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Brit Actor Noel Clarke Joins Star Trek Sequel Cast January 4, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

JJ Abrams upcoming Star Trek sequel has added a new member to its cast. British actor Noel Clarke (known for role on Doctor Who) has joined the Trek film in a supporting role according to a new report. Some details on the role below.


Noel Clarke joins Star Trek

Variety is reporting that director JJ Abrams has cast another actor for his 2013 Star Trek sequel. Brit Noel Clarke, best known for a recurring role on BBC’s Doctor Who, has joined the cast. There is no name given for the role, but Variety reports that Clarke will be playing "a family man with a wife and young daughter."

Clarke (36) has an acting career dates back to the late nineties. In addition to his recurring role as Mickey Smith on Doctor Who, Clarke has appeared on many UK TV series as well as some films. He has also written and directed a couple of independent films and in 2009 won the BAFTA Rising Star Award.

Clarke joins the previously cast Alice Eve and Peter Weller, along with the returning main cast led by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. There is still no word yet on who will be playing the villain for the film. Talks broke down a month ago with Benicio Del Tor and since then there has been discussion of other actors auditioning for the role.

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the latest on the Star Trek sequel.


1. Lt. Bailey - January 4, 2012

Maybe he will play a young Clark Tyrell, future Captain of the Reliant.

2. Craiger - January 4, 2012

Or maybe play a father of a family that the nomadic Klingons haras, if the Klingons are in it? Or maybe a Klingon with a family?

3. Trekman_dave - January 4, 2012

Very interesting, think he is a great actor so happy news

4. Marvin the Martian - January 4, 2012

Maybe he’s playing a Horta.

5. CmdrR - January 4, 2012

Red shirt.

6. Crusade2267 - January 4, 2012

Dr. Richard Daystrom is my guess.

7. MONGO - January 4, 2012

Mongo not know for sure but guess that he play “a family man with a wife and young daughter.”

Mongo see what mean by that be a spoiler. Whole movie ruined for Mongo.

By way, Mongo not think Daystrom have wife and daughter. But maybe even this different in Not Prime Universe.

8. Sorry4Mongo - January 4, 2012

Oh, poor Mongo. There there, there there.

9. dharmaworkman - January 4, 2012

A young version of Cartwright from ST IV and VI would be neat to see.

10. Ralph - January 4, 2012

Well….this IS an alternate timeline AND as I recall Mickey and Rose are in an alternate universe on Doctor Who………
Oh, the possiblities that won’t happen.

11. rm10019 - January 4, 2012


12. Dalek - January 4, 2012

#10 Ralph, Mickey left the alternate universe after his grandmother died. He is now the husband of Martha as seen in the final David Tennant episode.

13. MONGO - January 4, 2012

Mongo laugh for because person make up screen name for Mongo.

Not be sorry for Mongo. Mongo try make joke. Mongo not funny all times.

Mongo say actor be Dr. M’Benga. That right how spell?

14. Khan was Framed! - January 4, 2012

Uhura’s father in flashback sequences?

Maybe Daystrom?

15. Damian - January 4, 2012

Or maybe he’s a completely new character:) Nah.

16. Jeyl - January 4, 2012

“a family man with a wife and young daughter.”

Wife will either leave him and his daughter and/or be dead before the movie ends and the daughter will be kidnapped by the villains thus will need rescuing. Or they’ll both be written out of the story after their introduction.

“GRR!” on you and your puny gender roles you love so much Supreme Court.

17. Mark - January 4, 2012

As long as he’s not the “Tin Dog,” I’m sure he’ll be happy. ;-)

18. Simpleton - January 4, 2012

This is an amazing bit of casting. Noel is a very fine bit of raw talent. Good actor and film director

19. Quatlo - January 4, 2012

Geordi’s father or grandfather – maybe.

20. rm10019 - January 4, 2012

Hmm, i know i put that ‘hide’ post button somewhere, now where did that go…

21. NuFan - January 4, 2012

Khan henchman #3

22. Of Bajor - January 4, 2012

Absolutely fantastic choice. Terrific actor and director. This lad’s star is gonna rise and rise

23. LAgirl - January 4, 2012

OMG!!! Mikeeeey!!! Love Love LOVE him!!

24. Rhett Coates - January 4, 2012

Richard Daystrom is a good guess (he could play that part, I’m certain), and I’d add the character could also be Dr. M/Benga, who had studied meical practices on Vulcan (in THIS timeline, obviously before Nero’s ship took it out with the black hole red matter.

Either way, this is looking to be a GREAT movie, cast-wise. Besides, if Clarke is to be M/Benga, the previously announced blond might indeed be Christine Chapel….. just to round out that segment of Dr. McCoy’s primary staff, one could presume.

25. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 4, 2012

As soon as I saw the picture of Noel Clarke at the top of the article, I thought I recognized the face. Then my little girl sitting three feet away said, “Mickey! from Dr Who” and then told me to read the article out to her. Good casting. Of course, he may be playing a very different sort of character from Mickey Smith. Just hope he keeps his British accent – YES?!

#16 Seems like you are already getting yourself a little bent out of shape – GRR!
Noel Clarke could be playing Alice Eve’s character’s other half…hmmm What puny gender roles? Anyway, you were a child once and presumably had a mother and father. Unless bright intelligent fit adult men and women do a bit of procreating, there is no future, at least, not for humanity.

I am speaking generally here, not specifically to you, Jeyl. It does seem to me that there is a terrific amount of negativity towards the idea of procreation and children within many parts of society. I am all too aware of the world’s population problems, the pollution, the costs of raising children etc. However, we will never have a Kirk or a Scotty et al in the future, let alone any Spock, unless a slightly different approach and attitude is taken towards having and raising children in this difficult world.

26. Khan was Framed! - January 4, 2012

Lando Calrissian?

I mean why not make it even more like Star Wars?

27. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2012

Well. Terell or M’Benga or Daystorm. or Boma. some good choices.

28. Trekker5 - January 4, 2012

Awesome!! Spoil me rotten!! :) :)

29. Phil - January 4, 2012

Darth Vader?

30. Of Bajor - January 4, 2012

He’s done far better stuff than Mickey in Doctor Who. Check him out in the awesome Kidulthood and the sequel Adulthood. He wrote directed and starred in both.

31. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - January 4, 2012

Mickey the Idiot!

Mickity Mick Mick Mickey!

32. Sular - January 4, 2012

May Uhura’s dad. Spock is on earth to “Meet the Uhuras”!!!

33. jr - January 4, 2012

Perhaps they will place a Police Call Box (blue, of course) in thier living room.

34. malcy - January 4, 2012

What because he’s black he has to be a character from TOS who was black? Get a grip people

35. jr - January 4, 2012

Maybe he is the son of the Captain of the Kelvin?

36. Phil - January 4, 2012

@34. I vote for nurse Chris Chapel…..

37. Odkin - January 4, 2012

Yay, they’ve cast the Magical Black Friend and the Cruel CEO.
Can the Manic Pixie Dream Girl be far behind?

38. Nano - January 4, 2012

Thinking Gerard Butler / “King Leonidas” for a villain, perhaps Khan or an annoyed Klingon. The Klingon would work since the Federation & Kirk were able to destroy Nero and not the Empire…

39. CaptainDonovin - January 4, 2012

Very interresting.

40. John R - January 4, 2012

I hope his character’s last name is “Sisko”

41. VZX - January 4, 2012

Harcourt Fenton Mudd. Fo sho.

42. Nomad - January 4, 2012

#5: Yup, red shirt.

43. Doug - January 4, 2012

lol @ #7 Mongo, second line. Glad I wasn’t drinking something at the time, that was just too damn funny!

44. CarlG - January 4, 2012

Welcome aboard, Rickey, err, Mickey! ;)

@37: Wow, you can divine all that from a sentence fragment? How do you manage…

45. TheDoctor - January 4, 2012

Brilliant news. Good ol’ Ricky boy.

46. Spockchick - January 4, 2012

@13 Mongo. M’Benga! You called it, that would be great.

I think the reason, @34 Malcy, is that the production team seem to be leaning toward nostalgia, but that may not be the case in the next movie.

47. tori - January 4, 2012

Paging Dr. Mbenga to the Infirmary?

Either that, or a flashback to Uhura’s childhood/one of her relations. I’d love it to be a distant relation to the Siskos, but that’s SO unlikely.

48. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 4, 2012

Well..!…?………….. :-) :-)

49. Ciaran - January 4, 2012


I agree he is fantastic in both Kidulthood and Adulthood. And yes, he wrote both of them, but only directed Adulthood. He also wrote and directed another film called which was also very good.

50. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2012

@ 7

Hooray, we have a Mongo sighting. By the way that was pretty funny big guy.

51. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2012

Well, the cast looks fascinating.

52. Dkplatitude - January 4, 2012

Haha i dont think “family man with a wife and young daughter.” counts as spoilers, but this is cool news nonetheless. Mickey was a fun character on Who.

53. alec - January 4, 2012

Not too excited about this casting….

What I want to know is who is going to play Khan.

54. Cervantes - January 4, 2012

Noel might end up playing ‘STAN’, brother of ‘KHAN’ for all we know alec

Who knows in this crazy mixed-up ‘alternate-verse’ of J.J.’s?…

55. pilotefred - January 4, 2012

nice casting

good actor just please give him something good to do and not waste him

56. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 4, 2012

#53 Nobody, because Khan is not in this movie…my crystal ball seems to be working fairly well at the moment.

A strange “oops, keep leaving the parking brake on” kind of sound is heard in a cargo bay of the USS Enterprise. Scotty and a security detail race to investigate. In the middle of the empty cargo bay is a big blue box with a door. Above the two windows is written in white lettering “Police Public Call Box”. Out stumbles Mickey followed by a tall skinny man with a top-heavy hair style. Mickey speaks in a fine Cockney brogue, “Where are we? You said we were going back to earth!”. The tall, skinny man wanders, almost dances around, turning in circles once or twice to take everything in.

Captain Kirk, Mr Spock and Dr McCoy enter the cargo bay. The tall, skinny man walks right up to the three men and says in an animated manner, “Im the Doctor”, McCoy asks, “Dr who?”. “Yes, that’s it”, the tall skinny man answers…

Or something like that. I would love to see that kind of scene on a Star Trek film medium…(Either David Tennant or Matt Smith will do fine).

57. PEB - January 4, 2012

#40…YES! I’d fall out of my seat and die in the theater if his last name is Sisko. Secretly one of my top two favorite captains of all time, so any tie-in is a great tie-in.
But i think a young Cartwright would be great, especially if Klingons are in the mix. something to give the fans knowlege that yes, even in this universe he will still become the old war horse that couldnt let go of years of tension between the klingons. (as a writer, i freakin love Trek6)

58. PEB - January 4, 2012

oh…and Noel Clarke…you are one hot dude

59. N - January 4, 2012

Noel Clarke? Seriously? This is a bad joke, right?

60. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 4, 2012

You know, such a Dr Who/Star Trek crossover scene could be done. It would require someone on the Trek production team to talk to Auntie Beeb and have Matt Smith go and do the scene(s) with Noel Clarke as Mickey. Then it could be put on as an extra part on the DVDs – Special Features section that would no doubt be made and released after the 2013 film has already been seen in cinemas.

C’mon guys – Make it happen!
(A lovely fun crossover scene(s) with the oldest British sci-fi franchise (if not the oldest of all franchises) with the oldest American sci-fi franchise – you know it’s gotta happen).

61. Dr. Cheis - January 4, 2012

Maybe he’s just a civilian father with a civilian family. I don’t think we’ve really seen much of that on Star Trek unless the character was related to a main cast member in the past.

62. Adama - January 4, 2012

A young Captain Terrell!

63. Phil - January 4, 2012

@61. You’re kidding, TNG’s Enterprise was full of civilians and kids…..

64. sean - January 4, 2012

If we can get Noel Clarke surely the sequel can feature a Matt Smith cameo! Right?!

65. Spock's Uncle - January 4, 2012

Sisko: Played by a great actor, but the Captain of something that never moved… too much like the “Captain” of the K-7 Space Station… Captains have starships, bureaucrats have space stations…. just sayin’…

66. dmduncan - January 4, 2012

16: ““GRR!” on you and your puny gender roles you love so much Supreme Court.”

What is a “puny gender role”?

67. N - January 4, 2012

Adding Matt Smith would be the worst decision the ST producers could make, him and the uninspired writers killed Doctor Who. Hopefully Noel Clarke’s not got a prominent role, he can’t act to save his life.

68. Michael - January 4, 2012


Yes! There would be multiple geek orgasms!

69. The Original Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise I-XI - January 4, 2012

@67 N:

That was funny. Now why don’t you actually WATCH the 11th Doctor episodes?

70. N - January 4, 2012

I did, they were awful, so I stopped.
I wouldn’t call something crap if I never at least gave it a try once.

Doctor Who was only good during it’s 3rd and 4th seasons, Primeval is a much better example of British TV.

71. N - January 4, 2012

and Torchwood, but that’s more an international programme now.

72. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 4, 2012

#67 Please – read my post again. I noted that it would be an add on scene that only those who bought the DVDs/Blu-Rays would see. The scene(s) is not meant to be part of the main Star Trek film per se, unless of course the writers can see a credible way of working it in, but I do not think they will even attempt to do so. There is no need. My post was alluding to having a bit of fun playing with the two franchises.

Nobody killed Dr Who and Matt Smith is as good at playing the Doctor as any other actors have been. In fact, I think he is better than some of the earlier ones. Besides my daughter’s medium size red puffles are Matt Smith, the blue puffle is the TARDIS and the pink puffle is Amy Pond.

Any news on the puffle hunting front, Bob Orci? Those trailers need to have those puffles on them by 15 January – big and small orange puffles for Chris Pine and big and small yellow ones for Zachary Quinto. Oh, and now Michelle has a Ms/Mrs? Pine. It is a medium size orange one with black hair and wearing a green headband. Perhaps, in the northern hemisphere, it could get reversed and Chris Pine becomes the puffle with the green headband and black hair…just saying…:)

73. MJ - January 4, 2012

Meet Commander Robeau, son of the late Captain Robeau.

74. Red Dead Ryan - January 4, 2012


You seem to have forgotten about the Defiant. Sisko got promoted several months AFTER he was given command of the ship to defend the station with. So the Defiant was key to his promotion to captain.

I find it interesting that the main criticism of “Deep Space Nine” was how it was all stationary. Half the time, the crew (or some of the crew) were AWAY from the station.

75. Red Dead Ryan - January 4, 2012


Yeah, Noel Clarke does look like the actor who played Captain Robau.

But different races, I think. Don’t know much about Clarke.

76. jesustrek - January 4, 2012

Or maybe is a descendant of President Obama :)

77. Blithering nonracist fucktard - January 4, 2012

Gee, maybe they cast him to play some new character. Crazy thought, I know, but it just might be he’s not been cast to repeat the part someone else played for 10 minutes 45 years ago.

Noel Clarke! Benedict Cummerbund! Woot!

78. HeinlienLives - January 4, 2012

@ #25. Actually, I think the world will be a much better place without a Kirk or Spock and WITH a much smaller population. I’ve seen this attitude before. Gosh, well I acknowledge all of these problems (cost, over-population, etc) but I STILL think we should look upon families that produce more than one child fondly and continue to monetarily support people having children they cannot afford.

I’ve never understood it. I mean, I’m almost sure you’re a great person. No way to know for sure, but I try to assume the best about people. However, this attitude MUST change for the human race to survive the next century. Eventually we must deal with it culturally and with policy. It will become inevitable and nature will fix it for us instead. And that approach will be absolutely CRUEL.

By the way, I do think he’s a fantastic actor.

79. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 5, 2012

There are people who could afford to have one or two children who chose not to for all kinds of reasons. I am not saying that they should have to have children, but they are often held in much higher esteem than those people who do go down the procreation path. Those people who procreate also have less disposable income and less time to spend on what can be expensive extravagances which can often use up a lot more of the earth’s scarce resources and create as much pollution as those couples who do have children but usually have to be more restrained in their spending.

Human communities have always supported parents with children, one way or another. It is just that it was more organic in nature, whereas now just about every single thing that a parent needs for their child(ren) has to be paid for which requires money which requires an income and so on.

Why would the earth be a much better place without a Kirk or a Scotty or an Amanda (Spock’s human mother)? If you believe that, why are you here?

BTW, overall, one child families don’t work that well longterm. China is starting to find that out…

80. Daoud - January 5, 2012

Boma. That would explain the tangential comments about the comic book having “clues”.

The non-canon materials call him Samuel Boma, but I’d rather he be Oskar Boma. (O. Boma, hahaha.)
@Keachick… China has a huge problem because of all the aborted female babies… the younger generation is something like 55% male, 45% female. That’s 10% of the population are men who won’t find mates in China. Fodder for a large army…. hmmmm.

81. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 5, 2012

Edit: What I meant to write was –

“Those people who don’t procreate tend also to have MORE disposable income and MORE time to spend on….”

82. roy - January 5, 2012

Maybe he’s playing Kamala or Booker T

83. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 5, 2012

#80 – I know about China. It might be similar for India also, because of large scale abortion of female fetuses there as well. In some villages with a considerable population, there may be none, or perhaps just one or two girls. The rest of the children are boys.

These countries are certainly exercising population control, but not in a healthy, balanced or moral way. Clearly the birthrates have declined, but the problems of taking care of a population’s needs is not just about reducing birth rates. That is a very simplistic approach.

84. Commander K - January 5, 2012

I’ve had the pleasure of acting with him many years ago, fine actor indeed. Look forward to see what he brings to the picture

85. VZX - January 5, 2012

84: That’s cool. What was it?

86. El Chup - January 5, 2012

I know Noel Clarke. He’s a lovely guy. Well pleased for him.

87. Sebastian S. - January 5, 2012

Mickey the Idiot… take the helm! Hee hee…

Totally kidding; that is GREAT news. I really enjoyed his turn as the ‘other Smith’ in the Tardis (besides Sarah Jane, the Doctor’s alias ‘John’, and the current Doctor himself, Matt Smith). He’ll be great. ;-D

88. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - January 5, 2012

Damn, when somebody mentioned that he might play Richard Daystrom, I realized how much he looked like TOS Daystrom!

89. roy - January 6, 2012

@88. I dont think Noel Clarke remotely looks anything like the actor from the TOS tv episode. In fact back in the 1970’s didn’t the Daystrom character actor play some sort of vampire or something along those lines with Pam Grier.

90. Jack - January 6, 2012

26. Ha.

Seriously, why does he have to be related to or be playing one of the 6 or so black people we’ve ever seen on Star Trek? heck, if a white actor is cast, do we assume he’s playing Chekov’s Cousin Larry?

Can’t he be some new guy? I’m thinking there are a few more African folks out there than the dozen or so we’ve met in 40 years of Trek. I still say Trek 09 was white/male centric.

I guess we do do that here with everyone who’s cast, though. A latino must be Khan. A blonde woman must be Chapel or Carol Marcus.

I’m hoping he’s not someone we’ve seen before.

91. Jack - January 6, 2012

89. a) agreed. b) Blacula

92. Jim Nightshade - January 6, 2012

Peter weller…hmmmm.n

93. Jackson Roykirk - January 6, 2012

@ Jack. Agree that Alice Eve would be perfect as either Chapel or Marcus. Better as Chapel, since she would most likely be a recurring character.

94. On Vacation With Landru - January 6, 2012

#67 SO glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. Took me awhile to get into the new romance-laden Who, but when the talent left I couldn’t stomach the show any longer. And the whole River Song thing? *GAG*

I’d prefer the Vervoids any day.

Also, those of you who know about China and India should also be mentioning the fact that a lot of these babies are NOT aborted. They are carried to term and then left out to die or are otherwise murdered simply because they are the wrong gender.

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