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Hi-Res Versions Of Star Trek Into Darkness Images From Empire Mag January 3, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

On Christmas Eve we reported on a Star Trek Into Darkness cover story from Empire Magazine that feature some new images from the movie. Paramount has now provided us with high resolution versions of those images (which look better than the lower res scans we previously reported). Check out the 11 hi-res pix below.


Hi Res Star Trek Into Darkness Images

The images from the Empire magazine are no longer exclusive and so we can now share high resolution versions for you here at TrekMovie.

Click images to enlarge

NOTE: Captions contain spoilers

Spock (Zachary Quinto) in Nibiru volcano

Capt. James T Kirk (Chris Pine) talks to Admiral Pike (Bruce Greenwood)

Uhura on Qo’noS holding Klingon disruptor

Kirk on Qo’noS wielding (civilian?) pistol

Spock on Qo’noS wielding (civilian?) pistol

John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) in USS Enterprise Brig

Kirk faces Harrison in the brig

Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) and Kirk on bridge of USS Enterprise

Scotty (Simon Pegg) in large room (shuttle bay/cargo hold?)…NOTE: wearing Starfleet Academy ring on right hand

Harrison in unknown location

John Harrison crashing through window

You can see keep track of all the images and videos from Star Trek Into Darkness at TrekMovie’s dedicated page for Into Darkness.


1. Stan Winstone - January 3, 2013

If nothing else- the costumes in this film are gorgeous.

2. BRF - January 3, 2013

I get just a little bit of a Maximilian/Reinhardt/Disney’s Black Hole vibe from that first picture of Spock.

3. Angry Future Romulan - January 3, 2013

It’s Jim Kirk meets Jack Bauer!

4. Sunfell - January 3, 2013

May cannot get here fast enough. Wonder when the next trailer launches?

5. Jane - January 3, 2013


6. Dr. Cheis - January 3, 2013

I’m starting to think lacerations on the face are to Chris Pine as to being shirtless is to William Shatner.

7. SherlockFangirl - January 3, 2013

Is TrekMovie going to do something later today for Deep Space Nine’s 20th Anniversary?

8. cw - January 3, 2013

Is Benny looking pretty buff or what? He didn’t have arms and shoulders like that in Sherlock I didn’t think.

9. KHAAAN the weasel - January 3, 2013

Oh, interesting. Well, from the first look, there at least two tiny little new aspects I can make out:
1. Scotty’s wearing a Starfleet ring. Interesting touch.
2. Judging from the grip of the weapon that Uhura is holding I’d say that’s the Abramsverse version of the Klingon disruptor, doncha think?

10. SherlockFangirl - January 3, 2013


According to himself, he worked his arse off in the gym before he started filming.

11. SherlockFangirl - January 3, 2013


12. Jeff O'Connor - January 3, 2013

Man, so many fans on the facebook upload of these images are arguing over Alice Eve’s role. It surprises me that so many people interested enough in the franchise and news on the sequel to argue with one-another would be completely unaware of all the coverage of her role reveal three weeks ago.

13. cpelc - January 3, 2013

With all these costume changes it appears we might be left with but one missed opportunity — the green tunic.

Would love to see an updated take on it. Allways liked how the delta seemed to be a belt-buckle type thing. They could turn it into more of an officers away jacket that was green.

14. Anonymous Bastard - January 3, 2013

Qu’noS? I thought it is spelled Qo’noS.

#2- um, no. Trying too hadr to make some sens out of all this?

Oh, what does it matter. Once JJ puts this movie through his Editing Suite by Cuisinart, this will matter all matter less and less.

15. Phil - January 3, 2013

@12. My guess is boy toy….

16. aligee in Scotland - January 3, 2013

Lovely images! – Anthony – what are you using to get the images to open up like that in high resolution its very cool with the next or close button on it!!

17. Helen J - January 3, 2013

#8 #10 and he also particularly lost weight for Sherlock. Actually he’s rather buff in Frankenstein (not Star Trek buff, of course, but still) because The Creature is a rather physical role, and it showed in S2 of Sherlock; he didn’t have enough time to completely lose the muscle weight gained in Frankenstein when they started filming the second season.

BTW, Zoe and Alice look pretty HOT in these stills.

18. Caesar - January 3, 2013

Check out the patch on the shoulder of Scott’s jacket. Very Enterprise-ish (it seems to read “Star” (-Fleet?))

Also, is he wearing an academy ring? Douche.

19. Moputo Jones - January 3, 2013

What’s Scotty doing in the Botany Bay’s cargo hold?

20. crazydaystrom - January 3, 2013

Alice Eve makes my eyes VERY happy!

21. The Sinfonian - January 3, 2013

Klingon has all those polyguttural dialects.

Proper is Qo’noS, but Anthony’s from California where they speak SoCal Klingon and say Qu’noS. :)

Honestly, it’s hard not to type a /u/ after a /q/ if you touchtype properly. And we can all blame Marc Okrand for the capital /Q/ being a different Klingon letter from uncial /q/. I wonder if Dr. Okrand was involved in any form or fashion by the Boborci and Bad Robot?? He’s always done such a wonderful job for now over 28 years in building the Klingon language out of James Doohan’s initial vocabulary for TMP into quite a fascinating language.

22. Anthony Pascale - January 3, 2013

RE: socal
like those Klingons are totally gnarly dudes. Qo’noS fixed

23. CanOpener1256 - January 3, 2013

Notice that the picture behind Kirk and Pine, on the wall, is a volcano blowing up. Kinda strange coincidence?

24. Newman - January 3, 2013

lol I knew I heard “Nibiru” before…. apparently some people believe there is actually a planet in our solar system named “Nibiru.”

Sorry if this is old news to everyone else…

25. Robman007 - January 3, 2013


Actually, Scotty’s outfit is the same one that Captain Kirk is wearing during the trailer. You can tell by the patch right by the collar. Scotty’s has his red uniform underneath and Kirk has the gold. Same outfit. Might have something to do with Starship Operations, being that in the reboot, the red/blue/gold uniforms are only worn while on a starship.

26. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

Also, for those with the eagle eyes, Admiral Pikes outfit is the same TMP inspired getup from the last film.

27. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

That Cumberpatch jumping through glass shot will have to be fixed in post production. To the left and right of the glass, you can see the filming crew and/or IMAX camera.

28. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

Harrisons weapon is identical to the one that Kirk and Spock are weilding, which means

A. They are Klingon in design
B. Perhaps Kirk and crew had to take other means of weapondry, since the mission seems to be one that Kirk is taking against orders..

29. Anthony Pascale - January 3, 2013

RE: pistols (based on info from Bad Robot visit)
Uhura is holding a Klingon disruptor.

Spock and Kirk are holding non-Klingon, non-Federation guns…possibly Harrison as well. Possibly civilian design to match their outfits

30. Anthony Pascale - January 3, 2013

RE: Pike uniform
It is inspired by TMP but not exactly the same as the one from end of STAR TREK 2009. They changed the collar and the pants

Here is the ST09 one

31. Valenti - January 3, 2013

ZQ looks a lot like Leonard Nimoy in that volcano picture.

32. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

Ah, nice. Gotcha.

Very similar looking uniforms, but without all the white on the bottom down.

33. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

I’d actually love to see a 3rd film that is more or less a remake of “The Cage”…except a bit more intense, but with Captain Kirk being the one introduced to Vena, instead of Pike.

I bet that will get a Comicbook adaptation, athough I’m thinking the comic series leading from “2-3″ will feature the stories in which Kirk took extreme risks to keep the Enterprise out of danger, ala Doomsday Machine, Obsession.

34. Anthony Pascale - January 3, 2013

I have been mulling over doing article looking closer at the wardrobe and props, now that we have these images I think I might

35. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

To Anthony and any others interested…

Excuse this post, since it is a bit off topic, but have any of you checked out the new Polar Lights 1/350 Scale TOS USS Enterprise model kit?

If not, do so. Most of the frustrations of building Enterprise models have been removed. There is NO warp engine sag (the pylons lock into place, and even without glue are amazingly easy to work with), the saucer attaches to the secondary hull with little to no pain. The model is molded in the colors needed, for those who do not want to spend time painting the kit) and it has very detailed and accurate internal pieces for the Shuttlebay and Bridge (you can orientate the bridge module however you like, with the forward facing or aligned to fit the turbolift shaft on the outer portion of the hull)..

Plus, the optional accessories kits are amazing. Weathering decal kit for those who don’t want to paint, optional ship registry set, photoetch detail set and the best of all…the light kit, which comes with all the lights needed to light the kit, optional instructions for lighting the Nacelle grills (which was not cannon on film, but something the producers wanted to do with the original 11′ miniature) and motors to spin the warp nacelle caps along with a very nicely done nacelle dome effect (plenty of youtube videos available to show off the kit)….oh, the insides of the actual model kit come with small panels and hooks that are meant to work with the official light kit, so you know where to place each light in the hull to get the desired affect.

It does have a very faint grid line along the saucer (which some find annoying, as it was not “cannon”), but that’s about it. Not distracting, and pretty easy to putty, if you have the time. All in all, it reminds me alot of the Master Replica Enterprise, yet for a fraction of the cost, and far easier to repair when a engine motor dies or a light burns out.

Worth every penny for those who want a very nice and accurate model of the Big E, yet don’t want to spend over $2000 to get one.

36. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

That blue “hue” effect on the Bridge picture reminds me alot of the remastered Blu-ray of TOS. That same blue hue was on almost every set, especially season 2..of course it was mixed in with reds and greens, but its still a nice touch to see that the new version of the Original Enterprise still has the crazy colored lights deal going on.

37. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

I wonder if anyone who speaks Klingon would be able to translate the Klingon writing on the wall directly behind Spock.

38. SherlockFangirl - January 3, 2013

People are aware that it’s 20 years today since “Emissary” aired, right?

39. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

@38..very aware. One of my all time favorite Trek shows, right up there with TOS.

Long live Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It’s a shame they never got to tell a few stories on the big screen, or at least share in one giant war themed movie with the TNG cast.

40. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2013

A couple of things. First, the crew looks like they’re on a covert mission to Qo’nos. Second, Alice Eve looks lovely as Marcus. A little romance for Kirk. I wonder what will change her interests in weapons design to solving galactic hunger.

41. RetroWarbird - January 3, 2013

Starfleet Uniforms have always not-so-secretly been my primary reason for loving Star Trek more than other sci-fi, and the way the ’09 crew have really pulled from the TOS and TMP nostalgic style, but have simultaneously made all the uniforms actually feel “even more navy-like” is probably my favourite thing about the new films.

The costume design is just beautiful. Even the Romulans, who I originally sort of thought of as too partial to the ‘times’ and the ‘dark, duster-wearing bad guy’ trope, actually benefit from a really Gothic (in fantasy-terms, vampiric or ‘dark elf’) vibe that sums their race up instantly, despite being cliche.

But the Starfleet uniforms are just perfect, and so is the decision to mix the color-coded work uniforms (now with slightly Navy-sweater or commando underpinnings!) with the more dress-uniform red and gray ensembles in the same time period. (I know Star Trek is all about the gold/blue/red divisions, but man alive, I’d be really stoked to see some light gray ‘cadet’ types and maybe some green for medics.)

42. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

@41: I love the new movie uniforms, but I’ve always been a sucker for the movie era uniforms. I love the maroon color, turtle necks and the dozens of pins that go along with it. Very cool uniforms.

43. Bob Tompkins - January 3, 2013

Well! Good to see they have [sort of] gone to canon on the hair style of the pointed sideburns in Starfleet…

44. rm10019 - January 3, 2013

Another beautifully crafted movie to enjoy. I look forward to it.

45. Punkspocker - January 3, 2013

If you expand the pic of Harrison in the brig, you can see a reflection of someone (JJ?) in Harrison’s pants. Wish it were me. sigh.

46. Darmok - January 3, 2013

Did I find the first STID blunder? Look at the pic of Benedict Cumberbatch in the brig. Look in the reflection of the glass over Benedict’s clothing, you can clearly see people in the background. If you look at his knee, I think that’s JJ squatting.

47. Mad Man - January 3, 2013

34. YES! Please do an article on props and costumes!! I would like to read a more detailed description of the Klingon costumes and weapons you saw in the Bad Robot visit. And, of course, your opinion of them would be nice to read a well. Not to mention what you thought of “April’s Gatling Gun.”

I thought someone said that the communicators have a TOS-esque mesh cover on them, but the one Scotty is holding looks like the cheesey flip-phone versions from Trek 09.

48. Benny - January 3, 2013

These images are incredible!

49. NuFan - January 3, 2013

Scotty looks very worried. Like he found a hold full of cryo-tubes and he knows what’s in them.

50. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 3, 2013

Whoa! I thought women we’re sexy when they held a Phaser.

Zoe really does it for me in that photo with the disruptor!

51. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

@49..either cryo-tubes or bombs..something perhaps loaded onto starships via supply runs at a starbase.

52. Craiger - January 3, 2013

If Kirk looses his command even for just a short time during the sequel, what if Peter Weller’s charater takes over command of the Enterprise?

53. captain_neill - January 3, 2013

Was not happy when JJ Abrams said that Star Trek Into Darkness would destroy everything you knew about Star Trek, speaks badly about the history and that he intends to eradicate it in favour of his vision. This guy should choose his words more carefully.

54. Sub Trek - January 3, 2013


Source? What are you referring to? Please don’t tell me it is about what he said on Asian internet about not having to have seen the first one.

55. Aix - January 3, 2013

Love the photo of Carol and Kirk. Reminds me of old Trek so much. And damn, Alice Eve looks like a doll.

56. captain_neill - January 3, 2013

Its in the interview on Empire

57. Robman007 - January 3, 2013

@53..I’m pretty sure he meant that in the form of it will make the haters think twice about hating on Star Trek because it’s “nerdy”..but will show them that it is exciting and just as fun of an experience as watching any other action/sci-fi fantasy show. Trek does have the reputation for being more of a thinking man’s show, kinda pokey to get to the point and relying on dozens of technobabble BS.

I’m pretty sure he says nothing about hating the history of Trek and eradicating it in his favor. That just sounds like more fan boy exagerations that give us all a bad name (or start the battle cries of GET A LIFE)…or something the Comic Book guy would spout out.

58. NuFan - January 3, 2013


If he said the movie was filled with nods to the rich and beautiful canon and has many moments for nerds to appreciate, do you know how many people would show up at the box office?


59. Allen Williams - January 3, 2013

At least I don’t see any lens flares. There is a lot of opportunity in those pictures if the last movie was any indication. On the other hand, I’ve seen pictures of jj with a spot light ready to use it for lens flares. (Yes I’m still angry he ruined the last movie)

60. Carol Marcus Baby Daddy - January 3, 2013

Carol Marcus is really hot. I would so be her baby daddy.

61. Jack - January 3, 2013

re: lens flares and quick cuts: I liked both. And I kind of love that the last movie looked different than every other movie out there. I’m hoping this one has that same pace and energy — even though it does indeed seem darker…

62. dmduncan - January 3, 2013

46. Darmok – January 3, 2013

Did I find the first STID blunder? Look at the pic of Benedict Cumberbatch in the brig. Look in the reflection of the glass over Benedict’s clothing, you can clearly see people in the background. If you look at his knee, I think that’s JJ squatting.


I think it’s Elvis.

63. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 3, 2013

I’m liking Zach’s look in this movie.

64. Zinc Saucier - January 3, 2013

Can’t we just write Kronos? It’s way easier.

65. wi-kiry-lan - January 3, 2013

This movie blew a huge opportunity by not naming Cumberpatch’s character something epic like Jeff Albertson.

66. Jason - January 3, 2013

HEY TREKMOVIE!!!! I want to know where your post about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s 20th Anniversary is today? It is very lame you have nothing.

67. Jack - January 3, 2013

65. Lol!

68. Magic_Al - January 3, 2013

Admiral Kirk’s TMP uniform had a white collar and gray pants. Pike’s ’09 uniform had the white collar but white pants, and now he has gray pants but a gray collar. I like the white collar better.

69. Simon - January 3, 2013

@52 – Commands are neither loose nor tight.

Dammit Jim, why the hell can’t anyone spell LOSE anymore??? I see it spelled wrong more than right these days!!!

70. Yea No Khan - January 3, 2013

41 & 42, I’ve hated those 80’s Movie uniforms from day one. Stay old school this is not the Army in space. Its a shame Robert Wise & Nick Meyer were given the green light! The whole art direction from those 80s movies doesn’t even stand the test of time. Everyone today new to those movies laughs their ass off at the complete wardrobe design. The cool thing about TOS designs they still look futuristic.

71. BulletInTheFace - January 3, 2013

Nonsense. I’ve never met ANYONE who has laughed at the red outfits. In fact, they’re extremely popular–iconic, even.

72. BulletInTheFace - January 3, 2013

#66: You realize this is a site about the MOVIES, right?

You’re acting like a petulant child.

73. richpit - January 3, 2013

Yes, please do an article about the props!

74. drumvan - January 3, 2013

Nonsense. I’ve never met ANYONE who has laughed at the red outfits. In fact, they’re extremely popular–iconic, even.

personally i prefer the t.o.s. and reboot uniforms over the red 80’s ones. the red ones seemed so formal. i prefer my starship a bit more “casual friday”.

75. Exverlobter - January 3, 2013

Great, you can clearly see in the very detailled HQ-pics that Alice Eves Heterochromia-eyes stay as they are. Unaltered!
They don’t give her fake CGI-eyes like they did with Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns(Bosworth has Heterochromia as well).
Such eyes are very rare and they look awesome.

76. Son Of MJ - January 3, 2013

72 well technically the sites Coda does say EVERYTHING
And the site does regularly report on the different series and what not.

I to was actually hoping there would be some sort of recognition of DS9’s 20th anniversary,(heck even Voyagers and Enterprises anniversary got articles here) but my guess is that the days jobs held by Anthony and everyone probably take precident(and rightly so)

So while I would very much love an article today I am sure by the weekend there will be something written about it on here

77. Son Of MJ - January 3, 2013

Has anyone else noticed or heard that there has been a increase in Eugenics being talked about the news or on talk radio in the last week or so>

Just kind of interesting lol

78. I am not Herbert (retired) - January 3, 2013

maybe they are toting guns because the JJ-verse phasers are such crappy toy-like pieces of sh*t…

…plus JJ & Bob just LOVE gunfire… =(

(not to mention explosions, running, and yelling) (facepalm)

(looks like lot’s of breaking glass too)

YAY!! derring-doo-doo… =(

79. Jeff O'Connor - January 3, 2013

I love the Abramsverse phasers. <3

80. Devon - January 3, 2013

#79 – Me too. Did anyone notice the Klingon writing on the wall behind Spock on the left side of the picture?

81. Obsidian - January 3, 2013

Pine’s sideburns aren’t quite right. I want them really pointy, like the originals. His are more…. mini-Elvisy. Great pics.

82. Beamer - January 3, 2013

That “civillian pistol” looks like a Laser pistol from The Cage. Ironic name considering a civillian had on in The Man Trap.

83. Jack - January 3, 2013

75. I read on some news site that Eve “suffers from heterochromia, a genetic condition,” and then looked it up to see that it’s not really a condition, it’s just a word describing two different eye colours. I also found out that I ‘have’ it too, partially (turns out partial heterochromia’s the word for having eyes with two colours in each — mine are grey with brown rings). Thanks, Wikipedia!

84. Kev - January 4, 2013

Am I going nuts or does it look like Scotty has the NX 01 shoulder patch on his uniform?

or something really close to it.

85. captain_neill - January 4, 2013

I don’t like the lack of variety that the phasers in these Abrams movies had that TOS had. They look plastic and only have two settings and fire pulse like bullits instead of phaser beams. You can’t heat a rock with thes new designs

It made sense in Enterprise for the phase pistols to have two settings as it is a century earlier.

The civilian pistol looks to generic. To me they are just not iconic as the originals are and it is also a shame that Abrams won’t give us a proper engine room.

The brig looks cool but why no forcefield, it is 23rd Century, is that too much for a mainstream audience?

I am sure this wil be a great movie and al I hope is that Abrams has remebered that he is making a Star Trek film this time.

Cause the last one is a good film but it was not the Star Trek I grew up loving. I don’t mind some changes but I like the ideal of Trek to be there.

86. saavik001 - January 4, 2013

Thats cool, the landing party jacket has the clear plastic to show the uniform color underneath…

87. Al Roberts IV - January 4, 2013

85 I always thought Force Fields for prison bars was kind of silly anyway the power goes out and guess what all your prisoners are loose. Basically a Rule of Cool trope design flaw.

88. trekgeezer - January 4, 2013

Gene is rolling in his grave

89. Exverlobter - January 4, 2013

“Gene is rolling in his grave”

I dont think so.

90. captain_neill - January 4, 2013


Still it is part of the Trek iconography and I dont think we should change things just because it is more practical

91. DavidCGN - January 4, 2013

I wonder that windows made of old-fashioned fragile glass still will be used in the 23rd century. Shouldn’t they use transparent aluminium for windows, as it was already invented back in 1987? ^^
Also, Carol Marcus looks very “potoshoped”. And still is starring veery strange.
Is she supposed to be a robot? ^^ Is there Harry Mudd somewhere?!?

92. Janice - January 4, 2013

I just love the photo of Pike and Kirk. Huge photo–just what I wanted!

Hope there will be more photos of Pike as time goes on.

93. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 4, 2013

91. DavidCGN

That’s her acting style

94. Jack - January 4, 2013

90. ‘We’ are not changing anything. :)

I think the glass barrier could be pretty interesting, dramatically.

I know you don’t like change, Neil — me, I’m pretty thrilled to see things we haven’t seen before, as long as they work within the story/the Trek universe.

Incidentally, I was reading a Trek story and at the bottom was a bit about Quentin Tarantino saying Prometheus was full of dumb stuff, like the guy trying to pet the scary space cobra.

I’d read anotheer story about prequels And the need to answer questions that don’t need to be answered. The guy made a point how they do, in fact, affect viewings of the classic DVDs on your shelf. it’s tough now to watch Star Wars and see Darth Vader and feel the same menace, because you know he’s whiny Hayden Christensen — and same with Alien, where there’s the cool space jockey scene and now we think, gosh, there’s just a bland CGI white dude under there. His point was that Trek did this quite brilliantly because nothing erases what happened before — and yet brand new stories can be told. Whereas, I think you can still watch all pf existing Trek without thinking — this has been changed (apart from sme of teh crap Enterprise did).

95. Phil - January 4, 2013

@46. Not necessairly. The brig would still have guards, and if Harison is that much of a high profile prisioner there would be interrogators, investigators, and officers coming and going, all who might be reflected on the glass.

Potential blunders are Kirk and Spock dickering about Kirk violating the Prime Dirictive when it’s already been violated by their presence on the red planet, and sinking Enterprise, but thats based on incomplete information…at the moment.

96. captain_neill - January 4, 2013


I don’t mind change as long as it is still constant with what has been established.

Nothing will make me happier than to come out of STID and say that was great, ‘he gets it’

I guess I have so much love and seeing the tweaks made for the mainstream its hard to not think, ‘that’s not right’ but at the same time I do want Star Trek to continue.

And the glas in brig is not new to me, Enterprise had it and that was meant to be a century earlier.

97. R. Banks - January 4, 2013

@ 35 Robman007-

I just bought the new Polar Lights 1/350 TOS Enterprise as well as the full accessory kit that contains the lighting package as well as a bunch of photo-etch and decals.

This is a beautifully engineered kit. By far the best TOS Enterprise in any scale. I’ll be getting started on it this weekend. Gonna look great next to my 1/350 Refit Enterprise.

98. Jack - January 4, 2013

“Potential blunders are Kirk and Spock dickering about Kirk violating the Prime Dirictive when it’s already been violated by their presence on the red planet, and sinking Enterprise, but thats based on incomplete information…at the moment.”

Yeah, it seems that nobody had seen them yet. Although a masked Kirk improvised by stealing a sacred scroll to get a few of the temple folks out of the blast radius… a story which might be told by future generations…

99. Mad Man - January 4, 2013

Ok, is anyone else totally jazzed about seeing Kirk in his iconic gold tunic?

100. Jorg Sacul - January 4, 2013

Kirk needs to trim those sideburns into proper points. No wonder he gets into trouble.

101. Simon - January 4, 2013

@94 – The Engineers in PROMETHEUS were not CGI.

102. Matias 47 - January 4, 2013


Really? So all those articles about:

The comics, the blu-ray releases of the tv shows, the remastering of the tv shows, Star Trek Phase II, Starship Farragut, the TOS anniversary, the TNG anniversary, what Star Trek actors who were never in a ST movie are doing now. etc. —

— They happened on a alternate reality version of this website, eh?

And Jason’s the petulant one?


103. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 4, 2013

You piqued my interest, RBanks!

I am pricing that TOS E 350, now.

104. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 4, 2013

99. Mad Man


105. p'trick - January 4, 2013

of course, this is how hollywood action-movies have to be promoted. so they might have simply titled the film…

Star Trek – We Have Guns

106. Robman007 - January 4, 2013


Same here. Looks to be a much eaiser kit to build then the 1/350 Refit. The aztec pattern of the painting was a pain in the rear.

I’m super excited to see the model with all the lights. Much cheaper then buying the MR version, especially because anyone can paint up this model to look like the MR. Simple.

107. Kev-1 - January 4, 2013

That comment wasn’t that bad.

108. Exverlobter - January 4, 2013

” of course, this is how hollywood action-movies have to be promoted. so they might have simply titled the film…
Star Trek – We Have Guns”

Well, Star Trek was always and from the beginning on treated as a “we have guns-show”. Look at the first promotional photos of the classic-series.


109. Kev-1 - January 4, 2013

My bad.

110. p'trick - January 4, 2013


thanks for taking a moment to review my comment. any old TREKfan like myself certainly recognizes that photo from the series of early promo-shots for the series. so you’d know that the gun did NOT appear in most of the photos (now was it even used in the series after the pilots, i don’t recall).

besides, that was nearly 50years ago. after all the gun-violence in our culture, i think i was simply reacting with some sadness that TREK seems to have to follow the trend of promoting shooting people. instead of a more thoughtful approach. upon a quick review of some small-sized jpeg’s i spotted online, weapons do not appear in any of the TREK-movie posters (except the grim and poorly-received NEMESIS).

you’re right. TREK isn’t special anymore.

111. msn1701 - January 4, 2013

Does anyon else keep getting an error on this site? I am and it’s kinda annoying. I have to reboot my computer. I just made a bad reboot joke… *groan*

The pictures look fantastic! “John Harrison” looks really bad ass. Kirk, Scotty, and Uhura all look a little older from the last movie. Spock looks the same except for the cool hair cut. Rebellious Vulcan much? ;)

Carol Marcus looks like she’s a sweetie. I can’t believe I said that… she was such an ass to Kirk in the prime universe.

112. Red Dead Ryan - January 4, 2013

This whole notion of “Star Trek isn’t supposed to be about action” is complete hogwash.

From day one, Trek has embraced action for the most part. Some of it done well, some of it not so much. But action and space battles have always been a big part of the overall package.

Some of the best episodes and movies have been action-packed and laden with visual effects.

Stories like “The Motion Picture” have been relatively few and far between in comparison.

“Deep Space Nine” featured immense battle scenes, some of which almost matching that of the original “Star Wars” movies in sheer epicness and scale, impressive considering the limitations of television at the time.

Of course, the same people who are dumping on the new movies are the same ones who crapped all over DS9, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

113. Red Dead Ryan - January 4, 2013

Also, for the first time ever, with JJ Abrams at the helm, we are getting truly epic Trek movies on the big screen.

The previous ten movies were done on small budgets, minus TMP. Paramount tended to be cheap, because they were aiming them mainly at the hardcore Trekkies. Even “The Wrath Of Khan”, the supposed “gold standard” of Trek movies, seems like a tv movie (albeit a well made one) in comparison to the much grander, more action-packed, and more visceral Abrams movies (at least the first one, haven’t seen the second one in full yet, of course).

For the first time ever, “Star Trek” is being talked about as bona fide summer blockbuster franchise, potentially being in the same group as the Marvel flicks and Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy” as must see summer staples.

I don’t see how that can be a bad thing.

114. Chris - January 4, 2013

None of the others featured the cast holding a Phaser on the poster, but every copy of TWOK I have ever scene features the Enterprise blasting Regula 1 with its Phasers on the VHS/DVD artwork which doesnt even happen in the film.

Plus have I missed something? The only movie poster for the new film I have seen is the one with BC from behind standing in a hole in a building shaped like the Starfleet Delta…or are you talking about the Empire covers?

115. Jack - January 4, 2013

” i was simply reacting with some sadness that TREK seems to have to follow the trend of promoting shooting people”

Although, unlike in real life, in Trek guns aren’t always designed solely to kill.

Lets see how this thing plays out…

116. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 4, 2013

Please. Deep Space Nine?

That show left me when they showed two Starships cloaked and in battle. As I recall it was a bunch of space shots that only showed stars, phaser blasts and photon explosions.

Am I remembering that correctly?

117. Robman007 - January 4, 2013

@116…um, no. That never happened in DS9. I just watched all 7 seasons and never once saw two cloaked ships going at it.

Nope. Never..once.

118. Robman007 - January 4, 2013

@113….it’s a bad thing for some because it does not have the crew going on a cosmic adventure to find the fountain of youth.

119. Red Dead Ryan - January 4, 2013


You obviously didn’t watch the show. “Sacrifice of Angels”, “Way of The Warrior”, “A Call To Arms”, “Tears of The Prophets”, “Shattered Mirror”, “The Jem Hadar”, just to name a few, featured some pretty good battle scenes.

“The Siege of AR 558″ featured an epic (for television, at least) planet-based battle between the Jem’Hadar and the crew of the Defiant defending a captured communications outpost alongside the crew of another starship.

Amazing stuff.

120. Exverlobter - January 4, 2013

@Red Dead Ryan

Excactly. Other than TNG all Trek-series were action-packed. TOS, DS9, VOY and ENT there was action all over the place. So you can say that TNG is the only exception. However it was indeed the most popular show of them all (in terms of ratings) so the “Trek and action does not belong together”-folks constitutes a large fraction of the Trek-fans. Concerning those fans i always refer to the old TOS-episodes (which is Star Trek at its core, because it was the first series). There was action, mostly fist-fights and no Star Wars like Space battles, but that counts still as action.

121. chris-leo - January 4, 2013

that room, where kirk and pike are sitting, looks so much like a room on moonbase alpha (from space: 1999) right down to the choice of chairs, that i hardly can believe it’s a coincidence.

122. Mr. Adventure - January 4, 2013

Recall how Gene Roddenberry failed to get “The Cage” aired as the Star Trek pilot because it was too cerebral, even with the flashback to Pike swashbuckling with an ogre. Instead we got “Where No Man,” with more fistfights and action.

123. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 4, 2013

Was’nt it 1999 when Khan escaped?

124. p'trick - January 4, 2013

appreciate the responses debating my noting that the pix featured lots of weapons.

don’t misunderstand me. i’m a big fan of TOS and it’s mixture of sci-fi and action. always felt TNG could use a bit more hand-to-hand action as seen in TOS. love DS9 also.

was referring only to the marketing of the picture. as anyone, like me, who has seen the 9-minute preview of TREK2013, knows that the film begins very calmly and dramatically. so i’m not prejudging the film at all – expect it to be an effective mix of action, drama and humor.

hoping that it will also feature a thoughtful plot as well.

125. R. Banks - January 4, 2013

@115. Jack –

Actually, there are many real world guns that are not designed solely to kill.

126. chrisfawkes.com - January 4, 2013

Zoe Saldana is so beautiful.

127. Jonboc - January 4, 2013

#112. “This whole notion of “Star Trek isn’t supposed to be about action” is complete hogwash.”

Wise words worth repeating!

128. captain_neill - January 5, 2013

Of course the best Star Trek films are the action ones, namely Wrath of Khan, First Contact and The Undiscovered Country. There was also great story telling as well in those films as well.

Maybe because it’s different than what came before is why I had gripes with the last films, JJ Abrams dared to shake things up to keep it fresh and alive in the public mind yet all I can do is criticise it because its different from how it all was.

Yet I can acknowledge he did a good film, just this take is different from the Trek I love. I want to love the Abrams films more than I do and I do hope that I come out of the next one and feel vindicated that maybe Abrams does get Star Trek after all.

129. Pegasus - January 5, 2013

#113. it’s a bad thing because it’s being talked about for the wrong reasons. After seeing the Trek 2009, are we getting new fans discussing quantum physics? I doubt people would even be able to come up with those two words after watching it without some pretty extensive research, in fact! Instead, we have people talking about Kirk said “Bullshit” or about how Vulcan imploded, or about how big the enterprise looked, or about how loud it was, or about how there were ‘splosions. yay.

TOS, TNG, heck even DS9 and Voyager, left you with terminology and phrasing to look up or investigate and learn more. Just that technobabble, the word “temporal” or “tachyon” can take you somewhere to LEARN! Fans of TNG discuss warp theory, teleportation, the meaning of “alive”. Star Trek 2009 is on kinda the wrong path. Tell me, for example, can a phaser that fires segmented blasts even work in theory? Once you break the source from the energy, shouldn’t the beam disappear?? Cool shooting noise and glowy thing.. yeah. But .. where is it grounded?

When I finished watching ST V the first time, one of the least liked Trek movies of all time, sure, people hate it but when I walked out of that, I was talking about God and Eden, about events from my life that carried pain, about dying — alone? I wasn’t arguing about how Kirk could have lost EVERY fist fight in the entire movie and also been a wrestling champion…. That’s the stuff we shouldn’t be caring out. But with a break-neck pace and substance for thought left out of the movie entirely for palletability — we end up worrying who Zoe Saldana gonna be dating. Sigh.

130. captain_neill - January 5, 2013

129- I always liked Michael Pillar’s thought that TNG was to create excitign and thought provoking stories that developed our characters. Stories that would have families debate at the dinner table.

That would be an interesting debate and it is great that it allows the new movies to be a parallel universe, but unfortunately they are also being made for an audience who doesn’t get Trek as well as trying to plaease fans.

Films can’t allow that luxury, with the money Paramount are pumping into Star Trek Into Darkness it needs to make the most money. Now that means it has to make more tweaks from what we know and love aim it more for a crowd who made Transformers 3 the 5th highest grossing film of all time.

I want to love the new film a lot and I want to be proven wrong. But at the moment even though I enjoyed the last film I prefer the prime universe and I think I always will.

131. captain_neill - January 5, 2013

However, I do want to love the next movie, I just hate to see the great stuff being surplanted by a film that is as challenging a story as a Transformers film.

Fortunately Abrams does care enough about characters and from what I have heard they have a story this time, so al we need now is that magic that makes a Trek film uniquely Trek.

132. Eliasj - January 5, 2013

Sweet images…!

133. Chris - January 5, 2013

@129, Pegasus
Isnt that exactly the type of thing most fans bemoan about the TNG+ series and films and the general audience turns Trek off because of, too much geeky technobable about reversing the polarity of the shield grid and shunting the main plasma flow through the primary buffer junction…

TOS wasnt at all like that, I agree it could be thought provoking though, like with your Eden point. Even some of the most action packed stories had something to think about like Balance of Terror (one of my personal favourites) with its mix of submarine warfare as well as also making you think about prejudice towards people from cultures different to your own and even loss.

134. captain_neill - January 5, 2013

TNG had great characters, Data was brilliantly child like.

DS9 was a fantastic show. If you put aside the techobabble overload the spin offs had great stuff in them. I liked the techno babble but I would agree Voyager might have over done it.

Yet I stil find terms such as an ion storm much more cooler than lightening storm in space.

135. Jonboc - January 5, 2013

#129 ” Just that technobabble, the word “temporal” or “tachyon” can take you somewhere to LEARN!”

It took me and many more somewhere all right, to another channel! lol. I hated that crap. Not that it was grounded in some theory, but because they poured it over everything like molasses on a short stack. Like Roddenberry himself stated, in the book The Making of Star Trek” These people LIVE in this world. They don’t have to explain it to one another, no more than a radiologist stops to explain how Xrays work before taking one or a policeman explains the working of his pistol before using it. It’s just gobbledy-gook that eats up precious story telling time…time that is indeed VERY precious, in today’s commercial-filled television dramas.

136. Exverlobter - January 5, 2013


IMO it does not matter if the Film has much TechBabble or not, its pointless Pseudoscience anyway.

I recommend to read the following article.

137. Jonboc - January 5, 2013

#35 Robman007

You’re right, this is the holy grail of Enterprise kits. It can be built, with the additional light kit to studio miniature quality. Or just assembled right out of the box for a great looking model. To give others an idea of size, it’s the same size as the shrunken Enterprise in Requiem for Methuselah. Also there are a few publicity shots of Kirk and Spock holding the ship….about 33″ long. I’s big and when it’s lit, and those nacelles are spinning, it’s a beautiful thing!

138. Pegasus - January 5, 2013

#136, 135, 133 … I’m not saying I promote techno-babble. Of course it’s pseudoscience (this is called science fiction for a reason.. you say potato I say potat-o :P). Same thing.

All I mean, is that Star Trek has always found ways to make people think. It has always given us words or ideas to take away and examine on our own time. You might hear “polarity” and maybe one day, god forbid, you look it up finally :) All I’m saying is that the new Trek worries me, because, as in the last movie, a great idea based on quantum physics was address, but no discussion, no words, no real substance was put into it within the four corners of the movie. So it’s cool and flashy and Trek lives on, but what have we learned? That’s all.

139. D-Rock - January 5, 2013


I learned to have fun with Star Trek.

140. Jonboc - January 5, 2013

138, I understand where you’re coming from, but you can only ask so much from a 2 hour film. it has to, first and foremost, entertain…if you push too hard to make people think about the issues, it can come off as pretentious and preachy. Fans tend to expect, in a new two hour film, all the elements and traits that TOS delivered and imprinted into our minds over 79 hours of weekly television that has been re-run over and over for the past 45 years. And we really shouldn’t.

141. dontcare - January 5, 2013

POSSIBLE SPOILERS… or just another fan’s speculation.

So with the Empire article stating that Kirk is stripped of command, I think it may be possible there are story elements drawn from TOS’s “Court Martial”, also gives me a little bit of the feel of ST III or IV, with the crew working alone, without the support of the Fleet, and in fact being chased by Starfleet. Chekov in the Red uniform indicates to me that he has been transferred, probably to replace Scotty who was kicked out with Kirk etc, but perhaps he replaces Mr. Hendorff (Cupcake) as head of security. It is possible that only one or two of the crew are still in the fleet for part of the movie, and if they stayed on Enterprise they would likely be moved into different posts. Hey, for all we know, for part of the movie Keenser is Chief Engineer (kidding, I hope).

What I really want to know though, is what exactly did they do to get at least 3 people (Kirk, Spock, Uhura, all seen in civvies,K & S with civ pistols, U with dirsuptor) thrown out of Starfleet. That seems a bit excessive for what we know about the Nibiru incident, at least to me, and suggests that something else happens after the opening sequence.

Also this means the crew will be going into a war zone as civillians, which could be a very important part of the story, and quiet possibly Kirk will pressure a certain irritant named Mudd into giving them a ride.

Just musing

142. Vultan - January 5, 2013

Through its various incarnations, Star Trek introduced me to Shakespeare, Melville, Milton, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (to name a few), along with various quotes from classic literature, scientific concepts, and philosophies, such as the concepts of tolerance, mercy, loyalty, personal bravery, responsibility, and overcoming one’s inner demons and prejudices, etc., etc. And for that I’ll always be grateful to those who made it happen.

(Oh, and it was a lot of fun to watch too, with the action and explosions here and there.)

143. Robman007 - January 5, 2013

Anybody notice the strange circle pattern located on the top of each of the cryo tubes in the trailer? At a quick glance they look like a mechanical piece, but when viewed closely they look like symbols of a sort.

144. thorsten - January 5, 2013

I’m watching total rekall 2012 just now, and boy, that movie sports some serious lens flares ;))

145. Curious Cadet - January 5, 2013

@118. Robman007,
“it’s a bad thing for some because it does not have the crew going on a cosmic adventure to find the fountain of youth.”

Is this a dig at two disastrous Abrams series finales — Alias and Lost — that set fans rioting?

146. Robman007 - January 5, 2013


Lol, didn’t even think that when I made that comment.

No, it was sarcasm directed at folks going overboard because these films don’t have outlandish discovery and exploration plots that won’t make any money.

147. Mad Man - January 6, 2013

120. Exverlobter – January 4, 2013

Well, I thought the space battles in the episodes “Balance of Terror,” “Elaan of Troius,” and “The Doomsday Machines” were pretty good, almost Star Wars like, with 1960s TV technology and budget.

TNG had plenty of action! “Best of Both Worlds,” “Starship Down,” to name a few.

Anyway, Star Trek had action from “The Cage’ and “Where no Man Had Gone Before,” so I really don’t understand the argument that Trek should not have action.

148. Curious Cadet - January 6, 2013

@146 Robman007,

Well let’s hope Abrams isn’t a “third time’s the charm” kinda guy, or John Harrison might just turn out to be Flint giving those folks a d&e plot after all.

149. Exverlobter - January 6, 2013

@Mad Man

“TNG had plenty of action! “Best of Both Worlds,” “Starship Down,” to name a few.”

Yes, but on the whole there was not that much action in TNG
This following video contains most of the battles in TNG
And about 50 % of that video is from DS9!


150. trekprincess - January 6, 2013

captain Neill I think we are all aware that you will prefer the prime universe please stop going on and on anyway these images look great Star Trek Into Darkness the film looks great.

151. Mark Lynch - January 6, 2013

You know TP the last time I looked around here it was a forum of sorts where people express their opinions on the articles. You may not agree with all the comments but it does not give you the right to tell another poster to shut up.

Captain Neill has stated his comments in a reasonable and thoughtful way, which makes them interesting reading. If you don’t agree with them, why don’t you explain why? That might be interesting reading too.

152. D-Rock - January 6, 2013


She’s not telling him to shut up, but maybe play another song on the record? I’ve listening to him say a variation of the same thing over and over and over and over and over again for the last three years.

Saying she used the phrase ‘shut up’, which she didn’t, tends to escalate things.

153. Vultan - January 6, 2013

I don’t understand this attitude that a movie can’t have both action AND “discovery and exploration.” Last time I checked “Raiders of the Lost Ark” had all those things. And it was pretty outlandish to boot, face-melting and all that jazz.

C’mon, outer space can be just as exciting and mysterious as an ancient temple on Earth, or a “radio for speaking to God.” No scowling terrorist seeking vengeance needed.

154. Red Dead Ryan - January 6, 2013

Captain Neill does play like a broken record on this site. He posts the same damn comments multiple times on almost every thread concerning the new movies.

Some of us are tired of his crap!

155. The Original Spock's Brain - January 6, 2013

@ 72. BulletInTheFace


156. Robman007 - January 6, 2013

I dunno. I just started watching “Sherlock” and Cumberpatch is utterly amazing on that show.

This film will go down as one of the best Trek films ever because they cast him. Such an amazing screen presence.

157. Joe Schmoe - January 6, 2013


It’s certainly unconstitutional, and outside the proper role of government (if there are any), but it’s still better than war.



158. Red Dead Ryan - January 6, 2013


Well, I think if he was building the Enterprise as an attraction, it would be easier to get funding. At least from private sources.

A full-scale, space-worthy Enterprise that doesn’t come with warp drive and artificial gravity is just a waste of material and money.

159. Phil - January 6, 2013

@158. This guy has been around for a while now. Lond on vision, short on details. Which makes the White House petition as stupid as the one for the Death Star…..

160. Mark Lynch - January 7, 2013

@152 and 154
Differing opinions are needed to bring a balance to any discussion. So what if the poster has said the same thing before? All that makes them is consistent.
Telling someone to “stop going on” is just a euphemistic way of saying “shut up”
Many prefer things to be said in a more direct manner, more open. Apologies to Khan for (kind of) stealing his line.

It’s a nice thought, but let`s be brutally honest. Practical? Not in a thousand years.

161. D-Rock - January 7, 2013


Monotony and consistency are different things.

162. Harry Ballz - January 7, 2013

Funny how the words “monotony” and “monogamy” sound the same…just sayin’

163. Mad Man - January 7, 2013

So, if Star Trek ’09 was like the first Star Wars movie, would this next one be like Empire Strikes Back? Could it be that good?

164. Platitude - January 7, 2013

Love the Blade-Runner vibe in the clothing.

165. Mark Lynch - January 9, 2013

It’s only monotony if you don’t like it… :-)

166. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2013


I’ll try to remember that, Mark!

Like Paul Newman, when asked how he stayed faithful to Joanne Woodward, once said, “why go out for hamburger when you’ve got steak at home?”

Of course, night after night, eating steak after steak, wouldn’t you finally get the hankering for a nice juicy burger?


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