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Shatner “Would Love” To Be In Star Trek Sequel…If The Money Is Right [VIDEO] October 5, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Shatner,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

It is time again to check in with William Shatner and his level of interest in appearing in the next Star Trek movie. This time Bill talks about how he is ready to go, if they can meet his price. The original Kirk also talks about his ability to talk Leonard Nimoy out of retirement and more. Watch the video below.


Shatner would "love" to be in next Star Trek (if they pay him)

William Shatner talks to Access Hollywood about Star Trek, saying he doesn’t know if he will be in the next Star Trek film, but notes that he and Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams have a "tentative relationship". Bill goes on to say (with a joke) "I would love to be a part of the next Star Trek film, but I am very expensive (laughs)". Bill also talks about how they are now editing the Captains documentary, which should be coming out in six months. Shatner also says "I can get him" when asked if he can convince Leonard Nimoy to appear on The Big Bang Theory (which airs right before Shatner’s $#*! My Dad Says) on CBS on Thursdays. Here is the video.   

And here is more from Shatner, talking about all the retirement age people on TV today.



1. Saturnynian - October 5, 2010


I have grown weary of hearing Staner being asked if he’ll do XII.

2. Losira - October 5, 2010

It would be great to to see the Shat make an appearence on Trek 12. Perhaps if he was not killed. He could be a mentor from the future via recordings of missions. From old timeline. Just in forms of advice and wisdom. That young kirk could see @ Listen too. In this shat would not be concerned about aging. He would be retired or teaching at the academy instead of dead. Just a thought

3. MJ - October 5, 2010

Shat, we’d love to have you in XII if “the weight is right?”

4. Anthony Thompson - October 5, 2010

No to Shatner in ST 2. And, yes, it’s all about the money for him. And, no, he can’t get Nimoy to do ‘Big Bang’ (he tried repeatedly to get him to do ‘Boston Legal’, without success).

5. lankyguy - October 5, 2010

sick of Shatner.

6. Captain Conrad - October 5, 2010

I love his new show! I’d rather he do voice over work for a new ST TV series that takes place during Kirk’s era

7. NX-17000 - October 5, 2010

I remember hearing something about the possibility of Shatner doing a little cameo in the form of a birthday message… whether it was for XI, or generations, I cant remember… I could see it working well…. Maybe Pine-Kirk watches it early on, and later goes back to it, and sees the key to their problem in something Shatner-Kirk says… Who knows. It could work well.

8. Paul Belfi - October 5, 2010

William Shatner is a joy to watch on TV, movies, interviews… you name it.

I know it is a very polarizing topic but I sure would love to see him in the new Trek movie.

9. rm10019 - October 5, 2010

I would like to thank the producer for the camera angle on the interviewer.

10. JKP - October 5, 2010

Shat is awesome. :)

(And worth every penny.)

11. pothead - October 5, 2010

Bad shat
Get out the laxitives
Tis runny and gooey now
Bad Shat
Poopy Shat
Like chocolate milk, only stinky
Bad Bad shat

12. Dalek - October 5, 2010

#4 It’s not all about the money. Shatner loves the character and has said since his last appearance in Generations he’d love to return to the role again and again. He had a hand in the creation and evolution of Kirk. A lot of the character was born in Roddenberry’s office with suggestions from Shatner. He has an attachment to Kirk and it’s never left him. You might want to milk the comedy in the interview as pure greed, but you are so wrong that all he cares about is the money.

13. Chingatchgook - October 5, 2010

Yes Mr Shatner, I would love to see you in the next movie, but I certainly hope you are joking about the ‘money being right’. One Harlan Ellison in Trekdom is quite enough.

14. Dennis Bailey - October 5, 2010

It’s not about the money. It’s about the billing. And screen time. And money.

This ship has sailed. No Shatner in Star Trek now.

15. fred - October 5, 2010

7 it was the the new trek movie trek movie report reported about the scence. to be honest i did not read it as by that point i was so pissed off with shanter going on about not being in the bloody film i could not give a beep and to be honest i wish shatner would just shut up about it ive not brought a couple of his book becouse of his books i just wish he get the massage already your charactor died a pointless death in a crappy trek film he is dead and quitet frankly i dont give a beep what you say

16. Mr.Scotty - October 5, 2010


17. willie - October 5, 2010

its gets old listening to Shatner talk about “if the money’s right I’ll do it”. Total BS. Bill has all the money in the world. I agree actors need to make a living at what they do but in this case take a pay cut and be greatful for what you have. If it wasnt for Star Trek Bill, you would have never had the level of success achieved.

18. MJ - October 5, 2010

#17. Agreed. He knows Abrams is never going to ask him to be in the movie, so that deal about this money being right is kind of a face-saving thing for him. Sheesh, he has an ego that would make Captain Kirk look humble.

19. dmduncan - October 5, 2010

Well, since Shatner is the Captain, a paygrade above Commander, he should get more than Spock to reprise his role. And I doubt that his “price” would be an issue for a major movie given that he’s been hired for a TV show. With Shatner’s fame, it would be unwise to NOT bring him back.

20. dmduncan - October 5, 2010

I think whether he’s in has more to do with whether the Three Amigos can credibly squeeze him into the story.

21. MJ - October 5, 2010

#19. I would need to see a major weight loss, or have him digitally modified like they are doing with Jeff Bridges in the new Tron movie. I love the guy, but he would look buffoonish at his current weight in a Starfleet uniform in Trek 12 — I would be embarrassed for him. This is hard for me to say, but I think we all know it is true.

22. Dee - October 5, 2010

Huuummm!!!…..Does anyone know if he actually interviewed CP for The Captains?

23. "Check the Circuit!" - October 5, 2010

@ 13

No joke. Money is what kept him off of Enterprise.

If he REALLY loved the character, he’d do it for free. He doesn’t NEED the money. He just wants the ego stroke.


24. "Check the Circuit!" - October 5, 2010


The “jerk” comment was directed at Shatner…I hope you didn’t take it as directed at you.

(I’m so disappointed by the guy. It would be different if he was still a struggling actor and he DID need the money. He doesn’t.)

25. Dee - October 5, 2010

Very funny he talking about age…..and of course he didn’t use Botox or plastic surgery….LOL….Mr. Shatner okay!….I’ll pretend to believe it ….anyway I like you…LOL!!!!!

26. Magic_Al - October 5, 2010

I suspect Shatner’s “price” is a lot higher for Star Trek than for other jobs. Price is a function of supply and demand and Shatner has a monopoly on “original Captain Kirk”. A sitcom like $#*! My Dad Says would be different with someone else, but they could have done it with someone else.

27. Phil - October 5, 2010

Reminds me of a little boy who insists he dosent want a birthday party, and then pouts when he doesnt get a birthday party. I’ve grown tired of Brett Farve retirement announcements, and Shatners “will he or wont he” game. Walk away with a shred of dignity, the ship has sailed…

28. Dee - October 5, 2010

He’ll have to keep talking about Star Trek ….so he’ll always get something different to take effect….Mr. Shatner has fun with it!

29. RobertZ - October 5, 2010

William Shatner continues to be an exuberant and life affirming inspriation. I think he is right about “retirement”. If only more people would aim to continue to be more vitalizing, and make an ongoing commitment to zestful maturation.

30. CmdrR - October 5, 2010

**looks around, checks calendar… funny, looks like 2010, but sounds like 2007, goes back to sleep**

31. dinoH - October 5, 2010

Yeah, I love the original Kirk (that means Shatner too), but I’m… sick… and…. tired…. of this debate. He doesn’t need to be in the next movie. Shat-Kirk is dead and buried. RIP. NEXT! No cheesy pandering to actors who want that last spotlight. He got that in Generations. Now leave it alone, man! All I want Mr. Shatner to say about Star Trek from now on is “It was a great ride, and now it’s time to let young Hollywood shine”… or something to that effect.

The $#*! Old Kirk Says!

32. VOODOO - October 5, 2010

Get Shatner in the new movie…Enough said.

33. Allen Williams - October 5, 2010

Sorry but if he wanted to be in anymore movies, he should have refused to be killed off. shatt kirk = dead. End of story.

34. Allen Williams - October 5, 2010

ps bleep my dad says sucked

35. Dalek - October 5, 2010

#23 Actually they were debating Shatner right until the show was cancelled. As soon as it was axed, Rick Berman didn’t need Shatner for a ratings stunt to try and secure a new season, so he dumped the idea. Had the network left the decision open, there’s a good chance they would have not only coughed up the money but got the ratings as well.

But Shatner not appearing on Enterprise turned out to be a blessing in the end. Berman wanted him to play the ships chef! And Shatner and the Reeves-Stevens idea to have him play Tiberius and not James T was a waste. What’s the use in having him as an evil clone? He could very well have played James T and been involved in the time war.

36. Dalek - October 5, 2010

#33 You seem to think that Shatner wrote Generations or had anything to do with the story. He was hired as an actor. It came to light in recent years that Rick Berman told him if he didn’t appear they would kill him off screen anyway.

If ANYONE, Shatner was the one who saw the death as a major mistake in Trek lore, and immediately pitched the return of Kirk in a follow up movie. When Berman and presumably Sherry (anti-original series) Lansing said no, it became a New York times best selling novel. Shatner has tried to get back in, but been met with resistance at every step by Lansing and Berman.

You want to blame anyone for killing Kirk it’s Ron Moore. He came up with the idea.

37. TMMW (formerley, TrekMade... Well, You know the rest) - October 5, 2010

Sorry. But Mr. Shatner looks very tired out.

Man, get some rest BIll. You deserve to take a break. We don’t want to loose you! We’re stronger With you, than without you!

Get a checkup.

38. Boborci - October 5, 2010


39. Harry Ballz - October 5, 2010


Dennis, you are right. Shatner would want a major role in the next movie. That would be a catastrophic mistake and JJ knows that.

Speaking of money, does anybody here happen to know how much Nimoy was paid for being in the last Trek film? I’m guessing around $5 million.

40. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - October 5, 2010

Hey. The what should do it. He can now easily be written in as this is a different time line. In this time line he was never in the nexus and never killed by soran. I want shat in the next movie.

41. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - October 5, 2010

Sorry. I meant the Shat.

42. Harry Ballz - October 5, 2010


good to see you back!

p.s. I sent my postcard (you requested) to your offices at Universal City…I assume that’s correct.

43. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - October 5, 2010

Hey Bob. Are you almost done with the script for trek. Oh. I love what you are doing on Hawaii Five O.

44. Another Q - October 5, 2010

It is hard to say whether it would be
good to have him in it or not at this
time. I was pretty sure I didn’t want
to see him in Trek ’09 – but when I
read the scene (in the hologram),
tears came to my eyes and I was
very disappointed that he didn’t do
the project. If the creators could
do something that well again and
negotiate some pay – it MIGHT be
worth it. But whichever way it goes,
I’m sure we all just want the sequel
to be great.

45. Buzz Cagney - October 5, 2010

I’d have thought he’d feel the need to do it for free to atone for allowing them to kill Kirk.
Sorry Bill, but its just not going to work. You’ll never be able to do a scene with Pine the way Quinto did with Leonard. While Chris does have a certain similarity to a young Shat the height difference will be so noticeable. And to be truthful I can’t see very slim
Pine ever carrying the weight that you are now packing.
And I say that with love and respect!
But hey, if you want to go on getting new Trek publicity then power to you.

46. Shatner's Toupee - October 5, 2010


Keep dreaming Shat, keep dreaming

47. dmduncan - October 5, 2010

23: “If he REALLY loved the character, he’d do it for free.”

Oh so you think Nimoy did it for free?

Get real. They’re actors doing a job. They were Star Trek when the show had no fans and no expectation that it would be the phenom that it was, and you want to sit in judgment as if they should be the same kind of fan that you are?

@21: Yeah, I expect that if he does make an appearance it will be the younger version as he appeared in Generations.

48. moauvian waoul - October 5, 2010

Bob! There you are!!

49. Shatner's Toupee - October 5, 2010

@ 47

Having Nimoy made sense, Shatner does not. If fans are so uppity about established canon, they know this to be true. Kirks dead, people need to get over it.

50. dmduncan - October 5, 2010

Whether Shatner makes sense depends on the story, not fan edict.

51. Jonboc - October 5, 2010

Shat’s no fool. he knows EXACTLY what an appearance, as captain Kirk, is worth for the studio, both in publicity buzz and box office. If you think Shatner is gonna waltz in and work for union wages or do it out of the love of the character, think again. The studio would get a tremendous return for the money spent on him and he knows it. The man has a business degree, he knows exactly what he is doing…whether we like it or not.

52. MJ - October 5, 2010

#51. I highly doubt the studio would see much of an incremental return from adding shat to this new incarnation of Trek. Like I said before, believe me…we really don’t Shat in his current state in a Starfleet uniform. Bob, if you for some reason you guys decide you absolutely need Shat, then I BEG YOU to please use the digital technology they are using in the new Tron movie to make the current Shat into something that looks like Captain Kirk around ST 6 time at the latest.

53. Harry Ballz - October 5, 2010

…and keep his cameo to 6-7 minutes tops!!!

54. Trek fan - October 5, 2010

I think it would be a waste not to use Shatner in the next film, I mean who knows how long the guy will be around? Believe me when he is gone everyone will be saying how come they couldn’t fit him in to one more film? It can be a cameo, they can digitally make him younger and it can bring some closure to all fans of TOS. Yeah I know Shatner said he doesn’t do cameos, but I doubt now in his 70s he would give up one last chance to be in a Star Trek film. So if Abrams and company are reading any of this, let’s do the right thing and allow the actor who gave us some of the best episodes and movies in Trek one last chance to be seen on the big screen.

55. DJT - October 5, 2010

@ 38. Boborci

Just a thought.

Shat in a Flash Forward in the new/ alt time line. New cool Alt universe get up. Possibilities.

56. Areli - October 5, 2010

I seriously think they should go through with the “Happy B-day” thing they were going to do in the first reboot movie. It would also mean getting Leonard Nimoy back for like two minutes, but I think it would be worth it to see that one piece of info.

And the scene could be used when Spock and Kirk have some form of disagreement which makes Spock contemplate becoming friends with Jim, then he has a totally cliche flashback to right before Spock Prime leaves to New Vulcan and Spock shows him the b-day hologram which reminds Spock of what he could have with Jim.

57. Vultan - October 5, 2010

Man oh man…

Shatner had a wonderful send-off in Undiscovered Country, with the Enterprise flying off into the sunset, Nimoy and Kelley at his side…

He should have quit while he was ahead.

58. MJ - October 5, 2010

57. Agreed. I’ve let go…why can’t he and some of you do the same? Part of this is getting the next generation of Trek fans to carry on and make Trek long lasting. I’ve got my kids, ages 13, 10 and 8 loving the new Trek as well as enjoying TOS. I don’t think that they have this false sentiment that some of us have of needing to see Shat-Kirk one last time. Let’s move on folks. He had his time in the sun, and he got his transitional movie just like Nimoy did. I wish he would do the honorable thing here himself and move on, just like we should do the same.

59. Buzz Cagney - October 5, 2010

I know, PineKirk gets mysteriously transported to Planet Doughnut where he finds his future self. FutureKirk has had to survive on a diet of, well, you can guess, and its played havoc with his once slender physique. NuKirk has to get OldKirk on a strict diet of those little yellow and red plasticine things they used to call food on the Enterprise.
If he fails to get a good 40kilos off then all humanity will be in peril. I duno how yet, but I reckon that may well work. Hell, I know it will. Definitely.

60. Red Dead Ryan - October 5, 2010

Just because fans don’t know how to fit William Shatner in the next movie doesn’t mean the writers don’t. If the writers are able to find a logical way of getting Shatner into the sequel, they will. If they can’t, then they won’t do it. A Shatner cameo would be a nice gift to us old school Trekkies, but not necessary for the younger crowd, since they identify more with Chris Pine.

Mr. Shatner is allowed to demand a large sum of cash based on the returns Paramount (and now CBS due to TOS Blu Ray and dvd sales) has recieved over the years. He helped make Star Trek what it is today. He deserves every penny he can get.

I have the feeling that if William Shatner gets a role in the next film, he will donate a significant part of his cheque to various charities. Its just the kind of guy he is.


“sick of Shatner.”

Does that mean you’re also sick of watching re-runs of “The Original Series” and the first seven films as well?

61. Stan Winstone - October 5, 2010

Seriously Bill- after all these years it’s really still about the money?

62. Vultan - October 5, 2010

Look, I’m not against old men making comebacks. I loved it when George Foreman did it. But it wouldn’t be like Shatner would come out of retirement to play Kirk; the man is everywhere on TV!

Isn’t that enough… even for his ego?

63. MJ - October 5, 2010

What’s next, a new “Matlock” film with 84-year old Andy Griffith still playing the role…how about Angel Lansbury doing “Murder She Wrote” one more time at 85..for the fans sake! These actors have more class than that, so you won’t be seeing these shows anytime soon. Sheesh, the group Abba turned down a Billion Dollars earlier this decade for a reunion tour because they knew “it wasn’t right”…it would not have been the same. MOVE ON SHAT !!!!!

64. Harry Ballz - October 5, 2010

Look the word “OVEREXPOSURE” up in the dictionary and there’s the Shat’s photo!

If he had been retired for the past twenty years to some horse farm in Kentucky, his appearance in the next Trek film would be AMAZING.

With him being on every channel you click to on T.V……….YAWN!

65. Red Dead Ryan - October 5, 2010



I can think of other celebrities that the word “OVEREXPOSURE” can apply to (cough***blegh!***Snooki***cough***Kate Gosselin***choke!).

I think you’d agree with me that a cameo under ten minutes would work perfectly. Any more than that and Mr.Shatner would overshadow Chris Pine (a great actor in his own right) and the rest of the cast.

66. Harry Ballz - October 5, 2010


Uh, Ryan, go back to my post at #53 and keep repeating it out loud until you remember that I suggested it first! :>)

67. Iowagirl - October 5, 2010

Shatner is fun – so is this thread.. Some people get it, some don’t. Same procedure as last year? Same procedure as every year, James! :))

68. Red Dead Ryan - October 5, 2010


“…and keep his cameo to 6-7 minutes tops!!!”

“…and keep his cameo to 6-7 minutes tops!!!”

“…and keep his cameo to 6-7 minutes tops!!!”

“…and keep his cameo to 6-7 minutes tops!!!”

Aahhh, now I remember!

69. - October 6, 2010

I love Bill Shatner. He made a great Kirk, I was grown up with, but, hey, … it is time to figure out, hist death in GENERATIONS was a mistake. He is dead! Ans yes, in the future everything is possible, but STXII should never be a “Bill Shatner as Kirk”-movie, but it should be a “STAR TREK XII- the continuing mission” – movie. So, Shatners Kirk is dead and as wise as they were to get Spock into the last movie as wise they will be to NOT putting Shatman into the next movie.

70. Harry Ballz - October 6, 2010


Sharp as a pound of wet leather, kid! :>)

71. Will I am - October 6, 2010

# 69 Agreed!!!

Mr. Shatner is a legend as Kirk, but he will never fit in the new one.
So please don’t get seduced with his nimbus!

72. MJ - October 6, 2010

“Mr. Shatner is a legend as Kirk, but he will never fit in the new one.”

That is for sure….where is Rick Moranis and his special ray gun when you need em, eh?

73. Anthony Thompson - October 6, 2010

Bob thinks that Shatner’s comments were “charming”. That is all the proof anyone should require that Shatner will definitely NOT (thank God) be in the next movie. That and the fact that JJ has stopped returning his calls. Get a clue, Shat – worshippers! It’s over.

74. Harry Ballz - October 6, 2010

Besides, in all honesty, the Shat’s ham-fisted over-acting would appear jarring compared to the more realistic style of the new cast and possibly yank audience members out of believing what they’re watching in the movie. Not a good idea!

75. captain_neill - October 6, 2010

Oh come on folks stop insulting the actor, he IS Jim Kirk. Shatner like Kirk is a legend and will always be that legend.
Please don’t tell a lot of you now prefer the new actors over the originals?

I love the new actors but to me the original actors will always be those characters. Im sorry but no matter how great Pine is (and he was a good Kirk) I still think Shatner is the better Kirk, he defined the role.

It would be cool to see Bill Shatner but I want the cameo to be relevant to the plot and not just a pointless cameo like they were planning for him in the last movie. Leonard Nimoy’s part in Star Trek XI works as it was relevant to the story, the only contrivance with Leonard’s part was how convenient it was for Alt Kirk to run into him.

But the scene they had planned for Shatner was just so pointless and contrived. I know many of you loved the writing when that scene was revealed but come on it was too forced and contrived.

76. Balok - October 6, 2010

Love the Access Hollywood reporter, she should be in the next trek movie.

77. MJ - October 6, 2010

“Oh come on folks stop insulting the actor, he IS Jim Kirk.”

Unfortunately, not anymore my friend. He would be better casted as Harry Mudd given his current condition; and Harry Ballz is right, his style of Kirk would not resonate today — it would be a distracting caricature made pathetic by this well meaning 80-year old size 55 guy trying to fit into a starfleet uniform costume. We’d all be embarrassed for him and the franchise might never recover from it. Sorry, but I am telling it like it is, not how we wish it could be. Time to move on…turn and face the strain…changes….

78. David C. Roberson - October 6, 2010

In an odd way, I think I would be okay with Paramount if they just… I don’t know… didn’t make another Star Trek film. I liked the new movie, but I can’t say I have a desire to see a new one.

I -would- love a new series, but… ya know. Set in the prime timeline. That’ll never happen.

79. Vultan - October 6, 2010


Agreed. Trek is always best on the small screen. Even a cheap animated series would be great right now.

80. Anthony Thompson - October 6, 2010

Bob, stop writing the sequel. David C. Roberson has made it clear that he doesn’t want one.

81. David C. Roberson - October 6, 2010


The funny thing is, most television shows LOOK like movies nowadays. A Trek series with today’s technology very well could be amazing if the right creators were in charge. Star Trek movies rarely have the time to afford the depth that a GOOD Star Trek series can provide.

Also, I find this strange:

Marvel Studios and WB entertainment consistently release straight-to-DVD films that directly contradict the canon portrayed in the comics. They also -at the same time- release animated series and live-action melodramas based on the same characters. And they usually release the straight-to-DVD movies as promotional tie-ins. WHY CAN’T PARAMOUNT RELEASE A STRAIGHT-TO-DVD PRIME TIMELINE MINI-SERIES OR MOVIE THAT SATISFACTORILY WRAPS TNG, DS9, VOY, OR ENT??? I don’t think it would confuse anyone. I understand that they were iffy about how well Star Trek would do last time, but I think they should seriously consider it this time…

82. captain_neill - October 6, 2010

Oh God it sounds like the kids today will never get to see the Real Jim Kirk.

83. David C. Roberson - October 6, 2010

# 80

I didn’t make it clear that I don’t want one. I just said I don’t have a particular desire to see another one. Don’t get me wrong here, I -LOVE- Star Trek. I’ll see it. The new movie was better than anything since First Contact for sure. It just doesn’t -feel- like Star Trek. And no, that’s not a dig. There was just a sense of wonder and awe that the original –and in some cases TNG — had. They didn’t need big special effects to make you dream of the seemingly impossible. I wasn’t inspired by the new movie, simply put. That’s what I was missing. That’s what I hope they can bring back to Star Trek. Keep writing, Bob! Hahaha. I’ve given you the go-ahead :-P

84. mike thompson (UK) - October 6, 2010

Its always great these days to see Bill happy and having a laugh.

85. Vultan - October 6, 2010


Are the kids today not able to operate a DVD player? Shatner has many hours of great Trek behind him. If the kids are interested, it’s all there for them to see—Shatner in his prime… in the prime timeline.

And there’s nothin’ like the prime timeline. :)

86. Chuck Watters - October 6, 2010

I would love to see the Shat in the next Trek but the story would have to fit including the salary demands and the weight.

87. captain_neill - October 6, 2010


I love the prime timeline.

Even though I treat the new movie as a separate entity, and a good movie, I still like to view it as part of the Star Trek Legacy.

I just want those kids to love the Treks we love.

88. rose - October 6, 2010

I like William Shatner all right, but I only really want him in XII if Leonard Nimoy will also be there, and as that’s not likely to happen…I think I’ll get over the disappointment. Sorry, Mr. Shatner, but LN is just a better actor. Better character, too, in a way.

89. captain_neill - October 6, 2010


Spock was easier to put into the new movie due to Vulcans having life spans of 200 years and the fact he is still alive in the prime universe.

And although Spock’s meeting with alt Kirk was very contrived it was an important part of the story. Shatner’s part felt shoehorned in and I don’t that is the way to go.

Look I am always going to prefer Shanter as Kirk but in regards to the next movie I want them to go with whatever works. So if a cameo is not going to work then don’t do it, if you can find a way to put Shatner in that works then go for it.

90. Disinvited - October 6, 2010

#15., 31., 33., 49., & 69.

Unfortunately, immediately after the founding series cancellation, Nimoy campaigned, actively lobbied across 3 different productions, insisted, demanded, and got his character killed as was his definite choice. Then he set the precedent for changing his mind and getting a dead Trek character resurrected in spite of it being a careening stumbling detour from the course that had been decided upon and set.

In other words, it’s a little late to close the barn door on that, in my opinion.

I think it is pretty clear that I’d hate to have the hijack happen again if Kirk’s resurrection isn’t already accommodated in the current scripting but it would be intellectually unsound to pretend that there isn’t a paint by numbers (not that that’s desirable too) precedent for Trek resurrection:

1. Establish that dead character’s katra hasn’t moved on. Guinan’s ghost being in the Nexus seems a clear enough indication that some kind of tether to the katra of exposed individuals exists there – just have someone discover that it sucks those individuals’ katras there after death or at least Kirk’s for some reason.

2. Pick up an empty headed clone:

A. At the Remans’ Hall of the Precedents were they keep their failed Federation Captain clones (in the original plastic wrap) before Shinzon.

B. At the Scotty Hall of Transporter Accident Duplications

C. Klingon version of Area 51 where they’ve been trying to duplicate Genesis’ rumored ability to resurrect the dead with Kirk’s stolen body. Helmed by Colonel Kling because no one escapes Rura Penthe’s Stalag 13.

D. etc.

3. Mister (Vulcan mind) Fusion.


If anyone does resurrect him, I vote that they should write that “the process gave him a ruddy complexion as if he had been mildly overexposed to the sun” in honor of your concerns.


Thank you for tickling my brain with the concept of “realistic” over-acting! ;-)

91. Andy Patterson - October 6, 2010

I love that flirty interview with that giggly girl. He seemed to like her. I do too.

92. Liz Denham - October 6, 2010

Dear Bill: GET A LIFE!!! jk, jk, I don’t care either way as long as there’s another Trek.

93. BiggestTOSfanever - October 6, 2010

You know who they SHOULD bring back?
Amanda via transporter. After all, she died in a transporter accident.

94. Jonboc - October 6, 2010

Ahhh the squeaky wheels continue to demand oil. Sorry Shat-bashers, you’re still the minority. In the mainstream world, the man remains popular as ever and, despite the repeated cries of disapproval here, the fact remains that people, in general, love Shatner. His involvement, in any capacity with the next Trek, would be met with a positive buzz that would send ripples from the pages of variety to the farthest fan clubs at the edge of the Klingon Empire.
I have no doubt that he could be included, in an integral way, to the story…the possibilities are endless. Future Kirk, Mirror Kirk, kirk, Hologram Kirk…the new timeline makes his death a non-issue as far as Im concerned. The writer’s are a smart, creative bunch. Their ability to make it happen is not in question. It’s just a matter of, can it flow and be a part of the over all direction their story is headed? And, should the studio fail to pony up the cash that Shatner wants, can it be easily removed from the story without harming the existing story around it?

95. Yankee Baseball - October 6, 2010

I’d be curious as to what Team Abrams’ thoughts are on the subject. They dragged it out unnecessarily last time, and it’s clear that Shatner wants in. People ask Shatner the question all the time. So maybe we can get a better response than “charming.” After all the teases last time, it’s really hard to believe that the Abrams crew really ever had or still has interest in using the actor in this movie, but it would be a nice gesture for them to say something early. The script is being written. They already know. I just hope they don’t drag it on like waiting for an Exeter installment. If the answer is no, so be it. Just say it.

96. NTH - October 6, 2010

There are so many ways in which this matter of Bill Shatners appearance could be resolved if the interest is there…. Here is one scenario,. In Spock prime’s future the Vulcan high Command has decided that they want to bring Spock prime back to his own time in the future.A ship lands on new Vulcan having travelled back in time and out steps Kirk(Bill Shatner ).He says that they sent him back believing that he could persuade Spock Prime to return and thanks him for having saved him from the nexus.It could be presumed that this happened 20 years before Prime Spock returned to the past and not because of Pickard’s actions…. And off the go into space and time again.

97. Daoud - October 6, 2010

Framing story. Only way to do it. Just like Star Trek ’09 had the intro with George Samuel Kirk from the *beginning* of Kirk’s life, symmetrically, there should be something from the new, revised *end* of Kirk’s life. A narration, a frame by William Shatner as the old version of Pine’s Kirk. Contacts to color Bill’s eyes to match Pine. Bushier eyebrows. It can be a Kirk/Spock sequence. One last time together when they….

Narration over the end of that “Spock later told me that his old self related to him that I would have died in the end in a most regrettable fashion. I never liked that ending. But it came close to happening differently in the year 2266…”

Cut to Star Trek 2012’s action in progress.

98. Yankee Baseball - October 6, 2010

Eh–if they’re going to use him, use him in a real and significant role. Let him play Kirk Prime, and make it work. Hero. One final adventure where in the end, he rides back off into the sunset, onto the next adventure. That’s what so many people have wanted to see since Generations–a happy ending for Kirk Prime. I don’t expect them to do that, but it would be great if they did.

99. SPOCKBOY - October 6, 2010

Since people are concerned with Mr Shatner’s weight, I think this might be a good opportunity to utilize this “new fangled Avatar performance capture technology” to make a believable CG Kirk. Only if, however the story works.

I met him recently and I’ve gotta say he looks amazing for an 80 year old man.

100. Enterprisingguy - October 6, 2010

94. Jonboc – October 6, 2010

“Ahhh the squeaky wheels continue to demand oil. Sorry Shat-bashers, you’re still the minority.”

Jonboc, just because some of us no longer see Shatner as Kirk it doesn’t constitute bashing. It’s just reality. I’d just as soon see Shatner again as I would see James Arnes again as Matt Dillon. The GUNSMOKE reunion of the 90’s showed that people do out-age the character. How many more times do people feel that Shatner is entitled to yet another “last time” before it’s enough? Maybe after Shatner dies and they put his casket in the movie to show the funeral that Kirk never got?

If Shatner was such box office gold, as some have claimed, then why is this an issue? How come we haven’t heard about “PRICELINE: THE MOVIE” yet?

All due props to Shatner for his work, but his time as Kirk is well past the expiration date!

101. Damian - October 6, 2010

A few things:

First, I can’t say it enough, but Shatner himself has said he does not want a 5 minute cameo. He would want a substantial role.

Second, I agree with the detractors, that ship has sailed. How many good byes of William Shatner do we need. He died in Generations. Any attempt to bring him back would feel forced. The writers noted for Star Trek (2009) that any attempt to force him in felt like fan-boys trying to force him in. I don’t believe that would change for the next movie, new timeline or not. They also said they want to leave time-travel behind.

Third, Shatner today is much different than Shatner of yesterday. I loved Shatner as Captain/Admiral Kirk all the way up to Star Trek IV. He always had a unique style of acting that worked well for the character of Kirk. But he started to lose me with Star Trek V and VI. His hamminess went over the top and he started to parody himself in a lot of ways. There are times I see William Shatner today and have a hard time believing this was the same man who played Kirk in the 60’s. I think if he were in the next movie, people would be sadly disappointed with his portrayal.

Finally, the actors did a fine job with Star Trek. It’s time to let the birds fly on their own. As good as they are, if Shatner were in the film, he would be the headliner, and Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, et al. would become almost supporting actors. Shatner is not Nimoy. Nimoy can be in the story without being the story. The same cannot be said for Shatner, I’m afraid.

I’m not a Shatner hater, but I am a pragmatist. I said good bye to Shatner in Star Trek: Generations. Kirk died a hero’s death, giving his life for a civilization he never met. If you do not like Generations, I always thought the ending to Star Trek VI was a suitable send off for the old crew. Either way, Shatner’s ship has sailed. I wish he’d let it go.

102. Yankee Baseball - October 6, 2010

Shatner as Kirk of course is box office gold. Hell, &*&@ My Dad Says opened to tremendous ratings, despite terrible reviews. Shatner has star power and is clearly a promotion machine. Returning him to his most iconic role would make money. It’s a no brainer. The idea that he would even have to audition is a joke.

You haven’t seen Priceline the movie, because Priceline is a website, not a fictional universe.

Also, let’s not pretend Generations was a hero’s death. It meant absolutely nothing to the plot, and happened for no reason. Even if by some chance Soran beats Kirk and Picard, they both go back to the nexus and try yet again. It’s an infinite cycle. Of course, let’s face it, they could have just came out of the nexus a few minutes earlier and slapped the cuffs on him. Done and done. Kirk’s death was utterly stupid and to kill of an iconic character like that was just wrong.

All I would want to see is a happy ending for the character. Star Trek VI WAS a GREAT send off. But Generations ruined that, which is why the desire for Shatner getting a final shot is wanted by so many people.

I just wish the producers would say something. We get it–Shatner wants in. But other than a quote from Abrams when Star Trek XI came out, we’ve heard nothing from them on the subject. It would be a shame if they just use him for free publicity again and tease an appearance while not delivering.

103. Shatner_Fan_Prime - October 6, 2010

#38 Boborci … “Charming.”

Am I the only one who notes sarcasm there? Come on, Bob, what did The Shat ever do to you? ;)

104. Shatner_Fan_Prime - October 6, 2010

p.s. Shatner as Tiberius Kirk, a character mentioned by name in ST 09!

105. Hermioni - October 6, 2010

@ 104. Shatner_Fan_Prime – October 6, 2010

I am not quite sure, as I might very well be projecting my own evaluation here, but with me, the posting in question registers much more strongly as comment on the general tenor of this talk-back thread, than on Mr. Shatner´s original statements.

106. cecil-kain - October 6, 2010

Has anyone suggested bringing Shat back as the villainous Mirror Kirk? lt would give him the spotlight he demands without conflicting canon. Kirk vs Kirk -anyone?

107. Polly - October 6, 2010

Oh goodness just let the new crew fly on their own…please….

108. Aurore - October 6, 2010

I thought Roberto Orci was responding to poster #37.

109. Enterprisingguy - October 6, 2010

102. Yankee Baseball – October 6, 2010.

“You haven’t seen Priceline the movie, because Priceline is a website, not a fictional universe.”

I get that. I was using it to make a point about him being “box office gold”…as in being able to sell anything he’s in. Clearly he can’t since I don’t recall him being the lead in any blockbusters in the last 20 years.

I agree that Kirk deserved a better end. But Shatner had the opportunity to walk away like Nimoy did. ST: VI could have been his farewell. But he too the paycheck for doing Generations. So he got what he got and that’s what we are stuck with. I’m WAY past this and ready to continue STAR TREK without him.

110. MJ - October 6, 2010

78 – 81. Can you imagine a middle ground, where one of the Premium Cable Networks gave us a season of eight 90 minute Trek mini-films per year…wouldn’t that be cool!!!

111. The Unknown Poster - October 6, 2010

Assuming Trek fans are somewhat split about this, I think its a safe bet that opinion would slowly change to wanting to see Shatner as Kirk one last time down the road.

Problem is, Shatner is 80. You may not be able to rely on the fact he’d be available in 5 or 7 or 10 years.

As Sarek said in IV, “now…well we still can.”

But if you do it, I don’t want a cameo. I dont want him playing a goofy character. I want to see Captain Kirk in the Captain’s chair one more time, getting the send off he deserves.

And really, all fans, even if they dont want to see Shatner back, will still support it. Mainstream fans will love it. And non Trek fans will be even more curious to check it out as Shatner is a beloved actor right now, coming off several awards and very popular.

112. Kev -1 - October 6, 2010

Did somebody say “his style of Kirk would not resonate today.” Is that a joke?

113. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

#108 thats how I saw it too.

I just need to see Kirk become the Captain and man that we know and love in the next movie(s). I don’t mind a few timeline induced kinks in his personality just as long as the man is there.
Thats more, much more, important to me than seeing Bill back.
I loved his Kirk, now I want to love Pine’s Kirk.

114. Bones Rodriguez - October 6, 2010

I Love William Shatner, and I don’t care who knows it!

I love how she doesn’t get any of his jokes

115. - October 6, 2010

No shatner in the shatner sequel. They dont need him

116. wickedjacob - October 6, 2010

Shatner, the torch has been passed. Yeah, it burned you along the way. You should’ve had a better send off. But its done now. Lets move on and see what the new kids can do. Let us remember you as a great man, not that guy who keeps trying to stay the center of everyone’s attention. It makes you look petty.

117. NuFan - October 6, 2010

Shatner’s Toupee knows how to type?

118. Red Dead Ryan - October 6, 2010


“So please don’t get seduced with his nimbus!”

After what had happened with the crappy “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”, I don’t see anybody falling for that one again!

119. dmduncan - October 6, 2010

After years of tearing him a new one, Harlan Ellison also described Shatner as charming, without sarcasm.

I don’t see where the animus towards Shatner comes from. He and Nimoy are like best friends. Is Nimoy an imbecile? Or does he just know him better than the fans who hate him?

120. bytesaber - October 6, 2010


121. sean - October 6, 2010

Shatner is great (though sadly his new show is not) but we’re well passed having this discussion. He wasn’t in ST09, so he’s not going to be in ST12. The ship has left the dock, sailed into the open sea and sunk.

122. Trekprincess - October 6, 2010

Am I the only one that loved Pine’s Kirk anyway I as a new fan love both but Shatner needs to realise that this next movie needs to stand on it’s own :0)

123. JP Saylor - October 6, 2010

lol on the last *$& my dad said, one of his kids said, ‘Lucy in the sky with NO’ Beatle fans, and Shat fans got a kick out of it.

124. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

It is possible to love Bill and all his work and yet doubt the worth of him being in the next movie. I know its possible, because thats me.
But the writers and the team will decide this one, and I’m sure they will make it work either way.

125. Red Dead Ryan - October 6, 2010


“I don’t see where the animus towards Shatner comes from. He and Nimoy are like best friends. Is Nimoy an imbecile? Or does he just know him better than the fans who hate him?”

Well, apparently during the run of “The Original Series”, Bill and some of the other cast mates didn’t see eye-to-eye. Ever since then, people have rushed to judgement about the man without knowing all the facts or being on the set. I also think a lot of fans are insecure, bitter, cynical and jealous about Mr. Shatner’s tremendous success over his long career and want to tear him down. This web site, as great as it is in allowing people to share their opinions, has also unfortunately allowed some keyboard cowards to spew venomous statements about his weight, age and persona that they wouldn’t dare say to his face if they were lucky enough to meet him. A lot of fans on this site claim to understand the message that Gene Roddenberry wanted to get out through Star Trek, but I think while most fans are gracious and respectful, there are many who don’t get it and prefer to tear someone down because it makes them feel better about their own inadequacies and insecurities.

126. Phil - October 6, 2010

Deep down I think Shatner knows that his image is no longer essential to the survival of the franchise. Would it be nice to get him in one before he dies, yeah. But seriously, I don’t think his ego will allow him a 30 second curtain call, his name at the bottom of the movie poster instead of on the top, and yeah, the money. Shatner is to Trek what Brett Farve is to football…

127. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

#122 Trekprincess, please check my reply to you in the Karl Urban/Red thread!!!

128. Disinvited - October 6, 2010


I was pretty much joking but if people really are hung up on Shatner’s 80yo looks, it’s not as if a Rura Penthe Klingon would be that careful about resurrecting Kirk in his prime or a perfect state of health either.

#102. Yankee Baseball on October 6, 2010 penciled in “You haven’t (sic) seen Priceline the movie, because Priceline is a website, not a fictional universe.”

Someone tell the backers of THE SOCIAL NETWORK (aka FACEBOOK, THE MOVIE) before its too late!

#111. The Unknown Poster on October 6, 2010 typoed ”As Sarek said in IV, “now…well (sic) we still can.””

I get your point: Tony Curtis recently died at the age of 85.


You type that as if it’s impossible to have the two in the same movie and love them both despite the fact that’s exactly what happened with the two Spocks.

I also find it preposterous that Nimoy gets the slide after actively campaigning with success to get his character killed (Far more than anything Shatner ever did.) and then changing his mind, but Shatner can’t be afforded the same consideration?

A part of me is SO annoyed with the Nimoy OK but not Shatner bias of this attitude that I half want Orci to resurrect Kirk exactly as Spock was – Genesis and all – just so the Kirk Prime character can smugly note to Spock Prime “You didn’t think you had cornered the market?”

129. Dr. Cheis - October 6, 2010

Did Shatner lose weight? He seems thinner than the last time I bothered paying attention to him.

130. Dayton Ward - October 6, 2010

Hmm….Nimoy on “S#*! My Dad Says” as Shatner’s next-door neighbor, and the war that breaks out between them. “Grumpy Old Trekkers.” It could be a season-long arc.


131. MJ - October 6, 2010

119 and 125. I love the guy, but it is both time to move on and he doesn’t credibly look the part anymore.

132. Yankee Baseball - October 6, 2010

109–he’s been a TV actor, and got quite a few Emmy nods and 2 wins. Boston Legal was a huge success, and again, his mere presence on @#$ My Dad Says got better ratings than 3 or 4 episodes of Enterprise added together. Plus, as Captain Kirk, the man IS box office gold.

Yes, Shatner screwed up agreeing to do Generations. But he also has done everything possible to fix that mistake.

Social Network has absolutely NOTHING to do with Priceline. Priceline is nothing like Facebook when it comes to its impact on Americana.

But again, the bottom line isn’t what Shatner wants. The fans’ desires mean nothing as well. If that mattered, Shatner would have been back 15 years ago.

What matters is what Abrams thinks, and I hope he learns from his mistakes last time, and deal with it right away. We can handle the bad news if Shatner’s not in the movie. Where I had the problem was in the false hope.

133. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

I think you probably highlight the problem of having ShatKirk back in your own post. Simply its all been done before. Spock dies. Spock comes back Spock appears with his younger self in new movie. Now you propose to do the same with ShatKirk?. It could get tedious don’t you think?
I’m not averse to Bill being in it, but i’ve come around to the thinking ‘not for the sake of it’. It will have to be done imaginatively. Very!

134. Ro_Laren - October 6, 2010

So how much money is the right amount of money? I wonder what his price tag is…

135. David C. Roberson - October 6, 2010

Shatner has accomplished much. Honestly, though, his -death- in Generations is not what bothered me. Kirk died saving millions of people. Maybe he should have died on the bridge of his ship… but then, maybe he should not have died at all. No one wants to see a legend die, after all. At any rate, his character is gone. As much as I loved The Return and all of those other post-Generations Kirk books, I would have never made them into movies. It was time for TNG to stand on their own at the box office. Just like it is now time to let the new kids stand on their own block. Haha.

P.S. I loved the idea of Shatner playing Tiberius on Enterprise…

136. DD - October 6, 2010


137. Damian - October 6, 2010

Look, Shatner is not going to do a cameo, a family member of Kirk, mirror Kirk, etc. I think it’s pretty clear from his own comments he has made, he would only appear if he was Captain James T Kirk. There seem to be some dreamers here who think he would be willing to do anything to get into the movie.

How many send offs does the guy need. They would put him in this movie, then he would decide 5 years from now he didn’t quite like it and would want another. I always thought Star Trek VI was the best send off the original crew could get. He agreed to Generations because he thought, maybe just once more would do it. I don’t know what people do not get. If he did not like how his character died in Generations, he could have pulled the plug and left. The writers of Generations needed Shatner, not vice versa. If he left, their story would have died with him. He may regret it now, but he did it. I personally did not have a problem with Generations. I said my goodbye’s to William Shatner then and have moved on. Chris Pine did a great job as Captain Kirk and he does not need the inevitable comparisons to Shatner that would occur if Shatner was in it.

I kind of feel bad for the new cast. Instead of talking about what a great job they did, we are talking about “Is Shatner going to be in the next movie.” No matter how you slice it, if he is in the next movie, that is what will be talked about. The new cast will be completely overshadowed. That is the difference between Nimoy and Shatner. Nimoy was the supporting actor, helping the actors establish themselves in their roles. Shatner would end up being the star, with the new cast being supporting actors to him.

138. MJ - October 6, 2010

137 — EXACTLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

139. The A-Man - October 6, 2010

Prime Kirk mind-melded with Sarek (ST:III)
Sarek mind-melded with Picard (TNG:Sarek)
Picard mind-melded with Spock (TNG: Redemption Part 2)
Spock mind-melded with Alternate Kirk (ST:XI)

Therefore, could we say that Pine-Kirk be pretty much Prime Kirk reincarnated?

140. Magic_Al - October 6, 2010

I used to go along with the argument that Shatner should have known better than to kill Kirk, but if you look at it from his perspective as a cast member, he could fairly argue that no one says Nimoy should have known better than to kill Spock!

In fact, Rick Berman could have chosen to use the Nexus or some other sci-fi device to bring Kirk back. Shatner only knew that it *could* be the end of Kirk, but in a way every movie could have been the last.

141. Disinvited - October 6, 2010


I think I made it clear we agree on this. I definitely wouldn’t want to see another well laid out script hijacked just for the perceived economic expediency of it including Shatner. It would have to be something that fits.

Currently, I’m leaning towards Shatner should return to Trek as another Trek character that he originated: Anti-Kirk (aka Mirror Kirk). The 2009 movie already set the precedent of weird transporter results and capabilities. It would be easy to explain an older Anti-Kirk as the new alternate universe being out of time sync with the Mirror universe. The laboratory return of Porthos could be responsible for retrieving Kirk Mirror Prime as some unseen side effect. Even better, make it an unexpected side-effect of Transwarp beaming that it retrieves Terrans to the new universe and we can put that technology to rest for the duration of the new tack.

The main thing I don’t like about it is it sets up future Trek to distill down to being merely a shoot-em-up. But I do relish the thought of what clever writers could have the two Kirks in conflict reflect on the contrast between 1960s Trek and the 2010s version.


I’d be very surprised if he didn’t have it posted right there on, but I suppose the way that works you have to make an offer to find out?

142. Chuck Watters - October 6, 2010

#125 …………..What does Roddenberry’s message got to do with Shatner being a tubby ? Shatner should work for scale in the next TREK if there is anyway he can be squeezed into it . SQUEEZED !

143. Boborci - October 6, 2010


Let the games begin…

144. MJ - October 6, 2010

143 — please no Shat, Bob, pleeeassssssseeeee!

145. Phil - October 6, 2010

I really don’t see why there are so many pretzel twists of the plot line to re-animate zombie evil anti-twin Jabba the Kirk, Senior. Shatner aint going to do a cameo, and no studio exec in his or her right mind will green light Trek XII with an 80 year old sitcom star as it’s headliner. That’s just the reality of the situation, and WS and his fan base just need to move on.

146. dmduncan - October 6, 2010

The things said about Shatner, “it’s time to move on” etc etc, I can say about Star Trek as well. It had its shot, it’s time for something new, and all you Trekkies just need to move on. No one is going to buy that argument because it’s equally poor as the Shatner-should-move-on argument.

There isn’t a NEED for another Star Trek movie or TV show for the rest of the future history of the entire universe. We who want to see Shatner want to see him for the same reason that we want to see Star Trek again. Because we like them. There’s no better reason to reboot anything than because we would like to see more of the same. So if they want Shatner in it, they can get Shatner in it, and they can do it in a way that is organic to the story if that is one of their objectives.

137: “Look, Shatner is not going to do a cameo,”

You mean like he didn’t do a cameo in Fan Boys? Is that the sort of cameo he would not do?

Bottom line is nobody knows squat about what is and is not possible. You tell yourself something is not possible, you believe it, and you never learn otherwise.

So what do you do? You come up with a story, you run it by Shatner. You see if you can all come to an agreeable price, and if he’s willing to do it as written.

If not, deals over. They tried, and Shatner didn’t like the deal. Can’t blame the production team, and the issue is settled even amongst those of us who would like to see him one more time.

147. Disinvited - October 6, 2010


He might do a Mirror Kirk if some katrastrophe de-katraed that Mirror body and a fully functioning Terran Kirk was necessary to stop some Terran terrorist plot/hostage situation against 2009’s alternate Federation, i.e. Mirror Kirk was used to ultimately resurrect Kirk Prime.

148. dmduncan - October 6, 2010

Oh, and I don’t think Picard had a Tricorder with him in the Nexus, did he? Do you know how difficult it can be to establish death? It was more frequent than you might imagine for people to be buried alive up to the 19th century because of unreliable techniques of establishing death.

You know what that means? Kirk could still be alive in the Nexus, and just itching to kick Picard’s ass for covering him with a huge pile of rocks.

149. P Technobabble - October 6, 2010

143. Bob
You’re such a tease, man…

As for everything else, I love Shatner and I admire the fact that he will go down in history for bringing James T. Kirk to life, a character who will probably outlive all of us. I’m a bit annoyed when interviewers ask him, “Would you like to be in the next film?” What is he gonna say, duhhh? Who wouldn’t want to be in the next film?
Does he need to be in the next film? Absolutely not, not for himself or the audience (unless you’re obsessed).
Would it be cool to see him in the next film? Of course it would (except for the non-fans). It would not be to the benefit of the film to obligingly put him in, nor would it do to have him simply make an appearance.

I can’t really imagine the suits at Paramount telling the Supreme Court, “Look, the sequel has to have Shatner in it, and it has to be a starring role.” I can’t really imagine the Supreme Court simply nodding their collective heads, saying, “Sure thing, boss.” Unless the writers have a story involving Kirk-Prime that they absolutely MUST tell, I don’t think Mr. Shatner will be in the next film.

I think Shatner is a ham. He likes to ham it up for the camera, and he’s got a very wry sense of humor. When he says, “I’m expensive,” why is anyone taking him seriously? Sure, if he has an opportunity to do the movie he’s not gonna do it for nothing, but I think most of what he says are just wise-cracks.

150. Disinvited - October 6, 2010

145. Phil on October 6, 2010 declared “… and no studio exec in his or her right mind will green light Trek XII with an 80 year old sitcom star as it’s headliner.”

That is, unless, Betty White continues to rewrite the equation.

151. dmduncan - October 6, 2010

149: “I think Shatner is a ham. He likes to ham it up for the camera, and he’s got a very wry sense of humor. When he says, “I’m expensive,” why is anyone taking him seriously? Sure, if he has an opportunity to do the movie he’s not gonna do it for nothing, but I think most of what he says are just wise-cracks.”

Exactly. Nothing is written in stone except names and dates on grave markers, and least of all in the mind of man. If it’s good enough and he really likes the idea, he may adjust his price if he really wants to do it. You can’t infer anything at this point. All you can do is to see if Shatner will agree without compromising what the creative team wants to do.

152. dmduncan - October 6, 2010

The Curious Case of James Kirk.

The age of an actor is now irrelevant to the part he plays, provided he is still mentally sharp and capable of doing the job, as William Shatner is.

153. Harry Ballz - October 6, 2010

143. “Let the games begin…”

Now, now, Bob, you know there’s nothing worse than a kirk-teaser! :>)

154. Disinvited - October 6, 2010

149. P Technobabble on October 6, 2010 blocked from his thoughts ”I can’t really imagine the suits at Paramount telling the Supreme Court, “Look, the sequel has to have Shatner in it, and it has to be a starring role.” I can’t really imagine the Supreme Court simply nodding their collective heads, saying, “Sure thing, boss.”

Except, if I remember from our last round of trying to describe the internal webbing connecting all the business relationships in 2009 Anthony said that Spyglass et al own nothing but are essential subcontractors to Paramount who does – so it would be very surprising if they didn’t. Now, I believe Bob is on record saying Paramount didn’t exercise any such prerogatives with regards to the script. But it seems Sony has set the precedent (re:SPIDERMAN) that if the creative talent refuses to do what it’s told: reboot.

155. Daoud - October 6, 2010

There once was a fellow named Kirk,
Portrayed as a bit of a jerk.
Cast once with the Shat,
Whom some say’s too fat;
So the scriptwriter’s pen must do work!

To explain this anomalous quirk,
Boborci ought not be a shirk.
His Kirk played by Pine
has been written just fine,
So write Shat a hundred years Kirk!

156. Harry Ballz - October 6, 2010


Ooooh, limericks! Gimmeee!!

157. Lt. Bailey - October 6, 2010

If the new ST XI film is an alternitive time line story, then who says Kirk was killed by Dr Sorin??? So why cannot Shatner be in the next film? Bring him on, why not? Thats what this franchise is all about, have some fun with it.

158. Tom - October 6, 2010

143 boborci

don’t mince words bob what do you really think

you are going to do this again??

159. dmduncan - October 6, 2010

I’m officially starting the “James Kirk Didn’t Die on Veridian III” movement. Who’s with me?

160. Ted - October 6, 2010


This is the problem. Please don’t do that. That was a huge problem with the last movie–the constant teasing of Shatner, and the disingenuous “effort” to make something happen that obviously was never part of the picture.

Use him or don’t. But please don’t give a false hope again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

161. MJ - October 6, 2010

152. Is his size irrelevant? You can’t blame Retinox for being 300 lbs in the 23rd century.

162. dmduncan - October 6, 2010

@161: I had no idea Brad Pitt was totally CGI for the first half of Button. Neither did most people. Now we’ll get Jeff Bridges’ younger self in Tron Legacy. They can do the same with Shatner’s physique, which was also what they had to do to Brad Pitt as an aged child in Benjamin Button.

163. MJ - October 6, 2010

162. Well I guess if the cameo made sense and was integral to the story then I could buy this approach to using him. I’m not optimistic though that having the Shat appear in the next movie would advance the franchise…we just had the Nimoy hand-off, and that covered the all the transition I personally needed from TOS.

164. grigori - October 6, 2010

Shat is wizzywig. I’d get tired of his constantly-switched-on star power and swagger in real life, but he does what he does well and he’s honest about it.
And his new show’s a hoot.

165. keachick - October 6, 2010

William Shatner does look and sound good for his age, but I don’t know how they could give him anything but a cameo role, which everyone says he is not prepared to do.

I read just recently that William Shatner had said that he did not wish to have a part in the sequel, now he does. What gives?

What of the new, young Captain Kirk, Chris Pine? Pine’s Kirk is still “finding his legs” and needs to prove himself. I don’t much like the idea of William Shatner playing some older, nasty, mirror version of Kirk. That could leave such a bad taste. Perhaps the writers could cause this older version to “come to his senses” or something when he connects with the younger, good, kind version of himself (Pine/Kirk). That might work…

Dee asked if Shatner had actually interviewed Chris Pine for his Captains documentary. I should like to know as well.

166. dmduncan - October 6, 2010

@163: I agree it has to fit. It’s better not to try rather than to cram Shatner in the film just to get him in it. That’s not how I want to see him reappear either.

167. Gene L Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - October 6, 2010

“159. dmduncan – October 6, 2010

I’m officially starting the “James Kirk Didn’t Die on Veridian III” movement. Who’s with me?”

I’m in! Who cares what they did in that movie? Anyone asks, we go all GoodFellas wiseguy and act dumb.

What did you hear about that thing?

What thing? The Brooklyn thing?

No. No. The guy from downtown.

The guy with the pointy ears with
the puss on all the time?

No. The other one. The one who
fell off the bridge on Veridian III. The one they made a beef

Oh, him. The old fat guy.

You know the one I mean?

Oh yeah. Sure. That guy. I know

That guy was a miserable ****,
but his people are looking still
for him.

Oh yeah. Yeah. I know. I even looked
into it myself. Nobody knows what
the **** happened to him. He came
in the joint that one night and
then he disappeared. Some “nexus” bull****.

Well, keep your eyes open. They’re
busting my **** looking for the
****. Daring me to write him into the next one.

I think we need to use reverse-psychology. We dare Bob Orci that he can’t pull it off. :)

168. Boborci - October 6, 2010

167. LOL!

169. Gene L Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - October 6, 2010

168 Honored that I got an LOL! I can now go to bed. G’nite all.

170. Jonboc - October 6, 2010

# 161″152. Is his size irrelevant? You can’t blame Retinox for being 300 lbs in the 23rd century.”

does anyone REALLY think that the character of Kirk, if played again by Shatner in the new movie, would be running around in his gold tunic delivering drop kicks and bagging alien babes? Newsflash folks…he would be playing an older Kirk…who would have aged as Shatner has aged. That’s the whole appeal…seeing a fictional character, portrayed by the same actor, in multiple phases of his life..including, yes, old age. You people who are pissed because, in your minds, you think an 80 year old is going to, unconvincingly portray a 34 year old take the cake! lol

171. Harry Ballz - October 6, 2010

166. “rather than to cram Shatner in the film just to get him in it”

I’d pay good money to see somebody try to CRAM Shatner into anything these days!

172. MJ - October 6, 2010

170 — news flash back at you…he is really large these days, so large that I cannot take him seriously as Captain Kirk, old or young.

173. Jonboc - October 6, 2010

172…wow..that’s pretty sad.

174. FarStrider - October 6, 2010

@157: You seem to be unclear about the Alternate Reality scenario. . . if Kerk is dead in the Prime reality, then there is NO way to bring him into the Alternate Reality. . . plus, the Supreme Court has basically nixed any time travel for the time being, so, that’s quite out. . . other ideas for bringing back Kirk. . .let’s see. . . Mirror Universe Kirk?. . . no one in power in the Mirror Universe actually lives to old age. . . and according to DS9, Mirror Kirk was killed by Spock in his rise to become the Emperor of the Terran Empire. So that idea is out., plus, some people seem to have problems getting their heads around the fact that the new movies are set in an alternate reality; do you think it’s wise for the writers to bring in Another alternate reality (Mirror!verse) for people to deal with simultaneously? I don’t. . . Next: a cameo as another character? That could work, but only if Shatner was willing to do cameos, and so far, he doesn’t seem to want to do that. . . that’s three strikes against Shatner already. . . and quite frankly, I’m not seeing any viable way to fit him into the next film. . . if y’all can find a way that isn’t fankwank to get Shatner in, then pitch to Bob, et. al, if not, let it go. . .


175. denny cranium - October 6, 2010

I love Mr Shantner and his career.
But his time on Trek is FINISHED.
I think (perhaps) Bill is a bit of a diva,
He might try to divert all the attention to himself during production and during the promotion of the film.
I wonder if JJ met with Shatner as a “courtesy” out of respect to Shatners legacy with Trek,
I don’t think Mr Shatner would be happy with just an “enhanced cameo ” role.
I wonder what kind of issues Mr Orci may have with Shatner possibly counting lines etc. and sticking his nose into the script.
It also would (I feel) take focus away from CPs role as Kirk.
Let the new cast stand on its own.
Mr Shatner step back and be proud of your work as the original Captain.

Although a bit off topic- Boborci please cast Michael C Hall in Trek!

176. dmduncan - October 6, 2010

@167: HaHAAA!

177. dmduncan - October 6, 2010

174: “@157: You seem to be unclear about the Alternate Reality scenario. . . if Kerk is dead in the Prime reality, then there is NO way to bring him into the Alternate Reality. . .”

Naah man, it’s like this. After Picard leaves, a clenched hand busts through all those rocks reaching for the sky, and a muffled cry is heard: PICAAAARRRD!!!

After he finally gets himself unburied, Kirk fashions a nuclear bomb out of found materials on the surface of Veridian III, which he uses to dislodge the planet from its orbit to chase down the Nexus.

Once in the Nexus he can go anywhere he wants in time or other universes.

178. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

#170 there’s cake? told tell Bill! ;-D

179. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

Disinvited we do agree! We just seem to have come at it from totally differnt directions! lol

I feel cheap about that cake shot at Bill. I love him. But i bet he really does love cake. :-D

180. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

#167 VERY AMUSING! Started my day off with a good laugh.

181. MJ - October 6, 2010

173. Nothing sad about it. He just shouldn’t play Kirk anymore. He has other roles and employment, you know.

182. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

165 its my understanding that Pine is in Bills Captains programme.

183. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

#178 that should be DON’T tell Bill!
Darn it! I wish you could correct typos on this site. A perfectly adequate in every way quip just got ruined there! lol

184. Phobos - October 6, 2010

Shatner has lost some weight, he is very close to being in good shape to appear in ST XII

185. Phobos - October 6, 2010

Shatner would be amazing in the next movie. He is a rare acting talent, don’t let this last chance (perhaps) pass by!

186. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

How do we explain away the obvious height difference? Even with that hat on Bill is comfortably smaller, even allowing for age shrinkage.

187. MJ - October 6, 2010

184. Hmm.

188. Phobos - October 6, 2010

I am just remembering that memorable moment when Kirk gives Spock’s eulogy: “”Of all the souls I have encountered in all my travels…his was the *most*…human”

The emotion Shatner can convey is powerful.
I really hope Paramount finds a spot for Shatner in the next movie.

189. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

#167 it just occured to me, ‘you’re a funny guy’. ;-)

190. Kenji - October 7, 2010

Why not agree to a salary of $1 per shooting day, Mr. Shatner?
Won’t it show your confidence and fun loving style all the more?
You’ll definitely get a lot of interviews about it!

I don’t think his presence will over shadow the other actors though.
No offense but he doesn’t look like the captain he used to be anymore. It may be like the new A-Team film… 99% of the audience = “???????” I barely managed to recognize Mr. Benedict and Mr. Schultz. But I was glad that I was in the remaining 1%!

191. Aurore - October 7, 2010

I love your suggestion Kenji. but,I hope, in this instance, that Mr Shatner is as greedy as some posters say as I really don’t want to see him in the sequel. If he is I’ll get over it though.

192. Aurore - October 7, 2010


193. captain_neill - October 7, 2010


You are wrong Shatner puts in a great performance in Star Trek VI.

Shatner will always be Kirk

194. Yankee Baseball - October 7, 2010

186–how did they get 9 feet tall actors to work on Avatar? Where are these 9 foot tall people?

You really think they don’t have technology to make actors different heights? They could take make a midget 6 feet tall if they wanted to.

195. TZFan - October 7, 2010

I thought this is supposed to be “Not Your Father’s Star Trek” so anything they will do from now on they will do it to appeal to the general public, and they won’t accommodate to the fans wishes, why so serious people? as if you had any say in anything, but no worries, I’m sure once the public is sick of the Trek movies, and the supposedly “new fans” move on to another fandom, Paramount will go back again to their devoted fans and comply with their wishes with a new TV series that only you true Star Trek fans will enjoy :)

196. NTH - October 7, 2010

#174 Prime Kirk may be dead but in this alternative universe Kirks future is also an alternative one therefore there is plenty of scope for a Shatner appearance.This paradigm has been established by the appearance of the two Spocks together and therefore Pine’s Kirk is the alternative Shatners Kirk.An appearance by Shatner is therefore very possible if the will is there.Mr.Orci please don’t miss the boat here.

197. Damian - October 7, 2010

I am convinced by Shatner’s own statements made since before Star Trek (2009) came out that he would not do a cameo. He would only do it if he was the Captain James T Kirk, like Nimoy was Ambassador Spock. It seems some people want him in so bad, they can see him take anything just to get in.

I really think if the writers found a way to cram him in, those very same people who want him in at all costs would be sadly disappointed. Shatner’s acting today is far different than it was even 20 years ago. I just think it would not feel right and would become a distraction.

193–I felt in Star Trek V, VI, and Generations, he seemed to be parodying himself, almost making fun of his own performances. Now I will agree, of those 3, his acting in VI was probably the better of the 3. But look at his acting in VI and in II, III and IV. I noticed a marked difference in his acting style. It’s just that Star Trek VI was an excellent movie on it’s own so it didn’t detract from the overall story much.

198. Enterprisingguy - October 7, 2010

196. NTH – October 7, 2010

#174 – ” Prime Kirk may be dead but in this alternative universe Kirks future is also an alternative one therefore there is plenty of scope for a Shatner appearance.”

So we are supposed to muddy the water even further by confusing the audience with an alternative Kirk? One who may or may not have done all the heroic deeds that Prime Kirk did? To what end? What can Shatner contribute that is so vital other than appealing to a few fan boys? I no more want to see Shatner in the next START TREK movie any more than I want to see Sean Connery in the next Bond movie just because people feel he’s either necessary or entitled!

This is why I’m so sick of this whole concept of an alternative universe/ 90% reboot. I’d rather it been had just a clean start with no time travel or alternative universe and histories. This way all the new stories would just fit in between the stories we’ve seen the same way that all of the books do. Instead we’ve got this convoluted mess that just gets more confusing as we try to reconcile more things to the original universe.

199. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

#194 Oh come on, this is just getting silly now. Elongating Shat to make him fit in? Seriously?
I can’t believe you are being serious here.

200. Yankee Baseball - October 7, 2010

And I can’t believe that the idea of denying a legend because a guy who played the role once is taller is a serious argument against. It’s not exactly a big deal to get them the same height. No one would even notice it.

Shatner is still Kirk to the general public. He is still the face of Star Trek. Using him would only add to the movie.

Shatner has been in this business for half a century. His acting hasn’t changed so much as he’s adapted to the roles he’s had. He could go back to Kirk in a heartbeat.

Shatner’s abilities are not the problem. Shatner’s height and weight are also not an issue. That’s as ridiculous a complaint as when people were upset that Pine was cast because he had a different eye color than Shatner.

The ONLY thing stopping this would be Abrams and his team. It’s very disappointing that they don’t address this issue head on and early. The big difference this time though is that while last time, we had good faith and hope that they would bring Shatner in, this time, there is no faith or hope unless they actually sign the guy.

201. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

I do agree Bill’s acting isn’t a problem. I’m a bit non-plussed by the usually sensible Harry Ballz bringing that up. Bill can act with the very best of them and be as subtle as needed, or as charismatic as any actor I know.
Yankee Baseball, the real problem I have with including Bill isn’t his height or his width (though i can’t just ignore it as you can!) its simply I want the franchise and movies to move on.
I was as passionate about including Bill in the last movie as you are now, but I’ve come to realise that its about, or should be about, the new actors now. Why not just delight in seeing these characters brought back to life?
Bill is rightly revered as Kirk, and that won’t change, but he does need to be quietly let go when it come’s to playing Kirk.
However…… if the team can find a way of including him and doing it well (whatever fancy stretch and slim programme they chose to use!) then I will delight in it, I am sure. I just don’t believe its going to happen.

202. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

and lets not forget part of the reason for the new timeline was to give a clean slate for the future adventures. If we see elderly Kirk we know Jim is going to be in no real danger and will always come through to live a ripe old age.

203. Gene L Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - October 7, 2010

#167 it just occured to me, ‘you’re a funny guy’. ;-)

You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little messed up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny? No, no, I don’t know, you said it. How do I know? You said I’m funny. How am I funny, what the **** is so funny about me? Tell me, tell me what’s funny!

204. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

#203 there you go! I’ve been waiting all day for that!
So thats 2 times you’ve made my day today! Thanks!
Respect. ;-)

205. Gene L Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - October 7, 2010

#203 there you go! I’ve been waiting all day for that!
So thats 2 times you’ve made my day today! Thanks!
Respect. ;-)

Sorry it took so long. I figured you threw me the straight line for a reason. Had to take a minute from the paying job to sneak out here and post.

I think there are all kinds of funny possibilities for Trek/Goodfellas. A grittier boborci-alt timleine Piece of the Action reboot. It practically writes itself!

206. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

hey no problem, I made allowances for the time difference. I’m in England I’m guessing you are in the U.S?. I posted very early- 6am’ish
And it goes without saying, Goodfellas is such a fine movie.

207. Yankee Baseball - October 7, 2010

201–I get that feeling. The problem is that they never addressed the problem–which was that Generations was a horrible ending to a legendary character and actor. They have had so many chances to rectify this but never did. They SHOULD have done it last movie but didn’t. What made it worse was the false hope they gave combined with the failure to deliver. The good news is that Shatner is STILL healthy, working, willing, and able to do this.

The writers just have to want to make that happen. Generations STILL casts a shadow over the franchise, and it would be nice to finally see it addressed. All I want to see is one more appearance of Kirk Prime, where he rides off into the sunset, alive and well, and off to the next adventure. After that, there would be no need to revisit the character. No one can deny that a lot of people want Shatner in the next movie. No one can deny that the way the situation was handled last time made a lot of people mad and disappointed.

What I’m asking this time is for the producers to stop with the teasing and make the decision early. Please don’t pull the “we could still put him in” gag after filming is even done. The movie was practically released before Abrams even admitted it wasn’t going to happen, and then tried the ridiculous thought of blaming Generations when time travel was integral to the whole plot.

If it’s a no, say so.

But there is still a need for Shatner. Yes or no, that won’t change.

There’s no question that the current actors can handle the movie. But there’s also no question that Shatner would make anything they do better. The current actors have plenty of time to do a movie without an original actor. The reverse is not true.

208. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

I can’t disagree with very much of that YB. All fair comment. I also hope they don’t tease people. Nobody wants that I feel, either in the for or against camp.
But Bill buys some great publicity, doesn’t he. He must get tired of the same old questions, but he plays the game like the pro. he is.
We’ll see what the future holds I guess.

209. NTH - October 7, 2010

#198 Enterprisingguy. Who’s to say that the Kirk that emerged from the Nexus was not also an alternative Kirk. Reconciliation with the original universe is longer possible as our reality is now the new universe and to this end “The dye is cast”.Of. Course an appearance by Bill Shatner will not suit everyone and is not even necessary but then neither was Leonard Nimoy in the last movie but the story was written around him and it worked very well.An appearance by Bill could bring closure to his involvement in Star Trek and I suspect that more than a few fanboys would be quite happy and there would be no confusion as to what Kirk he is as he simply is Kirk.I agree with other posters who have stated that the next film’s makers need to upfront about their decision and not tease the fans.

210. NTH - October 7, 2010

Another very simple way of bringing Shatner in is,as mentioned above and I have previously stated, a Flash Forward Scene.Set perhaps 50 years in the future of this universe.The older versions of the alternate Kirk and Spock are played by Shatner and Kirk and are having a conversation about their adventures together one of which could act as a framing story for the movie. The would be no changes to any alternative universe involving timelines and Kirks(Shatners) survival in the future would be established.There could even be a connectin storyline in the future which would bring Shatner and Nimoy into action one last time.

211. Boborci - October 7, 2010

20. Thank god it’s so easy!!!

212. Damian - October 7, 2010

207–But will he ride off onto the sunset. Will he decide 5 years from now, you know what, my ending in Star Trek XII really did not do it for me, I’d like one more shot.

198–I agree with the Sean Connery comparison. For all intents, Sean Connery is a legend in James Bond circles. But no one believes he should be Bond again.

I just don’t see how they can put Shatner it with what he wants, what the fans want and what the writers want. He wants to be Captain Kirk, and the Captain Kirk (not some alternate universe version, not some family member, but Kirk). The writers have said they are done with time travel (how do you bring Kirk back without some weird time travel event. The fans want a great story, no matter how you slice it, any attempt to bring in Shatner will be contrived and stretch disbelief. Many people here have complained about the great amount of suspension of disbelief in the last movie. Shatner would compound that.

In any event, that’s my line and I am sticking with it. William Shatner was great as Captain Kirk. But like Sean Connery as James Bond, I have moved on. I love the new cast, they were one of the strengths of the movie. I want to see a movie about them, not about one more retirement party for William Shatner.

213. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

#210 but again with your suggestion we would have any real jeopardy removed for Kirk, as we see he survives to a good age. Sorry, that won’t work.

214. Jonboc - October 7, 2010

#213. sorry, the the lack of jeopardy argument just doesn’t hold water. Everyone knows, in every TV show ever made that the star is not going to die. (unless it’s a planned death like Edith Bunker) Yes, they almost die…quite often in fact…but we, the audience, KNOW they won’t…because they are the star. The jeopardy and suspense is still there, and it’s great fun seeing how Kirk will get his ship and crew out of danger, but we know Kirk isn’t going to die.

The same applies to the new movie. Sure, it’s a different timeline. Klingon may get conquered by Mudd’s androids, and yes, Sulu or Chekov could bite the bullet….but we all know, regardless of what peril they may face, that Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are going to survive the day. There may be valid reasons for not having Shatner, as Kirk, in the new movie, but introducing a lack of jeopardy isn’t one of them. That’s been there since 1966.

215. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

Sorry, they don’t ever die? Really?
Anybody, anybody, Bueller, anybody……..

216. Yankee Baseball - October 7, 2010

208–that’s the thing–they keep asking him about it. He always says yes, and then probably tries to come up with something else to add. I don’t seriously think he will price himself out of the market. Of course, we’ll never know unless Team Abrams actually talks to him, which didn’t happen last time after an initial meeting.

And yes, the guy is a publicity machine. Just allowing the tease of Bill appearing brings them publicity. Maybe that’s why they did that for so long last time despite having no serious intention of using the guy.

Shatner as Kirk is so much different than Connery as Bond. Connery didn’t play the role nearly as long, and didn’t need the closure that Shatner’s version does need.

212–if Star Trek VI, in 1991 was the last we ever saw of Shatner’s Kirk, I would have had no problem with it. I’d even be ok with the writers not wanting to use him again. I think much of the desire and need to have Shatner return comes from the distaste left by Generations. If Kirk Prime returns and has a positive ending–where he’s not DEAD–then it wouldn’t matter. Everyone will be satisfied. If Shatner would want to come back after THAT, then that would simply be a matter of the producers agreeing. If they didn’t, I’d be ok with it.

217. Damian - October 7, 2010

I’m not going to belabor the points I made anymore. Just two more things. One, I am not a Shatner hater. While I loved all the series and movies, the original series will always be my favorite show. Shatner was a very important part of that. I have moved on, but still love watching all the shows and love the part he played in it all.

Finally, I just can’t see any way to get Shatner in the movie that will fit his demands and what the writers themselves have set out to do. At best, I believe his presence would have people rolling their eyes going “Oh brother.” At worse, he may be embarassing. I just don’t believe his acting style today fits with the character of Kirk anymore.

Oh one more thing to 216–Go PHILLIESSSSSS:) (sorry had to throw that in)

218. NTH - October 7, 2010

#211 Boborci. Thank you Mr.Orci for your comment and for taking the time to read mine.My suggestion is made in the context of an empty canvas and a heartfelt desire to see Bill Shatner as Kirk for one last time.Hopefully this may be made possible by all parties involved if the opportunity arrives.Best wishes.

219. Disinvited - October 7, 2010

#165. keachick on October 6, 2010 once said “I read just recently that William Shatner had said that he did not wish to have a part in the sequel, now he does. What gives?”

I think it only appropriate to point out that in 1981 Nimoy said he did not want to have a part in any STAR TREK sequel after ST II but then after that principal photography was completed, he did. What gives with everyone accepting that but not this?

And when did the support for the new cast go from accolades of “Nailed it!” to “Well, not really, if you force them to have to ply their trade on the same stage as an original cast member with significant screen time they’ll be revealed for the frauds they really were.”?


What? You claiming the Terran Empire and its controlled media actually disseminates ACCURATE information? Because as last I recalled the truth was rather far down on their list of things to do.


Buzz, I think you are just cleverly trying to misdirect us from seeing that you took the cake.


You are confusing marketing with actual truth.

“Marketing isn’t a real thing, is it?” – Scott Adams

#198. Enterprisingguy on October 7, 2010 observed “So we are supposed to muddy the water even further by confusing the audience with an alternative Kirk?”

If they weren’t confused by two Spocks, one of them alternative, I fail to see how two Kirks would be any more so.

Also, the founding series left the barn door open on multiple Kirks. We had a transporter accident give us not one, not two but three different versions of Kirk in one episode alone, Mirror Kirk, Janice Lester/Krik, and Captain Garth/Kirk which the movies rebooted in ST VI’s Rura Penthe.

So, if the audiences over the decades as been able to stick through all those Kirks and some Spocks, Checkovs, Sulus, etc. as well, I don’t think this “confusion” of which you speak will be all that much of a roadblock to Shat.


Where I see this Connery argument breaking down is he DID return to Bond 12 years later in NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN (A reboot of a film he did in 1965.) and while an older flabby Connery returning to the role might not be consistent with the imagery the previous movie productions drummed up, it would be a heck of a lot closer to the character as Flemming originally wrote it.

Most of the laments against a Shatner return basically amount to “I can’t imagine how they could do it.” Well, here’s a news flash for you: you don’t have to. The ball’s in the new triad’s court. They are the ones who would have to imagine it if they want him in.

220. Phil - October 7, 2010

Christian Bale bulks up or slims down for a role. How bout it, Bill, put your money where your mouth is and get your weight down to were is was somewhere between TUD and Generations. It might score you a part, your heart will thank you, and your horses will thank you, too. Win-win for everyone…

221. Disinvited - October 7, 2010


In honor of you mentioning Five O (years):

The Enterprise visits Iotia in Orci’s altiverse. Except in this version, instead of “The Book” the Horizon leaves the complete boxed set of Jack Lord’s HAWAII FIVE-O.

Finally, Kirk gets to say the line long denied him by the Lord casting cull, “Book ’em, Spocko.”

222. dmduncan - October 7, 2010

205: “I think there are all kinds of funny possibilities for Trek/Goodfellas.”

Oh and The Godfather too.

Shatner rejects offer, wakes up next to horse’s head. Shatner changes mind. Reprises catatonic version of Captain Kirk for sequel.

211: Hmmm, maybe there’s a historical parallel here with Brando and Superman.

223. P Technobabble - October 7, 2010

154. Disinvited

You are correct: the Boss (not Springsteen, of course) could certainly force the Supreme Court into making a certain kind of Star Trek film, with specific characters, etc., and if they didn’t want to do it, the Boss would find someone who would. But I do believe Paramount feels that Star Trek is in good hands and are likely to let them do the kind of Star Trek movie they want to do.

In fact, I CAN imagine the suits trying to tell the writer what to do: I’m sure you already know the famous Ellison story about when he went in to pitch for the first Trek film. I don’t remember the particular exec off the top of my head who wanted Ellison to incorporate Mayans into his story, and, in that instance, Ellison walked out. But that’s another story…

Anyway, let’s hope it doesn’t come down to some Paramount exec and a couple-o’- thugs performing assorted forms of torture on Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof until they cry “Kirk!”

224. TMMW (formerly...) - October 7, 2010

Here’s an Idea.

Shatner could play a dinosaur in the next one (ref. from a ST12 story Idea
I heard recently from StarTrekUltra on AICN). snk. ; )

225. Boborci - October 7, 2010

223. Will always see same amount of lights!

226. Jonboc - October 7, 2010

#215 “Sorry, they don’t ever die? Really?”

If you seriously think there is a danger of Paramount killing off Chris Pine’s Kirk in the next movie or CBS killing off McGarrett on 5-0, I have some tribbles to sell you my friend! (breakdowns in salary negotiations not-withstanding!)

227. dmduncan - October 7, 2010

See? Bob is us.

228. P Technobabble - October 7, 2010

225. Bob

LOL perfect!

229. Vultan - October 7, 2010

#205 and #206

“As far back as I can remember I always wanted to a redshirt.”

You guys rock for bringing Goodfellas into the discussion.


230. dmduncan - October 7, 2010

And by the way, the “lights” Bob mentioned referencing TNG was lifted from George Orwell’s 1984, only instead of “lights” it was “fingers”:


“That is the fact that you have got to relearn, Winston…. You must humble yourself before you can become sane.”

He paused for a few moments, as though to allow what he had been saying to sink in.

“Do you remember,” he went on, “writing in your diary, ‘Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four’?”

“Yes,” said Winston.

O’Brien held up his left hand, its back toward Winston, with the thumb hidden and the four fingers extended. “How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?”


“And if the Party says that it is not four but five—then how many?”


The word ended in a gasp of pain. The needle of the dial had shot up to fifty-five. The sweat had sprung out an over Winston’s body. The air tore into his lungs and issued again in deep groans which even by clenching his teeth he could not stop. O’Brien watched him, the four fingers still extended. He drew back the lever. This time the pain was only slightly eased.

“How many fingers, Winston?”


The needle went up to sixty. “How many fingers, Winston?”…

“Five! Five! Fivel”

“No, Winston, that is no use. You are lying. You still think there are four. How many fingers, please?”

“Four! Five! Four! Anything you like. Only stop it, stop the pain!”

Abruptly he was sitting up with O’Brien’s arm round his shoulders. He had perhaps lost consciousness for a few seconds…. He felt very cold, he was shaking uncontrollably…. For a moment he clung to O’Brien like a baby, curiously comforted by the heavy arm round his shoulders. He had the feeling that O’Brien was his protector, that the pain was something that came from outside, from some other source, and that it was O’Brien who would save him from it.


231. dmduncan - October 7, 2010

The Richard Burton/John Hurt “1984” was streaming on Netflix; don’t know if it still is. But it’s excellent. And disturbing.

232. Vultan - October 7, 2010


“As far back as I can remember I always wanted to BE a redshirt.”

Damn typos. :(

233. Harry Ballz - October 7, 2010

201. “I’m a bit non-plussed by the usually sensible Harry Ballz bringing that up”

Thanks, Buzz, and don’t get me wrong….growing up in the 1960’s, I LOVED Shatner as Kirk in Star Trek. Hell, I even enjoyed him in the role up to and including ST:TSFS.

Then……..something happened. He started to act more like William Shatner and less like Kirk. By Generations, he was lampooning his own image and not in a good way. In the past 15 years he has become a bloated parody of himself. An old fat bufoon does not belong in a Starfleet uniform, let alone portraying our most beloved Trek character!

Just my personal opinion.

234. Sarah - October 7, 2010

I kinda wish Shatner would make his decision based on a love (or otherwise) for Star Trek, itself. Otherwise, if the dollar were right, I fear he’d go for anything. I feel like he made a mistake appearing in VII. I hope he’ll appear, but for the right reasons. Otherwise, the franchise may be better served if he sat this one out.

235. dmduncan - October 7, 2010

Honestly Bob, the Shatner problem could have been solved by the Shatner scene you wrote. It was so poignant and meaningful. It was such a great way to make that movie water tight.

JJ’s great, but after watching Undercovers, I see he’s got an Achilles Heel in the judgment department. For the most part he makes great decisions, but he pulled a Homer Simpson on the Shatner scene.

I don’t know what the behind the scenes wrangling was over this, but I know it wasn’t the cameo thing because Shatner did a silly cameo for Fan Boys. And for the life of me I just don’t know why it is “impossible” (JJ hasn’t seen the light yet maybe?) to still shoot that scene and rerelease the movie with it or put it in a special edition.

What’s JJ’s counter argument? Artistic integrity of the piece? I don’t buy it. He had Gugu Mbatha Raw flummoxed over which wire to cut to disable the bomb last week!

I’m pretty sure that before that series ends, SOMEbody is going to die with their eyes wide open.

236. MJ - October 7, 2010

Bob, loved the 3rd episode of H-5-0. I am hooked. Can’t believe how good the chemistry is good between M and Danno. I am warming up to M now as well — he seemed wooden at first, but plays the great straight man for Danno. I like how you never know which one is going to teach the other how to do the right thing regardless of conventions.

237. MJ - October 7, 2010

233–Harry said: “Then……..something happened. He started to act more like William Shatner and less like Kirk. By Generations, he was lampooning his own image and not in a good way. In the past 15 years he has become a bloated parody of himself. An old fat bufoon does not belong in a Starfleet uniform, let alone portraying our most beloved Trek character!”

Unfortunately, I have to completely agree with you. Some has to say this, and you and I are a few of the folks who are telling it like it is here. It is sad though and I know it is hard for folks to let go, but we must move on. It is like having that crazy uncle — it is fun when you are young, but then when you are older and have kids it is more disturbing, you make sure you don’t leave them alone with him.

238. Red Dead Ryan - October 7, 2010


“…..but then when you are older and have kids it is more disturbing, you make sure you don’t leave them alone with him.”

True. The world is full of ‘crazy uncles’ and creeps, but William Shatner is MOST DEFINITELY not one of them. This very statement that you posted is better directed at the likes of Mel Gibson. A lot of people would gladly pay William Shatner big bucks to look after their kids for an evening or two.


“An old fat bufoon does not belong in a Starfleet uniform, let alone portraying our most beloved Trek characters!”

Harry, I enjoy chatting with you. But I can’t honestly believe you of all people would stoop so low in insulting a man who helped make Star Trek the phenomenon it is today. You once claimed to have met Mr. Shatner. You said he had a lot of class. So, what happened since then to make you resort to petty insults?

God, I hope the ‘Supreme Court’ ignores most of the comments made by fans on this site. The ‘Shatner-bashing’ really drives me up the wall. Why can’t people accept the man for who he is today? Who’s to say that he wouldn’t be able to get back into the character of Kirk if given the opportunity? And why must some “fans” bash a man who has contributed a lot to not only pop culture, but society as a whole through his charity work?

239. dmduncan - October 7, 2010

Suffice it to say that with Bob being the canoneer that he is, any appearance by Shatner would be the Shatner aged as in Generations. Is that possible? Yes. James Cameron turned Zoe Saldana into a 10 foot tall blue alien, and he did a good job of it too. It is very possible. That makes the issue over his current appearance, which is pretty darned good for his age, completely 104.3 % moot. You need Shatner to BE Kirk, not to look like him. SPFX will solve that problem. O’ course, you may ALSO need Nicholas Meyer to direct him in every scene that he appears. So there are a host of problems with bringing Shatner back; making him look the part isn’t one of them.

But given all those other problems, is it possible AND worth it? I think so. As long as Shatner doesn’t price himself out of the film or try to rewrite Bob’s work. Shatner IS manageable.

If you don’t believe something is possible, you won’t explore it as a possibility.

240. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

#237 no, you are telling it like to think it is. There is a difference.
I don’t fully understand Harry’s antipathy towards the guy that portrayed ‘the most beloved Trek character, the guy that gave him life but, Harry, we get it now. You don’t like him much these days. Mate, you’ve flogged that particular horse long enough now. Let it go. ;-)
There isn’t a topic started about Bill where you don’t open up with both barrells! Its your right, of course, but you are becoming a parody of yourself now- and I’m sure you don’t want that! ;-)

241. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

#219 you flatter me! I’m not aware i’ve ever done anything ‘cleverly’ but if you say thats what i did who am i to argue. ;-)

242. Buzz Cagney - October 7, 2010

#226 no, that wasn’t the question. The question was ‘they don’t EVER die?’. Perhaps you haven’t seen Trek’s 2 and 7?
Plainly they do die. Hence the laboured, tortured, agonising twists and turns of this thread.

243. Harry Ballz - October 7, 2010


Buzz, if people question me about my not wanting Shatner back as Kirk, I feel compelled to respond to them.

244. Red Dead Ryan - October 7, 2010


Harry, you are entitled to voice your opinion against William Shatner appearing in the sequel (indeed I acknowledge there are valid reasons why some, including you, are against the idea) but when you refer to the man as a “fat bufoon” (sic) it comes off as incredibly juvenile and classless. Dissing Erica Durance is one thing, but doing the same against a man who helped build Star Trek into a pop culture empire is just sad and pathetic.

245. Harry Ballz - October 7, 2010

Aw, Ryan, I’m sorry you feel that way.

My HONEST SINCERE OPINION is that the Shat has parlayed that exact persona of bufoon into a new career. Odds are the Shat himself would probably giggle and agree with my assessment. He is, literally, laughing all the way to the bank.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with playing the clown if that’s exactly what you offered up for the part in the first place.

246. Jim Nightshade - October 7, 2010

Tonights shat my dad says was the first episode that was actually funny n better written than the other episodes–shat is also relaxed n looking more natural in the role

247. MJ - October 7, 2010

“Remember, there’s nothing wrong with playing the clown if that’s exactly what you offered up for the part in the first place.”

Exactly. The Shat has reinvented himself anyways. The only reason he can’t leg go of Trek is the combination of ego and $$$. He is a well paid comedic actor now and a great showman. He is also 80, very fat, and says a lot of silly stuff.

248. P Technobabble - October 8, 2010

I watched BLEEP for the first time last night, and I thought it was ok. But, more importantly to this sudden turn of the conversation, I thought Shatner looked pretty damn good, especially for a man his age. Sure, he’s a bit overweight, but I’ve seen some folks that make him look like an anorexic. If you read the news at all, obesity in this country and around the world is a serious problem, and there are people who are carrying around double their own weight.
Picking on Shatner is expected cos he’s an easy target — he’s a big celebrity. But he’s still sharp as a razor. So he’s a jokester. I’m sure he knows “there are fewer days ahead than behind,” and he’s living it up, doing what he wants to do, and having fun doing it. I say “God bless him.” I wouldn’t mind being Shatner for a day. I think the man is an inspiration. I’m sure there are a number of us at this site who will fall to pieces by the time we hit 70, which probably has more to do with genetics anyway. The future is uncertain and promised to no one. Shatner, like Capt. Kirk, is beating the odds.

249. Yankee Baseball - October 8, 2010

217–The Phillies look very strong, but the Yankees are the champs until someone knocks them off the perch. Pettitte’s performance yesterday is something that should be more worrisome to teams than Halladay’s no hitter.

Now, as to some of the relevant stuff, people who insult Shatner’s weight and age are just clueless. Kirk Prime wouldn’t be expected to do the big fight scene with the leaping double-fisted punch while simultaneously having sex with the green girl. Pine can take care of that.

Honestly, I don’t think the Shatner scene as written solves the problem–unless of course they made it clear that Kirk made that hologram after Generations. It didn’t as we read it.

Any post-Generations Kirk Prime appearance does have to account for age. While the easiest thing would be to have it be a future version of Pine’s Kirk, that also wouldn’t solve the Generations problem.

This movie may be the last chance to possibly get a Shatner/Nimoy reunion. I would think a tag teaming of Shatner and Abrams, along with a decent enough role that matters, would get Nimoy back in the fold. At least I would hope.

But again, it would be nice if Abrams, Orci and other people involved would respect fandom enough to tackle this issue head on, early. If Shatner’s not going to be in the movie–kill the false hope. It was uncool last time, and it would be worse this time.

250. Jai - October 8, 2010

“Any post-Generations Kirk Prime appearance does have to account for age. While the easiest thing would be to have it be a future version of Pine’s Kirk, that also wouldn’t solve the Generations problem.”

I completely agree with this. Figuring out “which version” of the older Kirk will appear, and — if it’s Kirk Prime – a suitable solution to untangle the question of Kirk’s post-Generations resurrection, are the fundamental issues Bob Orci & co will have to do some serious thinking about.

Something else I can add is that William Shatner himself (and the writers) will need to very carefully handle his portrayal of Kirk; both the performance and the scenario will have to involve the appropriate level of seriousness and gravitas, otherwise it’ll look like Denny Crane parodying Kirk. Not that Denny didn’t have his serious moments as well, of course, but the depiction of Kirk’s personality will need to be sufficiently striking in order to differentiate it from Mr Shatner’s more recent Boston Legal persona.

251. Aurore - October 8, 2010

I don’t want a Shatner/Nimoy reunion but a good movie first and foremost.And I think that even if it is announced very early on that Shatner will not be in the movie,some people will still lament about it. We’ll probably have threads on the fact that William Shatner has been disrespected yet again.”Fandom” might feel slighted no matter what regarding this issue.

252. Damian - October 8, 2010

I personally do not have an issue with Shatner’s age or alleged weight issues. Hell, look a Scotty in “Relics”, he was an aged Captain and I don’t think he would be referred to as skinny. So I think, even if Shatner was an old fat man (which I really do not believe), it would not be relevant.

My issues are more basic to his current acting style. He has changed. His current style works for what he is doing now. I do not believe it would work for Kirk in Star Trek anymore.

As far as having a Shatner/Nimoy reunion. First, Nimoy has categorically said that he has retired from acting. It seems pretty clear to me that he has no intention, whatsoever, of appearing in any more Star Trek. Anyway, you want to undercut the new cast, a reunion like that would really turn the current cast into supporting characters.

253. Yankee Baseball - October 8, 2010

The thing is though–he hasn’t changed. His roles have changed. He’s an award winning actor. He can step back into the Kirk role without blinking. And Abrams is a stellar director/producer. I don’t think it would be that hard to get Shatner to play the role he played for 27 years.

Nimoy categorically retired from acting before Abrams got him to act again.

And as for undercutting the new cast, I have no problem with that if it involves a Shatner/Nimoy reunion and a proper ending for Kirk Prime. When you compare what the new cast did to what the original cast did, if anything, why should the new cast get in the way of the originals? That said, I’m not seriously suggesting that Shatner and Nimoy STAR in such a movie. They would essentially be the guest stars. Special guest stars. A special guest star, be it a hero or villain, will always have something important to do. It doesn’t undercut the main cast. It supports the story. It’s not like I expect Pine to be in trouble, Shatner to walk in and say, “Don’t worry younger me, I got this,” and run the show for the next 2 hours.

Nimoy’s presence in the last movie did not undercut anyone. I’m positive this team can write something that doesn’t undercut anyone.

254. Jonboc - October 8, 2010

Obviously there are those that, for whatever reason, can’t sperate Shatner, the man…whom they believe, for some reason, has a big ego, and Shatner they actor. Quite simply, they don’t like the man and his swagger. His charm, success and constant attention grates on their nerves, because they can’t fathom how someone so silly and who was so mean to other, more fan-friendly Trek actors, can be so popular. Therefore they attack with arguments that hold little weight…like he’s too fat…he wears a toupee…he’s a goofy old man that can’t act is way out of a paper bag…etc etc. Points that have absolutely no bearing on this Emmy winning actor’s ability to effectively return to the role he created and play him a little older and wiser.

People change as they age, thats life. So would Kirk. Fortunately, Shatner could easily pass as a 60 year old physically. Mentally, Kirk doesn’t have mad cow, so he could be as smart and cunning as ever.

Sadly, some people just can’t shake their dislike of the man. It’s the same types who can’t watch Tom Cruise movies because he jumped on Oprahs couch. Makes no sense, I know, but they are out there, this very forum is proof of that!

255. Yankee Baseball - October 8, 2010

I wish there was a way to edit posts. Sorry for the double. 251–you are right. If they announce early on that Shatner will not be in the movie, people will be mad. No question. I probably want to see Shatner in the movie more than Shatner does. I will be disappointed.

But compared to last time? It would be much different.

Whether the intent was there or not, I felt like I was misled and lied to by Team Abrams. From my point of view, they handled the Shatner issue with a sheer lack of professionalism. They dangled this false hope, yet never even negotiated with the guy. One early on meeting which amounted to nothing. I was angrier at the false hopes than even at the lack of Shatner appearance. I almost refused to see the movie because of their treatment of Shatner. I’m glad I saw it since they made the best Trek movie since 1991. Those thoughts never would have entered my head if they didn’t constantly put that false hope out there.

It felt like a bait and switch, and as a big Shatner fan, I was livid. I’m not saying Team Abrams grew moustaches, twirled them, and maliciously tried to hurt Shatner fans. But they did.

The sheer lack of direct communication between the two sides was terrible, especially combined with the constant “we can still make it happen” posts and quotes, notably by Bob Orci on Trekmovie forums.

It led to a bitterness toward the movie that didn’t have to happen.

I am hoping they learn from that mistake. No one will be happier to see them use Shatner in the next movie than I would. I would LOVE to see the return of Kirk Prime. It would be the greatest story they could tell.

But if they don’t want to tell that story, I won’t be happy, but I will at least be able to process the reasoning and deal with it. The perceived deception made the end result worse last time. This time, I would just appreciate a little more straightforwardness.

“Shatner is in the movie” or “Shatner is not in the movie” will not be major spoilers.

If he is not in the movie, is that even a spoiler? Would that really shatter their precious need for plot secrecy?

And if he IS in the movie, while that is a spoiler, it’s not a major one from a plot standpoint, yet would only raise awareness, conversations, and excitement as to HOW. It will send the debate in a new direction.

Last time, it was a debacle. As a fan who has a huge interest in Shatner’s return, I don’t want to deal with that again.

Please deal with this issue early on. We know Shatner wants in. We know a LOT of fans want to see it. The discussion in threads on this topic ALWAYS far outlasts discussion on any other topic. That alone will put more butts in the seats. The bottom line though is that Shatner comments are really not relevant. Only comments from Team Abrams matter at this point. The two sides have more of a relationship now than back then. Deal with it early. Don’t use interview comments as excuses for a failure to meet. That was not a good tactic last time, and it won’t be this time. If there is ANY interest in Shatner, meet. If not, please man up and say so.

I won’t be happy if he’s not in the movie, but I won’t entertain boycott thoughts again if they are just honest.

256. Aurore - October 8, 2010

I had no idea there was a Star Trek movie in the works before it was released in may 2009. So, I admit I can’t relate to what you experienced;I had given up on the franchise at the end of the eighties.However, from what I have read while looking through this site’s archives I never got the impression that there had been a will to mislead the fans.Obviously on this issue opinions vary.In any case, I agree that knowing early on what’s going on would be good.I won’t lie to you though:I don’t want Shatner in the sequel.

257. Hugh Hoyland - October 8, 2010

Man I love the Shat, just because of the impact the character of Kirk had on me as a kid. But I also remember watching him talk about Kirks death in Generation interviews with what seemed almost like glee, it was a bad gamble, one he lost IMO. (The gamble was he thought/hoped the sequel would have a revived Kirk and Picard vs the borg). Im just not sure how they can put the character in the sequel story without it seeming forced, but these guys are good, so you never know.

258. Daoud - October 8, 2010

I had a piece of toast this morning that came out with what looks a bit like the image of Young Shatner as Kirk.

Thus it is ordained from the Lords of Toaster, Bob… must have Shatner’s Hundred Years’ (old) Kirk.

Now, pass the butter and strawberry preserves, please! (But not for Bill.)

259. Yankee Baseball - October 8, 2010

256–it was terrible in that they teased it a LOT, but never actually moved on it. Again, I don’t believe they had some malicious intent to screw with the fans. Looking back maybe they were just unwilling to step up and deal with the backlash. In the end, they made it much worse because they kept implying it was possible–even AFTER filming. The only one who was honest the entire time was Shatner himself. I really hope it’s handled better this time around. I don’t expect it to happen. Based on last time, I won’t believe it without a press conference that is attended by both Shatner and Abrams. And even then, I don’t know if I would believe it until I see Shatner in a trailer. The only one who has any credibility with me is Shatner, and Shatner doesn’t have the power to make it happen, which makes his desires irrelevant. That said, if he said they were discussing it, I would start to have a glimmer of hope. But “internal discussions,” mean nothing.

260. Damian - October 8, 2010

Maybe I was out of the loop, but I did not feel misled by the exclusion of Shatner in the last movie. I remember reading early on, the William Shatner (and Nimoy) were given some say in who would get the roles. However, I also remember reading pretty early on that while they tried to find a way to get him in, Abrams had said that any attempt to force Shatner in the story seemed force, like “fanboys” just trying to get him in no matter what. Nimoy was more blunt, telling Shatner that his character died. While they created a new alternate universe, the writing team still had to respect canon from the original universe. I never really seriously thought Shatner would have been in it.

Memory Alpha has a more detailed outline of the so called “Shatner controversy” in a section for Star Trek (2009).

253–I must respectively disagree. Shatner’s acting from Star Trek V on of Captain Kirk was dramatically different than it was from a just a few years prior. I did not care for it and I have friends who at the time noticed the same thing. He seemed to be parodying his own portrayal of Kirk. Now if you like his current acting style, so be it. I don’t believe it would work for Kirk anymore, but that is just my own personal opinion. I feel his presence would be a distraction from what otherwise would probably be a great story.

Also, let’s not forget this is a 2 hour movie. Kirk’s death in Generations was rather permanent. To bring him back in some fashion would eat up a good portion of their 2 hours. Yes, they brought Spock back from the dead, but it took a 2 hour movie to do it. Also, Bob Orci and co. have said they are done with time travel. That would seem to limit your options (add the that Shatner does not want a simple cameo or play some other role–which I could see being done). I doubt Shatner would be interested in the hologram idea.

261. Damian - October 8, 2010

Just to clarify–I would be open to Shatner playing another role (family member of Captain Kirk), in a role that would leave the current case as the stars of the show. However, Shatner himself has more or less put to death that idea. I think it is rather clear he would only accept a role as the Captain James T Kirk.

I am not a Shatner basher, but I don’t want him to be a distraction. There was enough suspension of disbelief in the last film.

262. NTH - October 8, 2010

An appearance of a post Generations Prime Kirk with Prime Spock is the benchmark for an appearance of Bill Shatner for his supporters.I have no doubt that Bill is aware of the significance a final appearance of him as Kirk has and of the necessity of getting it right this time and this will influence any decisions he makes if offered the part in the new movie……it would be an important part of his acting legacy and the final curtain call for him in this roll and for his fans.This of course raises the bar very high for Bob and his fellow writers and to be fair goes beyond the necessity of scope of the next movie.However I honestly believe that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all parties involved and I hope it is possible.

263. dmduncan - October 8, 2010

Shoot the Shatner scene and the problem goes away. It’s the simplest solution.

Alternatively, having read a good amount of science fiction, I’m not that convinced by the absoluteness of Kirk’s death on Veridian III. Duncan Idaho, one of the greatest characters in science fiction, died many…many…many times.

If a new TV series taking place in the prime universe WERE to happen, I’m sure mysterious alien beings like the Bene Thleilax might find Kirk’s resurrected form a fascinating subject of study.

But we’re burning daylight here. If Shatner makes an appearance, it will have to be soon.

264. dmduncan - October 8, 2010

And Duncan Idaho is a good model to follow. Frank Herbert killed him in Dune, but the character was so popular with fans that he found a way not only to bring him back, but to make him the star of the series. There are parallels galore here.

265. Aurore - October 8, 2010

259-“Looking back maybe they were just unwilling to step up and deal with the backlash”.Well, we are talking about Star Trek fans after all.In all seriousness,as I said ,I hope this time around will know if he is in or not soon enough.

266. Aurore - October 8, 2010

will=we will

267. Damian - October 8, 2010

265–I hope that as soon as the Abrams team settles this issue once and for all, they announce it. I know Star Trek movies are typically shrouded in secrecy, but this is one secret not worth keeping. Eventually it would start to hurt the movie. Best to get it out of the way and give the losing side time to adjust to their disappointment before the movie release.

268. Boborci - October 8, 2010

May I have your attention for a special announcement:

There will be no announcements.

Thank you;)

269. Aurore - October 8, 2010

267-I agree.That being said, I believe that on this site the side that will end up losing will not be willing to “adjust”.

270. Aurore - October 8, 2010

268-Sir,you are so mean.I say that respectfully…of course.

271. Damian - October 8, 2010

269–I would adjust to the idea in time. The point is, the longer I have to get used to the idea, should my side lose, the more likely I would overlook the issue if the rest of the movie is good. I am not totally inflexible. I loved what Shatner has brought to the franchise, I just cannot see how his presence would add to the movie. I actually fear it could detract from it. The writers and current actors did a great job. But I’ve followed all of Star Trek and cannot fathom how they can get Shatner in it without it seeming ridiculous, and am afraid that Shatner’s performance as Kirk would more than likely be eye rolling at best.

When Star Trek VI ended, I was heartbroken that would be the last time I saw the original crew together. However, in the years since, with all the other series and movies, Star Trek survived and even thrived beyond them. In a way, that is a testament to all involved with Star Trek’s creation. However, I have also moved on. I don’t need that one more good-bye. I said that a long time ago.

This is a new universe they created. I want to explore that and have a totally new story of exploration where Star Trek has not gone before. I want the next movie to move forward, not back.

272. Hugh Hoyland - October 8, 2010

srry for the double post again. One must be prime timeline the other alternate.

273. Hugh Hoyland - October 8, 2010

srry for the double post again. One must be prime timeline the other alternate.

274. Aurore - October 8, 2010

271- I agree with every single thing you said.Again.

275. Daoud - October 8, 2010

@268 You forgot the traditional M*A*S*H tagline: “That is all.”

276. Red Dead Ryan - October 8, 2010


I can see that you’re getting a lot of kicks out of this debate!

277. Jai - October 8, 2010

Kirk and Spock meet up for their daily whisky & cigar in the Enterprise recreational lounge.


Kirk: “Ah, there you are. Nearly missed you this episode.”

Spock: “Indeed, Jim. How are you feeling ?”

Kirk: “I feel…..young, Spock. I feel young.”

Spock: “Really ?”

Kirk: “Well, more or less.”

Spock: “Neither one of us is actually getting any younger, my friend.”

Kirk: “They say that time is the fire in which we burn.”

Spock: “Is that a poem ?”

Kirk: “No. Just something someone was trying to tell me….er, a friend while he was trying to kill him, but that’s a long story.”

Spock: “It always is, Jim. It always is.”

Kirk: “I hear they’re thinking of bringing me back.”

Spock: “Fascinating. Can they afford you ?”

Kirk: “I’m….open to negotiation. Apparently the last film did rather well.”

Spock: “It certainly did. People seemed to like my performance too.”

Kirk: “You’re not the only one who can act. I won a couple of Emmys, you know.”

Spock: “But it begs the logical question: Can Bob Orci and his team find an intelligent way to work you into the storyline ?”

Kirk: “They’d better. Otherwise you know what’ll happen.”

Spock: “Yes. No third movie with Khan.”

Kirk: “No. Er, yes. But that’s not what I meant.”

Spock: “I see. You’re referring to the very gates of Hell opening.”

Kirk: “I’m afraid so. Blog posts. Lots of them.”

Spock: “Maybe even a Youtube campaign.”

Kirk: “Imagine the backlash. Facebook. Twitter. Dear God, not Twitter.”

Spock: “It’s perfectly understandable. Fans do sometimes take all this extremely seriously, after all. It’s very important to many, many people.”

Kirk: “Well, the Federation does represent a better future for humanity. Hopey changey stuff.”

Spock: “Equality for all….”

Kirk: “No ethnic discrimination…..”

Spock: “Free food, clothing and shelter for everyone…..”

Kirk: “Free education….”

Spock: “Free healthcare…..”

Kirk: “Good God, Spock. Do you realise what we are ?”

Spock: “Yes. Apparently we’re Socialist Marxist Liberal Progressive Communist Muslims.”

Kirk: “I do like the 23rd century.”

Spock: “So do I, Jim. Cheers.”

Kirk: “Cheers. Cue the music.”

278. Harry Ballz - October 8, 2010


Hey, what the……….oh, a wise guy, huh?


279. Aurore - October 8, 2010


280. P Technobabble - October 8, 2010

I do think it’s gonna be rather painful if we have to go through this “Will Shatner be in? Will Shatner not be in” stuff until 2012.

281. Viking - October 8, 2010

I think the Shat is a little past his ‘sell-by’ date at this point. (Besides, didn’t James Spader already say he thought Shat had a somewhat ‘gamey’ aroma to him on the set? Better check under that bar code…..)

282. Jim Nightshade - October 8, 2010

ahhh Yes Duncan Idaho, Indiana Jones….hmmm…..LUCAS RIPS OFF FRANK HERBERT!!! (Dyslexicly of course)

They had Richard Jordan(Francis in Logans Run) portray Duncan Idaho in the Lynch Dune movie…mannnnnnn I remember being so stoked when I heard that, big fan of Logans Run….

Then….His part was reduced to two small scenes Talking to Duke Leto and Running Down a corridor fighting and dying for Duke Leto….

As others have pointed out he was a MAJOR CHARACTER in Dune….and Jordan was an excellent choice..Too bad we didnt get to see more of his character in the movie..SIGH…

283. Jim Nightshade - October 8, 2010

And yes I also remember the SANDWORM SKELETON in STAR WARS when the Droids(TMLUCAS) walk in the desert…..but then again….


So it musta been a desert SNAKE???

284. dmduncan - October 8, 2010

268: “There will be no announcements.”

We heard it here first.

285. dmduncan - October 8, 2010

@282: Duncan Idaho was the only character that spanned all the books, across millennia. Great character. Epic story. Movie sucked. SyFy version much better but still so held back. That story can only be told in a full length series.

Was thinking…to make Star Trek great you have to go outside its own canon. Example: TNG’s Chain of Command lifting the lights idea from Orwell’s 1984. Constantly referencing its own gets you stuck in a numbing prison of circularity. Lots of good ideas outside of Star Trek that Star Trek can reinterpret. Like Lucas did. Tattooine was much like Dune, Arrakis, desert planet.

286. Phil - October 8, 2010

@ 150….tell you what, if Betty White is cast in the lead of Wonder Woman, I’ll buy an 80 year old Shat as an action hero….

287. VOODOO - October 8, 2010

Shatner doesn’t have to play Kirk as an action hero. Nimoy didn’t play Spock as an action hero.

Can’t people age in the ST universe?

288. VOODOO - October 8, 2010

I’m telling you guys that if/when it is announced that Shatner is returning as Kirk in the next film, this and every fanboy site on the net will EXPLODE.

Shatner should return as Kirk for the following reasons.

1/ It would be fun to see him as Kirk one more time
2/ His version of the character deserves a better ending
3/ It makes good business sense…Shatner as Kirk would give this film a ton of positive buzz in the mainstream media.

289. dmduncan - October 8, 2010

Here’s a hypothetical example…

Spock gives Kirk a gift from Spock Prime. Young Spock doesn’t know that it’s a hologram emitter; he only knows what Spock Prime tells him and conveys the same message to Kirk — that when he needs words of encouragement, this “gift” will be useful.

Kirk tosses it on a chair in his quarters. In the story, Kirk is in his darkest hour. He retreats to his cabin and lays down, exhausted, frustrated, uncertain, empty.

And suddenly a voice comes out of the shadows. On a chair in the corner, a man sits half in the dark, only his legs visible. His voice is very familiar, speaking Robert Frost:

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there’s some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

Kirk is sitting on his bed now, his face passing through rapid seasons of different emotion as the poem sinks in deep: shock, surprise, understanding; he is soothed by the poem, which he also knows.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

They both say together, and then the other voice fades to silence as young Kirk finishes the poem on his own:

But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

The man steps out of the shadows then, and Kirk is staring at the face of his older self.

290. Kirk, James T. - October 9, 2010

I love Shatner but I wish he’d shut up about appearing in the next movie – It would be a joke and turn JJ Abrams Trek into a farce if he was to appear. Let the new guys go it alone and leave the “prime timeline” and it’s characters to rest in piece.

291. Trek Lady - October 9, 2010

Re-film the final planned scene with Spock Prime speaking to NuSpock and insert the holographic Birthday message. It was a short scene and would have worked despite the “Kirk is dead” stuff.

I don’t buy the whole, “IT WAS TOO FANBOYISH” excuse. I mean, we are talking about a film in which NuKirk is dumped off a ship and just happens to land on a planet within walking distance of where Spock Prime was dumped, and just happens to run into the very cave where Spock Prime is sheltered and they just happen to come across Montogomery Scott who just happens to have been sent to this remote outpost where he meets them and is able to beam Kirk and himself to a ship that has been traveling at warp for hours….

Yeah – no fanboy wish fulfillment going on there!

292. Cali - October 9, 2010

*LOL* Well there are to many comments here to # or address, so I’ll just summarize:

– I love Shatner! But a tad more humility and appreciation for “Kirk” and Trek wouldn’t be unappreciated! A lot of celebrities of his stature and bigger have done appearances for free.

That said, I think “ST IV: The Voyage Home” was the perfect ending for the original crew. Now *that* said, I still loved the following movies and enjoy watching them whenever I can, period! =)

This new movie is a whole new time line and they don’t know ALL the effects of it yet. However, I do think if they had addressed “Kirk’s death” any time up until this new movie it would have fit. Now, with the new crew, even though it’s possible (after all, anything is) it just wouldn’t fit. But go ahead JJ. “Make my day” and show us otherwise. =D

– Shatner very much wanted to kill Kirk off in “Generations.” It wasn’t until AFTER he filmed it and watched it that he had doubts.

– Yes! It’s getting old on the “Will he or won’t he, be in the next…” Correct that “Enterprise” guest slot didn’t happen because of $ and according to Bill’s own website back when it was going on.

– How can you say it’s NOT about the $ when his own quote listed above says verbatim, “I’M VERY EXPENSIVE!” Along with EVERY single interview written, on TV talk shows, and at tons of personal convention appearances, I’ve seen – there’s a plug for $$! Always!

– I also LOVE the NEW trio and latest ST Movie! I think they’re doing an AMAZING job!! Bring them on!! And NOT 3-4 years from now! PLEASE! =)

– I *do* think Nimoy would do an appearance on “The Big Bang Theory” whether Shatner or anyone else were to ask. (And someone please do.) I would love to see it! When he did “The Simpsons” (and I hate that show!) it supposedly ‘appealed to him intellectually and in the way it was done.’ I think “TBBT” would be along the same vein for him whereas “Boston Legal” had a very different comic feel to it.

– And finally…it’s always enjoyable, regardless of the opinion to read about new things, people’s views, and whatever the newest Trek gadget is here! Thank you to everyone for keeping Trek alive! *THAT’s’* what really counts!! =)

I haven’t seen this gadget posted here yet: “STAR TREK Collectible Illuminated Art Sculpture” from Bradbury.

Happy Trekking! =)

293. dmduncan - October 9, 2010

Shatner’s appearance has to be natural. What I think a lot of fans questioning the wisdom of a Shatner appearance RIGHTLY fear is that it will not be.

And that IS a concern. Compared to how perfectly Shatner would have fit in the context of ST.09, it is a difficult proposition to duplicate that magic for a sequel which will have moved past the origins phase.

In the unfilmed scene, Shatner/Kirk plays the crucial part of making the crew whole by influencing young Spock’s decision to rejoin the crew; he repairs the family that Spock Prime’s actions otherwise would have fractured. As he did so often before, Kirk is the one who fixes things — this time in the only way that the timeline will ever, in a manner of speaking, be “restored” in this new incarnation.

The size of the part Shatner would have had is irrelevant compared to the importance of the part in the movie.

Given the first movie, HOW do you do a sequel where Shatner is NEEDED as an integral part of the plot? Because that’s what he was in the unfilmed scene of ST.09. JJ was wrong. The scene would have made the movie better.

I’d love to see Shatner again, but certainly not at the cost of generating bad reviews for the sequel, so in my opinion — Bob — if whatever you guys are contemplating is going to miss the target…if you KNOW it doesn’t feel right, then please don’t take the shot.

Which brings me back to my original point: Not only is shooting the Shatner scene the simplest solution. It is also the most elegant.

294. Tom - October 9, 2010


I agree just do the unfilmed scene. I still can’t believe they decided against it. Can you pull it off Bob?

295. Phil - October 9, 2010

I can completely understand why they decided not to film a Shatner scene in the last movie, and Shatners comments about the next one validate that decision. WS does not want a few seconds to wave at the audience, he wants to be the focus. All the Trek novels he has written validate that point. In his mind, HE IS TREK, and he’s in denial that the franchise has moved on with out him. All arguements about using an aged Kirk aside, all one needs to do is look at the reults of plugging a CGI Arnold in the last Terminator movie. Fairly gritty story up to that point, then it turned into high comedy. For all you fanboys out there leaving no stone unturned to figure out how to wedge “old Kirk” into the next flick, is this really what you want? People laughing at his “fond farewell”?

The current management of the franchise seems to understand that the story needs to stand alone. It worked with Nimoy last time, but it was hardly a story driven by the need to “pass the torch”, his presence. If subsequent movies are going to be driven by various living TOS cast members getting a chance to “pass the torch” the series will wither and die rather quickly. The audience isn’t stupid, and there are not enough fanboys out there to pay and watch that will generate the revenue the last movie did.

296. Aurore - October 9, 2010

295-Thank you so much for this . It needed to be said.Or, at least ,I needed to see it written.Good night.

297. dmduncan - October 9, 2010

295: “WS does not want a few seconds to wave at the audience, he wants to be the focus.”

This is mere assumption. We know Shatner wasn’t asked. That may have been the fear, but you try despite your inductive certainty — which is quite an ironic thing to have — because in reality you DON’T know.

And once again it has to be pointed out, given the mention of “fanboys” you have made, that a “few seconds to wave at the audience” is PRECISELY what he did in the movie named, oddly enough, Fanboys (2008).

You can say “Oh but this is Star Trek and Shatner ALWAYS wants to be the center of attention in Star Trek” all you want, and leaving the cynicism of such a view aside, it’s STILL just an inductive leap about what Shatner would or would not do when he’s already accepted the principle of it and wasn’t even asked about the scene that was written for him.

298. Disinvited - October 9, 2010


Not only that, but Nimoy campaigned for a decade of years that he absolutely wanted Spock dead and then: changed his mind. He has a rather nice record of doing about faces.

And as much as I’m in the camp that wants a serious send-off, I have to be intellectually honest with myself and reply to those who claim it would be a joke: “Well, it wouldn’t be the FIRST time Trek explored humor or played something for laughs – so you aren’t exactly making a compelling argument against Shatner’s involvement by rolling that out.”

299. Tom - October 9, 2010

The one thing that has been obvious is that it is an interesting debate. It does not matter which point of view that one has. It has been for the team since they met early on and tried to get him in during the process. So much so that the issue was a dvd extra on the blue ray i believe. At any rate it should not be so hard to say it is not going to happen if they truly know that is not something they are looking to do

300. Phil - October 9, 2010

297 – really, none of us know, so we debate the issue. We have different points of view, driven by nostalgia, or business interest, or whatever, but at the end of the day we are not the people who will be making the decisions. In a year and a half, we will view the fruits of their labors, and the debate will begin again about what might have been. I make my observations based on the words and deeds of the man himself, and if my conclusions are wrong, then they are wrong. It’s not like life and death hang in the balance here….

301. Disinvited - October 10, 2010


Well, none of us knows for certain how the future will unfold for Shatner, but many are running the odds of him living long enough to do one more Trek through their internal tote boards.

Re: he and Nimoy

I’m reminded of a quote from Walter Cronkite, “If I’d known I’d live so long, I would never have retired.”

302. dmduncan - October 10, 2010

301: “Well, none of us knows for certain how the future will unfold for Shatner, but many are running the odds of him living long enough to do one more Trek through their internal tote boards.”

Exactly. I mean the guy may live to be 120. Right now he looks and moves fantastic. But at some point he won’t be able to, giving the computer more work to do with less and less.

And the strength of the debate about what might have been is largely due to the scene that was on the boards for Shatner. A moving scene. This is not some meandering group of Trekkie psych ward patients muttering something about having to rescue Captain Kirk.

And it ain’t the first time a movie will have been re-released with additional material. Not even a precedent.

303. Harry Ballz - October 10, 2010

Yes, but you can bet Shatner would want probably $5 million for filming even that simple holograph cameo. Would it really be cost effective to pay him that and expect to get it back?

304. dmduncan - October 10, 2010

@303: I don’t think anybody expects them to do it at ANY cost. That’s extreme. But at a cost that is acceptable to all involved. And if that can’t be done, Shatner has priced himself out of the movie. End of story.

But Shatner isn’t stupid. He works so much presumably because he knows how to deal. If he was the uncompromising jerk that some people unfairly portray him as, we wouldn’t be seeing the guy so much on TV because he’d be making demands nobody was willing to meet.

305. Harry Ballz - October 10, 2010


I agree with you for the most part, but wonder if he considers reprising the role of KIrk as his “one extreme bargaining chip”. He knows that he is in possession of the one “commodity” that is irreplaceable in Trek. He is rich enough now that he can try to bluff them into paying in the extreme. If they agree, GREAT, if they don’t, well, it was worth a shot!

You’re right that for any other general work, he probably doesn’t charge a lot, because frankly, he isn’t worth a lot!

306. Steven - October 10, 2010

Urgh, what a tool. I mean, I like the Shat and all, but c’mon. It’s not like he’s Nimoy (who, may I remind you, is in very excellent shape to play Spock again). Shat will just look like an old, wasted Kirk – EXACTLY like he looked in Generations. And I don’t need to remind any of you how THAT turned out.

307. Canon Schmanon - October 10, 2010

I just have to say that the ideas some people are coming up with to put Shat in the next film are simply pathetic. There’s no way in the world he could be good for the next film. His Kirk has been a grotesque burlesque act since TWOK.

308. dmduncan - October 10, 2010

307: “His Kirk has been a grotesque burlesque act since TWOK.”

I’m sure somebody agrees with you.

309. Harry Ballz - October 10, 2010

Well, no, to give the Shat some credit, his “grotesque burlesque act” didn’t really start until TVH.

310. StarFuryG7 - October 10, 2010

Now ya see . . . this is classic Shatner speaking about what I believe probably had more to do with his not appearing in the last movie than has been acknowledged by the people who produced it . . . MONEY! So here he goes, ruining the prospect of his showing up in the next film as well (which I really don’t believe to be at all necessary at this point anyway).

311. StarFuryG7 - October 10, 2010


I don’t feel Shatner was “wasted” as Kirk in “Generations,” even though the film itself came across as a means of doing away with him. But in terms of his performance, he was better than Patrick Stewart in that movie.

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that his role was very similar to the way Charlton Heston was worked into “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” if you stop and think about it.

312. dmduncan - October 10, 2010

@309: Shatner was fantastic in TUC. I thought that was the best of the series and a great way to send the crew off.

If Generations hadn’t happened, ST.09 would have been a totally different movie (NOT complaining; I LOVED it). But back to MWI — isn’t that what PineKirk was telling us on Delta Vega? Rick Berman and Ron Moore caused the universe to split. Just imagine if we had those alternate universe windows from Fringe, what Star Treks we would see. I would carry that thing around with me checking movie theaters every week for a new Star Trek.

313. Rod Mamianskum - October 10, 2010

I would like to see the “Borg” assimilating Kirk’s body and travelling back to time to face young kirk or the young kirk going to the future to save a race attacked by “borg the Kirk”.

314. - October 11, 2010

@313 Love it. Kirk versus Kirk. Two best captains in the universe duke it out.

315. Harry Ballz - October 11, 2010

“I am Kirok of Borg. Resistance is futile. You WILL get your ass kicked!”

316. Shatner_Fan_Prime - October 11, 2010

Paramount is really missing out on the $$$ it could make from animated Trek features! Warner/DC does it all the time, as of course does Lucasfilm. One of the recent Warner/DC animated movies even featured Bruce Greenwood as Batman.

A new animated Trek film, with Shater as Kirk, Nimoy as Spock, and Karl Urban as McCoy! Do it, Paramount! It could be a direct continuation of TOS. Every Trekkie in the world would buy it.

317. Shatner_Fan_Prime - October 11, 2010

And by the way…I was at a Toys R Us recently and there were plenty of TOS toys on hand, phasers, action figures, etc (no items from the other Trek series). Shatner’s face was on all the packaging. It’s hard not to be impressed by the fact that a *45 year old* tv show and its star still appear so prominently in a retail environment geared towards kids. How many other tv shows from the 60’s can make this claim? None! The enduring popularity of TOS, my friends.

318. Daoud - October 11, 2010

I thought about this for a few days. It’s moot.

Sadly, William Shatner, the man, is not immortal.

Boborci and JJ can shirk around about this for the next two years, if they must, but this is getting OLD fast. And Bill’s not getting younger.

You don’t need an actuarial table to tell you that Bill isn’t going to be here for that much longer. So producers, play all you want instead, because it doesn’t seem to be you they think that you need to pony up and work something out with him now. Because as much as I’d love to think about Bill finally getting a chance the third time with Star Trek 2015, we know that time is the fire in which we all burn. He’ll be 80 next year.

@317 What, no I Love Lucy merchandise? No Dobie Gillis or Gilligan’s Island or Brady Bunch or Father Knows Best merchandise? Not even a Bewitched witch costume or I Dream of Jeannie outfit for Hallowe’en? Pshaw!

319. Damian - October 12, 2010

#295–My point exactly. Maybe some it is not clear to some, but to me it is clear, Shatner does NOT want a cameo. He will not be content with a 2 minute passing the torch scene. He wants to be part of the story. Following his comments over the last several years, it’s at least clear to me the so called missing hologram scene would not have been done regardless because Shatner would not have done it. You are dreaming if you think he would have.

#298–It took an entire movie to bring Spock back. Not to drag the point on, but to bring prime-Kirk back (the only Kirk I believe Shatner would play) would take up a large part of the story for the next movie.

William Shatner has enough clout, he can demand the role he wants. He is not going to take any role, no matter how small and insignificant, just to get it the film. He will demand to be the character he wants to be and be part of the story. Some people seem to believe he is some groveling, sad person that will take anything. He is not. I firmly believe he will only agree to be in it as prime-Captain Kirk, back from the dead, and be part of the story. Much has been said of his ego. For better or worse, that will be his demand. Nimoy was in the last movie as prime-Spock, Shatner would demand at least as much. His ego will demand nothing less.

Just a note, I say ego, and ego among actors can be a good thing. After all, you have to have ego to act, otherwise you will be a lousy actor. I am not using it to slam Shatner, just trying to clarify that he is not going to snivel and cry just to be in the next movie. I would suspect that Abrams is intelligent enough to know that and is not going to insult Shatner by offering him a cameo he knows he will never take.

320. Yankee Baseball - October 12, 2010

Considering the two sides haven’t talked directly, it’s kind of hard to truly get an idea of what they want. But again, if Abrams doesn’t want to use Shatner in the movie, a phone call to Shatner, followed by a public comment is the right way to go. Doing what they did last time was really low. Using interviews as a means of discussing things is something one would expect in junior high school, not from a $150 million movie maker.

321. Harry Ballz - October 12, 2010


Yes, but if Abrams offers a cameo to Shatner, and is turned down, he can at least say he tried.

322. Damian - October 12, 2010

320–I agree. This matter should be one that is put to rest as soon as it is known one way or another.

321–There may be ego involved with Abrams as well. He is an accomplished producer and director. He may not want to want to offer a role that he believes Shatner would not accept.

323. MJ - October 12, 2010

289 — Sorry, but I think I would start laughing if today’s Shat tried to do that touching scene of Kirk you outlined.

324. MJ - October 12, 2010

311. Harry, I think it would be best if JJ showed from Ballz (pun intended) and came out publicly after the first draft of the script and stated that none of the original cast would be appearing in the next film.

A song for those of you who, along with Shat, can’t let go:

“Happy and I’m smilin’, walk a mile to drink your water
You know I’d love to love you and above you there’s no other
We’ll go walking out while others shout of war’s disaster

Oh, we won’t give in, let’s go living in the past

Once I used to join in, every boy and girl was my friend
Now there’s revolution but they don’t know what they’re fighting
Let us close our eyes, outside their lives go on much faster

Oh, we won’t give in, we’ll keep living in the past
Oh, we won’t give in, let’s go living in the past
Oh no, no, we won’t give in, let’s go living in the past”

— Jetrho Tull

325. Harry Ballz - October 12, 2010

MJ, I like the way you think!

326. MJ - October 12, 2010

325. Thanks Harry. That’s how I roll!

327. Denise Dion - October 13, 2010

So true everyone…Shatner is not getting any younger the big 80 is coming…I just want to see him one last time…and if Nimoy by some miracle decides to say goodbye with him…….bonus..let them both go out together ..hapilly ever after on their little ship heading out there …….thataway……..

328. Hermioni - October 14, 2010

My apologies to everyone for the disruption of the thread, but I have not been able to reach Anthony (or any other moderator) through feedback for quite a while now. Therefore, I am trying this venue:

Re-posting my query from October 6, 2010 (Feedback-board):

Dear Anthony,

Today I posted a (clearly identified as a repeat) statement from one year ago about my position on the latest Shatner-in-ST12-talk-back discussion thread, which seems to have disappeared now.
I did so, because this particular piece still reflects my exact opinion on the matter, covers all I have to say about the issue and reflects a point of view, which (at the time) had not been represented on that particular thread by any other poster.

Could the statement have been considered (unintended) spam, nevertheless? Or are we dealing with a technical problem and should I re-post?
(Or, worst case scenario: Did you reach the broader conclusion that my admittedly sometimes longish/abstract topical posts do constitute an ill fit for your talk-back board in general? If so, I will of course refrain from posting them in the future.)

Any advice would be certainly appreciated,

Best regards ,

329. Disinvited - October 14, 2010

#304. & 305.

I would think the fact that Paramount keeps ST V (Re: March of this very year) as an in print video would more than justify Shat the $5 million denied him in the first go round with getting that movie in the can.

330. Zep - November 2, 2010

The last film had the best collection of characters brought together in a Star Trek film for many years. This group revitalised the Star Trek film series, and would make Star Trek popular again, not just with the die-hards.

It was good to watch a talented, energetic, and fresh-faced group. I think they have long-term appeal, and can’t wait to see them again in the next film.

Who wants to watch ageing sixties throw-backs. Please keep Shatner out of future Star Trek films

331. Franklin Rendon - November 6, 2010

Williams Shatner deserves what ever money he asks for HE is star trek no matter what new movie comes out, just to see him again in a star trek film is worth it. The program was cancelled on the third year (it was a 5 year mission, remember?) the producer thought it wasn’t worth producing. BIG mistake as all the shows and movies from the Star Trek universe has shown. I really hope to see him again as Captain James T. Kirk. He is and always will be a legend. I can only thank him for all those great moments he had me live.

THANK you William, for ever. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.