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Box Art for Star Trek Season 2 Blu-ray + Individual Star Trek Movies on Blu-ray & DVD [UPDATED] July 31, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Feature Films (TMP-NEM),TOS,TOS Remastered , trackback

This Fall is going to be big for Star Trek on home video. We had announced some box art previously, but we now have art for the whole collection, including and exclusive look at the TOS Season 2 on Blu-ray set. We also have art for the new ‘even numbered’ individual movies releases on Blu-ray and DVD.  


Star Trek: Season Two Blu-Ray – September 22nd
The second season of Star Trek makes it HD debut with the Blu-ray release in September. The box art below shows off some of the special features, including the special Tribble disk, which appears to include the TAS episode "More Tribbles, More Troubles." TrekMovie is trying to confirm if the set will also include the DS9 episode "Trials and Tribble-ations."

Star Trek Season Two on Blu-ray – 3D view + front and back

[Amazon pre-order: Star Trek The Original Series: Season Two Blu-ray: $72.99]


Star Trek movie sets – September 22nd
The ‘even numbered movies’ (except Nemesis) are also being released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 22nd. These releases include the new special features from the 2009 movie collections.

UPDATE: Box art for Star Trek II and First Contact have been updated to fix minor errors.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Blu-Ray and DVD 3D views and front views

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Blu-ray): $20.99]

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (DVD): $11.99]


Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Blu-Ray and DVD 3D views and front views

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Blu-ray): $20.99]

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (DVD): $11.99]


Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Blu-ray and DVD 3D views and front views

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Blu-ray): $19.99]

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (DVD): $10.99]


Star Trek: First Contact Blu-ray and DVD 3D views and front views

[Amazon Pre-order: Star Trek VIII: First Contact (Blu-ray): $19.99]

[DVD not yet available for Amazon Pre-order]


More Star Trek DVD & Blu Ray this Fall
We have previously reported on box art for the Star Trek movie collections, also coming out on September 22nd.

[Amazon pre-order: Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection (Blu-ray)]

[Amazon pre-order: Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection (DVD)]


[Amazon pre-order: Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection (DVD)]

[Available now at Amazon: Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection (Blu-ray)]

And on November 17th the Star Trek movie comes out. You can pre-order Star Trek on 3-disk Blu-ray, 2-disk DVD, or 1-disk DVD, at Amazon. Or pre-order get the 3-disk Blu-ray Gift Set at Best Buy.

 NOTE: The Star Trek movie box-art is not considered final



1. That One Guy - July 31, 2009

I have got to get me a Blu-Ray player one of these days…..

2. ScottDS - July 31, 2009

They used a still of Kirk from Trek III on the Trek II cover. Just pointing that out. :-)

3. starbaseoperations - July 31, 2009

are there no more Billy Blackburn home movies on season 2?

4. Devon - July 31, 2009

The Reliant is backwards too.

5. capnjake - July 31, 2009

Just to let you know amazon is not yet taking pre orders for the next generation box set yet, only letting you to sign up and be notified when its availble.

6. Shatner_Fan_Prime - July 31, 2009

I already have the set of the first 6 movies, plus season one in Blu Ray. Ahhh…pure bliss! For those who don’t have it yet, it looks BEYOND AWESOME in hi-def! I noticed things I’d never seen before in 20 years of viewing.

Now I just need seasons 2 & 3 and ST 09…then I will be complete, ahhh! :-)

7. Robert Meyer Burnett - July 31, 2009


Those covers…EPIC FAIL.

Most of the image space is EMPTY! The original series collections are elegant and nice…but those images from the films…are almost as bad as the horrible Blu Ray cover for LOGAN’S RUN. What ever happened to using the TERRIFIC Key Art? Go back and look at the original two-disc collector’s editions

After an exploration and approval process…THIS is what they put out?


8. JackUSN - July 31, 2009

The packaging for TWOK looks amazing. Really like what they’ve done with that.

9. Devi - July 31, 2009

Boo, at Comic-Con, they showed the insignia on the cover of TOS: Season Two as being the Science & Medical insignia, which I think is cool with the whole color scheme they had going on.

10. capnjake - July 31, 2009

While i love the single character shots on each of the box set covers i do like these covers they have for the individual movies, kind of wish they were what we had on the box set covers, i am still intrested what the covers for the discs in the box set blurays will be like since there are more characters than movies in the next generation films.

11. capnjake - July 31, 2009

thats awesome that the tos season 2 will include the animated episode, please please please let them also include the ds9 episode,

12. Mr. Scott - July 31, 2009

reliant’s registry number is backwards

13. Jonny Boy - July 31, 2009

Really, about an extra hour spent on each of those covers would have been nice. They’re not terrible, but don’t look too close for too long. Oh, well, this is round one of a double dip anyway.

14. Jonny Boy - July 31, 2009

A double dip I, as a sucker, will probably indulge in. ;)

15. BaltarStar Galactica - July 31, 2009

Why does the blurb on the cover of First Contact say, “…one of the best of the Original Star Trek films” ? It’s not TOS.

16. Jason - July 31, 2009

See that none of the original crew films have covers matching their boxset counterparts, I’m assuming the cover of FC wouldn’t be the same in the boxset, I imagine they would be the same style character portraits on each case, but with their not being an equal number of characters to discs, I could be wrong. But nice artwork.

17. Michael - July 31, 2009

The Billy Blackburn Home Movies are on all 3 HD/standard dvd season sets…so I’m certain they’d have to be on the Bluray.
I was hoping for so much more, but alas, these are overly hyped and pretty tame, and not highly disclosing as far as behind the scenes.

18. Simon Belfast - July 31, 2009

Love the box art! Shame the packaging for the new film looks so cheap in comparison.

19. DavidJ - July 31, 2009


I don’t know, I think they look kind of classy myself.

They’re CERTAINLY preferable to seeing those awful movie posters again (something Trek has never gotten right for some reason).

20. THX-1138 - July 31, 2009

So I see that WalMart has a Toshiba (I think) Blu Ray player for $98. Can anyone tell me if it is worth a crap? Because that is the limit that I have set for myself before I buy yet another piece of soon to be obsolete gadgetry. OK, maybe the BD players will have a bit longer life, but you know what I’m getting at.

Anyway, anyone got the goods?

21. Alex - July 31, 2009

Individually, it’s nice to have a “This is the best movie of the series”-quote on each cover. But next to each other, tha looks quite silly.

22. Andy Patterson - July 31, 2009


“are there no more Billy Blackburn home movies on season 2?”

Surely there are. He recorded “all the time” he said.

23. Andy Patterson - July 31, 2009

and …

1. That One Guy – July 31, 2009

” I have got to get me a Blu-Ray player one of these days…”

I fought it and fought it….and as I’ve said before it’s kind of like being ‘absorbed’ by Landru or getting the spores like Spock and Kirk….I see the light now. “It’s all so clear.

“Peace be with you. Joy and tranquility”

24. THX-1138 - July 31, 2009


Yeah, yeah, I’m not of the body, yada yada. Is the cheap BD worth it? Can anyone tell me/? Damn I’m an impatient dude.

25. Negotiator - July 31, 2009

What? No Uhura on the covers of II, IV & VI?

26. siphunclekaiju54 - July 31, 2009

Why does it say “Star Trek VIII: First Contact” instead of just “Star Trek: First Contact”?

27. Drew - July 31, 2009

#7 I agree with you!!!!! To the creatives and execs at Paramount:

Get the blu-ray box cover designs done RIGHT! They look like shit and there are errors!

28. capnjake - July 31, 2009

#20 THX i can gaurentee you that was not a toshiba bluray player you saw, lol toshiba has not released a bluray player ever, and had been very resistant to do so after hddvd lost the format war in fact they have done everything possible trying to kill of bluray with their super upconverting dvd players and the like.

it was only recently that toshiba has said in the near future they will have a bluray player on the market(iam guessing time has healed there wounds and they see there is money to make by having a player on the market)

29. Drew - July 31, 2009

Addendum to #27 – The blu-ray dvd cover to Star Trek II – Reliant is backwards, (you can see the ship registery numbers are backwards) The Kirk image is from Star Trek III – LMAO

30. Enterprise - July 31, 2009

Why do they all look the same?

31. ger - July 31, 2009

“4 Motion Pictures featuring Captain Picard.”

Oh my f***ing God.

32. Thorny - July 31, 2009

These TOS movie and First Contact DVD/Blu-Ray covers look vastly better than the horrible Star Trek 2009 “ink smear” movie poster cover. A matching cover for Star Trek 2009 (with shots of Pine, Quinto and Nimoy along the top and the Enterprise and Narada along the bottom, would have worked much, much better.

33. Thorny - July 31, 2009

30…. So they match one another on the shelf and fit together neatly as a set, like the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies, for examples.

34. Enterprise - July 31, 2009

You missed my point. These covers are pretty bland. At least the Star Wars covers have original art on them. These are just photos.

35. THX-1138 - July 31, 2009


Like I said, I wasn’t sure I was remembering the brand correctly. That and I don’t care what brand it was. I’m more interested in if the $98 Blu Ray player I have seen at WalMart is worthy of purchase. I have a price point to meet before I buy anything.

36. Ron Mosher - July 31, 2009

It amazes me that you guys get so worked up over a box cover. They look fine. I’ve seen II,III AND IV on blu-ray and they look good. Not fantastic but still better than the DVD transfers I have. Now if your just going to stare at the box are your shelves then there may be something to complain about…..

37. aturner - July 31, 2009

I actually like the covers. Having said that, it appears that according to the DVD cover First Contact is actually the 7th Trek film.

38. N - July 31, 2009

I prefer the original movie poster.

39. John - July 31, 2009

20. THX-1138 – July 31, 2009

So I see that WalMart has a Toshiba (I think) Blu Ray player for $98. Can anyone tell me if it is worth a crap? Because that is the limit that I have set for myself before I buy yet another piece of soon to be obsolete gadgetry. OK, maybe the BD players will have a bit longer life, but you know what I’m getting at.

Anyway, anyone got the goods?

As far as I know, Toshiba doesn’t make a Blu player — yet. They plan to release one later this year. They were making HD-DVD players and THAT is probably what you saw at Wal-Mart for $98.

As far as Blu-Ray players, stick with Samsung or Panasonic. LGs have more QC problems and Sony are too expensive for what you get. The Samsung BD-P1500 can be had for less than $200 now since the BD-P1600 is out. The BD-P1500 is the bottom player so you won’t get good 1080p DVD up-convert, Profile 2.0, Ethernet, or 7.1 analog audio out. You generally have to pay $100 more for a full-featured player. Profile 1.1 ( BonusView ) is good enough for most people unless you want to access the interactive stuff on the disc that needs an internet connection. You’ll need Profile 2.0 ( BD-Live ) for that. The Samsung BD-P1600 is getting around that by selling an upgrade kit with a WiFi dongle and you use a USB stick for offline storage. The BD-P3600 and 4600 are full compliant players but, look out, Profile 3.0 ( BD Audio ) is just around the corner.

I, myself have a Denon DVD-2500BTci since my receiver does the processing.

40. Ryan - July 31, 2009

#36 I can understand, but the Reliant’s registry number is backwards. How do you F that up?

41. locutus - July 31, 2009

why cant they just do all of the films as single blu-rays instead of just the even numbered ones! stupid.

42. Driver - July 31, 2009

Pick that Blu-ray player up, feel it’s heft and the texture of the plastic hood. Don’t shake it, it may break. You get what you pay for. OTOH, my Toshiba A2 at $100 was very well made.

43. Amy - July 31, 2009

#20 The Walmart player is a Magnavox NB530MGX.
See for news article.

It doesn’t have BD-live, apparently.

44. Drew - July 31, 2009

#36 Not getting worked up in the least bit. Its just funny

45. Brian Kirsch - July 31, 2009

Wow….absolutely god-awful packaging! What a mish-mash of crap! And these guys are paid how much to produce this crap? No imagination, no consistancy as far as the Star Trek font, and the Reliant image is simply inexcusable. As is the quote from that idiot on the FC cover.

Must be the same guys that came up with the poster for the new film. Pathetic. And they have the nerve to use it for the DVD/BR cover! Makes me want to buy it, how ’bout you?

BTW, what about ST 10: Nemisis? Even number, but obviously the red-headed stepchild……..

46. Kent Butabi - July 31, 2009

I have a Magnavox 27″TV that is going on 15 years.

47. John - July 31, 2009

#35 THX-1138

Just found out that those Wal-Mart $98 Blu-Ray players are Magnavox NB500MGX / NB530MGX. These are made in China by Funai, which makes other brands like Sylvania, Philips, Emerson, Insignia, and Pye. Reviews are spotty and mainly complain about disc playability — which is common with Blu-Ray anyway. Expect to go to the Funai site to download firmware updates just about every time a new disc is released. This is a basic no-frills player but does up-convert DVD to 1080p, supports 1080p-24, HDMI 1.3, Profile 1.1. A lot of folks recommend paying extra for the Wal-Mart extended warranty service. LOL

48. Brian Kirsch - July 31, 2009

Seriously, Paramount/Viacom/CBS/Whoever –

Give me 10% more than my measly salary at my current job and free copies of all Star Trek DVD’s/BR’s. I’ll design better cover art than this crap and guarantee you at least 100,000 more units sold. Seriously.

49. Bill Hiro - July 31, 2009

Is the STTMP in the DVD version of the box set Bob Wise’s director’s cut or the theatrical cut that’s in the Blu-ray box? And the same question re: the theatrical cut of STVI:TUC. Anyone? Anyone?

50. Bill Hiro - July 31, 2009

Also, I’m with # 38 – why bother with that bland Photoshopped junk when there’s that beautiful Bob Peak poster art? Whoever said the theatrical release posters were “awful” needs a taste transplant.

51. Brian Kirsch - July 31, 2009

What beautiful poster art are you referring to? I’d love to see it. The cover of the DVD is the same as the poster was in my theater…. dreadful.

52. Ultimate Trekker - July 31, 2009

It’s sad to think we will never see the TNG crew on screen again. Man I miss that series and the characters. TNG forever!

53. Driver - July 31, 2009

If you think the covers are bad just wait for the disc art. Surely to be as disappointing.

54. Anthony Pascale - July 31, 2009

FYI: Paramount are aware of the errors on the STII and STFC disks and will have new ones for both

i have added a poll on the packaging too

i voted ‘dont care’ but i mostly like the packaging, so sue me

55. Thomas Jensen - July 31, 2009

Since when was blue a command logo color? How hard would it be to give each season box it’s own color using the theme of the three original divisions on the Enterprise?

Oh, right, they’ve already done that. Ok, so why is the second season color blue representive of the command division insignia?

Everything else about the box is fine, but this?

Oh, I’m still gonna buy it, but I thought I’d take this moment to hope for the betterment of, not just original Star Trek, but all season sets everywhere.

56. Zanpher - July 31, 2009

Does anybody know if these are REAL bluray movies or the fake ones they released as a box set awhile ago? (real bluray = 1080p, straight from the source w/ no messing around crap).

57. Sean4000 - July 31, 2009

56: Same transfers as the previous bundle set.

58. Darrksan (ST:TMP 30th anniversary) - July 31, 2009

These Movie releases are a joke.
Blu-Ray…..No…. it more like Blur-Ray.

It is the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and still no 30th anniversary release, but The Wrath of Khan is been release 3 times on DVD this year. All The Wrath of Khan stuff this year is starting me to hate the film (I love the film, but it is too much). Too many times of fanboy with Wrath of Khan, Wrath of Khan, Wrath of Khan, Wrath of Khan.
Oh, just shut up!
I love the film, but I’m sick heard about it all the time.
In the words of Bill: GET A LIFE!

Dear Paramount,
Please come out with a individual release Star Trek: The Motion Picture 3-disk set with all version.
1. Theatrical Cut (1979)
2. TV Cut.
3. Bob Wise’s director’s cut.

I even buy your bad Blur-Ray, if you do this.

59. Sean4000 - July 31, 2009

I have a feeling since Star Treks IV and VIII were quickly “buzzed over” by Lowry Digital images we’ll see the same DNR effect. Keep in mind I cannot confirm ANY over zealous DNR on VIII, but LD’s job on IV was no James Bond-calibre restoration I’ll tell you that.

I’m weary of any future release of these films. But that’s just my $.02

60. Sean4000 - July 31, 2009

59: I’m saying that because I haven’t seen VIII on Blu-ray yet.

I’m not telling anyone what to buy, it is a free country.

61. The Wild Man of Borneo - July 31, 2009

I agree with #58. Paramount is really dropping the ball on this and they’re just milking the fans for money.

62. Bill Hiro - July 31, 2009

What beautiful poster art am I referring to, # 51? Why, the beautiful Bob Peak art for STTMP, TWOK, et cetera – i.e. the real Star Trek movies, and not this summer’s reboot, which you apparently thought I was referring to. That film’s theatrical poster was, indeed, dreadful and lacking.

63. Hawaiian Trekker - July 31, 2009

Unless these are released as a “real” blu-ray set, then I wont bother buying them as I already have them on DVD and they play fine on my blu-ray. Now, if they are indeed 1080, then by all means I will want them as blu-ray is without a doubt the best way to view movies today at home. And what is the deal with only the even-numbered movies? How can you watch TWOK and skip Trek III? I personally like Search for Spock and have always hated the fact that it gets lumped in with the odd-numbered bad movie curse. As far as the Motion-less Picture is concerned, I have always really wanted to like the movie. I even have the director’s cut which is an improvement but I still cant get through the entire movie in one viewing. I think Paramount is aware of how slow the sales would be on that one and are probably going to re-release that one last.

64. Thorny - July 31, 2009

62…. “What beautiful poster art am I referring to, # 51? Why, the beautiful Bob Peak art for STTMP, TWOK, et cetera”

I love the ST:TMP poster (Kirk/Ilia/Spock and Enterprise) but TWOK was a cheapie poster, just a logo against “warp stars” surrounded by photos that are effects test shots and outtakes from the movie, with the tag “At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance.” It’s cool, yes, but beautiful is is not.

65. THX-1138 - July 31, 2009

My thanks to the folks smarter than me who got me the info on WalMart’s cheap….er….less expensive Blu Ray player. I will probably buy one on the gamble that it may or may not work all that well. I also have no idea (well, maybe an idea) what Blu Ray live is so I don’t know if I care about it or not. I have an HDMI cable for my old standard format DVD player. At $98 if it falls to pieces or doesn’t work properly I can buy another one and still be priced out below most of the BD players on the market.

And by Christmas I will probably kick myself as one of the better Blu Ray players will have a price drop that will go below the $100 mark.

66. DC - July 31, 2009

64……you’re kidding right?
you must be referring to the teaser poster and not the theatrical

THIS is what he was referring to

67. Allen - July 31, 2009

Can we get a yes or no conf on HD trials and tribulations?

I like the packaging for season 1, but not the movies. I would have prefered that the movies were packaged more like the season (ie just 1 container with several “pages”)

FYI for about $100 you can get blu-ray on your computer (its how i watch them) combined with a 1080p 24″ monitor it looks great.

68. THX-1138 - July 31, 2009


I considered that. But with 57″ screen and no real desire to link it from my computer I want to just go the typical route.

69. jason - July 31, 2009

are they going to put out single discs of the odd numbered movies too?

70. DavidJ - July 31, 2009


Yeah the paintings for STI and II are pretty cool, but the ones for III through V look cheap and amateurish as hell.

And after that, it’s just a bunch of photoshopped heads in space. lol

In order to attract new Trek fans, the studio needed to come up with packaging that works for ALL the movies, and I think they did a decent job.

71. Cyberghost - July 31, 2009

All the ST TOS Movies will be released in a box set, along with all the ST TNG movies, probably at a reduced price. Same with ST TOS S1-3, box set will come out, tyical. How many times are they going to milk the cow? I think I will netflix the blu Ray movies, to chk out and that should hold me over until the box sets and buy at a reduced price. Amazon even has buried a ST TOS blu Ray movie box set, sign up to be notified.

What’s the rush? Are they limited edition, no.

Per BSG Hybrid ” it’s happened before and it will happen again, again again…

72. Driver - July 31, 2009

Yeah, the STII poster. Where Khan is wearing eyeliner always gets me misty.

73. Matt Wright - July 31, 2009

59 — To be fair Lowry clearly didn’t have a hand in what went out on the Blu-ray releases. Note that both ST:IV and ST:VIII are listed as “emergency fixes” not full restorations. They likely helped the studio get a master in shape, what was done with it afterwards is out of their hands.

74. Matt Wright - July 31, 2009

65 — It’s a decent machine from what I’ve been reading, the 2nd generation of Funai profile 1.1 players, and it seems to have decent compatibility. Also, good news is that Magnavox finally woke up and started issuing firmware updates for it’s 1st generation player, so the 2nd gen unit may actually get somewhat timely support (unlike the poor 1st gen users).

75. VoR - July 31, 2009

These covers are very nice.

76. Bob Tompkins - July 31, 2009

#2 Does Shat still wear the hair helmet or has he had implant surgery? I’ve been catching up on Boston Legal and about everything else he has done lately [how did I miss out on BL first-run? It’s great!!] & it’s either a very good weave or he took the plunge. His hair looks like a couple of frends of mine who had restoration surgery.

Burt Reynolds once offered to do a movie sans toupee, but the producers and director nixed the idea.


77. SciFiMetalGirl - July 31, 2009

How many more times must they gouge us? Do I really have the words “sucker” tattooed on my forehead somewhere?

And yet, I will probably still end up buying them, once again.

78. capnjake - July 31, 2009

#39 the samsung bd-p 1500 is profile 2.0 machine, I should know it was the second bluray player i owned. Its profile 1.1 out of the box and when you upgrade the firmware it become profile 2.0 the big difference between the 1500 and 1600 is the 1600 has netflix streaming also included.

79. capnjake - July 31, 2009

the star trek movies that have allready been released on bluray are 1080p geesh you guys are really something. the only reason why trek II underwent a full restoration was the original film elements were in pretty bad shape, the remaining films just needed a little work done.
I have a 1080p HD DLP projector which is currently set to show an image on my theatre screen in my living room that is about 12 feet across and these movies look beautiful. dont believe the people on the dvd websites who have nothing better to do then spred FUD.

80. Sean4000 - August 1, 2009

73: “Perhaps you’re right”====Spock ST:II

Here’s my letter from Lowry Digital Images.

“”Thanks for the note. Although these are not “full restorations”, which can be cost prohibitive, we know they’ll be significantly improved. Hope you like them.

Alan Silvers
Director/Business Development
Lowry Digital”””

I just hope First Contact looks good! That’s all. I know XI is going to shine like a star.

81. toddk - August 1, 2009

This is what drives die-hard trekkies up the wall, including me..The last people who should or would screw up the disc packaging should be paramount. any true fan would have no problem designing the covers for the discs, getting the ships, the crew and other small details right. It just makes no sense for any paramount marketer to get this stuff mixed up…unless they (paramount) dosent really care. to which i’m not really sure of….The artwork seems fine to the casual sci-fi fan.

why do the die-hard fans become angry? because it seems that the fans are more in tune with the details than paramount itself. The fans become the experts and paramount is the learning student..kinda weird isnt it.

82. Moonwatcher - August 1, 2009

# 58…I wholeheartedly agree. Dear Paramount, PLEASE!!!… take a tip from the extraordinary 5 disc Blade Runner blu-ray release and give Star Trek: The Motion Picture its due justice. Release the definitive Directors Cut…cleaned, scrubbed and polished as today’s technology will now allow.

83. Captain Stark - August 1, 2009

Maybe I am dense, or perhaps a little slow but why are they re-releasing these movies as regular DVD’s? What’s the matter with the Collector’s Edition of all these movies they put out between 2001-2005? I’ve watched them on my 42″ Sony and I have no complaints. Unless these new movies are in 3D or something spectacular, I just don’t see the point in shelling out more money for great movies that I already own.

84. Sam - August 1, 2009

Money is tight for me right now, and I won’t be buying something I know I’ll have to replace down the line with better picture quality! So I’m gonna hold off from buying any of the first six films on blu-ray, to be safe than sorry if Paramount issues another release because of this releases criticism.

85. 1701 over Gotham City - August 1, 2009

Ugh. Looks like all the box art was made in about an hour.

I really miss the days of ARTWORK for a poster/cover, instead of overly rehashed photos.

86. ChristopherPike - August 1, 2009

“The Greatest Star Trek There Will Ever Be!”

Damn Straight! LOL

– – –

Seriously though, thanks as always go to Anthony.

I don’t think I’ve ever openly said this before… butI really appreciate the effort it must take to bring us this level of indepth coverage with future DVD/Blu Ray releases.

Those covers probably look great to newbies, trading off the Abramsverse. As an old timer, I wish they would print the original poster and logos on the reverse… for those of us stuck in our ways, to flip over to. Seems a shame that the Bob Peak TWOK and successive artwork, TUC & FC isn’t given sleeve space no more.

87. Cyberghost - August 1, 2009


Shat does still wear a rug, it’s just a thinned out version. It looks a whole lot better than the muskrat he used to wear going back to ST:TMP. If you have not had a chance, check out the William Shatner roast that was put on by the Comedy Channel, Takei has some big time digs. It’s out in DVD, and the DVD version has a lot more content in comparison to the version that is broadcast on TCC. It’s one of the best roasts I have seen.

88. ww - August 1, 2009

Those covers for TWOK, TVH, TUC and FC are awful. The worst thing: the random quotes telling the consumer that this is the best of the series. They are really unnecessary. Overall, the covers are just…blah.

89. J.R.Q - August 1, 2009

#81your right. Please Paramount give Star Trek some class ,here idea look at Star Wars cover art .Do something like it .

90. John from Cincinnati - August 1, 2009

Still holding out for the Director’s editions of TMP and TWOK

91. Andy Patterson - August 1, 2009



I was not of the body either. I didn’t want to,…and wasn’t going to spend a dime on a new player. I didn’t quite understand it all. But now I see the light.

I can’t speak for the movie releases but I really believe the TOS versions are great. And all that speak about how it makes your old DVDs look better – I also believe that is true.

I had a lot of help getting setup. In fact I owe someone a huge consulting fee. Thanks again, Matt.

92. Matt Wright - August 1, 2009

Glad it’s working for ya Andy :)

93. Ty - August 1, 2009

89: But the funny thing is, Star Wars fans always complain about their cover art, too.

94. THX-1138 - August 1, 2009

Andy and Matt

I don’t grok it all, but waiting is. I will join up soon. I just can’t spend $250 to $300 on something that may see significant improvements each year in it’s quality.

But you speak rightly.

95. Bill Hiro - August 1, 2009

“64……you’re kidding right?
you must be referring to the teaser poster and not the theatrical

THIS is what he was referring to

Thank you, DC, and I’m sorry you had to point out the obvious, i.e. that a bunch of photographs and a logo was not what I was referring to when I said “beautiful Bob Peak artwork”. I assume, perhaps, that the obtuse previous commenting Philistines don’t know who Bob Peak was anyway.

96. Bill Hiro - August 1, 2009

“In order to attract new Trek fans, the studio needed to come up with packaging that works for ALL the movies, and I think they did a decent job.”

High praise indeed.

97. Thorny - August 1, 2009

Bill… that poster (no, I have no idea who Bob Peak is or why you believe everyone should know that.) was never the Star Trek II movie poster. That artwork debuted with the VHS re-release as part of the Trek I-VI box set some ten years later. The only Star Trek II poster that ever appeared in theaters was the one I described.

And no, I don’t consider that Peak artwork beautiful, either. It is good, yes, but that “Bea Arthur as Khan” and “Robin Cutiss as Saavik” look drops it out of the “beautiful” realm, in my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

98. anti-matter - August 1, 2009

The original artwork from the movies was soooo good, why do they need to make it so low brow? First off, Reliant reversed? That is just Photoshop 101. But STAR TREK VIII? What is this Friday the 13th? I understand that they need to drum up interest with other fans, but come on…. I like the old artwork- These movies are good as they stand, some of them are even GREAT! No need to rebrand them like they are SPAM LITE.

99. anti-matter - August 1, 2009

Oh and was kirk in command of the Excelsior in STVI? That is the impression given in the artwork.
for RIZZLE!?!?

100. Trekwebmaster - August 1, 2009

I think the main and most noticeable “cheezy” aspect of the DVD / Blu-Ray covers are the various pastel “sepia” hues in each while the action and ships maintain their full colorized splendor.

That seems to be downplaying the actors / characters and “upconverting” the audience to the action segments. Shouldn’t this be the other way around?

The inclusion of the insigna is unobtrusive and neutral but shouldn’t the characters / actors be emphasized and the action taking a second seat?

Grade: Average: nothing to hail starbase about.

101. Bill Hiro - August 1, 2009

Thorny … the fact that you don’t know who Bob Peak is speaks volumes. I assume Drew Struzan, Tom Jung, Roger Kastel, all just more meaningless names …

102. Bill Hiro - August 1, 2009

Also, the Peak art work for Star Trek II was a theatrical poster and used in advertising for the film back during its original theatrical release. It was widely seen long before the VHS re-release you refer to.

103. James Hodge - August 2, 2009

Another error nobody has mentioned about the TWOK art…the Enterprise is firing phasers from it’s torpedo tubes…

They look good at first glance, but when you really zoom in and look at the details…not so much.

I’m a graphic design student about to graduate and I’ve made better stuff than this in my spare time.

104. ger - August 2, 2009

The critics quote on the TWOK cover is from Harry Knowles. Oh dear…

105. Dom - August 2, 2009

I can’t understand why they won’t just release films on DVD with the cinema poster artwork. It’s perfectly possible to create a unifying theme while still using original artwork!

Personally, I’d like it if they took the double-sided inlay option: ‘unifying design’ artwork for the shops and the original artwork without classification logos on the reverse.

And I fail to see the point in creating new artwork that goes all the way to the bottom of the packaging when the Blu-rays have asinine ‘critical quotes’ covering up the images!

106. Robert Meyer Burnett - August 2, 2009


Bob Peak’s painted artwork for the first five TREK films was AWESOME. Unfortunately, his key art for WOK and SFS wasn’t used for the domestic theatrical campaign but was, however, used overseas. His WOK art WASN’T used for the first home video release of WOK, although his SFS art was used for that film’s first home video (including laserdisc) release.

And yes…you absolutely SHOULD know Peak’s name. He was one of the greatest movie poster artists who ever lived. In hopes if perhaps educating you (because, lord knows, you seem to need it), try this link:

107. Jon - August 2, 2009

Can’t wait for Season 2 TOS on Blu-Ray myself…I have already watched all of the Season 1 set twice as I was so blown away by the clarity of the picture versus the previous DVD sets (said as a viewer of Trek since about 1972).

I agree with other posters…the Blu-Ray sets are more than worth it even if you have the other DVD sets…they are truly a quantum leap in quality all around, and of course you even get the original versions along with the enhanced ones.

I didn’t see anyone else commenting (or maybe they did?) about the most important aspect of this update: The reduced price :) . The original annoucement a couple of weeks back gave a price of $91, but now we’re down to $73. Certainly a lot more palatable :) …and I’d wager it may go down a little more before the release date…

Anyway, can’t wait to get this set!!


108. Mr. Delicious - August 2, 2009

Hmmm….STIV’s cover gives away the ending.

109. Juventas - August 2, 2009

#108, I hope your intent was a comedic one. It made me laugh. Although I wonder now, is there someone out there who would buy this release having never seen the movie before? One in a million perhaps.

110. Confused - August 3, 2009

What are you guys talking about re: Reliant’s registry being backwards? NCC-1864. That’s what it says. It’s this image photoshopped onto the cover:

111. Anthony Pascale - August 3, 2009

On Monday morning I updated the article (as noted above in the article) with new TWOK images from paramount

112. ger - August 4, 2009

Why would you want to mirror a perfectly symmetric image of a spaceship? Oh dear, what are those guys smoking?

113. Brian - August 7, 2009

Does anyone care or know when the other Star Trek series (The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager & Enterprise) will be released on BLU RAY?


Thanks, Brian

114. ST 8 : Der erste Kontakt - Seite 38 - SciFi-Forum - August 15, 2009

[…] erstmal nur "First Contact" einzelnd und die anderen drei TNG-Filme nur in der 4er Box: Box Art for Star Trek Season 2 Blu-ray + Individual Star Trek Movies on Blu-ray & DVD [UPDATED] … Da sind auch direkt die Artikel bei verlinkt. Bei gibt es momentan (neben […]

115. Zaphod - August 20, 2009

There’s a new cover for TOS season 2 at! It shows the correct “planet” logo for the sciences division instead of the command star.

116. Bill Hiro - September 6, 2009

Beautifully said, Mr. Burnett.

117. David in Chelsea, MA - September 8, 2009

Waiting patiently for Star Trek The Motion Picture to be released on blu-ray by itself, as opposed to being part of a set.


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