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TrekMovie Report On Extended Star Trek Into Darkness Sequences Shown At CinemaCon April 16, 2013

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Today some of the cast and crew of Star Trek Into Darkness were at the industry tradeshow Cinemacon to show off a couple of extended sequences from the movie. TrekMovie has a report with details from the event. See below but beware of spoilers.     


Extended Into Darkness scenes shown at Cinemacon

Paramount brought Star Trek Into Darkness stars Chris Pine, John Cho, Alice Eve and Zachary Quinto to the Cinemacon trade show in Las Vegas. During the Paramount presentation they were joined by writer-producer Damon Lindelof who introduced a couple of extended sequences from the movie.  A TrekMovie guest contributor was at the event and sent in the following report.


Sequence 1

There were two sequences shown at Cinemacon. The first was an extended version of the IMAX preview shown with The Hobbit. The additional bits showed Kirk decide to take the ship out of the ocean in order to save Spock by transporting him out of the Volcano. The sequence ends showing the Nibiru natives looking up at the Enterprise and beginning to pray to it (Holy Prime Directive Violation!). 

Kirk exposes the ship to the Nibiru natives

Sequence 2

The second scene takes place apparently much later in the movie. It starts with Kirk walking into the Enterprise sickbay to confront Harrison (Cumberbatch) to reveal everything he knows about "that ship." Harrison clearly knows a lot rattling off details such as "Dreadnought Class. Two times the size – three times the speed – advanced weaponry – minimal crew…built solely for combat."  Kirk then convinces Harrison to help him, after some banter Kirk promises "you said you would do anything for your crew, I can guarantee their safety." Harrison is dubious but Kirk returns "are you coming with me or not?"

Kirk enters sickbay to confront Harrison

Specifically Kirk wants Harrison to come with him to another Starship – this ‘Dreadnought Class’ ship is the ship that has been discussed in analysis on And apparently this other Federation ship has damaged Enterprise severely. Kirk and Harrison then prepare to go over to the ship but first Kirk calls Scotty who is already on the other ship (why he is there is not explained). Harrison starts barking instructions to Scotty and Pegg lightens things up by incredulously saying things like "are you crazy? whoever you are" to Harrison. Scotty isn’t too happy about the idea of opening an airlock to let Kirk and Harrison in after they space jump over, but he sets about to make it happen.

Scotty talks to Kirk and Harrison as they prepare to space jump to other ship

Kirk and Harrison then get into space to suits prepare to launch out of the Enterprise and have to navigate a debris field. At the same time Scotty is trying to get things ready on the other ship. There are also shots of Spock, McCoy and Sulu on the bridge. There is a classic exchange between Spock and McCoy where Spock says he doesn’t have "the information or confidence" to confirm if the plan will work, and McCoy quips "you’re a real comfort."

Kirk and Harrison prepare to launch

Kirk and Harrison then get launched into the debris field where they have to dodge around towards the other ship where Scotty is frantically trying to prepare to open an airlock without getting sucked into space (he isn’t wearing a spacesuit). Eventually Kirk’s faceplate gets cracked, adding to the tension. And to make things worse Scotty gets confronted by a very large security guy (not in standard Starfleet uniform) who doesn’t seem to buy Scotty’s story that he is just there to "do a wee bit of maintenance on the airlock console." 

Kirk’s faceplate cracks

As Kirk and Harrison get closer, Scotty continues to deal with the big guy aiming a phaser at him. Scotty asks him if he is Starfleet or "private security." The reason becomes clear soon enough because Scotty opens the hatch and launches the guy out the airlock while he has strapped himself in–essentially killing him. Soon after Kirk and Harrison fly through the opening and afer closing the airlock Scotty quips "welcome aboard." And that was the end of the sequence.

Kirk heads to the other ship

Even though the industry crowd should be jaded, the reaction was quite strong. Pegg got a lot of laughs and the post-Paramount presentation buzz was very good. Both sequences showed a great combination of action, amazing effects, humor and still plenty amount of good ol’ Star Trek exposition (and even some light technobabble). As for big spoilers, the second sequence confirmed that the enemy ship Kirk is facing is a Federation ship (or looks like one) and confirms that Harrison is indeed called "Harrison" in the movie. The somewhat unexpected twist is how Kirk and Harrison are forced to work together to deal with who ever is controlling that other ship. So ironically after seeing this sequence you may have more questions than you started with…Abrams!!!


Thanks to DT for the CinemaCon report,


1. Themanle1 - April 16, 2013

Nice, can’t wait, first!!

2. Chain of Command - April 16, 2013

Had a feeling that the “Ship” in question was an advanced Star Fleet prototype of some sort.

3. TrinaInUS - April 16, 2013

Gods, I’d love it if Harrison somehow redeems himself in the end. Although I fear it’ll mean the character getting killed-off in the process…

4. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 16, 2013

Well, at least we know who the second space jumper is. Darn it – it’s more, but it’s not enough – I want to see the movie NOW…

…Still counting down to May :-(

5. Val Jean - April 16, 2013

Dreadnaught class… Early Section 31 ship perhaps?

Also, Scotty kills a guy? Awesome!

6. Daniel Broadway - April 16, 2013

My guess is the other ship is Admiral Marcus’ ship and he’s somehow a bad guy.

7. AyanEva - April 16, 2013

So it sounds like there may be three different factions here? Starfleet, Harrison’s crew, and this Dreadnaught class ship that has perhaps gone rogue? And then Kirk is in the middle of it all forced to go the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” route.

That makes me wonder… we know Harrison attacked the Starfleet meeting but is it possible that the large terrorist attack on London wasn’t actually his doing at all and was actually somehow the responsibility of whoever is in charge of the Dreadnaught class ship? Any clue in the dialogue from this preview?

Also, I have to wonder why their transporters don’t work underwater but I’m guessing we’ll probably get an in-universe explanation for that (like radiation or high neutrino levels or some such).

I can’t even begin to guess this plot and I LOVE it. Seems like there will be a lot of layers here, much more so than the 2009 movie.

8. Theatre Historian - April 16, 2013

So wish I went to Cinemacon with my boss this year. But I can wait a few more weeks to see the movie.

9. Daniel Broadway - April 16, 2013

So is there a trailer still coming on Tuesday? Will it be midnight?

10. JohnRambo - April 16, 2013


“Seas magnetic field”

11. CrazyK - April 16, 2013

My post totally got deleted I’m going to post it again and if it gets deleted I’ll know its true. I think someone pretty important just leaked the ending of the film regarding Kirk and Harrison in retaliation for something Orci said about the Boston attacks.

12. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 16, 2013

@7. AyanEva

From memory (i.e. back in December), I think the transporter issue was explained as an effect of the Volcano and only a line-of-sight transport would work.

I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

13. CrazyK - April 16, 2013

Never mind. My comment is still there, don’t know how I missed it. LOL

14. Theatre Historian - April 16, 2013

hmmm, ok Harrison is either going to be reverse aged April or he is going to be someone from the Bottany Bay. I honestly am leaning more towards April.

I could see Kirk, wanting to help Harrison if he revealed himself to be a reverse aged April.

on the other hand he could very well be a Khanesqe character but I am still leaning towards April.

15. AyanEva - April 16, 2013

#10 and #12 – Thanks! I’d forgotten about that.

16. Gary Makin - April 16, 2013

Why are people so eager to spoil the movie for themselves? Can’t you just wait until it comes out?

By the way, the recent events in Boston could delay the next trailer if it features terror attacks.

17. Michael Hall - April 16, 2013

“Also, Scotty kills a guy? Awesome!”

Really? Is that what you got out of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek–that killing is “awesome”? And today, of all days?


18. Ash - April 16, 2013

Awesome! Can’t wait :)

19. Superquerulant - April 16, 2013

I guess that explains why Chekov is wearing now a red uniform – He is the new chief engineer of the Enterprise while Scotty probably has become the one of this battle cruiser.

As I “predicted” before: The crew of this ship are augments.

The question is: If the augments are the “good guys” of this movie (at least for the moment) – Who and why orders this battle cruiser to attack other federation starships.

I would understand if it would attack the Enterprise (because its crew knows too much) – But something must have gone terribly wrong…

20. Johnny - April 16, 2013

Again, why the report? Why does ANYONE want to read a description of scenes that happen in the movie?

I just can’t wrap my head around it.

21. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 16, 2013

@16. Gary Makin

If we could wait until it comes out, (without picking through all the scraps tossed to us) we wouldn’t be on this site in the first place ;-)

22. Aix - April 16, 2013

I am actually more interested in the reactions of the crowd than what happens to it. Like, how was the 3D? How was the actors’ performance? The overall feel of the movie as a whole? The costumes? Effects? That’s what I would rather read than a blow by blow.

STILL, I am thankful for the report.

23. AyanEva - April 16, 2013

#20 Eh, everyone does fandom differently. Some people hate spoilers and some people like them. Count me in as a person who enjoys spoilers and will read every scrap of information and speculation that I can get my grubby little hands on. Not just for Star Trek but for any fandom I’m in. It heightens the anticipation for me, personally. I get tiny glimpses of what’s going on and it makes me want more and I love trying to work out clues and guess what’s happening. Then I can see how far off (or spot on) I was when I get to watch the movie in full. I’m not going to watch a movie or TV show or read a book without knowing some details about it first. I need to make sure it’s worth my time. Also, theorizing over the plot is half the fun for me.

24. Star Sick: the Original Generation - April 16, 2013

If this Dreadnought-class ship is Marcus’ ship, and is doing terrible things, it would explain both the “your leaders have done something I cannot forgive” line, and the attack on the meeting where Marcus is in attendance.

25. Anthony Pascale - April 16, 2013

This is just a report on a couple of sequences. We will have full detailed spoiler-free (and spoilerish) reviews as we get closer to the premiere of the movie itself. Patience.

26. Riker's Beard - April 16, 2013

I’m not reading any more spoilers at this stage – I’m happy to go with what we’ve got from the trailers and enjoy the ride. Remember when Amazing Spiderman came out last year, they put together practically the whole story from the trailers. This is the first new Star Trek for 4 years and the best way to find out about it is by watching the movie that JJ and co have worked so hard to bring us. 9th of May, can’t wait!

27. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 16, 2013

I done with spoilers, too. R-a-a-a-r-i-i-i-g-h-t.

How about some more Alice Eve pics!×1140.jpg?1353979068

There. Better.

28. Val Jean - April 16, 2013

dont want to get into an argument but mate, get a sense of humor. Clearly its played for comic effect.

And its a movie. Should we all stop watching movies where people die? Its a MOVIE, why are you linking a comment to something that has nothing to do with Star Trek?

Anyway, i think ill stop reading spoiler scene threads, giving away a bit too much now!

29. Max - April 16, 2013

Just read elsewhere that Kirk and Harrison eject out of an Enterprise trash chute and have to fly through garbage debris to reach the dreadnought. I hope this isn’t the case as I would hate to think Starfleet ships simply dump all their garbage in space in the 23rd century. Germany today recycles 50% of it trash. Surely the Enterprise would recycle all of its waste and not need a “trash chute” to eject garbage into space — that would seriously ruin the movie by altering the Trek universe. The Enterprise is not an Imperial Star Destroyer.

30. CraigB - April 16, 2013

indeed! like replaced the Dreadnought-class crew with the M5 computer. All of this is special Ops.

31. MikeBlacklist - April 16, 2013

There was a nice exchange after Spock gets beamed out of the volcano; Kirk and Bones rush into the transporter room (being run by Chris Doohan); Spock incredulously says “Captain, you’ve violated the prime directive”, followed by Bones commenting “See, Jim? He’s fine.”

32. MikeBlacklist - April 16, 2013

Also, GATT 2000 is shown as part of the bridge crew, with an arc-reactor piece of machinery embedded in the back of his head. He’s shown speaking trajectory calculations to keep Harrison and Kirk on course to the other ship’s airlock.

33. MikeBlacklist - April 16, 2013


The dreadnought is disabled during the sequence. It made it seem to me that the sequence takes place after a ship-to-ship battle. When Harrison and Kirk eject, they are all that’s in the tube; the debris was already there.

34. MikeBlacklist - April 16, 2013

There was also a bit of humor with Kirk and Harrison getting ready to launch. Scotty tells them they’re aiming for a small target at a high rate of uncontrolled speed. Kirk says “Relax, I’ve done that before”, prompting a slow, incredulous stare from Harrison. Kirk looks at him and stammers “There was this drill… and we had to jump…”, at which point Harrison looks away without saying a word.

35. Jason Buffalo - April 16, 2013

Well the Name say it all for the ship ala Wiki

“The dreadnought was the predominant type of battleship in the early 20th century. The first of the kind, the Royal Navy’s Dreadnought, had such an impact when launched in 1906 that similar battleships built after her were referred to as “dreadnoughts,” and earlier battleships became known as pre-dreadnoughts. Her design had two revolutionary features: an “all-big-gun” armament scheme, with an unprecedented number of heavy-calibre guns, and steam turbine propulsion.”

No wonder the Enterprise got damaged pretty bad.

but another thought when this ship crashes into SF Bay Area, did anyone thought that Harrsion or whom ever, may use the ship Anti Matter to make a bomb and detonate it on the planet surface after it has crashed.

36. martin - April 16, 2013

Trailer is up over at traileraddict

37. martin - April 16, 2013

Do we know the name of Noel Clarke’s character? Could it be Dr. Daystrom which gives Harrison access?

38. tuvix - April 16, 2013

trailer huh where now?

39. martin - April 16, 2013

40. martin - April 16, 2013

They are saying it is the feature trailer, but now I see that they posted this on 3/22. Gotta wait a bit longer I guess.

41. Star Sick: the Original Generation - April 16, 2013


Right. Y’know, before, I wasn’t really buying the “black ops” theory, but it’s starting to make more sense now.

42. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 16, 2013

It’s possible, in the light of the appalling act in Boston, that they are reviewing the content of the domestic trailer.

I’m not saying that they are, only that is seems a possibilty to me.

43. Flake - April 16, 2013

42: They should just not release it online until next week but keep it in front of Oblivion.

44. Captain John C Baron - April 16, 2013

The appalling acts in Boston and the tragic loss of life sadden me greatly. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the bereaved and injured.

I do wonder, given the bombing scenes in this film, how audiences will react to STID – will there be a backlash, will it affect box office? Its release date couldn’t have come at a worse time so soon after this atrocity.

45. Ctrl-Opt-Del - April 16, 2013

@43 – Agreed. As cliche as it sounds it is “letting the terrorists win” to alter the trailer, removing any terrorism references from it; but its online release should be delayed until its first cinematic play so as to not show such scenes the very day after such an attack in real life.

46. Son of Jello - April 16, 2013

So why is there “private security” involved with starfleet? It sounds like the Federation has gotten itself involved in a grey area. Contracting some ugly work out to a third party to keep starfleets hands clean. Harrison could just be the person who knows to much and comes across as doing evil but his motivation could in a twisted way be the right action to take. If the federation labels someone as a terrorist everyone is going to belive them including the Enterprise crew. When they eventually catch up with harrison the truth comes out and the ultimate betrayel could be the Federations hypocricy and secrets that brings the whole thing down.

Governments react badly to the truth being exposed (boborci seems to like conspiracys). It could be that the Federation is destroyed and weakend but due to its own corrupt behaviour and not so much to physical destruction from outside. The whole ships crashing and explosions could just be a panic reaction by the Federation to being exposed. Harrison could be the only one who knows the path to the truth thats why Kirk is working with him. Harrison may hate the federation not because hes bad but because they are wrong. Maybe all those cryotubes are the catalist for him to act.

When something good has become so corrupt that it no longer stands for anything it has to be destroyed. and thats my 2 cents

47. Son of Jello - April 16, 2013

Id just like to ad to my post #46

Maybe when harrison escapes starfleet dosent want him back hes a scapegoat for them hes gone to Qu’noS so he can easily be labeld a traitor and forgotten about and the secrets and truth that he knows are never going to come out. Kirk getting him and bringing him back could be the last thing starfleet wants. The agression between Harrison and Kirk may just be Harrison seeing Kirk as starfleet and paints him with the same brush. But after catching him and talking to him they go back to earth with a whole lot of questions starfleet dosent want to answer. It gotta have something to do with the prime directive. Im upto 4 cents now

48. Nick C - April 16, 2013

What if Harrison is one of Khan’s crew, and Marcus is holding the other augments hostage to force Harrison to work for him? Maybe the Botany Bay sleepers are the crew whose safety Kirk guarantees.

49. Aurore - April 16, 2013

“Well, at least we know who the second space jumper is…”

Yes we do!

I wonder if I’ll see those fine gentlemen in their underwear before the jump…


50. KHAAAN, the weasel - April 16, 2013

Okay, now this is actually getting me excited because it means that there’s a distinct chance that we DON’T get the same story all over again.

@46: Do you remember that statement from a while ago that the movie deals with the “ripple effect” caused by the destruction of Vulcan? Maybe in this new timeline Starfleet/the Federation is getting more and more paranoid. Very much like in DS9 when the changelings started to infiltrate all and everything, only “hypercharged” to make the whole thing movie-worthy…

51. Elias Javalis - April 16, 2013

Combat vessel? Somebody was upgrading! With the all the Klingons – Romulans – Gorn?? It is to be expected!

52. Son of Jello - April 16, 2013

#49 Aurore

Lightspeed briefs for sure:)

53. Barabbas - April 16, 2013

If you look, it seems the “other ship” that Kirk and Harrison space jump to is orbiting the Moon and not Earth.

54. Unwanted - April 16, 2013

There was a novel named “Dreadnought!” by Diane Carey in which Kirk and crew confronted a secret plot within Starfleet to develop warships to launch a coup. There was one finished vessel, the Star Empire, which was described almost exactly the same way as what Harrison is noted as saying about the “other” ship.

It’s a really good book, and we know JJ, Bob, and the gang are willing to use ideas from Trek novels, after all they used situations and dialogue from Spock’s World in the last movie, along with other details they pulled from Best Destiny.

Interestingly the Dreadnought! novel is told from the viewpoint of Lt. Piper, a recent Academy graduate, and not one of the main crew. I really do recommend the book to anyone who hasn’t read it, whether it ends up having anything to do with the movie or not.

55. JohnRambo - April 16, 2013

@42 43 44 45

guys come down! This Boston thing was horrible, but there is NO reason to alter or to not release the trailer.

If they not release the Trailer, the Terrorist have won. We should not change things in our life’s just because of an attack like this.

Also you forget how a simple Trailer can make people happy and let them forget all the bad stuff that happened and get them excited for this Movie.

Even Quinto posted a picture of him in the Volcano suit yesterday…..(lol)

“There is a classic exchange between Spock and McCoy”

Oh my mom is gonna love this:-)


haha can’t wait to see this scene!:-D

56. Governor - April 16, 2013

Anyone got an idea when the new trailer will be released? I am as excited as a child at christmas…

57. Calastir - April 16, 2013

@28. Val Jean

riiight…and the declaraction of Independence is just a piece of parchment.

Star Trek is more than ‘just a movie’. It’s a cultural phenomenon.

The main cast shouldn’t murder anyone, that’s why phasers have a stun-setting.

58. Spockchick - April 16, 2013

Hmm… I’m starting to wonder if the reveal at the end of the ‘Return of the Archons’ comic has anything to do with the film, at least in broad theme. Being vague to avoid a spoiler. Strokes chin.

59. Superquerulant - April 16, 2013

By the way – “Trek movie logic”:

If this ship needs “minimal crew”… why is it three times bigger?!

60. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 16, 2013

@58. Spockchick

According to Memory Alpha, Mike Johnson said there would be hints (that we would see in hindsight) in the 1st, 4th & 12th issues. Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if the 10th issue (Return of the Archons conclusion) also contained a hint in retrospect.

@59. Superquerulant

Cargo, armaments, passengers, … Also, don’t forget, in ST:TSFS Scotty rejigged the Enterprise so that ‘a chimpanzee and two trainees could run her’.

61. MAX - April 16, 2013

I’m starting to think this movie was inspired by the Star Trek novel “Dreadnought,” by Diane Carey, about a secret and powerful new dreadnought Starfleet ship and a group of terrorists from within the Federation that try to steal it, or something like that. Kirk and crew, however, manage to save the day.!

62. Mad Mann - April 16, 2013

I’m getting more stoked to see this. Too bad my schedule is so tight that I won’t be able to see it for several weeks after it opens.

63. Smike - April 16, 2013

So we’ve got a secret Starfleet prototype manned by a secretely bred crew of Augments, probably based on 21st century augmented DNA…Harrison genetically is Khan, but probably not the Khan that ruled over parts of our world from 2092-2096 (I know, it should have been one hundred years earlier but that didn’t happen)… he is a genetically superior agent of Section 31, somewhat involved in a secret project that includes:

– a Dreadnaught class battleship
– huge Gattlin guns somehow linked to Cpt. April
– genetically augmented crew (probably based on 21st century research)
– rapid aging, probably using the same protomatter that was used for the Genesis device in the old timeline
– cybernetic augmentation and/or androids (GATT2000)
– biological weapons of mass destruction (probably the crew itself if exposing their altered DNA to alien species like Klingons)

I hope I got it right…

64. Kapten Kerk - April 16, 2013

This is the article as I read it: blah, blah, blah… Dreadnaught Class, two times the size, three times the speed, advanced weaponry, minimal crew, built solely for combat… blah, blah, blah…

Finally some real info regarding the “mysterious second” ship. So it really is a Section 31 black-ops starship. And it explains why Harrison is seen attacking one of it’s crew. nuFederation is a lot darker after the destruction of Vulcan by those sneaky Romulans. The comics hinted at a conspiracy at the higher echelons of Star Fleet…

I am hoping for some serious Enterprise Vs. Dreadnought action! I can’t wait!

65. Robert - April 16, 2013

Damn, I was right!! I had a feeling it had something to do with the novel Dreadnought.

66. Kapten Kerk - April 16, 2013

Star Trek: Dreadnought! (by Diane Carey)

The Federation’s ultimate war machine – captured by terrorists!

Star Empire is the Federation’s most powerful new weapon – a dreadnought, first in a class of super-starships – capable of outgunning a dozen Klingon cruisers, or subduing a galaxy.
On the eve of her maiden voyage, Star Empire is stolen by terrorists who demand a rendezvous with the Starship Enterprise – and with Lieutenant Piper, stationed aboard James Kirk’s ship on her first training cruise. Now Piper must discover why her friends from Starfleet are among the terrorists… and why they insist the ship was stolen not to attack the Federation – but to save it!

67. edshrinker - April 16, 2013

As I have posted before, I think Cumberbund Bendersnatch is too big right now to be killed off as a vanilla villain. What has been posted previously about him redeeming himself – at least to the E crew, are spot on IMHO. the problem being, this script was wriiten just before Cumby peaked in popularity… leads to my thinking that the hands on glass scene is Spock giving Harrison some love as he sacrifices himself. I would put $$ on this in Vegas if I could. This will be a story of redemption for am man who did anything he had to do to protect his Botony Bay Crew (family) and father (Khan). This will be a story that sees sacrifice by Kirk as well as the man who clues him in to the corruption withinee Starfleet. Now that Pike is dead, Kirk has to grow and mature without his father figure and mentor. He has to work through his anger at Harrison for this, because in the grand scheme, he knows Harrison is on the right side.

Just thinking out loud

68. Calamity_si - April 16, 2013

@ Kapten Kerk: If you study the only existing shitty images of the Dreadnought that are out there, we can see that her overall layout is very similar to the Enterprise. (Maybe too similar…) I like the angled warp pylons better than the ‘bendy’ Enterprise ones. The nacelles also look a bit flatter, more like the refit-constitution class ships had from the primary universe. Interestingly, the neck section seems to taper down directly into the body section. If you freeze the movie image above, just as she touches down on the ‘Alcatraz’ building, you’ll see a recessed navigational deflector and some interesting ‘bulges’ (could be weaponry) on the underside of the engineering hull.

69. psb2009 - April 16, 2013

I’m thinking that Harrison is not a villain at all, but someone who has discovered that militarisitc elements in starfleet have been creating acts of terror and using them to fund their efforts towards a war, and perhaps his crew or family were hurt in the process- Harrison’s villainy may come in the form of him doing whatever it takes to stop the “evil” part of starfleet, even if it means hurting others who get in his way. Kirk does whatever he can to stop the war mongers, but takes the high road and doesn’t risk collateral damage. I think there will be some deep questions asked, amongst the overall fun, and will reflect events that have happened for the past 12 years.

70. PaulB - April 16, 2013

#63 Well, you got it right that there’s a dreadnaught and a big gun that’s connected to April somehow. But the rest of that is just wild, unfounded speculation based on nothing.

Just because Harrison says he’s “better” at “everything” than Kirk doesn’t mean he’s an augment. A Navy SEAL could make a similar claim to a Navy cruiser captain in real life, and a Bond or Bourne-level agent could claim the same, with no need for genetic superiority.

Okay, so you also mentioned “GATT2000.” All we know is that “GATT2000″ is a named the moviemakers used to refer to that character. We have no idea (unless I missed a memo) if that’s his character’s actual name or not.

We know there’s at least one “top agent” in the film; Harrison is a badass who thinks he’s better than Kirk; there’s a ship called a dreadnaught; someone attacks SF and London; big E plummets belly-first from orbit (or partly); other ship crashes in SF, smashing Alcatraz in the process…

ALL of the augment stuff is just idle speculation by fanboys wishing for a new Khan or Khan-ish plot. It could be in there, but there’s no evidence of it so far.

71. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 16, 2013

@70. PaulB

I’m not necessarily buying into the Khan thing, but there’s something about Harrison that’s more than ‘vanilla’ Human. It appears he can beat the living daylights out of Spock in hand to hand combat. A ‘vanilla’ Human shouldn’t be able to do that. Vulcans are 3 times stronger than Humans – according to Memory Alpha based on information from the DS9 episode Take Me Out to the Holosuite .

72. Selor - April 16, 2013

Noell Clarke is Dr. Daystrom, Harrison is not an Augment but one of the hundreds of Androids from TOS, now in possession of Starfleet and used for something and the other Ship is either an M5-Controlled Ship where the M5 Computer is somehow linked to the android or an Section 31 Ship :D

73. GermanTrekker - April 16, 2013

Guys, really: Read the memory-alpha synopsis of “Dreadnought!” by Diane Carey. It sounds too good to be true … I definitely see some parallels: The Admiral and his ship, him being the “real” bad guy, Kirk and the “Commander (Cumby Character)” working together in the end to defeat the admiral and so on.

74. Kapten Kerk - April 16, 2013

@68 Calamity_si

I think you are absolutely right. From what we can see the STID Dreadnought has an “Enterprise” / cruiser shape with a saucer primary hull, a secondary engineering hull and two nacelles. The nacelle struts are widely spaced. The nacelles have a TMP Enterprise-refit shape. The saucer connects directly to the hull like the Enterprise-E. And the secondary engineering hull has a more angular and sharp (armored?) shape. That’s what (I think) I see anyway…

75. Aix - April 16, 2013

I also think that there are a lot of John Harrisons. Like, there’s an army of him. Cumby is just THE John Harrison.

76. Cant Wait Fer ST:ID - April 16, 2013

@54 Dreadnought! was the book that made me a fan of Diane Carey. I agree with yer recommendation that anybody who hasn’t should find and read this story. It’s a fun book.

77. edshrinker - April 16, 2013

Hmm. I will have to get out of my Dean Koontz and Timothy Zahn (Khan?? ;)) comfort zone and read this Diane Carey book. You guys have me intrigued. Trek books never hooked me quite the way the Star Wars EU books have. Zahn had everything to do with getting me started on that. Incidentally – Dreadnaught was a major ship type in his novels.

78. Kapten Kerk - April 16, 2013

@73 GermanTrekker
Just substitute Lieutenant Piper with Dr. Carol Marcus, Commander Paul Burch with John Harrison and Vice Admiral Vaughn Rittenhouse with Admiral Alex Marcus.

79. The dude - April 16, 2013

Didnt peter weller say he “had his own ship”?

Honestly I dont think the villain is Khan anymore

80. JohnRambo - April 16, 2013


yes! that’s exactly what he said.

81. Superquerulant - April 16, 2013

@ 60: Passengers?! On a battle cruiser?!

Well… maybe if it was a troop carrier – But a troop carrier for only 2400 soldiers would be a little bit small.

So let`s face the facts: This ship is big because it has to look “impressive” and not because there is a certain “lore reason” behind it…

82. Publisher USS-1881 - April 16, 2013

A thought: the Dreadnaught ship has tapered saucer edges like Next Generation era ships. Could this ship be from the future?

83. John Yaya - April 16, 2013

So… Scotty’s a murderer now?

84. Robman007 - April 16, 2013

@83: Spare us that crap, ok? Please? Were the crew of the Defiant murderers when they fired on and killed crew members of the Lakota?

Spare us

85. Trek in a Cafe - April 16, 2013

What’s great about this… it looks like the this may be the first Trek film to actually TAKE CHANCES with it’s plot. just like the OS. That is exciting!

86. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 16, 2013

Geez, this “Dreadnaught” ship is twice as big as the Abram-prise? The cartoony-looking Enterprise that’s already five times as big as the TOS Enterprise? The thing must be as big as a Star Destroyer…

87. Robman007 - April 16, 2013

@86: That “size” issue was recently changed as the new Enterprise is back to being the size of the Original Series ship. One can tell that was solved by checking the size of the new model kit. At a size of 1:500, that kit should be massive compaired to the 1:350 35″ TOS ship, but it is not.

The QMx model of the JJ Prise is 1:350 and roughly the same size as the refit model and TOS model of the same size, so the size deal has been fixed…no doubt because of this film and the dreadnought.

88. Robman007 - April 16, 2013

This is no doubt before Harrison clobbers the crap outta the good Captain. Kirk gets his clock cleaned along with the “I will walk over your cold corpses” speech on the bridge of the dreadnought. No doubt Harrison dups Kirk into working with him or Kirk realizes what is going on and has had Scotty sabotage the dreadnought ship, which is why said vessel is crashing into SF.

89. AB - April 16, 2013


This is exactly what I was just about to say. I think it’s possible that the reason they felt confident about revealing that Harrison and Kirk team up is because Harrison is going to betray Kirk once they get control of the ship.

They’ve said repeatedly that Harrison is manipulative. He may see his chance to get control of the Dreadnaught by helping Kirk at first. The shot of Harrison apparently sitting in a captain’s chair and looking all evil (during the line “Shall we begin” in one of the first trailers) looks like it probably takes place on the Dreadnaught.

That being said I wish that wouldn’t be the case. I do like stories where the villain is somehow redeemed by the end. I think it would make him a more interesting character.

90. Kapten Kerk - April 16, 2013

I don’t know if the STID Dreadnought really looks like this sketch
but if it does it is a very beautiful ship!
Although I think the secondary / engineering hull is more angular, armored and with a recessed deflector dish like the StarEmpire from the novel Dreadnought:

91. NuFan - April 16, 2013

There’s just 7 days left to be deliberately wrong!

92. DM - April 16, 2013

New trailer is up @ Apple!

93. JohnRambo - April 16, 2013

@92 DM


94. Kapten Kerk - April 16, 2013

The above sketch is by Calamity_si. Dreadnought’s USS Star Empire can also be seen here

95. DM - April 16, 2013

All I can say is OMG twice the size is no joke! LOL

96. Jake Romain - April 16, 2013

Is anyone else reminded of the novel Dreadnought! by Diane Carey… or is it just me?

97. The Sinfonian - April 16, 2013

@72. Do androids bleed red on their cheeks?

If not, Harrison is not an android, or at least of the type with which we are familiar from TOS.

@Dreadnaught! and Battle Stations… the best of the pro Mary Sue Trek fiction by far. Definitely worth a read. Piper’s essentially a female version of Kirk-just-out-of-the-Academy, with a loyal Vulcan at her side, and another bunch of “below decks” regulars. Basically the core idea that led to ST2009.

98. Jim - April 16, 2013

Holy crap this is amazing, no wonder they waited to show the space scenes looks like its going to be one hell of a fight.

99. Kapten Kerk - April 16, 2013

@92 @95
Poor Enterprise! First the Narada, now THAT MONSTER!
Screencaps quickly PLEASE!!!

100. Curious Cadet - April 16, 2013

@92 DM,

That is an AWESOME trailer!!

Scotty: The Ships Dead sir, she’s gone!

And yeah, what’s with that Narada-sized ship …

101. The Sinfonian - April 16, 2013

@27 Well, now isn’t that a nice photo. :)

Sure hoping Dr. Marcus survives this movie.

102. Curious Cadet - April 16, 2013

@98. Jim,
“Holy crap this is amazing”

Yeah, but there’s no shots of Alice Eve in her panties. Who will want to go see that? ;-)

103. martin - April 16, 2013

Note: Spock running in the street is a reverse image. Seen that a few times before, never noticed the insignia on the wrong side of his chest.

Not going to draw any special meaning to that. I wonder if it is possibly just am homage to TOS.

104. drumvan - April 16, 2013

best trailer yet! this has the look of a fantastic film. i think i might squirt.

“i have no idea what i’m supposed to do. i only know what i can do”.

whoever wrote that line should get an award.

105. Curious Cadet - April 16, 2013

@104. drumvan,
“whoever wrote that line should get an award.”

‘Darkness is coming’

And whoever wrote that line should get flogged.

106. The Great Bird Lives - April 16, 2013

Very impressed by this trailer. I could feel a deep sense of darkness, surrounded by the unknown variables that face our beloved Captain Kirk.

And to those that question Chief Engineer Scott’s ability to ‘murder’ should wait to see the movie before coming to any conclusions. It is more likely that Scotty was either acting in self defense or amidst a skirmish the security guard is accidentally ejected out the airlock.

I get the feeling that this Dreadnought is given the registry NX- 1701, and it is Admiral Marcus’s ship- and it is manned by a small crew of genetic ‘supermen’.
And when this movie ends, songs of praise for Captain Kirk will be sung throughout the Federation, because Kirk will- have indeed- earned the big chair.

The anticipation continues…

107. Sunfell - April 16, 2013

@58 I concur. Time for a reread.

108. Mikey1701 - April 16, 2013

That drednought looks fiiiiit!!

109. Keachick - April 16, 2013

This is becoming a bit too spoilerish for me.

I saw STID being advertised in the Coming Soon section in my local Events cinema. It used the very first poster showing John Harrison from the back looking out at a smouldering London. The release date was 16 May.

I think that the IMAX 3D version of this film is getting released a week earlier here – 9 May, than the usual 2D/3D versions. Is this happening elsewhere? Just wondering…

110. Unwanted - April 16, 2013

@109. There are advance showings scheduled for IMax theatres here in the US, starting May 15 (I think).

111. st buff - April 16, 2013

Thats it, Cumberbatch Is Joachim resuscitated by Admiral Marcus. The other members of the botany bay are used as pawns to get “Harrison” to do whatever evil Admiral Marcus needs done. The botany bay is probably being held by the Klingons. Anyway the plot unravels, Kirk finds out the truth of who harrision really is, Markus is defeated, and Joachim dies at the end. At the end of t e moviewe see Khan let out of hibernation for ST3

112. John Yaya - April 16, 2013

84. Spare yourself, Robman007. Jettisoning someone out an airlock in cold blood is murder (unless it’s self-defense).

113. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 17, 2013

@112. John Yaya

This is a classic ethical dilemma. Is it ethical to allow people to die if the action to save them will result in the death of another? Conversely, is it ethical to take action which will result in the death of a person, if that action is intended to save the lives of others?

This is based on my reading of action description – which is that Scotty needed to open the airlock so Kirk and Harrison could come aboard.

I’m not saying one action or the other is necessarily the correct one. That’s why it’s called an ethical dilemma…

114. JJsucks - April 17, 2013

It’s amazing how you idiots just lap this garbage up. RIP Star Trek.

115. JH - April 18, 2013

Anyone think that Mudd type androids will be involved considering the comics and the writers mentioning Mudd as one of the guys who might show up?

116. Tiberius Subprime - April 18, 2013

“Even though the industry crowd should be jaded, the reaction was quite strong. ”

Why would the “industry crowd” be “jaded”?
That is a weird statement to make. Can you explain.

117. Jack - April 18, 2013

116. Well, it seems like a fair assumption — that a movie industry crowd would be ‘meh’ about movie clips, no?

118. Rene Robles - April 21, 2013

Into Darkness possible backstory and premise:
Star Fleet, not necessarily Kirk, finds the Botany Bay ship. They decide to exterminate the crew because they are considered criminals and dangerous, knowing all about Khan and his followers from history.
But at some point before this, John Harrison and maybe other crew members are awaken from cryosleep. He then vows revenge. He infiltrates star fleet as a agent and eventually turns on them to bring it down. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.