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New Star Trek Into Darkness Images – First Look At Keenser April 2, 2013

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There are a few new pictures from Star Trek Into Darkness that have emerged online. One of the new behind the scenes shots gives us our first look at Deep Roy as Keenser, Scotty’s alien pal. There is also a new shot of Spock and Uhura and a better shot of that new bridge. Check it all out below.


More Into Darkness Images

In December TrekMovie reported that Deep Roy was returning for Star Trek Into Darkness, again playing Scotty’s faithful sidekick. Now we have the first look at Keenser with a scan of a behind the scenes shot from Empire magazine.

Keenser (Deep Roy) and director JJ Abrams

Another new shot from Into Darkness features those lovebirds Spock and Uhura.

Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Uhura (Zoe Saldana) on bridge of USS Enterprise

TrekMovie has already posted a version of this picture (and totally over-analyzed it), but here is a wider and higher resolution scan of JJ on the bridge of the ‘other’ Starship from Star Trek Into Darkness.

JJ Abrams on the bridge of a ship that isn’t the USS Enterprise


Thanks to John for tip, New images source: Empire via TrekBrazilis and Tumblr


1. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 3, 2013

As has already been said elsewhere on the internet, this photo of Spock & Uhura is very reminiscent of several TOS scenes.

2. Jemini - April 3, 2013

aww look at Keenser with his dress uniform :DDDD just so cute!

and Spock/Uhura working on the bridge is reminiscent of some TOS scenes between them

3. Vulcan Soul - April 3, 2013

Jesus H. Christ! Why does the guy look like an evil Space Nazi? Hat and all. Just the logo is all wrong!

4. thebiggfrogg - April 3, 2013

Nice to see Abrams, as always, carrying his pocketful o’ lens flares. Wish he’d wear a hole in that pocket.

5. Calastir - April 3, 2013

So that crab’s name is Keenser now? I had no idea, it wasn’t ever even mentioned in the first movie.
To me he was just an irritating attempt at comic relief like Jar Jar Binks, I’d honestly hoped he’d be forgotten.

6. Calastir - April 3, 2013


Yeah, gotta love those uniforms.
I guess Abrams expects fans to dress up like Space Nazi’s at future conventions…

7. Admiral_Bumblebee - April 3, 2013

I would love it if those uniforms would become the standard-uniforms even on the bridge for the next movie.

8. CAPT KRUNCH - April 3, 2013

more like SPACEBALLS..hahaha……let’s hope JarJar doesn’t make the final cut………… I recall many Spock-Uhura moments in TOS, but since Kirk evidently has no time for love in this movie….I guess we gotta give it up for Spock-Uhura!….

9. Dr. Image - April 3, 2013

Love that bridge.
Keenser is badass. I don’t care what the naysayers say.
Love the Cage hat.

10. Jonboc - April 3, 2013

Great shot of Spock and Uhura, nice TOS vibe going on there. I love the new bridge consoles as well, also very much in the spirit of TOS . The texture of all those buttons and levers and switches is very interesting, visually…not to mention, it makes SO much more sense than all those smooth touch panels with no tactile feedback. Try working that IPad with your eyes closed sometime! lol

11. Jemini - April 3, 2013

8. Kirk had always got the girls, him getting a romance is like the biggest given of ST sometimes
I love that this time Spock is the one having a romance and hopefully it can be more mature and better developed than previous trek romances.
Of course it can’t be the story and it’s fine like that but it’s still a nice touch.
Who knows maybe Carol Marcus will be Kirk’s love interest here too but I think you can have tons of human/human relationships in other stories what’s new or interesting about a normal human couple? In trek at least I do find it way more fitting with the theme to have an interspecies/interracial couple like S/U, it also is more challenging to write.
I mean you have this world in the future where people from different planets meet each other as if they just came from different countries in earth and these people may have relationships beyond their diversities just because some feelings seems somehow universal.. it would be a shame to not use this chance and have just usual human/human relationships only even in trek.

12. T'Cal - April 3, 2013

I want to see Keenser get angry and transform into a large-fanged and heavily-clawed vicious beast that rends his opponent limb from limb.

13. Mad Mann - April 3, 2013

Yeah, I stated elsewhere on the Interwebs that the pic of Spock leaning over Uhura’s console is the best photo yet of this movie. It is such a perfect Trek look, like it was pulled right from TOS. I love it.

For me, THAT should be the movie poster. Only because I’m an obsessed Star Trek geek and like my Star Trek old skool only.

14. Moputo Jones - April 3, 2013

This movie take place a few months after ST09. Why is Keenser in an Ensign’s uniform? I guess if you can become a captain after 3 years in the academy, you could also graduate from the academy in four months.

15. Steve Johnson - April 3, 2013

Hey… Space Nazies? Does this mean Into Darkness is a recreation of “Patterns of Force” ? Oh-ho, man!

16. Calastir - April 3, 2013

Herr Keenser vill not tolerate ze naysayers!
*clicks heels*

17. EM - April 3, 2013

I know nussink!
I see nussink!
I hear nussink!

18. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 3, 2013

@14. Moputo Jones
Accoding to Star Trek Ongoing #14 (Keenser’s Story), Keenser graduated from the academy several months after the Kelvin was destroyed, so he has actually many years of service. In the comic, he is also referred to as Lieutenant by Scotty when the latter is first assigned to Delta Vega.

However, at that point I get confused, as his dress uniform in the photo above seems to indicate he is an ensign – just like Chekov (i.e. only one rank badge on each epaulette and no sleeve braid). So it seems to me the comic doesn’t quite match up with the movie regarding Keenser.

19. weerd1 - April 3, 2013

Starfleet IS more martial in this timeline than in the Prime timeline. They spent 25 years wondering if the Romulans had a fleet of five-mile long killer behemoths massing on the other side of the Neutral Zone. Of course they went a little more military, and these uniforms reflect that.

20. BatlethInTheGroin - April 3, 2013

Keenser is nothing like Jar Jar–the comparison is ridiculous.

21. CoffeeProf - April 3, 2013


I’m going to have to agree. He doesn’t have nearly the screen time that Jar-Jar had plus he was actually funny.

22. Phil - April 3, 2013

Still don’t care.

23. CoffeeProf - April 3, 2013

Is it me or does the non-Enterprise bridge look at lot like a smaller version of the Unity Bridge in Star Trek Online.

24. Andrew - April 3, 2013

Keenser is awesomely cute. And I love the dress uniform.

@14 We see Keenser in a red shirt and serving on the Enterprise at the end of the first film (not to mention that he had been serving with Scotty on Delta Vega for some time before that). So obviously he graduated from the Acadamy a long time ago.

25. Trekbilly - April 3, 2013

Urghhhhh…hate Keenser!!!

And is it just me or does Abrams look a lot like him in that first pic?


26. Exverlobter - April 3, 2013

I dont have anything against Keenser…
this look stupid!

27. Toby - April 3, 2013

Shouldn’t be in the movie, hasn’t JJ learnt from Lucas’s mistakes… oh hang on…

28. Caesar - April 3, 2013

God I hate the set and costume design for this movie. So much.

29. JimGrant1701 - April 3, 2013

I’m glad they are introducing new characters, like Keenser, into the crew.

30. MattR - April 3, 2013

Keenser looks even smaller than last time somehow. LOL

31. martin - April 3, 2013

My only problem with Keenser is why is he the only alien that doesn’t speak English?

32. Optimistic Doodle - April 3, 2013

The Keenser character does radiate a doglike ‘companion’ quality.

33. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 3, 2013

Hopefully, there will be only be a brief moment of Keenser onscreen.

34. JohnRambo - April 3, 2013


What the….?

35. ME!! - April 3, 2013

Why?! WHY are they bringing back Snarf….I mean Keenser? I hate that garbage…some stupid cartoony character meant for comedy relief. I hated it in the 70s and 80s cartoons and I hate it now.

36. Trekbilly - April 3, 2013

Keenser sucks.

37. Trekbilly - April 3, 2013

Forgot to say — the only way I’ll be happy about Keenser being in this movie is if he dies while getting sucked out of the ship vis-a-vis explosive decompression.

I’ll accept that. Nothing else.

Keenest sucks.

38. Jovius the Romulan - April 3, 2013

That adjustable light is very reminiscent of “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. I think those were supposed to be miniature screens though. Oops! Oh well.

39. Optimistic Doodle - April 3, 2013

C’mon, Keenser is so small you’ll hardly notice ‘m!
(contrary to Carol Marcus ;-)

40. Jovius the Romulan - April 3, 2013

31. martin: He did speak English.

Scotty: “Aye, that’s me. You’re in the right place. Unless there’s another hardworking, equally starved Starfleet officer around.”
Keenser: “Yeah. Me!”

41. LizardGirl - April 3, 2013

I love this bridge. They must’ve tweaked it because it looks different, improved even upon the last one.

42. Buzz Cagney - April 3, 2013

pmsl that uniform is ludicrous. Even more so on the midget.

43. sean - April 3, 2013


Keenser is already an officer in Trek 2009, so there’s no issue here.

44. sean - April 3, 2013


‘Midget’ is considered offensive by most little people. Dwarf or little person is fine, though.

45. Dr. Cheis - April 3, 2013

Looking sharp, Keenser.

46. Brevard - April 3, 2013

How can Nu Trek get so much right and so much wrong at the same time? Keenser is such a stupid character. Way too Star Wars. And in this photo he looks like an alien Nazi. Not good.

47. sean - April 3, 2013

I don’t understand the complaints about Keenser. If there’s one thing Star Trek should absolutely borrow from Star Wars, it’s the aliens that actually look like aliens. I for one am hoping we’re passed the old paper-plate-stapled-to-an-actor’s-forehead look.

48. CaesarGJ - April 3, 2013

You mean like the Gorn? Oh wait. Or the Melkots? Oh, um. Balok! No…ohhh, you’re thinking of Berman’s trek.

I think the actual complaints are about stupid comic-relief characters who don’t serve the plot in any way. It’s not too far from there to robot testicles.

49. Nony - April 3, 2013

I like Keenser. I don’t get why people hate him – he is inoffensive at the very least, and cool when you really think about him. He left his planet and his people to join Starfleet (like Spock). He’s clearly talented at what he does, if he got assigned to the Enterprise (like Spock). He does speak and understand English (“me”), he is just stoic and doesn’t bother yammering pointlessly away like all the humans around him (like Spock). He probably climbs on things if he needs to see, not just for fun (like Spock probably would if the situation warranted). And he rocks a dress uniform (like Spock undoubtedly does). It’s just his misfortune he’s not tall and hot and glossy-haired and mysterious with psychic powers (like Spock), otherwise he would be very popular.

50. Jemini - April 3, 2013

I don’t get your complains about little cute Keenser.
thank God we have him, it’s freaking star trek and yet we have a whole crew of humans (saved for Spock who is half human anyway) we need some actually looking alien characters.
I sure hope to see more aliens, what’s the fun of a star trek without aliens?

51. sean - April 3, 2013


No, I’m thinking of TOS, where the vast majority of alien societies encountered were 100% human-looking. Admittedly, sometimes they wore makeup or had purple hair, but they were still pretty human in appearance. And Balok was a little kid in a silver cape. The ‘alien’ looking Balok was a puppet. Not a great example.

52. star trackie - April 3, 2013

Sorry, can’t dig Keense. I love funny, but cant stand “cute” funny. And Keenser is 100% ewok-style, “cute” funny. I don’t find greeting cards with cute puppies saying clever things funny either, sue me. lol

But everything else in Trek ’09 rocked and I can’t wait to see the next one, Keenser be damned! :)

53. Calastir - April 3, 2013

Sequel title confirmed:

Star Trek III: The Wrath of Keenser.

54. Keachick - April 3, 2013

The only way Keenser could look shorter/smaller is if the actor who plays him, Deep Roy, had shrunk, which I think is extremely unlikely.

It is folk like Keenser and the “catwomen”, most likely Caitian, that make Star Trek not just another *human on human war/terrorist… story*, except let’s just take it out into space as well. We have been presented with large insectoid like creatures with intelligences, Gorn like creatures, as well as the more humanoid like people like Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans etc. So why not the Keensers? I would like to know where Keenser and his people originate, what their world is like, is Keenser the only one of his kind on earth, in Starfleet etc etc? The same applies to the so-called “catwomen” as well. Questions about physiology come to mind about these Caitians, as in why do they still have tails (if indeed these women do). Bipeds tend not to have tails, except in the case of animals like kangaroos… Is it usual for Caitians to relate to others as a pair, or was it just those two females who Kirk encounters? So many questions…

People seem so suppressive, repressive in their attitudes sometimes. Seeing these dull grey uniforms on our Starfleet heroes, ships looking colourless but pristine (and sterile) and cities looking much the same with the weather appearing always overcast is JJ Abrams simply giving what, it seems to me, most people here actually want.

“Schlocky stuff” like men and women relationships shown to begin, or be in full swing like the S/U one, is considered irrelevant, to be shunned, suppressed and these are the *normal, heterosexual ones, let alone any other type relationship that might be glimpsed upon, eg gay monogamous relationships, bigamy, polyandrous types…

It has indeed become a stark, grey, sterile universe – no colour, no light, no intimacies, friendship found only within a strictly confined space… indeed, Star Trek Into Darkness, as per your orders…except that JJ Abrams and co. appear to have strayed a bit in still having that Keenser alien aboard, and Spock and Uhura still appear romantically involved…I guess that Bad Robot is bad.

Let there be no flesh glimpsed upon
Let there be no alien beings, except ones that look like us
Let there be no colour in what the humans wear
Let there be no colour in what the aliens (who, of course, sorta look like us) wear
Let there be weapons of every type and description
Let there various kinds of space-faring vessels, capable of blowing half the earth to kingdom come
Let vengeance reign

Am I missing anything?

(Read sarcasm, in case some are not sure).

Sarcasm is often expressed by someone who is both angry and sad…:(

* Oh gee, how often have we not seen that scenario played out?…:(

55. Keachick - April 3, 2013

“* Oh gee, how often have we not seen that scenario played out?…:(”

To be clear, this is what I was referring to –
“not just another *human on human war/terrorist… story*”

56. Little Cadet - April 3, 2013

Well, that’s about the damn goofiest thing I’ve ever seen…
And says a lot coming from a Trekkie!

57. crazydaystrom - April 3, 2013

There was a issue of IDW’s ongoing Trek comic that featured Keenser. You might be amused to find out that among his people Keenser was considered odd and an outcast because of his height! He is unusually tall for his race!

58. Jovius the Romulan - April 3, 2013

Re: The “space Nazi” uniforms… I don’t see it. The cap is more of an homage to the briefly seen cap in “The Cage” and a lot of modern military uniforms are tailored close to the way those are. I have a feeling that, absent the cap and grey colour, the comparisons wouldn’t be made. :)

59. THX-1138 - April 3, 2013

I don’t think Keenser is all that alien looking, aside from having the complexion of a hermit crab and being bit shorter than a standard issue human.

Head sitting atop a neck which sits atop shoulders which are atop a torso–check.
Said head has two eyes–check
And a nose below the eyes–check
And a mouth below the nose–check
Two arms–check again

I’m not a Keenser fan.

60. Phil - April 3, 2013

Keenser is an officer? Sorry I missed that tidbit. I really need to see people snapping to attention and saluting next time out…

61. Phil - April 3, 2013

Oh, lets knock off the space Nazi uniform crap. These borrow heavily from West Point dress uniforms….

62. Keachick - April 3, 2013

How do we really know what “alien” looks like anyway?

Writers and artists have only the template known on earth to work off and play with – insect, quadrupeds, bipeds, furry, scaly, skin (like ours), spongy, metallic… Most mobile beings have a head, neck, torso, limbs. There are of course plants – they have trunks, branches, leaves, flowers…

My own creation – the nuli has plant like features, but is also capable of communicating well organised thoughts and feelings and has other capabilities as well…

Keenser appears more “alien” than other Star Trek aliens, like Klingons.

63. Keachick - April 3, 2013

#60 – So you also have a prejudice against small people?

64. Little Cadet - April 3, 2013

Nobody wants short people ’round here.

65. Disinvited - April 3, 2013

#61. Phil – April 3, 2013

Yeah, the real story is much more interesting:

Pine wearing Hugo Boss:

66. Jack - April 3, 2013

I don’t get the Star Wars connection. Yes, he’s short and an alien. But so what? TOS had little gold aliens wearing fez(zes?). And little Clint Howard. Is Keenser comic relief? Less so than Trek 09’s Mr. Scott, I’d argue.

67. sean - April 3, 2013


Are we saying Pine is a Nazi because he wore a Hugo Boss suit for a photoshoot?

68. Keachick - April 3, 2013

Chris Pine is also the US voice for the German car manufacturer, BMW. Did any of you read what the link also said about BMW during WWII?

Chris Pine is one-quarter Jewish – his maternal grandfather was an immigrant Jew from Stalin’s Soviet-Russia. He, a (closet) neo-Nazi – I seriously doubt it.

69. Commodore Adams - April 3, 2013

@ 66. Jack The star wars connection is that Keenser is quirky, and you don’t have to be loud, annoying, and idiotic like Jar Jar to be quirky. I have ZERO appreciation or fondness for Keenser.

I have no idea what is so damn appealing about Keenser. Granted he is not annoying like Jar Jar, I actually love that Keenser isn’t a chatter box, he’s solemn and dignified and his subtle humour is refreshing and far from cliche. But he is still one of those “character” that movies throw in for the sake of …whatever and that is why I dislike the character, its has nothing to do with stature, a variety of aliens is good, sadly the movie didn’t have many aliens which was disappointing. But Keenser is just thrown in for shits and giggles and has always rubbed me the wrong way. Seriously thats the best you could do….he can’t even reach the control panels, plus he’s climbing all over the ship. I dislike the little sh!t

70. Rich Civil - April 3, 2013

My issue wit the bridge both the JJ enterprise and the other ship bridge is functionality. There are too many reflective surfaces and lights.It must be tough for the crew to read their displays. The other issue is stations where the crew person stand at??????

71. Commodore Adams - April 3, 2013

@ 68. Keachick

LMAO, great, yea one-quarter Jewish…..and with the blond hair and blue eyes he’s three quarters Aryan!

72. Keachick - April 3, 2013

#69 – Wow. So I guess that people who are born little people or dwarves need not apply to the Starfleet Academy, no matter how intellectually capable, possessing great stamina, people skills etc.

Yes, I guess you could throw Keenser around as well…:(

73. Commodore Adams - April 3, 2013

@ 70. Rich Civil

..So we’re hoping that the panels are anti reflective and glair resistant :)

On a side note I F*CKING LOVE the image of the bridge JJ is standing on. I am far more fond of the greys, silvers, and black as opposed to the the bright white and dark copper floors of the Enterprise.

74. Chasco - April 4, 2013

@24 “obviously [Keenser] graduated from the Acadamy a long time ago.

In which case, you’d think he’d have the brains not to climb on stuff so that Scotty (hilariously, ha ha) has to keep telling him to “get down”.
I hate this thing, and I hope it gets sucked out of an airlock at the earliest opportunity. Stupid and unnecessary.

75. Phil - April 4, 2013

@63. What the hell is the matter with you? Officers are saluted (or at least recognized as such in the Trek universe), Keenser is an officer in Starfleet. And deserving of the respect that come with the rank. How the hell did you get that I’m prejudiced out of that???

76. Phil - April 4, 2013

@65. Yeah, I owned a 73 VW Beetle, too. According to Keachick, that probably makes me a Nazi sympathizer…

77. Disinvited - April 4, 2013

#67. sean – April 3, 2013

No, but it is good to know the history of how those clothes got on his back. I wish it was as easy to find out what textiles imported to the U.S. today are made with neoslave labor.

Knowledge is power.

78. TrekkerChick - April 4, 2013


I don’t know.. Butter-bars (if you aren’t familiar with the US military term, Google it), for instance, are often accused of doing some stupid stuff.

Besides, maybe climbing is a cultural thing/natural behavior (as justification) for the species.

79. sean - April 4, 2013


Except the clothes on his back in that photoshoot didn’t get there via Nazi slave labor. Hugo Boss have been very up front about their founders’ unfortunate Nazi past. But he’s been dead for 70 years, and they paid fines after the war to the German government.

There’s a much better chance unethical labor was involved in making the computer you’re using to type your comments.

80. Keachick - April 4, 2013

OK – why are some posts being deleted and the rest remain which speak directly to the content of a post now deleted?

#76 “@65. Yeah, I owned a 73 VW Beetle, too. According to Keachick, that probably makes me a Nazi sympathizer…”

Phil – do you have comprehension difficulties or are you simply being a rather annoying and nasty troll? I meant nothing of the kind. I was clear about that in my comment at #68.

It was this comment at #71 Commodore Adams that could more like intimate to what you accused me of – “@68. Keachick
LMAO, great, yea one-quarter Jewish…..and with the blond hair and blue eyes he’s three quarters Aryan!”

Blond hair and blue eyes are not Aryan features. Hitler got that wrong as well. Hitler’s first main targets for genocide were Jews and Gypsies. Gypsies are the actual descendants of the Aryan race and he wanted them gone because they knew the truth about the bs he was busy shovelling down people’s throats.

Also, Captain Kirk has blond hair and blue eyes. Chris Pine has dark reddy/brown hair with striking blue eyes. It is Chris’s natural appearance that is so striking and lovely.

81. Keachick - April 4, 2013

#69 – “But Keenser is just thrown in for shits and giggles and has always rubbed me the wrong way. Seriously thats the best you could do….he can’t even reach the control panels, plus he’s climbing all over the ship. I dislike the little sh!t”

This is the comment that had me wonder about possible prejudice against little people/dwarves. I’m not sure what made respond as I did earlier to your post, Phil. My apologies.

However, clearly someone here appears to have a prejudice against small people coming from any world.

82. Jovius the Romulan - April 4, 2013

61. Phil: Precisely. These are no closer to Nazi garb than U.S. Marines dress uniforms are. Even the “space Nazi” uniforms from Star Wars, with their jodhpurs and tall riding boots, were based more on old-fashioned British uniforms from their imperialist days than those of Nazi Germany.

65, 77. Disinvited: This is a joke, right? The country of Germany and all the companies who associated with the Nazi Party have long done away with their ties to it. They have moved on from that dark period in history. Can you say the same? Let bygones be bygones, buddy.

78. TrekkerChick: That’s what I figured. Their society may live in trees for all we know, and their natural instinct is to climb to a higher place — perhaps to even the odds with predators due to their shorter stature? Like Keachick, I’m very curious about his species. Now, I do think Keenser was probably in the movie for the kids, but the comparison to Jar Jar? Not even close. Jar Jar was downright obnoxious. I don’t even think Ewoks came close to him.

83. Phil - April 4, 2013

@81. Was about to say apology accepted, then read comment 80. Well, I suppose a backhanded apology is better then nothing at all, considering that you were quite clear on what was on post 63. Whatever…

84. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 4, 2013

Was’nt Keenser in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

One/all of the Umpas?

85. Disinvited - April 5, 2013

#79. sean – April 4, 2013

Read that article, if they were as upfront about it as you claim, it wouldn’t have taken them till 1997 to cop it.

“News of the tainted past of Hugo Boss AG, which has a turnover of about $535 million a year, caught 7th Avenue off guard.”

“Still, being manufacturer of Nazi uniforms, as opposed to airplane parts or rivets, packs a larger emotional punch.” – Steven Luckert, historian and a curator at the Holocaust Memorial Museum

While there may be no “Nazi” slave labor involved do you really want to go on record saying that the international clothing industry as a whole and HUGO BOSS AG in particular absolutely doesn’t benefit in any way from any slave labor at all?

86. GG - April 5, 2013

Oh, geezus. It’s Jar Jar Binks, all over again. We know you’re going to be doing Star Wars, JJ, and that Lucas was a big influence on you.. but you don’t have to make the same mistakes Lucas made.

87. Keachick - April 5, 2013

Yes. Keenser is played by the same actor, Deep Roy.

88. Khan was Framed! - April 6, 2013

I hate this stupid character.

Why did JJ think Star Trek needed a Jar-Jar?

89. Jack - April 8, 2013

Nonsense, Trek’s lucky to have Deep Roy (Dr. Who, Jedi, Neverending Story, Charlie/Chocolate Factory).

He’s no Jar Jar. Watch the movie again.

90. dee - April 16, 2013

Ah, 30%-40% of Jews have either blue eyes or green eyes. It is quite common (and blue eyes are a genetic mutation from maybe 7000 years back). Chris Pine is definitely darker than his blond (totally non-Jewish) father, probably because of his Jewish heritage. Although I know in the Star Trek movies, his hair is dyed blond… perhaps so he can look more like Shatner, who is fully Jewish.

P.S., Pine’s grandfather was a New Yorker! His own parents were Russian Jewish immigrants, yes. But Pine’s grandfather was born in the U.S., not Russia.

91. TigerClaw - April 28, 2013

Nice to see Keenser back in the sequel. Hes actually featured in the new Star Trek Video Game also, He appears in one of the missions later in the game. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.