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Exclusive: Star Trek Into Darkness Alternate Teaser With Oz This Weekend + Theatrical Trailer With GI Joe 2 March 7, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

TrekMovie has exclusive breaking Star Trek Into Darkness trailer news. In fact we have news on two different trailers for the upcoming movie. This weekend a new alternative "kids friendly" trailer will be shown with Oz The Great and Powerful. And the bigger news is that another trailer is coming with the new GI Joe movie in a few weeks. More details below     


Two new Star Trek Into Darkness Trailers for March

TrekMovie has exclusively learned that March will have two new trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness. The first arrives in theaters tomorrow (Friday March 8th) attached to Oz The Great and Powerful. According to sources this trailer will be short (around 1:16) and is a mix of previously seen footage from trailers and the IMAX preview along with some new footage. Apparently this ‘alternative teaser’ has been tailored to be more kid-friendly to go along with the Oz audience. The 2009 Star Trek movie had its own kid-friendly trailer which premiered with Monsters vs. Aliens on March 29, 2009. It currently isn’t known if this alternative trailer will be made available online. In the case of the 2009 kids trailer, it was not made available online, but it was shown on Nickelodeon. (you can watch that below)

"Star Trek" kid-friendly trailer from 2009 – Into Darkness kid-friendly trailer airing this weekend with "Oz The Great and Powerful"

The bigger news is that TrekMovie has confirmed that a brand new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer will be released on Friday March 29th, attached to GI Joe: Retaliation.  While Paramount is not confirming anything officially, sources tell TrekMovie this trailer with the GI Joe movie contains significant new footage and will be around 2:20 in length. This longer trailer should be considered the "theatrical trailer," akin to the trailer which was released with Watchmen for JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek film (relive that trailer below).

"Star Trek" Theatrical Trailer released March 6, 2009 – theatrical trailer for "Into Darkness" coming March 29th, 2013



1. Theatre Historian_Levi - March 7, 2013

Nice to see two trailers are comming this month

2. David - March 7, 2013

Ace. Can’t wait to see the longer version.

3. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - March 7, 2013

Trailors are great. Buty I want to see the Movie. Lol. Can’t wait for May to get here. I already have my Ticket Punched.

4. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - March 7, 2013

I will be seeing Oz and G.I Joe. So a little extra Trek is always a Good thing.

5. Snugglepuff - March 7, 2013


The slow marketing campaign for this movie has me worried =(

6. mhansen0207 - March 7, 2013


It’s going at exactly the same pace as the 2009 film’s campaign did. It seems like everyone’s developed amnesia over the last 4 years.

Honestly you people panic more over this than things that are truly important. The campaign for Into Darkness is right on schedule and I’m sure the film will be financially and critically successful if it’s as good as it looks.

7. Theatre Historian_Levi - March 7, 2013

Anthony any word on if the OZ aleternate teaser will be online after this weekend?

I am seeing Oz this weekend, but at the Disney operated El Capitan in Hollywood, so they willl only be showing Disney Trailers, and not the trek teaser

8. The Observer - March 7, 2013

I am being dragged to Oz this weekend. At least there will be something for me to see.

9. Sunfell - March 7, 2013

I am wondering what is going on with parts of the movie being shown in Brazil and France. Test runs?

10. Jack - March 7, 2013

9. Poor attendance there last time around.

11. Anthony Pascale - March 7, 2013

I am not certain Oz trailer will be released online. As noted in the article this is a kids trailer like the one shown with MONSTERS & ALIENS in 2009. And that was never made available online although it was shown during the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. It is possible the same will be done this time. The KCA are in a couple of weeks.

I have swapped out the video above to show the ‘kids’ trailer for ST2009, which was recorded from the KCAs

12. JRT! - March 7, 2013

It’s going almost exactly at the same pace as in 2009. Don’t have amnesia,just a short attention span,lol!

Could be fun!


13. Klang - March 7, 2013

Hmmm….I miss actual ALIENS and strange cosmic threats.

14. Theatre Historian_Levi - March 7, 2013

Thank you Anthony for answering my question.

I was afraid that might be the case. But the amazing picture and sound presentation not to mention the stage show before the movie, more than makes up for not getting to see the alternate teaser before OZ.

15. mhansen0207 - March 7, 2013


I guess the Romulans weren’t aliens the last time around?

16. LizardGirl - March 7, 2013


Nah, not really. ST09 was slated for December 08 release before being pushed into Summer of 09. And STID was slated for a ’12 summer release before, well… summer of 2013. So no amnesia here. There have been legitimate hang-ups.

But yeah, I’m stoked that the marketing is aggressive now and that the movie will definitely kick butt as well. I also believe in the vision of this new movie franchise. So I agree with you on your last paragraph.

17. JRT! - March 7, 2013

So I guess we have to resort to youtube and bad quality version for that trailer then,lol! Worked for those 9 minutes,someone will always get it out there. Gotta love the internet,lol.


18. Klang - March 7, 2013

They did the last 2 movies about Romulans, and even so they were about Arch Villains. I mean strange COSMIC THREATS beyond this boring broken record of crap.

19. mhansen0207 - March 7, 2013

Last time they tried a real cosmic threat we got The Motion Picture. Sorry don’t want to go back to that snoozefest.

Star Trek IV was good, but never saw it as a “threat” per se.

20. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - March 7, 2013

@19. mhansen0207

I think I know what you mean. The threat in Star Trek IV was dire and very real for those exposed to it, but the threat was not front and centre of the entire movie, unlike in The Motion Picture. So the story was about getting 2 whales from the past into the present (future – darn, time travel messes with my brain), rather than combating the threat directly.

21. mhansen0207 - March 7, 2013


Yeah, exactly. Plus, the whale probe’s mission (as far as we know) wasn’t to destroy everything in its path, it was just doing that on accident.

It had no mandate that “Carbon units are not true life forms and must be sterilized”

22. Klang - March 8, 2013

The Motion Picture was the best of the bunch. Everything else felt short, rushed and uninspired, not that I want the same movie. The Motion Picture was Epic. Your “we” doesn’t represent everyone.

23. mhansen0207 - March 8, 2013


Nor does your opinion on The Motion Picture

24. Klang - March 8, 2013

I think that was implied, heh.

25. Nick Tierce - March 8, 2013

Just saw the trailer with Oz.
LOTS of new footage.

A bunch of the Kirk/Pike sequence(s.)

26. mhansen0207 - March 8, 2013


Did you like it? Any good?

27. Nick Tierce - March 8, 2013

Very good, but very short.
Seemed to end just as it was ramping up. (And, a conspicuously out-of-place Mr. Movie Voice saying “STAR TREK INTO DARKENESS” at the end.)

28. Admiral_Bumblebee - March 8, 2013

What’s the point in a kids-friendly trailer if the movie itself won’t be kids-friendly?

29. Aix - March 8, 2013

I’ve seen it too. It involves a Kirk-Spock interaction so it’s cool.

30. mhansen0207 - March 8, 2013


C’mon. You can’t possibly believe that they’re gonna show anything explicit with a PG-13 rating.

31. porthoses bitch - March 8, 2013

In the “all audiences” trailer Kirk takes the cat-women to a nice lunch.

32. Commander K - March 8, 2013

I’m gettin my premiere tickets again for this!

33. T'Cal - March 8, 2013

“Kid friendly” is an excellent idea. Trek has rarely extended itself to invite preteens but should. How about if JJA cuts a PG version to be released along side the PG-13 version? I’m amazed that films aren’t presented this way more often. I know they did it with “The King’s Speech” last year and years ago with “Saturday Night Fever.” I’m no prude, but 2009’s Star Trek line about “sex with farm animals” was unnecessary and embarrassing to hear while viewing the film with my teenagers. By having the director go in with the mindset of the film being released in PG and PG-13 or even R allows them the artistic license to remove such crude lines and visuals while maintaining the message they wish to convey.

34. Mad Mann - March 8, 2013

Cool. I am actually going to see both Oz and Gi Joe, so I will be seeing both new trailers. And I watch the KCAs every year with my kids, so maybe we’ll see the first TV ad as well.

BTW: Why did Nick get Josh Duhmal as host? What kid knows who that guy is, other than maybe from Transformers? It should have been Jerry Trainor. Anyway…

35. CmdrR - March 8, 2013

Kid friendly?
Your world is destroyed! Billions dead! Enjoy the show, Kiddies!!

Heck, the title should give young children shivers.

36. Will - March 8, 2013

The teaser was awesome. Great sequence between Kirk/Spock! More words or encouragement from Pike to Kirk.

37. Jemini - March 8, 2013

are there new bits with Bones in the new teaser? Uhura? Chekov, Sulu? (we saw these two only once!)

38. Scott Gammans - March 8, 2013

@33: Trust me T’Cal, unless you home school your kids and keep them in lockdown 24 hours a day, that farm animals line is TAME compared to what they’re saying and doing when you’re not in earshot. They’re teenagers, not china dolls.

39. Pete - March 8, 2013

@36: More sequences between Kirk and Spock? Can there be more?
I’ve given up the chance to see a film about a CREW…

40. ados - March 8, 2013



41. Smike - March 8, 2013

Klang is right. TMP was at least one of the best Trek features for it felt really out of this world, not just a casual, run-of-the-mill action flick. Was it boring? Not on me. I’ve seen in time and again and it still holds up fine. It’s no TWOK or TUC, but it’s FAR better than TSFS or TFF or any NextGen outing but FC. It’s certainly one of my favourites, right after ST09, TWOK, TUC and FC…

42. I am not Herbert - March 8, 2013

looking forward MUCH MORE to GI Joe than ST2013… LOL ;-)

BTW: TMP is second only to TWOK =)

43. T'Cal - March 8, 2013

@33: Trust me T’Cal, unless you home school your kids and keep them in lockdown 24 hours a day, that farm animals line is TAME compared to what they’re saying and doing when you’re not in earshot. They’re teenagers, not china dolls.

Trust you? I don’t think so. I want to be able to make a choice and I’m not leaving that up to you or anyone else. But especially you… ;)
That line was the crudest line I can remember in Star Trek. Ever. It was completely unnecessary and could’ve/should’ve been cleaned up substantially. It is humor at its most base and I expected writing that was intelligent. Still, it was one line and I’m not writing off the very good film that it was.

44. I am not Herbert - March 8, 2013

Yes, Boborci et al made some VERY POOR choices, supposedly for humor’s sake…

…don’t see that changing this time… =(

no need for vulgarity from Star Trek… =(

Star Trek SHOULD BE for kids and gramma’s too!

45. Tanner Waterbury - March 8, 2013

I still want to know if Hasbro is going to announce any OTHER Star Trek Into Darkness toys…or are those F***ing Lego ripoffs and Kre-O toys it?! Come ONNN! Anthony or anybody? BOB?! Anything else with the Hasbro toys?

46. Daniel Broadway - March 8, 2013

@ #45. What was shown is probably it for toys. All the toys would have been revealed by now.

47. Daniel Broadway - March 8, 2013

I love Star Trek, but I am not going to watch the craptastic looking Oz movie to see the short trailer.

48. Jack - March 8, 2013

“I’m no prude, but 2009′s Star Trek line about “sex with farm animals” was unnecessary and embarrassing to hear while viewing the film with my teenagers.”

Teenagers? They don’t know about sex yet? Or farm animals?

49. Gary S - March 8, 2013

Hey , I read Animal Farm in Junior high.
Kind of learned about both that way .

50. Daniel Broadway - March 8, 2013

I’m not offended by the line or anything, but I agree that the “sex with farm animals” line was pretty low brow for Star Trek.

51. AJ - March 8, 2013

“Sex with farm animals” as spoken by Uhura, was meant to underscore the fact that Kirk was a country bad-boy hick. Uhura was giving him the coldest shoulder imaginable.

52. PEB - March 8, 2013

@44. Does that include or exclude Kirk saying “Well double dumbass on you!” or the half naked dancing cat woman or nude fan-dancing Uhura, the highly sexualized nature of Lt Ilya(sp) and the Borg Queen or the pyschic rape of Diana Troi because to be fair and with all due respect, ‘vulgarity’ in one form or another has always been in Trek.

53. I am not Herbert - March 8, 2013

look up the definition of “vulgarity”

54. PEB - March 8, 2013

^^…Vulgarity can consist of a number of different types of images, vernacular, and situations. That’s all I’m saying.

55. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - March 8, 2013

The Borg Queen, Data thing in FC is much, much weirder than Uhura’s quip about Kirk and farm animals. And how is this discussion lacking a mention of the Duras sisters? There’s nothing sexual there at all, no!

56. PEB - March 8, 2013

Exactly! As a kid, I remember being in the theater with my mom watching Generations and staring up at a movie screen full of Klingon breasts. And even to that, I’ll say – one person’s definition of vulgar can be different than another’s. Trek 09 is just NOT the first Trek to go there. I dont know, maybe some fans just look at past trek through rose-colored glasses.

57. I am not Herbert - March 8, 2013

breasts, klingon or otherwise, are NOT vulgar

if u think so, you are repressed =(

BTW: Happy Int’l Women’s Day! =D

58. Gary S - March 8, 2013

So does Anybody who saw Oz have a trek teaser description?

59. Jack - March 8, 2013

Because we need more spoilers?

I keed.

60. Prentice of Borg - March 8, 2013

Just got back from Oz. The new trailer is pretty cool, lots of new footage. Some new space sequences, cool bit with Kirk and Spock flying in a shuttle. Played liked a 1 minute TV commercial more than a movie trailer.

61. justin - March 8, 2013

back from OZ and no trailer. what the heck. OZ was good. Did they not show the trailer with IMAX 3D or something?

62. Joe Schmoe - March 8, 2013

I saw Oz today – no trailer.

63. Jim Nightshade - March 8, 2013

Whomever is in charge of the new gi joe movie is uppin the ante fur shure…adding the rock,who by himself can almost carry a picture plus bruce die hard willis as the original joe…..incredible…i havent even seen the first movie it looked too transformerish to me like battleship did…all efx no story or characters…but throwin the rock and willis into this action flick n now i wanna see it….would luv stars like that in a trek movie but not as a replacement for any of our reg characters…

64. Sxottlan - March 8, 2013

Saw the new short teaser before Oz today. It was a nice surprise because I didn’t know it was coming as I was expecting the next new trailer with G.I. Joe.

It was nice because I ended up missing half of the Iron Man 3 trailer. >:-(

65. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - March 9, 2013

@57. I don’t see the difference between Uhura’s quip about Kirk having sex with farm animals is no different than seeing Klingon breasts squeezed together on a giant screen.

What’s funny is that you’re more accepting of seeing Klingon boobs on a big screen than a throwaway line. And you’re the one asking me if I’m repressed? He who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.

66. Defiant - March 9, 2013

Does anyone know if the newest trailer, which is currently shown together with the movie ‘Oz’ in theatres, will also come out officially? Or has anyone already spotted the trailer somewhere?

67. Seven.83 - March 9, 2013

Here is it :)


68. Mad Mann - March 9, 2013

I hope they do some trailers that focus more on the Klingons. That would be sweet!

69. rogerachong - March 9, 2013

Saw the new trailer from comicbook movie.com. That was the best really sweet.

Kirk: Told you it would fit!
Spock: I do not think that qualifies.

For the win!

70. Markus - March 9, 2013

Well, finally… this new trailer seems a bit action-loaded, but it looks and feels great! Despite those strange news about the story details..

71. RAMA - March 9, 2013

This trailer looks like a legit action movie like some of the blockbusters of the last few summers. if they were going for kinetic, they beat ST09 by a mile.

72. gulfjetguy - March 9, 2013

Just saw the new trailer online!!!! For those of you wondering if there’s going to be another Enterprise, I swear I saw a very Prime Timeline looking Connie in orbit during the space jump scene. Just pause the the trailer during the jump and look between the debree. I had to watch it 4 times to notice a very traditional looking starship out in the distance. It almost looks like they’re flying towards it

73. Captain_Conrad - March 9, 2013

That trailer still gives me chills

74. Optimistic Doodle - March 9, 2013

Yep. “Punch it!” As Pike …uh, Kirk says ;-)

75. DaddlerTheDalek - March 9, 2013

Iron Man 3 & Star Trek into Darkness in the same Month…
Soooooooooooooooooo Awesome! =D

76. Disinvited - March 9, 2013

#30. mhansen0207 – March 8, 2013

You can’t possibly believe that a film that’s still being cut and mixed together has been submitted to any Ratings Board and already received its rating?

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