CBS Announces New Licenses For Star Trek Games, Toys, Collectibles & Apparel Coming In 2011/12 |
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CBS Announces New Licenses For Star Trek Games, Toys, Collectibles & Apparel Coming In 2011/12 May 4, 2011

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CBS Consumer Products has just announced new Star Trek products coming over the next year, including Mr. Potato Head toys, Titan Busts, Bandai games, Mighty Fine apparel, Pez Candy. Details below.


Press Release


NEW YORK – May 4, 2011 – CBS Consumer Products is warping into 2011 with a new slate of Star Trek products hitting retail during the next year. Everything from apparel, board games, character busts and collectables to the first Star Trek-themed Mr. Potato Head will soon be available to Trekkies across the globe.

“The Star Trek brand has only grown in popularity in recent years thanks to a whole new generation of fans discovering the property through the film,” said Liz Kalodner, EVP and General Manager of CBS Consumer Products. “These new products, based on both the television and film versions, are just another great way for fans to connect with the franchise.”

Details of the upcoming Star Trek product line include:

PPW Toys will introduce the first Mr. Potato Head toy line based on the most popular characters from The Original Series and The Next Generation.  The line will be available in the U.S. and Canada. First items will be Kirk and Kor set for $30, to be available in late 2011.

USAopoly will warp the classic Monopoly board game series into the Star Trek universe with Klingon Monopoly. The iteration will be available in the U.S. and Canada. Klingon Monopoly will be available in late 2011.

One of the two possible box covers for Klingon Monopoly

Titan Merchandise will create busts based on characters from all eras of Star Trek’s existence that will be sold across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, India, the Middle East, Iceland and the Pacific Islands.

Bandai will offer deck building games based on The Original Series and The Next Generation in the U.S. and Canada.

Mighty Fine will create a line of Star Trek-inspired knit tops, t-shirts, hoodies and fleece for the U.S.

Pez Candy will release a Pez collector’s set in 2012 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Next Generation in the U.S.



1. TonyD - May 4, 2011

Pretty lame licenses. Can’t somebody just make some good prop replicas or decent models of some starships?

2. MikeTen - May 4, 2011

Hey CBS, how about a new Direct to DVD series featuring the prime Trek universe?

3. TonyD - May 4, 2011

Pretty lame licenses. Can’t somebody just make some good prop replicas or decent models of some starships that are reasonably priced and not too hard to find?

4. I'm Dead Jim! - May 4, 2011

I still don’t understand why they canceled the JJ-prise model, the one thing from the movie I actually wanted that I can afford! Doesn’t look like that will be on the horizon.

5. Crusade2267 - May 4, 2011

TNG is going to be 25, and they’re getting a Pez set to celebrate? Compared to the hoopla from 1991, it seems a bit of a let down.

But I will still enjoy my TNG Pez.

6. Christopher Roberts - May 4, 2011


7. devonp - May 4, 2011

No Action figures of any kind? No more Diamond Select, Playmates, or Retro cloth action figures????I’m still pissed that Playmates never released the 12″ line Uhura,Scotty & Nero with some of the best likenesses ever! And that Diamond Select never released the Yeoman Rand/ Nurse Chapel figures or the Retro cloth Vina and Chapel as promised! The toy companies have really failed to deliver in the past few years! Too bad a broad spectrum range of Trek figures from all series & movies couldn’t be released to fill in the gaps in the different Trek lines of the past in all sizes? Or at least,possibly a new MasterpieceStarfleet Series 12″ sized figures with cloth uniforms from all series & movies to celebrate over 45 years of Trek History!! What about Dragon’s Next Gen line of clothed figures… will this line continue with other Next Gen characters or is it now defunct too???

8. Jeyl - May 4, 2011

Haha! These may be a let down, but it still shows that despite Trek09’s success, nobody wants to merchandise it. Prime Time is where it is.

9. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - May 4, 2011


I second that!

10. Simon - May 4, 2011

I wonder whatever happened to the Diamond Select Enterprise-B/Excelsior…

11. SPOCKBOY - May 4, 2011

I agree a hundred percent.
Props and starships.

12. Vultan - May 4, 2011

Well, I guess that whole trying to reach a new generation of fans strategy has its consequences…

Now where’s the Trek licensed stroller and sippy cup?

13. CaptainDonovin - May 4, 2011

Yawn… oh sorry, did I miss something? I was hoping for like was said above about ships or props, would have liked a Star Trek LEGO partnership. Since they’re going to continue with Star Wars it would’t go over well.

14. Shatman John - May 4, 2011

Oh please. Such commercialism. Osama’d be spinning in his grave…

15. sonofspock1 - May 4, 2011

To be perfectly honest, most of this sounds like utter shite.

16. benny - May 4, 2011

@13, Get over yourself.

17. Kirk, James T. - May 4, 2011

TNG will get some potato love too? nice!

All we need now is Hasbro and Lego and Star Trek merchandise will be back with vengeance in 2012

18. benny - May 4, 2011

Meant @14 (Shatman)

19. jmw326 - May 4, 2011

Really this is pretty sad.
How about a good 3 3/4″ action figure line that spans all shows and movies like Hasbro has done with Star Wars?

20. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 4, 2011

I want the J.J Enterprise Model.

21. Shatoupee - May 4, 2011

These are boring. How about Shatner-licensed toupees?

22. Jeffrey S. Nelson - May 4, 2011

I’m glad the toy market has diminished. Tired of spending money on stuff I don’t need.

23. NX-03 - May 4, 2011

Star Trek lego (and, as an extension of that: a Star Trek Lego videogame in the mould of the recent Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Harry Potter/Etc games) would be like the ultimate thing.

Imagine if they made the best Trek movies into a Lego video game – WOK/SFS/VH for one installment say and then a best of Next Gen movies for the second.

There’s probably more chance of an Enterprise Direct to DVD than that, but one can dream…..

24. subspacejock - May 4, 2011

What a giant disappointment this licensing announcement is…All I can figure is that Trek doesn’t sell anymore. Tell you what…I’m certainly not indicative of the marketplace! Lame…

25. brady - May 4, 2011

Don’t forget EMCE’s re-Mego of Pike and the Salt Vampire. 1st?

26. brady - May 4, 2011

Don’t forget EMCE’s re-Mego of Pike and the Salt Vampire

27. mikephys - May 4, 2011

Round 2 was making a model of the new Enterprise. Now they are not. What’s going on? Why was is cancelled? Did R2 lose the license? Why? Will a different company be producing one?

28. JP Saylor - May 4, 2011

“The Star Trek brand has only grown in popularity in recent years thanks to a whole new generation of fans discovering the property through the film,”


Star Trek grew in popularity due to the success of the first few movies and then the Next Generation.

The new movie got fans that are only fans for the first week after they saw the movie. Then after that they go, ‘Oh yeah that movie, it was good. I liked the lens flares.’

95% (The other 5% being idiots) of Star Trek fans are fans because they were either

A) Around when the show aired in 66 and have been fans since

B) Discovered it in the 70s during reruns and fell in love with the movies

C)Discovered through TNG when it went on the air. They then started to watch the originals

D) Discovered it through some combination of TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT and the movies and are the current generation of fans.

The new movie was like a Star Wars movie. You just go, ‘Ooh I liked the explosions and the special effects. Due to my limited intelligence, that’s all I need from TV and movies.’

I hope this new universe (or nu as some people like to call it, apparently it isn’t cool enough. Go figure.) dies. If the next movie is like the last one, I hope it’s a box office failure.

29. Desstruxion - May 4, 2011

More crap that I won’t buy. How about some decent ship replicas please? 1701-C, B, Defiant (DS9), Daedalus class, any and all ships shown in ST09, just to name a few. Is it so hard?

30. Red Dead Ryan - May 4, 2011

Yeah, I’d like to have heard from Diamond Select. Though they keep changing their release schedule. But, the TWOK communicator just came out and it’s great! Has the voice clips featuring the classic lines from the movie!

31. CarlG - May 4, 2011

@28: Ooh! Ooh! Can I play “Let’s Make Sweeping, Ill-informed Generalizations ” next? I love that game.

That aside, I’m really hoping for some model kits. Prime-verse or JJ-Verse, preferably both.

32. Jonboc - May 4, 2011

The word uninspired comes to mind. looks like I’ll be saving some money in 2012.

33. Trekboi - May 4, 2011

All looks like all crap.


Paramout has failed in relaunching the brand- they didnt keep a close eye on it & the marketing of merchendise then put off the next movie with no adiitional trek (tv or animated) losing any inerest any new viewes had & stopped them from becoming fans.

Why do they look past worthwhile merchendise like models, prop replicas, the 1:350th scale models & toys of the Uss Enterprises from both universes, action figures, quality reference books & quality figures

or is that too difficult to Work out?

Instead they insult us with this crap that trivialises a well crafted sophisticated show/concept/brand

or is that too difficult to Work out?

34. Browncoat1984 - May 4, 2011

Why doesn’t Lego pick up the Trek license? Just got some nice Star Wars lego sets for my birthday and was wondering because Trek would be PERFECT for Lego.

That, and I would LOVE a series of Lego Star Trek games.

35. Captain Rickover - May 4, 2011

Seems, that something is wrong in the marketing departments of the franchise-universe these days.

First we got a very dissapointing “frist look” on some lame Star Wars Blue Rays.

Second we got this totaly dissapointing statement from CBS and a first look on the perhaps most useless and ugliest toys ever produced for Star Trek. And a Klingon Monopoly is useless as well – except they sell four big bath’lets with it…

36. Andy Matner - May 5, 2011

Titan actually make pretty decent Dr Who busts. So hopefully the Trek characters will get some good treatment too. Unlike the terrible busts Sideshow made….I want a McCoy that actually looks like De Kelly!

37. Miraclefan - May 5, 2011

When I saw Bandai I thought ”Cool new Model kits” But it’s not models it’s a Game???

38. Glen Lentz - May 5, 2011

One thing I was upset about was the lack of decent Star Trek games, especially with the advancements in home gaming systems. Star Trek encounters wasn’t that great. Star Trek D.A.C. was boring. The one game that came out for PSP was Star Trek Tactical Assault and that game ruled! I think they could make amazing Star Trek games if they tried but Bethesda Games don’t really seem like they’re that interested in Trek. I’d love to see a “Next Generation” era sequel to Tactical Assault. I also thought in recent months how cool it would be to do what they did with James Bond when they made a “From Russia With Love” game and make a Star Trek Wrath of Khan game. I think a lot of game companies don’t know how to go about Star Trek games but Wrath of Khan could have ship battles with the “Tactical Assault” controls and have 3rd/1st person (Like Fallout 3) schemed away missions involving plenty of shooting phasers and solving puzzles and a Kobyasi Maru level.

39. Archer - May 5, 2011

Yep, really wish there was a new game to equal A Final Unity are the brilliant TOS adventure games.

40. Archer - May 5, 2011

That’s meant to be “or”, not are! :)

41. Christopher Roberts - May 5, 2011

Last merchandise I bought was just the other day –

The HAYNES Manual for the USS Enterprises
Star Trek Enterprise – Romulan War Book 1 small paperback

I’d certainly get Direct-to-DVD new adventures (especially ENT) even frankly… another Fan Collective if CBS did one. Howabout a 5-disc set featuring episodes around Vulcans and Romulans?

The trouble here is these are not for Star Trek fans at all, are they?

Monopoly obviously has it’s hardcore, who’ll collect any new variation of the game.

Mr. Potato-Head? Pez-dispenspers?

42. Jorg Sacul - May 5, 2011

Trek had action figures for years, and the majority of them were close-out bin queens. I’m not dissing Trek, just stating fact. For some reason, they just don’t sell like Star Wars action figures. The market just won’t bear the “make every character in every costume” obsession that rules the Star Wars figs.

Maybe they should approach it “Barbie” style. Put out a set of characters, and then a whole realm of accessory/alternate costumes. I dunno.

43. frederick - May 5, 2011

These items are geared toward the average consumer, not fans (sort of like the new movie.) I’ll leave them on the shelves.

44. William - May 5, 2011

What a letdown. I am for sure going to write CBS consumer products and let them know what a absolute let down this junk is, I hope other fans follow suit. Beyond that I think I’m done with Star Trek, I think it had its day and it currently doesn’t getting the backing by CBS like Star Wars does from Lucas. This is sad.

45. KJS - May 5, 2011

Where are the ships?!?!?!?! You cant tell me they wouldnt make money on toys of the Excelcior/Enterprise-B or the Reliant! Those ships are some of my favorite collectables and to see that there wont be any new ones in the next two years is disheartening to say the least.

46. Inigo M. - May 5, 2011

Um… I think there’s concensus here…

One word: SHIPS!!!

Next three words: “WHERE THE F[RICK]?!”

47. Alex Rosenzweig - May 5, 2011

Maybe I’m confused, but I wasn’t under the impression that these were the *only* licensees, or the only products. I took this as just some announcements of new stuff. Licensees like Entertainment Earth, Pocket, IDW, etc. all are still developing products, as far as I knew.

OTOH, I do have to admit to wondering what’s happening on the prop replica and ship fronts, since I’ve not heard much about them lately, myself.

48. Kirk, James T. - May 5, 2011

@28: If anything, Like TOS did and then TNG did, ST09 has indeed introduced a whole new generation to Star Trek.

Merchandise wise, I think CBS missed the mark in 2009 with mainly cheap tat being released.

Gimmick products like the Mr Potato Heads should do ok, as should the PEZ set.

What i’d like to see is some coherency to the licensing rather than these insignificant products coming out. Big name brands coming in and helping to put the Star Trek brand into the big high street chains right around the world in the same way Lucas Film gets the Star Wars brand into shops right around the world.

CBS could learn a lot from how Star Wars is marketed however, I feel there going for the WB Batman approach to the franchise in that less is more with merchandise only hitting stores around the time of movies.

49. Kirk, James T. - May 5, 2011

Id say:

QMx – JJ Abrams Movie replicas

eFx – Gene Roddenberry/Rick Berman Star Trek replicas

DST – Collectable toys, ships and props from the entire franchise (a Marvel Select type range of figures based on Star Trek would be good)

Hasbro – The Master toy license with the initial and primary focus on toys, ships, role play and games based on JJ Abrams Star Trek. Hasbro would also be responsible for board games using established titles with a Star Trek twist

Lego – Construction sets and video games as well as novelty gift items

EA Games – Console games from the final frontier

Adidas – Apparel (did anyone see the SW ad?)

Sideshow/Hot Toys – 12 inch action figure replicas based on TOS, TNG and JJ Abrams Star Trek

And then smaller stocking filler companies releasing things such as bottle openers, shot glasses and novelties. I think the Starfleet Academy store idea is a really good idea and needs to be made more of.

Technology tie-ins should be a must – Star Trek should make the most of new technology as it represents a future with advanced tech. I would say that CBS should approach Apple to do some movie/Star Trek tie-in products – a communicator phone being one of them.

Perhaps companies like Motorolla and Apple could have the slogan “Inspired by Star Trek” on certain products selling the fact that had it not been for Star Trek, perhaps tech would look/work differently.

More needs to be made of Star Trek’s everlasting notion that our future will be bright.

All of this on a global scale.

50. weyoun_9 - May 5, 2011

Seriously? A Pez set? There had BETTER be more than that for TNG’s 25th Anniversary. It was a WAY more successful TV series than TOS, launched a period of 18 years where there was new Trek on TV, raised the bar for Sci-Fi TV and produced one of the best of the 10 previous Star Trek films (First Contact). iTunes? Maybe an HD treatment? Some more action figures? Something?

51. MJ - May 5, 2011

This crap is the best that they can come up with? When in the hell are we going to get a new plastic model enterprise?

52. Punkspocker - May 5, 2011

LEGOS please!!!!! What about some cool Trek science kits for kids!

53. Neumann - May 5, 2011

First, I was JUST thinking that we need a prime universe Direct-to-video series or set of movies a la Babylon 5. Maybe even with a design step backwards to the heydey of TNG or the start of Voyager. I’m so nostalgic for it.

Yes, these licenses are lame. I grant you I can’t think of much more Trek merchandise that hasn’t been done before, but there HAS to be something.

TREK SHIPBUILDER LEGO SETS: picture this, you can make ANY prime universe ship you want, the sets are designed so you can kitbash any of the ships together: merge the Enterprise D and Voyager or throw the TOS engineering section on the Defiant. Now imagine what you could do if you combined them with the Star Wars sets. IMAGINE!

TREK SIC FIGURES: Okay, in Japan, they make these epic figurines that are redesigns of TV superheroes done in super-slick, high-detailed reimaginings. Example:
This guy:

Now, imagine Trek done in this style: the ships and figures redesigned, rethought, and restyled. Like if the JJ-verse kept going into other iterations. Can’t do it in movies, doesn’t mean you can’t do them as collectables.

54. Dac - May 5, 2011

Trek ships, and please, don’t give it to Hasblow so they can make some shitty Transformers/spaceship crossovers like the Star Wars line. Never have I seen so many peg fillers at my local TRU. Two good toy lines (Action Fleet Star Wars and Transformers) ruined by a pointless crossover.

Personally, I just want more micro machines. Theres a reason those Japanese Candy Toys sold so well on the grey market. People crave small ship replicas that are accurate and well made and cheap.

55. Neumann - May 5, 2011

Definitely keep it Lego, let the fans build that stuff. While I’m intrigued by the idea of Trekformers, I don’t think the toys would be any good. Though Trek being merged with another property could make for good toys…

I still have a half-melted little TNG shuttlecraft I got from a friend in 1994… more of those would be great. I don’t know what brand those were.

56. Red Dead Ryan - May 5, 2011

“LEGO Star Trek” isn’t going to happen because George Lucas owns shares in the company and there is no way CBS is going to allow a rival to profit off of one of it’s prized properties.

57. Red Dead Ryan - May 5, 2011

By the way, last Sunday I went to a Toy Fair at a nearby rec center. They didn’t have a whole lot of Trek stuff, but I found an NX-01 replica, a T’Pol in space suit action figure still sealed in original packaging, as well as some old Playmates action figures. Quark, Kirk in Skydiving suit as well as Kirk in Spacesuit from “The Tholian Web”.

58. CarlG - May 6, 2011

Does anyone else feel like the studio didn’t really think Trek was going to be a hit, so they left the merchandising as kind of an afterthought, and now they’re playing catch-up? It’s the sense I get…

59. Khan was Framed! - May 6, 2011

Why can’t they ever get Trek Merchandise right?

Fans want:

-a continuous series of small ships, similar to the Johnny Lightning & Furtua lines but with many varieties of ships from all encarnations, not just the same 5 ships re-molded over & over again

-a well sculpted line of action figures, similar to Diamond Select’s but again with less reuse of previous moulds & more variety of aliens/ characters, not just 10 versions of Kirk.

-some affordable role playing replicas that aren’t aimed at children; such as some phaser rifles, klingon/romulan disruptors, again simialr to Diamond select’s but with more variety & more availability.

And by the great bird of the galaxy DON’T GIVE THIS LICENSE TO PLAYMATES AGAIN!!!

They’ve never gotten any part of it right; their moulds are terrible, they use neon plastic to make phasers & their replica weapons are for a child’s hand.

60. THX-1138 - May 6, 2011

I would really love to find out what is going on with Diamond Select/Art Asylum. And what is the real story behing Round 2 dropping the NuTrek Enterprise model.

These merchandise licensing announcements seem like a bit of much ado about nothing to me. Like they are trying to divert the fans and collectors away from the fact that Trek is seriously being mis-handled.

As many have stated before, Trek collectors want ships, tek, and action figures. Cosplay items are obviously big. And Trek books, novels, tech manuals always seem to be popular.

I have been watching my TNG box set that my wife got me for Christmas and what a great trip back that has been. On retrospect, that series was really well done with some great science fiction concepts. What a pleasure it has been to re-watch them all. I would think that it is due for a bit of nostalgic re-visiting.

61. THX-1138 - May 6, 2011

Of course on second reading, obviously CBS has nothing to do with the licensing rights to Paramount’s movie interests.

62. Khan was Framed! - May 6, 2011

#60 -THX-1138 “Trek is seriously being mis-handled.”

Here-here to that!

I completely agree; there should be one toy company making the entire series of ships, figures & cosplay props that is given a serious budget to do so, similar to the way Star Wars toys are done.

I don’t know what’s up with Diamond Select, but their moulds got worse & worse over time & they stagnated so much.
I think a bigger company with more clout could do similar work with more ability to market & distribute widely.

Then there’s the mis-management of Trek as a property overall:

Why wouldn’t you have some decent console games on the market to support the movie or put an animated series on TV similar to the Clone Wars, so you can keep the momentum moving forward & no matter who owns what, all of these series should be on BluRay by now.

It’s ridiculous.

63. CarlG - May 6, 2011

@59: To be fair, the Playmates stuff quite clearly is for kids rather than collectors.
I can’t speak for everyone, but 10-year-old me was thrilled with my toy phaser, tricorder and shuttlecraft (couldn’t convince mom and dad to shell out for the bridge). If they had been more accurate (aka expensive), I would have been scared to go outside and run around the backyard with ’em!

64. Red Dead Ryan - May 6, 2011


Playmates did do some reasonably good figures, ships and props back in the ’90s. They pretty much nailed the Vor’Cha class attack cruiser in terms of details.

65. CarlG - May 7, 2011

@64: Google image search proves you right; very nice indeed, Playmates.

That’s what I was saying though, as toys that are meant to be knocked around and played with, they’re good enough. @59 seemed like he was biting into an orange and declaring it the worst falafel he’s ever tasted. ;-)

66. Hank Zimmerman - May 7, 2011

I finally had to construct my own life size Data head myself, with the side panel that comes off, and the rear port that flips up, with all the blinkie lights and positronic brain. It has a couple of phrases too.

I had put the suggestion out to the collectible community, and got no interest, or they were too clueless how to build something this cool.
I did it myself and LOVE IT!!!


Hank Zimmerman

67. Iva - May 7, 2011

Given that the abramsmovie was made for the general audience/non trekkies,
and they aren’t exactly the kind of people who are interested or care,
it simply does not pay to make better abramsverse merchandise.

68. Kirk, James T. - May 7, 2011

@67 – this is a ridiculous opinion – it makes no sense to continue to make toys based on Roddenberry’s/Berman’s Star Trek since NO ONE likes it!

JJ Abrams Star Trek is the here and now, Roddenberry’s Star Trek is over and done with and has been for sometime now.

Lets see some awesome Star Wars style merchandise!

69. Iva - May 7, 2011

Lol, k.

70. David Stoeckel - May 7, 2011

With all due respect to #68, I disagree with him on many things, such as when you said No One likes the Roddenberry/Berman Star Trek-I LOVE THE RODDENBERRY/BERMAN STAR TREK!!!! Without Gene Roddenberry, Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Jeri Taylor, Manny Coto, Michael and Denise Okuda and Michael Westmore, There would not be the JJ Abrams Star Trek(or any Star Trek at all). JJ Abrams has only done One Movie for crying out loud. Let’s see how ST:XII does. The Second Thing is when you said Roddenberry’s Star Trek is Over and Done-LIKE HELL IT IS!!! IT IS NEVER OVER!!!!! IT has been around for 45 years, and it will be around FOREVER!!!! I would like to see Paramount do More Ships-Die-Cast Enterprise-E? Titan? Maybe Someday Art Asylum will finally get Execelsior and Enterprise-B in Stores. I’m, going to get the NEMESIS Enterprise-E and the All Good Things-D when they become Available. RODDENBERRY’S BERMAN’S STAR TREK IS SUPERIOR TO JJ ABRAMS VERSION IN EVERY WAY, SHAPE, AND FORM. HAPPY 45TH STAR TREK-YOU RULE!!!!

71. D.Lee - May 8, 2011

I agree with #59…

Whoever runs Marketing at CBS/Paramount..doesn’t have a clue..


-Star Trek Legos ?
-Something like what Hasbro does with Star Wars toys ? action figures, toy props, ships !

-Who the hell wants a Star Trek potato head ?? Lame !

And most of all—Why not make a new Star Trek Cartoon Series.. like Star Wars Animated !

Who else agrees !

72. Desstruxion - May 9, 2011

MAKE US SOME EFFIN SHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

73. SometimesIhatestartrekfans - May 16, 2011

I agree with all the above. I suppose some smirky hipster might buy the Mr. Potato Heads thinking their funny. The Monopoly game will only sell once it’s on clearance at Dollar Tree or Big Lots, and same with the Pez set. There should be some good Star Trek computer/video games. I’m not a gamer, but I think it would generate interest in young people if there was some really good games, CBS showed all the series in syndication when kids would see it, and a really solid toy line with interesting inter-active toys and good figures, playsets etc.

This stuff is just garbage.

P.S. – They can’t just make a Star Trek board game? All their doing is sticking the logo on Monopoly? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.