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New Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray Featurette Clips November 14, 2009

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Paramount has released a couple more clips from the upcoming home video release of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. The first shows part of the Simon Pegg portion of the "Casting" featurette, and the second is a montage of various behind the scene clips from home video release. We also review the features in the different home video packages for Star Trek.



CLIP: Simon Pegg as Scotty from "Casting" Featurette (available on 2-disk DVD & Blu-ray)

Montage of various behind the scenes footage from featurettes on DVD & Blu-ray


Here Again is a reminder on the Contents for each of the sets


The STAR TREK three-disc Blu-ray is presented in 1080p High Definition with English 5.1 Dolby TrueHD, French 5.1 Dolby Digital and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital with English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.  Special features are as follows:

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Disc 3:

 [also available: front view]

2-disk DVD set:

The STAR TREK two-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 5.1 Surround and Spanish 5.1 Surround with English, French and Spanish subtitles.  Special features are as follows:

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

[also available: front view]

1-disk DVD

The STAR TREK single-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 5.1 Surround and Spanish 5.1 Surround with English, French and Spanish subtitles.  The single-disc DVD includes the commentary, “A New Vision” and the gag reel.

[also available: front view]


There are some exclusive special editions available as well, see previous article for full overview.


1. MC Doctor - November 14, 2009

Just a couple days now!

2. MC Doctor - November 14, 2009

Sweet – a first.

Am getting a new Blue-Ray player some some extra audio stuff for the bedroom (which has a 52″ HDTV). Got a get set-up in the family room, but this is gonna be cool just laying around in bed enjoying the show!

3. Vulcan Fury - November 14, 2009

Sweet! I can’t believe the U.S. hasn’t gotten the dvd yet. Anyway, I’ll be getting it Tuesday! I’m really looking forward to being able to pause some of the space battle scenes since they were so full of fast paced action. Yes!

4. Vulcan Fury - November 14, 2009

Star Trek has probably sold more Blu Ray players than Sony, lol. I got mine for the classic Star Trek seasons one and two, and of course for this movie!

5. Denes House - November 14, 2009

Best Buy e-mailed me this afternoon to say that my Blu-Ray with the insignia pins shipped today. Woo-hoo! Can’t wait!

6. Hat Rick - November 14, 2009

I am frakkin’ gobsmacked, in that I am as I write listening to “Enterprising Young Men” from ST2009 and here I am reading a new article about the movie itself.

Synchronicities, people. Synchronicities.

I tell you — to me, Star Trek is becoming something of a religious experience. Frighteningly so.

I think I will buy the Blu-ray….

7. somethoughts - November 14, 2009

Gosh, can’t wait, this will hold me off till Tuesday. When Tuesday comes, that will hold me off until 2011/2012…

8. Norm - November 14, 2009

I bought a Sony HDTV and PS3 just for this release…I’m psyched!

“The wait is [almost] over”

9. somethoughts - November 14, 2009

All you home Theatre Buffs are probably drooling. Imagine this on 200 inch screen with THX digital sound in your personal home theatre build chairs, with movie posters hanging by the walls and the smell of fresh popcorn popping, as the Paramount logo pops up with the Bad Robot logo and the Star Trek theme starting, me want now.

10. Kirk's Kid - November 14, 2009

Can’t afford a Blu-Ray and I am ticked that some of the stuff I was looking forward to won’t be available on the DVD,

11. Hat Rick - November 14, 2009

I think that in years hence, the canon of pop culture will look at Star Trek as a pinnacle of creative energy. More so than competitors like Star Wars, because for various reasons SW is too self-consciously “cool.”

Star Trek is, by contrast, authentic — not necessarily “cool.” It is what is real, to the extent that anything in Trek can be real.

Spock — Leonard Nimoy — said in a segment above that no one really could have understood how enduring Trek would be. And that is profoundly true, because no one could have predicted how earnest — how damned HONEST — Trek really is, at least for something that comes out of Tinseltown.

Trek’s pretensions are nothing more than to give our common humanity a forum, a place in the pretend-future, so that we can better remember who we are as a species. It gives voice to Shakespeare, to Asimov, to Clarke, to Ellison, and it does so because it’s so much fun, besides.

If there is a God, then I think we should thank him, her, or it for Star Trek. It’s a bright spot in anyone’s day.

12. Dr. X - November 14, 2009

to #8:

I wish I had that kind of spending money, because I would have done the same!

13. Lieutenant - November 14, 2009

I can’t wait for this to come out! The suspense is killing me!!
By the way, Happy Leonard Nimoy day everyone!

14. Douglas - November 14, 2009

I dont care how much raz ma taz they put in the dvd, as long as they dont use a STUPID ASS BEER FACTORY for an engine room on the next movie

15. somethoughts - November 14, 2009


Scotty loves his alcohol, least it wasn’t a recycled TNG set.

I heard they signed a deal with the Beer factor for 2 more movies lol cheers!

Duff Beer for me, Duff Beer for you…You have a Duff, I’ll have one too…

16. Cassandra - November 14, 2009


17. hitch1969© speaks with wise tongue™. - November 14, 2009

so wonderful, so real.

18. Trekluver - November 14, 2009


It was a romulan ale factory, didn’t you know?

This is a BIG movie release everyone! I’m buying the 2 dick DVD at Walmart on Tuesday so when I go Hi-Def someday I can buy a Blu-Ray player to upconvert it for the High-Def experience! Untill then, and before then, my Star Trek live long and prosper.

(P.S.- Who thinks The Shat buys this movie? I think so but that’s just me, he’s seen all the others according to people who’ve watched them with him but he denies it still just for him ego! His Captian Kirk sized ego!

19. dan - November 15, 2009

I’ll just wait until this Blu Ray goes dirt cheap.

20. Sarah S - November 15, 2009

#11: I promise you there is a God, and you’re right, we should thank Him for Star Trek. I already have. It is a gift, to be certain. If it were not, I cannot fathom how else we could be at our computers in appreciation for it over 40 years past the date from it’s inception. Wow……cool, isn’t it?

21. somethoughts - November 15, 2009


If aliens exists, I wonder what the Grays, Dracos and Nordics think of Star Trek? Would be pretty cool and far out to find a alien civilization and watch their entertainment.

Do they go, zug zug and snoo snoo?

22. DJT - November 15, 2009

I so happy!

23. Ronan OF - November 15, 2009

I got my 2 disc DVD yesterday (UK)!!!!

24. Tom - November 15, 2009

#21 I think Star Trek should of been rebooted with our current knowledge of ET’s species like the ones you’ve stated. In the future Star Trek as it is now will seam stupid, once we are in contact with the real aliens.

25. David B - November 15, 2009

So does anyone know if the 2 disc cover is the actual cover or just a cardboard sleeve over the normal looking cover?

26. bugs nixon - November 15, 2009

My bluray arrived yesterday but it wont play in my BDRom… any advice would be nice?

27. Selor Kiith - November 15, 2009

No where to find the 2-Disc DVD Version… only some weird Amazon limited Special Edition, if someone knows where to get the 2-DVD Version in Germany, please give me a hint ;)

28. Lauren - November 15, 2009

Tomorrow it comes out in the Uk can’t wait

29. Anthony Lewis - November 15, 2009

@26: Have you made sure your drive has all the latest firmware updates?

30. Kevin from Akron - November 15, 2009

@26 Check the region code, I’ve had the wrong region code before sent it back no problems they sent me the right one. Also check the region code for the player itself.

31. Stuart Wilson - November 15, 2009

My Star Trek Blu Ray arrived early yesterday (thankyou!!!!) The film is just as good as I remember it from the cinema, and the extras are well worth the additonal cost from the DVD version.

32. EvilSean - November 15, 2009

This is crazy, it was released on Friday in Ireland. Been spending the weekend watching it!!

33. jgavin - November 15, 2009

@2 – What time should I come over? ;-)

34. JMDooley - November 15, 2009

I also got ann email from Best Buy saying my Blu-Ray set has been shipped!!! Can’t wait for it to arrive this week.

35. Shadowcat - November 15, 2009

Amazon UK just shipped my 2-Disc DVD copy. I should get it tomorrow. I cannot wait. I loved the clip with Simon Pegg.

36. SerenityActual - November 15, 2009

I’ll be in Target on Tuesday picking up the Enterprise packaging!

37. Hat Rick - November 15, 2009

20, I shall consider your reassurance. ;-)

21, I’m not sure that those aliens, if they exist, have the same love of creativity as human beings. From various accounts, they seem either drone-like or immersed in their own divinity.

24, that’s an intriguing thought. Even if we were to receive confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrial biological entities, I would never think that Trek could seem dated, though, any more than Shakespeare or Tolstoy simply because the modern world didn’t exist yet while they were writing. Klingons and Romulans, et al., could have analogs in the real universe, for all we know, and the Gorn … well, there are the Reptilians to consider. :-)

38. Chuck Watters - November 15, 2009

#10 ………………… thats because you’e a kid . Ask daddy to get you one !

39. mike - November 15, 2009

2 more days. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

40. VulcanNonibird - November 15, 2009


Double-DVD is NOT available in germany – Paramount Germany is sooo nice to suggest to buy Blu-Ray if you want the extras….*censored thoughts about Paramount Germany*

Go to – they have the regular 2-DVD set – mine was sent yesterday….(-:

41. Trekboi - November 15, 2009

I was going to complain about the DVD special features on the standard definition 2 disc DVD- there is barely 1 hour & a half of content on a disc that can hold at least 3 hours & there is nothing on the day to day filming of scenes & the design of the Enterprise, interiors, starfleet, costumes or ships or anything – then i see that it is all on the blueray edition so this was obviously intentional to make people have to get the blueray because the best content is missing & not avalible on standard DVD.

The only difference between the two formats should be picture quality not content- aside from the interactive features standard cant do, ect ect.

Not Happy.

42. Michael - November 15, 2009

Safeway: Buy the movie on dvd and get free Snapple and Late night Doritos.

Best Buy: Star Trek image on every tv shown for sale on screen. Ad for the 4 pin Gift set,, and day of release(11/17) DOOR BUSTER prices for first 2 hrs the stores doors open..get $3.00 off Bluray/$2.00 off dvd formats. They have 1 and 2 disc dvd, and 3 disc Bluray edtions. Also showing other Trek TOS/TNG blurays boxed sets.

Target’s ad: Show’s dvd 1-2 disc edtions, and Enterprise model lim. ed. pkging that forms into a replica of the Enteprrise. I paid online $34.99. Next day online rpice had temporary price drop to 24.99. The store ad for Tues is $26.99.
Fred Meyer: if ya buy movie on either format, use an in-store coupon, and get free 14″ Private Select.(up to $6.99)PIzza from deli.

43. DJ Neelix - November 15, 2009

@40 VulcanNonibird
It’s a bit of a waste watching it only on DVD quality don’t you think..?

This is all old news though (it was released on November 4th here in Sweden and I’ve had it ever since ;)

44. Capitaine Picard Jr - November 15, 2009

I can tell you it is worth the wait!!! Say it in Blu Ray yesterday (I live in Europe) and it was amazing!!!!!
Blu Ray is a must!!!!

45. Michael - November 15, 2009

My Target spec. ed. w/ Enterprise shipped Sat. But target’s description of product varies. Sunday’s ad says it the pkging that transforms into the Enterprise(how pissed will I be if I get a cardboard fold ouyt!)…not what the video clip we’ve all seen is clearly a model made of plastic that has saucer sect. that opens to hold the discs inside.
But beings as I live in a apt. bldging w/o an intercom to let parcel USPS peeps in, my delivery will be delayed a day and have to pick up @ PO 1 blk. away. Here’s hoping iot come Monday…but not holding breath…delivery date from Target stated 23rd or after.
There’s always the midnight sale @ Blockbuster tomorrow night..ahahahahahahhaah

46. Eli - November 15, 2009

Whenever it comes to special packaging, I wait to see it on the shelves unless I see the picture of the special packaging online itself. Target and their special packaging has never shown the packaging online, just the generic image. No big deal. I got a Target just down the street so I’ll just pick it up Tues morning at the store.

47. captain_neill - November 15, 2009

I love this blu ray and I prefer the packaging I have over the version being used.

I got a steel tin with the Enterprise on it.

It was great to see the film again, and with TOS season 2 tomorrow and getting the TNG movies for Christmas its going to be awesome

48. Dr Daystrom - November 15, 2009

Any word on if any of the DVDs include the trailers?

49. RAMA - November 15, 2009

Damn, why does the 1 disc DVD have the best cover??

50. RAMA - November 15, 2009

#43…I’m getting the 2-disc DVD set and I’m quite happy with the quality of DVDs on my HD-DVD player.


51. Selor Kiith - November 15, 2009

@40 Thank you, well seems like I need to find someone with a Credit Card ;)

@43 If you buy me a BluRay Player I might consider the BluRay version… unless you won’t or I win in the lottery I stick to DVD…

52. Eric Saussine - November 15, 2009

The Blu-Ray version is spectacular. And the reste of the material is a great for fans. Everything that was hidden is revealed here. Great Ben Burtt featurette ! Every Leonard Nimoy is as moving as it seemed for his co-workers on this picture. The latter looks and sounds glorious. Since it’s not always the case, it is fair to say that the studio has really respected the customers this time. Great work from everyone involved !

53. Jeyl - November 15, 2009

I just saw a video showing the BluRay packaging. The disc art is STILL DULL GRAY with the titles etched out. I cannot believe this. Paramount is making millions off of these titles and they won’t give their products the decency that every studio I know has given their discs.

If you look at the original season sets of Star Trek the original series, the disc art was not only well made and quite attractive looking, but they also contained the episodes that were on the discs themselves. The new BluRay sets? Nope. All you get is Star Trek Season One, Disc 1. It’s fudge ugly, it’s cheap and it’s unprofessional.

54. somethoughts - November 15, 2009

I wonder if they are making VHS copies available for the people not fortunate enough to have a DVD or Blue Ray player.

Does Blockbuster still rent out VHS?

55. Enterprise - November 15, 2009

54. That would probably be a no. VHS folded up about 10 years agp. You can get cheap DVD players for as little as 40 bucks these days.

56. montgomery - November 15, 2009

I am hoping JJ, Orci, Kurtzman et al. are looking here and seeing all the ST fans that have invested in Blue Ray and HD technology, and are spending hard earned cash not only on multiple viewings in the cinema but now on the DVD, too. STXI made a lot of money in theaters and that was in no small part due to the fans and their support. (As last reported, a meager 20% of fans saw it one or fewer times; with a whopping 6% seeing it 10 or more! Holy smeg!)

We may be eccentric and sometimes harsh, but we do it because we love Star Trek and all is says about ourselves and our species. Please please take care of Star Trek guys. That means the adventure AND the spirit. Don’t worry about us, we will literally support you with everything we’ve got as long as you do.

57. somethoughts - November 15, 2009


Yea was thinking the same thing, I have a PS3 slim and hdtv, was just curious if companies released VHS anymore.

58. Gary - November 15, 2009

Bt the time the next sequel comes out, BlueRay players will cost under $100 and eventually $50. I can wait till then,

59. Hat Rick - November 15, 2009

Say it, 56! Can I get an “amen” from the choir? :-)

What’s really weird about the synchronicity thing I mentioned in 6 was that while composing the message I had no knowledge that ” gobsmacked” was Scottish in origin, nor had I listened to the second clip, which used “Enterprising Young Men” as background.

All of which goes to prove, once again, that Star Trek is truly mystical, magical, and all manner of marvelous.

60. Gary - November 15, 2009

Find the best DVD price.Go here….

61. Son of a Maui Portagee - November 15, 2009


DVD players can be had for $15 if you shop around.

But if you need VHS compatibility in upgrading,

The last major Hollywood release on VHS was A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE,

So the only legal way I can divine to get this year’s ST on VHS at this time is if you timeshift a pay per view. But even then the MPAA will insist that you erase it after viewing and probably still insist you don’t have a timeshift right either. Regradless, as time marches on, the opportunities to timeshift via VHS tape recording will become more ubiquitous.

62. Bill - November 15, 2009

Well I will be at Best Buy first thing Tuesday morning.

63. Dvd learn french | People, Fun and Other Cool Stuff - November 16, 2009

[…] New Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray Featurette Clips | […]

64. Neville A. Ross - November 16, 2009

@10: Wait until Boxing Day, then see if you can get a great Blu-Ray player or a PS3 at a great price.

@11: I wouldn’t mention Harlan Ellison and Star Trek in the same sentence if I were you-he hates the franchise, and only cares about getting paid his share of the profits from it (re: the lawsuit against Paramount and CBS Studios). He has called it and Gene so many names in the past it is phenomenal.

65. Son of a Maui Portagee - November 17, 2009

#64. Neville A. Ross once advised “I wouldn’t mention Harlan Ellison and Star Trek in the same sentence if I were you-he hates the franchise…”

And yet in 1975 when Paramount thought they might do a Trek movie he came in and gave them a pitch when asked.

I think you will find that while Ellison loves colorful metaphors and believes in being frank about what popular phenomena produces, that he’s a pragmatic businessman too. That doesn’t mean he’ll compromise his craft but he’s been in the business of being published long enough to know that corporate winds can change.

66. Learn french dvd | People, Fun and Other Cool Stuff - November 18, 2009

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