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Orci: Team Talking About Potential Star Trek TV Show + Rules Out Some Sequel Characters + more June 25, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: New Animated Trek,Orci/Kurtzman,Star Trek Into Darkness,Trek on TV , trackback

Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer was a call-in guest on a Southern California radio show over the weekend. He didn’t give away any big spoilers for the Star Trek movie, but he did rule out the appearance of a number of classic Star Trek characters. And perhaps more intriguingly, Orci discussed in detail some of the discussions that have been going on regarding bringing Star Trek back to TV.


Orci talks possible Star Trek TV series

Bob was on guest on the Ask Mr. Kern (on KERN radio) over the weekend, and was asked questions by "Mr. Kern" AICN’s Hercules, and call in guests. One of those callers was TrekMovie reader Shawn (VZX) who asked Bob about bringing Star Trek to the small screen. Bob said it could happen but he also laid out the issues with Trek on TV, saying:

There are two major issues. Alex and I and Bad Robot want to make sure that nothing gets in the way of the movies, but number 2, Paramount controls the movies and CBS controls TV. So there is a little bit of power struggle there in terms of what happens. I have mentioned to CBS the idea of a Star Trek series and they are interested in it, but they would have to coordinate with Paramount and they would have to coordinate with Bad Robot. It is something we we are trying to figure out. If we can figure out a beautiful timing for it, it is something we would all love to do. It is tricky, with multiple chefs in that kitchen. It is something many of us are thinking about and I want to see one too.

Regarding the setting of any potential Star Trek TV series, Orci said:

We haven’t even got to that point. We haven’t even gone in to pitch, because the rights of how to get it done are so complicated that we are sort of waiting to see what can really happen. And see where the avenues of freedom are. For all I know maybe it would be better to make it separate or maybe it is better to tie it into the [movie] universe. I don’t know yet.

Orci also noted that an animated series was "the first thing they asked" about.

Today TrekMovie clarified with Orci that subsequent to the initial discussions about an animated series, the team has also talked about a potential live-action Star Trek TV series. This is actually a bit surprising. Launching an animated series (something Orci has talked about in the past over the last couple of years and has already done with Transformers) is a no-brainer. It seems every other recent or active movie franchise has an animated show like Tron, Star Wars, Green Lantern, etc. Such a thing could compliment the Trek movie franchise and setting an animated show between 2013 Star Trek sequel and a third film seems like a logical choice.

However, a new live action Star Trek show is an intriguing possibility as well. It would likely require a different approach than an animated series. An animated show would really be a compliment to the live action films (like the video game and comic books), but a live action show should really stand on its own. Therefore it would probably make sense to wait until the series of ‘JJ-verse’ films wraps up, before launching a new TV series.

So while talking about this with Bob I suggested, do animated JJ-verse TV series launching in 2014 and a live action TV show in the fall of 2016, following the third JJ Star Trek movie and just in time for the 50th anniversary. Bob said "that’s worth considering."

Orci on Sequel characters, title & ‘moving’ Delta Vega

Bob also talked a bit about the title for the movie. Orci said in the comments section here at TrekMovie that he thinks the team have nailed down a title for the sequel. On the radio show he said there was a "75% chance" this title will contain the words "Star Trek."

Bob was asked if the following were in the sequel and he confirmed that all are not

Bob also said that he considers the use of "Delta Vega" in the Star Trek movie (a planet that was not supposed to be anywhere near Vulcan) was the most nitpickiest thing he gets called out for. He said they knew where it was supposed to be, but "we did it because we could, I’m sorry!"

You can listen to the entire show, including the Bob Orci interview where he talks a good amount of Ender’s Game at askmrkern.com.


1. VXC - June 25, 2012

Well…I guess that kind of answered my Question…I really don’t agree with his points. But hey…I loved Berman and Braga.

2. Ados - June 25, 2012

Whoa…no cartoon…please

3. John Whorfin - June 25, 2012

Complement. :-)

4. Shannon Nutt - June 25, 2012

Well if it’s not Charlie X or Gary Mitchell, I guess it has to be Khan…since those were the two best possibilities if Benedict wasn’t playing Khan.

As for a TV series, I think they should stick to the new timeline, and make it live action – I have no interest in a cartoon.

5. SFC3 - June 25, 2012

Darn, I was almost certain the new villian was the Borg!

6. Pan Always Bored me - June 25, 2012

He didn’t say Balok wouldn’t be in the film. That would be cool. The Federation vs. the First Federation. The mind boggles!

7. mike - June 25, 2012

noooooooooooo cartoon.
please make it live tv in PRIME universe

8. Azrael - June 25, 2012

Hang on, Janice Rand is a member of the crew in the IDW comics (repeatedly stated as official tie-ins to the Abrams films) so, to me, a statement that she is not in the next film could imply that she dies in the new timeline. Thoughts?

9. dscott - June 25, 2012

I just don’t see how an animated version would help the franchise at all. I know I wouldn’t watch it… maybe I’m one of the few that thinks this, dunno.

10. Capt. Duncel - June 25, 2012

An animated series would be cool if it were done correctly, opens up a wider range of story possibilities.

11. Vultan - June 25, 2012

Well, Futurama recently moved Mars closer to Earth… because they could.

12. Phaserly Stunning - June 25, 2012

Well we know it can’t be a Captain Pike series because the Enterprise was built in the movie or was it to a refit version of a different version?

13. TyrannicalFascist - June 25, 2012

Set it a little before the Kelvin era. That way it fits both timelines, doesn’t step on the movie series – but at the same time compliments it – and both new and old fans will understand when it takes place. There also wouldn’t be much that a new viewer would need to know going in. The Federation is relatively new, the Romulan War has ended. What was this era like? Is the story about a crew of explorers, peace keepers, intelligence, or something else? What do alien cultures think about this new Federation? You could even have some guest cameos by Enterprise characters (older) and some TOS characters that would be alive, like Sarek, Pike (young), etc.

Of course the real trick is figuring out what makes this series unique compared to the others, but once you have that, there’s a whole world of stories out there. I suggest bringing on Manny Coto to help bridge the gap between the new series and what has come before.

14. MDSHiPMN - June 25, 2012

It goes without saying, but Khan wasn’t on the rule-out list.

Why not?

15. THX-1138 - June 25, 2012

Prime Universe. That would be great. Bob and JJ and Alex et al can do the movies. But let a different group do the TV show. Maybe somebody that doesn’t say things like “we did it because we could, I’m sorry!” That’s not good enough.

16. NanoTechDudeLA - June 25, 2012

Wait wait wait… there’s a 25% chance that the title will NOT contain the words “Star Trek”?

Why would anyone even consider kicking ST out of the title??

17. be flat - June 25, 2012

“we did it because we could, I’m sorry!”

That really nails down their respect for the franchise. Stick with Transformers, please.

18. Craiger - June 25, 2012

I wonder what the SFX would be like in 2016 for a live action Trek TV series? They would be fantastic but would they be cheaper to make or more and probably no sets and all green screen right?

19. trekmaster78 - June 25, 2012

…and why is Khan not on the list!?

Animated series in 2014 and live action series in 2016 (50th anniversary). Why not!?

20. NCC-73515 - June 25, 2012

I’d like to see the early 24th century… 2330-50 :D

21. dolphinboy - June 25, 2012

@1 – YAY! I am not alone! berman and braga did so much great trek!still find it funny that so many people claim to love trek in all its incarnations but cant stand berman and braga – WHO WROTE/PRODUCED MORE THAN ANYONE!!!

funny how animated trek keeps popping up, but does any1 remember that apart from robert april being captain of the enterprise, nothing in the original animated series is generally accepted as canon?i like it as some of them are as well written as many of the live action TOS.

whatever they decide to do with future trek tv please can they make it in the prime universe? interesting as alternative timelines are, whenever i watched mirror universe/changing history episodes i always knew that the crew would save the day and get back to where they belong. Difficult to empathize with mirror chekov in the agony booth as he’s not the same character we all love. mirror/alternatives are simply a means to keep things interesting or fun temporarily.

rant over, a little tipsy :D

22. Toonloon - June 25, 2012

I personally would love a new animated series perhaps set in what could be season 4 and 5 and have the surviving cast members voice their characters and get Chris Doohan to voice his Dad and Karl Urban for McCoy. Nimoy has had a good ‘send off’ in Trek, but Shatner fumbled the ball twice and I personally would love to see him go out as Captain Kirk one more time, and doing a voice over to an animated series would be a perfect fit for me.

23. Sebastian S. - June 25, 2012

# 14.

It’s possible that Khan Noonian Singh might be mentioned in the new movie somehow but is not necessarily IN the movie.

As for a new ST show? I’d love to see an animated series as well. Frankly, after 700 episodes, live action in the prime universe has been done to death. At least an animated series would be a new looking show (and special effects/sets, etc. wouldn’t be a problem, neither would aging actors). It could be very liberating.

24. LizardGirl - June 25, 2012

Could not agree more with Bob. As far as the timing of a TV series (whether it be animated or live-action). If it is to be an animated series then that can be done sooner than later. If it’s a live action series, then I understand the caution in waiting until the movies are done.

I’m cringing about the predicament with CBS/Paramount/Bad Robot. That’s going to suck trying to get everyone in agreement without hurting someone’s feelings. If we want a TV series, regardless of the format, CBS will have to be brought in. But if it’s to center around the new franchise, then Paramount (who have made questionable decisions involving trek before) will have to be negotiated with, and Bad Robot will need to be the creative leader of it all.

All it would take is for one entity to say “nope, I don’t think so” and everything goes to crap. Sometimes egos get in the way of progress. Hopefully that doesn’t happen here and we can get good trek on TV again. Bob’s concerns are very sound.

25. trekmaster78 - June 25, 2012

I agree, and Shatner has a guest appearance in season 4 or 5 at 50th anniversary!! That would be awesome!!!

26. This is going to be a long year - June 25, 2012

Studio issues aside, I am surprised they didn’t try to get an animated series out soon after the first movie.

It could help build up the younger audience for the next movie.

They have so many variations of the same superhero characters aimed at different age groups why not with Star Trek?

Also it creates a market for new toys. You would think there is enough money in it for both Paramount and CBS to motivate them.

Now whether it would have any appeal to an older audience is another story.

27. Bricklayer - June 25, 2012

I was re-watching season 4 of ENT today, and I think it’s a distinct possibility that our villain is not Khan, but is somehow linked to the Augments. Either another human Augment, or one of the Klingon Augments.

28. mhansen0207 - June 25, 2012

Interesting stuff.

Although I gotta say, for everyone complaining about the Delta Vega comment….seriously if that’s one of your biggest issues, that seems incredibly unfair. So they changed a location of a planet. To me it wasn’t such a huge deal. I understand if people didn’t care for the last movie, even though I LOVED it. But honestly, to perseverate over this minor issue just makes it seem as though people are looking for any small action to “prove” that Orci & co. don’t “respect” the franchise.

I can imagine back when Star Trek II was released, a lot of the same complaints that are being lobbed at Orci now could easily have been made back then. Although the core of the movie is still “Star Trek,” TWOK was a somewhat radical departure (for its time) from Gene Roddenberry’s original vision. We have a more militaristic Starfleet, and we have a character who is hell bent on fulfilling what is essentially a Machiavellian-like blood feud by resorting to such things as torture and coercion. This may seem like nothing to us now, but if you consider what Roddenberry was going for with TOS, this seems like a rather big shift. Does this mean Harve Bennett and Nick Meyer were not “respectful” of the franchise? In my opinion, no. They are doing what any good creative team would do, which is taking what has been established, playing off of it, and making it their own. It is debatable among fans whether or not Orci and team are in the same position, but in my opinion, they are.

All I’m saying is that we can’t judge the movie before we see it, and at this point, I’m willing to give Orci & co. the benefit of the doubt. They’re in a position I don’t envy, it CANNOT be easy to write the next installment in a nearly 50-year old worldwide franchise while the eyes of millions of Trekkies are bearing down on them. I take my hat off to these guys and am still very much looking forward to next summer, when I will form my opinion about the movie after I’ve seen it and given it a fair chance.

29. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 25, 2012

#15, #17 – Good grief.

Bob Orci – please, no need to apologise. Just as there are many areas on earth with the same place names, road names, street names etc does not mean that there can’t be similar in the future, in outer space. So what if you moved Delta Vega a bit closer to Vulcan and made it a cold place? Frankly, I couldn’t care less any more than I could care how big or small some nacelle happens to be. Star Trek is supposed to be about PEOPLE anyway. Planets, ships, whatever are support structures for the HUMANS and other BEINGS, not the other way round, dammit!

Well, it was obvious from the moment the first online comic was published that Gary Mitchell was not going to be in the sequel. I’m not sure why Janice Rand won’t be in the sequel, but that’s the writers’ call. As for Khan, nobody said that he will or won’t be in the sequel. It is just that, according to Simon Pegg, our lovely Cumberhunk won’t be playing this character – YAY! – a character who has long since outlived his welcome from me, thanks to the continuous obsession by fans etc. If Khan does appear, I hope the writers have given him a very small part – maybe he is the catalyst for something major but that is all.

30. David - June 25, 2012


“Although the core of the movie is still “Star Trek,” TWOK was a somewhat radical departure (for its time) from Gene Roddenberry’s original vision. We have a more militaristic Starfleet, and we have a character who is hell bent on fulfilling what is essentially a Machiavellian-like blood feud by resorting to such things as torture and coercion. This may seem like nothing to us now, but if you consider what Roddenberry was going for with TOS, this seems like a rather big shift. ”

The more militaristic Star Fleet is one reason why I intensely dislike the films from TWOK onwards.

31. CoolPT - June 25, 2012

Isn’t it obvious what the new movie will be? It’s going to be Spock’s brother Sybok, going ballistic about Vulcan being destroyed and now he’s looking for revenge. That’s why they have the leaked photos of them fighting and you can’t get a good look at his ears. Khan just seems to be what most think and that keeps the level of secrecy up off what it logically would be about next. Makes for a good plot to me…

32. mhansen0207 - June 25, 2012


I think it’s interesting to hear you say that. And I’m not being condescending by saying this, in fact I’m glad you are willing to admit it, mainly because I haven’t heard too many people voice that opinion.

33. It's Paramount - June 25, 2012

@ 27.

Arne Darvin is going to be the villian in the film. He is a super genetic Klingon augment.

34. K. Welch - June 25, 2012

Oh for goodness sakes!! It’s Star Trek, people! I don’t give a damn what timeline it is, or if it’s an upcoming animated cartoon show, or new live action series…why not have both along with the blockbuster movies?! As long as it ties in the same theme, it can do fine. Lord knows there are some unemployed talented people out there who could sure use the work!! And I think we fans would no doubt consume it all, because aren’t we still hungry for stories?! Does it all have to actually connect??!?

Look…not long ago we had 3 Star Trek series on TV at the same time: Star Trek/Next Gen, Star Trek Voyager, and DS9. I’d rather watch the reruns of all those shows on a Saturday/Sunday marathon than to watch the shizzzNit we’re currently getting on Saturdays/Sundays (plus a few other days) on the SyFy channel…Come On!!! If the kids over at BadRobot want to mention the possibilities of either an animated series or a live-action…why not request both??!!? Hell, I wish I had something of a new sideline Star Trek TV show to get into right now. Why must most folks on here get so hung-up on the so-called proper “timelines” material?! The Borg??!? What?!? Why???!? It was cool back in the day, yet there not even scary anymore!

J.J. and all you guys over at BadRobot, just do your thing. To (continue to) Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before. I’m with your TimeLine now, and I give you all the blessings to whip up some new material that’s separate from the movie line if you need it to be, because honestly, it has got to be a major headache to try and pull all of that together and having it blend with some essense of continuity. CBS, give us what you got…CSI: Star Trek. Yeah, I’m with it! And I sure as heck don’t want to see some rehashed version of Wrath of Khan on the big screen. Now…who’s with me?!

35. Emperor Mike of the Empire - June 25, 2012

I for one would love to see a trek Animated Series. I would also love it if they were to Reeboot the Tos Animated Series. I would also love it if they did a New Star Trek Live Action Series. I Love I Love I Love.

36. Emperor Mike of the Empire - June 25, 2012

Possible Movie Title’s.

Star Trek. Evil Tribble’s.
Star Trek. Tribbleation’s.
Star Trek, Not Khan!.
Star Trek. Orci’s World.
Star Trek. Bad Robot!,
Star Trek. Len’s Flare’s.
Star Trek. Because I can!!!!!!
Star Trek. A Long Time ago in a Galxy Far Far Away!
Star Trek. Return of KHAN!!!!!!
Star Trek 12. 12.

37. Nony - June 25, 2012

I’d love to see a Captain Pike prequel animated series. The adventures of Pike and Number One aboard the USS Yorktown? Get Bruce Greenwood in there, he does voiceover work.

38. Emperor Mike of the Empire - June 25, 2012

Oh and Star Trek. Because Bob Orci Could.

39. Adolescent Nightmare - June 25, 2012

By the time they finish 3 movies they will have a lot of sets, costumes, props, etc. to make a series affordable.

40. Bricklayer - June 25, 2012


All the super genetic Klingon Augments were killed. The ones that remained only had the human physical characteristics and not the enhanced Augment abilities.

41. Emperor Mike of the Empire - June 25, 2012

Star Trek. The Gorn Idenity.
Star Trek. GORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Star Trek. To Bodly Go.
Star Trek. To where they came!.
Star Trek. Voyage’s.
Star Trek. Star Trek.
Star Trek. For the Honor of Star Fleet.
Star Trek. Starfleet.
Star Trek. Kirk’s Honor.
Star Trek. Spock’s World.,
Star Trek. Federation!.

42. Emperor Mike of the Empire - June 25, 2012

Star Trek. Augment’s
Star Trek. Klingon
Star Trek. 2013

43. Max - June 25, 2012

Or maybe they just didn’t write her character into the movie.

44. shpock - June 25, 2012

you need 2.5 more names that don’t include “Star Trek”



45. Jake - June 25, 2012

A cartoon ? Please, for the love of.. Just. No.
Crossing the Prime Timeline with the Alternate timeline, set between the cancelled Enterprise (which deserved a few more seasons) and the altered TOS? That’s probably the best option, the choice that all fans of either timeline would love. But I still want more from the Prime 24th century too! What happened betwer Voyager and the destruction of Romulus? And after?

Big choices for Orci, Kurtzman, JJ and team. Even if it ends up animated (or live AND animated), I’ll give you guys a chance. I haven’t been disappointed so far!

46. Robert Asbury - June 25, 2012

I would love to see khan lead the klingons.

47. Tom Vinelli - June 25, 2012

@ 34 I am!! Just because Bob didn’t say anything about Khan, doesn’t mean anything , or he will be in the movie. You guys that want to see Khan , i’m so glad you didn’t write this film. Is this the best you can come up with.

Khan was done…get over it. Rehashing Khan will never make sense to me and i’m sure we won’t see him. In case we do …well i would gasping for air to say the least, and you can kiss Star trek goodbye. It would be again the death of Star trek. If Khan was so important , they wouldn’t have killed him off ,for another Khan story later. I remember seeing the movie back in 1982, great film , but i didn’t miss Khan at all after that, never said they should have kept him alive. Please people leave Khan dead.

48. Sebastian S. - June 25, 2012

# 27 Bricklayer~

Now THAT would be a very intriguing idea… we don’t know what happened to all of that augment DNA (or all of the embryos) the Klingons recovered. Some it went to the ill-fated virus we saw in “Divergence” but the rest?
Interesting idea, Bricklayer. ;-)

I like that idea a lot better than a rehash of the Botany Bay story-line. And it also gives Cumberbatch freedom to play a new character who is very Khan-like, but not necessarily Khan Noonian Singh (who Simon Pegg insists he’s not playing anyway). Your theory fits best of any I’ve heard yet…

49. LizardGirl - June 25, 2012

“Bob also said that he considers the use of ‘Delta Vega’ in the Star Trek movie (a planet that was not supposed to be anywhere near Vulcan) was the most nitpickiest thing he gets called out for.”

Let’s get serious. At least 80-90% of the complaints against Star Trek: 2009 are nothing but nitpicks. The movie is still very enjoyable and very much Trek. There are many different facets to Star Trek. To expect them to explore all of them in one movie is ridiculous! They went for the action/ character development facet. Good choice for the first of a “reboot” series.

50. beac0n - June 25, 2012

Make the animated series for a 1hr timeslot. Treat it just like a primetime live action series, except that it is animated. You can use video game engines. Think Mass Effect or Heavy Rain level of graphic fidelity. That is how you can make the universe the series is set it as vivid as possible. Aliens can be alien without having to make human actors wear masks. This would be new and innovative.

51. Emperor Mike of the Empire - June 25, 2012

#44. Star Trek Lives!!!!!!!

52. Emperor Mike of the Empire - June 25, 2012

Ok. Star Trek. Bob Orci’s Enterprise!.

53. Hankster - June 25, 2012

Trek TV 2016: Make it so, Bob Orci!!! That would be a sweet 50th Anniversary present for the fans,

54. Emperor Mike of the Empire - June 25, 2012

#50. A Better Idea. Make Star Trek Animated like they did with Toy Story. Now that would work for me.

55. Sebastian S. - June 25, 2012

# 33. IP~

Arne Darvin? Really? I really doubt it. He was a little smarmy nebbish of a man. And if he were an augment as you suggest, he’d have never allowed himself to be taken into custody so easily in any of this two Tribbles episodes (TOS and DS9). I really doubt Cumberbatch is playing Arne Darvin (he’d have to drop about half a a foot in height for one thing…).

56. VZX - June 25, 2012

Yeah, it was cool to talk to Bob on the air. They were all very cool with me.

Anyway, I think an animated show with the actual movie actors’ voices would be freakin amazing. And it doesn’t even have to be canon. There are such things as good animated TV shows, I don’t get why there are so many here that are against it.

57. Bricklayer - June 25, 2012

@48 They could even bring the Botany Bay into the story-line. The Augments believed that the Botany Bay existed even though Doctor Soong told them that it was a myth. If they (Klingons, Weller’s mysterious CEO character) find the BB, Khan could easily not survive the re-animation process. The only reason, if I remember correctly, Khan survived was because McGivers identified him as the leader.

58. It's Paramount - June 25, 2012

@40 Bricklayer

Remember this is a alternate timeline. Cumberbatch looks similar to the actor who played Arne Darvin. The only difference with this Arne Darvin is that this genetic augment Klingon will have superior strength and will have infiltrated Starfleet.

59. VZX - June 25, 2012

Anthony: BTW, my name is spelled Shawn, not Sean. But thanks for the props!

60. alec - June 25, 2012

Please remember:

What killed Trek in many people’s opinion, before Trek 2009, was Trek ‘over-kill’ – there was TOO much Trek.

We had concurrent shows (TNG-DS9, DS9-VGR) for many years and show after show being pumped out (TNG-DS9-VGR-Ent in less than 20 years). We also had myriad films. The old series were FREE on TV; as were the old films. Trek became more and more recycled; more and more generic. Even fans stopped paying to watch it: look at how Nemesis, in and of itself a pretty good Trek film, bombed dramatically.

We need a break. JJ has given us a good period between films to rebuild the anticipation; to rebuild the brand. He (and the Supreme Court) have nurtured Trek as much as they have revitalised. Give it more time to find itself. This is exactly why there have been no James Bond TV series. Going to see a film, such as Trek or Bond, has to be an ‘event’.

So, no new Trek until after all three films have ended. Then, a NEW and not rehashed, fun, exciting, interesting and stimulating TV show. Trek has always been best on TV.

-End of rant.

61. VZX - June 25, 2012

You guys can throw out the Gary Mitchell theory. I knew it wouldn’t be Mitchell since he was already in the comic, which is over-seen by Orci who is trying to keep all the various media (movies/comics/video games) in the same continuity. But it is now confirmed. Also, Cumberbatch won’t play Janice Rand either.

62. David - June 25, 2012

This is slightly off-topic but SF fans will be sad to learn that the wife of Blake’s 7 star Paul Darrow, Janet Lees Price, died earlier in the month:


Janet had a role in the last episode of B7 too. The announcement comes just after news of Dr Who assistant Caroline Jones dying.

63. Bricklayer - June 25, 2012

@58 Still not possible. Darvin wasn’t an augment. Go watch ENT season 4 again.

64. EM - June 25, 2012

I wonder what the Mirror Universe would be like in this new, “alternate” Trek Universe? Did it change, too?

65. Punkspocker - June 25, 2012

Just because he ruled out characters doesnt mean it must be “K”. Im sorry, i just cant even type the “K” word anymore.

66. It's Paramount - June 25, 2012

@55. Sebastian S. This is a different altenate timeline and this Arne Darvin is different. He is genetically stronger.

67. LizardGirl - June 25, 2012

IF– we’re going to get a new TV series, it should really be set in the future of anything we’ve already seen.

I want a TV series based in the alternate universe but many years after alternate Voyager history. Say 100 or 200 years later. I want to see completely new characters and some descendants of established characters; new technologies, starships and uniforms. Maybe a some background on new conflicts and/or alliances.

We can refer to the past, but to set a WHOLE NEW series in the past seems counter-intuitive. Also, there will be little room to complain about a later history date, seeing as we’ll be dealing with original characters (finally!). And with the new creative angle introduced by JJ and Co., we could get a hybrid blend of a fast pace narrative, bigger-better SpFX with the philosophical maturity of older series.

68. David - June 25, 2012

@32 Thanks. I find Trek very frustrating and, indeed, disappointing, for that reason. It has not lived up to its potential, IMHO.

69. VZX - June 25, 2012

I still think that Cumby is playing some version of Khan, either a genetic mix of Khan and Klingon or something. Why else would JJ not release names of characters unless some are playing established TOS characters?

70. George Zip - June 25, 2012

I notice Gary Seven wasn’t on the list either.

71. Bricklayer - June 25, 2012

@69 Haven’t we been told that the villain is someone fans would recognize from the Star Trek universe?

72. Schultz - June 25, 2012

A Trek cartoon series? Now that’s something I *won’t* watch.

73. Spock's girl - June 25, 2012


I agree with you. I wouldn’t like to see a new series untill after the movies.
If they do a new series I’d like it to take place in the new universe in the years after the attack from Narada and the destuction of U.S.S. Kelvin and the change in timeline and before the U.S.S. Enterprise launch. Or in the new timeline many years after the movies but before the year TNG takes place. Use new ships, original characters and keep it fresh, exciting and new.

74. It's Paramount - June 25, 2012


They actually said we would see a recognizable character from the first season but they didn’t state it would or would not be a villain.

75. porthoses bitch - June 25, 2012

Did anyone else read the Star Trek Seal Team Six scenario over on aicn a few months ago ? Said to be only a thought…but it was awfully detailed. Basically Spock prime alerts Starf,leet as to Khans exastance ….Starfleet intercepts Khan and he and his augments are trained as agents of starfleet. A klingon mission goes terribly wrong and khan rebels kirk and crew go on the hunt for khan.

76. Captain Dunsel - June 25, 2012

I’m really surprised no one else seems to have figured it out, from the set photos. It’s obvious that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Anan 7! (Spock is removing a multilegged creature crawling on his shoulder.)

77. The Observer - June 25, 2012

Nice to see the Prime universe not even mentioned as a possibility. If the choices are independent or movie universe, I think I’d go with movie universe just to capitalize on viewership.

78. Tom - June 25, 2012


Hopefully Bob and team get a show. More chance to address Kirk Prime even if just by exposition.

79. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 25, 2012

hmmm… so… Alice Eve is not Janice Rand………..

……………………Well, I want to see this crew of the film as much as possible … and then then a new series on TV would be great …

Also because…. Captain Kirk loves that:


There’s a lot of thing about PLU and a bit of Trek sequel out there… ;-) :-)

80. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 25, 2012

An interesting interview with Chris Pine and Alex Kurtzman here:


81. The Quickening - June 25, 2012

#2, 4, 7, 9, 45

I think TREK needs kiddies… young blood, and a cartoon series would more than fit the bill. Doing a live action TV series is risky for many reasons–not to mention the last 2 series’ ratings (VOY, ENT) were steadily declining. The longer they wait to produce a live action one, the better.

82. Legate Damar - June 25, 2012

Apart from maybe Yeoman Rand, did anybody really think that any of those characters/species would be in the new movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Borg in Star Trek XIII though, because the Romulans were already in Trek XI, and it’s been reported that the Klingons and Khan will be in Trek XIII. The Borg are really the only other antagonists that non-Trekkies have heard of. I certainly can’t see them bringing back the Dominion or the Xindi, anyway. As much as I would love to see a new Trek TV show, I really hope that it isn’t made by anyone involved in the new movies. The new movies aren’t bad, but I really don’t want to see more than a trilogy set in this new timeline. If they do a new TV show, I’d rather see something in the original timeline, either after Nemesis, or in between Enterprise and TOS. Besides, wasn’t one Star Trek cartoon bad enough? If they ever do make a new Trek show, it really should be live action.

83. Commodore Adams - June 25, 2012

I think of the talent out there like Orci, Kurtzman, JJ, Bryan Singer, Bryan Fuller, Joss Whedon, Ronald D. Moore and I salivate like a pavlovian dog at the prospects of what a new series would bring to the table.

Please no alternate universe TV series. The alternate universe is a fun idea for a trilogy of movies….but with regards to a TV show, there is still so much to be told and explored with the original universe I would love to continue exploring that. Without getting too far fetched like the 31st century where the character Daniels came from, Voyager and Nemesis ended in the late 24th century, there are still 5-6 centuries we can explore where Starfleet still exists within the federation….simply because Starfleet is an important pillar of Star Trek. Maybe cover some of the years between Enterprise and TOS or post TOS and pre TNG. Personally I say continue on 75-100 years after VOY and Nemesis. Cooler ships, new technologies, slick uniforms, exploration expanded to other parts of the galaxy bringing new challenges and discoveries. Redoing TOS in the alternate universe is an interesting idea, works for the movie, and is highly successful, I love it, damn I love the new movie that little voice says it would feel like a copout for a TV series. “Oh the new movie is successful so lets make a TV series in the alternate universe”, that just so cliche. With the new movies it was said Star Trek had continued on so long and a back to the basics was needed. I say again there is still so much story to tell in the late 24th century and beyond, I say we continue the story with the original universe we know. There is still plenty of originality to be had without resorting to an alternate rehash.

84. Phil - June 25, 2012

Interesting that CBS is interested. I suppose that CBS and Paramount could hammer out a deal to allow Bad Robot to produce content, with the profits going to the venue that presents the content. Some similar agreement would need to be worked out for merchindising and syndication. It could be done, though, without the movies running their course. If a strong secondary character (or group of characters) is introduced in the next movie, one or the other could be spun off onto the small screen.

85. Red Dead Ryan - June 25, 2012

I find it interesting that Bob didn’t rule out Khan. Very interesting! :-))

Also, I predict that there will be no new Trek television series until at least 2020. Get used to it folks, one J.J Trek film every 3-4 years from now on.

86. BitterTrekkie - June 25, 2012


87. Jack - June 25, 2012

Gary Seven was a character intended for a spin-off series so Roddenberry could fall back on something after Star Trek’s expected cancellation (after the second season).

That doesn’t rule him out as a Star Trek movie character — but he’s not particularly essential to the franchise either.

88. Robert Asbury - June 25, 2012

I dont get why they can reinvent kirk and everybody is cool but you talk khan and people go apeshit crazy. I watch spider man, i want a classic villian equal to the hero. The same with Batman. Did u guys bitch about the joker or Bane? Venom? Magneto? Khan and the Klingons are the classic Trek version of these guys. A new take on old favorite is the whole point of a reboot. A good story is essential, but my problem with Trek is they always try to give us new villians that are echoes of Khan. Give me what I like and already care about. Khan is over and done with in the Prime universe. True. But I would love to see these guys take on him. And if they ever redo The Next generation, Im going to want Q and the Borg. Star whining about that…

89. Phil - June 25, 2012

Idle ramblings….

Janice Rand isn’t in the next movie. So what? Yeah, what this movie needs is more Janice Rand….

Animated show. Great idea, done right.

Don’t think that jumping back and forth between the prime and new universe is all that hot of an idea. There sould be some continuity in the productions, if for no other reason then to help manage costs…

90. Drew - June 25, 2012

2 things:

1) No Gary Mitchell…duh, he was in the ongoing IDW comic already. The duh is for the stubborn folk that dismissed the obviousness of Orci framing those comics himself and insisted it was old Gare’

2) Arne Darvin? STAR TREK…2….THE WRATH OF…..ARNY. No. Just no.

91. AJ - June 25, 2012


Trek does need ‘kiddies.’ Entertainment franchises are like cigarette companies: Happy to have loads of consumers, but always looking to hook the kids for the shareholders’ long term expectations.

Trek doesn’t do that. CBS should have gone in for the kids when the show was on TV. Paramount/Bad Robot had a great chance to reset the show for youngsters with ST09, but there was very little swag, a sub-par video game, and now, no weekly presence on TV. Combine that with the delay, and it’s forgotten.

I had to explain to my 11-y.o. daughter yesterday the Sulu and McCoy references in an ep. of Family Guy (Peter’s prostate exam), as she had no idea who they were. Star Wars? She’ll name all the main characters.

I’d like to see the day when ‘Star Trek’ is once again a high-values show for intelligent viewers where Kirk tosses the raygun away to make his point, rather than use it. As a kid, it made me think about, 1) How cool Kirk was, and 2) What can be accomplished without violence. Kids need that message these days. And Kirk can still be cool.

92. LizardGirl - June 25, 2012

@83 Commodore Adams
I agree with most of your statement except one thing: prime universe over alternate universe.

I agree with you about when the new series should take place: 100 or so years after Voyager. I even agree with you about what I’d like to see in that new series. But what I do not agree with you on is–in what universe this should happen.

This isn’t like Mirror Mirror, where there are two different universes running parallel to each other–and we get to pick which one we want. It’s the SAME universe, just altered. That’s too big of a jump to step around. If it was a parallel universe then, yes, the new franchise could be ignored. But that isn’t the case.

This is where I’m standing: the new movies are considered canon (with much debate). That would make Spock Prime’s travel back to the past a valid occurrence. Move from that point to many years into the future and start the TV series there (in this altered universe). Not to say that there won’t be a Voyager ship lost in the Delta Quadrant captained by a Kathryn Janeway. It’ll just be a little different.

To do a series based in the prime universe–but 100 or so years after Voyager is the same as ignoring the “reboot” trilogy and everything that has and will occur there. To move forward in the timeline to where we’re talking about (100 or so years), you’ll have to pass the Nero encounter and even events yet to come in the next two movies, which ONLY happens in the alternate universe. It would be silly to dismiss those events completely, especially without know what some of them are.

The best way to do a NEW prime universe series would be to base it in the past, before Nero–actually, before TOS, even before the birth of James T. Kirk: which is when the timeline alters. It just seems natural and easier to flow with the altered universe.

93. Douglas - June 25, 2012

I wish some studio would consider doing a “Gary 7″ “Assignment: Earth” pilot to pitch as a series. Possibly a mini-series on a premium cable channel. It was such a cool premise that could be so expanded with modern special effects.

94. T'Cal - June 25, 2012

While I’d love a title with a good Shakespearean reference, I think they’ll call it, “Star Trek – To Boldly Go”

95. Emperor Mike of the Empire - June 25, 2012

Ok. It will be titled.
Star Trek. The Wrath of Bob Orci.

96. Sebastian S. - June 25, 2012

# 66 IP~

I really doubt they’d have Benedict Cumberbatch playing a big screen version of a barely remembered comic relief villain from “The Trouble With Tribbles.” Seriously now…

I still say it’s an original character with some connection perhaps to the augments (but not Khan Noonian Singh). Kudos to Bricklayer; it’s a good theory….

97. Sebastian S. - June 25, 2012

# 85 RDR~

He also didn’t rule out Harry Mudd, Cyrano Jones, Kor, Charles Evans, Kang, Koloth, Roger Korby or Mr. Atoz. He didn’t rule out Gary Seven either, for that matter (a more physically plausible role for Cumberbatch; and Seven was also immune to Spock’s nerve, as we saw in “Assignment Earth”…).

A non-affirmation is not exactly a guarantee for the ‘Khan-ites.’

I’ll still take Simon Pegg’s word over innuendo and rumor…..

98. Sebastian S. - June 25, 2012

# 97. Edit; meant to say ‘nerve pinch’ not just nerve….

The nerve of that post! ;-P

99. Andy Patterson - June 25, 2012

“For all I know maybe it would be better to make it separate or maybe it is better to tie it into the ”

Ooooh, I say ‘separate’.

100. Basement Blogger - June 25, 2012

@ 85

Red Dead Ryan, I thought the same thing. Khan is not on the list. Surprised you didn’t get attacked. Okay, I’m not going to go over the evidence again for Khan. But note just because I think it’s Khan, doesn’t mean I want Khan. Anyway, I hope Montreal Paul is reading. No Gary Mitchell. Now if we can get him to eliminate Gary Seven. .

Interesting that Janice Rand is not in the next movie. I wonder why Alice Eve did all that research by watching all the TOS episodes. The rumor is that she’s new to the Trek world. Or…. maybe she’s Carol Marcus and wants to know the man that she’s going to love in Kirk. Nurse Chapel? Holy Twilight Triangle. Uhura and Chapel fight for Spock. Get that teenager demographic. The wait for the movie is killing me.

Speaking of killing me, you say expect a new series in 2020. That’s a long, long time. I paraphrase Anthony. Star Trek belongs on TV. It’s a place where more complex stories can be told.

101. Bob Tompkins - June 25, 2012

The rights to TV and Movies were split up between CBS and Paramount.
It seems to me that CBS is allowing the movie talent the courtesy of not doing a TV series in ‘competition’ with the movie universe.
If CBS simply said “Let’s do a series” what could Abrams and Company really do except complain to the suits…
Realistically, it isn’t going to happen that way; CBS doesn’t want to have any effect on box office.

102. Troy - June 25, 2012

@75 I think that would be really interesting, actually. I’ll have to take a look at that.

As for a title, I’ve seen Star Trek: To Boldly Go several times, sounds pretty good to me. But I’ll settle for whatever the team comes up with. I would not mind an animated television show, although I would prefer live-action. Either way, a new Trek series is welcome in my book.

Honestly, I’ve read comments the last few months where people have said that the next film will be horrible if Khan is in it. Really? I always find it interesting to judge a film having never seen any of the footage, not having seen a trailer, and only have some minor spoilers and a few set photos to go off of. Whatever they end up doing, I have faith in them, and I’m sure it’ll be wondrous.

103. Phil - June 25, 2012

@97. Apparently, Uhura isn’t immune to Spocks nerve, though….

Sorry…. :-)

104. Bricklayer - June 25, 2012

It should be obvious by now that the villains are some mix of Klingons and Augments. End of story.

105. Craig Henry - June 25, 2012

An interesting problem with making a TV series based on the movie universe is budget. All the other shows started as TV sets and then had more expensive movie upgrades. A new series would start as an expensive movie set and they’d either have an expensive TV set, or try to find ways to cut back on the appearance without becoming disappointing.

Not only that, but we’re used to seeing the spectacular ILM special effects of the new Enterprise, so it would feel distinctly off if a new show didn’t look equally amazing.

106. Anthony Pascale - June 25, 2012

RE: The list of who isn’t in the sequel…
Bob was asked if any of those were in the sequel and the answer was “no” for each. I clarified that in the article. So you cant really read anything from things not on the list

107. porthoses bitch - June 25, 2012

Was anyone else put in mind of Gary Seven during the last few minutes of Men in Black III ? Anything else would be spoilerific.

108. Will - June 25, 2012

How about this for a title: Star Trek : Even Lens Flare-ier-y.

109. Will - June 25, 2012

Also, I feel like “We did it because we could” is kind of along the lines of “Don’t care what you think, we effin did it so shut up, we’re in charge.”

110. Dr.Mbenga - June 25, 2012

Special Effects should be a lower priority; they do not have to be as spectacular or as frequent as in the latest movie. The most important elements of Star Trek are:

1) The Roddenberry Vision – an optimistic view of the future with humanistic/progressive values

2) The stories – pay for the rights to the best of sci-fi stories that can be adapted to the Star Trek universe and hire a top-notch core of writers.

3) The characters/the casting – the ensemble cast with a core troika that have chemistry is critical to Star Trek.

111. Dr.Mbenga - June 25, 2012

Re: #110

I am referring to a new Star Trek TV series.

112. Ceti Alpha 5 - June 25, 2012

I all for a new animated Star Trek series.

If it’s done in a way like ‘Young Justice”, “Star Wars:Clone Wars” or “The Legend of Korra”: a (mostly)serious and mature take on the source material that doesn’t talk down to their audience, then by all means DO IT!

Animation allows a lot freedoms that live-action doesn’t allow, especially on a network TV’s budget.

113. Ceti Alpha 5 - June 25, 2012


*sigh*….I’d kill for an edit button on this site, but you get what I’m saying.

114. DJT - June 25, 2012

Re: Delta Vega

I say it was a malfunctioning TRICORDER that told Kirk it was Delta Vega and so he entered it as such in his log, when it really wasn’t Delta Vega.

Problem solved.

Send me my check, Bob. ;)

115. El Chup - June 25, 2012

“”we did it because we could, I’m sorry!””

Oh dear oh dear Mr. Orci. I thought you were meant to be a Star Trek fan yourself? These sorts of comments underestimate the fan base. Trek fans are different from others and they will pick up on this sort of thing. Saying, basically, we don’t care we’ll change it if we want to is, IMO, sticking your fingers up at the very fans who have kept the franchise going long enough to allow the likes of Mr. Orci to churn out their version of it in the modern day,.

The same movie could’ve been made without messing around with canon issues like this. James Bond fans may not care about stuff like that, but Trekkies will pick on on stuff that relates to a long and detailed canon. To say “we did it because we could, I’m sorry” stinks of arrogance and flippance to the extent that the filmakers have control and, well, screw it, they will do what they think is going to please the suits and actions audiences, and bollocks to the fans who got them the jobs in the first place.

116. Thorny - June 25, 2012

I think Kirk was marooned on Del ‘ta ‘Veguh, Vulcan for “Sister World” and not at all related to the world at the galaxy’s edge, Delta Vega, which itself is not the fourth planet of the star Vega, which is nowhere near the galaxy’s edge.

(For heaven’s sake, somebody buy a Star Atlas before naming stars and
planets for future Treks, and not repeat these sloppy mistakes.)

117. Tox Uthat - June 25, 2012

ST Animated: M’k’n’zy

118. cd - June 25, 2012

114 – An ice moon of Vulcan as an ‘out of the way’ punishment assignment for Scott is just too badly thought out to find a decent excuse for, but the effort is appreciated!

Cumberbatch being Gary Seven might (might) make the next movie worth watching. If he plays Khan, then ‘meh’.

119. RetroWarbird - June 25, 2012

Ah yes, Delta Vega … if only they’d informed us it was a rogue planet that while in the Vulcan system then, would a couple years later be out in the far reaches of the Milky Way! Such a simple fix, with sci-fi.

Seriously … I feel like if Batch is anything, it’s one of the classic Trek staples – the rogue Starship captain. TOS did it best, with The Omega Glory and Whom Gods Destroy. I want it to be Captain Garth pretty badly, what with the sheer menace his Zartan-like power could be in toying with the entire cast.

120. cd - June 25, 2012

116 – Reminds of how Archer in Enterprise had never heard of Rigel before.

121. Cygnus-X1 - June 25, 2012

Moving Delta Vega was pretty lazy. Why not just create a planet near Vulcan with a different name? I mean, what could be easier?

Here’s the star chart showing the locations of the planets: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120222032641/memoryalpha/en/images/1/1e/Star-chart_alpha-beta_quadrant.jpg

122. Phil - June 25, 2012

@104. Klingments? Augons?….

Another Corona, please….

123. Jack - June 25, 2012

We put Tattooine, Alderaan, and Hoth in the same system because we could… (ie. it doesn’t matter because it’s not real).

I’m not sure why it was so irritating, maybe because that Delta Vega was on the edge of the galaxy. Yes, it should be no big deal… but that, and Vulcan apparently being next door (sure, you could say that mind meld sequence was full of trippy mental imagery, except it wasn’t, apart from Spock seeing Vulcan) just seemed a little unnecessary.

I don’t want them to be slavishly caught up in TOS minutia. And it’s ultimately not that big a deal, I’m guessing what grated with fans was this because we felt like it… which I’m optimistically assuming means we wanted to pay homage to that great episode somehow because we won’t be doing a Mitchell story in the next movie…

124. Ahmed - June 25, 2012

I’d rather see live-action Star Trek TV series than an animated series & I don’t see why we have to wait until Abrams finish with the third Trek movie.

Let someone else take care of making the TV series.

“Bob: “we did it because we could, I’m sorry!”
Really !!

125. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 25, 2012

I’ve said multiple times that Trek belongs primarily on TV. That way you can develop characters and relationships. I’ll take movies if I can’t get anything else, but that’s not what I want.

I also really really really do not want an animated series. I don’t care how good the animation is, CGI drama is always tepid and uninspired to me. I just can’t connect or relate to them. And if they put animated Trek on the air, it’s even less likely we’ll see live action.

So, sorry, but I’m strongly against animated Trek. Personally, I’d rather have no Star Trek at all. I know that’s a strong stance, but it’s how I feel.

126. Sebastian S. - June 25, 2012

# 120 cd~

That always made me chuckle too. ;-D
Apparently, the producers of ENT have never heard of the Orion constellation (Beta Orionus; Rigel’s other name). And also interesting that the ‘Vulcan star charts’ would call it by it’s terrestrial name, too….

Not to mention it’s also about 800 or so light years from Earth, too (that’s an ambitious trip for the first warp five ship). Another reason why I don’t take the ‘science’ of ST too seriously; it’s fantasy. ;-)

127. Sebastian S. - June 25, 2012

And the Delta Vega thing? I couldn’t care less.
There could be (in ST’s universe) MANY small planetoids named Delta Vega, just as there are multiple cities in the United States called “Riverside” or “Springfield”….

128. Fubamushu - June 25, 2012

We did it because we could?

How about:

“We did it because we have no respect for Star Trek, what it stands for, what came before, the intelligence of Star Trek fans, and lack the talent to write an original and creative script that is true to the soul of Star Trek.”

129. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 25, 2012

Hm, I just read the comments here. Are we really spending this much space and time arguing over a planet name and location? Really? With all the other BAD science that has been in Star Trek from the very beginning, and all the giant gaping plot holes that have existed since TOS began?

You’d think ST09 was the first time Star Trek wasn’t perfect. Sorry, but I’m here to tell you that’s wrong, and I’ve been watching since TOS originally aired. Trek has never been a hard-science show/movie. They have always invented convenient science to further their stories. It has often contradicted itself and called for leaps of logic to be fully enjoyed.

I think some people have chosen to ignore this because of their hate for the new regime. Personally, when I apply the same judging criteria to ST09 that I apply to the other films and shows, I don’t find it lacking more than what has come before. There are indeed some things I didn’t care for, but there were things in all films and shows I didn’t like, even when they were at their best.

Buy hey, that’s just the way I see it. Maybe I’m just a giant bloated idiot with oatmeal for brains. There DOES seem to be a bit of drool on my shirt…

130. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 25, 2012

55. Sebastian S. – “Arne Darvin? Really? I really doubt it. He was a little smarmy nebbish of a man. …I really doubt Cumberbatch is playing Arne Darvin (he’d have to drop about half a a foot in height for one thing…).”

Remember Zefram Cochrane?

131. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 25, 2012

Biggest issue with Trek ’09? A revelation that would render the entire Starfleet, and perhaps all space faring vessels pointless and obsolete instantaneously – something that would strike at the very heart of the Star Trek universe… interstellar transportation.

132. MJ - June 25, 2012

No offense to Bob, but although I am fine with him as part of the writing team for the movies, he would not be my choice to help a new live action TV Trek series.

I would instead go with the bold new choice of Robet Rodat, who is doing amazing things with Falling Skies, and is penning the Script for Thor 2. It would be good for Trek to catch this guy on the rise now.

Also, Noah Wyle would make one hell of starship captain.

133. Gary S. - June 25, 2012

If Khan wasnt in the film , then not confirming he is in the film actually conceals the identity of the real villain.
I am not saying that was Bobs intent ,
It is just another way to look at it .
However , as Anthony said,
Bob was just answering direct questions .
So, we shall just have to wait and see .

134. James - June 25, 2012

Live Action Star Trek Series on TV = YES PLEASE!
Don’t mind which universe, timeline, just make it happen.

Don’t mind cartoons and maybe would watch it, priority should be live action though.

135. UKTrekkie - June 25, 2012

@33 I mentioned Arne Darvin as a possible villian weeks ago!

A Klingon made to look Human and was infact a spy.

136. Basement Blogger - June 25, 2012

@ 132

MJ, I’m a fan of Falling Skies so Robert Rodat would be a great choice to head a Star Trek series. I think Bob Orci’s knowledge of Star Trek would give him the edge. I’m also a fan of Fringe. Better resolve the episode “Letters of Transit”, Bob. :-) But I digress. Rodat does know a thing about metaphor when you consider he wrote the superb “Saving Private Ryan.”

137. Pauln6 - June 26, 2012

Sigh, the others I can live without but I’m disappointed that decided not use to use Rand again. In the comic she is the woman with the blonde bun so technically, she was in the first movie, she doesn’t didn’t get a name check. Hopefully Chapel will get more than just a name check in the sequel.

Some view Janice as a relatively minor character but she was the female lead who was written out in season one. She’s actually more of a security guard in the comic and it would not have been hard to include her with that modern twist. I don’t recall them having any women i security in the last movie. I certainly hope they don’t kill her unless they take the time to establish her as a significant character first.

TOS was very light on women and leaving out those few women we did have actually makes a franchise being written in the 21st century more sexist than the sixties version. Hardly progresive.

Allegedly, Alice Eve is playing a new character. If she is going to be an officer, I’d have preferred them to recycle (Ann Mulhall would make a great addition) but at least her presence will bump up the Starfleet quota slightly.

138. Pleasure Girl 1990 - June 26, 2012

They better not screw-up the next movie (i.e. make it just as bad, or worse, than the last one); otherwise Star Trek is finished

139. Flim Flam - June 26, 2012

“we did it because we could”

just because you could didn’t mean you should.

140. Jack - June 26, 2012

129. It was mentioned in the story. ;). No, it ain’t the end of the world — but it did seem sloppy, like setting a a new movie Indiana Jones movie in the time of the original and moving the city of Tanis to the outskirts of Boston. Did it destroy the movie? No. For me it’s less a nitpick and more just a puzzled ‘why?’ — because it’s not just a random outpost, it’s now a planet that’s apparently a satellite of Vulcan with three of our heroes on it. Like, I said — It’s more a question of ‘why?’ and genuine curiosity as to why they made this choice. Yes, it’s a fictional place… but…

‘because we could’ sounds a little disingenuous.

Whatever, the supernova destroying the galaxy bugged me more — is it that tough to get on the phone with an astrophysicist?

Yes, TOS had goofs, but, really, what’s that have to do with anything?

141. KD - June 26, 2012

Here’s how a supernova can threaten the galaxy: http://www.universetoday.com/49401/could-a-faraway-supernova-threaten-earth/
That’s got potential for serious harm from 3000 light years away! All you need is some of Trek’s everything-goes-at-warp-speed magic.

As for Delta Vega…. as said above. There are hundreds of recycled place names on Earth alone. Google your hometown and see.

142. Aurore - June 26, 2012

“Bob also said that he considers the use of “Delta Vega” in the Star Trek movie (a planet that was not supposed to be anywhere near Vulcan) was the most nitpickiest thing he gets called out for. He said they knew where it was supposed to be, but “we did it because we could, I’m sorry!”

“I’m sorry!”

That’s a good one!!!….No….I’m sorry…..I believe you….



I think I met my “double”, of late.

Respectfully, if the “other” seymour has a bandage on his forehead, yours might be over your eyes ; her( his ?) handle is only slightly different from my name.


P.S. : ….By the way….is this really “you” ?


143. Anthony Thompson - June 26, 2012

Bob, you weren’t asked about Khan on the radio show (surprisingly) so I’ll ask you now: Is Khan in the sequel (in any way, shape or form)?

It’s important that you answer so MJ and Red Dead Ryan can go back to leading normal (for them) lives. ; )

144. TrekTech - June 26, 2012

Bob- Just because you can do a thing doesnt mean you SHOULD do a thing. Enterprise in Iowa, Delta Vega, Ensigns to Captains, Fraternization, helmetless terminal velocity skydiving through deteriorating atmospheres (fatal)…thats just not good storytelling. It smacks of hubris when you say . “We did it because we could’ and knock fans as nitpicking because YOU made unpopular choices in an attempt to stamp this as JJ Trek. I think that answer was as poorly thought out as the above listed missteps. Hopefully such self indulgence will not be evident in the sequel.

145. Slornie - June 26, 2012

You know what, i think there may be opportunity for Star Trek to return after JJ’s trilogy is finished (assuming it gets that far, maybe 2018?). Enterprise is still valid canon in this new alternate universe (based on the happened-before-Nero-incursion theory), but anything future-wise is new.

Assuming the alternate universe matches the general flow of the original, why not take the USS Enterprise C (or -B if -A never happened in this timeline) under Captain Rachel Garret? After recently watching Voyager, i feel another leading female captain would be a nice change and show off the egalitarian nature of the Federation. It also avoids the sensitivity of “remaking” another cherished crew (e.g TNG).

Set some 60 years after TOS (prime and alternate) and 40 before TNG (prime) it would make for an interesting foray into the “new” Federation. How things have evolved with the loss of Vulcan (maybe peace with the Romulans instead of the Klingons?), maybe the Borg arrived early?

146. Stephan - June 26, 2012


Please, no animated series. Especially here in Germany that would be contraproductive if you want Star Trek to be a brand which is taken seriously. In fact in Germany Star Trek still still something very nerdy. (Nerdy in a negative way.) And if there is an animated series everyone would feel confirmed that Trek is something for kids and 40 year old guys who live in their parents’ basements.

But a live action tv series from Bad Robot? That sounds great and I think could help the franchise and more importantly would please me very much. ;-)



147. trekmaster78 - June 26, 2012

The title of the next movie: 75% Star Trek and 25% subtitle as usual… ;-) BUT PLEASE KEEP STAR TREK IN TITLE

148. Bob Mack - June 26, 2012

Gary Mitchell is out? Too bad, I think. Of course I was waiting for the Khan denial, but at this point they get a bigger tease by NOT denying Khan than anything else, so I wouldn’t expect a denial.

All of which means…nothing. Maybe. Or not.

And why not an animated series? The first animated version was pretty good and existed pretty well on its own without really impacting the eventual movies except to keep interest in Star Trek alive. I think they could do it and easily let it stand, or fall as a separate piece without hurting the movie franchise.

149. Sebastian S. - June 26, 2012

# 148 Bob

Read the ongoing IDW graphic novels. They already covered Gary Mitchell in the Abramsverse in a reboot version of “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

It’s pretty good, too…. ;-)

150. Gary Makin - June 26, 2012

Not doing an animated series in 2009 was a mistake. It’s a way to bring kids into Trek.

151. chrisfawkes.com - June 26, 2012

What i would like to see is a directors cut come out a year later.

This would milk the cow without having to spend another $160million and keep the public awareness and interest up between movies.

Milk the cow until it’s dry.

152. No Khan - June 26, 2012

If they do it. It should be a different ship & crew in the new timeline.

153. chrisfawkes.com - June 26, 2012

Didn’t Kirk’s middle name Tiberius come from the animated series? Up till then we only knew him as Jame T Kirk.

154. No Khan - June 26, 2012

@ 13 bring in Manny Coto. haha, I love the way people can’t let the Berman era die out. I’ll past on that idea. Even though Coto was more knowledgeable than the whole of B & B.

155. Anthony Thompson - June 26, 2012

151. chrisfawkes.com

The theatrical release of a JJ Abrams movie IS the “Directors Cut”! JJ has complete creative control. No one from the studio is interfering in the production or editing of his movies. Perhaps you meant “Extended Version”. But JJ has previously expressed his disinterest in that.

156. Janice - June 26, 2012


The adventures of Captain Pike and Number One on board the USS Yorktown??

YES, YES, YES!! Animated or not, that one gets my vote.

157. Jerry Modene - June 26, 2012

90 – they already did “The Wrath of Arne Darvin” – it was called “Trials and Tribble-ations”. ;)

158. Ivory - June 26, 2012

Im good with no Star Trek, but the films. ST became so bland after all of those years of show after mediocre show. I’m still worn out from it.

159. Craiger - June 26, 2012

I wonder if Cumberbatch could be Gary Seven? Maybe Alice Eve is Roberta? I remembered Kirk said in that episode that even Spock’s Vulcan Nerve Pinch could stop him during that fight after Seven got off the Transporter. Allthough I wonder why Seven would need the Klingons?

160. Danpaine - June 26, 2012

I’m not sure if I’d get into an animated series at this point, but then again at 45, I don’t think I’m even remotely close to the demographic it would be aimed at.

The rest sounds good to me, EXCEPT, I think leaving “Star Trek” out of the title of the new film would be a big mistake.

I dunno. So far I’m not too jazzed about the next movie, given the photos, hints and “spoilers” so far. I hope I’m wrong.

161. Dom - June 26, 2012

I’m happy with movies and a good cartoon. I would also hope that, were there to be a successful third neo-Trek movie, there’d be a fourth and simply recast again if character age became an issue.

162. ME!! - June 26, 2012

Well, VCX, I guess you and I are on opposite ends of the rope when it comes to Trek.

While I enjoyed TNG, DS9, some of Voyager and some of Enterprise and perhaps a few aspects of the films (with the notable exception of Nemesis), I believe Berman and Braga were too busy dabbling in self-gratification to run things as they should have been. When a producer is willing to toss continuity out the window (even & especially continuity they oversaw) for the sake of including one “clever” line of dialog, there’s a problem. It’s called lazy writing. Mix that with ego and you have a volatile mixture that can result in disappointment and disaster. When that same producer is so arrogant that they’ll snub one of the very people directly or indirectly responsible for them even having the job of overseeing the show/project all for the sake of stroking their own ego, the problem is serious. When that same producer then, years later, cannot even admit that he/she was responsible for the demise of the franchise they were carrying the torch for…that’s just sad.

Lazy, formulaic writing…lack of comprehension of what made the (considered) greatest Trek film work and then trying to duplicate it by simply having a character who shares a past with one of the main characters (we as the audience need to actually have a reason to give a rat’s behind, Rick)….sticking to formula by repeating plots, not ‘rocking the boat’ (teasing the audience with changes and then fixing it all back by episode’s end). Ignoring established continuity for the sake of a clever line of dialog or cute/romantic scene…The list goes on.

There are so many outrageous continuity errors in the TNG films alone that one could write a book about them: Data’s emotion chip’s size, shape and location in his head? Whether he can remove it or not? Turn it off or not? All changed from film to film with ZERO explanation. Troi and Riker “never” kissed when he had a beard before (Insurrection)? On the contrary, they kissed umpteen times throughout the series. Picard being “over” the Borg experience? Not according to the events of First Contact. Picard chastising a junior officer about obeying orders and upholding the Prime Directive (TNG episode Lower Decks and a couple with Ensign Ro) and then himself hypocritically doing the very things he punished the junior officer for (Insurrection)? Picard boasting about his crew having saved him from the Borg after having been assimilated and then turning around, literally within hours of the conversation (before and/or after) and shooting his own crew who had JUST been assimilated (and so were not as advanced in the process as he himself was) claiming there was nothing that could be done for them (First Contact)?

I could go on, but I think I made my point.

Again, I enjoy the shows and films (my personal favorite will always be the Original Series), but these points prove Berman was not the perfect choice for running the franchise. Thank God he had a momentary lapse in that mess long enough to hire and then subsequently leave alone Ira Steven Behr on DS9. After Ira took over the show, it became arguably the greatest of the Berman-era Trek series. It took chances, made changes that lasted and tried to stick to continuity as closely as possible. My second favorite Trek series as a result. There was no lazy writing to be found and it had some of the most emotionally moving episodes of any of the series (The Visitor, Far Beyond the Stars).

163. Weerd1 - June 26, 2012

I completely support a good animated series… and perhaps a TNG reboot set in the aftermath of the JJ Verse. Move forward!

164. ME!! - June 26, 2012

For the record, I’m not the biggest fan of Abrams running Trek either. I enjoyed the first film by him and am looking forward to the next, but it’s not my idea of the best Trek can achieve. I prefer my Trek more “Star Trek-ish” and less “Star Wars” (though I love both).

As for a new series, bring it on. I’d prefer it not be set in the Abrams-verse, but I’d love a new series, if done right, regardless. Animated or not, it’d be more new Trek to look forward to.

165. Smike - June 26, 2012

It would be VERY easy to find the right timing… IMO the best timing for doing a new TV show would be September 2016…50 years after TOS first aired back in 1966…

I think they SHOULD use the new timeline and make the TV show a direct continuation of the movie series…I’ve already figured out a potential schedule…

Let’s shoot NuTrek 3 and 4 back to back, for a December 2015 and July 2016 release…and pull out all the stop when it comes to promoting the 5th anniversary…

After that, continue the voyages of NuTrek’s crew on the “small” screen…They could either recast the entire crew or persuade the movie actors to star in a limited TV run of five years. They should do only 13 episodes a season so that the episodes can be shot in a relatively short period of 3-4 months, giving the actors plenty of opportunities to continue their bigscreen careers… Then the writers can concentrate on quality and relevance instead of quantity (no fillers as in 26 episode seasons). I would do only two-and threeparters…

In 2017 they might reboot NextGen for the big screen to replace Kirk and Spock once again…starring Tom Hardy as Picard, Tom Hiddlestone as Data etc…

Then, after the NuTrek series ends in 2021, let’s do the ultimate Kirk vs Picard crossover feature… not just cutting wood in the Nexus… But THE ultimate showdown with the Borg or the Q…

166. Vultan - June 26, 2012


Except the galaxy is somewhere around 100,000-120,000 light years in diameter with a few hundred billion stars. A single star isn’t going to endanger EVERYONE EVERYWHERE as the movie implied. And they don’t just go off like firecrackers either.

Not magic, just bad science—another Star Trek tradition!

167. Danny - June 26, 2012

TV show gets cult status in reruns, then spawns successful movie franchise, then gets phenonenomally (sp?) successful sequel show.

That show spawned 3 more series, being more or less simultaniously done with 4 movies in tow (V and VI were done by the old team), TNG is voted best series

Star Trek 2009 is very successful and Kirk & Spock are back in the public conciousness. That’s great.

Rick Berman had 18 years, for a lot of the time he had 2 shows in production, and many agreed ideas run dry. DS9, VOY and even ENT had their share of success, however Picard and crew are still the more recognised with the originals.

Orci proposes an animated series, and I know a lot of people hate the idea, but at least it would be 22 eps of Trek every year.

Let’s look at our options, bearing miind BAD ROBOT are the creative heads with CBS as licence holders

THE ORIGINAL SERIES: Very unlikely theyll do year 4 of the 5YM – we have Phase II, comicsetc for that! They have their own versions of the characters they developed

NEW TIMELINE: Possible, set between movies? There can be tonnes of stories to tell, characters and aliens to introduce. If not on the Enterprise, then the Kelvin? Captain Sulu on the Excelsior? Another ship with guest appearances from the Enterprise.

ANOTHER REBOOT: ie the Star Trek Animated Universe – another universe yeah, different lookin Enterprise and characters. Maybe do Next Generation characters? Picard still popular right? THEN you could do more – flashback to the TOS era and tap into the rich tapestry from the whole of the Prime canon – trips to DS9 on the way to Bajor or even have Sisko and co heavily involved in an arc? And references back to ENT even!

The good thing about a series is you can explore the many aspects of the Trek universe, plus of course create new ones – there are a lot of ideas for post-Nemesis shows, which ‘I’m all for.

What about the TNG lot in this time then? IDW and Pocket are working on this, but could an animated show continue their journey? Maybe base the show on ONLINE – they’ve created a full mythology to explore. Or go hundreds of years later still, i.e. some of the unmade pitches.

As for a live action show, now Kurtzman/Orci seem to be thinking about it, it looks to be set JJVerse at a guess, if not ANOTHER reboot, this time for TV. An animated show and a live action one would be approached differently, I’d like a future-of-prime thing bout would not hold out for it. I guess now any outside pitches have less of a chance, which is a pity because some good ideas have been talked about (Singer’s Federation etc), but I’m happy to see what K/O come up with.

TV Movies/DTV I would love for Prime continuations as the Prime universe continues, such as Captain Worf, Titan or even a CGI remount of Secret of Vulcan Fury using the unused recordings. If TPTB can afford it and agree, then thats what i see happening

168. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 26, 2012

142. Hey Aurore, you’re beautiful when you’re confusing. …and I’m lost. What did I miss? Oh and yeah, this is me. ;) Don’t ever change.

169. filmboy33 - June 26, 2012

If they do follow through with creating another TV series set in the Star Trek Universe, I feel they must have a new creative team running it. This team has to consist of people who love Trek and grew up on it. I know Bryan Singer and Bryan Fuller both love Trek and have been trying to get a series off the ground for some time now.

As far as the where and when to place this new Trek series, that is tricky. They went the prequel route with Enterprise with mixed success. So I am unsure if a Kelvin era series would work. You could leap forward, but then how do you make it interesting? You could do a CIA esque series that follows the recruits of some form of Starfleet Intelligence. But I ultimately feel that wouldn’t really work either.

It is a hard thing to do for sure. How do you make a new series feel familar and also seem new and refreshing? I think no matter what direction they take, they have to find a way to break the series away from what has come before. Don’t make it beholden to the history that has unfolded already on all of the series. For example, if you do a show that is set between TOS and TNG, you have to make sure what takes place ties into what was established both before and after the time period of the series.

You could do a series in the alt-timeline of JJ’s universe. That does free you up, but it also feels like a retread to me as well.

I don’t know, what do you guys think would be a good angle to take on a new Trek series?

170. Charla - June 26, 2012

# 95 Good one, Emperor Mike!! LOL!! Good news about the possibilities of additional Trek after the movies are made. Gotta like that. :-)

171. Jonathan - June 26, 2012

Danny I think has some great ideas, but I am really sick of the freaking remakes, reboots, reimaginings, etc. Can we not get something original?

Prime Universe live action would be nice if you could tie it in with STO. God knows, STO could use some help with writing and story content. Would be really cool to connect television episodes with STO stories.

For any new live action show to be successful, I think you have consider connecting it to all manner of media.

172. Dr. Image - June 26, 2012

#162 ME!!:
Yes! Yes! YES!!! Lazy writing!! THANK YOU!!!
THIS was the cardinal sin of most of the B&B era! (Except, of course, DS9.)
The current team should LEARN to NOT make that mistake. (Ahem- Delta Vega.)
It has been something utterly disrespectful of the fan base and franchise.

173. Christopher Roberts - June 26, 2012

1. Star Trek needs to come back on TV full stop.

A show set in the late 22nd Century dealing with the Federation’s baby steps, would be choice. A new cast, but set far enough along in real time for ENT characters to guest star as older characters. At some point you’d see Archer as Fed President, bump into Shran, or maybe even uncover the conspiracy surrounding Trip’s death. Obviously only after the series has been able to stand by itself.

Once it’s set-up for year and hasn’t been cancelled, go the Babylon 5 route and have a story arc that has a central figure whose history requires the occasional flashback to the Earth-Romulan War. References to Enterprise era events and prefigures whatever both 23rd Centuries have in common.

Since you could easily fit a saga between 2161 and 2233, it wouldn’t really matter whether it was regarded as part of the original universe, or the new one.

Oh… and don’t set it exclusively on a starship exploring deep space. Be DS9-like. Someplace fixed. Maybe spanning our solar system, or Alpha/Proxima Centauri. Have your cake and eat it, with experimental starship trials and fleet construction site nearby. The ability to credibly get back to Earth often and to outlying colonies under threat.

2. That whole Delta Vega issue. Just make it a Starfleet designation given to refueling depots. The one near Vulcan is probably DV3 and the one near the edge of the Galaxy DV178.

3. Title suggestion for the new movie would be…


174. Christopher Roberts - June 26, 2012

^ Hmmm. Never seem to be able to get the spacing right on that. Ah well…

175. Aurore - June 26, 2012

“Hey Aurore, you’re beautiful when you’re confusing.”

Awwww …thank you, seymour.
I myself found you strangely attractive when you started talking about “changeling trolling”, the other day.

“What did I miss? ”

Apparently a thread where I came across “my” double.

“Don’t ever change.”

I’ll see what I can do.
Meanwhile you….stay beautiful, seymour. Do it for me.

176. Friendo - June 26, 2012

If they can have Will Shatner be the voice of Kirk in the animated show I would be all for it!

177. Tal Shiar - June 26, 2012

FANTASTIC NEWS about the movie sequel and possible tv show! There’s definitely been a Sci-fi void on TV since all the good shows called it quits! I know there’s enough interested people out there to support anything they throw at us, providing they keep it full of action and suspense as they did with the last season of DS9.

Speaking of which, DS9 movie would be AWESOME! Or how about having the Founders and their Jem Hadar work their way back through the Gamma Quadrant Wormhole just in time to feature as the next movie’s “Bad Guys”?
Hmm…stock up on “The White” cos it’s slime time baby! :-)

178. Tal Shiar - June 26, 2012

Oh yea, I forgot to mention: sorry, but I definitely would NOT watch an animated Star Trek TV show! I’m not adverse to it, as long as there’s a regular TV show as well, animated shows of this genre just aren’t my thing – Oh Crap, I guess I’m getting old!

179. NuFan - June 26, 2012


They made it clear that Khan was off limits on the radio show.

180. be flat - June 26, 2012

I find it amusing that there are still people who are okay with the “because we could” arrogance and are ready to defend it. I don’t care for someone who needs to satisfy his ego or “piss off those stupid spastics trekkies” by changing something for the sake of changing.

181. MJ - June 26, 2012

@ 136 / Basement Blogger: “MJ, I’m a fan of Falling Skies so Robert Rodat would be a great choice to head a Star Trek series. I think Bob Orci’s knowledge of Star Trek would give him the edge. I’m also a fan of Fringe. Better resolve the episode “Letters of Transit”, Bob. :-) But I digress. Rodat does know a thing about metaphor when you consider he wrote the superb “Saving Private Ryan.” ”

Exactly. Looking at Hawaii Five-0 and the other stuff Orci has done when seperated by JJ and Lindelof, I am not sure I would like the kind of Trek TV show he would produce — when Trek comes back to TV, obviously it will need to be modernized and have a bit more action than the recent Trek Series, but I also think a TV series will need more gravitas, and I don’t think Bob, as much as I his role as one part of the movie team, can spell “gravitas”.

Rodat is a guy who has been able to meld action with meaning and metaphors, etc. If he his not available, I would suggest a young gun, Jonathan Nolan, who has done a great job with Person of Interest — another action type of production that has gravitas, meaning and metaphors.

And the type of Trek series I am talking about here would not be some run-of-the-mill typically Trek series in sydication — no, I am talking about 10 episodes per year on pay cable — HBO or Showtime — that would have significant production budgets, create huge buzz, and have a overall story arch each season. And the series should be right in the same timeframe and universe as the current series of JJ movies.

Yes, I am thinking big here. No more lame-ass shows like Voyager or Enterprise please — those, coupled with the last two horrid NG movies, nearly ended th franchise.

182. VZX - June 26, 2012

181. MJ: I like the idea of putting a Star Trek TV show on HBO or Showtime. The smaller season but better production values would increase the quality of the show. I would just hope that they would not use profanity or nudity on Star Trek as it should always be accessable to children as well.

Has there been any precedent of CBS producing a show on HBO or Showtime?

183. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 26, 2012

Aurore, I miss talking past each other. *sigh*
Anymore changeling sightings? Just remember anytime you wish to find me, just look in the mirror and I’ll be there, in my own universe. I’ll be the one with the bandage on.

184. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 26, 2012

Aurore, upon further review I get your post! It just took a while, butt you’re going to have to type slower if you want me to keep up. I keep hearing that buzzing sound. Now if I could only find a batch of Kirk’s special universal accelerant coffee we might better relate. That stuff really puts a kick in your step!

185. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 26, 2012

I spelled but with two t’s. He, he, he.

186. n1701ncc - June 26, 2012

Ok so its not Gary Mitchell [too bad], Its not Khan [very good] how about Mudd or Trelane. Also remember Pike is in the movie so therefore we must have a visit to Talos IV.

then again maybe is Finnigan ..lol

187. Aurore - June 26, 2012

“Aurore, I miss talking past each other. *sigh*

I understand.
Have you tried looking in the mirror?

“Anymore changeling sightings?”



“Just remember anytime you wish to find me, just look in the mirror and I’ll be there, in my own universe. I’ll be the one with the bandage on.”

This is all fine and good but, where?! On the forehead or over the eyes?!


188. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 26, 2012

I’m not tellin’

189. Vultan - June 26, 2012


I like your ideas, MJ, except maybe, like Falling Skies, put it on TNT instead of HBO or Showtime. Something more accessible to a wider audience.

I would add AMC to the list, but since Dish recently dropped it….

190. Aurore - June 26, 2012

seymour ,

I’ve just read your post in 184.

You typed “but” with to t’s, and, I’m the one who’s going to have to type slower?!

“Now if I could only find a batch of Kirk’s special universal accelerant coffee we might better relate. That stuff really puts a kick in your step!”

Try “Vulcan Hot Stuff” instead; I hear it’s more efficient.
Besides, ‘tastes like chocolate. I love it!
…Evidently, if you only drink coffee, which is your right, nevermind; I’ll try to …adapt myself to your…um…condition…


191. Bricklayer - June 26, 2012

Watching ENT “In a Mirror, Darkly”, and the environmental suits in the episode look almost identical to the one Spock was wearing in the leaked set photos.

192. dscott - June 26, 2012

28. mhansen0207 said: “I can imagine back when Star Trek II was released, a lot of the same complaints that are being lobbed at Orci now could easily have been made back then.”

Funny you said that, I remember clearly watching some local news story shortly after TWOK, about how people in general just didn’t like sequels… this one guy said, and I quote, “they never live up to the origional, just like with star trek and that whole wrath of khan thing”… I was like WHAT?! Are you F***ing kidding me!? Proof that “to each his own” is no lie.

193. DS9 Forever - June 26, 2012

@#97: “I’ll still take Simon Pegg’s word over innuendo and rumor…..”

Pegg never said Khan wasn’t in the movie or that Cumberbatch wasn’t playing Khan. All he ever said was that Khan wasn’t the villian. BIG difference there. The lack of denials by Abrams or the various writers makes me think it will be Khan, in some form.

194. La Reyne d'Epee - June 26, 2012

No Rand. Righto, I’m operating on the assumption Alice Eve is Chapel until further notice!

An animated series could work as there’s very good quality animation around. It would also allow continuity with the film series as figures based on the film actors would be possible. You’re not going to be able to actually get the same actors to be in a TV series. Heck, you don’t even need their real voices to make it work.

On balance I’d still prefer a live action version though.

195. Azrael - June 26, 2012

@181. I disagree, I watch a large number of police/forensic/procedural shows. and the Five-0/NCIS LA crossover was so good that I added Five-0 to my regular watch list. I have not yet seen any major issues with Bob’s writing, I have also watched quite a few other TV series with writing from Bob (Jack of All Trades springs to mind) and I find the general quality of Bob’s writing to be above average. Speaking solely for myself I would be fine with Bob as a part of the writing staff of a Trek TV series.

196. T'Cal - June 26, 2012

Turning to Shakespeare for the movie’s title-

Star Trek:
Perchance to Dream (if it’s about the augments found in stasis)
Not in our Stars
The Quality of Mercy
A Lean and Hungry Look
This Thing of Darkness
Brave New World
The Dogs of War
The Crack of Doom
The Tameness of a Wolf
Infinite Space
Once More unto the Breach
Sigh No More
Touch of Nature
A Tower of Strength
The Head that Wears a Crown

197. Robert Asbury - June 26, 2012

#130 aka Seymour Hiney. Dear God! You made a damn good point about the instantaneous transporter beam. I caught it and I thought about it but didnt put it in its proper context. Wow.

198. MJ - June 26, 2012

@197. Like Spock saying “remember” and providing a 2-second instant download of his entire mind to McCoy is any more believable. I can up with many other examples like this.

Start Trek is not HARD sf. Tell us something we don’t know. LOL

199. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - June 26, 2012

He said they knew where it was supposed to be, but “we did it because we could, I’m sorry!”

Well, at least he admitted it and apologized…

200. Jack - June 26, 2012

The fuzzy distance helped a lot of the plot points work — how long does it take to get from Earth to Vulcan, and vice versa — as long as they need it to. Delta Vega is some point between Vulcan and the Laurentian sector / the hobus star. who knows how far the E was from Delta Vega when they transported into her… But, yeah, suspension of disbelief is required. None of these make the story ridiculous, but yeah….

The delta vega name thing isn’t a big deal and it simply is, it doesn’t need reyconning… but for that ‘there are a bunch of Parises” thing to work, either the computer in the pod is incredibly unhelpful (it can’t tell you whether you’ve landed in London, Ontario or London, England) or, well, whatever…

201. Aurore - June 26, 2012

Mr. Orci , I apologise for joking about your apology earlier…If you were sincere.

Otherwise, since I didn’t know that what you did (with regard to Delta Vega) was unacceptable… before reading about it on the internet….


Well, what did you think? Did you believe I was joking when I said that I wasn’t a true fan?!


202. Craiger - June 26, 2012

One way they could have solved the Delta Vega nitpick they should have just used a different name for the planet and they still could have had a Scotty on that Starfleet Outpost. I think they were just trying to pay homage to TOS again and some fans got pissed.

203. Craiger - June 26, 2012

I think a Romulan War series would be cool. Set it from 2156 to 2161. Would a general TV audience like that? That wouldn’t conflict with Enterprise since that series ended in 2155. Imagine the drama and action in that type of series.

204. MJ - June 26, 2012

@202. They should have just said it was Vulcan’s moon…if I remember right, doesn’t the scene show Spock on Delta Vega watching Vulcan destroyed is the sky above? I have not watched the movie since last fall, so perhaps my memory fails me?

205. Craiger - June 26, 2012

MJ, Vulcan has no moon. LOL.

206. Craiger - June 26, 2012

Mj, Yes, their was a scene where old Spock was watching Vulcan being destroyed in the sky about. It was when he was mind melding with young Kirk.

207. Craiger - June 26, 2012

Also I don’t think a Vulcan moon would have a Starfleet outpost on it.

208. THX-1138 - June 26, 2012

I see it as an homage too, Craiger. But it’s a really bad one.

Who would be the ones to appreciate that homage? Longtime TOS fans. Who are the ones that find it dumb that the planet Vulcan apparently orbited Delta Vega (or vice versa)? Longtime Trek fans (for the most part). Bad Homage.

On another note, why is it that if someone criticizes anything about JJ Trek they are vilified by the movie’s fans? Comments like “Oh good grief!” and “calm down” and other such name-calling are no better than any critical comment that they are protesting.

209. Craiger - June 26, 2012

I don’t think the Delta Vega is a big deal but one I am surprised could be a plot hole that could be bigger than Dela Vega would be why did Spock arrive 25 years later than Nero through the Black Hole? Why didn’t they arrive at the same time? I could be wrong on this being a plot hole?

210. Craiger - June 26, 2012

Sorry, I forgot that would so Kirk’s father would be killed causing the alternate reality.

Allthough I wonder what would have happened if Spock arrived at the same time when Nero attacked the Kelvin?

211. Anthony Thompson - June 26, 2012

193. DS9 Forever

Your logic is a little fuzzy, homeboy. You accept that Khan isn’t a villain in the sequel but that Cumberbatch may be playing Khan (as a ‘good guy’)??? Then who is playing the villain? And, BTW, it’s already been well-established that Cumberbatch IS playing a villain! So you’d better go back to the drawing board, my man! ; )

212. Eprom - June 26, 2012

I put two comments on here relating to the teaser trailer being run on youtube, by movieclipsTRAILERS,
Cameback to see if any response but they’re gone, maybe there is an edit button?

213. Christopher Roberts - June 26, 2012

An animated series would be a great way for the 2009- motion picture cast to reprise their versions of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov and Pike on television. Live-action is out of the question, due to 9 months of the year spent producing a series, but acting the audio for a cartoon, is more in the region of weeks.

214. Christopher Roberts - June 26, 2012

Delta Vega is just to Star Trek, what LV is to the Alien universe.

They just don’t bother with the catalogue number. Why would they? It’s the nearest Delta Vega.

215. Tomi_SI - June 26, 2012

I will make a wild gues: The new villian in the movie is a mutated Klingon whitout the riged forhead!

And i haw the copy right for this idea if it comes thru!

216. Miri - June 26, 2012

Love to see a Star Trek tv show with another woman captain! Some really good, strong actress like Viola Davis or Helen Mirren would begreat….and I say that knowing it’s dream casting

217. Eprom - June 26, 2012



is the link to thelatest Star trek teaser

218. MJ - June 26, 2012

@216. Isn’t Helen Mirren nearly 70? Might as well throw Shat in as well and make it a geriatric romance version of Trek: “Star Trek — Something’s Gotta Give II”. :-))

219. Christopher Roberts - June 26, 2012

213. re:animated series – I think one of the serious challenges to overcome, is writing and producing a cartoon that will appeal as much to adults as kids.

Although I doubt many notice, but a lot of animated series are a turn off… because they’re non-stop action and acting that’s in a vacuum. By that I mean, I bet odds that none of the voice talent were ever actually in the sound booth together. There are performances that come off sounding flat, disinterested, and with no variation… because acting requires camaraderie between the performers. If they’re enjoying each other’s company, that can’t be hidden… even in a 2-D environment, where only the voice gives it away.

As much as I love the Original Series, you can tell the Filmation is of lesser quality than the live-action. There are exceptions… Nimoy’s obviously interested in “Yesteryear”. Supporting cast members shine in multiple roles, particularly James Doohan, who was an experienced radio actor. But it’s quite hard to hide that the voices sometimes felt disconnected to the action onscreen.

220. MJ - June 26, 2012

@209 @210

But you see my point. How then could Spock be on Delta Vega looking up at the sky and seeing a fairly large version of Vulcan with his naked eye???

That is why I am saying that if you are to believe that scene, Spock would have to be on Vulcan’s moon, as ludicrous as that sounds.

How else to explain that scene???

221. THX-1138 - June 26, 2012

On this MJ we agree. That was lazy story telling. All foolishness aside about what planet Spock was standing on and it’s proximity to Vulcan, if a singularity was created that close to another heavenly body then logically Delta Vega would have been wiped out.

Movie over.

222. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 26, 2012

Wow – this thread has got people posting again – YAY!

I have not read all the posts yet. I don’t care at this point if a new Star Trek TV series (live action and/or animated) gets made or not. My focus is on the film series. I want/need that to be good!

Thank you, Dee, once again for posting links to those interviews with Chris Pine, Alex Kurtzman and Elizabeth Banks. Something that is actually current, happening now revealing the ideas and feelings of those involved in making these two movies right now (PLU and ST).

I love what CP said about how fans saw the first time he as Kirk sat in the captain’s chair as Acting Captain of the Enterprise. I felt much the same way. Starting with Lt Uhura’s line, “I hope you know what you are doing, captain” and ending with Kirk’s first, real, unsimulated exposition and instructions to the crew was a great moment for me as a longtime Star Trek and Captain James Kirk fan. I felt that “my captain” was back. No, he was not exactly Shatner/Kirk (how could he be?), but he was not totally different either. I love both of them!

“You could jump out of a cake with a sash that says, “I’m your brother!”
CP: It makes it edible. And fun.
AK: That’s what we should have done in the movie.
CP: And fattening. And could lead to diabetes and death. So maybe not.”

OK, Chris Pine – and smoking could lead to cancer and death. Just saying. So many choices, so many decisions…

I live with an insulin dependent diabetic and he has never had sweet tooth, unlike myself. My blood-sugar readings are always so boringly normal, whereas it is a constant battle with obesity etc for my spouse.

Marie Antoinette said, “Let ’em eat cake”. This instruction has been misunderstood. In those times, the French aristocracy (like most others) did overcook, bake, and overeat. What was left over was often given to the poor people, much of it being cake. Considering that refining of flour, sugar etc did not come about until the mid-20th century, it is possible that this cake, if not too old, would have had reasonably good nutritional value. Certainly you cannot survive, in a healthy way, on cake alone, but it may not have been all bad either, unlike many of the factory produced cakes of today.

223. Vultan - June 26, 2012

Didn’t the original cut of TMP feature a moon (or more) orbiting Vulcan? I seem to remember Robert Wise saying in his commentary he wanted the moons taken out for the director’s cut to match up with TOS.

Anyone else remember this?

224. Bricklayer - June 26, 2012

@223 I honestly doubt any plot from TOS featured a moon nor any visual shot from TOS featured a moon. It would have been too expensive to add a moon via special effects.

225. Azrael - June 26, 2012

@220, 221. I believe that Spock Prime “saw” the destruction of Vulcan in essentially the same way he “saw” the destruction of the USS Intrepid, that is with his mind. Look the 400 or so Vulcans on the Intrepid dying was enough to give Spock visions at light-years of distance, what do you think happens when BILLIONS of them die and Spock is in the same star system? So, to me, not a plot hole or lazy writing, just an established fact of Vulcans shown in a new way.

226. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 26, 2012

@ Bob Orci/Alex Kurtzman –

Please – can you give me any indication as to whether other countries will ever get to see the cinematic version of People Like Us. I can’t believe that there are no release dates for the UK, Canada, Australasia…

If I have to wait for the INTERNATIONAL blu-ray/DVD release of this film, please just tell me and others outside of the USA and how long that wait might be.

Bob Orci – An answer here would be appreciated. Thank you.
Keachick (Rosemary)

227. Phil - June 26, 2012

Well, Mr. Orci seems to have a lot more fodder for his nitpick file now…

228. Montreal_Paul - June 26, 2012

225. Azrael

I completely agree. That was how I looked at it when I first saw the movie. I didn’t think twice about it because of the episode “The Immunity Syndrome.”

229. Craiger - June 26, 2012

THX how close would a moon or planet have to be to a Black Hole to get sucked in?

230. THX-1138 - June 26, 2012

Gee, I thought the shot of Nimoy looking up into the sky at Vulcan imploding was an indicator that he wasn’t sensing it with his Vulcan mind powers. I mean, you see Vulcan through the haze of Delta Vega’s atmosphere.

And Craiger, I’m no scientist but I would gauge orbital distance to be close enough for destruction.

231. VZX - June 26, 2012

220. MJ:

I can explain the scene where Spock Prime witnesses the destruction of Vulcan from Delta Vega (and how Vulcan appears to Delta Vega as large as the Moon appears to Earth): The scene took place during Spock’s mind meld with Kirk. During a mind meld, images can be distorted and exaggerated like a dream. Spock “viewed” the destruction of Vulcan as depicted, but literally: he may have done with some sort of device in actuality.

Now, that’s how I look at it: it was a dream-like state to more easily convey the information visually in a mind-meld.

What bothers me, though, is how a supernova can “threaten” a galaxy.

232. VZX - June 26, 2012

229. Craiger: Once an object crosses the event horizon around a black hole, it has crossed the border of no-return.

233. Craiger - June 26, 2012

But the warp reactors ejected from the Enteprise knocked them free from the Black Hole.

234. No Khan - June 26, 2012

@30 I agree!

235. Phil - June 26, 2012

@233. Yep. Dramatic license saved the day. It looked a lot better on the big screen then everything just blinking out of existance.

236. Vultan - June 26, 2012


In an episode of TOS (“The Man Trap”) Spock states that Vulcan has no moon.

237. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 26, 2012

OK, too many posts to catch up here, so hopefully I’m not repeating somebody with what I think is the best idea for a live-action Trek series. I know it will never happen, but I’d LOVE to see Bruce Greenwood helm a ship as Captain Pike.

Greenwood’s brief scenes were very good, and he showed some real presence in the center seat. More than Chris Pine, in my opinion. I would absolutely love to see a series with him but I never get what I want, so I should NOT want this.

But I do…

238. Bricklayer - June 26, 2012

@236 You’re obtuse. No planets in TOS had moons.

239. Shawshank Redemption Prison Warden - June 26, 2012

@238 No one calls me obtuse. 6 weeks in solitary confinement for you.

240. Bricklayer - June 26, 2012

@239 Is it deliberate?

241. Vultan - June 26, 2012


No need to be hostile.
Just stating a fact of fiction.

242. P Technobabble - June 26, 2012

I’m placing bets on Gary Seven…

243. cd - June 26, 2012

Vulcan has no moon. Vulcan needs no moon.

244. Phil - June 26, 2012

Vee don’t neeed no stinkin moon…..

245. Bricklayer - June 26, 2012

@242 I will take that bet. Immediately.

246. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 26, 2012

Wouldn’t the black hole that swallowed Vulcan also swallow the moon?

247. MJ - June 26, 2012

Two points here:

1. Scene from Star Trek TMP showing that Vulcan has at least two moons:

2. A moon is hundreds of thosands of miles from a planet typically, while the radius of an earth like planet is only say 4000 miles. So, while a moon would eventually get sucked into a new black hole created in place of the planet, it might take weeks, months or even years for this to happen.

Based on #1 above, and considering #2, as far a I am concerned, Delta Vega is a Vulcan Moon.

Another possibility is that Vulcan and Delta Vega are both moons of a Gas Giant — the huge moon in TMP link above might actually be a Gas Giant, with Vulcan orbiting around it…and in that case, that second body you see would be Delta Vega.

248. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 26, 2012

247. MJ – Show me your math ;-)

249. MJ - June 26, 2012

@248. Seriously, it would depend on what the heck Red Matter is? If Red matter is just a catalyst with a special “bomb” delivery device that artificially, for a limited period of time, acts to pull all the mass near to it (with a finite distance limit) into a black hole — if that is all Red Matter is…i.e. a means to convert an existing finite body into a black hole, then it might be the case that any moons surrounding it could survive for a long time. However, gravitational tidal forces from the black would eventually grind those moons into dust…but that might take a very long time.

250. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 26, 2012

249. MJ – I tend not to worry about this kind of thing in Star Trek films. I asked the question for fun. I long ago realized Trek was not hard scifi. But your musings are interesting. Without knowing the true nature of Red Matter, nor the distance of the moons and their relative mass, not to mention the size of the black hole, there’s no good way for us to answer my question.

Still, it’s fun to try. Your answer is well thought-out and poses many good possibilities. Either way, I think Star Fleet should get that base evacuated as soon as possible.

251. Red Dead Ryan - June 26, 2012

The black hole where Vulcan was would still pull the moon in pretty quickly. In the grand scheme of things, in this case, the vastness of space, the moon is just a stone’s throw away from Vulcan.

The gravitational effects of the new black hole would have significant and immediate effects on Delta Vega. The moon would be sucked into the black hole in a few days tops. Probably.

Now, if Delta Vega was a moon to another planet in the system, in particular one of the outer planets at least 5 AU away from Vulcan, then I can see it surviving for years, maybe even centuries before it eventually gets pulled in.

Having said that, I’m no expert on this. So I could be totally wrong.

252. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 26, 2012

‘Trek’ Crew Beams to Earth for ‘People Like Us’… ;-) :-)


253. Jerry Modene - June 26, 2012

I’m still trying to figure out how a supernova threatens to destroy an entire galaxy.

254. Red Dead Ryan - June 26, 2012

I tend to think Delta Vega was in the same system as Vulcan (obviously), but a fair distance away to prevent it being a moon to it.

255. MJ - June 26, 2012

@253. It can’t. The “death radius” from a Supernova is about 30 light years.

256. MJ - June 26, 2012

@236 “In an episode of TOS (“The Man Trap”) Spock states that Vulcan has no moon.”

Then, based on the visual evidence from Star Trek TMP, the only logical conclusion is that Vulcan and Delta Vega are both moons of a Gas Giant. This would neither contradict The Man Trip, nor would it contradict ST-TMP.

“When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains–however improbable–must be the truth.” –Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

257. MJ - June 26, 2012

@251. If Red Matter increased Vulcan’s total mass by huge amounts and contracted Vulcan into a black hole, then you would be right — the resulting black hole could be many times the mass of the original Vulcan, and would pull the moon in.

However, if the Red Matter and its device were just a special technology and very exotic material that would just convert a planet into a Black hole quickly, then that black hole would be a small one, and would have the same mass as the original planet Vulcan. And so the moon would continue in orbit, several hundred thousand of miles away for probably years.

We don’t really know which case above is correct, because Red Matter is a sci-fi invention.

258. Shilliam - June 26, 2012

Wait a minute. Didn’t Saddam Hussein have Red Matter? It can’t be fictional…

259. Vultan - June 26, 2012


I like your gas giant idea. I’m going with that.

But when it comes to TMP, the director’s cut is my movie of choice. Not because it “corrected” the no moon thing; it’s just a better version of the movie—what Wise really wanted.

260. MJ - June 26, 2012

@259. Agreed. Wish they could do another special effects update and do the Blu-Ray of the Directors Cut that we all deserve. Ashame we can get weak stuff like TNG Season 1 on Blu-Ray, but not the Directors Cut of TMP.

261. Vultan - June 26, 2012



TMP is on my list of movies I want to see on the big screen—preferrably IMAX—before I die. Right up there with 2001 and Lawrence of Arabia.

Why can’t they make movies that BIG anymore?

262. Jack - June 26, 2012

Would the blast from a supernova travel at light speed? I know, I know, this wasn’t a regular supernova. It was a magic one that became more and more powerful as it swept up planets and stars. And once the blast wave had, well, blasted, would causing the nova to collapse actually save anyone? I’m not trying to nitpick. I just want to teach my future kids about supernovae, without having to show them Lou Diamond Phillips naked.

263. MJ - June 26, 2012

@261. Yea, we are of the same mind — Lawrence of Arabia and 2001 are such titans of cinema!!!

264. MJ - June 26, 2012

@262. I believe the dangerous cosmic rays would be at light speed or very close to it.

265. Vultan - June 26, 2012


Apparently, in this alternate universe dissipation doesn’t occur. So when that drilling rig fell into The Bay, Asia was hit with a massive tsunami a few hours later.

266. Vultan - June 26, 2012

Ooo… bad joke on my part. Over a year since the Japan disaster and… still feels too soon.


267. MJ - June 26, 2012

What’s next Vultan, Greek economy-related jokes using Trek? LOL

268. Azrael - June 27, 2012

@262, Not magic, the extremely unusual nature of the Hobus Supernova was due to extensive testing of Sub-space weapons in the system by Reman rebels. This allowed the supernova to spread at FTL speeds and caused it to incorporate all consumed mass as it did. This is the official explanation offered by Paramount through the various IDW comics and the Star Trek Online game, which takes place in the Prime Timeline 25 or so years after Hobus.

269. Jorge - June 27, 2012

There is no “Prime”. They just say that so nerds won’t commit suicide. Think of it this way, the “rebooted” universe would not exist if not for all the cannon that we were previously shown. Saying that, all the Vulcans are dead, the universe has changed, so go on with a new show.

270. Disinvited - June 27, 2012

@238. Bricklayer – June 26, 2012

Not even Earth? More than a few episodes had scenes there and others mentioned it. I even remember Nomad looking at a star chart commenting on our third planet’s moon.

271. Disinvited - June 27, 2012

@259. Vultan – June 26, 2012

More fans than we have mulled over that:


At the risk of inciting a riot, if I were inclined to be generous on the effort that went into conjuring up a Vulcan Delta Vega, then I’d just think of the Vulcan DV planetoid as just a body in that system with a highly elliptical orbit around its star like PrePlanis (LOST IN SPACE) which current extrasolar planet hunting has proved plausible. Such that, every once and a while it gets close enough to Vulcan but most of the time it’s not.

272. Aurore - June 27, 2012

About the interview, regarding People Like Us, I liked the following quote:

” We are not crossing into exploitative shenanigans. It’s a warm movie…In the end, everyone behaves as they should.”

Alright ; I can handle that!

(Interesting show, by the way.).

273. Thomas - June 27, 2012

Just to add to the discussion, here’s something that may be useful in determining the “hardness” of a piece of science fiction:


274. MJ - June 27, 2012

Again, in The Man Trap Spock says Vulcan has no moon. But in TMP, on Vulcan, we see two bodies in the sky — one that looks huge, like a gas giant, and the other being a planetoid.

The only logical expalanation that supports the above two canonical facts being right is that both Vulcan and Delta Vega are moons around a gas giant.

Case closed!!!

275. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 27, 2012


276. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 27, 2012


277. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 27, 2012

Um test.

278. The Red Shirt Diaries - June 27, 2012

I would love a new CGI animated series but with the likenesses of the real TOS crew. Set in the new timeline even, just use Shatner, Nimoy et al likenesses as the crew.

279. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 27, 2012

Aurore. Vulcan Hot Stuff, eh?  At a store near you. Actually my passion is chocolate. It’s my one add*ction …and cheese. But not math
Oh I don’t misspell words because I type too fast.  It’s because I type with my nose …in a mirror. I also make a lot of miscalls. 

280. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 27, 2012

197. Robert Asbury. Thanks for your reply. I always found the transwarp beaming (or whatever it’s called) to be more impactful on the movie (and future stories) than the more common gripes about lens flares, budgengineering or Delta Vega, though I share some of those too. After the release of the movie I asked Bob about it, along with some other things. He was kind enough to reply, but I didn’t respond to that issue I’m still not sure why they would need starships any longer.

281. Azrael - June 27, 2012

@280. Transwarp beaming is nothing new, they did it on TNG, multiple times, and DS9, and Voyager. Honestly I dont get people who think it would make starships obsolete, it is an extremely power intensive operation (much like dialing an 8 chevron address on SG-1), and can only move a limited amount of mass, making it extremely impractical for large scale use.

282. MJ - June 27, 2012

@281. Agreed. I mean, that already have subspace communications anyway, so its not like transwarp beaming is really all that out there.

283. MJ - June 27, 2012

I usually side with Orci on things related to the Trek 2009 movie, but to know that Delta Vega was not in the Vulcan system, but to use it anyway, let’s assume because it sounded cool, shows an albeit minor lack of respect for Trek canon.

And if you are going to show Vulcan in Trek 2009, and you are the ILM special effects crew at Trek, one would wonder why you could not have spent an hour just quickly reviewing the 3 episodes/movies where Vulcan scenes were shown….if that had just taken that little bit of time, they could have then shown the gas giant that Vulcan orbits around, as well as the 2nd moon (i.e. “Delta Vega”).

284. T'Cal - June 27, 2012

I like all the standards too such as “To Boldly Go,” “Continuing Mission,” and “Voyages,” but the title should refer to the central theme of the plot. If the story is based on some classic tale (Shakespearean or other great writer’s work), then the title should include a line from the classic tale such as “The Dogs of War” or “The Tameness of a Wolf.” If it’s an original story, then the title should be an original phrase.

285. Phil - June 27, 2012

I don’t know, I like the idea that Spock saw the destruction of Vulcan telepathically. It’s a cleaner solution they trying to explain Vulcans moons (or lack of), and the proximity to a Black Hole, which really would be fatal if you were in the same solar system with one….

286. MJ - June 27, 2012

@285. People are overestimating the power of black holes. If our sun instantly condensed into a black hole, it would have exert nearly the same gravitational force as it does now. The earth would not get sucked in. There would be no more light,and we’d all die, but that is another story. See:


287. Dom - June 27, 2012

169. filmboy33: ‘If they do follow through with creating another TV series set in the Star Trek Universe, I feel they must have a new creative team running it. This team has to consist of people who love Trek and grew up on it. I know Bryan Singer and Bryan Fuller both love Trek and have been trying to get a series off the ground for some time now.’

Oh Singer and Fuller can eff off as far as I’m concerned! They’ll be old news by 2016-20 anyway!

Just give us a Starship Enterprise, Kirk, Spock and McCoy, well acted, and put them in deep space encountering strange new worlds, not going on diplomatic missions and hanging out with known races and it’ll be fine. There are new talents emerging all the time, so we’ll see. Personally, I’d rather see Trek stay in the cinema and have some cartoons on TV. Live action TV Trek’s been one to death by now. Time to let it die.

288. JT Kirk - June 27, 2012

I think everyone is waaaaay off the mark. Think about what Star Trek was; prime time sci fi drama, filled with amazing future tech (that inspired everything we all know and love today such as your idevice, flat screens, talking AI ((sorry KITT)) and the occasional social message. The Enterprise. This is what is important. The core of Roddenberry’s ST ideals were what was important, what left you hoping for a future like this and thats what needs to be kept…everything else is…irrelevant. Resistance to these matters is futile.

289. Sarak66 - June 27, 2012

I would love to see a new version of the animated series with the surviving original actors coming back to do the voice work. What I would love to see is a live action version of the animated series and the three video game episodes from the 90s(25th anniversary edition, Judgement Rites and the unreleased Secret of Vulcan Fury).Do what they did to Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy and de-age Shatner,Nimoy and the rest of the originals and have them act with new actors playing supporting crew members and other guest stars. These episodes could really be considered the 4th and 5th season of the original series.It seems to me that the technology keeps getting better and better..Eventually the animation should be considered life like.Do it in time for the 50th anniversary in 2016 and show it in prime time.

290. Jack - June 27, 2012

284. Nothing personal, but I vote for no more Shakespeare. I’m a Shakespeare guy, I have an MA in English — but, after Star Trek II, throwing quotes into Trek movies became just part of the formula, and it was overdone. Fun — and it helped emphasize that Kirk was a smart, thoughtful soul and not just a horndog expert at Kirk Fu. It worked well in II and VI. But overdone.

The Conan Doyle bit in Trek 09 was a fun nod to Trek VI. And it also made Spock look like a pompous jackass, which I presume was intended. Quotes don’t automatically make stuff (or characters) smart. Sometimes they’re just lazy writing. Unless that’s the point.

As Ambrose Bierce said: “Quotation: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another.”

291. Vultan - June 27, 2012


Nah, MJ, unlike Japan I don’t have any friends in Greece. Have no problem making fun of their problems. After all, they made them.

292. Jack - June 27, 2012

“reviewing the 3 episodes/movies where Vulcan scenes were shown….if that had just taken that little bit of time, they could have then shown the gas giant that Vulcan orbits around, as well as the 2nd moon (i.e. “Delta Vega”).”

Wasn’t that only in that matte painting from TMP, which they’d always claimed was a complete error.

I assume they knew all this and decided otherwise. Or else just didn’t care.

It’s funny, because the bit with seeing Vulcan from DV, it wasn’t shown in a way that would suggest a trippy Obi-Wan-feeling-the-force-shudder way. plus, didn’t the line say something like he put me here so I could see…

Things get explained super-briefly here by Orci (it’s the nature of 7-word comments) — when they say things ‘we did it because we could’ or ‘it was an Easter Egg to fans,’ well, it sounds, well, pretty blase (and annoyed at us for wondering what the deal is). Like, “We gave Spock tits because we could.”

So, either:

They’d never seen “Where No Man…” or didn’t remember it (this is unlikely) and just saw the name in a synopsis or on some list, or remembered it vaguely, or remembered all that and didn’t give a darn (fair enough) and assume we’d come up with some bullshit explanation ourselves (see: above), if they thought of it at all…


They wanted to pay tribute to the first pilot and a whole alternate timeline that won’t happen the same way now (Mitchell, Dehner [unless Alice Eve is playing her],) — ie. “Star Trek as we know it started here, on Delta Vega and we want to honour that…”

Or some QM crap about the universe correcting itself and Delta Vega moving a few hundred light years to make that happen.

Seriously, Bob, give us all a little bullshit like that, true or not, and we’d all be praising the delta vega addition…

293. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 27, 2012

281. I don’t recall any issues about energy requirements mentioned in the movie. As a plot device it means missions like, well any episode where the ship was required to transport ambassadors, high-ranking personnel, scientists, or say medical supplies or a rescue mission would now be unnecessary. Seems like that would be half of TOS. Get It?

294. Azrael - June 27, 2012

Energy requirements of transwarp beaming were mentioned in the TNG episode when the procedure was first used. In the absence of contradictory information, this can be assumed to still be true IMO. Especially when we are talking about a time period decades before the procedure was invented last time.

295. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 27, 2012

Guess I gotta watch more TNG. Never cared for it much. Don’t remember it on DS9 though. Voyager mmm no.

296. Vultan - June 27, 2012


According to memory-alpha, “transwarp beaming” is only used in Trek ’09.
Something called “subspace transporting” was used in TNG.

But essentially it’s the same plot device.


297. MJ - June 27, 2012

@296. Can’t read your post. Can you please type it in 2-3 more times. Need to test the post transmission system again…not working…please re-post.

298. MJ - June 27, 2012

argh, my post above meant for seymour hiney….

299. MJ - June 27, 2012

@292 “Wasn’t that only in that matte painting from TMP, which they’d always claimed was a complete error.”

It is in the main release of ST-TMP…therefore it is canon. No “do overs!”

300. Red Dead Ryan - June 27, 2012

I believe a form of transwarp or subspace beaming occurred during “Best Of Both Worlds, Part I” when Chief O’Brien came up with an idea to rescue Picard from the Borg. The only way for the away team to beam onto the Borg Cube was for the Enterprise to match the same velocity as the Borg ship. Since warp speed in Trek occurs in subspace, then it is subspace beaming.


What’s on screen is canon.

301. Phil - June 27, 2012

@286. Perhaps, but it raises so many other questions, all of which are bad for life on Delta Vega….

302. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 27, 2012

296. Thanks Vultan. I knew I wasn’t crazy. …mmm scratch that. But you know what I mean.

303. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 27, 2012

See the problem with this transwarp beaming isn’t just the fact that it’s done at warp, because yes, we have seen that before, but that it’s done over such great distances. That’s what renders the fleet obsolete.

304. MJ - June 27, 2012

@302 @303

Does not compute. Message not received. Please send new test message. Does not compute.

305. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 27, 2012

You’re a dick

306. Vultan - June 27, 2012


Reminds me of that TNG episode (I think it was in DS9 too) where there was an extinct race that used transporters to get around the galaxy. And no ships.

I prefer ships. Without them… we’ve got Sliders with colorful uniforms. ;)

307. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 27, 2012

Right on.

308. Azrael - June 28, 2012

In The Emissary the Enterprise beamed K’Ehleyr aboard in a probe casing that was travelling at warp, they had to carefully match speed to do so, transwarp beaming, at least of a sort. In The Schizoid Man, they had a highly dangerous warp-speed beam out to another ship, again falling under my definition of transwarp beaming, which is, any act of beaming onto or off of a ship traveling at warp,

This type of event becomes more and more common as TNG, DS9, and Voyager move forward, so common in fact that it is almost unremarkable.

Voyager also had a story dealing with a species possessing interstellar transporters, they turned out to be a bunch of self obsessed hedonists, good episode, Tuvok violated orders, B’Elanna had to drive a wedge between herself and that traitor Seska, it was one of the high points of the first two seasons, its called Prime Factors.

309. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 28, 2012

Damn good memory. Yeah, but they were nearly always advanced races, not our boys. But read me @ 303. It’s a leap in distances that irked me, that makes me worry about the writing.

310. MJ - June 28, 2012

@305. And you have no sense of humor. :-)

311. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 28, 2012

But I do. ;)

312. MJ - June 28, 2012

@311 OK ;-)

313. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - June 28, 2012

Good man MJ

314. dep1701 - June 30, 2012

“The more militaristic Star Fleet is one reason why I intensely dislike the films from TWOK onwards”

I really don’t see how much more militartistic the post TMP films were compared to the original series. There was a hierarchy of command, uniforms, ranks, protocol, regulations, general orders, court martials, reprimands, naval terminology…etc. Arguably, the only thing that didn’t fit into that scenario was the style of TMP, which still had touches of military parlance and attitudes ( pulling rank, terminology, “drafting” etc. Yes the uniforms after TMP looked more formal ( and I don’t feel they were that practical, compared to the TOS uniforms – glad to see them back ), but that’s a matter of taste.

I think the real change was in Kirk’s character. He was older, unhappier,more set in his ways and more formal. A little more “Herbert” than he was in the original series.

315. dep1701 - June 30, 2012

@299: “@292 “Wasn’t that only in that matte painting from TMP, which they’d always claimed was a complete error.”

It is in the main release of ST-TMP…therefore it is canon. No “do overs!”

And don’t forget that mistake started with the animated series episode “Yesteryear”, which also showed a big-ass planetary object in the sky despite D.C. Fontana clearly adding instructions in the script stating “NO MOON!”

In a cute bit of retconning, the “Talking View-Master” reels of “yesteryear” described the object with; “On the horizon is Vulcan’s twin planet” *. So maybe in the prime timeline Vulcan is part of a binary planet system?

*The talking View-Master reels also got the original intended pronunciation of Spock’s pet Sehlat’s name correct; EE-Chaya, rather than EYE-Chaya ( as mispronounced by Billy Simpson as young Spock throughout the episode.

316. Red Shirt Diaries - June 30, 2012

@314 ““The more militaristic Star Fleet is one reason why I intensely dislike the films from TWOK onwards”

Guess you must have missed a little movie called, “The Voyage Home” then.

317. Zahg - July 1, 2012

Paramount and Bad Robot can keep the Movie franchise, it sucks now anyways…But if there is a new Series, it better be in the main timeline…and it MUST have Berman and/or Braga in charge!!!

318. Azrael - July 1, 2012

@317 Nope. Bye now.

319. MJ - July 1, 2012

@317. LOL. I can only assume your are being sarcastic and humorous here. Good one, dude, I am rolling in the aisles. :-))

320. jake - July 1, 2012

Q isn’t on the list either. or kelso or Roger Korby
It has to be someone either we haven’t seen yet or appeared early in TOS,since
The crew was put together earlier than they were on TOS.

321. ziplock9000 - July 2, 2012

I’m not the least bit interested in an animated cartoon. Real people and sets please!

322. celticarchie - July 2, 2012

Please don’t. It’s bad enough with them farting out a movie every four/five years, encouraging them to make a TV show has to be against some human rights law or something.

323. alec grimes - July 5, 2012

The JJ Abrams Trek should stay in the movies and not for television. They need to keep the 2 apart. I’m sure if JJ comes back for a 3rd and final Trek film, that will be it for the 2.0 universe. It’s better for them to set the next Trek series in the future…away from Voyager’s timeline. I would go a possible 300-500 years in the future. If they want to keep it contemporary; a Starfleet Acadmey would still be a great way to go. We got a few good episodes of the acadmey with TNG and Red Squad from DS9’s episode “Valiant” The potential is there to create a great Trek…if they wanted to bring in the young. As long as it’s not a 90210 clone set in space or drivil like that; why not. I’m all for a Klingon series as well. Must everything be about the federation. A gritty Klingon series would be awesome in the vein of say…SPARTACUS…You guys get the idea.

324. alec grimes - July 5, 2012

No Berman and braga…they ha their time. Fresh blood !

325. Kevin McCaffrey - July 5, 2012

Focus on the next 2 BIG movies and make them GREAT!
The timeline has been altered, let us accept this and have fun while keeping the spirit of the Prime characters alive!
Live long and prosper!

326. NickJ - July 5, 2012

I am not a know-it-all Trek fan niether am I ignorant of many of the characters. Was wondering if anyone has considered The Q from TNG as the villian. This would allow The Enterprise and/or crew to be placed in any time within the Trek universe and the ability to bring in characters from any of the past, or future crews.

327. Azrael - July 5, 2012

The only potential problem with that idea NickJ is that Cumberbach is seen having a fistfight with Spock in some leaked footage. I at least cannot think of one single reason why an “omnipotent being” like Q would even bother with a physical confrontation. To be honest I find the idea of Captain/Lord Garth of Izar to be much more likely.

328. Phil - July 5, 2012

@326. Not a bad thought, except that Q was more of an annoyance to the TNG crew then an enemy. Also, if Q’s sole purpose in this movie franchise is to just transport this crew to it’s next zany adventure, he really is’nt more then a living version of the Guardian. TOS didn’t revisit the Guardian, I suspect that the shows writers really didn’t want Trek to turn into a future version of The Time Machine. Somehow I don’t see our current producers wanting to do that, either.

329. Jeff Slack - July 7, 2012

Enjoy my son

330. Ex Slack - July 10, 2012

Thanks Dad.

Got to run to the bathroom again though….

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