Watch: Audi Viral Video Has Zachary Quinto ‘Challening’ Leonard Nimoy

The two Spocks are back together again. Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy have teamed up for a promotional video for Audi that is rife with fun Trek references (although it is not an official Paramount co-marketing thing). Watch ‘The Challenge’ below.


Spock vs Spock for Audi

See what happens when the apprentice and the master go head to head in a fun new  video (called "The Challenge") from Audi featuring the original Spock Leonard Nimoy and the new Spock Zachary Quinto. This is their first on-screen reunion since the 2009 Star Trek movie.


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thats was cool


That was awesome!!!!

that so amazing. lol

THE best ever!!! LOL!!!

well, if the new movie is as entertaining as that and has an ending that good, i’ll be a very happy man indeed!

Very very VERY funny

82 years old, still drives a car without glasses.

Nimoy is amazing.

more of that please Leonard, much more! hilarious!

its nice to see them both together on screen again. :)


It’s just amazing to see the two of them together. They would make a great father and son comedy team.

That was really cool!

I lost it when Leonard started singing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins


The self-driving car at the end was a hoot! “Fascinating!”

Oh man that was hilarious! I love when actors agree to go along with such things. Similar to Patrick Stewart and Simon Pegg in the Olympics Funny or Die video or Don Cheadle as Captain Planet.

Ha ha, “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” is on Spotify. I hadn’t listened to it in years!

LOVE IT!!!! That was great!!!!

Loved it – but would have been even better if Shatner was driving the last car.

Leonard is a timeless treasure.

The actual Bilbo video is a hoot – especially after viewing this Audi video.

That was THE BEST!!!!

Funny, now I want an Audi… lol dreamin on…. :D

That was simply….astonishing. Aaand hilarious. Nimoy still going strong.


I loves these two guys and the fact they seem to get along so well. Me thinketh we’ll be seeing them reunited sooner than you think…

Anyway, I hope Spock Prime be in the third one, if only to warn his younger self of a potential Borg threat. You know, the Narada was equipped with Borg tech after all and the Borg might already be on their way to Sector 001…

A potential Borg threat might be an excellent way to start a first alliance with the Klingons. Better than blowing up Praxis once again…

Instant classic! I´m ROTL!



I love it.



Nimoy swearing at the fact that his clubs do not fit in his trunk is a hoot. Just look at his expression…LOL!

Fing. EPIC! Extremely funny, Bravo Zulu to all… LOL

Too cool for words!

Oh for the love of …


Does it not occur to anyone else that when Quinto and Nimoy do a paid promotion together two weeks before the release of a major Star Trek movie that this more than tips the hat that Nimoy will be in the next film? There’s no other reason to trot Nomoy out otherwise. You don’t see Chris Pine doing ads with William Shatner and that would be a much bigger deal earning much greater bang for the advertising dollar.

So much for keeping secrets. First the soundtrack album and now this …


Hahaha, a bleeped out Nimoy made my day.

Now that was funny. Nice job Audi!

LOL! Turned my day around!

“This is their first on-screen reunion since the 2009 Star Trek movie”

i hope not!:-( but i will know it tomorrow:-)

I don’t see the need to read anything into this other than Audi making a cool commercial using two well-known actors. Perhaps it does have some connection to the films but I don’t see that as an automatic. Why use Nimoy? Maybe they couldn’t affort Shatner. Whatever. In any case the ad stands on its own and is pretty good. Some cutting of the overlong driving scenes would have helped but it was still pretty awesome.

#35 – I think the cat is pretty much out of the bag now anyway.

To quote Scotty “That was pretty good!”

The crack up moment for me was when Leonard did the nerve pinch on Zacharay…

Laugh out loud funny.

Or Zachary even…. goddam typos!

Okay, this was awesome…

It was great hearing Leonard sing Bilbo Baggins in the Q&A at the Egyptian last night following the 09 Star Trek


Not sure why you got your britches in a bunch, it’s already been spoiled…

All the amazing details, 3D chess and such…

@35 – Who pee’d in your cornflakes?? Go get a life.

That was a great commercial; Superbowl-worthy.

Hilarious! I’m home sick (allergies will be the death of me) and this brightened my day.

@40. Captain Dunsel,
“I don’t see the need to read anything into this other than Audi making a cool commercial using two well-known actors.”

So Audi is spending millions of dollars to make a commercial just for Trek fans?

Only a Trekkie would assume an aged Leonard Nimoy is “well known” outside of Trek circles. At least Quinto is widely recognized from his relatively recent role in Heroes and gay advocacy.

It’s pretty clear the reason these two actors can be used to sell a car to a universal audience is because mass audiences are going to be treated to a refresher of both in two short weeks, then see this commercial on TV, actually get a few of the Trek jokes (faux death scene with hand on glass “I have and always shall be your friend” from TWOK!?) and exclaim, ‘hey that’s those two guys from Star Trek who play that Spock guy … Haha I get it! I’ve been meaning to test drive an Audi.’