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Wall Built Around Star Trek Location Shooting To Prevent More Leaks March 23, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The Star Trek sequel production will be wrapping things up in May but in the 11 weeks it has been going there have been some paparazzi type photos which have leaked out from location shooting in Southern California. To try to ensure there are no more leaks, producer/director JJ Abrams has ordered the contraction of a wall of containers around the latest location shoot in order to protect its secrets. .


Great Wall of Star Trek secrecy

The website Egotastic was trying to nab some more shots of the Star Trek sequel production but they were thwarted by a wall comprised of 30 shipping containers which blocked the production from prying eyes.

Star Trek sequel’s container wall

We have already heard the actors talk about how JJ Abrams is not happy about photos from his production which have worked their way across the web and even into the mainstream press. The production had already taken many steps to ensure secrecy, including code names, strict non-disclosures, long hooded cloaks for the crew to wear (even on studio the lot) and more. The containers are just the next step.

While there have been some high-profile spy shots that have emerged from this Star Trek production, it has actually had fewer incidents than the previous production.


1. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2012

“Mr. Abrams, tear that wall down!!”

2. Captain Rickover - March 23, 2012

That secrecy is really a obsession of JJ, isn’t it?

3. Viking - March 23, 2012

Is that row of houses on the hill behind the containers on Paramount property, or are they privately owned?

4. Dr. Cheis - March 23, 2012

I’m kind of surprised they weren’t already doing this. If I was going to go through all the trouble to keep people from seeing what I was doing, first thing I’d think of was make sure it isn’t visible from across the lot…

5. Clinton - March 23, 2012

Why do I think many will just view this as a challenge?

6. Brielle - March 23, 2012

Bit extreme isn’t it? Never thought it was a big deal

It’s nice getting a taste of something to look forward too

But I do get that they don’t want any more out

7. Craiger - March 23, 2012

This makes me wonder if the script is bad? What’s the deal with not even letting us know who the villain is and the plot? Are they that bad? I mean if they are really gearing the new Trek for a new generation of fans, do they know the old Trek fans are going to hate it and they fear the blacklash?

8. Jedimom / JediPony - March 23, 2012

Cool! Now the photogs can climb on top of them and get even better shots!

9. Craiger - March 23, 2012

Sorry I should have said synopsis instead of plot. A synopsis doesn’t have many spoilers than a plot right?

10. Peter N - March 23, 2012

Obviously this production is self-contained.


11. Woulfe - March 23, 2012

All we need is someone 8ft 8in to peek over the wall…..

Wonder what Peter Mayhew [sp] is doing these days….


12. agentm31 - March 23, 2012

Does it really mean that much to him that we know nothing? Come on, J.J., respect the fans, I don’t want to know the whole story, but the basic plot would silence me up real quick.

Take TDKR for example. They just released a paragraph long plot summary, no longer than 4 sentences, and that’s enough for me. I know who’s in it, who they are, and the set-up to get me interested, but I don’t know who these characters are, what they will do, how they fit in, or what will happen to them, and that’s fine enough for me. I am now really excited and will read nothing more.

We’ve had nothing for years. Please, honor our loyalty with a little respect

13. Oddness - March 23, 2012

Now if we could just secure our border… lol

I’m glad there trying to contain the spoilers as best they can. Those containers were probably pretty cheap to rent.

14. Driver - March 23, 2012

contraction of a wall? Or Construction?
Contraction, construction, oh let’s call the whole thing off.

15. Adolescent Nightmare - March 23, 2012

But I thought JJ was just pretending to be unhappy but really is very worried about keeping internet posters happy with lots of fake leaks.

16. Capt. of the U.S.S. Anduril - March 23, 2012

Ummm…JJ? That’s a bit too much.

17. Nathan - March 23, 2012

Well, that’s one way to ensure secrecy.

18. jcburns - March 23, 2012

kind of looks like the dockyard set for the pilot episode of ‘Firefly.’

19. THX-1138 - March 23, 2012

I said this on the Spiner thread when it originally came up. Just transfer it here:

Building the Great Wall of Shipping Containers is a waste of effort. Mental and physical energy was used on it’s inception and realization that might have been better spent on actual film-making.

My point was that spy pics are going to happen if you are filming outdoors or on location. Other directors have accepted or even embraced it to some degree and avoided the distraction. It is my hope that JJ doesn’t allow himself to be caught up in trying to be so secretive that he loses focus on the real prize of making the best Star Trek movie that he can.

20. T'Cal - March 23, 2012


21. BorgPhil - March 23, 2012

The less we know the better tbh. I mean I loved it last time when we pieced together the story, but when I sat down to watch the film there was no real surprises. While I’d love to know what the new film is all about, I’ll love it even more if I don’t know much about it when it is released. and really, filming finishes in May? Wow, earlier than I realised.

22. Luke Michalski - March 23, 2012

It’s part of the movie

23. Craiger - March 23, 2012

#21 Good point maybe JJ thought we were able to piece together the film and that their were too many spoilers and he doesn’t want that to happen this time. However, is letting us know who the villain is and a synopsis considered spoilers?

24. ix9000 - March 23, 2012

Well Obviously the spoilers are being stored in those containers until at the moment proclaimed by the great JJ they will be set free. Obviously

25. Viking - March 23, 2012

I’VE GOT IT – the picture’s over budget, and the shooting is taking place INSIDE the containers! *nyuk*nyuk*nyuk*

26. NccZ - March 23, 2012

Paparazzi on stilts coming next

27. VulcanFilmCritic - March 23, 2012

I wonder if it would be possible to sneak into one of those containers under cover of darkness, live in them for several days, drill some tiny holes in the sides and insert a small fiberoptic lens…
Well, it worked in “Inside Man.”

28. Jeff O'Connor - March 23, 2012

That won’t prevent lens flares!

29. Viking - March 23, 2012

Yeah, jeez, it never thought of that…………..only J.J. could create lens flares inside a pitch dark shipping container. LOL

30. ST:EXP - March 23, 2012

This is just yet another 2 hour movie, right? What is the big deal?

“We saw a costume!” “We saw an actor!”

What is the consequence? Everyone who is going to see it when it comes out will still see it.

Production crew sure has some weird priorities about what matters in the world. This is why America is stuck with the situation it’s stuck in.

More concerned about celebrity interaction than things that actually affect your daily life.

31. Vultan - March 23, 2012


Why do you wonder if the script could be bad, Craiger? It’s written by the guys who brought us the first two Transformers movies and Cowboys and Aliens. How could it possibly be bad…?

32. Rickindc - March 23, 2012

J.J. Abrams is a TOOL!

33. Phil - March 23, 2012

Well, that’s about as non-descript of a location as you will find in SoCal. Wonder how much it cost to get those homeowners up on the hill to not rent their patio for some long range shots….

34. Judy R - March 23, 2012

Well, I don’t want to know the plot. But I do enjoy seeing the pics. It wets my appetite and I can’t wait to see the film, especially if there’s an actor I like (insert Benedict Cumberbatch here).

35. Walter Kozlowski - March 23, 2012

Kirk “Scotty engage the Cloaking Device NOW!” Scotty ” Captin I can’t the damn thing is broken but I have 30 shipping containers that might work!” Kirk “DO IT DO IT DO IT!

36. Darkowski - March 23, 2012

J.J. is ridiculous…

37. Viking - March 23, 2012

I’d be more interested in seeing some pics of Peter Weller and the other supporting cast, if I wanted to get more a of a vibe for the movie.

38. USS Enterprise B - March 23, 2012

Still don’t even know the NAME of this movie. I mean, come on. Throw us a bone.

39. Dee - lvs moon' surface - March 23, 2012

Oh my… this is so EPIC……. ;-) :-)

40. Caesar - March 23, 2012

Who cares if people see stuff early? Those who don’t want to see it don’t have to look. Abrams is a dingus.

41. SirBroiler - March 23, 2012

Bull! Those are Botany Bay storage containers! This confirms Khan! See I told you!

42. jamesingeneva - March 23, 2012

Oh well, at least the leaks helped a few people get some more hours… good for the economy lol…

Really miss @boborci popping in here from time to time. Seems like its been forever since we heard something from him.

43. Christopher Roberts - March 23, 2012

Finally! A nice secure place to store all those ‘shippers!

44. claypool2011 - March 23, 2012

The more this goes on, the more interest I lose in this film.

45. Christopher Roberts - March 23, 2012

Of course, if you allow holes for air… they’d only use ’em for peeping. :)

46. dmduncan - March 23, 2012

Walls? Eh. Use a drone.

47. jimmymac - March 23, 2012

@ Bob Orci, please talk to JJ about this.

JJ, spend the money on some decent props, bring back that classic phaser II.

48. Drew - March 23, 2012

RC controlled camera, indeed.

If they don’t let anything little out, something huge will eventually leak from within due to demand and overblown secrecy. Remember being a teenager? If it’s “off limits” it is even more desirable…

49. Jack - March 23, 2012

He (and Paramount and the production, presumably) doesn’t want the making of the film leaked before it’s finished — it doesn’t mean the script is bad, it doesn’t mean he’s afraid of fan outrage over something in the film, it doesn’t mean he’s a dingus, or crazy, or a tyrant or, certainly, anything else about the situation society is in. Hell, are we as outraged that we can’t see the next iphone, a year before it’s released?

It’s not just curious, fan-lovin’ do-gooders who take these spy photos — they’re doing it to make a bunch of money.

Tnere’s no public good/interest/news value in knowing the details of a movie that’ll be out next year.heck, there’s no public interest/news value in telephoto spy shots of celebrites at the grocery store or on the beach.

Is seeing the actors standing around on their breaks or picking their noses or whatever really of any benefit, even to fans? Heck, if you want to see the making-of, or candid shots from filming — wait for the making-of book and DVD extras.

50. Jack - March 23, 2012

Not only that, but all the news about the secrecy is great publicity.

51. AJ - March 23, 2012

The Great Barrier?…………….

52. Jack - March 23, 2012

“However, is letting us know who the villain is and a synopsis considered spoilers?”
i think so. I don’t get the need for a synopsis or character names either at this point. Either it will be ridiculously vague (Kirk and crew are on the verge of discovering a secret that could threaten the universe!) or give away pretty much the entire plot of the film. Heck, just going by the character names of the last one you could figure out a big chunk of what would happen.

It also makes more sense to limit us to a few weeks of attacking everything we learn about the film (bar code scanners!!! JJ is ruining Trek!!!) in advance of actually seeing it, rather than give us a whole year here to tear the thing apart.

53. Anthony Thompson - March 23, 2012

Anthony P., where is our countdown clock and our online Q&A with Bob, JJ and the actors? I’m going to keep nagging until I get an answer. : )

54. Sugar Rush - March 23, 2012

Good Lord, me’s starting to think Abrams is a OCD control freak who just can’t stand not having his own way. Secrecy to a point is understood (as a “SURPRISE!” to the fans) but this is ridiculous. I keep picturing it in my head when he found out about those photos: Stamping his feet and rolling around on the floor in the midst of a full blown temper tantrum, just like he used to do when his Mom took him down the cereal aisle in a grocery store when he was a kid.

55. DJT - March 23, 2012

I say that’s where they’re keeping the new intermix chamber.


I wonder where these things are located. Anybody recognize the horizon? Me likes a mystery.

56. MikeTen - March 23, 2012

@53, The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowin in the wind.
Sorry, I couldn’t resist, and you know resistance is futile.

57. Craiger - March 23, 2012

#71, That’s true, I liked Alias, and the Transformer movie series. I also like Hawaii 5-0 and the first Trek reboot movie. I also liked 8MM. I guess really its the secrecy that is worrying me. They never had this much on the first movie. However I do think we got a little bit too spoiled on the first movie. We have a synopsis and know who the bad guys are on the Summer Super Hero movies and those look good.

58. Craiger - March 23, 2012

Sorry, I meant #31.

59. Viking - March 23, 2012

@ Bob Orci – if those containers are going to be in the final film, be sure your FX guys edit out the ‘Maersk Sealand’ logos on the side…….LOL

60. NCM - March 23, 2012

Love the first comment–Good one, Harry: but most of the rest–good grief!

Yeah, the plot must be bad–why else try to protect its integrity, and Orci and team are terrible writers–hence we’re all here 3 years after the last ‘flop’ and miffed at the long wait for the next one (guess we really have nothing better to do); and why doesn’t JJ let photos be taken, tell us who the villain is, the title of the film, and what the plot’s about? What could be worth keeping under wraps–and yet, don’t they also owe us a movie that’ll be unpredictable and rock us to the core?

I loved the photos, but, assuming the scene appears in the movie, it’ll probably be hard not to figuratively step outside the film, harken back to the photos, and wonder if the scene will play out as expected (as a result of photos) or have been changed, as a result of the leaks.

61. P Technobabble - March 23, 2012

As long as those containers don’t have warnings on them allowing the use of deadly force what’s the prob?

62. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2012

I can’t believe I got the Ronald Reagan quote wrong in post # 1.

He actually said, “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!”

I feel better now.

63. Tess - March 23, 2012

@Clinton (5.)
Challenge accepted!!
Now, who will lend me a scissor-lift!

64. rm10019 - March 23, 2012

Roll eyes

I like this, that wall probably costs more than ST V

65. Garak - March 23, 2012

where is this location?

66. Vultan - March 23, 2012


I was being sarcastic, Craiger.
But to each his own.

67. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - March 23, 2012

Helicopters and ladders > JJ wall

68. Walter Kozlowski - March 23, 2012

Back in the 70’s unless the film was based on a best known novel, you knew next to nothing about it till maybe a few months before it’s release date! There were no instant media, no Entertainment Tonight let alone the Internet and most marketing was post release. Sci-fi was even worst off, you had to wait for a bi-monthly publication to get your fix! Those days are long gone. Today if a film doesn’t break out in its opening weekend it becomes a flop! Unexpected good films means missed opportunities.A great film is great film and if you are a producer and you know it’s good, promote it! Big Trek fan, as such I will be there opening day regardless! I want my fix now please! Synopsis, title, Character names maybe some concept art!!!

69. Lwr - March 23, 2012

Well all I can say is we better hope Damon L’s writing contribution has nothing to do with the ending, because as we all know he can’t write one!

70. Red Dead Ryan - March 23, 2012


“All in all, its just aaaa…nother crate in the wall!”

71. Walter Kozlowski - March 23, 2012

#69 You LOST me there?


72. Red Dead Ryan - March 23, 2012


What you’re saying is, you’d prefer that Damon Lindelof remain on the “FRINGE” of the script writing process?

73. Jeff - March 23, 2012

Contrast this to Peter Jackson’s Hobbit blog. That guy really knows how to cater to fans.

Are we going to see a surge in AR.Drone purchases now?

74. Romulus - March 23, 2012

more money of the budget taken out for needless security.

75. TrekkerChick - March 23, 2012


You know that the containers might be chock full o’ Teamsters paid to watch out for the set, right?

76. Adam - March 23, 2012

If I were JJ I would set up a scene that is not in the movie and let them accidently photograph it, like them wearing TNG uniforms or smothing. Just to throw everyone off.

77. Daoud - March 23, 2012

JJ: Control freak much?
Perhaps we’ll contain our excitement, since you are so fearful to let anything out. You’re not fighting World War III here…. loose lips won’t sink starships.

78. Red Dead Ryan - March 23, 2012

Not sure if I’d want to hide out in one of those containers just to spy on the filming. What happens if there is a freak lightening storm and the crate you’re in gets struck?

79. dmduncan - March 23, 2012

Large coil springs under the sneakers. Bam! Problem solved.

80. montreal_paul - March 23, 2012

7. Craiger
“This makes me wonder if the script is bad?”

How does that make you wonder if the script is bad???? If the script was bad, then JJ wouldn’t be Directing… if the script was bad, the studio wouldn’t have given the go ahead. Your comment doesn’t really make sense. Sorry.

81. Viking - March 23, 2012

78. Red Dead Ryan – if it’s grounded, you’re good to go. If not……….you get served with a side of hush puppies and slaw.

82. Red Dead Ryan - March 23, 2012

Someone could hop on a pogo stick, or walk on stilts to get a good view, I suppose.

83. dmduncan - March 23, 2012

Okay, JJ, so this will stop MOST of the paparazzi. But what about the ones who own jetpacks? Hmmm, Mr. genius pants?

84. Red Dead Ryan - March 23, 2012


Unless J.J Abrams is strong with the force, in which case he’d be able to conjure up Sith Lightening.

85. Red Dead Ryan - March 23, 2012


The people who use jet packs inevitably crash onto roads, and get run over by marshmallow trucks.

86. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 23, 2012

JJ Abrams is toying with everyone. The sequel is still getting publicity as a result of his putting up this wall. He would really start to worry if no one noticed or cared that he put the security wall up to keep his little sci-fi flick he is making a *secret*.

Jack wrote – “Is seeing the actors standing around on their breaks or picking their noses or whatever really of any benefit, even to fans?”

I have to agree. That has actually happened to an actor a while back – photographed by papz walking back to his trailers APPARENTLY picking his nose and the papz site published the photos. Not necessary and not edifying for anyone. I mean, would we want anyone publishing a picture of us doing something that could be considered private/embarrassing, especially when we may not have known anyone was taking photos? So easy to do without the person’s knowledge nowadays…

87. Red Dead Ryan - March 23, 2012


I find it interesting how you claim that actors should be entitled to privacy, but at the same time, you admit to looking at photos of actors taken by the papz.

88. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 23, 2012

#87 – Yes, I know it does seem contradictory. I guess there is a line that should get drawn and to my surprise and horror, that site crossed that line. It’s the difference between photographing, for instance, an actor joking around with a colleague on a break, sipping a cup of coffee or whatever and photographing him going to the toilet (or even worse actually taking a leak). Scratching/picking the nose is sort of similar to the latter, albeit more extreme, example.

It is a question of showing common ordinary decency and good taste on the part of the paparazzi and the various sites who pick up and publish photos in not using such material they may happen on.

89. Red Dead Ryan - March 23, 2012


“It is a question of showing common ordinary decency and good taste on the part of the paparazzi and the various sites who pick up and publish photos in not using such material they may happen on.”

It is also a question of you showing you can back up your words and display some consistency in avoiding those sites that publish such photos instead of being a hypocrite about it.

I don’t bother with those sites. I don’t care if an actor picks his nose or not. I’m not interested in seeing him/her go the bathroom.

90. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - March 23, 2012

I wonder what the added cost is to keep this all secret.

91. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - March 23, 2012

I’d come in on the side of those who think it is too much, but I think that the unauthorized, bootleg photos that emerged last month did constitute a violation. At first it seemed like no big deal, but after a few days it sunk in that I knew too much already about how the film would develop. I hope that, in addition to the barrier, JJ has chosen to scrap the scenes affected by the spoiler pictures and revise the story with some new or alternate material, despite the cost of reshooting.

92. Douglas - March 23, 2012

My feeling is that if JJ Abrams wants to keep unauthorized photos of the production being distributed before the release date, then that’s his call and creative decision. I respect that and admire it because he feels so strongly about it. I’m not interested in spoilers. The general publicity machine of film title, posters, trailers, web site, etc., is fine. He cares and I think that’s great. I wish we could all have the authority to attempt such control over our working environment. He know’s it’s not a perfect solution but he is sure communicating his intent.

93. Suellen from Savannah - March 23, 2012

Think JJ is a little over the top on the secrecy. It really is a symptom of an OCD disorder, but that just my professional opinion.

94. Chris M - March 23, 2012

Umm if it were me I would just bring a ladder with me next time and climb on top of the containers lol

95. Jack - March 23, 2012

The Hobbit blog isn’t just a selfless gift to fans from Peter Jackson, it’s a marketing tool (with a lot of people involved in producing it) to build buzz for a project with (some) brand new (to the series) characters, quite a few years after the last was in theatres — a project that’s been sputtering on and off since 1995, I think. And, as has been mentioned already — we know the bloody story and we already know what a lot of Jackson’s Middle Earth looks like.

Bryan Singer’s SR video blogs get mentioned here a lot too, even though theywere just DVD-extras released before the flick, and they just looked at things like preproduction set designs and construction of, say, the daily planet or the kent farm (sets we’d seen)… And again, SR had rumours of ridiculous costs, a new to the series cast and an unknown lead, plus it had years of languishing in development.

Both were long, expensive shoots far far away from Hollywood. And most of that stuff was released well into postproduction. They weren’t live blogging each day of filming.

And again, these weren’t just put out there for the fans — they’re part of a marketing campaign. And what’s happening with Trek now isalso part of marketing.

Abrams isn’t the only person involved in how the shoot is being managed. And, again, this OCD/paranoia nonsense is ridiculous. Every bloody big budget shoot is usually like this. They’ll start building buzz once they’ve got the bloody thing in the can.

96. Jack - March 23, 2012

76. Exactly.

97. Radioactive Spock - March 24, 2012

Gotta keep out the invading Trekkie hordes. I hear it can be seen from space. :)

98. Janice - March 24, 2012

No point in ticking off JJ Abrams. If he wants no more leaked photos then there should be no more leaked photos.
We’ll see the movie in due time.

99. Woulfe - March 24, 2012

What I don’t get is…. If this was new original film I’d understand the need to keep things secret like…. but it’s not a new original film….. it’s a sequel for peat’s sake…. the rate this is going might as well call the film…..

Star Trek 2 : The Wrath Of Fans

Remember you heard the title here first folks


100. chrisfawkes.com - March 24, 2012

Actually Woulfe i’ve heard that title like a billion times since 1982

101. DeShonn Steinblatt - March 24, 2012

Wow, the fanboys are throwing bigger tantrums over secrecy than JJ. Who’s obsessive again?

102. Rick - March 24, 2012

Are those the storage containers containing the quatrotriticale?

Wheat. So what?

103. AJ - March 24, 2012

Have to say, those beautiful houses on the hill, the powerlines, the palpable orangeness of the traffic cones……that set looks EXACTLY like Southern California in 2012.

Amazing what they can do nowadays….

104. Dee - lvs moon' surface - March 24, 2012

Well .. I think JJAbrams will continue doing his “secret game” … and the paps will continue with their game “nothing secret” … is the life … in the world of entertainment!… ;-) :-)

105. Jinn-Jinn - March 24, 2012

This is brilliant and funny as hell. The Great Wall of Star Trek!

106. Andy - March 24, 2012

Spyder Cam anyone? :)

107. Harry Ballz - March 24, 2012


AJ, glad to see you’ve taken your smartass pill today!

108. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 24, 2012

#89 I am not a hypocrite, nor are people here who might want to see some non-spoiler photos of the actors on the set, even if they are just on golf carts or whatever. Thousands of photos get taken and published about all kinds of people, but publishers and news media teams *tend not to show people they may photograph in what could be considered compromising or embarrassing situations. It really is a no-brainer and I am sorry that you cannot discern the difference.

People could see non-spoiler photos of the main actors who were in the This Means War movie long before it was released, whilst they were still filming it in Vancouver. No embarrassing photos were published of any of the three actors. Nobody was sure sometimes whether some of the pictures would actually become part of the movie or not. Great pictures. We even got to see Tom Hardy get a tattoo (the real deal), presumably after he gave permission. Similar happened while they were filming Welcome to People (now called People Like Us), except that it was there that the line was crossed on one occasion and I, among others, called out the publisher for releasing those photos on www.

* On some occasions, there have been a plethora of news media reporting on some tragic event – major traffic accident, natural disaster etc, and some reporters are seen hassling many a distraught, even injured, survivor with questions like “How do you feel?” I suddenly get this overwhelming desire to smack the idiot journalist in the face and then have his mouth tightly taped up for a nice long period…

Finally, RDR, since you say you do not go to any of these sites, then you have no right to comment on them, nor about the people who might visit these sites occasionally, since you really don’t know what is written and shown there.

109. rocketdave - March 24, 2012

Wow, I am really appalled by how many whiny, entitled fanboys there are. To read some of the comments here, you’d think JJ doesn’t have a right to maintain secrecy on his own set or protect the movie from spoilers. When did it become unreasonable not to want people spying on you?

110. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 24, 2012

Oh look – some more non-information from Simon Pegg. That man is getting rather good at doing this sort of thing. Should we be concerned?


111. Peter Loader - March 24, 2012

Come on, seriously? Look at all the high points around the location!
Anyone could snap away all day long with a good telephoto lense!

112. dmduncan - March 24, 2012

When shooting is done, can I have one of those shipping containers as a souvenir? Just one. That’s all I’m asking…

113. Bucky - March 24, 2012

Post #1 is the winnar. End thread. Genius.

114. Captain Karl - March 24, 2012

So does JJ add the cost of renting these containers to use as a wall in his projected budget that he submits to Paramount? IMO, people being able to see what the uniforms looks like or scenes being shot doesn’t necessarily mean they will guess what the movie is going to be about. It just fuels the speculation that drives fans into a frenzy and keeps them happy.

115. Red Dead Ryan - March 24, 2012


“Finally, RDR, since you say you don’t go to any of these sites, you have no right to comment on them, nor about the people who visit these sites occasionally, since you really don’t know what is written and shown there.”

Oh, c’mon, you’re the one posting about what you’ve seen and read on those sites. And I have a right to respond to your posts, especially if what you say happens to contradict your own actions. Telling me that I have no right to respond just because I don’t visit those sites is a straw man arguement, and a poorly constructed one at that. Because I didn’t say I’ve never visited any of those sites. I have. Once or twice. But not for a long time. I couldn’t care less about the gossip that goes on.


“Wow, I am really appalled by whiny, entitled fanboys there are. To read some of the comments here, you’d think J.J doesn’t have a right to maintain secrecy on his own set or protect the movie from spoilers. When did it become unreasonable not to want people spying on you?”

Dude, knock it off with the condescending attitude. We have a right to expect the odd tidbit or photo. We’re not asking for a plot synopsis, or spoilers, just something to tide us over. Like the name of the villain. Is that really unreasonable? Also, if J.J Abrams is filming in public, he can’t really expect total privacy. It’s extremely naive for any director to think he can have it both ways. If he wanted total privacy and secrecy, he should be filming indoors on a soundstage.

There are cameras monitoring us non-famous folks in most public places twenty four hours of the day. We have no choice about it. Abrams did, and he decided to film in public, out in the open. For him to get angry about leaks, and to be shocked about it is ridiculous.

116. Cygnus-X1 - March 24, 2012

1. Harry Ballz – March 23, 2012

—-“Mr. Abrams, tear that wall down!!”—-

Nicely done.

(though, the exact line from Reagan the Ham was, “Mr. _____, tear down this wall!”)

117. dmduncan - March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games. GOOD movie. I really enjoyed it. And hey, shot on real film.

118. Red Dead Ryan - March 24, 2012

I’ll have to check out “The Hunger Games”. It’s funny, the hype a few weeks ago, maybe due to the popularity of the book among teen girls, seemed to suggest that the movie would be the next coming of “Twilight”, in that it would appeal mainly to 12-18 year old females. But the critical acclaim seems to suggest otherwise.

119. Marshall McMellon - March 24, 2012

@ #11- “Wonder what Peter Mayhew [sp] is doing these days….”

I think he’s living in Granbury, TX.

120. Red Dead Ryan - March 24, 2012

I hear Chewbacca likes to chew tobacco!

121. dmduncan - March 24, 2012

118: Oh it’s NOTHING like Twilight. It’s a smart, well acted, really good SF story with broad appeal. Looking forward to the sequel.

122. dmduncan - March 24, 2012

Also the first time Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the lead character Katniss, got my attention. That little lady is made for the movie screen. And with regard to avoiding the entertainment industry douchebaggery who would screw up her life — may the odds be ever in her favor.

123. Harry Ballz - March 24, 2012


Uh, as I explained at post # 62, but thanks for playing, Cygnus-X1!

124. Red Dead Ryan - March 24, 2012


So what you’re saying is, you’ve developed a “Hunger” for more “Games”?


125. Jack - March 24, 2012

Saw Hunger Games last night, and I’d liked the books. My reaction to the movie was just a bit above meh.

126. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 24, 2012

#115 – The particular site in question was not reporting gossip. They were showing pictures of the actors working on the film or perhaps not – they were publishing exactly the type of non-spoiler photos that some people seek in connection with the next Star Trek sequel. On one occasion, the site went too far – that is all and that is because those couple of photos did become the source of a lot of needless and nasty gossip…

So, what you are saying is that anyone who wants to see pictures of any of the actors on the set of this Star Trek is simply wanting gossip or something to gossip about…hmmm?

Think about it.

Frankly, this site is not that different to any of the other sites and at times it could be considered as much a gossip site as any other. It prints an article and provides pictures sometimes. It has a posting board where people from anywhere/everywhere can contribute their thoughts. All these sites tend to be moderated, except that there is a lot more interaction between the owner/moderator of this site than with other sites. As far as I know, the only message board that allows posters the ability to edit or delete their own posts once they have posted them is the IMDb message boards. All other sites are like this one.

It really depends on the individuals who run the site and those who contribute through their messages/postings as to how *good* a site it is overall. Trekmovie.com is one of the better sites.

What hypocrisy?

127. La Reyne d'Epee - March 25, 2012

I reckon the containers serve a dual purpose. If they catch the papz they stick em in there till it’s all over.

Unless they hired snipers as well…

128. Livvy Douglas - March 25, 2012

Challenge excepted.

129. Illogical - March 25, 2012

With no seeds planted, nothing will grow.

130. Gornorrhea - March 25, 2012

That’s not a privacy wall. It’s the new engineering set.

131. xTheCanadianx - March 25, 2012

cool now i can get aeiral views of the set, thx jj!!! xD

132. Spock/ Uhura Admirer ;-) - March 25, 2012

While the Spock, JJ, and Uhura photos were nice, I’m glad to hear that JJ has taken measures to strengthen security for the film’s production.

133. Sean the Gaffer - March 25, 2012

Again, thought I’d let all you know that most of what you are seeing here is rehearsals and goofing off, not actual takes. Mr Abrams is not worried about the photos out there because they say nothing about the film we are shooting other than everyone looks great and it’s going fantastic. The sets are very secure and Paramount may have leaked the ones seen here. We wrap principal photography in May. And no, we do not work for Paramount. We are contracted out because we are union employees. Be patient. The film we are making is going to be fantastic.

134. Red Dead Ryan - March 25, 2012


April Fool’s Day is next Sunday, pal!

135. Cygnus-X1 - March 26, 2012

123. Harry Ballz – March 24, 2012

—-116. Uh, as I explained at post # 62, but thanks for playing, Cygnus-X1!—-

Uhh…Oh yeah…huh huh huh…

136. Buzz - March 26, 2012

The joke’s on all of us – Those containers are the new Enterprise!!

137. Robert Bernardo - March 26, 2012

So that’s the exterior of the new engine room set… ;)

138. Aurore - March 26, 2012

“Wall Built Around Star Trek Location Shooting To Prevent More Leaks ”

Why not?
To paraphrase Miss Schaefer ;

“…What’s wrong with being on the other side of the cameras? It’s really more fun.”

……..The sequel had better be really good…….Or else….Beware of my internet tantrums.

Are “you” scared yet? Good.

139. LizardGirl - March 26, 2012

People are too nosy nowadays especially fans (I’m guilty). I totally understand JJ’s problem. Why make the movie when you can just release the screenplay, pictures of the actors in full costume, action scenes between hero and villain and movie sets?

I actually started laughing when I saw the picture for this article. If anything this should make us ashamed not pissed. I’m seriously not angry at all….won’t stop me from coming to this website but not I’m not going to complain about the lack of spoilers either.

140. William Kirk - March 26, 2012

#1 LOL Great :-D

141. Aurore - March 26, 2012

Internet tantrum threats aside, how is it going Mr. Orci?


142. 790 - March 27, 2012

When is TMZ going to get its own helicopter???

143. Harry Ballz - March 27, 2012


Thanks, William!

144. BUMP - March 27, 2012

Hire a few dozen snipers, arm them with .50 caliber M107s so they can reach out and touch someone from a mile and a half. Make a movie of all the dead snoopy cameramen/woman and put it on YouTube as adverts. Maybe some of the dead beats will understand if you are going to be an annoying peeping Tom you may end up not living to see the new movie. :-)

145. 'ME'Cumberbatch - March 29, 2012

HTF is that a wall?

146. RC - March 29, 2012

Don’t know if already mentioned, but a few shots filmed at the Budweiser plant in Van Nuys. Don’t know if it was just for stock footage or if any actors were involved.

147. charles charles - April 2, 2012

gona need a bigger wall..

148. ST fan - April 11, 2012

I totally understand, I mean I’m totally guilty of wanting leaks and all, but it must be frustrating trying to keep something a surprise and people leaking it all the time. I will still check this site for leaks every day! (I’m sooooo excited!) But whatever JJ is trying to hide is sure to be an epic surprise!!!!!!!!
13 months and 16 days to go!

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