind paying a few quatloos for that.

17. Aragorn189 - July 9, 2009

Can’t wait for ST09 on dvd. Hopefully, the deleted scenes (which is all I care about on my dvd’s) will be on the DVD editions. Hope they announce the release date soon. As for season 2, I already have the remastered dvd set and an upconverting DVD player I’m set for the time being. Until I start making booko bucks, Blu-Ray is not in my lineup of things to get. Maybe if it becomes the gold standard for home video and my dvd’s wear out I’ll consider upgrading. But for the time being, I’ll be the man still watching my stuff in upconverted HD rather than true HD.

18. Tommy Servo - July 9, 2009

A note to CBS Video (or anyone else reading who has anything to do with this): Can you PLEASE include all of the TOS Blooper Reels on this or the 3rd season release? I can’t imagine it would cost that much to get a decent copy of them and make a clean digital transfer. Don’t let the bloopers exist only as crappy VHS transfers on YouTube!

19. Green-Blooded-Bastard - July 9, 2009

@1. Michael Longstreet
“Why are Star Trek dvds always so damned expensive?”

Because people will pay it. When the amount of people that will pay it tapers off, they will lower the price for those that will pay the newly adjusted price. When that tapers off, it will be lowered again, and so on and so forth.

20. TonyD - July 9, 2009

#1 – The BluRay of TOS Season 1 sold for around $65 on Amazon right from day one; I would expect Season 2 to be offered at that price as well. That’s actually a pretty reasonable price given the outstanding picture quality, seamless branching of original and CG effects, and all the other extras. Really looking forward to adding Season 2 (and Trek 2009) to my collection.

21. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - July 9, 2009

I hope they do all the Trek Incarnations on Blu rey. Including Trek 1 Directors Edition on Blu Rey. Ill wait a bit as i know the price will come down to about 60$ for the Blu Rey Edition. I know they have the sticker price way up there but with the discounts will be a lot easier. Tng being on Film and video even though it is more time consuming will still make them a nice profit. I just wish they would remaster all the Fx of Tng and Ds9 and Voyager. But would be nice to get industreal light and magic to do it. Wouldn’t that be something.

22. Victor Hugo - July 9, 2009

You can call me a hillbilly who lives on a swamp but i´ll never spent a dime on Blue Ray, i´m not falling for that trick.

The price i paid on the soundtrack CDs years ago still hurts in my pocket.

23. rm10019 - July 9, 2009

22 =swamp dweller! ;) just kidding. I love the high def picture all the extras and the ability to watch the eps in either version but i understand your reluctance to accept a new format.

24. John E. Kirk - July 9, 2009

It’s hard to believe they didn’t save the film from TNG. I think they did, and it’s only a matter of time before it’s redone, effects & all. I’ve also read that some episodes (such as “Inner Light”) had footage deleted for “time” during the original run that the producers really didn’t want to delete. I think I read an interview that Inner light was about 12 minutes over before cutting, and they were “hoping not to lose some of the light…” It’s unfortunate there hasn’t been more attention to releasing some special edition episodes….

25. rm10019 - July 9, 2009

no one is saying the tng 35mm film isn’t around, it’s just not in any edited form, that’s all.

26. AdamTrek - July 9, 2009

So, for TNG, we basically will have to wait for the cost of transferring the film to digital, editing the footage to match the existing episodes, adding the SFX, erasing visual bloopers, remastering the sound to 7.1 to a less expensive and time consuming ordeal, and that’s all she wrote.

I bet a group of 20 or 30 people with CGI and digital editing experience could do the whole job, all 7 seasons, in about 2 years. If the average salary of said individuals was approximately, say $75K a year, that would at least cost Paramount/CBS $3,000,000 and as much as $5,000,000 not including overhead of say another million. Double that to add marketing, and we’re looking at $12M to produce and promote TNG: Remastered.

I wonder what the total cost was for TOS.

I could be way off, as I don’t know how the Hollyweird bean counters do their thing.


27. Elite2547 - July 9, 2009

I dont understand the packaging…..the first was command with gold and now it blue with command? Shouldn’t the science/medical symbol be up there instead?

28. spock - July 9, 2009

They will never remaster TNG, DS9 or Voyager. Not enough people will buy them to offset the cost, where as the original series was a no brainer to remaster.

29. braxus - July 9, 2009

#28- I wouldn’t quite say that. DS9 or Voyager may not bring in the dough, but TNG has many loyal fans and would be worth the effort. I’d love to see all series in High Def. But if they go through with it, they better master it all in 4K to make it worth the effort and make it future proof- so when we finally have 4K tvs, they can dupe it directly over to the new format.

30. Pat D. - July 9, 2009

Keeping in mind that the reason for remastering was to sell DVDs while getting the effects up to a tolerable level for “new” viewers, TNG probably isn’t crappy enough yet to warrent the expense.

Except for The Dauphin.

Combined with the whole potential video-edit problem.

31. Bob Tompkins - July 9, 2009

They will all hit Hi-def of one sort or another someday, when the overhead comes down and fx get cheaper and the technology matures.

I mean, after all, they put drek such as The Time Tunnel on regular DVD [I loved it as a kid, but as an adult I always wondered ‘What was I thinking???’]

32. DJT - July 9, 2009

RE: Comic Con

“including Trek-themed giveaways and models dressed as Orion slave girls.”

Say no more. I am sooo there. ;)

33. CsMisi - July 9, 2009

I want Enterprise on BLU …

34. CapnJake - July 9, 2009

I still would bet real money that, after we see season3 of tos, that shortly there after we will start seeing enterprise on bluray, and it wont come soon enough.
I still hate that timewarner got rid of HD NET, one of my favorite times of day was the two hours that they had enterprise on in HD.

35. Anthony Thompson - July 10, 2009

Orion slave girls. That reminds me of one of the few things in the movie which didn’t work for me. The Orion girl in the movie wasn’t mysterious or sensual at all. Just another bimbo who happened to have green skin (and the wrong shade of skin, to boot!).

36. KevinA Melbourne Australia - July 10, 2009

I bought HD-DVD Dohh!

I can wait for the Full 3 season Blu-Ray Discount pack I think.

I’m up to 4 versions now. VHS, Single DVD’s, Season Pack DVD’s, Special Edition HD-DVD’s – Blu-Ray will be version 5…..I’m over it!

37. Spockish - July 10, 2009

Well #36 I would like to thank you for your devoted desire to support Paramount and Star Trek. I do have a few episodes of Re-mastered TOS from HD-DVD in 720p format that I found on the Net from Russia. And my friend has HD-DVD in plain DVD format to play on his PS3.

If you love the TOS shows you’ll even love the Blue-Ray 1080p versions it will be like seeing a photo in the newspaper and holding the photograph in your hand. There is much more video content than my old mid 90’s re-mastered DVD’s show, even rescaled to 1080p.

It will be like going to see a movie in the theater or watching on your old tube TV. And if you have old DVD’s try to sell the and upgrade. You may not get much but at least you’ll be like not paying the sales tax.

Getting a Blue Ray system is another side issue.

38. Dom - July 10, 2009

I bought the TOS season one Blu-ray for 50 quid in the UK (the DVDs were £30): a bargain as far as I’m concerned. Fabulous quality.

I bought season one on DVD for £50 a few years back and was appalled at the quality (and the rubbish packaging) so didn’t buy the rest.

Always wary of upcoming new formats and aware that an HD restoration of TOS was possible, I’m glad I waited!

It’s a shame for TNG-VOY fans that it’ll be such a task to revamp those shows. Essentially you’d have to go back and recut 21 years’ worth of material from scratch to create HD versions. And since you’re doing that, you might as well recut them properly to improve pacing and music as well as special FX – early TNG would certainly benefit!

39. Dom - July 10, 2009

37. Spockish

Watching Blu-ray on a 1080p TV makes me feel like I’ve been watching TV with my eyes defocused until now!

40. Chadwick - July 10, 2009

True but TNG was such a hit and is still the most popular version of Star Trek so regardless of how hard it is to redo all the CG and FX shots it will be done. The first few seasons are the worst the smooth ship, the blurry looking planets, just watching reunification how nice and detailed the big E looked. I just hated when they went to warp, they simply cut and pasted the ship warping from the first season and the rubber band warp effect looks horrible, but you live with it because you love it. I was extremely pleased with TOS season 1 on blu-ray, I cant wait for season 2.

41. AmorphousBlob - July 10, 2009

#36 I have TOS episodes on Beta and CED discs as well as VHS, Laserdisc and DVD.

The thing I love about the CED versions is that they look like the beat up 16mm prints we all watched in syndication in the 70’s… everything is scratchy and the image is heavy on the blue side of the color spectrum.

Makes me feel like a 10 year old when I pop one of those in.

42. Andy Patterson - July 10, 2009

It was fun to be at Comic con two years ago and see all the things in the works then. The Billy home movie videos were my favorites. Matt, guess I’ll be contacting you. Gonna have to get the bluray. Is Daren charing a panel this year?

43. Dom - July 10, 2009

40. Chadwick:

TNG is not the most popular version of Star Trek: that’s a myth put around by the dwindling TNG-only fanbase. After Nemesis, such a belief is nonsensical!

It’s impossible to compare TOS ratings with TNG, anyway, as a different version of the Nielsens were used back when TOS was on, which constantly misrepresented the viewership. Not to mention TOS was network and everything else was syndication and minor networks. If TNG was still so popular, people would still be going to TNG movies or watching Berman TV shows.

TOS remains the version of Trek with the most cultural awareness: go anywhere in the world and ‘He’s dead Jim!’ ‘Fascinating’ and ‘Beam me up, Scotty!’ are what people think of with Star Trek, not ‘Engage!’ ‘Indubitably!’ and ‘Ker-plagh!’ which have an entirely nerd vibe about them.

TNG ***was*** popular and, for a brief time, was probably culturally bigger than TOS (face it in the 90s with shows like BH90210, Quantum Leap and Baywatch on the air, who can blame ’em!) but nearly quarter of a century after its debut, it’s no more than schedule filler, rendered culturally irrelevant by a series of mostly appalling movies and TV spin-offs, followed by the huge success of a film based on TOS.

Realistically, given the huge amount of work that would have to go into revamping TNG – which would entail re-running an entire seven years worth of television post-production from scratch – the cost would be so vast as to make it silly.

Face it: would CBS/Paramount/Viacom/whatever they become next really want to stump up the funds for a seven-season ‘reconstruction’ in the knowledge that it can’t be a prime-time hit? The huge amount of money could be spent making a new non-Trek series in HD now with the possibility that it will be a hit today.

TOS being a low-budget show cut on film made it a no-brainer to restore. It could be accomplished by a small, dedicated team on a tight budget. A TNG revamp, by contrast, would have to be exactly the same as a modern TV show’s, only not aimed at primetime and without a chance of making network advertising profits.

The best thing they could do is cherry pick some good episodes, probably some of the two-parters, and release them as Blu-ray movies, maybe bulked up with some new scenes previously cut for time and so on.

44. danpaine - July 10, 2009

Cold Day In Hell when I spend that kind of coin on a DVD.


45. captain_neill - July 10, 2009

stop bad mouthing TNG

TNG is a great show

46. Dom - July 10, 2009

45. captain_neill

Um, if that’s me you’re talking to, I’m not bad-mouthing it. I’ve said on numerous occasions when people kneejerk react to anything that could seem vaguely critical of of TNG that its ultimate critical, cultural and box-office failure doesn’t deny that there were some very hours of television put out under the name before its fall (I count VOY and ENT within the context of TNG a lot of the time because they are all effectively the same show rebranded!)

Even though I don’t think TNG was necessarily a particularly good Star Trek show a lot of the time, I still think it was often a very good TV show! Stories like The Inner Light bear comparison with City on the Edge of Forever for me.

And, as someone who works in post-production, I know the enormity of the work involved in doing an HD overhaul of the show. As I said above, it effectively means running the post-production of seven seasons of televison all over again. Anyone can see that doing that for an archive series that will, at best, end up on hardcore TNG fans’ shelves and as small-time schedule filler on minor networks, would be financial lunacy!

Why spend all that money re-transferring and regrading all that film stock, reconforming by eye, replacing large numbers of FX and generally upgrading audio and other visual material, when you could make a new show for probably less money that could potentially be a hit on network TV?

47. Chris Pike - July 10, 2009

I have to agree it would be unrealistic and probably unprofitable to remaster all TNG to HD from the unedited neg, what a headache!
BUT there’s got to be a strong case for “the best of TNG” remastered such as the 2 parters and highlights like “innerlight” “Family” etc. Much less work, more feasable and far more profitable.

48. Bill - July 10, 2009

If only CBS would work with Sci-Fi (oh sorry, I mean SyFy) to get the rights to the extras from their initial run on the network. That would be an extra worth picking up.

49. Shatner_Fan_Prime - July 10, 2009

Awesome. I love my Season 1 set, and can’t wait for Season 2 so I can host another Trek fest for my friends. Amok Time, Doomsday Machine, Mirror Mirror…bring ’em on!

50. RD - July 10, 2009

#46 & #43 – initially yes.

However, no one has said exactly what condition the original elements are in or how well they are catalogued. Aside from re-editing the original negatives to conform to the final video edits, this project is no different than the TOS Remaster. When I was working in post production in those days detailed EDLs were kept referencing the original film stock, just as it has always been done. If those elements are equally well catalogued, then it’s just a matter of having an editor re-conform each episode based on notes, only slightly more work. If TNG failed to keep detailed notes or they have been lost, then the project is only slightly more complex, but everything could be shipped to India or China and a low cost workforce could cull through the footage matching the film to video. Then the project is more or less the same once new EDLs have been constructed. There are all kinds of ways to make this happen on a budget.

While I agree CBS could start the project by taking select episodes and two parters to create movie packages. However, eventually, if CBS wants to continue to broadcast the series, they will have to upgrade it to true HD, not just upres the existing low-grade NTSC SD conversions.

Here are a few more facts, the TNG films grossed more internationally than TOS films did. This indicates that TNG was a bigger money maker internationally than TOS. 3 of the TNG films grossed over half as much as the current film at the box office and ranked in the top 6 films including ST09. TNG clearly has a large number of fans and the potential for attracting more. Nostalgia is a huge factor in exploiting a film catalogue. TNG will have its day.

Ultimately, whatever CBS does in the next 5 years, they will not simply throw over 500 hours of popular science fiction into the waste bin, once the world fully transitions to HD in the next 10 years. It will become harder and harder to sell SD only content as the demand for HD content rises. Yes Paramount has made a ton of money off TNG, which is all the more reason to re-invest those profits back into its historical and popular franchise catalogues. It will happen as #31 aptly observed “when the overhead comes down and fx get cheaper and the technology matures.” And that will happen sooner than anyone thinks.

51. Jim Smith - July 10, 2009

@ 7 TNG was *shot* on film. It was edited on video. That’s the difference.

52. Joe Dickerson - July 10, 2009

Aw, Paramount, releasing TOS season two on my birthday? You SHOULDN’T have. Really, what a wonderful surprise. Thanks!

53. SciFiMetalGirl - July 10, 2009

I’m sure that the Okudas would love to tackle another project the size of TNG the way that they did TOS!

54. New Horizon - July 10, 2009

They should definitely do TNG, just to properly preserve the show. It’s a one time investment that could pay off well into the future. They need to get a more experienced and capable effects house than CBS-D however. Those guys were ok, but really not the high quality that TOS deserved after all these years.

55. Sean4000 - July 11, 2009

54, ditto. I would chose EdenFX, then maybe Atmosphere or Zoic Studios.

Gabriel Koerner already has a killer Enterprise D model already made. That’s half the battle right there.

56. Sean4000 - July 11, 2009

lol. Well maybe not half, oops. But at least the main model for the series would be damn near perfect.

57. Andy Patterson - July 11, 2009


Happy birthday yesterday Joe.

Today’s my youngest birthday. One year old today. Happy birthday Nicholas.

58. Matt Wright - July 11, 2009

42 — Andy I was wondering what ever happened to your planned foray into Blu-ray :)

59. Matt Wright - July 11, 2009

#55 — You know realistically the only way to do it is to form an internal VFX team. The way the BSG producers did. If we can entice Doug Drexler, Mojo, and others from that team (who all used to work on Trek, many were from Foundation, Eden, or the art department(s) on TNG through Enterprise) to moonlight and/or form a new CBS team I think the results would be amazing.

60. Closettrekker - July 11, 2009

#49—“Awesome. I love my Season 1 set, and can’t wait for Season 2 so I can host another Trek fest for my friends. Amok Time, Doomsday Machine, Mirror Mirror…bring ‘em on!”


Lots of great Season Two eps—

Amok Time
Journey To Babel
The Doomsday Machine
Friday’s Child
The Changeling
Mirror, Mirror
A Private Little War
The Trouble With Tribbles
The Ultimate Computer
Assignment: Earth

That’s over half of my top twenty list right there in season two alone. A few stinkers along the way—-“Catspaw” and “The Omega Glory”certainly come to mind—-but very nice ratio in favor of the good…

And although they don’t make my top twenty, I like “Bread And Circuses” and “Wolf In The Fold” quite a bit too, and there are several “okay” episodes.

61. Sean4000 - July 11, 2009

Matt, talk about an allstar team! That would be amazing. Right on.

Newton, Hawking, Einstein, Copernicus, Maxwell, Tesla,…………Data.

62. Chadwick - July 12, 2009

@ 1. Michael Longstreet

Every company that sell something always ends up milking. I am a video game fanboy, more to the point a Nintendofanboy and Nintendo knows how to milk their products and franchises. But us consumers don’t really have a choice, you buy Star Trek Blu-ray or you don’t and, well, ill pay what I have to in order to see that sweet sweet Trek on Blu-ray. TOS and TOS movies have already blown me away on blu-ray, yea there were one or two sloppy little mistakes on the TOS films but as an owner of a 1080p TV and a Blu-ray player….I just can’t watch DVD’s anymore, they look terrible.

I just cant’ wait for TNG on blu-ray, yea we know the 35mm was edited on video cassettes but one day it will come. TNG just looks so terrible on cable TV and is not much better on DVD. DS9 and VOY made the cut, but TNG needs much work. Paramount execs don’t need to sprinkle gold leaf on their food, they are already pooping it by the boat loads. Star Trek is again a HUGE cash cow.

63. Star Trek Season 2 bBlu-Ray/b Coming September 22nd + More Trek Home b…/b « Welcome to - July 12, 2009

[…] See original here:  Star Trek Season 2 bBlu-Ray/b Coming September 22nd + More Trek Home b…/b […]

64. RD - July 12, 2009

62. Chadwick wrote: .I just can’t watch DVD’s anymore, they look terrible. … TNG just looks so terrible on cable TV and is not much better on DVD. DS9 and VOY made the cut, but TNG needs much work.

I’m with you. The difference between any SD and HD on a flat screen TV is night and day. But, I think you are being too generous giving DS9 & VOY a passing grade. If they get one, so do the last 4 or 5 seasons of TNG which all used basically the same post production technology. It all looks sort of blurry and hard to focus on, though some are definitely worse than others thanks to an even lower early NTSC resolution. I can’t believe most people watch TV like this on a flat screen. But you are right, most DVDs are of higher quality than 480i.

Since the Season 2 DVD is supposed to be tribble oriented, what I am most interested to see is whether they have re-mastered the DS9 episode Trials and Tribble-ations for the bonus material as was included on the DVD set. More Tribbles More Troubles should be a straight forward restoration and cleanup since it was all on film to begin with.

As many of us have speculated, if CBS begins a re-mastered project given the complexities of re-editing the original film elements, the best way to begin such a project until technology and cost catches up to make all 21 seasons profitable, is to start with single big seller episodes: like the two-parter TNGs, Yesterday’s Enterprise, DS9’s T&T, VOY’s Year of Hell, etc.

This would be a good surprise and a nice beginning for a re-mastering project which must ultimately come to pass unless CBS is prepared to throw away millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of programming.

65. Horace Austin - July 12, 2009

The first three full days of programming for the San Diego Comic-Con have been released. Star Trek is largely invisible here. There are seven Star Wars events planned so far. There are two small Star Trek panels. The Anthropology of Star Trek and Klingon Lifestyles. I hope there’s some interesting Star Trek content for Sunday.

66. Andy Patterson - July 12, 2009


Have been gathering data. I plan to bug you again soon.

67. RD - July 12, 2009

Out of curiosity, Did VOY ever switch to HD masters? It ran for two years more than DS-9 which ended in 1999. Most major network shows switched to HD in 1998 or 99, though it wouldn’t make sense for DS-9 to do it in its last season. But Voyager was going strong when DS-9 was cancelled. If they didn’t switch, that would just highlight the epitome of short-sightedness.

68. Matt Wright - July 12, 2009

67 — The short answer is that it didn’t make any business sense to suddenly switch their entire post-production path to HD.

69. Shatner_Fan_Prime - July 13, 2009

#60 …You’ll be invited to said Trek Fest, of course. :-)

70. Dom - July 13, 2009

64. RD: ‘This would be a good surprise and a nice beginning for a re-mastering project which must ultimately come to pass unless CBS is prepared to throw away millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of programming.’

It’s not about the nostalgia value of the programming. It boils down to whether the costs balance out. It’ll be a long time before everything is HD, globally. There will be standard def networks for many years to come and shows like TNG, DS9 and VOY can play on those for ages to come. Will the huge cost of restoration, which according to a number of experts in the field will be vast, be offset by the amount substantial HD revamps can be distributed for?

Bear in mind, this is a show that will be late-night/early-morning/mid-afternoon, non-prime time schedule-filler when distributed on TV. Will one-off iTunes sales, one-off Blu-ray sales and distribution as part of a package with a bunch of other shows justify the initial outlay?

By the time everything is HD (which is a long way off because I don’t see a lot of minor networks down in the 600s on the likes of Sky Digital being able to afford HD carriage anytime soon!) there might well be new HD Trek shows on the air. Not to mention there will be twenty-odd years’ worth of ‘new-ish’ made-in-HD archive programming already available.

Surely, initially, it’s better to spend less money on the archive shows that are already cut on film and ready for a quick HD buff-up, like Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, The Man From UNCLE, The Prisoner, The Avengers (Emma Peel era onwards) Kung Fu and heaven knows how many shows going into the 1980s when the changeover happened, so there’s already a big archive package available, then worry about the transitional era stuff?

Essentially, there’s a ‘black hole’ of about 15 years’ worth of programming and probably holding off a few years as technology and costs come down will be better from network and distributors’ perspectives, while they can fill gaps in their schedules with colour, filmed HD material from the 1960s-to-mid 80s and late-90s onwards.

Also, shows shot on 16mm (not TNG in that case, natch!) aren’t even worth scanning in HD: they’ll be excessively grainy so usually companies just upscale those! And let’s not forget all the video-originated shows out there: Soap, Married With Children, Diff’rent Strokes, classic Saturday Night Live and so on. Those can never be HD, but the technology is being worked on to improve the quality of the taped material.

If you look at how wonderful old Doctor Who episodes have been made look and sound by their dedicated Restoration Team and see how much their technology and ability to work wonders with seriously compromised material has improved in the last decade, you’ll realise that perhaps the time for the ‘black hole era’ shows will come, but there’s a lot of other stuff they need to look at first!

71. RD - July 13, 2009

#68 – the thought occurred to me, but I would assume they were already editing on an Avid, so the only change that would have to be made is what they transferred the rushes to. Then conform the AVID output on the HD masters and composite the vfx from that, so really a minor intermediate step to future protect the product, a step most television productions were taking at the time.

I did read somewhere that they were rumored to have started framing for 16:9, but that is rendered moot if that framing only exists on the original negative and not an HD master somewhere.

Actually, if Paramount was really this cheap at the time, it makes a certain amount of sense that Viacom was willing to part with their TV library, especially if they have the right of first refusal on all feature derivatives. With the exception of those series produced before 1980, 20 years of the most profitable syndicated programming Paramount ever produced will be all but worthless in 5-10 years.

72. Dom - July 13, 2009

71. RD . . . and someone else goes to the wall bankrolling the HD remasters, meaning they’re wide open to be bought for a song by . . . Viacom? ;)

73. Matt Wright - July 13, 2009

71 — I don’t think you can say with any certainty that “most TV shows” in the late 90s/early 2000s were being produced in HD. The core primetime drama shows of the big 3 networks yes, the daytime, reality, and game shows, no. Fox didn’t do proper HD until 2004 and a piddly little network like UPN certainly wound’t have the funding to suddenly do HD. The WB’s catalogue is also nearly all SD shows until 2001 or later.

Don’t forget that the ATSC standard was only officially launched in 1998, and the first test signal was only a couple of years before it in 1996.

Also keep in mind that consumer adoption of HDTV really only reached mainstream status in 2005 or so.

So for a show that ended in 2001 on a second string broadcast network I think the choice to keep it SD isn’t very surprising at all.

74. Sean4000 - July 13, 2009

Damn, then Enterprise was ahead of its time!

75. Dom - July 14, 2009

71. RD and 73. Matt Wright

Standard def’s going to be around for a good while yet: I was watching The X-Files on my 32″ 1080p TV via Blu-ray player and it looked great. People are getting way too steamed up way too early about HD.

You can still by SD TVs in the UK and most people are buying HD Ready TVs rather than Full HD. We’ve got a comfortable 20 years before SD material hits a critical point and by then I suspect TV, the web and radio will all be one and the same.

76. woody - July 14, 2009

33 . Enterprise has been running on HDNET on DirectTV uncut. I believe its in HD. But you guys already probably know this.

77. woody - July 14, 2009

My humble opinion from a man on the street

Star Trek TOS: Awesome

Star Trek TNG: Awesome until they started getting weird with that Jerry Taylor writer chick. They started to lose the edge after Roddenberry died.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The worst ever.

Star Trek Voyager: – I thought it coulndn’t get worse.

Star Trek Enterprise: Good but not awesome, i dont think it should have been cancelled.

78. Eli - July 14, 2009

“Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The worst ever.”


79. Matt Wright - July 14, 2009

75 — Dom, I know it. I’m basically making a similar argument. There was no point in suddenly making Voyager HD 3/4 of the way through the show’s run.

As you said SD will be around for quite a long time, likely forever, as archival stuff of older shows that can’t or aren’t profitable to be converted to higher resolution formats.

80. Robert Vinci - July 15, 2009

Just bought Season 1 on Blu-Ray.
Excellent! Retail is much higher than the $60 I paid for it on eBay.
Watched it all – the Special Effects are Superb! Did not even bother watching the originals w/out the enhanced effects.
Just waiting anxiously for the other 2 Seasons now.
This was my first purchase for a new Blu-Ray player – a wise choice and no regrets. Don’t think twice about the Blu-Ray – get it – you won’t regret it!

81. AWB - July 28, 2009

To all those who are complaining about the price….get a better job.

82. woody - September 25, 2009

59.99 right now at best buy and amazon and frys

83. Agatha Legg - May 9, 2011

That seems wonderful yet i’m just still not so certain that I like it. In any event will look more into it and choose for myself! :) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.