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Exclusive: Hi-res Image Of The Other Starship From Star Trek Into Darkness + It Gets A Name April 23, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

In the latest Star Trek Into Darkness trailer we finally got a look at the new Starship in the movie. Today the official Star Trek app revealed a new image of the ship and gave it a name. And TrekMovie has an exclusive high resolution image of the ship. Check it out below.     


The USS Vengeance

Today the official Star Trek app has a mission to scan an image from the official Star Trek Facebook page, which reveals the new USS Vengeance ship. This is the same ship that is also described as a "Dreadnought-class" in Star Trek Into Darkness. And here it is (in high res).

The USS Vengeance from "Star Trek Into Darkness" (click to bigify)

[Download Link – Right Click and chose ‘save link as…’]

A look inside the USS Vengeance

The USS Vengeance is the ship that TrekMovie has been spotting in the various trailers and commercials and publicity photos. There has actually been quite a lot of imagery release from the interior of this ship.


Star Trek Into Darkness could have been ‘Star Trek Vengeance’ (and is in Russia)

This is not the first time the term "Vengeance" has come up in relation to the movie. Of course we have heard Benedict Cumberbatch’s dialog as John Harrison say "I have returned to have my vengeance." But if you recall back in December TrekMovie reported that one of the titles that was considered (and tested) for the new movie was "Star Trek: Vengeance." And in fact "Star Trek Vengeance" is the English translation of the title being used in Russia (even though all other foreign markets chose variations on the "Into Darkness" title.

"Star Trek: Vengeance" (Russia’s title for "Into Darkness")

Real Vengeances and non-canon Trek Vengeances

The United States Navy has had two ships with the name Vengeance. One was a former merchant ship that served under the command of John Paul Jones in the Revolutionary War. and the other was used as a "bomb ketch" against the Barbary pirates in the early 19th century. The Royal Navy has had eight ships bearing the name HMS Vengeance dating back to the 18th century. The latest is a Vanguard-class nuclear submarine launched in 1998 and still in service.

A Constitution-class refit (same as TOS movie era USS Enterprise) USS Vengeance was used in the "Klingon Academy" game released in 2000. Also the FASA Star Trek: The Role Playing game featured a Miranda-class (same as USS Reliant from Star Trek II) ship named USS Vengeance.     


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Weigh in on the new ship…

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1. CoolPT - April 23, 2013

Nice mix of styles for the ship.

2. Dave - April 23, 2013

I will have MY Vengeance ?

It’s Harrison’s ship ?

3. Endeavor crew - April 23, 2013

I want the model of that thing!!!!!!!

4. zperk - April 23, 2013

It looks like a Michael Bay version of a Deceptacon. I mean that in a bad way.

5. Exverlobter - April 23, 2013

Please, next time do not put the name of the ship in the headline! It was absolutely impossible to avoid the spoiler. Maybe i should avoid this site for the next 3 weeks.

6. DiscoSpock - April 23, 2013

I had liked the way the Trek 2009 Enterprsie and Kelvin got back to the clean lines and look of the TOS enterprise and TOS movie Trek ships. However, now it looks like they are “going Berman” on us with the US-Steel/military industrial look like we saw in Voyager and Enterprise. I hate this look for Star Trek ships. It’s tired, and will not stand the test of time.

7. Drunk Garak - April 23, 2013

Looks like a Borg-ified Enterprise-E.

8. zperk - April 23, 2013

also, it was detachable laser balls. lulz.

9. trekmaster78 - April 23, 2013

Enterprise-D saucer section!?!? :)

10. Grand Marshal Skaldak - April 23, 2013

Nothing screams like spoiling something like naming the super-duper secret ship IN THE BYLINE OF THE ARTICLE. Seriously, so much for TrekMovie’s ‘No Spoiler’ policy. Not everyone (ie, outside the US) uses the STID app, and I was quite content to not knowing the name of this ship till I sat my ass in the cinema on May 9th.

TrekMovie, I bid you adieu till May 10th.

11. Vertical-Hover - April 23, 2013

Looks like a LEGO ship.

12. Grand Marshal Skaldak - April 23, 2013

Also, USS Vengeance?

Gene must be proud…

13. USS Donut - April 23, 2013

Check out the hole in the middle of the saucer.
See the stars?

14. Daniel Broadway - April 23, 2013

This makes the JJprise look beautiful!

15. Captain, USS Northstar - April 23, 2013

@2 — That’s the first thing that popped into my mind as well!

16. Son of Jello - April 23, 2013

So it does have voids in the primary hull.

17. Ciarán - April 23, 2013


Yeah, I just noticed that. Plus, I don’t think I’ll be the only one in thinking that the name for the ship is kinda lame and the saucer design is bizarre. Maybe it’s not something that translates well in a still image, maybe it has to be seen in motion on a screen to be appreciated more.

18. Captain DharmaWorkman - April 23, 2013

I find it odd that Starfleet would name a ship “Vengeance.”

19. Dave - April 23, 2013

@16 hi five !!


20. James H - April 23, 2013

Looks like something I made out of Legos when I was 8. And the name…isn’t that a bit on the nose? It’d be like if a Captain were out to prove himself and did so at the helm of the USS Validation.

21. Daniel Broadway - April 23, 2013

Also, I did some lightening of this image to bring out the details incase anyone wants a good look at it.


22. sean - April 23, 2013


I’ve been with this franchise for the long haul and do not share your view. Don’t presume to speak for anyone but yourself.

23. swpinsent - April 23, 2013

I must say I haven’t had much issue with the new version of Trek, but this ship is ugly….

@12 it does look like Lego – I couldn’t place what it reminded me of, but that is it exactly.

24. Phil - April 23, 2013

Tis sucks – two yours of non-stop bitching that there are no details out there about the movie, and now that there are some out there, it’s non-stop bitching that there are details about the movie.

Can’t say I blame JJ for heading over to Disney…..

25. Basement Blogger - April 23, 2013

I have looked at the photos and the trailer of the Vengeance. And well, it’s one scary looking ship. I’m trying to figure out why. Because I was less afraid of the Narada than this thing. Maybe because she’s huge. Angular build. Dark in color. I wonder why she’s named Vengeance. Not very Starfleet is it? Perhaps that’s the controversy.

26. swpinsent - April 23, 2013

@21 if I was in command of the USS Validation I’d show you!

27. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - April 23, 2013

@19. A core planet of the Federation was destroyed. Why wouldn’t their military force be seeking vengeance?

28. TrekkerChick - April 23, 2013

Re: the spoiler nature..

It’s out there… I saw it on my FB page before I saw it here.

29. Anthony Pascale - April 23, 2013

TrekMovie policy is that something on the official Star Trek facebook page and in the official Star Trek app is not a spoiler. Its only the name of a ship.

but i removed it from the headline

30. filmboy - April 23, 2013

After seeing the name of this ship and reading a spoiler review (which I will not spoil on here) my hopes for this movie are fading fast.

The trailers made this movie seem like an improvement in every way over the 2009 JJTrek. I mean they had four years to come up with this story…four years! If what I read today is true, they didn’t use that time wisely. Why the obsession with Wrath of Khan? Why not boldly go into new stories and new thematic elements?

I will see the film all the same, but boy the news coming out today ain’t good.

31. El Chup - April 23, 2013

@ Why was my post deleted, but other posts, that actually give spoilers, still exist?

Is this site really that far up the backside of Bad Robot?

32. Jefferies Tuber - April 23, 2013

Vengeance is a perfectly appropriate name for a vessel.

In fact, the Vengeance was one of the renamed vessels that Benjamin Franklin and John Paul Jones coaxed out of wealthy French industrialists’ wives to establish the Revolutionary Navy. It’s a very Kirk/Harrison-like chapter of American history. Franklin brought JPJ along on a trip to France, where they seduced wealthy women at court, who controlled several of the merchant marine fortunes that could spare a handful of ships. Sex and cannabis cigarettes were quite likely involved. JPJ then used these ships to -quite literally- terrorize the British coast–the first time such an attack on the British coast in more than a century. This relatively secret story of the founding of the US Navy is taught at Annapolis, where a client of mine graduated, in far greater detail than I can recall or find online.

Orci, if you knew all this, you’re a f genius.

33. trekmaster78 - April 23, 2013

Maybe the USS Vengeance has future technology. Thats not a typical 23rd century design. Saucer section like Enterprise-D, nacelles like Enterprise-E

34. Robman007 - April 23, 2013

@31…I can see that…I read the same stuff. It wasn’t disappointing. One part of it seemed done to death in TOS. Looks like it will make for a good film. Original? Maybe not, but then again nothing really is. Even the Dark Knight trilogy was made up of portions of comics books literally ripped from the pages and put on screen. Not original, but fun to watch.

Folks are obsessed with Wrath of Khan because it defines Star Trek films. Not the TV show, but the film franchise. It was the best of the best and even non fans know that film.

35. Stargazer54 - April 23, 2013

Gotta say that’s an f*ugly ship. Agree with a previous post – looks like a Transformer.

36. DiscoSpock - April 23, 2013

Phil, take a chill pill. I was simply commenting on one ship model in this movie that I didn’t like. What is your issue with that? The topic of this story is the photo of this ship; aren’t we suppose to be discussing that here???

37. swpinsent - April 23, 2013

I must say I don’t mind the name at all, and btw #22 thanks for the adjusted image.

38. Steve Johnson - April 23, 2013

@23 Sean,

Before going on a rampage to tell someone the obvious, that what they say is there opinion, please make sure you’re quoting the right person. Because all the person said that you were responding to is that the ship has a hole in the saucer section.

Well, the name IS a little on the nose. It would be like a band of terrorists calling their ship “Suicide Bomber” or something. Star fleet may want to get back at their enemies, though I think “justice” would be the more fitting name. Justice, Retribution. Throw in a Hornblower reference and go with the Indefatigable, maybe. Remember, nobody see’s themselves as the “bad guy.” They’re not going to do overtly silly and villianous type things, like name their ships according to the honesty of their intentions.

As far as the look of her. I can see why Star fleet would build a very large, heavily armed, super-heavy cruiser/dreadnought. It’s a weapons platform, probably with the capacity to take a fleet of ships on by itself. Designed to take a pounding form engagements with ships, like the one that destroyed the Vulcan rescue mission in the 2009 movie. I have no issue with it’s design.

Though one element that is curious, it almost looks like the central hole in the saucer acts as a guide rail for that large cannon.

39. AyanEva - April 23, 2013

Wicked looking ship. Vengeance reminds me of the Vengix virus from Power Rangers RPM. I keep calling it the USS Vengix. That’s kind of a better name, actually… When Harrison says that he has returned to have his vengeance, wouldn’t it be hilarious if he meant that he came to get his ship back?

40. drew - April 23, 2013

That is one BADASS Starship, Battleship, Dreadnought, Whatever you want to call it!

41. TonyDP - April 23, 2013

The name isn’t particularly original or in keeping with what Starfleet is about but its becoming more and more obvious that this is the work of a clandestine fringe group within the Federation.

The design strikes me as an attempt to blend Star Trek’s classic design cues (primary hull, secondary hull, nacelles) with a more Star Wars sensibility (darker colors, more surface detail, openings in the ship). In fact, change the ship’s color and it starts to be a bit reminiscent of Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art for the aborted Planet of the Titans and Phase II projects. I don’t mind it as a one-off that gets destroyed by the Enterprise but I’d hate for it to be the direction for future designs.

I’m a bit concerned about the dark paint scheme; against the dark backdrop of space (and the extra darkening of the tinted 3D glasses) I just hope we won’t all be squinting to make this thing out on the big screen.

42. NuHope - April 23, 2013

@39 that scary moment when a Power Rangers plotline would double as a good plotline for a future Star Trek film LOL

43. USS Donut - April 23, 2013

I see space balls.
Actual space balls.

44. J - April 23, 2013

USS Vengeance? This is really cliche :(

45. sean - April 23, 2013


I was responding to a comment that Anthony has since deleted, not the current #17.

46. NCC-73515 - April 23, 2013

It will make the Enterprise look beautiful in comparison, which is probably the goal ;)
Notice the twin balls? I bet those are the Xindi-probe-like devices we saw in the last trailer!
The saucer doesn’t look like the D at all, more like the E or Voyager.

I was very unhappy about some of today’s spoilers, but I like this ship.
It looks appropriate for its purpose.

47. George Zip - April 23, 2013

Anyone else remember that the original title for STAR TREK II was “THE VENGEANCE OF KHAN”?

“Meyer took all of these drafts and ideas and combined them into a script which he called Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country — but Paramount execs rejected that name because they didn’t get it, says Tenuto. So they went with Vengeance of Khan — except that Lucasfilm requested they change that title because it was too similar to their upcoming Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi. Hence the “Wrath” title, which Meyer thought sounded weird.”

48. William Kirk - April 23, 2013

Wow, great ship!

49. Newman - April 23, 2013

STAR TREK the game is out today I just remembered!!!!

50. drew - April 23, 2013

#47 – And what did Lucas end up doing…? He changed the title from Revenge to Return of the Jedi. Thus Meyer might have been able to use The Vengeance of Khan after all. -Maybe-

51. Killamarshtrek - April 23, 2013

I’m pretty sure this is the ship which crashes into San Francisco Bay!

52. topas - April 23, 2013

It has no markings.
No registry, no starfleet emblems, no red stripes. Nothing.
Obvious design, but not labeled.
If this is Section31, not officially registered as part of Starfleet, they do not have to adhere to the noble naming policies.
Only gripe – if the above assumption was to be correct, why the USS prefix?

53. NCC-73515 - April 23, 2013

And it’s the first picture of the new film worthy of being a desktop wallpaper!

54. Phil - April 23, 2013

USS Vengeance looks fearsome. And like every other bad guys ship, will be easily defeated…Scimitar, defeated. Death Star, defeated. Narada, defeated. ID spaceships, defeated. Death Star 2.0, defeated. Borg cubes, all defeated….

So, Starfleet has a black ops budget no one knows about, either….

55. George Zip - April 23, 2013

#50 — yeah, that *always* bugged me. King of the backtrack, Lucas said he always meant to call it “Return” but obviously not; too bad Meyer didn’t hold his ground on that one. (And he also liked the title “The Undiscovered Country” so much that he back-burnered it and went with it when they asked him back to do VI.)

56. Daniel Broadway - April 23, 2013

@ 51. Killamarshtrek

It is.

57. George Zip - April 23, 2013

BTW, open the image in Photoshop (or a similar program) and crank up the brightness and turn down the contrast and you can see a lot more detail, incl the pass-thru portion of the primary hull (“My God, it’s full of stars…”) and the “blaster-balls”. :)

58. Kevin Greene - April 23, 2013

I like the ship design. First of, it’s very much like it’s namesake. The British and American Dreadnaught battleships were heavily plated, ready for war battleships. Look at one of the last remaining ones. The U.S.S. Texas:


She’s a beauty. Black, plated and ready to go. That’s what this ship looks like. I think it’s design, with heavy black plating and minimal windows, is very name appropriate.

59. Andrew - April 23, 2013

Wow.. Speechless.

60. NCC-73515 - April 23, 2013

The dark hull for 31 ships was pioneered in ST Legacy ;)

61. El Chup - April 23, 2013

Fall all those defending this, why would a Starfleet ship be named Vengeance?

Starfleet is supposed to be a “peace keeping armada”, to quote the JJverse. Why would it still name it’s ships after the desire for revenge?

62. Daniel Broadway - April 23, 2013

@ 57 George Zip

I already posted a lightened image on post #22 but incase you missed it, here it is again.


63. Cap'n Mac Fleetwood - April 23, 2013

It’s a Starfleet ship whose plans were stolen (or adapted) by the Klingons, aaaaaaand Harrison is a Klingon agent. That’s my supposition.

64. Cap'n Mac Fleetwood - April 23, 2013

OR, John Harrison is a human who’s selling secrets.

65. ruue - April 23, 2013

Looks shitty and unoriginal.
Not impressed by the clips so far and not impressed by the production design…hope this one turns out well

66. Newman - April 23, 2013

PS any PS3 players out there want to play Star Trek with me? come on. I’m going to pick up my copy now

67. somethoughts - April 23, 2013

I don’t think Starfleet liked how the Kelvin got bbq by the Narada and started this black ops project the second the USS Kelvin encountered the Narada. Curious though, did those shuttle craft/Kelvin/Enterprise scans of the Narada bring back that much technology from the future?

Starfleet seems so much stronger in this reality even with the loss of the majority of the Vulcans.

Does anyone know if the USS Vengence can cloak?

68. NCC-73515 - April 23, 2013

Maybe it’s not exactly a Starfleet ship…
And the “humanitarian armada” was the Federation, not Starfleet :p

69. Colonel West - April 23, 2013

Three questions:

1. Why is there a massive hole in the saucer section that makes absolutely no sense other than some sort of Eavesesque looks badass lol thing?

2. Why is the base of the secondary hull the Serenity from Firefly?

3. What does God need with a starship?

70. RobA - April 23, 2013

USS Star Empire anyone? Plot is sounding borrowed from an old ST:TOS Novel. Not a bad story, if I recall…

71. Bartholemew Stains - April 23, 2013


72. Endeavour crew - April 23, 2013


Because it is not an “official” Starfleet ship but rather a black ops project.
Think “stealth hawk” chopper from the Usama bin Laden raid in 2011.

Thanks for lightening the image Daniel!

73. Matt - April 23, 2013

well that is one mother of a ship. Cool!!!!

74. LtPiper - April 23, 2013

Huh. I haven’t had it show up in my Star Trek App yet.

75. Gary S - April 23, 2013

Amazing how many people are complaining about spoilers but they keep coming back. You can’t be spoiled if you stay away from the site. Logic, my friends. Logic.

76. omegaman - April 23, 2013

Looks like a hybrid mix between Klingon Warbird and a Starfleet design.

77. Will - April 23, 2013

That makes the awful kit bashed ships in Star Trek Online look freaking awesome. Feels like they spent all of five seconds designing that thing.

78. Bernd Schneider - April 23, 2013

Everything that überships from wet fanboy dreams are made of went into this butt-ugly design – including the name.

79. Phil - April 23, 2013

@69. Answers…

1. Black ops budget cuts
2. Because it is the hull from Serenity
3. He just thinks he’s god. Therefore, he needs un upgrade in accommodations…

I’m kidding…

80. Phil - April 23, 2013

Oh, here is the production art for new Enterprise…


81. Tanner "The Dude" Waterbury - April 23, 2013

@ 76 Will

It LOOKS like an STO ship! Just a kit bash of all of them. Still… I can’t wait till the Hot Wheel comes out.

82. JP - April 23, 2013

Yet another ship that outmatches the Enterprise and is much bigger ala the Scimitar, Narada, etc… Been there, done that. And it ALWAYS strains credulity.

The reason TWOK was so interesting is because the ships were evenly matched. Thus it was much easier to buy in to the drama.

83. mcn - April 23, 2013

I’m telling you, “mirror, mirror.” Agree that ‘benevolent’ Starfleet would not name a ship Vengeance. And the upside-down union jack flag? Alt universe, I’m telling you… :)

84. Dave in RI - April 23, 2013

Oh my what an evil-looking Federation Starship!

Are you sure this isn’t the U.S.S. Whoop-Ass from the mirror universe?

85. Yanks - April 23, 2013

@ 21. Daniel Broadway – April 23, 2013

Thanks for that improved image.

Does this thing look like it’s from the future?

86. Erehwonnz - April 23, 2013

I’m a bit surprised by the vehement dislike of this ship design. This design evokes the angles, plating, and unaesthetic form of covert aircraft. I think it’s doing a dine job of continuing that lineage.

87. Bob - April 23, 2013

As far as the technology of the thing.. remember, Spock prime is still there. I doubt he has been hiding out somewhere between the 2 movies.. If it is advanced I’m sure he had a hand in it.. I’m guessing no Prime Directive issues in the past of a different timeline that has already been alternated anyway.

Also, my guess for the name and monstrous size of this has to do with the fact that Starfleet NEVER wants another Narada incident where they are completely helpless.

88. Yanks - April 23, 2013

@ 32. Jefferies Tuber – April 23, 2013

30 Navy guy here. You are most correct.

Well played Tuber, well played.

89. Anthony Pascale - April 23, 2013

added a poll

90. Commodore Adams - April 23, 2013

I want to know what the hell those new spiracle weapons are. Just like Starfleet started to build tougher ships after the Borg threat, Starfleet would do the same after encountering Nero’s ship.

91. Anthony Pascale - April 23, 2013

if you look at the last trailer there were ball shaped things that flew at the Enterprise and fired weapons. perhaps they are like autonomous drones that both fire at the target but also act as bombs

92. JAson Buffalo - April 23, 2013

This ship is not the same one what crashes into SF Bay.

93. NCC-73515 - April 23, 2013

Losing the fleet over Vulcan was 1/4 the loss of Wolf 359. That incident caused the development of the Defiant, Sovereign, and Prometheus classes. Why shouldn’t the loss of 9 ships within a few minutes push the development of such a behemoth?

94. Moofunk - April 23, 2013

Hopefully this is just a low-poly version. I could’ve sworn it looked more streamlined than this in the trailer.

95. craigB - April 23, 2013

Yes, yes, big bad ship.
But does it have a cup hold on the captain’s chair?
If not, forget about it!

96. Tobias Richter - April 23, 2013

Really looking forward how they will define the roots of that ugly monster in the movie. And that very un-Starfleet name. I hope it gets destroyed very fast in the movie… :)

97. Wes - April 23, 2013

Brilliant design. Really hope we get a scale model release of this one. They’ve been knocking it out of the park with the newer ship designs in these films, in my opinion.

98. BatlethInTheGroin - April 23, 2013

#12: The whole “Gene must be proud” attitude is crap, dude. Grow up.

99. martin - April 23, 2013

This ship looks like parts of neros ship and if you look at the bottom of the ship dose it look a bit like the boteney bay.

I think section 31 has something to do with this, there was a harrison that worked for section 31 in st enterprise.

100. Paul - April 23, 2013

Deliciously ugly. And, curiously enough, it reminds me of the “Batman Begins” Batmobile. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, though.

101. Kapten Kerk - April 23, 2013

Thank you Anthony for posting this article and the hi-res image.
Thank you Daniel for the modified image.
USS Vengeance Dreadnought-class.
That is the only spoiler that I care about.
OK, now I think I can wait until July…

102. s-o-matic - April 23, 2013

I think it looks more like a Trade Federation ship, with the big hole in the saucer and all. I think I like it though.

103. Bob - April 23, 2013

Well, I guess this puts to rest what it says across the top of Scotty’s patch on the last picture..

104. NCC-73515 - April 23, 2013

Doesn’t look low-poly, just as streamlined as this baby: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:F-117_Nighthawk_Front.jpg

105. KHAAAN, the weasel - April 23, 2013

Looks way too TNG (or even POST-TNG) era-like… and it also has a video game-ish flair… a bit too much for my taste

106. a_phake - April 23, 2013

Very original name JJ/Bob.. (maybe some context will smoothen things over though)

107. Nebula1701 - April 23, 2013

I’m surprised so few see the Klingon in this ship… Its quite obvious.

108. Bird of Prey - April 23, 2013

I am rather skeptical… For my taste, it’s too big, too angularly, and I don’t like the name.
BUT: At the same time I am intrigued about this ship’s back story… Perhaps at least some of the issues I have with this ship right now will be quite reasonably explained….

109. Shatterhand - April 23, 2013

This makes me wonder if the Vengeance is some sort of prototype vessel commandeered by Harrison. Looks far too advanced and armored to be a standard ship of the fleet. We’ve seen glimpses of other Starfleet vessels and they don’t even come close to looking like that.

If it does turn out that it’s a standard ship, the only explanation I can come up with is that Starfleet’s been beefing up their defensive capabilities after getting their asses handed to them by Nero. Besides, after encountering advanced weaponry of that kind, wouldn’t you want your starship to pack a little more punch and take more of a beating?

The only thing I don’t understand is why they’d have a big open space in the middle of the saucer section. Great way to leave the Bridge module completely exposed to attack, guys. Well done.

110. Pickardsmonkey - April 23, 2013

One thing that isn’t mentioned enough is…. KLINGONS !!!

I have a feeling this ship has Klingon links…. It has the odd angles of the JJ version of Klingon ships seen in the first movie.

Think about it, we know they are in this movie and I would put money on it that they are a BIG part of this movie not just bit parts.

Perhaps it was a Klingon attempt at building a starship from limited data retrieved from the Nero and his party in the last movie?

Harrison has a link with Klingons. This ship looks like it does too.

111. KHAAAN, the weasel - April 23, 2013

@155: Funny, I wast just about to add that, but you beat me to it. Indeed, if the new Enterprise’s design was inspired by Space Age design era cars, this is definitely influenced by stealth aircraft design (just like the Batmobile/”Tumbler” in Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies). I wonder if that tells us anything about the ships function (apart from being a “dreadnought”/battleship of course). Maybe covert operations… maybe there IS section 31 in the Abramsverse… we will see.

112. H.Hill - April 23, 2013

The bottom of the secondary hull reminds me of the ship from the Richard Thomas movie “Battle Beyond the Stars”.

113. Ted C - April 23, 2013

@98 Some of us out here still care about Gene’s vision. It has nothing to do with growing up. Judging from your comment you have never watched original Star Trek or if had you certainly learned nothing from it.

114. Kev - April 23, 2013

so its complete with an aztek paintjob, why would starfleet build such a ship that is just a floating weapon….

outside of the defiant, I dont know it really does look like a blocky lego ship

and we never saw the klingon ships outside of well the cut scenes in the last film so it would be like saying that the bird of prey was romulan in ST 3

that may be intended but its not considered a 100% correct because it was never used.

wonder if the new enterprise once it gets repaired is going to be using the new engines though.

I dont know I just think when they get to that thing blowing up the new version of the enterprise its going to get silly in a hurry.

115. et - April 23, 2013

I don’t know if posting this is allowed, but I adjusted to curves to make a more visible image of the ship. Quite an interesting design…

116. Jefferies Tuber - April 23, 2013

The void in the saucer that’s visible in the lightened shots of the Vengeance is ingenious. I love the way the saucer dome concept of Starfleet design is extended into a bridge with a bubble-like view beneath the ship. Three-dimensional thinking. Best ship design in a long long time.

117. ScottC - April 23, 2013

Well it doesn’t look to me like it is the USS Vengeance that takes out Alcatraz.

118. Mark - April 23, 2013


119. Gary Makin - April 23, 2013

Star Trek fans have to be the whiniest and self-entitled in fandom (and that’s saying something). Are they ever happy with anything?

120. Jefferies Tuber - April 23, 2013

Anthony, I want to also point out that the ‘other’ Vengeance that was used as a bomb ketch was a part of Thomas Jefferson’s war on terror. What history does not necessarily tell you is that the war against Barbary pirates was, in fact, a very personal war waged by Jefferson against both the Barbary pirates, but also the Europeans who paid them off. Barbary piracy in the late 18th C was terrorism–plain and simple.

The Europeans saw this as the cost of doing business, including kidnappings, so they paid and empowered the terrorists. Jefferson said hell no, saw terrorism and the monarchies that paid them as the enemies of democracy.

So he sent in a secret mission of what we would now call ‘frog men,’ wearing oilskin wetsuits who breathed through reeds and pulled gigantic underwater bladders of flammable oil. The frog men used the oil to burn the harbor of Tripoli. Once those flames were lit, a BLACK SHIP WITH BLACK SAILS was waiting that laid siege to city with cannon fire. All to say, on Thomas Jefferson’s behalf, ‘No, we will not pay your ransoms.”

I’m not aware which of the ships in the siege of Tripoli was named Vengeance, but the vessel name is loaded with the history of terrorism in America.

121. Ty - April 23, 2013

Love the design. Truly.

However, it strikes me as looking like a Casio G-Shock watch.


122. mc - April 23, 2013

Everything I’ve read about this movie today makes it sound even stupider than I imagined. Like godawful fanfic. Here’s hoping that when JJ moves on to ensure the ruination of Star Wars we’ll get a new creative team for Trek. One that wasn’t responsible for Transformers or Prometheus.

123. mc - April 23, 2013

Surprised they didn’t call it the USS Wrath, less the subtlety prove too much

124. Valenti - April 23, 2013

I kinda like it.
I wonder if the panels will mostly cover up the deflector dish when the ship enters combat.

125. Legate Damar - April 23, 2013

Well, I guess Khan wants revenge for something in this film, andi guess he’s less subtle about it than the original Khan or Nero.

126. Derf - April 23, 2013

Who built that? Did we build that? :|

127. Dunsel Report - April 23, 2013

#122 Now I am actually worried. That said, the 2009 Trek sounded like awful fan fiction when I read the spoilers, so I was surprised when I loved it. I remember reading about the Uhura bosom grab and thinking it sounded sub-mental.

I wish the bad guy would pull up in a heavy cruiser instead of this thing, though.

128. TrekkerChick - April 23, 2013

The secondary hull was designed by the lowest bid contractor — who simply had a buggy version of AutoCAD release 14732

129. JøhnRambø - April 23, 2013

@122. mc

I hope this will NEVER happen!

130. Sid - April 23, 2013


So THAT’s what Michael Bay’s Enterprise would look like.

131. Gary - April 23, 2013

Maybe this ship was built and modified by the Klingons from plans they stole from Starfleet.

132. Cody - April 23, 2013

why oh why could they not call it USS Reliant! I wonder if they are going to bring it in as another ship :)

133. Dr. Image - April 23, 2013

FINALLY a kick-ass design! Love it!!

134. Dennis C - April 23, 2013

Oh, that’s gonna make for a sweet centerfold in Nacelles Monthly!

135. rfk - April 23, 2013

I’m signed up for May 15 IMAX, no regrets. That said….

I’ve long had a hunch this film was just mailed in. Based on what I’ve read today, those looking for signs of higher evolution (or even just a solid ending) after four years worth of “outlines” will be disappointed.

Hopefully the next film will get an upgraded production team and be worthy of the 50th anniversary. Or at least an E worthy of a Hallmark ornament handing on my Christmas tree.

136. Carl - April 23, 2013

That is one seriously awful piece of design. I was never bothered by the JJprise, it still had enough Enterprise in it for me to accept it easily as an AU ship. But that ship, it’s just a terrible piece of design. And it screams “bad guy!”.

In previous Star Trek’s, the ships have reflected the primary characteristics of race that builds them – Klingon ships look like they’ll batter you down, Romulan ships look like they’re ready to sneak up and pounce on you, Federation ships look like they’re stately, regal, floating palaces of exploration.

This one just appears to reflect the nature of the character and as such appears to simply be another way of reinforcing to the audience that, hey, Sherlock Holmes is a Bad Man! Look how evil he is, even his SHIP is bad! Why didn’t they just name it “USS BAD GUY” and be done?

And going back to the visual, it really is a bad piece of design. I actually like the open space in the saucer, but the nice round saucer looks out of place against the angular, sharpened engineering hull and nacelles. It’s like someone glued a Federation and Tholian ship together.

And the ship is meant to be HUGE yet has large (in relation to the size of the saucer) escape pods. Unless those pods can hold 100-150 people, it’s more scale craziness from New Trek…

137. Silvereyes - April 23, 2013

Too angular. The lines don’t flow. It looks like an Acura!

138. Platitude - April 23, 2013

When that thing warped in during the final trailer, my jaw dropped. Its effing huge compared to the Enterprise!

139. John Harrison - April 23, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness premiered down under today Tues 4/23 in Australia.
I’ve already read reviews and ALL THE SPOILERS from a couple Aussie sites…I couldnt stand it…had to know.

140. Chris - April 23, 2013

I confess, I rather liked the Berman ship designs. They still retained much of elegance of the original Enterprise design while still feeling more industrial, as a ship should. This, just looks goofy when seen in the whole of Trek. It’s not really elegant, and it has design features that can’t be explained. This is the illegitimate child that would result if Darth Vader’s Executor raped the Enterprise E.

As an aside, the name is horrible. First, I’m pretty sure Gene would have drawn the line with a Federation starship named USS Vengeance. Second, it’s a name picked to drive home a plot point? Who’s the CO? Captain Obvious? They could have at least been somewhat clever about it, and stuck in another Moby Dick reference in Trek by calling it the USS Pequod or something.

141. Rich Civil - April 23, 2013

I my mind ugly looking ship. As for USS Vengeance name . It does make sense as the antagonist being a dark side of starfleet/ Federation. Kirk and company may be fighting against the encroachment of a dark side of the federation that doesn’t hold the core of starfleet’s ideals. IF that is the case than I would say the film very much holds to the classic ideals of Star Trek.

142. DocWinter - April 23, 2013

RIP Star Trek… Abrams you’ve just killed it.

I was going to give this movie a second chance… well I was

143. Capes - April 23, 2013

USS BadGuy…….Love it!

144. Riker001 - April 23, 2013

Just a thought …maybe Harrison is from the Mirror Mirror universe and he could be a Kirk or Khan equivalent from that universe…and the Vengeance could be the equivalent Enterprise in that universe…just a thought. :)

145. PakEngineer - April 23, 2013

Very cool design. The domed structure in the center could be the emitter for a super weapon. It seems to project below the plane of the primary hull. The two structures at the rear of the primary hull cut-out could be reactor cores feeding it. Or that domed structure could be a sensor platform.

As someone else mentioned, it looks like the armor plates move to cover the primary deflector array. The angles match all around, but look like they leave a narrow gap down the center. It also looks like there are 14 drop ships or emitters on the ventral side of primary hull. There appear to be 4 large hatches, 2 port/2 starboard, on the primary hull.

I have to say, it does have some Klingon D-7 lines here and there. Also, the deflector section looks like what is crashing into Alcatraz.

146. Devon - April 23, 2013

#142 ” RIP Star Trek… Abrams you’ve just killed it.

I was going to give this movie a second chance… well I was”

LMAO! Yes.. how dare you Jar Jar! Making Star Trek enjoyable and successful again. The death of a franchise is when it succeeds, and that is NOT Star Trek was about.

147. Bunk - April 23, 2013

It is an ugly brute. And it’s a bad name for a Federation ship. And it’s purpose seems to fly in the face of what the Federation stands for. Gee, I wonder if this is intentional…

148. danielcw - April 23, 2013

Why is the saucer not in the middle?
It looks like it is off to the left

149. Colin - April 23, 2013

The angular design of our airplanes work because of the limitations of radar, and knowing how to exploit those limitations. When I consider the qualities of starship sensors, i don’t see how those angles would achieve the same success.

I did a quick comparison in which I determined that this new ship is nearly a mile in length, or roughly the size of a Star Wars Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and would be as high as the Empire State Building in New York City.

For myself, I like the approach taken by Mass Effect. In that game, the hero ship, the Normandy, is a small ship with stealth technologies. This technology improves on the existing engine designs and works with and exploits the limitations of sensor technology. That ship made sense; the Vengeance doesn’t make sense.

150. Trekbilly - April 23, 2013

That is one ugly starship. The hole in the saucer doesn’t look symmetrical either….or is that just the angle?

151. DonDonP1 - April 23, 2013

That ship looks more like a mix of the Excelsior-class, Galexy-class, Sovereign-class and Alternate Reality Constitution-class Federation starships. Yet, it is as so darn cool as all the other Federation starships from both the prime and alternate realities of “the final frontier.”

152. James Regulus Kirk - April 23, 2013

U.S.S. Evilprise!

153. CmdrR - April 23, 2013

Ranking Admiral: The USS Vengeance, gentlemen. Our finest dreadnought, controlled by the M-5 Unit, and staffed entirely by Klingon schoolgirls who hold a grudge. I like it.

All the other admirals: We love it, sir!!!

154. Bunk - April 23, 2013

There is an open area inside the saucer section, so I’m not clear where the bridge is. When you lighten the image up in photoshop you can actually see it quite well.

155. porthoses bitch - April 23, 2013

As an old timer (in aJ.J. state of mind) it does remind me of how I felt in 74 (?) When I first saw Franz Joseph’ s Starfleet Technical Manual and it’s drawings for the Dreadnaut. I think they call it penis envy.

156. Rich Civil - April 23, 2013

For folks saying it is off center. Look again That seems to be due to the angle we are seeing this. There is a hole on both sides of the center thing, and the end of the center thing (bridge dome?) likely ends up above the top of the saucer.

157. Tom - April 23, 2013

Good thing Roddenberry is dead. Somehow I don’t think he would approve of a Federation starship named Vengeance. Not that I know the plot. but the premise from the trailer seems very antithetical to Gene’s vision for a Star Trek future.

158. C Mac - April 23, 2013

Does the saucer section have a hole in the center around the bridge?
Donut ship?

159. Dr. Fridgehead - April 23, 2013

Hi, Vengeance. Ready to get wet?
Okay, that thing looks menacing. It’s like a mesh of different star ship designs in one. It’s like if an Ambassador class star ship blended with a tank and stealth fighter. The sagging warp nacelle pylons are a weird choice, but that was a detail revealed early on when the debate about the Enterprise crashing into the bay was going on. This revelation quashes that debate and takes the fun out of it. Still, that thing is a monster. Way more than a match for poor Enterprise.

160. DesiluTrek - April 23, 2013

Something they labeled a “dreadnought” should at least have had three nacelles in homage to Franz Joseph.

161. porthoses bitch - April 23, 2013

Just back from Best Buy and picking up myy Trek videogame…coulda swore I saw Cumberbatch wandering about the parking lot muttering ” Now where did I leave my Vengence? ”

Come to think of it We had the Dodge Omni, the Plymouth Reliant. All the Acuras have the Delta Shield emblem..I’m thinking the Vengence sounds like qa Ford.

162. ThePhaige - April 23, 2013

Ya think that ship might end up being the new E after the lil guy is obliterated?

163. Adam E - April 23, 2013

Just because it might be a Federation ship doesn’t mean it’s a Starfleet ship.

164. Devon - April 23, 2013

157 – ” Somehow I don’t think he would approve of a Federation starship named Vengeance.”

His opinion means nothing.

165. Superman - April 23, 2013

It’s not really the USS Vengeance. That’s just a cover for it’s real name, which will be revealed as the USS Reliant in the film.


166. Buzz Cagney - April 23, 2013

#61 my thoughts too. Another reason why i don’t trust these people with the franchise.

167. Red Dead Ryan - April 23, 2013

The detailing on the hull of the Vengeance reminds me of the huge Jem’ Hadar battleship from the “Deep Space Nine” episode “Valiant”. The basic shape is reminiscent of the Equinox and Enterprise E.

I haven’t made my mind up whether I like this ship or not. It’s kind of wierd and awkward looking, yet looks like a Section 31 type of ship.

The interior of the bridge is cool though.

168. Dr. Cheis - April 23, 2013

Here’s something I notice about the high-rez version of the ship. It has no identifying markers, names, or Starfleet/Federation logos on it. This fuels my theory, along with the dark color-scheme and unconventional name that this is a Section 31 ship. ^___^

169. Jordan - April 23, 2013

USS Vengeance???? Really? Why don’t you just call it the USS I’m going to kill you Kirk. Seriously. I really hope Harrison aka Khan renames that ship from whatever name it suppose to be like Roosevelt or something, because calling the ship Vengeance is very silly.

170. Captain Kierkegaard - April 23, 2013

Is John Eaves back as one of the designers? I know Abrams had him work on the 09 film. He designed the Enterprise-E and many other ships. If he is involved again, that may explain its familiarity.

171. FSJGuy - April 23, 2013

I call this the Firefrise, to me the secondary hull looks a lot like Firefly except for the nacelle and struts of course.

172. ACJG1985 - April 23, 2013

@30… Feel exactly the same way, there is a hole where my stomach used to be where I hoped this would be an awesome movie and hoped for some cool way of this happening down the road maybe it’s been rushed and seems so out of place. I’ll have to see the movie to work out what is real and what isn’t in these reviews but without revealing anything, I’m extremely disappointed with the seeming lack of originality used here…

173. GG - April 23, 2013

Yeah, USS Vengeance, not a name in keeping with Starfleet’s misson. Hopefully, that’s explained. I’ll try not to judge for now.

But, another thing, it seems TOO similar to when the Kelvin faced-off with the Nerada. A mammoth ship, never seen before, with superior weaponry. Again, I hope there’s more to it than that. I can’t believe the second movie would be THAT similar in the plot.. one villain, one mammoth ship.. again? I need more variety.

174. JohnRambo - April 23, 2013

@172. Mantastic

Gene would never do that.

175. Smike - April 23, 2013

“bigify” LOL Shouldn’t it be magnify ;)

I think it looks a lot like the Enterprise-E…

The name’s better than “USS Star Empire”. That would have been both too Star Wars-like AND to much Mirror Universe-related…

176. Th Keeper - April 24, 2013

Looks extremely menacing and very lethal. Judging from the pylon design, I wonder if this is the ship that crashes into the bay.

177. Anthony Pascale - April 24, 2013


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Discussing potential spoilers not posted at TrekMovie.com and/or linking to other spoilers will result in deletion and instant ban.

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178. porthoses bitch - April 24, 2013

@177 yeah, what he said !……
Thanks, Anthony….

179. Shunnabunich - April 24, 2013

I’m afraid I’m in the camp that doesn’t like the ship, or at least this model of it. It has a few details going for it, like the neat-o saucer design and the deflector and parts of the nacelles, but it also has glaring scale problems, no overarching idea driving its design (“let’s make it dark” isn’t enough to design a ship on), and like Moofunk said, it appears that what’s in the released picture is a low-poly model with texturing problems which they apparently hoped would be hidden by the fact that everything’s almost black.

In short, they should’ve spent some time browsing the Foundation3D forums and hired one of the better ship designers from there — there are many original designs on there that have been modelled, textured and lit to near-production quality.

Oh, and the reason that everyone just keeps on bitching when details finally get released is that they’re disappointing details. The Powers That Be don’t get off scot-free just for making a movie at all; they have to make a good one.

180. cd - April 24, 2013


181. cd - April 24, 2013


182. cd - April 24, 2013


183. Kev - April 24, 2013

Gary Makin – relax its just that its kind of hard to take a villain seriously when the ship he uses literally has the subtlety of an MST3K villain

especially when his ship is like the equivalent of this guy here in Diabolik at 3:40 to 4:00


Pick’s up the phone: Bad Guy!

Hmm second time I’ve used Diabolik to describe the new era of trek films actually lol first it was the mop and glow of Diabolk’s pad at 9:10 to 9:25


now the villain’s choice of ship himself .

and remember we bitch because we care and we want the film to be good, we care and we dont want this to be some high end drivel, we all want the old trek back like the old days.

and well this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, it would be alright if it wasn’t so big black and evil and maybe taken down a few notches like the Reliant with a few subtitle hints to let you know there evil

like how the lighting of the reliant glowed red white vs straight white on approach at 0:39


but subtlety is not the new star trek’s strength it would apear and that’s what worries us, like an overdone PSA that Linkara would make fun of on atop the 4th wall.

we just want it to be good and to like it and well while the volcano scene was promising this ships reveal and the my dick is bigger than yours scene they used for its first reveal does not inspire confidence.

it just makes it seem like the past what was it 2 or 3 movies before it, I mean the reliant worked because it was a ship on par with the enterprise and thus a match but not a midget going against a 6 foot 4 eastwood or something.

as that makes it easy to see how its going to play out and hell they already spoiled that in the trailers actually, enterprise gets its teeth kicked in and then crashes the bad guy into Alcatraz

184. GarySeven - April 24, 2013

I think I know why in JJ’s Trek starships are named “Vengeance.” JJ said he was never a fan, nor excited, by Star Trek, but he loves Star Wars. He doesn’t appreciate Roddenberry’s vision, but the guy loves simpler action movies, and even hired the Transformers screenwriting team. So instead of us getting to “explore strange new worlds,” we get evildoers. As JJ said himself, on Star Trek and Star Wars:
“Though I came at these both from very different places, where they both meet is a place of ‘Ooh, that’s really exciting.’ And even though I was never a ‘Star Trek’ fan, I felt like there was a version of it that would make me excited, that I would think ‘that’s cool, that feels right, I actually would want to see that.”
So the version of Trek we get is dumbed-down “Vengeance” (“Death Star,’ anyone?) starships that have nothing to do with an optimistic, thoughtful future and everything that has to do with a petty, unthinking present.
JJ has good technical skills but he lacks vision. I can only hope, judging from the first movie and crap like “Vengeance” starships, that this is just a temporary dumb chapter in Star Trek’s history. But it will sell a lot of tickets.
“Star Trek: Into Dumbness”

185. Kev - April 24, 2013

Sorry I forgot to specify this, the enterprise’s new garish interior reminded me of the diabolik one, along with Crow’s quip about how high maintenance it would be when it came to keeping it that shinny.

something that is very apple ish but not starfleet ish or military like really and thus doesnt fit in the universe as we knew it.

186. Ares - April 24, 2013

if I may make a suggestion. it seems to me that this ship is supposed to be the bad guy, make it look dark, evil, aggressive…perhaps from a mirror universe where starfleet is the terran empire? havent seen that in a while.

it conveys such hate and disapproval and thats exactly what I would want out of the bad guys ship

187. John Whorfin - April 24, 2013

Can’t decide whether it’d be more appropriately named USS Holy-Frak-That’s-Ugly or USS Let’s-State-The-Obvious-Plot-Point-Shall-We?

But I do know one one thing — someone must’ve misheard/misread “Dreadnaught Class” as “Doughnut Class”.


188. Calamity_si - April 24, 2013

This ship has balls. Literally! I think they’re meant to be tactcal weapon drones. I like this ship overall but I think both the interior and exterior have been a bit OVERdesigned. Like tbe new Tranformers look overly complex I think the same can be said for this.

189. Kev - April 24, 2013

GarySeven your very concise and actually that explains alot when you think about it, and JJ is going to be doing star wars next so its probably going to be someone else directing.

So lets hope this does well enough to get another one with this crew and maybe a new tv show, and the three above me are all great comments, this ship has balls lol

190. Marja - April 24, 2013

Daniel Broadway, Thanks for posting the lightened-up picture.

…tho’ that still didn’t make me like the ship any more than I did at first glance. The name? Personally I dislike it. However, based on the historical precedent of John Paul Jones attacking the Brits [powers-that-were] with *his* Vengeance, the historical “parallel” is kind of neat.

It looks very dark and threatening and heavy-armor-plated [whut … I thought there were invisible shields for this sort of thing], and sadly, a lot like it was built with Legos [new Legos tie-in to come?]. Does not look at all like the ship that crashes into San Fran Bay [comparison photos, anyone?].

I think that it will look very scary against the dark backdrop of space when the Enterprise crew see it for the first time. I’m wondering how the heck they’re gonna beat this one.

I hope the 2009 Enterprise returns in ST 3 rebuilt with its original beautiful 2009 design.

The central empty area? That’s so our guests can see the swimming pool and gardens, which drop down into the center whenever the ship is on vacation :)

191. Mantastic - April 24, 2013

Not sure why my comment was deleted as all I offered was a negative impression on this ship, it’s name, and how Gene wouldn’t care for it. I didn’t post any spoilers (frankly, I’m sure you all know more about the movie at this point than I do), but whatever.

192. DJT - April 24, 2013

Kind of reminds me of the Schimitar from Nemesis, in that it is a bloated gigantor, who larger size is used to imply power and strength. But ultimately comes off an empty threat because bigger size doesn’t necessarily connote bigger threat. Example: Apache Helicopter vs. Cruise Ship.

It does, however, look like it belongs in a Transformers 4. (Maybe it’s Cyclonus or Galvatron in disguise)

193. DJT - April 24, 2013

“FASA Star Trek: The Role Playing game featured a Miranda-class (same as USS Reliant from Star Trek II) ship named USS Vengeance.”

I used to have that!

It was Miranda-class vessel too, eh? Hmmm….

194. DJT - April 24, 2013

From that angle, that secondary hull resembles Josh Wedon’s SERENITY.

195. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - April 24, 2013

@136. Carl “In previous Star Trek’s, the ships have reflected the primary characteristics of race that builds them – Klingon ships look like they’ll batter you down, Romulan ships look like they’re ready to sneak up and pounce on you, Federation ships look like they’re stately, regal, floating palaces of exploration.

This one just appears to reflect the nature of the character and as such appears to simply be another way of reinforcing to the audience that, hey, Sherlock Holmes is a Bad Man! Look how evil he is, even his SHIP is bad! Why didn’t they just name it “USS BAD GUY” and be done?”

Perhaps it is too simplistic in that manner. With that said, you don’t know anything about the ship, other than it’s name. You don’t know who built it, or why. You don’t know the motivations of current Starfleet, or the Federation. What kind of impact does the destruction of a core world have?

To be quite honest, I hope it has a huge negative impact on the Federation. I found it quite bizarre that in the Prime Universe, Betazed falls to the Dominion, yet as far as we know, everything is perfectly fine in the Federation once the Dominion War is over. By the way the Jem Haddar acted prior to, and throughout the war, major cities on Betazed should have been destroyed. You would think that Betazed would have been largely destroyed, and would have been in need of being completely rebuilt.

You would think that if the fall of Betazed was enough to get Starfleet to OK Sisko getting the Romulans into the war by doing whatever was necessary (ultimately, killing Senator Vreenak), that would be the least of the worst things Starfleet did.

196. JackballTV - April 24, 2013

the ‘space balls’ look alot like the Xendi weapon/probe…



197. Son of Jello - April 24, 2013

I like it and think the ship is Repulsive.

For a bad guys (if it is) ship its not messing around in its design. Its not trying to be pretty or freindly to other life forms in any way. It gives a good impresion that its form was very secondary to its function. Which I belive to be frightening peace loving aliens and Starfleet officers by flying around in deep space waving its scrotum at everyone and then shooting its testicles at those who disagree with its methods. The whole huge balls that shoot out missles and then explode. Yep I would aproove that design.

It makes me feel a little ill deep down in my stomach I dont think this ship is big on second chances or encouraging hope. In the trailer if its the first time Kirk sees the ship the “Im Sorry” line seems apropriate. If I had said “Follow me everyone” and then came across that ship I would be sorry too.

Im amazed that HarryBallz kept it such a secret that he was featuring as a secondary hull in the new STITD movie.

#Dave. What just the 2 tracks? more please.

198. Calastir - April 24, 2013

If you look real close, you can see Darth Vader and the Emperor standing behind the window…


199. Colin - April 24, 2013

I was thinking about how this film unfolds, from what I have read. Without spoiling things, I think the writers could have taken a different approach to this story. In one of the comics, Captain Kirk’s curiosity brought him to the attention of Section 31. If this had been repeated in the film, and we see what he learned and the consequences of that action, I think the film might been better.

About the bonding of the crew. I think it is better when writers show a team defeated in battle, then learning from their mistakes, and working together towards a victory, i.e. The Avengers. Instead of having a monstrous ship, how about a small, highly maneuverable ship, used for stealth missions, operated by an elite crew? I would have liked to see a big budget battle of the Lakota vs the Defiant.

200. Timncc1701 - April 24, 2013

Love the smaller, apparently more technologically advanced nacelles. Glad to see a dreadnaught class starship in a movie. Badass. They need something like this to deal with Klingons and other adversaries. Too bad it apparently goes down into the ocean at some point in the film. Maybe this shows the next Enterprise will have more sanely proportioned nacelles like this apparently more technologically advanced dreadnaught?

201. DaddlerTheDalek - April 24, 2013

Now that’s a Monster! It looks like the opposite of the Enterprise.
Vengeance… Interesting Name. I wonder who built this thing…

202. Calastir - April 24, 2013

Darth Vader probably.

203. DaddlerTheDalek - April 24, 2013


lol. “USS Vader”! XD

204. Niall Johnson - April 24, 2013

Little more then a new fanboy ship. I’m disappointed.

205. ShaunDLyon - April 24, 2013

Is this going to be some sort of remake of WOK? Even if Harrison isn’t Khan, the plot elements seem familiar. Big bad needs taking down. Seems rather personal. Kirk and crew in peril. Needs of the many…blar blar. Big final confrontation with Enterprise vs. enemies ship (WOK was Reliant, this time its Vengance). Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited and just booked for 9th May. I’m only reading the spoiler free stuff and one review from Australia said it was the great sci-fi spectacle of this or any other generation! Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!

206. Dan - April 24, 2013

The big guns seen in the trailer I think can be seen near the void in the center. They are the ribbed items.

207. Don Wallstedt - April 24, 2013

Is that image from the movie? It’s bad! Looks like it was created by some guy out there using LightWave or 3DStudio Max on a home computer, the textures on the hull are horrid.

I’ve done better starship renders using Bryce 3D, and I’m not a pro artist..

208. HMS Enterprise - April 24, 2013

We have a HMS Vengeance currently in the Royal Navy. Its one of four submarines that carry our nuclear deterrent. Appropriate name for a ship that is supposed to respond to a nuclear attack on the UK.

As for this particular Vengeance… its… interesting. Different too. Looks like its supposed to be a stealth ship of some kind – bit like a submarine. Section 31 maybe? I don’t immediately warm to it but shall wait until I see it in action before making a final judgement. Going by a single picture doesn’t really give you the full, er, picture.

209. Curious Cadet - April 24, 2013

@43. USS Donut,
“I see space balls. Actual space balls.”

They were going to call this movie “Space Balls”, but you know …

210. NicoToscani - April 24, 2013

I’m sorry. There is NO WAY the Federation would have a ship named “Vengeance.”

211. MelyBelle44 - April 24, 2013

@ 209

That is exactly how I feel. I have not read any spoilers, other than general things.

But, when the Star Trek 09 film was so fresh and new and gave us these completely out of left field plot points, I was just hoping for the same with STID.

I really didn’t care who the villain was, but I did hope it was going to be someone from the Prime Universe, BUT with a different destiny due to the different timeline. I liked the idea of Picard myself.

I didn’t even mind if they wanted to bring in certain elements or allusions to TWOK, but I just wanted some really unique risks. The suggestion that it basically follows the exact same formula as WOK is a little disappointing to me.

212. polerix - April 24, 2013

I love how the experts in Bayformers call Vengeance a “deceptacon”.

213. Commodore Adams - April 24, 2013

Well…more than 50% of us like the ship or love it so ..we win and the haters just keep hating. It’s a bad ass ship. I’m sick of the clean lines and light colours of federation ships. It’s nice to see some straight edge, angled edge, charcoal coloured badass ship.

214. At1212b - April 24, 2013

Name it USS WRATH!

215. Daniel Broadway - April 24, 2013

@207 I’m a visual effects artist, and this model isn’t that bad. This looks to be a straight render with no post effects. A CG render of a starship will look this way until proper things like bloom, film grain, softness filters, etc are applied on the render. I agree the hull surface is a little generic, but I bet in the movie it will look nice.

216. James Regulus Kirk - April 24, 2013


217. Navy - April 24, 2013

Sad looking ship.

I could say a number of negitive things, instead I will make this observation: It looks like it was built by Roberts Space Industries as a Star Trek styled bengall carrier.

I can’t wait until JJ and the people currently involved are replaced.

218. Sebastian S. - April 24, 2013

BattleStar Trek.

I don’t really like it; even as a warship, it looks like something from a Transformers movie. I’ll be waiting for the scene where it turns into an 18-wheeler….

And seriously; the name “USS Vengeance”?!? What is this, “Pirates of the Milky Way?”

219. It's 2013 man - April 24, 2013

Looks like a ship from a Star Trek computer game (not even a recent one). I really hope they do some post-processing around it… Why to release an unfinished render to the public?

220. Phil - April 24, 2013

@203. Pretty sure there was a shuttle in ST09 named Vader….

221. Kinoo - April 24, 2013

USS Butt-Ugly. Roddenberry must be rolling in his grave.

222. Sebastian S. - April 24, 2013



I’m getting a queasy feeling about the direction the whole franchise is taking; especially after reading spoilers last night. All of my worst fears for this movie were confirmed.

This is not Star Trek anymore. Not the one I’ve been a fan of for most of my 46 years. It’s a mindless video game.
ST09 was a fluke.

223. Sebastian S. - April 24, 2013

My above post (# 222) was a response to #221 Kinoo.

Somehow the post count changed on my screen when I hit ‘say it.’

224. Dennis Bailey - April 24, 2013

Eh, maybe they’re just continuing the Trek tradition of naming starships after American naval vessels:


225. Sebastian S. - April 24, 2013

Dennis Bailey~

You could be right, but it still doesn’t fit a Starfleet vessel (even if she were a section 31 ship). Sounds more like a Star Destroyer, really. Or an evil mirror universe ship….

I just wonder how long until Starfleet commissions the USS Enhanced Interrogator….

226. Sherlock - April 24, 2013

So… section 31 has dreadnoughts. That’s as ridiculous as NASA sending astronauts on a secret mission to Mars right this moment
or the CIA having flying uber-aircraft carriers…

next movie Kirk has magic powers and can walk in space without spacesuit

227. Red Dead Ryan - April 24, 2013


We did see Earth get attacked by the Breen. The San Francisco in particular was hit hard, with the Golden Gate bridge and Starfleet Headquarters in ruins.

We didn’t actually see Betazed during the Dominion War. It was only mentioned as being conquered, so there is no reason to think that at least some cities on that planet didn’t get (at least partially) destroyed.

We know the Jem’ Hadar wiped out the Maquis, and that after the war, Cardassia Prime was in ruins.

228. Red Dead Ryan - April 24, 2013


Section 31 operates outside of the laws of Starfleet, so there isn’t any reason why they couldn’t or wouldn’t build secret ships. Even if there were laws against it, we saw during the early part of DS9 the Obsidian Order (the Cardassian version of Section 31) constructing and assembling a fleet of ships despite Gul Dukat stating that the Order was explicitly forbidden from having its own ships.

229. LogicalLeopard - April 24, 2013

222. Sebastian S. – April 24, 2013

This is not Star Trek anymore. Not the one I’ve been a fan of for most of my 46 years. It’s a mindless video game.


Well, the standard two comments:

1) Trek has it’s share of shady situations and violence. I fail to see how this deviates greatly, especially when you consider the post-Vulcan environment. Kirk made no bones about the fact that he hated Klingons because of the death of his son (and probably other reasons). What kind of war footing is everyone else on due to the deaths of their loved ones? I’m assuming many other civillians of other races got killed on Vulcan.

2) We’ve only seen assorted clips and trailers. Not enough to base an opinion on how “Trek” a movie is. Trailers and clips are meant to ellicit one response – “Cool, I want to see that!” They are not meant to be a parade of the movies core principles and lessons.

As for the name, well, I can sympathize with you. I didn’t think it sounded very Starfleetish either, but then again, neither does “Defiant.” And also, when you look at a government founded by warlike Andorians, argumentative Tellarites, us widdle innocent Humans, and the formerly warlike and now homeless Vulcans, well, Vengeance isn’t that hard of a stretch. It was probably commissioned due to the changing face of war after the Vulcan incident, and named to take “Vengeance” on any other threats facing the Federation. So really, it works “in-universe.”

Now, when you hear the word “Vengeance”, you immediately think it’s negative, and think that doesn’t fit with Roddenberry’s “positive” view of the future. But we have to remember, Roddenberry had a positive view of HUMANITY in the future, not the future itself. Throughout all of the series, I don’t think there’s ever been a time when the Federation has not been on the brink of war, or in flat out total war with another race, be it the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Dominions, and the billions of people Janeway ticked off *L*

But there’s another option that bears consideration: “Vengeance” may not be the official name of the ship. It may be what Harrison calls it, because it hasn’t been officially commissioned. Or it may be a ship that’s still a “secret” prototype, code named “USS Vengeance” for now, but after testing stages may be subject to a more PC name…..but that really calls for an unsupportable inference that Vengeance isn’t PC in the Federation.

230. Sherlock - April 24, 2013


I know and I do not have an issue with them having ships.
I do have an issue with them having technology that is far more superior than the best Starfleet has to offer – that would be the Enterprise.

If you told me NASA or the US Air Force operates secret combat satellites in Earth’s orbit, I’d give a shrug and say ‘why not’
But an intelligence organization within an intelligence organization having a fraking Dreadnought, that’s like NASA operating a Mars Base with US tax payers’ money and no one knowing it.
That works in Marvel comics and James Bond, but those are Fantasy. This is Science Fiction. The line is drawn here.

231. EM - April 24, 2013

“Vengance is a dish best served cold…”

I’m very excited to see this movie!

I’ve been a fan of Star Trek for 37 years. I was 10 years old in 1976 when I discovered the show which ran on Sunday mornings. I had to run my little butt off after Sunday school so as not to miss more than a minute or two! Eventually, I didn’t have to miss any amount of Trek. The church lost. Trek made more sense.

Anyway, I haven’t been this excited about Trek since those days long ago when each episode was new to me. Anticipating this movie reminds me of that youthful exhileration!

The USS Vengance looks great! Probably not an authorized Starfleet vessel, though. Either way, lighten up.

232. Phil - April 24, 2013

@230. Have you seen the clips that are available? This is fantasy, too, and it’s been embraced already. Any pretense that this universe is even remotely effected by science is gone. Enjoy the show….

233. Phil - April 24, 2013

@226. Well, depending on which spoiler post you read elsewhere, that’s not the next movie, it’s this one.

234. richpit - April 24, 2013

haven’t read all the posts…I just wanted to say, I LOVE that new ship! Very cool.

235. Sherlock - April 24, 2013

@ 233
I sure hope it is not!

@ 232
Well, JJ’s last Trek film was more SciFi than both Nemesis and Insurrection. And despite all the accusations, they really did care about Star Trek and its legacy.

So I just hope USS Vengeance is rendered inert by a design flaw

236. Johnny - April 24, 2013

I have never been more disgusted with a fanbase right now that I am with all of us trekkies. You all sound like entitled, spoiled brats, to be claiming you know what “Star Trek” is or isn’t.

Honestly, everything about Star Trek 2009 oozed of Gene Roddenberry’s vision. Really, I think that film visually and thematically represented exactly the kind of film Roddenberry would have made had he had access to large budgets and modern filmmaking techniques.

You guys seem to think that the ONLY thing Star Trek is about is “exploring strange new worlds”. Hate to break it to you, but it’s not JUST about that. Think about it. How many of the 11 movies have been about space exploration? One, that I can think of: Final Frontier — and that was by far the worst film in the entire series. The concept does not translate well to movies, so the films have to explore the other aspects of Trek: time travel, political thrillers and allegories, diversity, and the human condition.

You people need to get off your high-horses and enjoy the movie for what it is: A new Star Trek story.

A few other things:

Who says that this USS Vengeance is a “legitimate” Starfleet ship? Clearly, it looks like a super-secret black ops project, if it in fact *is* manufactured by Starfleet. Everyone thinking that the design was influenced by the Starfleet’s encounter with the Narada are probably on to something… but again, who says that Starfleet has been *forthcoming* about this project. There is clearly a secret agenda going on here, with this ship, and John Harrison, that we just don’t know about yet.

Lastly, as far as spoilers go, what is everyone’s problem? Why are some of us seeking to read reviews from yesterday’s premiere? What is the purpose? Have we all become so vain and greedy that we really can’t just wait until we watch the film? Hearing a second or third-hand account doesn’t do anything but ruin your own experience of seeing the film. All the speculation and complaining going on is just ridiculous.

Sorry if that sounds harsh — but my main point is just this: Let’s just wait for the movie, dammit!!!

237. Elias Javalis - April 24, 2013

The red dot things right and left of the deflector must be torpedo launchers…Eight of them!!

238. Aqua - April 24, 2013

that is one fugly looking ship.

239. Keachick - April 24, 2013

“And seriously; the name “USS Vengeance”?!? What is this, “Pirates of the Milky Way?””

Why not? Who knows? Piracy still goes on today…

Ship looks OK – variation on a theme. A ship is a ship as a car is a car – all variations on a basic design. Some people think that a particular sportscar looks great whereas others may think it is looks ugly…Same thing.

240. Johnny - April 24, 2013

“And seriously; the name “USS Vengeance”?!? What is this, “Pirates of the Milky Way?”

Because there have been ships in the past with the same name. If Starfleet is a continuation of the U.S. Navy, if you will, why couldn’t they name one of their ships the “Vengeance”.

That said, it really doesn’t look like your typical Starfleet ship. Someone’s up to something…

241. Robman007 - April 24, 2013

It’s pretty simple to tell what this ship is. It’s a black ops vessel built on the sly by portions of the Federation that work outside the law and with no supervision. The original reality had such an organization. That organization was also in the Enterprise show cannon. So, not a far stretch to say that this organization is still in power in the Alternate Universe.

Section 31 was pretty vile in the original universe. They did some nasty things, even went as far as to attempt genocide against the changling race.

So, in a reality that has seen massive ships appear from worm holes that can destroy entire fleets and even planets, its safe to say that Section 31 would take even more drastic steps then it’s original reality counterpart. That would include scouring the galaxy to find any level of technology that would allow them to first strike against any race in the galaxy, such as the Klingons (who also had access to Narada technology)…..

This ship is well within the cannon established for Section 31, if they are featured in the ship. Not a far stretch to say that they have gone even more rogue then usual.

Also not a stretch to say they would NEVER, EVER, EVER advertise this level of technology to the Federation Council or Starfleet command. You would not want your enemies in the Klingon Empire or Romulan Empire to learn of it. So, for all intents and purposes, the Enterprise is still the most advanced ship in the fleet…on paper.

Besides, this ship reminds me of Babylon 5 and the Shadow Omega Destroyers that President Clark had built on the sly.

242. Blair Brown - April 24, 2013

A borgified Enterprise-E would look MUCH better!

Still looks better than the JJ-prise,though…

243. Epreviti - April 24, 2013

SEction 31

244. RBanks - April 24, 2013

That ship is a real stunner. I love the black and dark grey stealthy looking colors and design.

Now, if only RC2 (or any kit manufacturer) would put out a 1/350 scale kit of it… I could have MY Vengeance. (bad joke, I know)

It would provide quite a contrast parked between my 1/350 Refit and TOS Enterprise models.

245. Robman007 - April 24, 2013


I’m pretty sure you will never see a 1/350 version of the Vengeance. We can’t even get RC2 to make a Abrams Enterprise without cancelling it and the model appearing in Germany instead. The new Enterprise was rescaled to be the same size as the original, so a 1/350 scale Abrams COULD happen (it DID happen by QMx)…a 1/350 Vengeance (and Excelsior/Enterprise-D etc) would run about 6-7 feet long. Not practical.

On a side note, the TOS 1/360 scale is amazing! I just finished a build and even lit the sides of the warp drive with a cool blue LED. Looks fantastic. Best engineering of a model I have ever seen.

246. RBanks - April 24, 2013

@ 245 Robman007

Ah, you’re right. That fact totally slipped my mind. In the last trailer the Vengeance is obviously a much larger class of Starship comparable to a Galaxy Class Enterprise D. Perhaps a 1/1000 version might come one day.

Anyway, I also bought the 1/350 TOS Enterprise, and I picked up the accessory kit with the lighting kit, photo-etch, and weathering decals. It’s about 75% finished at this point. The engineering is indeed superb. I would go so far as to say it’s Tamiya quality. So far it’s been a joy to build.

I built the 1/350 refit a couple of years ago, and thought it was a pretty decent kit overall, but this new TOS Enterprise is head and shoulders above that kit in every way.

I never did hear why Polar Lights/RC2 cancelled the ST09 Enterprise kit. I read somewhere that the ST09 kit now being sold in Germany is 1/500 scale. Wonder why it’s only sold over there.

247. Peter - April 24, 2013

77 – Didn’t you know???

We Trekkies / Trekkers just chomp down on anything labeled TREK. That’s how dumb we’re perceived to be. And that’s why the USS Vengeance looks like it does.

248. Danny Boy - April 24, 2013

This ship is equipped with an M5 Computer developed by Dr. Richard Daystrom (played by Noele Clarke) and obtained by John Harrison in exchange for curing Daystrom’s child of a terminal illness. No doubt that Harrison infiltrates this ship and installs the computer on it and uses it as a “one man weapon of mass destruction” to wage his own personal war against the Federation. I’m certain he is responsible for changing the name of the ship to Vengeance.

249. Phil - April 25, 2013

Wasn’t that Giaus Baltar that betrayed humanity??? I think Vengeance is actually the Galactica…

250. Steve - April 25, 2013

Looks like it was made from Legos.

251. rval - April 25, 2013

Reminds me of Star Trek’s Galaxy-X class starship.

As for the ship name, USS Yamato (NCC-71807) was Galaxy class starship.

252. Brevard - April 25, 2013

Dear Starfleet,

If you name a big black starship Vengeance, please be prepared for said ship to to captured by a terrorist. Duh.

Gene Roddenberry’s Starfleet would have never given this name to a starship. So much for that notion of a brighter Star Trek future.

253. dean-o - April 25, 2013

I’m a designer by trade and that design is just way too busy. There’s no visceral power or coolness to it’s chunky, slapped-together aesthetics. Ugly duckling in a very bad mood at best.

No way that’s a Star Fleet ship. Probably a cobbled-together alien-made ship using stolen plans for some contrived reason. It has a mish-mash of TNG era design details, only darker and without the elegance.

I’m not liking what I see here at all… I hope this movie doesn’t stink too bad.

254. Peter - April 25, 2013

249 – Galactica with a saucer section, LOL.

255. James Tiberius Kirk - April 25, 2013

JJ abrams should stop changing star trek into transformers vs star wars vs battlestar galactica.

256. Phil - April 25, 2013

@254. Flip it over, and triangulate the front end, and you have Galactica. I’m really hoping that most of the spoilers that have been leaked are fake – if not, this baby is a renter at best….

257. LogicalLeopard - April 25, 2013

252. Brevard – April 25, 2013
Dear Starfleet,

If you name a big black starship Vengeance, please be prepared for said ship to to captured by a terrorist. Duh.


*LOL* True!


Gene Roddenberry’s Starfleet would have never given this name to a starship. So much for that notion of a brighter Star Trek future.


Well, Gene Roddenberry’s Starfleet named a ship “Defiant.” That’s not exactly a postive quality. But really, I thought the same thing at first, until I realized that when you look at the founding four races of the Federation, the current circumstances in the Federation, and the fact that the US Navy already HAS a ship called Vengeance, well, it’s not that unbelievable at all.

258. Robman007 - April 25, 2013

@256…didn’t seem like renter material. Maybe for some Trek fans who are cannon nazi’s (not directing that at anyone, fyi)..but nothing that was too horrible. Most reviews seem to say it’s on the same level as 2009’s film.

259. bluthx - April 25, 2013

I can’t get over all the hate on these fourms. I have been a star trek fan since I was seven years old. I’ve seen all of the tv episode from TOS to ENTERPRISE, and all the movies. I am so happy to have star trek back in any form. I absolutly love what JJ has done with the franchise. He has made STAR TREK fun. Why can’t people just be happy to have Star Trek of any form instead of beating it into the ground all the time. It gets kinda old after a while……..

260. Curious Cadet - April 25, 2013

@257 LogicalLeopard,
“and the fact that the US Navy already HAS a ship called Vengeance, well, it’s not that unbelievable at all.”

You’re right of course. And Gene Rodenberry most likely would have been fine with a ship in the fleet s e where called the vengeance.

However, it’s really not about what might be possible.

It’s about a movie that has made this a featured aspect. Movies are a medium where everything the audience sees and hears is laser focused by the director to tell a story. In this case naming the ship “Vengeance” is like a blunt object hitting the audience over the head instead of a delicate tool and careful hand. Even if there are real ships in the world’s navies with this name, in movies sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Just because there’s a real world example doesn’t mean Abrams should have chosen it for this purpose. He might as well have named it the “USS Evil” in this context. Honestly, if Weller comes on the screen and introduces himself as the captain of the Vengeance, he might as well be twirling his mustache or stroking a cat while he does it.

And that is the only consideration a director should make when making decisions like this — How will it be perceived by the audience in this context?

261. Johnny - April 25, 2013

Guys — who said that the USS Vengeance is the official name that Starfleet has given the ship? What if John Harrison commandeers it and changes the name to suit his purpose? I mean, if this is a prototype ship of some sort, maybe it doesn’t even have an official name yet… merely a number designation.

I’m willing to bet that Cumberbatch is the one who gives it the name “Vengeance”.

And even if it IS an official name — what’s the big deal? The US Navy has a ship named the “Vengeance”, and there IS plenty of historical precedence for it. Are we really thinking so two-dimensionally that we think that Gene Roddenberry’s version of the future was so bright, that he wouldn’t condone using “negative” words?

262. Matt - April 25, 2013

This is an interesting design. If this is supposed to be a dreadnought class ship I’m assuming it may be a tad more advanced than JJ’s Enterprise. The design of the deflector dish and warp nacelles seem to be introducing what we’ve seen from the Gene Rodenberry’s Enterprise in the earlier films (ST:the motion picture-Undiscovered country). Assuming the Enterprise gets destroyed (because we see it burning in Earths atmosphere in the trailer but it could just be from a characters dream sequence :/). Maybe this is something we’ll see in the design of the next enterprise to show the progress to something like the refit enterprise or enterprise A. Oh and did anyone notice the escape pods(again just assuming) on the Vengeance? Reminds me of the Enterprise E (::sigh:: i miss that ship, it needed more screen time) Alright thats my Nerdgasm for the day. I should clean up after “my warp core breach”.(gross. I know) oh and BTW JJ if you decide not to direct ST:3 then i think the director from Looper is a good choice or Bryan Singer (he gets the star trek universe and he can marry the action to it to make it accessible to a big audience) X-men 1 & 2 great action/allegory<< jus like Star Trek! See some of you at midnight MAY 17 woooo!!!!!! k bye

263. Ed Chamberlain - April 25, 2013

Looks good enough to meet the plot demands, possibly a federation design built with Klingon help?

264. david williams - April 26, 2013

It looks nearly identical to the enterprise-e, except the nacelles are different.

265. ScottC - April 26, 2013

Anyone else think its just a coincidence that Polar Lights is coming out with a new model of the Enterprise and Botany Bay in September 2013?


266. Josh - April 26, 2013

The Vengeance isn’t quite as stylish as the Enterprise, but then it probably has different functions/purposes than the Enterprise. Vengeance sounds more like the name of a Mirror Universe Starship. I’m surprised that an organization like Starfleet would give a ship that name. It looks cool though. I think I’d have to get a better look at it before I say whether I love it though.

267. Curious Cadet - April 27, 2013

@265 ScottC,

Not any more, unfortunately.

268. CmdrR - April 28, 2013

13 – John Harrison was NOT prepared for Starfleet’s secret weapon.

The USS Homer!

*drooling* mmmmmmmmmmmmm Space Donut!

269. Vern - April 29, 2013

Check out the tag line from the Wrath of Khan movie poster…the name of the ship comes to mind.

270. fruta planta diet pills - May 3, 2013

The P57 Hoodia has helped curb my hunger and has given me a little more energy but is also helping me slim down. In two months, my dress size has dropped two. I’m very excited about continuing to see how far I am able to get with my goal.

271. Boldly Gone - May 12, 2013

Just like the movie, the ship looks inspired by Star Trek, but not based on Star Trek.

I hope when Trek gets another reboot attempt in 10 years or so, it’s a little more Trek and a little less fluff.

272. Bill Lutz - May 13, 2013

JJ Remake

273. EGW - May 14, 2013

The ship looks and sounds like something that would be created in secret by Section 31.

274. Erik Carlson - May 19, 2013

both ships are ugly as sin. the enterprise with it’s bulbous, ill placed nacelles. The sterile looking bridge and the other ship too dark to see. nothing to love. The starship Enterprise is supposed to be a main character in the show.

275. Anthony K - May 20, 2013

I am hoping the USS Realitivity, NCV-474439-G, Make this whole time line go away!

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