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Watch: Audi Viral Video Has Zachary Quinto ‘Challening’ Leonard Nimoy May 7, 2013

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The two Spocks are back together again. Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy have teamed up for a promotional video for Audi that is rife with fun Trek references (although it is not an official Paramount co-marketing thing). Watch ‘The Challenge’ below.


Spock vs Spock for Audi

See what happens when the apprentice and the master go head to head in a fun new  video (called "The Challenge") from Audi featuring the original Spock Leonard Nimoy and the new Spock Zachary Quinto. This is their first on-screen reunion since the 2009 Star Trek movie.



1. ados - May 7, 2013

thats was cool

2. John Gill - May 7, 2013


3. Jason - May 7, 2013

That was awesome!!!!

4. justin - May 7, 2013

that so amazing. lol

5. Barney Fife - May 7, 2013

THE best ever!!! LOL!!!

6. Mr Lirpa - May 7, 2013

well, if the new movie is as entertaining as that and has an ending that good, i’ll be a very happy man indeed!

7. Rod of Rassilon - May 7, 2013

Very very VERY funny

8. Calastir - May 7, 2013

82 years old, still drives a car without glasses.

Nimoy is amazing.

9. Chris Pike - May 7, 2013

more of that please Leonard, much more! hilarious!

10. RoadSiren21 - May 7, 2013

its nice to see them both together on screen again. :)

11. T'Leba - May 7, 2013


12. Jay - May 7, 2013

It’s just amazing to see the two of them together. They would make a great father and son comedy team.

13. Khalifa - May 7, 2013

That was really cool!

14. Trekkie626 - May 7, 2013

I lost it when Leonard started singing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

15. FastAttax - May 7, 2013


16. sunfell - May 7, 2013

The self-driving car at the end was a hoot! “Fascinating!”

17. Commodore Adams - May 7, 2013

Oh man that was hilarious! I love when actors agree to go along with such things. Similar to Patrick Stewart and Simon Pegg in the Olympics Funny or Die video or Don Cheadle as Captain Planet.

18. Moputo Jones - May 7, 2013

Ha ha, “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” is on Spotify. I hadn’t listened to it in years!

19. afort - May 7, 2013

LOVE IT!!!! That was great!!!!

20. Bamasi - May 7, 2013

Loved it – but would have been even better if Shatner was driving the last car.

21. Kevin - May 7, 2013

Leonard is a timeless treasure.

22. Barney Fife - May 7, 2013

The actual Bilbo video is a hoot – especially after viewing this Audi video.

23. sterj - May 7, 2013

That was THE BEST!!!!

24. Charla - May 7, 2013

Funny, now I want an Audi… lol dreamin on…. :D

25. Legend of Link - May 7, 2013

That was simply….astonishing. Aaand hilarious. Nimoy still going strong.

26. The A-Man - May 7, 2013


27. smike - May 7, 2013

I loves these two guys and the fact they seem to get along so well. Me thinketh we’ll be seeing them reunited sooner than you think…

Anyway, I hope Spock Prime be in the third one, if only to warn his younger self of a potential Borg threat. You know, the Narada was equipped with Borg tech after all and the Borg might already be on their way to Sector 001…

A potential Borg threat might be an excellent way to start a first alliance with the Klingons. Better than blowing up Praxis once again…

28. Eduardo Cordeiro - May 7, 2013

Instant classic! I´m ROTL!

29. Lou Sytsma (@OldDarth) - May 7, 2013



30. Spuhura Addict - May 7, 2013

I love it.

31. Robnhud - May 7, 2013



32. drapera - May 7, 2013

Nimoy swearing at the fact that his clubs do not fit in his trunk is a hoot. Just look at his expression…LOL!

33. Pensive's Wetness - May 7, 2013

Fing. EPIC! Extremely funny, Bravo Zulu to all… LOL

34. Captain, USS Northstar - May 7, 2013

Too cool for words!

35. Curious Cadet - May 7, 2013

Oh for the love of …


Does it not occur to anyone else that when Quinto and Nimoy do a paid promotion together two weeks before the release of a major Star Trek movie that this more than tips the hat that Nimoy will be in the next film? There’s no other reason to trot Nomoy out otherwise. You don’t see Chris Pine doing ads with William Shatner and that would be a much bigger deal earning much greater bang for the advertising dollar.

So much for keeping secrets. First the soundtrack album and now this …


36. Underhill - May 7, 2013

Hahaha, a bleeped out Nimoy made my day.

37. sean - May 7, 2013

Now that was funny. Nice job Audi!

38. Commodore Redshirt - May 7, 2013

LOL! Turned my day around!

39. JohnRambo - May 7, 2013

“This is their first on-screen reunion since the 2009 Star Trek movie”

i hope not!:-( but i will know it tomorrow:-)

40. Captain Dunsel - May 7, 2013

I don’t see the need to read anything into this other than Audi making a cool commercial using two well-known actors. Perhaps it does have some connection to the films but I don’t see that as an automatic. Why use Nimoy? Maybe they couldn’t affort Shatner. Whatever. In any case the ad stands on its own and is pretty good. Some cutting of the overlong driving scenes would have helped but it was still pretty awesome.

41. Bob Mack - May 7, 2013

#35 – I think the cat is pretty much out of the bag now anyway.

42. Mark Lynch - May 7, 2013

To quote Scotty “That was pretty good!”

The crack up moment for me was when Leonard did the nerve pinch on Zacharay…

Laugh out loud funny.

43. Mark Lynch - May 7, 2013

Or Zachary even…. goddam typos!

44. TrekDude - May 7, 2013

Okay, this was awesome…

45. Theatre Historian - May 7, 2013

It was great hearing Leonard sing Bilbo Baggins in the Q&A at the Egyptian last night following the 09 Star Trek

46. TheRedShirtBrigade - May 7, 2013


Not sure why you got your britches in a bunch, it’s already been spoiled…

47. semander - May 7, 2013

All the amazing details, 3D chess and such…

48. Cant Wait Fer ST:ID - May 7, 2013

@35 – Who pee’d in your cornflakes?? Go get a life.

That was a great commercial; Superbowl-worthy.

49. AyanEva - May 7, 2013

Hilarious! I’m home sick (allergies will be the death of me) and this brightened my day.

50. Curious Cadet - May 7, 2013

@40. Captain Dunsel,
“I don’t see the need to read anything into this other than Audi making a cool commercial using two well-known actors.”

So Audi is spending millions of dollars to make a commercial just for Trek fans?

Only a Trekkie would assume an aged Leonard Nimoy is “well known” outside of Trek circles. At least Quinto is widely recognized from his relatively recent role in Heroes and gay advocacy.

It’s pretty clear the reason these two actors can be used to sell a car to a universal audience is because mass audiences are going to be treated to a refresher of both in two short weeks, then see this commercial on TV, actually get a few of the Trek jokes (faux death scene with hand on glass “I have and always shall be your friend” from TWOK!?) and exclaim, ‘hey that’s those two guys from Star Trek who play that Spock guy … Haha I get it! I’ve been meaning to test drive an Audi.’

51. BatlethInTheGroin - May 7, 2013

Plus, let’s face it–anyone reading this or any Trek site at the moment and expecting not to get spoiled is an idiot.

52. TheRedShirtBrigade - May 7, 2013

“Plus, let’s face it–anyone reading this or any Trek site at the moment and expecting not to get spoiled is an idiot.”


53. ScottC - May 7, 2013

@ 35. Why does this commercial, which is not tied directly to STID marketing, spoil anything? Why can’t you simply enjoy a funny commercial for what it is?

Haters gotta hate! Geez……………….SMH!!!

54. windelkin - May 7, 2013

I love it! Best commercial I’ve seen in a long time. Whoever wrote this should be involved with the movies. They are brilliant!

55. LizardGirl - May 7, 2013

Very entertaining. ^_^

56. I am not Herbert - May 7, 2013

…looks at golf bag… “F*CK!” heh! classic!

AUDI makes a NICE car, maybe even better than Porsche…

IF ONLY the “humor” in JJ-trek was this good! ;-)

57. drumvan - May 7, 2013

hilarious lol.

58. TUP - May 7, 2013

I think Nimoy would be very recognizable to many people as “Spock” regardless of whether they are Trek fans.

59. porthoses bitch - May 7, 2013

I was just hoping the car at the end was gonna be Hooker and Romano. Still a treat..

60. sean - May 7, 2013


It’s a funny commercial. Take it for what it is and move on. The way you go on you’d think someone shat in your cereal.

61. Yanks - May 7, 2013

For those that are wanking about Nimoy being in an advertisement is a spoiler that hell be in this movie…

He’s been listed on IMDB for months.

Come on…

62. Tom - May 7, 2013

Hope they do something great that includes Leonard and Bill for the third movie.

63. porthoses bitch - May 7, 2013

Word to the wise do not try to mix 3d glasses and allergies…..just sayin’.

64. Clinton - May 7, 2013

Legend of Bilbo Baggins FTW! Loved it.

65. Josh C. - May 7, 2013

I barely recognized Leonard Nimoy with his long hair lol. but that was hilarious

66. trekmaster78 - May 7, 2013


67. matthew - May 7, 2013

I actually read the comments on this b/c I thought it would be spoiler free. I had no idea Nimoy was in the movie until this thread. I never would have taken the commercial as a “spoiler.” :-/

68. Josh C. - May 7, 2013

67 – nowhere is safe

69. matthew - May 7, 2013

68 – i pretty much just learned that.

70. Trekker5 - May 7, 2013

That is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!! :D

71. Tuomas - May 7, 2013

Loved that self-driving Audi TT! And the S7 is nice as well, of course.

72. AyanEva - May 7, 2013

#67 I didn’t know either until the comments up-thread, tbh. It’s risky reading anything online right now though and this isn’t the first time I’ve been spoiled by spoilers in a thread that is not even related to the spoilers. I’m reading at my own risk basically.

73. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 7, 2013

Zachary Quinto being the (US’s) Audi ad man has to do with his other co-star, Chris Pine, being the (US’s) BMW ad man. Some of the more *foolish* may see a bit of a competitive Pine/Quinto thing going on here. At least, that may be what the advertisers are wanting people to think.

Nimoy came along for the ride.

Both Audis and Mercedes Benz (Nimoy’s car) have been popular cars with other members of my family.

74. Jkooz - May 7, 2013

Not going to lie was kind of upset reading about nimoy being in it, not that i didnt want it ti happen but i like the element of suprise. I wont go on IMDB for a fear of that happening.

Heres a questions lets assume Spock prime is in into darkness, like you guys are saying. In the JJVerse has Spock Prime already been in contact with khan? I know the chain of future events altered once the Narada made contact with the Kelvin which would have been well before Khan and space seed. But would spock prime be in the movie to give some type of warning if harrison turns out to be khan?

75. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 7, 2013

#61 – Nonsense. No, Leonard Nimoy’s name has not appeared anywhere in the cast list for STID on IMDb. I have just checked, as I have done, on various occasions for a couple of years and more so more recently.

There is no indication that Leonard Nimoy will appear in STID. If he does, it won’t be because of anything coming from the IMDb thread Star Trek Into Darkness.

Go look for yourselves.

76. Jkooz - May 7, 2013

continued… or does the Narada / Kelvin contact change EVERYTHNG and basically make it so that EVERYTHING TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY. SO space seed wouldnt have happened the way it happened, and WOK wouldnt have happened the way it happened, so genisis would have been diff, spock might not of died in the radiation.

77. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 7, 2013

#74 – If you do not want to be spoiled, don’t read the IMDb message board for STID. That is where all the spoilers and other rubbish is to be found.

78. Jkooz - May 7, 2013

#77 believe me i havnt gone to IMDB at all for months, because i didnt want them to ruin things for me lol

79. Al - May 7, 2013

Well, I am sorry but what is going on with Nimoy’s brow – botox at 82? And why is his hair so unkempt?

80. NCC-73515 - May 7, 2013

The best thing is that Nimoy sings like Shatner!

81. Curious Cadet - May 7, 2013

75. Keachick – rose pinenut,
“No, Leonard Nimoy’s name has not appeared anywhere in the cast list for STID on IMDb….Go look for yourselves.”

Just did. It appears as the first entry under Leonard Nimoy’s credits as well as the 10th entry in the STID cast list.

Could it have anything to do with your access via a local NZ database?

82. PEB - May 7, 2013

Anthony, you might need to shut down comments until the domestic release of the film… Some people (and I’m not talking about this thread) don’t respect the non-spoiler clause.

83. Unwanted - May 7, 2013

Paramount has changed the official US release date for STID, to the 16th instead of the 17th, Link.

84. Steve Johnson - May 7, 2013

Okay, fine.

Make a TV show about Quinto and Nimoy’s antics together when they’re not acting. See if I care.

…Seriously, that’d actually be a pretty funny comedy show.

85. Curious Cadet - May 7, 2013

@67. matthew,
“I actually read the comments on this b/c I thought it would be spoiler free. I had no idea Nimoy was in the movie until this thread. I never would have taken the commercial as a “spoiler.” :-/”

As far as I know this is all speculation. I have been saying Nimoy will likely be in the movie since the rumors started on this very site last year. That does not however make it true. I have not seen the movie so I have no idea if he’s actually in it or not. I mean IMDB has listed Cumberbatch as Kahn since AP first reported it here last year, yet it has never been officially confirmed and has been vehemently debated ever since.

So sorry if the possibility that this commercial confirms Nimoy is in the film wasn’t as obvious to you as it was to me, but just because I think it’s so, doesn’t mean it’s true. I’ll find out around the same time you do probably.

86. Navy - May 7, 2013

They let slip that Nimoy was on set and everyone clapped for him. Usually someone only goes to a set if they are somehow part of the production.

It’s was obvious Nimoy was in STID a few weeks ago.

87. Unwanted - May 7, 2013

@86. Jonathan Frakes visited the set of STID also, I don’t hear anyone clamoring that he is in the movie. People visit movie sets all the time without being in the film. Tom Cruise visited the set of ST09, he was not in the film.

88. William Kirk - May 7, 2013

Great! :-D The last car should have been driven by Shatner :-D

89. SoonerDave - May 7, 2013

Great stuff.

90. trekmaster78 - May 7, 2013

And Benedict Cumberbatch is credited as “Khan”, although we already know him officially as “John Harrison”. We don’t know the truth till the film comes out.

91. trekmaster78 - May 7, 2013

Sorry, my last posting was addressed to @#81 not #@#18

92. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 7, 2013

I just did not see the name, Leonard Nimoy…now I do see it. Weird…:(
My bad. My apologies.

I believe quite a number of actors and others have visited the STID set, who do not appear in this film.

93. Phil - May 7, 2013

That was a very clever bit. Amusing…

@35. That’s hardly a secret anymore….

94. Baxter - May 7, 2013

@14 – me too!!

95. grinkat - May 7, 2013


Good lord, dude…relax. Go get laid or something. Jebus.

96. Disinvited - May 7, 2013

#87. Unwanted – May 7, 2013

j/k Aha! So he’s the voice of the dreadnaught’s computer! (as if such a looping session would ever take place on a movie set but stranger things have happened.)

97. Phil - May 7, 2013

@75. Hey, Rose, it’s probably a good idea not to be debating others about details of the movie at this point, if for no other reason for your own peace of mind. There are enough details floating around out there now that even oblique spoiler references are probably true. My schedule being what it is I’ll not be free to see any movies until two or three weeks past the 16th (North American release was moved up a day), so I’ve hit some of the spoiler reviews. I’ll respect the spoiler free zone here, but I’ve learned enough about the show that there is no need to correct him on his observation. At this point I look at these comments like reading the liner notes of a book – they are not going to detract from my enjoyment of the movie…

98. trekmaster78 - May 7, 2013

What secrets are hint in the soundtrack?

99. Preston - May 7, 2013

Anyone who gets what Nimoy is doing at 1:09 is qualified to have an encyclopedic knowledge of not only Leonard Nimoy, but all of cult culture as well.

100. Unwanted - May 7, 2013

Anybody else notice the commercial starts with them playing 3d Chess? Great commercial.

101. Unwanted - May 7, 2013

@99. Dude, I remember the first time he did that, but it’s better than Shatner doing Lucy in the Sky.

102. Stargazer54 - May 7, 2013

Freakin’ hilarious!

103. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 7, 2013

That was excellent! No sure what Mercedes think about their car being shown as a piece of s#. The nreve pinch? Priceless!

104. Theatre Historian - May 7, 2013

Anthony did you end making it to the 09 Screening at the Egyptian last night? I was looking to see if I could see you after the Nimoy Q&A. But with everyone piling up in the tiny lobby waiting to leave in the downpour of rain, it was hard to notice anyone.

105. David Oakes - May 7, 2013

I’m not sure but isn’t the music from Galaxy Quest ?

106. Anthony Pascale - May 7, 2013

Was I at Nimoy event?

107. gatetrek - May 7, 2013

Loved it when he tried the Wrath of Khan move on Zach at the end!

108. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - May 7, 2013

Let’s hope those 2 make more commerical’s together. That was simply to much fun..

109. Danpaine - May 7, 2013

SO much fun. Nimoy and Shatner both serving up some quality Trek humor this year. Absolutely love it.

110. porthoses bitch - May 7, 2013

Not to break topic..but Ray Harryhausan has passed away at 93..sad day…imagine in the 1960’s if the master had given us a stop-motion gorn.

111. VictoriaGrey - May 7, 2013

You know something has gone crazy viral when friends who aren’t even into Star Trek have seen this. This thing is gonna be huge.

112. Theatre Historian - May 7, 2013

106 indeed you were (and just a row or so infront up from me it looks like). darn was hoping to say to a quick Hello.

It was a great Q&A, though there was a weird lady sitting next to me that kept shouting out when Nimoy was telling his Shatner tried to drown me story lol. “Why is everyone laughing, he could have died, stop laughing ” “It’s not Funny”

113. somethoughts - May 7, 2013


technically we are not inside yet lol pinch

114. Anthony Thompson - May 7, 2013

93. Phil

It was to ME, homeboy!

115. thomoz - May 7, 2013

I don’t know which was funnier, Nimoy singing “Bilbo Baggins” or the nerve pinch. Both got me to jump off the couch!

116. Unwanted - May 7, 2013

I just realized I have The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins on my iPod, its on the Dr. Demento 30th anniversary collection. :)

117. Marja - May 7, 2013

“Bilbo Baggins”

Spock Stealth Neck-Pinch

Best LOL of the week :D

Thanks Audi, and Anthony!

118. Marja - May 7, 2013

#84, Steve,

It could be “Sh*t my Elder Spock Says”

They are very funny together – Quinto and Nimoy have both said they are great friends off-screen. Quinto has great admiration for Nimoy.

By god that would be funny as hell if they made a movie or comedy show :D

#97, Phil, I agree on the “liner notes.” Read the spoilers m’self and still rarin’ to go to the movie!

I love this commercial as much as the Shatner/Gorn one. Both class TOS acts, sending up their characters and having a blast while giving fans a big big laugh. J’adore!

119. DonDonP1 - May 7, 2013

Fascinating, indeed.

120. Sebastian S. - May 8, 2013

I used to own an Audi (and I hated it; it was a lemon), but this commercial is just great! I love the “I have been…” moment and the neck pinch. Classic. The two of them have great chemistry.

Quinto looks so much like a young “Cage-era” Nimoy he could pass for his son.

121. Harry Ballz - May 8, 2013

it seems a little unfair depicting the Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 being unable to fit a set of golf clubs in the trunk. That particular car could easily accomodate that!

122. Gary Makin - May 8, 2013

Leonard Nimoy looks good. Put him in the next movie.

123. T'Cal - May 8, 2013

Loved it as much as the Shatner/Gorn commercial. these guys are a stitch!

124. Jim Nightshade - May 9, 2013

funny n a great commercial….blending spock w nimoy was hilarious….if i had any money to buy a car id git an audi just for this commercial..too bad for audi this trekkers had no money for years now haha

125. Jim Nightshade - May 9, 2013

Holy ceo….its William Bell! Wasnt he dead? and hes in a non massive dynamics commercial? Impossible!
damn i miss fringe..sigh

126. Yanks - May 9, 2013

Anyway, love the commercial.

Got a good laugh out of it!!

127. Tiger - May 10, 2013

LOL soooo funny! I wasnt even going to watch it. Loved all the Trek bits and despite the 50 year age difference Quinto and Nimoy really do seem like they have a great time together and geniuely like each other (or just decent acting).

As for #35, sorry have to fall in with the chorus but get a grip man! Its a commercial. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.