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Watch: 5th Star Trek Into Darkness Clip Ups The Funny May 2, 2013

by Matt Wright , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The fifth clip from Star Trek Into Darkness has just gone online. It is a tense moment in the turbolift between a frustrated Kirk and Uhura. You can watch the “Ears Burning” clip below, but beware there are spoilers.


Clip 5 – Again With the Ears Jokes

This new clip titled “Ears Burning” is a different spin on the classic Trek turbolift conversation. In this version we have Kirk, the young stud that he is, with Uhura in an awkward and tense moment in the turbolift as they discuss Spock’s recent behavior and what it’s like to date him.



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1. JohnRambo - May 2, 2013


2. Kyle Swinderman - May 2, 2013


3. Starman - May 2, 2013

Priceless look on Spock’s face….

4. Kyle Swinderman - May 2, 2013

Not to say I dislike the new movies however, why do they keep having Kirk and Spock fight so much? I’m kind of tired of it. Kirk and Spock are best friends and they don’t even seem like it. Kirk is the captain no matter what for Spock to even second guess him in front or behind the scene is mutiny.

5. David - May 2, 2013

Not even close 2.

6. Daniel Broadway - May 2, 2013

Are they going to release a clip everyday? We’ll see the whole movie by the time it comes out. I know I could choose not to watch, but who could resist?

7. aligee - May 2, 2013

Next Thursday 6.45pm IMAX for me – Glasgow – Scotland UK….cant wait!

8. Keachick - May 2, 2013

Huh? Kirk a young stud, “still annoyed and frustrated that Uhura is with Spock (and not him)”?

How do you get that from what was shown in that scene? Kirk is frustrated that Spock seems to be second-guessing everything. The comment about Spock being Uhura’s boyfriend seemed more like Kirk wanting Uhura to give her own, more personal angle on what might be going with Spock. His question about what might it like to fight with someone like Spock (a stoic vulcan) is more about Kirk trying to work out just who this Spock is.

So it begins…

9. Starfleet HR - May 2, 2013

Relationships between supervisors and subordinates have a high risk of becoming unprofessional.

This could create perceptions of favoritism, misuse of position, and using a position to further one’s own goals.

Actions that create just the appearance of impropriety can also be punished.

10. Tuomas - May 2, 2013

I might be imagining things because of all this waiting (June 5th come on!), but isn’t this the sixth clip released from the film?

11. Keachick - May 2, 2013

#4 – Mutiny? Sorry, but that is nonsense.

12. Skip - May 2, 2013

@Kyle, one of the reasons that Kirk and Spock fight so much is that the Powers That Be have decided that the Rodberrian vision of the future as a place where Earth and the friendly aliens who are allied with them live in peace and harmony is, well, boring. Thus, we need “conflict” in all relationships and we need more “action” scenes rather than philosophical dialogue and character development.

I’m not sure I disagree with the premise that there must be some conflict in order to keep things interesting, but I tend to agree that it seems a bit overdone.

13. entropy - May 2, 2013

Did anyone else notice Kirks rank as only commander on his uniform? 2 ribbons.

14. Jeyl - May 2, 2013

Turbo lifts have gotten significantly slower since the last movie.

15. Kyle Swinderman - May 2, 2013

@12 I understand that to a point but have a conflict between someone else other than Kirk and Spock. I mean perhaps McCoy and Spock or just keep the conflict between Uhura and Spock.

16. Nony - May 2, 2013

“He’s clearly still annoyed and frustrated that Uhura is with Spock (and not him).”

Exceeeeept that’s not what the clip is about at all…

17. Exverlobter - May 2, 2013

I watched the trailers, but none of those clips.
By now probably 30% of the films has already been shown. Thats too much.

18. Josh C. - May 2, 2013

“We’re talking about the end of every life on earth. You’re half-human. Do you have any god damn feelings about that?!”

Nope, kirk and Spock never fought

19. Matt Wright - May 2, 2013

#16 — Um subtext? He’s clearly still annoyed about her picking Spock in the way he talks about their fighting. But really I’m just having some fun with the description of the clip. After all, to say much more would be a spoiler ;)

20. Sabra - May 2, 2013

@15 That would require to have McCoy around doing more than saying one-liners.

21. Ash - May 2, 2013

Where do people keep getting this idea that there is some love triangle going on? The only time Kirk really flirted with Uhura was the initial meeting at the bar. All other times he just seemed to like annoying her. I know JJ mentioned that it was his intention in the first one, but evn then I never saw it.

I didn’t get the feeling that he was annoyed at the spock/uhura relationship at all in this clip. More like he had pity for her that she had to be in a tiff with him too.

22. Daniel Broadway - May 2, 2013

@ 14 Jeyl

Ha. I noticed that. In the first movie, Spock goes from shuttle bay to bridge in like 5 seconds.

23. Martin - May 2, 2013

@13 look again. 2 big 1 thin. Rank is correct

24. GroktheSpock - May 2, 2013

Good old-fashioned Star Trek humor. Love it.

25. The Sinfonian - May 2, 2013

Movie 1: Characters fight each other.
Movie 2: Characters begin to fight for each other.
Movie 3: Characters now work together.
This is setting up the threequel, where K/O & L can write a script exploring something new. Yeah, like the Doomsday Machine, Vejur, Whale Probe, or the Borg. What other major stressors remain? I mean, wouldn’t Spock Prime have clued the UFP in on all the major events so that they can be proactive as they are in this film?

26. Kyle Swinderman - May 2, 2013

@18 That was a different situation completely. Kirk was frustrated because of Spock being different than he was before. You didn’t see the two of them fighting hand to hand on the bridge of the bird of prey.

27. Dennis Bailey - May 2, 2013

God, I love these guys. LOL

28. BH - May 2, 2013

@4 – how many time did Spock tell Kirk he didn’t like being insulted in TOS?

29. The Sinfonian - May 2, 2013

@26. We never saw TOS Kirk and Spock together at any point before when they were one year+ into the 5YM. (Well, WNMHGB may have been during year one of the 5YM, but… my point remains.)

30. Nony - May 2, 2013


I’m not getting that at all from this clip, actually. Kirk is just frustrated with Spock, and seems startled/a little amused at the thought of a Vulcan having normal human-like relationship problems. And Uhura never really ‘picked’ Spock over Kirk because there wasn’t a love triangle to begin with…much as they liked to imply it in the ’09 marketing!

31. drumvan - May 2, 2013

i bet pine and zoe cracked up a million times when they got to the “rip his bangs off” line. can’t wait to see that blooper in the dvd extras. lol.

maybe boborci can confirm or deny this.

32. gingerly - May 2, 2013

Love this!! :D

I’m just happy to see my crew bantering and concerned for each other.

33. baby - May 2, 2013


Please no more clips…..its only a week away.

If you guys want to see human and vulcan love spat watch the deleted scene of trek 09 with sarek and amanda.

am cool with the S/U relationship…. however i am not happy with all this short clips everyday all day.

34. Kyle Swinderman - May 2, 2013

@28 In TOS, Kirk and Spock would playfully joke back and fore between each other. This is something that good friends can do. They can joke with each other because they know neither of them mean any actually harm from it.

35. Matt - May 2, 2013

this is like the sixth clip.
1. What would Spock Do?
2. Escaping Klingons
3. Kirk vs Harrison
4. Meeting Carol.
5. Keep Going Scotty

and now this one makes six.

36. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 2, 2013

Ha! I loved it. Poor Kirk clearly frustrated with Spock (continues with what we see in the Countdown to Darkness comics). Then his mind boggles at the concept of actually ‘fighting’ with Spock…

A number of reviewers have commented on the humour in this movie – this must be another prime example. The topic itself is not funny, but the scene definitely is.

37. Sterj - May 2, 2013

I wonder how much of these are even IN the finished movie? For all we know these clips are deleted scenes!

38. THX-2020 (Complete with Blue Ray and Chips and Salsa) - May 2, 2013

Some of you guys really need to kill the nitpicky nonsense. Two rings on this wrist? Three Rings on his wrist? the depiction of the uniform is accurate. You want so badly to find fault with every little thing with JJ’s movie.

I think the conflict between Kirk and Spock is not a bad thing. It makes sense in light of this new reality. A lot of trek people hated Enterprise but it did highlight the tension between humans and vulcans after their first contact. It was more realistic than the utopian Love fest of the original series. In the original series there was little to no conflict between them that I can remember on the tv show. (Amok Time does not count Nerds and I am aware of the issues from the films i.e. Star Trek VI). Kirk trusted Spock and valued his wisdom and insight. Keep in mind that this Kirk is younger than the Prime Kirk when he takes command. By the time he meets Spock in the Prime Universe they are seasoned veterans. Prime Spock served under Pike for 11 years. They are younger in this “alternate reality” and young Kirk is a hot head. He is an over achiever like Prime Kirk but not disciplined or seasoned. Prime Kirk served on the Farragaut and had other experiences. Same guy but two divergent and different lives. Stop comparing this to the old universe. It is not the same. When you Roddenberry purists get it in your skull that this is a new playground with new rules, your blood pressure will go down.

If you read Countdown to Darkness of one of the themes in that story is Spock keeps taking unnecessary risks and is on edge because of the destruction of Vulcan. That is the cause of the tension between he and Uhura. It is not a spoiler because they highlight that fact in the “prequel” comic. Apparently Spock feels some type of survivor’s guilt over the destruction of Vulcan. Dude represses his emotions. So he deals with it by placing himself in harms way which I imagine will be shown in the film.

39. KirksLove - May 2, 2013

They are NOT deleted scenes.

40. jojo - May 2, 2013

LOL! Nice scene. Poor Spock. I’m with Kirk. I want to know what Spock and Uhura’s fights are like as well.

41. Mad Mann - May 2, 2013

I don’t know, they seem too informal with each other. I don’t think a CO and a Lt should talk like that to each other.

Well, here’s hoping the movie is good!

42. Valley Trek - May 2, 2013

Like oh my gawd, what is that even like?
As if.

43. Valley Trek - May 2, 2013

“Star Trek Into Darkness,” from the writers of “Clueless.”

44. PaulB - May 2, 2013

#40 – Uh, yeah, that’s the point. Kirk realizes he’s out of line and tries to back out of it, but then Uhura answers, which piques his interest.

It’s called character growth. In Trek’09, Kirk would have pushed, but this Kirk is clearly trying to establish the boundaries a captain needs with his crew.

I’d say that this scene shows that this Kirk is growing into the Kirk we know–and he’s consciously trying to do so–which is a good sign that the movie is good.

45. NoBones33 - May 2, 2013

Ugg. More of Star Trek 90210…

46. Punkspocker - May 2, 2013

TOS always had moments like this! Love it

47. Winkie - May 2, 2013

Christ, what is this, High School Trek??

And does that make Keenser….. Screech?

48. BH - May 2, 2013

@34 – so asking if someone’s ears are burning is NOT a joke?


49. Aveline - May 2, 2013

Someone please, subtitles! I usually don’t understand Chris Pine clearly,,,I do understans Spock and the others, but not him…

50. TrinaInUS - May 2, 2013

Even in TOS, Kirk and Spock had some serious disagreements. At times they occurred in front of other crew members, on the bridge or elsewhere. Friendships were, yes, more formal, but I think that difference reflects a few factors. One is that, for better or worse (a bit of both IMO) the reboot is being helmed by different people from a different generation. Another is that, quite often, even work relationships are far more casual these days, and the people in this crew do spend a great deal of time in their own ‘island.’ Also, a lot of us here tend to read a great deal into the clips we’ve seen. It would be premature to judge the entire film based on those clips.

I watched TOS in its first run on tv (I was 8 years old ;) ), and have followed Trek ever since. I’ve always loved it, and I still love it, and many others feel that way as well.

51. meepmeep189 - May 2, 2013

Hey, seems the old TOS turbolift sound effect is back :D

52. BatlethInTheGroin - May 2, 2013

“still annoyed and frustrated that Uhura is with Spock (and not him)”

Huh? That’s not what the scene is about at all. What the…?

53. Jack - May 2, 2013

Kyle “Kirk and Spock are best friends and they don’t even seem like it. Kirk is the captain no matter what for Spock to even second guess him in front or behind the scene is mutiny.”

Skip “one of the reasons that Kirk and Spock fight so much is that the Powers That Be have decided that the Rodberrian vision of the future as a place where Earth and the friendly aliens who are allied with them live in peace and harmony is, well, boring.

The whole point is showing how they became friends. They ain’t there yet. In the last movie they’d known each other for a day or so — and in this one it’s only a few months later. And Spock’s having some pretty massive issues these days, what with Vulcan and his mom (and events early in thsi film). Even in the original timeline, it’s pretty unlikely they met on the first day and became bffs. Look at the tension Spock and Kirk had over Gary Mitchell.

The TOS Roddenberry “vision” had plenty of personal conflict. He was a TV producer for Pete’s sake — he understood how drama works. It was only later, after the 70s and conventions that he became all guru-y.

And to say there was no personal conflict in TOS is to ignore every conversation McCoy and Spock ever had. And Kirk and Spock both had plenty of internal conflict too. It’s what stories do — deal with conflict. And when did they ever run around in TOS discussing philosophy? Give me a just a single example.

All you “Gene’s vision” people need to rewatch TOS. Heck, even TMP, Roddenberry’s baby, was full of personal conflict.

54. Tony Todd's Tears - May 2, 2013

My dishonor as a Klingon is complete

55. Keachick - May 2, 2013

No. There is no “subtext” here. In fact, if anyone reads the ongoing comics that have been written about events leading up to this movie, Kirk is well aware of the Spock/Uhura relationship, is not rattled by it at all, and even encourages them to take a bit of time – for each other, in one instance.

Now I realize that the comics are not properly considered canon in the strictest sense, but there is nothing in this scene to suggest that anything has changed about Kirk in this regard.

56. Shawn Richards - May 2, 2013

@14 – Turbolifts, like automatic doors, have dialogue sensors built into them. This serves the purpose of allowing characters to exchange the appropriate dialogue completely before the lift arrives at its destination.

57. Superman - May 2, 2013

Wow…super mature thing for Kirk to do. He admits it, but then acts like a college-aged punk by asking “what’s that even like?”

Oh, wait. He’s a barely out of college-aged punk…

58. pg - May 2, 2013

Yeah, the early 80s changed Roddenberry’s vision of the future…But to not let characters have any form of conflict was just plain stupid.

Look at how much needed edginess The Best of Both Worlds had, with Shelby getting under Riker’s skin.. Made for great drama.

59. Jonboc - May 2, 2013

These guys are so on target! Just ordered tickets for an IMAX 3D Dolby atmos presentation on the 16th. Can. Not. Wait.

60. Curious Cadet - May 2, 2013

Wow, so much immature inappropriate unprofessional behavior going in there. Not so much a complaint as that’s who Kirk is at this point in his brief career — just an observation.

And Kirk has white walls! Yikes.

61. Iano - May 2, 2013

Just got back from the London premiere… This movie KILLS IT! So awesome, you have nothing to fear, even better than the first reboot one. It is relentless, but defo feels more Star Trek. Great acting, plot and so so happy it lived up to ,y expectations. ENJOY :)

62. Keachick - May 2, 2013

Is it normal for so many people to refer to young people so disrespectfully – as in “punk” etc?

63. Superman - May 2, 2013

As a high school teacher for many years, I love young people. I use the term “punk” here to refer to young people who act in asinine or inappropriate ways.

The CO of any starship, especially Enterprise, should not engage in a conversation with one officer about their relationship with another officer.

Kirk is being a punk here, so I used that term.

64. Phil - May 2, 2013

Funny how I’m not watching others refer to Spock, Uhura, McCoy, Scotty or Sulu as punks. Chekov gets referred to as kid. Just Kirk.

Then again, what would you expect from a repeat offender….leadership?

65. MelyBelle44 - May 2, 2013

@4 et al

You guys do understand the concept of Alternate Reality, right?

Just because they were close in TOS does not mean that is the plan for them in this reality. They may never get to the point of being like brothers. Maybe they will be distant friends, who get along enough to work together, and that’s all. Or maybe, they WILL become close friends at some point.

The point is this is an AU. Meaning, they are not definitely going to grow into the TOS versions of themselves. They may; they may not. They are in a completely different timeline; a completely different path. Stepping on a butterfly and all that.

As Nero said, “That was another life.” Geez.

66. George - May 2, 2013

LOL, that was in true Star Trek style

67. Spuhura Addict - May 2, 2013

I have been trying so hard to contain my geekiness glee, but omg it’s MAY!!!!! Countdown
Bring it J.J!
Oh.. and cute clip.

68. Tomar Re - May 2, 2013

That’s actually the best clip from the new movie that I have seen so far – in my opinion, of course…

69. Phil - May 2, 2013

The clip is funny, but honest to God, my first thought was that it had to be off the blooper reel….

70. Curious Cadet - May 2, 2013

@65. MelyBelle44
“Just because they were close in TOS does not mean that is the plan for them in this reality.”

According to Bob Orci, yes it is.

71. LizardGirl - May 2, 2013


That seems a little harsh based off of 38 seconds…

For all we know Spock was the one acting like a punk!

Also, TOS was a little more relaxed. If you want regulated behaviors between Captians, Lieutenants, etc. then TNG and beyond is what you’re looking for.

Kirk always knew how to walk the line between respected captain and best friend. That’s what separates him from the other captains we’ve seen.

72. Jonboc - May 2, 2013

#63 “The CO of any starship, especially Enterprise, should not engage in a conversation with one officer about their relationship with another officer.”

Sorry, I don’t know what starship you’re talking about but Jim Kirk did it in the original series.

73. Superman - May 2, 2013

Fair enough, LizardGirl, but I still think it’s too informal and immature. It could be Pine’s take on it or how it was written/directed, but I still find it distracting.

By the way, as a warning to those who wish to remain spoiler-free, Ain’t It Cool News has spoiled the big beats of the film. DO NOT GO THERE! Unless, like me, you were already spoiled.

74. Dean-O - May 2, 2013

Ok, now I’m really loving this clip! That’s good stuff! That’s got some old trek banter vibe and I like it a lot.

75. Ahmed - May 2, 2013

I’m not watching any of these clips, by the time the movie come out, nothing much will be left !!

I wish if the movie was out this week, the waiting is becoming harder everyday & my self imposed news blackout is not making it easy too.

76. Keachick - May 2, 2013

I do not think it has anything to do with Pine’s take.

I also found the scene humourous…:)

Informal and immature? The thing is that these people have known each other or have probably heard of the person since Starfleet Academy days. Certainly Kirk knew Uhura as a fellow cadet. It is quite possible that, at times, they shared the same classes, worked on assignments together, shared a friendship with the same Gaila and saw each other at social events. That does not necessarily mean Kirk and Uhura were romantically involved at any point though.

They are now serving on the same vessel and the person who is of concern to Kirk, ie Spock and his behaviour, turns out to be of concern to Lt Uhura as well. What is of even greater importance is that Kirk and the crew are dealing with a crisis, where everyone needs to be at their best…except that Spock does not appear to be…

BTW, I have not seen the film.

77. Remington Steele - May 2, 2013

Someone made a remark against Kirk/Chris Pine again didnt they? We’ll all suffer for it in the comments…

78. sean - May 2, 2013

I think this clip is great. Kirk got annoyed with Spock PLENTY in TOS. Maybe people just choose to forget scenes like in WNMHGB, when Kirk & Spock are disagreeing about what to do with Gary Mitchell? Oh well.

I also like that Kirk said something inappropriate but immediately apologized. He’s growing into his role as Captain. I dig it.

79. GarySeven - May 2, 2013

I don’t like this clip. Where are the explosions and fist fighting? I like the new Star Trek, it is like my video games, and like the Transformers movies. This scene didn’t look like a video game at all. The new Star Trek is better than the old Star Trek because it is more like a mindless video game. Bad Scene. Boring.
I can only hope that Spock chokes Kirk right after the clip ends. Kirk was choked a lot in the first movie. I love it when Spock fights Kirk. SO COOL!

80. Keachick - May 2, 2013

#77 – Are you trying to be smart – or something?

81. Matt - May 2, 2013

Been reading this site for all are brilliant most of the time..but comment #38 is, by far, the most brilliant quick insight snap shot I’ve ever read in putting into context the perceptive towards the alternate timeline. Take a bow, THX-2020. Dude, where can I find more of your comments? I’m a hardcore trek scientist that was a fan of JJ before anyone knew who he was and need to find more common sense insight.

82. Hugh Hoyland - May 2, 2013

I’m digging Pines subtle Shatner/Kirk-esq body language and facial expressions in these clips. I think he may be making the character his own at the same time.

83. John from Cincinnati - May 2, 2013

I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’m already tired of Uhura

84. Datalore - May 2, 2013

You know what’s the best thing about so called “Trek Purists” that hate the new Trek? No one really cares what they think, or say. The new movies are great, they are box-office smashes that are widely positively reviewed. For a concept that is about evolving and embracing new ideas, a lot of Trek Purists sure are fossils.

I loved TOS, TNG, DSN, VOY, ENT, and the movies. I liked some better than others, I didn’t like a few movies, but I always embraced the new product that has come out. And good thing the majority of the populace does. So nitpick away, but I feel bad for you guys, because it SURE must be frustrating realizing that no one cares what you say, and Trek will continue to evolve and be enjoyed, with you or without you. :-)

85. Becca - May 2, 2013


Umm sorry but that’s absolutely what’s gonna happen. Kirk and Spock are destined to to be great friends. THE defining relationship in each others lives. Why else would prime Spock have said that? Everyone knows how those two are gonna end up, and what they will be to each other.

86. MelyBelle44 - May 2, 2013


I don’t have Mr. Orci’s comments in front of me, but I know what you are referring to. I believe what was intimated was that their relationship would be CLOSER to the TOS timeline. But, considering where they were starting from in the first movie, that’s not going to be that hard to do.

But, what I am quite certain was never said was that they will be EXACTLY like the TOS timeline, and that they would someone be best friends. That is what #4 was requesting, and that was to what I was replying. Their relationship will never be exactly like TOS. As individuals, they will never be exactly like TOS.

I’d like to add though…I never considered them best friends in the TOS universe. For me, the best friends were Kirk and Bones. Spock and Kirk had a different relationship, almost brotherly in the sense that sometimes they clashed, sometimes they got along, but they always had each other’s backs, just like a sibling or cousin even. But, I never saw a “best friends” vibe between them. I just didn’t.

87. MelyBelle44 - May 2, 2013


And do you not recall that per Spock in the first movie, with an Alternate Reality, their destinies have changed?

Yes, they may end up at the point where they are friends, even close friends, but they will not be exactly as they are in TOS……they are different people.

Their TOS characteristics and experiences are not the goal of this timeline. This timeline isn’t propelling them toward their TOS counterparts. So, whatever they are and were in the TOS universe is completely irrelevant to THIS universe.

88. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 2, 2013

@83. John from Cincinnati

That’s a shame. I feel sorry for you, because I doubt she’s going anywhere anytime soon…

89. Juan Pablo - May 2, 2013

There is a continuity error when you open the door of the turbolift, Kirk has his arms crossed in one shot and the next not.
NO MATTER … IS STAR TREK … mujeehehhe!

90. dchimelis - May 2, 2013

The Hollywood Reporter posted their spoiler free review tonight:

“Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams’s second entry in his reboot of the eternal franchise, has been engineered rather than directed, calibrated to deliver sensation on cue and stocked with just enough new character twists to keep fans rapt. At its core an intergalactic manhunt tale about a traitor to the cause, the production gives the impression of a massive machine cranked up for two hours of full output; it efficiently delivers what it’s built to do, but without style or personality. The widely admired 2009 series relaunch pulled in $385 million in worldwide box office (an unusual two-thirds of that in the American market), and this one should follow very closely in that trajectory.”

And so it begins….

91. Rich Civil - May 2, 2013

The best Friends Kirk and Spock we say in tos and the tos movies is a relationship that took time to develop. The JJ movies show their interaction early on.

92. Mark - May 2, 2013

Sorry but AU or not the point seems to be that Kirk and Spock will always be great friends a la TOS. And having read reviews and spoilers for the new film, this is all obviously leading up to that epic friendship. You’ll see when it ones out. It will always come down to Kirk and Spock.

Not EVERTHING is the same as before, but some things are certain. Sorry to disappoint :)

93. Mark - May 2, 2013

**comes out**

94. Curious Cadet - May 2, 2013

@73. Superman,
“By the way, as a warning to those who wish to remain spoiler-free, Ain’t It Cool News has spoiled the big beats of the film. DO NOT GO THERE! Unless, like me, you were already spoiled.”

Criminy Superman, that review was spoileriffic! Yikes. And it wasn’t too glowing. How reputable are they?

A little surprised the Hollywood Reporter was so rough.

Hey Anthony, does is mean the embargo is lifted now and you will be going ahead with your review? I mean … THR!? That was unexpected this early …

95. Phasers On Stun - May 2, 2013

OMG that was so funny. I love it and can’t wait to see this movie. I hope there are more moments like that.

I look forward to to be Entertained for 2 hours, Bring it on JJ!

96. Dennis C - May 2, 2013

@92 That dynamic has always included McCoy and I hope to see that expanded upon in the future. Some of Star Trek’s best moments were shared between these three characters, Spock’s logic vs. McCoy’s raw emotion and Kirk often guided by both. All six Star Trek movies capture that dynamic perfectly.


McCoy: Dear Lord. You think we’re intelligent enough to… suppose… what if this thing were used where life already exists?

Spock: It would destroy such life in favor of its new matrix.

McCoy: Its “new matrix”? Do you have any idea what you’re saying?

Spock: I was not attempting to evaluate its moral implications, Doctor. As a matter of cosmic history, it has always been easier to destroy than to create.

McCoy: Not anymore; now we can do both at the same time! According to myth, the Earth was created in six days. Now, watch out! Here comes Genesis! We’ll do it for you in six minutes!

Spock: Really, Dr. McCoy. You must learn to govern your passions; they will be your undoing. Logic suggests…

McCoy: Logic? My God, the man’s talking about logic; we’re talking about universal Armageddon! You green-blooded, inhuman…


McCoy: [to Spock] I’m gonna tell you something that I… never thought I’d ever hear myself say. But it seems I’ve… missed you. And I don’t know if I could stand to lose you again.


McCoy: Perhaps, we could cover a little philosophical ground. Life. Death. Life. Things of that nature.

Spock: I did not have time on Vulcan to review the philosophical disciplines.

McCoy: C’mon, Spock, it’s me, McCoy. You really have gone where no man’s gone before. Can’t you tell me what it felt like?

Spock: It would be impossible to discuss the subject without a common frame-of-reference.

McCoy: You’re joking!

Spock: A joke – – is a story with a humorous climax.

McCoy: You mean I have to die to discuss your insights on death?

Spock: Forgive me, Doctor. I am receiving a number of distress calls.

McCoy: I don’t doubt it.


Kirk: Come on. Spock… Why didn’t you jump in?

Spock: I was trying to comprehend the meaning of the words.

McCoy: It’s a song, you green-blooded… Vulcan. You sing it. The words aren’t important. What’s important is that you have a good time singing it!

Spock: Oh, I am sorry Doctor. Were we having a good time?

McCoy: God I liked him better before he died!

97. MelyBelle44 - May 2, 2013


We’ll just have to agree to disagree. I never said they definitely wouldn’t become close. In fact I said maybe they will, maybe they won’t.

All I said was that if they do, it won’t be because of the TOS universe. People suggest that because it was a certain way in TOS, that’s how it must be in this universe as well. My point was that the TOS universe does not influence this one. There is no cause and effect if you will. So for people to say, “This has to be a certain way because they have to get to where they are in TOS,” to me I don’t think they understand the concept of an alternate reality.

Any occurrences, friendships, relationships, etc, in this universe are independent of the TOS timeline.

98. Rick - May 2, 2013

@86 Melybelle44- you never considered Kirk and Spock best friends in TOS?? I’m sorry, but did you ever WATCH the show? Even Roddenberry himself called them two halves of a whole. What a ridiculous comment…

99. Commodore Adams - May 3, 2013

lmao..this is gold.

100. Curious Cadet - May 3, 2013

@97 MelyBelle44,

I think you need to read Bob Orci’s original interview with Anthony on the subject. It’s pretty clear that even though the journey may be substantially different, “destiny” is conspiring to bring these characters together in the same way they were in the Prime universe. Unless Orci has changed his mind, this pretty much suggests that the rebooted universe was designed to allow the writers considerable freedom to create new stories with unexpected outcomes, but not to change the fundamental characters and relationships of TOS. In the end, the alternate universe characters will fulfill the destinies of the Prime universe characters. While you are correct in theory, I don’t think the filmmakers share your perspective.


Anthony: So even though some things, most notably Kirk himself, are on a different path (for example he doesn’t go to the Farragut after the Academy), he still ends up on the Enterprise with Scotty, Uhura, Chekov, Spock, etc. Are you saying there is some kind of ‘entropy’ perhaps? So even though some things are different, they gravitate towards some kind of center point?

Bob: Yes. If you look at quantum mechanics and you learn about the fact that our most successful theory of science is quantum mechanics, and the fact that it deals with probabilities of events happening. And that the most probable events tend to happen more often and that one of the subsets of that theory is the many universe theory. … According to theory, there are going to be a much larger number of universes in which events are very closely related, because those are the most probable configurations of things. Inherent in quantum mechanics there is sort of reverse entropy, which is what you were trying to say, in which the universe does tend to want to order itself in a certain way. This is not something we are making up; this is something we researched, in terms of the physical theory. So yes, there is an element of the universe trying to hold itself together.

101. Josh - May 3, 2013

Wow – 37 seconds and no sign of a lens flare.

102. Buzz Cagney - May 3, 2013

urgh just as i was starting to come around to this movie a little they release another silly clip. Oh dear.

103. somethoughts - May 3, 2013

It is a funny scene but I dont see how it moves the story forward or develop the characters.

It does make me wish spock was not dating uhura because of this type of drama, water cooler chat.

104. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 3, 2013

@103. somethoughts

“It is a funny scene but I dont see how it moves the story forward or develop the characters … … water cooler chat'”

And now that this ‘water cooler chat’ – lasting around 30 seconds actually – has happened, Kirk has learned that his interpersonal problems with Spock are not all from his side. This may encourage him to try a different tack in dealing with his XO.

That ‘develops the characters’ in my book.

105. Jack - May 3, 2013

Just saw Iron Man. The best of the three, I think. But – no Trek trailer. Given that it’s a Paramount (etc) flick, I’m surprised at this. It was packed (lots of folks with kids) — seems like a perfect chance to sell Trek ID.

I’d also like a post credits scene in Trek please. Thanks Bob!

106. Trekkiegal63 - May 3, 2013

#86. MelyBelle44:

Excerpt from ST3:

Captain Spock: My father says that you have been my friend. You came back for me.
Kirk: You would have done the same for me.
Captain Spock: Why would you do this?
Kirk: Because the needs of the one… outweigh the needs of the many.
Captain Spock: [pacing] I have been and ever shall be your friend.
Kirk: Yes. Yes, Spock.
Captain Spock: Ship, out of danger?
Kirk: You saved the ship. You saved us all. Don’t you remember?
Captain Spock: Jim. Your name is Jim.
Kirk: Yes.

… not best friends?! Sorry, but I couldn’t disagree with you more adamantly.

107. ajdczar - May 3, 2013

Star Wars.

Not Cerebral
Plot Holes

Star Wars


108. somethoughts - May 3, 2013


Yes I guess, however Kirk is a captain now and this convo just seems so highly inappropriate. If Kirk was still in the academy or cadet, I would accept this scene, just my opinion.

109. Jack - May 3, 2013

106. Best friends then, not yet here — this is still a decade or so before TOS.

110. Jack - May 3, 2013

108. The whole point of this movie seems to be that he wasn’t ready to be captain yet. Hopefully he’s gotten closer by the end.

111. Cody - May 3, 2013

I’m seeing a lot of pointless moaning and complaining here. Spock and Kirk are still BECOMING the people they are meant to be in this film. And sometimes exceptionally close friendships begin with a bit of turmoil in the beginning.

It doesn’t mean that Roddenberry’s vision or a better future for humanity is being tossed aside or any other such nonsense, so please purist fanboys, please..

PLUS, remember that Spock is inwardly suffering from the destruction of his homeworld. If you’d read the prequel comics you’d know that, and you’d see how this is playing out. It really does make a lot of sense.

Stop comparing this to TOS. This may technically have the same characters, but it’s a very different ride we’re on here.

112. - May 3, 2013

11:59PM next Wednesday night I’ll be seeing Star Trek Into Darkness.

I think the tension is to add depth to the friendship when it does arrive at that place where they have complete trust in one another.

I wonder if the fact that they both lost a parent because of Nero will factor in at some point as one of those things than connects them.

113. Jack - May 3, 2013

You guys have to stop with the criticism of the movie based on clips and trailers. It’s like a 45 letter Wheel of Fortune puzzle where you have a T a N and an E and no idea what the phrase is, but you’re criticizing it anyway. Just wait for the bloody movie — then you can have an actual opinion.

114. Trekkiegal63 - May 3, 2013

#109 Jack:

Yes, I’m well aware that they are not at the best friend stage yet at this point in the AU ‘verse. But her statement in post #86 was this…

I’d like to add though…I never considered them best friends in the TOS universe.

… and that had me doing a double-take and questioning if I’d read her post correctly. In my defense it was a shocking statement to read considering all of the vast canon material which contradicts it.

115. - May 3, 2013

Don’t worry about the age thing. If they make a film every 4 years by the time we get the fifth installment they will have all aged twenty years.

116. Jerry Modene - May 3, 2013

Kirk and Spock not best friends, eh? This is going to come as quite a shock to the K/S ladies…

Seriously, one could argue that Kirk is the one real friend that he’s ever had in his entire life. (His relationship with McCoy is considerably different.)

For many people, the friendship between Kirk and Spock is a great part of what made Star Trek great.

117. Trekkiegal63 - May 3, 2013

That state of the Kirk and Spock friendship aside, I agree with others who have stated that they’re kind… meh, about this clip. As humor goes, I found the Scotty one more hilarious.

This one is not bad, per se, but not engrossing either. If I were unfamiliar with the franchise, and watched this not knowing anything about the universe or the characters, this clip wouldn’t have drawn me in to buy a ticket. I would have dismissed it as a fraternity/sorority drama set on a space ship. More “Get Him to the Greek” than “Wagon Train to the Stars”.

118. Curious Cadet - May 3, 2013

@105. Jack,
“Given that it’s a Paramount (etc) flick, I’m surprised at this”

Iron Man 3 is a Disney film. Paramount has absolutely nothing to do with Iron Man 3, except cash the checks they renegotiated for when they cashed out of their contract with Marvel.

119. MelyBelle44 - May 3, 2013


If the point of this series is to reconcile the timelines, I will be severely disappointed. But, that’s just me. I am a firm subscriber to the Many-Worlds Interpretation, in which anything that could have happened did happen in another universe. So, that’s why this series really grabs me, because I feel like we are seeing one of the infinite number of Trek universes, different from every single other universe out there. Again, that’s just my preference.

I am tired of trying to explain myself, so this will likely be my last comment on the matter. I don’t dispute that Kirk and Spock had a very special places in each other’s lives. I don’t dispute that they were close. I don’t dispute that they were friends. And yes, I’ve seen TWOK, I don’t need it quoted to me. When I watched/watch it, I just don’t see them as best friends. Sorry.

This is what I liken it to. 1) When I was in college, I had a roommate, and we were very close at the time. Lived together, ate together, hung out together. For four years, we were inseparable. But, we graduated, and life went on. Is she my friend? Yes. Do I consider her my best friend? No. 2) Imagine military troops. Within a unit, you may have a guy you are particularly close to. Someone you would die for. You may spend months, years even in close quarters sharing deep stories and secrets with each other. The guy may be the closest person to you in that unit, like a brother. But, at the end of your term, you go to your home, he goes to his. You may keep in touch. You may still consider each other friends. But, that does not make you best friends. 3) Also remember that Spock served with Captain Pike for a long time…and he cared for him so deeply that he broke rules and regulations at the risk of being court martialed. That didn’t make them BFFs.

I’m not going to apologize for my opinion and that’s that.

120. Demode - May 3, 2013

@13 – Kirk has 3 stripes. The stripe in the middle is just slimmer than the other two ribbons.

121. Nick - May 3, 2013

Looking forward to the film opening here.

I’ve loved everything so far until now … must say that in my opinion this scene is terrible … really, really bad.

I wonder why they chose to film this in the first place, let alone use it to promote the film.

Maybe not aimed at my age group perhaps (between 30 & 40) … ?

122. Jemini - May 3, 2013

someone’s sleeping on the space couch tonight

123. Jack - May 3, 2013

117. Well, there was a Paramount banner at the start of it. After the Marvel thing. I knew Disney was involved, It’s why I said etc. Regardless, it would have been nice to see a Trek trailer.

124. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 3, 2013

@120. Nick

Well, for me in my very late 50s, this absolutely hit the spot. It reminded me so much of the TOS interactions. Of course back then, it was Kirk, Spock and McCoy, and obviously the topic was different, but the vibe for me was pure TOS.

125. Nick - May 3, 2013

123: I see your point of view. I guess I found it a little wrong in a kind-of management/command etiquette way if you understand. I know this is just a movie, but it is more ST4 ‘comedy’ than TOS ‘credible’ in my view.

May be one of those segments that plays alot better in the flow of the film …

Not long now!

126. PaulB - May 3, 2013

#119 – “I’m not going to apologize for my opinion…” That’s fine, but your opinion is still WRONG. (Yes, opinions can be wrong.) An opinion is an interpretation of facts, and your “opinion” that Kirk & Spock weren’t best friends is WRONG because it denies the facts.

Kirk stole the Enterprise and risked his career for the chance of getting Spock’s body back and putting Spock at rest. (The reunification of Spock’s body & katra weren’t mentioned until later in STIII.)

That’s far beyond some roommate you once had–unless you’re saying that you’d steal a military vessel and ruin your life and your friends’ lives just on the CHANCE that you might be able to recover and bury the body of a former roommate.

No matter what you FEEL about the characters’ relationship, it has been written, directed, performed, and described as ‘best friends’ for over 40 years.

So, your opinion that Kirk & Spock aren’t “BFFs” is wrong, period.

127. smegger56 - May 3, 2013

@4 Kyle Swinderman

Don’t be silly. Anyway, Trek 09 and Darkness are only set months apart. They’re still very early in their relationship. And you know, I love seeing this. They’re still developing that brotherly love. I’m happy that they’re not super best friends yet. But we know they’ll get there. It’s just seeing how.

128. Mark - May 3, 2013

@119 Melybelle44-

Lol. Okay well we are all entitled to our opinions I guess, no matter how ridiculous and wrong they may be :)

129. Cant Wait Fer ST:ID - May 3, 2013


130. VOODOO - May 3, 2013

That scene = Star Trek 90210.

Shatner’s Kirk would never sound like the college frat boy that Pine sounds like in that scene. That was poor acting by Pine. I wouldnt buy him as a leader in that scene.

131. Disinvited - May 3, 2013

#122. Jack – May 3, 2013

No you correctly observed to the contrary, Curious Cadet’s use of the phrase “Paramount has absolutely nothing to do with Iron Man 3…” is far from accurate or at least reveals a complete misunderstanding of the word “absolutely.”:

However the initial reporting on what he is referring while appearing to support such a view actually reveals there’s more to it than nothing:

”Better yet, Paramount doesn’t have to expend any manpower on AVENGERS and IRON MAN 3, even though it gets what’s essentially a hefty distribution fee. Disney will have to pony up more than $115 million if either of the two Marvel films overperform, according to insiders.

The $115 million Par is getting from Disney is a minimum guarantee. Insiders say Par gets an 8% fee on AVENGERS, and a 9% fee on IRON MAN 3. ” – VARIETY

However, if we look at what happened with THE AVENGERS side of the same agreement:

”Paramount’s $25.7 million (THE AVENGERS) take would be applied against the pre-paid fee from Disney.

The two sides also agreed that THE AVENGERS would appear on the Epix online and premium TV service that Paramount owns with Lions Gate Entertainment and the MGM studio. That’s a big boost for the nearly three-year-old channel.

How large Paramount’s take will be depends on how big a hit THE AVENGERS becomes. The deal gets even better for Paramount in 2013, when Disney is scheduled to release the third Iron Man. Paramount will get 9 percent of the money that film will generate.” – REUTERS

You clearly get the picture there’s more to Paramount’s IRON MAN 3 deal than having “absolutely” nothing to do with it.

Also MARVEL’s reaction to the deal indicates something more than “absolutely nothing” is going on for Paramount:

“Marvel brass think it’s odd that Paramount would boast of its distribution take in the wake of its losing out on future millions…Marvel was unhappy Paramount wouldn’t just let distribution go, and it was a very tough negotiation. Paramount drove a very hard bargain.” – NY POST

132. Phil - May 3, 2013 paraphrase Mel Brooks, it’s good to be the distributor!

133. somethoughts - May 3, 2013

#125 Nick

That is how I felt…

134. MelyBelle44 - May 3, 2013


Remember, this is set only 6 months later, so you are talking 6 months and a couple of days after Kirk’s Kobayashi Maru stunt, when he acted like a complete jackhole.

So, I don’t think it is inconceivable that he still has some maturity issues to work on.

Shatner’s Kirk wouldn’t have acted like that because he wasn’t like that. For one, he was a bit older. For two, he didn’t have the same experiences in life that NuKirk has had. NuKirk is more brash, immature, lacking discipline. I don’t think it is any fault of Mr. Pine’s that the character is written a certain way.

135. somethoughts - May 3, 2013

I loved everything up until this ear scene, I know the film will still rock and I am happy I can find fault, means im hard to please and critical lol

136. Masrhall McMellon - May 3, 2013

With regard to the question about why Spock & Kirk are fighting so much, we have to remember that it’s still early in the relationship for these guys in the ‘JJ-Verse’.
In my own life- one of my best friends in the world (to this day) was a bitter enemy of mine until one day we found ourselves in a conflict where we had to get over our differences and side up with one another. After that incident, it changed our relationship to one another and we came to both a greater understanding and an honest appreciation for one another.

I can totally relate to this storyline between NuSpock & NuKirk on a personal level. I kind of like it. :)

137. Curious Cadet - May 3, 2013

@131 Disinvited,

NONE of those links indicate Paramount is doing anything other than receiving a check in exchange for giving up their interest in the franchise.

So aside from trying to prove me wrong when I’m not, please do tell me what Paramount is doing, and whether you have any insite into Jack’s original question as to why there’s no Star Trek trailer at the Iron Man 3 showings when that film has a Paramount logo on it.

And further, as I and others pointed out to you, Marvel is crying foul because Disney will be paying huge somes of money to Paramount (who has not lifted a finger on Iron Man 3) to get them out of their contract with Marvel, but the money Paramount gets will come out of the Gross receipts, and therefore cut substantially into the net profits Marvel receives. This is nothing new for Disney as their M.O. is to own and control their properties, without regard to the production company whom in this case they own. Indeed what is best for Disney is frequently at odds with what is best for other’s interests. Marvel is upset because they are going to get less money and there’s nothing they can do about it except pout.

138. LogicalLeopard - May 3, 2013

4. Kyle Swinderman – May 2, 2013

Not to say I dislike the new movies however, why do they keep having Kirk and Spock fight so much? I’m kind of tired of it. Kirk and Spock are best friends and they don’t even seem like it. Kirk is the captain no matter what for Spock to even second guess him in front or behind the scene is mutiny.


Sorry, late to the party. I just wanted to point out that it’s important to realize where the characters are, and judge them on that. All of the characters in the movie are younger than their TOS counterparts, and in the early stages of their careers. They’re also in the early stages of their relationships.

To answer the question above, Kirk is still immature enough to let things slip out of his mouth regarding a subordinate officer to another officer subordinate of both of them. He’s been in command for what, six months, I think? He probably almost still sees Uhura as a classmate more than a subordinate. As far as Spock second guessing him, well, that’s his job, it’s not mutiny. He’s the first officer, he’s supposed to give the Captain alternatives and point out flaws. It doesn’t become mutiny unless Kirk gives him a lawful order and Spock doesn’t do it.

Plus, since I’m guessing there weren’t many Vulcans in Iowa, Kirk may ibe doubly irritated by Spock’s dry, logical delivery, which is probably devoid of a lot of the tact we use with each other. Where a human might say, “Well, the thing about that course of action is that XYZ may occur,” A Vulcan may just say, “That plan is illogical. It will fail, because XYZ” Also, you have to remember that Spock was not only a Starfleet Officer for some period of time, he was teaching at the Academy. And Kirk was his student. So, it is possible that maybe it’s NOT just Kirk, and Spock is being a little overbearing. But Kirk seems to get his answer from Uhura.

139. Mr. Anonymous - May 3, 2013

There’s a continuity error on this — when Kirk asks “what’s that even like,” his arms are folded, and in the next shot, they’re not. Ha.

This clip is fantastic, though. I love that this team brought human character back to Star Trek rather than the lifeless stiffness that was, say, ALL of Voyager.

140. Mr. Anonymous - May 3, 2013

And, about any of the nay-saying about the character-conflicts between the characters in the “JJ-verse,” did you guys even WATCH the original series? There were character conflicts all the time, especially between Spock and McCoy.

141. LogicalLeopard - May 3, 2013

130. VOODOO – May 3, 2013
That scene = Star Trek 90210.

Shatner’s Kirk would never sound like the college frat boy that Pine sounds like in that scene. That was poor acting by Pine. I wouldnt buy him as a leader in that scene.


Uhm, you have to remember, Kirk IS a college fratboy. He JUST graduated from the Academy roughly six months ago, if the earlier reports of the time period are correct. That’s the key difference. You can’t compare Pine’s Kirk to Shatner’s Kirk, because there’s a considerable age difference and experience difference. Kirk hasn’t been an officer for very long at all. It’s still possible that he sees Uhura as his schoolmate and Spock as his teacher on some emotional level. I mean, think about it: If you were in your 20’s (assuming you’re older, not sure) and you graduated college with a roaring success, becoming head of a company where you worked with the teacher you hated and the student you had a crush on, how would you react? Oh, and by the way, it’s a high pressure job where you’ve had to make some life or death choices.

You CANNOT simply compare nu-Trek to TOS. You must take the TOS character and say, “If the situation were different, could I see this character acting this way earlier in his life.” And in most cases, the answer will be yes.

142. Jemini - May 3, 2013

40. jojo – May 2, 2013

LOL! Nice scene. Poor Spock. I’m with Kirk. I want to know what Spock and Uhura’s fights are like as well.

hangar scene from the first movie?
for some reason I thought about the Sarek/Amanda scene they deleted from the first movie where she said “when vulcans get disgusted with each other they never just walk away don’t they?” “no” “well humans do” xD (that was a GREAT scene they could have kept! It makes Spock walking away from the vulcans at the science academy all the more symbolic)

143. jojo - May 3, 2013

142. Jemini

“hangar scene from the first movie?”

Oh yeah, I remember that scene well. My curiosity this time stems from whether or not they will have him respond in a more engaged fashion. In my mind, the hanger scene from the last movie wasn’t really an argument between them. Just Uhura rightfully getting upset with a placement that was made. In that scene, Uhura was the emotional/logical one, and Spock was simply the emotional one with his concerns of favoritism. He listened to her logical reasons and he changed it. But what about this time around with these new concerns she will confront him with? Will he respond more vigorously? Will the defense mode kick in with him considering the actions he has been taking? I look forward to finding out.

144. Tiger - May 3, 2013

“Oh my god what is that even like?”

LOL, now that is funny!!!! Kirk seems like a cool guy. I would definitely have a few beers with the guy.

145. Disinvited - May 3, 2013

#137. Curious Cadet – May 3, 2013

Well, I just got out of seeing the picture and I can most assuredly tell that it clearly says that it was made in “association with Paramount Pictures.” But even further.

“…please do tell me what Paramount is doing,..” – Curious Cadet

As my reply demonstrated, Paramount retains pay movie channel distribution and is so doing when the time comes.

I also pointed out in another column’s thread where we started all this that Paramount is making sure that its marketing for STID doesn’t negatively impinge on it’s IM3 cash cow in anyway whatsoever, i.e. that is why no STID marketing in my and Jack’s theater on the IM3 “digital” reel. However after IM3 crosses the golden threshold maximizing Paramount’s take, then I expect STID potential marketing impingement concerns to disappear and individual theater negotiations to get STID trailers into IM3 screenings by Paramount to go into overdrive.

146. Curious Cadet - May 3, 2013

@145 Disinvited,
“Paramount retains pay movie channel distribution and is so doing when the time comes.”

That’s just more money in their pocket, and has nothing with the theatrical distribution of the movie. Costs them very little to reap maximum rewards — they take a print disney gives them and programs it on their PPV channel and have to do a little accounting. You think Disney wanted to give that away? But whatever. Fine you win — you’re right, they are lifting A finger … at some point. Sorry to be so misleading!

But you assume Paramount is able to call ANY shots with respect to distribution. I wouldn’t be so sure. A substantial reason Disney bought them out was to take control of distribution and marketing. Since Disney also has an interest in maximizing profits from IM3, it’s just as valid and more likely that Disney said, no STID trailers, especially considering how rancorous the renegotiation was, and STID is poised to draw away some box office for which Disney needs to make as much as possible to offset its empty loses to Paramount. Assuming Paramount has any control whatsoever, I find it harder to believe that Paramount is worried in the least about how well IM3 does (considering they already had massive international numbers prior to it opening here), especially as the payoff is relatively minor to what they’ve already earned in the deal and stand to earn down the line from PPV — whereas they should be somewhat concerned with their own fledgling franchise of Star Trek, the one that they stand to make the most money off of and indeed must recoup their own substantial investment. To intentionally avoid showing an STID trailer to a huge captive audience of potential fans for fear they won’t go back and buy another ticket to IM3 again, or talk it up to their friends, to earn an additional fraction on IM3 of what they would otherwise jeopardize from Trek, is ridiculous. But it’s certainly within the realm of possibility, so without further information about the specifics of their deal I’m happy to concede that. We’ll see if any STID trailers turn up with IM3 before the Summer’s out, but my guess is they won’t since Paramount has no such control.

147. Disinvited - May 3, 2013

#146. Curious Cadet – May 3, 2013

It is quite refreshing to have you acknowledge that your passions led you to take an extremist position unwarranted by the available data. Thank you.

My take is that Disney went to the negotiating table thinking they were going to walk away with all the marbles and dump all the distribution liabilities in Paramount’s lap. Studio executives are notorious for taking all the credit when things go well and none of the blame when they don’t. But Paramount let them know that this wasn’t simply a matter of buying some crowing rights for when IM3 rakes in the dough. Disney was going to have to assume all the liabilities for subverting Paramount’s existing Marvel campaigns. Tough negotiations ensued and both parties walked away with something not quite what they expected when they started.

Also, I want you to note that I said “However after IM3 crosses the golden threshold maximizing Paramount’s take, then I expect STID potential marketing impingement concerns to disappear and individual theater negotiations to get STID trailers into IM3 screenings by Paramount to go into overdrive.”

I believe these days major studios can only control trailers that are actually spliced onto the beginning of their feature films. Theater owners are free to negotiate showing of trailers in their theaters outside the start of the projection of such features, which is what I was referencing.

I believe we have a theater historian about who can correct me if I am mistaken or you, or the both of us as need be.

Here’s to keeping open minds and allowing learning to fill them.

148. AnonymousWasAWoman - May 3, 2013

@136. Marshall McMellon – May 3, 2013

“In my own life- one of my best friends in the world (to this day) was a bitter enemy of mine until one day we found ourselves in a conflict where we had to get over our differences and side up with one another. After that incident, it changed our relationship to one another and we came to both a greater understanding and an honest appreciation for one another.”

Marshall, that’s…pretty brilliant, actually, that that worked out quite so well for you both. I’m lucky enough to have one like that myself; we were rivals in the same Shakespeare company for years, and today there’s no one closer to me. Everyone should have that rival-turned-friend (or more) in their lives. It lends an interesting edge and dimensionality to the whole. I wouldn’t miss watching Kirk and Spock get there for the wide world.

149. Curious Cadet - May 3, 2013

@147 Disinvited,
“Disney was going to have to assume all the liabilities for subverting Paramount’s existing Marvel campaigns.”

What existing Marvel campaigns? IronMan 3 had not even gone into development at the time. Likewise, the Avengers had not even started principal photography. There was nothing for Paramount to do. And Disney WANTED to control all aspects of marketing and distribution.

The way I see it, is hinted at by a line in the Variety article:
“The Mouse House says the $115 million payment to Par will more than be offset by being able to exploit the Marvel films across all of its properties, including its vast international operation.”

In otherwords, there was likely language in Paramount’s agreement with Marvel that prevented Disney from immediately exploiting the recently acquired Marvel properties in TV, theme parks, cruise ships, merchandising, etc. Therefore the best thing to do was simply get rid of Paramount at any cost.

150. Disinvited - May 4, 2013

#149. Curious Cadet – May 3, 2013

Oh IM was definitely expected to be a franchise and put together towards that goal. Even more importantly for our discussion of marketing, put together with sequels in mind. There’s a whole marketing accounting schtick studios do for those where the newest flick has to pay the previous ones for plowing the field, i.e. creating the demand as it were. Also there are entire coordinated campaigns on re-releasing the previous films to home video and theater marathons too lead into it. They can be planned without regard to particulars of the story of any production in the series.

It is arcane and might seem a bit unfair, but studios regularly do basically charge all sorts of these costs to the current film as part of its marketing load to bear. Disney too.

151. Disinvited - May 4, 2013

It’s not much but just further reports hinting at what Paramount’s ongoing connection to IM3 is.

7:10 PM PDT 4/23/2013:

“[DISNEY] having taken over from co-presenter Paramount”

The Associated Press
April 28, 2013 3:09 PM:

“Paramount, which distributed the earlier IRON MAN movies and still has a financial stake in the comic-book flicks after Disney bought Marvel…”

152. Curious Cadet - May 4, 2013

@150 Disinvited,
“It is arcane and might seem a bit unfair, but studios regularly do basically charge all sorts of these costs to the current film as part of its marketing load to bear. Disney too.”

I’m well aware of this, that’s why TMP was a “box office loser” as they charged all of the Phase II development costs against it. The Coming To America lawsuit highlighted Paramount as one of the most egregious studios in Hollywood with respect to these practices.

And Disney paid them. There certainly weren’t any more costs going forward.

I guess at this point I’m unclear what you are trying to say about Paramount’s involvement with Disney. This originally started with you suggesting there could be a Star Wars/Trek crossover because the two studios were working together over Marvel properties that Disney bought. But these deals suggest anything but a healthy working relationship. Indeed the Marvel article you linked to suggests Marvel was more than happy to be rid of Paramount which was abusive in their relationship at best. Disney had their own interests, and are likely to be just as abusive since they actually own the company, and negotiated a deal which would cut into Marvel’s profits from the film via what was clearly a rancorous deal with Paramount for them. Paramount just gets a check, and exclusive PPV (presumably for a limited time) and their logo still on the screen in exchange for giving up their interest.

The more I think about the logo thing, the more I think it has to do with brand association. Iron Man is a huge franchise that gives the studio releasing it an enormous amount of prestige. People do go to see films from specific studios, producers and directors. If they think Paramount is producing Iron Man, that might make them more likely to see another Paramount film … Star Trek for instance — and all the more reason Paramount would want Star Trek included as a trailer.

153. Disinvited - May 4, 2013

#152. Curious Cadet – May 4, 2013

Paramount and CBS don’t have a “healthy” relationship and they are currently getting Trek films made. Moonves despises Grey. Views him as an interloper denying him his rightful throne as head of television/motion picture entertainment empire.

And you admit Marvel and Paramount’s relationship wasn’t healthy and yet their movies succeeded.

154. Curious Cadet - May 5, 2013

@153. Disinvited,
“Paramount and CBS don’t have a “healthy” relationship and they are currently getting Trek films made.”

Has nothing to do with my point, and not the argument I made. The unhealthy relationships developed during and after the deals were hammered out leaving both sides with little choice other than to move forward. Moonves has to honor the contract that was in place with Paramount over Trek regardless of how he feels about them. But Paramount forks over plenty of money for that license with which CBS can salve it’s sores. Likewise with Marvel and now Disney. The fact that the movies succeed most likely has little to do with the cooperation between the companies and everything to do with Paramount’s execution of the licenses they were granted. However, that doesn’t mean either company is anxious to enter into new agreements with each other.

When the deal between CBS and Paramount for Trek is over, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Moonves shop Trek around to the highest bidder, taking it away from Paramount if need be. CBS could even take Trek in house and produce it with its own film unit after Paramount has done a crack job building it up, in much the same way Paramount launched a network with Trek. Unlike Disney, Moonves is far more patient and already benefits from all of the ancillary profits.

As far as Paramount is concerned with Marvel, they are done except for cashing the checks from Disney and profiting off the PPV rights for their own service. There’s no cooperation necessary, and unlikely that Disney would want to partner with Paramount compromising the biggest franchises it owns, especially considering the haste (if not waste) with which they dispatched Paramount after the Marvel deal.

If Disney really wanted to do anything with Star Trek, they would most likely make CBS an offer Moonves couldn’t refuse to buy the rights away from Paramount when the term ends. In which case you just might get your Trek/Wars cross-over. Heck considering Moonves’ perceived attitude toward Trek, if the price were right, he might just sell the franchise to Disney altogether.

155. Disinvited - May 5, 2013

#154. Curious Cadet – May 5, 2013

Since it is already a historic fact that Disney considered purchasing Paramount before their big wave of acquisitions started, your idea of them doing an end run around the current Paramount has merit and I agree, more likely odds.

However, Disney has proven itself one thing over the years, and that’s greedy. Still think they’d go after Paramount’s Trek film library too, if Trek became their target.

One other thing, it is being reported that Paramount’s PAIN & GAIN is exceeding its projected take and it is being attributed to IRON MAN 3’s rising tide. It is just possible that Paramount planned to take advantage of this rising tide far in advance of IM3’s production, and it may have played a role in their plans for STID’s release. It will be interesting to see how both’s B.O. tracks when they are both in theaters.

156. Disinvited - May 5, 2013

##154. Curious Cadet – May 5, 2013

Well, not only have you won me over with a more likely scenario, but I was going to keep a partnership on the table by pointing out Disney still has to deal with Paramount on INDIANA JONES but when I researched it, look what I found:

“We love the franchise [INDIANA JONES] by the way, but it’s not factored into the equation, so to speak, in this acquisition.” – Disney chief
executive Robert Iger

“Because Paramount still has the rights to distribute any Indiana Jones movies and Disney does not want to want to make films for Paramount to distribute.

Disney ran into a similar problem when it bought Marvel in 2010. Marvel was busy at work on The Avengers and Iron Man 3 and Paramount was on board to distribute those films. So Disney paid Paramount $115 million for the distribution rights while also reportedly guaranteeing Paramount its 9% distribution fee.

Disney could do something similar with Indiana Jones but for right now, that’s not where Iger wants to spend the company’s money. Instead, he’s going to focus on making as much hay as possible from the Star Wars franchise, with a new movie scheduled to hit theater in 2015 and two more to follow.” – Dorothy Pomerantz, Forbes Staff

So, while possible, you were right: not bloody likely. If they aren’t even interested in a JONES sequel then a Trek crossover partnership seems a far remote possibility; as remote as Paramount being easy in JONES negotiations.

157. Cowboy Trekkie - May 5, 2013

That clip is GREAT. First off, it’s just funny, very funny. Secondly, it is showing the history between Kirk and Spock. Of course they are going to have conflicts. Their entire philosophy of command is completely different.

That clip had three great and soon to be classic lines in it. Love it! Keep up the great work guys!!!!

158. Disinvited - May 5, 2013

##154. Curious Cadet – May 5, 2013

Well, not only have you won me over with a more likely scenario, but I was going to keep a partnership on the table by pointing out Disney still has to deal with Paramount on INDIANA JONES but when I researched it, look what I found:

“We love the franchise [INDIANA JONES] by the way, but it’s not factored into the equation, so to speak, in this acquisition.” – Disney chief
executive, Robert Iger

Tried to post this with a link to a FORBES article but this site seems to filter any reference to financial news sites.

Anyway in trying to find another source I dug up something better:

“There are very little encumbrances on our ability to make and distribute films going forward and on our ability to exploit characters across multiple mediums and platforms. There are distribution encumbrances on some of the prior Star Wars films that were made, notably with Fox, and there are some encumbrances for Indiana Jones , largely with Paramount.” – Disney chief executive, Robert Iger

“When we bought Marvel, Paramount had future distribution rights to certain films. ” – Disney chief executive, Robert Iger

I have to concede that if Disney had no current plans to exploit JONES when they acquired it, then a Paramount Trek crossover partnership of any sort, while possible, is extremely remote; as remote as Paramount being a pushover in any JONES’ negotiations.

159. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - May 6, 2013


160. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - May 8, 2013

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