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Photos: Benedict Cumberbatch Shows Off New Star Trek Body May 14, 2012

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In January before he started shooting for the Star Trek sequel, actor Benedict Cumberbatch said he was "working out non-stop" to prepare for the film. Apparently all that hard work paid off, which can be seen in some new photos of the actor. Check out the newly buff BC below. 


Photo: Cumberbuff

If you were concerned that Benedict Cumberbatch may not have the physique required to play a Star Trek villain, the UK’s Sun has some new pictures that might settle your mind. The photos show Benedict taking some time out at the beach in Los Angeles and reveal the results of his ‘non-stop’ workout routine to prepare for the film.

Benedict Cumberbatch hits the beach after wrapping up filming on the Star Trek sequel

Visit the Sun for more photos.

NOTE: This article is spoiler-free – so comments should be spoiler free (speculation is OK).

Thanks to Jenna for tip


1. rm10019 - May 14, 2012

That tan surely says Sikh Indian to me :)

2. Bill Hiro - May 14, 2012

Ricardo Montalban’s memory has nothing to worry about.

3. Randomosity - May 14, 2012

I’d tap. Just sayin’

4. Montreal_Paul - May 14, 2012

I’m sure he’ll be a great villain… whoever he is playing.

5. Sebastian S. - May 14, 2012

# 1.

That’s a tan?
Sorry, but that fair skin just screams “Englishman abroad” IMO…. ;-D

He doesn’t seem to have that “real Corinthian leather” chest of Montalban’s Khan (LOL).

6. The Sky's The Limit - May 14, 2012

It would be pretty cool if they explored Fleet Captain Garth’s character before his accident. Now that would be a entertaining story to tell.

7. JGLJR89 - May 14, 2012

His bangs remind me of Frank Miller’s over exaggerated spit curl on Superman in Dark Knight Returns. Not quite that buff, though. ;)

8. rebecca - May 14, 2012

I’ll be in my bunk…

9. captain spock - May 14, 2012

Hes a sexie guy for a 35 year Brit….

10. Charla - May 14, 2012

That’s not tan- lol. That’s about as tan as I get too. I have English and Irish in me blood! :D

11. Basement Blogger - May 14, 2012

@ 9


Tanning is not good for you.

12. murry - May 14, 2012

…like a screen door in a hurricane.

13. Phil - May 14, 2012

Tonight on TMZ. BC burned to a crisp after 10 minutes on the beach…

14. Basement Blogger - May 14, 2012

Nicholas Meyer on the DVD commentary to Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan talks about how Trekkers thought that Ricardo Montalban had a prosthetic chest. If those Trekkers had seen Space Seed, they wouldn’t have doubted Montalban’s physique.

In Space Seed, Montalban is cut. I suggest Rebecca (@ 9) check TOS episode out. Not only could Montalban act but he had a sculpted body. Totally believed he had the strength of five men.

15. The Devil Wears Armani - May 14, 2012

He is buff. For an Englishman.

16. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 14, 2012

WOW… the charming villain looks GREAT… definitely… ;-) :-)

17. rebecca - May 14, 2012


Don’t you worry, I’ve seen Space Seed, but… mmm. Cumberbatch.

18. James M - May 14, 2012

I don’t think he is playing “KHAN”, I think he is going to play “Gary Mitchell” the man with the glowing laser eyes. “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. If I am wrong, I guess I will have to eat a bowlful of Cheese Puffs.

19. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - May 14, 2012

No one will ever live up to Montalban’s legendary man-breasts.

Just sayin’…

However, he’s got great legs.

Just sayin’ again…

20. Phil - May 14, 2012

Lets see, what actor played a tall, pasty white character in TOS….Ted Cassidy…..

21. NCM - May 14, 2012

What’s up with the topsy turvy crows?:]

22. Jenna - May 14, 2012

@17 Yup.

23. ST Fan - May 14, 2012

Kahn “ahem” Sherlock really got buffed up! I cannot wait for next year! The Star Trek Sequel AND a third season of Sherlock!

24. Bob Tompkins - May 14, 2012

@ 18
James M- The recent Trek comics already dealt with Gary Mitchell under the approval of the Trek scriptwriters. Very doubtful Mr. Cumberbatch is playing that role.

25. Jenna - May 14, 2012

@21 He’s such a goofy geek. He was wearing that same suit in a travel article he wrote a few years ago (amazingly good writer, btw) about a trip to Greece. Limited wardrobe or (obviously) doesn’t spend much time at the beach.

26. BeatleJWOL - May 14, 2012

inb4 keachick wets herself…


27. Jeffrey S. Nelson - May 14, 2012

More complex than Brown…much superior.

28. Montreal_Paul - May 14, 2012

I wouldn’t say that he is “buff” … very fit for sure. But not buff.

29. jagen - May 14, 2012

i agree. he’s in ‘shape’, but absolutely no ricardo montalbon.

30. Ahmed - May 14, 2012

What I care about most that he is a talented actor as it is clear from Sherlock !

31. Charla - May 14, 2012

@10 BB – Your right! I don’t think I could get brown if I wanted to haha (and I don’t really)

For the women here, I really like having women other than myself here, but I have got to ask- I, so far, don’t see what the deal is with BC and him being “hot.” Because to me he’s not. HA!! That rhymed!!! Not trying to be mean either…just curious.

I will have to watch some “Sherlock” and see if I see what you girls do. :-)

32. Thorny - May 14, 2012

I’m half-British and that’s about as tan as I get, too.

33. Buzz Cagney - May 14, 2012

It would appear the English are the only people that casual racism can be targetted at judging by some of these comments! He’s handsome ‘for an Englishman’. He’s buff ‘for an Englishman’. He doesn’t have skin cancer inducing sun-burn ‘for an Englishman’

I prefer to listen to the people behind the film who are clearly thrilled to have this ‘highly talented Englishman’ adding some credibility to their little space movie. :-p

34. Jenna - May 14, 2012

@31 Well, if you’re really curious, I’ll fangirl for a moment here (or fanwoman as I’m 43 and have never fangirled before in my life). Everyone else, tune out. : ) You really can’t see it from photographs, it’s more an onscreen charisma that then makes you see it in photographs. You should watch Sherlock as it’s truly a brilliant show even aside from him. Anyway, reasons IMO: he’s an astoundingly talented actor, especially obvious if you compare him in vastly different roles or in interviews; extraordinarily (for an actor–with apologies to stupid actors) intelligent, and in interviews so rational and thoughtful and sweet (ignore the purposeful playing dumb in that MTV interview); such a work ethic, so down to earth in terms of how he sees fame, etc. And, okay, beautiful eyes and a sweet goofy smile, but those would be meaningless without the intelligence and talent. So, yeah, if you’re befuddled by it (many are, I know!), do watch the show and maybe find an interview on youtube. If you don’t agree I think you might at least see it. I’ve tried to explain but it’s kind of an indefinable appeal that some people just have and some don’t. Okay, gushy rant over. As you were.

35. AJ - May 14, 2012

That’s what a pack-a-day of Benson & Hedges does for the body and soul.

36. Jack - May 14, 2012

Those are pretty great shorts.

31. He’s strangely attractive on Sherlock.

37. Tiberius Subprime - May 15, 2012

James. That’s okay, I think he might be Captain Garth. If not, I’ll eat a bowl of Doritos.

(…maybe Mr Weller is Garth???? If that turns out to be wrong, I’ll eat three large bags of fries.)

38. Trekboi - May 15, 2012

what tan, he’s pink & pasty as

39. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - May 15, 2012

Maybe buff is not the right word but I do recall that in Sherlock he is quite slight, and I can tell from the photos that he has gained significant muscle mass – definitely bulkier by comparison.

#33 — I don’t think they are mean-spirited comments. The stereotypes are mostly amusing and the humor derives from the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch tends to fit the stereotypes.

Does anyone else find his facial features are reminiscent of Copernicus? I never thought of him as attractive, but I do find his features striking.

40. trekmaster - May 15, 2012

Are there any pics showing him nude!? :)

41. Jai - May 15, 2012

CumberKhan’s physique still has some way to go before it matches the Montalban-ish actor I think really would be the best choice to play the genetically-engineered superhuman North Indian Sikh: The Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan (who also happens to be Punjabi, like most real-life Sikhs also are):

That’s a photo just for the ladies here. The rest of us guys will get the sudden urge to do some sit-ups.

Okay, I just did 10,000 sit-ups. In the last two minutes. I feel so much better now ;)

42. Hat Rick - May 15, 2012

Hey, why no usage of the moniker, “Cumby”? Is it officially outre now to use it? Did I miss another interoffice memo reversing the previous policy?


43. china - May 15, 2012

He looks wonderful. He’s a lovely treat for thinking women out there. I hope we get to see a lot of him shirtless. Yo guys have lots to enjoy so let women like me have a few treats too

44. china - May 15, 2012

I agree that there are some ghastly people on here being negative. Are you all American. ?

Considering Benedict has had hardly any time to prepare for this role he looks amazing so suck it up

45. VZX - May 15, 2012

@41: He’s still Cumby to me.

46. Orly - May 15, 2012

He looks very tanned in this recent interview with PBS

47. CAPT KRUNCH - May 15, 2012

Again…a very pasty..yet talented KHANNNNNN!….certainly doesn’t possess the Montalban chest!…or his rich Corinthian leather skin….
but he is a very interesting actor…If you caught Hounds of Baskerville this weekend on Sherlock, you would have seen that….He’s arrogant, funny, childlike, smart, neurotic, smooth, sarcastic, the perfect bad guy for TREK! ….still think ..Gary Mitchell???

48. Orly - May 15, 2012

Why the hell do people want him to be a replica of an old B movie actor . Lets be honest Ricardo was not a good actor. Cumberbatch is a world class actor. You are extremely lucky to get him.

49. T'Cal - May 15, 2012

He’s in pretty good shape but he’ll still need Montalbon’s prosthetic foam rubber chest. ;)

50. NCM - May 15, 2012

@ 31. Charla – May 14, 2012
@ 34. Jenna – May 14, 2012

For the women here, I, so far, don’t see what the deal is with BC and him being “hot.”
I agree with you, Charla, and also with Jenna. I think women often find men appealing based less on physic than on qualities such as intelligence, humor, personality. It also helps if he plays guitar, doesn’t it? (Don’t know if Cumby does.) It’s sweet that Cumby fans love him for his dorkiness, as well–coupled with the strength of his personality/talent, it works for him.

@33. Buzz Cagney – May 14, 2012

“It would appear the English are the only people that casual racism can be targetted at judging by some of these comments!”

Americans love to make fun of themselves and any group which hasn’t been broadly discriminated against and is a main component of our melting pot culture is often, openly, fair game–with no malice, generally, intended. I can appreciate your irritation with it, but if you’ve spent any time among white Americans (probably the majority on this board–and many with Brit. heritage), then you know we’re forever humored by our ‘fish belly white’ winter legs, white as paper faces, and a widely accepted belief that we, as a people, are not the world’s most rhythmic dancers

51. Hat Rick - May 15, 2012

44, that’s reassuring. Those memos fly fast and furious and they’re easy to miss!

52. DiscoSpock - May 15, 2012

45 — Okay, I know the white shirt makes him look darker in that interview, plus the pasty Holmes footage as contrast, but WOW he’s a lot darker than I expected! I might buy the Khan rumors a bit more now.

53. Jenna - May 15, 2012

@49 As far as I know, he doesn’t play guitar. : ) Apparently started learning to play the violin passably so he can look vaguely correct in Sherlock. Once you see the appeal (mostly intellectually as, you say, women are wont to do) he really is quite pretty in some pictures. If you can bear it, briefly go to tumblr on the tag cumberbatch and see the visual adoration that seems to flourish there (but only stay for a few minutes and skip the crazy)…

54. Daoud - May 15, 2012

Ricardo Montalban will always be the Sean Connery of Khans.
Cumby is the Roger Moore. We’ll live.
@40, Jai: You’re good! Hrithik Roshan would have been an awesome Khan.

55. Jenna - May 15, 2012

@50 Cumby is still cool for me, although I might be more partial to The Batch

56. Captain Rickover - May 15, 2012

I wonder how he will become thin again for Sherlock Season 3?

Oh, and BTW: Nice, but far not enough for a true Khan

57. Nony - May 15, 2012

I’d wear those shorts. I wonder where he got them.

Now, how about, instead of that Space Seed scene where you-know-who gets Dr. McCoy by the throat and threatens him with a scalpel, we just have a Cumberbatch/Urban shirtless wrestling scene instead? I would watch that. In IMAX. In 3D. Several times.

58. Jenna - May 15, 2012

@55 He has about 8 months so I bet he will do it! Apparently really dieted strictly to get the super thin look for the first two series as that’s really how he sees the character so I can’t imagine he won’t do that again. (Unless they want to write in that Sherlock has spent his time away undercover in a gym…)

59. Jenna - May 15, 2012

@56 Saw someone post this elsewhere. Wrong color but…. : )

60. Nony - May 15, 2012

@58 The orange ones are cute! Thanks :)

61. Orb of the Emissary - May 15, 2012

#3- you read my mind

#39- if only! :-)

Now if only Chris and Zachary were at the beach as well with him and they got a shot of all 3 of them…

62. CoolPT - May 15, 2012

I’d say he is playing Sybok and that is why he and Spock are fighting!!!!

63. Carlton Banks - May 15, 2012


64. Montreal_Paul - May 15, 2012

He’ll make a great rogue Gary Seven! Can’t wait to see!

65. Sebastian S. - May 15, 2012

# 63

Now THAT would be a perfect role for Cumberbatch! ;-)

66. Jenna - May 15, 2012

@60 @39 Go watch his miniseries To the Ends of the Earth.

Or (not quite but close enough) see the reairings of his Frankenstein production recording by National Theater Live this summer (choose him as creature, sometimes referred to as “original casting”

: )

67. Montreal_Paul - May 15, 2012

And Alice Eve as Roberta Lincoln! …… but I highly doubt that because it was stated that Alice Eve will be someone new.

68. Jenna - May 15, 2012

Speaking of interviews with The Batch, if anyone is interested, this is brand new one and I think the best I’ve ever heard. From Public Radio International so suitably long and philosophical.

69. Charla - May 15, 2012

Jenna, Jack and NCM- Thanks for your thoughts about how BC=hotness! lol

I get it now- it is really beyond the physical. It is what attracts me to a man as well. (Not that I am anymore after 20 yrs of marriage except for my husband, but I relate to what your saying!) Without all the positive traits you both listed, (Jenna and NCM) there would be no attraction despite good looks, imo for me. It’s good to know there are still men out there like that! I’m sure there are many here on TM as well. ;)

I think it’s great that the women here (in this thread anyway) are attracted to intelligence and the personality of a man instead of basing their feelings only on a man’s good looks. That says alot about you as women too. You aren’t superficial. With that said, and after your explanations, (thanks for your responses btw) I will have to watch “Sherlock” tonight online to get caught up.

Intelligence, compassion, humor and passion = Wow for me! and it sounds like it is the same for you two as well. I certainly can’t and/or won’t fault anyone for that.

70. Jenna - May 15, 2012

68. Charla Glad to hear it! Hope you like the show. I love making converts. : ) (First 3 on Netflix, next 2 on pbs) And seriously I dare you and anyone who finds those particular traits appealing to listen to that radio interview I just posted and not be blown away (in the complete absence of visual stimuli!) It’s serious so doesn’t get at his humor as much but still…

71. LizardGirl - May 15, 2012

Nice. Very nice.

72. Leatherman - May 15, 2012

How about this: BC plays a new character in a new story line we’ve never seen. We’ve seen Kahn, Mitchell, and Gary Seven before. Lets leave the old stories alone. Revisiting these is technically possible but it leaves the writers and director open to endless comparisons. Lets leave rewriting original stories to George Lucas.

73. LizardGirl - May 15, 2012

@40 Jai
HOLY…nearly went into cardiac arrest clicking that picture. He definitely fits the Khan image. Is he an actor I wonder? But yes I would pay to see him on the big screen.

74. Marylou - May 15, 2012

He will blow you all away, Khan or not Khan. Mark my words.
He’s so ridiculously superior to Ricardo Montalban as an acor…
By the way, I think a superhuman does not have to have ridiculous muscles, he should be beautiful. And Benedict is.

75. MONGO - May 15, 2012

Mongo thinks Cumberbatch mans need new swim shorts. Hope he not bring his smokes in water with him.

76. LizardGirl - May 15, 2012

I just listened to that Podcast you linked. It was wonderful. I was a little misty eyed at the end. Benedict is a very deep person. Would love to see more of him.

77. MONGO - May 15, 2012

#73 Marylou

“He’s so ridiculously superior to Ricardo Montalban as an acor…”

You have got to be kidding. Based on what? You used the word “ridiculous” twice in your comment and the only thing actually “ridiculous” was your statement comparing two different actors’ abilities.

Perhaps you were trying to spell the word “acorn”. In which case you may be correct. Cumberbatch could be a superior nut.

78. Jai - May 15, 2012

Daoud, re: #53:

“@40, Jai: You’re good! Hrithik Roshan would have been an awesome Khan.”

He sure would. The guy is perfect for the role.

Your jokes about the “Sean Connery” and “Roger Moore” of Khans really made me laugh :) Thank you for that.

79. Jai - May 15, 2012

LizardGirl. re: #72:

“@40 Jai
HOLY…nearly went into cardiac arrest clicking that picture. He definitely fits the Khan image. Is he an actor I wonder?”

Yes, Hrithik Roshan is a famous award-winning Indian actor. He’s a huge superstar in the Indian film industry.

You can check out an interview of Hrithik on Britain’s Sky News when he was visiting London: They talk about Hrithik potentially starring in Hollywood movies.

Note the swooning female anchors next to him at the end of the interview too ;) Their reaction to Hrithik is really obvious, and they tweeted about it afterwards as well. Amusing stuff.

A short clip of Hrithik swaggering down the catwalk in full Khan mode:

Aaaand you should enjoy this video of Hrithik giving a live stage performance during a major Indian awards ceremony, especially the first 3 minutes where he arrives dressed as a real-life medieval Indian emperor, imperiously gazes around, and then does a sword-dance: More Khanishness.

If you want to see a couple of short video clips from Hrithik’s most acclaimed big screen movie role (the one that has the closest relevance to Khan), let me know and I’ll post them here when I get a chance.

80. Jenna - May 15, 2012

@75. LizardGirl Me too. I’ve been telling everyone about that today, so glad to actually get someone to listen… : ) I can’t think of another actor or celebrity nearly so intelligent and articulate, and, sure, soulful. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of him. Too talented and grounded to be going away.

81. J.A.G.T. - May 15, 2012

Well if there’s any truth to the rumours sorrounding Cumberbatch playing Khan I’d be officially more muscular than Khan v2.0 … Feels good, man…
But somehow I just can’t imagine Mr. Cumberbatch talking with an accent and prancing around Montalban-style… I think this whole “Cumberbatch as Khan”-rumour is a bunch of bollocks…

82. Thorny - May 15, 2012

71. That’s how we got Nero, as paper-thin as villains come.

83. Jenna - May 15, 2012

80. Personally I hope the rumour is bollocks too.

I don’t know if I agree on the accent and prancing though. He does both pretty well, and at least one, if not more, of the actors/producers who have commented on him have said things in the area of his amazing “vocal quality” and what he can do with his voice, haven’t they? So… I still think if it is Khan it’ll be some just-similar-named or face-melted version. Maybe the face-melting will change his accent too. : )

Whatever. Honestly, he could play any character at all and I’ll be thrilled to go see him because I’ll be certain he will rock it.

84. Marylou - May 15, 2012

@7 Mongo
“He’s so ridiculously superior to Ricardo Montalban as an acor…”

You have got to be kidding. Based on what? You used the word “ridiculous” twice in your comment and the only thing actually “ridiculous” was your statement comparing two different actors’ abilities.”

Now you must be kidding. Montalban was a B-movie actor noone outside your little Star Trek world has ever heard of. Cumberbatch is an Olivier awards winning stage actor and has been called one of the best actors in the world.

85. Marylou - May 15, 2012

By the way… if you want to get an impression of Cumberbatch in a villainly role, watch that and get the shivers:

or watch “Wreckers”. You will be pleased.

86. Montreal_Paul - May 15, 2012

83. Marylou

I never heard of Cumberbatch until he was cast in Trek. Doesn’t mean he’s not a great actor, just never heard of him.

Ricardo Montalban was a very good actor in his day. He wasn’t just in Fantasy Island and Star Trek… he is also an Emmy Award winning actor too.

Marylou, maybe it’s your age, but just because YOU hadn’t heard of Montelban doesn’t make him a B-movie actor.

87. J.A.G.T. - May 15, 2012

Well, okay.. I think we can both agree on the notion that Montalbán wasn’t actually “prancing around” ;)

88. THX-1138 - May 15, 2012

Seriously though, comparing actors talent is more a matter of taste than ability.

By that, I mean what sort of tangible evidence could one possibly offer to support their position? Awards? That’s really just a popularity contest more than a measure of anything.

And this is no disrespect to Cumberbatch. He’s a fine actor.

But when you come on a Trek site and downplay Montalban’s ability or significance you should expect to be met with some resistance.

89. Punkspocker - May 15, 2012

Just lovely! Thanks for posting the candy!

90. Kirk, James T. - May 15, 2012

Cumberbach is an amazing actor and if he is to play Khan, I’m sure he’ll do it just as good, if not better than the ham-tastic Ricardo “he tasks me” Montalban.

Don’t get me wrong, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was a great movie but Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek 2009 were far superior and I’m sorry as great as he was, you can’t get much more B-movie actor than Montalban. I’d say Cumberbach is probably as well known as Montalban was back in the 80’s and far more well known today than Montalban.

That may get me shoved out an airlock (heaven forbid someone take a shot at WoK) but WoK was not the greatest ever Star Trek film and if we are to see Cumberbach take on the role of Khan, it’ll be as good and as worthy as Chris Pine taking over from Shatner as Kirk.

Move over old school, it’s time for The Next Generation ;)

91. J.A.G.T. - May 15, 2012

Talkin about ham-tastic Montalbán:
Have fun!
(Warning: Lotsa adult language and extreme nonsense…)

92. Basement Blogger - May 15, 2012

@ 89

James T. Kirk says,

“That may get me shoved out an airlock (heaven forbid someone take a shot at WoK) but WoK was not the greatest ever Star Trek film and if we are to see Cumberbach take on the role of Khan, it’ll be as good and as worthy as Chris Pine taking over from Shatner as Kirk.

Move over old school, it’s time for The Next Generation ;)”

Okay, Kirk make sure you have your spacesuit on. :-) Look, my favorite of the Star Trek films was ST IV. Yeah, the one with the whales. Why? It was Star Trek. Ideas. Save the whales, save the world. Ecology. Tolerance. The probe was not a mustache twirling bad guy. And the movie was funny without being parody.

That being said, TWOK was a great Star Trek movie. Again, more ideas. Can man go to far with technology. See Genesis. Sacrifice. Good action.

Unless, you can predict the future or have seen the next movie, you can’t tell if Benedict will be better or as good as Monttalban. I disagree with your assesment that Montalban was “hamtastic.” Watch Space Seed. Watch his Montalban’s intensity. Then watch TWOK. Totally believable as a man who wants revenge. I believe Nick Meyer said that Montalban should be playing Shakespeare.

Cumberbatch is a fine actor. But Star Trek 2013 could be a bomb. It could also be the greatest Star Trek movie ever made. It could be something in between. We won’t know until it comes out and we get to see it.

93. Jenna - May 15, 2012

91. Thank you. Love that so much. Could not stop laughing. Watched part of a TNG one too. Just had to stop.

94. NuFan - May 15, 2012


You forgot to change back to your other persona again.

95. kitty - May 15, 2012

As far as The Batch staying buff for season 3, I’m hoping he stays just like he is now or even more so. When season 3 begins, we won’t know where he’s been or for how long, but we do know he will have been hunting down and dispatching Moriarty’s gang, so he could very well have become quite fit. Just sayn’

And as for comparing Monteblan & Cumberbatch, that’s like comparing Clark’s to Louboutin’s. Both perfectly suited for their job, but in completely different universes of class.

96. Basement Blogger - May 15, 2012

@ 74

Helloooooo Mary Lou,

You’ve managed to get Mongo (@ 77) out of character with your putdown of Ricardo Montalban. You’ve got me agreeing with Montreal Paul (@ 86) Do you realize how hard this is? ;-)

Montreal Paul is correct. Montalban is an Emmy Award winning actor. He was given a lifetime achievement award from SAG. Serioiusly, do you and the faux James Kirk (@ 90) think Ricardo Montalban is some type of cured pork product? As Seth Myers would say, “Really?” Montalban had a distinguished career in television and film. Link. If I were an actor, I would feel fortunate to have such a career.

97. THX-1138 - May 15, 2012


It just goes to show that all of the taste in some people resides in their mouth. Don’t let the airlock hit you in the ass.


He uses my computer all the time. I wiped off the drool and hair and just started typing. Besides, it’s all in good fun.

98. Jenna - May 15, 2012

95. kitty Glad to see “The Batch” getting more use. I agree I’d really like to see him stay this way for season 3 and it’s true he could have been doing anything. However, hunting down criminals would make you fit but not quite that muscular and he’d never ever go to a gym. : ) Too concerned with the brain to worry about the body, and plus he doesn’t really eat if he’s working/stressed. From their interviews, Ben and Moffat seem way way too enamored of the canon Holmes as gaunt, angular, aquiline, with the cheekbones, etc, that I’d be really really surprised if he didn’t get himself thin again. He loves the character as is so I bet it would just seem weird to him to have him change that much. Just sayin’ too. : ) I suppose we’ll be able to see as soon as they start filming what he looks like. That’s way too far away, though, isn’t it? Interesting that if predictions are right they will still be filming Season 3, or just done, when press circuit time for ST: The Wrath of Gary comes along, so he’d have to promote the film all skinny! : 0

99. kitty - May 15, 2012

Jenna, I think you are probably right about his season 3 size, but wishful thinking has it’s place :) But chasing really bad guys intent on killing your only friend would tend to make the obsessive Sherlock realize the logic of creating & maintaining a fit, fighting physique.

I would miss those magical cheekbones, tis true. And yes, season 3, waaay too far away.

100. LizardGirl - May 15, 2012

@85 Marylou
Just finished watching Wreckers 15 minutes ago. Very interesting…wonder what really happened to Nick. Also, David (Benedict) had that look at the end, like he knew what and who Dawn had done. It’s a very quiet but tense movie.

What’s that link you have for? I clicked it and for some reason Youtube blocked me saying that NBC Universal has blocked it in my country due to copyright grounds. Give me a hint about it, I’ll look it research it independently.

101. Jenna - May 15, 2012

100 LizardGirl Definitely thought provoking mood piece. The Q&A for Wreckers (on youtube, easy to find) is interesting too. Director didn’t really tell actors her vision and edited out so much stuff (to make it more ambiguous which I don’t necessarily dislike). Got the feeling Ben wasn’t totally happy with the approach (saying he would have done some things differently if he knew where she was going) but would be curious what others think.

102. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - May 15, 2012

@#31 Charla

For the women here, I really like having women other than myself here, but I have got to ask- I, so far, don’t see what the deal is with BC and him being “hot.”

Same here, but I agree with what NCM said and had some of the same thoughts. It’s more about the whole package, and not just what’s superficial. I’ve seen unattractive people that looked much better to me once I got to know them, and I’ve seen very attractive people that were plain ugly to me once I got to know them as well.

Zachary’s my guy for this installment of Trek, but I didn’t see him as “hot” until Spock. :-) The first time I saw him was on Heroes, and again earlier this Spring when a friend had me watching parts of 24 when I was at her house visiting, and in both cases he just looked good for the character to me. But ST09 – WOW!!! Not only was the movie made well, which helps, but I think he was just stunning as Spock in each scene. Yummy, yummy. :-) So I can understand why the ladies that think Mr. Cumberbatch is attractive based off of Sherlock feel the way that they do. He’s not my cup of tea, but I’m happy for anyone that gets enjoyment out of his work and his visage. We all have our favorites. :-)

@ #77 MONGO

She actually angered you into speaking properly. I think that’s a first since I’ve been here. Well I know not to say anything about Ricardo, hee hee. :-D But really, he’s alright with me. I did see most of The Wrath of Khan, and I think he was very good in it. :-) We all have our buttons.

@#84 Marylou

Well, I’d never heard of Cumberbatch until it was announced they were talking to him/casting him for the next Trek film. Sherlock, up until that point, to me had been Robert Downey Jr. in the films. I haven’t seen the last one, though. I heard it was kind of bad. :-/ When I have the time, I’ll see for myself.

103. Jenna - May 15, 2012

Oh, and 100. LG too marylous link was to a scene of Ben’s from Atonement.

104. trekmaster - May 15, 2012

Hey, Cumby, come by!! *hahaha* BTW I don’t understand the comparisons between Montalban und Cumberbatch. There´s no relevant hint that says Khan is going to be in the movie!

105. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 15, 2012

#26 – LOL You do realise that it is morning here and I had only just woken when I saw those nice pics of my cucumber and then read your comment…holy moly…:)

#39 -“Now if only Chris and Zachary were at the beach as well with him and they got a shot of all 3 of them…”

A person after my own heart. OMG – that could be just too much gorgeous manhood to be able to take in all at once. Nah, I could cope…:)!

I believe that Karl Urban does not look so bad shirtless either. Can you imagine it – the shirtless four in the same photo. Yes, I think I could cope with such a picture. A hetero-born chick as myself are, I believe, hope, made to cope with such images of to-die-for manhood! Sigh…”oh the bliss”…sigh.

Oh and of course, these people are all intelligent, well spoken, talented individuals, especially the one who plays “my captain” and the cucumber. I do appreciate good minds and nice personalities as well…just so you know…

A little natural tanning is good for people. The sun helps the body to absorb Vitamin D which is essential in maintaining strong bones and helps prevent osteoporosis as a person gets older. Osteoporosis or brittle bone disease, as it is sometimes called, is a painful degenerative disease which causes the bones to become weak and brittle. There is no cure. For some forms of skin cancers, there are cures if they are caught early enough.

So really, when it comes to natural tanning, it is a matter of being informed, paying attention to your body and seeking help if necessary. It is called using common sense. Sunbed tanning is far more dangerous than suntanning. These are the choices, particularly for women. Take your pick.

I try to get a good amount of sun each day – no matter what season, but not to the point where I will actually burn. I live in what is considered the most dangerous part of the world when it comes to getting skin cancers, because NZ and parts of Australia are more exposed to the much more damaging UVA and B rays than just about anywhere else.

BTW, darker skinned people living in North America and Northern Europe are far more likely to be Vitamin D deficient than their white counterparts living in the same region. The darker skinned people NEED to get themselves exposed all over to more sun.

It is no accident that traditionally Scandinavians have run round in the nude for a good part of their short summers…

Sorry for the rant, but perhaps what I have written here, if heeded and looked into further, may just save someone from a lot of unnecessary suffering.

106. kitty - May 15, 2012

LizzardGirl, Wreckers is an intriquing movie. I too have questions concerning David & Nick’s relationship and what happened to Nick. And I agree that David, after seeing Gary holding baby ben, knew exactly who the father was, but he didn’t care because he loved Dawn so much and wanted her to be able to fullfull her wish of motherhood, even if it couldn’t be with him. But at the same time, Benedict’s character David was a liar, prone to violent outburst, probably had an incestuous relationship with his brother and posssibly killed him. Yet he still somehow made that character likable and even sympathetic.

Benedict Cumberbatch is an incrediable actor.

107. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 15, 2012

The other point that has apparently not being noticed (sorry I have not read all the posts yet) is that Benedict Cumberbatch was spending time on a Los Angeles beach in what was the fall/winter time. Presumably it was a warmish day, but still there was not enough sun around to get any kind of tan started. A better test of how well the “pasty Brit” is able to tan is to get him on the beach in a California summer. He’d need to limit his time each day and get a good suntan lotion – build up slowly.

Many of my family have the cucumber’s skin tone and hair colour (auburn). We’re of Scots, Irish, Welsh, Anglo-Saxon, with a little Spanish thrown in on my father’s side.

108. Red Dead Ryan - May 15, 2012

For the dumbasses who think Ricardo Montalban was merely a “B-movie” actor, you clearly didn’t bother watching the damn movie and episode where he played Khan. Sure it was a bit hammy, but man, what power he displayed. You could believe him as a genetically engineered superman.

Just to remind you “Kirk, James T.”, “Space Seed” is considered one of the finest Trek episodes ever. “The Wrath Of Khan” is considered one of the best Trek movies. There is a reason for that: Ricardo Montalban’s performances as Khan.

I would also demand that you change your name. Your asinine comments are unbecoming of the legendary name.

109. Marylou - May 15, 2012

@100. LizardGirl – May 15, 2012

It’s the famous “Bite it!” scene from Atonement. Look up Atonement and Cumberbatch on youtube, you may find more videos. The director’s favorite scene in the whole movie. He’s brilliant in it. Predator-like.

110. Christopher Roberts - May 15, 2012

Isn’t always the way? Alice Eve saw how red BC was going, and decided on a Victorian swimming costume that day…

111. Alisa - May 15, 2012

I’ve enjoyed reading Sherlock Holmes, since the 7th Grade. And when I got to watching the movies, it was Basil Rathbone. Then I saw Jerramy Brett as Sherlock Holmes and knew THAT was the Holmes of the stories I would read. Now Sherlock and Cumberbatch, they have updated the character for the 21st Century and I love it. He is Brilliant as Holmes. You really get to see just how quickly his mind works and how much of a genius he was at seeing the details and being able to tell something about a person, but he’s not infallible. He will make mistakes. With a 50-50 chance of getting it right, he might also get it wrong, but most details he gets right.

I can’t wait to see what he does as an ST Villain. I only know him as Sherlock. I have not seen him in any other work, so I get to see him with fresh eyes.

112. Sebastian S. - May 15, 2012

IMO, Ricardo Montalban made the role of Khan very memorable and I enjoyed it very much (which was one of the reasons I was against them reusing the character). But I also agree with ONE thing “Kirk James T” posted; away from the brilliance of Wrath of Khan, “Space Seed” (by itself) is not exactly ST’s finest hour. IMO, it is largely buoyed by memories of it’s superior movie sequel. But enough on that score.

Benedict Cumberbatch is also a brilliant actor who seems to have a hand in just about everything these days (last night my wife and I were watching Stephen Hawking’s Universe TV series… narrated by none other than Cumby himself!). But this inevitable and (from RDR and James Kirks’ posts) acrimonious comparison between the two actors is PRECISELY the reason I thought reusing Khan was a bad idea. These bitter, angry back-and-forths about who’s the better Khan are pointless. We’ve not even seen Cumberbatch in any real footage from the role yet, only a handful of stills from the set.

Again, while I’m not entirely crazy about the (re)use of Khan, I still think Cumberbatch’s looks could be explained through further post-revival augmentation to avoid ID and capture. It would at least eliminate some of the obvious (and glaring) physical disparity between the two actors (both of whom are excellent in their own way). It would also benefit Cumberbatch in that he would be freer to play the role in his own way. And being a fan of his “Sherlock”? I am curious as to his interpretation.

I don’t want Cumberbatch to do a Ricardo Montalban impression (to even try would be ridiculous; much in the same way the ST09 cast didn’t resort to playing cliched impressions of the TOS cast). I really would like Cumberbatch to break free of the physical ‘mold’ and look of the character somehow and really make it his own. I’m still hoping there will be a means in the script to make this happen…

113. Sebastian S. - May 15, 2012

# 111. Alisa

I also discovered Holmes at about that age (it was 8th grade for me). And I agree with all your observations on the various actors who’ve had the role. Up until now, I thought Jeremy Brett was the definitive version of the character (and he was, if you approach it as a period piece). But Cumberbatch came out of nowhere in 2010 and simply blew me away. His Holmes is THE Holmes for the 21st century…..


114. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 15, 2012

Yes, it was Chris Pine, who among others, commented on Cumberbatch’s amazing vocal quality. I noted on another thread that I had not noticed/seen much of Benedict Cumberbatch. For me, he is not the best looking guy – CP is! however, the aspect that gave me goosebumps was “my cucumber’s” vocal qualities. I agree with you, Chris Pine. His voice is absolutely amazing – deep, rich, mellow, textured – a joy to my ears!

Other things I also find attractive while watching him as guest host on the British show (can’t recall its name – but the one William Shatner is to host), was of course, once again how beautifully spoken he was but also his humour and natural confidence (without being up-himself).

No one is perfect, but if Chris Pine had not only the lovely looks that he does have but also the voice of the cucumber, this would be as close to perfection as one could ever imagine. Chris and Ben have become my two favourite actor/guys, with Chris Pine being my first love.

Chris Pine does have a similar tone and potential in his voice which can sound beautifully deep and mellow, but not quite the power behind it that Cumberbatch has. I guess (hope) this is something Chris is working on – if so, keep up the good work, Chris! Maybe Chris will never match Cumberbatch’s vocal abilities in every way, but that’s OK too. They are not the same people. It’s about continually developing his own unique and beautiful style. IDIC.

Can’t help it – so I am open. Kick me. Mind you, some have already done that, here and elsewhere. Oh well…the real sin is to pretend to be other than who you are and how you feel.

@ Jai – Speaking of Hrithik Roshan – yummy looking dude btw, so much male eye candy – what’s a girl to do…:) (probably just as well a picture of a *shirtless Chris Pine is not among the pictures posted here – I mean, I am barely hanging on now; I know I’d be a complete melting, drooling gonna)…
Anyway, where was I? In a local newspaper here I read of a young Indian boy who did a stunt (all safety precautions taken), because he was so inspired by the very same actor, Hrithik Roshan, who is his favourite actor. Apparently the article noted that Hrithik Roshan is also a very good stuntman. Care to verify? The boy lives a couple of suburbs away from me in Auckland, New Zealand.

* Anthony – where is the thread with the shirtless Chris Pine photos? Needs must…:)

115. Ted C - May 15, 2012

Was is this on Has Quinto started reading this site?

116. Red Dead Ryan - May 15, 2012


It amazes me how many nicknames you come up with to describe actors you find hot. Chris Pine=”Conifer”, “my captain”, Benedict Cumberbatch=”my cucumber”. LOL.

Someone ought to call the fire department so they can hose you down…

117. Jenna - May 15, 2012

114. Keachik
The comments about voice quality actually kind of made me wonder (worry?) if BC might be doing an accent in the movie. He does have a lovely voice though in general, and good with ranges of volume and putting emotion in it, so I’m kind of hoping that’s what was meant.

I know so little about Chris, but have very much appreciated him in ST09–was doing so again just the other night in my most recent rewatch! Fun to picture Zack, Chris and Benedict (and Pegg, etc) doing a bromanc-y press tour next year. In the short term I hope they go to comic con. Benedict mentioned a month or so ago that he’d like to but that it was up to his bosses!

118. LizardGirl - May 15, 2012

I went to watch a Q and A of Wreckers (which I did) and ended up watching Who Do You Think You Are. Martin Freeman (Dr. John Watson) was trying to find out more about his father’s family. As it turns out, his grandfather was a sort of a medical doctor in WWII. Sadly he was killed 2 days before his division was evacuated. It’s pretty interesting in 5 parts on Youtube.

119. LizardGirl - May 15, 2012

Saw it! Had to rewind it a couple times. He sounds so dirty saying that!

120. Jenna - May 15, 2012

117. LizardGirl
I just watched that last week on youtube! Was kind of long and I had other things to do but I was riveted by it. Love Martin Freeman.

So did you think I was imagining it that Benedict wasn’t crazy happy with Hood? I especially liked his face when she was talking about having them practice lying to each other “Well, lying is kind of my job” or some such comment…

121. LizardGirl - May 15, 2012

Yes. I think she would’ve done better to take some of the ambiguity she kept talking about out of the movie (it wasn’t bad though). But Benedict is very capable of understanding his roles. He’s very deep like that.

I think he was trying to be polite in saying “I know how to do my job, I’m not a child.” He kept bringing up the “improvisation” of the movie. I think he was politely saying “we didn’t really have much direction”. Hopefully JJ doesn’t seem to do that. He gives sound direction but respects and trusts the actor’s abilities. Letting them develop the character.

122. Charla - May 15, 2012

@ 102 Spock/Uhura admirer- “Same here, but I agree with what NCM said and had some of the same thoughts. It’s more about the whole package, and not just what’s superficial. I’ve seen unattractive people that looked much better to me once I got to know them, and I’ve seen very attractive people that were plain ugly to me once I got to know them as well”.

Well put and I agree. I am with you completely with ZQ’s version of Spock. I hadn’t really heard of him until Trek 09. When I first seen him in the theater in Star Trek as Spock, I was blown away as well. It was like he was just made to play the character of Spock.

I later seen “Heroes”, his movie “Margin Call” and his cameo in “American Horror Story”. I think his true calling is Spock. You said it right when you said he was stunning in the part. He is my favorite of the males in the Trek universe also.

I can’t wait until the next movie is out to see what happens as well between him and Uhura. I am all for the romance between the two, but wonder if it will continue since in TOS he really didn’t establish a relationship with a female in the series.

123. porthoses bitch - May 15, 2012

Its odd….and sadlly you can see the st typecasting machine at work. If you look at thier breadth of work who are the stars off “jjtrek” ? BC ? ZS? Maybe ZQ(star of a show that had a great first season then was crippled by a strike and never recovered).

Have any of the new cast done a convention appearance ? (Perhaps it is in their contract ?). I dont recall if the stng cast did appearances while filming. I know the voyager and ent. Cast did.

124. LizardGirl - May 15, 2012

There are clear physical differences between Benedict and Montalban, but if Benedict can become Khan in the mind then it doesn’t matter if he’s not as ripped as Montalban or as tanned. He’s a good actor. The technicality is important, but acting is priority.

Taking on Sherlock, a role played by 70+ actors before him (listen to the podcast Jenna posted @ 68, it’s very good about 26 minutes long) and able to make it unique and memorable shows that he’s able to take pre-established roles and make them his own. I think we will be wowed.

125. DeShonn Steinblatt - May 15, 2012

I think it’s safe to say that the Cumberbitches have arrived in trekkieland. Virgins, put on some pants and suck in that gut. Ladies are present.

126. Dennis - May 15, 2012

Where are the Cumberbunns?

127. Daoud - May 15, 2012

@126 Don’t forget the Cumberboys, and before long, a gaggle of Cumberbabies!
Consider the marketing potential for products though:
pants: Cumberbritches
smoking-cessation: The Cumberpatch
real estate: Cumber Land

128. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - May 15, 2012


Thanks, Charla. I consider it a love-story, not a romance, because that’s what fits best. I also don’t expect them to copy TOS. If they had done that with the first film, then I wouldn’t be interested in this next one. We’ll see.


I think it’s safe to say that the Cumberbitches have arrived in trekkieland… Ladies are present.

Forgive me, but that didn’t sound too ladylike. To each her own, though…

129. AuroreOnTrekMovieMadeMeWonder - May 15, 2012

72. Leatherman

Great point!

130. TrekMovieMadeMeWonder* - May 15, 2012


(*fixes erroneous but comical Title header)

131. Sebastian S. - May 15, 2012

# 127


“Consider the marketing potential for products though:
pants: Cumberbritches
smoking-cessation: The Cumberpatch
real estate: Cumber Land”

Those are great! ;-D
The Cumberpatch…. his incarnation of Sherlock Holmes might use those; “This is a 3 patch problem.” ;-)

I could also imagine an omnipotent god-being version of Benedict Cumberbatch called the “Q-Cumber”….

132. TrekMovieMadeMeWonder* - May 15, 2012

Worst profile since Drew Barrymore.

133. Charla - May 15, 2012

128 Spock/Uhura admirer- Yes this is true as well that there could be more to this romance than TOS since it is an alternate universe! :D I think we are one day until it is one year for it’s release? We have quite some time to contemplate this relationship…. ; ) lol

134. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - May 15, 2012

It’s not a romance, but as I’ve said to others, if you want to think of it as that, then that’s you. I’m not doing much of a countdown, but it works for me that it’s being tracked by some.

See you around, charla. ;-)

135. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 16, 2012

It is a known fact that Cumberbatch fans refer to themselves as Cumberbitches. I am not so fussed on the reference myself.

#116 – You failed to mention that I have also referred to Chris Pine as being a “honey”. Well, I have to tell you that the Auckland weather gods attempted to hose me down today and failed. However, the car did get quite a drenching and with the wipers on full speed, we still couldn’t see much of anything for a mile or so…

Don’t bother calling out the firemen because, after being rigorously hosed down with really cold water, once I dry off, I’m even warmer than before. Heaven only knows what I might call my fine conifer or that interesting cucumber then…:)

#117 – I have only heard Benedict Cumberbatch speak on Sherlock, in an interview, in the English movie Amazing Grace and as host on a British television show. He is English, born and bred, so I guess he will have some kind of English accent, but it is not that heavy an accent – well, to me, it doesn’t sound like that. The thing is – the UK/England is a country full of various dialects but he does not sound as if he comes from any specific region of the country. It is similar to how I hear Chris Pine and the other American actors like Zachary Quinto speak. There is an American accent, but it is not a heavy one.

I hope this makes sense.

136. Aurore - May 16, 2012

129. AuroreOnTrekMovieMadeMeWonder – May 15, 2012
72. Leatherman

Great point!

130. TrekMovieMadeMeWonder* – May 15, 2012

(*fixes erroneous but comical Title header)



You probably meant to… “honour ” me rather than “spoofing” my name. But, I don’t like it.

(I apologise for interrupting the discussion, everyone.)

137. La Reyne d'Epee - May 16, 2012

135. Benedict’s accent is quite a posh one, product of public school education and so on. Belonging to a person from the Home Counties. Although it’s also the sort of accent actors who go to certain drama schools might also adopt, though that’s far less common these days.

138. Jai - May 16, 2012

Keachick, re: #114:

“In a local newspaper here I read of a young Indian boy who did a stunt (all safety precautions taken), because he was so inspired by the very same actor, Hrithik Roshan, who is his favourite actor. Apparently the article noted that Hrithik Roshan is also a very good stuntman. Care to verify?”

A lot of Hrithik’s movies are action-packed and Hrithik frequently performs his own stunts in those movies, some of which are very dangerous. He’s quite famous for it. Other leading actors who are among India’s biggest film stars have also praised Hrithik for his stunt skills.

139. Jenna - May 16, 2012

135.In my experience it’s mostly still the core fans in the UK who named themselves Cumberbitches years ago who still use it, but some few have adopted over here. I don’t like it much, not because it offends me (called myself worse) but because he clearly doesn’t like it.He’s tolerant of it, obviously, as all things fan, but you can tell. And if they are really fans I do kind of wonder why they wouldn’t be more respectful of his wishes. Seems to be another group on twitter calling themselves the Cumbercougars…

140. Hat Rick - May 16, 2012

So would an omniscient version of him be known as “Q Cumber”?


141. Daoud - May 16, 2012

@139, et al. How about the US fans go with “Cumberbabes”? I know bitch isn’t exactly a great term. But I like BC as an actor also. Perhaps we should go as a “Cumberfan”, and have “Cumberfen” as the plural an “Cumberfandom”? This is so “encumbering”!
@Kea, so you’re pining for Pine and…. hmmm, okay, no play on words with Cumberbatch, this place is PG!

@135/137… Should point out for the US crowd that “public school” in England is called a “private school” in the US. Otherwise it doesn’t put across that he had a private school education…. and the accent associated with it. The funny part to me is that the “American” accent is really derived from the rural England west country standard accent that was closest to the common accent of the time of Shakespeare… and that today’s RP accent is a later development due to the nobility being affected by the Hanoverians’ version of speaking English! To think the “American” accent is in a way more English than RP always makes me laugh.

142. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 16, 2012

Cumbercougars? I wonder how Benedict Cumberbatch feels about that? These fans are neither female dogs or big cats, and unfortunately, when referring to people by the names of these animals, they tend to be very derogatory. Most, if not all, women dislike being called bitches nor referred to as a cougar which is yet another derogatory way of referring to a particular kind of woman.

I am not surprised he may feel somewhat embarrassed. He may wonder what sort of people they may be and whether he should be alarmed…

I guess some might say that it is not much different from Chris Pine fans referring to themselves as pinenuts. Clearly, in this context, the word has more than one meaning. I think the *worst* meaning could be as someone who is absolutely nuts, crazy, over the moon about him. Referring to oneself as being nuts or crazy is most usually benign, although on very rare occasions, person’s mental state may indeed constitute a problem for themselves and maybe the actor.

In the end, it is about people having some good, light-hearted fun, but I do think some (self) descriptions may appear and sound better than others.

143. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 16, 2012

#141 – “@Kea, so you’re pining for Pine and…. hmmm, okay, no play on words with Cumberbatch, this place is PG!”

You’ve lost me. What do you mean – “this place is PG”?

Cucumber is a vegetable and Pine is a tree I am not referring to either Chris’s or Benedict’s front middle region of their anatomy – if that is what you are referring to, otherwise, what do you mean?

In fact that aspect never occurred to me until now, Daoud. Now I think I understand why RDR thought I should be hosed down. OMG

Message to Benedict Cumberbatch – the word Cumberbatch reminds me of the word cucumber – a summer vegetable that I like to eat with lettuce, tomato etc. Batch – patch as in cucumber patch. What Daoud and it appears Red Dead Ryan may have alluding to never entered my head – honestly.

Message to Chris Pine – Pine is a tree. Your ancestors were named after the pine tree. The spelling then was pyne. In fact I noted in the credits of a television programme made in England a person with the original spelling of Pyne. The pine tree belong to the conifer species of tree, hence you are my favourite conifer.

I have come to realise, upon coming to this site, that cucumber and pine have more than one or two meanings…however these other meanings do not apply to these two actors. My references made towards these actors are not sexual in nature.

I am kea chick. A kea is a parrot native to NZ and found only in NZ. A kea chick is obviously a baby kea bird. However, chick can also have the meaning of a young at heart female. This is just me, playing with words to do with elements of nature that I like and appreciate and people’s names who remind me of these forms of life, which I attempt to positively embrace with a passion. I hope this makes sense.

144. Red Dead Ryan - May 16, 2012

I honestly don’t know how the term “cougar” came to describe 40’s-ish women.

Cougars are big cats, animals that are plentiful where I live. Someone took a great photo of a big cat in her back yard standing next to a deer it had killed. That happened up island.

A couple of weeks ago, a video was shown on tv of a cougar swimming in the ocean just off the west coast of mainland B.C. The cat tried to get on the boat but the vessel managed to evade the cat. It was pretty brazen, as there were a number of people on board. Anyway, the mountain lion went ashore on a small island.

Cougars have a similar color to lions, but actually split away from cheetahs millions of years ago. They share a lot of behavioural traits (as well as physical ones obviously) with house cats.

145. AB - May 16, 2012

@ 141 Daoud

There are a lot of his female fans who absolutely hate the term Cumberbitch. And like Jenna said at @139, he doesn’t like it either.

I’d take Cumberfan or something over it any day myself. I’ve also seen some people use the term Benaddict, which I at least think is slightly clever. Not too difficult to do better than Cumberbitch though really!

146. Dunsel Report - May 16, 2012

To the person above who mistook Ricardo Montalban for a B-movie actor, here’s what Pauline Kael wrote about him in her ’82 review of STII:

“Montalban, who was born in Mexico in 1920, is one of those potentially major actors who never got the roles that might have made them movie stars. He appeared to have everything else–a marvelous camera face, the physique of a trained dancer, talent, a fine voice (he could even sing), warmth and great charm. Maybe the charm was a drawback–it may have made him seem too liable, a lightweight (though it didn’t stop Charles Boyer). In Montalban’s first English-language picture, MGM’s Fiesta, in 1947, which featured Esther Williams as a matador, he danced with Cyd Charisse. …

He brought conviction to every role that anyone could bring conviction to, but after almost 20 years in Hollywood, there he was in 1966 in The Singing Nun, and, with Lana again, in Madame X. … The Wrath of Khan is the only validation he has ever had of his power to command the big screen.”

147. kitty - May 16, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch quote from his recent VH1 Buzz interview concerning the term ‘Cumberbitch':

“That’s the collective noun for my female fanbase and it’s flattering”


148. Jenna - May 16, 2012

147. kitty Yeah, but that’s just him being polite. He pretty much always says any fan attention (including slash fanfic, etc) is “flattering” because he’s a gracious guy and doesn’t want to insult fans. But he always looks a little incomfortable as he says it, and friends of his have been quoted in the past as saying he really doesn’t like it.

149. Jenna - May 16, 2012

Sorry, I meant “uncomfortable” not “incomfortable” : ) I don’t have the exact refs to hand, but I’ve pretty much watched most interviews he’s done and most news articles about him and I’m pretty convinced. But, whatever, he’s a big boy and well able I’m sure to deal with silly fans and not take anything too seriously.

150. Marylou - May 16, 2012

@139. Jenna
Believe me, Cumberbatch loves his Cumberbitches. And he’s got shit loads of humor, he can handle the term Cumberbitch. Whenever it’s mentioned he says that he’s flattered. Every man would be flattered. He’s no fragile etherical creature, he is a very manly man and does not have to be protected by his motherly fans.

151. Marylou - May 16, 2012

@ 112. Sebastian S.


152. LizardGirl - May 16, 2012

Cumberfan is pretty good. Sure beats out the alternative. At least it’s more gender neutral so everyone should feel comfortable using it.

153. LizardGirl - May 16, 2012

I’d personally prefer to be called a Cumberfan, even if Benedict doesn’t care either way or the ones who call themselves “Cumberbitches” don’t mind. I don’t think I’d like to or will ever refer to myself as a b****.

Also that would only apply to females or males who don’t mind calling themselves that. His fan base is much bigger and varied, I think. There are some very young fans (maybe more mature than their peers) who may be fans of his and may be females. You wouldn’t want that person to refer to themselves in such a way.

That’s why I think Cumberfan can be just as flattering but not derogatory toward the actual fan. But if you see the humor in it and it doesn’t bother you then by all means refer to yourself as a Cumberbitch. I saw an interview where he did say that it was flattering (but like Jenna said, was he just being polite–acknowledging the good intentions of the phrase but not necessarily agreeing with the terminology?).

154. AB - May 16, 2012


I think he’s just trying to be more polite about the term in interviews. He usually winds up calling it flattering at some point, but a while back he did an interview with Alan Carr and he called the term “worrying on a number of levels” and said it “set feminism back quite a few years”. He’s always good-natured about it and I think he’s gotten used to it, but I don’t think he’s actually too keen on it.

155. Jenna - May 16, 2012

150. I think one can note that it seems a celebrity is annoyed by something without being accused of “mothering” them. He certainly doesn’t need anyone’s protection and even if he’s annoyed I’m sure it doesn’t really bother him. I’m certainly not trying to dictate the language anyone uses, just explain why it’s not a word I personally would use. It’s an opinion. And you’re entitled to your opinion that he “loves” the women who define themselves that way.

154. Thanks for being able to point to a specific example!

156. Ahmed - May 16, 2012

The trailer for the American TV version of Sherlock Holmes, “Elementary” is online now.

I don’t think that BBC will have to worry at all about this new version.

157. Jenna - May 16, 2012

Wasn’t it awful?! Cumberbatch has been so generous supporting his friend Jonny and taking everyone to task for being bitter and dismissing the show outright just out of love for his show. And he’s right that there is room for plenty of adaptations. BUT if this one is as bad as it looks he can’t blame us for slamming it.

What frustrates people is it might get better ratings than Sherlock even if it’s bad because the big networks have huge marketing power. Sherlock is an amazing show but PBS just doesn’t have the power to promote it which is sad.

158. Ahmed - May 16, 2012

@157. Jenna

“Wasn’t it awful?!

Absolutely, whoever came up with that show wasn’t thinking clearly. But I think it is not surprising in the current state of American networks where bad shows get renewed while quality shows, like Awake & Rubicon, get axed.

159. Sebastian S. - May 16, 2012

# 151

Sorry, but huh?!? I’m afraid I don’t get the meaning of “this”….

160. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - May 16, 2012

@# 158

Well, I’ve only heard good things about Rubicon, but as far as Awake is concerned, my personal view is that the writing for the premiere might be partly to blame for that. I hadn’t heard of it, but my friend heard of the show and wanted to watch it when it premiered. So, we made a night of it. Within about 20 minutes, Awake had us both almost falling asleep. I finally asked her if she was into it, and she said no. We talked about it and gave it a few more minutes before moving on to doing something else.

I’m sure that it might have been good, or gotten better as the show went on, but there didn’t seem like there was anything of interest there. What was the show supposed to be about? Was I supposed to be tryiing to figure out (or even interested in) which reality was real? Either his wife was dead, or his son was dead, or maybe somehow they were both dead or even alive. Maybe he was still in a coma and both realities were fake. I don’t know, but it lost me.

I only have enough time to watch an hour of live tv per week, and right now I watch none. Your assessment of American tv right now is why. The one show I do watch is downloaded weekly via an iTunes season pass so I can watch it whenever on my laptop. That works out well for lunches.


She was saying that she agrees with everything you said in that post.

161. kitty - May 16, 2012

BBC Sherlock should have been on cable. It would have been HUGE. Only Game of Thrones and Mad Men can even come close to it. The collective talent within that show is incomparable. This attempt by CBS to copy it may be entertaining but I don’t believe it will ever be able to compete critically.

And as for Cumberbitches, I think it’s funny and sassy. And, respectfully, I think he probably does too.

162. Sebastian S. - May 16, 2012

# 160.

Thanks for that clarification. I’m afraid I was a bit dense on that… ;-)

163. Sebastian S. - May 16, 2012

# 151

Thanks to #160, I get your meaning now! Sorry about that… (blushes)

I really do hope that the role is modified somewhat to fit Cumberbatch; my wife and I just saw his latest episode (US showing, anyway) of BBC’s Sherlock (“The Hounds of Baskerville”). A wildly different take on the story but it was thoroughly exciting. Cumberbatch (and Martin Freeman) were both thoroughly excellent. They ARE Holmes and Watson now… the torch has been passed. ;-)

164. Ahmed - May 16, 2012

@160. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-)

What were interesting about Rubicon were not just the plot or the central conspiracy, but the characters themselves & the atmosphere of the show. I was really pissed off when AMC cancelled the show after only one season.

Awake is a different show with somewhat new idea. I enjoy shows that take it time to build up the story & develop the characters. Awake was like that, it wasn’t perfect but it was far better than other shows that were renewed like “Touch”.

I just wish that one network or cable will give a good show the time it need to grow & progress & not pull the plug after only few episodes.

165. LizardGirl - May 16, 2012

@Ahmed 156
I was already cringing before actually watching it. It itself isn’t a bad idea because it’s totally working for BBC Sherlock. CBS is trying to ride their wave by copying them.

But do they really think we’re stupid? You can tell that people were pissed just by looking at the likes vs. dislikes for that clip. Also– Joan Watson? Is that their wildcard? That’s a total setup for a future romance. And Sherlock’s coming out of some kind of rehab? So they’re going for gritty versus sophisticated.

It would be interesting if it wasn’t already being done presently and superbly. Another reason why Sherlock BBC stands out is the dialog–it’s sharp and funny and intelligent. And Benedict fits that role like it was tailor made for him. Try as you might, it would be very difficult to top that combination without flat out copying their script word for word.

I’m not saying that the American version won’t have it’s fans (who knows, I may like it myself–sort of), but it will always be compared to BBC. And though I’m not one to prejudge I think that now is NOT the right time to do an imitation. It’s way too soon!

During the process of writing this post I’ve come to understand, somewhat, the feelings of those who feel upset or disappointed in a Khan role reprisal. I didn’t get it at first because, to be honest, that wasn’t a film of my generation so some of the sentimental significance is lost on me. I genuinely couldn’t understand why Trekfans wouldn’t want to see a great Trek villain in a brand spanking new movie!

But the feelings of irritation, annoyance, and downright incredulity at CBS’s audacity and lack of propriety probably comes close to what some of you guys feel about the new movie. I’m feeling a little humbled. But in defense ST2013, it’s been like 40 some years since we’ve seen Khan on the big screen. They’re doing a remake of Sherlock and season 2 hasn’t made DVD yet! Gahh!!!

166. La Reyne d'Epee - May 16, 2012

141. Daoud: There are Scottish accents particularly that have much of the sound of American pronounciations – American accents are a synthesis of accents from many languages I think. Consider some of the Pennsylvanian accents with their roots in German or the Scandinavian languages. Groups from different countries tended to congregate or settle in different areas.

If my own forebears, hadn’t got off the boat in the UK, thinking they had reached America, I’d have been an American…


167. La Reyne d'Epee - May 16, 2012

Re Cumberbitches: exploit an offensive word and take away its power. As Lenny Bruce or black rappers did.

168. Jenna - May 17, 2012

161. And sadly Sherlock this time has been up against BOTH GOT and Mad Men! This Sunday is Reichenbach which is so spectacular. Wish I could convince some fans of the other shows to DVR one of the repeats later in the week or watch online!

169. Sebastian S. - May 17, 2012

# 167.

All hail the almighty DVR…. ;-D

170. Cat - May 20, 2012

The universe is safe Captain, but what of Lazarus?

171. Patemalah - May 31, 2012

I have thought from the beginning Benedict has alien features(I mean that in a good way). Put a pair of pointy ears on the man and he could be Spock’s brother. Has anyone given a thought that maybe the villain role is a Romulan? Just think, all the logic and brilliance of Spock with loads of emotion to boot!

As to the great debate over Montabon being a B actor. You have to put his career in perspective. He was a non-white actor in an all white movie industry. To judge an actor’s ability solely on his roles is an injustice. It’s like saying there were no good black actors before Sydney Poitier. or Native Americans are such poor actors that white actor must take their roles! In his role a Kahn, we are lucky to see what he would have been if the movie industry had been more tolerant of hispanic actors. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.