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Check Out The New Movie Universe’s Mirror Universe In 7-page Preview Of Star Trek Comic #15 November 20, 2012

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doctorTomorrow Issue 15 of IDW’s ongoing Star Trek comic series set in the new movie universe hits comic book stores. This issue begins a new two-part story that takes the new Alternate Universe into the Mirror Alternate universe. Check out a 7-page preview of the issue below.


Preview: Star Trek #15

Written by Mike Johnson. Art by Steve Molnar


The countdown to next year’s Star Trek sequel continues here, in an all-new re-imagining of the classic ‘Mirror Universe’ story! Witness the transformation of the new Enterprise crew in part one of this blockbuster story, overseen by Star Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci!


(click to enlarge)


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Star Trek #15 will be in stores on Wednesday. You can pre-order the comics at discounted to $3.19.


1. Scottamer - November 20, 2012

Nice cover with Quinto alt-Spock!

2. Kam3nRid3r - November 20, 2012

Um…why is there a Enterprise refit in the fourth image?

3. Flaming Nacelles Forever - November 20, 2012

I’m actually going to get this one – this looks fun ;)

4. Bazzzaaa - November 20, 2012

the enterprise looks like the refit from the original timeline.

5. Robman007 - November 20, 2012

The refit is shown, I’d think, as a way to show the alternate universes that scotty and mccoy are talking about.

Or it’s a screw up…either way, I love the refit, so no bother.

For those interested, Round 2 is shipping out the 1/350 (3ft long) ORIGINAL Series Enterprise 1701 that comes with enteriors (such as shuttle bay and bridge). Nice looking model kit.

6. Capt. Roykirk - November 20, 2012

Does anyone else think the “Mirror” uniforms look like something from Star Trek Online?

7. Hat Rick - November 20, 2012

Great comic! Gory, but great.

Also dunno why there’s the TMP (refit) Enterprise depicted twice in the comic when it’s supposed to be from the nuTrek mirror universe….

But then again, maybe that’s the whole point.

8. Thomas - November 20, 2012

As someone who always thought the Mirror Unuverse stories were more cheesy than effective, this actually captured my interest. The true brutality of the Mirror Universe was always hampered by the fact that the stories had to play out on commercial television. The panel of Alt-Mirror Spock ruthlessly but efficently executing Gorkon did more, at least in my mind, to sell the dangers of the MU than any previous iteration.

9. PEB - November 20, 2012

@6 Yeah I was thinking that too when I first saw the preview. But I’m loving this! Especially the artwork. More and more this seems to be building a nice foundation for a run of other titles based in the new timeline. I definitely like what I’ve been reading and I’ve collected issues 1-14 so far. Cant wait to get this tomorrow.

10. Emperor Mike of the Empire - November 20, 2012

Now this is a Comic I will get. I loved it. Long Live the Terran Empire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. PromoBoy - November 20, 2012

Beautiful art work but….
can anyone tell me why the Klingons in this reality wear these masks?
I know the Klingons in the deleted scenes of the recent Trek movie wore the same masks– just wondering why? (To save money on make-up, perhaps? )

12. StevenPDX - November 20, 2012

Can you imagine if the new movie was based on a Mirror Universe? All the speculation about Khan, Mitchell, and so on.

Try this one on: The Mirror Universe sets the timeline back to original canon. How’s that for a mind bender?

13. Emperor Mike of the Empire - November 20, 2012

I loved the Pic where they show the Orignal Scotty and McCoy along with the new one’s. Seeing where Spock Executes Gorkon was pretty cool.
I can’t wait to read this.

14. Tyrannicus - November 20, 2012

That was a pretty good preview. I’m liking what I’m seeing.

Although like everyone else, I wonder why we’re seeing the 1701 refit rather than the new version. Reminds me of how one panel in Nero showed Spock Prime with red blood rather than green. They need to get someone who knows those details to check them before printing.

Generally I’m liking the new universe’s “expanded universe”. A good mix of old and new.

15. Bamasi - November 20, 2012

It has been a long time since a comic has captured my interest the way this one has. My sincere thanks to all involved. If the first nine minutes of Into Darkness are half as good, we’re in for an amazing ride. I dare anyone to disagree.

16. NCM - November 20, 2012

A little disappointed. Mirror is an old favorite, but for a short little comic, Scotty and Bones bantered about the set-up so long, I had time to get bored; the Klingons are green, Spock resembles renditions of Genghis Khan, and Sulu looks like Chakotay. Nevertheless, I’ll pick mine up tomorrow.

I am curious to see where the story goes, and I love to see them taking full liberties with re-imagining the old stories–Thanks Mike and Bob! I think we can draw some inferences about direction in the new U–Prime-Spock, true to character, I think, isn’t dishing and spoiling the future.

17. PEB - November 20, 2012

I’m thinking it was just bad coloring (like the refit Enterprise issue). The Klingons in the deleted scenes were obviously brown so I dont think they were meant to be green in the comic. And it’s only a 7 page preview so for a 2 issue comic it’ll be worth it. It’s really only a glimpse into the MU like the 2 part Enterprise episode was.

18. NCC-73515 - November 20, 2012

An imperial uniform without the golden hipcloth thing is only half as cool.

19. Dutch - November 20, 2012

I believe the Bones and Scotty having the conversation are yet more alternate versions, not the 2009 movie versions. Check out the v-necks.
It’s a an alternate reality of the 2009-universe look at the mirror universe.

20. Sebastian S. - November 20, 2012

Whoops! Looks like they put the refit 1701 (ST-TMP) instead of the 2009 version in the panels. Or maybe it’s yet another timeline? Hee hee…

Looks good.
I’ll probably pick them up. I enjoy the IDW ST books. ;-)

21. Amorican - November 20, 2012

I dig the cameos by Doohan and DeForest Kelley.

22. Jack - November 20, 2012

Beautiful. These keep getting better.

So are those Enterprise locations (crew quarters, briefing rooms, that sort of 10-forward) legit? As in, will they look like that onscreen?

I’m curious. Is the journey into darkness series basically just this continued comic series, but with that label because they’re happening directly before the movie… I’m curious whether the title (or some special title, befor ethey knew the movie’s name) was planned for the issues directly before the movie…

23. I'm Dead Jim! - November 20, 2012

@11 I think they had the helmets in 2009 because the Supreme Court didn’t want to commit to how their Klingons would look, ridges or not. They are probably doing the same here so as not to give us a preview yet (JJ wouldn’t allow it), assuming Klingons are even in the 2013 film.

24. Jack - November 20, 2012

NCM. Could the timeline chatter be directed at fans who think original Spock should just reset the darned timeline and head home? Plus it establishes that the guy has apparently decided that noninterference is the answer — suggesting that we might not see him again (a possibility) and that he hasn’t given them a play-by-play of everything he’d encountered the first time around (again, maybe for fans who’ve said here ‘why doesn’t spock just tell them where to find the botany bay and leave instructions to keep the guy in stasis,” or variationd. Of course, Starfleet intelligence might not leave the guy in stasis, even if they knew… but still)…

25. Phil - November 20, 2012

Like the multiple existence explaination.
Like that Scotty seems to be embracing his inner alcoholic.
Like the Old Spock references.

26. Bucky - November 20, 2012

Ent refit is possibly a screw-up but it actually kinda fits into a discussion of alternate-realities (they even show headshots of Prime-verse McCoy & Scotty).

27. DeflectorDishGuy - November 20, 2012

Other than the TMP Enterprise being use instead of NuPrise, looks great. Anyone know why they goofed?

28. Dr. Cheis - November 20, 2012

Whoohoo, looks like fun. And I love the new art style.

I wonder if this is the same Mirror timeline as we’ve seen before or an alternate version of that timeline?

29. NCM - November 20, 2012

Hi, Jack. I don’t object to the point about Prime’s non-interference. I’m glad they appear to be taking that approach. It seems true to form for the character, and having a crystal Vulcan would seem like the kind of cheat Kirk doesn’t do. I just think the story has to move quickly in a little comic book; and 3 pages (14 frames) given to Scotty’s exposition on alternate timelines seemed wasteful. Anyway, I know I’ll enjoy it.

30. milojthatch - November 20, 2012

The alternate universe has an alternate universe? Please Orci, stop hurting my head!

31. Bucky - November 20, 2012

I would love to know with the alt-reality has a mirror-alt-reality but that seems like a bit down the rabbit hole, even further than just wrapping your head around alt-realities in the first place.

Mirror-Nero was really, really nasty. Or maybe they are gonna do something about it, cuz the final page does say that Mirror-alt-Kirk is out for vengeance. Or, as someone pointed out awhile ago, maybe the mirror-verse using the USS Defiant as seen in “In A Mirror, Darkly” cause their technology to jump to the level of the alternate-reality.

32. Peter Loader - November 20, 2012

Like the artwork. Much better than previous.

Can’t understand why some people won’t let go of the past. This mirror universe has nothing to do with any previous explored. Its as simple as that… new verse new rules… anything goes period.

33. RenderedToast - November 20, 2012

Maybe they fixed the Enterprise in the new film to have normal sized nacelles? One can hope.

34. Kon - November 20, 2012

From the alternate reality’s perspective, since it is likely that the Defiant of this reality is unlikely to have suffered the same fate as the Prime Universe’s, that alone will probably see to it that the alternate Mirror Universe’s path diverges as well.

35. Bob Tompkins - November 20, 2012

Considering that the comic is somewhat overseen by the PTB, the new look of the Enterprise is indeed interesting.

36. Driver - November 20, 2012

I can see Dee Kelly but not Doohan in that panel and Spock does not look enough like Spock on the cover. That aside, it looks promising.

37. Belkin - November 20, 2012

Going by what’s happend in previous Trek09 replays of classic eps, I’m guessing that Scotty’s still a bumbling idiot who can’t even get a crashed shuttlecraft off the ground, and Uhura leaves her post at a critical moment to save the day because her boyfwend is in danger.

38. madtrekfanuk - November 20, 2012

Here’s a thought in regards to the Constitution refit seen twice…. Is it a hint as to what the Enterprise will look like in the new film next year? If the film is potentially set sometime after the events of ST09 then maybe, just maybe it’s heading in the direction of the refit of 2270/2271? Refit Constitution, best looking version of the Enterprise ever! Thanks primarily to Andy Probert (but not forgetting Joe Jennings, Mike Minor, Richard Taylor, Matt Jeffries and I’m sure Trumbull and Dykstra also had a hand in it’s design)

39. Starfleet Sideburns - November 21, 2012

I’ve been anticipating this comic pretty much from the day I learned they are doing a Mirrorverse story, and by the looks of the preview I’m not going to be disappointed! The art is beautiful (it’s by Erfan Fajar btw, not by Molnar as the top of the page says) and I’m really liking the Imperial uniform for some reason, though I kind of miss the golden waistband too. ;)

40. Jaxon's Dad - November 21, 2012

So… are we to assume that some 100 years in the Prime mirror universe’s future, that mirror universe Nero got hacked off at mirror universe Spock and went looking for revenge, only to be yanked through a mirror universe wormhole which lands him some 120 years in Prime mirror universe’s past where he makes short work of Terran Empire starship Kelvin… and this, then creates an alternate time line for the Prime mirror universe… ? Is that what we’re saying?

41. Admiral_Bumblebee - November 21, 2012

Somehow I don’t get it. Why does the Narada-incident have an impact on the Mirror Universe when it is said that the Prime Timeline is not erased by the incident?

Wouldn’t the Mirror Universe be the same as in TOS?

42. Anthony Thompson - November 21, 2012

Bones had added some muscle! He looks as though he could take on Cupcake. And win.

Agree w/ above about the TMP Enterprise; suspect that it’s no mistake. Remember: Bob promised us a mindbender!

43. Anthony Thompson - November 21, 2012

P.S. I’m liking this thread. Talking ideas instead of tiresome boasts and rants by MJ and Co.

44. Baby - November 21, 2012

someone please help me..I thought mirror spock in TOS wasnt suppose to be evil?

lol…kind of ironic because zachary quinto does a great job in playing really evil charcaters.

45. Jaxon's Dad - November 21, 2012

41 – Exactly. How does what happened to the Kelvin have any affect on the Prime Mirror Universe? If this story is suggesting that it’s the exact same Mirror Universe as seen in “Mirror, Mirror” shouldn’t the uniforms and technology be the same as in the TOS episode? If you really wanted to bend minds, wouldn’t it be interesting for the alternate time line crew to cross over to the Prime Mirror Universe and encounter pre-Nero technology and fashion? The possibilities are intriguing.

46. Bob - November 21, 2012

LOVED seeing the original movie refit Enterprise. It’s my favorite design for the ship. I’ve enjoyed this book series. It’s been interesting to see the first adaptations were fairly close to the original and as they’ve progressed they’ve gotten more and more original. Still hoping that the new movie villiian is NOT Khan, but we’ll see soon enough. Trailer in December! YAY!

47. MikeTen - November 21, 2012

@45, I like your idea of Abrams alternate Trek universe crossing over to the TOS mirror universe. Something I’ve been wondering about is if the TOS Enterprise is more powerful than the larger Abrams Trek Enterprise. It seems like the TOS Enterprise phasers and photon torpedos create more damage.

Also, a lot of people here keep acting like the original timeline was altered when it’s been mention even in the Trek 09 movie that Nero and TOS Spock created a alternate reality that branched off from the original timeline. Similar to what was shown in the TNG episode where Worf kept hopping between alternate realities.

48. PEB - November 21, 2012

I doubt you’d see a refit of the ship in the comics in this issue when last issue it looked as it did in the 09 film. And if there was a refit, it would probably get a mention in the comics, even if briefly. I really think it was a mistake by the artist. Happens all the time in comics, especially when a character has a slight alteration in their costume throughout different arcs.
Also, the issue of a mirror universe for the alternate timeline shouldnt be an issue. The prime universe had a mirror universe that always existed, the Terran Empire just happened to get the tech from the Defiant to amplify their power. If that never happened, who’s to say the Terran Emp wouldnt still turn into a blood-thirsty galaxy conquering unit? The number of alternate universes is practically infinate -so says science fiction- so it makes sense that the JJ universe would have a mirrored universe of itself. Now, why the Fed uniforms look like the ones from Star Trek Online…well, that’s a whole different story completely.

49. Gerhard Berger - November 21, 2012

I’m glad they seem to be showing the Enterprise that actually looks like a starship and not that melted ‘tard fest from the 09 movie.

50. KingDaniel - November 21, 2012

I have a model of the new Enterprise right here. There’s no good excuse for using the wrong version on the ship, it’s a careless mistake. Like using the Adam West Batmobile in a comic book version of The Dark Knight.

I’m curious where those windows in the lounge are supposed to be located on the (2009 movie) Enterprise exterior. None have that curved shape or are that size. The larger windows on the saucer rim and neck are the same size as the one on the bridge. The smaller ones are too far spread apart.
Im reminded of the TNG observation lounge set being used in STVI as the dining room, when nothing on the 1701-A exterior matched.

As for timelines and universes, there doesn’t have to be a mirror Nero causing this at all, it’s just another generic evil universe but one with similar aesthetics to those seen STXI and using the likenesses of the new movie crew rather than the old versions.

51. rm10019 - November 21, 2012

Loving this discussion too!

52. Starfleet Sideburns - November 21, 2012

(Possible spoilers ahead, so skip over this if you haven’t yet read the issue!)

About the different timelines: The way I understood it, this story’s mirror universe isn’t meant to be the *only* mirror universe that the “normal” STXI universe has, just one of the myriad of possible universes Scotty’s speculating about at the beginning of the issue. (Did I manage to use the word “universe” enough? :P)

#44: After having read the comic, Spock doesn’t really come across as “evil” to me. Ruthless, certainly, but he’s doing what he’s doing because he genuinely believes that it is in the best interest of the Terran Empire and thus the logical thing to do. He isn’t “good,” but when compared to some of the other characters he isn’t that bad either.

#50: There is a Nero in this universe as well (and he came from the future too, it seems), but let’s just say he isn’t the one playing the role of the genocidal maniac… In fact, he doesn’t seem to be that tough – no match for a farmboy seeking revenge, anyway. :P

And now I can’t wait how the rest of the story is going to unfold – only a month to go… Maybe by that time I’ve managed to get over Chekov’s rather… interesting hairstyle. XD

53. Dennis C - November 21, 2012

A stated by others, I think we’re seeing a Scotty and McCoy from yet another timeline, not the timeline established in the 2009 film. The Enterprise refit, the slight variation of the uniform and slightly altered insignia would appear to be indicative of this.

If so, very cool!

54. Todd O - November 21, 2012

i think the artist meant to use the TMP Enterprise as the alternate Enterprise for this mirror universe, and he mistakenly also drew it for the JJ universe Enterprise. Because you see it later in the comic in the Mirror JJ universe.

55. Nony - November 21, 2012

I bet mirror universe Nero will turn out to be a really nice guy with a fabulously lush head of hair. And I *hope* that’s an alternate Scotty and McCoy, because McCoy really can’t be clueless enough not to understand the concept of alternate timelines after multiple explanations. Alas, the need for exposition must always temporarily reduce somebody’s IQ by more than a few points. (Or it could just be that blue drink. Maybe ease up a little on the booze, doc.)

56. Simon - November 21, 2012

Great artwork and the start to an intriguing story.

@50 – IMO the TMP-1701 is an error. Artists usually are more interested in getting the characters right, not the ships/tech.

The likenesses are pretty good except Spock looks more like young Nimoy than Quinto.

I totally forgot about Nero being on Rura Penthe and was wondering why Mirror-Kirk wasn’t there. I take it Spock murdered Pike. I wonder if there’s a Tantalus device.

57. NC Trekker - November 21, 2012

Non-interference pledge from Spock-Prime is a bad concept. They should say that Spock has told about some things (that could explain why V-ger and whale probe never show up) but that most things he knows are useless because the timeline has changed so much. Spock has already given future tech to Scotty in the other movie.

58. CPelc - November 21, 2012

Definitely a rush job by the artist in this one- tmp refit at beginning, Spock missing half his face in another drawing and the hull of the ship reading 1701-d

59. Peter Loader - November 21, 2012

In my opinion… the simple answer to the TMP ship being shown is that the discussion taking place between Scotty and McCoy is in fact in one of the other mirror universes AND not the new prime universe as shown in the ’09 movie.

60. captain_neill - November 21, 2012

An alternate universe of an alternate universe.

61. Curious Cadet - November 21, 2012

@59, that makes a lot of sense.

I’ve been wondering how they were going to do an actual Mirror Mirror episode given the stated MWI theory of quantum physics they are using doesn’t allow for the crossing back and for between static universes. Scotty even says it himself … It’s one-way, once the universes split, that’s it.

Most likely this will be a self contained “Enterprise, in a mirror darkly episode” where we simply look into the alternate universe to see how it evolved without actually putting our characters into it, or more interestingly, looking at a very similar alternate universe (like the one presumably depicted) that does make the one-way transition into the Mirror Universe, and potentially splintering back into a similar alternate universe, without affecting our guys.

Since Orci has stated these comics are canon, its hard to imagine our characters crossing over and crossing back somehow, throwing us into yet another variation on the alternate universe we’re in now, along with the existence of duplicate characters, like old Spock. That said, I suppose its possible our characters could splinter into a VERY similar universe where their characters had already gone missing … And even though they don’t belong there, they are otherwise identical to their counterparts. Moreover, it could end up being about yet another fork of the alternate universe with only the Evil Mirror counterparts arriving in the alternate universe (like Nero) and watching how they deal wi it (something we never saw on TOS in any significant way).

62. gingerly - November 21, 2012

*hee!!* :D

All I want is a future film in this series based in the mirrorverse.

63. PEB - November 21, 2012

#52 I completely agree with you on Chekov’s hair. I dont know where that came from but then again, the idea that you slap a beard on Spock to make him alternate Spock has been a running joke ever since the first Mirror episode was shown. But I have to say I enjoyed the comic a lot. It honestly reminded me A LOT of the Enterprise mirror episode from the way this issue played out. And that’s a compliment of course.

64. William Kirk - November 21, 2012

Why is there a “right” Enterprise (refit) there instead of the JJ-Prise?

65. PEB - November 21, 2012

“right” Enterprise? …cute…

66. filmboy - November 21, 2012

Some of you are misunderstanding how the Prime and Alternative Universes work and exist with one another. Everything that happened in the Prime Universe happened just as we remember it and have seen. The moment Spock created the wormhole while trying to save Romulus is the exact period in time and space when the Prime Universe diverged into the new Alternative Universe. Imagine a stream, going along fine. Then it hits a obsticle, a land mass or something of that nature, and splits into two separate streams. That is what happened here.

The wormhole is a like the land mass. It allowed for Nero’s ship to come through and kill Kirk’s father and destroy the Kelvin, orphaning Kirk. All things that did not happen in the Prime timeline. Some think it was Nero’s ship coming through that was the origin point of the split. But it was actually the moment Spock created the wormhole. That action caused the Kelvin to alter course and Nero to come through, etc..etc.

What interests me is what exactly is the alternative mirror universe? I wonder if it is a case of the Prime and Mirror Universes being entanged like string to one another. If there is a change in one, there is a change in the other. So in the case of what I am saying above, it could be that Spock creating the wormhole could have created a new stream for both the Prime and Mirror Universes.

But that presents a problem as there was only one Narada. You would have had to have the Narada exist in both universes for this idea to work. Otherwise, what is the agent of change in the Mirror Universe?

The fact that Kirk is seeking revenge and where he is going to get it suggests that there was two Naradas and Nero killed Kirk’s father in both Prime and Mirror Universes. That would mean the wormhole appeared in the Mirror Universe as well and perhaps created a duplicate Narada. But that also would mean Romulus is destroyed in both.

Man, this can get alittle complicated, can it not?

Mr. Orci, if you would care to weight in a clarify on this it would be greatly appreciated.

67. Jack - November 21, 2012

Just read it. Pretty terrific comic.

68. Simon - November 21, 2012

@66 – Nitpick – Kirk wasn’t an orphan. His mother survived.

69. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 21, 2012

I have enlarged and read the little teaser pages from the latest comic. Good stuff for the mirror universe of the alt. universe. Violent and gruesome. It fits well with what the TOS episode intimated as the kind of universe it was.

#66 – If i understand it correctly, I think that the comic is telling the story of the mirror universe of the alternate universe and this has nothing to do with the prime universe.

The prime universe has its own mirror universe. In the prime and its own mirror universe, I am assuming that Kirk grew up knowing his father in both.

The alternate universe also has its own mirror universe. It seems that in both universes, Kirk did not grow up having a father because of what Nero did. In the nastier mirror universe, Kirk seeks revenge for the death of his father. It does seem that, in this mirror universe, Nero is still a prisoner of the Klingons at Rura Penthe.

In other words, there are now four universes…

Bob, Bob, Bob – me thinks we have quite enough universes. Time for the “snip” perhaps?!…:)

70. Curious Cadet - November 21, 2012

@66 filmboy, while you more or less explained it correctly, you too are getting caught up in there being a single Narada.

The fact is there are infinite universes where the Narada exists, and infinite universes where the Narada is sucked back in a wormhole created by Spock, and infinite universes created from that single incident.

Therefore, the quandary you face is not as problematic as you think. All it takes is one of the infinite evil mirror universe which evolved in such a way to allow the Narada incident, and the reality is there are an infinite number of such outcomes.

71. (the real) Montreal_Paul - November 21, 2012

I have been enjoying the ongoing Trek series. THIS is the one I have been looking forward to! I would love if they did a 4 or 6 issue special on the Mirror Universe in the future. The comic series is getting better and better with each new issue. If anyone hasn’t picked them up yet, give them a read. It’s nice to have some new stories as well as some re-imagined stories as well.

72. LizardGirl - November 21, 2012

Okay I’m with Bones here, thoroughly confused. I’d began to think that the Prime Universe events were majorly altered from TOS Spock’s entry into the past. So that’s not the case? Prime Universe still exists after Spock’s and Nero’s disappearance from it?

73. Starfleet Sideburns - November 21, 2012

#72: Let the Doctor explain…

74. Admiral_Bumblebee - November 22, 2012

@72 Only Hardcore-Trekkers and the writers know that the Prime Universe still exits. The casual moviegoer – for whom this movie was inteded according to JJ Abrams – does not know this and believes that the prime Universe ceased to exist and was replaced with the new universe.

Everybody I talked to about the new movie believes so.

So, even if Mr. Orci and Co try to assure the Hardcore-Trekkers that the Prime Universe still exits, in reality it does not as the casual moviegoer blieves it was destroyed.

75. LizardGirl - November 22, 2012

Hah! I get it now, sort of. Thanks 73.

You’re right, 74. I’m not a science person especially when it comes to that Quantum stuff. Most aren’t. I seriously thought the reset button got pushed on the prime timeline (whoops!). I’m probably not alone in this thinking. I gladly stand corrected.

76. Starfleet Sideburns - November 22, 2012

You’re most welcome, LizardGirl. I found that Dr. Who graphic not too many days ago and was actually kind of hoping that I could make a use of it somewhere… And voilà, the possibility presented itself. :)

77. PaulB - November 22, 2012

I’ve never understood why so many people are confused by the multiple-universe/parallel-reality stuff in Trek’09 (or in real scientific theory). They say it pretty clearly and simply in the film, and the concept “multiple parallel realities” seems self-explanatory.

Then again, I never understood why so many people were surprised the Senator Palpatine, Darth Sidious, and the Emperor were all one and the same person in the Star Wars films. I guess one person’s obvious knowledge is another person’s mind-shattering mystery.

I suddenly find it much easier to believe that a pair of glasses could confuse the people in Superman’s world about his identity. Lois Lane wasn’t stupid for never realizing that Clark and Supes are the same person: she’s just as aware as the average moviegoer.

78. boborci - November 22, 2012

77 lol

79. boborci - November 22, 2012

74. I think you are probably right. however, the internal logic of the movie only makes sense using the theory that the prime universe is alive and well.

80. boborci - November 22, 2012

72. Lizard Girl

correct! that is why Spock Prime recalls his universe!

81. Collegeboy - November 22, 2012

if i remember my time travel laws, one would have to go back in time to when nero first came out destroy that ship, destroy spock as well, to reset the timeline.

82. Dom - November 22, 2012

Interesting that this comic confirms that JJ’s universe is a parallel universe to the original, not just a timeline that diverged when the Narada appeared. The illustrations show that the characters look physically different from their counterparts in the original Treks. The presence of this universe’s own mirror also confirms that it wasn’t just the ‘Prime’ timeline before the Narada incursion. So is JJ’s Trek set in the Fringe alt-universe? ;)

83. verlord - November 22, 2012

New trek is an alternate reality that was created upon the narada incursion.
In fact, this entire sight is an alternate reality that controlled by the lame anthony. We do not forget your recent absence. Give control to somebody who cares. Your reign is now over.
The overlord

84. anthony - November 22, 2012

I now give control of this once great site to overlord

85. KingDaniel - November 22, 2012

@82: That was obviously meant as a cute out-of-universe nod to fans. In the movie, Spock recognized both Kirk and Scotty on sight, meaning that in-universe, they look the same in STXI as they did in TOS.

If a Gorn is a fearsome lizard monster when it was obviously a guy in a bad rubber suit, then the Enterprise is an advanced futuristic starship, whether it looks like it did in 1966 or 2009. Fans put far too much stock in the appearences of props, sets and makeup when they can and are changed as easily as an actor can be recast. Those things are meaningless to the stories themselves – and the story is that Nero appeared in 2233 creating an alternate reality that Spock emerged into 25 years later.

86. Jemini - November 22, 2012

Mirror Uhura you slay me! LOL

I think that this simply is the mirror universe of the alternate universe.
and I don’t think that Scotty and McCoy at the beginning are in an another alternate universe

52: #44: “After having read the comic, Spock doesn’t really come across as “evil” to me. Ruthless, certainly, but he’s doing what he’s doing because he genuinely believes that it is in the best interest of the Terran Empire and thus the logical thing to do. He isn’t “good,” but when compared to some of the other characters he isn’t that bad either.”

I agree. Mirror Spock is always sort of in the middle he can be bad but he’s never the total opposite of normal Spock.

87. Pensive's Wetness - November 22, 2012

Non Interferance… well that kills any comment i had in the past about Old Spock actually discussing future events… well most of them anyway.

88. AJ - November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day, ‘Merkins! Stay safe on the roads, etc. and so forth.

As someone once said, “there are real turkeys in the ovens!”

89. Jack - November 22, 2012

A lot of that Trek 09 time travel confusion was of the deliberate ‘I refuse to get it because, well, they can’t change the rules’ variety, I hope.

Man, these comics are becoming like Glee (people are tweeting that last week’s episode made no sense, so we’ll ncorporate that into the dialogue this week). Come to think of it… A well-choreographed Trek musical number would also be nice.

Paul B. Wait, people over 7 were surprised that Palpatine was the Emporer/Sidious? I mean that as no insult to smart 5 and 6 year-olds.

90. Jack - November 22, 2012

74. Admiral_Bumblebee – November 22, 2012
“So, even if Mr. Orci and Co try to assure the Hardcore-Trekkers that the Prime Universe still exits, in reality it does not as the casual moviegoer blieves it was destroyed.”

Is this like what not believing in fairies does to Tinkerbell?

Do casual moviegoers care?

Wouldn’t it only matter if there were plans to create a series or movies set during or after TOS/TNG?

Would the studio approve the Riker Family of Space or whatever it was or a Worf series (I don’t think anybody’s clamouring for either) or a series set far inthe TNG future if they already have a big movie franchise set in an alternate reality? Dunno.

Heck, I stopped reading DC for a while as a young kid because I couldn’t keep track of all the earths.

91. NCC-73515 - November 22, 2012

boborci, you should include a ‘doc brown chalk talk’ scene in the next movie ;)

92. Ralph Pinheiro - November 22, 2012

Bob Orci,

Is there a mirror universo within the ST2009 alternative timeline?

93. Jack - November 22, 2012

91. Or a Walter Bishop how-it-works edible model.

94. Dom - November 22, 2012

85. KingDaniel

Ah but Old Spock was in their universe, so he saw them within that universe, incorporated as part of it. We’re looking in!

95. Jack - November 22, 2012

Speaking of comics… the final issue of Morgan Gendel’s The Outer Light is on his website.

Taken as a whole, it doesn’t really work — but it works better than I thought it would when I read those first few chapters that were posted here.

I don’t see Picard as a character living in the past — and I think the original episode actually showed that rather well (the guy eventually let his Starfleet life go, and I don’t think it was solely because his new life was more fulfillng, or fulfilling in different ways).

96. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 22, 2012

When I think about it, there are four universes that I have become most familiar with in the Star Trek *world*, ie the prime universe and its mirror universe (TOS episode Mirror Mirror and the DS9 episode), the alternate universe (Star Trek 09) and the its mirror universe (the latest Countdown/online comic series).

Anyway, that is how I understand things at the present time…all could change though…:)

@Bob Orci – I apologise for my stupid comment to you in one of my posts above. At best, really stupid; at worst, very offensive. Once again – sorry.

97. (the real) Montreal_Paul - November 22, 2012

I just picked up my copy today. Loved it! Can’t wait for part 2. I really like the way the artwork is improving with each issue. I did notice elsewhere in the issue an “Enterprise” question. On the hull of the ISS Enterprise… the registry is NCC 1701-D. Interesting. Bob?

98. Craiger - November 22, 2012

Check out what happens at 5:37 for how time travel works.

99. Disinvited - November 22, 2012

Don’t forget Lazarus’ universe which was the 1st Trek parallel universe. That it was an “antimatter” universe may make it more of a mirror ‘verse than the “Mirror” ‘verse. Or maybe it was the same universe but if so, what was his magnetic cage protecting the Prime universe from?

100. Mad Man - November 22, 2012

“What can happen, does happen in some other universe.” Talk about crap. And it’s not even really true, it’s really about probability of where an electron can appear in it’s orbital space of an atom.

I can’t wait until Star Trek gets back to its prime timeline. The Abrams movies are fun space adventures, but it’s not real Star Trek to me.

101. Craiger - November 22, 2012

Real Star Trek I don’t think appeals to the general audience. The new timeline does.

102. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 22, 2012

None of Star Trek is real. Just thought you would like to know…

103. trekprincess - November 22, 2012

Whatever is what I say I am growing sick of people bashing the new movie if you think it isn’t real Star Trek, don’t watch it or go and see Star Trek Into Darkness which I am really looking forward to.

104. Ahmed - November 22, 2012

@102. Rose (as in Keachick)

“None of Star Trek is real. Just thought you would like to know…”

Wait, are you serious ? You means that Starfleet doesn’t exist or that the Vulcans will not come to Earth & bring world peace & utopia :)

Bob, how involved are you in the comics ?

105. Jack - November 22, 2012

104. Now that you mention it, the First Contact suggestion that humans only united after we realized we weren’t alone in the universe, seems, on the face of it at least, slightly against some of that famous Roddenberry humanism.

106. Khan was Framed! - November 22, 2012


Scotty’s explanation is crude, but accurate for what the writers are trying to convey in their version of reality.

Unfortunately, their version of reality is ridiculous!

The concept of infinite universes, where all possibilities are played out, is nothing more than a human fantasy & has no basis in science, whatsoever.

More likely, we are part of a small cluster of universes, each with their own laws of physics, that make up a macro cell in the body of a much greater Mega-verse.

Just as when we look inward, we see sub-atomic particles demonstrating the same orbital properties of attraction & repulsion that we see in the universe around us.

But each has it’s own unique laws of time & space, they aren’t carbon copies of our universe with another you & me in them.

And just because you go back in time within your own universe, and change things doesn’t mean you’re making a new universe, with a new timeline or visiting a parallel one.

You’re just screwing with your own timeline.

All that said, this comic looks cool & it will be the 1st one of the new universe books I buy.

107. Starfleet Sideburns - November 22, 2012

#58: Maybe early mirror!Spock character concept had a missing eye (which would fit the Mirrorverse well – they could have given him a pirate patch and all!) and the artist accidentally drew him that way in one panel… ;) Seriously speaking, that did seem quite sloppy, but I really liked the artwork in general.

#58 & #97: As for the registry number, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to think that they could have trashed four Enterprises in the Mirrorverse already (the original + A – C), given the Terran Empire’s predilection to violence and the fact that they have fought a galaxy-wide war for who knows how long.

#77: I’ve never really understood it either. Why some people are so confused about the multiple/parallel realities stuff, that is. Maybe it’s because of my life-long exposure to sci-fi and my interest in the possibility of alternate realities in general, but the concept seems straightforward enough to be understood within the context of STXI. Take Scotty’s advice: think of the alternate universes/realities/timelines/whatever you want to call them as not so much as timelines, but different places that have more or less things in common with each other, and it all becomes easier. Maybe?

108. Dom - November 23, 2012

106. Khan was Framed!: ‘The concept of infinite universes, where all possibilities are played out, is nothing more than a human fantasy & has no basis in science, whatsoever.’

Many high-end scientists would beg to differ! ;)

109. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - November 23, 2012

Great thread and discussion. Finally an enjoyable read that hasn’t been hijacked by the usual suspects. The topic: STAR TREK!

110. Baby - November 23, 2012


I know, lets get back to the comics.I wont get my copy of this comic till next week so can someoneplease give me a summary of the recent issue and what happen to the mirror charcters.

I know Kirk has a scar and Uhura dumps Spock for Kirk and Spock is in command of the ship.Sulu is one Spock’s hench men.

what about the other characters? Mirror Bones,Scotty and Chekov???

111. Mad Man - November 23, 2012

101: Craiger: Yeah, I know JJ-Trek appeals to a wider demographic than real Star Trek. It’s sad, really.

I just hope than when Star Trek gets back on TV, it continues the thought-provoking and compelling stories and characters of real Star Trek. I do appreciate the Abrams’ dumbed-down version for increasing Trek’s awareness among the public and to create the hope that there will be new TV productions soon.

112. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 23, 2012

#111 – I don’t believe that the majority of people who post here are dumb and have not needed anything “dumbed down” for them. JJ Abrams’ Star Trek is just as *real* as any other Star Trek. I find these constant references made about these iterations of Star Trek to be not actually true and quite insulting.

Actually this Star Trek had much in common with the original Star Trek TV series, apart from the obvious. The writers were able to introduce quite complex ideas/themes – MWI, Kerr’s black hole theory etc and yet still make it comprehensible and entertaining to those who do not have a big background in current scientific thinking and theory.

I say – well done Bad Robot team, especially to the writing team of Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Looking forward to more of similar good, interesting story writing from the same guys again with STID!

113. Jack - November 23, 2012

What’s Kerr’s black hole theory? My wikipedia is broken. ;).

114. Marja - November 23, 2012

#111, JJ’s “dumbed-down version” of Star Trek was a way to get financing to make a multi-million dollar movie. Imagine going to a movie producer and offering a story that’s “intelligent, thought-provoking &c.” for a summer blockbuster! Not going to happen in today’s movie-money world, sorry.

After the big-budget movies [which by the money-mad nature of the beast, have to be “action-packed] are done, the best outlet for Trek as we love it [“intelligent, thought-provoking” &c.] would be limited-run episodes on AMC [say 10 per year at hmm, $2M apiece? IDK how much a well-produced beautiful one-hour Sci-fi film per week would cost! (Didn’t TNG cost $1M/ep. to produce?)

Frankly, I too am tired of the JJ-bashing. I have loved Trek in just about every incarnation [okay, except the infamous movie #5], and really enjoyed the 2009 movie. I loved the characters and their emotions as written by Orci, Kurtzman and developed by the actors and crew. The science, as it has ever been with Star Trek, is fantastical, not strict science, and that’s okay, because no matter how screwy it is science-wise, Star Trek has inspired two generations of scientists! And artists and other creators, and our President, and that is good enough for me! Someday, if Trek comes back to TV [o please o please o please, and with the 2009 cast, pleasepleaseplease], we can see more cerebral Trek based a little more in scientific reality

hahahahahaha okay but at least more cerebral.

As far as the comic, I definitely look forward to reading it, but aside from the two incarnations each of Scotty and McCoy, I am very ‘disappoint’ with the art. Spock’s portrayal is a real disappointment – in a couple of panels he resembles neither Quinto nor Nimoy! WTF, over?

And … er, were those jet aircraft I saw in the Destruction of Q’o Nos panel? Hmmmmmmmm

BRING BACK MOLNAR!!! His skills at portraying the characters I love has only improved with each comic. Gorgeous, and I miss him. A major disappointment to me that his art is not featured in the Mirror episode.

115. Marja - November 23, 2012

“[Art is] by Erfan Fajar btw, not by Molnar as the top of the page says” per #39.

Erfan did do a great job with the other characters, but his Spock [albeit Evil Nasty Spock] looks, to me, quite “off”.

116. Jack - November 23, 2012

Not to start this whole thing again, but a few quotes from Bartlett’s, a peppering of ‘tachyon’ this and ‘isolinear ‘ that, a funereal seriousness and a few rousing, wordy, self-important speeches tossing out self-evident, fortune cookie wisdom doesn’t equal intelligence.

I still don’t understand how Trek ’09 was dumbed down any more than any other Trek movie — or a few (if not all) of the Trek series. What does ‘dumbed down’ even mean?

Sure, it was a pretty slick, simple, fairly unpretentious (apart from the idea of destiny) put-the-pieces-in-place adventure. But I don’t think it was dumb. It had heart.

117. Sam1701 - November 23, 2012

Don’t Change the Hot Rod!

118. ||YOUNG||ZEFRAM||COCHRAN - November 23, 2012

Fascinating, indeed. This is only what I’ve been tweeting about ALL YEAR LONG!!!

I wonder how I submit my storyline about “THE REVENGE OF THE BORG KING” to CBS/Paramount. I think it would work perfectly as a CGI animated series on CBS Prime Time, or in this case Alternate Mirror Universal Time.

The SKYE GOES HOLLYWOOD when it comes to God’s MAIL (dotcom)

119. Walt Kozlowski - November 24, 2012

I Take it that quantum theory allows( Nero/Spock )to go back to a point in time that causes an alternate time line, this lets you avoid the grandfather paradox. So the prime timeline remains intact right? How does quantum theory explain the same matter being in two different realities? This hurts my head!

120. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 24, 2012

Because the matter is replicated somehow? Or maybe the alternate universe already existed all along…

121. Gortklaatubaradaniktu - November 25, 2012

All I want to know is does Mirror Spock have dungeon on the Enterprise where he keep Uhura as his love slave? And/or Kirk also.

122. Duncan MacLeod - November 26, 2012

88. AJ. I think you forgot part of that word. Look up Merkin in the dictionary ;)

123. NCM - November 26, 2012

I finally got the comic, today. I’m surprised to be the only one, as it seems, who’s not on-board with this one. Spock’s not the only one missing an eye–look more carefully–but the guy can’t keep a crew, can’t keep a girlfriend, can’t grow a full gotee (with those results, wouldn’t he just shave it off?). Chekov’s toddler topknot’s…interesting.

It’s going to be a real trick to see how poor, one-eyed, Fu Manchu version Spock saves face in the continuation. I suppose Uhura will double-cross Kirk to save Spock, or, more likely, good Kirk from another universe will appear–he is expected, right?–Bad Kirk meet good Kirk, as only Kirk can take on Kirk… (and only Kirk could kill a Romulan with his bear human hands, without taking a hit–He apparently didn’t see the outtake I saw of Nero dispensing, effortlessly, of three Klingons)? Surely Spock escaped death on Enterprise; probably had a back-up plan against suspected treachery.

I like the fact that they took full liberties, but I guess they killed the allure of these two being destined to share a bond of friendship in any universe. Well, what the hell, it’s just a canonical comic.

124. Captain Otter - November 28, 2012

Mr Orci, I just wanted to say thanks for keeping Trek alive. Ignore the haters. The comics are a joy. I download them as soon as they become avilible. The hints of trouble in Star Fleet (especially in the Archons and Redhirt issues) have really piqued my curiosity for the new flick.

To the mirror issue, I know this is a chance to keep up the “variations on TOS episodes” flavor to the comic seres- but if the comics keep going and delve into entirely new stories, it seems to me that the multiverse is quite a big sandbox to play in. I hope we get a peak in some other alternate realities.

That said, it would be easy for multiverse tales to become the trivial and obnoxious bores that holodeck episodes were in TNG. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.