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FanMade: New Odyssey & Animated Farragut Releases + Phase II Update & Previews September 1, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Productions , trackback

The world of fan made Star Trek has been busy in the last few days. Today the Starship Farragut Animated Episode "Power Source" was completed. Also there is a new episode for Star Trek Odyssey. We also have an update and some previews for what is next from Star Trek Phase II.


Final part of Starship Farragut Animated Episode Released
Today the third and final act of "Power Source" the TAS style Starship Farragut animated episode was released. You can watch all the parts at or via the YouTube embed below.

New Star Trek Odyssey Release

The Hidden Frontier team has released the second episode of their second season for their TNG movie era Star Trek Odyssey.

With T’Lorra back on duty, and Vaughn still in the Brig, Maya Stadi is under pressure from seemingly everywhere. Will her training be enough to prepare her for what comes next? The Odyssey’s journey home may depend on an apparently dead planet, but what secrets have the Archein left behind


Phase II Update and Previews
The last release from Star Trek Phase II was "Blood and Fire, Part 1" last December (see TrekMovie review), but star/producer James Cawley tells TrekMovie the wait will soon be over, with the concluding part 2 coming out by the end of the month. It also looks like Cawley will be shuffling his schedule around a bit. The next episode was going to be "Enemy: Starfleet" featuring BarBara Luna, but that episode still needs some some pick-up shots (to be done in early October). However, post-production work on "The Child", based on an original Phase II script from the 70s, is now almost complete and Cawley says it will probably be their next release.

A preview of "The Child" featuring Phase II’s new Spock, Brandon Stacy (Zachary Quinto’s stand-in for Star Trek 2009) is now online.

Another episode now in post-production for Phase II is "Kitumba" which will explore the inner workings of the Klingon empire. This episode features a visit to Klingon Homeworld Kronos, which was shot on location at Fort Ticonderoga. Here is a matte shot of a beam down to Kronos.

Cawley tells TrekMovie that he is right now focused on the pilot for his new Buck Rogers web series, which goes into production September 25th. The stars from the 80s Buck Roger series Gil Gerard and Erin Grey will be there, playing Buck’s parents. The pick up shots for "Enemy: Starfleet" will be done after the Buck Rogers shoot finishes. Cawley says he has not yet picked the next Star Trek Phase II episode to shoot (next Spring), but says it will either be the light-hearted “Bandi” written by David Gerrold ("The Trouble With Tribbles"), or a fan script from the 70s by Shirley Maiewski called "Mind-Sifter" about the Klingons wiping out Kirk’s memory and stranding him in Earth’s past (our present day).



1. Irishtrekkie - September 1, 2009

smart idea picking Fort Ticonderoga and having a matte for the beam in . The quality of phase two is really outstanding at times.

2. USS TRINOMA NCC-0278 - September 1, 2009

FIRST AGAIN!!! Phase 2 should reflect the new star trek reimagination.

3. scifib5st - September 1, 2009

Well, welll,well… lots of Great ST for the autum.
Phase II rocks, it’s nice to see them get noticed!!!!

4. Captain Otter - September 1, 2009

I haven’t been that crazy about Phase Two thus far, but these two clips look as good as any of the TOSr episodes I’ve seen. Perhaps they are hitting their stride. The new Spock is certainly an improvement (not to knock the last actor, who I’m sure gave the roll his best effort.)

ST:Odyssey doesn’t look as inspired. Hard to tell from just a banner ad, but it doesn’t look like my cup of tea. Then again, I didn’t care for Voyager, and Odyssey seems to have a Voyager-ish vibe.

@ Trinoma,

Would being first have really been that awesome?

5. MC1 Doug - September 1, 2009

“Mindsifter” is one of my all-time favorite fan fiction pieces written in the 1970s (I think). It is a great choice for Phase II to be doing! It’s a strong powerful piece and will be interesting to see if it is produced.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Cawley’s new rendition of “Buck Rogers.”

Fan produced webisodes are a great way to keep the franchise going. In some ways they are more fun than watching the Paramount-produced pieces.

6. Allen - September 1, 2009

wow i’m impressed with the seamless CG pan down followed by beam in and walk off. Also the quality of the CG itself is top notch.

7. Cully Hamner - September 1, 2009

“The Child” looks nice enough, but the director might do well to look up the 180-degree-line rule on the ‘net…

8. Marvin the Martian - September 1, 2009

#5: I agree. “Mind-Sifter” is one of the most powerful pieces of fiction I’ve ever read, . My only concern is that it is an actor’s piece, and as much as I admire Cawley’s dedication and enthusiasm, I’ve never been a fan of his acting, and I don’t really think he’s up to the task.

I’d love to see the new Trek team take a stab at it, though, as a movie-length tale. Or save it for a new TOS-era Trek series. I’m sure J. Michael Straczynski would have done a bang-up job with it, had his Trek treatment been greenlighted by Paramount.

9. AnotherQ - September 1, 2009

How sad! It seems that I get more
information, faster, about Phase II
here than I do their actual website,
and I check it as much as I do this
one. Trekmovie rocks – thanks again.

(p.s. I am a huge fan of Phase II,
but I would pay real money to get
them to crank out their episodes
a little quicker – just a note, not
a complaint).

10. James Cawley - September 1, 2009

Yes our website page doesn’t reflect the day to day changes in our schedule, but if you go to our forum you can always get current info.

11. Scotty - September 1, 2009

Nice to see Phase II getting stuff done. Kinda tired of hearing original series music though. There was a time you guys were using original composers .. what happened? I’ve got not problem with the TOS music it’s just I don’t see why you guys remake everything in such fine detail, except the music.

Can’t be so hard to find someone willing to do new music for you surely!

Other than that, looks damn fine. All I can say is ‘get the lead out!’ with Part 2 of Blood and Fire.

Odyssey is also doing well. I love what the Hidden Frontier guys do. Anxious to see the continuation of their other series ‘Helena’ to see where these stories converge.

Way to go Farragut for an awesome ‘filmation’ style experience. (Same gripe though – would have preffered new music, but I’ll let that pass since you guys were doing a homage to filmation.

Great work everyone.

12. Al Hartman - September 1, 2009

I would love to see either “Bandi” or “The Mind Sifter”. If you haven’t read the piece in some time, it’s not a very heavy piece for the Kirk part. The nurse character is the POV of the story and she has to carry it.

James is easily up to doing the “Jimmy” role. And, to be honest… unless he takes on challenges in playing the role, he’ll never expand as an actor. All the cast improves with each outting as they get more experience under their belts.

This is one of the stories I’ve wanted to see made into a production for a long time. I remember saying so in the green room last summer.

It’s funny that James and Co. just keep bringing us fans what we ask for. During the Enemy:Starfleet shoot, when James said he was moving into Phase II territory, I said I’d love to see Kitumba made… And, we made it.

Now, “The Mind Sifter” is under consideration…

How cool is that?

13. Lord garth, Formerly of Izar - September 1, 2009

Is Exeter officially D.O.A. ?

Too bad if so. tressurian Intersection was amazing and damn near TV quality in my opinion. Especially that shot of the crashed Kongo saucer strewn about the planetscape

14. Al Hartman - September 1, 2009

@AnotherQ – Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), Phase II is an all-volunteer effort.

To get together to do the two weeks of prep and filming and episode takes is difficult for people to schedule. To do that on a more frequent schedule would be hard on people’s families and jobs.

Without Paramount behind the show and fully funding the production, as well as providing larger, more modern facilities… This about the best pace that can be managed.

There are three episodes plus the second part of Blood and Fire in the pipeline. That’s a lotta Trek!

That’s four hours right there… Two of which we’ll get in the next few months, and maybe a third by year’s end if we’re lucky.

Plus, we’ll have the new Buck Rodgers series to keep us entertained besides.

This is a good thing!

15. Balok - September 1, 2009

Ha, I really like the efforts on these projects, those D7s though are flying pretty low…

16. Blake Powers - September 1, 2009

The Cinematography is looking amazing for Phase II. I’m really impressed at how top notch that series is.

17. OtterVomit - September 1, 2009

In Cawley We Trust!

18. Bill Hiro - September 1, 2009

I remember “Mind-Sifter” as being pretty good, but I haven’t read it since I was in high school. I believe it was published in one of Bantam’s two “Star Trek: The New Voyages” short story collections.

19. SpocksinnerConflict - September 1, 2009

Someone mentions New Voyages. That series and strange new worlds, they need to start publishing fan anthologies like that again.


20. Jeffrey S. Nelson - September 1, 2009

“Mind-Sifter” was the best story in Bantam’s New Voyages collections of new fan fiction back in the day. It brought a tear to my eye when I first read it.

21. Smike van Dyke - September 2, 2009

Brandon Stacy is the man! I LOVE Phase II…Bring it on…

22. Tanner Waterbury - September 2, 2009

Hey James, just out of curiosity, when will we start seeing the Half Refitted Enterprise? (BTW I mean Half because to me, the Enterprise is in its transitional phase of becoming the fully refit Enterprise we will see in TMP)

23. Tanner Waterbury - September 2, 2009

Hey James, just out of curiosity, when will we start seeing the Half Refitted Enterprise? (BTW I mean Half because to me, the Enterprise is in its transitional phase of becoming the fully refit Enterprise we will see in TMP)

24. Tanner Waterbury - September 2, 2009

@23 Anthony you can delete that comment, looks like somehow I made a double posting

25. Andy Patterson - September 2, 2009

The effects shots are very impressive.

26. Andy Patterson - September 2, 2009

And I love the use of the old music.

27. WVTreker - September 2, 2009

I’m also wondering about Exeter. They have a good thing going. Is there any news?

28. star trackie - September 2, 2009

Mind sifter is a great read. I’m not sure I want to see fan films try to tackle it though, I think the story is a bit too demanding.

29. New Horizon - September 2, 2009

A bit more new music in the style of the old compositions would be nice, something seamless.

Brandon does a great job in that scene, just wish I could say the same for the wig. ;) The wigs for spock really ruin the deal.

30. John Gill - September 2, 2009

Cawley is DA’ MAN!!!!!!!

31. Rico - September 2, 2009

I’d love to see them do “Mind Sifter.” It’s a great character drama piece and wouldn’t require a lot of effects work. Make it so, Mr. Cawley!

32. Robert Wellsford-James - September 2, 2009

It’s a shame that John Broughton can’t deliver a line convincingly if his life depended on it. He really lets the side down there in some otherwise nice vocal performances from the others.

33. Dr. Image - September 2, 2009

Brandon is excellent. A better Spock than Quinto? Might be. Really! After all, he was is stand-in.
And yes, some new music in the TOS style would be nice.
Buck Rogers again? NOT the best idea. James should concentrate his efforts on classic Trek, IMO.

34. James Cawley - September 2, 2009

Find me a composer who can replicate the classic style and I might do just that! I cant seem to find one.
Buck Rogers is a PAYING JOB, not a HOBBY like Classic Trek.

35. James Heaney - Wowbagger - September 2, 2009

Hooray! It’s been a long wait for BaF Part II, but Phase II always makes it worth it.

However, I must note that there are fan productions — dozens of them — that exist outside the HF/P2 orbit. Given’s incredibly good coverage in every other department of Star Trek and the fandom, it’s a bit of a letdown not to see great shows like Lost Frontier, Osiris, Continuing Mission, Aurora, and of course my own Excelsior (shameless plug!), get any mention in these updates. I’d love to see somebody like Alan Anderton (Kirok on TrekUnited) or Michael Hudson (ubiquitous supporter of fan film, E.P. of Diplomatic Relations, and actor on Intrepid) become TrekMovie’s new Rosaria Calabria of fan film. No slight to Tony —’s amazing. It’s just gotta be too much for one guy to handle. :)

I’ve never read “Mind Sifter,” but everyone who has keeps raving about it. Does anyone know where I can find a copy? Or should I just cross my fingers and hope P2 goes ahead and produces it, so I can experience it for the first time when it comes to film?

36. James Heaney - Wowbagger - September 2, 2009

#13, #27: Exeter reports that they are still working on the final bit of the episode. I heard someone mention a November release date. Now, I don’t believe that release date for a minute, but I do believe that it’s coming. My bet is June 2010 Tressaurian will finally be done. I wouldn’t give good odds to “The Atlantis Invaders,” though.

Back when they started releasing “Tressaurian Intersection,” I promised myself I wouldn’t watch it until the entire episode was finished. Figured I could wait two months. After two years, my anticipation is downright twitchy!

37. Dr. Image - September 2, 2009

#34 James-
Sorry- I did not know that. Guess I’m not up on my info accuracy- a paying job is of course preferable.
I guess the 70’s Buck tainted my true fondness for the property- the original comics (I have them all in a great coffee table book), that is- AND the Buster Crabbe version!

I might be mistaken, but was there not one episode where an original score was used? Was it TSAMD when first released?
BTW, the ’69 edition was VERY well received at Fan Expo in Toronto. And seeing it on a large screen was awesome.
Keep up the great work!

38. James Cawley - September 2, 2009

Well, If you like the old comics, you should love my take on the Buck property!
We used an original score with WEAT and I liked it very much except that I felt it was more like the Trek era films than TOS. I also loathe synth music.
I love the TOS style and a full orchestra. So as I said if I could find a composer who could capture that TOS feel, I would take a chance and go that route.

39. Spockish - September 2, 2009

I’m glad James Cawley made another Fan episode of Star Trek, I’ve been collecting all Fan Films since 1998. The Star Trek Hidden Frontier was good quality, this is based on the codecs use to code the episodes, Now it seems the Phase II staff have learned well how to perfect production abilities. I’d say they can now equal the Hollywood Flunkies and Pro’s.

I wonder James if you have given it ant thought of starting season 5 of Enterprise. I do not have any idea how the series members will desire to be real cast members of the fan made series. But I’m sure you can deal with that stuff far better than a Star Trek Fan.

As Spock would say ‘May you live long, and your Star Trek films prosper (at lest as much as Paramount will let you). I’ve loved Star Trek since seeing my first episode back in 1968, can’t recall the show title but it was with the Cons & Yangs. Which pertains kind of what is going on today in the real America.

40. Dr. Image - September 2, 2009

Ah yes, Trek synth music- GAAAHHHgghh!!!
And I am now looking forward to your Buck very much!

PS- Do you have any of your Trek collection on line for viewing anywhere?
As a prop/costume collector/builder myself, it would be fascinating to view.

41. Spockish - September 2, 2009

James I use to watch Buck back when it was a series, like most I wished Wilma would rescue me. Do you have any ideas for whom is going to become her. And with the improvement of electronics, how is it going to change Tweeky?

Many more questions but I’m sure I’m not the only one asking. but my best wishes and hopes you’ll do Buck proud in the 21st century.

42. star trackie - September 2, 2009

#35 “I’ve never read “Mind Sifter,” but everyone who has keeps raving about it. Does anyone know where I can find a copy?”

The story is in a short story compilation put out by Bantam books in the 70s called Star Trek: The New Voyages. I haven’t looked but I would guess it’s probably a pretty easy find on ebay. All the stories are fun, but Mind Sifter was particularly engaging. Seek it out, you wont be sorry!

43. Imrahil - September 2, 2009

I haven’t always been a huge fan of Phase II–the sets and costumes are of course above reproach, but the rest of the stuff (acting, script, shooting) always seemed a bit amateurish.

Based on that Spock scene…wow. You guys have come a long way.

Really great shots there too–not quite TOS, more theatrical. Great lighting and cinematography. Also, both Spock and Kirk seem better-acted; not Nimoy or Shatner clones, but…believable. Unlike….well, the new movie.

44. Andy Patterson - September 2, 2009

34, 38

I’ve offered, and wouldn’t mind giving that a try.

45. Imrahil - September 2, 2009

Hm…re: Animated Series…that Captain needs elocution lessons. He swallows half his words; sounds really amateurish. The other voices seem pretty good, on the other hand.

And…was that Uhura in the background of the bridge shot at the beginning? Whoops?

46. Dennis Bailey - September 2, 2009

The effects work on the last act of the current Exeter episode is basically done. It’s in final edit and then on to sound mixing.

47. Anthony Thompson - September 2, 2009

That Asian girl in the Immortal Loom – WOW!

If anyone knows how to get DVD’s of the Phase II productions, let me know; I’d be most interested!

48. ClassicTrek - September 2, 2009

brandon stacey looks excellent as spock. love these new voyages.


49. german - September 2, 2009

another fanmade tas-project

50. WeArentTheBorg - September 2, 2009

That matte shot is FANTASTIC. Kudos!!

51. James - September 2, 2009

You can find a version of “Mind-Sifter” here:

I do not know if this is the unedited version which Ms. Maiewski submitted to Bantam or the edited version which they published. I may be misremembering my facts a bit, but I think Ms. Maiewski was not happy with the published version of her story.

52. MIchael-NEO f/x - September 2, 2009

Thanks for all of the comments on the Farragut Animated Episode.

45. While it looks like Uhura, it is actually Moretti. You will notice the longer hair on her (it somewhat blends into the black chair and background). However, being animation, we can certainly try to fix that for the next episode.

James C…nice work on your project as well.

53. Canadianknight - September 2, 2009

Another vote here for Mind-Sifter. Great story… I remember it well.

That matte shot is AMAZING. Bring on more Phase II!!!!

Meantime, I said it before…I really WANT to like the TAS-style Farragut adventures. But the captain just can’t deliver his lines well. No offense to him… or anyone else… but not everyone is cut out to be a voice actor. He sounds like he’s READING his lines… not performing them. (I am a voice actor, so it’s even more jarring to me.)


54. Andy Patterson - September 2, 2009

I personally like the old music. It’s like an old familiar dish on a cold day. Makes me feel warm and safe and happy.

55. Ryan Spooner - September 2, 2009

The wait since Blood and Fire part 1 has been far too long imho. I can barely remember the plot. Purlease get part 2 out there as soon as you can.

56. Ralph F - September 2, 2009

re/#53; me too on the old music.

57. James Heaney - Wowbagger - September 2, 2009

Thanks for the link, #50!

@#52: You know, I thought the same thing about Captain Carter in the Farragut Animated episode. It’s very odd, too, because usually John Broughton is (in my humble opinion) one of the best actors in fan filmdom. Hopefully the iffy voice-acting in “Power Source” was just a fluke.

58. The Bear - September 2, 2009

Funny, I’ve been thinking of re-reading “Mind Sifter” for a while now. I read the story back in the ’70’s and loved it. It would be great to see it brought to the screen.

59. SPB - September 2, 2009

A lousy porno-goatee on an animated Captain is just plain wrong. Makes me ill.

60. Doc Gonzo v2.0 - September 2, 2009

I think Cawly should you know, stick to Trek for now. Since he’s already got the one project going he should be focused on that. Especially since it takes so long to finish even one episode.

61. Ashley - September 2, 2009


D: I hope not! Exeter is my fav of the bunch! …But I’m glad at least Phase II is cranking out some eps… and with a new Spock! Though, I’m not convinced by him just yet. I’ll have to see more. :)

62. John in Canada, eh? - September 2, 2009

Hard to judge in a short clip, but new Spock seems more like a new Data to me — reminded me of Spiner’s emotional performance in the astrometrics room in “Generations”.

63. RaymondJ - September 2, 2009

#11: I applaud James Cawley for using the original series music. It’s a comfortable fit and brings a legitimate feel to Phase II. Trying to create new, original music would be like replacing a character. If the original series music works and fits in with the story, it should continue to be used.

When JC started his project, he wanted it to be a seamless continuation from the end of the original series. Thus, the more original elements, the better off the show is. James, don’t cave to pressure and muck it up by changing music. Next they’ll want you to change the uniforms, sets, and characters. Stick to your guns and keep it the way it is.

I think the latest Trek film’s weakest point was it’s music. They should have and alas could have incorporated at least a few strains of series music (aside from the end credits).

64. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - September 2, 2009

I really wish I could watch “Phase II” without cringing at the horrible, horrible acting. Although with the sellout-quality of their later episodes, I think I’ll stick with the far-superior Starship Exeter.

65. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - September 2, 2009

#63 – “When JC started his project, he wanted it to be a seamless continuation from the end of the original series. James, don’t cave to pressure and muck it up by changing music. Next they’ll want you to change the uniforms, sets, and characters.

He’s already started to change the uniforms, and he plans on changing the sets to be more like Phase II. Not to mention all the vomit-inducing “Enterprise” references that he makes. His original vision of making it a “seamless continuation from the end of the original series” went out the window after he started getting famous and pretentious.

66. James Cawley - September 2, 2009

#65- LOL, Thanks for the laughs!

67. dennycranium - September 2, 2009

to James Cawley
I understand that BR is a paying job and deservedly so.
but if at all posssible pls do MindSifter.
It made me catch my breath at the chance it may be filmed.
Ive always wanted to see it done
Unlike others who may slag your acting I enjoy what you bring to Kirk
Oh Captain, My Captain!


68. James Cawley - September 2, 2009

We will be shooting “Mindsifter”. Shirley was an Friend and gave me her original story. It wasvher wish to see it filmed that way.
We should get it under way in the spring.

69. dennycranium - September 2, 2009

Thanks James,
I look forward to it.
I’ve enjoyed all you’ve done with Phase II.

Now if only I could see the set.
If I could volunteer in any small way during production.
Or any big way
Thanks again

70. James Cawley - September 2, 2009

Denny, visit our forum and sign up for a shoot!

71. billhardin22 - September 2, 2009

“Mindsifter” is a great fan story. Always thought it would have made a great movie!

Great choice!

72. Holger - September 3, 2009

Can’t wait for that Episode II of B&F being released! Hey, and I never heard of that Mind-Sifter fan script, but it sounds really interesting. Would like to watch that, too.

73. Mark Lynch - September 3, 2009

Falls over in amazement at the news from JC that they are going to do Mindsifter. This is my favourite story from the fan stories way back then.

As most of the episode takes place off ship on present day earth, I assume this won’t take as long to make as usual?

To JC;
Thanks again for what you and your team bring us. I think it is wonderful, and that long shot with the beam in, rivals any television trek that has come before.
If only Paramount would give you some cash to enable you to make more and quicker…. :-)

74. DesiluTrek - September 3, 2009

I’m more grateful for Phase II and Exeter than ever, as those are set in the only original series-based timeline that matters to me. Now I need to get my ass to the Adirondacks or Austin sometime and help out.

Much as I looked forward to it for three years and wanted to like it, on reflection I find AbramsTrek slick, holIow and manipulative. I can’t stomach a universe that’s destroyed Vulcan and killed Amanda, with a Kirk who got to the captain’s chair as a lucky, not-quite-deserving bad boy, and a Spock who openly embraces Uhura’s advances. The Kirk I know and love was an Academy overachiever, not a “Rebel Without a Cause” cliche. The Spock I know and love, while not emotionless, remains reserved and feels no romantic pulls except every seven years or while under the influence of something mind-alerting like the Omicron Ceti III spores. I don’t need the remaining Vulcans in AbramsTrek to be stand-ins for Holocaust survivors (this coming from someone whose German father was one.) If I could, I’d hijack the “jellyfish,” go back farther in time, restore Vulcan and Amanda, and make that timeline disappear. And that just scratches the surface of the issues I have — never mind the putrid production design, ignoring Gary Mitchell, and more.

Because each fan’s idea of what is “Star Trek” is different, no offense is meant to those who love and embrace the new movie. It pains me greatly that I can’t embrace AbramsTrek, yet I still hope the next movie will be great — “illogical,” of course.

75. KingDaniel - September 3, 2009

I’ve been waiting for the Farragut cartoon to be finished before I watched it. Downloading now!

I download and watch the Phase II fan-films, but I *really* wish the acting was as good as the sets, outfits and special effects :-(

#68: When are you gonna let us know what you thought of STXI, James? Drop the political “I’m glad Trek lives, whatever form it takes” stuff and tell us if you liked it or hated it!

#74: On reflection I find STXI to be tremendous fun – but each to their own. I thought it treated the charcters with far more respect than they sometimes were before – remeber when Uhura couldn’t even speak Klingon in STVI?

76. Daoud - September 3, 2009

#75 Farragut’s cartoon was fun. I know the voice acting isn’t perfect… but d’oh… the voice acting on ST:TAS was a mess. I think Broughton was channelling Shatner’s subpar TAS work. :) Very “period appropriate!”

75 on 68: James was in STXI. That should speak well enough for him! JC has commented many times on Abrams’ work in a positive way. And of course I *know* to do otherwise would jeopardize Phase II’s situation with Paramount longterm, but I find JC to be sincere about it. Plus, I want him in the sequel. :)

After all, JC although not pioneering the idea of someone else in Jim Kirk’s shoes (fan films of the late 70’s early 80’s already did that), he certainly popularized the idea better than any. Cawley has appeared as Kirk much more than anyone but William Shatner. And considering the average of 2 hours per year from the NV/PII team, he’ll easily stay ahead of Chris Pine unless Pine does a series….

75 on 74: As to Uhura… why learn Klingon? The Federation interaction with Klingons since 2151 seems to pretty much be “leave us alone, we’ll leave you alone”. After the 2150’s getting intelligence on the Romulans (particularly after the 2233 Nero Incident) easily justifies Uhura focusing on all known Romulan languages.

#74 We’ll always have Paris. (Tom Paris?) But we’ll always have our original TOS DVDs etc. I still have the off-broadcast audio cassettes I made in 1974 during TOS syndication days. They’re great. :) And I’ve got all these novels, comix, etc. ST:Shatner/Nimoy/Kelley will never die.

77. Danpaine - September 3, 2009

…74. DesiluTrek – September 3, 2009

I totally understand and dig what you’re saying.

78. Stephen W. Phillips - September 3, 2009

The lighting of Phase II is right out of TMP. really captures that feel. way to go.

79. Imrahil - September 3, 2009

74 – Well said. I concur heartily.

78 – Yes! I noticed that as well (and commented way back). Excellent job on that, Phase 2 guys.

80. Scott B. here. - September 3, 2009

#74 – Also total agreement from me. I could have written that post (except for my lack of a personal tie to the Holocaust). I don’t criticize those who enjoyed the new film … I just don’t quite understand them. :-)

As for the fan productions: more power to all you guys and gals! Loved the Phase II clips, and the use of the classic Trek scores.

“Mind Sifter” was a well-written, memorable story. My only concerns are that the plot was very reminiscent of both COTEOF and “Paradise Syndrome.” I fear a filmed version might only highlight the similarities. Also, the story, as written, takes place over a two year period, IIRC, and is a crucial part of the plot.

I think the other story in that book (again, IIRC. It’s been decades since I read it) concerning the woman who has to lure Spock into the cave to reveal some evil Andorian plot could make for a fun filmed episode. It’s a bit of a Mary Sue story (maybe the first), but it could work.

Scott B. out.

81. Ryan Spooner - September 3, 2009

I’d love to be involved with Phase II in some way, I love what you’re doing with the show (apart from the huge gaps between episodes of course). It’s just a shame I live in the UK so theres not a great deal I can do remotely, unless of course you need help with the website, or something else I could do from over here in the UK :)

82. Michael - September 3, 2009

Phase two looks pretty awesome imho. I really like the new Spock. Of course, I have liked most of their stuff.

I’m not sure why, but I’m totally disinterested in stories in the post-nemesis universe. Probably because, to borrow a phrase, I disconnected with the material around that time. Also, I hate the production design choices that come with the period. Everything looks too “swoopy”.

Farragut was… ok. Being involved in my own self-powered endeavours I hate to criticize, but the story didn’t really go anywhere. In the end, the alien technology did “something” unexplained and the rest of the plot was a rehash of old trek standbys. Action scenes are a waste when portrayed through animation that old and stiff, if not a waste in general. Overall, I fail to understand the motivation behind the project. If it’s just to produce more trek, this time with a different ship and “characters”, still recycling all the old and totally unsatisfying cliches that wore the franchise out in the first place, then perhaps this time would be better spent on other things. If there’s no story, if there’s nothing new to say, what’s the point? Sorry to be so critical, but that’s my honest impression. I recognize it must have taken a lot of work to put it all together, and it’s definitely a near perfect “homage” to TAS, but that’s not enough to get me to watch it.

83. Andy Patterson - September 3, 2009


Have to admit I’m with you on all that brother. I have even more to say on the Abrams Trek but I shant.

84. Captain Otter - September 3, 2009

@TOS Purist-

Dude, it is a fan project by volunteers. I’m not a huge fan of it either, but sheesh, why bag on volunteers?

85. LCDR Arch - September 3, 2009

Phase II is what I wished JJ Abrams had done. Cawley’s trek is the only real Trek to me. He caputures the characters to perfection, the special effects are jaw dropping. Not a week goes by that I do not check out the new voyages web page to see what is new. Keep up the great work James. You are my hero!!
I think your Kirk is more on than Chris Pine. Also you seem to understand Kirks passion and drive. He is a complex character, not just a troubled kid with ego and talent. Kirk is a serious student, a reader, and a driven captain who is lucky enough to find that one perfect job in the universe that suits him, command of the Enterprise. Your Kirk is a role model, the Abrams Kirk is a playmate toy action figure. Can’t wait to see more Phase II, I think 2010 is going to be a AWESOME year for Phase II.

86. Mr. "There are always possibilities" - September 3, 2009

ST:P2 is just awesome. It will keep this Trek fan happy until the next movie.

I have been following it for awhile now, and have shown friends and family.

I wonder if CBS or Paramount would ever consider an official direct to DVD release? After all they own the rights to Star Trek. Maybe they could make a deal with Mr. Cawley and his production company and that way everyone would benefit (especially fans). I’d buy every episode and give them as gifts!!

Live long and prosper and boldly go!

87. Spockish - September 3, 2009

It would be nice if Anthony added a section here to direct links to the viewing and DLing areas to all Star Trek Fan Films.

It also would be nice if he could have storage space to store the productions so the fans could DL them with ease. But to do this would cost money and could take Terabytes of space. And then there could be legal dealings. But it would be nice and then he would have thread to talk about them. This would give the film makers quick if not instant feed back they would use to better things.

It’s not if these fan productions do not have these features all ready, but this would bring more of the viewing public in greater easy to these topics.

He could even call the section TREK CENTRAL thus becoming the central area for Trek on the Web.

I think www . Startrek . com gave it a shot back in 1995 but I think Paramount wanted to profit off it via fees or subscription. Back the my Internet link was CompuServe at 300baud via a analog voice phone line and I was still trying to cope with my Deadly head injury and only a 286 laptop and DOS 6.3

88. Patty W - September 4, 2009

#8….Shirley wasn’t happy with the way the “official” folks handled/edited her story back in the 70’s and it isn’t likely her family would give permission to the JJ verse to once again hack it up and put their own take on it. She asked James to tell her original story, the way she intended it. She didn’t care about fame or fortune, she just cared about getting her story out the way she intended it to be told.

James made her the commitment that he would: and I trust him to live up to his word as much as Shirley did.

89. PlasmaFire - September 4, 2009

The teaser poster / script cover image was released today over on the Phase II forum.


90. Scott B. here. - September 4, 2009

#88 – I’m very curious to know what editorial changes were made to Shirley’s story. Do you know, and can you say? Thanks!

Scott B. out.

91. Dennis Bailey - September 4, 2009

I like the “Enterprise” references in “Phase II;” it ties the Trek continuity together a little more tightly.

I also liked Abrams’s Trek movie quite a bit. :-)

92. Al Hartman - September 4, 2009

Patty, I hope you are the writer doing the screenplay. If so, I know it will be good.

93. Patty W - September 4, 2009

#92… Al, I am: and thank you for the vote of confidence. I was a friend of Shirley’s way back in the early years…and have many happy memories of hanging out at her house writing with her.

#90… there were many changes, including adding the “Guardian of Forever”. Mostly, characters that Shirley wrote the story to feature and wanted to explore were completely cut out of the Bantam version. If you read the Bantam version and avoid “spoiling” it by reading the original on the simgen link posted above, you’ll recognize the plot but be delightfully surprised by the journey of how we get there and who it is that takes us along the way…

The bone-chilling poster by Jeff Hayes has been moved. The correct link to the poster is:

Plasmafire…. you’ve outdone yourself!!

94. DesiluTrek - September 4, 2009

I gotta dig out New Voyages!! The story I loved most as a kid back then was “Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited.” Wow, what a flashback!

#76 — I was an audiotaper too from my home in South Jersey, watching on the great WKBS-TV, Channel 48, Kaiser Broadcasting, which as anyone who watched Philadelphia TV back in the ’70s will remember, was the greatest UHF station in the city. Here’s a graphic I just did from memory that recreates what a “Star Trek” station-break slide looked like on Channel 48 in the mid-’70s.

95. Scott - September 4, 2009

I have to say the new Spock seems great. These guys are really fine-tuning this effort into something really authentic looking. And dare I say it, Crawley is actually starting to act. He’s really channeled the Shat very well, and it’s not so much an impersonation any more, but an actual actor at work.

96. AnotherQ - September 4, 2009

Thanks all, Mr Cawley & NV/Phase II Staff,
for your responses. Super, dream coming
to life, work you guys & gals do.

And to the staff of Exeter & Farragut too!

P.S. to James – Caught you in the movie
second time I saw it. Wish the part had
been bigger. Maybe in the sequel?

97. Scott B. here. - September 4, 2009

#93 – Thanks for the detail, Patty. I’ve bookmarked the simgen link and am looking forward to reading the original story. Interesting that the Guardian wasn’t in the original. For some reason, I’m glad to know that!

Scott B. out.

98. Ian B - September 5, 2009

James Cawley-

I’m looking forward to further Phase II releases. I’d also vote for more original music though. Obviously this is your hobby as you said and are free to do as you wish, but as a viewer I’d like an original score. Recreating the original show doesn’t have to be slavish; as an obvious example the effects are far different to the original series effects and it is all the better for it. That beam down shot, if made in 1967 wouldn’t have looked anything like this one, which looks fabulous. This is the 21st century, after all :)

99. Al Hartman - September 5, 2009

94. – If you look, you can find the companion story: Visit to a Weird Planet

Those stories would make a fun pair of Phase II Episodes!

100. SciFiMetalGirl - September 6, 2009

I had forgotten what a good story Mind Sifter was! Thanks for posting a link to it!

101. brady - September 6, 2009

Just read Mindshifter….While I found the story interesting, I don’t see that story as Canonish. My problems mostly stem from….
1. Showing Kirk so vunerable
2. Klingons learning about time travel ( I’ll have to assume that they got stranded in the past and the secret stayed there but Koloth is back in the present?)
3. And my biggest one.. Having Kirk off ship for 2 of his 5 year mission
That being said, there was talk about using the Guardian of Forever in the screenplay? The Guardian of Forever has been used once by P2 already and isn’t that enough. It sounds like a great story but is also a way of doing a low budget sci-fi ep. That was my BIG problem with ST4, Hollywood wanting to make sci-fi without using sci-fi. I vote Nope on a mindsifter episode. Of course not my decision anyway.

102. Patty W - September 6, 2009

No. There was no talk of using the Guardian of Forever in our MS episode

103. brady - September 6, 2009

102…I guess this is what confused me.
#90… there were many changes, including adding the “Guardian of Forever”. Mostly, characters that Shirley wrote the story to feature and wanted to explore were completely cut out of the Bantam version. If you read the Bantam version and avoid “spoiling” it by reading the original on the simgen link posted above, you’ll recognize the plot but be delightfully surprised by the journey of how we get there and who it is that takes us along the way…

104. Lord Ravenwood - September 7, 2009

What amazes me is that most of these fan films are better made and more intelligent than a lot of the crap we’re getting out of Hollywood today! And they’re produced on shoe string budgets!
Perhaps JJ should take notes.

105. Buzz Cagney - September 7, 2009

James C. I love what you are doing and can’t wait to see what you do with Buck Rogers. Gil Gerard was terrific in the role and am delighted he- and Erin- are on-board. Best of luck with all you do.

106. Captain Crawford - September 10, 2009

As much as I wish these episodes wouldn’t take as long to make, Cawley and his team have done an amazing job with New Voyages. That beam-down shot from Kitumba looks awesome, and I’ve really been looking forward to the conclusion of Blood & Fire.

107. PYROBOY - September 11, 2009

Blood and fire part 2 is coming this fall!!!!!!!!!

108. NC Trekker - September 12, 2009

I loved Power Source. It had the look and feel of TAS and I liked the characters. Please make more episodes and develop the characters more.

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