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First Look At Star Trek Urns September 14, 2010

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When you are ready to shuffle off to the truly final final frontier, you will be able to do it with Star Trek. After being announced three years ago, Eternal Image is finally ready show off (and start taking orders) for the first ever Star Trek funeral product – specifically Star Trek urns. Details and a first look below.


Press Release

Eternal Image Launches First-Ever Official STAR TREK(TM) Cremation Urns

Eternal Image, Inc. (the "Company") (OTCBB: ETNL | PowerRating), a public company engaged in the design, manufacturing and marketing of officially licensed memorial products such as caskets, urns, monuments and vaults, today announced that its greatly anticipated STAR TREK cremation urns are now available to the public.

New Star Trek Urn (Eternal Images, Inc.)

"Eternal Image’s official STAR TREK urn offers fans a unique expression of their love for the franchise," said Clint Mytych, President & CEO, Eternal Image. "STAR TREK fans worldwide have been awaiting this release, and in fact we’ve garnered nearly 300 pre-order inquiries for this urn."

Eternal Image’s STAR TREK urn has a capacity of 190 cubic inches and is built with an urn body made from a composite blend of natural minerals, an etched stainless steel face plate and name scroll, and an image of the Starship Enterprise printed on anodized aluminum. It features a cut-out of the famous STAR TREK Delta symbol through which you can see the famed Starship Enterprise flying through space. A product photo has been attached to this press release.

The urn, officially licensed from CBS Consumer Products, is available in two different models: To Boldly Go and The Voyage Continues. The suggested retail price is $799 and the urn will begin shipping to customers on or around October 1, 2010.

Ordering Info

According to the official Star Trek site urns are available to order now at Osceola Memory Gardens Funeral Home and Cemetery, and can be ordered from your local funeral home after October 1.


1. Chingatchgook - September 14, 2010

Oh my goodness….seriously?

2. Tom - September 14, 2010

Star Trek is starting to have the same licensing standards as Krusty the Clown. I do not think he ever endorsed an urn:

Some Personal Products
Krusty’s Non-Narcotic Kough Syrup
Lady Krusty mustache removal system
Krusty (non toxic) Kologne: the Smell of the Big Top
Krusty Brain & Health Tonic
Krusty Brand Vitamins
Krusty Brand Home Pregnancy Test

3. Harry Seldom - September 14, 2010


4. Jim Nightshade - September 14, 2010

I dunno….at first I was shocked…startin to like the idea….just think…if your mate or sons, daughters etc HATE Star Trek but you dont, they are gonna have to put up with your urn with your ashes in it sitting on their mantle or fireplace or table…and friends will think THEY are TREK fans at first until they explain its my fathers or my brothers or my dead husbands ashes hahaha

After all–kinda like forcing your hobby on relatives after youve left this mortal coil…hahah

Also they do look kinda cool like our ashes are being stored in a dvd box or something hahaah

5. Dee - September 14, 2010


6. Jim Nightshade - September 14, 2010

I do have a question though…look at the sample placard….how do they figure out your birth and death dates and how will NON trek fans know what your stardate of life and death is???

7. Odkin - September 14, 2010

The Kirk plaque on the box is really rubbing it in! He isn’t really dead, as long as we remember him :-)

8. Scooter - September 14, 2010

I think the only other organization with more merchandising than Star Trek might be KISS.

9. Captain Lonestar - September 14, 2010


10. The Original Spock's Brain - September 14, 2010

Don’t know ’bout this…

11. Captain Lonestar - September 14, 2010

Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising! Yogurt would be SO proud!

12. buddykarl - September 14, 2010

I should pick up one of these for my long since departed cat. Her ashes have been in the cardboard box on my shelf for 5 years now…time for her to get a cool urn

13. Michael F. - September 14, 2010

Good grief. First this urn, what’s next replicas of Spock’s Burial Torpedo from Star Trek II?

I can see the ads now: “With all-silk lining – in red, blue or command gold – and authentic transporter sounds when you open the viewing lid. For the fan who wants to be buried “Where No Fan Has Been Buried Before.””

14. BringBackTrek - September 14, 2010

At such an astronomical price I would hope a space launch is part of the package.

15. Bucky - September 14, 2010

Is that death Stardate for Kirk accurate? Let’s face it, the only market for this would be hardcore Trekkies. AND they got the date of his death wrong! Really missing your target audience there, fellas.

16. William Noetling - September 14, 2010

Kirk’s birth Stardate according to Memory-Alpha is 1227.1

He died a short time after 48632.4

Picard: “Captain’s log, stardate 48632.4. Dr. Crusher has informed me that Data’s emotion chip has been fused into his neural net, and cannot be removed. However, she believes he is fit for duty so I have asked him to join me in stellar cartography.”

17. YARN - September 14, 2010

Yeah, this is the sort of stuff that makes you embarrassed to be a fan.

18. mjmjr91 - September 14, 2010

@ William Noetling, at the end of the movie, Picard gives the stardate as 48650.1, this is just after kirk’s death and a little closer

19. Victor Hugo - September 14, 2010

This is such a bad taste.

This is the kind of thing that would only appeal to the sickest, the loneliest, demented caricature of a trekkie.

Shame on the guys who seek to prey upon the weak.

20. nuKirk - September 14, 2010


21. nuKirk - September 14, 2010

#2=btw don’t forget Krusty-O’s the only kids cereal with serrated metallic cereal bits!

22. Mel - September 14, 2010

@ 4. Jim Nightshade

I haven’t thought of that. Where I come from, it is not allowed to take a urn with the ashes of a human back home.

So my first thought was, that the urn will be put into the earth and no one can see that Enterprise image anymore. So why put it there in the first place? A simpler urn would be enough.

23. warp_10 - September 14, 2010

#13: Re: Spock’s Coffin…

Apparently you haven’t seen THIS then…

This was from a few years ago. As big a fan as I am I can’t say would want a Trek coffin or urn…

24. Jerry Modene - September 14, 2010

“What’s a Trekkie urn?”

“‘About 10 bucks an hour.”

25. Valenti - September 15, 2010

It looks strangely appealing.

26. Paul - September 15, 2010

My pal is a funeral stonecarver and he can make such an urn for less than half the price of the original, with any image printed on glass or porcelain. A faceplate with custom-cut opening is possible, but it’d cost a little bit extra.

I’m quite sure your local stonecarver’s prices won’t be much different. Screw Eternal Whatever, support your local craftsmen instead.

27. Jonboc - September 15, 2010

I can buy a star trek tin for 15 bucks that they could dump my ashes into, however I dont think any of my loved ones would like to put the Enterprise on their mantle.

28. I'm Dead Jim! - September 15, 2010

@ #23 Now that’s a box!

@ #24 Ha ha!

Yeah, put my ashes in a Star Trek lunch box and save a few quatloos!

29. Captain Dunsel - September 15, 2010

It would be a lot funnier if the inscription read “James R. Kirk”

30. Holger - September 15, 2010

I like it. I hope to be alive for another 60 years or so, but when the time comes … err, I’m not sure these are still on sale then. So should I buy now??

31. Anthony Thompson - September 15, 2010

I’d bet that they’re going to get lots of sales from people on this site! Not me, though. And, yes, Holger, you should order one now. The stardate can be inscribed later.

32. Sebastian - September 15, 2010

I sincerely hope that is a joke; otherwise, that is in really poor taste. Turning a funeral into some kind of half-a$$ed Star Trek convention is just wrong.

33. CJS - September 15, 2010

To paraphrase William Shatner: Get a death!

34. paustin - September 15, 2010

great now Star Trek has sunk to the marketing level of KISS. (KISS had a KISS coffin)

35. Disinvited - September 15, 2010

Urns have much wider uses than the limited market they are going after here. I have to wonder if they a missing a much wider potential market for such vessels? Or is it that the CBS license is that specific in its limitations?

36. Disinvited - September 15, 2010


You mean to paraphrase Robert Smigel.

37. CmdrR - September 15, 2010

Only if you spread my ashes over Yeoman Rand.

38. The Weary Professor - September 15, 2010

Shouldn’t it read “To Boldly Go Where Everyone Has Gone Before…”?

39. FlyingWok - September 15, 2010

I’m a diehard Trekkie but even I find this piece of merchandise a bit… odd.

It just seems tacky to have your remains stored in this thing on a mantle in your grandchildrens’ home or something. A bit of an eyesore rather than something classy, understated, or elegant.

I do wonder what archaeologists hundreds of years in the future will think when they unearth a bunch of these. :)

40. Red Dead Ryan - September 15, 2010

Maybe this is meant to be a collectible as opposed to a burial container?

People do like to collect unusual items. And by using high-quality materials for these urns, they become more collectible.

Then again, I can see some company putting out a Star Trek-themed toilet, which some fans would gladly put in their homes and use!

41. Dr. Cheis - September 15, 2010

I’d be too afraid of the containment field failing and causing a catastrophic explosion in the room.

42. star trackie - September 15, 2010

#38-good one! and very true! lol

43. Imrahil - September 15, 2010


44. Robert Bernardo - September 15, 2010

Hmm, the photon torpedo casket or this new S.T. urn? Decisions… decisions… ;)

45. Troubled Tribble - September 15, 2010

I would not buy one of these and I hope my surviving family would think it was a bad idea as well.

But I might change my mind if they bring out a deluxe version with McCoy saying “He’s dead Jim” when someone walks past!

46. Paul - September 15, 2010

Horrible. And sad. Terribly sad.

47. Cali - September 15, 2010

#2 Tom – if your ‘he’ refers to Gene Roddenberry, I think he absolutely would have approved!

Gene was cremated and some of his ashes have already been scattered in space.

There are also plans for a Memorial service for Majel & Gene as well as having some of both their ashes scattered in space in 2012:

James Doohan had some of his ashes scattered in space in 2007.

And finally, have you ever seen urns from Funeral Homes?? I’d rather put my ashes in a candy container! *LOL* They’re horrid looking!! I think this Star Trek urn is very tasteful! We’re definitely getting one. =)


48. Cali - September 15, 2010

#6 Jim – You can have whatever you want printed on it. Stardate, regular date, no date. =)

#14 BB Trek – Pricing is actually on the low end given the price of urns, cremations, and funeral services today.

#19 Victor – I’m not “sick, lonely, or demented” your comment says a lot about you. You’re obviously not a fan of Gene Roddenberry’s.

#26 Paul – good idea but I think you’d run into copyright issues.

#39 FlyingWok – that’s what an urn is for; to store ashes. And isn’t it supposed to reflect the *dying* person’s wishes NOT family members or friends? Sure they have the right to toss it, change it, whatever, but you’re not honoring the person’s dyding request if they made this arrangement.

#45 Troubled Tribble – that’s why you, and everyone, should have a will. Be very specific about what you want and hopefully you can trust your family and friends to honor and carry out your wishes when you’re gone. =)

49. MartinRD65 - September 15, 2010

Replace the “To boldly go” with “He’s dead, Jim.” and THAT’S funny!

50. Michael - September 15, 2010

I can just see some pothead storing his stash in this and no cop would think of searching an ash urn! ahahahahahahaha

51. Cali - September 15, 2010

#50 Michael – *LOL* You’d be wrong! It’s been done. And pothead lost. =D

52. Tom - September 15, 2010

#47 – My ‘he’ refers to Krusty the Clown and I do think he, ‘Krusty’ would approve of an urn if he thought he could make a dime off of it.

I do not think I mentioned Gene Roddenberry at all, but then again I do not take this stuff too seriously.

53. Cali - September 15, 2010

#52 Tom no you didn’t mention Gene. It just didn’t read that way to me initially and I wasn’t sure who you meant by “he.’ I see it now. Thanks! =)

54. CaptainDonovin - September 15, 2010

I’m forced to agree with post #17. I love Star Trek but this is way too much. However, like the Spaceballs the coffin comment above, you slap the name ‘Star Trek’ on it & people will buy it.

Personally I could care less what box I’ll be in when I die.

55. Jim Nightshade - September 15, 2010

#22 Mel, Now I am curious where do you live?? Yeh as far as I know lotsa people have urns with their dearly departed and dont most of them wind up sitting on a shelf in a home somewhere or above the mantle??

Like i said a trek fan would probably like it but I dunno bout relatives of yours that dont like trek having to keep your urn in their house with trek titles and ships on it haha

56. Red Dead Ryan - September 15, 2010

I’d rather have my body placed in a capsule and sent to Mars. :-)

57. dwnicolo - September 16, 2010

Talk about going boldly forward……

58. Wojie - September 16, 2010

Up next… a Kelvan cuboctahedron mold so you can mix your ashes with plaster and…

59. NotForgotten - September 16, 2010

Somebody is finally thinking outside the (plain) box with regards to funerary products–cool.

60. Boldy Done It - September 16, 2010

Heck, our family has been putting Star Trek emblems on our loved ones headstones for decades (screw you paramount) and we play Trek soundtracks instead of the standard funeral home organ music. Find a local fanclub and you can even get a “Uniformed Honor Guard”.
The urn idea is good – but it isn’t very cool looking. I could design it better – a more “Trek” looking one. And no tacky pictures on it – something tasteful – an emblem, symbol, rank, etc.

61. Mel - September 16, 2010

@ 55. Jim Nightshade

I come from Germany. It isn’t allowed here to take an urn with the ashes of a human back home, because you can’t be sure, that the relatives will honor the dead person. There is a risk, that some people may do thinks with the urn and/or the ashes, which would be against the dignity of the dead person. They could flush the ashes down a toilet for example. It is not like everyone has loving, honorable relatives.

And so that nothing like this can happen and to ensure that the dead person’s dignity won’t be harmed, it isn’t allowed to take the urn back home. They must be buried on a graveyard or a similar place dedicated for the remains of dead people. A sea funeral (with special urns) is also possible. The dead person usually just had to have a special connection to the sea for it.

62. CreedyKillz - September 17, 2010

@61. Who cares what someone does to a pot of ashes. It’s not like the ash is going to be offended. How can you harm a dead person’s dignity? They’re dead!

63. 16309A - September 17, 2010


64. Trekkie - September 17, 2010

People need to remember that most of the bad comment are from stock traders looking to push the shareprice down so when the product sells alot they make money when the stock goes up. Very little in the branding world is called “tacky”, especially in the funeral industry, when people are buried in cars, on motorcycles, etc. I guess the one burying the Egyptian kings were all tacky for those burials…Seriously?The slaves got buried as well.

The urns are nice, expensive IMO, but a nice alternative to a flowered vase or a tin box.

65. Victor Hugo - September 17, 2010

48. The sorrow i feel for you right now is devastating.

66. Trekkie - September 17, 2010

Actually, we should feel sorrow for you since a passion for anything is non existant, otherwise you could understand “last wishes”.

We are Red Sox fans. My dad was a Yankee fan. Guess what we had to sit through. We laughed and cried and chuckle to this day as we remember him. Pity the same won;t be said about passionless folk.

I have a Red Sox Urn. I understand passion.

67. Victor Hugo - September 17, 2010

66. I regret what i said, not due to the weirdness of thematic urns, but on a second thought, the people funerary business have the right to make a living.
That was lack of sensitivity of mine.

68. Mel - September 18, 2010

@ 62

That is just the way it is. I didn’t make the laws.

And I think some people DO care, what someone does with the ashes. Let’s say for example someone’s dad dies, who he loved very much, but his sister hated. I am sure he would be very angry, if his sister would wash the ashes down a toilet.

69. Jim Nightshade - September 19, 2010

#61 Mel-thanx for the answer to my question—it is interesting how laws can vary depending on where you live–i can understand the Germans governments feelings regarding ashes n remains–pretty sure we do not have rules like that in the usa–others are making good points bout being sports fans etc–this is no different–doesnt seem too tacky for me–interesting comments all-

70. Boris - September 19, 2010

Peeples came up with the gravestone inscription in his script and it said “C-1277.1″. This is the guy who invented stardates along with Roddenberry, so it’s unlikely that he would mess them up in his own script AND use such a weird prefix as “C” for a birthdate. It is almost certain this was meant to represent the date when Kirk assumed command of the Enterprise. Kirk was born on 2233.04, if you believe that the alternate and prime realities were the same before Nero’s incursion. He was dispatched to the Nexus around stardate 9715 and died around stardate 48650.

71. john - September 21, 2010

#26 — yeah, and face the wrath of CBS-Viacom, the folks that own the licensing rights to Star Trek. I wouldn’t try knocking off officially licensed merchandise for ANY brand.. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.