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Exclusive: First Look And Details For ‘Star Trek: Continues’ Fan Series June 19, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Productions , trackback

Back in March we reported on Star Trek Continues, a new TOS era fan film led by anime voice actor Vic Mignogna as Kirk and features Chris Doohan as Mr. Scott (his Dad’s old job) and Mythbuster Grant Imahara as Mr. Sulu. The team has now completed shooting on a couple of vignettes and they have sent over exclusive publicity pictures. Get the lowdown on Star Trek: Continues below


Star Trek Continues wraps production on 2 vignettes + first episode shoots later this year

Star Trek Continues is a new fan film which is trying to literally "continue" the five year mission of the USS Enterprise from the original Star Trek series. The new series is being led by Vic Mignogna, best known as a voice actor with leads in shows like Fullmetal Alchemist and Dragonball Z. Mignogna has cast himself as James T. Kirk and will even be directing. Star Trek Continues has partnered with Farragut Films (makers of the fan series Starship Farragut) and both groups are sharing stages at a 9600 square foot facility in Georgia. 

For the cast, Mignogna has brought in some other familiar faces, including James Doohan’s son Chris as Scotty, Kim Stinger (formerly of Star Trek: Phase 2) as Uhura, and Mythbuster’s Grant Imahara as Sulu. The rest of the cast are filled out with experienced and trained actors, with Chuck Huber playing McCoy,  Wyatt Lenhart as Chekov and Todd Haberkorn as Spock. 

 (L-R): Chris Doohan (Mr. Scott), Wyatt Lenhart (Ensign Chekov), Chuck Huber (Doctor McCoy), Vic Mignogna (Captain Kirk), Kim Stinger (Lieutenant Uhura), Grant Imahara (Mr. Sulu), and Todd Haberkorn (Mr. Spock).

Recently the team wrapped up filming 2 short vignettes. These are currently being edited and will premiere at the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore (first weekend of August). The vignettes will also be made available online at the official site for the new series startrekcontinues.com.

Mignogna tells TrekMovie that he is very much trying to have Star Trek Continues feel like a continuation of the original Star Trek series. Of course the show was about a five year mission, but only had three seasons, so there is plenty of room for new stories to tell. One way Star Trek: Continues will try and fit in with TOS will be to present the show in a 4:3 aspect ration, even though it will also be in HD.

The "big 3" Chuck Huber as McCoy), Vic Mignogna as Kirk, and Todd Haberkorn as Spock)

Mignogna also says that the goal is to match the act structure, run time, and directing styles used, instead of using more modern techniques. There was even some discussion of trying to use models for the effects shots but this was too impractical, however they will be trying to match CGI shots to the original feel, with Mignogna noting "we’re not going to go overboard on effects shots, the focus is on the characters and the story." They are also constructing more original series sets with a goal to have more sets than any other fan production.

Chris Doohan as Mr. Scott

Currently the first episode for Star Trek Continues is being written by  Steve Fratt and Jack Trevino (who has 3 Star Trek: DS9 story credits). This is not Trevino’s first foray into non-official Star Trek as he was the co-writer of the 2008 fan film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. The only details Mignogna would provide on the first episode is that it is a sequel to another Star Trek episode and it will feature that episodes original guest star.

 Grant Imahara (Mr. Sulu) and Wyatt Lenhart (Ensign Chekov)

Shooting for the first episode will begin in October. Mignogna also has a very aggressive timetable for post-production and hopes to release the episode online by January 2013. Vic will be directing the episode along with Jack Marshall, who will be directing scenes with Mignogna in them. Star Trek: Continues also hopes to release at least one other full-length episode in 2013.

Kim Stinger as Lieutenant Uhura

TrekMovie will report on updates for this fan production, including posting the two vignettes in August. If you want to learn more about the show and the cast you can visit the recently updated site at startrekcontinues.com.

Here is one last image sent over from Star Trek: Continues.

Haberkorn and Mignogna in classic publicity shot

You may recognize this last photo as a recreation of a classic publicity shot (which was also recreated for an Empire Magazine cover promoting the 2009 movie).




1. Desstruxion - June 19, 2012

Looks good.

2. Spike - June 19, 2012

I got a good feeling about this

3. Roobydoo - June 19, 2012

Love the lighting on these shots. Good luck to the STC team.

4. John Gill - June 19, 2012

Chris Doohan looks just like his Dad! Haberkorn’s shirt is a good bit baggy in all the pics…

5. Adrian - June 19, 2012

Why would they do that when Phase 2 is basically doing the same thing (and doing it so well)?

6. Lancelot Narayan - June 19, 2012

#3 Have to agree. It does look good and Chris Doohan looks amazing.

7. vantheman77 - June 19, 2012

This is going to be awesome as Phase 2 is moving into the transitional phase between TOS and TMP as this will be within the TOS era. Chris Doohan is a dead ringer for his father. Kim Stinger was in Phase 2 as she continues playing Uhura. It seems things are not working out with the Phase 2 crew.

8. KC Saint - June 19, 2012

This is gonna be awesome!

9. DWNicolo - June 19, 2012

May a 100 Star Treks bloom.

10. Montreal_Paul - June 19, 2012

Chris really does look like his Dad! Looking forward to seeing what this cast can do. Good luck guys!

11. Dr. Image - June 19, 2012

Looks REALLY promising!
(My compliments to the photog- nailed the lighting.)

12. Jon - June 19, 2012

#5, because the end result is MORE STAR TREK. (Also, because the quality of acting in Phase 2 is low enough that it wouldn’t be watchable if if weren’t so pitch-perfect in every other respect)

13. Sebastian S. - June 19, 2012

Chris looks sooo much like his dad. Wow!! Having CD aboard gives the production a nice air of legacy to it (as did the TOS guest star appearances in Phase 2).

I’ve decided early on not to try to be too judgmental regarding this series’ vs. the Phase 2 shows. I will try (in the best spirit of IDIC) to embrace them equally. I enjoy the P2 series very much, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy these as well. The passion and energy that goes into these fan productions never ceases to amaze me….

And I can’t wait to see Mythbuster Grant Imahara as Sulu. ;-)
Mythbusters is a favorite show in our house (for my wife and I). Very curious to see how he fares as an actor (we already know from Mythbusters that he is THE go-to guy for robots and unusual engineering challenges…). This looks like a lot of fun.

And seconding the opinion of # 11 (Dr. Image);
the lighting is TOS-perfect…


14. I'm Dead Jim! - June 19, 2012

These stills look great and of course it is REALLY COOL to see Chris filling his father’s shoes. However, I don’t mind good updated visual effects. I agree Trek was great for good stories and characters but if you can put a shine on the sfx, do it.

Good luck to everyone on this project!

15. Sebastian S. - June 19, 2012

These days I’m of the opinion that Star Trek is becoming increasingly like Shakespeare or Sherlock Holmes; there are so many ways to do the material that it’s more fun sometimes just to see different interpretations than to simply watch new stories. I am a huge fan of fan series (even the Star Trek in the Park; I’d love to see one of those someday… they look like a blast!).

I remember how so many naysayers said the TOS crew could NEVER be recast, but ST09 (and it’s considerable box office) proved that was not so. If it’s done with care and conviction, then anything is possible…. ;-)

16. Andy - June 19, 2012

Is there any way to contact these guys? I really need to ASAP!

17. Jeffrey S. Nelson - June 19, 2012

My guess is Michael Forest will reprise his role of Apollo in the first episode…

18. Jorg Sacul - June 19, 2012

500 years in the future they’ll be still be remaking Star Trek, so the Shakespeare analogy is correct.

19. simonkey - June 19, 2012

wow the photo of the fan series is much better than the new cast…lets paramount pay for a fan made series with good actors.

20. Dave1119 - June 19, 2012

I nominate Kari Byron to play nurse Chapel !!. Tory would fit in well as a red-shirt.

21. Anthony Thompson - June 19, 2012

Chris Doohan, are you going to be in the sequel?

22. Michael Hall - June 19, 2012

I briefly met Ms. Stinger while working on Phase 2 a couple of years back (hard to believe it’s been that long already), and fell in love with her instantly. A very pleasant, personable young woman.

Also got to meet Mr. Mignogna on that same shoot, and while I didn’t fall in love with him :-) I was struck by just how energetic the man was, acting the part of George Kirk while supervising the creation of the visual FX for his own episode “Kitumba” between takes. In the shooting I witnessed, he seemed to be one of the actors most comfortable with improvising dialogue and having fun. While I was saddened to hear of the break between him and the Phase 2 producers I’m sure that STC will turn out to be well worth a look, and wish it every success going forward.

23. Vultan - June 19, 2012


Well put, Sebastion.

By the way, I enjoy reading your posts. Don’t always agree, but do appreciate the thoughtfulness.

24. Chris Doohan - June 19, 2012

Thanks. I will see what I can do about Spocks shirt. He’s not very emotional about it.

7, 10 and 13 Really think so?

18. I second that

This should be fun.

25. Strider - June 19, 2012

Uhhh… why is Spock Asian?

26. AJ - June 19, 2012

These dudes deserve a shot, just like everyone.

Make it so, Mr. Doohan!

27. Magic_Al - June 19, 2012

This looks promising. Phase II has always blended touches of modern continuity and modern style into its vision of continuing TOS. This production looks like a different, despite the “Continues” title, more purist “Recreation” of TOS from a technical and style standpoint. There’s always room for more!

28. KB - June 19, 2012

I can’t wait! With all due respect to Star Trek Phase 2, this one has a more authentic appearance.

29. Bob Tompkins - June 19, 2012

Chris Doohan certainly looks his part- eerily so.

30. Buzz Cagney - June 19, 2012

#15 i would say it was James Cawley and his gang that made it possible to consider others in the classic roles. In fact i’d say it was that which led directly to ’09 being commisioned.

31. Sebastian S. - June 19, 2012

# 21 Vultan~

Thank you. And agree or disagree, I’m just glad you can be so civil about it (a lesson to be gleaned from that for some). And BTW, I love your quotes from movies in your posts (Your use of ALIEN Parker’s “I’m asking you to pull the plug” in the ‘Prometheus’ thread was priceless! LOL).

# 22 Chris Doohan~

Indeed you do. ;-)

# 23 Strider~

Because there were no Vulcans available at Central Casting…. ;-D

32. Drij - June 19, 2012

Asian spock? wtf

33. Vultan - June 19, 2012


Kane: Quit griping.
Lambert: I like griping.


34. Al Hartman - June 19, 2012

Chris Doohan will make a good Scotty, he already played the part in the Farragut Animated show and has the voice down well.

Kim Stinger was great as Uhura on Phase 2, and will undoubtedly continue to be good in the role. But, she will certainly be missed on Phase 2. It’s hard to tell from these photos, but her costume in STC doesn’t seem to fit as well as her P2 costume.

I think Grant Imahara has a great look as Sulu, and we’ll have to see how well he plays the role.

I’m not particularly happy with Todd as Spock, as he is just too small and thin. But, so was Jeff on the first few episodes of Phase 2. It’s up to Todd to perform well in the role and give Spock the presence that will overcome any difference in appearance from Nimoy. The proof will be in the pudding.

I wish they had chosen a different ship and crew as Phase 2 is already doing the Enterprise. Vic actually looks more like Commodore Wesley than Kirk, but he has always wanted to play Kirk, and like James Cawley… he has created his opportunity to do so.

It’s good for Farragut films to share the sets so as to split costs and the labor constructing additional sets and props.

I’m really unhappy with all the background stuff and politics going on between all the productions.

But, I can say that I wish each production well. I’ll be interested in seeing what the STC production comes up with.

35. Stargazer54 - June 19, 2012

Yes, James Cawley and Co. did open the door for others to play the classic roles.
But I have to tell ya its a real stretch to see anyone else, other than Nimoy, as Spock.

It’s easier to accept Quinto because he really does resemble a young Spock and even then its a stretch. But if you stick another actor in that roll that doesn’t have similar features and its really hard to buy them as the character.

That said, I do wish the “Continues” crew luck. I agree, more trek is better than no trek.

36. Sebastian S. - June 19, 2012

# 31 Vultan~

“OK, knock it off!!”


“Are you receiving this, Ash?”

37. DavidJ - June 19, 2012

Looks promising. Hopefully this set of actors will have some actual charisma and screen presence.

The thing these fan productions always seem to forget is that it was the ACTORS that made TOS work, not the sets and special effects.

38. Ados - June 19, 2012

Hate to be the materialistic weasel of the trek board…but who pays for all this stuff?

39. Mark Lynch - June 19, 2012


40. FredH - June 19, 2012

Nitpick I can’t help making: surely it’s a colon-less “Star Trek Continues” — which makes grammatical sense and captures the show’s intent — rather than “Star Trek: Continues”, which doesn’t. What’s a continue?

41. Rocket Scientist - June 19, 2012

38. FredH

The colon is to ensure a proper Shat-like delivery. “Star Trek CONTINUES!! ”


42. DeflectorDishGuy - June 19, 2012

Why is Spock more Asian than Sulu? And is Phase 2 dead?

43. Paul S. - June 19, 2012

#7. The Phase 2 crew is moving along just fine. In fact, they are currently lensing a new episode, with, I believe, a new Uhura at the Comm.

Actors move on. It happens. they have been very adaptable.

I wish BOTH shows the best of luck… it is a big sandbox, lots of room to play for everyone.

44. Jon - June 19, 2012

#23, #30, what’s wrong with an Asian Spock? Nimoy was a Jewish Spock, Quinto was an Italian Spock. Do you think an character always needs to be played by the same race of actor in order for canon to be maintained? Do you think Spock’s previous whiteness at all relevant to his character?

I don’t. And I think that maybe you need to think really hard about why it upsets you so much. Everybody has racist thoughts and says racist things sometimes, and that’s OK. What makes somebody a shithead is if they refuse to apologize for acting racist when it’s pointed out, and keep on doing it henceforth.

45. Rocket Scientist - June 19, 2012

They say that any Trek is good Trek
So we took what we could get
And we listened up with our pointy ears

For news of a new Trek
Buh-buh-buh baby
We’ve got news of another Trek
This is something that we
Never can forget
Buh-buh-baby we’ve got
News of another Trek!

(With profuse apologies to Bachman Turner Overdrive)

46. John - June 19, 2012

God I hope the acting is good!

47. Jon - June 19, 2012

#23, #30, what’s wrong with an Asian Spock? Nimoy was a Jewish Spock, Quinto was an Italian Spock. Do you think an character always needs to be played by the same race of actor in order for canon to be maintained? Do you think Spock’s previous whiteness at all relevant to his character?

I don’t. And I think that maybe you need to think really hard about why it upsets you so much. Everybody has racist thoughts and says racist things sometimes, and that’s OK. What makes somebody a jerk is if they refuse to apologize for acting racist when it’s pointed out, and keep on doing it henceforth.

48. prologic9 - June 19, 2012

The photography and lighting on the latest Farragut promos has been fantastic and it looks like it’s carrying over here. Well done.

I’m always disappointing when these productions go to so much trouble to build great sets and costumes and they don’t know how to shoot any of it.

Some of them seem to be getting worse.

49. Vultan - June 19, 2012


Is it me, or did Dallas wake up on the wrong side of the “freezerino”?

50. Jack Marshall - June 19, 2012

@ #36, Ados.

All of this is being paid for out of our own pockets, mostly Vics, John Broughtons, Mike Bednar, Michael Day and Steve Dengler.

It’s fine to ask by the way :)

The more Trek the better. I hope everyone will enjoy what we’re doing, and if not that’s okay, because for us, it’s about having a great time with our friends making some childhood fantasies come to life.

Enjoy the show, and keep on Trekkin’!

51. Sebastian S. - June 19, 2012

# 44


I agree with you 100%. Italians, Jews, blacks, and many other races have all played Vulcans. And it’s a fan film; so what? Does it really matter?

# 40 DDG~

And I’m not sure I understood what was meant by the new Spock being ‘more Asian’ than Sulu? Maybe my Asianometer was broken, but I didn’t know that Grant Imahara was any more or less Asian than Todd Haberkorn.

And like I’ve said before; there probably just weren’t any actual Vulcans around during the auditions….


52. Davexbit - June 19, 2012

Good luck guys and let your enthusiasm be your guide.

53. pattyw - June 19, 2012

The duplicates of the PR photos are amazing and really show the kind of work STC is planning to do! Bravo! (Except Chekov is supposed to have a wedding ring in the Sulu/Chekov shot LOL)

No, not dead…Phase II is going full throttle and is in the middle of shooting our 12th episode. Things are being ramped up in preparation for our “relaunch”…it’s going to blow people away!!

54. Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla - June 19, 2012

The “look” is OK–particularly with regard to Doohan–but I don’t have high hopes for it. Fan films, for the most part, display poor acting. I’ve yet to see a single fan film I’ve enjoyed, and that hasn’t come off as cheesy and self-conscious. So although the recreations of the classic photos are nicely done, I’m going to skip it. (Plus, Kirk and Bones don’t look the part at all, and that would get in the way for me.)

55. Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla - June 19, 2012

Sorry–I meant to say “Kirk and Spock,” not “Kirk and Bones.”

56. John Broughton - June 19, 2012

Anthony P – Great article.

BTW, it’s Starship Farragut, not Star Trek: Farragut. We’ve been deliberate to keep the words “Star Trek” away from our production, as well as to use original musical scores, characters, ship insignia, etc. as a means to have our own signature in the TREK universe and to avoid copyright infringement as best as possible.

57. Sebastian S. - June 19, 2012

# 50 pattyw

I soooo can’t wait!! I’m a huge fan of STP2. I love the energy, enthusiasm and love poured into every episode. You guys are great….

And patty, any ETA on the P2 episode “Kitumba”?
I remember reading the synopsis from the “Star Trek Phase II: The Lost Series” book about the aborted 1970s’ version of it. It sounded like a Klingon version of “The Last Emperor.” It would’ve pretty much rewritten the book on the Klingons as we know them. I liked it’s version of Klingons far better than the simplistic ‘Vikings in space’ we saw in TNG.

And the teaser footage released on Youtube looked nice….


58. Sebastian S. - June 19, 2012

# 46 Vultan~

“Right….” ;-D

59. THX-1138 - June 19, 2012

To the people complaining about the actor playing Spock and his ethnicity:

We had a vote. You are idiots. Now run along. Your mom is calling you.

I can’t wait to see what Star Trek Continues has in store. Give me Prime Universe!

60. Jonboc - June 19, 2012

People really should be more informed before they start complaining. For “Asian” Vulcans, one needs to look no further than Trek 3 : The Search for Spock. They exist…onscreen. It’s a non-issue, move along.

61. Allen Williams - June 19, 2012

I’m a little surprised they wouldn’t want to work with phase 2 on the sets. Its not like they would both be using the sets at the same time as infrequent as they film. By sharing sets, they would be sharing costs as well, which would benefit both productions and make it easier for both to continue.

62. Red Dead Ryan - June 19, 2012

Yeah, I don’t see a problem with Spock being played by an Asian (or non-white/Jewish actor for that matter). Heck, there’s no reason why James T. Kirk can’t be played by a Native American/First Nations male in fan productions. They aren’t tied to canon, so its not like they have to stick to the same racial backgrounds as the official Trek shows and movies.

63. Rico - June 19, 2012

Looks intriguing. But, is their website down?

64. Pony Horton - June 19, 2012

I must address one point Michael Hall made in Comment #22, incorrectly I feel (Don’t worry Mike, I still like ya!) about Vic Mignogna supervising the VFX on P2’s KITUMBA.

Vic did NOT supervise the VFX on KITUMBA.

I, along with Tobias Richter, handled those jobs, and we had a great deal of autonomy in doing-so, after consulting with James Cawley first and foremost. And in a number of cases, I decided directly what was to be seen in my shots, with James’ and Vic’s approvals, of course.

Vic DID offer suggestions, as did James, and being the kind of VFX man I am, I accepted suggestions from all of them before ignoring them (grin) and doing it my way. Kidding, actually I did use some of their suggestions.

Since, as far as I know, I am the ONLY one in these fan film groups to have worked at one of the VFX houses that handled work on TOS and some of the movies (Van der Veer Photo Effects) I think I have a pretty good idea of how to make them look right.

I must also say, there’s plenty of room for differing TREK productions. Kinda like getting more candy at Halloween.

It’s all good!

65. KyleH - June 19, 2012

Hairpiece, or not a hairpiece? That is the question. Hairpiece is more authentic, Captain!

66. CmdrR - June 19, 2012

Chris –
I see you went with the brushed back look. I know your father once said the studio paid for the first haircut, then it was up to him. Do you prefer that one, or the “Barnabas Collins” bangs he wore in other episodes?

67. Pony Horton - June 19, 2012

@66 I personally think he looked better with the “brushed back” look than the bangs.

Chris looks pretty good in these images!

68. Al - June 19, 2012

Come on, he doesn’t look like his Dad at all

69. Landru's cousin, Dandru - June 19, 2012

#59: THX, you continuously act like you have a say in what people can or can’t post. You don’t. You also don’t speak for anyone here but yourself. If you have such a problem reading opinions that differ from yours, you should go to the AICN or IMDb boards, where people routinely act like rabid jerks. This board has a more intelligent readership, and people can speak to each other here civilly, without resorting to insults instead of debating a point they disagree with.

70. crazydaystrom - June 19, 2012

#62. Red Dead Ryan –

I have to ask : How would you feel about a ‘black’ Kirk or Spock in a fan production. Not trying to start anything. But your post certainly poses the question.

71. Red Dead Ryan - June 19, 2012


I’d be fine with that.

I’ve felt that Khan need not necessarily be played by an East Indian actor. Khan’s background was never really fully fleshed out. “Space Seed” suggested he was a Sikh from Northern India, but TWOK ignored that altogether, with Khan looking more like a white guy in the movie.

So I am going to be consistent here. The one caveat is that since Uhura was proven to be of African descent, Sulu Asian, Chekov Russian (although he could be played by an Inuit, as Inuits live in Russia too), and Scotty a Scot those characters racial backgrounds are built in more or less.

On the other hand, if someone recast James T. Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy as women while retaining the same names, well, that would be hard to take seriously.

72. Nano - June 19, 2012

Perhaps Kurt & Bob would like to offer up a story for this group to produce.

73. Sam - June 19, 2012

Not worth the time to watch!
These fan productions are painful to watch.

74. King Zooropa - June 19, 2012

I’m a fan of anyone who takes the time to indulge our wishes for more TOS. Amateur or professional, it doesn’t matter. As long as the heart is in the right place, it doesn’t matter to me if the sets are falling apart or made of styrofoam. More Trek = good Trek.

I do have one bone to pick. Why does almost every single TrekMovie post breathlessly go on about how this is EXCLUSIVE. You’re a blog. Not a major news publication. Breathlessly going on about how this is an EXCLUSIVE makes TrekMovie look even more amateurish. You’re part of a community. Does it really matter who gets photos, pictures, tidbits of news, etc.? It’s just dumb and makes you look ridiculous.

75. Michael Hall - June 19, 2012

@64 Pony Horton–

Yeah, “supervise” was probably a poor choice of words on my part, and doesn’t really describe what I saw, which may very well have been the highlight of my experience working on Phase 2. (Well, aside from sitting in that Captain’s chair, of course, which was total nerd Nirvana.) Mr. Horton would assemble very complex sequences including phaser disintegrations, mattes, etc. in a matter of hours, using the raw film elements composited in After Effects while Vic Mignogna would stop by and offer suggestions between takes. Give Pony Horton footage of pigshit encrusted with flies and with some digital wizardry he’ll turn it into angels dancing in heaven; it really is an amazing thing to watch.

76. jamesingeneva - June 19, 2012

Can’t wait, seems like fan film production has died off lately.

77. crazydaystrom - June 19, 2012

#71 –

Janet T. Kirk? T’Spock? Dr. Lenora McCoy?

Could be interesting.

78. Red Dead Ryan - June 19, 2012


Yeah, okay, that might be funny as a comedy piece! Certainly better than “Turnabout Intruder”!

79. Chris Doohan - June 19, 2012


I agree, he looks more like Pierce Bronson. ;)

80. r0bt3k - June 19, 2012

grant imahara! mythbusters sulu!!!!

81. bytesaber - June 19, 2012

Why????? *face palm

82. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - June 19, 2012

Okay, now THIS has me really, REALLY excited. New Voyages/Phase II was always stupid, and only continues to be moreso – but this looks like a quality production (and look, Kirk isn’t wearing a jet-black Elvis wig! Awesome!).

83. JP Saylor - June 19, 2012

*does a double take*

Grant Imahara as Sulu! hahaha I always thought that would be cool!

84. Red Dead Ryan - June 19, 2012

I don’t understand the hate towards “Star Trek: Phase II”. Cawley and co. work their asses off for nothing in return just to entertain us.

85. D. B. D. - June 19, 2012

Okay, so what *is* the status of ‘Kitumba’? Seems like it’s been in production for over three years now. Is Cawley too busy playing Elvis to finish this one?

86. Khan was Framed! - June 19, 2012

More horrible fan flicks on the net!!


Please people, write your own Trek, with your own characters & film that.

No one needs another poorly cast “homage” to TOS, Mr. Cawley has made sure we have our fill of that.

Grant Imahara?!

The dude can barely pull off his scripted lines on Mythbusters!

Aweful on all levels.

87. Red Dead Ryan - June 19, 2012

Why don’t you go and produce your own fan production? Then put it online so we can all watch and judge it. I doubt it would come close to what James Cawley and these guys make.

Seriously, I swear that some of you “fans” can never be pleased!


88. Montreal_Paul - June 19, 2012

24. Chris Doohan

Yes, you really do. Especially in that publicity still! I bet your Dad would be thrilled that you are playing Scotty! How’s your Scottish accent?

89. J.C. England - June 19, 2012

Glad to see some more info from this
production – which is looking great, btw…
*The promo pics look fantastic!*

Good luck to ST: Continues, ST: Phase II,
and all the other fan-made films!

There IS enough room for all!

90. Sebastian S. - June 19, 2012

# 84


If you don’t like it, don’t watch it (no need to be so nasty about it or to disparage their efforts; remember, these are amateurs, not CBS/Paramount). These fan films are done for love of the game; not to break “The Avengers” box office records.

It’s like when I was a kid, we used to play at being superheroes, but it didn’t mean we looked like Christopher Reeve or had the muscles of Lou Ferrigno. And believe you me, if we’d had access to video cameras, makeup, costumes and props in those days? My friends and I might’ve filmed some of our ‘adventures’ too…. ;-D

All of these fan films are done for love of ST and for the passion of fandom. These guys are fans (fans just like all of us) doing their own versions of ST for us to enjoy with no hope of profit or reward, and I think that’s just awesome!

And I cringe at all the disparaging (and some downright nasty) comments made by ST fans towards these people just for living the dream that we (as ST fans) have all had at one point or another; to be an ACTIVE participant in a ST adventure. What could be more fun than that?!?

Hell, I envy the makers of STP2 and STC… may they live long and prosper! ;-)

91. William - June 19, 2012

Someone on here suggested that Kari from Myth Busters play Nurse Chappel. I think that she would be a much better Yoeman Barrows from the Shore Leave episode.

92. Christopher Arnold - June 19, 2012

If Mignogna is trying to literally continue the original “Star Trek” with his project, wouldn’t he need to fit the storyplot between the last episode of ST: TOS and the first ST: TAS episode, given that ST: TAS (which currently counts as “Star Trek” canon) already depicted the last year of the five-year mission (2269-2270)?

93. Sebastian S. - June 19, 2012

# 91


It’d be fun to have her and Tory in an episode. Tory would definitely be a redshirt (poor guy!). But I admit, I have difficulty seeing Kari as the ‘shrieking victim’ type. From her work on the show, it doesn’t seem to fit her. She’s seems more of a tough, independent sort…

94. dmduncan - June 19, 2012

Hey, the more the better. I always enjoy seeing other fans takes on Star Trek.

95. Jerry Modene - June 19, 2012

#77 – Carol Burnett’s show has already gone there:


I’ll be interested to see how this new venture goes. The one thing I love about these productions (even “Star Trek vs. Batman”!) is that they are clearly labors of love.

In my day (the mid-70’s) all we got to do was write fanzine stories. ;)

96. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 19, 2012

Bones is all muscle! He could kick Kirk and Spock’s butts! But in the end, it’s the acting that matters to me.

While I appreciate all the work that goes into the various fan series’ I haven’t been taken by any of them. Just not my thang I guess. Still, I’ll have to check this out.

97. Sean - June 19, 2012


TAS has never been canon. Only certain elements from key stories, like Yesteryear, and then only because they’ve been referenced in subsequent stories (TNG’s Sarek, Star Trek 09).

98. SoonerDave - June 19, 2012

Hey, if Grant Imahara can get on this, we need then to cast Kari Byron, too :)

99. Dunsel Report - June 19, 2012

There is no Star Trek canon, unless you literally believe that the memories burdening Kirk as he looks out the window in Khan include seeing Abraham Lincoln floating in space.

100. Anthony Pascale - June 19, 2012

I want to make something very clear. Articles about fan films are not opportunities to air dirty laundry, spew personal grievences, make attacks or foment fan film x vs. fan film y flame wars.

Leave petty squabbles outside this site please

It is not a zero sum game. I hope to see all of these projects succeed.

Look for more articles on some other fan films (both well-known and lesser known) in the coming weeks. This is an area where I hope to add more coverage in the future than our current periodic rate

101. Chasco - June 19, 2012

#88 If you want to know how Chris’s Scottish accent sounds, go watch the Farragut Animated episode ‘The Needs of the Many’ at http://www.farragut-animated.com/episode2.html

#66. In his autobiography, Jimmy said that he hated the ‘brushed back’ look and so did the fans, but the PTB wouldn’t allow him to change it. Eventually he went to the Executive Producer (Gene Roddenberry) who gave him permission to go get his hair cut outside the studio and gave him the money for it. Hence the different (and much nicer) haircut at the end of Season 3

Back to the point – really looking forward to seeing new episodes. So long as I can believe the lines are true to the original characters, I have no problems buying into any new production. After all, there are thousands of Fan Fics, each with their own story to tell – why not Fan Films to add to the mix?
Good luck guys (and gal) – and Chris, the resemblance to your dad really is amazing.

102. Pauln6 - June 19, 2012

Looks fun. I love the way they’ve recreated some of the old publicity shots. I really hope that they also find some room for Nurse Chapel and Yeoman Rand though and a way for the women to show that they are as capable and versatile as the men e.g. more women on landing parties, security details etc. Kim’s performance was decent enough in Phase 2; she does Nichelle’s impassive efficiency really well.

103. MJ - June 19, 2012

Come on everyone, stop be critical of these fans who are putting their hearts and souls into this.

104. Captain Karl - June 19, 2012

Just like it was claimed that Star Trek reached a saturation point on television, so too is it reaching the same with all the competing TOS fan series. They should get Crawley & Mignogna together for a remake of Enemy Within…

I’m Captain Kirk!
No, I’M Captain Kirk!

105. Basement Blogger - June 20, 2012

Looks great. Since they got Grant from Myth Busters, how about Kari Byron from the show. She could play Yeoman Rand.

106. MJ - June 20, 2012

Looking forward to seeing Mignogna as Kirk. At first glance, he looks like he has more gravitas and command presence than Kirk’s we have seen in other recent fan productions. Real excited about this one!!!

107. Dom - June 20, 2012

97. Sean: ‘TAS has never been canon. Only certain elements from key stories, like Yesteryear, and then only because they’ve been referenced in subsequent stories (TNG’s Sarek, Star Trek 09).’

Actually, it was ‘decanonised’ for legal reasons in the 1980, but has been referenced so much now (the items you mentioned, DS9, visuals in the remastered version) that it pretty much is back in the canon. The show was called Star Trek, had many of the major personnel from the original series and Gene Roddenberry was willing to put his name to it and take a paycheque. If we went by Roddenberry’s personal canon (based on an interview with Robert Justman on here way back) most of series three never happened nor many of the movies with the original crew.

I like the X-Files approach to canon: stretchy, not rigid. It allows all sorts of flights of fancy, but still snaps back into place. Either you accept all of it as part of the greater whole of the original crews adventures or ignore it. You can’t really cherry pick! ;)

108. Landru's cousin, Dandru - June 20, 2012

TAS was decanonized by Richard Arnold because… well… he had no idea what the heck he was doing, and thus did far more harm to Star Trek than good. But once he was thankfully out of the picture, that status changed, and we started seeing elements of TAS once again. Heck, the 2009 film even has dialog directly lifted from it.

109. digginjim - June 20, 2012

Its all about the acting. I really admired what Phase II were doing but the terrible acting really pulled me out of it. This one looks like an attempt to get some experienced actors in front of the camera – it could work…..

110. PiperKev - June 20, 2012

I’m looking forward to a Kirk who doesn’t perpetually sneer when he speaks…

111. Toonloon - June 20, 2012

Regarding the Asian Spock ‘issue': a friend of mine was the first black actor to play a king of England at the RSC and there was quite a fuss about it in the press. Just about all of it was positive, but what got me thinking was that it should never have been an issue in the first place. It’s only an issue if the guy can’t act. If the new guy playing Spock is the best actor they could find, then we’re being well taken care of. And incidentially, my friend is Nigerian and his grandfather was King of Nigeria at some point, so Dave is waaaaaaay more royal my lilly white ass(!)

I’m genuinely excited about this new fan show. They seem to have devised the project perfectly. I hope they don’t resort to stunt casting and other pitfalls some fan shows have fallen pray to at some points.

112. CJ - June 20, 2012

I’m really looking forward to this.

113. Ctrl-Opt-Del - June 20, 2012

Well – ignoring all the hate flying back & forth on this issue – the way I see it it; so long as Mignogna & Cawley can put aside the bad blood I gather there is between them & play nice for the benefit of the fans by not deliberately making their respective shows divergent & incompatible, I will view *both* as continuations of the same original series. In that sense it can only be a good thing, as then “Seasons 4 & 5″ will have approximately twice as many episodes as if only one or the other series was in production.

In short believe in IDIC, don’t be a d… Well, you get where I’m going with that…

114. Jerry Modene - June 20, 2012

IIRC, Paramount now considers TAS to be canon after they took a poll of the fans a few years ago.

115. Buzz Cagney - June 20, 2012

#103 is this the same MJ who demands his right to an opinion? No, it can’t be, can it? :-p

116. Buzz Cagney - June 20, 2012

#96 I think you’ll find Karl Urban could similarly kick in his Kirk and Spock. I’d certainly put my money on his anyway. He was more than believable matching Bruce Willis move for move in ‘Red’.

117. Caesar - June 20, 2012

Gotta say I like the look of this. It’s hilarious to see Grant as sulu.

118. Sewanee - June 20, 2012

An Asian Spock? I’m sorry, but that does not work for me!

119. Sewanee - June 20, 2012

In other words, Spock was not Asian. Sulu, yes; Spock, no.

120. New Horizon - June 20, 2012

Asian? Funny, I thought Spock was Vulcan. Get over it folks.

121. Sebastian S. - June 20, 2012

# 118


No, you’re right. Spock wasn’t Asian…. he was VULCAN!
He was freaking half-extraterrestrial. Who CARES if he’s played by an Asian-American? He’s been played by a Jewish Bostonian, an Italian-American, and in ST3, he was played by a BUNCH of different ethnicities (including an Hispanic child). Does it really matter that much? These are fan films; people putting on a show for fellow fans FOR FREE. They’re not ‘canon’ or competing with “Prometheus” at the box office. They’re lovingly made make-believe; not too dissimilar than when my own friends and I used to play Star Trek in our backyard (only with MUCH better production values and a real script! LOL). I can’t believe an Asian Spock is your only major hangup with this….

If your deal breaker is that a non-Jewish, non-Italian is playing Spock, then what about new Uhura being played by an Hispanic woman (Zoe Saldana) instead of an African American? Or an southern doctor now being played by a Kiwi? Did that bother you this much as well?

122. englishjackie - June 20, 2012

I don’t understand the 4:3 aspect ratio
The bars on widescreen sets are distracting.
Vic Mangina (I hope I spelled his name right) reminds me of joe pecsi in my cousin vinny
“Spock! The two yutes in question..”
Spock: (amused)
“Captain, excuse me did you just say (pauses) yutes?”
“That’s what I said Spock! Yutes”
(Crosses his arms and shakes his head)
Hey I wish them well

123. Glob - June 20, 2012

Spock casting = fail NOT because of what the actor IS, but because of what the actor ISN’T. He simply doesn’t look anything like Nimoy.

The whole point of this show seems to be to recreate TOS as closely as possible – down to having a Doohan, getting Kirk’s hair right. and replicating the “model” look of effects shots.

WHY then would they go so far off-base with a distractingly un-matching Spock actor? It has nothing to do with race or “hate” as some pretend moderators here would have it.

This is like painting the Enterprise green for no reason, and accusing complainers of hating the color green.

Bad casting just takes the viewer out of the FANTASY that they are getting more TOS episodes. Preserving that fantasy is supposed to be the entire purpose of this project.

124. Daoud - June 20, 2012

What bothers me is that a little person is portraying Keenser …. what the heck is Keenser anyway? … You, get down from there!
(Tongue in cheek!!)
@Star Trek Continues: Chuck could easily match his hair to look more like Kelley. And stay up all night the night before shooting to look older! :) And sorry, but Todd really looks more like Caitlin Dar’s brother. Thickening the eyebrows with makeup to match Nimoy (The Cage or Corbomite eyebrows would be a bit much, but later wouldn’t.)
@Phase 2: An Enterprise v. Enterprise parallel universes story could be very very interesting.

125. Sebastian S. - June 20, 2012

# 123

The Uhura actress in STC looks NOTHING like Nichelle Nichols, but I hear no complaints. And Grant Imahara looks nothing like George Takei, either.

And did you even notice that Chekov in ST09 has blonde curly hair and blue eyes now, or that Bones has brown eyes and Kirk’s are blue? It didn’t seem to derail the ST franchise, did it? ST09’s millions in box office dollars would seem to indicate that no one really cares….

And for Spock being played by an Asian, it’s NOWHERE NEAR as outrageous or arbitrary as “The Enterprise being painted green.” That’s a ridiculous and non-relevant example. This is not a casting decision deliberately designed to piss anyone off. These are volunteers for a fan film. They weren’t cast in a Hollywood studio by Avy Kaufman or Juliet Taylor….

Besides, there were even jokes in TOS about Spock having a slightly Asian look in “City on the Edge of Forever” when Kirk tried to pass him off as “obviously Chinese.” I believe the TOS writer’s bible even described Spock as being vaguely Asian in his look…

As for ‘bad casting’, we haven’t even heard or really seen any of these actors perform in the roles yet. So why don’t we leave the racially biased casting opinions at bay until we see them in action, alright? This is a fan film; this is MAKE BELIEVE. Nothing more. It’s not the final word on the future of the ST franchise; it’s a sideways ‘what if’ adventure and nothing more….

Jeez, whatever happened to ST fans using their imaginations? I suppose John Belushi was too heavy to play Kirk on SNL’s old ST sketch? Did anyone else here ever just play-act or pretend when they were kids, or did they have to clear it through their casting agents first?

126. Bernd Schneider - June 20, 2012

I wonder why so many fan projects strive to impersonate the TOS crew, rather than going with a new crew and a new setting in the same era. I don’t mind them recasting the TOS crew, but they make Gene Roddenberry’s creation look so small (just like the Abrams movie does, but that is another story).

That being said, if the series looks half as good as the publicity photos promise, it will be great. (Well, the portraits are obviously photoshopped into the bridge set, but they did gets the looks right.)

127. Rocket Scientist - June 20, 2012

125. Sebastian S.

You’re alright, my friend. More than alright, actually!!

128. Red Dead Ryan - June 20, 2012

Zoe Saladana is half-black and half-Latina.

129. Pony Horton - June 20, 2012

@126 – They have their own sets of the Bridge, etc.

No Photoshopping required.

130. Red Dead Ryan - June 20, 2012



131. Pony Horton - June 20, 2012

Zoe Saldana and Kim Stinger.

Both totally different “types.”

Both playing the same African character.

Both with great presence and personal power.

Both incredibly watchable, lovely, and talented, yet both totally different.

Works for me!

132. Sebastian S. - June 20, 2012

# 131 PH~

Me, too! I liked her in Phase 2 as well.
And I’m curious to see ALL of these actors in character in STC. Especially Grant Imahara’s Sulu, as my wife and I are huge Mythbusters fanatics. We’ve seen them in person at Comic Con and at the Mythbusters live show when it came to our neighborhood last January (sadly, Grant wasn’t part of that, but oh well…).

# 127 RS~

Thanks for the kind post. :-)

# 128 RDR~

So she is.
My point was that Saldana’s not the same EXACT ethnicity as Miss Nichols and it didn’t matter; she was terrific in the role…

I’m not saying the STC actors will be as good as the ST09 cast, but these are amateur-made fan films; they’re not held to the same standards as a big studio production with deep pockets and massive production facilities at their disposal…

133. veronica w - June 20, 2012

totaly went to high school with Wyatt Lenheart (Ensign Chekov) !! he is an amazing kid and a great actor! he’ll be great!

134. William Kirk - June 20, 2012

Very nice :-)

135. Michael Hall - June 20, 2012


“I will view *both* as continuations of the same original series. In that sense it can only be a good thing, as then “Seasons 4 & 5″ will have approximately twice as many episodes as if only one or the other series was in production.”

But of course neither is a real continuation of TOS, which was famously canceled in 1969. And while James Cawley always talked about New Voyages/Phase 2 being what a hypothetical 4th and 5th season of TOS might have looked like, it’s ironic that “World Enough and Time,” still Phase 2’s finest effort by far, doesn’t qualify, unless you think that the producers would have known what the future movie era would look like. But who cares? It’s a great show–far better, in truth, than many “real” TOS episodes–that respectfully uses Gene Roddenberry’s universe to tell a story that impacts the lives of these characters we’re so familiar with, in a way that makes us care. In the end that’s what matters, and that’s what I’m hoping for from “Star Trek Continues.”

@ 129–

I love it when people categorically state that something is “obviously” Photoshopped or CGI, when it isn’t. :-)

136. New Horizon - June 20, 2012

@ 123. Glob – June 20, 2012
>Spock casting = fail NOT because of what the actor IS, but because of >what the actor ISN’T. He simply doesn’t look anything like Nimoy.

Similar to the Asian comments.

What does looking like Nimoy have to do with portraying the character of Spock? I didn’t realize casting the character would involve casting someone who must be saddled with the chore of playing Nimoy playing Spock.

137. THX-1138 - June 20, 2012


So are you defending the complaints about a person’s ethnic heritage not being correct for a fictional character? Because if you are I would love to hear you expound upon this position and be at all reasonable in your discussion. I would consider that “defending the indefensible”, personally.

No, what I think you are doing is the exact thing you accuse me of doing:

Attacking somebody because you don’t like what they post. That would make you a hypocrite.

I get that you don’t like me. I don’t care. I get that you don’t agree with me. Again, I don’t care. And I am above questioning your intelligence. But I will do it just the same.

Don’t tell me where to go. I have been posting on this board longer than you. It doesn’t make me better than you.

There are other things that do that for me.

138. Chris Doohan - June 20, 2012


Yes, Wyatt Lenhart is a VERY good Actor. Remember that name, he’s going to be big someday.

139. Critical - June 20, 2012

lol They have Spock as an Asian vulcan, I hope we don’t see a white Tuvok in the future. Although that casting is questionable I’ll still watch, can’t be any worse than that crapfest Phase II, at least this guy looks more Kirk than Crawley.

140. Magic_Al - June 20, 2012

My friend is obviously Chinese. I see you’ve noticed the ears. They’re actually easy to explain. The unfortunate accident he had as a child. He caught his head in a mechanical rice picker. But fortunately, there was an American missionary living close by who was actually a skilled plastic surgeon in civilian life.

141. THX-1138 - June 20, 2012

Thank you, Magic_Al. That’s perfect.

And #139, your ignorance is equaled by your inability to communicate properly.

142. Sebastian S. - June 20, 2012

# 140 Magic Al~

Thanks for the exact quote! ;-)

I tried to use the “City on the Edge…” Spock/Chinese example in one of my earlier rants above (# 125)

Thanks for giving it verbatim! Much obliged… ;-D

143. Pony Horton - June 20, 2012

Some of the haters on this page remind me of that new Carl’s Jr commercial with the fanboys waiting on line to see the new Spiderman film, only to encounter the REAL Spiderman himself. One fanboy looks at Spidey and snarks, “Weak suit. Am I right?” while thinking he’s so cool in his own crummy home made suit that fires Silly String webs.

Some of you haters sound that way, and you don’t even HAVE a “suit”, good, bad, or otherwise. But you sure have the temerity to act as if we must all fall in line with YOUR opinion.

The people who make these films do so out of love for the material, and put it out, FREE, so others may enjoy it as well.

If you don’t like it, fine. Don’t watch.

But don’t think it’s OK to go online, in public, and badmouth or disrespect people such as James CAWLEY (not Crawley, as you know perfectly well) or John Broughton, for creating something that is done out of love, creativity, and a wish to give something back.

To be so disrespectful, deliberately mangling people’s names, calling their work things like “crapfest” and the general lack of respect in these remarks makes those of you who act that way look idiotic, childish, and selfish, rather than intelligent or sophisticated, as you were likely hoping for.

In that respect, the fanboy in that commercial is a sad, and sadly accurate, reflection of some of those people who would rather consider themselves “fans” than what they are really acting like: Self-Important blowhards with no real ability to make a positive difference in the world.

Obviously the concept of “Let me help,” is sadly lost on such people.

144. Sebastian S. - June 20, 2012

# 143 PH~

Well said.
Whatever happened to doing something ‘for love of the game?’ Has anyone here ever watched their kids or friends play baseball in the park, or do they only watch MLB games on television?

145. pafan - June 20, 2012

I would like to see a fan series that takes place just after the events of Star Trek: TMP. There are other time frames than TOS and TNG.

146. THX-1138 - June 20, 2012

#143-Pony Horton

Well stated. But to play Devil’s advocate just a bit, don’t hesitate when undertaking any endeavor to accept well placed and constructive criticism. An intelligent person can differentiate between snark and pointing out weak parts of a game so that they can be improved upon. Even the Little Leaguers require coaching and direction.

I wouldn’t tell the people in charge of these fan productions that they suck. But I don’t feel out of line saying that perhaps the editing was clipped or the audio sounded wrong. And I can do that while also showing my appreciation for the finished product. Because in this case it means more Prime Universe Star Trek, and I’m all for that.
A balance can be struck between liking something and pointing out the flaws.

147. Phil - June 20, 2012

@5. Because there is a lot of debate over the ‘do it so well’ part. Phase 2 is at it’s best if you are deaf.

148. AOLAOL - June 20, 2012

OMFG Looks so laughably bad. fanboys N neckbeards trying too hard. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP

149. Phil - June 20, 2012

@98. Oh, yeah!! Red headed Yeoman Rand!! Gonna run away and join the production crew for that one..mmmmmmmm

150. soonerDave - June 20, 2012

Good grief, why all the hate? Ok, so they’re not Academy Award caliber productions; so what? It’s all in good fun and entertainment.

151. Canadianknight - June 20, 2012

#143 – Well said.

I can’t believe some of the crap people spew.

Those of you voicing your displeasure with the people running P2, or STC, or ST09… or those of you complaining about the race of an actor (really people?) … I have only one thing to say to you.


As a Star Trek fan, you should understand.

152. THX-1138 - June 20, 2012


I suggest holding your breath and counting to a million. That should do the trick.

153. Kevin In Choconut Center - June 20, 2012

Look. New Voyages/Phase 2 has done the near-impossible in reviving the Original Series. Without it, I really think we never would have gotten the 2009 movie. But the thing is, the quality of scripts has really been uneven.

For me, “Blood And Fire” was barely watchable and “Enemy: Starfleet” was average at best. But then “The Child” was quite good. I wish everyone involved with both productions the best of luck and I do want to thank all involved with NV/Phase 2 for some amazing Trek like “World Enough And Time”.

154. Sebastian S. - June 20, 2012

Was # 148 AOLAOL some kind of a robo-troll message?
It was so generic, it was like it was made by some kind of a trolling device….

# 150

And yes, Canadianknight~

IDIC! Too true…. ;-)

Again; if you don’t like it? Don’t bother. But no need to belittle or mock those who are bravely living our collective dream as ST fans ….

155. Michael Hall - June 20, 2012


IIRC, in Vonda McIntyre’s WRATH OF KHAN novelization, which if not “canon” is something that would be considered pretty close to it, McCoy chides Kirk in his San Francisco apartment that he “never should have given up the Enterprise after Voyager.” Which implies that after taking his little joyride “thataway,” Kirk gave the ship over to another captain and went back to being a desk jockey. Doesn’t sound like much of a basis for a series, fan or otherwise.

As for Phase 2 and its perceived deficiencies: no one is more aware of them than the people involved, who work tirelessly to overcome the limitations of talent and budget inherent in such a project with sheer energy and love, just to produce what a few bad apples can then denigrate with such heedless cruelty. If you think there’s any kind of consensus amongst the cast and crew that “good is good enough; no one’s paying us for this”–trust me, you haven’t been on that set.

156. Michael Hall - June 20, 2012

@ 147–

How many Hugo and Nebula awards have you been nominated for, sport?

157. Pony Horton - June 20, 2012

#146, THX, I agree completely with you.

I am all for serious, constructive remarks.

But then we have statements such as #147 and #148.

I wonder if they go to conventions just to act like they’re the humans at the zoo throwing peanuts at the animals in hopes of antagonizing them, just to feel somehow superior.

I wonder if the go to TREK conventions, walk up to, say, Denise Crosby, and remark, “Gee I’m glad they killed you off. Tasha Yar sucked!” and then wonder why they get asked to leave, or rebuffed by the professionals.

What is it with these people, that go OUT OF THEIR WAY to be as trolling and obnoxious as possible?

They must be truly losers, the kind of fans Shatner told to “Get a life.”

Anyone who uses cruel or snotty remarks when discussing others’ artworks in public, all I can think is how embarrassed their parents, and any people of real character, talent, or worth, would be to be seen with them.

158. Amorican - June 20, 2012

Get Uhura a new wig. Looks good otherwise.

159. Phil - June 20, 2012

@155. Why not ask how many Medals of Honor, Nobel Peace Prizes, and Tony awards I’ve won, while you are at it? I suppose it must be nice living in that rarified air up on Mount Olympus, where only winners of Oscars and Hugos are allowed to venture an opinion on the quality of performance art, and then dispensing your priceless insights on us slovenly knuckle draggers down below. Phase 2 is a spiffy looking production, but the acting is horrid. One does not need to be a permanent resident of Roger Ebert Land to be able to tell the difference.

160. Phil - June 20, 2012

Only because I shot my mouth off, Phase 2 is an amature production. Looks good, blah acting. I can watch amature productions and enjoy them, I do it all the time at my son’s high school. When Phase 2 starts comparing themselves to the professionals, people are going to make comparisions. sorry, it’s just human nature. If you stick Luciano Pavarotti and a screaming chimp side by side and say it’s equal quality, people are going to look at you funny.

161. Michael Hall - June 20, 2012

@ 159, 160–

So we’re agreed, then: Phase 2 received a nomination for both the Hugo and Nebula (in addition to winning a TV Guide Viewer’s Choice Award)–as opposed to nada in your case. Glad we got that settled.

As has been endlessly repeated on this and other threads (but we’ll try one more time, in the forlorn hope that your ilk might–just might–get it for once), venturing opinions on anything, Phase 2 most definitely included, is fine. (Really–no one is looking to deny you your Constitutional right of free speech; you’re just not that important.) It would be nice in the interest of common courtesy, however, if you could offer such opinions constructively, and with an eye towards making the product better, if for no other reason than to show respect towards those who have given of their time, energy and money with no greater expectation of reward than that they might provide your exalted existence with some passable entertainment. And in that vein, snark along the lines of “Phase 2 is best viewed with the sound off” just doesn’t cut it, sorry.

So what can I say, Phil? Act like an adult instead of a fanboy living in his mother’s basement and just maybe you’ll be treated like one. I say this as just a regular guy, who doesn’t live in Ebert Land and whose air is entirely unrarified. As to the gods on Olympus, my best guess is that they would just ignore you, or flick you away like a bug.

162. Red Dead Ryan - June 20, 2012

Real fans don’t trash fan productions. Take it somewhere else, Phil.

163. Pony Horton - June 20, 2012

Remember the episode of BIG BANG THEORY, when the guys drive down to Carlsbad to get Sheldon’s WOW stuff back from some hacker who had stolen it online?

Remember the fat, zit-faced, nose-picking, bullying man-child who it turned-out was the thief?

I remember looking at this fat, spoiled, toad-like, slobbish, older teenager who could not hope to EVER find anyone who would ever express any real adult, romantic feelings for him. He was the kind of creep who prostitutes would turn-down no matter how much money he had, who was a bully all through grade-school (and three grade-levels bigger than any other of the kids in class) in order to keep from being bullied for being such an overblown, underachieving, braggart with no real value to anyone but himself.

That’s what some of those who are disparaging these fan productions sound like.

So, to paraquote Dickie Roberts, “that crowd is turning on you and that sucks. Tell ya what …why don’t you guys run home, pee your pants, cry your eyes out, spank each others chubby little b-tts, get up, have an Eggo, come back here and we’ll do it all again.

‘Cause I like working out on you puke-stain little punching bags!!”

Now, if you think THAT was uncalled-for….. IT WAS!

That’s EXACTLY how those who are insulted by your overbearing remarks feel.

You must truly be very unhappy every time you look in the mirror, knowing you’ve been hurtful to others just to make yourself and your opinion sound important.

Constructive remarks are fine and useful.

But some of you are just bullies.

And you’d best observe, very carefully, how our society is becoming sick and tired of bullies.

164. No Khan - June 20, 2012

@125 Well said.

165. Sebastian S. - June 20, 2012

# 164 NK~

Thanks. ;-)

And I agree with Pony Horton on her posts:

Constructive criticism is fine, but there is a major difference between saying, “The lead actors could be a bit stronger in their roles” to “Those guys SUCK!!”

The latter is just bullying/trolling (not to mention people with extremely LIMITED imaginations and vocabularies….).

Their are more positive ways to offer criticisms without having to tear someone apart and spit on their soul. You think as people get older they outgrow the childish, insecure need for schoolyard-style bullying, but get some people behind the safety (and anonymity) of a keyboard and apparently it’s the 3rd grade all over again.

People from these productions actually READ some of these posts (no doubt hoping for constructive feedback now and then). So we should all remember that there are human faces behind these stories (sometimes Vulcan ones, too! Hee hee). I doubt that the people who make such cruel and deliberately hurtful remarks would have to guts (or the balls) to say these things to them in person.

Makes me a bit embarrassed to be a ST fan sometimes…..

166. Pony Horton - June 20, 2012

Sebastian, just FYI – I’m a male. Gay, but all male!

Although, I’ve often fantasized about being a girl, but that’s a topic for a different website!

(Although I have been known to paint my toenails)

167. VulcanFilmCritic - June 20, 2012

Tell me truthfully, if you had never seen Star Trek before, which of these three shots of Kirk/Spock pairings above looks the best? I think if this were an impartial beauty contest, the shot with Mr. Haberkorn and Mr. Mignogna would win. They look really cool. Kirk has the right level of intensity and Spock seems to have just the right look of bemused curiosity.

I remember seeing the original shot of Nimoy/Shatner in the TV Guide coming attractions issue in 1966 and wondering WTH is this? The sandy-haired guy (Shatner) looked like a boy and the dark-haired guy (Nimoy) could use a shave and looked like Moe from the Three Stooges. It was not a very flattering shot.

The most important thing as far as the actors are concerned (and I’m glad they are focusing on ACTING this time round) is that they capture the essential Kirkiness and Spockiness of their predecessors. Does Karl Urban really look that much like DeForrest Kelly?IMHO, not really, but he NAILED the character. The only way we are going to know whether Haberkorn has a shot at Spock is to see a moving image, and to hear his voice (the most powerful tool an actor has.)

Nimoy’s Spock is a really hard guy to imitate, or even parody. He’s got a funny Bostonian accent, a lot of hidden emotion in his character, not the least is the constant knitting of his brows; he has a bizarre but graceful way of moving, and THAT VOICE, way below a basso. A real outlier, that one. Mr. Nimoy was halfway to being an alien in real life anyway. Mr. Quinto didn’t even try to imitate Mr. Nimoy but gave us his own snarky, uptight version of Spock. Very clever.

The best we’ve gotten over the years in terms of fan-based Spock has been the “bored robot” (no pun intended, Mr. Orci.) The best thing an actor can do with Spock is to remember that he is indeed an alien. Not just some snob with funny ears.

P.S. Just looking at Chris Doohan is making me get teary-eyed. If he does the voice, and I’m sure he can, he’ll make me cry.

168. Sebastian S. - June 20, 2012

# 166 PH~

My apologies, Pony!
Excuse me as I pry my thick, leaden hoof from my mouth…
(and give out a Homer Simpson-sized ‘D’OH!’).

Thanks for your (hopeful) understanding (and for the great posts).
And what’s in a pronoun, anyway? ;-)

169. Pony Horton - June 20, 2012

No problem, Sebastian!

When I was a kid, before my voice deepened, people on the phone would mistake me for an adult woman all the time!

(Actually, I can do a not-half-bad voice impression of Majel’s Computer Voice!)

170. VulcanFilmCritic - June 20, 2012

P. P. S. A little note on hair and make-up. I think Ms. Stinger can probably pull off Lt. Uhura, but she’s going to need better hair. The women’s hair on Star Trek was always fantastical and piled high. Lt. Uhura was a glamorous as a Supreme. Find the diva in her character and run with it. A nice push-up bra with some extra padding might be in order. At least Bill Theiss might think so.
Also, I hope Ms. Stinger can sing. We never got to hear enough of Ms. Nicholl’s song stylings on TOS. This is a chance to make up for that deficit.

Spock’s hair and make-up needs to be calibrated in millimeters. Study the harmonics of Mr. Nimoys’ face. It is a series of interlocking triangles. Mr. Haberkorn’s eyebrows are too close together and the outer tips of the eyebrows should point to the tips of the ears. Also you going to need something like yak hair to simulate hair growing out of a forehead rather than eyebrow pencil. Spock’s bangs are a little low. Nimoy had them cut a little higher with a dip in the center. Rarely were they cut straight across.

And what gave Spock a wisdom of the ages look was the furrowing of the brows (a Stanislavkian bit of Kabuki theater) and Nimoy’s prematurely aged face. On subsequent projects they might want to ask the make-up artist to add some subtle age cues and a touch of contour make-up to the cheeks. Despite Nimoy’s great bone structure, TV lights tended to flatten his face and shadows had to be added back to compensate for this.

171. Al Hartman - June 20, 2012

Pony’s posts are right on!

Pony is definitely a male, and when Kitumba is released, you’ll be able to see for yourself. You might also search for his name and “Rapture”on Youtube for a VERY funny video he made. As well as “1701 Pennsylvania Ave.”

Pony is one of those people who gave his blood, sweat and tears to make several of the latest episodes.

They are filming now in a building that is metal, non-air conditioned in stifling heat to bring the latest episode to all of us.

I’ve never had a problem with the acting, because it’s a fan production.

If you knew what the behind the scenes looked like, you’d be a lot more amazed at how finished and polished the final product is.

These folks literally make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. And the critics are simply spoiled by not ever having tried to make such a thing as a film. It’s just not as easy as you think. In the heat, dead tired from two weeks of filming the same scene 5 times at 3am. Building sets, making costumes (which James does besides playing Kirk), and more.

I was at two shoots and watched this go on. Everyone involved has my utmost respect. I would never denigrate their hard work in the way that a few on this thread have.

Farragut and STC will undoubtedly do the same kind of things. They will also work hard, late into the day, and be dog tired half the time.

We won’t ever stop the snark, or mangling James’ last name on purpose (very kindergarten-ish). Because some people hide behind internet anonymity.

Criticizing is easy. Being appreciative is harder, and much more valuable.

172. Pony Horton - June 20, 2012

Al, thank you very much!

Too bad more people, as you say, can’t join us to see how we do it. I have a few BTS films I’ve shot at P2, and someday James will let me release them.

Hopefully, they’ll give viewers a small glimpse into this wonderful, frustrating, and…. fascinating… pastime!

173. Sebastian S. - June 20, 2012

# 169

Thanks again, Pony!
My wife does a killer Janeway when she puts her mind to it (luckily for me, as I’m not a Voyager fan, that is NOT her natural voice….).

And I agree with some of Vulcan Film Critics observations (# 167, # 170):

I for one, am really glad that the ST09 cast didn’t settle for doing shmaltzy impressions of their TOS counterparts. It would’ve looked like a 2 hour nightclub act. The pressure on Quinto must’ve been particularly great, as he had to share a scene with his counterpart. But he brought a great new intensity to his interpretation of Spock; a Spock who was not as practiced at reigning in his emotions as his older TOS counterpart.

I appreciate that ST09 made nods to the originals, but overall the new cast managed to strike a tone that was both familiar and yet endowed with a bit of their own unique qualities to make it interesting. In other words, they kept the recipe but added their own spices…

174. Larry Talbot - June 20, 2012

@149 Phil:

There *was* a red-headed Yeoman Rand–in “The Search for Spock:”


I think your lack of knowledge of Star Trek probably makes *any* opinions you have on fan-made Star Trek productions rather suspect.

“What Phil says is unimportant–and we do not hear is words.”

175. dmduncan - June 20, 2012

These guys all do a great job. I think they deserve a huge round of applause and encouragement to keep going. I think they deserve to hear that these fan productions ARE appreciated.

In the spirit of 1960’s era Gene Roddenberry, you folks are making us believers by showing us what is possible to do with some hard work and love.

176. Michael Hall - June 20, 2012

I have it on good authority that Pony Horton has no problem with being taken for a woman, so long as the lighting is flattering enough. . . :-)

177. Pony Horton - June 20, 2012

#176, And as long as there’s a bottle of Chardonnay involved…

178. MJ - June 20, 2012

@177. Be careful Dexter (Michael Hall) offers you a fine chianti with fava beans. :-)

179. Sebastian S. - June 20, 2012

# 177


The right wine, the right lighting…. ;-D

180. MJ - June 20, 2012

Although I will agree that Phil went a bit too far here, I can recall many a time when Michael Hall laid into Trek 2009 in a similar manner.

Phil has a right to his opinion, and so does Michael Hall.

Phil has spend a lot of time here and contributed a lot, and he has original and new thoughts on many topics, versus constantly repeating things as some others seem to do.

Phil, I got your back!

181. Denise Dion - June 20, 2012

Well, I am excited for both series….This just in…Do you know that they re-casted Kirk in Phase II…He will be played by Brian Gross. He looks way more like Shatner’s Kirk. Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know…I just love Star Trek..so happy to see something while waiting for the reboot movie to come out in May of next year…

182. Bernd Schneider - June 21, 2012

“I love it when people categorically state that something is “obviously” Photoshopped or CGI, when it isn’t. :-)”


The depth of field is not correct. The shadows are not correct. It’s good work, but this image has been composed.

183. Pony Horton - June 21, 2012

#182, I am not only a VFX artist, but also a professional photographer, and I’ve been using Photoshop in my work on a daily basis.

The image you are showing is most likely NOT Photoshopped.

The depth of field is as it should be for the lighting, lens, and subject distances.

The shadows are correct for soft key or fill coming from right next to camera position.

Also, I know these people, and I know for a fact they have a Bridge set, and a number of others sets based on TOS.

There is no need to Photoshop the image when they simply need to stand there and take the picture on the real set.

The fact that you would say what you said so categorically (do you know any of these people? Seen their sets, or images of the sets? I have.) when any halfway decent photographer or Photoshop artist could tell it’s authentic, makes me question your experience in the field.

I’ve been shooting, processing, and printing film and motion pictures for over 40 years.

184. Bernd Schneider - June 21, 2012

@183: It was not my intention to insinuate that the makers of the fan film want to deceive us. I noticed some oddities in the photo and I only on a second thought I speculated that their bridge may not yet be ready for a photoshoot – in which case it would have still been legitimate to compose something for the purpose of promotion. It is absolutely possible that I made a mistake.

185. Eric Holloway - June 21, 2012

This will be fun, I can’t wait for the episodes to start rolling out. It’s a win-win for us fans. Maybe someone in Paramount will take notice of all these web series dedicated to TOS and get the ball rolling on a new series production. Maybe.

186. Sebastian S. - June 21, 2012

# 183 PH~ Agreed.

Of course it’s real!
Besides, the cost of building a virtual set that good would probably be the same as building a real one. ;-D

Photoshopped shadows rarely look THAT good. Not to mention the perfection of the interactive lighting. I don’t know why some insist it’s photoshopped when it’s so obviously not…

187. Paul S. - June 21, 2012

I know some of the Behind the Scenes folks working on this, and I can tell ya, it will LOOK AND FEEL Trek…

I’ve seen some rough clips from Farragut’s next outing (with many of the same crew), and it looked amazing!

My only wish on this is that Vic would not direct… He is GREAT director, and a teriffic actor, but from experience, trying to do both is exhausting and stressful… Focus on acting in this, and let a good director like Jack Marshall take the Helm, that guy know what he is doing… just don’t want to see Vic wear himself out, and not enjoy the experience fully, cause I know he has wanted to play Kirk for like, well… forever.

Good luck to the cast and crew. May the wind be at your back.

188. Alec Peters - June 21, 2012

As someone who considers Todd Haberkorn a very good friend, I can say he will make a great Spock. Todd is a professional and that comes through in everything he does. It doesn’t bother me the least that he is Asian and Spock wasn’t. Spock was a freaking ALIEN! Heck, James Bond has black hair but Daniel Craig is probably the best Bond ever in my book.

So good luck to Todd and crew.


189. Michael - June 21, 2012

So excited about them. Hope they start producing where The Original Series/Original Phase II have left off with the scripts that we’re never produced till the Motion Pictures.

The following Phase II episodes:

“In Thy Image”
“Tomorrow and the Stars”
“The Child”
Practice in Waking”
“The Savage Syndrome”
“Are Unheard Melodies Sweet?” or “Home”
“Devils Due”
“Lord Bobby’s Obsession”
“To Attain the All”
“The War to End All Wars”

190. Danny - June 21, 2012

@89 Phase II have done ‘The Child’ and ‘Kitumba’ and I think are looking at others.

I think James mentioned once he liked Lord Bobby’s Obsession.

191. Michael Hall - June 21, 2012

“Although I will agree that Phil went a bit too far here, I can recall many a time when Michael Hall laid into Trek 2009 in a similar manner.”

Oh, really? Show me a posting where I said something to the effect that “Trek 2009 sucked”, “the actors were awful,” or even (considering how I’ve criticized their work on the film) anything remotely like “Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtmann are bad writers.” Go on; I’ll wait. Find even one (shouldn’t be a problem if indeed I’ve done it many a time) and I’ll happily send you a nice bottle of Chianti, no fava beans necessary.

As I said in my response to Phil (which, looking back, I can see was overly harsh; my apologies for that), criticism is fine. I’ve had many issues with Phase 2 myself (particularly the most recent episode, as Pony Horton will attest). But the point is that those criticisms should be meaningful, and substantive, whether you agree with them or not, and not just brickbats hurled from the safe anonymity of Mommy’s basement.

192. RobertMfromLI - June 21, 2012

Really folks, this retarded bashing or even bigotry is ridiculous. People also complained that Nick Fury and Heimdal were played by black actors. I said “who cares”. And the end result was amazing. The actors both brought the characters to life, and in the end, thats all that matters. As for the rest of the bashing, like I tell those who comment on our production (Star Trek Phase 2); if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

And honestly, you’ve seen none of STC… isn’t it a bit early for all the bashing? Grow up…

…and once they do release something, give ’em productive, constructive criticism, or simply dont watch any more of their releases if you don’t think they’ll ever get it right… or give ’em praise if you think it’s great. But stop acting like armchair quarterbacks and children with all the nasty vile comments. We on STP2 are a bit weary of it too… no one deserves it. We, and thhe STC gang are all human beings too you know.

193. Xplodin_Nacelle - June 21, 2012

It’ll be interesting to see if they can do better than New Voyages/Phase II???

194. MJ - June 21, 2012

@191. Sure, here is just example, and here you obviously infer that Orci and the writers are second rate:

“Michael Hall – August 4, 2011
One prediction I will make: I’d be very surprised indeed if Trek 2012/2013/20?? turns out to be half so dramatic, amusing, and damn-all entertaining as this very thread. Nick Meyer, James Cawley, actors’ contracts, betrayal of the fanbase–I only wish discussions involving the nation’s debt ceiling were so creative and yet tasteful. Trekmovie posters, give yourselves a firm pat on the back: you’ve set a bar that members of the “Supreme Court” will have to strive mightily to reach, particularly in light of their fairly modest talents. Good show! :-)”

195. Red Dead Ryan - June 21, 2012

Well, to me, both Michael Hall and Captain_Neill are broken records. Powered by Energizer batteries. They keep posting the same friggin’ complaints. On and on and on and on and on……

196. Red Shirt Diaries - June 21, 2012

#195. Yea, Hall is continually repeating himself on this same theme. It’s the same quasi-elitist “lecturing us on Trek 09″ negative posts over and over from Hall.

197. Phil - June 21, 2012

@191. Gee, all I’ve opinioned on is that the acting in fan films is bad…

July 29, 2011
….Much as I dislike Trek 2009 I regret the rudeness expressed towards you in those postings; you seem like a nice person, and in any case it’s totally uncalled for.

(That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the writer’s 90210 analogy, which for my money amply and amusingly demonstrates the utter lack of credibility concerning Kirk’s magical promotion. It made my day, so thanks for sharing. :-) Gene Roddenberry made any number of mistakes as Star Trek‘s creator and producer, but he and the show’s Writer’s Guide always stressed believability, first and foremost. That’s only one reason I’m convinced that Roddenberry would have detested the film every bit as much as I did.)

Okay, the screeching monkey crack was a bit unfair, but in consideration that Mr. Cawley has decided to move his productions forward with professional performers, I’m guessing I’m not the only one who found that the acting needed improvement. Self assessment can be very difficult, and Mr. Cawley deserves credit for making a good decision to improve the product, and I’d be the first to wish him well on future projects.

Nuts. No Hugo nomination in the mail today, so I guess I can look forward to another backhanded compliment to this post. As my mom has been dead for ten years, and most homes in Riverside don’t have basements I’ll retreat to the home office, and leave you to polish your Hugo. Assuming you have one, sport…..

198. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 21, 2012

@#191 Michael Hall,

To my knowledge, you’ve never said anything bad about the actors, to your credit, but the movie? Oh, come now. You didn’t use the exact words “Trek 2009 Sucked.” No, you’re a bit more on the clever side when it comes to that, I’ll give you that, but you have essentially said that it (and the writing) “sucked” in so many words on various occasions. You’ve gone back and forth with one of the writers about how he and Mr. Kurtzman made bad choices in writing, which essentially equals bad writing, but now you seen to want a pat on the back for not using a particular word when you did that. Well, you won’t get that from me at least, but thanks for trying.

Phil has a right to say “Phase 2 is at it’s best if you are deaf,” the same way you had the right to call ST09 a “popcorn-muncher” and say “…it was dumbed-down (the conversion of stardates to earth-dates being just one example of many I could cite) to a fun, forgettable summer action flick featuring a clueless villain and a hot-to-trot astro-fratboy.” (Posts 57 and 86 – http://trekmovie.com/2010/02/20/star-trek-loses-to-up-in-the-air-at-wga-awards/) If what he said was juvenile, then you’ve been juvenile for about 3 years now. So tell me, does that mean that you live in your mother’s basement?

For the record, I don’t know anything about these productions, and I assume that all parties involved do their best to produce the best product they can. I almost never click on these kinds of articles here, and what made me do that today is beyond me.

199. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 21, 2012

Lol. I see I’ve been beaten to the punch. :-)

Well, I’m off to watch Knives over Forks. Have a good day, all.

200. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 21, 2012

Gah, it’s Forks over Knives. It’s the end of the day…

201. Phil - June 21, 2012

@200. That’s okay. As long as you remember I’m the basement dwelling troll for not shamelessly fawning over fan flicks all is well. .. :-)

Oh, the Fan Club police will be by to check on the status of your Hugo Award. If it’s not available for inspection you can expect a cease and desist order in the mail….cheers!

202. Michael Hall - June 21, 2012

Okay, mea culpa, @194. You did manage to find something I wrote which I’ll admit amounts to a fairly cheap shot. You want it, give me an address and I’ll send along that chianti (or any reasonably priced bottle of wine), my word on it. (I have said on other occasions that I’m not in a position to judge Orci’s or Kurtzmann’s body of work, being mostly unfamiliar with it, but you cited a definite exception, so fair’s fair.)

But, @197 and 198, really? 197 quotes me referencing with approval someone else’s post which presumably went into detail as to why Kirk’s promotion was so preposterous (which I’ve written on at length myself, btw), so that’s a non-starter. And if it didn’t, it’s still a specific and substantive criticism even without the details, as far removed from the examples of “the movie sucked” or “it’s best watched with the sound off” as can be.

Which brings us to 198, who allows that while I’ve never out-and-out stated that “the film sucked,” I have done so in so many words. Well, I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but that’s precisely the point: my criticisms, including the ones you’ve gone to the trouble to copy-and-paste, have indeed been expressed in so many words–many, many words, in fact. I wrote not just about the fact I didn’t like the film (which is all a statement like “It sucks!” or “It’s best watched with the sound off” really covers), but why I didn’t like it. Now, if I had written that “Trek 2009 is best watched with your brain turned off,” and just left it at that, you would certainly have a point, however true (IMO, of course) that statement may be.

And, Spock/Uhura admirer? As stated in my post (read for comprehension, please), I’m well aware that Phil has the right to express any opinion he damn well pleases. (Or even to refrain from “fawning” over fan productions. That obviously wasn’t the point, but I hope you and your strawman are very happy together.) If you genuinely think that piling-on a group of folks who do something out of love on their own time and dime is the same as critiquing the work of professionals who are extremely well-compensated for what they do, I’m afraid your sense of proportion is something well beyond my meager powers to fix.

203. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 21, 2012

Michael, you and your semantics.

Now, if I had written that “Trek 2009 is best watched with your brain turned off,” and just left it at that, you would certainly have a point, however true (IMO, of course) that statement may be.

When you call a film, “dumbed-down,” you’re essentially saying that it is for the less intelligent movie-goer. Reducing the film to that of a “popcorn-muncher” does the same thing as well because let’s be honest, the term was not used as a compliment. Those were insults, like it or not. And you’re free to make them, but please do not act like that is not what you were doing. And in addition to that, you are also saying that the writers wrote a dumbed-down-popcorn-muncher script (i.e. “bad writing”). Do you comprehend that, Michael? Please say that you do.

The fact that you use so many, many words to express the same points that someone else could make in a few is not entirely a credit to you unto itself. It just means that you like to type a lot. I’ll check to see if you ever answered my question about what your objective was.

“I’m well aware that Phil has the right to express any opinion he damn well pleases. “

When you attack him for giving that opinion about a production, rather than just the opinion itself, then you seem to be doing the exact opposite of what you say you understand. Sorry, but it’s true. :-/

And I’m not supplying you with any strawmen, but as I see you trying to avoid the evidence and valid points that I’ve made, I can understand why you’re trying to create them.

Thanks. :-)

204. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 21, 2012

Oh, correction: What your objection is is what I meant to say. I’m almost positive your complaints about the ’09 movie have not come to an end.

205. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 21, 2012


“Oh, the Fan Club police will be by to check on the status of your Hugo Award. If it’s not available for inspection you can expect a cease and desist order in the mail….cheers!”

Fear not, Phil. They’ll be out of their jurisdiction if they come knocking on my door, so they can cease and desist. ;-)

And@ Michael Hall

I didn’t see your answer to my question on the other thread. So please, do fill me in.

206. Michael Hall - June 21, 2012

No, S/U admirer, you’ve addressed nothing at all. I’m not very concerned that you think me overly-wordy (that’s strictly a matter of taste, and in any event you may indeed be right). But once again you’re missing a very simple distinction, which means either that you’re not all that bright or that you’re being deliberately obtuse (I suspect the latter). Here it is, again: there’s nothing wrong with having, or expressing, an opinion. There IS something wrong with expressing that opinion as a simple, declarative statement of fact (e.g. “the movie sucked”) or in a way designed to make yourself look clever while disparaging the work of other people (“It’s best watched with the sound turned off”), all while not even bothering to justify why you in fact have those opinions. Yes, I have referred, at times snidely, to Trek 2009 as a “popcorn-muncher” and “dumbed-down”, but at least I have done Mr. Orci and his fellow artists the courtesy of stating in detail (or, in your view, more wordy detail than necessary) why I think so. (When he has chosen to engage me and other critics on those issues I’ve tended to find his answers pretty evasive and unsatisfying, but that’s another story.) So when Phil trashes the acting in Phase 2 as virtually unwatchable, putting questions of his “right” to an opnion or expressing it aside, do you think it might be a good idea for him to do the performers in question–who (unlike Orci and the “Supreme Court”) have done the work with no hope of reward other than making their fellow fans happy–the courtesy of telling them why he finds their work lacking, and what might be done to improve it in the future? Please tell me that you do.

You are right about one thing: I intend to continue be honest in my feelings about the last movie so long as Mr. Pascale allows me to sound-off about it in these forums, when I think those opinions are germane to the topic being discussed. (Contrary to your implication, my views are hardly a constant feature at Trekmovie, where I’ve lurked for weeks at a time without posting anything at all, in fact.) I felt Trek 2009 was a profoundly misguided effort, as well as a rather mean-spirited distortion of something I’ve loved for a long time. Anthony Pascale obviously feels otherwise. Yet never once, in the three years since the film made its debut, has he accused me of trolling, or as you contend, posting in a juvenile manner. (He’s certainly been less than shy about doing that with other people, and trust me, he doesn’t know me from Adam.) But I’ll make you the same promise to I made to Roberto Orci some months ago: if it turns out I like the next film better, and that some things I criticized last time turn out to have payoffs that I didn’t anticipate, I’ll be happy to eat some crow and say so. You can take that to the bank, or leave it, for all that I care.

207. MJ - June 21, 2012

@202. Michael, my respect for you just went up significantly with your contrition here. No Dexter jokes from me for a month — I promise. :-)

208. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 22, 2012


Oh, Michael. You still didn’t answer my question. Thank goodness I didn’t hold my breath. My hopes weren’t high considering that I never got an answer as to why you think Kirk and Miramanee weren’t equal either. I suppose that “…germane to the topic being discussed…” will be the best I can get out of you. That’s okay. Complaining for the sake of complaining is your right. You think that because the site master hasn’t accused you a posting in a juvenile manner (I’ll take your word for it) that this means you haven’t done that. And once again, you are free to believe what you like. But, I’ll move on to the meat of what you had to say.

Here, Michael, I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree. You seem to agree that Phil had a right to his opinion, but because he didn’t pick apart these actors’ performances along the same vein that you have picked apart the ST09 movie, this means that he should not have expressed it here. I disagree. If someone doesn’t like something, or has any other opinion that is based off of preference, because really, for all of your picking apart, that’s all that you’re doing, stating preferences and personal opinions, then they should be able to simply state it. The wording may have been a bit crude, but I don’t see where he crossed any lines. And since you seem to keep bringing up Anthony as some kind of defense of “proof” of your good behavior, I don’t see where the site master posted here to tell Phil that he was out of line, but I guess you felt the need to try to take up his slack.

If you want me to explain how you are using your own personal preferences and opinions (inaccurately) as a way of trying to state some kind of fact or facts about how bad the movie is, then here’s an example: You said that the “conversion of stardates to earth-dates” (it’s been a while since I watched the film so I’ll assume that happened) was an example of how the movie had been “dumbed-down.”

Okay, so what makes stardates so much more of a hyper-intelligent choice as opposed to regular earth-based dates? It is fully possible that the Federation adopted that particular standard in this timeline. Chosen methods of measurement can be argued to be not much more than preference. And if I remember correctly (but I’ll look it up to double-check), stardates were created because Mr. Roddenberry didn’t want to be tied down to a particular earth time. And furthermore, Mr. Roddenberry didn’t seem to fully understand them himself.

Another example is when you said ““Hmm. My first time at bat, and six billion people just died. I don’t know about you, Mr. Orci, but I think I might waste a second or two, even in the midst of a crisis, to consider what else I might have done. Based on TOS, I think it’s a safe bet (see “Obsession”) that Kirk would have as well.” Okay first, how could it be Kirk’s “first time at bat” when he wasn’t captain when Vulcan was destroyed? And if you’re saying that it was his first time on a mission, then why don’t you enlighten me and tell me what more Kirk would have done other than successfully carrying out his orders alongside Sulu. If your point is that he didn’t seem to reflect on his actions the way that he did (as Captain) in Obsession, an episode that really could not be further from the case as it was in ST09, then I would say that he had nothing to reflect on in terms of doing more. New Kirk never hesitated to do what needed to be done in ST09. I’m not saying that he’s not capable of hesitation, just that it didn’t happen in that film.

The fact is that the enterprise was still intact because he did do all he could do by persuading the then Captain to enter the situation as if it were the ambush that it was. A better question would be to ask why debris was craping into the ship when the shields were up, but I digress… Mr. Orci was far too kind with his “Fair enough!” statement from my view because your comparison was not valid. It was really a case of apples and oranges.

Maybe that’s why some people are tired of your constant ramblings on about the movie because often times, although I’m sure that you feel good about what you are saying, you don’t make a lot of sense.

What you fail to understand is that an opinion is an opinion; it does not have to be justified. That is why it is an opinion and not a fact. And just because you have gone on to state your opinions and reasons for having them in so many words does not necessarily mean that you have justified anything.

And for the record, I don’t have a problem with your wordiness. I just don’t believe it to be the pedestal that you’ve used it as each time you have deigned to pick apart a film when someone else didn’t choose to pick apart acting techniques or voice quality when they also stated their opinion. You can think I haven’t addressed anything, if it helps, oh but I have. ;-)

209. Paul - June 22, 2012

I actually like those actors, but I’d prefer them to play a completely new, different crew. For instance, Vic Mignogna would do awesome young Blackjack Harriman.

210. The Hand - June 23, 2012

Awesome Star Trek custom made iPhone covers


211. Jerry Modene - June 24, 2012


According to Nichelle’s autobiography, Bill Theiss was highly critical of her build; he insisted her shape kept wrinkling the fabric or something.

As for Star Dates, yes indeed, they came up with the concept to avoid pinning ST down to a specific year. An early version of the writer’s guide suggests Star Trek could be set anywhere from 1995 to 2995. 1995? Geeze.

When episodes started running out of production order, the Star Dates started jumping all over the place, so they had to come up with the explanation that Star Dates were not just linear time but also were reflected in where you were in the galaxy at that particular moment. Or something like that.

TNG established the five-digit Star Date, with the “thousands” number rising by one at the beginning of each season. A little easier to understand. And it was with the final episode of TNG’s first season that they finally stated a specific year – Data told the three thawed-out humans from the 20th century that it was the year 2364.

As for ST09, I guess when Nero and Spock created that alternate reality, they created one where the Federation never invented Star Dates, and stuck to the years.

Now – as for the level of civility in these threads – I’ve been re-reading Koenig’s “Chekov’s Enterprise” this weekend, and something he wrote seems to apply here: that some people use candor as an excuse for crudity. I think he’s exactly right on with that statement. Saying what you think doesn’t mean you have to be nasty or sarcastic about it, but a lot of people do that, and then start bleating about “free speech” or something whenever someone calls them on it.

It’s not that difficult to be nice. Even if you *didn’t* like ST09 (and I’ve got a lot of reservations about that movie myself). ;)

212. Rocket Scientist - June 26, 2012

I recently picked up a volume of “Strange New Worlds” in a used book store. The stories are written by the fans, for the fans. That’s how I choose to look at these fan productions. Whatever technical or artistic issues they *might* have are more than compensated for by the sheer heart and passion on display.

It’s truly a joy to see fans like myself “living the dream”. To resurrect an old slogan from the 70s, Keep on Trekkin’ my friends!

213. Scott Gammans - June 27, 2012

I know almost nothing about this production but I do have to say that this is an exceptionally handsome (and beautiful!) cast. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of this.

214. John Broughton - July 12, 2012

#4 – John Gill:

The “bagginess” as you put it of Todd Haberkorn’s shirt was deliberate and not by my choice. The intent was to de-emphasize the actor’s physique to resemble that of Mr. Spock and not that of the Captain. ;)

A lot of work went into making a larger size shirt “drape” accordingly to give the illusion of a more slender and slim Vulcan.

215. Steve Crandall - July 15, 2012

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