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Sci-Fi Movies Monday: Disney Buys Marvel + Batman, District 9, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Zombieland + more August 31, 2009

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: Sci-Fi , trackback

The big news this week is today’s $4B purchase of Marvel Entertainment by Disney, details below. Also in our weekly genre movie news wrap-up we cover some Batman and Underworld  rumors, find out what is next for District 9, and report troubles for Green Lantern and Green Hornet. Plus all the latest trailers and images, including 2012, Zombieland and more.


Disney Purchases Marvel for $4 Billion
Walt Disney Company is purchasing Marvel Entertainment, which includes the film studio Marvel Studios, for $4 billion in cash and stocks. Under the terms of the deal — and upon approval by shareholders at Marvel — Disney would acquire ownership of 5,000 Marvel characters:

“Disney is the perfect home for Marvel’s fantastic library of characters given its proven ability to expand content creation and licensing businesses,” said Ike Perlmutter, Marvel’s chief executive officer. “This is an unparalleled opportunity for Marvel to build upon its vibrant brand and character properties by accessing Disney’s tremendous global organization and infrastructure around the world.”

“We believe that adding Marvel to Disney’s unique portfolio of brands provides significant opportunities for long-term growth and value creation,” Robert A. Iger, Disney’s chief executive, said in a statement announcing the deal.

Disney said that they will honor previous deals Marvel made for distribution of their properties — for example, “Spider-Man 4″ through Sony Pictures, “Iron Man 2″ through Paramount Pictures and “X-Men Origins: Magneto” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2″ through 20th Century Fox — and re-examine them upon expiration.

Batman Rumors: ‘Dark Knight’ Follow-up Completely in IMAX? + Megan Fox Catwoman?
“The Dark Knight”
director Christopher Nolan shot several scenes from the film using IMAX cameras, a feature that went over incredibly well with fans and if a certain rumor/report from AICN pans out, we may be able to experience Nolan’s follow-up to the film entirely in IMAX:

The THIRD chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Caped Crusader’s saga could very well be FULLY shot in IMAX, not IMAX Digital – but the beautiful, stunning IMAX that we saw pieces of THE DARK KNIGHT in.

Now this is something that I’m sure a lot of you will feel is a no-brainer. Nolan blew us away with the IMAX sequences in that film – but it was a very tough process to work in. Mainly due to the limitations of how many available real IMAX rigs there are. Not only that, but lenses had to be created, adapted and god forbid one broke down. Part of the reason that Nolan went forward with INCEPTION first – besides taking a creative break from the cape and cowl adventures… was possibly to create a few new IMAX cameras made to his specs. Once again – the cost of shooting an entire feature film on IMAX… the stock, the time it takes to reset, to load, to move the cameras… Well… it is daunting, but as Nolan proved with DARK KNIGHT – the difference is stunning.

Meanwhile on the rumor debunking front, a WB studio representative debunked a report from the British tabloid The Sun claiming that Megan Fox had signed up to portray Catwoman in the ‘TDK’ follow-up: “It’s a rumor. It’s not true,” the studio representative told “There is no script. There is no project to be cast in.”

District 9 Sequel In the Works + Listen to the Movie Soundtrack
Director Neill Blomkamp says he’s ready to move forward with a sequel to the well-received sci-fi alien refugee film “District 9″ and admits that although he wrote “District 9″ with no sequel in mind, he has “an inclination of an idea” for a sequel:

“I would totally make a sequel,” he told The Sci-Fi Movie Page. “I’ve got an inclination but it’s not really fleshed out yet. Now that it’s done well, I think it would be cool. The studio have definitely said they want one, it’s just a question of what the hell it is.”

More from The Sci-Fi Movie Page:

It would seem that Blomkamp is more interested in it being a sequel than a prequel, which would again be set in South Africa and star Sharlto Copley as Wikus van der Merwe again. “Does Wikus become human again?” is one of the plot issues which Blomkamp feels can be explored in a possible sequel.

Click here to listen to the complete interview, which also includes Blomkamp discussing his involvement in the “Halo” project, which he reveals $11 million was spent on before Universal pulled the plug — he won’t be involved in any revival of the project — and more. In other “District 9″ news, Sony has posted samples from the soundtrack of the film which you can access in the embedded player below or at the official website.

Jon Favreau Talks ‘Avengers’ and Iron Man 2 + Sam Rockwell
“Iron Man 2″
director Jon Favreau told Ireland Online (via io9) that although he worries about that “The Avengers” may be “a failed experiment”, he is hopeful that it may “be something wonderful”:

“I think that’s fun. I think it’s inevitable, and ‘The Avengers’ might be the thing that helps rescue us from the inevitable sequel slump that you get into, because you’re throwing everything on its ear. It might be a failed experiment or it might be something wonderful, but it allows you to add complexity in an organic way where you’re culminating with something bigger, as opposed to trying to play out and not repeat the same story over and over again.”

On the “Iron Man 2″ front, Favreau discussed two of the newest additions to the cast; Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow) and Mickey Rourke (Ivan Vanko/Whiplash):

“Scarlett brings a new element that not only works us towards ‘The Avengers’ but also changed the dynamic between Robert and Gwyneth. With Mickey Rourke, I didn’t want to just have two guys in robot suits hitting each other again. I wanted to have a different type of villain.”

Meanwhile, Comic Book Resources relays an interview they conducted with another recent addition — Sam Rockwell (Justin Hammer) — at Comic-Con where he discusses his role in the film. Here’s are two excerpts:

CBR: Justin Hammer and Tony Stark are rivals in the film. What are their similarities and their differences?

Rockwell: They’re similar. I think that ultimately Justin is probably more insecure. So that may be his downfall. His ambition may be stronger in a way so it’s a trap that Justin may fall into.

CBR: Did you study any of your character’s appearances in the comic books?

Rockwell: Yeah, I looked at some of the comic books, but the character in the comic books is much different. We’re trying to find another way to tell the story. They wanted the guy to be more of a contemporary. You don’t want to disappoint the fans but you want to reinvent it and give your own interpretation of the character. Justin Hammer’s older and, like, British or something [in the comic]. That’s what’s fun about it. If you see five performances of “Hamlet,” you want to see Ralph Fiennes do Hamlet, you want to see Jude Law, you want to see Richard Burton play Hamlet. You want to see them all do their own interpretations of something. So that’s what’s fun about Don Cheadle [being in the movie] too. It’s a fun thing to watch that.

“Iron Man 2″ hits theaters on May 7, 2010. “The Avengers” is scheduled to be released on May 4, 2012.

9: In Depth
Here are some excerpts from interviews with director Shane Acker and the cast of the upcoming post-apocalyptic animated film “9”, which hits theaters Wednesday, September 9th (9/9/09):

Acker on the numbering of the creatures:

“I was just having fun and kind of exploring this idea that these numbers would be versions in some way,” Acker said. “As the numbers get higher, the sophistication of the creatures gets more complex and more refined. So when 9 comes along, he is the last version, the most up-to-date version, the most complete, who has a larger, more holistic view. We just bought into that conceit, and then we tried to have as much fun with that as we could. What does the number 6 mean? What kind of emotions does that elicit, that number? What could this character be? So we tried to separate them all, as they all have their own strengths and their own weaknesses, and together they’re able to complete themselves, and they become a whole once they finally get working together.”

Elijah Wood plays the voice of the title character 9:

“He comes into the world late,” Wood said of his character 9. “So 1 has already established a kind of rule over the other characters, largely due to fear, staying away from the machines, not getting any answers and living cloistered in a tower. I love the fact that 9 comes into that world sort of naively but sort of wisely, and sees that that’s not necessarily the way for them to live, and they’re actually putting themselves in greater harm. If they simply asked the greater questions to find out who they are and what they are, they can get at what’s ultimately keeping them cloistered away.”

Acker on the differences between “9” and other films whose setting is post-apocalyptic:

“I think what’s different is it’s not our world that’s been destroyed,” Acker said. “It’s this kind of alternate reality world. It’s this steampunk world that’s fallen into disrepair that’s been destroyed so it’s as if the Victorian era or the industrial age had been allowed to progress for a couple hundred years beyond what it did. It’s all analog. It’s all pre-digital. It’s a world that was in celebration of the machine and it’s the kind of industrial revolution aesthetic where even within the machinery itself, there’s ornamentation and there’s beautiful detailing. So it’s not about just practicality. It’s about celebrating the mechanics and the industrial age. Then that world has collapsed.”

Jennifer Connelly (the voice of 7) on the parallels between the film’s themes and our dependence on technology:

“I like that it was looking at the sort of fallout of a conflict between man and the machine,” Connelly said. “I liked that there was a piece of the puzzle was held by the machine, was sort of in the world of reason and a piece of the puzzle was in the realm of the spirit. They had to be put together for the soul to be released. I thought that was interesting. It is something I think about. I think that we have incredible technology and we’ve made incredible advances in medicine and science and I don’t think those can be denied. But, I also think that there’s a cost to some of the technologies that proliferate and that we employ. I do think that there needs to be a balance of knowing where things come from and where we come from. I think there is a delicate balance that sometimes gets skewed.”

Head on over to SCI FI Wire (here and here) to read more interviews with the cast and crew. Check out some images from the limited edition “9” movie books (only 999 were made) below, and head on over to io9 for your chance to win a copy of the book.

The Green Hornet Pushed Back Five Months; Rogen Responds
Columbia Pictures has pushed back the release date of the Michel Gondry’s “The Green Hornet” by five months, moving it from July 9, 2010 to December 17, 2010. The delay, however, may not be such a bad thing. Here’s what Seth Rogen — who co-wrote and stars as the Green Hornet — told HitFix:

“We’re both relieved and psyched about the change. It gives more time for post, which would have been immensely rushed if we were to come out in the summer. It also affords us more time to promote the film, (now we can go to Comic-Con with more than a car!) and ultimately is a great vote of confidence from the studio. We got the same date that movies like ‘I Am Legend’ and ‘Avatar’ are getting, so we’re thrilled to be there.”

Kate Beckinsale Denies Reports She’s in Underworld 4
Kate Beckinsale has denied reports that she’s reprising her role as Selena in Screen Gems’ “Underworld 4 3-D”, telling a group of reporters that she hasn’t signed on to anything, but wouldn’t rule out a return:

“I haven’t signed anything,” Beckinsale said. “It was always conceived as a trilogy, which I was never going to be in the third one. I think if they came up with an amazing script or whatever, then, sure, I wouldn’t be averse to it, but it’s not necessarily planned.”

The actress was less enthusiastic about the rumor that the film would kick-off a new trilogy: “God, three whole more?” she sighed. “I don’t think my daughter needs to see my bottom in rubber for another 10 years.” With or without her, Screen Gems have already set a January 11, 2011 release date for “Underworld 4 (in 3-D)”.

Trouble Down Under for Green Lantern?

Last week Production Weekly twittered a message on their account that production in Australia on “Green Lantern” was under threat “after the rising Australian dollar has blown out production costs.” The Australian magazine Inside Film offered more details about situation (via SCI FI Wire):

Warner Bros. is understood to be negotiating with the [New South Wales] State Government to receive a higher level of concessions in an effort to claw back between $US15 and $US25 million in value eroded by the currency gains.

The value of the Australian dollar has climbed by more than 16 per cent since the State Labor government announced the deal to film at Fox Studios in mid-April. The big-budget Hollywood blockbuster was expected to create around 500 local jobs, including 100 performers and 200 crew.

While most offshore productions lock in finance when a project is green-lit, it is understood that ongoing work on the Green Lantern script delayed that move. Pre-production on the film was originally scheduled for July and filming for November.

“Green Lantern” — to be directed by Martin Campbell and star Ryan Reynolds — is currently slated to be released on June 17, 2011.



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Box Office Update: Final Destination Beats Out Halloween II; District 9 Closes in on $100M
Two R-rated horror films competed for the top spot over the weekend, with WB’s “The Final Destination 3-D” coming out ahead with $27.4 million over #3-finisher “Halloween II” ($16.3M). “The Final Destination 3-D” finished considerably ahead of 2006’s “Final Destination 3″, which grossed $19.2 million in its opening weekend.  That was not the case with “Halloween II”, which fell well short of 2007’s “Halloween” ($26.4 million opening). Meanwhile, “District 9″ dropped just slightly over 40% to take in $10.3 million for the weekend, bringing its three weekend total to $90.4 million ($104.7 million worldwide). “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” brought in $7.7 million ($132.1 million/$256.2 million worldwide), “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” added another $2.5 million and is nearing $300 million domestically ($294.3 million/$896.0 million worldwide), while “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” is within reach of $400 million ($399.4 million/$827.8 million worldwide). For the complete top 10 list head on over to Box Office Mojo.

Follow Russ on his blog: Your Entertainment Now and on Twitter:

“The Final Destination 3-D”


1. That One Guy - August 31, 2009

I think I would cry if they had Megan Fox AND/AS Catwoman in Batman 3.

2. bryan - August 31, 2009

I wonder what the Marvel buyout will spell for the attractions at Universal Studios>

3. Mike Ten - August 31, 2009

That 2012 movie really pisses me off. I’m constantly trying to explain to my children and others that it’s just a movie and (hopefully) the world will not end in 2012.

As for Sam Worthington, I’m starting to like him more and more. We need more people that make movies to speak up and make things alittle more believable. I don’t care if it is a cartoon movie, at least let the viewer know that you at least care about what you want us to pay $10.00 each to see.

4. Paulaner - August 31, 2009

Why I’m not that excited by Avatar?

5. BOOZBA - August 31, 2009

The Avatar stuff is too much!!!!LOL!!!!!

6. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - August 31, 2009

Am I the only one who hates Megan Fox?

7. Jordan - August 31, 2009

Please god, no Megan Fox and no Catwoman.

8. That One Guy - August 31, 2009

Absolutely not. She’s one of those actresses that I could very well do without.

9. Pyork (JE) - August 31, 2009

great. Disney bought Marvel. Can’t wait for X-Men Origins: Micky Mouse. Or better yet, The Incredible Goofy.

Avatar looks stupid btw

10. AnotherQ - August 31, 2009

Surprised to learn that the creator of District 9 didn’t
think of making a sequel – it certainly needs one. Good
movie, very different & original.

Megan’s got my vote for Catwoman! Oh, yeah!

Can’t wait for ZombieLand.

11. DavidL - August 31, 2009

#9 It cannot be good news that disney now owns Marvel. What’s next Marvel Team Up Starring Spider-Man and Tinker Bell? I guess DC will be the way to go shortly after Disney screws up Marvel really good

12. LOO-SER! - August 31, 2009

@3. Ya same here. I heard about this 2012 business about 6 years ago and all that the mayans said it would be, to my understanding, was a “change”/change would occur about that time.
That could mean anything! That could mean nothing. They could’ve been talking crap!
And does anyone else feel like they have pretty much seen the entire movie thanks to the lets-give-it-all-away nature of these trailers?

@6 and 8. You guys must be hoping that she will do a Catwoman movie so! Seeing as that would most probably end her career right there and then like it did to Halle Berry’s lol!

13. Spockish - August 31, 2009

To #3 Mikey Ten,

The best I can think of for a reply besides take your head out of the rumor clouds and put it were the sun don’t… now the serious answer. Do you remember the big 2000 problem that was to crash all electronic actions, view the Mayan 12/21/2012 just as solidly as those worried fools on 1/1/2000.

I’d give better odds of the ET’s that the Mayan, Inca, Egyptians and Orientals got all their building ideas from, of returning and then giving us the star ship tech to screw up space civilizations as well as the UN now governs Earths population. And if they do arrive hope it is not in IRAN because by then IRAN will have built a bomb or bombs and they’ll nuke everyone thinking that GOD gave them the power.

And after that ask them for valid proof, not rumored proof that and how the world dies. And the proof needs to be verified by Steven Hawking.

Rumors make good paperbacks but rumors rarely if at all make best sellers, they can make penneys but rarely to they create gold.

14. departmentQ - August 31, 2009

…finally, that Hanna Montana/Wolverine team up the I’ve been hoping for…

15. Douglas R. Reynolds - August 31, 2009

Disney buys Marvel!?! The dark days are comming. I can see the new Marvel logo, Spidey wearing a set of mouse ears.

16. Spockish - August 31, 2009

And Disney buys Marvel, if The Mouse company lets some guy get an over inflated ego thinking he/she can run the newly bought company better than Marvel use to, kiss Marvel into history. But if they let Marvel run the way it has, all will be fine.

The big problems happen when Marvel has to ask the Disney banks for more money than they are budgeted for.

17. MC1 Doug - August 31, 2009

Why such disdain for Disney? Some of the greatest films ever made have been Disney and have been a huge influence on hundreds and hundreds of filmmakers.

18. That One Guy - August 31, 2009

On the subject of Disney + Marvel:

We’re not doomed YET. Google has yet to buy Disney, Starbucks, and Wal-mart. Those particular business deals aren’t supposed to be finished until late December…. in…. 2012…..


19. paustuin - August 31, 2009

the interesting part about Disney buying Marvel is at Univeral studios in Orlando they have Islands of Adventure which feature a spiderman 3-d simulator, the Hulk coaster, a Doctor Doom fearfall ride and Storm force accelatron… can repaint the others but the spiderman ride is a total loss. Disney just punched a major competitor in the nads……

20. PORTHOS X - August 31, 2009

oh great..Disney buys Marvel…its only a matter of time until Disney buys Paramount and CBS and we get a Star Trek meets Hannah Montana film:( As for all the disdain over Disney, #17, maybe its the fact that Disney is a massive empire that sexually corrupts children everywhere and corrupts, sexualizes and exploits its stars in a manner not too far shy of the way pimps trick out their ‘hoes’ or the way the underground global sex trafficking rings use kidnapped people as sex slaves…

21. PORTHOS X - August 31, 2009

additionally, if Disney buys DC Comics too, we can get an official Batman/Star Trek crossover via the psuedocanon idea that Spocks late Mom was the descendant of one ‘Richard Grayson’ —aka Robin?

22. =A= - August 31, 2009

2012 is end of world? believe it or not to be?

23. Son of a Maui Portagee - August 31, 2009

Well, I’d think the thing for Paramount followers to note is that even though the boat isn’t being rocked for IRON MAN 2, if this purchase goes through this pretty much will fell Paramount’s IRON MAN tentpole and that could introduce a certain amount of chaos to Paramount’s future film financing schemes.

24. Brian from OR - August 31, 2009

The good news is that Paramount has Marvel till 2012 since they have a 5 picture deal with Marvel. Which means Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers. There is the possibility they could continue with the partnership but I don’t think that will happen. But that’s now 2 properties that Disney has taken from Paramount. Disney is the distributor of Dreamworks and now is the owner of Marvel. I am really starting to fear about Paramount. All of its partners seem to be leaving the studio and going to others. Another good example of this is Hasbro which has teamed with Paramount on Transformers and G.I. Joe. You would think they would remain with Paramount but they now have a partnership with Universal. I just fear that Paramount will end up being like MGM.

25. Jim Nightshade - August 31, 2009

2012 was a novel by Whitley Strieber,done quite well, but from what i have heard,the movie takes almost nothin from the novel–the day after tomorrow was based on another book by streiber and art bell called the coming global superstorms and if anything their predictions are happening faster than they thought it would- streiber also has a movie from a novel he did, the grays, directed by wolfgang peterson i believe-strieber also wrote the wolfen and his alien/visitor bestseller-communion-anyone interested in paranormal his website unknown country is excellent-strieber also has a cameo in race for witch mountain-

26. Jim Nightshade - September 1, 2009

re disney buying marvel-if it is like their purchase of pixar they pretty much do not interfere they just market the products with better worldwide distribution etc–Disney sometimes does great other times lousy-will stan lee be wearing mouse ears now?

27. Mike Ten - September 1, 2009

I think Marvel will be fine with Disney which also owns Miramax which made the movies Pulp Fiction, Frida and Kill Bill to name a few, movies with lots of violence and/or nudity. Not your typical Mickey Mouse stuff.
I would be surprised if you see much of a change at Marvel, if anything there might be more toys for sale.

The only time you will see Wolverine and Mickey Mouse together will be in Disneyland or Disneyworld.

28. Duncan MacLeod - September 1, 2009

If the producer of District 9 didn’t plan for a sequel… the editing certainly did. No spoilers, but the end left it WIIIIIIIIDE open (and an inevitable “3 years later”, common development cycle for a sequel IN DIALOGUE)

29. beerwriter - September 1, 2009

@17: it is not disdain of Disney’s rich heritage (I’d happily argue that 1940’s Fantasia is the greatest animated film ever made); what bothers me is that when you read those quotes from the two executives — I’ve copied them below — they discuss “licensing” and “value creation”, but not a single word about artistry. Now, I like money myself and business certainly has its important place but this is a deal done by businessmen to make money, not by creative people like Walt Disney or Stan Lee to make new art.


“Disney is the perfect home for Marvel’s fantastic library of characters given its proven ability to expand content creation and licensing businesses,” said Ike Perlmutter, Marvel’s chief executive officer. “This is an unparalleled opportunity for Marvel to build upon its vibrant brand and character properties by accessing Disney’s tremendous global organization and infrastructure around the world.”

“We believe that adding Marvel to Disney’s unique portfolio of brands provides significant opportunities for long-term growth and value creation,” Robert A. Iger, Disney’s chief executive, said in a statement announcing the deal.

30. Andy Patterson - September 1, 2009

The Disney Marvel story, I think, is one of the best stories in a long time. After all they made a better Fantastic Four movie than Marvel and it was called The Incredibles. And with john Lassetter involved…..that’s exciting. Many good possibilities here.

31. beerwriter - September 1, 2009

FYI, Stan Lee was interviewed about the Disney/Marvel deal by the Washington Post. It’s at:

32. Daoud - September 1, 2009

#27 Yep, editing can work wonders! District 10, coming soon… (why not, it doesn’t make any sense, but neither did Ocean’s 12 and 13 until the scripts made it work….)

#Marvel/Disney: Everyone’s forgetting. Disney owns ABC. This opens the possibilities for *series* television with Marvel characters. A new Hulk series. A Spiderman TV series. Disney has read the tea leaves with Smallville, and the Dark Knight and has seen the $$$ that Warner has made with DC. They’re not stupid at all here.

And a Fantastic Four for television could work much better than the films. ABC needs content sorely with Lost ending soon.

I agree with you #29, this is all good.

Plus as others said, this kicks NBC/Universal in the NADS! They took Marvel for granted at their Universal Studios theme parks. What are they now left to do? “Heroes”? Maybe they can pick up the shit that is “Avatar”. “Avatar: The Ride”. Meow.

#Hitler on Avatar: Much better than having to watch Avatar. :) Says it all, in a nutshell! The mash there was ausgezeichnet!! Who put that together?

33. Steamblade - September 1, 2009

11. Gosh your right, I’ve had it up to here with all of those Flash / Road Runner crossovers since Warner bought DC 30 years ago. Oh wait, that never happened. The naysayers are laughably ignorant.

34. Derf - September 1, 2009

Megan Fox in Batman 21st century = nipples on bat suit + arnold + silverstone + schumacher + 20th century = well, at least they gave us the dark knight :(

Megan Fox + Cannonball Run 5 = Perfect (as I would not go see it anyways)

35. Brain - September 1, 2009


You forget that a more enigmatic trailer was the first to show regarding ‘2012’. This far along in the publicity game the general public would demand something more and they get it… and that’s where we are now.

36. THX-1138 - September 1, 2009

Megan Fox has a fantastic body but she also has toe-thumbs. Freaks me out.

As for Disney’s acquisition of Marvel: are you naysayers on crack? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Disney is a pretty succesful company that has a long history of outstanding storytelling. All you Marvel movie/comics fans should rejoice. The popularity of comics adapted movies is waning and Disney just gave that a huge shot in the arm.

Avatar will be a fun movie to watch, but I am reserving judgement on the story. I know some folks who got to see the sneak peek in 3D and said it looks beautiful.

Cloverfield 2. I’d watch that. But I am a sucker for big bug genre films.

37. Andy Patterson - September 1, 2009

Again……Pixar, Marvel, Disney. Seems like a great recipe to me.

Cook it up boys.


– If I had ten divisions of those men, our problems here would be over very quickly.

38. sean - September 1, 2009

The more I hear of Iron Man 2, the less interested I become. Scarlett? Ick.

And let’s get real – the X-Men Origins movies were going to suck whether they were through Disney or not.

39. Captain Dunsel - September 1, 2009

Are we ready for Mickey vs. Wolverine?

40. DonDonP1 - September 1, 2009

To Porthos X: Disney to buy Paramount, CBS and DC Comics? “That may not be possible.” Disney owns ABC. CBS Corporation owns the CBS network. DC Comics is owned by Time Warner. Paramount is owned by the post-2006 Viacom.

41. Duncan MacLeod - September 1, 2009

31. Daoud – September 1, 2009

In this case it makes more sense than Oceans 12 and 13… I don’t want to give anything away but Dialogue certainly sets it up for “District 10″ to be a just fine name for the movie.

42. Spockish - September 1, 2009

I can see the death of Batman, just think Batman is sucked into a computer and Tron takes him over.

Tron was a good visual aspect movie but as dimensional deep as a piece of paper. And the tech is still 1980s CMOS tech with photo etching via metal plates/masks.

The Dark Knight at least moved from 2D to 3D, the plot can jump off the paper script but as gravity says every thing always falls back to where it came from.

DC Comics ventures in the the some what R-ratings. and Disney likes the G rating, but may do PG-13 stuff. So anything that would make a teen grow wood is about as possible as the Government making a profit with out taxes.

It is going to be a interesting battle in the next few years as they fight and merge into one ever growing corporate blob company. It might even be a less than boring movie in 20 years and made for TV if TV lives that long.

43. colonyearth - September 1, 2009

NOT a viral marketing for Cloverfield 2. That was still in very early talks last I heard, with JJ working on so many other projects. The trades have been silent since the last talk was out.

This was someone’s personal play on it. Interesting but not the real thing.


44. They call me Stasiu - September 1, 2009

Hopefully Chris Nolan designed an IMAX rig that could withstand being knocked about or smashed!

45. Marian Ciobanu - September 1, 2009

– I like the news about PREDATORS and 2012…

46. toddk - September 1, 2009

Erich Kunzel died recently . he did star trek music recordings for telarc digital. sorry to be off topic but i thought it’s worth mentioning.

47. John from Cincinnati - September 1, 2009

I would never want to have a conversation with Megan Fox but would definitely get physical with her.

OT: Erich Kunzel was the conductor of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. RIP.

48. Thorny - September 1, 2009

Sorry to hear about Kunzel. His “Star Tracks” was one of the first CDs I ever bought (circa 1985.)

49. Tim G. - September 1, 2009

Glad to hear that the Seth Rogen Green Hornet has been pushed back 6 months. I’d be estatic to hear that it had been dropped completely. The Hornet deserves better.

50. Captain Dingleberry The Great - September 1, 2009

Oh great…now that Disney has bought Marvel I guess we can look forward to a reimagined Howard The Duck film…replete with CGI Howard…:-(

51. Captain Dingleberry The Great - September 1, 2009

Watching Cloverfield makes me feel like I have a VIRAL infection of the intestinal tract.

52. Andy Patterson - September 1, 2009


What happened to Kunzel? Did he die?

53. Andy Patterson - September 1, 2009

Wow. That’s wild. He died on my wife’s birthday. Saw him conduct Dallas symphony on a Star Wars concert. Anthony Daniels was there reading C3P0 type narration on top. They did the big battle number from Phantom Menace and the pick up chorus sang the wrong opening chord. Kunzel stopped everything, said “It’s an Eb minor chord! Let’s do it again”. They did it again, this time right, and went on with the show. I turned to my wife and said “wow, check out Kunzel. He stops the show and takes care of business.” Sorry to hear that.

54. Daoud - September 1, 2009

#49 Howard The Duck could actually be done much much better… especially if it were all in Duckworld for the first film….

Of course, with Disney involved, you could have characters in Duckworld that acted and talked just like Donald and Daisy, Scrooge, Huey, Louie and Dewey…. or not.

#52 Kunzel was a great one, indeed.

#40 Yep. Just didn’t want to give anything away. :)

55. Khan was framed - September 1, 2009

I’d love to see a really good Catwoman story, as opposed to the lame ones we’ve been given so far. But that would require a decent actress to play her, which is not Meagan Fox…she sucks the life out of every scene she’s in. Why couldn’t Starscream step on that bimbo!!

So do you think we’ll see Wolverine walking around with Chip n’ Dale & that candle stick guy from Beauty & the Beast one day?

56. Son of a Maui Portagee - September 1, 2009

#55. “So do you think we’ll see Wolverine walking around with Chip n’ Dale…” – Khan was framed

For years he’s been walking around with a Chip on his shoulder…so why not a Dale? ;-)

57. Jim Nightshade - September 1, 2009

I never thought the howard the duck movie was That bad-it was pretty otiginal and funny-howards personality was watered down but almost everything else while not perfect was above average–although i always thought who framed roger rabbit was the howard movie that never got made haha-
fyi on the website they have an article re the disney/marvel deal with a jack kirby mickey mouse as capt america drawing which is hilarious genius-again kirby was decades ahead of the time! go to to see it!

58. PORTHOS X - September 1, 2009

#40– never underestimate the overlords at Disney…if this deal goes thru you have no idea what the longterm ramifications might be…with how powerful Disney is becoming it might try to buy CBS Corporation and Viacom and force Warner thru overwhelming force to give up DC…

59. Spock with a Crowbar - September 2, 2009

Avatar looks TERRIBLE. egad.

It looks like FERNGULLY with robots.

60. Captain Dingleberry The Great - September 2, 2009

#54 Yup, I could see Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louey making a cameo in a Howard the Duck reboot.

I’d watch Megan Fox if she was reciting Green Eggs and Ham…or doing a two hour monologue…she is so f-ing HOT!!!

There’s very few hotter.

So, that’s um…like all that matters. Then again, what do I know I’m a cosmic horndog.

61. Pablo Escobar - September 3, 2009

I hope Disney doesn’t mess around too much with Marvel, like in this funny parody of the situation.

62. Scott B. here. - September 3, 2009

Hitler was an evil maniac, but just this once, I agree with him.

Scott B. out.

63. JM Enterprise - September 5, 2009

OK, there seems a lot of negative people out there, but for those realists that are not so pesemistic, Disney buying Marvel is great news for fans.
In this economic climate film studios are struggling too.
Look at the difficulties Marvel Studio has had with raising the money for Iron Man 2, or even to pay the stars.
Consolidating like this, gives Marvel a new, much larger pot of money to play with.
As for Avatar, I think the trailer looks fantastic, not giving too much away.
Trust Cameroon to give you a fantastic story.
As for 2012, I want to see Emerich go back to what he’s proven to be good at – making fantastic end – of – the world stuff, and I for one can’t wait to see this at the cinema.
Come on guys, there are lots of positives in this article, give these movies a break!

64. Son of a Maui Portagee - September 5, 2009


That’s all well and good if all you see of Marvel is as a film/cartoon generating empire, but to the vast majority of others it is a print publication empire with a history of art and storytelling that it is feared won’t easily survive under the Disney imprimatur. Try to imagine WOLVERINE as a DISNEY GOLD KEY comic. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.