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FanMade: Review of Star Trek Phase II “Blood and Fire” Part 2 [UPDATE: More D/L Links] November 21, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Productions,New Voyages/Phase II,Review , trackback

It has been a long eleven month wait, but part two of Star Trek Phase II’s "Blood and Fire" has finally been released online. Decades after writing it as a script for The Next Generation, David Gerrold has finally realized his allegorical story, now set in the 23rd century. Find out how it all works out in the TrekMovie review [NOTE: Contains SPOILERS]


[NOTE: If you want to watch the episode before reading the review, see the link at the bottom for where to go]


Review: Blood and Fire, Part 2

The second part of "Blood and Fire" kicks off right after the cliffhanger for part 1 (see TrekMovie review), with Kirk and crew wrestling with how to deal with their landing party that is stuck on the quarantined USS Copernicus. We are soon introduced to "Blood and Fire’s" guest star, Star Trek The Next Generation’s Denise Crosby playing Dr. Jenna Yar (apparently an ancestor of her TNG character Tasha Yar). She, along with Federation medical researcher Michael Blodgett (Bill Blair) appear to have the solution for the Regulan Bloodworm problem, but it will take Dr. McCoy to figure out a cure and Kirk to keep things together with Klingons breathing down their necks, all under the threat of a ticking clock in the form of the crippled Copernicus spiraling into a sun.

Again with the Klingons

One of the welcome things about "Blood and Fire" part 2 is that it feels more like a Star Trek episode than many past outings from New Voyages and Phase II. The focus of the episode is on the crisis at hand, with Kirk, Spock and McCoy carrying most of the load. With many past New Voyages episodes we end up with an over-bloated B-story revolving around the stunt cast guest star, but here Crosby’s role feels like the right balance of a guest star in a TOS episode. Crosby puts in good performance, as does Bill Blair, who is convincing as Blodgett, who is effective as one of those Federation bureaucrats that are determined to get under Kirk’s skin. 

Blodgett (Blair) and Yar (Crosby), and some guy wondering if he is going to make it

Cawley puts in one of his better performances as Kirk and Ben Tolpin’s Spock is excellent (it is unfortunate that this will be his last appearance). John Kelley delivers his best performance yet as Bones, although at times he seems to struggle dealing with some of the medical technobabble (ironic as Kelley is a real doctor). The subplot of the relationship between Peter Kirk (Bobby Rice) and Alex Freeman (Evan Fowler) pays off in part 2 without being overbearing, with some exceptional acting on the part of Rice. In fact, the whole cast seems to continue to improve, with each episode of Phase II.

Kirk and his happy crew (except for Spock of course)

Director David Gerrold keeps an even better pace with part 2 of his "Blood and Fire." It flows like a Star Trek episode, and this time there aren’t as many dragging moments as we found in part 1. The script, by Gerrold and Carlos Pedraza (based on an unused TNG script by Gerrold) also (mostly) rings true for classic Trek, full of traditional themes like family and sacrifice. And interplay with the Klingons is reminiscent to "Day of the Dove", played well by both James Cawley as Kirk and John Carrigan as Captain Kargh.

 Captain Kargh (Carrigan) likes his bloodwine hot

However, this is the 21st century and so Gerrold also brings some modern themes as well, which can be refreshing at times, and at other times appear anachronistic. Gerrold and Pedraza also do a bit of ‘retconning’ [SPOILER TEXT: by introducing Section 31 into TOS] which may not work with some purists, but I think is kind of fun. What is most surprising about this episode is that much of the humor, which "Trouble with Tribbles" writer Gerrold is best known for, falls flat, but there are still a few good chuckles. "Blood and Fire, Part 2" is also weighed down a bit by technobabble, and I am still a little unclear on what is going on with the plasmacytes, blood worms and what it all becomes by the end of the episode.

This episode goes through more blood than a teenage vampire movie

As with Part 1, the effects are top notch for a fan film (and even many ‘real’ TV shows). The effects team have struck the right balance of using modern technology and approaches, but keeping with a sixties sensibility. Although many of the shots are unlike what you would have seen on the original show (some of which would have been impossible), they aren’t wildly out of place as some shots from earlier New Voyages episodes. The rest of the production continues to be exceptional, from sets to costumes to production design to the use of the original music. Phase II sets the bar for ‘fan productions’ of all kinds in this regard.

That nacelle got fixed up just fine — guess they really don’t need that refit

In the end, "Blood and Fire, Part 2" is a satisfying conclusion, even though the wait was a bit long. Cawley and Gerrold have told an interesting Star Trek story which also has a message or two. However, I can’t help but think that this story really didn’t need to be stretched out to two parts, and could have delivered as a more action-packed single episode. Regardless, it is recommended, especially for fans of fan films.

The human adventure continues in "Star Trek Phase II"

Watch Blood and Fire Part 2 online now
The teaser for "Blood and Fire, Part 2" is available on YouTube (see below). The full episode is also available now at the Star Trek Phase II Mirror Site. NOTE: Phose II producer James Cawley made good with his promise to release this episode on November 20th, but some of the acts have a temporary audio track. This will be fixed in the coming days. TrekMovie will update this article with the new links as they are made available.

UPDATE: More Download Links







1. Andy Patterson - November 21, 2009

Love those fan made projects. All the love and resources. Great.

2. Andy Patterson - November 21, 2009

And I’m reminded just from the clip of how good a job I’ve always thought the guy playing Chekov does. Talk about paying tribute.

3. Buzz Cagney - November 21, 2009

Excellent! Thats my weekend viewing lined up! Loving this stuff!

4. Hat Rick - November 21, 2009

I love this fan production! :-) The only reservation I have is that the lighting seems to be a bit dim in the photos.

5. Buzz Cagney - November 21, 2009

Also enjoyed the comments under the pictures! Very funny, Anthony!

6. WannaBeatle - November 21, 2009

I’ve always dug this show..not too sure about the gay overtones, but, no biggie really.

AND it’s great to hear Majel’s voice again.

Cawley and company actually do a really fine job.

7. Pat D. - November 21, 2009

Thank you, James Cawley and Phase II.

8. The Six Million Dollar Man - November 21, 2009

The new Spock looks really good and Chekov is simply amazing…Just starting to appreciate the gay relationship as someone who’s just recently got to grips with being bi……….:-)))

Well done, Mr. Cawley and Cast!!

9. 24th Century Rockstar - November 21, 2009

Wow, almost mistook Captain Kargh for Michael Ansara for a sec – had to do a double take and everything – nice little nod to ol’ Captain Kang!


10. c k - November 21, 2009

FIrst part had way too much time spent on the man-on-man action. :S

11. John Gill - November 21, 2009

That Chekov is good!

12. Anthony Lewis - November 21, 2009

I don’t know about you Anthony but I actually Bobby Rice’s performance at the end to be a little too hammy by today’s standards it almost felt like a parody of what sad people acted like in the 70’s and 80’s. I thought Cawley was excellent in that episode.

They have a message board over on their site for further discussion but a fair warning to anyone who even remotely enjoyed the new film, you can’t go three or four posts over there without someone mentioning how much they hated the new movie. It gets pretty annoying over there at times so if you can stand it there is plenty of Phase II talk to be had.

13. Bren - November 21, 2009

Not to reopen this debate but the problem with the love scene in the first part was just it’s length. It was nothing to do with the ‘gayness’ or ‘straightness’ of it. If it had been a man and a woman, it’d have been just as overlong and boring. Additionally, I think it could have benefitted from another take. The actors seemed to be waiting for cues or something, it was somewhat stilted.

That said, the action and effects in the first part were phenomenal. I loved the Copernicus, and the teaser scene was EPIC. The story has promise, but I’m wondering why it was made a two-parter. There seemed to be an awful lot of standing around in the first part, it may have been better served by some tightening and shortening to a single episode.

All friendly criticism, WEAT is still one of my favourite Star Trek episodes ever, period.

14. Bren - November 21, 2009

12 – I’m not flaming, but there’s the opposite problem here. There’s a handful of people on this site that can’t let one story pass by without expressing their blind hatred for anything after 1969.

Then there’s another handful who seem to think JJ Abrams is some kind of god, and will chew anyone out for pointing out the obvious holes in his very enjoyable film.

I am certainly neither of the above, I enjoy all Trek. I can imagine the TOS puritans are few and far between, here compared to there.

Anyway, that’s my shelf-full of worm cans opened for today. I’m off to murder some more metaphors.

15. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

Thanks for the review!
And listen folks, whether it’s J.J.’s film or TOS or one of it’s spin offs,or even us. We should all agree It’s all Trek!!! and Thank God after 40 plus years it is still right here for all of us to enjoy! We now get both old and new versions!
STAR TREK HAS NEVER BEEN HOTTER! Let’s just enjoy the ride.

16. PJ - November 21, 2009

THANK YOU mr cawley. Ive got a major love for star trek but it was my boyfriend who opened my eyes to your fan series. Great acting all around, and like Anthony said, you get better over time. Special thanks to Bobby Rice though. His take on Peter Kirk & Ro Nevin (on the other site) helped me come out to my parents & come to terms with being a young gay man in the Marine Corps. Its a stretch to some, but thank you guys for affecting my life in such an awesome way. Keep doing your thing. Oorah!

17. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

Thank You. It’s the comments from folks like you that have made this all worthwhile. I said when I first tackled this episode that I wanted it to help and affect people in a positive way… It is what makes Trek so special. It is what Gene wanted Trek to do all along.
I am so happy and thrilled it has.
Peace and Best Wishes

18. Bren - November 21, 2009

Go PJ! :D

Go Cawley! :D

This thread gives me the happy!

19. Alf, in pog form - November 21, 2009

They do great work making these shows, but in my opinion there is one thing that lets them down. And that is the sound quality is too good. A strange complaint I know, but I’d prefer it if they emulated the sixties series lower sound quality which makes the actors sound like they are in a ship rather than a studio. In this series it sounds like they are sitting next to me in my living room rather than a starship – all a little bit too crisp and clean.

20. Alf, in pog form - November 21, 2009

Oh no, James Cawley is posting on this page!! Sound quality in your shows is fantastic James – please keep it up (Alf quickly runs out the door and hides under the house…..)

21. NCC-73515 - November 21, 2009

Are they plasmacytes or plasmocytes? I also would like to read some kind of explanation how they live and what they become.

22. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

#21- They are “plasmacytes” and Spock gives a full explanation in the episode.

23. Andreas - November 21, 2009

This is a great episode. The story is much more densely told than in part 1.
Great characters with edges. Good performances and amazing visuals.
Everybody should watch.
Thank you Phase 2-team!

24. Anthony Lewis - November 21, 2009

@14: I totally see that as well. And I think we are in the same boat. I love everything Trek. I suppose this comes with the territory though.

25. Todd - November 21, 2009

To all the Phase 2 crew – keep up the great work and I will continue to enjoy it! I really enjoy seeing what ‘could have been’ after the 3rd season of TOS. James and crew deserve a shout out for their fantastic dedication to keeping TOS alive to all the fans…old and new!

26. Mr. "There are always possibilities" - November 21, 2009

Dear Mr. Cawley:

Your efforts, as well as the cast and crew and supporters, have really brought a lot of joy to the heart of this Star Trek fan. I have enjoyed every episode, and have shared your site with friends and family. I will continue to do so as long as you produce new episodes.

In terms of talent, it is wonderful that you have reached out to ST veterans, as well as new actors. Watching how young people interpret well known characters is, well, fascinating. Seeing pros bring life to new characters to life allows a viewer to appreciate their acting skills.

Thank you for your dedication to the vision! Good luck with Buck Rogers, which I also intend to check out.

Live Long and Propser and Boldly Go!

27. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 21, 2009

Hey James. You guys did a fantastic job on Phase 2. There are times when Im watching you play Kirk that I forget you are not the Shat and it takes some Exceptional acting to pull that off. Not that you were trying to act like shat. I think you have made the role of Kirk your own and in that you now own the role of Kirk. Great job and may you live long and prosper. Loved the Ep.

28. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

Capt. Mike,
Thank You. I deeply love the character of James Kirk, and can only hope to make people happy with what I do. That being said, William Shatner is my Hero, and Chris Pine is an amazing guy, who just treated me so well you have no idea. To be in their company in any form is a dream come true.

29. CmdrR - November 21, 2009

Having no luck with the downloads. Any mirror sites out there? (Or is that Mirror, Mirror sites?)

30. Blowback - November 21, 2009


You and your team definitely have a gift… Keep up the good work!

31. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

As usual the mirror sites are overloaded. But more will be online as the day progresses.

32. nx01 - November 21, 2009

Wow this is so cool, James Cawley actually posts here!
Thank you so much for continuing the Original Series.
I would have continued to watch and enjoy your series either way, but thanks so much for keeping the Enterprise the same. I feel like a piece of my child hood is continuing. Thank You so much as a fan ,please continue the good work.

“May the Great Bird of the Galaxy Bless your planet.”

33. kempec - November 21, 2009


Your take on Captain Kirk is a definite welcome in my opinion. You bring it to a new level of realness. As for the production values of your show…Priceless!!! May I say that no other fan production has even come close to your level of excellence!! Keep up the great work and I look forward to any work that you and your wonderful team create!

34. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

Please remember folks that any one of you who might wish to play in the sandbox only has to sign up on our fourm to help make the magic. All fans are welcome to participate in June.

35. nx01 - November 21, 2009

James you might want to think about also releasing versions of the episodes on Bit Torrent. Some of the episodes have made it to the Torrent sites any way.
If you posted a version direct to a Bit Torrent it might help ease the work load on the mirror sites.

36. Anthony Lewis - November 21, 2009

@35 They actually have a BT tracker in league with the Phase II site, I just have not seen the new episode up on the tracker yet.

37. Hat Rick - November 21, 2009

I wonder what David Gerrold has to say about all this? :-)

38. NCC-73515 - November 21, 2009

Ah, so they are white blood cells?

39. PJ - November 21, 2009

I know you cant make the series for profit, but is there any way I could put these to DVD? Or is there any way you would put a few episodes on DVD for order. I know that’d be a huge pain in the ass, but I’m sure the fans would love it. I know I would. Thanks again for your response to my earlier post Mr. Cawley, that pretty much made my day.

40. Newman - November 21, 2009

This is quality stuff!

41. Captain Crawford - November 21, 2009

I thought these were supposed to be the NEW voyages of the Starship Enterprise. I didn’t hear the “new”.

A minor nitpick, overall, better late than never! Phase II has always been worth the wait.

42. Brandon McClure - November 21, 2009

Best episode and well worth the wait. James you are absolutely fantastic in this. The entire cast is. I also want to thank you for your comment about JJ’s new movie. It is all Trek and it’s still wonderful. As long as it keeps the spirit of Trek I’ll alsways love it. Thank you so much. The special effects were incredible as well. I’m a little sad that your not going with the refit but I’m also glad that our keeping the ship since I think it look pretty cool. Thank you for making this episode oh an I loved the ending!

43. Brandon McClure - November 21, 2009

Oh ya and a DVD would be so cool. I’d pay money for that lol

44. RobertMfromLI - November 21, 2009

35 nx01: BitTorrent release coming soon. As well as streaming high-def release. There is a streaming medium resolution release available now (check the forums for the link).

37 Hat Rick: I think he’s happy. He did, after all, spend a lot of time with us working on the episode.


45. hitch1969© speaks with wise tongue™. - November 21, 2009

Well done, again, JC.

You’re as much an inspiration to us as those who inspired you.


46. dalek - November 21, 2009

I can’t get the download links at the mirror site to load at all. Has anyone else uploaded the files somewhere?

47. Patty W - November 21, 2009

Sorry.. we’re not allowed to make DVD’s to sell to folks… for the obvious reason that it’s blatantly collecting money…. (even if it wouldn’t begin to take a bite out of what we spent on it..)

James… part two looks awesome! All the late nights between you and the post-production guys really paid off. This IS TREK. Congrats!!

48. Brain - November 21, 2009

I was able to show my cousin the new movie, and he would be about as much of barometer for the regular public’s appreciation of this movie as much as anyone I can think of (being the anti-scifi, NASCAR-lovin’, football adorin’ quasi-redneck that he tends to be)… and he was floored.
He raved.
I smiled.
Mission accomplished.
Abrams and Co. have managed to pull it off.
And not to forget: Cawley & Co. can keep it coming, too.

49. Atos - November 21, 2009

Now if only they can get actors that are as good as the visuals – and the scripts. Cawley still can’t act and, at best, he does a bad imitation of Shatner – complete with exaggerated facial expressions, over acting, etc. – with Elvis hair too, of course.

50. Anthony Lewis - November 21, 2009

@49 I don’t know sir. I find the TOS acting to be pretty cheesy and corn-ball-ish. This is at least as good as that. I’ve watched the original series straight through four or five times and I enjoy the show but with the exception of a few episodes and a few guest stars I would say all of the acting was pretty day-time-soapy. I also see it as part of it’s charm (as only someone who grew up watching it can).

I would even say that there are times where the acting exceeds that of TOS but mostly they are on par or just below that level. TOS acting may have held up at the time and the stories might still be good stories but compared to the styles now they seem silly by comparison.

51. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

#49 LOL!

52. Eli - November 21, 2009

Appreciate the effort, guys!

Lord knows if I had the resources, I’d be making my own TNG fan series right now.

Keep on Trekkin’!

53. Nick Cook - November 21, 2009

Haven’t managed to see the whole thing yet, but it’s easily as good as I expected. Awesome work guys!

James; enjoy your plaudits, they are well deserved. :)

54. Trekwebmaster - STP2 Mirror Download Site - November 21, 2009

I am constantly amazed at production quality – when we wanted Warp One, James and Company gives us Warp 10!

Thanks to everyone at STP2 for all you do!

55. No2Khan - November 21, 2009

My god Dennis looks old.

No KHan for JJ2!

56. RobertMfromLI - November 21, 2009

#46: Click the link on #54’s name, or check the forum for the temporary streaming link.


57. dalek - November 21, 2009

#56 Robert thanks so much for the tip downloading now.

Thanks also to Trekwebmaster for the mirrors!

58. RobertMfromLI - November 21, 2009

#57 dalek: Any time!

Anyone with technical problems or questions (or whatever) can always feel free to contact me via the STP2 “Contact Us” link on our website – that way discussion about the episode can continue here without interruption (that and I check my email pretty regularly).


59. Joseph - November 21, 2009

I watched it with a friend of mine last night. He’s not a trekkie by most people’s standards. He’s read a lot of the books, but seen very little of the show (and only a handful of the movies). In fact, the first part of BAF was really his first introduction to TOS on screen. And when all was said and done, he was just floored. For all the technical quibbles we poked fun at (we watched the bit where Kirk punches Blodgett 3 times. Gotta love that temporary audio track), it kindled a sense of wonder and awe in him that I suspect most old-school trek fans like myself know all too well. Frankly I am hard pressed to think of any Star Trek ending that was as beautifully staged as the emergence of the sparkle dancers from Dr. Yar’s sacrifice. Say what you will about the overall pacing of the episode: that ending was pitch-perfect.
So well done, Mr. Cawley. You and your team have managed to create something wonderous!

60. Atos - November 21, 2009

Seriously, Mr. Cawley – your “acting” is more like a bad parody of bad acting. It detracts from an otherwise excellent production.

61. nx01 - November 21, 2009

When is #49 Atos’s Fan show coming out?
Also sir I would like to know if your Star Trek Sets are as good as the ones used on Star Trek Phase II?

Please reply Sir with the link to your Star Trek Fan show site, so i can check out your show and how good your acting is.

62. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

#60- LOL, I am amused by people like you, who enjoy bashing others.
You can’t do anymore than make me laugh, very loud and very hard.

63. dalek - November 21, 2009

#60 In the early days of New Voyages the acting all round was not the strong point, but it was watchable. The more recent episodes starting with the Chekov outing have shown a marked improvement in James’ acting, so much so I don’t really think about it any more. So I can’t agree with your assessment which one could misconstrue as just being cruel given the harshness of your critique. James is just fine in the role, and at times can put in a touching performance when the script calls for it.

64. Canadianknight - November 21, 2009

I await to see #60’s mad acting skills with growing excitement.

Seriously though… James C and company… you guys continue to amaze. Keep up the awesome work. If you ever need a professional VO guy… let me know. :)

65. Mr. "There are always possibilities" - November 21, 2009


You are entitled to your opinion. Personally I enjoy Mr. Cawley’s Kirk. However, let me suggest that it’s not all about the acting, it is about Trek.

STP2 very much carries on the spirit of ST:TOS; adventure and action with a message. In it we see not only our own stuggles and challenges, but people overcoming and growing not only for themselves, but for all. If a part of the production turns you off to the point that you can’t enjoy that, then maybe there are better ways for you to spend your time. Hopefully that is not the case, and you willl continue to support those who put so much of their time and sweat into this labor of love, and keep the vision alive.

Live Long and Prosper and Boldy Go!

66. Trevor John - November 21, 2009

Cawley, you rule. Keep up the good work.

67. st-midway - November 21, 2009

Mr.Cawley (or may I say James?^^) you and your team are really doing a great job! I admire what you are doing, thanks for helping to keep the dream alive! =) oh, the episode was really good, btw =)

#60 I look at ith this way, there is the shatner-kirk, then there is the pine-kirk and there is the cawley-kirk. they are all a little bit different, but at the same time they are all captain kirk, the heart and the spirit of this character is at the right place.
I hope it´s understandable what I wanted to say, english is not my native language^^

Greetz from Germany =)

68. Valar1 - November 21, 2009

IMO Cawley’s gang has better acting than the stunt casting professionals that come by each episode- I probably shouldn’t say that, but IMO it’s the honest truth the last few eps with Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, were almost painful to watch until the Cawley and the Skeletor Spock showed up. Cawley’s acting totally blew me away, and my older brother appreciated the astounding special effects- especially the one episode where the young Chekov plots a shuttle through an asteroid field. Keep up the good work.

69. screaming satellite - November 21, 2009

James Cawley – just a query, are you going to do something in the movie era? e.g inbetween TMP and TWOK? or are you sticking strictly to TOS/Phase II pre movies?

i was reading the Marvels Untold Voyages and itd be cool to see something live action in that 2nd five year mission period

70. Lore - November 21, 2009

Said it before and I’ll say it again. These “Fan-Made” productions are Copyright Infringement. Paramount should shut this down immediately. I know that haters will be on me for saying this, but its true. Would George Lucas allow “Fan-Made” Star Wars? I think not. It seems “Trekkers” think just because they like Trek that it somehow belongs to them. Star Trek should remain in the capable hands of Mr. Abrams until Paramount sees fit to hand the reins to someone else. These independent film makers should try COMING UP WITH AN ORIGINAL IDEA.

71. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

Quote ” Would George Lucas allow “Fan-Made” Star Wars”

Please do your homework. There are many more Star Wars fan films than Trek ones out there, and Mr.Lucas actively supports them and even has an annual contest for the best one.

72. Anthony Lewis - November 21, 2009

Not to step on your feet James but isn’t it also pretty common info that Paramount/CBS allows for fan made productions as long as they do not try to sell the product?

If Paramount/CBS doesn’t care then nobody should care.

73. Anthony Lewis - November 21, 2009

Not to step on your feet James but isn’t it also pretty common info that Paramount/CBS allows for fan made productions as long as they do not try to sell the product?

If Paramount/CBS doesn’t care then nobody should care.

74. Nick Cook - November 21, 2009

#70 I think you’ll find most fanfilm makers respect the people making official Star Trek, and its license holders, far more than those who spend way too much time attacking both the professionals and the amateurs.

75. VOODOO - November 21, 2009


I’ve enjoyed everything that you guys have done thus far. I was especially fond of the George Takei episode “World Enough and Time” which was better than much/most of the “offical” Star Trek universe of the last 15 years.

Well done. Keep up the great work.

76. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

Yes. That has been the case for many years now. If you visit my site on the front page it clearly states that our mission is to PROMOTE CBS/PARAMOUNT’S FRANCHISE. We are fans, working together to keep Star Trek alive and in the forefront of popular culture, We are helping them not hurting them. There is no one involved in this that would ever hurt the franchise. I do evreything in my power to promote Star Trek, I even have a Paramount news section on the front page to help keep fellow fans informed by all the cool things going on with the franchise.

77. Enterprisingguy - November 21, 2009

Mr. Cawley…..your grace under fire in the face of an ingrate’s criticism is very Kirk-like indeed!! Well done. As is your superb production!

You have the gratitude of many!

78. MC1 Doug - November 21, 2009

#70: Lore, I don’t hate you for your comments, BUT I do not agree with your opinion either.

Paramount has had a hands off policy with these fan-made productions with the proviso that these filmmakers do not profit from their productions.

That has always been the case; that has always been the end result. This policy is much like the same one Paramount followed with the old written fanzines (or maybe still do if they are still around).

It would do Paramount no favors to alienate the fans by playing hardball. In fact, it would do them just the opposite as I believe, as I am sure do countless other fans, that these fan-made productions help keep the franchise alive.

AND just because, as you suppose, that Lucas wouldn’t allow this, does not mean Paramount should follow suit. I am not even sure that is the case as I have seen some online stuff that utilizes the ‘Star Wars’ motifs.

These fan-made productions do nothing to inhibit Paramount’s ability to profit from continuing the franchise so why pick on them or shut them down.

Your statement that their stories are not original does not hold water either. Other than ‘In Harm’s Way,’ the New Voyages/Phase II stories have been totally original (INW utilizes a lot of TOS story elements yet uses them effectively, although I do think the story was a bit too fanboy-ish)… or have taken elements of TOS to build upon their stories.

Respectfully, if you do not like these productions, there is a real easy choice… do not watch them.

I say enjoy these fan-made webisodes for what they are: They’re just a lot of folks doing something that utilizes their creative energies for something they– and us fans– love!

Keep on trekkin!’

79. Beda of Borg - November 21, 2009

@ James Cawley:

Very, very,very,very,very, THANK YOU for this “little” piece of Gold!!!!!!!
And thanks especial for the homosexual theme!!!
i am gay as well, and i cried, while i watched the Epilogue… it was so touching…..
PLS keep on working!!! I love Phase II and want it never to stop!!! :DDD

I´m sry for my poor english, couse i´m from germany ;)

My absolute regard!!!!!!!!! :D

A litte questen as well:
I heard for the upcoming episode you are using the phase II enterprise model?!
is this correct???

many greetings from germany,
a HUGE FAN!!!! :)

80. Brandon McClure - November 21, 2009

Oh I just wanted to say James; I loved your cameo in the new trek film. Even if it was brief it was still so cool

81. Nick Cook - November 21, 2009

Talking of James’ cameo, isn’t that just an awesome way for the license holders to tell him exactly what they think of him? Gee, they must be really upset with him.

Methinks the people making official Trek get it way better than some of the fans who *think* they get it.

82. Lore - November 21, 2009

I understand lots of people like the fan made productions. But look at the comments above. Tons of people wanting to buy DVD’s. Being in business myself I guess I’m sensitive to this kind of thing. Its also no accident that the episode was released close to the DVD release of ST09. It just seems like the whole project is riding on the coat-tails of REAL TREK.

83. Atos - November 21, 2009

All Mr. Cawley does is sniff the fumes of others who have come before him – Shatner, Elvis, Roddenberry, etc. No original thinking. That said, the production values of the fan show are rather stunning when you consider how this is all done. Just get a better (real) actor to portray Kirk.

84. Nick Cook - November 21, 2009

And yet, nobody is *selling* DVDs. Nor do they plan to.

The license holder certainly doesn’t seem to be unhappy, so why do you feel a need to demand otherwise? James has nothing but respect for the people who make official Trek, and your implication to the contrary is really quite unfair.

85. E.T. Moody III - November 21, 2009

82 – Lore

You have that backwards… JJ Abrams was able to launch his new franchise on the coattails of New Voyages, which provided proof-of-concept that Trek fans would accept new actors in the roles.

If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it, and stop using the forum for your own attention.

86. radroz - November 21, 2009

Lore – Of COURSE they’re riding on the coat-tails of “REAL TREK.” That’s called “being a fan.” The simple reality is that this production is stellar. Trek fanfilms have thrived in the absence of new Trek episodes, and that’s great for everyone. Fanfilms do NOT infrige on copyright nor deny Paramount/CBS any money since they don’t profit.

Of course people want to buy DVDs of Phase II. However, they can’t – and P2 can’t sell them. So who exactly is profiting? “Well, he’s going to benefit for his Buck Rogers production…” you might say. GOOD! Phase 2 simply proves that Cawley and company have the chops to make it work.

Seriously, “Lore.” Troll somewhere else. This is a great production, and these people have taken their time and resources to put a story together that is really quite wonderful.

Your quick dismissal of any fanfilms of the Star Wars franchise shows your utter lack of credibility. Clearly, you’re not interested in anything more than flaming. I wouldn’t even take your posts seriously if it weren’t for the fact that the grammar is passable.

87. NCC-73515 - November 21, 2009

I also had a tear or two in my eyes… and here it comes: I’m bi, too :)

88. Nick Cook - November 21, 2009

In fact, it is still copyright infringement. However, to date the liencse holder has been (reputedly) understanding enough to turn a blind eye as long as no one makes any profit.

So thank you CBS/Paramount, for being nicer people than some folks would credit you. :)

89. Nick Cook - November 21, 2009

And of course, that should be *license* holder. Darn typos!

90. Rick - November 21, 2009

Cawley is my hero! If you are reading this James I want you to know that I love everything you did for Star Trek during the years! Thank You, Rick

91. Valar1 - November 21, 2009

I can’t believe there are people here that feel sorry for and feel the need to defend a multi billion dollar corporation. Let me whip out my violin for poor ol defenseless Paramount/CBS. Maybe we should set up a collection for their legal defense fund so they can sue these copyright infringing pirates.

92. Zebonka - November 21, 2009

The Section 31 guy kinda spoiled it for me (the surprise with the plasmacytes in his pocket was just too much like Wayne’s World) but all things considered it’s a great bit of Trek. Hearing some of the soundtrack made me wish more than ever that Paramount would consider releasing more TOS music …

Anyway, bravo fellas! Congratulations.

93. Zebonka - November 21, 2009

@ 17
This’ll get buried in the comments on the article no doubt and you’ll probably never see it, but that’s beautiful. Just wanted to say so!

94. Captain Dunsel - November 21, 2009

Hello James!
You guys are doing great work-keep them coming!

The ensemble is getting better all the time!
Not only do you have a great Spock and Chekov, but your Uhura is also top notch!!!

But a bit of friendly criticism:
It does seem that a lot of the crew should be visiting the gym more often, those beer bellys are becoming more commonplace.

Steady as she goes!

95. Beda of Borg - November 21, 2009

@ NCC-73515:

Nice to know i am not the only one :))

again: thx james!!!! :D

96. Jason spriggs - November 21, 2009

James Cawley you rock!

How you manage to keep upping the production value on these episodes with no studio support is amazing.

How DO you do that btw?

I’m sure there are a lot of volunteers to bring these shows to fruition.
I for one would love to offer my services if they could ever help;
Camera, editing, storyboards, graphics, production design, i gotta few tricks in my bag.

for video-

For design and concept-

I’m sure you get this all the time but one never knows.

Also, is there a ‘more professional’ way to reach you, business-wise?

Keep it up and good luck with Buck Rogers.

Big fan,

97. Scott - November 21, 2009

The guy playing Checkov is really good, but as always, the other casting is so far off base, that it’s hard not to be incredibly cynical about this. Crawley doesn’t channel Shatner, he is a caricature of Shatner, and this is not a good thing. I’d suggest he take notes from Chris Pine’s approach to the character, and lose the goofy mimicry and loosen up a little. I understand that Crawley is the guy that has made all of this happen, but he really should take a step back and re-evaluate himself here. I’m taking the time to make these comments because ultimately I do think they have something good brewing. The sets, costumes, effects, lighting and editing of the original score is really, really superb. I haven’t seen all of the episodes, but the stories seem to be inline with what was being written in the original series. Keep up the good work, guys.

98. VOODOO - November 21, 2009



Mr. Cawley is a fan who is having a great time while creating some damn good Star Trek/fan fiction on his own dime. He is living his dream. Can you say the same? Why would you criticise him so harshly?

Lore #70


Yeah, Paramount is so upset with him for copyright Infringement (you have no concept as to what you are talking about) they invited him to be in J.J. Abrams Star Trek. Did they ask you to make a cameo?

“These independent film makers should try COMING UP WITH AN ORIGINAL IDEA.”

I think you miss the point. He doesn’t want to come up with a new idea. He wants to make films about the ST universe that he grew up with. This is his homage to Star Trek.

It seems that many people who are actually involved in Star Trek (George, Takei, J.J. Abrams, Walter Koenig, Denise Crosby to name a few) are on his side in this debate.

99. nx01 - November 21, 2009

Atos Again what original Ideas have you come up with.

We are all still waiting to see the link to your Website, of your fan film so that we may see your great acting ability.

We Get it your a Star Trek Phase 2 Hater.


That goes for you to lore, please proceed to the nearest air lock.


100. Atos - November 21, 2009

98 – your reaction is typical – because someone is a fan, then it follows that anything that they do is good – even if it is bad acting it is good because Cawley is a ST fan. Notice how all of the actors from the real shows who appear in his fan films can’t get regular acting jobs any more. Coincidence?

Cawley is good – really good – at creating something of technical quality from miniscule resources. What he is not good a is acting or doing impersonations of real actors. If he really wanted to produce the best product possible he’d get better actors. After all, it is the characters that have always driven ST. Its hard to take Cawley’s Kirk impression seriously when he over acts in every single frame with that Elvis hairdo.

101. nx01 - November 21, 2009

The rest of us like his acting.

Your just some sort of Crazy Hater Person.

That is a nice long response about nothing.

But once again ,
We are all still waiting to see the link to your Website, of your fan film so that we may see your great acting ability.

102. Phoenix - November 21, 2009

I just came here to say…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXANDER SIDDIG!!!!!!^_^

103. Fez - November 21, 2009

Everyone on the team and you need a big round of applause!!! It was an amazing episode and I cannot thank you enough for the great time up at the studio and I hope to talk/see to you soon.


104. Gary Evans - November 21, 2009

Oh, I just love it when I see a critic mentioning the Elvis hair! LOL, I probably would haev NEVER become part of Retro Film Studios / Cawley Entertainment Company IF IT had NOT been for such a critical remark about the Elvis ‘do on!

That snide comment on IMDb caused me to begin to research this whole group! I became interested, with one contact leading to another until “Kirk and Scotty” invited me to watch a pickup shoot.

I immediately became involved, first as studio electrcian, then PA at the tail end of TSAMD, with more involvement than credited for in WEaT, finally as coexecutive produer for BAF and onward.

I was also lucky enough to participate in several BTS tasks for OGaM and got to meet and associate with that entire NY crew and Cast!

Oh, and as to RFS / CEC doing something new: ALL these episodes are new scripts or modified scripts. So. although we are using the Trek name we adhere to Paramount/CBS’ no profit or charges to the fans agreement. We also have involved both Gene “Rod” Roddenberry Jr and his mother Majel Roddenberry in our work. We have had support and appearances from numerous Trek professionals crew and acting talent alike!

Sure, we stunt cast and we also have used Trek actors in substantial roles.

We have a cast tand crew that originates from around the globe.

Now, we are engaged in a fullly licensed effort to bring a totally new version of Buck Rogers ot the scene. Yes, Erin Gray and Gil Gerard have roles in that web series pilot! I’ve seen the footage and these two are excellent actors. There work is superb. Watch for that effort in late 2010!

Oh, an done last point, the cast, crew and producers spend much time, effort and money to produce these Trek TOS paeans, then provide it free-of-charge to everyone via various internet methods.

We can NOT produce DVDs even at cost, because to the TPTB it might be deemed as sales or making money! Now, of course, if those same TPTBs wanted to use our work … LOL!!!

I’ve said many times, we welcome honest and fair critiques. It helps us respond to what fans wish to view, MORE importantly, it helps us do all our tasks better in creating these episodes for the fans – including all of us as fans! Hah!

My last point is, that if anyone has their own ideas that they believe would be both good or great Star Trek, I encourage all such interested persons to produce their interpretations and broaden the amount of Trek in existance for ALL Trek fans to view and enjoy (or not!)

I consider myself lucky, I have been privileged and lucky to make friends and acquaintances around the globe as a result of this project. I seek fans of this project wherever they may exist. I recruit these fans to our website, our forum, our mirror operators, our translators, our cast and to our crew. I’ve gained friends and acquaintances form nearly 30 nations as a result of New Voyages / Phase II.

We live a dream – such as only those who actively participate in Fan Trek can ever hope to achieve.

Oh, just to keep thgis to the strict topic: My Kudos to David Gerrold for providing the original story as wel as being a superb director while we filmed this episode and for being a friend! David, my sincerest thanks for persevering to ultimately bring this episode into existence!
Gary Evans

105. VOODOO - November 21, 2009


I don’t think Cawley is attempting to make the next “Schindler’s List ” with these films. You may be reading a little too much into these very well done pieces of fan fiction.

Quote – “Its hard to take Cawley’s Kirk impression seriously ”

Why would you take it seriously? This isn’t Abrams Star Trek 12. This is a fan who is having the time of his life by playing Captain Kirk and he is picking up the bill himself.

He must be doing something right

1/ You and I are talking about him
2/ J.J. Abrams sought him out to be in ST XI (I would have liked to be in ST XI)
3/ He has gotten to work with the real life writers and stars of Star Trek… I wish I could say the same.
4/ He has become somewhat of a minor star in his own right.
5/ Is well known by most hardcore Star Trek fans.
6/ He has gotten some pretty solid reviews by some mainstream people.

Lighten up, I think what he is doing is pretty cool. It’s not fair to try and hold him to the same standards of a studio production especially when he is paying for everything himself.

It’s fans with the passion of James Cawley that have kept Star Trek alive during some pretty harsh times over the years.

Keep up the great work James!

106. Nick Cook - November 21, 2009

James hasn’t had “Elvis hair” on camera since In Harms Way, which suggests that certain persons may be complaining without even watching what they’re complaining about.

107. dalek - November 21, 2009

Atos, by now it’s very clear you have a personal vendetta about James. The amount of posts you are dedicating to this character assassination means this can now be viewed as a personal attack. You will come back saying it’s your opinion, but I draw the line on opinions and being nasty. If your opinion has a malevolent nature to it, you should withdraw it from a public forum where it could affect someone elses feelings. It’s just simple ettiquette.

James, just watched it. To you and your team, thank you it was a beautiful episode! I really enjoyed it. Is there a preview of the next episode?

108. Gary Evans - November 21, 2009

To anyone who can do this perfectly I challenge that individual to get off his or her duff and do JUST THAT! Show Phase II and all the other fan flmes HOW this should really be done!

Then, once released, wait to see the fans’ reactions.

Seriously, though, I have lived more than 62 years and I have NEVER seen a perfect entertainment piece yet! Doubt I ever will. I think the closest I ever came was two long ago movies; “The Last Angry Man” Starring Paul Muni, based upon the Gerald Green novel, directed by Daniel Mann; the other was “Harvey” starring James Stewart, written by Mary Chase, directed by Henry Koster.

Now, I’m no expert on entertainment, certainly NOT a critic.
Thus, when I critique someone else’s work I stick with factual points and provide critiques that describe what I think is amiss or what I think could have been better presented. The goal is to try to offer helpful opinions to other producers of entertainment.
Gary Evans

109. dalek - November 21, 2009

#108 Gary Evans well said!

BTW your name is an anagram of Gary Seven (with a different spelling), do you have a black cat by any chance)

110. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

Athos has his opinion. He does not like me.
No big deal. He seems to be your average armchair quarterback.
He is a great player when he is in his lazy boy, but put him on the playing field…

Star Trek fans are generally very positive uplifting, forward thinking people.
Maybe someday he may be one of them.

111. NCC-73515 - November 21, 2009

@ Beda of Borg

I just thought this would be the perfect time and place ;)
Where are you from and are you a Lokalist?

112. Valar1 - November 21, 2009

BTW that new Uhura is hot- what is her name? And I don’t mean Zoe- she’s good too, but this one mmmmmmmm

113. Anthony Pascale - November 21, 2009

I want to remind everyone to be civil

It is ok to disagree

no one here has the right to say who does and does not belong here (except me and the staff).

Like with all aspects of Star Trek, not all agree on fan films and Phase II, go figure.

114. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

That’s Kim Stinger and she is a beautiful person. I am so lucky to have her in the cast and as My Friend.

115. New Horizon - November 21, 2009

@ James Cawley:

I’m saddened to see any negativity toward the work you and your team do. I’ve posted criticism in the past, hopefully constructive, but I’ve always had respect for what you and your team have managed to accomplish.

The commitment, passion and love that goes into every episode is clearly evident. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Phase 2 is cannon to me. It’s a beautiful thing, and a rare chance to explore something we loved all our lives as adults…and have it be as close to the original as we will probably ever have the chance to get again.

Some people don’t appreciate how special this is, and will waste this precious window of time bitching and moaning about one thing or another.

Don’t let it get you down. Anyone who has truly embraced the philosophy of Trek has the ability to open their minds to almost any possibility. Phase 2, JJ Trek…or something new.

116. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

115 Thank You, and don’t worry, I am fine!

117. Jason spriggs - November 21, 2009

any response to post 96?
I’m actually very curious about the process. I’m sure others would be too.



118. CarlG - November 21, 2009

“… whether it’s J.J.’s film or TOS or one of it’s spin offs,or even us. We should all agree It’s all Trek!!! and Thank God after 40 plus years it is still right here for all of us to enjoy! We now get both old and new versions!
STAR TREK HAS NEVER BEEN HOTTER! Let’s just enjoy the ride.”

Preach on, brother! :)

119. Quarksbartender - November 21, 2009

Mr. Cawley thanks for this, I really appreciate you keeping Trek alive and look forward to many more Phase II outings.
Oh and I saw you guys used a Klingon Blood Wine Mug from the Star Trek Experience did you ever get a chance to see it?

120. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

I am always open to help. I can be reached at:

121. Jason Politte - November 21, 2009

Mr. Cawley – you have done an amazing job with phase 2! Thanks much for all your work.

122. Paul Fitz - November 21, 2009

Just a Thank you note here for James Cawley, I really love Phase II, and have been awaiting the new episode. . . Thanks for giving us new stories to enjoy, I am very grateful.

Also a thanks to Nick Cook, I really enjoy Intrepid. If there is anyone else reading ,Major thanks to Farragut, and Hidden Frontier also.
(I was lucky enough to have my voice in a hidden frontier episode),

So, in summation, Thanks to all the fan film makers, keep em coming!

123. David D. - November 21, 2009

James –

Best effort to date. I really felt for the first time I was watching an episode I missed ‘back in the day’.

Keep it up ;)

124. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

119- Yes, I got to tour the experience twice.

125. MC_Trekkie - November 21, 2009

James, great work. I just saw it on a streaming site listed above and enjoyed it.

My personal favorite remains World Enough and Time… I suppose everyone has their own favorite. Perhaps Anthony can put up a poll.

Andy Bray Still captures Chekov best for me (sorry Anton Yelchin)-

My only request is, when you have the opportunity to revisit the music…. well, please revisit the music. At times (especially near the end) one hears the “love theme” (from The Empath?) which is perhaps not the best between Uncle and Nephew.

Much of the Trek Music has a specific purpose and mood, and sometimes your gang is spot on, at other times, it seems the music and scene are incongruous/forced and there simply because its recognizable Trek Music

Thanks to you all for putting in the time, money and sweat equity- and thanks to all the Trek Veteran Writers who’ve pitched in.

Still hoping one day to see your take on Spinrad’s “To Attain The All.” That’s some good trek right there.

Again, great job

126. olsojer - November 21, 2009

James, Thanks! It rocked, having lost my brother to AIDS 20 years ago, I know the pain personally, and know what David Gerrold wanted to show about how the world reacts to people who are infected. Thank you for courage and continued success!

127. New Horizon - November 21, 2009

100. Atos – November 21, 2009

Mr. Cawley has consistently improved from episode to episode. So what if it’s not perfect? It’s amazing to watch the acting skills of these folks grow from episode to episode. :)

128. NCC-73515 - November 21, 2009

Is there anything people far away (Europe) could do?

129. E.T. Moody III - November 21, 2009

Last year I was an anonymous poster on this forum, on the thread for part 1 of this episode. Now I’m watching this thread with the eye of inside interest, of keeping tabs on the well being of family.

I volunteered and saw the workings of a growing family that I’m proud to be a part of. If you’re thinking of helping out, go for it. You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s why I came to accept James Cawley as James Kirk. It’s the physical acting. Having seen the guy in and out of character, there’s a switch. It was entertaining to witness this in person during a shoot.
I can’t quantify it exactly, it’s a combination of body posture and motion,and from my observation it goes a step beyond conscious, somehow this guy changes his aura or something… I dunno. Anyhow, once I “gave ” him the role in my subconscious, I also found it easier to find Kirk in Chris Pine’s performance.

Somehow, John Kelly is more like McCoy in person than he translates to on the video… Wonder how he’d do on film… anamorphic lens….hmmm

It’s theater, people, classic theater. These are characters. They have properties that can come from within and transcend facial features. Spock and McCoy are the chorus, yadi yadi… you’ve heard it explained better.

I think the people who have the hardest time accepting the fan films- and the new films probably secretly hold to that childish fantasy that it was all real, that somehow we got privy to a slice of time from the future and are incredibly intolerant of anything disturbing that fantasy.

It’s entertainment that replaced telling each other stories around the campfire. Keep track of that.

This particular show is the result of incredibly hard work in legendary conditions ( hope you like that word James ) by a wide range of people with varying degrees of professional knowledge who believe way beyond the call of reason in what they do.

Attacking it in any way is silly trolling born of ignorance. You think it can be better? Well here’s one more voice in your face saying “shut up or put up”.

Emory Moody
sound mixer, “Kitumba”

130. Captain Serek - November 21, 2009

James and Nick,

First off, I have been enjoying your respective fan series for the past few years. Phase II and Intrepid are entertaining and maintain the spirit of our favorite tv series.

I watched BaF Part II about a couple of hours ago and I was impressed. Even with the temp audio track it still captured my thoughts.

Kudos all around, to James, Nick David Gerrold and the rest of the PII team.

131. James R. Kirk - November 21, 2009

@James Cawley

The only way he can criticize you is if he bothered to watch the episode- which he must have done. This means his viewing was counted as part of the site traffic, which in turn affects website advertising placement, which eventually gets traded for website bandwidth. So I suggest that everyone who hates Mr. Cawley and company to watch all the episodes multiple times over and over.

Let him feed his so called “problem.”

132. E.T. Moody III - November 21, 2009



Ludovico technique.

133. CmdrR - November 21, 2009

Great fun.

I have some quibbles — mostly in the pacing — but overall, this shows a great love and respect for the original while trying to tell a story not likely to have made it past the powers that be… were… in 1960’s TV.

Well done and thanks to Cawley et al.

134. OneAdam12 - November 21, 2009

What constantly amazes me is the authenticity of the recreated TOS sets.

Having walked through the abomination that is the TOS bridge used in the touring “Star Trek: The Exhibition” in San Jose, CA, the exhibitors could learn a thing or three about craftsmanship and attention to detail from the New Voyages crew.

135. Falvoant - November 21, 2009

The Entire “Star Trel The exhibition ” was a big diassapointment for me
even more dissapointing were fans being duped into thinking what they were seeing actually had something to do with a TV show..
Captain Picards uniform had 3 1/2 pips
Why do they insult US like that?
After working on the Phase II bridge personally I dont even know why we bothered to go …
NOTHING compares to that bridge

136. D. Jacobs - November 21, 2009

Post 113 – Anthony Pascale – Its OK to DISAGREE….
Some people have no tact.. The Phase 2 production is like a newborn baby, it has some parents that are really proud of it, they have done their best, yet some people will walk up to the stroller, and proclaim loudly, DAMN, THATS AN UGLY BABY! Critisism can be construction and it can be destructive. Take a hint people. A LOT of us think the baby is adorable.

137. James Cawley - November 21, 2009

Thanks for the friendship an support.
To all, Thank You. It is an amazing journey just to be able to do this,
indeed a childhood dream come to life.
“Second star to the right and straight on till morning…

138. Ron Albanese - November 21, 2009

I’m even through Act One, and MAN! I’m impressed … why? The sets? Costumes? Effects? As mighty they are testaments for Phase II’s dedication and heck “slave-ation” to detail, there is some great acting here …

1) The Kirk/Bones scene flows perfectly in the Shatner/Kelley vein, and feels like a real exchange … it represents the human struggle aspect of TOS – that’s it, right there for me, and all of us … it’s in my opinion nowhere to be found on this level elsewhere in the Trek world.

James – you are the McCoy guy did some of your finest work, right here!

2) Uhura’s scene – more of the above! The lovely actress portrays Uhura and a higher ranking officer perfectly!

And the detail in the scene (props!) is great – there’s even that somewhat Sulu-looking extra, just like in TOS!

Words can’t say “thanks” enough for Phase II overall … my wish is to somehow contribute at some point.

139. Ron Albanese - November 21, 2009

I meant to type “I’m barely through Act One” – there was a bloodworm on my keyboard.

140. Atlantis1471 - November 21, 2009

James Cawley,
Dude, You da man! You got us spoiled and for sure I have fun with your series. Just wish you could get more episodes out faster….I know, I know, it takes a lot to do an episode….every episode gets better and better. Nice to see you were in the new film and hope you had fun on the set. Just wanted you to know you have lots of fans out here in the Chicagoland area. Cant wait for more!

141. Clarosole - November 21, 2009

A dedication for a special friend of ours!
BRAVO SIKILEIA, our beloved Vulcan girl…WE LOVE YOU, GIRL!! :-*
It was a great, exciting pleasure to see you in a Star Trek episode… You’re already among the stars!!

May Spanish and Italian trekdom be proud of you!!!

Many, Many Thanks to portait to life that superb Mr. Gerrold’s storytelling… Many, many thanks for this touching episode you’ve catched all the Star Trek essence in 90 minutes. That’s too a spiritual journay so deep like Clarke’s “2001”!!

C. (Tú sabes quién soy, querida amiga)

142. Falvoant - November 21, 2009

Those Dammn Bloodworms!
I couldnt agree more …John Kelly is realy coming into the Mccoy character wiat till you see’ the child’
He gets better with every episode …
There are some highly talented people on this cast/crew
but we are all just cogs in the wheel
James is the driving force and without him there would be no episode
of anything…
I wish we could all be in TI right now at our favorite pizza place raising a glass to James Cawley my brother from another mother..
We love you James
and as Paul Sieber says in that famous cartoon voice
“Youve Done it AGAIN….”
and as Jay and Grant say at the end of good hunt…
“On to the Next”.

143. Sulvac - November 21, 2009

James Cawley,

Thank you to you and your crew for making some Trek for us to all enjoy. Each episode is getting better and they are fun to watch. I am saddened that there are a few people who come here to simply bash all the hard work. Star Trek Phase II is a fan-made film and is not forced upon anyone, nor is any other Trek (official or unofficial). These comments remind me of Voyager, DS9, nad Enterprise bashers who seem to forget it is a television series, not their reality. It is a great series of series of television shows, but alas it is fictional. I am glad you do not allow these comments to get you down and stop. You have made your hobby into the viewing pleasure of many other fans without the means to create Trek. keep up the excellent work (albeit, for my personal and greedy self-interestes, faster :))

144. TomBot3000 - November 21, 2009

I just finished watching it. I’d just like to thank Crawley and Crew for their efforts. It takes a lot to get anything made, and it’s far too easy to be just critical… so while I may have issues with the outcome, I respect the energy and dedication that it takes just to get this made! And made so well!

145. MC1 Doug - November 21, 2009

E.T. Moody III brought up a point I’d like to build upon.

Mr. Cawley has built an acting troupe that is quite extraordinary that I would affectionately compare to local theatre.

Like local community theater groups who do the work for the love of their craft, Cawley’s crews do an amazing job of perpetuating the look and feel of TOS. They do this not for money, but for love!

For any of us who have participated in local theatre, we give our time, our money, our sweat and tears… and our acting / singing … and let’s face it some people are truly gifted. I long ago gave up working in local theatre, but sure do enjoy reaping the benefits of watching these people’s productions of great pieces of literary works. Sure, there are some groaners, but that’s the fun of watching the actors improve upon their craft with each of their additional productions.

I would venture a guess that the actors and production crewmembers of PII feel their talents have grown immensely since their very first production.

It is to our benefit that James C and his people do these new stories. They have given up their free time and vacations so that we fans can kick back, watch and bask in their new stories… and to me, seeing some of these mean-spirited comments on this thread is a bit disheartening. I sure don’t see some of the haters in here doing anything constructive.

I can say that while I was stationed in Afghanistan last year that I loved every minute while watching ST:TNV adventures in my free time.

My thanks to Mr. Cawley and his crew for all they do!!!

146. Al Hartman - November 21, 2009

First of all… The finished episode is infinitely better than the rough cuts that cast and crew got to see during the shoots in 08/09. This is really great Trek.

Secondly, as someone who has met James a few times and spoken to him a bit… For those of us who have met him, the criticism of James is just so out of line, the only thing I can compare it to is kicking a basket of puppies.

There is nobody I know as kind, generous, caring, intelligent, and passionate about putting his best foot forward as James Cawley. He won’t put out a crap performance, and anyone who has worked on one of these knows it to be true.

There are just people who love to criticize. James laughs it off. We all should.

This is great stuff to make, and to sit back and watch. This is as close as anyone in 2009 is going to get to making 1966 – 1969 Star Trek, and watching new episodes in first run.

Thank you James for sharing your dream with us, letting us play Star Trek with you, and letting us watch the results.

I really think that everyone this production touches becomes the better for it.

Whether it’s people who learn to do makeup, costumes, props, light, build sets, sound, act, write, produce, etc…

Or, the viewers who are inspired in their personal lives by the message that is pure Trek.

Just thanks!

Anyone who can get out to a shoot and can help make these shows, you gotta do it! Every shoot is like the coolest, most intimate Star Trek convention you’ll ever attend.

147. RobertMfromLI - November 21, 2009

#96 Jason:

Email us through the website’s contact link.


148. Iowagirl - November 21, 2009

I really appreciate the love and enthusiasm these guys put into their fan films. And Gerrold has always been one of my favorites – had the chance to talk to him at this year’s LV Con. He came across as a truly nice and remarkable person (he personalized my “Tribbles” script and all that..:) Ah, sweet memories….

149. RobertMfromLI - November 21, 2009

148: Iowagirl

It was a lot of fun working with him on set! Great guy!


150. E.T. Moody III - November 21, 2009

“Kicking Puppies!”

Al, that was great.

Yeah, if I failed to convey it earlier, trolling on a fan film link like this transcends mere bullying and downright ires a small army of friends. It’s pretty juvenile. And really, if there’s something you think you can honestly improve, bring it!

But… I’d advise doing so with some measure of respect, it’s stupid to piss off a mob.

Constructive criticism is getting harder to hand out on these shows. I still catch James with pieces of the scenery in his teeth but not as often as Shatner did, in my opinion. Very few people in front of the camera on this have any professional experience… and it’s amazing how little this shows.

Wait until you see what’s coming. I saw some really good STAR TREK being made this last summer.

It’s like a film camp. Bring lots of jelly-bread sandwiches folded over, ala Peanuts strip if you dig my meaning.

151. Enterprise - November 22, 2009

Wow. Denise Crosby looks old.

152. Enterprise - November 22, 2009

Also, how do you have flames in space?

153. desertrat - November 22, 2009

Peter Kirk character–what a whiny crybaby.

Took away from what could have been a great episode.

154. Shatoupee - November 22, 2009

My hat’s off to James Cawley and crew for a job well done. I look forward to all of your TOS movies, but please don’t take it too far into Phase II/TMP era—stick with the original tv series look!

155. AJ - November 22, 2009

I am thoroughly entertained, though I didnt realize badass Klingon commanders travel with their moms to critical missions.

That was my first visual impression, and I don’t mean to insult anyone as the P2 cast is here in numbers.

Really good work. I don’ remember…is the Copernicus out of the old Franz Joseph Tech manual, or is that an original design? It’s cool. And Kargh’s D7 just radiates what makes that design timeless and great.

Is all the music from the original soundtracks, or has P2 used some of the 1980s re-recordings? Quite a powerful part of the mix.


156. Beda of Borg - November 22, 2009

@ NCC-73515:
I am from Bavaria, Germany. Near Ingolstadt if you know that??
And yes, time and place for a outing is excelent ^^
No, i´m not at Lokalisten, but at romeo if you know that? Search for BedaOfBorg ;)

Greez :)

157. Nick Cook - November 22, 2009

@ Beda of Borg and @ NCC-73515:

Funnily enough, me three. And not a fence in sight.

158. Nick Cook - November 22, 2009

And thank you, Paul Fitz and Captain Serek. :)

159. Captain Dunsel - November 22, 2009

Again-great effort!!!
But if we are allowed to pick some nits- the shot of the klingon view screen was very video game-ish.

160. Falvoant - November 22, 2009

The shot of the video viewscreen was right out of ST IV

161. NCC-73515 - November 22, 2009

@ Nick Cook
What “fence” do you mean?

162. Captain Dunsel - November 22, 2009


23 years ago.

163. JimCKirklover - November 22, 2009

Loved this episode and proud to be a part of it! James has inspired me in so many ways and he has given me a love for Star Trek that I never had before. He is an amazing friend and one of the the most talented men I know. I am so proud of him and what we have all accomplished. Thank you, David, for an awesome story, and thanks to James for sharing it with the world.

Sr. PA

164. NORMANN - November 22, 2009


165. Captain Dunsel - November 22, 2009

I did not mean to offend-again this is a fantastic effort!!!!

166. Dom - November 22, 2009

I’m not the hugest fan of fan produced stuff personally, but I think people are being monumentally mean about New Voyages/Phase II. Realistically they’re probably jealous because it’s easier to laugh at people who care about something than ignore them or support them.

The work is extremely impressive, given these are people who hold down day jobs and do this on the side. When I finish my day’s work in the TV business, I drink beer, read or watch TV. At weekends I do my laundry, eat too much Sunday roast, drink beer, read or watch TV.

These guys make episodes of Star Trek on sets that exactly match the 1960s originals while I do that! As a child, all I ever wanted to do was go on the set of the original 1960s Enterprise, wear those uniforms and carry the phasers, communicators and Tricorders. That there are people out there doing this who have given an open invitation to their sandpit is a wonderful thing.

I’ll probably take a look at Blood and Fire a bit later on YouTube. Like I say, I’m not particularly interested in fan productions in any media, based on any show or movie.

But are James Cawley and his team causing people to torture old women, rape children or burn down schools by making Phase II? Are they doing any harm whatsoever by locking themselves in a warehouse for endless hours and putting out their work for free on the internet? No.

Star Trek Phase II is harmless fun, made by people who care, for the enjoyment people who are interested. Let them be, as they’re not hurting anyone producing amazing work in their spare time!

167. Hat Rick - November 22, 2009

With some of the negativity that I see here, I will add my voice to the camp of those who support this fan film effort. It is one of the wonderful things about Trek that it can inspire fans to create such amazing and beautiful work.

James Cawley and his entire team are to be praised for doing what most of us as fans could never do. Bravo. Bravissimo!

168. Phase2Fan - November 22, 2009

James, great work! And I have to say that the gentleman playing Checkov is your superstar actor in my opinion. Anyway, I enjoyed the story, although SPOILER….. I wish that Captain Kirk would have beamed the bad guy, Blodgett, over after being injected instead of Yar. But I suppose that would cross the morality line, although I think there would have been more justice in that seeing it was he who created the mess, certainly more than Yar did. Anyway, great work!

169. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

Out of 168 comments, I count only bout 9 negatives and some of them from the same person(s).
I am very Pleased by all the support from my fellow Trekkers.

170. Falvoant - November 22, 2009

I fix Tvs too..thats what I do
and how I became involved in this production
You would be suprised at the electroncs I have built and repaired and installed on that set
@166 No Offence taken We wanted something all fans would recognize as a klingon viewscrfeen ST IV set the canon for that we saw no need to reinvent it

171. Ston - November 22, 2009

James Cawley is a terrible actor. Really terrible. The only reason that he appears in these things is because he digs up most of the money. Fair enough – he’s the bank for all of this. But so far it seems that the prime reason people like him in these episodes is not because he is any good as an actor but rather because he is a fan. Most illogical.

Has Cawley ever appeared on stage as anything other than Elvis or James Kirk/William Shatner?

Also, is it any surprise that the only “real” actors from previous ST series that appear here are the ones no one else will hire except for infomercials and scifi conventions?

Perhaps if they got better actors these efforts would garner more attention and a broader audience.

172. Ian B - November 22, 2009

Did Peter McMullet’s cry of “Leave Britney alone!” end up on the cutting room floor? Really, by the end I was begging for the whiny, petulant little twat to meet a ghastly end.

Why didn’t they just use a shuttlecraft as a quarantine?

173. RobertMfromLI - November 22, 2009

#152 Enterprise:

Easily… flames require something to burn… atmosphere was leaking from the damaged parts of the ship – or plasma and other burning stuff from elsewhere.

#155 AJ:

It is an original design that started on a napkin and a piece of scrap paper on set during the filming of Blood and Fire, and then was fully realized by the VFX team a little later.

#153 desertrat

You’ve obviously never lost someone you love more than life itself. Well, that is a good thing at least. Hopefully you will never be in such a position.

It was inspired from a movie shot perhaps, but was custom designed by the VFX team – I *think* by Jeff Hayes, if memory serves.

#166 Dom & #167 Hat Rick & #168 Phase2Fan (and MANY others):

Thank you from me, and I am sure the entire rest of our team!!!

#171 Ston:

While you are entitled to your opinion, it seems a whole LOT of people are interested in our episodes (MILLIONS – even though we cannot afford to advertise them), and many of us (fans and crew alike) are very happy with James’ portrayal of Kirk.

174. J_schinderlin56 - November 22, 2009

Just wanted to say good work guys. I’m a big fan of both J.J. Trek and Phase II, and if the universe isn’t big enough for the both of them, hey that’s why they’re in “Alternate Realities” Heh hee..

175. MC1 Doug - November 22, 2009

#155: The Copernicus was an original design that the PII crew extrapolated (reverse engineering so to speak… it was kind of like looking at a 2010 Mustang and then working backwards building a 1995 year model) from of the Avenger class starship (USS Reliant was one) design.

#172: If the Regulan Blood worms could burn their way through a bulkhead I am sure they could make their way through the skin of a shuttlecraft.

176. trek tony - November 22, 2009

wow, #70 calls the phase 2 fans ”haters”. i would not even want to fathom how much these things cost with no hope of recouping. i think these are fine productions made just for my enjoyment, being the narcissist that i am. i have to think cbs/paramount are a little whack not licensing these episodes assuming you, mr. cauley, would be willing. as far as the concept of phase 2, haven’t the official star trek people kind of stolen from this in that they recast the original crew.
as for your acting, mr. cauley, in your episode ”in harm’s way”, when the enterprise heads for the giant guardian, and you say ”come on spock” if i had closed my eyes, i would have seen shatner. and you have gotten better and better.
sad to see this looks like andy brae’s last outing.

177. Captain Dunsel - November 22, 2009

As far as the Klingon view screen-I meant that the rendering was a bit game-boyish, not the design. The CGI shots in New Voyages are usually of a high caliber-this shot seemed to slip below your high standards.
Just a bit of constructive criticism I hope.

Again-you guys are doing great work!!!!

As far as James hair-at least it is his hair and not a Shatner rug of the week, and as someone mentioned before, the big hair was only in the first episodes of New Voyages.

James-hats off to you!!! (No pun intended)

178. Ian B - November 22, 2009

#175 I meant a shuttlecraft floating in space. Scotty said he couldn’t beam Alex off the Copernicus because he’d got “nowhere to put him down”. A shuttlecraft in space would have been somewhere. Then when Alex was saved, they could have beamed Peter onto it, and flown it into the sun. Just to shut him up.

179. Holger - November 22, 2009

Just finished watching BaF II a minute ago. WOW! This was pretty exciting and thrilling. The Section 31 appearance was unexpected for me and a nifty idea. I absolutely love John Kelley’s performance – he really has become Bones. Great! Kudos also to Kim Stinger, she was great in her scenes. John Carrigan did a very menacing and very Klingon Kargh. These were the standouts, IMO, everyone else did a very fine job as well.
Here’s a little (I hope: constructive) criticism: Bobby Rice was a little over the top, I think, in his more emotional scenes. And I certainly would have liked to see more of Jenna Yar. Sure, in the end she had the decisive part to play, but still, I believe Denise Crosby was somewhat under-used. (Boy, I had such a crush on Tasha Yar as a teenager, BTW.) And the Kargh-Kirk interaction with all the talk about trust, peace and honor seemed somewhat implausible and constructed to me. What exactly held Kargh back from attacking in the end? Remember, he intended to destroy the Enterprise at the beginning of part 1 and I don’t see why his initial reasons for doing so (orders from the Empire?) were not valid any more at the end. And I agree with Anthony’s review that the story was a little overstretched. I think some scenes were too slow while I found others a little to hasty, particularly the part about the cure. I would love to watch a more fast-paced special edition of the episode in the future. Maybe trim the two parts to around 1h 15 overall running time.
All in all, I give BaF 1+2 an A-.

Thanks to James Cawley and his entire crew for giving us this excellent TOS thriller! What a wonderful job you did. I totally enjoyed watching it. And I can’t wait for the next installment of Phase II.
You keep Star Trek alive for me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this.

180. BesterGirl - November 22, 2009

Enjoyed the episode even though it was a long wait.

Minor quibble. I think Ms. Yar should have been given a Russian first name (as Natasha was know to be of Russian descent). The name “Yar” means “ore” in Russian. As an added touch, I would have had her come from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. (The city’s name means: “red ore”)

Okay, by the 23rd century, Yar’s ancestors could have left Russia. (Quite a few people are leaving Russia except for some hockey players.)

181. Balok - November 22, 2009

Mr. Cawley and company, awesome job. From every aspect, this is by far a cut well above anything that has proceeded it. You really seem to be hitting your great now, the bar is also set higher now, so good luck with the next episodes.

182. MC1 Doug - November 22, 2009

I give the production a VERY strong B+ ! I enjoyed the story immensely; I thought it could use some tightening up here and there. I very much enjoyed the love story between Alex and Peter in spite of its tragic ending.

A lot of intriguing threads were introduced that could play well in future tales.

I liked the performances for the most part. I did think there were a few moments where the acting was just a little over the top, but overall, it was a great rendering of Mr.Gerrold’s story. It’s nice to see B&F finally filmed after all these years.

Did I read somewhere that we haven’t seen the last of Alex (a flashback, no doubt)?

Great job, everyone!!!

183. Jayb - November 22, 2009

I am very thankful to Mr. Cawley and crew for all their hard work on New Voyages/Phase II – I have enjoyed each and every episode immensely and look forward to their new episodes as much as any new Trek feature film. So thanks again James and crew, with all the negative stuff going on in the world these days it’s nice to have something wonderful to look forward to.

And thanks to Anthony for a great site to get Trek news and share comments with fellow Trekkers!

184. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

Just a heads up that The first part of “Enemy:Starfleet will go live in about 2 hours!! You all wanted more, well here it comes.

185. NCC-73515 - November 22, 2009

Great to know!
May I ask when we can expect the complete episode?
Sorry, I just want more and more of this ;)

186. Balok - November 22, 2009

Thanks again James, happy holidays!

187. Holger - November 22, 2009

184: Good news!

188. desertrat - November 22, 2009

173. RobertMfromLI – It’s my opinion, and yes I have lost someone very dear to me recently and I didn’t act like a whiny crybaby. I had my moment of reflection and sorrow and went on.

Jeez dude-get a life!

189. Holger - November 22, 2009

Can anyone tell me how close the BaF script is to the original script by David Gerrold developed for TNG?
For example, I’m sure Section 31 wasn’t in it originally, but did the original involve some kind of Starfleet conspiracy? And did it involve the plasmacytes eventually being healed?

190. Frank Fischer - November 22, 2009

Dear Mr. Cawley and Phase II-Team,

my wife and I just watched Part 1 & 2 of Blood and Fire and we were blasted away. It was absolutley fantastic. Everything! Well done! We had the feeling that we indeed watched a neverbefore seen Episode of Classic Trek so good was each of your performances (we also liked your shaterism very much :-) ) the sound effects, the background music, the sets, the lightning and the fantatsic visual effect. I think I will check for blood worms under my bed tonight – these little fellows are really scarry. ;-)
By the way: it was not as good as one of the original episodes it was far ahead of many of them. This was one of the best Classic epsiode ever.

Thank you all for your amazing work and for sharing it with us! Please keep realing episode forever! :-)

Best regards from Germany and Live Long and Prosper

Frank and Katrin

P.S.: We have seen you in May in a hit movie in cinema here in Germany and now on this movie since the 17th on DVD. ;-)

191. JeFF - November 22, 2009

SO well done! I want to be in one of these productions SO bad!

James Cawley, if you’re reading this, I sent you a picture last year (from I live in Buffalo and would love to participate!

192. Holger - November 22, 2009

@Frank & Katrin Fischer: Viele Grüße aus Regensburg!

193. Nick Cook - November 22, 2009

@ NCC-73515 That would be the fence that most bisexuals are erroneously accused of sitting on. :)

194. Enteprrise - November 22, 2009

Visually, it looked great, but I don’t remember flames coming out from the engines when a ship got it. usually, the part just falls off and flies away somewhere.

195. RobertMfromLI - November 22, 2009

Hey all,

The first act of Enemy Starfleet (the teaser section) and a portion of Act 1 is available here:


STP2 Guy of Many Hats

196. Captain Dunsel - November 22, 2009

Just watched Enemy Starfleet and I got two words for you:

Full ahead!

197. MC1 Doug - November 22, 2009


I think your criticism should have actually been aimed at #153. RobertMfromLI was merely pointing out the heartless remark made in an earlier comment.

I can say that when my Dad died I was a blubbering idiot and I am not the least bit embarrassed in admitting it. Peter Kirk obviously loved Alex very much and felt his loss very deeply.

Desertrat seemingly cannot understand that each of us act differently in such situations when faced with losing a loved one.

198. MC1 Doug - November 22, 2009

Now I stand corrected as comments from #188 and #153 are one in the same person… I do, however, think your comments were off the mark regarding Peter’s reaction to Alex’s death.

As I said each of us react differently in the face of death.

199. Bren - November 22, 2009

Ok, I’ve managed to watch this now.

Top Notch! The pacing picked up nicely in this part of the story. I loved the effects, as usual, and the story moved me. I’d say this episode is in a strong second place to WE&T.

200. RobertMfromLI - November 22, 2009

#198 MC1 Doug:

Yes, and I know I would be a blubbering idiot, followed by moping in bed for days… nor am I ashamed to admit it. So, all in all, I think Peter handled it better than I did, especially as he was back on his feet for the rest of the episode and the very next mission.

201. sean - November 22, 2009

Guys, I agree some of the reactions are over the top, but please stop hauling out the old ‘WHERES YOUR FAN FILM!’ chestnut. That’s a completely ridiculous way to shoot down criticism. One does not need to make a film to have an opinion on film.

202. Falvoant - November 22, 2009

One does not ….but one does need to loose a loved one before they know how they would it
I lost my father during filming of the child
I was 300 miles away and I turned from an effiicant machine into a useless lump when I got the news on set I was a zombie
Out of all the people there….. And all were deeply concerned and I love them all as family ..Bobby Quinn Rice was the first one to reach out to me
and I hadnt even known him that well at that point…It meant alot to me
even though it was a 30 sec hug..I never forgot that..
He is very emotional and spiritul person he was being BAF ..I then drove 300 miles home and I dont even remember how I got home that day..

203. Gary Evans - November 22, 2009

Yes, fans from around the world get the opportunity to become crew OR cast.

We had cast and crew work on Blood and Fire from: Spain, Great Britain, Canada, USA, Australia and even Hong Kong!

A large percentage of the crew on this episode also made it to screen as an extra, Copernicus victims, bridge crew. Some were in multiple scenes as different characters in different uniforms and makeup, LOL!

Then we have our miror site operators and translation teams that are also from around the globe: Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, Japan and many other nations as well as the USA.

John (Kargh) Carrigan and his first officer (Annie Carrigan) hail from England. Nick Cook (Hodel) lives in Scotland. The long-haired Klingon hails from Down Under. Copernicus extra and Continuity Supervisor, Mabel Romero, hails from Madrid, Spain; two other Spaniards worked on the crew, Cesar Martin and Hector Sanchez.

New Voyages / Phase II’s first mirror site (and first to dub an episode, the Center Seat Vignette) is Fernando (Trekminal) Martinez of Barcelona Spain.

Watch the website and our forums for recruitment announcements. Our website also has a public contact facility to send messages. I urge those who contemplate volunteering one day or in some way from home, to join the Phase II forum to keep abreast of our latest projects and announcements.
Gary Evans

204. Jimmy - November 22, 2009

Kind of amazing how the Phase II articles elicit just as many comments as some of the Trek XI articles back in the day when that was the hot-button topic. :-)

James, bravo to you and your team for this amazing episode. Great to see some real Trek again.

– Jimmy

205. LCDR Arch - November 22, 2009

Bravo! We owe JJ’s take on classic Trek to the fan productions of Exeter and New Voyages that proved to the suits that there was millions of us that wanted our classic Trek back,

Thanks for your service to Trek James! You have made a big difference in this world already. I think someday (maybe 2019) we will be watching episode 25 and we will finally have our forth season of ST!

My prediction for the record: CBS will someday offer to buy the series to sell on BLUERAY, it may take 15 years but I think they will. There are just too many of us world wide that would pay top dollar for a season of your work (even if I can download for free a lesser quality picture)

Keep up the great work.

206. E.T. Moody III - November 22, 2009

201 -sean

I equally suggest that they get involved with Phase II, it is a volunteer effort.

For my part in the discussion, I do not use the “shut up or put up” line in response to criticism, I use it in response to ill – voiced attempts to provoke also known as trolling.

The reason New Voyages / Phase II has gotten better is because the people who make it care deeply, invest *unreal* amounts of emotion into the work, listen to creative criticism because and above all, welcome talent into the fold.

I submit that if you ( or anyone ) has an opinion and can take the time to post it, you can also apply the energy to implementing the opinion… and end up making some friends in meatspace as opposed to mucking around in cyberspace.

Your Mileage May Vary.

207. CarlG - November 22, 2009

@135: Three and a HALF pips?!!?


208. Carol Markus - November 22, 2009

James Cawley, James Cawely – this is all about James Cawley. If it were not for the money he has gotten for this project no one would ever have cast him in anything. I have endured all of these episodes *hoping* that he’ll either learn how to act or be transported to an alternate universe.

But no, he just sits there with his overacting and bad cover of Shat’s persona.

Please, someone write a script where Kirk/Cawley is frozen in carbonite for a thousand years and put Spock (just pick any one of them) at the helm.

209. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

First off, I never “gotten” any money for this project. I have however, spent a boatload making it.
Please do try to find some happiness in your life. It’s amazing anyone can be so upset by someone else’s hobby, that they have nothing to do with.
It’s okay, just breathe…

210. E.T. Moody III - November 22, 2009

208 Carol Markus

Respecting your choice to not like *anyone’s* performance.

Sorry, it’s not all about James Cawley.

I think the persona he’s playing is Kirk’s, not Shat’s… and anything you’re tenaciously holding onto is merely the product of a television writer anyway.
Shatner wasn’t Jeff Hunter. Which is to say it could have just as easily been Captain Pike, except for a writer’s pen.

Not only has James spent money on New Voyages/ Phase II that most people would spend on say, a car with windows that work, wrap your mind around 130 volunteers coming from around the world and living for 2 weeks ( or more ) at their own expense, many of whom help out a given production additionally in a financial capacity when suddenly there is a need for cans of dullcoat ( or lighting gels or makeup supplies or coffee or coffee )

That isn’t an effort that is “all about James Cawley” ’cause if it were I’d go nab the guy and dissect him to find out how in heaven’s name he managed to rally that much enrollment because I have a project or two I’d like to have to turn away volunteers for.

It’s about a huge number of people who love Star Trek and movies and irrational creativity so much they’ll put up with just about anything to immerse themselves in it.

Besides, if the performance chews scenery, RIP ON THE DIRECTOR!


211. Allen Williams - November 22, 2009

I can’t wait to see this. Im currently holding off for the final version. I’ve always been impressed with this production and glad to see it evolve from something that was just a pretty good fan production to something that has surpassed the original series in terms of quality. My favorite so far is world and enough time, but it seems the emotional episodes always are. I know its a long way off but i can’t wait to see the child as its one of my favorite next gen episodes.

212. Rainbucket - November 22, 2009

Mr Cawley, on the chance you’re still looking at comments here, add me to those who enjoy and appreciate your performances as Kirk. You play him with a clarity and conviction that’s true to the character.

Though in this episode, I must accuse you of Shatnering the line “Permission granted, but, SOMEBODY take the conn.” You couldn’t resist, could you. Though at least you didn’t follow with CONNNNNNNNNN!

Brilliant work on this episode, an obvious labor of love all around.

213. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - November 22, 2009

Cawley lies when he says he’s a “TOS Purist” – he introduces so many TNG elements to his personal version of TOS it’s ridiculous. The guy is totally sold out.

214. Alex Rosenzweig - November 22, 2009

#82 – “It just seems like the whole project is riding on the coat-tails of REAL TREK.”

I gotta say it. As someone for whom consistency of setting and backstory and framework is as important as consistency of individual characters, “Phase II” is, for me, far more “real Trek” (or, at least, as real as a bunch of stories of fictional worlds can get ;) ) than Abrams’ explicitly “alternate” Trek. It’s good that the movie did well, and that so many more people are open to what Star Trek offers than maybe they were before that film, but I also thank James Cawley and the dedicated and passionate fans (and even pro actors and actresses) who work with him to bring these episodes to life for working so hard to bring a Trek in the spirit of the original to fans of the 21st Century, both long-time Trekkers and new fans, too. James and all, you are appreciated and admired for what you’ve accomplished!

(And I just learned this morning of “Origins”, and am hugely looking forward to your take on the Kirk backstory. :) )


PS: With regard to the possibly-retconned item mentioned in the review above, consider that the subject in question was in fact dealt with in a TOS novel in 2001, so “Phase II” is hardly the first to touch on that topic. Just sayin’. :)

215. Alex Rosenzweig - November 22, 2009

#213 – Why has he “sold out”? Because he chooses to embrace the fact that the Trek Universe is much bigger now, and that some things we were introduced to in TNG and the later series could be applied effectively to TOS storytelling?

Sorry, I think that’s a positive thing, not a negative one, especially if it allows greater depth and richness to the episodes.

216. Frank Fischer - November 22, 2009

@192 Hallo Holger! Viele Gruesse aus Braunschweig nach Regensburg! :-)

Katrin und Frank

217. Frank Fischer - November 23, 2009

Dear James Cawley and Phase II-team,

I just would like to add that I really like and appreciate the introduction of the original Phase II character Xon.

I really love the original Phase II concept and the way you insert these elements into your show.

By the way: why was the original TNG script by David Gerold rejected? Just because it had a gay couple in it? Really had to imagine today! Anyway they could have changed it to a straight couple if they wanted to because its a very good script.

Best regards and Live Long And Prosper!,


218. Peter, Singapore - November 23, 2009

I am honestly amazed that Mr. Cawley would still want to hang around these comments, despite the embarrassing number of trolls lurking.

Sir, thank you for another hour of entertainment that you have provided freely, and with so much passion. I eagerly await “Enemy: Starfleet”, no matter how long it takes to reach my screen.

My kudos to you and your exceptional team.

219. trek tony - November 23, 2009

it blows me away that you refer to this as a hobby, mr.cauley. i am only thankful that you don’t just collect stamps.

i don’t know whether to thank you or curse you for the ‘enemy starfleet’ teaser. that episode looks spectacular and now i have to wait two episodes away. okay, thank you, i never get quite enough of a fix with your show.

220. RobertMfromLI - November 23, 2009

#201 sean:

Criticism is NOT saying “Gee, I hate this, I hate that, I hate everything”

That is opinion.

Criticism is saying “Gee, I hate this, and here’s why/what I would have done”

221. RobertMfromLI - November 23, 2009

217. Frank Fischer:

If I remember my conversation with David Gerrold and others who were involved with TNG at the time correctly (David, forgive me if I am getting this wrong), it is because the networks rejected it due to one line of dialog that insinuated one crewmember was in a committed relationship with another – who happened to be of the same sex. In the end, the networks won out over the producers and David’s objections.

And since the network pays for the episode -and decides if it even gets aired… well, you see the point. :-(

I think David had also touched upon this someplace else on the web in more detail.

222. RobertMfromLI - November 23, 2009

#219 trek tony:

All I can say is the wait for the rest of Enemy Starfleet (and The Child and Kitumba) will be well worth it… I promise! So hang in there. :-)

223. Adam E - November 23, 2009

Although the on screen homosexual relationship was a bit too much for me personally, the acting from Rice was convincing enough to allow the audience to feel for Peter Kirk’s loss. Well done.

Would have liked to see Freeman go out fighting and blasting the worms with the phaser instead of taking his own life.

224. S. John Ross - November 23, 2009

Raising a glass to Phase II, for keeping Trek alive.

225. Chris H - November 23, 2009

#221 – that’s about the size of it , and Gerrold was having issues with GR and co at the time – but I understand he took exception to the 23rd century not being able to reflect the reality of AIDS and gay relationships. This was when gay men were dying in their hundreds of thousands and were being hounded and condemned and when the President at that time couldn’t bring himself to utter the words ‘gay’ or ‘AIDS’. Great shame for a show like Trek.

So #217 it would have made the script completely wishywashy copout if the couple became heterosexual. Gerrold didn’t compromise.

226. Chris H - November 23, 2009

#223: Yeah I have the same reaction every time I see any affection between a man and a woman. But darn it I seem to have got used to it……….

227. Carlos Pedraza - November 23, 2009

#189: As with most teleplays, BaF went through a lot of rewriting starting from David’s TNG script. In rewriting that script, I was determined to respect David’s original themes while transposing TNG cast to TOS. The Peter-Alex relationship was totally new in my version of the script — an expansion from a mere passing reference in the original.

Once the decision was made to expand the original script from one episode to two, a lot more was added. Personally, I feel the story would have been stronger as a single episode but I’m happy with the results of our stretching ourselves.

The Section 31 reference is new, though there was a Starfleet conspiracy at the heart of the story. And, yes, the plasmasites (the correct spelling in the teleplay, btw) did get “cured” in the original story.

I hope you enjoyed the results in our version of “Blood and Fire.”

Best regards,
Carlos Pedraza

228. Chris H - November 23, 2009

Carlos – great and thanks!

229. Chris H - November 23, 2009

Without any way wanting to ever again see the sheer unthinking and poisonous vitriol that came up here when part 1 appeared, as a gay guy to two other gay men (David gave me some great support when I came out way back in 1982) I applaud. What I also applaud is those men and women on here who’ve said ‘Yes that’s me’ in the last 48 hours.

230. RobertMfromLI - November 23, 2009

229 Chris H:

From all 200+ of us involved in this episode, our thanks for the kind comment and sharing a little of your story with us. The future, at least as WE envision it, is inclusive of all, and without bigotry.

231. Patty W - November 23, 2009

James, I just want to thank you for all your tireless hard work – on a daily basis – that makes these episodes a reality. Yes, we’re a team of volunteers.. but it IS you that makes them happen. Thanks for keeping it going.. even in the face of overwhelming adversity!


232. Patty W - November 23, 2009

100: Atos – please don’t mention to George and Walter that they can’t get acting jobs since being in Phase II. Since they’ve been acting steadily since, I don’t think anyone has told them about their retirement.

233. Chris H - November 23, 2009

#230 – Thanks Robert too.

Here’s a good one; it isn’t National Comiong Out Day, but given the fact that Blood and Fire still seems to upset who on here identifies as gay or lesbian or bi? I want to hear yays!

234. RobertMfromLI - November 23, 2009

233 Chris H:

I identify as human. :-) Which is how I identify or label most other people I have met or conversed with online… though there have been a few that I would not label in such a fashion…

235. Christopher Seeley - November 23, 2009

Star Trek Phase II is a dream come true for anybody wanting to see new Original Series episodes. Blood and Fire is an awesome story. The effects are awesome. The whole premise is what made Star Trek so great in the first place. Of course “In Harms Way” is my favorite episode! =) I love this one too! They are all great! Races working together for the common good. “Spaceship Earth”. I hope that this series continues for many years to come! Kudos to James Cawley and everybody that works with him to make such a great thing happen!

236. Magic_Al - November 23, 2009

Once again the strengths outweighed the weaknesses and passion prevailed over imperfections. This series carries the spirit of the original series and despite some really clunky moments it somehow feels more authentic than JJ Abrams’ movie.

Random observations: The visual effects of this episode are really beautifully composed. I can’t put my finger on why but I love the Klingon bridge scenes, cruising down a tightrope between menace and comedy but never falling off. Directoral suggestion: McCoy’s interminably long technobabble scenes, if really necessary, would have been better as walk-and-talk down the corridors with steadicam or handheld, like on ER. People were standing around too much. Anyway, can’t wait for the next one!

237. Mark Anton - November 23, 2009

I was going to write more, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. I really respect, admire, and enjoy James Cawley’s performance as Kirk. I think that he keeps getting better. He has such passion for the role– and it really shows. I’ve been a loyal Star Trek viewer since the series first aired in prime time during the 1960’s. What Cawley is doing is legitimate Trek, and I am someone who eagerly awaits the release of each new episode. Thanks so much, James Cawley.

238. Joel Bellucci - November 23, 2009

Hey, everyone. I’ve already posted this to the Phase II forum and TrekBBS, so Trekmovie makes the trifecta ;)

As the visual effects supervisor of both parts of “Blood and Fire”, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the efforts of the f/x team that brought you the visuals for “Blood and Fire, Part 2″. I did my share of the work, but, as always, this was by no means a one-person effort.

Ben Alpi worked tirelessly on the observation lounge scenes, pulling a key from a very challenging green screen setup. That was huge work right there.

Juve Vique took on the phaser fire, blood worm shots, and containment fields in Part 2. Such a great guy to work with!

Pony Horton did his usual, fantastic job with all the transporter shots and we got to see his blue dwarf / red giant stars at the end again. He also worked on airbrushing shots and he contributed to the wavicles-in-the-jar shots, and we got to see him as a klingon in the end credits, which was a real treat

Cynthia Lin created the matte painting of the wide-angle view of the binary system, variations of which were used throughout Part 2.

Spencer Lindsay worked on many airbrushing shots. They’re tedious and not terribly fun and just as important as every other shot in the episode.

Thank you, team! You were truly a pleasure to work with.

Although I didn’t work directly with him on Part 2, I also want to give a shout out to Jeff Hayes and the exquisite 2D monitor animations he created for the episode. That’s a talented artist, ladies and gents.

This marks the end of my journey with Phase II as a member of the post-production team. It was a terrific episode to end on and I’ll always be grateful for the friends I’ve made through the show and the experiences it’s afforded me. Needless to say, I’ll always be a fan.

Best always,

(Former) Vf/x Soop

239. Holger - November 24, 2009

227 Carlos Pedraza: Thank you for the detailed answer. And yes, I enjoyed the results very much. This is a very strong Star Trek story which is in the same league as some of the best original TOS episodes.
The issue about BaF being somewhat too lengthy has been mentioned by several people on Trekmovie, and I agree, but still, I’ll always prefer a show which is a little too slow or too extended over any skippy, hasty story.

240. Sarekk - November 24, 2009

Mr. Cawley,

Phase II is fabulous, don’t let the detractors and nit pickers get to you. Your homage to Shatner is pretty damn good in my book…much better than swapping Darren Steven’s in Bewithched ;)

Curious to know if you ditched the pointed side burns in earlier episodes?

241. Starship Conductor - November 24, 2009

James Cawley,

My Wife and I love everything your doing for “Star Trek”! BAF was fantastic!

We Thank You and don’t stop believing in Gene’s dream!


242. Dr. Cheis - November 24, 2009

Skipped the review.

Skipped the comments.

I’m not going to watch it until the version with the final soundtrack is released.

243. MC1 Doug - November 24, 2009

#221: “it was because the networks rejected it because of one line.”

Nope, sorry…. not the case.

ST: TNG was NOT a network show. It was syndicated.

Paramount may have weenied out, but if I recall it was Gene Roddenberry’s attorney who has been reported to have been the villain (if you want to call him that) who was the hatchet man. Whether Mr. Roddenberry was behind this, who can say. Mr. Gerrold knows best what happened.

In any case, it was a shameless loss, but it was also PII’s gain.

244. Al - November 24, 2009

Costumes, sets and effects were first-class, all the way. The acting was great as well, especially on the part of Mr. Rice. It is very clear a lot of care and attention to detail goes into these productions. I do feel, however, very dismayed by a complete lack of respect in this episode toward those of the Christian faith by your use of the word “damnit” after the word God. In fact, it astounds me, especially when Star Trek fans–and Star Trek in general–teach everyone should respect other cultures and their beliefs equally. You do know you have Christian Star Trek fans who watch your program, don’t you? Now, please, I understand that many people involved with the creation of Star Trek Phase 2, may not, in fact, accept or believe that God is deserving of respect…still, that does not negate the fact that it is unbecoming to so boldly and publically insult a body of people that are deserving of the same respect all people deserve today. Thank you very kindly.

245. Falvoant - November 25, 2009

Im Christian and roman catholic and I say God Dam It everyday
Get Real!

246. PYROBOY - November 25, 2009

144 Al
Please keep this in mind… This cursing is not ment to offend, this is a convesation between Kirk and Bones. Bones makeup is very surrily and rough cut. Bone would react like this. We are just keeping true to the charater. I know that Bone says things that some people don’t like or use. It’s just Bones!

247. VorpalK - November 25, 2009

I think that the romance angle was way over done, and would think the same if it was a straight one. TOS never had that as a major angle during stories, and certainly never spent much screen time on open mouth kisses.

When I have to manually excise content from the downloaded files to make the episode watchable, there’s something wrong (and not with me). Each chunk I nuked from part 1 and part 2 was ~ 3 minutes. I was still able to appreciate the affection that Peter and Freeman had for each other, without being beat over the head with it.

If Phase II was based on TNG or some other modern series, the “making out” would not be so out of place or jarring. As it is, I don’t need to see that no matter which Kirk it is.

248. VorpalK - November 25, 2009


No one is obligated to show respect to the christian faith. Get over yourself.

249. The_Drone - November 25, 2009

I want to put up a part of a posting that I made under the recent article regarding the preview for “Enemy Starfleet”. Parts of that post are just as applicable here.

I just have to echo my agreements with ***** and others who’ve defended James here. I know that James doesn’t need defending. His work on NV/P2 over the last 5 years and that of his team speaks for itself. Has everything about NV/PT always been perfect? No, but then, what television show is? From what I’ve seen, every TV show strives for excellence. James and his team have been doing the same over the last 5 years. For instance, I think John Kelley has improved tremendously! Overall, (and I got hooked on NV/P2 when they just had CWM and IHW out), the series has improved by leaps and bounds!

Where I personally get bothered are by the people who come out every time NV/PT is mentioned, and just attack it and not only that, but attack James and others who are part of the show on a personal level. And this bothers me because none of you who make these attacks knows James or the others personally. And if you do know James personally, I think it’s pretty low that you’d come on here in virtual anonymity and attack him. I do not know James myself, but from everything I’ve read, he sounds like someone I’d like to know! Based on his posts, I can see he is very gracious, and warm. I so much appreciate that he takes the time to respond to us! Even the naysayers. Please understand, I don’t have a problem with the critique of the show itself. Every TV show is subject to that. But for reasons I have never understood, much of the criticism often degenerates into personal attacks on the people themselves, their hair, they suck at acting or whatever. If you want to critique their acting, do it in such a way that would help them get better, but don’t just say “it sucks”. That doesn’t help. . .

. . . I have such strong feelings of support for NV/P2 and James and crew. I don’t agree with everything that’s been done, but those disagreements are minuscule, and certainly don’t warrant personal attacks. Sometimes, I feel like the people who come here and do this are, at times, no better than the Westboro Baptist people. I’m sure many are familiar with them, but in case you’re not, they claim to be a “christian” (their term, not mine), group that spews all manner of hatred upon homosexuals in particular and America in general. One wonders why they continue to live here. They have a web site which spews hatred, and they’ve protested at our soldiers funerals where they hold signs that spew just the most vile things you can think of. And they attribute it to God. That might be a bit of an extreme characterization for what the minority detractors here are doing, but it makes the point. Hate is hate. And maybe hate is too strong a word, but why can’t an opinion be shared on something without going to the lengths of a personal attack or disrespect towards someone? Or something, such as NV/P2? It’s been said before, but if you really don’t like it then don’t watch it. In fact, one wonders why you would. There are things on TV that I don’t like. So I don’t watch. It just seems common sense to me. Perhaps it is because of the anonymity afforded by the internet, but courtesy and respect have become hard to find. Opinions, even strong opinions can be shared with such. That IS one of the things that Mr. Roddenberry’s vision was all about. Respect and care to one’s fellow man. When you watched Star Trek on TV and saw this fictitious crew interacting, you knew they respected one another, and skin color or other things didn’t matter. I can not like something about NV/P2, but I can share that in a respectful way. In the end, the things that make us different do not change the fact that we all desire to be treated with courtesy and respect. The folks who provide this wonderful forum to keep us updated on all things Trek and a little more, and for us to be able to share our thoughts about those things, I’m sure never intended for people to be so nasty in some of their posts. I’m not saying either that I’ve never said a wrong thing or have never written a nasty note, because Lord knows, I have. I’ve always regretted it as well. The thing is, we always have a choice in how we respond. I hope that the detractors will choose to respond to information and articles regarding NV/P2 in a more respectful way.

Thank you James and crew for again taking the time and such extreme care that you put into these episodes! In the years I’ve been watching, I’ve never ceased to be amazed!

250. James Nelson - November 26, 2009

I check every week, to see if it’s out, and finally on Thanksgiving no less, I check and it’s up! This is a moment to be thankful for!
Also went out and bought the new ST movie on DVD, more about that at a more appropriate place, but watching the special features, I heard some comments by the filmmakers that in a nutshell explain what is wrong with many of the films we get now, and why they seem to be when you analyze them the same old soap served again with maybe some different spices.

Anyway that may be the topic of my first ever youtube rant. But to the entire Phase ii crew, you guys in my book are the true torch bearers for Star Trek.

251. Patty W - November 28, 2009

244: There are a lot of folks involved in the production who agree with your complaint about the blasphemy – especially TWICE. Once, you could claim it was to emphasize how angry/upset McCoy was. Twice… that argument, and the vulgarity, loses all impact. You will not see the blasphemy error repeated in future episodes.

245: Sir, anyone who admits – brags, in fact – freely to breaking the second commandment daily needs to reevaluate calling themselves either Jewish OR Christian.

252. Falvoant - November 29, 2009

Ok Ill tell Charles

253. Scott - December 4, 2009

I agree with VorpalK that the “making out” seemed out of place. It has nothing to do with the characters being gay. James Kirk and Yeoman Rand laying on top of one another would be equally out of place, that’s simply not an extension of the 60s TOS that we know.

Likewise all the cursing. (And even the line about bowel movement, for that matter.)

It’s not a matter of being prudish about these things, I’ve certainly watched (and enjoyed) programs that are much more extreme in these respects. It just isn’t Star Trek, and it’s particularly obvious when so much loving detail is obviously shown toward wanting to maintain the look and feel of just what we might have seen if Star Trek hadn’t been cancelled 40 years ago. These things break that illusion, they let you know, nope, we ain’t in 1970 anymore.

Also, Star Trek has always avoided trendy language, to make it not-of-this-time. No one in TOS said “Sock it to me” which would have nailed the program to the 60s. Again, I was taken out of the illusion of the era by lines like the variation of “thinking outside the box” and “how’s that working for you.”

Yeah, everything was kinda slow, but I saw the explanation above. In fact, after about 10 minutes, I watched most of the rest of it sped up!

I also have to say that I didn’t fully understand what was going on with the bloodworms. I “rewound” and watched Dr. Yar’s explanation again, but the whole mechanism of what was happening never really solidified for me.

As for all the knocks on Mr. Cawley’s acting… he’s okay. I so appreciate what he’s doing, he’s entitled to getting the pleasure out of being king of the sandbox. If I could offer just a small bit of advice… enough with the nose wrinkling. ;-) The rest of the actors were a mixed bag… I thought this was generally a weaker cast than usual, apart from Yar and the klingon.

I think I’ll stop there. Yeah, I was disappointed this time. Well, they can’t all be World Enough and Time. Looking forward to the next one.

254. Edward - December 15, 2009

I really like Star Trek Phase II, have seen all the episodes. I love all Star Trek (the many series, the movies, the fan site), it was a remarkable vision that is as pertinent today as ever. In fact it would be nice if more sci fi followed the message in Trek.

I liked Blood and Fire and agree, it may have been a little slow paced at times, but, this group does such a fantastic job with these shows, and are such a delight to see, I can easily forgive some timing issues.

Hooray for James Crawley and his intrepid stage crew, all of them who work on these shows. They brought me some smiles! Many thanks to them.

255. Gimme a Break Guys - January 5, 2010

Trekmovie gave an award to an unfinished project? That was promised to be done November 2009 and yet January 2010 is still not finished

256. Kivel - February 12, 2010

How does a fan series (which is not supposed to pay people) get “professional” actors and writers that (although might not be first level.) are of a higher level than one expects in a fan series.

David Gerald has a known ego, that is unlikely to have him writing scripts for free, I would think this would be especially true when his words were then by James Crawley possily the worst peerson appearing in a FAN SERIES he actually makes a sucking noise when he walks on set….

yet they pull in people from the original series and writers of Trek books

come on how are these people paid… you know they are.

257. pyroboy - February 17, 2010

Do you have a respect to Your God or your Holy creator? If you do, then you would more than likely have a respect for other peoples faith in general. No Flaming or bashing. Just a question and observation on my part.

258. Kevin - April 5, 2010

I love Star Trek fan productions and all things Trek. I think that everyone who is involved in this endeavor is a dedicated Trekkie and that each of them is doing their best to bring out what Trek means to them.

Trek has always been about building bridges. Peace through strength. Compassion, and above all, a vision of what Man could achieve if we have the will, the passion, and the tenacity to see beyond our own limitations.

Now all that said, I feel that the whole homosexual issue that I have seen emerging in the fan films – seems forced, for want of a better word. I feel like I am being confronted with something that I do not want to see on TV. I don’t like most of what I see on TV in general – way too much sex and just plain smutt. This does not lift people up – it is demeaning. It is not good Trek.

Now since you all no doubt think I am a homo-phoebe – let me just say that I am a bi man. I do not think that anyone should force their sexuality on anyone but I feel that Hollywood and the entertainment media complex has gotten out of step with the general audience. The community is not served by this the way it is being pushed.

Disney can’t do a film anymore without someone farting! Or suggestions of homosexuality, Is that really necessary? What does is prove? That we can all be juvenile? It certainly drives a lot of people away.

So back to Trek, blood and fire etc. I think there is a place for the whole realm of sexuality in Trek, both hetero – and homo, there were a number of episodes in TNG, and DS9 that dealt with some of these issues. But Blood and Fire was not made into a TNG episode – for a reason..I think that the script was just too in your face, and that the desire of people in the homosexual community to push their lifestyle in the face of everyone is ultimately destructive to their cause.

James Crawley and everyone involved went way out on a limb to do something they felt was noble – and that is laudable. It is just too bad that the way it comes off has the effect even on me as a bisexual man of making me feel uncomfortable.

In my opinion, the episode simply does not reach the people it needs to reach the most. It’s just too in your face to achieve that. It’s a shame.

Trek is really about building bridges – if the fan films are to truly continue in that great cause – then they must do it effectively – in such a way as to be able to win people over.

I can forgive the stiff acting. I can overlook the imperfections in production value, as compared to the original. The new special effects more than make up for the flaws.

But I just ask one think – please please please – make good TREK!

If you cannot make it good – then don’t bother.

“The Great Bird of the Galaxy” was able to socially change an entire generation – in good taste and was able to bind an entire generation together for a better world.

That is the charge and the standard that all of us should strive for as we make more Trek for the next generation.

Oh and I don’t think JJ’s version of Kirk as a sex crazed youth trying to see Uhura naked was a good idea either. Kirk is supposed to be a hero, someone to look up to. Not a prurient out of control youth with no class.

I have an 8 year old who is a new trekkie – she is growing up with the remastered TOS episodes. I cannot take her to see the new trek film because it destroys the noble image of kirk with smut. I find it very frustrating that people produce Trek that is beneath the dignity with which Roddenberry imbued everything he did.

How good is anything that you have to rationalize as being ok to show your kids?

Ultimately it is all about respect.. You have to give it to get it. That’s the essence of Star Trek.

Shatner’s Kirk got that…and I want to see more of it.

259. Edward W. - April 7, 2010

I found out about Star Trek Phase II through YouTube, and boy, I owe them one for THAT!

I LOVE the Phase II series, Everyone does a great job.

I think James Cawley makes a fantastic Kirk. You get the mannerisms down, the twinges of humor, the super seriousness, it’s all just perfect.

I really like Blood and Fire both parts. The new spok is good, but I like all the “Spocks”, they have been very good.

This is a great series. And one thing I have to disagree with other commenters though. I love the sound tracks. I just sit here in front of my computer speakers and say , :”WOW”.

From what I have been able to gather, James Cawley is the driving force behind Phase II. Thank you, Mr. Cawley, and all your “crew” for this wonderful continuation of the original series. I cannot imagine how difficult it is, and you pull it off better than the original series.

Live long and prosper and make more episodes!

Many thanks for the fun rides on the Enterprise Phase II!

260. theTruth - October 5, 2010

This review is opposite of reality. The relationship subplot dominated the episode. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.