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Star Trek Generations Available For Streaming At Hulu February 16, 2010

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The world of Star Trek has taken another step into the digital future. Today the ad-supported streaming site Hulu added their first Star Trek movie, Star Trek Generations. Anyone in the US can watch it for free and you can even embed it on your own site (as we have done below).


Watch Picard and Kirk Prime at Hulu

Now you can watch the ‘hand-off’ movie between the original series era and The Next Generation era for free (with a few commercials). Generations is available in standard (360p) and HQ (480p). You can also grab clips from the film and/or embed the whole thing on your own site. Click here to watch Generations at Hulu.


More Star Trek Streaming?

The Hulu Generations page notes “This film is available for a limited time. Additional Star Trek titles aren’t currently available.” But, hopefully this is just the beginning of Star Trek movies being made available online, and hopefully this will also happen outside the USA. And then there are those huge TV libraries as well. As of now the entire original Star Trek is available at (including remastered episodes in HD). They are also available at YouTube and other sites. Right now you can buy downloads for the first three seasons of TOS, TOS Remastered, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise on iTunes (for $12.99 a season). Hopefully streaming versions of those seasons and more will be made available in the future as well. All of the Star Trek movies are also available at iTunes.

Star Trek at Epix

The Hulu site is actually not the first place a Star Trek film has been available for streaming. Generations was actually online at last year, and Wrath of Khan is available now.  Epix is a new premium channel co-owned by Paramount. Due to that relationship, Epix has the exclusive first pay TV run of many new movies like Iron Man and the new Star Trek. Subscribers to Epix can also watch the currently broadcasting Epix movies online. However, currently Epix is only available to Verizon VIOS customers. Cox and Charter Communications will also be adding Epix in the coming months.





1. Harry Ballz - February 16, 2010

Star Trek Generations?

Even people watching it for free should feel “ripped off”…….for their time!

2. NL-NaeZ - February 16, 2010

Hmmzzz, Star Trek wasn’t a bad movie at all…
To bad I don’t live in the United States…

3. Wake me when TNG is streamable - February 16, 2010

I liked Generations… they could do far better though. I consider Generations the best of the worst.

4. Captain Mateo - February 16, 2010

…we leave so many things unfinished in our lives.

5. Sci-Fi Bri - February 16, 2010

…in darkness there is strength…

……..wrong movie?

6. ryanhuyton - February 16, 2010

“Time is the fire in which we burn”.

7. gigshaft - February 16, 2010

“Pants are the gateway to the soul.”

…wrong movie?

8. Harry Ballz - February 16, 2010


The one great line in the movie and even THAT was originally said in the 1930’s!!!!

9. Chris Fawkes - February 16, 2010

Generations may not have been as bad as Insurrection and Nemesis but it was by far the most insulting the way they killed Kirk.

10. jas_montreal - February 16, 2010

Watch PRIME * Picard and Kirk Prime at Hulu.

I don’t know why i just posted that useless correction. I have too much spare time on my hands.

11. ryanhuyton - February 16, 2010

#8 Still a great line though. The way Soran said it. The look on Picard’s face after he said it. Soran clearly hit a nerve after Picard learned of his brother’s and nephew’s deaths in a fire. Underrated scene in my opinion.

12. OtterVomit - February 16, 2010

To me, this movie marked where everything in Star Trek started going wrong.

13. ryanhuyton - February 16, 2010

#10 If you have too much spare time (as do I) then there is no other place to spend it better then at this site. :-)

14. ryanhuyton - February 16, 2010

“Oh my….”

15. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - February 16, 2010

I hope Hulu continues to put Star Trek movies up… Since I only watched STV:TFF when it came out, and would never, ever pay money to see it again, but am just curious enough to see it again for free, it would be nice if they made that one available. Also, the Search for Spock.

16. webitube - February 16, 2010

Anthony, now that more ST content is online and available for streaming, any chance of another “Streaming Party”?

17. VoR - February 17, 2010

I never thought much of Generations before, but now watching it again I’m stuck by how good the opening scenes with William Shatner, Scotty, and Chekov are. There is such a good chemistry happening between them, and Shatner is such a movie star.

The rest of the film is missing this charm.

18. Locutus of Fort Saint John - February 17, 2010… Hollywood’s way of saying “See, we’re hip with the people, you wanted streaming, we’ll give you streaming. By the way, Canada, and anyone else out there who’s not American, we’re NOT telling you you’re Number One.”

19. Newman - February 17, 2010

12 – I think I agree with you

20. Remington Steele - February 17, 2010

Kirk PRIME??

Oh for gods sake…

21. NOT A US CITIZEN - February 17, 2010

the USA digital future

22. Pro-Khan-Sel - February 17, 2010

Bill Shatner agreed to appear in generations and was by his own words, “quite pleased” with the film. He said this in an interview for E television in 1994.

As far as I’m concerned, the TNG movies started falling apart from Insurrection on and the arrivial of Enterprise.

Star Trek was always about the future, moving foreward. Enterprise was a huge step back, To me it was like saying,”Don’t bother looking at the future anymore, Time to look back at the beginnings of warp travel.” which in my opinion, belongs in novels and comic books.

The only episode of Enterprise that stands out as far as “looking towards the future” was the episode: First Flight. also a very exciting episode.

Anyways I would like to see all star trek episodes and movies online. Even with commercials, I would love to watch them all again.

Even Insurrection, The final frontier and Nemesis, To cure my insomnia

23. captain_neill - February 17, 2010

God am I the only one who liked Generations

Its not the best but it has some great moments and seeing Kirk and Picard together in his kithcen was whimiscal and awesome.

24. Kevin From Akron - February 17, 2010

Anybody who is a hard core Star Trek fan like myself can just put in their DVD of the movie. Plus how many times has it been on SyFy?

25. Janeways Knickers - February 17, 2010

Free streaming? I should be getting paid to sit through generations again.

26. Jeyl - February 17, 2010

Meh. Check out RedLetterMedia’s review instead. It’s less than half as long and way more entertaining.

27. philpot - February 17, 2010

somewhere in an alternate universe fans of Trek sat down to a Nicolas Meyer directed Generations in 1994 where the NCC 1701A gets flung into the TNG era ‘Yesterdays Enterprise’ style

28. TonyD - February 17, 2010

Offering garbage like Generations on Hulu is a waste of bandwidth. You couldn’t pay me to watch that insulting turd.

They ought to have a scene in the next movie where we see Kirk’s death from Generations…and then have Chris Pine wake up in his quarters and retcon the whole thing as a bad dream.

29. Kirk, James T. - February 17, 2010

Ah Generations, This got me into Star Trek as a kid, i was sold on it when i saw the destruction of the Enterprise – D.

Over time it’s become less appealing to me however one line at the end spoken by Patrick Stewart must be noted as one of the best lines in any of the Star Trek movies:

“Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives but i would rather believe that time is a companion, who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we’ve lived. After all number one, we’re only mortal.”

That line and then the captain and first officer beaming up from a ghostly destroyed bridge that has become so iconic – is for me quite cool.

30. Chris Fawkes - February 17, 2010

@17 So true. i had not seen that before. Imagine if they had done a story with both full crews how flat the next gen crew would have seemed by comparison.


Not sure what kind of temporal nexus your living in but just because Shatner was happy with the film does not make it good.

And star trek always being about the future. That’s our future, not theirs.

31. James Rye - February 17, 2010

#29 I agree

I particularly like the quote ‘they say time is the fire in which we burn’

oh and……..I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was in diapers.

I cant think of iconic lines from the latest movie though?

Do it do it, do it.

32. JIM - February 17, 2010

Arrrgh! Hulu does not work in germany!

33. tiki god - February 17, 2010

480 is definitely not “HD”, 720 or 1080 would be considered HD.

for a brief explanation :

34. Lyle - February 17, 2010

Personally, I’m more upset about the way in which they destroyed the gorgeous Enterprise-D than how Kirk died. Sometimes I think I’m the only one who feels that way.

Overall, though, Generations was much better than a lot of people here give it credit for.

35. Joseph Chapes - February 17, 2010

#29 It was the same for me. Generations was the first Star Trek movie I saw in theaters. In fact, it was one of the first Star Trek adventures I ever saw. I just remembers being in third grade and being blown away by this movie in the theater. (Perhaps I was easily impressed in third grade.)

Things only got better when I started watching more Star Trek and found out that Star Trek only got better and better. I realize that there are better Star Trek movies out there, but I can never hate this move just because it got me into Star Trek.

36. Pat Gleeson - February 17, 2010

Generations is a heck of a lot better than last year’s “reboot” IMO, one of my favourites and the best soundtrack also – a beautiful Denis Mc Carthy score.

37. captain_neill - February 17, 2010

must Kirk be called Kirk Prime from now on?

38. Josh - February 17, 2010

It was an ok movie. For me though I think it was the most quotable with all of those time quotes. My favorite…

Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives. I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we’ve lived. After all Number One, we’re only mortal.

39. jas_montreal - February 17, 2010

@ 37.

If anything…. Pine’s Kirk deserves a ”secondary” title. After all… he’s not the ORIGINAL kirk.

Pine’s Kirk = Alternate Kirk

40. Jim Nightshade - February 17, 2010

or how about non-prime Kirk? hah hah-not ready for prime time kirk–

41. Julie - February 17, 2010

There’s maybe 15 minutes of this movie worth watching.

Nimoy is Spock Prime, so Shatner is definitely Kirk Prime.

42. captain_neill - February 17, 2010



The next movie after Generations was one of the best movies

43. Dr. Image - February 17, 2010

A plodding, depressing movie that squandered what SHOULD have been a great series of scenes- the two Captains meeting.
(Brannon Braga- yeah, I blame YOU.)

44. rogue_alice - February 17, 2010

#31 – “Do it, do it, do it.”

Sounds sort of raunchy when isolated like that. I did like that they the viewscreen/portal began to stress fracture at that moment. Was cool!!

45. rogue_alice - February 17, 2010

“The _____________ doesn’t arrive/get installed till Tuesday.”


“Life forms! You tiny little life forms! You precious little life forms! Where are you?”

46. Bones Rodriguez - February 17, 2010

I cannot watch Generations… the ribbon thing is just stupid, the Picard-as-Charles Dickens Christmas, the death is the worst.

The only thing I can bear is to watch Kirk macho it up while he makes breakfast…


Now I have to go watch that Bring Back Kirk Trailer…

47. Gary the Gorn - February 17, 2010

Generations isn’t as bad as everyone says. There are some good parts with data plus some cool special effects.

Also, the part where Picard has a family is pretty cool.

I didn’t like how Kirk died either. But the novels following Generations were really good were they brought Kirk back.

Listen to the Star Trek novel “The Return” by William Shatner. It’s very good.

The novel begins on the planet Veridian III and takes place shortly after the events seen in the motion picture Star Trek Generations. The body of James T. Kirk is stolen by the Romulans after his burial by fellow Star Fleet Captain Jean Luc Picard. He is subsequently resurrected by the Borg using alien technologies which reanimate the dead tissue of his body. The Borg have formed an alliance with the Romulan Star Empire in order to destroy the Federation. Using the alien technology the body of Kirk is brought back to life and his katra is restored but deliberately implanting false memories to turn him against the Federation. The goal of this secret alliance is to destroy Jean-Luc Picard, and therefore Starfleet’s only defense against the Borg, but, despite his conditioning, Kirk is able to resist commands to kill Worf, Data, and Geordi La Forge, all of whom are attacked by him during his search for Picard. Simultaneously, Picard and Doctor Crusher are participating as part of a strike team in a Federation expedition to an assimilated colony, where they are captured on board a Borg vessel. They are able to escape and as they move freely around the vessel, they learn of the Borg/Romulan Alliance. Spock also learns of this alliance when he is captured dealing with Romulans, but the Borg do not assimilate him as, for some reason, they believe Spock is already Borg.

48. DeBeckster - February 17, 2010

I always thought Generations was a decent movie–should have had more Kirk/Picard screen time together. I think one of the main reasons people don’t like it is that you’ve got the double whammy of the Enterprise D blowing up and Kirk going down with the bridge. At least it wasn’t a stinker on the scale of The Final Frontier. My two cents.

49. Danno - February 17, 2010

Generations was ok, but lets be honest, it’s not Star Trek V!

50. garyp - February 17, 2010

#17 I remember thinking that very thing when I saw it in the theater. Chekov, Scotty, and Kirk worked off each other very well. Their scenes were relaxed and they seemed in character. For the rest of the film, however, the TNG characters just didn’t seem in character like their former television selves were a year before in season 7.

That was the big problem throughout the TNG movies; TV Picard was much different than movie Picard. TV Picard was reserved, diplomatic, and cerebral. Movie Picard was hasty, irrational, action-oriented, physical. It didn’t add up for me. They seemed like two different people. Same with Data. LOVE television Data. Movie Data was VERY annoying, less subtle, and extraordinarily unfunny.

I treat the TNG movies as if they’re a different crew than the television series. It just comes off that way, especially in GENERATIONS.

51. barrydancer - February 17, 2010

34: No, you’re not the only one. I think the Galaxy Class is gorgeous, and ILM did a wonderful job filming the model. What little screen time the Ent-D has, she looks amazing.

16 years later, I’m still irked that the ship our heroes called home for seven years was so unceremoniously done away with. Almost as thought it were an afterthought to the B plot. The flagship of the Federation, taken out by a single Bird of Prey after barely firing a shot. Bleh.

52. rogue_alice - February 17, 2010

#51 – I agree, to a point. I kind of consider that the D gave her life to protect the crew. The all got out of that alive (I think).

I do like the D. She is gorgerous. I love the E the best.

53. CmdrR - February 17, 2010

51 – The list of those who were “unceremoniously done away with” in Generations is quite long. Personally, I thought killing off Picard’s brother and nephew was wildly gratuitious and almost mean-spirited. The only point was to make Picard cry and consider his own mortality. The nephew entering Starfleet Academy could have accomplished the same goal. But, NO. We’re Hollywood. We kill characters for your entertainment. And Icons. And Klingon chicks. And pretty ships. But not Spot, Thank God.

I’m glad Generations is on Hulu. I truly believe that there are better ways to make a buck than selling everything on DVD. New stuff? Sure. But, past about the decade mark, everything should be ad-driven or some such money mechanism. Just my opinion. I get REAL tired of buying the same exact thing over and over. Love Trek. Love the Beatles. Ain’t buying either forever.

Thus endeth the rant.

54. WE ARE LANDRU - February 17, 2010

No, #3, the best of the worst would be Star Trek: Insurrection, because at least THAT movie FELT like A MOVIE, unlike Generations…

55. Dave in RI - February 17, 2010

Always get a chuckle at Data’s delight for the utter revoltion he has of his drink in ten-forward :-)

56. CmdrR - February 17, 2010

rant re-opened:

Robert and Rene lived in a one-story home in the 24th century. Sure Robert eschewed technology, but surely everyone can get out of a French mansod alive. Jeez! Apparently Samantha Eggar got out, but no one cares, right?

rant re-closed.

57. brian - February 17, 2010

Man… Lots of hate for Generations.

I agree that the movie isn’t particularly good. But I do think it has the prettiest look of all the Treks (cinematography, etc.)

and I LOVE the score.

58. J. Carbaugh - February 17, 2010

Star Trek: Generations is the tragic definition of wasted potential. I won’t add to what so many of you have so astutely pointed out, but what I will do is offer an idea that would have made this movie epic.

1). Let’s take elements of First Contact and come up with this: Imagine the Borg have it in their sights to assimilate the Guardian of Forever; even if they don’t need it for establishing a viable means of time-travel, the energy output of that machine must be considerable and desirable for assimilation. Anyway, the Starfleet techs on-site send a distress signal to Command and the Enterprise-D intercepts the signal. They head that way to engage the Borg and during the battle both ships are consumed in a temporal field. The Borg Cube is destroyed while the Enterprise-D is heavily damaged, though the Borg have beamed over to the lower decks and begin assimilating the ship ala First Contact. The Enterprise materializes from the past, shortly after the events of Star Trek VI. Well, lo and behold, The Enterprise responds to the distress signal, discovers they’re in the future, and these two legendary crews combine their talents to deal with the Borg threat and return them home. After an hour of pure Star Trek magic and action in which the Borg are defeated by the ingenuity of both crews, Picard and Kirk beam to the surface and convince the Guardian to send the Enterprise back home. Kirk tells Picard that he’s reassured that the legacy of the Enterprise is in good hands (…and of course we get some emotional-laden dialogue to cement the passing of the torch). The Guardian activates the time field and sends the Enterprise back home, but the Guardian makes sure that everyone from the past (…with the exception of Spock, who will never divulge the tale) does not remember what happened.


Yes, I know that synopsis had plot holes and raised some questions, but it was an example of how they could have a riveting story of both crews against a common threat. When you consider WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN, you understand that Generations was a disaster of wasted potential.

59. guest - February 17, 2010

D was a nice looking ship, but for some reason, in MY mind, it’s a dated design, not as timeless as the rest of them. Although the movie destruction of D and the killing of Kirk was clearly a killing off (very weakly done) the old to make room for the new movies to come, I think it was inevitable in D’s case (not Kirk), to make a change for cinematic sake. D was great for 1990’s TV but just didn’t cut it on the big screen, and a ‘refit’ would have been a bad idea. A better sendoff was certainly called for, though.

60. VOODOO - February 17, 2010

This movie is a mess from start to finish. Complete, total and utter wasted opportunity.

What should have been a big fun adventure that brought together the two crews turned into a somber funeral that made little sense (you can think yourself out of the nexus WTF?) and did away with the face of the franchise for no particular reason.

Hate this movie that was the beggining of the end for that era of Star Trek.

61. Martok - February 17, 2010

I didn’t like this movie because of the way Captain Kirk died. He deserved a better death than to get crushed by a bridge and another thing if the Nexus knows no time and he left the Nexus then wouldn’t he still be in the Nexus when it passed over and missed Soran. Would it not invalidate the meeting between him and Picard. They should retcon it that the Kirk who died is some kind of temporal shadow or echo. If Guinan had an echo then who is to say that Kirk did not have one to? I thought he deserved a better death and I can’t believe Shatner went for that crap. I am so glad Berman and those guys are gone. They failed when it came to those films. Nemisis, Insurrection, and Generations were not all they should have been. Without them, we would not have the alternate universe Trek so they should be thanked.

62. captain_neill - February 17, 2010

I am fed up of the Generations bashing

Jeez the story, like the new movie has it flaws, but both are very good films.

They both have contrivances and yes more noticable on the new one but please don’t treat Generations as shit and the new movie as bible because both are very similar that they need plot devices to get Kirk and Spock in them respectively.

And God why hate a movie because ofthe way they killed off Kirk. It was better than the original one they had, which was him just getting shot in the back. So the ending they had was better, he died a hero, giving his life for a planet of 250 million people.

And the first meeting of Kirk and Picard is wonderfully whimiscal by happening in Kirk’s house.

Watch the original ending and see that they went with the better one.

I thought it was a cool idea to get the two captains to meet.

Generations is not my fav but it does not deerve this hate.

I liked Rick Berman and his guys, Berman was there too long but I don’t hate the guy.

And I am not the biggest JJ Abrams fan so bit of a deadlock on that opinion. However, I believe Abrams did a great fun movie but God I am fed up with it being treated as if it were the only good Star Trek.

It is great but God there is a lot more of it out there.

63. Nata - February 17, 2010

I wouldn’t watch this movie even if I was paid money.
Oh wait – I’d take the money, but then look the other way.

64. Anthony Thompson - February 17, 2010

A Rick Berman Production. Haha. Well, I watched the first 20 minutes or so. The lighting on that bridge was horrible (reminded me of the uncomplimentary bridge lighting on WOK also). And Kirk’s replacement? Another in the line of bad captains who are there merely to make Kirk look so much better (which shouldn’t be necessary). And why is the press on the bridge? Is that how it’s done when a new aircraft carrier leaves on it’s maiden voyage? I don’t think so! BAD!

65. Mr Phil - February 17, 2010

Wish we had seen the Ent A in battle against the Ent D. What a poster that would have made. No idea what story would lead to that, but also would have been nice to have AlphaKirk on the Ent D bridge.


66. Simon - February 17, 2010

#64 – When it’s the maiden voyage of the successor to the Federation’s greatest starship (and the new flagship) along with one of the most famous captains in Earth’s history…yeah, exactly the same as a carrier launch (which *is* covered by the press BTW).

The Enterprise-B’s bridge lighting may have been flat, but the lighting on the Enterprise-D was flat out amazing.

67. Damian - February 17, 2010

Lots of hate for Generations I see. I enjoyed the film for the most part. Kirk did say in Star Trek V that he would die alone, and in a sense he did. His best friends, Kirk and Spock, his family, were not there with him in the end. Kirk gave his life to protect a people in the Veridian system that he never knew. Isn’t that what embodies the Star Fleet spirit more than any other. That an officer the caliber of Captain Kirk is willing to put his life on the line for innocent people. To me that made his sacrifice all the more meaningful.

I also remember how surreal it felt watching the film. Many of the sets and uniforms were the same as the TV series and in some ways, it was like watching TV on the big screen. But it worked for me. I loved First Contact, even more than Generations, but First Contact definitely felt like a motion picture. The same goes for Insurrection and First Contact.

However, I was PO’d when they decided to trash the Enterprise-D. That was my favorite ship. It embodied everything positive about the Federation, but it was more that capable of defending itself at the same time. I always referred to it as a city in space. The E was cool, but I felt it lost some of the dazzle of the D.

68. captain_neill - February 17, 2010


Your complaining about the lighting?

Oh please Generations is a good film. It is not the worse Trek movie

Reasons for hating Genrations really petty.

69. skyjedi - February 17, 2010

I like the novel Ashes of Eden better than this film.

70. Xavier - February 17, 2010

It is the best and most mature TREK film.
It’s about loss and how to cope with it. The film’s plot is extremely mature. I love so many scenes in this film: Picard talking with Deanna, Picard talking with Guinan, Data’s and Geordi’s scenes.
This is what defines Sci-Fi for me. It’s a film in the style of big Sci-Fi classics which does not come around with SFX in every shot, but with a character driven plot.
Kirk’s death is perfect. That’s exactly how people die. There is no heroism in death. It’s “Oh my…”
I love this movie. It is my favorite TREK movie, and the more I watch it, the more I gain from it.

71. raulpetersen - February 17, 2010

to everyone who lives outside the u.s. and is fed up of being blocked simply download this package and hey presto you can watch anything from anywhere!

spread the word. spread the love!

live long and happy viewing!

72. Kobayashi_Maru - February 17, 2010

I love the scenes on the Enterprise -B… one of my favorite moments in ALL of Trek…

73. J. Carbaugh - February 17, 2010

The whole Nexus plot device raises more questions and concerns than it did to resolve the conflict in Act Three. For instance, why didn’t Picard and Kirk ‘leave’ the Nexus when Soran was aboard the Enterprise-D? Not only do you prevent the destruction of Veridian Three, but you prevent the destruction of the Enterprise herself. I’m calling this as I see it: lazy writing.

Captain Neill, look…I understand you’re finding the Generations “bashing” distasteful, but c’mon, it rightfully deserves the scrutiny. I’m not comparing it to Star Trek 2009, rather I’m deconstructing it based on its lack of merit. Brannon Braga, Ron Moore, and Rick Berman were given the opportunity to tell one of the greatest Star Trek stories of all time and they couldn’t even devise a way to get both crews together? Yes, I heard that Mr. Kelly wouldn’t reprise his role as ‘Bones'; though I imagine with the right paycheck he would have. But the rest of the crew would have been up for it. Why not write a script to include them? Leonard Nimoy even reported that they reduced Spock to a cameo. 16 years later and I still shake my head at that stillborn of a film. I blame lazy, uninvolved writing.

74. J. Carbaugh - February 17, 2010

#70- While I will respect your opinion, I will call you out on this statement, “There is no heroism in death”. Clarify: Do you mean in the actual death itself or in the act of sacrifice leading to death? I assume you mean the actual moment of death, but even then there have been examples of people dying with quiet dignity as well as people screaming in agony.

Kirk’s moment of death consisted of “Oh my.” Those were Kirk’s final words? Really? I would have rather he asked if they had saved the day and made a difference, Picard confirm they did, then Kirk smile and pass away. Or even, with a faint whisper, “Picard…tell Spock good-bye”. Hokey and sentimental? Yes. Better than “Oh My…”. Hell yes.

75. Danpaine - February 17, 2010

I very much agree with the folks who say the scenes on the “B” were great…great seeing Kirk, Scott and Chekov again (despite those other remaining TOS actors who refused to be in it) – a cool action scene, graphics which I think still hold up to this day, great sound effects and score…

…I pop in the DVD two, three times a year for re-watching, and really enjoy it.

That said, I think the way Kirk died SUCKED, and the Nexus was an iffy plot device at best. I like the poster who suggested Generations should have been more like a “Yesterday’s Enterprise” to really work well. Nice idea.

Overall, though, I appreciate the film.

76. Nivenus - February 17, 2010

Generations suffers from the fact that there’s no clear story arc. It has an interesting opening, even if slightly contrived (seriously – the recently constructed Enterprise without a full complement is the best equipped ship in range of a phenomena likely dozens of lightyears from Earth?), but as the movie goes on it loses its direction.

The middle of the movie, after Soran kidnaps Geordi and before Picard returns with Kirk, is just dead space. That’s at least half an hour there and I imagine it’s actually closer to forty-five minutes. And in all that time, basically one thing happens – Picard figures out he can’t stop Soran.

There’s also, of course, the major plot hole about how people in the Nexus can return at any time. If Picard fails to stop Soran once, he can just get a do over… again and again.

It’s a remarkably poor piece of writing from the otherwise brilliant RDM.

77. Adam E - February 17, 2010

Waiting for DS9 to be available online. It’s taking a long time to get the DVDs from the library.

78. Horatio - February 17, 2010

Weighing in on Generations, i’ll just throw in that I enjoyed it overall. I think killing off Picard’s brother and nephew was a mistake (I loved the TNG episode ‘Family’) and even more unforgivable was the less than heroic ending of Kirk.

Shatner agreed to it. I’m sure he had enough clout to change it if he had wanted to. Fact is, Berman, Braga and Moore wanted to kill him off but it would not have ever happened if Shatner himself hadn’t agreed to it. So hearing Shat’s whining about being in the reboot doesn’t really resonate with me. He should have insisted on a much more ambiguous demise.

Generations had some great moments. I too loved the “Time is the fire in which we burn” and Picard’s little speech to Ryker at the end about time being a companion. Though crashing the saucer section of Enterprise D on to the planet was great entertainment it demoted the Enterprise from being an actual character into an appliance. In the post Generations films did anyone ever really relate to the ship at all?

I’ve always maintained that the Enterprise herself is one of the more important characters of the show. Kirk’s one true love. This was touched upon repeatedly in TOS. I’ll be curious to see if JJ et al will treat her as such or if she’ll just continue on as flying set piece.

79. Christine - February 17, 2010

This was actually a decent movie, except for how they killed off Kirk. And I’m not just saying that because it’s Kirk; I hate how a lot of the Star Trek characters have died. Commander “Trip” Tucker (ENT) had a really unfitting death in the ENT finale. That was just pathetic. And Tasha Yar? The only really strong woman on TNG? Killed by.. a slime/sludge puddle, more or less? The episode had an okay ending, but still! Hardly does justice to her. And then there’s Jadzia Dax, killed by a power-ravaged Dukat… What? Don’t get me started.

Let’s face it, the only meaningful death of a major character on ‘Trek was Spock, and he came back to life. (Unless you can think of any others!)

80. Losira - February 17, 2010

One could debate meaningful deaths till the end of nexus. No death is a good death only a good day to die. However putting that aside I wish Hulu and fancast could become available for Iphones,blackberrys, and Palms. So I can see “first Contact” my favorite TNG movie

81. Nivenus - February 17, 2010


I agree that Generations has lots of good little moments. I really like Picard’s scene with Troi at the beginning regarding his aging process. It’s a beautiful moment.

My problem with the movie is not that it doesn’t have nice moments – it’s that the story as a whole is a mess.

And really, I could care less about how they killed Kirk. It’s really not that bad of a death although it is disappointing to have him in the movie as essentially an overhyped, overpaid cameo.

82. Will_H - February 17, 2010

Generations always felt more like it should have been the series finally to TNG rather than a movie. But of course I always thought TNG shouldn’t have ended when it did and could have gone on to do 10 seasons. But without going to another quantum reality we’ll never know. Still, the movie had some good bits and I thought was well acted.

83. Lazers - February 17, 2010

I love Generations!! I can watch it any day, anytime. Unless I’m sleeping. Then I can watch it on my eye lids.

84. ryanhuyton - February 17, 2010

The Enterrprise-D never looked better than she did in “Generations”.
It was ironic how the model guys refurbished the Enterprise-D for its last mission. The escape pods had red detailing added to them and I think they repainted the model(s) giving it a slight blueish hue. I think they gave the 6 foot model new “skin” as well.

I also liked what they did with the bridge and the interior lighting. Its too bad budget got in the way of seeing it on the series.

The death of Kirk was lame. I think that is why the movie has polarized so many fans.

Overall I thought the movie was pretty good apart from flaws in logic in regards to the Nexus and of course, Kirk’s death. I didn’t have a problem with the destruction of the D. The scenes at the end of the movie on the destroyed bridge marked the end of an era. The saucer crash looked awesome on the big screen. The scenes featuring Kirk and Picard were great as was the Enterprise-B part of the film. Malcolm McDowell was great as Soran. Cynical, hurt, bitter and relentless in his “escape from reality” in favor of reliving his old life in the Nexus. Plus he had some great lines.

85. Eli - February 17, 2010

Any true Trek fan should have all the movies on DVD or BluRay at home. They don’t need streaming video… ;-)

86. Desstruxion - February 17, 2010

The only movie that has ever brought me to tears. Terrible story and the death of Kirk. Enterprise B was the only plus in this one. Really like that ship.

87. Anthony Thompson - February 17, 2010


We don’t need no stinking streaming video! : )

88. seanyboy - February 17, 2010

Give me a break with the Generations hating. And who quotes Star Trek V??? Kirk said he would die alone…. yes… but Gene Roddenberry also stated he didn’t like Star Trek V and people should skip over it. IMHO, in STV there is no real character or universe development. If you skipped over it in your series watching, you would honestly not recognize it was there:

*Scotty and Uhura love: never mentioned again.
*The shitty decks numbers on STV?
*Nimbus III: booo. Never again
*Travelling to the center of the galaxy in an afternoon: never again ,thankfully.
*off-colored torpedoes that sound like Star Wars: never again.

Where am I going with this? Well, to be honest, I don’t consider it canon. So in a sense, Kirk saying he will die alone, since it is never said outside the film, it never happened. Words from Rodenberry’s mouth.

For those who are commenting on the lighting on the bridge, I assume you are referring to the lighting on the Enterprise-B, of which I have no opinion. The lighting on the enterprise D, specifically the lighting at Armagosa, is the best lighting in the entire Star Trek Universe. It all had a bigger than television feel to it.

Generations as a whole had a larger than television feel to it, and it was still recognizable as TNG. Why would anyone argue this? It was the most emotion driven story of the films, and it was performed perfectly by the cast. Stewart, Spiner, McDowell, and yes even Goldberg rocked their roles.

Why does every movie have to either save Earth or the entire galaxy for it to be considered a good movie? Star Trek has always been about living together as a society, so the idea that the Veridian system, or the crisis for the film was too small, has no validity in my opinion. It is the beauty of Star Trek that Kirk would sacrifice himself for a “smaller” cause, and that his sacrifice doesn’t have to be for the galaxy or the greatest adventure. He is a good man, and did what he thought was best. Granted the whole time travel thing was shaky and not neccesary, but guess what? I am not going to bitch about it because it’s not my story!

Sure there was some plot holes and mistakes, but what sci-fi franchise has a perfect record? None. Even George Lucas said that Star Wars has tons of mistakes. When asked about the quality of the plot lines for the prequels, he stated that the first three weren’t that great either, so people should put things into perspective.

Put Star Trek where it belongs, a fun story to watch. Don’t bullshit about how you would have done it, because guess what: you didn’t do it, and you never will do it. So saying you have a better idea about a screenplay means dick because you didn’t work for Star Trek. You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take….. so continue writing your fan fiction, but until you work for JJ Abrams: don’t talk shit.

89. T2 - February 17, 2010

This was the first Star Trek movie I actually saw in theatres and I remember thinking it was like getting a whole new episode of TNG. In essence, it would have been a fitting end to an 8th season if TNG had one. Anyway in the movie, I lost two things I had always known and loved – Captain Kirk and the Enterprise-D. Being a young kid at the time, it made me pretty sad, but 15+ years later, I still love the movie and I still may even get a little emotional seeing the Big E go down. It’s not the best Trek movie, but it will always be in my Top 5 for Trek movies.

I heard Berman changed the way Kirk died after negative fan reaction at an early screening. Aside from “heroic”, the end result wasn’t much better, and as others have mentioned, it probably is what pulled in most of the criticism. I believe this also is where the movies became a “For Trek Fans Only” kind of club – where only the fans would go see it and you would have to be a Star Trek fan to follow, although one could argue First Contact is just good sci-fi for anyone, but I’ll leave that movie for a different day.

90. Christine - February 17, 2010

#85 :: Hey, that’s not fair. Some of us are broke teenagers trying to save up for iPod Touches, cars, and college tuition (which has gone through the freakin’ roof, I might add). ;P

Was “Generations” horrible? No. Not at all. I place it above INS and TFF, and it had some really good parts. But, I suppose all Star Trek movies — heck, all movies — have really good and really not-good parts. That’s just how the cookie crumbles!

91. J. Carbaugh - February 17, 2010

#88– I guess you could say the same for Insurrection. I mean you could go straight from First Contact to Nemesis and never miss a beat.

92. Nivenus - February 17, 2010


I don’t intend to say Generations is horrible… it’s just… *okay*. It’s not really terrible, but it’s not fun – at least not for me and, as I gather from the general fandom reaction to it, not for most people either. It doesn’t need an “epic save the Earth plot” that’s true – but it has one nonetheless (unless, for some reason, the system doesn’t count).

It’s character driven, which is fine, but the characters aren’t given anything to do.

There’s plot holes, and a few are fine (ST09 sticks out) but they’re very noticeable in Generations because there’s very little plot as it is! With so little story to build the film upon it’s easy to note where the writing falters, which is not a good thing.

Generations is not a horrible or even bad film – Nemesis, Insurrection, and Final Frontier were all worse (in about that order too). But it’s definitely… dull.

93. Rainbucket - February 17, 2010

The movie’s opening scene on the Enterprise-B is a great little self-contained story. The death of Kirk, the day he realizes the Enterprise will never again be his, or even the ship he knew.

It was a curious parallel that the 2009 movie’s opening scene make an incredibly moving self contained story about Kirk’s birth.

94. garen - February 17, 2010

theyre calling it Star Trek VII. since when is it refered to as star trek 7?

95. Chris Fawkes - February 17, 2010

Seeing as they could leave the nexus and go anywhere they wanted why not go back and grab Soran when they had him on the Enterprise.

Sorry for those who think Generations was a good film. It was a dog and way you dice it.

Now had they brought Kirk back to help fight the Borg as the first TNG film that could have been cool.

@93 The birth of Kirk made up for some of the sins of his death. A truly magnificent entry into the universe for one of Sci Fi’s most popular characters ever. I could just watch that opening scene and be happy with that movie.

96. ryanhuyton - February 17, 2010

I hope someone can find a SENSIBLE and LOGICAL way of bringing back Prime Kirk, so that William Shatner, the writers of “Generations” and a lot of people on this site can all rest in peace whenever they die.

97. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - February 18, 2010

This thread is like flypaper for haters. Here’s an idea: if you don’t like Generations, don’t watch it.

For me, it’s not the worst Star Trek movie, and it’s not the best. It’s got its points, but it’s weak in many areas, most noticeably plot. But then, all Star Trek movies have plot holes, so whatever. I still like Star Trek movies when I’m in the mood, and for a price of $0, I’ll gladly sit back and watch them, any and all….

98. captain_neill - February 18, 2010


I agree, I liked Generations but it was not the best one but it does not deserve the hate.

Yes there is a bit of a plot hole when it came to the Nexus in the logic of it but then again there is a plot contrivance in the new ilm in the Delta Vega sequence.

Is there logic of that scene in t he new film any different than the logic of the Nexus.

Both a re good films. But wehy is one being pissed on and the other being held up on a pedestal when both have flaws in their scripts.

And as I said last time, did any of you see Kirk’s original death? He got shot in the back, At least in the reshoot he died a hero.

He saved a planet of inhabitants. Was it because he didn’t die saving Earth? Besides in the rich universe of Trek why must Earth always be at risk anyway?

Anyway both Generations and the new movie don’t rank top for me but I love them both. It just seems that when it comes to Generations hate, just as annoying as the new movie haters, I mean critiicising the llighting of the movie bridge. Please! And you call the haters of the new movie annoying.

Some of you can be real hippocites.

99. captain_neill - February 18, 2010


Well Generations was the 7th Star Trek movie so go figure

100. JB - February 18, 2010

Cameron, you said we wouldn’t have any fun today. Shame on you.

101. Harry Ballz - February 18, 2010

What’s with all the bashing of anyone here who didn’t like Generations as a movie?

It’s called having an opinion, people!


102. Paul B. - February 18, 2010

98 – The difference between ST09 and Generations is that ST09 was fun to watch. Both had plot holes, logical gaffes, and fairly thin plots. Both had one-note villains.

But despite the various defenses of Generations I see here, I don’t see many people defending it as “fun.” Generations was plodding, gloomy, and rarely fun. Sure, a few moments, but not as a whole. And it’s not just that Kirk is killed–twice, essentially. (Think about it: We see Kirk “die” on the 1701-B, find out he’s alive, then see him die a much less exciting, less interesting death later.)

ST09 was energetic, fun, a two-hour escape that was respectful to Trek while changing it up. My own reaction echoes a lot of diehard Trek fans: I had so much fun that the plot holes and flaws didn’t bother me.

Most fans are willing to let mistakes slide if we’re being entertained. But Generations wasn’t entertaining, so our minds had plenty of time to wallow in the weaknesses.

Watching Generations made me feel like a 95-year-old, struggling to stay awake and hoping to find kids on my lawn when I got home so I could yell at them. But watching ST09 made me feel like a 9-year-old, wiggling with excitement in my seat and wishing I was a kid again so I could go play with friends when I got home,

103. captain_neill - February 18, 2010

I agree about your comments about the new movie number 102

It is a fun movie and I do prefer it over Generations.

However, I do wonder if hardcore Trek fans would enjoy Trek XI more if they weren’t fans?

Guess Trek fans will never see eye to eye when it comezs to Generations or the new movie.

104. captain_neill - February 18, 2010

But what I am saying is I dont hate Generations.

But I guess the day all Trek fans agree will be the day hell freezes over lol.

105. captain_neill - February 18, 2010

All I am saying is that this was not the down fall of Trek, the next movie after this was one of the best Trek movies, First Contact. First Contact is an awesome movie

106. captain_neill - February 18, 2010

can I ask why so many Star Trek fans who either love or hate the new movie are so vocal against the other side?

107. captain_neill - February 18, 2010


Guess the main problem with the hard core fans is they felt that this fun came at the expense of thir Trek

I love the new movie and I can accept itas a separate universe from the rest. But I still love the rest of Trek, I love whati now unfairly being called my father’s Star Trek.

I hated that term in the marketing for the new movie. It made me feel old and Im only 26.

William Shatner will always be the true Kirk for me but I still enjoyed Chris Pine in the role.

I thinks it ok to say I like thenew actors but I still prefer the originals.

108. Chris Fawkes - February 18, 2010

For those of you who didn’t get any fun watching Generations watch this review of the movie. Lots more fun than the actual film itself.

And don’t let the fun stop there. The review of Nemesis is even better.

109. captain_neill - February 18, 2010

Look I am sorry for getting vocal
But I don’t hate Generations

110. P Technobabble - February 18, 2010

GEN did have some good moments, but far too few to make it a good film. And who wants to see Kirk die from a fall again?

111. captain_neill - February 18, 2010


The original death they had was bad, the original fight had no urgency .

What we got in the final cut was better than what we would have got.

And the stuff with Data was amazing in the film

But the next film after this was one of the best.

112. captain_neill - February 18, 2010

I think the main problem with Generations is that the writers had to work so many required elements into the script.

Ron Moore and Brannon Braga wrote it along side All Good Things and they admit All Good Things was the better effort. I agree.

Generations had a lot of plot points that had to be done to get the two captains together and I guess that is why it has problems but I still enjoyed it.

But with First Contact they were able to deliver a better stronger script and all camps were happy.

I guess its a similar thing that had to be done here, contrivances to serve the plot points, but the pace of the new movie helps to not make them stand out I guess.

I still don’t buy the Destiny bull for the conicidence on Delta Vega as that is lazy storytelling but because the new movie is great fun its a contrivance that does not ruin the film for me as a good fun romp.

So Star Trek XI is much better film than Generations but I can enjoy both movies. One is in canon and one is new canon.

113. Damian - February 18, 2010

At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their opinions. If you don’t like if, fine. The only thing that bugs me is when someone is belittled because they like or don’t like something. If you hate Generations, fine, no one is holding a gun to your head to watch it. I am 100% Star Trek fan, including the much maligned Voyager, Enterprise and even Star Trek V. Yes, Star Trek V is my least favorite of the movies, and some of the parts made me cringe, but I would still take it over much of the garbage that is out there today. And my favorite Star Trek movie was always the Motion Picture. That usually earns me some odd looks from people.

#88–While Roddenberry considered parts of Star Trek V (and VI for that matter) apocryphal, the powers that be at Paramount still consider it canon. It is true that few have referenced it because of its unpopularity. Roddenberry frequently changed his mind about what he considered canon, so you really cannot go by what he said about canon. Hell, there were elements of stories in the original series he did not consider canon at times. I do agree with the rest of what you are saying. Kirk gave his life to save a people he never even heard of. That makes him a hero in my book.

#74–Kirk did ask Picard, “Did we make a difference?” to which Picard told him yes, they did. Then Kirk said “It was fun” before saying “Oh My.” Now, I would probably omit the Oh, my part too.

114. captain_neill - February 18, 2010

I am also 100% Trek fan too Damien.

V is my lest fav but I still love it it, the scene where Sybok has McCoy and Spock confront their pain and Kirk arguing that he needs his pain is a brilliant sequence.

As far as I am concerned Kirk died a hero nad the nding was better than the one they had originally.

The “Oh my!” is a lovely poignant line.

115. Horatio - February 18, 2010


We reach.

Its OK to prefer the older versions of Trek over the new and still really like the new. For me TOS is like first love. You never forget it and you can never get it out of your soul.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t still have more loves in life as you continue on through the journey. My Trek love affairs (TNG, DS9, VGER, ENT and the films) have been a love-hate relationship, but even in those hate times I still loved it. Does that make sense?

JJ Trek is great. Love it. But for me it will never replace TOS. And that’s OK. It doesn’t diminish my appreciation for all that came after it.

116. Enc - February 18, 2010

the BBK trailer? please
i saw that once and tore it apart.

117. Enc - February 18, 2010

the question of SHOULD star trek get a re-whatever aside.

in this Star Trek they tried to have their cake and eat it too.
whould this have been better to have simply not used canon and just do a complete relaunch like bond.
i would have been happier about the film if they did that. I still would have hated it for rebooting trek. but i would ihave like it better for standing on its own.
but thats not what happened. they wanted it in the current trek-verse. and imo (and many others) they did a terrible job at that.

118. ryanhuyton - February 18, 2010

#113 Damian

Well said!

Captain Neill,

I don’t understand your need to write multiple posts repeating everything you write. Everyone gets it. 10% of all comments on this thread are yours.
It’s getting annoying.

“can I ask why so many Star Trek fans who either love or hate the new movie are so vocal against the other side?”

Most people on this site have expressed their like/dislike of the new movie in a thoughtful and civil manner. Sure, there have been a few people who have trashed the new movie in a rude and uncivil manner but those folks are few and far between. In fact, I’ve seen more civility more often. Almost all people on this site accept differing viewpoints. And yes, a lot of people, including me and you, have been vocal on some issues regarding all things Star Trek. Its what this site is about. People expressing their opinions. I have gone over the top in expressing my opinions at times, but I do try to respect others.

119. captain_neill - February 18, 2010

I am sorry for the multiple postings

I try to be civil too but when someone talks abouthating Generations just because the lighting was wrong then I think its getting into the petty reason for hating a film.

I was just watching two episodes of Voyager there, I still enjoy it.

I enjoy it all.

I guess I must be reading the more negative messages as I see more uncivil remarks

120. Anthony Pascale - February 18, 2010


i have warned and warned about the ‘spew’ and replying to your own replies. Do you really need to have sections of the comments where 7 out of 10 are fom you? All saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

Stop freaking out every time someone critiques something you like. Stop calling people haters

Classic Star Trek is not going any where. And hell, even Ron Moore and Brannon Braga admit there are problems with Generations, would you call them haters and freak out over them too?

121. Brian Kirsch - February 18, 2010

Generations makes me cringe to this day. It and Final Frontier still give me indigestion, and are the only two Trek films I can’t watch without wearing out the FF/next button on my remote. As some have said earlier, neither have any “entertainment” value, IMHO.

As for Generations, here’s my list of “cringe-inducing moments” off the top of my head, since I haven’t forced myself to sit through it in years:

– The Enterprise B scenes had good moments, but the news crew presence, the “we’re launching the flagship with an inexperienced skeleton crew and we’re the only ship in range to respond to a crisis”, and the introduction of the new captain of the flagship as an ineffectual, wet behind the ears wimp are aspects that annoy me.

– The holodeck scene to introduce the NG crew was embarrasing and silly. That’s how you want to introduce the future crew of the franchise? That might work on TV, but not in a mass-market movie.

– Data and the whole emotion chip arc was embarrasing. Comedy, in small doses, fits with Trek. Broad farce does not. (Note to JJ: no more big hands or numb tongues! Thanks!)

– The Nexus may have been a good idea, but wasn’t executed very well or explained at all. You’re pulled in or pulled out of it, I can get that. But in one scene we see Picard with his “family” and then Picard at Kirks house the next. WTF! How did he know Kirk was in the Nexus, or even how to find him? They were neighbors in the Nexus?

– How did Kirk and Picard leave the Nexus? And choose the time and place to leave? One minute they’re riding horses, the next minute they’re on Viridian III at the right time? WTF! What, they just said “we’re outta here” and got to choose the time and place?

– Kirk’s death. So pathetic. That’s the best they could come up with? His death saving the Enterprise B was much more heroic. Saving the ship he loved. Kirk died saving the Enterprise. It should have been left there. Let Picard deal with Soran, on his own. Kirk should have told Picard – “I’ve done my service. I have already made a difference. I’m dead, I’m just an echo, really. Now it’s your time to make a difference. You’re on your own, but here’s an idea…… The ship is yours, Captain. Make me proud”.

I could go on but I won’t. I think you get the idea.

122. captain_neill - February 19, 2010

If you actually read my posts you can see that I acknowledge the flaws of Generations.

The Nexus has it problems and the storyline is not great, however one thing is true that I have learned from this site.

You call me a hater, I am not a hater. I was just pointing out the attitude of fandom on sites such as these. From the messages I read I get the vibe that any negative comments towards the new movie have people labelled as trolls and then the positive comments have the haters say that those people are retards.

Now is it just me but both camps are as bad as each other.

I love the new movie but guess I get passionate about the stuff that came before as well

123. captain_neill - February 19, 2010

I do apologise it wont happen again, saorry I meant no disrespect, please all forgive me. I am not a hater.

I love all Trek and I love meeting fellow fans.

124. Damian - February 19, 2010

Generations is not my favorite Trek movie. That being said, I love all 11 movies, and the 5 TV series (and the animated series and novels too). While not my favorite, I still love the movie and find plenty in it worthy of Star Trek. It does fall around 7th or 8th in my list.

The nexus really did not phase me at all. All of the series have had plot devices like the Nexus that appear out of no where and are never explained in detail. Star Trek (2009) had a black hole for Nero to come out of. Insurrection had the Briar Patch that conveniently blocked all communication with Star Fleet. The list goes on.

Regarding the reporters on the Enterprise-B. The Enterprise was only doing a “quick run around the block.” The reporters were simply on board to show the viewers back home the new flagship before they started their new mission. As far as the Enterprise being the only ship in the area to help-how many times has that happened on various movies and shows? When Khan wanted his revenge on Kirk, how convenient was it that the Enterprise was the only ship in the area? In Star Trek (2009), it was awfully convenient that Sulu screwed up so the Enterprise arrived at the Battle of Vulcan late, and therefore was not destroyed. They are all filled with convenient plot devices. They all require some “suspension of belief.” You could drive yourself nuts if you wanted to. I just accept what is. I watch Star Trek to be entertained most of all. And they do a very good job keeping me interested.

That being said, I will never forgive them for destroying the Enterprise-D. While everyone was pining over the death of Kirk, I was mourning the loss of a great starship.

As I mentioned above, everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you don’t like it, watch one of the other movies. Some people loved “The Godfather.” I wanted to slit my wrists. So I don’t watch it.

125. captain_neill - February 19, 2010


Damian I love it all too.

Yes a lot of the movies have convenient plot conveniences but perhaps Generations and number 11 are probably two instances where the flaws are more noticeable.

But in the end of the day the contrivances in the plots were what were needed to drive the plot forward.

I am goingto rewatch the new movie again this weekend.

Thinking about it about at the moment, I do feel that the weakest points of the script were the Delta Vega sequence and the chain of command, I felt these two sequences stick out as forced because they were needed to get the characters to where they needed to be by the end of the movie.

I have to admit way before this new one came out I was always against Harve Bennett’s idea for the original crew at the Academy, for the simple reason to me it made no sense them all being at the Academy at the same time. as they were all different ages.

I also always believed given the dialogue between Kirk and Spock in Where No Man Has Gone Before that Kirk never met Spock until he assumed command of the Enterprise. And also as career Starfleet officers I believed that others as well as Kirk served on other ships prior to the Enterprise.

JJ Abrams made it work and I think the reason it worked was because he set it in a parallel universe.

In regards to Generations, I really loved how the Enterprise D Bridge looked in Generations, the lighting was more dramatic and I liked the raised podium for the command section.

Does anyone else like the way the bridge looked in Generations.

I love Herman Zimmerman’s sets.

126. captain_neill - February 19, 2010


Understand your opinion, I do love the Godfather but I am not a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies, yet everyone else raves about them.

Am i odd for not being a fan of the LOTR movies? No

I also find Harry Potter overrated and does not appeal to me.

I love The Dark Knight but I still have a huge love for Tim Burton’s two Bat movies. I am huge lover of Batman Returns,

127. captain_neill - February 19, 2010

I never intended to come across as life as we know will cease to exist because of this movie.

As much as I like the new film I echo Kirk’s feelings in Star Trek VI, people can frightened of change.

For people who want to see new directions, others like to keep the same feel as the other shows.

I guess I like to see both, but Enterprise was change in pace from TNG, so Star Trek was evolving with the different shows.

Bottom line its over, its been doneand we can look forward to new stories with the crew of the Enterprise.

Looking forward to the next movie, just hopin they don’t do Khan.

128. Anthony Pascale - February 19, 2010


dude do you have some kind of issue where you are not able to put your thoughts together? right after your millionth warning you make five posts in a row saying the same thing over and over again.

I dont know what to do about you. here is a tip, before you hit the ‘say it’ button, try and decide if you have put your thoughts together, and ideally if it is something new that you havent already said in the same thread.

I think this current thread has about 30 posts from you, all adding up to the same thing over and over. it is just too much

129. ryanhuyton - February 19, 2010


“You call me a hater, I am not a hater. I was just pointing out the attitude of fandom on sites such as these. From the messages I read I get the vibe any negative comments towards the movie have people labelled as trolls and then the positive comments have the haters say that those people are retards.”

You sure have a dramatic flair for irony. Or maybe hypocrisy. You don’t like being labelled a “hater” yet you have no problem calling someone who doesn’t like the same things you do “haters”. And not only that, but you then accuse these so called “haters” of calling other people “retards”.
Your statement is not only hypocritical, but also imflammatory. Some would say you are looking for a fight.

“Now is it just me but both camps are as bad as each other.”

Neither of these “camps” are bad. And you seem to have a knack for “generalizing” people based on their opinions.

And when you point a finger at everyone else, just remember there are three (your own) pointing back at you.

130. dmduncan - February 19, 2010

128: Neill

dude do you have some kind of issue where you are not able to put your thoughts together? right after your millionth warning you make five posts in a row saying the same thing over and over again.

I dont know what to do about you


Like Chuck Connors in “Branded,” I think you should rip off his delta shield patch, break his phaser over your knee, and set him wandering into the internet wilderness.

131. captain_neill - February 20, 2010

Guys I am sorry, really

Guess I get a little passionate, especially when it comes to the message boards on this site.

It won’t happen again.

132. "Check the Circuit!" - February 20, 2010

Star Trek was at an all time high back in 1994. Big ratings for TNG, a companion series on the air with DS9, a new series about to debut…then came Generations and it all began to unravel. What could have been a showcase of the best of Trek to a broad movie audience turns out to be a tepid, over blown 2-hour TV episode….including stock SFX from the TV show. Effects shot for a 17″ TV screen blown up on a movie. Awful. The story had more logic flaws and holes than a cheese grater. (If you could leave the Nexus anywhere and anywhen…why go back to the exact moment when you just got your ass kicked? Because you brought an even older guy back with you to tag team the villian?! No….go back and arrest Soran on the space station. Good Grief!) And the crash of D?! Not much better than Lost in Space effects. The saucer knocking over “trees” that were obviously weeds. The death of Kirk….embarrassing. If he’d flown a shuttle into the rocket in a desperate act to save the system…OK. But falling to his death to grab the remote???!!

Save for a handful of interesting moments….burn the print and let’s never speak of it again.

133. n9n3 - February 20, 2010

I didn’t read through all of the comments, but apparently this is available for only a limited time.

134. dmduncan - February 20, 2010

131: “It won’t happen again.”

LOL. Yeah, sure.

But thats okay, neill. Doesn’t bother ME. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.