Star Trek Generations Available For Streaming At Hulu

The world of Star Trek has taken another step into the digital future. Today the ad-supported streaming site Hulu added their first Star Trek movie, Star Trek Generations. Anyone in the US can watch it for free and you can even embed it on your own site (as we have done below).

UPDATE: Movie no longer available at Hulu

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Watch Picard and Kirk Prime at Hulu

Now you can watch the ‘hand-off’ movie between the original series era and The Next Generation era for free (with a few commercials). Generations is available in standard (360p) and HQ (480p). You can also grab clips from the film and/or embed the whole thing on your own site. Click here to watch Generations at Hulu.


More Star Trek Streaming?

The Hulu Generations page notes “This film is available for a limited time. Additional Star Trek titles aren’t currently available.” But, hopefully this is just the beginning of Star Trek movies being made available online, and hopefully this will also happen outside the USA. And then there are those huge TV libraries as well. As of now the entire original Star Trek is available at (including remastered episodes in HD). They are also available at YouTube and other sites. Right now you can buy downloads for the first three seasons of TOS, TOS Remastered, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise on iTunes (for $12.99 a season). Hopefully streaming versions of those seasons and more will be made available in the future as well. All of the Star Trek movies are also available at iTunes.

Star Trek at Epix

The Hulu site is actually not the first place a Star Trek film has been available for streaming. Generations was actually online at last year, and Wrath of Khan is available now.  Epix is a new premium channel co-owned by Paramount. Due to that relationship, Epix has the exclusive first pay TV run of many new movies like Iron Man and the new Star Trek. Subscribers to Epix can also watch the currently broadcasting Epix movies online. However, currently Epix is only available to Verizon VIOS customers. Cox and Charter Communications will also be adding Epix in the coming months.



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Star Trek Generations?

Even people watching it for free should feel “ripped off”…….for their time!

Hmmzzz, Star Trek wasn’t a bad movie at all…
To bad I don’t live in the United States…

I liked Generations… they could do far better though. I consider Generations the best of the worst.

…we leave so many things unfinished in our lives.

…in darkness there is strength…

……..wrong movie?

“Time is the fire in which we burn”.

“Pants are the gateway to the soul.”

…wrong movie?


The one great line in the movie and even THAT was originally said in the 1930’s!!!!

Generations may not have been as bad as Insurrection and Nemesis but it was by far the most insulting the way they killed Kirk.

Watch PRIME * Picard and Kirk Prime at Hulu.

I don’t know why i just posted that useless correction. I have too much spare time on my hands.

#8 Still a great line though. The way Soran said it. The look on Picard’s face after he said it. Soran clearly hit a nerve after Picard learned of his brother’s and nephew’s deaths in a fire. Underrated scene in my opinion.

To me, this movie marked where everything in Star Trek started going wrong.

#10 If you have too much spare time (as do I) then there is no other place to spend it better then at this site. :-)

“Oh my….”

I hope Hulu continues to put Star Trek movies up… Since I only watched STV:TFF when it came out, and would never, ever pay money to see it again, but am just curious enough to see it again for free, it would be nice if they made that one available. Also, the Search for Spock.

Anthony, now that more ST content is online and available for streaming, any chance of another “Streaming Party”?

I never thought much of Generations before, but now watching it again I’m stuck by how good the opening scenes with William Shatner, Scotty, and Chekov are. There is such a good chemistry happening between them, and Shatner is such a movie star.

The rest of the film is missing this charm.… Hollywood’s way of saying “See, we’re hip with the people, you wanted streaming, we’ll give you streaming. By the way, Canada, and anyone else out there who’s not American, we’re NOT telling you you’re Number One.”

12 – I think I agree with you

Kirk PRIME??

Oh for gods sake…

the USA digital future

Bill Shatner agreed to appear in generations and was by his own words, “quite pleased” with the film. He said this in an interview for E television in 1994.

As far as I’m concerned, the TNG movies started falling apart from Insurrection on and the arrivial of Enterprise.

Star Trek was always about the future, moving foreward. Enterprise was a huge step back, To me it was like saying,”Don’t bother looking at the future anymore, Time to look back at the beginnings of warp travel.” which in my opinion, belongs in novels and comic books.

The only episode of Enterprise that stands out as far as “looking towards the future” was the episode: First Flight. also a very exciting episode.

Anyways I would like to see all star trek episodes and movies online. Even with commercials, I would love to watch them all again.

Even Insurrection, The final frontier and Nemesis, To cure my insomnia

God am I the only one who liked Generations

Its not the best but it has some great moments and seeing Kirk and Picard together in his kithcen was whimiscal and awesome.

Anybody who is a hard core Star Trek fan like myself can just put in their DVD of the movie. Plus how many times has it been on SyFy?

Free streaming? I should be getting paid to sit through generations again.

Meh. Check out RedLetterMedia’s review instead. It’s less than half as long and way more entertaining.

somewhere in an alternate universe fans of Trek sat down to a Nicolas Meyer directed Generations in 1994 where the NCC 1701A gets flung into the TNG era ‘Yesterdays Enterprise’ style

Offering garbage like Generations on Hulu is a waste of bandwidth. You couldn’t pay me to watch that insulting turd.

They ought to have a scene in the next movie where we see Kirk’s death from Generations…and then have Chris Pine wake up in his quarters and retcon the whole thing as a bad dream.

Ah Generations, This got me into Star Trek as a kid, i was sold on it when i saw the destruction of the Enterprise – D.

Over time it’s become less appealing to me however one line at the end spoken by Patrick Stewart must be noted as one of the best lines in any of the Star Trek movies:

“Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives but i would rather believe that time is a companion, who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we’ve lived. After all number one, we’re only mortal.”

That line and then the captain and first officer beaming up from a ghostly destroyed bridge that has become so iconic – is for me quite cool.

@17 So true. i had not seen that before. Imagine if they had done a story with both full crews how flat the next gen crew would have seemed by comparison.


Not sure what kind of temporal nexus your living in but just because Shatner was happy with the film does not make it good.

And star trek always being about the future. That’s our future, not theirs.

#29 I agree

I particularly like the quote ‘they say time is the fire in which we burn’

oh and……..I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was in diapers.

I cant think of iconic lines from the latest movie though?

Do it do it, do it.

Arrrgh! Hulu does not work in germany!

480 is definitely not “HD”, 720 or 1080 would be considered HD.

for a brief explanation :

Personally, I’m more upset about the way in which they destroyed the gorgeous Enterprise-D than how Kirk died. Sometimes I think I’m the only one who feels that way.

Overall, though, Generations was much better than a lot of people here give it credit for.

#29 It was the same for me. Generations was the first Star Trek movie I saw in theaters. In fact, it was one of the first Star Trek adventures I ever saw. I just remembers being in third grade and being blown away by this movie in the theater. (Perhaps I was easily impressed in third grade.)

Things only got better when I started watching more Star Trek and found out that Star Trek only got better and better. I realize that there are better Star Trek movies out there, but I can never hate this move just because it got me into Star Trek.

Generations is a heck of a lot better than last year’s “reboot” IMO, one of my favourites and the best soundtrack also – a beautiful Denis Mc Carthy score.

must Kirk be called Kirk Prime from now on?

It was an ok movie. For me though I think it was the most quotable with all of those time quotes. My favorite…

Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives. I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we’ve lived. After all Number One, we’re only mortal.

@ 37.

If anything…. Pine’s Kirk deserves a ”secondary” title. After all… he’s not the ORIGINAL kirk.

Pine’s Kirk = Alternate Kirk

or how about non-prime Kirk? hah hah-not ready for prime time kirk–

There’s maybe 15 minutes of this movie worth watching.

Nimoy is Spock Prime, so Shatner is definitely Kirk Prime.



The next movie after Generations was one of the best movies

A plodding, depressing movie that squandered what SHOULD have been a great series of scenes- the two Captains meeting.
(Brannon Braga- yeah, I blame YOU.)

#31 – “Do it, do it, do it.”

Sounds sort of raunchy when isolated like that. I did like that they the viewscreen/portal began to stress fracture at that moment. Was cool!!

“The _____________ doesn’t arrive/get installed till Tuesday.”


“Life forms! You tiny little life forms! You precious little life forms! Where are you?”

I cannot watch Generations… the ribbon thing is just stupid, the Picard-as-Charles Dickens Christmas, the death is the worst.

The only thing I can bear is to watch Kirk macho it up while he makes breakfast…


Now I have to go watch that Bring Back Kirk Trailer…

Generations isn’t as bad as everyone says. There are some good parts with data plus some cool special effects.

Also, the part where Picard has a family is pretty cool.

I didn’t like how Kirk died either. But the novels following Generations were really good were they brought Kirk back.

Listen to the Star Trek novel “The Return” by William Shatner. It’s very good.

The novel begins on the planet Veridian III and takes place shortly after the events seen in the motion picture Star Trek Generations. The body of James T. Kirk is stolen by the Romulans after his burial by fellow Star Fleet Captain Jean Luc Picard. He is subsequently resurrected by the Borg using alien technologies which reanimate the dead tissue of his body. The Borg have formed an alliance with the Romulan Star Empire in order to destroy the Federation. Using the alien technology the body of Kirk is brought back to life and his katra is restored but deliberately implanting false memories to turn him against the Federation. The goal of this secret alliance is to destroy Jean-Luc Picard, and therefore Starfleet’s only defense against the Borg, but, despite his conditioning, Kirk is able to resist commands to kill Worf, Data, and Geordi La Forge, all of whom are attacked by him during his search for Picard. Simultaneously, Picard and Doctor Crusher are participating as part of a strike team in a Federation expedition to an assimilated colony, where they are captured on board a Borg vessel. They are able to escape and as they move freely around the vessel, they learn of the Borg/Romulan Alliance. Spock also learns of this alliance when he is captured dealing with Romulans, but the Borg do not assimilate him as, for some reason, they believe Spock is already Borg.

I always thought Generations was a decent movie–should have had more Kirk/Picard screen time together. I think one of the main reasons people don’t like it is that you’ve got the double whammy of the Enterprise D blowing up and Kirk going down with the bridge. At least it wasn’t a stinker on the scale of The Final Frontier. My two cents.

Generations was ok, but lets be honest, it’s not Star Trek V!

#17 I remember thinking that very thing when I saw it in the theater. Chekov, Scotty, and Kirk worked off each other very well. Their scenes were relaxed and they seemed in character. For the rest of the film, however, the TNG characters just didn’t seem in character like their former television selves were a year before in season 7.

That was the big problem throughout the TNG movies; TV Picard was much different than movie Picard. TV Picard was reserved, diplomatic, and cerebral. Movie Picard was hasty, irrational, action-oriented, physical. It didn’t add up for me. They seemed like two different people. Same with Data. LOVE television Data. Movie Data was VERY annoying, less subtle, and extraordinarily unfunny.

I treat the TNG movies as if they’re a different crew than the television series. It just comes off that way, especially in GENERATIONS.