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JJ Abrams Close To Directing Decision For Star Trek Sequel + Paramount Exercising Cast Options July 27, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,CBS/Paramount,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Another indication has emerged today that Star Trek (2009) producer/director JJ Abrams is moving towards a decision to direct the sequel. A new report details how he and Paramount are beginning to plan ahead, including rescheduling the film and exercising the actor options. Details below.


Abrams close to directing decision

The latest news comes from Deadline who are reporting that JJ Abrams is "is moving toward a commitment to direct Star Trek 2." This is consistent with Deadline’s past reporting and has been confirmed by TrekMovie sources. However, as has been reported before, no final decision (or announcement) will be made until Abrams approves the first draft of the script, which is currently being written (as indicated by the many comments from writers Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof during last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con).

Deadline also confirms TrekMovie reporting that Paramount are still eyeing two release options for the Star Trek sequel of either holiday 2012 or summer 2013. TrekMovie sources indicate that an announcement is likely to come on a release date and Abrams directing decision sometime in August. Deadline also reports that GI Joe 2 will likely slot into Star Trek’s June 29, 2012 release date so the studio will not lose the 4th of July holiday week, but again the studio has yet to make this official.

JJ Abrams directing his first Star Trek film – moving closer to decision for the sequel

Paramount exercising actor options

Probably the most significant piece of news in the Deadline report is that Paramount has exercised its options on the cast. When they signed on for Star Trek, all the main cast (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Anton Yelchin) signed options to appear in two additional Trek films. Exercising these options is a big step as the studio could end up having to pay the actors if they miss their schedule. When money is involved, things are definitely serious. As reported yesterday, the recent activity on the Star Trek sequel shows that the final development phase work is finally happening, albeit six months after originally envisioned. Now that Super 8 is out, the Star Trek sequel is back on track.

As for Chris Pine, Deadline says he is expected to shoot the Star Trek sequel before the Jack Ryan reboot, which was previously said to be aiming to shoot in January 2012.

Paramount finally rounding up the cast for the Star Trek sequel

POLL: Want JJ Abrams back in captains chair?

Time for a new poll and a rare simple yes or no choice. Do you want JJ Abrams to return as director of the Star Trek sequel?

Want JJ Abrams to direct Star Trek sequel?

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1. somethoughts - July 27, 2011

Do it jj :)

2. Rusty0918 - July 27, 2011

Of course he’ll do it. Duh.

3. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - July 27, 2011

JJ would be dumb not to direct the next film. Most directors direct for a decade then they fade away. IF JJ wants to buck that trend he should direct all the blockbuster films he can when they come to him. If he wants to be on par with Speleburg and as popular, directing into 3 decades then he should direct this film and the next.

4. Clinton - July 27, 2011

Considering all the way a reboot could have gone, I think Star Trek 2009 turned out surprisingly enjoyable. Yes, JJ, do it again!

5. AdamTrek - July 27, 2011

He’ll do it. It’s just not official via the study mouthpiece yet.


6. Tomaz_SI - July 27, 2011

And if JJ wont direct then il do it ;)

7. Bobby - July 27, 2011

I thought the whole reason they delayed this movie was so he would be available to direct.

If it ends up being directed by someone else, the delay will have been for nothing?

8. Starbase Britain - July 27, 2011

I thought he already had signed up?


9. NuFan - July 27, 2011

Good, I want the look and feel to remain modern and JJ directing will do that.

10. USS Enterprise B/C TV - July 27, 2011

Let’s hope JJ Directs, and lets aim for Christmas 2012. Two good goals – Warp Speed!!

11. USS Enterprise B/C TV - July 27, 2011

Lets hope JJ directs and lets aim for Christmas 2012 – two good and very possible goals to aim for! Warp Speed!

12. MJ - July 27, 2011

Anthony, it would seem Holidays 2012 is very much in play after all.

Thanks for the daily updates here on real sequel news. With more news stories like this every week, I can relax and not be so obsessive-compulsive about the sequel. Much appreciated!

13. MJ - July 27, 2011

JJ needs a blockbuster again and a very good Trek 2 is sure to bring in $500M.. Super 8 was a very good movie, but it was not a blockbuster, and I don’t expect that MI4 will be one either.

So JJ will definitely be directing Trek 2 — you can take that to the bank.

14. Anthony Pascale - July 27, 2011


I never said Holiday wasn’t in play, just that of the two options, Holiday 2012 would call for a tighter post production than originally planned.

15. mike - July 27, 2011

Not another year. this is what killed the next gen movies. i like it when we got a star trek film every 2 year, now its 4 to 5 years starting with nemesis

16. joe1306 - July 27, 2011

do it! do it! do it!!!

17. Jeyl - July 27, 2011

I’m leaning towards the “No” on this one. For such a talented individual who’s directed a lot of projects that he himself has also written, I find it confusing that his only interest in directing Star Trek lies solely on whether or not the script is any good. If he wants a good script, why doesn’t he write one himself? Why is there a disconnection between this project and a lot of other things he’s done?

You could say that it all has to do with the fact that JJ didn’t create Star Trek, it’s setting or it’s characters. He is working with someone else’s work who he has to give credit to. And who can blame him? I wish I could go on about how interesting it would have been if JJ and his team came up with something that wasn’t done in Trek before rather than take redo something but done a little differently. There just isn’t enough in JJ’s Trek that interests me since it still relies heavily on what’s familiar and what’s to be expected. Sure, he may blow up Vulcan and declare to all the fans that Star Trek is now different, but that still doesn’t change the fact that Uhura is still “The Chick” of the show.

18. Shaun - July 27, 2011

if j.j. is too busy…you know…pondering…maybe paramount should contact nicholas meyer. one doesn’t get a lot done in the real world…pondering…all the time without actually doing anything.

19. FarStrider - July 27, 2011

@15 What killed the TNG movies wasn’t the the time between movies. . .they just weren’t GOOD movies. . . .the three years between TMP and TWOK didn’t hurt that movie. . .the 3 years between the original Star Wars movies didn’t hurt them. . .the 3 years between Batman Begins and the Dark Knight didn’t hurt it. . .the 4 years between the Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises. . .probably not going to hurt it. . . have a good story that resonates with people, make a decent to good movie, advertise it well, and the rest will take care of itself


20. Hugh Hoyland - July 27, 2011

I would be really suprised if he doesnt direct this.

21. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 27, 2011

This is all over the IMDb board. One article says that JJ Abrams will be directing, while another says he is still deciding, depending on the script? What – with JJ supposedly throwing various ideas left, right and centre at the writers? Honestly, I think JJ Abrams would have known months ago whether the new Star Trek story is something he would want to direct. All this humming and haa-ing on whether to direct or not is not doing JJ Abrams’ credibility any favours. It just makes him look like a stupid tease, I am sorry to say. But then again, there is no mention of the “elephant in the living room”, ie 3D or no3D…

I need to see a Star Trek sequel that would be able to hold its head high next to a (no doubt) wonderful Peter Jackson screen adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s Hobbit. Star Trek ain’t no silly “tent-pole” (whatever that means) summer release fodder. It can be better than that!

22. Star Trek Sequel Fan Already - July 27, 2011

C’mon JJ! Star Trek is a family that goes beyond the characters and the actors that portray them…..the director is included!

23. Charla - July 27, 2011

I dont understand about the cast and Paramount’s “option exercising”- this is a good thing for the cast right? Can someone explain that to me- it’s been a long day today-

Well glad to get the updates, thanks TM crew! Almost there with part of the news we are waiting for….. *crossing fingers* :)

24. MJ - July 27, 2011

The options commits the studio to paying the cast for the next movie. Usually there is a schedule limitation on when the studio must exercise the option. They were probably approaching that date, and so decided to move forward with exercising the option now that they see the sequel prep going well, and looking like a good business bet.

25. Aurore - July 27, 2011

BREAKING : Jeffrey Jacob Abrams WILL Direct The Star Trek Sequel.

Yes. I boldly went there ; making stuff up on a serious site.

But ,hopefully, history will prove me right…

26. MJ - July 27, 2011

@21 “All this humming and haa-ing on whether to direct or not is not doing JJ Abrams’ credibility any favours. It just makes him look like a stupid tease, I am sorry to say.”

Wow Keachick, you are coming around to my way of thinking about this. Remember, you were pretty critical about some comments I made previously in this vain. No hard feelings though — good to have you see the light!

27. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

Whether or not he directs, he should be involved in the sequel. As a Director would obviously boost confidence within the cast, going back to work under the same guiding hand.

If someone else, JJ Abrams needs to have hand picked his replacement, rather than have Paramount dictate it. No offense but Michael Bay would be wrong for Star Trek… just as Stuart Baird turned out to be.

A different director can be a success as Irvin Kershner was for Empire Strikes Back. I’m not familar enough with that movie series to say, but obviously he had to work closely with George Lucas.

We know Nicholas Meyer virtually saved Star Trek by bringing in a sequel that cost a lot less to make than the original, while also being more epic in the storytelling department. But where we’re at now – runaway success, both critically and financially, it’s clearly different and not in need of a rescuer. Room for improvement (my admittedly hardcore perspective), mixed with more of the same (everybody else’s)…

28. Fubamushu - July 27, 2011

I am leaning more towards, “No!” as well. I could do with fewer lens flares and fewer brewery based sets as well as a better composer and a re-redesigned Enterprise.

29. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

Surely JJ wants to be back behind that camera monitor, hearing “Saaaavage Presssure” being shouted on set! :)

30. NuFan - July 27, 2011


Are you drunk again?

31. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - July 27, 2011

J.J on Directing. Do It! Do IT! Do It!

32. NCM - July 27, 2011

The poll should have included a third option. I don’t have an emotional attachment to JJ’s directing. I don’t care who directs, so long as he or she is willing and capable of doing a fantastic job. The director will need enormous talent and commitment, but we may do even better with someone who has those attributes in addition to a love for Trek.

33. Jason - July 27, 2011

28 – what’s with the Giacchino bashing? his score was one of the best parts of the new film. Didn’t rely on the Courage or Goldsmith themes but still felt part of the same team.

Abrams made very few bad decisions on the last one. Sure, no one likes the lens flares or Budgenering. But all the important things were there. Only way I’ll accept Abrams not directing is if passes the torch to Nick Meyer (as was hinted a while back) or Brad Bird (who took over the M:I-4 directing job when Abrams passed).

34. MJ - July 27, 2011

@28. A better composer??? You’ve just lost all credibility with that remark, dude.

35. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 27, 2011

No, MJ. If you go back and read some of my postings some months back, I expressed these notions then. I feared that, as Star Trek fans, we were being teased by a director in particular who perhaps thought that being apparently indecisive and secretive was somehow clever. Unfortunately, there are people around who do think that teasing (playing on the emotions and desires of others) is clever. I don’t think it is clever at all – it is just mean and stupid.

JJ Abrams needs to bring some clarity and direction (no pun intended). People want and need to know where they stand, not least the writers, other producers and cast.

36. somethoughts - July 27, 2011


Yea sorta like lebron james and the decision lol just get on with it already

37. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - July 27, 2011

Hey all…..Put your Cynical hat on for a second..

Paramount has a contact to the ST09 actors for a sequel within 5 years of production of the first JJ Trek.
Paramount release this nebulous statement to stave off actors suing Paramount for breach of contract.

If I’m wrong tell me pls, but tell me why I am wrong.

38. MJ - July 27, 2011

@35. Well regardless of who said what when, I am glad that we are in full agreement now. JJ does need to either sh*t or get off the pot here with the sequel.

@36. Excellent analogy…like it is clever to keep us waiting for the big decision…it definitely does remind me of a lesser version of the LeBron James Decision deal. :-)

39. Richard Daystrom - July 27, 2011

Personally, I feel Paramount missed the boat by not keeping Manny Coto on board to run the series. I feel like he more than anyone in the Berman years had what it would take to reinvigorate ST. Who knows where he could have taken it. Seriously, JJ & Co. have too many irons in the fire to do ST justice.

40. Captain Karl - July 27, 2011

get Schumacher to direct….he’ll camp it up good with Harry Mudd…of course I am absolutely kidding here

41. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - July 27, 2011

Ok. Lets get crazy. I vote for Stephan King to direct Star Trek. It would be Chilling. Lol

42. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - July 27, 2011

or. We can really get crazy. Anthony Pascale can direct Star Trek. He could get it right.

43. VulcanFilmCritic - July 27, 2011

Now I’m really worried. There seems to be a tremendous sense of RELUCTANCE at being involved with a Star Trek project, which just oozes from every pore of these guys (with the exception of Mr. Orci, of course.)

Maybe we’ll start writing, maybe we won’t.
Let’s lock ourselves in a hotel room (because this is so painful).
Well, we don’t really have an complete outline yet, we have to do another movie first.
Well, maybe I’ll direct this thing, maybe I won’t.

They sound just like me in the 5th grade on a Sunday night trying to get a book report done before Monday, on a book that I didn’t really want to read.

Where’s the passion for the project at hand? I don’t hear any. I don’t even hear mild enthusiasm. The Star Trek movies (TMP thru ST VI) were OK, but none were great. The directors: Robert Wise, Nicholas Meyer, Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner had varying degrees of interest but none had the almost monomaniacal passion for the job of say, George Lucas for “Star Wars” or Peter Jackson for “The Lord of the Rings” or Sam Raimi for “Spider-Man” or the Wachowski brothers for “The Matrix.”

Sam Raimi was selected to direct “Spider-Man” by the guys at Marvel “studios” because of his obvious love for Spidey. And it certainly showed in the final product. I don’t think you can just will a movie to be great. The greatness has to be there already, in some dream that is burning to be told on film.

The gold standard should be the four movies mentioned above, not “Star Trek ’09.” If JJ Abrams does not have the passion to direct the next movie, then he shouldn’t even try. It’s OK if he produces and writes. Just find someone who DOES want to direct this movie. And find him or her quickly.

44. Anthony Pascale - July 27, 2011

Commodore Mike

Yes! It is time that the people demanded that i can fulfill my vision. I am envisioning the film as a noirish thriller (in black and white of course). Also I think it should be in Esperanto, since in the future that is what everyone speaks. Oh and lots of nude scenes.

I also demand a bigger trailer than Deep Roy (the guy who plays keenser)

45. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

39. I loved what Manny Coto did with Enterprise. I’d prefer him to be running Star Trek should it ever return to television.

42. Listen to the audio commentary on the ST’09 DVD or Blu ray, or check out any of the Special Features. JJ Abrams is passionate about the part of the franchise he’s reinvigorated. I wouldn’t mistake lack of enthusiasm to learn about the history, canon, backstory for reluctance in making a good film.

46. Punkspocker - July 27, 2011

I voted “yes” as a fan with increasing frustration with abrams. If I were a paramount suit I’d have booted him long ago.

47. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

45. (cont) RE: Manny Coto, loved Season 4 so much so I still haven’t given up on the promise another year might’ve brought. He had so many ideas to tie everything altogether and get the most out of the premise of Enterprise. Quite a few others campaigned hard not to lose him and the show. He of course, went onto the much more high profile job of writing for 24.

48. Barb - July 27, 2011

VulcanFilmCritic… wow, you said EXACTLY what I thought, but said it better than I could! Thank you!

In the 1960s, Superman was dying and Star Trek was hot. Then, DC handed Superman over to a few of the letterheads… serious fans who wrote to them regularly. The result: In the1980s there was a Superman reboot that not only captured the best of the true spirit of Supes, they made it more science-like and less fantasy, more exciting and took care of updates in time line and place that had vastly changed the landscape since he was created in the 1930s. Today, Superman is one of the most valuable franchises in the world. Marvel, hot in the 1960s but cooled in the 1980s, likewise turned to serous fans to revive it with great success.

Contrast Paramount, which hired wunderkind JJ Abrams, a known Star Wars fan, who thought Trek was a bore. His first movie was a remake of the first Star Wars film in Trek. Now he can barely concentrate on the sequel BECAUSE HE JUST DOESN’T LIKE STAR TREK.

I’m sure there are professional filmmakers who are Trekkies. I hope, when this three film disaster is over, probably not until long after 2015, they hire a talented Trek fan rather than a Trek bored wunderkind to run the franchise. Perhaps THAT person will get rid of the Clone Wars of the 1990s, and World War III of the 2020s. Perhaps that person will make Star Trek an updated Star Trek, not a poor (and disinterested) Star Wars.

I suspect Whoopie Goldberg would be happy to help. I’m sure she’s not the only big name Trekkie.

49. VZX - July 27, 2011

I said it months ago, but this looks like it will come out May 2013.

50. Captain Bryan - July 27, 2011

YES! Bring JJ back and let the Okudas and Doug Drexler do some work on it too! The best of both worlds coming together, new and old Star Trek!

51. Vultan - July 27, 2011

Well, judging from the reviews Cowboys and Aliens is getting, I’m not exactly expecting a Trek masterpiece from the writers. But here’s hoping JJ (or whoever directs it) will make this thing shine in the end.

Perhaps a Nick Meyer script polish is in order…? C’mon, who doesn’t like a few—or a few hundred—Melville, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Shakespeare references in their Trek?


52. Richard Daystrom - July 27, 2011

47. Can’t say I watched 24. I know when I watched the last season of Enterprise it was excellent and felt like a continuation of a familiar story we all know and not so much a prequel. Wish I could say the same for the final episode. Hopefully if it does end up on TV again, Coto will be the man,and who knows where he will end up. Did not JJ start out on TV?

53. 1984 - July 27, 2011

This is an ongoing stroke job with JJ leading it. We’re supposed to believe he will really choose not direct it and thus signal the early script treatment isn’t worthy? Give me a break.

Super 8 was not worth JJ’s trouble and damn sure not worth kicking Trek fans in the teeth again over.

Trek gets crapped on again by the new regime who promised us better. Right about now I feel like suggesting the new regime go suck a collective egg.

54. Plum - July 27, 2011

Want JJ Abrams to direct Star Trek sequel?…

Yes. Duh.

And in Esperanto.

55. Chadwick - July 27, 2011


As a Batman fan, I love everything about the franchise but I am objective and I can admit some of the movies are bad and really bad. The first four Batman movies were all over the place. Then Christopher Nolan takes the helm for all three of the new Batman movies and they are (and will be) fantastic. Batman Begins was EPIC, The Dark Knight was jaw dropping, I can only imagine what The Dark Knight Rises will entail.

For these “three” new Star Trek movies J.J. has to direct.

When Steven Spielberg told J.J. that he had to direct I wonder if he meant the first film or to helm the direction of current movie “series.”

I also firmly stand by Alex, Bob, and Damon to write and produce, Michael Giacchino back for the music, Scott Chambliss for design. All these people and others not mentioned executed their jobs with such style and class which for the audience ended up evoking intrigue and astonishment. For me, it was a treat, a gift. The first time I saw it I loudly said “yes, thank you!”

The 2009 was big and awesome and Damon is talking about making it bigger and better than the previous. Needless to say I really pavlov to see how they can expand on their ideas and inspirations.

56. Bob Tompkins - July 27, 2011

I want to see a full cut [2:48 according to some sources] of Nemesis; I am of the mind that minus the too-revelatory scene with Shinzon confronting the Romulan Senate, everything else would have added to the movie.

@ 48: Barb, Abrams is not the right man for the directing job. The team is not the team to take Trek into the future, they are just too busy with a plethora of other projects and I am afraid this will affect the final product. All of them are Executive Producers on too many projects to give Trek their full undivided professional attention regardless of what they might be saying…

57. Aurore - July 27, 2011

What is going on , here?

Esperanto? Oh , really?
Like in Incubus ?

Is this some kind of conspiracy to have a certain Mr. Shatner involved in the sequel ?

I can’t go for that , no-o-o , no can do.

58. PM1701 - July 27, 2011

Although the movie was entertaining, and the visual style appealing to lure a new generation of fans, I didn’t feel that Mr. Abrams got the pathos of Star Trek right. So no. Better get someone who actually favors Star Trek than Star Wars. (No offense to Star Wars! Wedge is forever my favourite pilot.)

59. Sebastian S. - July 27, 2011

Agreeing with some of the above posts, I do wish the production team would show a more decisive plan of action with this next movie. A lot of zig-zagging but not much in a way of anything concrete seems to be going on (from OUR perspective, at least). I’m sure they’re very busy, but for us fans it feels like they have bigger, shinier projects they’d rather work on rather than Star Trek. It’s frustrating, that’s all. We ST fans are used to the previous films having a more or less dedicated production crew crank out a movie every couple years or so; now it feels like ST has to wait in line for bread.

If a potential third film takes three to four years to unspool? Wow. That’s asking a lot of commitment from newbie fans with relatively short attention spans (and lots of other movie franchise choices to blow their money on these days). They know they’ll always have the hardcore faithful, but as Nemesis proved, that’s not always enough.

Ultimately, I wish the team the best as I really want this new franchise of Trek to succeed (I’m sure JJ Abrams will be at the helm once more). But I also wish, to paraphrase Bones in TOS’ The Deadly Years:
“Don’t just stand there jawin’, Abrams! You and your team get crackin’ !”

60. Allen Williams - July 27, 2011

I’ll let you do it if you promise not to ruin it with your lens flares like you did the last one and fake up the ship with budwiser.

61. Seany-Wan - July 27, 2011

@boborci: All I want in the sequel is another officer in the Enterprise engine room named “Cleary”, not that it’s my last name….;-)

62. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - July 27, 2011

#44. Anthony. On Second thought. Maybe not. But. Would be a really kool Spoof. But. I think you would make an Excellent Red Shirt.

63. VulcanFilmCritic - July 27, 2011

48.@ Barb. Thank you. I keep wondering what all the foot dragging is about.
All the guys at Bad Robot should be wearing those Nike t-shirts that say,
“Just Do It.”

64. Basement Blogger - July 27, 2011

J.J. Abrams is a fine director but I could do without the camera gymnastics. In Super 8, a couple of scene didn’t need the hand held camera or sweeping camera shot. The scene where Joe confronts his father over Alice and the scene where the kids are talking in the refugee center come to mind. Both scenes were dramatic enough and didn’t need the nausea inducing moving camera.

Whether he should direct Star Trek, I’m going to wimp out here and abstain. If he directs, I’m cool with it. If he doesn’t, it won’t bother me. But I would be curious how J.J. Abrams handles 3D. Yeah, I think the suits are going to force 3D on Star Trek. And feat not, if Abrams shoots in 3D, there will be none of that hand held camera gymnastic stuff. It could be really cool, too. Could be the first 3D sci-fi movie where a majority of the scenes are shot in space.

65. Dr. Image - July 27, 2011

Paramount will probably insist on converting it to 3D… and dubbing it in Esperanto… and putting Eddie Murphy in it…

66. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - July 27, 2011


67. Devon - July 27, 2011

#43 – “43. VulcanFilmCritic – July 27, 2011

Now I’m really worried. There seems to be a tremendous sense of RELUCTANCE at being involved with a Star Trek project, which just oozes from every pore of these guys (with the exception of Mr. Orci, of course.)”

Yes. The notion that none of them want to work on Star Trek is most evident by the fact that they are all working on Star Trek now and no other major projects (aside from any TV work.) Good job.

“””””Maybe we’ll start writing, maybe we won’t.”””””””

They’ve never said this (and they’ve started writing, you’re being paranoid as evidenced by the rest of your post.)

68. Devon - July 27, 2011

“Agreeing with some of the above posts, I do wish the production team would show a more decisive plan of action with this next movie. A lot of zig-zagging but not much in a way of anything concrete seems to be going on”

Or at least people aren’t paying attention to what’s being said in favor of paranoid comments.

69. MJ - July 27, 2011

@48. “In the 1960s, Superman was dying and Star Trek was hot.”

Are you kidding me??? Star Trek was not hot until the mid-70s’, years after is was on TV. Your facts here are as messed up at your hate-on for the new Trek.

“Perhaps THAT person will get rid of the Clone Wars of the 1990s, and World War III of the 2020s.”

And I’m not even sure what this means??? Where is my universal translator when I need it? LOL

70. MJ - July 27, 2011

@51 “Well, judging from the reviews Cowboys and Aliens is getting, I’m not exactly expecting a Trek masterpiece from the writers. But here’s hoping JJ (or whoever directs it) will make this thing shine in the end.”

Orci and company are OK writers who produce a much better product when supervised/and with creative involvement from JJ. Lindelof will help as well — his writing is a littler more sophisticated. The product of this team will be much greater than the sum of its parts.

71. MJ - July 27, 2011

@59 “Agreeing with some of the above posts, I do wish the production team would show a more decisive plan of action with this next movie. A lot of zig-zagging but not much in a way of anything concrete seems to be going on (from OUR perspective, at least). I’m sure they’re very busy, but for us fans it feels like they have bigger, shinier projects they’d rather work on rather than Star Trek. It’s frustrating, that’s all. We ST fans are used to the previous films having a more or less dedicated production crew crank out a movie every couple years or so; now it feels like ST has to wait in line for bread.”

Well said!!!

72. braxus - July 27, 2011

After dropping the ball on this second film, I don’t have high hopes for the third film with this team with the lack of enthusiasm Im seeing a lack there of.

73. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 27, 2011

@ 72, 71, 43. Perhaps you should read other earlier threads on this site –

Damon Lindelof – “Now that the four of us are back in that room together, JJ is finished with Super 8, we have plunged into Star Trek 2 hard core. It is now my full-time job, which is what it always needed to do as opposed to we are all doing four different things at the same time. Now I am just doing Trek 2, now JJ is just doing Trek 2, now Bob and Alex are just doing Trek 2.”

I hope I am not going to have to keep reposting another Damon Lindelof quote because of the apparent literacy inadequacies of some posters…;)

74. MJ - July 27, 2011

@73. Keachick, as I recall, until this past week (when the Supreme Court finally opened up) you were rather insistent that the movie was not delayed and that they could still make next Summers release date, and you were pretty hard here on these boards on those of us who were concerned about the delays. Now, you’ve conveniently forgot about how you were wrong on that, and are now chastising those of us again here who still have some legitimate doubts of the viability of this enterprise (pun intended). Haven’t you eaten enough crow already? :-)

75. ctcraig - July 27, 2011

I really can’t care about who directs a movie that won’t see the light of day for two more years, completely unemotional

76. Vultan - July 27, 2011


Exactly. They’re OK writers—nothing spectacular but good enough for summer popcorn flicks about giant robots and Old West aliens. However, I really don’t want another Trek popcorn flick. Sorry, this team got a pass for being “the new guys,” but Trek ’09, while being a fun watch, had all the depth of a frisbee.

Time to challenge the audience again, please.
Think 1960s sci-fi. Roddenberry. Coon. Serling. Kubrick.
Think big! Think beyond!

77. DonDonP1 - July 27, 2011

I say, J.J. Abrams should direct ‘Star Trek XII’. In the words of a false prophet by the name of Harold Camping: “It is going to happen!” J.J. Abrams’ directing of ‘Star Trek XII’ is going to happen at the beginning of next year.

78. Jesustrek - July 27, 2011

Jonathan Frakes back to Director chair

79. Cygnus-X1 - July 27, 2011

76. Vultan – July 27, 2011

Well said.

80. Buzz Cagney - July 27, 2011

#15 i was under the impression that the TNG movies finished because, FC apart, they were just not very good.

81. MJ - July 27, 2011

@76. Well Vultan, you are infering what I said out of context a bit. I said:

“Orci and company are OK writers who produce a much better product when supervised/and with creative involvement from JJ. Lindelof will help as well — his writing is a littler more sophisticated. The product of this team will be much greater than the sum of its parts.”

With JJ and Lindelof involved, I think the product will be outstanding. Lindelof’s work on Lost I have the utmost respect for, and he did tacke big themes successfully, even though the end foundered a bit. For the first movie, they were hamstring by doing an origin story. For this next one, I am expecting more important themes to be included — they had damn well better deliver on my expectations, or I will be forced to come crying back to you that you were right. :-)

82. Buzz Cagney - July 27, 2011

#76 aw, c’mon Vults, we all enjoy tossing a frisbee around from time to time. Granted its not easy to do without dropping your popcorn!

You know, much as i enjoyed ’09 at the time, and i really did, i just can’t seem to watch it now. That may just be because i’ve seen it so often- or it may be because it lacks any real sustance. I will have to give that more thought. All i know is i can watch Wrath whenever i wish.

I do think they do need to make a smarter film next time than we allowed them to get away with in ’09.
No pressure boys/

83. Basement Blogger - July 27, 2011

@ 76

Vultan says, “Time to challenge the audience again, please.
Think 1960s sci-fi. Roddenberry. Coon. Serling. Kubrick.
Think big! Think beyond!”


By the way, the Supreme Court has been saying they want to go deeper. So, I’m looking forward to surviving the end of the Mayan calender to see Star Trek in 2013.

84. Vultan - July 27, 2011


Yes… well… hopefully, Lindelof and Abrams will have a positive influence, but I didn’t see a great deal of brilliance (other than lens flares) in the first movie. Nevertheless, like you said, it was an origin story and they get a pass. That’s fine. Understandable.

Not for the next one, though. It’s make or break. Godfather part II or bust. And I certainly hope you DON’T have to come crying back…

85. Polly - July 27, 2011

I guess so….but geez man, hurry and make your decision for goodness sake.
Is it just me or does it seem like no one is all that enthusiastic about getting going?

86. Vultan - July 27, 2011


Buzz, I enjoyed the movie too when I first saw it in the theater. It was a fun, entertaining couple of hours. Then I saw it again on DVD, and well—it’s like a new car: fun and refreshing at first, but then after a while you start to notice those certain things the boys at the drawing board just got wrong.

Here’s to a better model!

87. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - July 27, 2011

Nick Meyer script polish

JJ director, if not him then Joe Johnston or JJ’s bromance Spielberg

88. Charla - July 27, 2011

Thanks MJ for explaining that to me- that is good news!

And I am sooo not getting into the debate here! LOL

89. MJ - July 27, 2011

@87. Those aren’t bad choices, but I would bring in Neil Blomkamp if JJ backed out.

@88. No problem, Charla!

90. Rusty0918 - July 27, 2011

You do raise some points, Vultan. They got away with a lot.

Though questionably, are we going to get a “better model?” I know a guywtihglasses review commented in a review that made him risk getting burned at the stake (if you get my gist) of “Star Trek” (2009), commenting on “why fix something that’s not broken?”

I doubt we will get a “better model.” We’ll probably get something worse, but the mainstream media and top critics will all once again bow at JJ Abrams’s feet and give the movie glowing reviews, even if it’s as bad as “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” They’ll pull every single tactic in the book to shove the sequel down our throats. I could actually see this happening, since that “Star Trek” video game, which won’t be out for ALMOST ANOTHER FULL YEAR, has already gotten top awards.

91. RED DEAD RYAN - July 27, 2011

Time to get the show on the road! The supreme court got their projects done and have fully established themselves as bona fide Hollywood writers.

No more excuses! No more delays! Time to put pen to paper…..thumbs to iPad with LCARS interface…….fingers to laptop keypad……spraypaint graffiti to wall……anything…..whatever…….just focus on the damned script already!

And Paramount needs to set a hard release date soon. And make it final.
I say May 2013. If there are any more delays, I will finally lose patience!

92. Andrew - July 27, 2011

The director if not JJ? William Shatner! I don’t want my pain taken away! I need my pain!

93. Jack - July 27, 2011

43: Where’s the passion for the project at hand? I don’t hear any. I don’t even hear mild enthusiasm.

Well, we haven’t really heard anything, period.

94. Devon - July 27, 2011

#76 “Time to challenge the audience again, please.
Think 1960s sci-fi. Roddenberry. Coon. Serling. Kubrick.
Think big! Think beyond!”

When discussing “Brilliant” writers it’s very irresponsible to put Roddenberry in the same category. He was just a passable TV producer was all (well, for some of Trek anyway.)

95. Devon - July 27, 2011

“72. braxus – July 27, 2011

After dropping the ball on this second film, I don’t have high hopes for the third film with this team with the lack of enthusiasm Im seeing a lack there of.”

This was already said earlier and was just as silly of a comment then.

Paranoia.. Paranoia…

96. Tom - July 27, 2011

Besides Star Trek 2009, they’ve always released in Nov or Dec. I like that time of year for Star Trek. Let’s do it! Let’s bring back the good old days!

97. Devon - July 27, 2011

Honestly, some of these comments are extremely silly and coming across as paranoia. People complain that they weren’t “on it,” now that they are, you’re STILL complaining.

Some of you are getting way over the top and obsessive with this topic (I can mention names but won’t.) You are completely powerless to do anything about it and making 15 posts about how “delayed” the film is per topic on the subject does absolutely nothing to speed anything up, does not help, will not “undo” anything.

They are all working on the sequel and things are starting to happen. This is what you wanted, this is what you’re getting, so be happy! The sequel is coming.

98. chrisfawkes.com - July 27, 2011

Abrams may have well announced that if he is not going to direct that it is because he has checked the script and it is sub par.

If Abrams does not direct expect a flop, he knows something.

99. Jack - July 27, 2011

I know, I’m super-behind…. I’ve read all the comments since these, really! Most of them.

48. “Contrast Paramount, which hired wunderkind JJ Abrams, a known Star Wars fan, who thought Trek was a bore. His first movie was a remake of the first Star Wars film in Trek. Now he can barely concentrate on the sequel BECAUSE HE JUST DOESN’T LIKE STAR TREK.”

Yep. Said it before, I just don’t buy this. I think it’s bullshit. Heck, I’m a known Star Wars fan.

50. A little afraid of the Okudas… I know, they’ve done amazing stuff. But I’m hoping for fresh. Even the graphics in Trek 09 were too much like previous Trek flicks to me (the pointless numbers, the heavy use of symbols [the federation logo, that transporter thing] in displays, displays that didn’t really look like they conveyed any information at all, other displays that conveyed information that made lines unnecessary [that part I liked, actually]).

And some cheering section in me kicks in whenever anyone here talks about how this team has dropped the ball and how they don’t care etc. etc. Based on what? Because the release date might move? Because they’re not spilling all the beans to some website reporter at comic con? Because they’re not telling us exactly what they’re doing, day by day, during writing because hey, we’ll keep the secret.

It’s all speculation at this point. Maybe they don’t care, but I sure haven’t seen any evidence of that. Gosh, 3 months before Trek 09, the comments on this site were full of predictions that the filmmakers knew it was going to tank and that’s why they hadn’t released myriad spoilers, screenshots and videos… and that they had no idea how to market a movie.

Simply put, we talk out of our, er, anomalies a hell of a lot on this site.

100. Jack - July 28, 2011

94. Agreed. And Roddenberry didn’t pull Star Trek out of thin air.

101. Cygnus-X1 - July 28, 2011

82. Buzz Cagney – July 27, 2011

—-You know, much as i enjoyed ‘09 at the time, and i really did, i just can’t seem to watch it now.—-

This has been my experience as well. ST’09 doesn’t hold up that well. I think it’s because so much of the enjoyment of seeing it in the theater and the first couple times on DVD was the excitement of the action/adventure elements of the film. The chases, the fights, the skydiving, the endless running through the corridors of the ship—Plinkett of RLM nailed it: the thoughtful walking of TOS and TNG was replaced entirely by urgent running….

…Which is exciting the first few times, but as you said, there’s a dearth of substance beneath it all. And the elements of the film that were substantial—the conflict between Kirk and Spock, the nature of the alternate reality and its consequences, the villain and his motivation—were (in order) rushed through, giving way to yet more action scenes; glossed over in order to get back to the action; and poorly conceived, insufficiently developed.

So, what we got was a yummy birthday cake with some nutritional value, but not something you can eat a lot of.

102. Cygnus-X1 - July 28, 2011

94. Devon – July 27, 2011

—-When discussing “Brilliant” writers it’s very irresponsible to put Roddenberry in the same category. He was just a passable TV producer was all (well, for some of Trek anyway.)—-

I just watched the special features of the TOS DVD set, and the writers and actors paint the picture that GR was a principle motivation and inspiration to TOS. As evidence of this, they cite the shark-jumping third season when GR had basically walked away from the show after the network moved it to a dead time slot. The interviews I’ve read over the years corroborate this. GR wasn’t some bean counter. He imagined the whole show and was regularly involved in developing the episodes, though not in the third season obviously. And, as far as I know, the same is true for TNG, until he got sick. He wrote the series premier along with DC Fontana, and as far as I know, was a principal creator of the show.

103. Captain Canuck - July 28, 2011

I want JJ, but I ask for fewer lense flares and phaser beams, not phaser bullets

104. captain_neill - July 28, 2011


I totally understand. Some of the ‘humour’ I found funny the first couple of times I watched the movie and then the more I watched it the less funny they became. I’m looking at yot waterpipe with Scotty floating in it.

Also the first few times we are swept up woth the viseral experience that the story line is secondary, however I do find that the more I watch some plot points don’t really make much sense.

But saying that I think the good points in the movie outweigh the bad points. It’s a flawed film but it is a fun film that does reinvigorate Trek, although it’s not the way I would do Trek.

What annoys me most is that the mainstream seem to think that this is the ONLY GOOD Trek movie, have they never seen Wrath of Khan, Voyage Home, First Contact, Undiscovered Country etc.

To me the new movie is part of the legacy. Trek is 45 years old this year we should be having a big celebration for it.

105. charles charles - July 28, 2011

cant believe some people are voting that abrams shouldnt direct the sequal. if he doesnt movie will def be a dud

106. MJ - July 28, 2011

I like the movie better every time I see it. So there! :-)

107. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 28, 2011

#74 MJ – I don’t need to eat crow.

As Devon later pointed out also, what I am objecting to are people coming here who appear not to have read the articles the trekmovie.com team have posted and are directly contradicting what one of the writers/producers has just been seen saying on video. This is what was happening at previous times as well. It is just so disingenuous and rude.

A lot of people have done a lot of prophesying about the ifs and whens of this sequel and virtually declaring their own opinions as fact – it will happen this way type of stuff. However, they have no actual evidence to support their viewpoints which have gone against known information. Paramount have not announced a new release date, although it is likely now that there needs to be one and I say this only because of what a sequel producer himself has been seen and heard saying – ie according to Damon Lindelof, the earliest possible release date would be July 2012, that is if JJ Abrams start directing in September. Hence, a producer has already stated that the release date set down by Paramount has already been missed, not by much perhaps, but still no longer 29 June 2012.

I know the movie is delayed. Officially it is by six months. A lot of people have vehemently said that the movie can’t be released in this or that month or holiday season. The reality is that Paramount will release the movie if and when and I suspect they know more about the stakes or whatever than any of us know here. Personally, I do not see why so many people are so attached to the notion of Star Trek being a summer “tent-pole” movie. No matter when Paramount chose to release it, there will be a movie competing for audience greenbacks and butts and who knows, a few people may actually manage to come up with some extra bucks to see both movies. Now that’s a win/win.

108. ilker - July 28, 2011

super 8 was a flop.

mi4 will be a flop.

he will try his hand at ST sequel again. I hope it won’t be a children’s film again.

109. Alex - July 28, 2011

If it’s christmas 2012, it will go up against the Hobbit. Kind of a late redemption if it beats it (which I think it can) – ten years earlier, Nemesis was smashed by The Two Towers. (Or more precisely: it was smashed by a Jennifer Lopez RomCom, TTT just trampled over its remains the following week). Now Trek is handled as a potential blockbuster. Funny how times have changed.

110. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 28, 2011

OK What is a skant? Apparently it is meant to be a new form of clothing that men wear – part of our (groan) unisex future.

111. somethoughts - July 28, 2011

James Cameron should direct Star Trek sequel, he is the king of sci fi movie and have already worked with tent pole type films and revolutionized fx with his movies.

He has done aliens, abyss, terminators, titanic and avatar.

There is nobody more qualified to do a epic space movie than james cameron.

If paramount wants to go big or go home, get james cameron and you will see a true classic for the ages.

112. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 28, 2011

Funny, because I never imagined the LOTR trilogy as being anything other than blockbuster movies as in much anticipated by huge audiences and yet all three films were released in December/January. Now the Hobbit is being released in December 2012 also.

113. trekman_dave - July 28, 2011

Thrusters at full

114. captain_neill - July 28, 2011


Is it confirmed that Super 8 was a flop.

It does not come out in UK till August.

115. captain_neill - July 28, 2011


What about the Trek movies that came before?

As long as the director gets Star Trek and understands it then should it matter who directs it? Either a Trek fan will see it either way.

116. somethoughts - July 28, 2011


Super 8 has earned 3x the budget and has positive reviews, it is far from a flop. Super 8 will probably earn $250mil world wide before it goes on blu ray, much like c&a, my best guess is around $250-350mil worldwide before it goes to blu ray.

117. somethoughts - July 28, 2011


So you dont mind if bay directs star trek? lol

What about the return of stuart bird lmao

118. Phil - July 28, 2011


119. Kokolo - July 28, 2011

At # 111

Don’t be ridiculous. Do you really think James Cameron is a director for hire?

120. larryl - July 28, 2011

I want Nimoy to direct it.

121. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

The complexity of the filmmaking in a big tentpole project like this, is such that previous Directors probably couldn’t pull it off. I’d dearly love to wind the clock back to a slower paced movie, but that’s clearly not going to happen and all those kids momentarily taken away from their games consoles, to go see Star Trek would be disappointed with a thoughtful, allegorically drawn piece like The Undiscovered Country.

122. VZX - July 28, 2011

I’m cool with Abrams doing it, just as long as he greatly lowers the the lens flares and the amount of “in-your-face” lighting on the bridge.

AND that he gets some actual physics guys to check the science! I would do it, for free!

123. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

In other words, the sequel has to be another sugar rush that takes a flamethrower and incinerates this franchise’s sacred cows. It’s makers comforting us old timers with a reminder our universe hasn’t gone away… which of course it did in 2005. Fallen through the cracks in a divorce settlement between Paramount and CBS.

124. dennycranium - July 28, 2011

Its show BUSINESS everybody.
Paramount didn’t want to make the same mistake it made with Nemesis.
Just catering to the tried and true Trek fan didnt work. It failed miserably.
The box office for Nemesis was terrible and crushed the TNG franchise.
Nemesis was a good movie IMO. Even Wil Wheaton gushed about the script when he read it.
They did the right thing by hiring a Trek fan (Orci) and Abrams a Star Wars fan to reninvigorate the franchise. JJ was given the task:
Get people into the theater to watch this movie who havent seen a Trek film before. He succeeded. Orci and crew also made a script that didn’t alienate the Trek faithful.
I loved Trek 09. Sure it went “clunk” in a few places but it did what TWOK did. It brought Trek back from the brink of death.
Paramount doesn’t want to screw up the sequel either.
They are trusting the team that brought it back.

125. SoonerDave - July 28, 2011

I think all this nonsense about whether JJ will or won’t direct is just tinfoil in the radar. I think he’s going to direct; if there had been any inkling he wouldn’t, another director would have been brought in and we wouldn’t be looking at this seemingly interminable delay in getting things rolling. For whatever legal wordsmith reasons may be applicable, he won’t “officially” commit to directing until some certain, unknown-to-the-world “thing” has happened.

I’m going to hope for Christmas 2012. Summer 2013 just puts in stone the fact that it took Paramount and this team *four years* to put this Trek sequel together. I realize it’s only a six-month difference in reality, but psychologically, keeping the release in the same year makes the wait seem less tedious. You know, kinda like how a restaurant prices a steak at $9.99 because $10 “sounds” expensive…

…and I think this idea that implicitly ties a delay to better quality is setting the bar awfully high. At some point, you build expectations that can’t possibly be met, kinda like the Lost finale. Kinda like the *first* Trek movie in ’79. Extra time does *not* guarantee a better product.

…And, as an aside, I’m all for giving a different composer a run at the score this time. Giacchino’s work was nice in spots, but otherwise thoroughly forgettable. I also realize that’s not going to happen, too. If I have to choose between a reworked Engineering deck and getting a different composer, I’ll take a reworked Engineering deck every time (grin).

We’ll know things are underway when story and script elements start leaking. Until then, nothing is certain.

126. Kirk, James T. - July 28, 2011

118, Phll, Can you stop with the silly posts “Star Trek 12″

Its movie 2 within a new universe, hence why everyone is calling it THE SEQUEL. if you’re talking like a suit then yes its movie 12 of the franchise, the Star Trek business/brand as a whole but since putting numbers after the “STAR TREK” became obsolete with Star Trek 7 (now look at me talking like a suit); Star Trek: Generations. Your posts are just irritating and completely pointless.

I think that now he’s back with the writing team developing the script and the movie as a whole, he’ll direct. I cant think of a better guy to be doing Trek right now.

Abrams brings both the nerdish qualities needed to do something like Trek but also a movie making style that appeals to the masses. I think in many ways he’s shown the Star Wars fans what they would have loved to see in the Star Wars prequels (thats movies 1, 2 and 3 to Phll).

James Cameron isn’t all that great. Avatar was an immense spectacle but the story was very weak. Truly thought that Star Trek was a far better movie in every sense. Titanic had the same story essentially; a hopeless guy meets a powerful woman from another class/species, they fall in love and conflict ensues. On Titanic it was the rich man hunting the poor man whilst the ship sank and the audience knowing that this ship actually sank and real people actually died. In Avatar it was much the same plot just tweaked to fit a fantasy movie; the scared faced white man turning on the soldier with a disability whilst killing the big eyed Disney-esq natives and doing so in spectacular mesmerising 3D glory.

Cameron is good at spectacle but I feel he’s just full of hot air. I was very disappointed in Avatar.

Spielberg along with Abrams could put together a truly awesome Star Trek movie.

Michael Bay is great at explosions and to be honest from Transformers, a series of movies based on toys… He was the best guy to do those movies but Star Trek? Nah. His next project should be to revive The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

127. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

Despite my mixed emotions* JJ Abrams should direct. I think he’s the only who can. Having an approach praised by a wide mix of Trekkies and non-fans alike. Mostly fans now, who are only really interested in the Abramsverse take on Kirk/Spock and want another 2 hours from it. More generally ordinary cinema goers who flocked to see it, box office which Paramount are counting to be their centre piece next year or the one after.

*Some days I think the new universe was an inspired idea and could be great, if they take it places the old one didn’t and explore the differences, rather than the similarities. Some days I resent how that has consigned the old universe to history.

128. Janice - July 28, 2011

I want to see JJ Abrams direct and even more than that, I want to see Pike there. Hope I get my wish for both.

129. Steamblade - July 28, 2011

COMPLETELY new creative team, please!

130. Kennzer - July 28, 2011

Yorkshire Radio reported a summer 2013 release for the sequel. Super 8 worth the late start? Hardly.

131. rogerachong - July 28, 2011

Paramount just announced officially that GI Joe 2 will fill Star Trek’s slot for next summer. No confirmation yet as to the new slot for “Star Trek 2013″.

132. captain_neill - July 28, 2011


Fair points

I would curl up and die if Michael Bay ended up touching a Trek movie

But if you read my comment I said anyone who gets it, someone in the calibre of Nick Meyer.

133. madtrekfan - July 28, 2011

Personally I’d rather see Nick Meyer back in the directors chair one more time. But if we’re talking good directors who also happen to be true Trek fans, errrmmm, Bryan Singer anyone (you know the guy who even had a cameo in Nemesis)

#28 – I’m with you on the composer…. Bring back Jerry Goldsmith’s Trek theme please!

134. SoonerDave - July 28, 2011

Jeez, lots of sites reporting Trek is moving to Summer 2013. Four freaking years between movies.

What a shame.

135. tpresto - July 28, 2011

I want JJ to direct, But I don’t want Kurtzman and Orci to write it…but I guess It’s too late to complain about that.

136. Shaun - July 28, 2011

# 134: “Four freaking years between movies. What a shame.”

yes, it is a shame. hollywood-types seem to be quite indecisive. i loved j.j.’s flick…but the way this has all come down is ridiculous. three years between movies should be more than enough time to get everything in order, and deliver a final product.

137. Jipeman - July 28, 2011


How is Super 8 a flop? It cost $50 million to make, has made nearly $125 million and was a good movie. I am sure Paramount would be happy to have all of their movies “flop” like that one.

138. Barb - July 28, 2011

SoonerDave… there’s always fan Trek!

139. Shannon Nutt - July 28, 2011

All I can say is that after all these delays, Abrams BETTER step up and direct the film! I’m guessing the bigwigs at Paramount would be none too happy if he said “no”, as they’ve obviously delayed the project to fit his schedule.

140. Alex Prewitt - July 28, 2011

Eliminate virtually all the lense flare and redesign most of the Enterprise interior and exterior–and I could get excited about this–Abrams or not.

141. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 28, 2011

What do they teach at journalism school? Obviously not how to accurately report FACTS or report what is not known. Why are journalists reporting inaccuracies? Paramount has not made any announcement that the release date has been changed. Everyone assumes that it has to change, but actually stating that the film won’t come out till 2013 or any other date, for that matter, is just irresponsible and crap journalism. Let’s hope they are able to report actual FACTS about things that really do matter.

142. Towaway - July 28, 2011

PLEASE…please…please…STOP calling the sequel “Star Trek 2″….we’ve already had that movie!!!!!!!!

143. dmduncan - July 28, 2011

107: “As Devon later pointed out also, what I am objecting to are people coming here who appear not to have read the articles the trekmovie.com team have posted and are directly contradicting what one of the writers/producers has just been seen saying on video. This is what was happening at previous times as well. It is just so disingenuous and rude.”

True. Probably because they are so convinced they already know all the relevant facts that they don’t have to read or listen to anything.

144. CmdrR - July 28, 2011

143 — Correction, we already HAVE that movie.

Go for it, JJ. Take the big paycheck, right after you hire Mila Kunis to play Rand in a sonic shower.

145. Kirk, James T. - July 28, 2011

@142, oh yawwwwn. the sequel is the second movie to the first JJ Abrams movie; “Star Trek”

There’s no bloody prefix involved here at all. it’s as much the second movie as it is the twelfth…


What killed the TNG movies was that we had been treated to a fantastic 7 year run. Whereas fans of the original series yearned for more. TNG was pretty nicely wrapped up, I know I didn’t need anymore TNG.

I’ve said this once before. Had the studio wanted more of the TNG cast, the decision should have been to weave them into maybe half a dozen season 7 episodes of Deep Space Nine’s Dominion War arc with the budgets they would have used on the TNG movies being put towards making the Dominion War look mind blowing, making DS9 event TV rather than milking the cow for 4 averagely received big–screen TV movies, which to be honest with the exception of Star Trek: First Contact, each of the TNG movies were.

Whoever said JJ Abrams Super 8 was a flop, needs to get out more because that film has been very well received and as 137 said, has made a shit load of money and hasn’t even released everywhere yet – it’s out this friday in the UK…

Besides reverting back to the guys who’ve already brought us niche Star Trek in the past (Ron Moore, Ira Steven Bher). I don’t think anyone here can give us another name who could have done Star Trek better than Abrams and his team and I’m not just talking about the fantastic film they made… The studio(s) obviously want Star Trek up there with the likes of Transformers, Batman, Star Wars in terms of brand identity. I don’t think anyone else could have given the studio what they wanted but also remain true to what the fans had come to expect. I’m not talking about some of the crazy fans here and elsewhere on the internet who moan at the slightest thing, I’m talking about the larger group of fans who have enjoyed Trek since day one. I don’t think anyone could have balanced the franchise on that knife edge any better than Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, Lindelof, Burke.

The Film’s release date: I don’t think it will be Summer 2013… I think there probably further along than we or trekmovie.com know. 2 to 3 months filming, if they begin January that means they’ll finish filming in March/April and from April to December they can promote and do post production.

I think with all the licensing going on for Star Trek next year, It’ll have to meet a 2012 release date and now that the Superman movie has been pushed to Summer 2013, that opens Christmas up for Star Trek, The Hobbit, Twilight Breaking Wind and James Bond to all take a place without Star Trek ruining the Box Office takings for each of them… Star Trek will destroy the likes of Twilight and James Bond. I think Trekkies have gotten too used to Trek being beaten by Maid in Manhattan… Thats not going to happen again.

The Sequel’s look: Lens flare, the bridge, the factory/power plant interiors should all return to give the movie continuity. What I think should happen is that we see more of the interior so it links the industrial sized turbines we saw in the FIRST Star Trek movie with lets say a futuristic engine room and warp core (although I don’t want to see a blue tube ala TNG).

The title: I think the movie should be called…. STAR TREK: PHASE TWO. A nod to the lost Star Trek series and it also makes sense since this is the second movie in a new series of Star Trek movies.

The cast: All the main cast back. I hope we see Admiral Pike as well. I’d like to see someone like Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise in Star Trek. Jonny Depp perhaps. A big name. Matt Damon to play someone. I’d like to see if they can kind of weave Chris Heamsworth back into it – maybe in a flashback scene. I thought the Kelvin sets were truly spectacular.

The Crew, Everyone who helped make the first one I hope will be back for the second one. I would also like to see Steven Spielberg as executive producer. Of course I’d love to see Abrams back at the helm.

If “Star Trek” was “Batman Begins” then I hope the sequel is “The Dark Knight” and that the final Abrams movie is “The Dark Knight Rises”.

The Merchandise and tie-ins: Hasbro should do the toys. We’ve got this fantastic game coming out and before 2012 is out, i’d like to see a new animated series and an intense marketing campaign targeting a younger generation. I’d like to see more in the way of merchandise for JJ Abrams Star Trek than we have seen so far. More of an emphasis on current Star Trek than past Trek, although I’d like to see TNG remastered and some merchandise celebrating The Wrath of Khan’s 30th Anniversary (A Big USS Enterprise refit from Hasbro as well as a big 2009 USS Enterprise would go a long way). A Reliant and Kelvin too.

146. NuFan - July 28, 2011

I always knew Star Trek 2 would be out summer 2013. So I’m not upset because I never considered any other dates.

147. Dave Ansell - July 28, 2011

It would be nice to see Abrams appear on screen as an admiral or something with regards to whatever mission the Enterprise will be on.

148. MJ - July 28, 2011

@142 “PLEASE…please…please…STOP calling the sequel “Star Trek 2″….we’ve already had that movie!!!!!!!!”

No, we had “Star Trek II,” with Roman numerals. “Star Trek 2,” with the Arabic number has not been used yet, and is available for the sequel should JJ and company decide they don’t want to go the subtitle route.

Please pay attention — there is a difference.

149. red dead ryan - July 28, 2011

It’s funny how the people who hate J.J Abrams call “Super 8″ a flop despite the evidence to the contrary. Most of these people probably didn’t even bother getting off their asses to go see the movie.

J.J Abrams is going to direct the sequel. Guaranteed. He should just announce it already.

Nick Meyer, on the other hand, isn’t going to be involved at all with this production. For fans hoping he comes back, forget about it.

And while I’ve previously said on other threads that I wouldn’t mind a William Shatner cameo in the sequel, I must say that I’ve now changed my mind. I just think we’ve already seen enough “passing of the torch” moments of nostalgia. Leonard Nimoy was needed last time to help relaunch the franchise and to give the new movie credibility. There is no need for that this time.

If I want to see Shat-Kirk, I can always watch my TOS blue rays and the original movies.

150. Buzz Cagney - July 28, 2011

#135 maybe not, as I undestand it they haven’t written a line as yet! :-D

151. Buzz Cagney - July 28, 2011

#130 Yorkshire Radio? pmsl. Have they heard that WWII is over yet?

152. Travis - July 28, 2011

I think JJ Abrams will come back to Direct not only this one but maybe the 3rd and 4th movie as well. Something still tells me that based on what TrekMovie has reported a few days ago on the progress on the final script that KAHN will be in this movie. You cant deleate him, you cant ignore him, the badest of the bad, more dangerious than the Klingons…. The Klingons were used way too much in TOS films and you cant do that here. I understand you fans feelings about Kahn but he’s the best to give Star Trek that boost that it needs for a Sequel.

153. David B - July 28, 2011

I said no let JJ go and get someone else.

The sooner these people realise Star Trek is bigger then them the better.

If it wasn’t for JJ this would be already in production for June next year.

154. Vultan - July 28, 2011


Nope. Roddenberry came up with the idea for Trek. Revise history all you want—you can’t get around that. Gene Coon made it sparkle. That’s why their names are side by side on my list. And… they co-wrote one of my favorite episodes, “Bread and Circuses.”

So there.

155. Jack - July 28, 2011

er, not a fan of phase 2 for a title — either of the aborted series, the fan stuff or the next movie. It always sounded like a working title.

Ditto for the idea of using the Goldsmith theme. It’s been done, wonderfully. To me it’s married to TMP. It never really worked as the TNG theme for me (it was just, hey, we’re playing the tmp theme here) and I got tired of, essentially, the same closing credits score for every subsequent Trek movie he did. The score of Trek 09 was up there among the best Trek scores, heck, and great film scores, period (as was the goldsmith TMP score).

The ’80s and ’90s Treks have already been made. I don’t share this desire to see the same thing we’ve seen already. Heck, TMP and first-season TNG brought back TOS staff and it didn’t really work…

156. TrekMadeMeWonder - July 28, 2011

Please. Would SOMEONE please direct this film already!

It really bugs me that there is no official script yet. This should be easier than shooting Womp Rats in Beggar’s Canyon..

157. Mark Altman - July 28, 2011

It’s great how you consistently insert Trekmovie into other news scoops with wording as if these sources(Deadline among others) are just confirming your information.

158. Jack - July 28, 2011

re: Super 8. Yep, $181 million, worldwide, so far for a movie that was made for $50 million is not a flop. And it was liked by most critics.

157. Yep :)

By the way, have we ever seen adjusted for inflation box office on here for all the Treks? Or, just the number of people who saw the thing. There have been claims here that other Treks handily beat Trek 09, if inflation is considered (and those claims are often accompanied by “meh” for Trek 09’s critical and commercial success.) Does it matter? Not sure.

From Box Office Mojo, without adjustment:

Star Trek (in millions)

Total Dom Gross: $1,013.3 Average: $92.1 Top: Star Trek $257.7 Low: Nemesis $43.2

159. R.D. Morris - July 28, 2011

I have to agree with No. 28 on this one; Giacchino needs to go.  His score was one of the only disappointments for me in ST09.

But it was great, you say.

There were great -moments-.  The repeating 6 1/16th+2 1/32nd+6 1/16th phrase as the flutes flutter-tongue while the Kelvin’s crew are escaping gave me chills.  The loud, percussive duplets that followed worked well to build up intensity as the titles came on the screen.  Everything is going great, and then…

…along comes the most pathetic attempt at a hero theme I’ve ever heard.  It was a cookie cutter “this is what Hollywood soundtracks sound like” theme, if ever I’ve heard one.  It’s nothing but stepwise motion.  It doesn’t fit with the rest of the material.  The fantastic, frenetic energy that’s been built up is destroyed by this lumbering, plodding “theme” whose only purpose is to be “a theme.”

Orchestration?  Top notch.
Musicianship?  He’s clearly got it.
Theoretical Knowledge?  Ditto.

End Result?  Disjunct and uninspiring.

160. Odoakris - July 28, 2011

They should cast Jason Momoa as a Klingon.

161. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 28, 2011

I voted yes, of course … and I need real news … I hope AP is right … statement of JJAbrams, soon!!!

:-) :-)

162. CaptainDonovin - July 28, 2011

Momoa would make an awesome Klingon. Besides, pleanty of former Trek actor have been through the Gate, let’s get another of theirs in the Trek sandbox.

I do hope JJ directs, I also hope his lense flare machine has been stolen & dismantled to be ‘hauled away as garbage’.

163. SoonerDave - July 28, 2011

@159 Fabulously well-put. Agree completely.

I’ve listed to the Giacchino score several times, trying to figure out what it is I’m not getting among the notions that so many others seem to like about it, trying to determine if I’m not giving it a fair shake. Conclusion? I’ve given it a fair shake. Despite a few moments, the balance of the score is just as you say – “disjunct and uninspiring.”

164. trekker 5 - July 28, 2011

Ok JJ,we all want you in that chair!!! #25,Aurore,I’ll go with you,I think I’ll be seeing that headline very soon!! :)

165. MJ - July 28, 2011

@159 @163

With all due respect, you guys need to check out a new production — it is call the “Miracle Ear.” It will fix your pesky hearing problem really quick!

166. MJ - July 28, 2011

@149. Super 8 was not a flop, but it did not turn into the summer blockbuster that the studio was hoping for either.

167. Anthony Pascale - July 28, 2011

Again with the Super 8 nonsense. I have been told by people at Paramount that they are very happy with Super 8, especially how well it did following release. It will likely top out at around $230M globally (it opens in Europe next week) and even though it is a lower budget film it will outperform many big budget films for 2011 like Green Lantern, Green Hornet, Battle Los Angeles and more. It is likely to have a better ROI than Star Trek and remember that Paramount had to share the returns for Star Trek with Spyglass.

and again the strange wishful thinking that Super 8 isn’t what Paramount wanted is misguided as (as noted in the article) you dont want Abrams to lose his mojo with the studio. If that was the case they could push him around like they used to with the old Trek guard. How many times have we heard from past Trek kingpins about the studio nickle and diming them, or forcing them to do x or y, etc.

168. Cygnus-X1 - July 28, 2011

111. somethoughts – July 28, 2011

—-James Cameron should direct Star Trek sequel, he is the king of sci fi movie and have already worked with tent pole type films and revolutionized fx with his movies.—-

I’d pay Broadway theater prices to see James Cameron’s Star Trek.

But it ain’t happening. Like it or not, we’re getting JJ “No Bagage” Abrams again.

169. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

142. & 148. @ sequel title

Go with an optional, take it or leave, smaller lettering for Star Trek.

Have the subtitle, moniker or whatever in the larger font.


^ Something that tells you what it’s about, and is a well known sayin’…

170. MJ - July 28, 2011

@167. But many were forecasting Super 8 to be more of a blockbuster. For example, see the Forbes article in which a $70M to $85M opening weekend was predicted:


Anthony, perhaps the Hollywood types you are talking to are trying to put the best face on this. Again, it was others who were saying Super 8 was a flop — I don’t agree with that at all. The films was a success, and is making money, but it did not become the summer blockbuster that some were forecasting.

171. dmduncan - July 28, 2011

159. R.D. Morris – July 28, 2011

You know more about music than I do so you are no doubt more sophisticated than I am regarding the artistry of a soundtrack, but I liked Giacchino’s score. I liked it better than the TMP theme which became the TNG theme, which I thought was too damned loud and after a while was more annoying than pleasant. Definitely not something to listen to with a headache.

I also thought the Voyager theme was the best of any of the post TOS era, and that was about all I liked from the show. I used to tune in just to hear the theme and then change the channel.

172. Anthony Pascale - July 28, 2011

that is one blogger who seems to not really understand that films are judged on budget vs return not just return. no one at Paramount ever said Super 8 was going to be a summer blockbuster, as previously asserted. In fact before Super 8 was released they tried to get the message out to the press that they judged it on a different metric. In the end it has exceeded their expectations.

Anyway this is a silly argument. the facts are the facts. I find it strange and weird how much people want to redefine history.

If you want to point to a real disappointment from Abrams at Paramount then talk about Morning Glory. But so far that is the only project he has done at Paramount which they have not been happy with.

173. Anthony Pascale - July 28, 2011

that is one blogger who seems to not really understand that films are judged on budget vs return not just return. no one at Paramount ever said Super 8 was going to be a summer blockbuster, as previously asserted. In fact before Super 8 was released they tried to get the message out to the press that they judged it on a different metric. In the end it has exceeded their expectations.

Anyway this is a silly argument. the facts are the facts. I find it strange and weird how much people want to redefine history. If Super 8 was even a disappointment then were are the other press accounts about this at Box Office Mojo, or the trades or the movie blogs? You will find plenty talking about disappointing sales for other 2011 releases like Green Lantern (which Super 8 has beat in box office even though it cost many times less)

If you want to point to a real disappointment from Abrams at Paramount then talk about Morning Glory. But so far that is the only project he has done at Paramount which they have not been happy with.

174. MJ - July 28, 2011

@173. OK, you make some good points, Anthony. My opinion has changed on this.

175. red dead ryan - July 28, 2011

“Super 8″ is the sleeper hit of the year so far. Just like “District 9″ was back in ’09. Both movies are now regarded as classics. True sci-fi classics.

176. Canon Schmanon - July 28, 2011

Oh for God’s Sake! Figure it out. Hire somebody awesome or step up to the plate yourself. How about Joss Whedon? David Fincher? Ridley Scott? How about Peter Jackson? We can have a really ponderous, four-hour version with Jackson at the helm!

I’ll do it! For $250,000! That’s a STEAL, JJ, because I’m the best damned choice you could make for this movie. I dare you to do what’s right, do what is best for Star Trek. Hire me and be done with all this malarkey.

177. Jack - July 28, 2011

159. I don’t know music, apparently. But I liked the theme.

178. ilker - July 29, 2011

James Cameron for Star Trek would be a miracle, and I could subscribe to any religion if that happened lol

179. ilker - July 29, 2011


180. Christopher Roberts - July 29, 2011

Judging by the posts there, they should consider renaming it – aint it cruel.

Reminds me of the bad ole days of TrekBBS & Trekweb.

181. falcon - July 29, 2011

As far as director – NO to James Cameron. NO to Peter Jackson. NO to Gore Verbinski. A conditional YES to Nick Meyer. A conditional YES to J. J. Abrams.

Let’s face it, folks, most of you wouldn’t be happy if John Ford or Cecil B. DeMille directed Trek. You know why? Because you have your own pre-conceived notions about how the characters should act, talk, move, and even breathe. You have your pre-conceived notions about plot, storyline, and pacing. You have pre-conceived notions about how the ship should look internally and externally. Weapons, uniforms, insignia, all based on pre-conceived notions. And those notions are based on nearly 45 years (this September) of televised and filmed Star Trek.

That is an uphill battle for any director, regardless of whether the franchise is rebooted or not. These things have been locked into the minds of the fans (and even non-fans – everyone can recognize the U. S. S. Enterprise without prompting) and to think that any director can successfully battle that is wishful thinking.

The thing that fans need to realize is that what has gone before will not change. The “prime” Trekverse is preserved on film and DVD for generations. But for a franchise that is supposed to go “where no man has gone before,” people sure seem intent on sticking where they’ve been.

J. J. Abrams was literally a new film director when he did Trek (Cloverfield was his only cinematic credit before that). I think he did a good job with what he had, which was the baggage of 40-plus years of Trek history. Now that the franchise has seen some new blood, let’s continue the tradition. Give someone else a shot at directing nuTrek. Not someone who will attempt to put their own stamp on the franchise (and possibly sink the Enterprise in the process) but someone who can keep it fresh and new while acknowledging what’s gone before.

After all, the crew of the Enterprise wouldn’t be where they are without the pioneers of NASA.

182. gingerly - July 29, 2011

Either JJ or Brad Bird. :)

The Incredible as about as perfect a heroic adventure team movie as we’ve gotten in modern times.

Don’t worry about time.

The fans may bitch and whine, but they’ll wait as long as they have to for a fantastic final product.

Worry about the end result, not deadlines.

183. gingerly - July 29, 2011


WTF?… no that’s not well-said.

Neither one of you have enough information to even determine that. You don’t really know what is going behind the scenes.

…Only what they choose to share with you.

And the fact that they’ve been choosing to share at all has some of you delusional enough to believe you can make broad determinations like that.

Pro-tip, be a fan, put your word in, but don’t presume to base cold criticisms on what you assume, -when you truly haven’t a clue about it.

184. Brock's Spain - July 29, 2011

@145. Oooooh, STAR TREK: PHASE TWO. I like it!

185. SoonerDave - July 29, 2011

@181 – Everyone has preconceived notions of how the characters should act.

Well, yeah, isn’t that the point of an ongoing set of adventures by the same characters? I mean, geez, if we’re forbidden to have reasonable expectations for character behavior by the self-appointed cognoscenti, let’s just blow the whole franchise up and forget it. Good grief.

186. SoonerDave - July 29, 2011

@171 – You liked Giacchino’s ST09 score better than Goldsmith’s TMP score?

Are you serious.

Sorry, Goldsmith’s TMP score is a legendary work in the history of movie music, even outside the Trek fan bubble. Giacchino’s isn’t even in the same universe. A nice score, to be sure, but quite thoroughly forgettable, unless you hear the brassy repetitions between it and some of his other work. To mention them in the same breath is a discredit to Goldsmith, IMHO. Heck, the ST09 score doesn’t even fare well against James Horner’s TSFS work, and I’m not really much of a Horner fan!

* sigh *

187. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 29, 2011

The music to Star Trek 09 was good and the use of the Chinese violin for Spock scenes has a great, haunting, beautiful quality. See the second DVD where the music is discussed.

However, the James Horner music for Star Trek kinda grabs at me every time I hear it in a way that the Giacchino music does not.

As for the TMP/TNG music, it was and is great. I think the problem may be over-exposure. It has become almost TOO familiar and sometimes unfortunately, familiarity can breed contempt…

Then again, the very best film music has to be by Howard Shore for the Lord of the Rings movies. Hearing some of that music gives me goosebumps and makes me even a little tearful at times… just so awe inspiring and gorgeous.

188. dmduncan - July 29, 2011

186: “@171 – You liked Giacchino’s ST09 score better than Goldsmith’s TMP score?”

Mmm, not exactly. The TMP title theme was fine, but hearing it week after week on TNG turned it into something that I am now immune to. It was great for that MOVIE; they should have done something else for that series.

I do think Illia’s theme was the most beautiful piece of music ever written for any Star Trek ever, and I am a big fan of Jerry Goldsmith’s other work, but yeah, the Giacchino score works great for me. I think it fits the movie perfectly and I have no gripes with it.

I was a little disappointed at first because the music in that awesome Star Trek trailer really created a feel that the movie missed capturing. Specifically the moment when Kirk takes the center seat for the first time and the music in the trailer matches the momentousness of the occasion; in the movie he just plops down in the chair, that’s it. So the trailer created an expectation that wasn’t fulfilled by the movie, partially due to the music, and that should never happen.

No part of any trailer should ever be better than any part of the movie it is selling.

But I got over that and I think Giacchino’s score is a wonderful complement to the movie we got.

189. somethoughts - July 29, 2011

I agree with #188

The trailer music and that timed orgasmic musical note of kirk sitting on that chair was well done. Giacchino’s score was epic from the opening scene to the credits, very uplifting and joyous and screamed epic.

190. gingerly - July 30, 2011

@188 & 189

I maintain that Giacchino got ROBBED of a nomination for the Incredibles. It was perfect for that film.

191. dmduncan - July 31, 2011

190. gingerly – July 30, 2011

Agreed! One of my favorite Pixar movies ever and his score matched it perfectly.

192. MarjaMaya - August 2, 2011

I saw “Super 8″ and loved it. I saw “Cowboys&Aliens” and enjoyed it. I hope JJ Abrams directs the next ST movie [fewer lensflares and lights in our face, please, Mr Abrams!], and I like to imagine the story is fully outlined and they’re just hammering out the script details.

James Cameron?? — NOOOOOOO …. While one can credit Cameron with wonderful visual skills because of his invention of new 3-D technology, his scriptwriting leaves much to be desired. Like an original story.


I hope they open 30 Nov 2012. I think it would do very well there. And it’ll have many repeated viewings.

I enjoyed Giacchino’s score for the movie, but would be equally happy to hear James Horner’s interpretation of the NuTrek universe. I listened to Horner’s STII score at least a hundred times, while Giacchino’s score is a little too thunderous for my taste. I loved his music under George Kirk’s sacrifice/ the getaway of the shuttles, and the title theme, and the Vulcan music [especially the Chinese instrumentation], but the rest was not so involving musically … it’s hard to describe my reaction except to say I did not rush out to buy the film score to play again and again.

I am eager to see the next installment! I think with Orci, Kurtzman, AND Lindeloff, it’ll be even better than the first one. I hope they do something that’s not villain-centered this time.

I’d like to see more female officers with speaking roles, and I hope that Spock and Uhura can continue being a couple!

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