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More Star Trek Sequel Set Images: Simon Pegg and Zoe Saldana Spotted In New Uniform March 19, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

TrekMovie is back and there are more of those leaked spy pics from the Star Trek sequel production. This time actors Zoe Saldana (Uhura) and John Cho (Sulu) have been spotted, both in a uniform not seen in the 2009 Star Trek film. Check out a few of the images below but beware of spoilers.


These boots are made for walking with Cho and Saldana on Star Trek set

Here are just some of the latest images of Cho and Saldana on the Star Trek set.

John Cho on location for Star Trek sequel

John Cho on location for Star Trek sequel

As noted before, ignore the coats, which are just issued to all cast by Bad Robot and are not seen on screen. But we can see a bit of what is going on underneath. Both Saldana and Cho appear to be wearing the same type of uniform, but this is not one seen in the 2009 Star Trek film. While grey like the uniforms worn by instructors at the academy, this does not have the same lines and the boots are certainly different. If you look closely at Saldana’s, you can see a touch of red on her right collar. Cho’s uniform appears to have a different shade of grey or silver at the same location.

By the way. It is possible that the uniform Simon Pegg was wearing in the video he shot from the set last month was also of this new type. It is hard to tell as we only got a glimpse of the collar.

UPDATE: Not the new main uniforms

Some have speculated that these uniforms are replacing the classic Trek-inspired colorful uniforms we saw in the 2009 Star Trek movie. However, the last set of photos already showed us both Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana wearing the same standard uniforms from that previous film. And in the above mentioned video, Karl Urban’s blue tunic could also be seen. These grey uniforms are just some kind of variant, possibly for some kind of special mission.

One of the nice things about having a big budget is that we get to see the characters in various different outfits. Past Trek films tended to have little variety in wardrobe, with some actors appearing in the same outfits from film to film. 

You can see more of these photos from at and JustJared.



1. Lt. Bailey - March 19, 2012

Great… another style of ST unforms for us fans/collectors to wear!

2. Jeyl - March 19, 2012

Sing the praises of pants!

3. martin - March 19, 2012

I wonder if there is a headpiece made of shower curtain to go with that uniform.

The way the bottom of it fits to the boot for some reason reminds me of the suit in Naked Time.

4. Trick - March 19, 2012


5. Devon - March 19, 2012

TrekMovie has risen like a Phoenix!

6. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 19, 2012

What – boring grey? and everybody in pants? So it seems that patriarchy still rules, even in the 23rd century. They have to be kidding.

TOS uniforms spoke energy, colour, variety, individuality (as in various departments, whether they be science, administration etc were allowed their own identity). As an ecology guy called Schumacher once wrote – “Variety is not the spice of life. It is the necessity of life” and I think that refers to most, if not all, aspects of life. He has yet to be proved wrong.

7. section9 - March 19, 2012

Q came back. He was so bored with Picard he transported the whole kit n’ caboodle to the 23rd Century. Now they are in the Next Gen reality where there’s a Vulcan (plot point resolved). Kirk has to say “Make it so…” before the Enterprise can warp out.

8. Devon - March 19, 2012

“TOS uniforms spoke energy, colour, variety, individuality (as in various departments, whether they be science, administration etc were allowed their own identity)”

This was basically to help NBC advertise its color broadcasting capabilities, not any special in-universe reason (other than probably a 3 second discussion on “Well we’ll do this and have all the command people one color, science, etc. This should make NBC happy.”

But I wouldn’t worry about it though, uniforms wouldn’t be the only thing on screen.

9. Paul - March 19, 2012

They look too cheesy to be anything but wetsuits of some type.

10. Limey - March 19, 2012

The new uniforms look sort of like they’re from Galaxy Quest. ..I hope they don’t wear these full time. Still have high hopes for the film though.

11. rogue_alice - March 19, 2012

Is Zoe carrying the iPhone120?

12. Commodore Redshirt - March 19, 2012

Welcome back Anthony! As you can tell from the last old story… we missed you! Hope all is well!

13. Craiger - March 19, 2012

Trekweb already posted these 10 days ago. Old news.

14. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 19, 2012

#8 – To be honest, I did not need to know that. The fact that they put these characters in different coloured uniforms is neither here nor there for me. I still love the style and colour and since then SF uniforms have either become drab and/or too militaristic looking.

When I first watched Star Trek, it was on a little b/w TV set. It was not until the early 80s that I saw my first TOS episode in colour, although I had seen colour pictures of the three main characters in their uniforms. I liked those pictures I saw in the NZ Listener – not sure but I think they were in that magazine.

15. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 19, 2012

Ugh – no edit option. I meant to say – “The REASON that they put these characters…”

16. Anthony Thompson - March 19, 2012

Where’s our countdown clock? And our on-set Q&A with JJ and the cast?

17. Anthony Thompson - March 19, 2012

13. Craiger

What a wet blanket you are!

18. Captain Hackett - March 19, 2012

– No. 13 Craiger

Who cares abot Trekweb? I prefer this site over there!

19. Harry Ballz - March 19, 2012

New threads on this site??!!

Can’t talk………swallowed tongue… surprise!!

20. sunfell - March 19, 2012

Finally, a bit of common sense! Glad to see that Uhura will wear a real uniform instead of that skimpy dress. I realize that they were paying homage to the old series with it, but in practical terms, such a uniform is really insane in a working environment.

21. Craiger - March 19, 2012

#17, I am not a wet blanket just frustrated that this once great site is getting to be unreliable for Trek News.

22. Paul Winstone - March 19, 2012

These are probably special mission uniforms, something better for a hostile environment, say Ceti Alpha V.

23. Captain Hackett - March 19, 2012

21 – Unreliable?! LMAO

No Trek sites is more reliable than this site because this site is having far more reliable sources than these sites.

24. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 19, 2012

#22 – If we are seeing what could be Starfleet uniforms, I can see wearing them in a hostile environment as being a practical option, but not as everyday wear on a properly functioning environmentally controlled state-of-the-art USS Enterprise.

25. Philip Dunlop - March 19, 2012

I’ve a feeling these are something JJ Abrams have made the cast wear while on walkabout so as photos don’t leak of the real things. He’s been known to go to those kinds of measures before. It’s akin to carmakers putting dazzle camouflage on their prototypes so people with telephoto lenses can’t identify them.

26. rogue_alice - March 19, 2012

#24 – The future will be hawter.

27. Simon - March 19, 2012

#6 – The TOS uniforms were campy looking space pajamas.

Nick Meyer had it right for the TOS films.

TNG finally got it right with the FIRST CONTACT uniforms, which DS9 adopted.

I wish the new TREK would be more like those, but I think these “new” uniforms are “Away Team” type outfits.

28. trekmaster - March 19, 2012

These are outdoor uniforms, seen and worn in TOS “The Cage”.

29. CAPT KRUNCH - March 19, 2012

I was wondering if this “reliable” site was up anymore…Glad to see it is…If I saw SHAT on Psyche one more day…. I thought J.J. was begging to have all these photo leaks not shown..For someone who is so upset about them going over the web, he doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it…
for us fans though..this is great…I was beginning to think that all of these shots were something J.J . was doing to throw us all off.. that seems like something he would do?….Keep up the good work Anthony!

30. Tanner Waterbury - March 19, 2012

Oh man…if these ARE the Galaxy Quest uniforms….I will LOL HARD! And Welcome Back Anthony…we thought you died or something, glad to see you around again!

31. Basement Blogger - March 19, 2012

I like what is going on. They look like away team uniforms. Very practical. The 2009 uniforms were based on the sixties series uniforms. Those were a product of their times. Colors were emphasized because of the advent of color TV. The women wore mini-skirts. I actually like the uniforms from “The Menagerie.”

Still, it looks like a nice break from the sixties series uniforms.

32. Seneschall - March 19, 2012

It’s a shame the jackets aren’t part of the uniform. They almost resemble a proper Navy Pea Coat.

33. Killamarshtrek - March 19, 2012

Anthony, nice to see you back, even if it is with old news. Hope whatever the problem was is resolved and it’s full steam ahead to the next movie!

34. Vultan - March 19, 2012

From the fine clothiers of Admiral Piett & Sons.
Introducing… the Imperial collection.

35. Gary Makin - March 19, 2012

Why not just have them in NASA-type flight suits, with TOS-style primary colour jerseys or tees underneath? Kinda like what Enterprise almost did.

Are you listening, Bob?

36. Geodesic - March 19, 2012

I I were JJ Abrams, I would have the cast walkaround in the open wearing beekeepers outfits just to mess with photographers.

37. Jack - March 19, 2012

33. Agreed.

38. Dr. Cheis - March 19, 2012

I bet this is their new “commando” uniforms. We never got to see those in TOS, but they wore them in ST:V and rarely in the TNG era.

BTW, wonder what Cho is listening to?

39. porthoses bitch - March 19, 2012

The jackets are the uniform…..the lesson to be learned is “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!” Wb anthony…

40. TrekkerChick - March 19, 2012


Beastie Boys “Sabotage”

41. none - March 19, 2012

get rid of Zoe’s ponytail

42. Trick - March 19, 2012


I see what you did there…

43. sterj - March 19, 2012

Welcome back, Anthony!

As for this gray uniform, remember that the first leaked photos had Uhura in the red miniskirt brandishing a phaser. She did not seem to be on the ship, so one cannot say por certain that the red mini is her day uni and the gray suit is for away missions. The data are too meager.

44. Trekboi - March 19, 2012

It’s Alive!

45. Battle-scarred Sciatica - March 19, 2012

Old news.

Must try harder.

46. Dee - lvs moon' surface - March 19, 2012

Hmmmm… a bit old news….;-) :-)

47. Ted C - March 19, 2012

Where were the “spoilers”? Are we that desperate for news that we think this qualifies?

48. the Quickening - March 19, 2012

I agree with you–in part–on all except the uniforms Nick Meyer adopted for TOS movies. I thought they were way too militarist, and were a lift from Horatio Hornblower–one of Roddenberry’s clear influences for TREK. The only thing Meyer missed were the naval hats. Lol. The uniforms were way too obvious, and too much of a caricature of the seafaring, nautical-like adventure Gene and company were going for with STAR TREK.

The shirts of TOS television series kinda recalled pajama’s, but not the pants. At least the producers were attempting to be creative, and not relying on the easy and standard military-look so many sci-fi projects–past and present–go for.

I still say the TOS pants, with the bell-bottom-like flange cuffs at the end of each pants leg–mixed with boots, were kick-ass awesome, and totally original. No one can ever copy it and not pay homage to TOS. That’s for sure.

49. LongIslandTrekster - March 19, 2012

Hello again everyone. Just like I predicted, no comments from Bob Orci since the first of these leaked photographs were posted.

I doubt we will even get a working title until the trailer is released.

50. captain spock - March 19, 2012

44 old news, yes your right on this.

trekmovie is about two weeks behind on this artical, i posted this on several other websites a while ago,,,

51. Anthony Thompson - March 19, 2012

49. LongIslandTrekker

You’re wrong. Bob has commented since then. Several times.

52. PEB - March 19, 2012

either away team suits for cold/hot climates or its what jj is making them wear because he’s super pissed about the leaked photos. either way, i wouldnt worry, you’ll see the brightly colored uniforms on the big screen. i mean think about it, they wouldnt wait an entire film to put chris pine in the gold shirt only to change the uniforms in the next movie.

as long as they dont do what generations did and mix up uniforms on the ship. i mean really…am i supposed to believe that starfleet would make drastic changes to their uniforms and then halfway phase them in (on the federation’s flagship no less)?

53. the Dogfaced Boy - March 19, 2012

Anthony, showing these smuggled pictures. Don’t he know that’s why he was suspending the last couple of weeks?

54. Paul - March 19, 2012

I am feed up of hearing about JJ Trek it’s not Star Trek it’s just awful.

55. the Dogfaced Boy - March 19, 2012

…why he was suspended …. I wouldn’t normally correct myself for a typo like this but with my user name, I don’t want anyone to think I’m doing it on purpose.

56. Goosenecked Fan - March 19, 2012

ANTHONY LIVES!!! YAYYYY!!!! Interesting pictures! Now don’t go get in trouble for posting this stuff! LOL!!!

57. the Dogfaced Boy - March 19, 2012

See my comment above. Unlike 54. Paul – here, who’s not worried about typos (or commas).

58. montreal_paul - March 19, 2012

54. Paul
” I am feed up of hearing about JJ Trek it’s not Star Trek it’s just awful.”

Then you are in the wrong place because you may here a lot about the new STAR TREK movie in here. You can go to and read some old articles about the all the previous movies and shows.

59. DJT - March 19, 2012

Holy crap! Galaxy Quest???

60. PEB - March 19, 2012

they wont look like galaxy quest uniforms… lol

and really, we have to remember how different things look once you see them in a film after all the lighting is just right. seriously, hold up a prop and then look at the same prop in a film once the colors are washed a little, darkened and there’s all that movie magic on top of it all. the end result looks 10 times better. have a little faith.

61. Cervantes - March 19, 2012

*SPLUTTER!* What’s this ‘away team’ nonsense that’s being mentioned by certain posters here?

This is supposed to be ‘TOS’ so these would be ‘landing party’ costumes my friends! :)

Still, I’m sure glad we’ve had confirmation that nu-‘Uhura’ will still be wearing her colorful ‘mini-dress’…

62. SirBroiler - March 19, 2012

Hmmm…new uniforms? Or, Mirror Universe uniforms!? Or Bottany Bay uniforms?!? Or not.

63. CmdrR - March 19, 2012

This movie’s got a big-arse budget. Those greys may be on screen for only a few scenes. We’ll see. Unfortunately, we won’t see for another 15 months. *sigh*

64. James - March 19, 2012

Sexist people insisting Uhura must wear a skirt topped only by sexist people insisting that she has to wear pants lol. Neither group of course believing…or rather willing to admit, that their sexist. Do Star Wars fans go through this?

At any rate, everyone’s jumping the gun IMO. It’s a few pics with absolutely no context provided at all. As others have said, they could be wet suits. Maybe JJ is taking us into the “Mirror Mirror” universe or maybe the crew is going into the future…now that would be interesting.

Either way we’ve already seen “action shots” with some of the crew in the TOS style uniforms including Uhura in the skirt right? So I doubt these new pics mean new uniforms for the majority of the sequal. Maybe at the end of the movie they get new uniforms…or their wearing dress uniforms for some reason?

Now I’m wildly speculating like everyone else lol Curses on this site! I’ll be thinking about this all night now.

65. Orb of Wisdom - March 19, 2012

Its probably an equivalent to the away team jackets in Star Trek Enterprise

66. The Last Vulcan - March 19, 2012

My wild-eyed rabid and fully baseless theory:

These gray things are the new uniforms that will be worn throughout ST2. The “leaked” (haha) photos were a put-on with the old unis to lead the terminally curious (like us) way off the track. That means that Cumby will be made up with prosthetics to be either an alien or an eugenics superman or ???

We’ll see if I’m right or not. I very well may be. It would be fully coherent with JJ’s ultrasecretiveness!

67. claypool2011 - March 19, 2012

I think the important thing to remember about the earlier shots of crew in the old uniforms… That was blocking footage. They were working on the fight scene, not filming it. I’m sure they knew it was an exposed location and didn’t wear the new uniforms openly for that reason.

68. The Last Vulcan - March 19, 2012

@67: Look VERY carefully at the poses, the extreme over-acting, etc. in those fight pics. Those actors are way better than that. I’m sticking to my guns. That was a very carefully orchestrated genius masterstroke of one JJ Abrams. If that’s the case I tip my hat to him. He’s got some serious spheroids to think of that!

69. Iva - March 19, 2012

64. James – March 19, 2012

If she’s just sitting at the console, she can sit in a skirt as long as she wants, though not rank-less like in the first movie.
But for away missions and running around (wtf, she’s a communications officer) it is necessary to have proper protection of a full uniform like everybody else.

70. Magic_Al - March 19, 2012

^8. ““TOS uniforms spoke energy, colour, variety, individuality (as in various departments, whether they be science, administration etc were allowed their own identity)”

This was basically to help NBC advertise its color broadcasting capabilities, not any special in-universe reason (other than probably a 3 second discussion on “Well we’ll do this and have all the command people one color, science, etc. This should make NBC happy.””

Colors were more muted in the pilot “The Cage” but there were still division colors. Interestingly The Motion Picture went back to a similar color palette. For all the criticism TMP’s uniforms get, they offered a lot of individual choice and came in many cuts and styles: one piece, two piece, short sleeve, different collars, and sort of a smoking jacket option. It was as un-military as could be except for sharing common color, material, and insignia, and suggested people were encouraged to be comfortable and un-self conscious, while at the same time they all looked like part of the ship.

71. Dave1119 - March 19, 2012

I agree with others who think these uniforms are landing party uniforms (agree with you #61, can”t call it an away mission yet) for some kind of uncomfortable environment.

72. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - March 19, 2012

Always thought the colored uniforms on TOS were lifted from the flight deck uniforms on American aircraft carriers. And also the color tv thing.

73. The Last Vulcan - March 19, 2012

The ST1 unis were to establish continuity. Everyone knows the TOS unis so they had to be close. Now that the JJverse has been established, they’re tossing the miniskirts and the primary colors for more hardened, realistic, post-modern unis. The more proof that the fight photos were a JJscam! A master plumber like him allows no LEAKS! :)

74. The Tim - March 19, 2012

I’m pretty sure that the scenes we saw with Spock and Cumberbatch are part of the prologe with the old uniforms.

75. Greenberg - March 20, 2012

Zoe needs to be wearing a slutty dress. It’s the only reason to pay any attention to her, and the only thing that can distract from her poor acting.

76. Spacecadet - March 20, 2012

Arghhhh. Poor Acting? Hm. Speak just for yourself. I think, she was great!

77. Robert H. - March 20, 2012

Thinking combat suits like Star Trek 5.

78. Pensive's Wetness - March 20, 2012

Does Apple make Tricorders in the 23rd century?

79. Phil - March 20, 2012

Most service branches have multiple uniforms, so introducing something new should not be that much of a problem for anyone. However, to keep suggesting that tens of thousands were spent to feed scam photos to the public is just silly. There are a few articles being written about the financial failure of John Carter, and one of the things these guys keep coming back to bad cash management. I doubt that Paramount is going to let a director just piss away money, even if he is JJ Abrams….

80. - March 20, 2012

@78 good thought.

They should put the apple logo on the back of the tricorders. That would be great given treks influence on modern technology and timing wise a fitting tribute to Steve Jobs.

81. montreal_paul - March 20, 2012

“They should put the apple logo on the back of the tricorders. That would be great given treks influence on modern technology and timing wise a fitting tribute to Steve Jobs.”

Ummmmm… NO.

82. - March 20, 2012

I can’t help but think these shots are all set up to get the fans talking but have nothing to do with the movie.

83. Jamziz - March 20, 2012

Probably some sort of away mission uniform?

Seems like the most likely option considering we saw them in regular dress in the other set shots.

84. Jack Ryan - March 20, 2012

I think Abrams is giving something more realistic. There are military uniforms for various occasions. Perhaps uniforms are for a specific mission or an alien environment or pattern on Earth.

85. Jay - March 20, 2012

Why all the fuss over these costumes? Keachick????

We know that the colored TOS style uniforms are still in the movie – have you forgotten about the other leaked pics already?

So obviously these aren’t the main uniforms. It’s pretty common for them to wear different clothes in different scenes, just like the last movie.

This is such a non-issue.

86. Mark Lynch - March 20, 2012

I wonder what the chance is that the correct era terminology will be used for off ship trips…?

You know, Landing Party (TOS) instead of Away Team (TNG)
That would be nice.

87. Danno - March 20, 2012

Anyone considered it might be a schmock or something to wear over their costumes under thier coats? Kind of like the covers that put on cars during testing but before they want to release the details.

88. THX-1138 - March 20, 2012

If those are the new uniforms then…..


If you’re going to do TOS, then do TOS. The different colored unis scream TOS to me. I understand the feeling that they want to change things in order to put their stamp on Star Trek. But there was a reason that The Original Series appealed to so many for so long. And yes, contrary to some NuFans opinions, the design aesthetic of The Original Series was part of that appeal. When DS9, Voyager, the TNG movies, and Enterprise decided that gray jumpsuits were the way to go I just thought they kinda sorta sucked (I did like the red TOS movie unis, though). TNG did a pretty good job of updating the different colored department thing, once they got away from the onesies.

89. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 20, 2012

#85 – I am not making the fuss. It is others here who think that the TOS style uniforms will not be seen in this next movie, and will be replaced.
“Now that the JJverse has been established, they’re tossing the miniskirts and the primary colors for more hardened, realistic, post-modern unis.” – #73

I really hope not, because that is just an indication that JJ & co may well be buying into the current negative, somewhat grimy look and story lines that is seen in so many sci-fi type films. They give me nothing to look forward to, even for whatever descendants I may have. “It is hard to make your way out of hell, but easy to fall from heaven” – my own little “yogism”

I like the Star Trek TOS future that was projected and shown, albeit a little “cheesy” and silly at times. We need light and colour!

90. La Reyne d'Epee - March 20, 2012

87. Inspired thinking! The new uniform is just skin and tattoos! (is there enough room in there for more clothing? I know they’re all dead skinny, but…) (plus they’d be boiling to death wearing three layers)

91. rm10019 - March 20, 2012

87 no. and isn’t it smock, no schmock? I believe you combined schmatta and smock???

92. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 20, 2012

#90 – It is winter in California and Phil, another poster, did say that it had been quite cold there, so wearing three layers is a possibility. People who tend to be skinny can often feel the cold more than those who are better padded, but not always.

Frankly, my guess is that they are wearing some sort of landing party clothing designed to deal with colder, harsher, more rugged conditions. Really, who knows? Only 13 months 3 weeks and 3 days to wait, in order to find out!

93. Ahmed Abdo - March 20, 2012

Blaster is reporting about Lindelof,

“He also fields a question about Star Trek 2—which wraps production in May—and plans to debut footage at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.”

I guess that mean we will have to wait til July before we see a teaser

94. Captain Karl - March 20, 2012

a new uniform for each new movie….?

could be away team uniform (although the term away team wasn’t really used until TNG), new dress uniform, spiffy Enterprise footie pajamas?

95. The Last Vulcan - March 20, 2012

@94, why not? In three subsequent TOS incarnations we saw the classic, the STI pijamas and the ST2 red jacket white turtlenecks.

Oh hallowed members of the Trekmovie Temple marketh my words: Thee shall not witness JJST1 unis in JJST2, but thee shall witness those gray flannel thingymabobs under the trenchcoats. The Last Vulcan hath spoken! :)

96. Plum - March 20, 2012

I’ve always disliked these sorts of photos. It’s spying on people at work. They even have to wear those jackets in spite of hot weather to hide their costumes from photos like this! I might avoid a website that does this sort of thing. Though you lads are great and I might just ignore your trendy bandwagon of Interweb Tubing. Yea, it just annoys me. nm. ;p

97. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 20, 2012

#96 I’ve read that the weather has not been that hot, especially on the day when those photos were taken. It is still winter in the northern hemisphere or is it officially spring now? See what Chris Pine was wearing in a couple of places off the Star Trek set – very warm looking clothing. Those photos were taken around the same time as the ones shown here.

98. Greenberg - March 21, 2012

I like the negativity towards Apple a few posts up. Namely because it’s totally incongruous when held up against the “HI NOKIA!” moment in the first movie.

I didn’t like that bit at all, but if you can do it for one company then there really isn’t any reason not to do it for another. Besides, it’s not like Foxconn will even have to pay salaries in the 23rd century.

99. VZX - March 21, 2012

According to Blastr, these photos prove that Uhura is not wearing her skirt anymore. Poor, stupid Blastr. They have a thing against research.

100. Phil - March 21, 2012

@97. It’s officially spring now. Last weekend was cold, with rain and snow in the local foothills, some areas will touch the high 70’s (F) mid-week, then cool off a bit. No rain in the forecast for the next ten days or so.

101. THX-1138 - March 21, 2012

Nice knowin’ ya’ Plum.

102. ComanderJacobs - March 21, 2012

Very possible – mission specific clothing – after all, NX-01 crew had an away jacket, ST:WOK had the (way too complicated) away jackets, and so on. Maybe some kind of light duty space suit? Unlike the freaking BATTLETECH suits they wore in ST:09….

103. Azrael - March 22, 2012

@98. My impression of the Nokia thing was that the emblem showed in the car because it was an antique, the symbol being from the time the car was made and simply being the default interface for cellular communication. I could be wrong though.

104. VZX - March 22, 2012

103: That’s what I thought as well. The same reason why the Beastie Boys were on the car’s playlist, it was related to that time period.

105. montreal_paul - March 22, 2012

103. Azrael & 104. VZX

It was a 1965 Corvette in ST09 .. Nokia wasn’t around in the 60s and that kind of interface doesn’t really exist now. Close though because I have a blutooth in my car stereo. And the Beastie Boys were from the 80s.

106. Azrael - March 22, 2012

Thanks Paul, I did actually know when the BB were from, since I am older than they are.

107. Azrael - March 22, 2012

Oh and regarding the car being a 60s model, ok so the dash kit was a later addition from what would be the “near future” for us today, no big.

108. montreal_paul - March 22, 2012

107. Azrael

I only stated that because of your comment regarding the car and Nokia interface being built at the same time when, in fact, there would be approximately half a century between the two.

109. Azrael - March 22, 2012

@108. No prob man, I understood, just wanted to refine my theory to fit the additional facts you gave me (I know very little about Corvettes).

110. Scott M - April 13, 2012

How can star trek fans not know that the color of the shirts in TOS reflects the colors used on aircraft carriers, which the Enterprise was named after. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.