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German TV Fail: Star Trek’s Maquis NOT Involved In Bin Laden Mission May 6, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fandom,Great Links,Humor,Trek Franchise , trackback

Yesterday a German news station had a major image fail. While covering the US Navy SEALs operation to kill Osama bin Laden they mistook a Star Trek fan-made emblem for the Maquis for the actual SEAL Team Six emblem. Check it out below.


German TV Fail: Maquis NOT involved in Bin Laden Mission

On Thursday the German news channel N24 was covering the death of Osama bin Laden and how the US Navy’s "SEAL Team Six" headed up the mission in Pakistan last Sunday. At one point N24 host Mick Locher showed off what he thought was the official emblem for SEAL Team Six, check it out:

Star Trek’s Maquis helped take down Osama bin Laden?

Locher even commented (translated from German) on the emblem:

And they also have the ‘Team Six,’ that carried out the mission. They don’t have the skull in their emblem for nothing.

Locher didn’t seem to notice (or care) that the skull in question was from a Klingon and included a bolted-on eyepatch. He and N24 also appear undeterred by the emblem’s inclusion of a phaser, 3 Klingon bat’leth swords and the word "Maquis." The original Maquis were a French resistance guerrilla group who (ironically) fought against German occupation in World War II. That group inspired the name for the Maquis seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, who fought against Cardassia in former Federation colonies.

For the record here is the real emblem for SEAL Team Six:

N24’s emblem fail appears to be from a sloppy Google image search where they mistakenly grabbed an emblem from the Star Trek fan group Maquis Forces International. MFI created a number of emblems for various 24th century "SEAL TEAMS."  However, TrekMovie can confirm that Star Trek’s Maquis were not involved with the mission to take down Osama bin Laden.

Really N24? No red flags here?

Lindelof sees bin Laden mission/Trek connection

Although the N24’s connection was inadvertent, Star Trek co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof was thinking Trek when he heard about Sunday’s operation. Earlier in the week Damon sent out the following tweet.


Source: BildBlog, thanks to Zamonia and Shaun1701 on Twitter for help with article.



1. John from Cincinnati - May 6, 2011

Everyone makes mistakes, but this one is awesome!

Go Trek!

2. Capt. Spike - May 6, 2011

Damn Funny. Germans….

3. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - May 6, 2011

Das ist ja lächerlich!

4. Anthony L. - May 6, 2011

Wait Damon….we cheated to win? Otherwise we are talking unwinable sir.

Navy Seals apparently don’t believe in a no win scenario.

5. Corinthian7 - May 6, 2011

@2 That’s 3 words you don’t normally see so close together.

6. somethoughts - May 6, 2011

tap tap, thud

Our Seal Team Six is Kirk (Captain), Spock (science officer), McCoy (medical officer), Chekov (Strategics), Scotty (Engineer) and Sulu (Navigation Specialist)

Uhura (High Value Target)

Mission: Recover High Value Target

7. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 6, 2011

Just too funny. Go Trek!

8. captain_neill - May 6, 2011

What a mistake to make.

Awesome to see a StarTrek emblem get on the news, even if it was an error.

9. Phil - May 6, 2011

Idiot media is everywhere. Fact checks, people.

10. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 6, 2011


11. Chelsea - May 6, 2011

Was someone pulling a practical joke on them? This is hilarious and depressing at the same time.

12. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 6, 2011

Reality and fiction are confused lately … hmmmm… I do not think a good idea to mix Star Trek with reality at the moment … reality is harsh and very dangerous in this matter … just wondering!

:-) :-)

13. Commodore KorTar - May 6, 2011

Also they didn’t notice the Type 2 phaser in the Eagle’s talons lol

14. NCC-73515 - May 6, 2011

I need to see a clip of this XD

15. Christopher Mulrooney - May 6, 2011

The Seals just followed the rules from “Zombieland”

Rule #2: Doubletap

Since Bin Laden was shot two times, the Seals insured that he was dead by performing the double tap, BANG BANG, Bin Laden Dead.

16. Laura Hartwell - May 6, 2011

Wooot! GO Maquis Forces International! :) So proud to be a trekkie at this moment. LOL

17. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 6, 2011

As a former Sailor in the U.S Navy I am so Proud of Seal Team Six. As a Hard Core Trek Fan I also am proud. Also. My Thanks to the Seal who Blew off Bin Ladens Head. Only wish i was there to see it.

18. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 6, 2011

It is pretty funny that the German station used a Star Trek Emblem. Hmm.
Maybe it was not seal team six. Maybe it was Kirk,Spock and a team of MACOS from the 23rd century who came back in time and double taped Bin Laden. OR. It could have been a special team from the Terran Empire who blew Bin Laden away.

19. FADM Gary Davis - May 6, 2011

Man.. This is priceless. Way to come back MAQUIS.. The Cardassians may have beat ya back.. but ya out swinging and help take out Bin Laden.. WOOHOO! Go Maquis Forces International SEALS..

Seriously tho (grin).. as retired Navy myself.. PROUD of the REAL SEALS. But the use of the Maquis Seal Team Six Logo.. PRICELESS.. I’d hate to be the guy who googled that image that night!

20. Rob Johnson - May 6, 2011

I feel bad for the reporter, but amazed at how something so blatant could be overlooked in a rush to get graphics onto the news.

Maquis are voracious opponents! LOL

My sincere thanks and admiration to the REAL SEAL Team IV!

21. Vultan - May 6, 2011

So, Ro Laren wasn’t involved in the operation to take out Bin Laden? Now I’m just totally confused.

22. trekker 5 - May 6, 2011

#6,i love it!! :) This is awesome!! Kirk can do a real good job huh? Shooting him in the face like that! And Gremans,you gota love them!! They love there StarTrek!! But i also.would like to thank the Seal Team for there work to help keep us save!

23. Daoud - May 6, 2011

That’s Has-been Laden now!

24. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 6, 2011

I heard the Sharks took a bite of Laden and spit him back out. He tasted bad.

25. Chain of Command - May 6, 2011

LOL. Star Trek works itself into everything EVERYWHERE. LOL

Lindelofs’ quite was hilarious as well.

26. dmduncan - May 6, 2011

Well I’d say that’s on par with the level of reporting everywhere else in the media.

27. U.S.S. Manila NCC-99232 - May 6, 2011

This is proof that there a lot of German Trekkies in Germany!!!

28. Dr. Cheis - May 6, 2011

Perhaps they would have taken him alive if they really were armed with phasers…

29. Phil - May 6, 2011

I’d be a bit worried if there were French Trekkies in Germany….

30. Cygnus-X1 - May 6, 2011


31. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 6, 2011

#28. I would have had my phaser on full. Not stun. I would have hit him first in the Legs and then his Head.

32. Cygnus-X1 - May 6, 2011

This is the most awesomest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

33. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - May 6, 2011


Way to go, Commodore!!!

34. Force Colonel Paul "Dodger" Williams - May 6, 2011

I posted this in Richard Marcinko’s Rouge Warrior Forums, Dick is the Seal Team 6 creator. I am also a member of this fan club in Canada, Zone 11, attached to SEALS TEAM 5. MAquis Forces International has a small but proud Canadian Contingent.

35. Force Colonel Paul "Dodger" Williams - May 6, 2011

Bin Laden Drinks all around, two shots and a splash of water :-P

36. - May 6, 2011

This unofficial picture of Bin Laden’s face after the recent attack has just been released to the media.

Don’t look if you don’t have the stomach.

37. Pah Wraith - May 6, 2011

Really – a phaser, a klingon/borg skull and 3 bat’leth’s and no one noticed something is wrong? :D

Epic fail :) Made my day :D

38. MJ - May 6, 2011

But remember, Germans love David Hasselhoff!

39. fassel - May 7, 2011

that what we call “Qualitätsjournalismus”

40. Buzz Cagney - May 7, 2011

My lord how dumb!

41. Buzz Cagney - May 7, 2011

Not sure that I see the Kobayshi Maru metaphor either.

It was great work by the USA and no mistake, and you can feel rightfully proud of the guys involved in taking this b’stard out – kind of ironic though that after all the hunting where was bin Laden found? Yep, at home!
You couldn’t make it up! lol

42. Nick Cook - May 7, 2011


The Kobayashi Maru connection is a little bit of a stretch though. Surely the idea of training on a replica are more akin to all those holodeck training simulations we saw in episodes like Chain of Command or Dark Frontier?

43. Techtrekker - May 7, 2011

Too funny!

44. Bernd Schneider - May 7, 2011

It seems I have to apologize to all people that I kept telling “There are no Starfleet Marines”.

45. Cereal - May 7, 2011

I smell Section 31…

46. Francis - May 7, 2011


47. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2011

I believe Section 31 is what the CIA will become. Lol.

48. Kev -1 - May 7, 2011

The reporters always seem to misidentify aircraft and their functions — identifying fuel tanks as bombs, for example, and calling any military plane a “fighter jet”. Those two patches look similar. But who’s doing their research?

49. matthias - May 7, 2011

it is always nice to see how funny the german ones are… damn, i am one myself…. maybe there was a fan who promised to his son he would bring star trek back to tv. and who would break a promise to his son? ;) only an idea… lol

50. Kavinsky - May 7, 2011

Who knows after this they might consider using the patch from now on if any of them are trek fans.

51. dsfsdf - May 7, 2011

german media is notorious for using interns (the kind that doesn’t get paid) and small freelancer (also badly paid), so it’s probably save to say, that they had it coming. Go SEALS! Go Maquis!

52. Anthony Pascale - May 7, 2011

Once again I remind people that this site isn’t the place for political partisan bickering

53. boborci - May 7, 2011

I am just thankful that Al Qaeda is so honest and willing to confirm bin Laden’s death. What honest terrorists!

54. Phil - May 7, 2011

@54. Who says there is no honor among…theives?

55. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2011

Hey Bob Orci. We are also Honest with them as well. When we say we will Kill them. We keep our word. Just like we did with Bin Laden.

56. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2011

Hey Bob Orci. If you were to Write a Script for Killing Bin Laden could you have written it as good as what Seal Team 6 did.

57. Phil - May 7, 2011

@ 57. So, who would OBL’s Barabbas be?

58. Red Dead Ryan - May 7, 2011

One of the new videos featuring bin Laden released this morning sees him watching himself on television while sitting on the floor wearing a black touque and covered in a blanket.

59. Just Another German Trekker - May 7, 2011

Geez, that’s one of the funniest mistakes I’ve ever seen!

60. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 7, 2011

#31 Doesn’t the Empire have a portable agoniser? Just wondering.

#54 Have Al-Qaeda actually confirmed that OBL is dead? I missed that bit on the news.

I just hope Bin Laden’s killing does not spark off a lot more revenge motivated terrorist attacks. That’s the problem with vengeance – it can take on a life of its own and the outcomes are never pretty. A prayer for peace could be good right now.

61. Michael Hall - May 7, 2011



62. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2011

#61. Yes we do. But that would just be a waste of time.
I would rather just shoot both of his Knees and then his Groin. Then after a while. Double Tap him.

63. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 7, 2011

A bit of news I did hear was that they found in Bin Laden’s residence formative plans to attack US passenger rail services, either by planting bombs on passenger trains and/or sabotaging a section of track on a bridge over a ravine or similar to cause the train to derail. The plans mentioned no specific rail line targets. My guess is that they would be random. A US railways spokesman said that it would be impossible to constantly monitor every single line of track. There are hundreds of tracks covering thousands of miles all over the USA.

What to do – I guess, due vigilance, while at the same time, not compromising on the ideals of granting basic rights and freedoms to ordinary, law abiding citizens. Walking a real tightrope with this.

64. Holger - May 7, 2011

Oh damn! I missed that one on TV. Hilarious!

65. Phil - May 7, 2011

@ 64. Actually, what they would need to watch would be regional commuter lines. National passenger rail is lightly used, so probably not that tempting of a target. That narrows down the list of potential sections of rail considerably. If the failed attempts of the last few years are any indication I don’t think al Qaeda is in much of a position to pull off any large, coordinated attacks. You would probably be much more likely to see an individual try to take a shot at Obama or Bush, or show up at a sporting event with an automatic weapon. The citizens need to remain vigilant, that’s really all you can do.

66. Cardassian Vole - May 7, 2011

@63 Commodore Mike

I understand your enthusiasm, but talking about torture is way beyond what is decent on this site. There are other fora where you can go to for these kind of statements. This post is about a mistake made by a German news station in regards to the Maquis of DS9, not about eliminating Bin Laden. Please keep it fun and about Star Trek and, as Anthony already said, keep real world politics outside TrekMovie.

67. boborci - May 7, 2011

57. I think my script for it would have undergone less changes;)

68. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - May 7, 2011

HAHA we need a binladen remark in star trek have a special federation seal team lol

69. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - May 7, 2011

Boborci is just like a Seal… Hard to find, works hard and isnt given all the credit, and good at what he does!

70. dmduncan - May 7, 2011

68. boborci – May 7, 2011

They don’t even have the decency to work out their rough drafts in private!

71. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 7, 2011

#67 This Trekmovie thread is about a German news station talking about the killing or the elimination of Osama Bin Laden by the US Navy Seals Team Six. However they showed the Star Trek Marquis Seal instead. I suspect this might have happened because there is a big Star Trek convention being held in Dusseldorf, Germany, now as well. Perhaps the same news station had been covering the convention as well and they got the “seals” mixed up.

It was me who mentioned the portable agoniser because Commodore Mike is also head of the Terran Empire (ST:TOS Mirror Mirror universe) and unfortunately, the Terran Empire has no problem with various forms of torture and use it quite routinely as a method of discipline on their own people. The agoniser booth is the most common and effective method. It can be set to different levels. Commodore Mike was talking within a Star Trek context, albeit with a mirror mirror universe viewpoint.

(Commodore – Please be aware that this is not a mirror mirror universe…;) Anthony Pascale may confirm?)

I don’t agree with this and I don’t wish death on anyone, not even OBL. I only hope that bringing about his death will put a stop to a lot cruelty and violence in the longterm. One can hope.

72. Masshuu il Malacandra - May 7, 2011

At least spell correctly, please: it’s SEAL TEAM SIX (6) not SEALS TEAM SIX (6).
Some times I wonder about so-called SciFi fans. You give bad education a worse name!

73. joe1306 - May 7, 2011

haha, das is doch mal ein netter fehler! :D
haha, thats a nice mistake! :D

schade das ich es nicht live gesehen hab.
too bad I didn’t see that live.


74. Bernd Schneider - May 7, 2011

A few weeks ago, in the (usually) most reliable German TV news (Tagesthemen), they said “The USS Enterprise is en route to Libya”, while they showed ancient footage of a WWII-era carrier with a narrow flight deck, apparently the Enterprise CV-6. Embarrassing mistakes like this happen all the time.

75. FADM Gary Davis - May 7, 2011

The the Navy SEAL acronym stands for SEa, Air and Land.

“SEALS” in the case of the Star Trek Maquis .. The S is correct.. Its stands for SEa, Air, Land, and Space.. after all its in the Sci-Fi realm of outer space…

76. Vultan - May 7, 2011

It’s ironic someone brought up the Al Queda plot to bomb rail lines in the US, because who bombed German rail lines in occupied France during WW2? The Maquis!

Consider your minds blown.

77. Vultan - May 7, 2011

By the way, there’s an easy way to solve the Bin Laden death photo and (some of) the government’s money problems. Just set up a traveling exhibit of the photo across the USA—Matthew Brady style (at places that already have high security—landmarks, stadiums, airports and the like), and charge whatever they like. They would make millions!

C’mon, Feds, start thinking more like a Ferengi! There’s profit to be made.


78. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2011

#66. I was talking about what would happen in the Terran Empire. If you have read some of my other post they were no where near as what the Empire would do. In this Universe I do not condone Torture. But in the Empire I do. Remember. Mirror Mirror.
#71. Thank you for defending me. You are here by given complete Immunity from the Agoniser.

79. Christina Doane - May 7, 2011

I don’t have the words to express my admiration for the real Seals Team 6.

I am sure though that the epic research fail as listed here will continue to amuse me for years to come. I thought I was gonna hyper-ventilate, it was so funny. Though a little sad too, someone’s in trouble with their boss tonight. Go Trek! Go Maquis!

80. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2011

Hey Bob. What ever changes you would have made would be great.
What SEAL Team 6 did is as good if not better then most Writters could Write. Except for Bob Orci. He is one of the best Writter out there.

81. Hermioni - May 7, 2011

Nach Lachen steht mir persönlich nicht der Sinn, weder ob des peinlichen Fehlers in der Berichterstattung, noch wegen der Thematik im Diskussionsthread, :-C .

(@ #9. Phil – May 6, 2011, I certainly agree with your assessment.)

82. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 7, 2011

#71 – Keachick

I know someone who was at the bombing in Madrid… the description of those moments of horror and panic are terrible … but it’s not my story I do not have the right to comment about it here… and nobody is free from being caught in the horror that is terrorism… anywhere in the world no one is free from this today … reality is harsh in these matters!

So… I hope that Star Trek stay away from it… I would not want the terrorists “confusing things”… I want the producers, cast and crew are safe when they promote the film around the world… so I think the “funny comment” from Damon Lindelof should be “only” between us trekkies ! …

precaution may be good!

:-) :-)

83. Swing Voter - May 7, 2011

#67 particularly if you were on strike. Again!

84. Buzz Cagney - May 7, 2011

#74 be glad they got it that close. The first footage they nearly showed was of the E NCC 1701 orbiting Delta Vega!

85. Buzz Cagney - May 7, 2011

on its way to Libya!

86. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 8, 2011

#72 My education has been adequate. I am not up on the details of all the various organisations within the US military. However, when another refers to one (1) person, Bob Orci, as being a “Navy Seal”, I automatically put an “s” on the end of Seal when it (they?) are referred to as a “six team”, ie its plural form.

#76 The comment about Bin Laden’s plans to attack the US passenger rail system was on our television news at 6.00pm (either TV1 or TV3) and the person interviewed was a representative of US Rail. I did not make it up.

87. Steve Johnson - May 8, 2011

# 2 and # 25 –

Did you see South Park’s new episode “Funnybot” last week? Lots of Germans, with massive Star Trek and Doctor Who references! Hint – Nomad combined with a Dalek, created by the Germans…

88. Vultan - May 8, 2011


I didn’t say you were making it up. Just simply pointing out an historical irony. Stop being so damn sensitive.

89. William Bordeleau - May 8, 2011

@ Bob Orci

Bob, I need to ask, is there any buzz about bringing the franchise back to television?
Watching re runs of the multple series every night has been a tradition for me, and frankly I’ve run out of material to soothe my soul.
How would you feel if you were given the opportunity to write Star Trek for episodic television? I really like your style.

90. gingerly - May 8, 2011

Someone tweeted after this, that we had it all wrong.

Obama is Sisko, and not Spock, like we thought.

I LOL’ed.

Personally, given Spock’s hardass style as a captain, and that whole “KILL NERO KAMIKAZE-STYLE move he pulled, I think either way, still works. ;)

91. Trish2 - May 8, 2011

That news report may well have put that logo in instead of the real one on purpose. If you do a google search ( I had my German friend do one as well) and in images all that comes up is the proper seal team six image. Apparently that news station is privately owned and does “Faux News” style reporting. He suspects that they used the trek logo to create a greater impact and show us Americans as the “war mongers” we are. How irritating.

Though I must say that I love the tweet!

92. Buzz Cagney - May 8, 2011

#91 and of course, as we know, the Germans detest war. Always have!

Oh crap, as a Brit I’m not supposed to mention the war!

93. Norbert - May 8, 2011

Fawlty Towers… Fantastic series and episode. Even for a german. LMAO!

94. Vultan - May 8, 2011


Thanks for that link, Buzz! Hilarious stuff. John Cleese is the best.

“We didn’t start it.”
“Yes you did… you invaded Poland.”


95. The Doctor - May 8, 2011

I like these News Bloopers. This is so obvious that it really hurts. But I would not interpret so much into it.

It is almost as good as this

Thankfully the CNN experts can now agree, that Bin Laden is dead and hopefully they will also realize that Iraq is not Germany.

96. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 8, 2011

Oh yes. Fawlty Towers. LOL How could I forget? He could have made a good Nazi, with that goosestep ‘n’ all…LOL

97. Hans Steiner - May 8, 2011

At least, N24 didn’t put Switzerland into Czech Republic. Right, CNN?

98. HARRISON!!! - May 8, 2011

Kids these days, they just don’t watch enough television!

99. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 8, 2011

#95 Are these for real? Seriously?

100. ZugWoo - May 9, 2011

Never really thought about it like that. Makes sense dude.

101. Jay Spock - May 9, 2011


102. me - May 9, 2011

Sooooo funny, I laugh my ass off….LOL…really funny,….gets better every second…ROFL….MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

lol. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooring.

103. JenJen - May 9, 2011

Who brings a bat’leth to a gunfight?

104. Khan - May 9, 2011

So, did the SEALs bring their own version of the “guys in the red shirts” on the mission?

105. littlejedi - May 9, 2011

German quality media! When it’s on military issues or firearms, they seem to have forgotten everything about journalism.
Or maybe they liked the color scheme better than the original. ;D

106. nurmalso - May 10, 2011

@38, Yes, all Germans like Hasselhoff, we drink bear all day long, do not have any sense of humor, everyone is a Nazi and Hitler is still with us. Yes, very very funny.

107. Selor Kiith - May 10, 2011

I knew that there was something wrong with the picture when I was hopping through the channels…

108. Saul - May 10, 2011


109. mojo - May 10, 2011

Called “SEALS” for “Sea, Air, Land, SPACE”

110. ED - May 10, 2011

And German call American’s stupid …..WOW

111. the tatterdemalion king - May 10, 2011

Way to miss the point, Lindelof. In the Kobayashi Maru version of this, the players would be bin Laden.

112. grafkoks2002 - May 10, 2011

Mmmh, the StarTrekEmblem looks much better than the original. And we Germans have more humour than you think. You need a proof? Yes, David Hasselhoff is still a star in Germany.

Beat this!

113. Fritz - May 10, 2011

Germany is geil! ;-)

114. Bob Battle - May 10, 2011

The red shirts took out Osama? and none got killed? no must be the americans. I hope they got some nice green alien girls…

115. Mark McWire - May 11, 2011

Der lustigste Fehler aller Zeiten… zumindest in meiner Lebenszeit.

The funniest error of all time … at least in my lifetime.

116. Kev - May 11, 2011

Laugh…. :)

117. Crusty Butcheeks - May 11, 2011

The equivalent of Fox News! They don’t know which way is “up” in our collective social understanding of the word.

118. Captain Hackett - May 11, 2011

This article has made news on FOX News.


119. George - May 11, 2011

Now is obvious why the SEAL operation went so smooth, the Maquis were helping, lol

120. Chris Schultz - May 11, 2011

Poor, confused Europeans. The U.S. is home to both movie and military magic. Apparently some wires got crossed. On the other hand, if he was facing both the U.S. SEALs and the Maquis SEALS, bin Laden never had a chance.

121. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 11, 2011

According to Fox News:
“Star Trek’s Maquis is not scheduled to begin raiding for several hundred years.”

Maybe, but with all this time travel and stuff going on, especially when we have The Doctor and his Tardis bobbing in and out, who knows what is really going on?

122. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 11, 2011

Well. I just emailed Anthony and told him that we made national news. Hey. Trekmovie broke a great story.

123. Natch - May 11, 2011

So then, Osama was the anonymous red-shirted crew member, who died in pretty much every episode?? Got it!!

124. Rosario T. Calabria - May 11, 2011

Hilarious mistake!

125. Brando - May 11, 2011

I hope that was a mistake and they don’t actually believe that.

126. K.The_Sympothetic - May 11, 2011

No, I can’t believe it was the Maquie! After all, the appropriate phaser setting would have been below stun… Pop one knee… Oh, did that hurt? Pop. An Arm. Oohh, my bad. Pop. The other knee…. Pop the other arm… Oh wait.. A few dozen Virgins? (adjust up… 1..2..3…) Pzzzt. Well, no need to worry about that.

Flick? Just checking. Does that hurt? Flick Flick? My bad. Maybe I can help Pzzzt. Oops. Well, you won’t need that foot (just like that other appendage). Flick? Oh, Sorry, still sore?… I can remove that…

Trust me his death by me would have been swift and painless if I were a Maquis or a Seal with the appropriate tools. Oh, yeah, Forget that… We have fire… Damn, how did they let him go so quick.

Trust me, In my hands it would hve been Quick and Painless. … in Earth Time.

Take the snapshot, you can’t determine dead or alive. That’s that, and no one need to know…


127. tecumseh35 - May 12, 2011

I despise Europeans as much as the next American, but this mistake could have happened to anyone. LOL To be honest, I like the star trek emblem better.

128. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 12, 2011

#128, 129 What nasty, nonsensical posts. I almost thought I was on youtube reading some wanky comments about a crappy video, not on

129. GermanJan - May 13, 2011

Haha…stupid!!! But you should know that the N24 channel is not a high quality news channel! It’s

130. xls - May 13, 2011

It took 10 years to finally find Bin Laden.

Now, if we can only find Waldo…

131. George Myers - May 14, 2011

James T. Kirk altered the program running “Kobayashi Maru”. Perhaps the U.S. Navy “Ehime Maru” sinking accident had inspired him. Civilians were on the subs “bridge” and allowed control prior to the accidental sinking while surfacing.

132. Jim - June 2, 2011

That’s cute Damon.

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