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More Photos From Star Trek Set – IMAX Camera Spotted February 24, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

More leaked location shots have emerged from the set of JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel – from the same source as the first photos we reported on this morning. The new shots offer some different angles and moments from the same scene which was being filmed. One shot also confirms the use of an IMAX camera. Check them out below, but be warned of spoilers. 


More Star Trek Sequel Images – IMAX camera spotted

More photos from a location shoot for the Star Trek sequel have emerged (see earlier article). These are from the same photo agency source, but have been published now on other sites. Here are a couple of shots of the fight between Spock and the movie’s villain (played by Benedict Cumberbatch). 

Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto spotted on
 location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto spotted on
 location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

And here is more of Zoe Saldana’s Uhura. 

Zoe Saldana spotted on  location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

Zoe Saldana spotted on  location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

Zoe Saldana spotted on  location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

And here is a shot of Cumberbatch, Quinto and their stand-in (or stunt doubles), along with a shot of an IMAX camera. JJ Abrams had hinted before he would be using IMAX for the film, but this confirms it. It is likely that some scenes are done in IMAX but not the whole film. It is likely they are shooting just the big action sequences in IMAX, which is how it was done on the recent (JJ Abrams-produced) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Of course it has already been announced that the Star Trek film will be released in regular format and 3D.

IMAX camera seen on  location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

All photos by Eric Ford of On Location News. More images on, PopSugar, TooFab, and Yahoo.

What have we learned?

While not definitive, there are a number of things we have learned from the photos and report:



1. AJ - February 24, 2012

So it begins…

2. Go-cart Mozart - February 24, 2012

Sorry but Uhura looks about as threatening as Lisa Simpson with a cap gun.

3. TonyD - February 24, 2012

I wonder if Cumberbatch is playing another genetically augmented character. Everyone seems to be focused on Khan but he was one of over 70 people on the Botany Bay.

4. - February 24, 2012

These photos look awesome. The sad thing is that these photos look like the final climax of the film. So it could spoil the movie :-(

After seeing these pictures, I really want to know what the title of this film is going to be…it’s driving me nuts!

5. bob.w - February 24, 2012

very good TonyD. LOL

something else we learned. they have dirt in the 23nd Century.

6. Surak - February 24, 2012

Zoe Saldana looks amazing in a mini-skirt.

7. Damien - February 24, 2012

Who leaked these? JJ and crew must be piiiissed

8. DaiMonRon - February 24, 2012

@4 FilmGenesis

I don’t see reason to believe these photos are from the climatic moment. This scene looks very similar to the drill rig platform from ST2009 and that was somewhere near the middle of the film.

I do like what I see so far!

Keep on Trekkin’

9. Sebastian S. - February 24, 2012

Zoe Saldana looks stunning in the red mini!

Wow. These set photos are amazing. Much obliged to whomever is responsible. If possible? Keep them coming.

And it looks like Cumberbatch is definitely wearing some variation of the cadet black shirt. Whether or not he’s actually playing a cadet? I don’t know; and that’s groovy. As long as he’s not playing Khan (I’m somewhat sure now that the Khan rumor is officially squashed like a bug).


10. VZX - February 24, 2012

Yeah, Tony. Thanks for the redirect and the list of what we know.

I’d add:

— We see a wound on Cumby with red blood, further proving that he is not Vulcan/Romulan.

–Cumby character can withstand a Vulcan neck pinch, and may in fact be stronger than Spock. (Speculate enhanced strength.)

11. Jinn-Jinn - February 24, 2012


Yes she does and her hair looks slightly different from before. Either way, still loving her! :-)

12. Surak - February 24, 2012

@7 I was thinking boborci would be posting the first pics..

13. NCC-73515 - February 24, 2012

And the FSNP now uses 3 instead of 5 fingers

14. TPJ - February 24, 2012

#2 – Go-cart Mozart

“Sorry but Uhura looks about as threatening as Lisa Simpson with a cap gun.”

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes those that look the least threatening can be the most dangerous.

15. - February 24, 2012

I think these photos hitting the web were intentional by Paramount. It creates buzz. Face it, the 2nd installment is no secret and most of what we saw in general in the 1st film (ie. bridge, enterprise, etc..) will be present in the 2nd film. This 2nd film does not require the same amount of secrecy.

Buzz is a good thing. There are tons of people that are finding out today that there will be a 2nd film. A lot of people didn’t know.

16. Neil24 - February 24, 2012

I don’t think Cumberbatch is playing a TOS character.

Here’s why:

Benicio del Toro whom JJ originally wanted for the same role is 10 years older than Cumberbatch and, arguably, looks even older than that because Cumberbatch still looks younger than his 36, or so, years.

This is a significant age difference that would make it hard to believe that Cumberbatch is playing a TOS character that must fit into the chronology of things. Instead, JJ would have looked for another actor around Del Toro’s age. But JJ did not do that, so that means the character’s backstory is not dependent on TOS canon.

I suppose it’s also possible the character was originally written to be a TOS-one, but was re-written to be a different, now original character to avoid dealing with the age difference between Del Toro and Cumberbatch.

Either way, I’m guessing this is a new villan to the Trekverse.

17. Aurore - February 24, 2012

Vulcans are known to be stronger than humans.

Mr.Cumberbatch’s character looks human and appears to be able to fight back, which James Tiberius Kirk could not do.

What type of human could hold their own in a hand-to-hand combat with Mr. Spock?

Oh man…

18. VZX - February 24, 2012

17. Khan

19. - February 24, 2012

Premise of the film: Rogue Starfleet officers. There is no way to explain away the black Starfleet uniforms. Kirk wore the same in the previous film. Right?

20. Aurore - February 24, 2012

Not necessarily, VZX.

21. Bob Tompkins - February 24, 2012

Bottom picture looks like their stunt doubles are looking on.

22. VZX - February 24, 2012

Ok, then if not Khan, then what human could take Spock in direct hand-to-hand? Kirk was supposed to be best hand-to-hand fighter on the ship in Trek 09 and he couldn’t take down Spock

23. Peter Loader - February 24, 2012

I think Cumberbatch’s character is somehow related to Section 31and these scenes happen early on in the film.

24. - February 24, 2012

VZX has a point….

25. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - February 24, 2012

Ok I thought maybe someone else but I am more convinced than ever it’s Khan. Who else but Khan could outstrength an enraged Spock

That , his buff size, Black hair. It’s Khan

26. N - February 24, 2012

How many time stronger than humans are Vulcans again?

Don’t how it spoils the film though, how could you not expect it’d be a simple good guys kill (or just defeat if they want a sequel) bad guys thing?

27. pete - February 24, 2012

KHAN seems the logical choice…they have to go with theie “joker” ala the dark knight..the best know villian treated in a completely different way.

additionally, KHAN does not have to look latin. In this timeline KHAN may be an acronym. He may be a more cerebral KHAN. There are NO RULES.

Eugenic wars, world dominion, a villian lost in time and space…why on earth would they chose to go with that.

FORGET obscure characters that only Star Trek fans know, FORGET them. This is HOLLYWOOD and it has to appeal to the masses.

Either going to be Klingons or KHAN or perhaps, just maybe, BOTH in the same storY.

28. Aurore - February 24, 2012

“Ok, then if not Khan, then what human could take Spock in direct hand-to-hand?”

A very well written new villain to the canon?
A villain I would fear , ie., take seriously, and, remember for years to come?

29. WillH85 - February 24, 2012

And now I’m really worried that it’s going to be Khan. If it is that’s a big disappointment and would be sad that the writers couldn’t come up with something original. But who knows, maybe Gary Mitchell, that would be cool.

30. pete - February 24, 2012

“A villain I would fear , ie., take seriously, and, remember for years to come?”

Er, like Erics Banas, whats his name, it escapes me.

31. Silence Falls - February 24, 2012

Arabic numerals on stuff in fight scene+enhanced strength=Cumberbatch is either playing Khan, or an equivalent character. (I know Khan was technically Indian, but still) Then again… in Generations, on the rocket launcher control thing El-Aurian script looked rather like Arabic, so perhaps this might be a reinterpretation/younger version of Soran?

32. Drew - February 24, 2012

Yes, Khan dying and this other, new superman from the Botany Bay takes his place… sounds like a very Bad Robot-esque twist, being a fan of a lot of their work. Seems like a solid base to hopefully build upon well.

I still don’t dig the clunky props…reminds of the styrofoam boulders & blocks from TOS… Would soften the blow if it’s supposed to be old material from the Eugenics War period.

High hopes… it’s getting closer every day

33. Aurore - February 24, 2012

“Er, like Erics Banas, whats his name, it escapes me.”

Sorry, I forgot his name too ; I did not fear him.


34. TrekMadeMeWonder - February 24, 2012

I like the size of the phaser.

Does it just look bigger in Zoe’s hands?

I wonder.

35. Craig - February 24, 2012

Yes I think it just looks bigger in her hands since she is smaller than the men who have held one in the last film.

36. TrekMadeMeWonder - February 24, 2012

22. VZX

I don’t think that was his intention.
Kirk was looking for Spock to freak out in front of everyone.

37. NCC-73515 - February 24, 2012

31, The dilithium rocket launch control panel clearly stated that it was in translation mode when it displayed English words and numbers ;P

38. Go-cart Mozart - February 24, 2012


True, but it is hard to take a character in a combat situation seriously when they’re wearing a miniskirt. She can look cute and sexy on the bridge and still wear some special issue landing party pants when they beam down to Planet Blustery. ;)

39. Trekker5 - February 24, 2012

:D :D :D :D :D Three words:Spoil. Me. Rotten!! :)

40. N - February 24, 2012

“A very well written new villain to the canon?” You’re looking in the wrong place if you want that.

41. The Observer - February 24, 2012

You win, Mr. Khan.

Mixed emotions about it, but I’ve accepted it now.

Cumby simply isn’t that thick in person. You’ve been enhanced, Mr. Khan.

Oh, and that’s a Hindu dagger on your shirt, not an awkward bloodstain.

You win, Mr. Khan.

I guess I always knew you would.

42. VZX - February 24, 2012

36: True, but even in TOS Kirk couldn’t beat Spock. Kirk also succumbed to the neck pinch easily. It looks like Cumby can get around it.

Question: was Cumby’s hair dyed to be black? If so, then I’m thinking even more so that it has to be Khan. They dyed Simon Pegg’s hair to match James Doohan’s, they could do the same for Cumby to match Montalban.

43. Blake Powers - February 24, 2012


44. Aurore - February 24, 2012

” You’re looking in the wrong place if you want that.”

I’ll be the judge of that myself, in 2013.
If you don’t mind, that is…


45. VZX - February 24, 2012

41: Wait, what? A Hindu dagger? Really?

Crap, it really is Khan, then. Bummer.

46. N - February 24, 2012

44 Not at all, I’m just voicing my jaded scepticism :)

47. Rick - February 24, 2012

Cumberbatch looks Section 31 to me…

48. saavik001 - February 24, 2012

The Wrath of Joachim perhaps? :)

49. VZX - February 24, 2012

OK: I am bummed that the villain is Khan, but these pics have fired me up about this movie. Uhura looks amazingly hot and Spock looks amazingly Spocky. Phasers and communicators and Imax seal the deal for me. I’m sold. Yeah, I’m weak…


50. Aurore - February 24, 2012

“44 Not at all, I’m just voicing my jaded scepticism :)”

Voice away, then, my fellow Star Trek fan!
(Like I could stop you…. )


51. No Khan - February 24, 2012

Thank god he’s not wearing an overcoat! I’m so sick of Overcoats, Face Tattoo’s & Tribal Scarring! Too trendy!

52. N - February 24, 2012

50 I’d only stop if I was genuinely hurting someone’s feelings

53. Aurore - February 24, 2012

“50 I’d only stop if I was genuinely hurting someone’s feelings”

You are a good person.


54. Dennis Bailey - February 24, 2012

#29: “And now I’m really worried that it’s going to be Khan. If it is that’s a big disappointment and would be sad that the writers couldn’t come up with something original. But who knows, maybe Gary Mitchell, that would be cool.”

Because unlike Khan, Gary Mitchell is a newly-created, original character.

55. Cranston - February 24, 2012

#31 “Arabic numerals on stuff”

Arabic numerals are the ones that we use (i.e. as opposed to Roman numerals). There’s nothing specifically “Arabic” about them; they look more like the LCD numerals on “24” than anything else.

56. No Khan - February 24, 2012

Oh not section 31. Section 31 is not Star Trek!!! This Space CIA, NSA, KGB & MI5 are not Roddenberry’s ST!

57. Leen - February 24, 2012

why does Uhura have a Snooki-poof?

58. Jamziz - February 24, 2012

#40 #52

Well said. We can expect another cooke cutter villain in this one I think. What’s worrying me is why Spock and Uhura are taking him on. I hope its not a “Uhura got kidnapped Spock tries to rescue her BS moment.”

59. N - February 24, 2012

53 That’s kind of you to say :)

Regardless of the outcome, as an actor myself, that looks it would be very fun film to make.

60. captain spock - February 24, 2012

they are on zoe fan page on facebook

61. saavik001 - February 24, 2012

56. No Khan – Kirk and Spock had clandestine missions like The Enterprise Incident, of course a major power would have an Intelligence agency, even a secret one.

62. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 24, 2012

He may not be Khan. He may be a Kelvin who took human form.

63. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 24, 2012

I am liking what I am seeing so far. This is where the fun begins.

64. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - February 24, 2012

Cumberbatch is Spock’s evil half-brother Sybok who has gone insane on his quest for God and attempts to take control of the Enterprise. He has altered his appearance to look more human, yet he is found out and as he escapes, Spock tries to stop him and they begin to fight hand to hand. Uhura then comes with her phaser and rescues him.


65. workforKIRKgirl - February 24, 2012

Me-thinks Cumbercatch is GARY MITCHELL! I almost wish I wouldn’t have seen these spoilers! Clearly Kirk and Spock are going to fight a human villain!

66. workforKIRKgirl - February 24, 2012


67. USS Enterprise B - February 24, 2012

I’m loosing hope for Khan, but Gary Mitchel does seem to be a more likely candidate now, with the star fleet uniform he is apparently wearing, and his human appearance and seemingly not being affected by the vulcan nerve pinch… who else could it be? Not to mention the pre-existing rumor that the villain is someone “familiar” to trekkies

68. Cranston - February 24, 2012

Whenever I hear people try to fit everything new they see into a set of pre-existing characters, I always think of Jojo Krako’s description of the Enterprise: “I only saw three guys on that ship. Maybe there ain’t no more!”

69. Jack - February 24, 2012

He’s clearly an angry tribble who rook mugatu form and then disguised himself as an augmented Vulcan-horta hybrid who had had surgery to look like an android combo of Gary Mitchell, Tracey, Garth, Finnegan, Finny, Janice Lester and Maxwell Smart. Or he’s Khan.

Sorry, I’m not trying to spoil anyone’s fun.

70. Craiger - February 24, 2012

If its a remake of Where No Man Has Gone Before than I wont like that either. I never liked that episode.

71. Drake1701 - February 24, 2012

@67- I was thinking Mitchell myself….
IF of course it is anything from TOS “prime”…..

72. Rob - February 24, 2012

It’s Khan, Joaquin, or Gary Mitchell, and I suspect the last…

73. TrekGuy62 - February 24, 2012

I hate the utility belt Spock is wearing. Is Velcro another thing missing from the JJverse?

74. Craiger - February 24, 2012

I am really surprised Trek got picked up with Where No Man Has Gone Before.. It seemed to boring to me and probably too intellectual for the general audience. I got hooked on Trek with TOS reruns. I forgot which one I saw in reruns that I liked. It may have been The Arena or The Alternative Factor or possibly The Doomsday Machine.

75. Go-cart Mozart - February 24, 2012


No Velcro in the future. Starfleet uniforms are made by Morty Seinfeld Inc. He used to be in raincoats, you know.

76. Khan was Framed! - February 24, 2012

He’s a human who’s strong enough to inflict pain on a vulcan with a simple wrist lock…it’s Khan.

77. cd - February 24, 2012

meh. I am underwhelmed. The Spock stunt double looks more like Spock than Quinto. Cumberbatch IS Garth of Izar.

78. Josh - February 24, 2012

Alright boborci… It’s your turn to post some pics…

79. Captain_Conrad - February 24, 2012

I’m glad they’re not locking this one down as much… I mean it makes sense. We already know what things look like in this Trek Universe so why keep it a secret?

80. Steamblade - February 24, 2012

Same crap designs as before.

“No silly, you’re a woman, you got no rank.”

81. N - February 24, 2012

She needs a promotion to even have sleeves first.

82. Thunderbubble - February 24, 2012

Has anyone considered that maybe Cumberbatch doesn’t play a character from the old series but maybe a villain from one of the novels? The writers have said in the past that they’re fans of some of the old novels from the eighties. And I’ve always been a fan of the Black Omne character from the Price of the Pheonix. Cumberbatch has all of the intelligence to go up against Spock. And seeing him play Sherlock, he certainly has the wit to play Black Omne.

Just throwing that out there…

83. NCM - February 24, 2012

Wait! Wait! I think Uhura ‘phases’ the villain, but doesn’t stop him. I think he encounters Spock afterward. In shots with ZQ, BC’s face looks dirty and bloody. It’s hard to tell, but his face looks clean in the ‘shot’ with Uhura.

Now who or what could withstand both phaser fire and Vulcan nerve pinch and keep on throwing punches?!

I’d thought the villain might be a revitalized god-like Gary, but wouldn’t he be throwing bolts of lightning instead of going hand-to-hand? Well, maybe not in this universe, but even in the comic, he used ‘bolts.’

I say ‘all new villain.’

This is sooooooooo exciting!

84. BringBackKirkPrime - February 24, 2012

Those aren’t stunt doubles, they are from another mirror universe! lol

85. Ben - February 24, 2012

Looks like Cumberbatch is wearing the black Starfleet uniform (Like Kirk in ST2009) and his stunt double (Presumably the stunt guy standing next to him) is wearing the jacket that goes with it.

I doubt it’s Khan, personally he’s not the right villain to go up against the new cast anyway. I like the Section 31 idea, maybe a ‘traitors within Starfleet’ story?

I’m excited!

86. spock - February 24, 2012

Where No Man Has Gone Before, it could be Gary Mitchell

87. NCM - February 24, 2012

82. Thunderbubble – February 24, 2012: “…Black Omne character from the Price of the Pheonix.”

That’s an interesting thought! Must admit, the book villains never did occur to me, but I’ve been thinking new bad guy, all along

Omne was a match and more for Kirk and Spock–I can’t recall his background, but seems to me he’d been (?) human but was somehow enhanced. As I recall, he was stronger than Spock.

Good call! Way to think outside your bubble:)

88. Ma00145 - February 24, 2012

Hard to tell but it looks like the phaser doesn’t do the flip option from stun to kill. I hope I’m right cause I didn’t really like that anyways

89. N - February 24, 2012

85 You’ve got to consider that this is a human or whatever aliens looked exactly like humans, a Betazoid, that can overpower a Vulcan…

Also I highly doubt the writers would bring in Section 31, not mainstream enough for them.

90. dep1701 - February 24, 2012

I love “WNMHGB” because of it’s dark and mostly serious tone. I didn’t love it as a child since it looked so different from the rest of the series ( of course, as a kid, I never knew what a “pilot film” was, so the differences were bewildering ).

If they have to do a re-imagining of an original series episode, I would much rather see “Where No Man…” done than “Space Seed”. The character of Khan has been done twice and entered the pantheon of pop culture icons through imitation and parody ( even SNL did a parody of Khan, played by Dana Carvey ). Better to give him a rest and re-do a character ( like Gary Mitchell ) that most non-TOS geeks probably don’t even know.

Besides; that shot of the Enterprise headed into that purple/pink barrier is iconic, and would probably be awesome to see re-interpreted on the big screen in IMAX. They could probably even make the barrier look more massive and less avoidable this time around ( something akin to the shockwave of Praxis’ explosion striking the Excelsior in “Star Trek VI” ). That would be AWESOME.

But I’m still hoping for a completely original story…not a retread.

91. CaptainDonovin - February 24, 2012

Sweet, so when do we see Kirk get his arse kicked again?

92. Konar - February 24, 2012

#56 “arabic” numerals means they are the same numbers you see every day.

Why is everyone trapped inside a box where the only possible villain is one that we’ve seen before?

There’s nothing in any of those pics that point to Kahn. Nothing. And if there had been they never would have been allowed to have been posted so early in the production — “unofficially” or not.

93. Red Dead Ryan - February 24, 2012


94. rm10019 - February 24, 2012

broken record much?

95. somethoughts - February 24, 2012

Love zoe, her outfit is sexy, is it bad I wanna throw $1 bills at her? :)

96. Tony - February 24, 2012

@89 Not necessarily, it is true that non-Trek fans are unfamiliar with Section 31, but introducing it would be simple.

Section 31: An unknown intelligence agency bordering on secret police.

Potential for a rockin’ action/spy/James Bond-esque movie.

Then again, I remember a rumor saying the story may be based around the book “A Mote in God’s Eye”.

97. Magic_Al - February 24, 2012

Regarding Uhura’s lack of rank insignia, there is precedent with the short-sleeve uniform sometimes worn by Dr. McCoy on TOS, and the similar-looking command gold short-sleeve tunic that would have been worn by William Shatner on Star Trek: Phase II but is now worn by James Cawley on the other Star Trek: Phase II. In TMP they added epaulettes to uniforms that lacked proper sleeve cuffs for rank stripes and I suppose they could have tried that with alt-verse Uhura, or alternately put the rank stripes over the collar bones similarly to the first “The Enemy Within” version of Kirk’s green wraparound tunic on TOS.

98. The Starfleet Veteran - February 24, 2012

I think it’s Gary Mitchell.

99. TrekkerChick - February 24, 2012

@51.. Not a big fan of so-called “Spaghetti Sci-fi”, I take it?

5th bullet. Leaving the pendantic response unsaid about numerals

Black Omne… Hmmm. Interesting. A little too obscure, perhaps?

Blustery day = decompressing cargo bay or a cargo deck open while ship is flying in atmosphere, perhaps?

100. john_gilnitz - February 24, 2012

Gary Seven

101. Mikey1091 - February 24, 2012

I am loving the photo’s. It tells us something but at the same time still tells us nothing about the film, LOL!!!! Looking forward to more!

102. Sebastian S. - February 24, 2012

Am I the ONLY one who thinks Cumberbatch is NOT playing Khan?!?

He’s a blue-eyed, fair skinned Englishman. He does NOT look like a Northern India Sikh warrior (nor even an hispanic actor with dark makeup).

Unless Khan gets Anglo-sizing plastic surgery AND a cadet uniform (somehow)? I think we’re seeing a new character to the Trek universe. At least I hope so, otherwise it’s the most dreadful physical casting since John Wayne played Genghis Khan in “The Conquerers.”

He could be a lost augment, maybe? Leftover from the ENT Soong Cold Station 12 fiasco? I could buy that easier than I could Cumberbatch playing Khan…

103. The_Bear - February 24, 2012

Interesting… Black Omne would be an awesome movie villian. “The Price of the Pheonix” was one of my top favorite Trek novels.

“82. Thunderbubble – February 24, 2012
Has anyone considered that maybe Cumberbatch doesn’t play a character from the old series but maybe a villain from one of the novels? The writers have said in the past that they’re fans of some of the old novels from the eighties. And I’ve always been a fan of the Black Omne character from the Price of the Pheonix. Cumberbatch has all of the intelligence to go up against Spock. And seeing him play Sherlock, he certainly has the wit to play Black Omne.

Just throwing that out there…”

104. FusionVok - February 24, 2012

Hmmm…look at Spock’s stunt double. He has on a black jacket with what looks like silver bands on the wrists. Look at Cumberbatch’s costume. Starfleet shirt. Same pants as Spock. Jacket a similar length as Spock’s double.

Maybe Spock and Cumberbatch are wearing landing party jackets in this scene. Spock somehow loses his (but his double still has it on). Black landing party jacket for Spock and grayish jacket for Cumberbatch. Starfleet officer goes rogue on away mission?

Uhura has no landing party jacket. Maybe she beamed down in the nick of time to save Spock? :)

105. Thunderbubble - February 24, 2012

I wouldn’t normally think of the book villains either. I love Khan, Garth of Izar and the rest, but Omne always stuck with me because he was so damned crafty. Always outsmarting Kirk and Spock. He ran a black market planet outside of Federation space. He had Kirk killed and resurrected through advanced transporter technology, just to prove how much smarter he was than the Federation and it’s lofty ideas
He was like a Moriarty to K&S’ Sherlock and Watson. And the fact that he’s played by Benedict Cumberbatch, the current incarnation of… well, you all get my point.

@87 NCM: If i recall correctly he was some genetically enhanced human. But i’m gonna go re-read it to refresh the old brain pan.

106. Harry Ballz - February 24, 2012

That bottom photo reminds me of Spaceballs……….

“You idiots!! You’ve captured their stunt doubles!!”

107. Prof. Challenger - February 24, 2012

Shoot. I think Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell in the new timeline. He would be able to hold up in a one-on-one with Spock before his god-like powers took full root in him.

108. Thunderbubble - February 24, 2012

@99 Trekkerchick:

Omne would be no more obscure than Garth of Izar or Gary Mitchell to a general audience. I’m probably off if purely for the fact that the writer’s wouldn’t want to adapt someone else’s book.

Oh, and i went into my box of books to dig up Price of the Pheonix, and there it was sitting right on top! Coincidence?

109. MartianRogue - February 24, 2012

he isn’t khan, i know that much. as i’ve said several times before, if he is, i’ll be skipping this movie. i do think that he is someone from TOS.

110. pete - February 24, 2012

Ha,ha..Gary Mitchel…i’m a fan and i barely know the character (or care about him).

Yep, can see the masses will be all fired up and super excited over a villian called Gary Mitchel.

Cmon, they didnt have Edgar Hobson or Byron Jones as the bad guy in Batman…here is Gary, new new bad guy, “hi i’m Gary”…ha, ha

the bad guy has to be big, bigger than the crew of the enterprise…

KHAN yes, Gary Mitchel, ha, ha..when hell freezes over.

111. ecavNN - February 24, 2012

Not sure why some of you people can’t work this out.

They will NEVER, EVER, EVER, go with a GOD like, metaphysical, telepathic, omnipresent being.

Bad guys must be linear and follow a specific pattern in blockbuster movies. You may want “Where no man has gone before” stories and bad guys but it is not going to happen. Too risky, they want to make money.

It will be Khan in one form or another and this will appeal to the average punter on the street. Obscure, weird characters just will not work in the scheme of a 200 million dollar film.

112. RoadSiren21 - February 24, 2012

it could be Khan. Remember in Space Seed he wore a Starfleet uniform after waking up on the Enterprise when he was taken from the Botany Bay. :)

113. Andy Patterson - February 24, 2012

“There is a scene where the villain fights with Spock hand to hand, and villain appears able to avoid or escape from a Vulcan nerve pinch”

So, it’s Gary Seven? ….. “not even Mr. Spock’s Vulcan neck pinch could stop him. Without our phasers he would have over powered all five us….”

Spock sure shows a lot of emotion and facial expression. Come to think of it, so does the other guy so it cant be Gary Seven.

114. Tiberius Subprime - February 25, 2012

Garth of Izar would be older than Cumberbatch, so I don’t think it is Garth.

It could possibly be Khan, who was only slightly older than Kirk.

However, the images show what look like a crashed ship (Botany Bay?), so it could be Khan is dead and this is one of Khan’s other men. (It can’t be Joacim, since he was Khan’s son in the original TWOK story and would not have been born yet, even in the new timeline.)

However, it could very well be Gary Mitchell, as he was one of the TOS characters mentioned that might be in the film. But he would not be the only villain, as was mentioned previously.

Could be Gary, plus new villain plus Talosians?
Since Gary becomes superhuman, maybe the Talosians try to use him in some way??

115. USS Enterprise B - February 25, 2012

Actually I just realized something. In post #67 I said I thought it was possible the villain could be Gary Mitchel, but I might just be wrong about that, as his character was already delt with in the new comic series bridging the gap between Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek 2012, and as boborci said, those comics are considered canon. So… since the character of Gary Mitchel has already been delt with, now I think it’s someone else… not Khan or Gary… nor a Klingon or Romulan… that eliminates all my top ideas. I’m out of guesses for now, until the next clue presents itself.

116. J - February 25, 2012

“The fight scene takes place on something that uses Arabic numerals (so not alien)”

Unless Arabic numerals are now common in the galaxy (like the new Earth-year based stardates… ew!!!)

117. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 25, 2012

“boborci – February 24, 2012
I promised set pics, and here they are;)”
quote from other thread.

It would appear that Bob Orci et al have allowed these pictures to be released to Trekmovie and others.

The truth is that there is no way that anyone can tell what part of the movie these scenes take place, how relevant or important they might be to the overall storyline or anything like that. They are stills from the movie making process. Perhaps we may see them in the final cut in the cinemas, maybe not. It’s just nice to see the actors being put through their paces and to know that filming of our Star Trek movie is a happening thing!

118. cloudynow - February 25, 2012

At least Spock’s sideburns seems better this time.

119. Tiberius Subprime - February 25, 2012

Maybe not Gary then, as I forgot about the comics. (Still, it is a possibility, though).

Bob Orci did say we would meet one of five TOS villains he named. Whether he will be the main villain is not clear.

What we do see is a fight with a guy wearing a starfleet uniform on what appears to be a crashed ship.

Maybe it is Garth.

Confused? I am.

120. Captain Gorn - February 25, 2012

Anyone else notice that Cumberbatch doesn’t seem to have the wound on his face in the pics where he’s getting shot? My guess is he gets shot at some point prior to his fight scene with Spock.

121. Bucky - February 25, 2012

That first picture is so damn metal. Seriously, look at it and play some Slayer or something, it totally works.

122. atrac - February 25, 2012

Anyone know where this is being filmed in Los Angeles? There are a bunch of green screens set up in the same place they filmed some of Transformers: Dark of the Moon” last year near Play Vista (Jefferson/Centinela). It is hard to make out from Jefferson though because large dirt mounds are there preventing a clear viewing.

123. Buzz Cagney - February 25, 2012

One question and I think it rather important- Where’s Kirk?!
There’s a fight going on and Jim isn’t there? Whats that about?

124. Buzz Cagney - February 25, 2012

We are assuming Cumberbatch has gone rogue. Maybe its Spock and Uhura! They’ve stolen a shuttle-craft and are making for Gretna Green (Google it!) and Cabbagepatch is sent to bring them back.
It could happen. Maybe’s.

125. MartianRogue - February 25, 2012

@121 Bucky; LMAO, it really does

126. captain_neill - February 25, 2012

As long as Zoe Saldana does not make Uhura as much of a bitch as she did in the last movie I have no problems with her having a bit more action.

There are a few scenes like ‘insisting’ on Spock assigning her to the Enterprise where I felt she ruined the character for me, or the fact she told her report of hearing an important transmission to her room mate rather than to her commanding officer.

I know that we will get a good fun movie in the same style as Star Trek XI, I just hope that at the same time we will be getting a good Star Trek movie with it.

127. Alex - February 25, 2012

Its an alternate universe and they can do whatever they want. Would be cool if it is about the botany bay, but instead of Khan they have to face some other augmented dude. Maybe Khan is killed within the first minutes of the film. :)

128. Capt.Irving - February 25, 2012

I’m thinking this gray jacket cumberbach wears is what Scotty(pegg) was wearing when doing that interview for birthday wishes. I don’t think it’s khan but maybe Gary mitchell due to the fact they’re wearing starfleet unis and similar away mission jackets . It definitely looks good for the sequel with whatever happens. .

129. Buzz Cagney - February 25, 2012

#126 how do you know she didn’t report it to her senior officer?
And in all fairness to Zoe she only acted what was on the page. It was the writers that made the character what it was.

130. Buzz Cagney - February 25, 2012

#110 you admit you barely know the character yet dismiss him on the strength, or otherwise, of his name?
Gary was actually a very interesting character. There would be much to work with I would say.

131. Neener - February 25, 2012

I bet its Gary Seven

132. El Chup - February 25, 2012

Will someone explain to me why Cumberbatch has to be a character from TOS? I’ve looked at the two pages on here since the photos were posted and there are loads of posts going on about how it’s not Khan, but it might be Charlie Evans. or Captain Garth, or Matt Decker, or whoever the hell else.

Why can’t it be an original character?

133. Neener - February 25, 2012

Just to add: Gary Seven is immune to Vulcan neck pinches which would enable him to stand up against Spock.

134. Anthony Thompson - February 25, 2012

117 Keachick

You truly believe that “Bob Orci and others allowed them to be released”??? My guess is that JJ is absolutely livid over these and that heads will roll! And rightly so. This is too much information, too soon.

135. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 25, 2012

Too much information? Are you kidding? It has been known for a while that Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing the antagonist. From those few pictures we still have no idea who he is or where he comes from. We have also read of Zoe Saldana’s desire to “kick ass” so no surprise there with those couple of pictures. We already know that this Spock can give the Vulcan nerve pinch (he gave Kirk one in Star Trek 09) and is capable of hand to hand combat (he and Kirk on the bridge of Enterprise of Trek 09), so where is the spoiler?

Benedict Cumberbatch, with his obviously dyed jet black hair, has been seen at, at least, one event off set, when I think he probably has more to do on the Star Trek film.

The fact is that people are reading way too much into these few pictures, shots without any context in terms of story or what eventually happens to any or all of the characters in relation to the scene(s) we have glimpsed. The other aspect is that some of these pictures were clearly taken of the actors and their stunt doubles while on the staging, which is not what it will probably eventually look like once it gets to cinemas…

On the other thread, Bob Orci posted that he “promised set pics, and here they are;)”. What more proof do you need?

136. Marja - February 25, 2012

#129 Gor’ bless ya mate! I was so ready to say the same. I really hate it when people blame ACTORS for acting what is WRITTEN.

As to the plot? I think as someone’s said they dealt with Gary Mitchell already. I hope.

It’s so fun to see these guys ACTING — they hear no music, no nuthin’ except JJ and maybe some traffic noise in the background — it’s like “Let’s pretend!” As Jon Lovitz used to say on SNL, “AAAACT! ing” … don’t they have a great job?

Enthusiastic is what I am, and to hell with all the rumors.

Tho’ I was hoping to see Uhura get in some good kickin’ punchin’ action; Zoe’s certainly in shape to do that kind of stuff, and after being in so many action movies, fight choreography would be as nothing to her!

Sad about no change to women’s uniform tho … hahaha “she’d have to make a higher rank to get sleeves”, ya wit, you!

IMAX !!! I can’t wait! Oh. But I have to. [whistles]

137. CmdrR - February 25, 2012

Seriously doubt it’s the climactic scene. I’m sure that would involve Kirk. But, who knows. I’m reasonably sure JJ is aware and is allowing the leak. It looks like one or two set-ups, and shot with a camera in one position, not serupticiously snapping away at odd angles.

Lotta wind in this. Except in Zoe’s part of the frame. ????? Girl’s gotta keep her hair straight. Hope it doesn’t come out like in Transformers 3, where they literally slide down the side of the collapsing building without the hot chick mussing her hair or make-up. Man, that’s a dumb movie.

138. Paul - February 25, 2012

No way these are from the climax of the movie more like the middle act if it were the climax the whole crew would be involved & or on the bridge of the enterprise this is most likely from the start.

But like i said in the other thread this is what happens when Paramount/Bad Robot do not have the time to release photos you get spoilerish images like these from others you can bet there are more its pretty hard to prevent these being taken when digital cameras are so small nowadays………

139. Stokiespock - February 25, 2012

It’s khan but not as we know it !!!!

140. Tiberius Subprime - February 25, 2012

Because Orci said an original villain from TOS would be in the new film.
(He narrowed it down to one of five known TOS villains)

However, that doesn’t mean Cumberbatch is the TOS villain. He could be the new villain.

But if he is a TOS villain, he has to be a human one.

141. N - February 25, 2012

138. Climax of XI didn’t, that had Kirk getting beat up, this is Spock getting beat up…
Innovative, no?

142. Baba Looey - February 25, 2012

Cumberbatch looks like Finnegan.

143. Of Bajor - February 25, 2012

If Cumby is playing a TOS character, then for me it’s definately Gary Seven. Though I still think it’s someone new

144. David Knowles - February 25, 2012

28. Aurore – February 24, 2012
“Ok, then if not Khan, then what human could take Spock in direct hand-to-hand?”

A very well written new villain to the canon?
A villain I would fear , ie., take seriously, and, remember for years to come



not in this day and age and not from Hollywood and certainly not from the script writers that were behind the last film.

145. CmdrR - February 25, 2012

ok. we’re missing one very game-changing pic from this session.
check out the cover shot for the Feb 24 entry on Trek Core.
Not the file itself, but the cover image on the homepage.

whassup wit dat??

146. William Kirk - February 25, 2012

Looks like fight with Khan on Botany Bay :-D

147. Hugh Hoyland - February 25, 2012

I hope we find out who the villain is, it wont spoil it for me.

But when I look at that top photo… I see Khan (That could be just my mind playing tricks on me to). I mean his expression.

148. Konar - February 25, 2012

I can’t understand all the hate for boborci and co as screenwriters… Unless people are just hating success on principle. And to what brilliant examples of other trek are you comparing them? There were very very few episodes of ANY of the series and fewer of the movies that rose above average TV weekly drama drudgery.

IMO, ST2009 was a brilliant re-launch of the original concept, and if it suffered at all it was in its attempt to respect a decades-old legacy that they could have just chucked in the first place. I’m glad they didn’t chuck it, though.

149. none - February 25, 2012

#126 Uhura was not a bitch , She only acted as a bitch to Kirk because Kirk is a womanizer who has to have sex with every woman he meets including Galia her roommate.

She deserves her place on the enterprise….Spock didn’t put her there because he didn’t want people to think he favoured her which to me was kind of stupid. If she was a top student in starfleet then why would he think star fleet’s high official will accuse him of favouritism?

150. none - February 25, 2012

Is Sarek even in this film?

151. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 25, 2012

Khan or not Khan… ???… I said this was to confuse us … a set of boborci …


;-) :-)

152. Hodge Podge - February 25, 2012

I reckon it’s on a ship. All that green screen.

153. Jack - February 25, 2012

@148. Konar.


@145. CmdrR.

Hmm. A pub shot from the last one?

And generally, when did Bob say It would be a spcific TOS villain? I’m desperately hoping it’s somebody new.

154. mojomonkey - February 25, 2012

Ugh. All hope that we’d get an intelligent movie just flew out the window for me. I guess they think audiences won’t “care” abt characters unless they’re beating the crap out of each other. Lame.

155. Commander K - February 25, 2012

Although Khann is Indian, he is Sikh, not Hindu.

Jus’ sayin!

156. flake - February 25, 2012

Khan is also not in Starfleet and would never join Starfleet.

He would, however, rule Starfleet and the Federation as emperor.

157. Sebastian S. - February 25, 2012

Guess we’ll all know for certain in another year or so….

158. flake - February 25, 2012


Appealing to summer tentpole mass market = not taking the risk of being an ‘intelligent’ movie.

Only Nolan can pull it off in recent times with Inception (which I hated btw!)

Anyway we still know nothing about the movie yet and even Inception had lots of fighting.

159. Silence Falls - February 25, 2012

@37 yes that was true. however there was also El-Aurian script on there too… the squiggly lines were El-Aurian script. Also: it was TRILITHIUM rocket, not DILITHIUM rocket. ;)

160. Deflector Dish Guy - February 25, 2012

Why do people keep saying the “black uniform” is an alternate?? It’s the black undershirt worn under the uniform tunic!! Probably moisture wicking material, just like the American Army Combat Uniform.

161. Andrews - February 25, 2012

There are some weird people here who can’t seem to accept all the evidence leading to the very obvious conclusion that BC is playing a character new to the canon. The insistence that he’s going to be Khan because no other character is strong enough, in a brand new *SCI-FI* alternate universe, is bizarre to me.

And the Gary Mitchell stuff… they already did Gary Mitchell in the comics. He’s someone new. Come on, guys.

162. Jas_montreal - February 25, 2012

Love imax.

Is that khan ? Lol

163. Craiger - February 25, 2012

One way to look at the bad guy is that they still want Trek to appeal to a general audience and a lot of them only know a few bad guys from Trek so they will either go with one of those or an all new one so the general audience doesn’t have to figure out who the bad guy is from TOS. They probably wouldn’t know about the Talosions, Gary Mitchell, Gary Seven, Charlie X, or Garth of Izar.

164. Picard's Fish - February 25, 2012

maybe he’s an android..

165. Jack - February 25, 2012

158. flake.


I didn’t like the “it’s so smart!” praise of Inception. It was a thriller, ultimately, and an okay one.

What are the Trek fan requirements of an intelligent movie? Lots of oohing and aahing over stuff on the viewscreen? Mindless, meaningless, pseudo-intellectual techno-babble? Long speeches? ‘Is it reality or fantasy?’ Talosian stuff? A riddle-filled, mystery-filled plot? A very clear and obvious moral? How about characters having to question their own assumptions and grapple with their own weaknesses and emotions? Having to solve problems that don’t have clear or easy solutions, or solutions at all? Or a look at prejudice, demagogues, populism, cynicism and bigotry (an examination of modern politics?)?

166. Phil - February 25, 2012

This is funny…the pic could have been of Captain Kangaroo breaking the neck pinch, and there would be people here building the story around it being Khan. Denial is one thing, but this borders on delusional…..

167. G-trek - February 25, 2012

Love the sanctimonious trekkies who think they can glean the entire plot, tone, depth from a few unfinished spy (or not) photos. Yes, mojomonkey, you would be a prime example. Also amazing how many crazy theories are being thrown around on this site. Some having fun and thoughtful (which I really enjoy), some hating. Haters are so predictable and boring. You have been saying the same thingson this site since a year before Trek 2009 was released. Yet, you are all still here. Why? Because you actually enjoy the movies and the re-imagined Trek and the writing but are too arrogant to admit it.

168. EM - February 25, 2012

Awesome! Very excited now.

169. ster julie - February 25, 2012

82 & 85. Black Omne’s blood was a blue-green. He was some kind of Vulcanoid.

No one has mentioned Lt. Styles–the Romulan/Vulcan-phobe from Balance of Terror, but then he wouldn’t be so strong. No, the only human who could withstand a FSNP was Gary Seven from “Assignment” Earth.”

170. CarlG - February 25, 2012

I love how you some of you guys are convinced that the whitest, most Britishy-British guy on the set is playing a Sikh named Khan Singh. I mean come on, even Ricardo Montalban was a closer physical match and he was Mexican for pity’s sake!

Anyways, my guess is Garth or some other rogue / crazypants captain in the same vein. Rogue operatives are so hot right now… ;)

171. CarlG - February 25, 2012

Are we sure he’s even withstanding the pinch? For all we know, 2 seconds after the photo was taken he slumps to the ground knocked out.

172. ster julie - February 25, 2012

And poor Uhura! The fabric in that uniform certainly wrinkles in … interesting … places. The 23c doesn’t have better-draping fabrics?

173. Craiger - February 25, 2012

How do we know Cumberbatch is a Starfleet Officer? He could be sneaking onto that barge using a Starfleet uniform?

174. Anthony Pascale - February 25, 2012

140 Tiberius Subprime – February 25, 2012

Because Orci said an original villain from TOS would be in the new film.
(He narrowed it down to one of five known TOS villains)

Again and for the last time I hope. Neither Orci, nor anyone associated with the Star Trek film said any such thing. That notion was a rumor started long before the script was even written. It has never been confirmed by this site and so lets please stop using it as some kind of reference point…it is not.

RE: Hindu dagger
I see none, his shirt is ripped.

RE: Black shirt
Yes it appears to be the standard undershirt worn by Kirk in ST2009, and in theory it is the same shirt that is underneath everyone else’s tunic, although that has never been established in canon. The pants also seem to be similar or the same as standard, although the boots and the coat are different than anything seen in ST2009. So I reported the whole ensemble as some kind of variant. And of course we can only speculate as to why he is wearing what he is wearing.

RE: Arabic numbers
Perhaps it should say “an Earth-based numbering system, which is standardized in the Federation”…the point being that it is unlikely an alien craft/structure would be using those kinds of numbers.

RE: Scene sequence
Remember that the logistics of film shooting are that they usually shoot all the scenes on a particular set back to back, but the scenes themselves may not be one after the other. For example, they have already shot all the scenes on the Enterprise bridge, which likely span the film at various places. So the Spock/Villain scene may not be right before or after the Uhura/Villain scene.

175. CmdrR - February 25, 2012

Seriously. Uhura is making mushy-face looks at Cumberbun and no one has any thoughts??

Like, maybe that’s why Spock is looking like Michael Jackson in “Bad”… cause the villain is canoodlin’ with his Pon Farrtang Princess.

Check the image on Trek Core, people.

176. Star-Lord - February 25, 2012

Wait. The number on the structure in that one picture starts with “35.” “The Doomsday Machine” was the 35th episode of TOS. Cumberbatch is playing Captain Decker!

177. Mike Alexander - February 25, 2012

Got the feeling…Gary Mitchell…don’t know why…but we’ll see.

178. Gary - February 25, 2012

I bet these are staged photos just to mess with us.

“Spock, Zoe and Sherlock don’t have anything going on right now, let’s mess with the fans…”

179. NCM - February 25, 2012

A guess at sequence of ‘events':

Uhura stuns villain, but he’s relatively unphased and dispenses with her (villain looks clean-faced in phaser shot). If true boborci said it’ll be a TOS villain, than Mitchell–thought to have been killed in comic, but, being god-like resurrects; as genre goes, he fits the villain bill.

Next, bad guy tussles with Kirk, getting holes seen in shirt and pants, and temporarily incapacitates Kirk.

Photos of Spock and bad guy are from early in their encounter–Spock’s not yet messed up and is going in for the pinch, which would be his first move. I don’t think he’s responsible for villain’s disheveled appearance.

Kirk (and Uhura?) recover and rejoin the battle; as Spock can’t be allowed to physically better (‘cept by Vulcan pinch) a villain that’s incapacitated Kirk–no matter Spock’s greater strength, speed. Although, it would be fun to see the writers turn some of the old notions on their heads (and they did so with S/U; though I’m not a fan of that particular ‘turn’).

180. captain_neill - February 25, 2012

All I can say is if it’s Khan then I wil feel betrayed by Orci and Abrams.

181. Anthony Pascale - February 25, 2012

What is this mushy face pic? I haven seen that. send link into tip line?

182. Drew - February 25, 2012

174…thank you for debunking another “Orci said…” myth. I just follow the site casually but know they didn’t say that.

183. Hat Rick - February 25, 2012

One photo from the other sites had Saldana aiming at Cumberbatch as if she was to shoot him with a phaser, but she was simply posing — the phaser or other weapon is to be CGI.

This indicates to me the possibility that Cumberbatch has telekinetic or other psi powers necessitating the use of SFX on the weapon, and that this may be a “Where No Man Has Gone Before” movie, with Gary Mitchell.

184. Drew - February 25, 2012

…and as many others have pointed out, Gary Mitchell was covered in the Orci-framed comics… I guess they could build on that, but…

To me it seems clear he’s a new character somehow connected to a story we already know and feel great nostalgia for… NON-KHAN Botany Bay superman. Speculation, I am not claiming I know or the writers said this.

185. Anthony Pascale - February 25, 2012

RE: zoe w/o phaser

or she was just practicing her moves without the phaser.

186. Jeyl - February 25, 2012

Careful Zoe. One tap on the shoulder and that phaser is flying out of your hand so fast you’d think you were holding a water balloon. Why can’t Starfleet learn the lessons from Nintendo’s Wii remote and just add wrist straps to the phasers already??

187. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

Wow. You guys have no imagination. “it’s Khan. It’s Mitchell. It’s Garth. etc. etc.”

It is NOT Khan. It is NOT Mitchell. It is NOT Finnigan. etc, etc.

Why do you keep insisting that they are going to remake an old TV episode? The whole idea for creating this new timeline is to come up with NEW stories and not have to worry about canon.

Think outside the box.

188. Drew - February 25, 2012

“Where No Man has Gone Before” was entirely covered in the JJ-verse comics. Wouldn’t seem logical to transform the already-known JJ-verse story into a movie…they could continue it I guess… need to pull out my issue and see how it ended. Not seeming likely to me, though

189. dmduncan - February 25, 2012

I am now convinced that 3 weeks after the release of the sequel, some Trekkies will still be debating whether Khan was the “main villain” and Cumberbatch was him.

190. CmdrR - February 25, 2012

181 I tried to use the tip line, but it asked me to reconfigure my… and my eyes crossed.

It’s on the home page of Trek Core dot com. It’s the newest item, as of this writing.

It shows Zoe caressing Cumberbun’s face. It’s obviously the same shoot as the other pics, but isn’t included anywhere else I’ve seen.

191. dmduncan - February 25, 2012

Look at the sequence of events.

1. Spock tries to nerve pinch Villain X.
2. Villain x resists and chokes the green out of Spock.
3. Spock no longer on the Lego blocks — did he get tossed off right after the severe neck throttling by Villain X? It certainly looks that way.
4. Uhura then saves the day by zapping Villain X with her stunning self.

So it looks like Uhura gets to be the hero of this scene!

192. Orly - February 25, 2012

Another photo

193. dmduncan - February 25, 2012

190. CmdrR – February 25, 2012

Post the link man. I don’t see any extra picture on their home page.

194. Drew - February 25, 2012

Uh…. that’s not Cumberbatch, or I have lost my sight or broken my sarcasm detector

(Re: trekcore photos)

195. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

193. dmduncan

I think he was talking about the thumbnail showing Uhura & Kirk

196. dmduncan - February 25, 2012

195. Montreal_Paul – February 25, 2012

You’re probably right. Hilarious.

197. Orly - February 25, 2012

190. Thats Pine not Cumberbatch

198. dmduncan - February 25, 2012

Maybe CmdrR was surfing without his glasses on.

199. N - February 25, 2012

188 Yeah, but who other than a Trekkie would know it? As far as the general audience is concerned it’d be brand new.
The general audience wouldn’t know who Gary Mitchell or any of these other names people keep dropping are. I don’t even know :P

There’s thinking outside the box, but then there’s too far outside the box for these guys.

200. T'Vek - February 25, 2012

Great pics and news finally! – The movie will open with the Enterprise finding a derelict ship floating in space. We all of course know this was an idea for the end of the reboot movie as a teaser for the sequel.

The ship will be a DY-100 class freighter with cryogenically frozen passengers. Its hull identifies it as the SS Botany Bay

Twist will be that Khan in this timeline will not have survived the cryogentic freezing. Therefore allow JJ et al to remake both Space Seed and TWOK but not be restricted by canon and fans.

Any one who has seen Sherlock will know how intelligent Cumby can be – He will be new leader and intent on conquest and revenge

201. Greg2600 - February 25, 2012

I guess Uhura is a main character now?

202. CmdrR - February 25, 2012

Ah, you’re right. It’s a cropped pic of Pine. Hair looked too dark.
Ah well. Sorry for the false alarm.

203. MartianRogue - February 25, 2012

@200. T’Vek; and they could bring Khan back as a mutated genetic experiment?

204. JIM - February 25, 2012

I know it! It is a Star Trek/Matrix Crossover and BC is the new Neo!! Case solved:)

205. VZX - February 25, 2012

187. While I don’t want the villain to be Khan, I strongly think that it is (or someone else from the Botany Bay). It’s not due to my lack of imagination, but due to the fact that JJ and co. like to play to what the audience knows. This was apparent with the classic look uniforms, all the catch phrases, and situations from the last movie.

Here’s my guess: the new movie will have story beats similar to Empire Strikes Back (like how the last was similar to the first Star Wars) and the villain will either be a classic one (Khan/Garth/Darvin/Decker, etc.) or have some relation to them.

My theory is based on observations from the last movie.

206. T'Vek - February 25, 2012

For my money money BC will be playing a super human called “John Ericssen”

207. T'Vek - February 25, 2012

or “Ragnar Thorwald”

208. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

Everyone, I found this article and it states outright that Khan will not be in the sequel.

Also, it has a quote that lists the possible villains.

“It’s definitely a character that will make fans of TOS excited. Think along the lines of Harry Mudd or Trelane or Gary Mitchell or the Talosians or the Horta. Actually it’s one of those that I named.”

Harry Mudd is human, but I doubt he could resist a Vulcan nerve pinch. Plus, in the original he was older, slightly heavy, and very hairy. (probably not Benedict’s character)
Squire Trelane is noncorporeal. (definitely not)
Gary Mitchell is the best bet by far. Human, in star fleet, has mental abilities.
The Talosians have giant dome heads. (out for sure)
The Horta is non-human. And made of rock.

Pretty much the only possible candidate is Gary. (if the information the article gathered is correct.)

209. Tiberius Subprime - February 25, 2012

@205 VZX

I think you are very correct.

We will get something known (along with something new)

210. Picard's Fish - February 25, 2012

@208 that article is purely rumor, and an old one at that .

211. Tiberius Subprime - February 25, 2012

@200 T’Vek

Not saying I buy your argument but it sounds logical–if only for two reasons:
firstly, the fact that JJ was looking at Latino actors; and secondly, the fact that a new universe equals new rules.

But we still have plenty of time to find out.

212. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

208. Elyssa

It was just pure speculation on the part of the author and his “source” … no confirmation was made. It was just who “he” thought the villian would be.

213. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

@210 @212 Really? That’s rather disappointing that someone would make information up like that…
Now I feel slightly gypped.

214. Drew - February 25, 2012

208, thanks for the link

I got nostalgic when I read that way back, but the guy could just be making it up… As far as I know, he is unassociated with the production.

215. Tiberius Subprime - February 25, 2012

@214 and 211

If anything, rumours have their basis in facts to some small degree.

I think, as VZX does, that we will get something both known and new.

Something known for the TOS trekkies, and something new for new fans. It’s box office gold. It’s logical.

Baed upon how JJ and the comics have handled things so far, I would be willing to be money on it.

216. Gio - February 25, 2012

Some how I think it’s Gary Mitchell from the original series episode Where No Man Has Gone Before ….

217. Greenberg - February 25, 2012

I’d like to get on my knees and lick Uhura’s boots.

218. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 25, 2012

Well. Yahoo has picked up the villian for Trek. it’s going Viral.

219. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 25, 2012

Come on Bob Orci. We know you are lurking around. Give Trek Movie an Exclusive Pic from the movie. Come on Bob. You know you want to.

220. Elyssa - February 25, 2012


Yeah, they’re jokingly calling it “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Spock”

221. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

213. Elyssa

It’s as if someone from here wrote an article on Trek 2 and was talking about it “has to be” Khan because of this, this and this. That’s how rumors start. Unless I see that the info has come form Orci, JJ, or any of the other in charge… I won’t believe it.

And to this point, EVERYTHING is speculation. No confirmation from anyone that the bad guy is from Trek lore. Therefore, (and obviously from the pictures) the villain is NOT Khan. And personally, I feel that this a new character and a new story.

222. Tiberius Subprime - February 25, 2012

To add to my claim above (post 216), I’d be willing to bet Bob Orci that I am right.

Come on, Bob. How much you want to put up? ;)

223. Tiberius Subprime - February 25, 2012

Even a known villain can become a new story. It’s a new universe.

But yes, I agree. He is not Khan.

224. Drew - February 25, 2012

Re: poll on this page

Only 8% for other augment/Botany Bay survivor (who may have died in storage/”unthawing” in the prime timeline)? A completely unrelated new villain would make me happy, too. Having been a fan of JJ and Damon for a while, their style screams the Botany Bay survivor, something old, something new twist.

Nothing has really excited the community like this in my opinion.. kep dropping bread crumbs, boborci :D

225. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 25, 2012

It sure would be sweet for Bob Orci to give Trek Movie and exclusive pic of the new movie. Wouldn’t it Anthony.

226. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@224. Drew
“Having been a fan of JJ and Damon for a while, their style screams the Botany Bay survivor”

Really??? How so?

227. Elyssa - February 25, 2012


I rather feel the same way about Khan… I really and truly hope that it is a new character with a new story, rather than a rehashing of an old plotline.
But since I am sure Benedict will do a stellar job with whatever he is given, if he does turn out to be Khan I won’t mind that much.

228. N - February 25, 2012

215 leaving non-TOS Trekkies thinking what the hell is this crap :P

Thinking about it, my guess is the people behind only ever watched TOS, most likely as children, which would explain why they got the Romulans wrong.

I’m starting to think one issue is the characters, not the actors since you have Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine who are very good at what they do. But, no offence old timers, TOS characters are so two-dimensional, but then in the olden days everything was flat but the writers behind XI are well…

229. Lt. Daniels - February 25, 2012

It looks like Spock has black pants now, not the dark brown pants from the last movie.

230. Drew - February 25, 2012

226, I couldn’t honestly say I base that on anything more than just a feeling I get from their work as a whole. Anyone feel free to disagree. I also feel the team may want to diplomatically honor old and new fans (and the prime universe itself) simultaneously via that twist on a (mostly) beloved classic story.

231. Elyssa - February 25, 2012


I get that vibe from their work on Fringe. Lately they’ve (apparently) been doing some classic callbacks to season one, but as someone who has only watched two seasons, I still feel included and invested in the show.

232. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

227. Elyssa
” I rather feel the same way about Khan… I really and truly hope that it is a new character with a new story, rather than a rehashing of an old plot-line.
But since I am sure Benedict will do a stellar job with whatever he is given, if he does turn out to be Khan I won’t mind that much. ”

I agree with you completely, Elyssa. After the great work they did on Trek 09, I know that they will do a great job this time around. I have been a fan since I was a kid in the early 70’s and loved they way JJ & co. came through with the first film. These guys are original in their thinking. I feel that they will come up with an original story for the sequel as well.

233. DeShonn Steinblatt - February 25, 2012

Wow, these are much better than the spy shots from Star Trek 1. It will be interesting to see if Weller’s character is also wearing that much padding.

228. I think the non-spinoff trekkies outnumber the non-TOS trekkies. And I think the Everything trekkies outnumber both.

234. Elyssa - February 25, 2012


Exactly! I’ve been seeing all sorts of people griping on various social networking sites about how bringing in Khan will be “ripping off” the original ST2, and I’ve seen others who think NOT staying true to canon and bringing in Khan would be wrong. Either way, they will almost guaranteed do a great movie with stellar acting and just the right amount of black humor. Until it comes out, we wait patiently.

(and tide ourselves over with the Avengers movie)

235. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@234 Elyssa

You think like me! Can’t wait to see the Avengers movie too! As for JJ, he has a knack of picking the right actor for the job. From Lost to Fringe to Alcatraz … love the actors he picked. And I think Cumberbatch is a great addition to the cast!

236. Elyssa - February 25, 2012


And you like me! As a full blown trekkie, (who happens to watch Sherlock), I had a bit of a heart attack when Benedict was cast, because it was just so PERFECT. JJ has a brilliant mind.

237. Hat Rick - February 25, 2012

Cumberbatch can’t be playing a Botany Bay surivor. He wouldn’t be wearing a Starfleet uniform of any kind, unless they gave him one after they found him, which seems unlikely.

The uniforms of the Cumberbatch’s character and Spock are too similar not to be from the same historical era. What are the chances that they would give a civilian the same clothes as a member of Starfleet?

Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell, another Starfleet officer, a Starfleet cadet, or has been given a Starfleet uniform because they don’t have anything else on board. No other choices.

238. Hat Rick - February 25, 2012

^^ Okay, three other choices: He’s a fantasy figure, a shapeshifter or similar, or a secret agent.

If he’s a fantasy figure, like Finnegan, then that would be weird. Finnegan wasn’t a very serious villain — more of a villain. Shapeshifter? Unlikely; this is not DS9. The only other prominent uses of shapeshifters in Star Trek that I can think of were in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and the Organians or Trelane.

I don’t think Cumberbatch plays a Founder, that STVI shapeshifter, an Organian, or Trelane.

He could be from Section 31, though. But that would be DS9.

239. Hat Rick - February 25, 2012

^^ I mean that Finnegan was more of a bully, not a serious villain.

:Sigh: I wish I would type as fast as I talk.

240. Daoud - February 25, 2012

Ummm, squeeze me, but Garth was a shapeshifter after the Antosians got through with him.

241. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

2 236. Elyssa

Having never seen Cumberbatch’s Sherlock, I had to watch it so I could see what he could bring to Trek. And he is a wonderful actor! Along the lines of a young Christopher Plummer (ST VI’s General Chang).

242. The Optimist - February 25, 2012

Gary Seven?

243. Harry Ballz - February 25, 2012

These photos were probably staged to give us a classic Abrams clue. The camera with IMAX printed on it’s side is, in reality, a regular camera, with that word displayed as an anagram for some plot point.

M’yeah, it must mean MAXI PADS play a prominent role in the story.

Bloody hell, I’m brilliant!

244. Jannek - February 25, 2012

Khan. Apart from the strength: Why else they wanted to have latin actors first?

245. Elyssa - February 25, 2012


Now that you mention it, I do see the resemblance! A very commanding mystique…
As it happens, are you a fan of LOTR as well?

246. Dom - February 25, 2012

Star Trek 2(a): The Wrath of Joachim

247. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

245. Elyssa

Yes, love the LOTR trilogy. Had read it in High School as well years ago. Looking forward to the Hobbit movie. So many movies that I want to see in the next year!

248. Jack - February 25, 2012

229. I thought they had dark gray pants in the last movie…

ps. gary seven wasn’t a villain (and that episode was a pilot for a g7 series that never happened). Gary mitchell was, arguably,only a villain because of whatever happened to him in the barrier.

249. Elyssa - February 25, 2012


You and I are so alike it is rather uncanny!

The reason I asked is because the Hobbit movie stars Martin Freeman (Benedict’s Watson in Sherlock) as Bilbo, and Benedict has been cast as both the Necromancer and Smaug the dragon. All of my favorite fandoms are colliding in spectacular fireworks!

250. Hat Rick - February 25, 2012

240 — thanks, my mistake.

It’s possible that he might be Garth, but the whole shipwreck scenario (in the photos) doesn’t seem to work with that story that well, at least to me.

251. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@249 Elyssa

I didn’t know that. I hadn’t heard too much about Hobbit. But that is going to be interesting for sure! I like how Freeman & Cumberbatch work very well together.

I have to say it’s nice to see a woman interested in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre like you are. Where are you from?

252. MJ - February 25, 2012

@2 “Sorry but Uhura looks about as threatening as Lisa Simpson with a cap gun.”

What’s your point? A phaser blast hitting you is a phaser blast hitting you whether fired by Superman or a toddler? Duh!

253. Elyssa - February 25, 2012


Currently I live in Virginia, but am moving to Texas in the summer to begin college. (I am eighteen)
So not exactly a woman, but VERY flattered that you think me one. :-)
And the sci-fi love does not run in my family unfortunately… I tend to geek out on the internet because there is no one to discuss such things with at home.

254. Hat Rick - February 25, 2012

^^ Good point, MJ. I like Uhura and I think she would make an awesome action-type character.

Think if Angelina Jolie, for example. Few would have associates her with action heroes prior to her sting as Lara Croft, or as the female half of the assassion team in that movie she was in with her on-screen husband, Brad Pitt (Mr. and Mrs. Smith).

255. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@253 Elyssa

Same here, I am the only one in my family that is into Sci-Fi. I have to rely on the internet to geek out too. LoL.
As for you being a woman… you are 18, definitely a woman! Very nice to meet you, btw. I have never been to Virginia but drove through parts Texas. Seems very nice! And good luck with college!

256. Hat Rick - February 25, 2012

^^ “Few would have associated”

As corrected.

Also, why am I getting a Big Bang Theory vibe from this website these days?


I know that I’m a nerd and a geek, but at least being a nerd and a geek is getting slightly cooler now that BBT is one of the hottest shows on TV.

Besides, unlike some of the characters in BBT, I do not depend on public transportation to go to work, I don’t work in field in hard science (not that there’s anything wrong with that, or with the converse), and yes, I have indeed had a significant number of appropriate relations with the opposite sex.

Too much information, I know. But this website is like family.


257. Elyssa - February 25, 2012


Very nice to meet you too! I am super excited about college, mostly because many of the people I met there during the preview weekend have the same interests as me. (unlike at high school here)


Well… where I live saying you like Star Trek is like admitting you still think boys have cooties.
And barring that reaction…
“Star Trek? That’s the one with the glowing swords, right?”

258. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@257 Elyssa

College was so much fun! Finding people with similar interests was great. I was in a Sci-Fi club, Music club and also a DJ at the college radio station. You will definitely enjoy it!

259. Anonymous - February 25, 2012

I read an interesting thought. This man could be a certain human-disguised (Insert Tribble Scream Here) Klingon! A Klingon should be able to fistfight Spock pretty good, and a space barge could just be a barge transporting some grain, afterall…

260. ScottyDX - February 25, 2012

Im sorry there is a slight change of the neckline from 0.004 to 0.0010 I determined this to be NOT CANNON and will boycott this movie.

261. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

@258 Paul

Sci-fi club… I wonder if my college will have that? It would be awesome if they did.

I inferred by your username that you probably reside in Canada; if so, are there a lot of science fiction fans up there? It seems like the perfect place to live, because I’ve heard about different television shows and movies who always seem to be filming there.

262. Capes - February 25, 2012

Regarding canon….comics don’t count…sorry.

But a few healthy guesses….
1) Since Kirk graduated in three years and became “instant captain” it is likely that he didn’t have time to teach at the academy. It has never been explored but is safe to assume that Kirk prime did it in 4 not 3 and quite possibly did a little graduate teaching maybe? Thus Gary Mitchell friendship….Kirk wants him on his first command…..Mitchell pushes that little lab tech at him that he almost married (Carol Marcus? thus no David Marcus either?)…..does ANY of that apply here? In all likelihood most of it doesn’t unless we are going to assume Karma is going to keep pushing the same characters, and same stories together in this universe too which would be boring….
2) In the interest of canon a great way to begin a movie could be a JJ VERSE interpretation of the last 5 minutes of a classic trek episode (my fav suggestion: Doomsday Machine) which would lead into a totally canon free, open, and defineable story by anywhichway ORCI JJ and company feel like…..which would be cool. Sooo new story with our comfortable newly defined but favorite characters in a comfy setting but all new stuff otherwise.
Let’s keep it interesting, nostalgic, but at the same time new. Also….somebody might want to look at the chain of events in the Prime universe and think about what hasn’t happened in the JJverse which would redefine a few assumptions…….For Example:
Capt. Garrovik never sponsored Kirk at the Academy…..Kirk never served on his ship….no cloud creature……no destroyed starship…….no “Obsession” episode……..
No Ben Finney Vengence thus no “Court Martial”
A cool play on things…..consider…….this Kirk is a “Punk with Potential” so imagine another “Court Martial” scenario whereby Kirk gets into a little trouble in a different context but with some similar nods at the Prime-verse. I mean realistically, “JJ” Kirk has turned the Starfleet order of operations on it’s ear….some folks are bound to not be pleased…..starting with a certain security guard who now has to call him”Captain” rather than “Cupcake”. There are bound to be high ranking officials who “don’t approve” of this officer in their ranks. Also, this Kirk does lack some of Prime Kirk’s experiences and he is bound to take a misstep somewhere and therefore there are bound to be people (officers) who would like to hang the “wunderkind” to invalidate him. Also, there might be crew members…the aforementioned security guard who might be willing to throw him an anchor instead of following an order………..Now for me personally, this would be a good example of a nod to the past but with a totally new story otherwise.
Thoughts? Comments? Anyone think I’m on crack? Anyone bother to read this far? Anyone out there?

263. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@261 Elyssa

Yes, I am from Canada. Montreal (as well as Toronto & Vancouver) had so many productions shot here. But now that our dollar is pretty much on par with the US dollar, it isn’t worth it to shoot here anymore. But we had lots of Sci-Fi shot here. All the Stargate series, X-Files, Smallville, etc. were shot in Canada. I worked in the TV industry for over 20 years in Saskatchewan, Toronto, Quebec City and Montreal. Unfortunately, Montreal isn’t as into Sci-Fi as it used to be… but very much into the Comic book heroes.

As for a Sci-Fi club at college, if it doesn’t have one, you should start one up! :)

264. N - February 25, 2012

262 wow that’s long…

Instant captain, just add plothole. Making a suspended stowaway cadet the first officer is suspending belief too much. This Kirk is less a “punk with potential” more a blatant Mary Sue.

When you cross time and universes, the future and the past will be different so anything goes.

Cupcake…I doubt he’ll be seen again, unless they want to make a few more homoerotic scenes. Though they’ll probably save that for Kirk/Spock, Pine and Quinto do homoerotic tension pretty well though I’m not sure if it was intentional or not.

265. Jason - February 25, 2012

is gary mitchell strong enough idea to base the whole movie around?

like that instead of klingons?

266. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

@263 Paul

Wow, working in the TV industry in Canada must have been heaven fifteen years ago! Even now, Fringe and Supernatural film in Vancouver…

I’m going to be studying mechanical engineering with a focus on robotics, and secretly am hoping to go the Grant Imahara route and build movie/television characters. Assuming that there is still such a job in five, six years; at that point, digital animation will probably rule the roost even for television shows.

267. Buzz Cagney - February 25, 2012

#237 i’m pretty sure we saw Khan in a red starfleet shirt in Space Seed…..

268. Basement Blogger - February 25, 2012

Okay, i’m going to speculate here. The signs have pointed to Cumberbatch is Khan. And here’s why I think he’s still Khan.

Remember that Khan is a kind of superhuman. He’s also stronger than most humans. So check out how he’s choking Spock with one hand. Look familiar? Remember how Khan could pick up Chekov with one hand in TWOK?

So why is he in a Starfleet shirt. Well, he was rescued by Star Fleet and given Star Fleet digs. Or he took over a Starfleet ship and took their clothes. See TWOK and how Khan took some of the Star Fleet’s clothes.

269. Toothless Grishnar Cat - February 25, 2012

We seem to be forgetting that Gary Mitchell was an ordinary person who only became extraordinary when the Enterprise hit the Galactic Barrier.
Spock Prime: “Jim, I am told you have been ordered to investigate the disappearance of the SS Valiant. You must disregard those orders.”
Kirk: “Why?”
Spock Prime: “It is not going to end well. Trust me.”

270. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@266 Elyssa

Oh yeah, was wonderful working on so many different shows up here.

Mechanical engineering sounds so interesting! I am sure that there will still be need for robotics in movies in the near future as well… will look for your name in the credits then! ;)

271. Peter Loader - February 25, 2012

I don’t think Cumberbatch is Khan at all. I think Cumberbatch’s boss, Peter Weller is the Chief Executive Officer of Section 31 and Cumberbatch is one of his operatives. I think we’ll Weller give a major performance the equal of Cumberbatch’s in the final showdown.

272. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

@270 Paul

Hopefully! And thank you :)
What tv shows did you work on in Canada by the way?

273. Christopher Roberts - February 25, 2012

263. Ever gone by the name, AL VINCI?

274. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@272 Elyssa

While in Toronto, I worked on “Earth: Final Conflict”, “War of the Worlds the TV series”, “Tekwar” with William Shatner, and I did some location shooting for “Andromeda”. In Montreal, I worked mostly on local News production.

275. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@273 Christopher Roberts

AL VINCI? Nope. Who is that?

276. Christopher Roberts - February 25, 2012

275. Oh, no reason. Forget I said anything!

277. Basement Blogger - February 25, 2012

@ 271

Look at how Cumberbatch gets out of the Vulcan nerve pinch. He’s overpowering Spock! Remember that Vulcans are stronger than humans. That makes Cumberbatch a superhuman. See Khan.

278. VZX - February 25, 2012

Orci and Kurtzman sorta “supervise” the new comics, and they had Gary Mitchell’s whole God story already. They also are careful with continuity with the comics and movie so they would not do Gary Mitchell again.

Also, I don’t think the whole “galactic barrier” thing would be believable in a movie. The galaxy does not have such a thing. I would think even Joe Public should know that.

279. Killamarshtrek - February 25, 2012


There’s one fairly obvious question you’ve not answered. Why does he look like a very white skinned, blue eyed, english ex public school boy and not an Indian Sikh?

280. Phil - February 25, 2012

The most logical, reasonable, and creative choice is a new villian/antoginost. Yet, several people continue to cling to the idea it can only be someone seen before, when there has been no proof, or even any suggestion that this is what the creative team is doing. This rigid thinking really floors me….

281. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

@274 Paul

Sounds like a lot of fun! Were you on the post side of things or were you more involved in the shooting part of production? The hurried nature of news does not lend to post production much.

282. Azrael - February 25, 2012

@262. Actually, the current IDW Star Trek comic series has been stated by Orci and others to be in continuity with the movie series. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want it to be, you don’t get to decide that. I did not read any of the rest of your post (much too long, and boring) but it is simply a fact that as far as the new timeline is concerned the comic series is “Canon” period.

283. Trick - February 25, 2012

A lot of interesting ideas floating around here…cool stuff.

First impression: kind of wish quinto (or his director) would calm it down a bit on Spock’s overly emotional facial expressions. I get that they are fighting or whatever but just look at fight scenes from TOS, Spok is never that emotionally intense. Heck, even in Amok Time he was just seething in a frighteningly, and more appropriate, way. This dude must have done something heinous to get him riled up…again…like the last movie.

Hope this is not a new standard for the character, otherwise we may never get the witty, sometimes philosophical, banter of the TOS trio.

284. dep1701 - February 25, 2012

@111 “It will be Khan in one form or another and this will appeal to the average punter on the street. Obscure, weird characters just will not work in the scheme of a 200 million dollar film.”

You mean like a revenge seeking, tattooed Romulan named Nero?

Come on, that argument doesn’t hold water. Obscure villanous characters are introduced in franchise movies all the time ( I’d never heard of “Whiplash” before I saw Iron Man 2, nor had I read any of the Venom stories nor did I know who the Sandguy was in Spiderman 3. I still saw the movie ( and wasn’t bothered by the alterations to the origins of the Venom cahracter, as were some of the more comic book obsessed friends I have were ).

My point is, whether he’s a completely new character or a rehash of Gary Mitchell will mean nil to the average Joe-Blow movie goer. If it turns out he’s named Gary Mitchell, has silvery glowing eyes and can shoot lightning bolts out of his hands, that’s all they’ll care about. That’s why I think Khan would be a terrible idea…he’s too well known, and it would be more like “Where We’ve Already Gone Before”, rather than “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

As I said before, still hoping for a fresh original character and story rather than a retread.

285. VZX - February 25, 2012

284: All those comics villains you mentioned existed already in the comics. Venom is actually really popular.

Anyway, it could be a new character, but I’m thinking otherwise. Many Trek movies have new villains, but the better ones seem to be based on pre-existing antagonists.

282: Azrael: Yeah, that’s what I’ve trying to be saying! That’s why it can’t be Gary Mitchell.

286. Harry Ballz - February 25, 2012


Fascinating background, Montreal_Paul!

Tell me, do you know Peter Mohan? He’s been a director in Canada for many years now. We’re old friends from our school days and still keep in touch.

287. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@281 Elyssa

I liked to get my hands on everything! LoL. I started as a cameraman and ended up directing a few things here and there. I wrote a few episodes of “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” as well. I also dabbled in post production as an editor but I liked the action of production. Eventually I ended up in TV News as a Technical Director and Director because of that fast pace of live TV News.

@286 Harry Ballz

Thank you Harry. Peter Mohan is a very well know guy up here. But I never had the pleasure of working with him.

288. Daoud - February 25, 2012

Renegade Captain Garth of Izar (not necessarily a human, if he’s from Izar), “modified” by the Antosians is the most logical conclusion.
Arne Darvin isn’t bad either, as a Klingon would be a good match for a Vulcan, but Darvin was a bureaucrat, not a Starfleet officer — although in the alt universe, could be.
The best part about choosing Garth, is we don’t know if Garth looked like Garth when we saw him in Whom Gods Destroy… Now… does anyone know if Alice Eve’s been putting on green makeup? That would just about nail it if she were Marta. ;) I would pay good money to see that movie. :)

289. none - February 25, 2012

Just saw pictures of Zoe at the independent spirit awards and she looks stunning,Her hair weave is long.Which means this ST XII set photos must have been filmed recently (maybe a week ago).I hope ZQ shows up since His film Margin Call is nominated.

290. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

@281 Paul

Wow, you really did do some of everything! I too think that production in the field/directing and camera work would be more interesting and challenging as a whole…
Since you like Avengers, have you happened to watch Firefly?

291. Vultan - February 25, 2012

Voyage Home was a highly successful movie, and there was no previously established villain in it. Not even a villain really, just a big space cigar that liked to talk to whales.

Guess folks were a bit more creative back then.
At least director Nimoy was.

292. MJ - February 25, 2012

@262. Capes, good to see you posting again!!!

293. Azrael - February 25, 2012

For those who keep playing the “Cumberbach can’t possibly be playing Khan cause he’s too white/British” card I have to say, as I and others have said before, Khan is the product of genetic engineering and as such his “apparent” ethnicity does not have to have anything to do with the regional origin of his name, he could look like anyone, period. To think otherwise simply shows a lack of understanding of what genetic engineering is, and a refusal to accept the facts handed to you.

That said I do not expect Khan to be in this movie at all, and I see only a slim possibility of him being in the next one.

294. Azrael - February 25, 2012

@292. Nimoy didn’t write Voyage Home so he didn’t “create” anything.

295. Jack - February 25, 2012

All this talk of TOS villains is depressing me.

291. Yep. But it also had a pretty great lead-in and some built in drama (the return to earth to face charges, the aftermath of Treks II and III). Maybe Cumberbatch isn’t a villain in a Dr. Evil sense but an antgonist and part of a larger, more complicated plot.

Anybody watch Fringe here?

296. Elyssa - February 25, 2012


I do! Don’t want to wait four weeks….

297. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@290 Elyssa

I never watched Firefly when it was on but I watched Serenity. I would love to start watching the series on DVD. I always felt that Joss Whedon could handle Trek if JJ didn’t want to Direct it anymore. Will be interesting to see what he does with The Avengers!

298. Won Ton Photon - February 25, 2012

I haven’t read through all the comments but has anyone considered that Wellers character is the CEO of a grain company that ships quadrotricale on ‘Space Barges’ (like barges ship grain up and down the Mississippi River) and like before Arne Darvin is the Klingon but with a twist, he’s a augment plant. That would be a good plot and it wouldn’t have to take place on a space station but rather Weller has a nefarious agenda of spreading a plague to the Kiingons on behalf of Section 31. What about it.

299. Craiger - February 25, 2012

#298 Wasn’t their a war over Sherman’s Planet over quadroticale? Could it be that is one of the grain barges like you suggested? Maybe the sequel is based on that?

300. Spockchick - February 25, 2012

Well, I am far more interested in the IMAX cameras than I am about who Cummerbund is playing, I’ll find out when I see the film :-) Go IMAX!!! I will probably see the film more than my 4 cinema visits (I have never seen a film more than once, until Re-boot Trek) if it is IMAX.

301. jed - February 25, 2012

GARY Seven was imune to the Vulcan neck pinch!!!!!!

302. thebiggfrogg - February 25, 2012

Uh, does everyone forget that for some inexplicable reason Khan wore a Starfleet uniform in TOS when he was in custody. Doesn’t really make a lot of sense, but there is precedent.

Sad we are getting another big, bad villain pic, but what can you expect. Will be sadder if it is Khan. Dark hair, shaking off nerve pinches isn’t a good sign.

I wish they would do something creative with Trek. The first was fun mostly due to the origin stuff. The A-plot was lame and was more a B-plot (with the exception of getting to see Nimoy again).

And I agree Uhura’s uniform looks even more ridiculous than in TMP. At least there should be some rank insignia.

Oh well…

303. Robert Asbury - February 25, 2012

more. more. more.

304. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

@297 Paul

Ah Serenity! So good. If you happen to have Netflix, the whole Firefly series should be available for instant stream.
And oh my goodness, Joss directing Star Trek? On the one hand, it would be amazing to see his witty style incorporated. On the other hand I would fear for each and every one of the character’s well being.

He would blind Chekov in a terrible accident, or maybe try and kill him off altogether. He always kills the cute ones. Remember Wash? Joss is FAMOUS for killing and maiming the fan favorites.

305. Vultan - February 25, 2012


Uh, yes, he did. Look it up.

Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennett came up with the story to Voyage Home. Others, including Bennett and Nick Meyer, wrote the screenplay.

306. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@304 Elyssa

Hmm… good point! But JJ managed to destroy Vulcan and kill off Spock’s mother.

Imagine how he would have envisioned the Enterprise and how his origin story would have gone? He’s got a brilliant mind.

I am going to check into getting Netflix so I can stream the series. I take it you are a huge fan of the series?

307. GARY - February 25, 2012

NO-ONE is the GENERAL PUBLIC knows ANY of these obscure very SCIFI characters you guys are listing, including gary mitchell.

Some of you have you pull you geek back and work out that they will only go for a villian the general public know, that will be either Khan or Klingons. PERIOD.

Stop being such hardcore SCIFI geeks and work out this is a super expensive movie and characters that are too weird, too SCIFI or too damn inter sanctum trek lore will NEVER happen.

Again, think as a movie exec for a sec and not a GEEK. Freaky, obscure SCFI villians only ever happen in movies that have FAILED to connect with the public at large.

It will be Khan or Klingons because it makes BOX OFFICE sense for them to be the villians.

Listen again, B-O-X O-F-F-I-C-E, this is a tentpole movie. They do not risk these type of movies on higher intelligence bad guys or weird characters.

308. Hat Rick - February 25, 2012

^^ In the JJverse, though, Spock Prime would have warned against allowing Khan, of all people, to wear the Starfleet uniform, of all things.


309. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

@306 Paul

Oh where to begin… Firefly was my introduction to the world of sci-fi. Nathan Fillion’s comedic timing, the witty banter, the facial expressions… oh gosh the facial expressions. I could write a dissertation on the brilliance of the actors’ unspoken acting in that show.
Firefly got me to watch everything Joss made and Star Trek, (because a reporter explained it as Trek plus cowboys), which led me to Trek 2009, which led me to all of JJ’s stuff. And now I can’t stop!

And yes, I sometimes think of JJ as Joss’s younger destructive brother. “What should we break people’s hearts with this time?”

310. Won Ton Photon - February 25, 2012

@299 Craiger:

Yes, that is a distinct possibility. The Space Barge gives it away. Barges haul grain. This makes sense it would be hauling the grain ‘Quadrotricale’. I think this is a key clue. I can imagine Wellers evil CEO character cutting a nefarious deal to ship the grain that will release a plague and Arne Darvin is maybe a augment klingon scientist plant who developed it.

311. Killamarshtrek - February 25, 2012


“For those who keep playing the “Cumberbach can’t possibly be playing Khan cause he’s too white/British” card I have to say, as I and others have said before, Khan is the product of genetic engineering and as such his “apparent” ethnicity does not have to have anything to do with the regional origin of his name, he could look like anyone, period. To think otherwise simply shows a lack of understanding of what genetic engineering is, and a refusal to accept the facts handed to you.”

I see what you’re saying.

Lord Julian Ponsenby-Smyth becomes bored of his life on the Board of Governers at Oxford University and decides to convert to Sikhism. He changes his name by deed poll to Khan Noonien Singh, undergoes genetic engineering and flys to the home of his new religeon – India, where upon he uses his new found powers to become Supreme Leader of all Western Asia!

Must admit I’d never thought of that. You could be on to something there!!

312. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 25, 2012

Good grief. What’s with people? Half a dozen outtakes from a fight scene between three characters and this is the kind of catastrophizing to be had –

“Sad we are getting another big, bad villain pic, but what can you expect. Will be sadder if it is Khan. Dark hair, shaking off nerve pinches isn’t a good sign.”

I guess if they showed Kirk taking a romantic walk with Alice Eve or whoever, then we can look forward to all the nonsense about Love Boat in Space, Mary Sue comments and all that other drivel that gets said with regard to virtually anything of loving/sexual nature.

Come on, people – wake up! Some of those pictures won’t even make the final cut, for goodness sake.

313. keppperofthebox - February 25, 2012

KHAN does not have to be indian, or sikh etc.

He can be a re-invention of the character, Khan can be an acronym for whatever.

Man, think out of the box – he can be whatever they want him to be.

314. the Quickening - February 25, 2012

#7 I hope so. I especially hope JJ, the control freak, is royally pissed. Released photos create buzz, whether intentional or not. This is something JJ just doesn’t seem to understand.

315. Vultan - February 25, 2012

Think even further out of the box.
Come up with something new, exciting, interesting, thought-provoking—

Eh, never mind. That’s not exactly their wheelhouse….

316. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@309 Elyssa

LoL @ JJ as Joss’s younger destructive brother. Too funny!

Well, I definitely have to watch the series if it comes highly recommended from you! And I agree about Nathan Fillion. He is such an under-rated actor. He has great comedic timing and wonderful facial expressions.

317. keppperofthebox - February 25, 2012


not if they want $250 million domestic they won’t.

not weird (meaning geeky, VGER type stuff), uber intelligent (i.e. next gen) villians.

318. Elyssa - February 25, 2012


Speaking of highly recommended, what are your favorite television shows at the moment? And thank you!

319. none - February 25, 2012

Chris, Zoe and Zachery are all at the independent spirIt awards…hopfully we will get more information about ST XII

320. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@318 Elyssa

I am watching Alcatraz, Fringe, Being Human, Sanctuary, Face Off and as far as “regular TV” goes – CSI, Big Bang Theory and Survivor. How about you?

321. Capes - February 25, 2012

@292 MJ…Thanks! Good to be back!

Although when I look at clowns like the comment (#282) from this Azrael person it strikes me that some undesirable elements may have moved in the neighborhood while I was away. It’s a shame really……usually people don’t get that bent out of shape defending comic books as canon…..unless of course they are still living in their mother’s basement and have never kissed a girl…..that kind of tension is a killer.

Anyway, I eagerly await the next movie. It is going to be good regardless of what we come up with here. Of that, I have no doubt.

322. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

@320 Paul

I’ve been religiously watching Dollhouse (another Joss show cancelled before its time), Sherlock, Doctor Who, Castle, and until recently Chuck. I also follow Criminal Minds off and on. Fringe I’ve been into for the last two seasons, and I’m catching up on BBT.
Do you watch the BBC Being Human or the US one? I’m trying to decide which to watch first.

323. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@322 Elyssa

Oh yes… Dollhouse was fantastic! I just started watching the UK version of Being Human. Not sure which I like better yet. I am having a hard time getting into Doctor Who. I used to watch it years and years ago. I watched it from the first season. I watch the old Criminal Minds on A&E on and off as well. I was also watching Terra Nova until it disappeared. I am rewatching Heroes as well.

324. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

@323 Elyssa

Heroes! I really should watch that sometime. (isn’t Zachary Quinto in that as a villain?) I’ll put it on my list after the UK and US versions of Being Human.

And personally, some episodes of DW are better than others, especially the first couple of seasons. I could point you to the better ones.
And oh Dollhouse… that was where I started blaming Joss for ruining my life. First Bennett, than Paul, than Topher? After all that carnage, you kill darling Topher too?

325. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

That should say Paul. I need to work on my typing skills.

326. Peter Loader - February 25, 2012

We don’t know what order these pictures are in and for all we know we might have situation here like in TOS City On The Edge of Forever where McCoy inadvertently injects himself cordrazine and was able to get past Spock, Kirk and several of the bridge crew.

327. Montreal_Paul - February 25, 2012

@324 Elyssa

Yes… Zachary Quinto was in Heroes. I loved that show and have the series on DVD. You definitely have to watch that. Great show that ended before it’s time. The last episodes of Dollhouse really changed. You are right about what Joss does to his fan fave characters! LoL. I am also watching TOS, TNG and Voyager… they are running on the Space Channel here in Canada. Did you ever get into Stargate?

328. Elyssa - February 25, 2012

@327 Paul

Stargate, no… I know the general premise (kind of) but I wouldn’t know where to start. There are what, 4 different shows? One base and three spinoffs? I remember that Jewel Staite was in one of them that just ended last year or so.

329. Azrael - February 25, 2012

Hmmm, I didn’t attack you, I stated facts. Here are some more facts. 1. I do not live in a basement, my mother’s or otherwise. 2. I have been married, and divorced, and have 2 children. 3. I do not feel the need to attack someone else for disagreeing with me. 4. I like being called a clown by socially blind people like you.

330. Admiral Thompson - February 25, 2012

its gary mitchell and there fighting on the origial delta vega the one from TOS episode where no man has gone before

331. Soonerdew - February 25, 2012


Whether accidental or on purpose, the amount of crazed speculation brought on by these photographs has to give boborci and crew a chance to ROTFL at how wrong everything guessed is, even down to continuity with the comics.

Why can’t petiole just sir back, relax, and just let the movie unfold over the next 16 months?

332. Captain Benjamin Ciroc on Ice Love My baby mama Kassidy Sisko - February 25, 2012

@ 330. I disagree with the Gary Mitchell theory. Bob Orci is overseeing the Star Trek Comic that is set in this Universe and they did the Gary Mitchell Story. Orci said that the comic series ties into the new film and that hints about the new film would be in the comics. It is not Gary Mitchell.

This Star Trek Universe is an alternate Reality. When Nero Entered the timestream he shifted the balance of power in this reality and he altered time. Vulcan was a major player in the Prime Universe. Not its extinct. Nero changed everything. Ocri and Kurtzman made it clear if any of you have been paying attention that they wanted a new universe to play with where there are no constraints. And I said AMEN to that! I dont want to see something that has been done already. I love that they created an alternate reality that is not bound to old canon. Old Spock was in the film to bridge the two universes and pass the torch. It is not Gary Mitchell. I dont think its anybody we have ever seen before. I am really happy about this movie and I will be on the front row when it pops off.

I dont think its KHAN either. Its been done. That does not mean that somewhere down the line they wont pick it up or introduce elements of it but I doubt if its KHAN. An alternate reality doesnt alter the ethnicity of the previous characters. Orci and Kurtzman are trek fans. I trust those guys know what the hell they are doing. I dont want to see rehashed episodes of the show. I’m sorry I just dont. Its been done. Nero changed everything is that universe technology and the balance of power. There have to be ramifications for what he did. A mad Romulan from the future tried to wipe out the Federation. You dont think there will be fallout from that? Its about to get way cool. I will be on here Screaming I told you so when you find out its not Gary Mitchell and its not Khan. Its something new and different.

333. Peter Loader - February 25, 2012

Now as far as Cumberbatch’s supposedly inhuman strength, maybe he’s really as a surgically altered Vulcan intent on stealing a barge load of weapons for nefarious purposes, maybe against Romulous for the destruction of Vulcan. There is more than likely quit a few of them “annoyed” about that!

334. Marshal - February 25, 2012

Why does it have to be Khan/Michell? Nero was an original villain in a $150m dollar movie. Why not another original villain? Khan would be cool, but who could play him authentically/accurately? Certainly not Cumberbatch.

And having one of Khan’s followers replace the big man himself would be the biggest middle finger to Trek fans since Star Trek Nemesis.

335. Lt. BAILEY - February 25, 2012

That middle photo of Zoe shows she has a fight with a tribble…maybe.

336. Captain Benjamin Ciroc on Ice Love My baby mama Kassidy Sisko - February 25, 2012

As a Star Trek fan I was angry with Rick Berman and how he wasted all those films trying to please trekkies and wasting the potential of Picard and the crew. He created big ass versions of the tv show on film. He was trying to do things that did not work. The 09 film was a crowd pleaser and it was made not just for trekkies but other folks who dont have the original series DVDs and a Mr. Spock Doll on their bed. It appealed to a lot of people. I didnt want to see William Shatner at 90 running around as Kirk. Since Spock could live to be 200 it worked with Nimoy. I just dont get it when we want to stay in the past and rehash the same ole characters and concepts over and over and over. When Ron Moore took over BSG he said I will keep what works and dispose of what doesnt and do things that are bold and different. He turned that whole concept on its ear and we got an awesome show. Legendary Show. He is the same guy who wrote DS9. My point is I embrace this new Bold trek. Those guys have been very strategic in what they have done. I am so tired of the blah blah about old trek. Let it go. Those stories still happened just in another universe. Blame Rick Berman for the lame way JTK died in Generation. I like what they are doing and I dont want to see OLD Crap. I want to see Khan but not now. Its too early for Khan and again the time travel changed a lot of things. Altered many things. Its supposed to be different.

337. Capes - February 25, 2012


A socially blnd person can one day learn to see but you my friend “apparently” will always be a pinhead…

Whether you can actually read objectively or not (which is questionable) you chose to attack my post because determining if comic books are “canon” or not unsettles you enough to want to lash out. Go re-read your post……I will be open to your apology…..

In the meantime…..I don’t see how Gary Mitchell carries a significant portion of a movie. And he would have to be reintroduced as most moviegoers will not be familiar with a comic story.

338. Capes - February 25, 2012

In the top photo, Cumberbatch looks to me like he just broke Spock’s nerve pinch (and possibly his wrist) and Spock’s “O” face is one of pain.

I’m am of course guessing…..

339. Azrael - February 25, 2012

I wasn’t attacking you, I was informing you of information you seemed not to know. You can just keep waiting for that appology, cause it aint gonna happen.

340. Azrael - February 25, 2012

And for the record, I have never given half a crap about “canon”.

341. Hat Rick - February 25, 2012

What we know:

1. Cumberbatch plays a bad guy.
2. Spock loses at least one fight in the movie.
3. Uhura gets to blast the guy played by Cumbatch.
3. Everyone’s great at making faces of pain. Including Uhura, from the last movie, when she was in emotional pain over Spock’s losing his mom plus his entire home planet (or one of his planets, anyway — Vulcan).
4. The current Spock is more like the Spock Prime of the early days of TOS, when Spock Prime was quite emotional by the standards he later set.
5. Either the phaser Uhura was holding will be CGI’d for some reason or Saldana was just practicing in that photo at another site (as someone suggested).
6. It’s weird to see Spock being defeated in hand-to-hand combat, so this lends a bit credence to the “Cumberbatch is an augment” theory.
7. The space barge or whatever it is does look a bit like the Botany Bay from TWOK, from the little we can see of it. Or it looks prefabricated — possibly a colonial outpost, but clearly extremely damaged.
8. The first numeral in the number is obscured as a result of damage to the “hull.” Why? Fun to think about.
9. Spock is carrying the standard-issue communicator, but where is his phaser? Possibly on the other side of his belt, but we don’t know. Was it lost earlier in the fight? Did Uhura pick it up or did she have hers to begin with?
10. Uhura looks good holding a phaser. Just sayin’.

342. Craiger - February 25, 2012

Why would they do an Augment when most of the general audience has never even watched Enterprise?

343. Red Dead Ryan - February 25, 2012


The vengeful Vulcan idea isn’t being used for the sequel because there is an upcoming comic series tackling that issue.

I’m going to stick with my prediction of Khan until/unless I’m proven wrong when the villain is revealed. In which case, I will gladly admit if I am indeed wrong.

But until then:



344. VulcanFilmCritic - February 25, 2012

Is that a phaser Uhura’s holding? Why is it so gigantic?
I know it’s important symbolism for male characters to wield big guns, such as Dirty Harry, but do we really need phasers or disruptors or whatever to be the size of pruning shears?

I’m not really liking Zachary Quinto’s haircut. I thought it might be a little goofy looking because it’s a fight scene but I see his double with the same lame big-banged cut.

And why can’t the women wear stockings or something. Stockings gave the uniform in TOS a bit of polish. This micro-mini just looks trashy. Maybe fine for sashaying around the bridge, but totally inappropriate for an away mission.

Well, I’m relieved that Cumberbatch is not playing a Vulcan but I am a little dismayed by the slugfest. Too many so called action films just resort to this sort of stuff in place of pathos. I just saw “Safe House,” which could be summed up as: Fight. Run. Shoot. Run. Fight some more. Run some more. Shoot. Fight. Shoot. I hope this isn’t the kind of movie we’re getting.

Quinto looks a little, well, out-of-control as usual. Too bad. I really enjoyed Nimoy’s elegant fighting style. He was kind of unflappable. Spock should always be a little less emotional when he fights. Kind of like a Samuri.

345. rm10019 - February 25, 2012

I’ll bet that it is Spock’s phaser. There is a shot of his holstered side, and its not in there.

346. Craiger - February 25, 2012

Azrael doesn’t every TV Show and Movie have canon? I think the Canon term is actually called the backstory.

347. CmdrR - February 25, 2012

William Conrad drove a Lincoln.
That was Cannon’s canon.

I’m very tired.

348. Red Dead Ryan - February 25, 2012

J.J Abrams has got his own style…..and he is sticking with it. Lens flares, brewery, Uhura wearing a short skirt on dangerous mission, cheap looking props, Uhura/Spock romance, rapid-moving shaky camera, “Star Wars”-style phaser shots and sound effects……these things will all be in the sequel. J.J couldn’t care less about our gripes. He wants to bring in the “Star Wars” and mainstream crowd. Nothing wrong with that. But I do hope for some more Kirk-Spock-McCoy moments.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the last movie, despite some of the aforementioned issues. As long as the sequel is at least as good, if not better than the first, these things won’t matter so much. If at all.

349. Red Dead Ryan - February 25, 2012

Oh yeah, I didn’t like the expanding hands scene. Less of that type of humor, the better.

350. Craiger - February 25, 2012

After watching the first one again on FX not sure if I discovered a plot hole, but just curious why did Spock arrive 25 years later in the past if Nero and Spock went into the Black Hole at the same time?

351. Craiger - February 25, 2012

Also why didn’t their ships break up when they went into the Black Hole the first time and during the second time Nero’s ship going into the wormhole the second time and the Enterprise started breaking up also.

352. Meee - February 25, 2012

Im hoping its not Khan.

Everyone says it cant be hes wearing a starfleet uniform..

So did Khan… They gave him a red shirt.

353. Craiger - February 25, 2012

What if the Botany Bay already landed on a planet and the planet shifted after Khan and his people went their. Then Khan and his people launch an all out war on the Federation? Say the Weller character was developing some type of Genesis device and tested on Khan’s planet? Or would that sound similar to the first movie?

354. Dave1119 - February 25, 2012

#350. They didn’t go in at exactly the same time. Nero went in first then Spock went in shortly after. Then that small difference in time was magnified when they went thru the black hole. I don’t remember where I read that but I believe that is the official explanation.

As for #351, I’ve never seen that explained. I guess you could make the argument that the black hole at the beginning was much bigger, since it was a collapsed star, so maybe the wormhole it created was big enough to pass thru while the one created from Nero’s ship was way to small. Just a guess :)

355. MJ - February 25, 2012

“In the top photo, Cumberbatch looks to me like he just broke Spock’s nerve pinch (and possibly his wrist) and Spock’s “O” face is one of pain.”

Yea Capes, imagine the Vulcan version of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome from a nerve pinch gone bad…ouch!!!

Agree with you on that Azrael clown. BTW, Azreal is a legend in his own mind — check out his wacky website:

356. Craiger - February 25, 2012

Cool, thanks Dave. One other thing how did Nero know where to find Spock when we came out of the Black Hole?

357. dmduncan - February 25, 2012

277. Basement Blogger – February 25, 2012

You sold me. It’s Khan.

358. dmduncan - February 25, 2012

334. Marshal – February 25, 2012

You sold me. It’s not Khan.

359. dmduncan - February 25, 2012

343. Red Dead Ryan – February 25, 2012

You sold me. It’s Khan.

360. Red Dead Ryan - February 25, 2012

It’s possible that these photos are merely showing the cast goofing off, as opposed to actually acting.

361. Goosenecked Fan - February 25, 2012


362. MJ - February 25, 2012

@357 @358

LOL, DM. I have got a lot riding on this with one of boldest and perhaps unwise predictions of all time on these boards (I predicted Khan), so I am hoping for the Big K here. If its Khan’s relative or at least a Botany Bay member, then I can at least claim a partial bailout on my prediction. :-)

363. Dave1119 - February 25, 2012

Craiger.. This is pretty fuzzy but I think I remember reading somewhere that he was able to calculate it by knowing where and when he wound up and that Spock came in right behind him. I guess they understand black hole physics in the future. Do you remember Nero’s line from the trailer? “The wait is over”. All the time he was in the Klingon prison he new exactly where and when Spock would appear so that he would be there waiting for him.

364. VOODOO - February 25, 2012

Spock being defeated in hand to hand combat by a human character could indicate this character is a product of…The Eugenics War.

This character could be Khan or one of the other “supermen” as suggested in Space Seed.

365. Embarrassed to be a Trek fan - February 25, 2012

“There is no way to explain away the black Starfleet uniforms.”

Don’t be ridiculous. Even a half-competent writer could come up with a THOUSAND ways to explain away the black Starfleet uniforms.

366. MJ - February 25, 2012

@360 “It’s possible that these photos are merely showing the cast goofing off, as opposed to actually acting.”

You know, that is very interesting and that would not surprise me now that I think about it. I mean, what an obvious crock of supreme court secrecy/disinformation shit to throw us all in the completely wrong direction with these photos? :-)

I can almost see JJ and Orci laughing right now!

367. Embarrassed to be a Trek fan - February 25, 2012

“And I’ve always been a fan of the Black Omne character from the Price of the Pheonix.”

LOL. Dude, that just might be the craziest thing I’ve seen anyone say on this board in some time. Do you REALLY give any credence to the idea that it’s Black Omne? Really? Come on… there’s as much chance of them using Black Omne as there is of Cumberbatch playing Uhura.

368. Red Dead Ryan - February 25, 2012


J.J Abrams doesn’t like to reveal much, and its possible that he “staged” the photos as a preemptive measure against the media who might’ve thought they were shooting actual scenes.

Oh yeah, I clicked on Azrael’s website……talk about a site about nothing! He must’ve taken a page from the Kardashian’s playbook!

369. Black Omne - February 25, 2012

@367. Guys, I am reformed now, and I also prefer to be called African-American Omne these days.

370. MJ - February 25, 2012

@368. That would explain why the scenes look a tad cheesy as well. As you may recall, my first impression that I posted on these boards was that these might be fake shots…because they looked a bit cheesy to me.

371. Red Dead Ryan - February 25, 2012


And you also have to consider the fact that if they were real scenes, and the photos released by the Supreme Court, why didn’t they reveal the name of the villain? What are they afraid of? If its an entirely new character, what do they stand to lose? Now, if its Khan, then it makes perfect sense to keep it a secret!

372. Thunderbubble - February 25, 2012

@367: LOL indeed. Do i give any credence to the the idea of Cumberbatch playing Black Omne? Nope. But now that you mention him playing Uhura, we could be seeing Dr Janice Lester who’s taken over the form of another starship captain with her alien mind transference device. After spending too much time in a male body with it’s icky appendage, she transferred her mind into Uhura and it’s actually Spock and Cumberbatch/Uhura who are fighting for Uhura’s body! Who knows! The mind reels with possibilities!!

373. Capes - February 25, 2012


Exactly my point MJ! Thanks!

374. Capes - February 25, 2012

My best guess is that if it is a Khan centric story….it has to be with a twist!
So…..there is lots to play with there.

Kelvins? Nah…

Gary Seven? Really?

Janice Lester? Ummmmmm no.

Unknown character? Quite possibly!

375. TrekkerChick - February 25, 2012


Because they read a copy of the script left behind in the wreckage of the Kelvin?

@351 I recall that, and it may have been boborci, suggested two differences between thew two events. In the case of the Narada being destroyed, the black hole was formed INSIDE the ship, and (2) as the ship began to break apart, that’s when it was going to be unable to survive. Well, then there’s also the difference that the entire Giant Red Matter Meatball (TM) was used (inadvertenty) and ignited in creating the second black hole – as compared to the little speck used by Spock for consuming the supernova.

376. Do You Wanna Dance - February 25, 2012

Sybok is a bad ass now.


377. Mike H. - February 25, 2012

Let us remember that Khan was not the only genetic ‘superman’ introduced in the classic TV series. There was an episode in which the Enterprise crew meets Lincoln and COLONEL GREEN. India had Khan Noonian Singh. America had Colonel Green. According to that classic episode Colonel Green was a very brutal ruler. Maybe more brutal or crazy than Khan. So Maybe the producers of the 2013 Trek film are pulling a bait-and-switch. You think you are getting a reboot of Khan, but instead you get Colonel Green haunting the 23rd century…

378. Oddness - February 25, 2012

Me thinks BC is a new character. More epic than any mentioned. Obsessed time traveling scientist type or just a plain genius, prodigy archetype . No Khans, Mitchels or Sevens. By no means am I trying to guess the plot however it could be something like this…..

1) All of star fleets ships or many destroyed by Narada
2) Vulcan is destroyed
3) Remember…everyone is now aware that this is an alternate time branch (or strand)
4) Kilngons or Romulans poised to take over Starfleet in a massive invasion.while they are in a weekend state. Let us re-look at why the Klingon scenes were deleted from 2009.
5) The brilliant scientist (BC) along with Star Fleet vote to reset or remerge the timeline to pre Nero time to avert the events that will cause Starfleets inevitable enslavement by a Klingon assault.
6) Somehow they abort the resetting of time or a butterfly type effect is feared,Spock finds that Cumberbatches plan could destroy the entire universe but Cumberbatches character is already obsessed to follow through with the original plans which cause his shift from friend to foe None the less he must be stopped.

379. Sam - February 25, 2012

This movie will be ruined just like the last one by too many leaked scenes and previews.

380. Capes - February 25, 2012

I enjoyed the last movie……leaks and all!

381. Oddness - February 25, 2012

7) Kirk has come up with a plan to stop the assault without messing with Time (with Pikes Help) they work that plan while Spock and Uhura etc are dispatched by Kirk to stop Cumberbatchs character…

The reminiscing of what could have been in the other time branch would make for some interesting discussions on fate, relationships that never happened or did happen. etc

382. the Quickening - February 25, 2012

Assuming the antagonist is a character from TOS and not a new one, I’m thinking it’s either an Augment linked to Khan in someway or Charlie X, who because this is a universe B story, gets discovered later and older in this universe. Khan and Gary Mitchell are my outside picks.

383. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 25, 2012

Actually Azrael at post #282 has understood the situation as I do. The writers/producers plan to do original stories for the movies, not remakes/re-imaginings of previous TOS stories. However, the online comic series does have stories where TOS stories are retold, reimagined like Where No Man Has Gone Before with Gary Mitchell and the Galileo Seven. Certain aspects of both stories did get changed, but pretty much the same stories were told.

The online comic series stories lead into what one will see in the film sequel presently being filmed, however Bob Orci assured me/us here that no one has to have read any of these comics in order to understand the new movie.

Whether the new comic series can be strictly considered canon (because they are not on film), I do not know. Bob Orci, care to comment?

384. Masshuu il Malacandra - February 25, 2012

Return of the Augments. New, improved version.

385. Mikey g - February 25, 2012

i dont know if the has been mention looks like the bad guys are wearing starfleet uniforms well atleaste one of the doubles have an starfleet insgnia

386. John from Cincinnati - February 25, 2012

I just hope to the Lord it is not ANOTHER vengeful villain. I think I’ve seen enough Wrath of Khans, Neros and Shinzons to last me a lifetime.

Hmmm, starfleet uniform, how about Captain Garth of Izar!

387. braxus - February 25, 2012

Finally- my suggestions and wishes for Star Trek to be shot (at least partly) in IMAX have finally been answered. I know Im not the only one that wanted IMAX for this film. Lets hope the do the SFX starship scenes in space in IMAX as well. Love to see the Enterprise on that big screen.

388. Jim Nightshade - February 26, 2012

yay—-finally something for all us fans to fight about again…you all are sooo entertaining to read and all this conjecture with anthony tryin to mediate n seperate the quadrotitakalie from the tribbledoo—doo—–now this is trekmovie—-i dont think photos were snuck out without jjs ok—the viral publicity has begun—-what do us fans say–thank you? no more like about time(futurama reference)
Fringe is so great n so much fun to watch—i hope it doesnt get cancelled–its xfiles on conspiracy theory steroids with a lost love story thrown in…

389. Azrael - February 26, 2012

Two things,

1. Thank you Keachick.
2. MJ, Craiger, etc. That isn’t my website, I do not have a website, never have.

Bye now.

390. Bob Tompkins - February 26, 2012

They have gone too deep into the well. Those pix iniccate it’s the old Popeye/Olive Oyl/Bluto love triangle.

391. captain_neill - February 26, 2012

All I can say is he made a good movie, but I just hope he makes Star Trek this time and not Star Wars.

I was not a fan of his style, I sometimes think it was too fast paced. I like a lot of action and fast paced action but I still like the story to be strong at the same time.

With the last movie I felt the plot was very weak so I think it needs to be more developed this time.

392. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 26, 2012

377, I definately wouldnt mind seeing a storyline dealing with the JJ verse version of Colonel Phillip Green, especially if said story line involves a descendent of Peter Weller’s Enterprise Character John Paxton.

393. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 26, 2012

Its also entirely possible that Cumberbatch is infact a Klingon operative surgically altered to look human.
could we be looking at a Arne Darvin type character?

394. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 26, 2012

in which case, it is entirely plausable that he would have superior strength to defeat spock

395. Aurore - February 26, 2012

144. David Knowles – February 25, 2012

A very well written new villain to the canon?
A villain I would fear , ie., take seriously, and, remember for years to come



not in this day and age and not from Hollywood and certainly not from the script writers that were behind the last film.



Yes, David Knowles.
It is going to be a very well written new character to the canon.

And, you’re going to love it !!!

You know you are.

396. Colonel West - February 26, 2012

Is that a phaser rifle in Zoe’s hands or is she just happy to see him?

397. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

The idea of Cumberbatch playing Colonel Philip Green is interesting. Besides, Green was played by Philip Pine — an interesting coincidence with the the actor who plays our new Kirk.

Neither the “real” Green nor the exemplar of him generated by the Excalbians looks much like Cumberbatch, but Del Toro, allegedly the first pick probably for the villain of ST2013, does have a slight — a very slight — resemblance to Philip Pine when the latter played Green’s exemplar, in that both of them have this cragged look.


On the other hand, the recording of Colonel Green has him dressed in black, somewhat like Cumberbatch’s character.

That’s it! I’m convinced! Cumberbatch is Colonel Green.


398. captain_neill - February 26, 2012

But Colonel Green was an evil figure during WWIII in the prime universe, and if the divergence is suppose to happen at the point of Kelvin as the writters claim then that would be history in new universe as well.

You know it is sometimes best to consider the new movies non canon and just say new canon.

399. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012


Exemplar of Colonel Green, played by Philip Pine:,_TOS.jpg

Benecio Del Toro:

400. VulcanFilmCritic - February 26, 2012

Where’s the “Light Egyptian”?*

Cumberbatch seems very, very pale in these photos so I doubt that he’s Khan. He would need a little more than some Light Egyptian to convince me that he’s a Sikh.

*an one-color-fits-all shade of make-up for People of Color made notorious by Lena Horne’s dismay at being told by an insensitive make-up man it would fit her also.

401. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

^^ Yes, true. But there are a number of ways that could be explained, only some of which involve time travel.

The unexpected nature of the JJ verse cuts both ways, so to speak. Not only do things happen there that would not have happened without the interference of Nero in the timeline, but things that would have happened in the prime timeline might not happen in the JJ verse.

Picture this: Green, let’s say, mysteriously disappeared at the end of WWIII. In actuality, he was aboard the Botany Bay in cryogenic suspension in both universes — brought aboard the Botany Bay since Khan believed Green’s cause was just and that Green was an exemplary human being (no pun intended). (The line from Milton in “Space Seed” is doubly ironic because, offscreen, Green, in suspended animation, was recaptured and transported by to Federation headquarters in “Space Seed” in a top-secret, captain’s eyes only operation that not even Spock Prime knew about.) However, in the new universe, Spock Prime does tell JJ’s Starfleet what he knows about Khan and the Enterprise is sent to retrieve him (and not to exile him anywhere but to tow the ship back to Earth). Khan’s ship detects the Enterprise and wakes Khan. Khan self-destructs the ship rather than be captured by JJ’s Enterprise, but not before Green, also reanimated, steals the identity of a Starfleet officer in an attempt to escape after the Enterprise rescues the surviving crew aboard the Botany Bay. (Yes, this is reminiscent of Soran in ST: Generations.)

402. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

^^ Clarification: Message 401 was intended for 398 (captain_neill).

403. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

^^ Green, like Hitler, was in a bunker at the end of WWIII, but unlike Hitler, had the resources and ability to build a bunker that was so well-equipped and so well-concealed that he could, and did, place himself in cryogenic suspension without detection until Khan retrieved him.

404. Marshal - February 26, 2012

Would like to ask a simple question. Where the hell are the Klingons!!!!

If this new rebooted Star Trek is intended to bring new fans to the franchise, then you would think that they would play on the most well known elements, as to provide recognizable touchpoints to non-trek fans. If you asked most non-trek fans who the villains are in Star Trek, most would say Klingons. That’s because most people, even if they’ve never seen an episode of Trek, have heard of Klingons. They’re as recognizable as Kirk/Spock/Enterprise. How many non-trek fans do you think have heard of Khan?

As for the ‘Dark Knight’ argument. Joker was Batman’s arch-nemesis and well-known outside of comic-book fan circles for it. Kirk’s and Co’s arch-nemesis would be Klingons (regardless of the specific character). If this Trek’ 13 is the franchise’s ‘Dark Knight’. Then Khan would be the wrong villain, it should be Klingons. Hate to say it, but in this new film series, if they did bring Khan in, he’d have to be a secondary villain.

And let’s not forget that Khan has his place in Trek history because of TWOK. How could they replicate his vendetta/Moby Dick-ness against Kirk, in these movies?

A far more interesting story would be exploring a relatively under-experienced Kirk, Captain of the Flagship, having to face down a then ”evil”, expansionist Klingon Empire.

405. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

But Cumberbatch is not a Klingon, evidently, unless surgically altered. And, unless his role is limited to a “B” story, or unless he’s “really” a Klingon in disguise, I don’t think the Klingons are the primary villains in this next movie.

406. - February 26, 2012

Khan is not going to appeal to the masses.

Not sure what universe that idea comes from but I’m pretty sure it does not belong in ours.

The Khan = Joker idea just does not hold.

I cannot see from these pics how it could possibly be Khan.

407. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

I just realized that Green is a later historical figure in the Trekverse than Khan.

Forget what I just said.

I am now convinced that Cumberbatch does not play Colonel Green.


408. Marshal - February 26, 2012

401. Interesting concept, but too many holes The alternate timeline is a DIVERGENCE, NOT A REPLACEMENT. Everything up to TOS is exactly the same as in the Prime Universe. Hence the mention of an ”Admiral Archer” in ST’09. Colonel Green was not/is not on the Botany Bay in Space Seed, nor was he on it when it launched from Earth. Thus he is not on the Botany Bay in alternate timeline.

Would Spock Prime really go against centuries of Starfleet training, and tell all about the prime timeline? Would the ramifications for the alternate timeline not be potentially disastrous? Having seen what a man (Nero) from the Prime Universe, with knowledge of the future could do (destroy Vulcan, and almost the entire Federation), would Spock be so arrogant as to think sharks in Starfleet would not think to pre-empt upcoming disasters though actions that may actually trigger worse events? Besides, Spock Prime stated he was re-building Vulcan society, not staying in Starfleet.

And why would Khan self-destruct the Botany Bay to prevent it being picked up by Enterprise. Khan clearly has a respect for self-preservation or he wouldn’t have fled Earth on the Botany bay in the first place. By TWOK his lust for vengeance obviously supplanted this. In Space Seed, however, his ambition led his trying and take over the Enterprise, why would it be any different in alternate timeline, he is still essentially the same person.

409. Marshal - February 26, 2012

405. I don’t think he is a Klingon either. But that’s my problem. Klingons should be the villains in Trek’ 13. The 2nd movie of a trilogy should have the arch-nemesis/recognizable villain in it. It’s a formula that seems to work well.

Dark Knight – Joker
Spiderman 2 – Doc Ock
Superman 2 – Zod

I’d be far more disappointed if we get though these new Trek movies without seeing Klingons, than if we didn’t see Khan.

410. Jack - February 26, 2012

409. But those movies had arch nemeses in the first one: Al Ghul, Lex Luthor, the Green Goblin… and they’re based on comic books. Khan was never Kirk’s arch nemesis (nor were any of the names mentioned here) — the guy met Khan once, put him on a planet and Khan wanted revenge… Story over. Khan wasn’t a vilain who showed up every week with a new plot to destoy the Enterprise. Star Trek wasn’t about villains — there were antagonists in stories about hubris, etc. — but no villains. The closest thing to a villain was Colicos’s Klingon, and that was just ecause Colicos was so villainy…

411. - February 26, 2012

Agreed Klingons were the villains of tos but they have been exhausted even in the movies.

They need to be there to create part of the fabric of the universe but to be the focus would lose a wider audience imo.

Khan would create an ongoing problem too. Although any version of Khan would satisfy those who want his return now after the event there will always be comparisons. Bitter comparisons.

I imagine that in 20 years every now and then those involved with writing and making the current movies will be asked questions relating to their time on trek.

No one wants those questions to be centered around the bitter disappointment of those who begged for Khans return in the first place.

The Wrath of The Khan Fans may end up being it’s own movie, or documentary one day if the character is ever revisited.

412. Gustavo - February 26, 2012

Gary Mitchell.

413. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

408 (Marshal), thank you for your comments.

I had made a mistake about Green that makes my scenario impossible, as I acknowledged in 407. I thought that Green and World War III had occurred at around the same time (1990’s) as the Eugenics Wars. But that was my mistake — Green’s crimes, and World War II, occurred around half a century afterward. That’s what makes the cryogenically frozen Green scenario impossible; Khan had already been on the Botany Bay for more than half a century by the time Green was in his prime.

However, had Green fought around the same time as the Eugenics Wars, I don’t see why it wouldn’t have been possible for Green not to have been (offscreen) aboard the Botany Bay as described, assuming that Khan had arranged for him to be aboard and Spock Prime simply had no knowledge of that.

414. Lancelot Narayan - February 26, 2012

This looks like it could well be from the climax of the film. I don’t want to know about the ending. Or maybe this was allowed to happen….?

In any event, I hope that Paramount legal department can get these images pulled.

415. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

^^ World War III, I mean. That’s actually what I thought I typed; why it appears as “World War II” is beyond me. Stupid Internet.

416. Lt. Daniels - February 26, 2012

248. In the Star Trek 2009 movie when Spock is squatting down on the transporter to be beamed down to Vulcan, you can see Spock has dark brown pants on. The same dark brown pants that the Playmates 12″ Star Trek 2009 movie dolls have on too. The dark gray or black pants look much better in the new movie.

417. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

Also, I don’t think Spock Prime has too many compunctions against interfering with the new timeline, given that he made himself available to talk to the younger Spock near the end of the movie. (Spock(v)(1) would not have walked around the hangar risking that the younger Spock would see him (as he in fact did), had he believed that Spock might have seen him. In fact, Spock(v)(1) would probably have been in deep seclusion, instead, which he was not.)

The universe will unfold as it should, as someone very famous once said. (Spock(v)(1), maybe, even.)

418. Beer Guy - February 26, 2012

A little tidbit that I can pass along – I work in the beer industry and I hear from a friend that the Budweiser plant in Van Nuys is going to host a shoot for the film. I hear this from someone who was at the plant, but it is second hand, so take it with a grain of salt.

419. NCM - February 26, 2012

JJ upset about photos being leaked. Don’t know if this link’s been posted, yet:

420. NCM - February 26, 2012

421. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

^^ Arghh! There’s NO SUCH THING as a “Vulcan Death Grip!”


422. Craiger - February 26, 2012

JJ very upset over leaked photos.

I still get don’t the why they wont even say who the viilain is an who plays him? I mean we know who the villians are in the new Superman, Spiderman, and Batman movies. Why not the new Star Trek movie?

423. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

418, I’ll drink to that. :-) Even though I want there to be a new Engineering set.

JJ, I’m looking at you!

424. Craiger - February 26, 2012

Sorry, NCM didn’t see your post on the MTV news article.

425. Lostrod - February 26, 2012

#355 – MJ

I dont think the images are fake. ZQ talks about the leak at:


426. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

How awesome is it, though, that we’re getting tidbits about the new movie. Finally.

Although, if JJ is upset because this is the climactic scene of the movie, there’s gonna be Gre’Thor to pay on the part of certain Trek fans I can image.

427. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

^^ To be clear: I said IF JJ is upset because this is the climactic scene of the movie. I have no reason to believe it is, and no reason to believe it is not.

So, no rumor-mongering on that score, please.

428. Craiger - February 26, 2012

I just hope that isn’t the ending scene that would really spoil the movie. Sometimes don’t the shoot an ending scene first? If so maybe that could be Uhura saving the day at the end of movie, which I hope it isn’t and its during the begining of the film.

429. Lostrod - February 26, 2012

#420 -NCM

Oops. Sorry, didn’t catch that you had already posted the ZQ link.


430. Hugh Hoyland - February 26, 2012

Well the villain is played by Cumberbatch, what villain he’s playing is not known right now.

Lots of people are guessing of course.

And on the topic of keeping stuff under wraps I just think its nearly impossible in this day and age. Its just tough to do (See wikileaks). ;)

431. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

As I said, if there isn’t at least one brain-blowing star battle involved, making the most elaborate Star Wars (from Ep. I through Ep. VI) mise-en-scene look puny and amateurish, I will experience a pang of disappointment. Maybe even more than a pang. Maybe, like, a lot more.


Hey, it’s the movies, not a Ph.D. dissertation.

432. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 26, 2012

HMMMMM…. ???…………… #IHateLeaks…………


;-) :-)

433. Craiger - February 26, 2012

I think if they would just give us the plot and and who the villain is maybe that would make Trek fans not want set photos anymore? Sometimes I think we got too much info for the last movie and we pretty much knew how JJ’s new Trek Universe was going to look like before we saw it in the theater’s and sometimes I wonder if I would have liked to have scene who it looked for the first in theater and not on the net.

I also wonder if JJ is regretting the choice he made of the villain and is worried about the blacklash if its Khan and that is the reason for all the secrecy?

434. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

I’m pretty happy with the new movie from what I know of it, up to and including the state of my knowledge as of 7:42 a.m., Pacific Time, Sunday, February 26, 2012.

It’s all good. I hope others take this new information (reliable or not) the same way.

In the end, it’s just entertainment.

435. Grey Emminence - February 26, 2012

It is Khan an they are fighting around the wreck of the Botany Bay in a sandstorm on Cety Alpha VI.

436. Craiger - February 26, 2012

Good point Grey. They have a green screen in the background. Maybe that is for the sandstorm. Maybe Spock and Uhura beam down to the surface and the discover Khan and the Botany Bay their. However if its a remake of Space Seed we Trek fans know how it ends. I wonder how that would be if the just start redoing TOS episodes to get general audience on board but would we Trek fans still seem them since we know the endings? Unless the ending would be different?

437. Drew - February 26, 2012

Boborci made it sound like he leaked (or was involved in) the photos? Am I wrong?

Or JJ’s “anger ” is part of a clever ruse… ;)

438. tom vinelli - February 26, 2012

At 22, An Augment could bring down Spock. Remember them in Enterprize

439. Craiger - February 26, 2012

I was thinking they could still use old TOS villains but update them for the general audience. They could make it so they could give the audience a backstory on them but we as Trek fans would already know that but also keep it interesting for us Trek fans

440. TwilightTrek - February 26, 2012

I think it would be fun if Cumberbatch’s character is actually a “good guy” misunderstood. Sort of how the character “Gary Seven” of the episode “Assignment Earth” was. Maybe the audience will be rooting for him to win the battle with Spock shown above because Cumberbatch’s actions will help the crew in ways unknown to Spock. I hope this is the case because honestly I’m tired of “black hat” characters in Star Trek movies. If Star Trek The Motion Picture was meant to challenge my intellect Star Trek 2009’s “black hat” character Nero was meant to prove how simple minded I really am. They might as well have had him talk like the Hulk “Me bad guy Nero, Grrrr, You good guy Kirk, Grrr, You gonna win in end”

Just a preference but I sure as hell hope they don’t use the story generated in the comic books about how the Vulcan’s are now on a path of revenge. That makes about as much sense as the Dalai Lama deciding to go Rambo against China right now.

441. MartianRogue - February 26, 2012

words come out that Abrams is pissed

442. Sebastian S. - February 26, 2012

I’m OK with Cumberbatch playing an augment (hence the resistance to the neck pinch; even though Spock took out one that way in “Space Seed”), but I’m really NOT cool with him playing Khan.

With his pasty “English” skin and blue eyes? It’d be laughable to cast him as a Sikh. A lot worse than casting the ‘latin lover’ Montalban.

I like the theory I read floating around here about the Botany Bay being discovered, but Khan is killed during revival and the guy Cumberbatch is playing is one of his top henchmen (Joaquin, perhaps?). That could work.

As for the Starfleet uniform? As someone here also correctly pointed out, Khan wore a Starfleet shirt for awhile too. As did visiting 20th century USAF captain, John Christopher. So his character does not have to be in starfleet to have a starfleet uniform, good point.

But no; I sincerely do not believe (nor do I want to believe) Cumberbatch is playing Khan Noonian Singh. It’d be as bad as John Wayne playing Genghis Khan in “The Conquerers” (1956).

443. Grey Emminence - February 26, 2012

No remake of Space Seed. After the Enterprise rescues Khan and his followers they are dressed in Starfleet Jumpsuits.
Khan falls in love with Uhura and kidnaps her. The famous Khan-yell this time will be from Spock.

Spock tries to rescue Uhura on Ceti Alpha VI and beams down while the Enterprise is in a battle with another ship (an earlier version of the Reliant?).

This way you will have a totally new spin on the Khan story but with some familiar elements mixed into it.

All speculation of course ;)

444. Jack - February 26, 2012

Okay, I gotta stay off here for a few days — I’m getting very cranky about all these Khan/augment speculations…

If Space Seed hadn’t existed Trek would, arguably, be alive and well — they would have found another angle for TWOK.

TWOK wsn’t a great movie solely because of the villain, it was because the characters were dealing with their lives and their choices. Khan was barely in the thing, and he and Kirk never met face to face. They exchanged about 15 seconds of dialogue, if that.

Kirk’s major obstacles were aging, his resignation to being put out to pasture, regrets, meeting Marcus and her son again and the death of Spock. Khan was just the spark. Khan’s own thirst for revenge leading to his and his people’s destruction was it’s own mini-tale.

Space Seed was about hubris, arrogance, maybe the impossibility of making a perfect human, questioning whether the “superior” must rule the “inferior”…

445. Jack - February 26, 2012

PS. Anyone wanna bet that they’ll cut this scene and do a rewrite? :)

446. dmduncan - February 26, 2012

362. MJ – February 25, 2012

I don’t think we’re going to see a Sikh with that British a hair style. I thought maybe it would be Joaquim, Khan’s second in command this time, but now I’m not feeling that either.

I don’t know what the hell this is.

Based on the gray suit he reminds me of Arne Darvin.

447. Scott Umsteadt - February 26, 2012

Could be Gary Mitchell after the effects of the GREAT BARRIER.

448. NCM - February 26, 2012

Craiger and Lostrod, no need to apologize for posting same links–safety in numbers:). I think TM would prefer we send links to them, but I thought it could be a day or so before they’d post an update.

449. Aurore - February 26, 2012

Take care.
See you in a few days Jack.

450. dmduncan - February 26, 2012

It looks like to me that the black tunic is a Starfleet issued base layer uniform and then you put the colored tunic on top of it to indicate what department you belong to within Starfleet. He’s not wearing ship’s colors. He’s wearing a gray jacket instead. That could indicate a different department of Starfleet. But it could also mean clothes provided to him by the crew of the Enterprise.

451. Montreal_Paul - February 26, 2012

438. tom vinelli

WE know who the augments are… the general public has no idea. That would have to involve a whole story about “what” the augments are. Nope, won’t be augments.

452. dmduncan - February 26, 2012

Do nerve pinches work on Klingons?

453. Aurore - February 26, 2012

Didn’t Scotty kick some Klingons’ a****, once?

Moreover, you remember the colour of their blood in The Undiscovered Country?

In the pictures above Benedict Cumberbatch’s character seems to have red blood.

454. Montreal_Paul - February 26, 2012

You would figure after seeing the pictures that people would stop saying that it is Khan. But no… people still have this impression it will be Khan. Listen, they won’t do that. And they won’t get some obscure villain from an episode that only us Trekkies know. They are making a Sci-Fi movie to appeal to the general public as well as fans. I would bet anything that if they do have any characters from the original series pop up, it will be Rand, Chapel, etc. NOT a specific villain.

And for those saying it is Gary Seven… Gary Seven WASN’T a villain!!!

455. MJ - February 26, 2012

@389 “2. MJ, Craiger, etc. That isn’t my website, I do not have a website, never have.”

Yea, sure it isn’t. That wacked out website tracks completely with your wacked out comments here. I’m not buying your response — that’s your website! Come clean with us here, please!

456. Montreal_Paul - February 26, 2012

444. Jack

Agree with you 100% on every point you made.

457. Elyssa - February 26, 2012

I agree with Jack as well. The point of Space seed was not Khan in particular at all.

Plus, hey Paul!

458. Montreal_Paul - February 26, 2012

I’m surprise no one has put out that “the villain is Apollo! Alice will play Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas.” Sound ridiculous? It is.

459. Montreal_Paul - February 26, 2012

Hey back, Elyssa!! :)

460. Elyssa - February 26, 2012

Just got back from church, and I’m about to start Heroes. Wish me luck!

461. AJ - February 26, 2012

JJ has already stated Khan is not the villain. Seeing Cumberbatch in these photos confirms it.

The “augments” are an episodic arc from a failed TV show. Chances are fairly slim that the writers would pull from “Enterprise” for the film’s villain.

462. Craiger - February 26, 2012

Another idea didn’t the Klingon’s have Nero’s ship for awhile? What if the story centers around that? Maybe Cumberbatch is Section 31 agent trying to figure out what if the Klingon’s backward technologied Nero’s ship and made their ship’s more advanced then Starfleet’s?

463. Craiger - February 26, 2012

Cumberbatch could also be just a Starfleet security agent and it would have to be named Section 31.

464. MJ - February 26, 2012

@460 “Just got back from church, and I’m about to start Heroes.”

Why do I find this incredible funny? :-)

465. Aurore - February 26, 2012

@ 453.
…That said, in The Search For Spock ,and, in The Original Series, if I am not mistaken, their blood was red…

466. Montreal_Paul - February 26, 2012

No, no, no… no Section 31 either. Guys, this will be someone new… the only “villain” from Trek lore I see EVER happening is the general villains like Klingons or Romulans.

@460 Elyssa

Enjoy! Let me know what you think! I love the whole premise! And makes me think I should go see the movie Chronicle.

467. Elyssa - February 26, 2012


I can’t imagine why :-)


7 minutes in, I already like it a lot!

468. Buzz Cagney - February 26, 2012

#444 Montalban also noted, on reading the script, that he wasn’t actually in the movie much. But he said he also noticed that even when he wasn’t on screen the other characters were talking about him, and he liked that. lol

469. Capes - February 26, 2012

@389 One thing…

Azrael…….still a pinhead.

– MJ, walk away before we all get sucked into a Big Bang Theory universe where this all becomes the plot for an episode! :-)

In the meantime @ 383 Keachick , you make a compelling case. Based on that I may have to change my mind. But it still feels like grey area to me. Kind of like the animated series….

470. Christopher Roberts - February 26, 2012

461. — The “augments” are an episodic arc from a failed TV show. Chances are fairly slim that the writers would pull from “Enterprise” for the film’s villain. —

Ouch! Name another TV show which lasted four years and can be considered a failure?

471. Montreal_Paul - February 26, 2012

@ 467. Elyssa

I knew you would! :) Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the show. I’m glad I recommended it to you! :) Catch you later!

472. Elyssa - February 26, 2012

@471 Paul

Catch you later!

473. Vultan - February 26, 2012


Yeah, you do realize TOS was also a failed TV series, right?
Just saying.

474. Red Dead Ryan - February 26, 2012

J.J Abrams has NEVER said the villain wasn’t going to be Khan. He NEVER said Khan was going to be the villain either. In fact, he hasn’t said anything at all about who the villain is. He’s being evasive and secretive on the issue.

And both “Space Seed” and “The Wrath Of Khan” were at least partially about Khan. He was in them both, played a significant role in both, and tried to kill Kirk in both.

475. Red Dead Ryan - February 26, 2012


“Ouch! Name another TV show which lasted four years and can be considered a failure?”


476. Christopher Roberts - February 26, 2012

475. Double ouch! :-}

477. Vultan - February 26, 2012


Hey Buzz, who do you think Benny Cabbagepatch is playing?

I’m thinking it’s a new villain, probably a British chap named Snoodle-Tweed McBad-Pants, who wears two monocles on each eye, smokes a pipe, drives on the wrong side of the road, and uses the metric system (in public!).

“Up with the Rebels! Down with the British!” ;)

478. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 26, 2012

MJ – Stop bullying and/or making fun of what someone may choose to reveal about themselves here.

Capes – As for the “pinhead” comment, if I was going to make derogatory remarks against anyone/anything, I could refer to most of what I am reading here as “pinheaded”.

Honestly, this obsession with *villains* from TOS is too much. Then there is a poster stressing from the fact that no Klingons were shown in those few tiny outtakes. Grief.

As for JJ Abrams – If he is genuinely upset by the leakage of these too few photos, then I suggest he gets over it. Besides, it has been the commentary reported about the pictures (like someone noting that they had been working on it for some days etc) that could be more “damaging” than there being nothing said about the pictures.

Such dorky hullabaloo! Ugh!!!

479. AJ - February 26, 2012


Depends on the era. These days, shows are canceled after one episode.

I just don’t think the writers will pull from anything but the Original Series, except for winky fan references (Admiral Archer’s beagle, etc). While ST09 culled ‘Ambassador Spock’ from TNG, Spock was a TOS character, and we had no real/familiar views of the TNG era in the film. So no ‘Section 31′ or Ferengi or Borg.

What is unfortunate is ENT is the only show they can draw upon for ‘true’ past exploits. And when it was canceled, it was at a creative peak (last ep aside).

480. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

I wish we could just talk about the picture rather about the people who are here talking about the picture. I’m not interested in this soap opera with people commenting about other commenters, for goodness’ sake.

This is supposed to be a fun site. Let’s keep it that way.

481. Red Dead Ryan - February 26, 2012


For someone who regularly states how much she hates the bitching that goes on here, you do a lot of bitching yourself. Now you’re bitching about the commentary and speculation that goes on here. Let me drop you a hint: commentary and speculation is partly what this site is about, along with the news. Its why Anthony has a comments section on every thread.

And yeah, people are commenting on who the villain will be……….’cuz, ya’ know…………..the sequel is going to feature…..ah, yes, VILLAINS! Get it? Good.

482. Buzz Cagney - February 26, 2012

#477 I can remember some time back signing a post off with a cheery British ‘toodle pip’ and Bob commented that he liked that and was going to use it.
I strongly suggest the casting of a Brit was on the back of that ‘toodle pip’.
I did tell Bob that pretty much only a Brit can get away with that line. (i mean you use it somewhere tomorrow, Vults, and let me know what reaction you get! :D )
And, thus, here we are with Mr Cabbagepatch playing Sir Snoodle Tweed McBadpants who says Toodle Pip a great deal! It sounds like a winner to me :D

Seriously, I don’t honestly have the first clue who Cucumberportion is playing. I do lean toward Gary Mitchell but I honestly doubt it will be him.

And, you know what, i happen to agree. No taxation without representation!

483. Marshal - February 26, 2012

Okay, enough speculation. You guys are well off the mark. Here’s a more credible theory.

In ST:TUC, and ST09, Spock made a Sherlock Holmes quote. It has been stated that Spock may be a distant relative of Sherlock Holmes Author, Arthur Conan Doyle.

Thanks to Nero’s incursion and the subsequent destruction of Vulcan, a hole was ripped in subspace, in which dilithium fragments combined with tachyons within a sub-dural layer of superheated plasma creating a polyphasic rift which pulled a fictional character in a British TV show from hundreds of years in the past into the alternate timeline future.

However, Sherlock is not happy about Spock referencing his famous catchphrases, thus Sherlock began referencing Spock’s catchphrases. Not happy about being shown up in front of his girl, Spock attacks Sherlock. However, Sherlock borrowed some spinach from his good friend, Popeye and is thus able to beat the tar out of Spock……He then falls, along with a twisted metal bridge, into a crevice, in what is apparently an heroic death. Kirk lets out a sigh of relief. The End.

484. VZX - February 26, 2012

481. Word. I wish folks would complain and speculate about just the film and not each other.

BTW: If Cumby is playing a new character, why can’t JJ or Orci just say so? Is it giving away too much info by just saying that? It is for this reason more than any other that I think it’s a TOS character.

Of course, JJ is so secretive (ie: mystery box) that he doesn’t want to say anything at all. So, je ne sais pas, it could be anyone. What’s my point?

Also, I am thinking a mini-conspiracy. I wonder if these shots were staged for a fake leak.

485. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 26, 2012

RDR – Sheesh. Once again, you get it all wrong. I was commenting on two posters’ attitudes towards another two posters here. So other people can bitch but I can’t call them out without being accused of bitching myself.

Now I have read a quote from Zoe Saldana accusing people of “intruding” because some people would like to see one or two pictures from the set. Honestly, what the hell is one supposed to think about all this stuff here and what’s coming from the mouth of a very ordinary actress?

I am tired…

486. Buzz Cagney - February 26, 2012

#473 so, Vults, do you think Enterprise is just a misunderstood gem and it will rise, TOS like, from the basement of disinterest where it is comfortably residing?
I feel one of these coming on….

487. Vultan - February 26, 2012


Honestly, I don’t have any idea who Ben Cuckooclock is playing either. Time will tell.

I read somewhere that “The Great Escape” was voted the third best film by the Brits. Now that’s my kind of country! :D

“CAPTAIN Hilts.”

488. Vultan - February 26, 2012


No, not really. Enterprise is as iconic as it’s ever going to be… which isn’t much.

I was just pointing out that because a TV series is a failure doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be mined for material somewhere down the road. If that weren’t true, none us would be here talking Trek.

489. Vultan - February 26, 2012

Correction: none OF us

490. MJ - February 26, 2012

@478 “MJ – Stop bullying and/or making fun of what someone may choose to reveal about themselves here….Capes – As for the “pinhead” comment, if I was going to make derogatory remarks against anyone/anything, I could refer to most of what I am reading here as “pinheaded”.

That’s hilarious, Keachick — you criticize me for making fun of someone, then immediately in your next sentence infer at a bunch of us are pinheads here.

Ah, there goes the ole “pot calling the kettle black” again. LOL

491. Aurore - February 26, 2012

“Of course, JJ is so secretive (ie: mystery box) that he doesn’t want to say anything at all. So, je ne sais pas, it could be anyone. What’s my point?”

Yeah… What’s your point?


Personally, I like it that way. And, I still expect to be very pleasantly surprised with the sequel, mini-conspiracy or not…

492. MJ - February 26, 2012

@481 “For someone who regularly states how much she hates the bitching that goes on here, you do a lot of bitching yourself. Now you’re bitching about the commentary and speculation that goes on here.”

Agreed RDR. I believe the operative term here is “hypocrite.”

493. Buzz Cagney - February 26, 2012

#488 Point well made and taken equally well, Vults.

lol @ cuckooclock pmsl love it. We’ll have to see how many of those we can come up with.

Talking of war movies i watched The Battle of Britain the other day and it had the option of having a different score to the usual well known one. Wow, it was awful. A great demonstration of the difference good music can make to a movie. No wonder Spielberg always give’s great credit to John Williams.

494. Buzz Cagney - February 26, 2012

#487 not me, i put The ‘burbs at 3 ;))

495. Azrael - February 26, 2012

@ 455. No MJ it is not my site. And Capes I don’t really care what you think of me, I will point out that “pinheads” don’t get 4.0 GPAs and graduate at 16 (both of which I did, 19 years ago).

Now if you want some actual accurate information for your insults, you know so you don’t look like complete morons to the insultee, I will give it to you. Here is something I actually did.

Not the whole website, just the stuff on the page above.
So go ahead and fire away cause so far I’m the broad side of the barn and you guys haven’t hit me yet.

496. Buzz Cagney - February 26, 2012

Come on people behave. Nobody will win this argument.
In the words of the President…

497. Buzz Cagney - February 26, 2012

obviously you’ll have to forget the whole Mars bit!

498. MJ - February 26, 2012

@495. OK, I believe you know. Actually, now that I know who you are, Mr. Howser, I must say that I have always wanted to meet you. I don’t know if the portrayal of you by Neil Patrick Harris was fully accurate, but I will say that your life story, as portrayed by Harris, was a real inspiration for many young folks to go into medicine.

499. Red Dead Ryan - February 26, 2012


You were bitching. And I also pointed out that it was silly of you to complain about the speculation surrounding the villain for the sequel when speculation is what happens here. Its why we have a comments section. And finally, if you were responding to two commenters, you would have called both of them out. You said you did. But you didn’t; you only condemned MJ while agreeing with Azrael.

Go lie down before you hurt yourself. Take a break before you damage your credibility further.

500. Red Dead Ryan - February 26, 2012


You were bitching. And I also pointed out that it was silly of you to complain about the speculation surrounding the villain for the sequel when speculation is what happens here. Its why we have a comments section. And finally, if you were responding to two commenters, you would have called both of them out. You said you did. But you didn’t; you only condemned MJ while agreeing with Azrael.

Go lie down before you hurt yourself. Take a break before you damage your credibility further.

501. Red Dead Ryan - February 26, 2012


502. MJ - February 26, 2012

@500. We need to cut her some slack. All the nights spent at the law library researching that Chris PIne vs. Talent Agency legal case, in addition to the hours she has spent on the phone collecting inside information on the case from he contacts in Hollywood — this has completely fatigued. her. :-)

503. Vultan - February 26, 2012


True, music can make or break a movie. Another good war flick with a memorable score: “A Bridge Too Far.” A sad story in many ways but the music has the opposite effect through most of it:

Oh, and thanks for that “Mars Attacks!” clip. One of my favorite guilty pleasures. Or in the words of the Martian Ambassador:


504. Red Dead Ryan - February 26, 2012


Ha Ha! So true! I think she’s under the spell of Chris Pine and suffering from delusions of grandeur, affecting her ability to be fair and non-biased in her arguements!

505. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 26, 2012

Read my post. I actually called both Capes and MJ out – two posters. I also think you, RDR and MJ, are deliberately misreading my post.

Yes, thank you, I will go lie down. It’s all this debris that others leave lying around…

Yes, I am well aware that this site is all about speculation, except that a lot of it is very repetitive and I often keeping thinking that many posters don’t read what others have already written before posting themselves. Sometimes it can happen that you type and post something which is more or less what someone else has said, however they posted theirs just before you got to post yours, however this is not the case most of the time, eg how many times have people posted that the Cumberbatch is likely to be playing Gary Mitchell, when it has already been explained here and elsewhere that the Gary Mitchell has already been dealt with in the online comic series so cannot turn up in this movie?

I just wish sometimes that people would actually pay more/better attention to what has already been said and to what articles say that get posted here. There – I said my gripe, had my bitch.

I am not sure just what it was that Azrael wrote that was so wrong. If *she* says *she* does not have a website, who are you, MJ, to insist that this person does and what does it matter anyway?

506. MJ - February 26, 2012

On a different note, just ran across this on Youtube…this is tracking hilarious:

507. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 26, 2012

#502,#504 – Hahaha very funny. Hilarious. Imagine a fist with just one second finger pointed high into the air… Gosh, a pair of sweeties you guys are, to be sure…;)

508. MJ - February 26, 2012

@505. OK, she doesn’t have a website. Congrats!

509. Buzz Cagney - February 26, 2012

ack ack ack pmsl you’re a funny guy!

A Bridge Too Far isn’t one that i’m too familiar with. I will read up on it.
I did watch The Dirty Dozen yesterday! Not a true story, i know, but a great movie. Telly Savalas really stole the show, didn’t he. What a star!

510. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

I was under the impression that comics aren’t canonical, although the case is closer for the JJ verse since the portrayal of events leading up to ST2009 are specifically approved by the current producers.

511. Jinn-Jinn - February 26, 2012

I’m curious if there will be more pictures after this? Abrams is reportedly not pleased with what’s been released so it can only be assumed that security will become tighter, if that’s even possible. I have heard that there will be out of studio shooting somewhere in Southern California……so I guess it will all depend how crafty the paparazzi will be.

512. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

Satellite images are our friends.


513. Azrael - February 26, 2012

@ 505. Keachick, I’m a guy.

514. AJ - February 26, 2012


I am sure JJ has sanctioned these photos. It adds a bit of “WOW!” to make them seem unauthorized. It’s the PR division that tells the actors to say “JJ is pissed-off” when he has in fact provided the fans with exactly what we have been asking for, with so little information, we can’t glean anything from it. ‘Trek’ is all over the web and the news. It’s all under JJ’s control.

515. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

As the universe turns, so, too, do the sands of time.

Something like that. ;-)

You ever notice that soap operas are getting fewer and fewer? I mean the traditional ones, such as All My Children, The Young and the Worthless, etc.

Oops, that last title was not the actual title. But whatever.

516. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

483, I just read your story. I am LMAO. Good one!

Could work, by the way….

517. Vultan - February 26, 2012


Check “Bridge” out some time, Buzz. Like I said, it’s not the happiest of stories (about Operation Market Garden), but it does have one of those super ’70s spectacular all-star casts, and it has in my opinion Sean Connery’s best badass scene where—well, you’ll know it when you see it.

Funny you mentioned “The Dirty Dozen.” I just watched “Kelly’s Heroes” last night—another Savalas war movie. And yeah, he definitely stole DD, just as Donald Sutherland stole KH:

A good double-feature.

518. Azrael - February 26, 2012

@505. As far as I can tell the only thing I said that was factually wrong was that Leonard Nimoy did not write ST4, and he is credited as one of the writers, however (while I haven’t read it in a while) I believe that Nimoy makes a statement in “I am Spock” that he did not in fact have much to do with the writing of the film. I would have to check through the book again to be certain of that however, and I recently loaned my copies of both “I am Not Spock” and “I am Spock” to a friend so I cannot confirm that recollection at this time.

519. Vultan - February 26, 2012


Here it is, Buzz—“A Bridge Too Far.”
The whole friggin’ movie!

But if the FBI asks you anything, you never heard of me. ;)

520. Iva - February 26, 2012

This wasn’t a leak. Like any other fabricated “controversy”, it is just a marketing move to give people something to talk about.
It is done all the time.

521. banned - February 26, 2012

Deleted by admin

522. dmduncan - February 26, 2012

473. Vultan – February 26, 2012

That depends on how you measure success. There is evidence that Star Trek may have done far better than NIelsen ratings suggested at the time.

But the best measure, in my view, is just to look what happened after it was cancelled.

523. Devon - February 26, 2012

#521’s Jeff Abram’s post is brought to you by every cliche and copy & paste comment that a naysayer has said without merit.

“And since one of them is a homosexual that goes without saying!”

Do you want his number or something? Troll.

524. dmduncan - February 26, 2012

506. MJ – February 26, 2012

Tears. Brought tears, it was so funny!

525. AJ - February 26, 2012


Jeff, do us a favor and get off the threads, please. There’s no place for bigotry here.

526. MJ - February 26, 2012

@518. Doogie (Azreal), your back and forth meandering argument to try to get out of your incorrect statements reminds me of Bill Clinton’s definition of “is” charade over a decade ago. :-)

You really should consider moving into politics. Given that you have already become a self-proclaimed kid genius in you life, and apparently have and advanced degree in cartoon character web site development,, putting your sights on a national office seems like the great next step for someone of such a superior intellect.

527. Craiger - February 26, 2012

Jeff, Spock Prime was dumped on Delta Vega with nothing how was he going to stop it?

528. MJ - February 26, 2012

@521. Hey racist, homophobe — take your sorry act out of here right now.

Can anyone say: LOOOOOSER !!!!!

529. Azrael - February 26, 2012

@527. *calmly watches MJ’s attempted insult sail far wide and hit some random innocent*

Never said I was a genius, it doesn’t take genius to graduate 2 years early with a 4.0, it just takes lots of hard work. As far as the statement about the book “I am Spock” how exactly did it “meander”? The answer of course is that it did not. I also very specifically said that I did not create the website I referenced, I only wrote the articles listed on the page I linked, the website has been around in one form or another for 2 decades, and before that it was a snail mail mailing list (check the FAQ on the site), oh and some of the contributors on there are professional writers from DC, Marvel, and other companies.

As for me in politics, only if I sold my soul, because you have to be morally bankrupt to be in politics in the first place IMO.

530. Drew - February 26, 2012

So far, I hate to say it, it looks totally unremarkable. Unless this guy is Colonel Greene. As someone who adored the first film this pains me. There really had better be something spectacular behind this.

531. Vultan - February 26, 2012


Oh, I agree with you, but the issue was cancellation. And Star Trek was cancelled, axed, dead after three seasons, which had been a fight all the way to stay on the air. It may have been a success in the eyes of fans like us, but at the time it was considered a failure, albeit a worthwhile one, by many of those involved in its production.

Actually, I like the failure aspect of the story. It makes its successes, its staying-power for the past thirty-five or so years all the more grand.

And who doesn’t like a comeback story?

532. Phil - February 26, 2012

@502. Dry humor. Love it.

533. MJ - February 26, 2012

@529. “foiled by Doogie Howser again…ah, how to compete better against the boy genius?”

Why don’t you just post your resume here for all of us to see? Now that would really impress us, I am sure!

534. Gavin - February 26, 2012

Section 31??

535. Max - February 26, 2012

Has it ever been confirmed that BC is, indeed, playing the “main villain”?

536. K-7 - February 26, 2012

I think Azreal would prefer to be called by his real name/title:

Professor Xavier

537. TrekMadeMeFat - February 26, 2012


Nevertheless, all these wild, complicated theories about a summer popcorn flick that won’t be aimed at us are great! This site is awesome!

538. Keeg - February 26, 2012

I’m sorry, but how do leather jackets fit into the “Starfleet uniform” paradigm? He’s wearing a black shirt, not a “cadet uniform”. Granted, the stuntman behind Cumby looks to have a faint starfleet logo on his chest, but Cumberbatch clearly does not.

I’m sorry, but “rogue starfleet officers” just doesn’t scream “Star Trek movie” to me. Insurrection was against one rogue Starfleet officer and his minions, and that was just not palatable.

As for the Gary Mitchell camp, the comics are supposed to be handling the incidental Star Trek episode remakes, and the Mitchell episode has already been done. Since I haven’t read them, I don’t know how they’re supposed to end, but these are, I believe, considered quasi-canon because Kurtzman and Orci are involved in their creative process.

Still gotta vote for Khan. I have mixed feelings about it, but from what we’ve seen so far, the crappy looking arabic number derelict ship they’re fighting on could very well be a crashed botany bay. That and this “human dude” going melee with a Vulcan. Though he evidently does get beaten.

If this were a “climactic” moment in the film, my guess is that it would be Kirk doing the final hand-to-hand battle, so I don’t think this spoils the end.

One final observation. In the previous picture Spock looked quite pissed off. I would suggest that whatever is going on here may be in the throes of Pon Farr. Since there are less that 10,000 Vulcans left, his breeding options are limited. And Uhura’s there, perhaps to keep him from exploding with the Vulcan Finger Touch thing. Why else would they send a Comm officer on a combat mission?

539. Azrael - February 26, 2012

Pretty funny K-7, but what did I do to you? Not that I really think I did anything, just curious, but then I still don’t know what I did to piss off MJ, especially since I had been in complete agreement with him on some previous threads, and was having a good, informative (for me) conversation with said individual about things including the X-Men: First Class movie.

One thing though, could you guys at least spell my name right? It’s Azrael, not Azreal.

540. Capes - February 26, 2012

@495 Azrael

You have been living in your mother’s basement for 19 years?
That is extraordinary Az !!!
No wonder that your comics are “canon” !

Great job on getting out of School at 16. You are the greatest! You win life! I aspire to be you one day…..except taller of course. With the insecurities pouring out of you on this page I am guessing 5″7…..5″8?

541. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 26, 2012


“I also noticed that it is time to get Chris Pine into a hair piece. Can’t we get a Kirk who is not going bald?”…

Since when one blind and bigoted troll is able to notice anything? ….

:-( :-(

542. paul_Tigulea1979 - February 26, 2012

I am sorry but if they dont want leaked photos from the set, then dont film onlocation in public places,film crews have no right to tell people who are unaffilated with their production they can’t take and share photos of things that happen in and around the area where they live, pay taxes, and work.

ZQ comment that the “Offenders” who took the pictures, would be found and punished, is without merit.
its like the idiot film crew that tried to keep me and other public residents from entering my apartment building while they were shooting on the “PUBLIC” sidewalk infront of my building durring the scenes shot for The Dark Knight Rises in downtown L.A. last year.

Their guard even had the nerve to follow me into my building and stuck his his foot into my apartment to keep me from closing my door, saying I couldnt enter the building and apartment i pay 1700 a month rent for. I promptly called building security, LAPD and filed a tresspassing charges against him.
I got an apology from the location manager, and the security gaurd was not allowed to continue working the rest of the day while they shot.

crew members for fillm shoots have no right to try and bully around or prevent residents or workers in an area they are filming.

543. Capt Sanders - February 26, 2012

Weren’t Gary Mitchell and Kirk at starfleet academy together? If it is Gary, why would he still be wearing a cadet tunic?

544. Capes - February 26, 2012

MJ….you crack me up….

545. MJ - February 26, 2012

OK Azreal, truce!

546. MJ - February 26, 2012

@544. Thanks!

547. Capes - February 26, 2012

By the way, somebody fill me in cause I have been away for awhile
……did Harry ever get his dream date with Erica Durance??? :-)

548. Capes - February 26, 2012

We are over the halfway mark……1000 anyone?

549. Capt Sanders - February 26, 2012

Why not do khan? It seems to me that’s who it is. Look at the actors they were originally looking into for the role, they looked like Khan. He is such a great character with a great story they would be foolish to not utilize him at some point. Plus, didn’t we all say that no one else would be able to step into the iconic roles of the original series crew? And since everyone is stuck on the dark knight, do you guys remember how great everyone thought Nicholson was as the joker? We forgot about all that when Heath ledger came along didn’t we.

550. Capes - February 26, 2012


What MJ said…

551. denny cranium - February 26, 2012

I was and still am hoping for a human antagonist.
He doesn’t have to be an augment or Khan per se but maybe an enhanced human.
I’m looking forward to seeing what happens

552. Azrael - February 26, 2012

Truce accepted.

@550. I didn’t like the Nicholson version, but that is more because I intensely dislike Tim Burton movies than anything else (only one I liked so far was Sleepy Hollow), but I did feel that Nicholson did the best job he could have with a crap script. Now the Ledger version was absolutely spectacular (the disappearing pencil trick is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time) and ranks up there with things like Spock’s death scene, the duel between Inigo Montoya and the Dread Pirate Roberts, and the Galaxy Quest character “Guy” freaking out because he thinks he is going to die.

553. Devon - February 26, 2012

538 – “Granted, the stuntman behind Cumby looks to have a faint starfleet logo on his chest, but Cumberbatch clearly does not.”

Look at the second image on this page.

554. RTC - February 26, 2012

My Trek sources tell me definitively that Cumberbatch, Weller and Eve will be playing the Spanish Inquisition.

Because no one expects them.


555. Shilliam Watner - February 26, 2012

It horrifies me how a few of you can get so ugly about this movie, the people behind it, and the actors in it.

There were terrible plot holes in all the Trek movies, things too coincidental, too unbelievable. There haven’t been too many science fiction films where you can’t find some fault in logic or plot. Even Blade Runner, even Alien.

I’ve watched Trek since it was originally aired, and my problems with the latest movie are no greater than any of the others. I think as a first attempt at a “reboot” they did a fantastic job. Yes, there are many things I would change, but the greater good of the film far outweighs the greater bad of it.

At least, that’s my opinion, for whatever it’s worth.

556. Craiger - February 26, 2012

#553 – Interesting, why the stunt double would have a Starfleet logo and Cumberbatch doesn’t. Maybe a production error?

557. VZX - February 26, 2012

539:Keeg: Good Point about the Pon Farr. That might explain why Spock is so pissy and why Uhura is there. I like it. T’pring was probably killed when the planet Vulcan was destroyed, so what’s a horny Vulcan to do? That would lead to an interesting dynamic with him and Uhura. Maybe Nurse Chapel can be involved in a love triangle. Kirk could have just pointed the hormone-enraged Spock at Khan to stop him.

A combination of Space Seed and Amok Time would be nifty. I like-y.

558. MJ - February 26, 2012

@557 WTF?

559. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 26, 2012

“It is awesome. We’ve been working on that sequence for five days,” Quinto said, refusing to give away any additional plot details.

Quinto’s “Margin Call” director J.C. Chandor piped up that he and his daughter were on set the day that the scene was being film. “I was afraid they were going to think it was me who leaked that picture but it wasn’t,” he said. Quinto said he had no doubts that whoever did share the photos would be found and duly punished.

“The picture leaking did not go over so well. They’re go to great lengths to preserve security,” he said.”

Oh dear, oh dear. It really is a crock, since Quinto himself gave away more details of the scene than anyone could have guessed from those few photos. I assume that the scene is an important part of the movie because they would not spend five days working on something so trivial, or would they? So now we know that was probably no small scene being shot, thanks to Quinto himself. Duh.

Chris Pine was also there at those Independent Spirit Awards. In fact he was one of the presenters. Nice photos of him with Lucy Liu and another actress who looked a lot like Olivia Wilde (WTP), but not a whisper of a quote from Chris for the papz re the *leaked* photos. Now that’s how you do it, Zach and Zoe!

560. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 26, 2012

Of course, anything is possible with these outtakes posted here, like the fact that they may have just been rehearsing. We have no idea of the order of these shots. We are not talking about film that has gone through the editing/post production stage. You guys…honestly…LOL

561. WellOfSouls - February 26, 2012

Christopher Plummer wins his 1st Oscar Awesome!!!

562. Soonerdew - February 26, 2012

I just had a nightmare thought.

Cumberbatch is Dr Who.

That’s why there’s all the British influence.

563. WellOfSouls - February 26, 2012

Douglas Trumbull, the visual effects pioneer on such films as ‘2001’, Star Trek – The Motion Picture,and ‘Close Encounters’ was saluted by the film academy and the Visual Effects Society.

February 06, 2012|By Susan King, Los Angeles Times

Visual effects visionary, director and producer Douglas Trumbull has a “broad” philosophy of film. He believes that everything in a movie is, in essence, a special effect.
“Movies are all about illusions, whether it is makeup or wardrobe or some location or being in a period of time or being on an alien planet,” says Trumbull, 69.

I saw this on a site I thought was worth noting as Mr. Trumbull did bring a whole new look to Star Trek that totally blew me away when it first came out. The look is still refreshing.
I am also thankful that Star Trek has been given new life by the likes of J.J., Mr. Orci, etc. & look foreward to your next voyage where no one has gone before…

564. MJ - February 26, 2012

@560 — Re-edited by MJ (changes in ALL CAPS)

“Of course, anything is possible with these REASONS FOR THE CHRIS PINE LEGAL SITUATION posted here, like the fact that they may have just BEEN TRYING TO MILK POOR PINE FOR ALL THEY CAN GET. We have no idea of the order of THE EVIL UNFAIR ATTACKS ON CHRIS. We are talking about A GREAT LOOKING MAN that has gone through AN UNFAIR PUBLIC CRITICISM stage. You guys…honestly…LOL”


565. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 26, 2012

I have made no mention of the lawsuit on this thread. In fact, there has been no more news on that issue.

I take exception to be misquoted.

566. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 26, 2012

Edit: I take exception to being misquoted.

567. Iva - February 26, 2012

Pine could be left out of the movie completely. This nu interpretation of Kirk is degrading.

568. NCM - February 26, 2012

Latest News?

“…Quinto spoke to MTV News about the behind-the-scenes pictures that surfaced a few days ago from the still-untitled “Star Trek” sequel, saying the shot of himself and Benedict Cumberbatch “fighting” isn’t an actual scene in the film…”

””The cameras weren’t even rolling so … imagine what it’ll look like when we’re actually doing it,”‘ Quinto quipped in response to the leaked photos. “That happens, I guess. We’re on incredibly big set pieces in the middle of somewhere and people sort of got wind of it… “‘

“Quinto confirmed that the highly anticipated sequel will be shot in both 3-D and IMAX. “It’s definitely bigger, and it requires a different kind of energy. It’s been really challenging, but in the best way,” he shared.”‘

569. NCM - February 26, 2012

I think the article misquotes Quinto, somewhat. Watching the clip, what he says makes more sense and I didn’t catch him saying the scene isn’t in the movie; just that the cameras weren’t rolling.

570. NCM - February 26, 2012

More photos here:

571. NCM - February 26, 2012

Also from above site:

“…it has emerged that Leonard Nimoy will not be appearing in the second film in the reboot series, though the original Captain Kirk William Shatner could have a guest spot.”

The article provides another tidbit or two I haven’t encountered elsewhere.

572. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 26, 2012

#568 – *Pine did what he was told to do. He’s no doubt doing again what he is told to do to play Kirk in this sequel. Pine/writers did not degrade Kirk. People just got to see a slightly different aspect of his nature but it is clear that nuKirk is pretty much the same as the Kirk people are used to, maybe even better.

Now starts the William Shatner rumours again – will he? won’t he? should he? who? how much? how little? why?…Ye gods.

*I hope that MJ doesn’t decide to do with this paragraph what he did with a previous posting of mine here. Not good. Not nice.

573. VulcanFilmCritic - February 26, 2012

@570,571 NCM Juicy tidbit indeed!

So the Shatman MAY be back!

And why not? Capt. Kirk doesn’t have to die in this timeline, so it is possible to have the older Captain Kirk reminisce at the beginning of the movie about his first command.
And give a proper reading of the “Space the final frontier…” speech at the end. Now that WOULD be sweet!

574. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2012

547. Capes “did Harry ever get his dream date with Erica Durance???”

Oh, a wise guy, eh?

There ain’t enough booze in the world, Capes! And I mean for me, not her!

575. Basement Blogger - February 26, 2012

Thanks NCM (569, 571) for the information. I’m wondering if that’s a mistake when he says the movie is being filmed in 3D because it was reported that the movie was going to be shot in 2D and converted. Hey, I’ve always said that if you are going to release a movie in 3D, then film it in 3D. If low budget Pina can be filmed in 3D so can Star Trek.

576. Red Dead Ryan - February 26, 2012

It has been reported that William Shatner WILL NOT BE IN THE SEQUEL. I seem to recall that one of the writers said so.

Jeff Abrams is a total idiot and troll. Iva blows hot air. The less of those two, the better this site will be.

577. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 26, 2012

I agree about the proper reading of Star Trek’s mission – “These are the voyages…”. Only a Kirk can do that speech. I’ve always liked that part of TOS – the voice, the intonation – great! Sorry, but Leonard Nimoy simply cannot do that speech the way a Shatner can. I hope to hear it come from a Pine/Kirk’s mouth as well, but much better than what he did in what was really a spoof/gag anyway, found on the DVD.

578. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2012

Been watching more Sherlock on BBC. That Cumberbatch is one incredibly gifted actor.

And, remember, I AM the pickiest son-of-a-bitch in the world!

579. JP - February 26, 2012

Interesting that Cumberbatch’s starfleet uniform is black. Just like Kirk’s was in the first film. A clue perhaps?

As for Klingons, I think having them as the main villain would have been death. The way klingons are usually written and acted is just too goofy for modern audiences to swallow. Just too campy.

580. Capes - February 26, 2012


Ah… is an extremely rare instance that I would ever utter the words: I have missed Harry Ballz…….

And yep. He kicks ass on Sherlock. In fact the BBC is offering better programming these days than most of what I find elsewhere……

581. Red Dead Ryan - February 26, 2012

I’ve only watched the first three episodes of “Sherlock” so far on Blu Ray. Great show. Benedict Cumberbatch can act!

BTW, B.C also narrated the BBC Earth documentary, “South Pacific”.

582. JP - February 26, 2012

Cumberbatch, now that I take a good hard long look at the pictures, is clearly a cross between a Gorn and an Andorian.

Could he be Shran’s long lost love child?

583. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 26, 2012

Picture of Zoe Saldana at the Independent Spirit Awards evening – check out the really short dress (real ’60s length) Lt Uhura’s skirt length is longer.

Perhaps this is an indication of next summer’s general fashion trend. Great if you have the legs for it, which she does…

584. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2012

580. “I have missed Harry Ballz”

High praise indeed, Capes!

Hmmmm, sounds like something a proctologist with a hair fetish would say!

585. Buzz Cagney - February 26, 2012

#577 left to his own devices I could see it going something like…

space is like, totally, the final frontier.
This is a kick ass trip aboard a monster cool space ship
Its a five year road trip type thing, to seek out weird lookin dudes and
great new surf spots
To go radically where no dudes have gone before we got there.

That might be a bit unfair on Chris, but he does have that slight vibe going on.

586. Mel - February 26, 2012

I don’t think he is Khan. It would mean that they have whitewashed the character. And whitewashing always generates a lot of bad press. I don’t think they are soooo stupid.

I wonder where the characters are in that scene and how they get there. What temperature is there? The guys are all wearing long clothes, Cumberbatch even a jacket, and Uhura is clothed for summer temperatures. Doesn’t make much sense. And Spock and Uhura are fighting bad guys in some metal surroundings. I hope they are not on a planned mission, because Uhura’s outfit doesn’t even offer protection from scratches. Hopefully there is a good reason, why Uhura isn’t wearing something more practical in that scene.

And Uhura still has no rank insignia. I guess everyone on the Enterprise is just suppose to know her rank somehow. I wonder, why they bother to give Kirk and Spock rank insignia? They need it far less on the Enterprise than Uhura. The two highest officers on board will be easily recognized by everyone.

587. Buzz Cagney - February 27, 2012

Thanks for the Bridge too Far link, Vults. I will take a look when I get some time.
I’m spending time looking for jobs. Have had a couple of offers but i’m still thinking I want to be in car sales. Despite that bad experience i’m still drawn to it, not least because of the earning potential.
I’ve thought a great deal about what happened and I think i’ve learned from it.
I know I can do the job, i’ve just got to find someone willing to give me a chance. And hopefully it will be in a happier environment!

588. be flat - February 27, 2012

“These are the voyages…” should have been said by Shatner at the end of the 2009 movie.

That would be the ONLY and the BEST way to have him there and a really cool nod to the fans.

589. VulcanFilmCritic - February 27, 2012

@583 Keachick. Cute dress, and fine for the Red Carpet or some other black tie affair but not very functional at Starfleet. I seem to remember this fabric being used elsewhere in another dress with a longer length. I think one of the hosts of the red carpet shows here in the States, who by the way looked a lot like Ms. Saldana, tried it on.

I think Nichelle Nichols’ uniform was even shorter. At times you could see the lower part of her butt cheeks. But somehow the old uniform had polish. It was made of a more substantial knit fabric and there were matching red tennis panties underneath over dark stockings. One might postulate today that those stocking were made of carbon nano-tubules or some other very strong fiber.

The current uniform, I don’t know, just doesn’t look like it could protect a girl from even a puff of wind from the wrong direction.
And what would we find under that flimsy skirt? Probably a chaste pair of late 20th Century white cotton panties to go with that chaste little late 20th Century bra we see in ST09.
Does Nu-Lt. Uhura have a fetish for vintage underwear?

Come on, design guys, use your noodle! It’s the 23rd Century.

590. JRT! - February 27, 2012

Wonder why they’re now trying to say that the action in these pics won’t be in the movie? The cameras weren’t rolling,they were just rehearsing and so on and so on. It’s not exactly spolier pics,even if it’s at the end of the movie.

And if they’re so upset about these socalled leaked pics,why not give us some official ones!? And stuff like this is bound to happen in this day and age,it happened in 09 as well. Just saying,lol!

Have fun y’all! J-R!

591. Hat Rick - February 27, 2012

Let’s not draw too many negative conclusions about the movie from just a few takes that aren’t even in it as filmed. We’re a long way from a completed cut; I would guess that the movie isn’t even 25% filmed, overall. And then there’s special effects, post-production, editing, retakes, more editing, more post-production, etc. To be realistic, we have seen — maybe — one of literally hundreds of scenes in the movie, and that’s not counting specifcal effects, different perspectives on the same scene, etc., which could easily take the count up to the thousands. So in a sense, we have seen less than maybe one-tenth of one percent of what could be in the final production.

The great Stanley Kubrick was thought to have taken hundreds of shots of the same scene just to get the one, perfect take, or so I’ve heard. Or at least, this was true one of those similar directors of renown.

So, all in all, we’ve seen maybe .01 percent of the movie so far — and not even an actual take of it. This leaves 99.99 percent of the movie essentially unknown. I don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t make judgments based on one-tenth of one percent of most anything.

592. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - February 27, 2012

great reporting :)

593. D for me - February 27, 2012

Gary Mitchell!

594. Grumpsonso - February 27, 2012

This is mainly a message to the writers and director and fans of Trek and cinema. I could possibly be shot down for the following comments but my point however is thus. An odd thing occured to me yesterday browsing through the leaked piccies on trekmovie and I started to feel an ever growing feeling of frustration and sadness. Sadly I feel in a constant state of struggle trying to accept a world where information is not only available at a click of a button but is actually presented to you whether you search for it or not. The movie industry as it stands today is guilty of pushing out endless crap for us to digest, with the “Burger King” mentality. Get bums on seats, more CGI burger dressing and F*ck the content. A handful of people still remember what actuall movie making is all about, Abrams Star Trek team are right up there, and you can see this by the their “No compromise” attitude to not rushing things through at anytime. So having crafted and listened to fans contribution on this very site, they are rewarded with leaked pictures that even this site decides to print!! Wha? I wonder if Mr Orci feels a slight feeling of apprehension to post on the very site that feels its OK to do so?
So OK this isnt really a stab at this site but a broader issue is at stake here, in that the freedom of information is not necessarily freedom if you have no choice to avoid a website that you love in order to not spoil the movie.
I think that this site as “Lovers” of Star Trek should boycott printing leaks and keep to official stuff which, if showing respect may actually lead to some nice little offerings in appreciation from the JJ camp.
There are story arcs out there in IDW that are wonderfully crafted to give you inside fan info on story possibilities in many creative ways. The mystery of something can only serve to make the end product so much more rewardable. I often wonder if people feel that movies have already been played in their heads by the time their bums hit the seats.
COME ON people lets say NAY to leaks and YARHOO to the mystery of the world of film! You never know, you may actually enjoy the experience all that much more!! :)

595. Hat Rick - February 27, 2012

594: Why not just simply refuse to read articles that may have spoilers in them? Including ones that say that there are leaked photos, for example.

596. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

I hear what you’re saying but I think the “information genie” is out of the bottle. There’s no going back to the days when you had to wait for the next issue of magazine to find out what’s going on with the Trek film (or any other). The cat is out of the bag…and there is no putting in back in.

Maybe some self control by not clicking on articles that might “spoil” things for you is the only option we have now?

597. Grumpsonso - February 27, 2012

Its not always that easy, point being that you’re just blazened with images as soon as you open the site. Like I said this is not really an attack on this particular site but i dont want to have to cover my eyes inadvertently having to try and not catch something. A personal principle perhaps, but I think my gripe is with the general state of over saturation that all movies receive, and I can only summarise that this new Star Trek movie will be shoehorned into my subcontious before even having seen it!

598. orly - February 27, 2012

More photographs from the set of Star Trek

599. orly - February 27, 2012

Quinto talks Star Trek at the Oscards

600. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

Zoom in and look at Cumberbacht’s ears! They don’t look Vulcan but they don’t look human either…I may have to take back my Gary Mitchell claim!

601. Mark Lynch - February 27, 2012

Someone a while back said that changing Khan’s ethnicity would be a whitewashing of the character. In all terms I think… :)

But in the upcoming Superman film, Man of Steel, the Perry White character is not going to be, errrm, white at all. Not many people are up in arms about that. I wonder why?

But let me state two things;
1) I do not believe for one second that Khan is going to be used as the villain
2) If Khan was to be used, it would be incredibly stupid to change the ethnicity of the character

I don’t believe the writers are stupid. I also recall a statement from them that there would be no TOS character used as the villain.

Actually I have a third thing
3) Why oh why do we have to have a moustache twirling, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! villain in the first place? Whatever happened to subtlety?

602. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

The better question is — what happened to Star TREK? TREK as in voyage…journey…QUEST! The title says exploration but the stories are, as you say, about the “villain of the week”…

It’s really sad how little people today understand what Star Trek is supposed to be. It really bends my gooseneck out of shape…:-)

603. JRT! - February 27, 2012

It’s became just another sci fi action adventure these days as I suppose that’s what they think the audience wants. Who knows. I loved the last Trek movie though,and look forward ot this one.

And no way will I shy away from pics like these,I LOVE spoilers! LOL! Even though,like I said in earlier post,these don’t look very spoilery to me. There’s no way I’m gonna avoid pics and such if it’s out there,so no boycott from me,lol! Some official stuff would be nice though.

Have fun y’all! J-R!

604. The Last Vulcan - February 27, 2012

Those are Cumby’s ears, no prosthetics. He just has weird ears.

It looks like one helluva fight on 3562.

I found this reference to an NCC3562 on a spreadsheet from that may just be fanboi fodder:

USS NCC-3562 Pharris Mk I 2/19/2291 2/15/2292 6/16/2292 Strategic Frigate Starfleet Prototype Starfleet Prototype

The SS Botany Bay is a DY100 nomenclature, so that’s not a match in any way I can see.

So the bottom line is that we still can’t really extrapolate much of anything, other that whoever Cumby is playing is not a “standard issue” human as no Homo Sapiens could kick Vulcan a$$ like that!

605. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

#604 — He (Cumby) has strange ears for sure! I thought they *might* be his actual ears…lol!!!

606. The Last Vulcan - February 27, 2012

#605 Yup! Those are the ears specifically from the Cumby race from planet Benedict 3562. :)

607. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

Gary Mitchell!!! I’m back on the Gary Mitchell train! LOL!!! All he needs is the glowing eyes!

608. Picard's Fish - February 27, 2012


nice sleuthin’.. I wonder…

609. Bob - February 27, 2012

Looks like they’re fighting on the Botany Bay (Khan’s sleeper ship) after they crash it on to Ceti Alpha 5…

610. Bob - February 27, 2012

And remember, in “Space Seed” they put Khan into a Starfleet uniform. (Always hated that, but I’m not wardrobe.) Maybe it is Khan. If so, very disappointing. Wanted a completely new villian

611. Tiberius Subprime - February 27, 2012

Quinto stated that these photos were not let out by JJ.

Whoever leaked these photos will probably never work in Hollywood again. I’d hate to be the person who gets the wrong end of JJ’s stick.

612. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

Ummm… who says no one can over power Spock? There were many episodes where he wasn’t able to beat his adversaries. And in Spock’s Brain, he was overpowered and his brain removed. In Patterns of Force, he and Kirk are captured. And so on. Spock isn’t invincible.

613. Hat Rick - February 27, 2012

Okay, new theory:

Cumberbatch plays PIcard’s clone. I mean, Spock’s clone, not Picard’s clone. (Where would I ever get such a ridiculous idea? Man, sometimes my thoughts are my nemesis.)

As I said, Cumberbatch plays Spock’s clone — human clone, except that Cumberbatch’s character identifies primarily with humans whereas Spock identifies primarily with Vulcans.

Don’t believe me?

Compare the two in the following. They are virtually identical! Even the hair looks similar.

Yay! This theory is virtually indestructible, as you can see. Yay again! I win!

614. Hat Rick - February 27, 2012

^^ Thanks to Orly, by the way, for the cool link to the excellents pics!

615. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

#608 — Thanks, buddy!! Although…I’ve been told those are Cumby’s actual ears…we’ll see!

Whatever he is playing, I don’t think he’s playing Khan. I don’t think him wearing a Starfleet uniform like Khan did in part of Space Seed is enough to say he’s Khan.

Whoever it is is superhuman and is IN Starfleet…*cough* Gary Mitchell *cough*….:-)

616. Dr. Image - February 27, 2012

Meanwhile, back at my phaser rant- looks like they dumped the flippy nozzle. But if you’re going to redesign them, REDESIGN them!!

617. Hat Rick - February 27, 2012

^^ I meant to write, “Cumberbatch plays Spock’s clone, except that he identifies primarily with humans whereas Spock identifies primarily with Vulcans.” As corrected.

My theory: Virtually indestructible, I tells ya!

618. The Last Vulcan - February 27, 2012

@608 Thanks! I was hoping that JJ & Co. were going to leave some bread crumbs somewhere, but I think that the number on the “barge” is not one of them.

Cumby may look a bit like Zach in profile, but keep in mind that “the official story” is that Del Toro was supposed to play Cumby’s role and he looks a lot more like a stumpy Klingon than Spock. I can’t see someone of Benicio’s stature beating the crap outta Spock, so maybe the whole thing was a ruse and Cumby’s playing someone else or ???

They sure do love to keep us guessin’… but that’s part of the fun! :)

619. JRT! - February 27, 2012

Quinto also said this is not actually in the movie,they were just rehearsing and the camers weren’t rolling,blah,blah,blah. What,they’re doing this for the dvd or something? LOL! Fun pics nonetheless.


620. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

Meh…the phaser isn’t what needed redesigning — it’s engineering that needed the overhaul.

621. The Last Vulcan - February 27, 2012

@619 That’s a highly choreographed fight sequence, complete with stunt doubles. That may have been a rehearsal, but the bottom line is that sequence is in the movie… or WAS, considering JJ is royally pissed and may cut the whole thing now just to “keep the surprises coming.”

Hmm… in the JJverse Spock was stranded on Delta Vega, and in the Canonverse Gary Mitchell was dumped there… and maybe that’s where he picked up Gary Mitchell and cheesed him off so he wants to take it out on JJSpock… outside the bar at 3562 Lithium Cracking Station Road, perhaps? :)

Either that or the Moriarty Hologram managed to transport Sherlock Holmes into the future where he is hired by Robocop… nah… let’s not go there! :)

622. Mark Lynch - February 27, 2012

I thought the phaser looked a bit different.

Maybe this time it will have more settings than solely stun or kill!

We can but hope.

623. SirBroiler - February 27, 2012

Seriously – can you people read? Gary Mitchell’s storyline was already addressed in the new Star Trek comics which are considered cannon to the Abramsverse. No way that Cumberbatch is playing him in this movie. Move on folks.

624. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

Let me add to SirBroiler’s post….

It is NOT Finnigan. Finnigan wasn’t a villain, just a bully classmate of Kirk’s.

It is NOT Gary Seven. Gary Seven wasn’t a villain.

It is NOT Gary Mitchell. That story was done in the recent comics.

It is NOT Khan. And those who say that things in terms of ethnicity can change because of the new timeline… It did not affect Khan’s ethnicity. The timeline changed at the time of Kirk’s birth, not before that.

Why is everyone insisting that the villain will be someone from an old episode? Poke your heads outside the Trek bubble for a bit. It will probably be a new character.

IF they bring someone in from Trek lore, it will be someone like Chapel or Rand.

625. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

People. People. People…

For the LAST fracking time — comics and novels are NOT cannon!!!!!!! Never have been, never will be. What is done in comics has zip, zero, nada bearing on what is seen onscreen!!!

You’re really bending my gooseneck out of shape and I’m about to go all Kathy Bates from Misery on yo azzes…

626. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

625. Goosenecked Fan

Bob Orci had stated that the new comics are considered cannon. The idea was to redo some of the original episodes in comic form. He oversees them. So, in THIS case, they ARE considered cannon.

627. Scott - February 27, 2012

#625 – no they arent, however the Supreme Court have mentioned that they planned out the video game and comic storylines to coincide with the plot of the movie, as they did with the comics that dealt with the Spock/Romulus backstory before Star Trek 2009 came out. So they could have some bearing on the movie and provide some hints

628. Sebastian S. - February 27, 2012

Re: Azael’s following comment —

“For those who keep playing the “Cumberbach can’t possibly be playing Khan cause he’s too white/British” card I have to say, as I and others have said before, Khan is the product of genetic engineering and as such his “apparent” ethnicity does not have to have anything to do with the regional origin of his name, he could look like anyone, period. To think otherwise simply shows a lack of understanding of what genetic engineering is, and a refusal to accept the facts handed to you. ”

No, no one’s refusing to accept anything; nor is anyone playing a ‘card’. Watch TOS “Space Seed” again; when Marla McGivers first saw Khan, she identified him quite readily as a Sikh warrior from northern India; based SOLEY on his physical appearance (despite his lack of customary Sikh beard; oh well… Greg Cox had a good reason for that in his Khan books) .

A fair-skinned, blue-eyed Brit would NOT pass for a Sikh at first glace; that’s not an ignorance of genetics, that’s observation. This has NOTHING to do with genetic engineering (or anyone’s relative knowledge of it). It has to do with following a significant bit of exposition. I realize this is an ‘altered timeline’ but the Botany Bay lifted off centuries before in ST’s history; before the Nero incursion. Khan looking like a different race just doesn’t fit….

That said, I too don’t think Cumberbatch is playing Khan either (not for the obvious reasons). Although I’m thinking he will be a post-Eugenics augment of some kind….

629. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

That’s silly! So they can reference events in the comics in the movies now? That’s the only purpose in making books and comics cannon.

And that’s why Roddenberry always said books and comics were NOT cannon. He didn’t want the space pirates and flying space monkeys in Issue # whatever of the Gold Key comic series (for example) as being part of the lexicon! Ditto for the novel “Spock Must Die”…

630. dmduncan - February 27, 2012

Bob is involved in the comics, and I believe it’s already been stated that events in the comics are building up to the release of the movie, so canon or not, Bob is ensuring that the comics are CONSISTENT with the movie. So you can pretty much count out any character that the comics have already dealt with. Meaning Gary Mitchell.

631. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

#627 — Yes, the Nero comics were cannon and if they decide to do something similar for the new film then, of course, that would be cannon too. I doubt the SC expects every comic printed to be cannon…

632. dmduncan - February 27, 2012

And I’m sure that you can probably find a few white Rastafarians if you look hard enough, but by and large the vast majority of Rastafarians you will find will be black. It’s not that there aren’t exceptions to every thing, but it would be foolish to change Khan after he has already been played as a person whose ethnicity is so freakin obviously different from Cumberbatch’s.

633. Nano - February 27, 2012

NO LENS FLARE – Images must be staged yes fake! :)

634. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

629. Goosenecked Fan

No, they cannot and won’t reference things from all the old comics in the movie. The comics are SPECIFIC to this new universe. The one’s that Bob and company are over seeing. They had the “countdown” comics to explain lots that happened before the 09 movie. And the recent one’s coincide with the new movie. They stated you don’t have to read the comics to see the movie. And I don’t believe that they will reference comic items in the movie… it will be the other way around. With this being said, all comics before (70s, 80s, 90s comics) are still not cannon. But they HAVE covered the Mitchell story. He won’t be in the movie. You may not consider those comics cannon, but Bob and company do.

635. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

#634 — If they say certain issues are cannon so be it. Can’t argue with that but I doubt they consider the “remake issues” like WNMHGB and Galileo 7 to be part of that. That’s all I’m saying…

636. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

635. Goosenecked Fan

From what I understand, yes, they are cannon to the NEW universe. TOS episodes are still cannon to the original universe.

637. rm10019 - February 27, 2012

636 – That is not my understanding. boborci described is work with the comics, as pro-bono and advisory. Also stating that there will be ideas seeded in a few issues that will pay off in the next film, but never stating categorically that the events in the comics are considered as ‘canon.’

Considering we won’t see these events in the nuNiverse any other way, it doesn’t really matter. It merely will be interesting to see what if anything is/will be contradicted in the name of the film’s needs.

638. MoPed - February 27, 2012

If it really is Khan, then I would be disappointed, although I love Benedict Cumberbatch. You’d think in the year 2012 we’d be to the point that we could hire an Indian actor, like Naveen Andrews, to play an Indian character.

639. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

#638 — I agree wholeheartedly!

640. rm10019 - February 27, 2012

I agree if it was Khan, which i doubt, Naveen would have been brilliant, and I’m sure would have been considered if available.

641. dmduncan - February 27, 2012

The comics aren’t canon, but they ARE still consistent with the movies. That’s my understanding.

642. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 27, 2012

#641 – Thank you, dmduncan for spelling this “canon” correctly. In all the previous posts, I kept wanting to hide from the big cannon (as in very big gun) found on an old Spanish galleon or other warship while trying to read the posts.

Star Trek could, of course, provide the ultimate canon shoot-out…:)

If it were going to be Khan, then surely a good Indian actor would have been chosen to play that part. No Khan. Then again, maybe the character does turn up but the role is very minor…

643. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

Keachick, I fire my photo CANNON in your direction! KA-POW!!!! Hehehe…

644. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012


645. Jai - February 27, 2012

As someone who actually is an Indian Sikh, I’d like to give a round of applause to Sebastian S for #442 and #628; I’m glad somebody is saying all this. Friendly shout-out to DMDuncan for #632 too.

The majority of Sikhs are Punjabi, and about 60% of Indian Punjabis are Sikhs. Ricardo Montalban looked “stereotypically Punjabi” in Space Seed. Here are a couple of very successful Indian Punjabi actors who do look quite a lot like Montalban in that TOS episode:,

Does Cumberbatch in the leaked photos look anything like any of those three guys ? No. So it’s very unlikely that he’s playing Khan.

However, if it turns out that Cumberbatch has been cast in the role, I think Sebastian S has made some particularly good arguments against the decision.

If there’s any connection to the Eugenics Wars, it’s much more likely that Cumberbatch isn’t Khan himself but another genetically-augmented superhuman.

I also agree with Mike H’s suggestion and think that Cumberbatch (and/or Peter Weller) could actually have a connection to Colonel Green in some form; it’s something I’ve suspected for a while.

646. John from Cincinnati - February 27, 2012


Why would you feel “betrayed”?

It’s not your Star Trek.

Orci and Abrams have already proven they could care less what fans thought before so why should they listen to you?

647. John from Cincinnati - February 27, 2012

Yes, let’s all hope it’s a newly created villain, one that will go down in the annals of movie history as one of the greatest villains of all time!

Like that other newly created villain they wrote up in the last movie, what was his name? Zero? Neromancer?

648. Sebastian S. - February 27, 2012


Thank you, Jai.
Most kind. :-)

I have a few close friends of mine from India and I’m sure they would find Benedict Cumberbatch’s casting as a Sikh a bit insulting (no matter his talent or capability).

Hope we can truly put the Khan rumor to bed once and for all…

649. Phil - February 27, 2012

648 comments…have we finished piecing together the script yet?

650. Phil - February 27, 2012

So, in this universe the Space Seed folks were all genetically engineered to be skinny white guys?

Okay, I know the nuverse is a similar timeline, but not exactly, but according to TOS, Botney Bay was launched 20 years ago, and First contact is only about 60 years away. Kinda sucks to have a fake current event setting this up for the movie.

Last thought…Spock dies in TWOK. ZQ has a contract to do a third movie. Assuming Khan is in this movie, and considering the events of TWOK I, just how does this all mesh up without killing Spock….

651. Sebastian S. - February 27, 2012


Why does it all have to mesh with TWOK and Spock’s death? It really doesn’t. And when you say ‘assuming Khan is in this movie’? I see absolutely NO evidence that he is in this movie, other than fan speculation on these boards. The photos (and Cumberbatch’s casting as the villain) would seem to negate the presence of Khan (but not another augment perhaps; as his resistance to a Vulcan neck pinch seems to hint. But remember, Gary Seven also had immunity).

I also see no evidence that the events of TWOK are merging with the JJ Abramsverse.

652. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

651. Sebastian S

Why Gary Seven??? He wasn’t a villain.

653. TrekkerChick - February 27, 2012


It doesn’t have to mesh.

I’m not sure that anyone has said that this *is* a Space Seed/TWOK remake, although some have speculated ad nauseum that might be (and, w/o a script, no one outside the talent/production crew knows – that also doesn’t preclude the potential for it to be )..

654. Red Dead Ryan - February 27, 2012

Gary Seven won’t be in the sequel. He wasn’t a villain. He was working to keep humans from destroying each other with nuclear weapons. He was an advocate for peace.

655. charles charles - February 27, 2012

i didnt want to look at them… but i just had to… dam the pops

656. Sebastian S. - February 27, 2012


Montreal Paul–

I didn’t mean to imply that Gary Seven was the villain; I was only using him as an example of other humans who were immune to the Vulcan neck pinch.

Sorry if I misled. Not intentional. ;-)

657. JRT! - February 27, 2012

Yeah,you’re probably right. But I hope this still stays in the movie and that there’s no panicky rewrites going on over there,lol!

Anyways,I still look forward to this. I was more excited about seeing these pics than the first pics last year from the new Spidey movie……yeah,I’m a Spidey fan too,lol…..and THAT new movie looks like it could easily just be Spidey 4,lol!

Keep Trekkin’! J-R!

658. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 28, 2012

Just announce the name of the villian allready so we can move on from these stupid Khan Rumors

659. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 28, 2012

atleast 45 percent of the people in the poll think its a new character. :)

660. orly - February 28, 2012

Why do so many of you get so worked up. Its only a movie

Here’s video of the fight.

661. Little mOO - February 28, 2012

Why does curiosity get the better of us, wish I never look at the photos now and will try and not to look at the preview video of it too,( when it comes out.). It only spoiles what is going to be a greatly Directected, Produced film with good actors. If we keep on diging to find out what the film is all about, it will defeat the point of watching it. It like your watching a film at home and some coming into the room and telling the ending, just ruins the whole atmosphere of the film.

662. HomerT6 - February 28, 2012

I am just saddened that they’ve released photos of the film because now part of the mystery will be gone and we will develop preconceptions of what the movie is when we watch it.

663. Phil - February 28, 2012

@662. There have been preconcieved notions floating around about this film for two years now. Somebody throwing up a few telephoto lens pics isn’t any more of a distraction then people telling the story based on their favorite TOS episode or character….

664. Phil - February 28, 2012

@651. I was commenting on a general train of thought in this thread that Khan, being genetically engineered, didn’t really have to look like he was from India. My position from day one was new movie, new characters. I would not mind the antognist not dying at the end of the movie, but that may be wishful thinking on my part.

665. Darth Rane - February 28, 2012

The mention of “some variation of a Starfleet uniform” got me thinking that maybe this is the dude from the pilot episode of TOS….the one where Kirk’s best friend develops telekinesis and all manner of god like powers. That would explain why he’s stronger/as strong as Spock…

Or it could just be Kahn. I hope to the high heavens it’s not Kahn, though…. D:

666. Daoud - February 29, 2012

@613. So you’re saying they’re redoing “Enemy Within” but this time Spock gets split into a mostly-human-but-strong Cumbyspock, and a mostly-Vulcan-but-weak Quintospock?

I could buy that concept. There was a fanfic in Trekdom in the 70s that did just that splitting Spock into a human and a pure Vulcan. Forget the title though. :/

667. Khan was Framed! - February 29, 2012

It’s a Starfleet shirt, but as we know from ST’09 it’s not an active duty uniform, which is why Kirk was wearing it under his cadet uniform.

This guy looks human but is stronger then Spock & can avoid the effects of a neck pinch.

The numbers by Uhura are human & the starship architecture looks more industrial & primitive than the Enterprise.

This is Khan.

He’s in a Starfleet shirt, after being awakened on the Enterprise.

Here he’s gone back to the Botany Bay, to free his Lieutenants from cryogenic suspension & Spock has beamed over with a boarding party to stop him.

Khan is an augment, so he may be strong enough to fight a Vulcan & win. The neck pinch won’t work because his neurology is more resilient than an average human.

I’ve said it from day one, the antagonist in this movie is Khan.

668. Phil - February 29, 2012

@667. Boy, are you going to be dissapointed.

669. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 29, 2012

#666 Now that could make for an interesting story. I like it.

670. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 29, 2012

J.J. still waiting for the name of charecter B.C. is playing. You did say in November to the interviewer on the MTV blog that once you cast the part you would announce the characters name.

671. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 29, 2012

You forgot one thing Khan isn’t Caucasian.

672. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 29, 2012

667 that would be like casting a Caucasian guy as shaft when they made the reboot of Shaft with Sam Jackson back in 2000.
It wouldnt happen.

673. Red Dead Ryan - March 1, 2012

Kingpin from “Daredevil” was cast with a Black actor–Michael Clarke Duncan– despite the fact in the comics the character was white.

So its okay to recast a white character with a non-white actor, but not a non-white character with a white actor?

674. Azrael - March 1, 2012

Also Laurence Fishburne is playing the character of Perry White in the Superman reboot, which is a white character in the comics. There is also Samuel Jackson playing Nick Fury, who was originally a caucasian. My basic point being name and ethnicity don’t really have to line up, my name is a mix of an Irish first name and a Danish last name, and both are part of my extremely mixed ethnic backround, I am also a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe (the one suing alcohol producers) and my family is connected to the real Laura Ingalls Wilder, as well as Benedict Arnold (I don’t have to like it, it’s just a fact I can’t change), and two Presidents.

675. The One - March 2, 2012

I find it interesting that Cumberbun must have super human strength in order to pry open a vulcans hand and make spock scream. Or if not it makes Kirk look like a wimp when spock beat him on his own bridge.

676. Jimbos' Hair Hat - March 2, 2012

Perhaps it’s Gary Mitchell from “Where no man has gone before”?

677. kahn - March 3, 2012

for all the people who think this could be kahn because of the neck pinch, i haven’t seen the episode on a while but if memory serves didn’t one of kahns men fall prey to the nerve pinch somewhere towards the end when spock was taken to the pressure chamber? all of kahns followers should be similiar in strength so if one succumbed to the nerve pinch then it would be logical kahn would to.
as for gary mitchell it is interesting but his powers were enhanced when the enterprise went through the great barrier and in this reality that didn’t or doesn’t happen. unless this is the movie that does it. JJ said this is a new story or original so i’m holding him to it.

678. DD Yodock - March 4, 2012

I love the Star Trek movies. I am just hoping JJ Abrams will control his urge to put flare everywhere. It does look cool but not al the time, everywhere on everything.

679. S. Sarge - March 13, 2012

I am a Gaffer (I do lighting on the sets of the new Star Trek film). Just thought I’d let all you know that most of what you are seeing here is rehearsals and goofing off, not actual takes. The electric carts are what the actors use to go back and forth to their trailers (we use them too). The buget for this film is way bigger than the last film and they are rehearsing and filming some of those rehearsals because they are trying out different digital filming techniques and also giving the actors more time to prepare and test dialogue. They often do this in comfortable street clothes like Zachary Quinto is wearing. The comments here about what they think is happening is WAY OFF, trust me!

680. Jason - March 18, 2012

In practice tell next to nothing other wearing starfleet uniforms. They could be personal just been assimilate by the Borg.

681. fan - March 21, 2012

Its Mitchell and they got the blonde chick, Alice Eve to play Doctor Elizabeth Dehner, I bet.

682. thomas toupal - April 7, 2012

There you have it. The photo’s are just pretend action. Notice the villain’s clothes are dirty and appears to have a wound; he still could be Matt Decker captain of the U.S.S. Constellation trying to escape the Enterprise by commandeering a shuttlecraft.

The scene could very well be the shuttle bay and would explain why captain Kirk is not present.

What could make the movie a bit more interesting is if the creators combined two episodes and somehow thread them together as one. Here is one possibilitiy for NCC 1017:

Have it NCC 1017 introduce the corbomite menuever/alien; after destroying the doomsday machine the enterprise and crew meet Balok and have a glass of tranya. Although explaining the corbomite will have to be created on the fly, given the power of the doomsday machine.

This would get star trek back to seeking out new life and new civilizations. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.