German TV Fail: Star Trek’s Maquis NOT Involved In Bin Laden Mission

Yesterday a German news station had a major image fail. While covering the US Navy SEALs operation to kill Osama bin Laden they mistook a Star Trek fan-made emblem for the Maquis for the actual SEAL Team Six emblem. Check it out below.


German TV Fail: Maquis NOT involved in Bin Laden Mission

On Thursday the German news channel N24 was covering the death of Osama bin Laden and how the US Navy’s "SEAL Team Six" headed up the mission in Pakistan last Sunday. At one point N24 host Mick Locher showed off what he thought was the official emblem for SEAL Team Six, check it out:

Star Trek’s Maquis helped take down Osama bin Laden?

Locher even commented (translated from German) on the emblem:

And they also have the ‘Team Six,’ that carried out the mission. They don’t have the skull in their emblem for nothing.

Locher didn’t seem to notice (or care) that the skull in question was from a Klingon and included a bolted-on eyepatch. He and N24 also appear undeterred by the emblem’s inclusion of a phaser, 3 Klingon bat’leth swords and the word "Maquis." The original Maquis were a French resistance guerrilla group who (ironically) fought against German occupation in World War II. That group inspired the name for the Maquis seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, who fought against Cardassia in former Federation colonies.

For the record here is the real emblem for SEAL Team Six:

N24’s emblem fail appears to be from a sloppy Google image search where they mistakenly grabbed an emblem from the Star Trek fan group Maquis Forces International. MFI created a number of emblems for various 24th century "SEAL TEAMS."  However, TrekMovie can confirm that Star Trek’s Maquis were not involved with the mission to take down Osama bin Laden.

Really N24? No red flags here?

Lindelof sees bin Laden mission/Trek connection

Although the N24’s connection was inadvertent, Star Trek co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof was thinking Trek when he heard about Sunday’s operation. Earlier in the week Damon sent out the following tweet.


Source: BildBlog, thanks to Zamonia and Shaun1701 on Twitter for help with article.


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