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Fan Production Star Trek Continues releases first episode May 30, 2013

by Matt Wright , Filed under: Fan Productions , trackback

The fan production Star Trek Continues, a new TOS era fan film led by anime voice actor Vic Mignogna as Kirk and features Chris Doohan as Mr. Scott (his Dad’s old job), Trek author Larry Nemecek, and Mythbuster Grant Imahara as Mr. Sulu, has now completed their first episode “Pilgrim Of Eternity”. As previously reported, it features the return of original actor Michael Forest as Apollo. Keep a look out for a cameo by BSG’s Jamie Bamber, Trek art department alum Doug Drexler as the holographic cowboy, and the voice of the ship’s computer sounds pretty familiar too. Click on to see the episode.

Pilgrim of Eternity

Apollo returns to wreak havoc on Kirk and the Enterprise in the first episode of the new series.

The new Star Trek Continues web series carries on the original 5-year mission. Star Trek Continues begins right where the original left off. For more about the production and to view the previously released teaser vignettes, if you’ve missed them, check out the official website:


1. Ed - May 30, 2013

Very well done. The captured the original series essence nicely.

2. Fansincesixtynine - May 30, 2013


3. Matt - May 30, 2013

Wouldn’t the effort be better spent on phase 2?

Seems like duplicated work

4. Ctrl-Opt-Del - May 30, 2013

It’s… Ok. Personally, I prefer Phase II; but that’s not to say I won’t watch this also.

5. JohnRambo - May 30, 2013


You mean phase boring?

6. Matt Wright - May 30, 2013

@ 3 – It seems Phase II has had some upheavals, so people may feel they can take a better shot at it.

7. The Sinfonian - May 30, 2013

Don’t forget also, Trek author Larry Nemecek as Dr. McCoy! And nuBSG’s Jamie Bamber (two Apollos for the price of one!) in a role too.

8. SFC3 - May 30, 2013

Wow! They got Will Smith for a role as a Security Guard in this!



9. JohnRambo - May 30, 2013

this is WAY better than Phase 2! it feels like a real star trek episode! awesome job!:-D

10. Canadianknight - May 30, 2013

Absolutely LOVED the ending. (No spoilers)

Overall, a fun romp… well done all! The lighting, FX, camera angles/moves were all bang-on.

The only critique I can offer? A couple of points could have used some ADR work… when characters had their backs to the camera.

Some performances were certainly stronger than others… but I enjoyed Kirk and Dr McKenna (she’s gorgeous) as well as the guest stars. (Did a total double-take at the red-shirt out on the hull…LOL!)

Really looking forward to the next one.

11. Reign1701A - May 30, 2013

Holy crap, Jamie “Lee Adama” Bamber at the 16:00 mark!!

12. smike - May 30, 2013

It’s a VERY good episode. Great philosophical script, nice professional pace and absolutely great acting. Vic Mignogna NAILS Shathner’s Kirk in every second and Chris Doohan basically IS his father.

Who comes of rather funny is Larry Nemecek as Bones. It’s nt bad at all, but it simply isn’t Dr. McCoy we get here, it’s Dr. McKAY from Stargate Atlantis!

Spock, Uhura and Chekov are also fine…but Sulu is PERFECT, better than John Cho in that role. Yeah, Kirk, Scotty and Sulu are right on target, better than their NuTrek counterparts!

13. smike - May 30, 2013

I think they should team up with the guys from New Voyages / Phase II for a very special 50th anniversary project…
Collect all episodes from both series and put them on a DVD / Blu-Ray release as the official 4th season of TOS. Of course, they have to talk CBS into it, but if it was done for CHARITY PURPOSES ONLY, it might actually be possible… The early New Voyages episodes would need some updated SFX though…

14. THX-1138 - May 30, 2013

I really really enjoyed this and I’m very glad it’s getting some attention.

Also to note is Marina Sirtis as the ship’s computer voice. Doug Drexler also played the hologram.

They really have captured the feel of TOS as far as I’m concerned. If they can put episodes out sort of consistently and maintain this level at the very least I’m all in.

15. Flaming Nacelles Forever - May 30, 2013

Damn fine episode. Closest to the original so far. I

16. SectorJacksonville - May 30, 2013

This was made by a similar production team that worked on Starship Farragut. I believe this was all filmed at their sets in St. Marys Georgia. The Farragut team worked so hard on thei productions, but their acting was never going to be up to a level taken seriously. They were wise to put pros in front of the cameras.
Phase II’s World Enough and Time with George Takei is still my favorite fan production, but this one is a close second. Everything about it nailed the look and feel of TOS, and the story seems like one that could have been in the what-if 1969 4th season. Even the running time and ad breaks duplicated the pacing of TOS. Well done to everyone involved in this. I loved STID,but I think this group had more heart in their work.

17. daniel head - May 30, 2013

Fantastic great acting and writing it goes beyond a fan film Michael Forrest stole it I’m not into phase 2 anymore continues is how it should be done closest to a true season 4 we will get

18. John from Cincinnati - May 30, 2013

Why does Sulu have pointed ears?

19. Kevin In Choconut Center - May 30, 2013

I liked it! So cool that they got Marina Sirtis to provide the ship’s computer voice, hopefully her schedule will allow her to continue doing so.

20. smike - May 30, 2013

Or maybe CBS would want to do their own, even more professional version of the missing two seasons of TOS…and cast some of these guys.

Vic Mignogna would be PERFECT as Kirk.

For Spock I’d prefer Brandon Stacy from Phase II though.

Scotty…well, no question…Chris Doohan.

Grant Imahara is the perfect Sulu (though some of the other guys on Phase II have been brilliant as well)

I still think John Kelley from early New Voyages would be the better Bones…though his acting is a bit limited, he looks and feels the part…

It might actually work with these guys. It wouldn’t be too prizy producing 60s style TV episodes and it’s exactly what a lot of fans have wanted for years now… The 50th anniversary would be the perfect opportunity for this gem of retro TV…

21. daniel head - May 30, 2013

Bring us more Vic especially those new sets built

22. smike - May 30, 2013

@19: WOW! I didn’t know that. That makes it even cooler…Marina Sirtis follows her “on-screen mother” as the computer’s voice…Can’t believe it!!!

23. PaulB - May 30, 2013

I wish this article had SPOILERS in the headline, because this episode was so much fun without knowing who the computer voice was, or who would be on the hull with Sulu, or…

I wasn’t spoiled–I watched it before reading these comments–but I feel bad for people watching it now who already know those “easter eggs.” I was THRILLED when I realized who was voicing the computer! It was a wonderful surprise in a surprisingly involving and emotional episode.

24. Bender Bending Rodriguez - May 30, 2013

That was fun! In some scenes Mignogna physically resembled Shatner.

Like ST:PII, there are things I liked and did not like. But that doesn’t take away from appreciating it for what it is – an effort of love. They did a good job, and it is enjoyable. I really liked that they brought back the Apollo character – clever. It was fun seeing Michael Forest reprise his role. As a child I loved that episode, and it is still one of my favorites to this day.

I hope they come out with more.

25. Bender Bending Rodriguez - May 30, 2013

I forgot to mention: Chris Doohan – WOW! It was fun seeing him in STID, but this is his calling. Glad he had a big role in this. When I see Mr. Quinto as Spock, I really feel that there is only one character played by two people (him and Mr. Nimoy). Now I feel the same with Scotty; one Character played by two men, in this case father and son. If you are reading this, great work, Mr. Doohan!

26. Theatre Historian - May 30, 2013

Chris if you visit this thead, excellent job.
Its obvious You all put alot of love and heart into this and it shows through and through.

This was great Star Trek. And that end scene WOW, words can’t convey how excellent that was.

27. Theatre Historian - May 30, 2013

19) JJ should have had her take over for the enterprise computer on into darkness.

It was great hearing her as the computer on here.

28. cz - May 30, 2013

I’ guess some of us can’t never see our dreams the way we would like them,
Phase 2 might be boring on occasion but its a new crew and personally if I’ could do what all of you wonderful people at ST continue do, I would do continue like phase 2 in other words continue yes but not Kirk and company…

29. Lostrod - May 30, 2013

Loved it.


30. Jack - May 30, 2013

Just A little cheesey

31. Captain Karl - May 30, 2013

a little cheese with that ham?

32. Weerd1 - May 30, 2013

Very fun. Kind of a Phase II guy myself, but honestly, can we have too much Trek? I welcome more!

33. RaymondS - May 30, 2013

This was great- an episode with heart, totally lacking in ST:ID. Some thoughts: I see no need for competition between this and the Phase II team, I’d like to see them combine efforts and really give us something. Kirk here was good, has the mannerisms and look down perfect, but I was bothered by his higher pitched voice. Chris Doohan- looks like his father but sounds identical. I loved it every time he spoke. Like Phase II, I love the use of all the original music, which to me was as important as the characters were. I know why Larry Nemecek was used to play McCoy and it is a nice tribute, but I didn’t get much of a McCoy vibe from him. I liked that Uhura and Sulu got their own special scenes. Next time Chekov should get something a little more. Overall, I’m really so impressed and like #13 mentioned above, it would be great if CBS could recognize the potential in a retro series set in this time frame.

34. Dr. Image - May 30, 2013

Loved it. Chris Doohan? Fantastic!! Vic- nailed it. Move over, Phase II.
Now if they’s only fix those too-wide blue frames on the bridge screens…

35. robbysteve64 - May 30, 2013

i hope they go back to the “piece of the action” planet love to see what they can do with that

36. mike - May 30, 2013

the computers voice is marina sirtis

37. William - May 30, 2013

Could this get picked up by Netflix as one of their “original series”. The way they did with Arrested Development?

38. - May 30, 2013

Just saw the first 15 minutes so will watch the rest later. Very impressive.

The Kirk is very good as is Scotty.

The rest are ok but I would prefer a stronger Spock. Not that I minded his acting but he just does not seem to fit the character.

39. cz - May 30, 2013

After I’ wrote #28 above then I’ proceeded to watch Pilgrim of Eternity and found myself that what I’ wrote before is something that I’ still believe, yet at the same time this 51min movie was more interesting and better then ST into darkness for me lol,lol,lol,lol, I’ know it would not make a dime on the big screen but just like the other one gods something, you all know the one with Uhura and charlie x , I find myself loving these new episodes.
Phase 2 with this cast and the phase 2 cast combined as a new series, new name not continue and’ not phase plus a new constellation star ship like the Potemkin would be my favorite series on TV….

40. Neumann - May 30, 2013

It was a brilliant move putting Bamber behind that screen door helmet visor.

And Dr McCoy… he doesn’t seem like Kelley, but he does sort of feel like a character actor from that era, so I’m fine with that.

41. Shilliam Watner (Click Name for Trek Poster) - May 30, 2013

I’m not really a fan of fan productions, but I’ve gotta say that these guys have done a great job. Vic Mignogna and Chris Doohan are especially good. I didn’t realize that was Doohan at first, but was thinking, “Man, they got a really good guy for Scotty!”

Chris, I think your father would be proud of your performance. Very professional. And Mignogna does a great Shatneresque job as Kirk, without taking it to an impersonation. A delicate balance, and he pulls it off.

Much of the rest of the cast is good as well, but these two stuck out to me. Some of the other actors could be stronger, but I won’t name names.

The production values and effects are great. Overall it seemed very much like TOS. Good job, folks!

42. robtek - May 30, 2013

and jimmy doohans son as scotty was just the BEST it really feels like oldskool trek :)


43. Nick - May 30, 2013

Love this, reminds me what I loved about original Star Trek.

Like the classic show pacing as well … entertainment doesn’t need to be at warp factor 9 (like the recent movie) to be equally as absorbing (if you’re a TOS fan) I think.

Enjoyed Captain Kirk & Scotty the most, great to see Apollo once again :)

44. Sybok's Secret Brother - May 30, 2013

Yes! I got my Trek fix! Well done!!

45. Victor Hugo - May 30, 2013

I´m completely impressed! My applauses on the amazing work!

46. Admiral Archer's Prized Beagle - May 30, 2013

Great episode, really enjoyed it.

I had no idea Dr McCoy had a bit of a weight problem between TOS and TMP!

47. Herb Finn - May 30, 2013

Gee, i expected more Phase 2/Continues debate on this thread.

But then that’s like debating the various versions of the classic/movie era TOS comics. All have the same characters, but are executed in different ways.

I did feel Vic pulled off playing a character 14 years younger than he is better than expected. Much like Rob Morrow’s character Don Epps in the TV Series NUMB3RS who was 11 years younger than he was. I

48. shamelord - May 30, 2013

Loving tribute to TOS by Trek lovers and it shows. Sure you can compare the acting merits between Continues and Phase II, but all the efforts here deserve so much applause – especially the writing that really is reminiscent of the original series. Congratulations to all involved.

49. cz - May 31, 2013

We don’t need debate about phase and continue in my opinion, we just to support both some how…

Gee as someone said, star trek 2 should be the combination series with these actors from phase and continue unless they live far away each other.
If so then continue with new ship and new characters and phase with better production values with our donations…

St phase 2 titled ST The New Series and Continue titled ST potamkim or ST Fan Series.

Does anybody where I can keep up with phase 2?

I know I won’t get what I want but love this episode I just don’t like that they play original characters.

50. reni - May 31, 2013

I was waiting for TrekMovie to post some news on this!

Quite enjoyed the episode. The aesthetics and look was most definitely TOS. Also if any one noticed the music, I believe Vic composed some original background music to fill the gaps. Loved the rendering of Enterprise as well.
Needless to say, I’m extremely impressed!

51. Marvin the Martian - May 31, 2013

This was the first fan-made production I not only watched in its entirety without cringing, but I actually *enjoyed* watching. I was especially impressed with the acting. No Emmy winners here, but they’re all competent. And the DP and editor have been paying attention to the pacing and camerawork from TOS.

Very well done. I look forward to more.

52. Trekboi - May 31, 2013

Wow finally a New story & it’s not even about Into Darkness- way to support/promote the film Trekmovie.

53. Jeffrey S. Nelson - May 31, 2013

From a technical aspect, the audio was much better overall than Phase 2 productions, although Chris Doohan’s dialogue in one scene was low. And music cues could have been a bit louder at times. Storywise, what a treat to have Michael Forest as Apollo again. I do wish he had wreaked further mayhem aboard the ship before he redeemed himself!

54. Crewman Darnell - May 31, 2013

Great job all around. Along with the loving attention to detail seen in the set designs and costumes, it was pure fun to see Michael Forest reprise his role as Apollo; and Chris Doohan as Scotty.. top-notch! Clearly this production crew understands classic Trek.

55. El Chup - May 31, 2013

Much better than Phase II. It seems to avoid a lot of the schoolboy errors in acting sound and editing that the others, including Phase II, suffer from.

That said, the casting is pretty poor. Vic Mignogna is ok as Shatner Kirk, but his squeaky voice ruining it a bit for me. Spock and McCoy are woefully cast. I don’t care if Larry is a fandom notable, his McCoy stinks. Chris Doohan, for me, is the only really good piece of casting, and I even prefer him to Simon Pegg – and not because he’s a Doohan.

Still, what this goes to show is that fan films are gradually improving, each production learning from the mistakes of predecessors and I think one day we will finally see a fan production that truly rivals some of the official TV episodes over the years. I just don’t think we are there yet.

56. Mark Lynch - May 31, 2013

Watched it. Loved it. Close thread!!! ;-)

57. Alf, in pog form - May 31, 2013

Yep, best fan production so far, well done! Great job by Michael Forest too, bit of a cool retro blast to see him revisit his old role.

58. Lord garth,formerly of Izar - May 31, 2013

Just beautiful
Made me cry

59. JP Saylor - May 31, 2013

THIS is Star Trek. THIS is why Star Trek should be back on TV. The potential for great TV is out there. Star Trek has never been about movies that hold the audience for a few months and then they go on to another movie like Hangover part 3 or Fast and the Repetitive 9.

It’s been about people, relationships, social issues, and THEN things like action, space battles, and all that fun stuff.

60. Al - May 31, 2013

Really enjoyable but…

why does Apollo’s hair come and go? Some scenes he is bald, others he has hair.

61. Hat Rick - May 31, 2013

This is a great episode. Extremely high production values, and — I’m in the middle of the episode right now — quite a fascinating story.

62. IPIUIL - May 31, 2013

@59 Al
He has more hair when he de-ages/gets more energy. ;-)

63. Hat Rick - May 31, 2013

Just finished viewing the episode. A good (or god) epilogue….

Being one of those who look at the philosophy of things, I am intrigued by what this means.


Is it in the nature of human beings to desire worship? I think the issue is as yet unresolved. Apollo’s rejuvenation (well-done, by the way, technically) and beatification raise questions about both humanity (or humanoids) and him. The episode may desire that we see Apollo as a Christ-figure in a metaphorical sense, but it may also harken the idea that the journey continues on every realm. Apollo himself is learning. He is strengthening.

And where was, or is, Zeus?

In an episode of TOS, the Son of God, and thus indirectly Jehovah (God the Father), was referenced, so it seems from this the religious beliefs of 23d Century Starfleet members persist. And here the Bible is indirectly described as “one of the greatest books.” One can very well presuppose that the Son of God (Christ) was therefore not Apollo. But the parallels are there.

Perhaps there is a sequel there as well.

64. Nemesis4909 - May 31, 2013

On the subject of “Phase 2″, does anyone know if any of the episodes that they’ve talked about are actually coming or they’ve been ditched?

There was “Kitumba” and the prequel one about Kirk at the Academy, been no news on those in ages.

Anyone got any ideas?

65. Dr Beckett - May 31, 2013

This is an outstanding production! For me at least, it did not feel like a fan production at all.
I only hope that more episode and vignettes are released on a more faster and regular basis.

66. bwvandorn - May 31, 2013

Outstanding! Puts the reboot movies to shame!

67. H.F. - May 31, 2013

So great!!! Very well done and damn close to TOS! I look forward to more!

By the way, does Star Trek Continues provide us with a download option of this episode? If so, could anyone tell me where to find it?

68. H.F. - May 31, 2013

Download or purchase that is.

69. luke montgomery - May 31, 2013

Chris Doohan! Great job!

70. BatlethInTheGroin - May 31, 2013

This was somewhat fun, but the acting’s pretty weak in it, across the board.

71. IbPalle - May 31, 2013

Watched this last night and was very impressed. Easily the best fan production I have seen.

Great job and thank you

72. odradek - May 31, 2013

I’ve read alot of critizism about fan productions form this or that side, but
not even once something negativ about Chris Doohan. I’m glad that fans are so fair in that regard. He seems like a hell oft a nice guy, too.

73. MC1 Doug - May 31, 2013

I like this production, but I think the casting choices over at Phase II are better.

I will say this rendition is very nicely done… nice to have more TREK on the small tube, even if it is a computer.

74. Colin - May 31, 2013

Star Trek is philosophical. This is why I like Star Trek. I like watching characters talk and debate issues.

I enjoyed this film. It worked for me on two levels: Trek and general.

(As for the JJverse films, they fail for me on those levels. I think that Trek films should not be made based on what a focus group wants to see. They should be made because the people involve either love good story-telling or Trek, or both. I was reading that the focus groups wanted less talk, especially on the bridge, less science, less technobabble, less wacky costumes, and for Spock to lose the ears. Aside from the last, the new film seemed, to me, successful in meeting the demands of the focus groups.)

75. star trackie - May 31, 2013

Again, we have strange imposters walking aboard the Enterprise. When you recreate EVERYTHING, to the letter, it is just a tad jarring to see strange people walking around pretending to be Kirk and company. I get the same knee-jer reaction with New Voyages. I guess people (JJ excluded) are afraid to re-interpret TOS and that’s about the only way you can pull it off without inviting direct comparison. If your actors are different, dont drop them into the exact same surroundings as the 60’s series. Or do a different ship.

Having said all that, and having watched all of these fan films, I will say this was easily the most professional looking and crisply put together offering I’ve seen to date, The actors may be lacking, but everyone else certainly knows what they’re doing! ( I particularly enjoyed the lighting…it was spot on and consistent) And it was a real treat to see Michael Forrest again. If I can just get past these pod-people walking around the bridge I’ll have a much better time watching the next one, and I do hope there is another!

76. porthoses bitch - May 31, 2013

Love that engine rumble on the E, very reminiscent of TWOK. All around great job. I was watching it on my tablet, gf asked me what was I watching and why did I have that silly smile on my face.

77. The Keeper - May 31, 2013

Cringingly embarrassing

78. William Kirk - May 31, 2013

Wow, fantastic. For me this was a REAL Star Trek. Great Kirk, great Scotty and a great story. And a good story makes a good Star Trek. Looking forward to the next episode :-)

79. SciFiJunky - May 31, 2013

Wow! I would have to say that is the best effort yet from any fan made production! I wish Star Trek Continues had the ability to produce 26 episodes a year. If they continue the quality work they displayed with this first offering, I will be a dedicated fan for years to come!

Great job to all of those involved. You have made this fan of classic Trek very happy.

80. Pierre - May 31, 2013

Incredibly well done, from the script to the sets to the acting. It took a couple of minutes to accept new actors in the parts but overall I thought they did a great job. I thought Greg’s Sulu was a bit too much of an impersonation (like he was trying too hard to be George Takai) whereas Chris’ Scotty just felt right.

I especially liked the fact that the new digital shots of the Enterprise closely approximated FX shots from the original show. The shots also seemed to be degraded a bit to give them the appearance of traditional optical effects rather than crisp, clean digital effects. I even detected a bit of wobble to some of the shots. Those imperfections really sell the shots for me and add to the illusion that this was the same show from the 1960’s that we all fell in love with.

81. Dorothy Zbornak - May 31, 2013

This could’ve been an amazing production – certainly the production values are the best of any fan-made series yet. But all in all, it comes off gimmicky.

I can’t stop thinking about what these people could do if they’d set out to make a truly original production instead of recreating TOS (i.e. grown men and women running around playing Star Trek in front of a camera).

The good:
– Production values
– Guy playing Kirk does a good William Shatner. Try doing Kirk too.
– Chekov is hot. Walter Koenig *wishes* he had been that good looking.

The bad:
– Larry Nemecek can’t act and Bones was never dumpy.
– The guy playing Sulu sounds like he’s constantly doing a South Park George Takei impression.
– Very amateurish opening credits given the high value of the rest of the show.

82. porthoses bitch - May 31, 2013

Those that know me, ( been posting for 6 or 7 years) will agree that it’s nice to see some new names posting on here. That said….it will also be nice to see the inevitable shake out of some of these names. To quote Hawkeye Pierce “I can’t say I ‘ve loved you all , but I’ve loved as many of you as I can.”

83. Josh de Lioncourt - May 31, 2013

So much Better than Phase II. THIS WAS THE FIRST FAN PRODUCTION I’VE SEEN THAT I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED. Phase II just makes me cringe.

84. TrekGirl - May 31, 2013

I agree with the call for some kind of united production by P2 and STC, I’d love to see them combine their resources and talents. Now that Mr. Cawley is no longer playing a role on screen for P2, it would be beyond awesome to see him step into a role on STC, if but for only one episode. I know that they were once very good friends and would have incredible chemistry together on screen.

85. Captain of the USS Lucky Charms - May 31, 2013

This was a really nicely done episode. I hate everyone of the fan episodes but this one was enjoyable. Good cast all around! Really well done. I could watch more of these.

86. cz - May 31, 2013

Netflix would be wise to add ST, I would switch to another service like Hulu or simply add a service and pay a bit more, it would be Netflix and Amazon for example just to have ST again, what we want if i dear speak for all of us is:

Star Trek Academy
Star Trek Potemkin
Star Trek Intrepid
Star Trek The New 5 Year Mission
Star Trek The New Enterprise
Star Trek Future Earth
But all must be done with these colors, this feel and this music…If some of you agree please say so now, so I don’t feel I’m alone on this…Or give you point of view regarding not this awesome episode (yes with flawed in some areas, but who cares with this budget anyway, they can only get better right?)
give opinion on new series with color sound and feel and about better actors playing Kirk and company or new captain and crew with kirk and uhura, and sulu and Chekov showing up once in a while to advice or help the new star ship somehow again once in a while:

I can see myself falling in love with the Potemkin and her African American female captain and her crew and the joy of seeing YES this Kirk and This Scotty showing up in the pilot episode to help with a glitch with the Potemkin because her new engineer is unfamiliar just a bit with the new engines that Scotty from Enterprise invented, dreaming sorry all….lol.

To see Garth in the next movie even with JJ directing would redeem him somehow and can somebody please tell him to slow down the action just a bit.

87. John Gill - May 31, 2013

Someone mentioned it would be nice if Netflix picked this up as a regular series, this is a great effort, but can you imagine what it would be like if a major production firm in Hollywood would pick it up with this cast and the sets and start doing episodes weekly? WOW!

88. BatlethInTheGroin - May 31, 2013

Anyone saying that this cheesy fan film is better than Abrams’ movies is on crack.

89. cz - May 31, 2013

The African American Female Captain and her number one another female:
But from Qo’noS, sensual and vicious and very, very loyal with tremendous honor, ready to die, and love her friends one of them, actually her best friend:
a little person: Man, white…
again dreaming….But one can hope right?

90. USSEXETER - May 31, 2013

Sorry couldn’t get through the first 5 minutes of this. Bones was dreadful, Sulu & Spock meh. A for effort I guess, but give me Rodenberry or JJ’s Trek.

91. cz - May 31, 2013



Yes Abrams film is better and we all like it (love, well some do more then others, no this is not better then into darkness, just more fun for trekkies only, can you understand?)

92. cz - May 31, 2013

@87 and others:
After all I did say it would not make dime on the big screen did I not?

93. Sarah Bojangles - May 31, 2013

When it comes to Trekkies…we’re a breed of fans who can be have vast expectations because of the high quality, clever and overall rich history the story as a whole has but, I believe Star Trek is a classic that will never get old and always be expandable. All in all this was another great rendition, very enjoyable and has a great cast! Trek will NEVER die out and after all opinions are said, i’m sure we can all agree on that!

94. I'm Dead Jim! - May 31, 2013

Wow! Great production values, easily the best I’ve seen and most like original Trek. Loved most of the performances, especially Doohan as Scotty of course. I must admit that months ago after seeing early clips of Vic as Kirk I was skeptical, but after seeing the entire episode I think he nailed it! Bravo! Fun! Great ending!

I thought that was Bamber in the space suit but then thought otherwise. Cool!

95. I'm Dead Jim! - May 31, 2013

Oh! How could I forget to mention the red head counselor? Dang!

96. CmdrR - May 31, 2013

The direction is first rate.
Gone are the Next Phase awkward body movements (jeez, like every shot!) and in their place are nicely blocked scenes.
Apparently, Scotty now gets to raise the shields. In yer face, Hikaru!
Yes, yummy counselor. Lookin’ good in velour.
And great sfx.

I look forward to many more of these.

97. Michael Hall - May 31, 2013

@83 Trek Girl–

This will probably never happen in our lifetimes, owing to some considerable bad blood between James Cawley and Vic Mignogna over Mignogna’s direction of the Phase 2 episode “Kitumba.” I have no idea as to the particulars of the dispute (and don’t really care to know), but at present the episode has yet to be released and probably never will, at least in its original form. And yeah, it’s a damned shame. Both men are enthusiastic (some would say overly so) in their love of TOS; both have enough energy and charisma for five ordinary people; and both manage, in a way that’s very Kirk-like, to bring out the best of the talents in the people who work with them. I met them while crewing on the still-unreleased Phase 2 episode “Origins” in 2009, where Mignogna was playing the role of George Kirk, and was treated kindly by both in small ways that neither of them would probably remember but that meant a great deal to me at the time. (Not to mention that the footage I got to see from “Kitumba” was very impressive.)

As for my own reaction to “Pilgrim of Eternity,” it’ll have to wait–but suffice to say that my inner Trekkie definitely got its fix in May 2013, and with decidedly mixed results in both cases. Not to sound ungrateful, but while I certainly found things to appreciate, I hope both productions can do better next time.

98. Pensive's Wetness - May 31, 2013

*claps long and hard* Very, very nice. Now i need to head to the pool before my fiance gets pissed. she let me sit and watch this to completion. The ending was especially delightful

and ahem. Yeah the red head was… delightfully well acted. Ahem :D

9 out of 10 halflings.

99. cz - May 31, 2013

Hope I do not double post…

And yes I know I’ve posted far to much already but just bit more and I’ll shut up for a bit…

Insults have no effects on me, just in case…

Into Darkness needed more of a space fight between Vengeance and Enterprise YES enterprise looses the fight and then we get the recovery, but the fight should have been longer and more punches from both sides not just “E” getting hit but enterprise doing a lot, alot, a lot of damage on Vengeance, a conference on board Enterprise for DRAMA (DRAMA JJ) and a big ass fight from Enterprise, so when we see her loose it we feel it…it can still be added………..And sell me the DVD/BR for 49.99 to cover the cost.

100. Mark Fernandez - May 31, 2013

This was super!!! I loved it. Let’s hope for 8- new episodes!!!!! This was in fact episode number 80 in my book :)

101. Tombot3000 - May 31, 2013

Great Fan Film! Awesome production values and special effects. In some of the actors defense, their parts were either underwritten, or not quite on target… Spock and Bones’ parts are not quite tonally right. While Sulu is pretty well written, I agree that Greg comes off a little goofy, probably his enthusiasm cranking it up a tad too much. Scotty gets a good deal for sure. Also, the ending seems a odd, why does Apollo get a certainly prime directive breaking relocation to a primitive culture? Why can’t he just relocate to a Federation planet? Sure, for the story, it’s better, I guess. Anyway, congratulations on an effort well worth it!!!

102. Jovius the Romulan - May 31, 2013

Guess my original post got deleted because it was quite blunt, so I will explain my comment and then see if it warrants deletion by the staff.

Vic Mignogna has, on a number of occasions, acted rather creepy at fan conventions toward his teenage fangirls. A friend of mine had her cheek stroked without permission. Wasn’t a photo op or anything, he just saw her dressed as a character from a series he was in and decided to do that. Kind of overstepping personal boundaries, and she did not like that in the least. You don’t so much as give hugs unless the fan wants it — everyone knows that. On top of that, he has acted like a jerk towards convention staff on a number of occasions and used his entire panel times to do nothing but talk about his religion (which nobody came to hear about, they want to know about his career). Unprofessional to the extreme. He has done some iconic voices in English language anime dubs, but as a person? I wouldn’t care to know him that well.

That is all.

103. Qcjoe - May 31, 2013

I say grats to them. This felt like it could have been shot in that era. I enjoyed the first episode.

104. falcon - May 31, 2013

This was a quite well done episode from a production standpoint. I didn’t see any glaring weaknesses … the SFX were spot on (purple beams from the phasers indicating the power increase was a nice touch) and the sets were faithful recreations without seeming like “cardboard walls in somebody’s garage” (as Jason Nesmith/Tim Allen said in “Galaxy Quest”). The performances were well done, I thought… with the exceptions of Spock and Kirk. Also, Grant Imahara’s Sulu was a little overwraught in the Transporter Room. GREAT job casting Jamie Bamber as the disposable crewman and Marina Sirtis as the computer voice. And Steve Forrest reprising his role as Apollo … I knew somewhere in the plot his desire for worship would come back to bite everyone.

Vic Mignogna as Kirk was pretty good … had all of Shatner’s mannerisms down yet seemed to try and make the role his own … and I never realized how squeaky Shatner’s voice was until I compared the two side-by-side. Mignogna’s is still a little higher, but there might be some voice tricks that could fix that (and he’s a professional voice actor, so he should know them).

There will only ever be one Spock for me, though … Leonard Nimoy. Even Zachary Quinto falls short in some areas, although he’s not portraying the “prime” Spock. And only one McCoy … DeForest Kelley. Karl Urban does a good job, but Larry Nemecek in this episode was not a worthy replacement, IMNSHO. However, if this series goes on long enough, perhaps he’ll grow on the viewers.

Overall, well done, Farragut Films. Looking forward to the next one.

105. A Stranger in a Strange Land - May 31, 2013

Bravo to Star Trek Continues, Pilgrim of Eternity!

This was a great story – the meaning of death to an immortal god … that human nature does not change by desire or will … and the God himself is pleased by a broken and contrite heart which leads to true redemption, even for an unemployed god.

Forrest was superb. His bereavement for Athena was heart wrenching and his command of his “audience” (the remaining cast) portrayed the personality of a larger-than-life character in a realistic way. No kid stuff here – this was meat for men, not milk for boys.

Technically there is not much to critique, despite the above posts that are inane and trivial. The show was solidly made and superior to most programming available today for anyone lacking ADHD diagnoses.

One final note: the girl that plays Uhura is superb! Her obvious joie de vivre is delightful and very much keeping with Nichelle Nichols’ portrayal. Zoe Salanda for all her star appeal cannot compare to her simple joy. Maybe it comes from being a trained singer, something else she shares with the original.

(For that matter, I appreciate the song and poetry. A form fit for weighty subjects such as death and suffering and its redemption through a live well lived.)

106. Kev - May 31, 2013

Fifty Quatloos on the newcomers :) The first episode of “Star Trek Continues” was excellent – can’t wait to see more!

107. Timey - May 31, 2013

With all the fake reviews from the crew on this thread it’s hard to find a legitimate post. It was cringe inducing cheesey, especially the acting and direction. Don’t see the point going backwards with something so stale, unoriginal, awkward, and uninspired now that we have two massively superior rebooted films. But I’m sure the fan who made this had fun.

108. NCC-3916 - May 31, 2013

We hooked the laptop up to our TV last night and watched Star Trek Continues on the big screen from YouTube. It is so good I consider it the 80th episode of Star Trek. It made me realize that with the right stories and actors, people would watch a weekly continuation of the “original series” with all of the same “vintage” sets, lighting, camera work, costumes, etc.

109. MenagerieMike - May 31, 2013

It plays just like an ‘adult film’. Except without the ‘adult’ scenes. Terrible.

110. TrekGirl - May 31, 2013

@97. Michael Hall –

Thank you for the insider opinion. And I totally agree, its a damned shame.

I remember at one of Vic’s panels, he told the story of the first time he got to meet Mr. Shatner. He said that he and James Cawley were waiting together in an autograph line to meet their idol, when it somehow came to Gil Gerard’s attention that his two friends were standing in this very long line to meet his other friend, William Shatner. So he walks up to them and pulls them from the line and takes them right up to the front. Vic said he tried be cool but the 12 year old boy inside of him was screaming his lungs out. I’m not sure if that was Mr. Cawley’s first time meeting Mr. Shatner or not, but I’m sure his internal 12 year old boy was doing the same, lol.

111. Kevin-TNG - May 31, 2013

102. Get ready to be deleted again.

There is no place for that stuff here. I’m sure we will be seeing a few more like this guy on this thread. There are a few of the other fan film group followers that attemp to trash STC every chance they get, yet you never see the STC fans posting negative things about Cawley. I Guess the STC fans have a bit more class.

Off that subject, I absoulutely loved this new episode…almost everything about it.

112. Trebor Sewil Nworb - May 31, 2013

Well Timey, whether you like it or not, a vehicle for storytelling still exists
in this particular format and every member of the audience is entitled to support it should they so choose.

113. Picard's Hot Pants - May 31, 2013

Renfair… in SPAAAAACE!

Couldn’t get past the first 5 minutes.

114. MatthewBriggs - May 31, 2013

I found this episode to be very well done. Having followed fan films for some years this is this best that I have scene. I have actually been thinking (during work time as a matter of fact) that I felt more fullfilled by this as a Trekkie than I did by ST:ID. yes granted the acting does falter in some places, but these guys are never going to win an Oscar for there performances. I also enjoyed some of the special effects especially Sulu and the “red shirt” on the outside of the ship.

I hope that Phase II brings some stuff out too as I have been a fan of theres for sometime and want to see that new big E of theres going.

115. " The Captain's Neck is Broken" - May 31, 2013

Bravo! A touching story, and nicely done. Absolutely loved it!

116. secondbassman - May 31, 2013

Very impressed! Excellent pacing, crisp writing, well-styled editing and effects. The editing especially makes a dramatic difference. The acting was very well done all around – Chris Doohan nailed it!

Oh, and nice nacelle caps! :-)

117. Why Bother - May 31, 2013

Cosplay taken to the nth degree. Anyone can make a poorly acted carbon copy of the old series if they throw enough money at it. Unlike JJ Abram’s brilliant and original take on Star Trek, there’s no imagination, originality, or filmmaking talent on display here.

118. TrekGirl - May 31, 2013

@111. Kevin-TNG –

Thank you Kevin.

I know of one particular person who seems to be so angry and bitter I would humbly suggest getting some counseling, anger management…or possibly…a life.

119. PC3 - May 31, 2013

This is simply incredible, far superior to JJ-Trek. The REAL crew adventures continue once again!!

120. HubcapDave - May 31, 2013


The cold open and the first act of “Kitumba” are posted on James Cawley’s page on youtube.

As for the STC episode, it is very good for what it is.

121. Menage A Tribbles - May 31, 2013

As stated earlier anyone thinking that this is better that JJ’s Trek is on crack. Or more likely, just a member of the crew posting yet another BS good review.

122. Toonloon - May 31, 2013

I’m with marvin. This is absolutely brilliant and actually better than some episodes of TOS. Great direction too and I really believed the script could have been an actual 60!s tv show.

The cast were great. Kirk and Sulu nailed and Spock was very good too. Chekhov was good as was uhura , although I miss the richness if Michelle Nichols voice. The only possible negative thing I can say is that I was unclear why they cast Truman capote as dr McCoy. The other guy had the character better even though he didn’t look anything like him.

123. Iona Camper - May 31, 2013

Man that sucked. Why do people waste their time and money on these?

124. Drewidian - May 31, 2013

OK… I’m officially in for a kickstarter of this to go into a half season of production. It holds a lot of promise. Make it so.

125. THX-1138 - May 31, 2013

My first post about this very enjoyable fan production was done with my phone and I didn’t get to express myself as well as I would have liked to.

Very interesting to see some newcomers show up and express their “opinions”. It makes one wonder if it’s a coincidence. Oh well, to each their own.

I don’t know what Vic’s religious beliefs are. I also don’t care. I don’t know anything about how he may or may not have behaved at conventions. I didn’t see it so to me it’s just hearsay. Rail about it til you’re blue in the face and it won’t make a difference. Prove it and it’s a different story. I understand that James and Vic have issues. Again I don’t care.

What I care about in this instance is what my eyeballs told me. And they told me I just watched the closest thing to TOS that I, me, THX-1138 has seen yet. I finished that episode with a more satisfied feeling than I got with the two JJ films (which I enjoyed, albeit with some things I didn’t much care for). I guess maybe I’m on crack. But at least I’m not a crack-pot.

Were there things that need improvement and re-thinking? Yes. Do I feel the need to point all of them out? Nope, not one bit. We all know what they are. For me the good so heavily outweighed the bad it wasn’t even a contest. I enjoyed the hell out of what I saw and I eagerly and greedily anticipate more.

And here is my point:

I am completely good with people loving JJ’s Star Trek more than any other iteration. I don’t feel the need to berate or belittle anyone who is of that opinion. And I, too, get suspicious when I see someone who has never posted here before suddenly making posts deriding JJ or the writers/producers, regardless of my own opinion.

I enjoy fan productions because they are made for one reason: They love Star Trek. They know they won’t make a dime from their efforts. They don’t have to consider what the suits at the studio may want them to do. And it’s fun to see people actively engage in their own wish-fulfillment. I hope they have thick skins because when you put your efforts out there you are invariably going to get massacred critically by someone. Lord knows I am familiar with it. The mature people take the criticisms that they can actually use and discard the rest and enjoy any praise that may come their way.

I loved this. I want more of this. If I lived close enough to any of these fan productions I would be banging on the doors asking if it would be OK if I could help them play in the sandbox they built. To Vic and all his cast and crew I say thanks for giving me some TOS. I too might just start to think of Pilgrim of Eternity as episode #80.

126. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 31, 2013

Great production, Star Trek Continues! AWESOME!!!!!!!

But please note ,TM. I am only replying to these new “fan” productions.

Miss me yet, Bob? Probably not.

But, it seems to me that they are the only ones that are producing REAL Trek these days.

127. I'm Dead Jim! - May 31, 2013

Well said, THX-1138!

I’m with you 100%!

128. Commodore Decker - May 31, 2013

Much better than Cauleys-Phase 2-Stuff! Very accurate Sets and wonderful CGI’s! Some Actors may should be replaced in the Future but Mignogna makes quite a good Kirk, Chris Doohan really honors his late Father and Michele Specht is just stunningly beautiful!!!

129. Matthewbriggs - May 31, 2013

@ Menage A Tribbles, i am not on crack or any substance of the sort. i found this STC episode to be well done and had alot of heart. Maybe you sir a bitter memeber of another crew thats a bit bitter.

PS I am not a memeber of the crew, but when another epsiode comes around I would fly out and be an extra if I was allowed

130. THX-1138 - May 31, 2013

#127 I’m Dead Jim

Thankee! Truth be told I am actually pleasantly surprised with the positive responses here being in the majority. Generally fan productions attract a lot of negative responses for their obvious differences from professional productions with large budgets. And there is always someone who doesn’t like the fact that William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelly, James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, and Walter Koenig weren’t cast in their original roles. I figure if I’m OK watching Pine and Quinto and company get paid big bucks to play the parts I am OK with these guys doing it for nothing.

I hope to see James Cawley and company get some finished episodes released as I enjoy their efforts as well.

And now I think I may just watch this episode again.

131. TreK_Fan - May 31, 2013

I enjoyed this more than the new film, bravo!

132. HubcapDave - May 31, 2013

It seems to me that criticizing a fan-production is sorta like complaining that a free lunch wasn’t made by a 4-star chef. You ain’t payin’ for it, and you don’t have to eat it, so quit whining!

133. T'POW! - May 31, 2013

Why make a third rate rip-off the 60’s series? There’s no good reason for this creatively vacant exercise in TOS fanboyism to exist since the current official version of Star Trek is so much better.

134. IbPalle - May 31, 2013

@131 I found that I have to agree. Watching it for the second time now :)

135. aFort - May 31, 2013

Very nice job!

136. bmar - May 31, 2013

Very good and interesting to watch. I think that each fan production learns something from the ones that came before, this one the best of the bunch. Will it ever be TOS? Of course not, but that’s fine. A labor of love should be recognized as such.

I think the one thing that I noticed that I really enjoyed on this one was the quality of the audio. There was something about the other fan productions I’ve seen from the Phase II gang (and no disrespect to them – their efforts were laudable as well) – the audio had a flatness to it, that somehow took me out of the story. This one didn’t have it – it had a richness that reminded me of the original series.

One funny side note. Like all, I love to watch things in HD. However, I found that I was so used to TOS not being in HD, that small things – like patterns on the carpet on the bridge, or the sheets in Sickbay stood out as having too much detail! Weird, when you’re so used to seeing things in one way.

137. E is my other ride - May 31, 2013

Looks like the crew is in full force writing fake reviews here Lol.

138. THX-1138 - May 31, 2013

#137 E is my other ride

Support your position.

139. THX-1138 - May 31, 2013

#133 T’POW!

So you support your opinion by deriding someone else’s. You’re not very good at this.

140. noletrek - May 31, 2013

Absolutely fantastic. I don’t know what else I can say…but spot on.

141. John BigBootee - May 31, 2013

Excellent job all around. High production values, definitely felt like watching a TOS episode.

No need to for needless comparison between fan productions, the more the merrier. You can just feel the heart and soul these people put into the work.

And lastly, thanks to the writers for a positive message. We need it nowadays!

Bring on the next ep!

142. Chris Doohan - May 31, 2013

137 Believe me, they are not writing fake reviews…they don’t need too. What name will you post under next? I love the Menage A Tribble one.

Thanks to all others for your non-judgemental reviews. Bottom line, we all had a great time filming this and look forward to making a bunch more.

143. Selor Kiith - May 31, 2013

I loved it!
Although Spock needs a little time to get used too and Bones… meh I don’t know…

But hey, I really loved how they recreated the 60s Style :D

144. IbPalle - May 31, 2013

@142 Exactly – the episode speaks for itself. Also looking forward to bunch more.

145. You throw the idol - May 31, 2013

Cute fan tribute to TOS, albeit kind of pointless. Personally I don’t see the appeal in slavishly and awkwardly imitating the 60’s series when the franchise has changed and modernized so much in the past 50 years.

146. USSOlympusMons - May 31, 2013

I absolutely enjoyed this installment. I would’ve preferred a different McCoy, but I was thoroughly impressed with their effort to make Star Trek. I personally don’t care for JJ Trek, but to each his own. Kirk had me convinced that I was watching Kirk, and Micheal Forest was captivating as Apollo.
I would ask that we work together on praising any effort to bring Star Trek to any media, rather than critique it to death. Because, after all, it is Star Trek, and that’s what we’re here for. This story is what I consider to be the 80th episode. LLAP.

147. THX-1138 - May 31, 2013

#145 You throw the idol

Then I have some questions for you:

Did you watch it? And if you did, given your position, why? Do you always subject yourself to things that don’t appeal to you? And again, why?

148. TrekGirl - May 31, 2013

There is the answer to your name question Mr. Doohan…”You throw the idol” is not nearly as clever as “Menage A Tribble” but hey we all get writer’s block.

149. I am not Herbert - May 31, 2013


Doohan IS Scotty! =)

Keep up the great work!

150. Mike - May 31, 2013

Pass the cheese please.

151. Chris Doohan - May 31, 2013


May I suggest a nice Bokmakiri cheese? It goes great with a Mason 2012 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc.

152. THX-1138 - May 31, 2013

I have to make an admission:

Michele Specht is beautiful. She really fit the role that so many gorgeous actresses played in TOS. Her look seemed to come straight from the 60’s, and as the old saying goes, the camera loves her. I hope she is a regular. It would be fun to see her progression as an actress.

153. Anthony - May 31, 2013

What’s with yet another 60’s fan film? Haven’t all the fundamentalist Trekkeis died off yet?

154. NCC-3916 - May 31, 2013

Does anyone know the story behind how Jamie Bamber got involved?

155. KHAAAN the weasel - May 31, 2013

Grant Imahara does an absolutely GREAT Takei-impression. OH MY.

156. THX-1138 - May 31, 2013

#153 Anthony

No. Fundamentalist Trekkies are here to stay. Fundamentalist Trekkies will watch as the Johnny Come Lateley’s rise and fall, like the tides of the oceans. Or more accurately, like the infestation of cicadas. Fundamentalist Trekkies will weather all the slings and arrows of outrageous trolls until time itself begs their mercy and the sand plagued winds scour the lands of idiotic prattle. Patiently.

Me, I’m kinda more of a TNG guy myself.

157. TrekGirl - May 31, 2013

@ THX-1138


158. Stavros T - May 31, 2013

Nice fan tribute to TOS. As usual these hobby films can get pretty corny and a little creepy at times. I made it about halfway through before my eyes started glassing over.

159. Jovius the Romulan - May 31, 2013

111, 118: Let’s clear some things up here.

I have witnessed much of his questionable antics firsthand at fan conventions, including thinly veiled homophobic comments, creepy touching of underage girls, spewing religious propaganda, and shooshing the convention staff that were trying to GET HIS MICROPHONE WORKING. Vic has had several opportunities to explain or apologize for his immature behaviour and never has.

I know several who are willing to back me up on this.

I am well aware this will not endear me to Chris Doohan or any of the other cast/crew. I am fine with this.

I like the man’s acting. As a person, not so much.

Lest you think I cannot separate the man from his work, I think the film itself is well done. However, my personal opinion of executive producer/director/actor Vic Mignogna still remains.

137: I really doubt that. It’s a well done fan film and people like it. So what?

160. Ran - May 31, 2013

Fantastic! Spot on! The McCoy character was a bit weak but the rest captured the essence of Star Trek. The sets and editing were superb. The writing was especially good, something in Star Trek we haven’t seen in a long time.

More please.

161. Jovius the Romulan - May 31, 2013

I’m fine if the staff end up deleting my posts now. In retrospect, they /were/ pretty inappropriate to the thread. But I wanted to clear up that I wasn’t blindly raging against STC like I was accused of doing.

162. THX-1138 - May 31, 2013

#159 Jovius the Romulan

Personally, I can appreciate what you are saying. I don’t want to say that I am doubting you, but please understand, I have to take what anyone says on a message board as being an accusation and nothing more. I don’t know you and I don’t know Vic Mignogna. And given that, I have no idea what to do with the information you are sharing. So it doesn’t matter. What’s more, what are any of us to do with your information? Not to be blunt or impolite, but what is your point?

163. Kevin-TNG - May 31, 2013

161 Jovius

I get it.. you don’t like Vic. It’s obvious to everyone here that you have a hard time seeing Vic getting any praise of any kind.

I’m glad you finally realized that your posts were inappropriate…they were! We are here to talk about the episode, not Vic’s personal life. We don’t care!!! Get over it.

152. THX-1138 I agree, she’s hot as hell. Damn good actress too.

164. Check the Circuit - May 31, 2013

Nice job all! Found myself a little misty at the end. Who’d have thought? Vic Mignogna captures the physicality of Shatner’s Kirk. Great music editing. (What a gift to these productions to have the whole TOS music available to them thanks to La La Land Records.) Uncanny watching Chris Doohan play Scotty. And Michael Forrest was terrific. He should have had a bigger career.

Not saying it was perfect, but then, what is? But I’m looking forward to the next episode.

165. cz - May 31, 2013

Where to begin…
I’ do not know who is legit or who are the actors that are saying this is good and so on, but I’ m a non salaried christian pastor, I’ m a Christian not a fundamentalist and a non believer on the rapture doctrine.

I like this and could care less if someone thinks I’m one of the actors, yes I’m new but not to worried I’ won’t stay long, cuz I got teaching to do…and learning if you are a reader of the Bible, if you are not there is nothing you could teach me and nothing that I would care to learn from you, whomever this apply s too.

166. dmduncan - May 31, 2013

Hey, not bad. Favorite moment: Little Kirk carrying big Uhura to sickbay. I thought for sure Apollo was going to save dead Uhura by putting his organ into her. Glad they found some other way of reviving her! ;-)

It was cool guys. And an outstanding recreation of the sets/costumes, cinematography.

167. northstar - May 31, 2013

It´s a solid episode. I liked the sets (although they do not seem to be very stable )and the cinematography. Acting was ok – especially Chris Doohans performance.

Aside of that, there were a lot of weak points with the story. Lots of room for improvement. The holodeck scene served no purpose, the new counselorwas hot, but had not much more to do other than flirt with the captain – and the captain didn´t do much. Three discussions in the meeting room? That´s even too much for Picard. Apollos wig was pretty distracting – it was on then off and on again. I get what they wanted to achieve, but it didn´t work very well for me. The Bamber-scene also did not work so well – why didn´t he just pointed the phaser away from the ship? I found the vfx also lacking in that sequence, while the other vfx were ok.

Overall, it´s a promising start and a very good effort for a “fan” film.

168. Thomas Vinelli - May 31, 2013

I think Paramount should consider this as the next Trek TV show.
The Cast was great.I like Vic Mignogna as Kirk, He nailed the Shat. I’d recast Spock and Mccoy noting againist Larry. Chris Doohan creeped me out he was so good.
I also thought they caught the essance of the TOS, well written , the best fan series i have seen so far.You have to take your hats off to these guys and gals for what they did without the money and any help from the studios, its amazing what you can do without the big money ..less is more

169. pauln6 - May 31, 2013

I really enjoyed it too. It really evoked the feel of the original and it maintained a decent pace, which is quite hard for fan shows I think. Chekov was a little under-used but everybody else got a reasonable chance to strut their stuff. They built nicely on the original episode (especially Scotty) and the performances were all creditable. The cameos from the professional actors were great fun too.

The new character was fun, although I think they could have used Helen Noel with minimal alteration and mined the sexual frisson that existed in Dagger of the Mind to equally good effect.

The show has always been short on women and it always makes me sad when Chapel and Rand are forgotten in these productions (especially as both a nurse and a yeoman were featured). It was great to see Rand in a couple of Phase II stories, although I felt that her personality didn’t shine through all that well. Rand and Chapel had reasonably defined personalities so I hope that they can find some ways to feature them as guest characters at some point.

Overall, this was a cracking start to the series.

170. Reign1701A - May 31, 2013

I just googled Michele Specht…she’s 39?!! Certainly doesn’t look it.

This was very well done, an obvious labor of love.

171. Shatner? I hardly know her. - May 31, 2013

I prefer more clever and original takes as fan films, like ‘Troops’. Cornball, badly acted on-the-nose copy-fests like these only appeal to the crew who made it and maybe the tiny sliver of aging Trekkies that are stuck in the past.

172. Alex Prewitt - May 31, 2013

I love the fan productions–esp. P2 and STC. I get bummed when roles get recast–hell these gigs are non paying and if something comes up, it’s understandable if you need to drop out. Chris Doohan is the ULTIMATE class act, as he plays not only Scotty on STC, but will ALSO be voicing Lt. Arex on P2!!
Imagine how cool it could be if these productions could pool talent and resources!

173. rsutton41 - May 31, 2013

Holy Hot Redhead Batman !

174. THX-1138 - May 31, 2013

Just a note to all of the person that are, for no real apparent and defined reason, have decided to bash:

a) Fan productions and this one in particular, and
b) Old school Trek fans who enjoy watching these fan productions.

You are so laughably outnumbered on this thread that one is given to speculation as to what your motive really is. Certainly your goal isn’t to sway people to your line of thinking. And you don’t seem to be engaging anyone in a discussion of the relative merits and flaws of these fan produced episodes, so I don’t get the impression that you are expressing a real opinion. At best you come off as pretty boorish. At worst there might be an ulterior motive to your unfocused criticism, if you are to read the first sentence of my post correctly.

175. Admiral Stedman - May 31, 2013

Thank you for a very enjoyable production. The likeness and feel of the original series was incredible. I love TOS Trek that fills in the gaps or expands on stories and characters we already know like Apollo. Keep it coming!

176. James Cawley - May 31, 2013

Congrats to Chris Doohan for his stellar portrayal and to all the crew for a fine first release!

177. Get this cheese to sickbay - May 31, 2013

To be brutally honest, the acting sucks big time.

The effects were OK, it was quite talky and dull.

The sets were good. The story was pure Trek cheese.

Having said all that – all power to those who made it. This is by far the best fan made tribute that I’ve seen. Way better than Farragut or Phase II.

Verdict: damning with faint praise

178. Wannabe Writer - May 31, 2013

@ Chris Doohan

You have done your father proud…not to mention us fans. Thanks.

@ James crawley.
Thanks for taking that fateful first step. Without you there would be no fan productions such as phase 2 or continues.

Trek has always been about friendship, family, and discovering what is important in life. These productions only serve to prove just how far that friendship truly goes.

Shall we all ever boldly go.

179. Doug Price - May 31, 2013

It was Ok. After about 10 minutes it became rather grating though. Takes itself way too seriously for what is basically cosplay.

180. A Stranger in a Strange Land - May 31, 2013

175. James Cawley – May 31, 2013
you are a Class Act, Cawley. Thank you for all you have done for my beloved Star Trek.

30. Jack – May 30, 2013
31. Captain Karl – May 30, 2013
70. BatlethInTheGroin – May 31, 2013
77. The Keeper – May 31, 2013
88. BatlethInTheGroin – May 31, 2013
90. USSEXETER – May 31, 2013
107. Timey – May 31, 2013
109. MenagerieMike – May 31, 2013
113. Picard’s Hot Pants – May 31, 2013
117. Why Bother – May 31, 2013
121. Menage A Tribbles – May 31, 2013
123. Iona Camper – May 31, 2013
133. T’POW! – May 31, 2013
137. E is my other ride – May 31, 2013
145. You throw the idol – May 31, 2013
150. Mike – May 31, 2013
153. Anthony – May 31, 2013
158. Stavros T – May 31, 2013
170. Shatner? I hardly know her. – May 31, 2013
176. Get this cheese to sickbay – May 31, 2013

You above, if you are not the same person with many personae, are somewhere between churlish and fascistic. You sully Star Trek by association.


102. Jovius the Romulan – May 31, 2013
Make your accusation to the District Attorney; reveal your true identity; and submit to an examination of your own character and behavior at all times of your life that we may determine if you are credible, competent to judge, grinding an axe of your own, or perhaps are an undiscovered criminal in your own right.


Chris Doohan: You honor your father.

181. TOS lives - May 31, 2013

I’m too excited to read all the comments you see above.

I’m three minutes into it thinking ‘these guys are firing on all cylinders’. The editing, script, and acting, not to mention the set, lighting, makeup, and costume, and all the other myriad things that go into a production….pretty damned impressive IMHO.

TOS was the best playground for television drama, with ample proof here it can be done anew.

Well done!

182. Grant - May 31, 2013

When thinking fan films my mind goes to classics like ‘George Lucas in Love’ and ‘Troops’. They’re original, clever, well written, well performed etc. Basically they spin the familiar into something fresh and worth watching. This film is so straightforward that it really has nothing interesting to offer. There’s no point of view; no directorial vision. It’s just an imitation. I applaud the effort to copy the sets, costumes, lighting and camerawork, but at the end of the day I wonder if all that effort was worth it.

183. Captain Karl - May 31, 2013

@180 I see you are putting the “word of the day” calendar I got you last Christmas to good use. Although, I truly believe the word “fascistic” is no where near where you were trying to go, for we, with our opinions, are not an oppressive, dictatorial group suppressing the opposition through terror and censorship.

I don’t speak for the others you point out, as I am a single person who took the time and watched the entire episode presented before me and made a statement based upon my own opinion. And I stand by it, sir or madam, as I thought, although it was a valiant effort, it leaned on the side of overacting by some of the individuals, thus the ham reference. Our very first Captain Kirk can be accused of the same thing, a giant ham. Does this ruin my enjoyment of TOS? No in the least.

We are all filled with opinion and are entitled to them. Suppression of opinions, calling other people names for having opinions…THAT is fascistic. Now please pass the mustard. Thank you.

184. TOS Star Trek and Fans Rock Baby - May 31, 2013

Stardate: Congradulations

Great job guys. Vince only 1 criticism and don’t take it the wrong way: elevator shoes. Kirk is perfect, he just needs a bit more height.

LLAP forever

185. Joseph Cook - May 31, 2013

Great story! Horrible Spock, Bones. Kirk is just a bit to gay and Uhura needs more than an 80’s haircut. As a TV production professional, the lighting needs to be more “portrait”… Strong key light,, if not from a extreme angle at times…. less shadows and over bearing backlight that bleads onto the face….

186. CmdrR - May 31, 2013

James Cawley certainly turned in a number of good eps. And they are improving.

It’s a big universe. Here’s to many more voyages.

187. Red Dead Ryan - May 31, 2013

Good job, guys. Maybe not the best episode, but still entertaining, nonetheless. Chris Doohan is the star of the show, hands down. No offense to the other actors, of course. It is merely my opinion. A lot of nice cgi work too.

As for the Talifans and Trek fundamentalists, well they are naturally going to crap on something that goes against what they define as “true” Star Trek. These folks are angry because new actors are playing the classic characters. They hate the new movies, and they hate these fan productions.

It is rather sad and pathetic.

188. Red Dead Ryan - May 31, 2013

Apart from the hair, I thought the guy playing McCoy looks a lot like Colm Meaney (Chief O’Brien, TNG, DS9).

189. RaymondS - May 31, 2013

I’ve been reading all these comments. I am somewhat dismayed to read such negativity. Star Trek used to thrive on the IDIC concept whereby various opinions and thoughts were respected and even encouraged, not disparaged.

That said: I enjoyed this show immensely despite a few shortcomings. And I equally have enjoyed Star Trek New Voyages. There is plenty of room for both in the Trek universe. The amount of time to create the sets, costumes, editing, etc. must be staggering. And all at NO PROFIT!

Yes, STID was a massive, spectacularly produced action film with amazing sound and effects. But it lacked heart, it needed SOUL. I never felt like it was really Star Trek. I thought the 2009 film captured at least some of the old magic. This years’ movie was all flash with no passion.

This new fan-made episode had that magical quality which captivated me, the quality needed to push Star Trek to the level.

If I had to offer a vote (and I don’t like comparing the various fan productions), but “World Enough & Time” seemed epic; not just because of George Takai but because of being set in two different Trek eras as well. The overall story was so well written that by the conclusion I was choked up. The only other Trek episode to make me this emotional was “City of the Edge of Forever.” I rate this among my top10 favorite Trek episodes of all time.

Hats off to everyone who works and has worked on all these shows.

190. Scott Gammans - May 31, 2013

Holy shitsnacks, that was excellent!

191. Daniel - May 31, 2013

I’ve watched this twice and they basically nailed it. Obviously a lot of hard work went into this. Well done.

192. May the force live long and prosper with you - May 31, 2013

185 Also the use of soft lenses like the 1st season of ST TOS courtesy of Jerry Finnerman: giving that romantic and adventurous sense of wonder and optimism.

193. Mark Anton - May 31, 2013

Star Trek Continues did a great job on this episode. It really looked and felt a lot like the original Star Trek. I would still prefer if they filmed it in widescreen. I know that they’re trying to mimic the original, but I noticed (thankfully!) that the soundtrack is stereo; the original certainly wasn’t because stereo television didn’t become popular until the late 1980s. I can’t help but wonder what happened to the first actor who played McCoy in the vignettes. I preferred his performance to the actor in this episode, but overall I really enjoyed it, and will eagerly anticipate future productions from this group.
Thanks for a job very, very well done!

194. Dave Thornton - May 31, 2013

I think someone here should point out that just because some of us dislike or just “dont care for” certain areas of Star Trek,
doesn’t mean we “hate” anything.

Now with that being said,

I for one , just can’t stand the production design (or look) of J.J. Abrams vision of Star Trek.

From the “F-ugly” design of the exterior of the U.S.S. Enterprise to the interior with the beer brewery engine room, Apple I=pod looking bridge to the cheap looking props that are the phasers,communicators and tricorders as well as the grey uniforms and hats that look like theyre from world war 2.

Now all of this doesn’t mean I “hate” anything or that I’m stuck in the 60’s either. It’s just an opinion as well as a preference.

I truly loved watching Star Trek Continues, due to it’s characters, costumes, music and just the all around look and feel of the production .

I know others have said this before but perhaps Star Trek is at its best as just a 51 minute show as opposed to a 2 hour+ movie.

I say that because It seems that somewhere along the way,
maybe due to having to make Trek more space enforcement with more space fights and more snazzy alien make up,
whatever it was that once made the Original Star Trek special ,
somehow has became lost.

Things such as inspiring,,motivating as well as making you look up at the stars and wonder to yourself “what if?”

Also lacking (or missing) over the years in a lot of the Trek Movies and Television Spin offs
that the Original Series had, and Star Trek continues HAS, is a “heart.”

Maybe It was because of the low budget , cheap sets and effects that it had to tell a better, more entertaining and compelling story?

Perhaps now after 47 years with 6 series and 12 movies,
It feels to some of us that all that got lost or just possibly replaced.

In closing,
I have no idea what the cost was to write and produce
“Pilgrims of Eternity” . But when compared to the $180.000.000 production that is Star Trek Into Darkness,

I’d say that the Star Trek Continues gang did a hell of a lot more and told a much better story with a heck of a lot less money then
Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof ever did.

But again, thats just my worthless and useless opinion ;-)

195. Philip - May 31, 2013

Wow, the return of a curvy, and non-annoying Uhura lol

I’d have no problem if Zoe was re-cast in the next film…

196. Enrique - May 31, 2013

Why can’t Trek fan webisodes be smart and current like what Ron Moore did with BSG or JJ Abrams did with the Trek movies. These stilted and corny tribute pieces are getting really old.

197. Hat Rick - May 31, 2013

I can’t wait until the next episode!

P.S.: When is the next episode? ;-)

198. dayxday - May 31, 2013

Wow! I really enjoyed this. The writing and acting don’t bother me all that much because I understand it’s a labor of love made by fans for fans. I truly appreciate all the effort your production, and others like you have done to keep Star Trek, and especially TOS, alive.

Thanks and looking foward to seeing what’s next!

199. BeyondtheTech - May 31, 2013

Seriously, gotta move this to Netflix!

200. JC England - May 31, 2013

Big congrats to ST: Continues, and continued
success with their following webisodes!

Knowing first hand how hard it is to create these
productions, I can tell you, everyone involved did a
great job!

The world is big enough for several Trek
shows. Enjoy them for what they are.

201. Dave Thornton - May 31, 2013

(Re: 196 Enrique)

What in the “frak” was current or smart about Ron Moores Battlestar Galactica?

The characters were so unlikeable that in the end, no one really cared who lived , who died or who was actually human or a cylon. let alone if any of them lived long enough to actually find earth either.

Just as with Star Trek into darkness and a lot other Modern Sci- Fi,
really great visual FX , but boring, dull and uninteresting characters and plothole ridden stories.

As far as the fan made/produced webisodes go,

No one asked anyone to sit through and watch it.

No one is being charged to watch it.

No one is being forced to watch any of them either.


Since You didn’t invest any time or effort to help make it.

or invest any Money to help make it either.

I’d recommend you continue to stick with the dark, dreary and

depressing crap like Ron Moore turned out while sitting back and

waiting for Episode 7 Lens Flare Wars.” to come out in a couple of


202. Gary S - June 1, 2013

Meh. Next time try making something that belongs in this century, let alone the 23rd century lol.

203. I'm a trekkie NOT a trekker TOS=The ONLY Series (worth watching) - June 1, 2013

Excellent show!! It “felt” like Trek more than anything else I’ve watched made by fans. Far better than Phase II. I hope they don’t go the route of Phase II and a spin-off of Hidden Frontier by becoming a platform for “normalizing” perversion.

204. Jovius the Romulan - June 1, 2013

162, 163, 180: Criminy, guys.

I already admitted my comments were inappropriate in the spirit of this thread. Is that not the end of this disagreement?

205. Jovius the Romulan - June 1, 2013

194: Your opinion is not a bad one. I certainly agree in some aspects.

I liked the last two movies, but am still holding out for something a bit more heady and thought provoking. There have been some big movies that have achieved just this while still having good action scenes.

206. Cmdr. Devlin - June 1, 2013

Pure awesomeness. You guys did a fantastic job.

207. ATOZ the Librarian - June 1, 2013

Personally I think the production on the these fan episodes are way better than the Star Trek remastered updates. Good job guys!

208. Uncle Protein - June 1, 2013


That sounds like ‘good eating’!

209. TrekDoesMeGood - June 1, 2013

Well done Continues! Now curious to see a Phase II release with Brian Gross playing Kirk.

210. thebiggfrogg - June 1, 2013

Despite the massive violation of the Prime Directive and the unforgiving costumes (speaking as someone who should not be caught dead in a Trek uniform myself, it makes one appreciate the great shape of the cast and extras in TOS), there were moments it felt like I was watching a long lost TOS episode. The script was classic TOS. Micheal Forest did a terrific job,

At 196. NuBSG smart I can get behind. JJ “Doomsday Machine-sized plotholes” and “villain du jour” Trek not so much, though I will say that the sequelitis and guest star stunts of the fan eps is getting a bit tired.

211. AJ - June 1, 2013

Sorry, Mr. Cawley, but you’ve been upstaged: Acting, pacing, and sheer TOS-ness is present here…a bit preachy, but so was TOS. Mignogna chooses to mimic Shatner’s Kirk, and you trust him with it pretty quick, and it makes it easier to get lost in the story. Chris Doohan as Scotty does dad proud, and would give Simon Pegg a run for his money.

There is real acting here, decent lighting, no over-reliance on Super-Pooper FX, and a true “Trek” take with proper teaser-story-denouement a la Star Trek by keeping the commercial brakes intact.

“Who Mourns for Adonais?” was one of the goofier TOS episodes, for sure, but these guys un-goof it well.

Counselor McKenna….didn’t she have lungworms?

212. Anthony Lewis - June 1, 2013

@ 201

Man I hate these “You know why JJ’s movees suxorz?!?! Plot holes and blowy up sounds”.

Did anyone actually ever watch Star Trek? There are plot holes in every episode and film and retcons up the waaaaazoooooo.

And almost all of the movies have a lot of action that I guarantee you would have been bigger if the budgets were bigger.

Let’s not pretend that Star Trek is some sort of paragon of how to make a great story when there is PLENTY of bad Star Trek with a bulk of it coming from TOS itself.

213. Bender Bending Rodriguez - June 1, 2013

Wow! James Cawley AND Chris Doohan on this thread. is THE blog for trekkers. I don’t know if they’ll see this, but here goes:

Mr. Cawley: I have enjoyed ST:PII for quite a few years now. I have said more than a few times on I thought “World Enough and Time” was better than ST:Nemesis. I have shared it with friends a family, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed it. Blood and Fire was classic Trek. I certainly hope that you will keep up your efforts to bring us more of your vision of the continuing mission.

Mr. Doohan: I can’t tell you how great it is to see you in the role of Scotty. Like I said above, it was very cool seeing you in ST:09 and STID, but this is your calling. You really bring back the character in a way that can’t be done by anyone else. The first episode of STC was enjoyable and I hope to see you continue in this role.

Thanks to both of you for your good work!

214. Twilgiht Trek - June 1, 2013

To some people seeing anyone trying to be the crew of the 60’s is always going to look silly. I have a healthy imagination so none of that bothered me. I know this may sound crazy but this is my absolute favorite version of Kirk. Sure you can argue appearance and all of that but the “soul” of Kirk here is why I love the character. Pine is fun to watch but portrays Kirk in a way that at times make me not like Kirk as a person. Even when watching the TOS movies there are times I don’t even like Shatner’s Kirk. Both Pine and the Shat at times play Kirk to be jerk. The best of Shat’s Kirk (in my oppinion) can be seen in episodes like “Where no man has gone before,” and “Friday’s child” where you see him be a compassionate leader who loves his ship and crew. This version of Kirk is everything I like minus the “jerk side.” Also, after seeing this I really wished they would have hired Chris instead of Simon Pegg for these new movies. Chris get’s Scotty. Simon does not. In fact in the new movies that’s the one character that feels like he’s missing… because well he is. There’s just someone called Scotty. I loved and appreciated the episode. I’d much rather watch this than the JJ movies simply for the feel soul of it. Also is was awesome seeing all the classic parts of the this. Great work guys

215. Captain_Conrad - June 1, 2013

This is currently the only way we’re going to get real Star Trek right now, isn’t it… Well, at least the production was good!

James Crawley, I enjoyed Phase II for what it was, but I think these guys are hitting the mark a LOT better… though, if you were to both join forces… two dedicated TOS teams working on fan TOS Trek could produce a new episode every month… hell maybe even every two weeks! Just a thought. Also, phase II McCoy was more accurate to this one… sorry that’s just how I feel.

Chris Doohan, you’re the one who should be Scotty in these new movies… you fit right into your father’s role… maybe you are better off here since this series is more in touch with Star Trek

I look forward to seeing more of this! It’s well written, especially for a fan series and I look forward to more!!!

216. John from Cincinnati - June 1, 2013

This was well done and entertaining. However, Whether it’s Star Trek Phase II, JJ Trek or Star Trek Continues, they just can’t seem to get Spock down.

217. Matt - June 1, 2013

It’s surprising to see yet another old series tribute. I thought they were an outdated novelty at this point, especially after the reboot. However it is somewhat fun to see how well they nailed some of the original series technical elements. Definitely a labor of love. But it also suffers from the usual old series fan film pitfalls like bad acting, unoriginality, and general amateurishness. So I can’t see this thing gaining any traction outside the usual fan websites and conventions, and certainly nothing from Paramount or CBS. But I’m sure everyone involved had fun making it.

218. Chain of Command - June 1, 2013

This was very well-done. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Jamie Bamber in that space suit…. That blew me away.

Chris Doohan, great job!!!

219. Kapten Kerk - June 1, 2013

Great job everyone! Congratulations to everyone involved! I for one can never have too much TOS Trek!

220. dmduncan - June 1, 2013

Part of the deal in “doing it for fun” is being a good sport in putting up with criticism—we are Trek fans, after all. Woe be unto they who push the wrong bridge console button.

You also need to have a sense of humor, because part of the fun for FANS is to give you crap about things or have some fun WITH you. Doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate what you’re doing. That’s not what the joking and criticism means.

NOT WATCHING what you do is what not appreciating you means. And we’re watching, and we’ll continue to watch.

Keep in mind the likely reaction that anyone outside of Star Trek would probably have once you bothered to explain all the trouble you went through to do all this to them. “And you’re doing all that…because…?”

So we all here at least get it. You’re among friends—but you should be able to handle a good roasting, and then to just “keep on Trekkin.”

221. Steve Gennarelli - June 1, 2013

That was Larry Nemecek ?? I thought it was Bob Newhart !!!

222. JohnRambo - June 1, 2013

i want more!:-)

223. Crone - June 1, 2013

This aging TOS fan thought this was a lot of fun! Kudos to all involved, especially Chris Doohan.

224. Simon Donegal - June 1, 2013

This is the best ST fan film I’ve seen. The production values are stellar, perfectly emulating the sixties framing and lighting. The suspension of disbelief is much easier when everyone is at the top of their game and so much attention is paid to verisimilitude. Great job, especially to Vic, who does a wonderful Shatner. I found myself reflecting on how Gene would have approved of the noble self sacrifice theme. Bravo to all involved.

225. Patrick Shirley - June 1, 2013

There is no place for the college aged Star Trek fan who is passionate about all versions of Star Trek from TOS to J.J. Abrams’ movies to ST:C and Phase II, all the various shows and movies in between and several of the novels and comics. As far as most fan circles are concerned, only people who watched TOS on its first run are real Trek fans and people from a younger generation like me are stupid and ignorant for enjoying the current incarnations of Star Trek and for whom the themes, ideas and philosophy of old Star Trek are obviously much too sophisticated for the feeble minds of text messaging obsessed young ‘uns to grasp. You’re the reason people still think Star Trek is uncool. Attacking people for liking new movies is not going to endear the new fans to this fandom or make them want to go back and see the old stuff. There is room for fans of all ages who enjoy the same Star Trek as all of you AND the new stuff from our time. There is room for people who got into Star Trek in many different ways, through many different shows but you don’t want to hear about that. You’re more interested in excluding people who don’t fit your narrow definition of what a “real fan” is than in seeing Star Trek live and grow. The old guard is going to die off soon and the young people who DO get Trek are going to live on and make great Star Trek stories that keep with the hopeful, optimistic message while keeping up with the times and without sacrificing entertainment value. Time is on our side. Star Trek Lives.

226. Scott - June 1, 2013

This by far the best and most ‘convincing’ fan-made Star Trek episode I’ve seen. The actors portraying Kirk and Scotty were top notch, in my opinion.

My only real criticism, which I hope the writers might consider when writing future episodes—the opening scene with the holodeck seemed out of place and didn’t serve the story at all. I expected that scene would be pivotal in some way later, perhaps the holodeck technology would provide a crucial solution to stopping/saving Apollo, for example. As it is, it comes off as a bit ‘fan self-indulgent’. It would have been nice if they’d used that time to offer a little more back-story to Apollo instead, with the assumption that viewers might not be familiar with the original episode.

227. Rock on - June 1, 2013

Great jobs guys keep it up. The naysayers are jealous.

228. Jenn W - June 1, 2013

This is a sweet and loving last breath from “your father’s Star Trek”. While it does seem out of step with what’s actually happening in the world of Star Trek, it’s nonetheless an admirable effort made by the ever dwindling (and literally dying) old fan base. I applaud the work done here, cheesiness and all. It’s a nice trip down memory lane, despite its limited appeal.

229. The needs of great Trek outweigh the needs of bad trek - June 1, 2013

Star Trek TOS has fans in every generation and more generations to come.
Nothing beats the classic original: all the great elements are there. Everything else is a rehash.

230. bjdcharlie - June 1, 2013

So I finally watched the whole episode. For a fan production, it’s incredibly good, capturing the television drama sensibility of the 1960s. Sure, it’s cheesy, but you surprise yourself at how easily you can be drawn into the story despite that. It tells the story of the human condition.
Sulus ear joke was not cute.

The TOS music scoring is half of it – awesome job.

Bring back Star Trek to TV. Let’s explore the universe again. Let’s portray humanity as striving to be better, not utopian and sterile. We are curious and vulnerable and moral and corrupt, sensual and sapient. We show compassion to other living things. IMHO TOS showed that vision most clearly.

231. Congrats - June 1, 2013

Vic where’s the underwear scene with Michele? Just Kidding.
And for God’s sake, no lense flares but you already know that.

232. Jack - June 1, 2013

Any chance of getting Quinto to guest star on one of these things (as Spock — no offended to the guy doing it, but Spock is incredibly difficult to recreate — it would be a good PR move for him, weirdly… Make the guy a bit more fun and accessible. Or else Quinto’s brother who played a Romulan in Trek 09.

233. Zules - June 1, 2013

Great job everyone! It really felt like a legit TOS episode in nearly every way. I was especially arrested by Michael Forest’s stellar encore performance.

Really love it, cheers cast & crew! :) Keep going forward!

234. 2Warped - June 1, 2013

Nicely done.
Great to see Grant from Mythbusters as Sulu.
But, why oh why the reference to “Somewhere in Time” starring Jane Seymore as “Elise McKenna”? What did I miss?

235. Praise to Apollo - June 1, 2013

I can not believe Michael is 85. He reminds me of the Shat in that they both have energy of men half there age.

Great job Micheal. I especially enjoyed the scenes reminiscent of the Apollo of old from ‘Whom Mourns for Adonais?’

Congrats to he rest of the cast and crew also.

236. Praise to Apollo - June 1, 2013

234 ‘….half their age.’

Forgive me, the red hour is upon me.

237. I'mPaul - June 1, 2013

Apollo looks great. I’ve seen the TOS episode once and recognized him instantly. And he is really an intense and terrific actor. Surprised we didn’t see him more throughout his career.

I rarely watch fan-made Star Trek but I have to say I started this only intending on watching a minute and got sucked into it through its entirety.

Well done.

238. Starbase Britain - June 1, 2013

This is so good its unbleivable. This is what the Original series was all about. Loved every minute of it. The sets, the actors the lighting, the incidental music are all wonderful. Great tale full of humanity.

Thank you to all involved. Please let there be many more of these voyages. Its like watching the 4th season we never got to see.

all the best
United Kingdom

239. Lee Butterley - June 1, 2013

228 – damning with faint praise there.

I really enjoyed this instalment. During the pre-title sequence I was thinking “Blimey, that Scotty REALLY looks like Scotty” and then of course I read the titles and it says Chris Doohan! Also recognised Marina as the computer voice.

Excellent stuff, look forward to more.

240. BlueBird101 - June 1, 2013

Here’s a great question: When is one of the news media networks going to get a clue (I know – they are clueless about almost everything anyway) and report a story about this wonderful new series/episode???

241. MJ - June 1, 2013

Argh. The Holodeck sequence really got this started badly for me. I can’t stand the holodeck in TNG, and having the holodeck in TOS just completely rubs me the wrong way..

For me, this completely defeats the purpose of making new TOS episodes. What’s next, wall-to-wall carpeting on the bridge?


242. LaughingOut Loud - June 1, 2013

The holodeck was strictly for fun. It was a cute way to pay homage to Gene Roddenberry. If you can’t see that OR appreciate it, feel bad for ya. Stop taking yourselve’s so seriously.

243. The Sinfonian - June 1, 2013

TAS invented the Holodeck. Star Trek: The Animated Series. In 1973.

244. Ryan Moore - June 1, 2013

I wish Trekmovie would use a more modern comment system with authentication so that threads for fan films aren’t made up of 90% fake positive reviews by the crew who made the film. It’s so obvious it hurts.

245. MJ - June 1, 2013

Oh great, here we go again with the “oversensitive crowd” who can’t accept any criticisms at all on these fan shows. We’ve been down this road before.

It’s just my personal opinion. Relax, Cupcake. ;-)

246. Emperor Mike of Tos Empire. - June 1, 2013

Well Done Star Trek Continues. Well Done!

247. MJ - June 1, 2013

…and it was frankly awkward and uncomfortable to see that very old actor trying to play Apollo again.

248. Emperor Mike of Tos Empire. - June 1, 2013

MJ Buddy. I actually Loved it. I thought Michael Forrest did a fantastic job.
I thought all around it was a well made show.

249. Red Dead Ryan - June 1, 2013

Y’know, after thinking about it for a bit, I don’t understand why Marina Sirtis was brought in to be the computer voice, and not Nichelle Nicholls.

Yes, Majel Barrett, who played the original voice, also played Deanna Troi’s (Marina Sirtis) mom on TNG. Big deal. I mean, why should Sirtis be involved on a TOS-centric project? Why not Nichelle Nichols, who, out of all the main cast members of all the series, got the shortest end of the stick?

And I still don’t understand why this wasn’t filmed in widescreen? I mean c’mon, by filming it in 4:3 format, you’re limiting what is shown on screen.

They really dropped the ball on these two points. Hopefully, they reconsider and make some changes in the future.

Also, while I didn’t mind Apollo in this episode, I hope they refrain from bringing back other 80 year old actors from the old show (apart from Nichols as the computer voice).

Hopefully, these guys will do some new and original episodes with new stories, and new characters.

250. Jovius the Romulan - June 1, 2013

I enjoyed it for what it was. Some of the acting bothered me. Grant Imahara and Larry Nemecek are great at what they do for a living, but actors they are not. Grant was trying too hard to impersonate George Takei when he should have just used his normal voice. Larry was weak in his delivery half the time. (What happened to Chuck Huber? I was really looking forward to seeing him.) Spock felt somewhat out of character. McKennah could be a bit weak in her delivery as well.

Vic, on the other hand, was spot on with Kirk. He got his mannerisms down, but didn’t take anything to parody levels. Chris Doohan? He’s channeling his late father in a very good, and again not parodic, way. Yes, there was a contrived way to explain Michael Forrest’s age, but he still had a lot of screen presence at 85 years old. Give the guy some credit.

Re: the holodeck complaints… watch The Animated Series. A bit forced, but not taking a crap on canon. I doubt it’s going to be a major plot device in the series proper, seemed more like a small nod to the technology that will come in the future.

Let’s stop with these fake review accusations. It’s an honest effort that felt very much in the spirit of TOS. I’m allowed that opinion and you’re allowed yours that it was bad, but don’t make accusations you cannot back up (unlike the fake review fiasco of the Star Trek video game that was easily found out).

251. MJ . - June 1, 2013

Red Dead,

Agree on why the heck not do widescreen?

I know that the makers of this show have tried to be extremely convincing to us in the past that they absolutely cannot have widescreen, because TOS did not do that. Yet, TNG holodeck — no problem! TNG Marina Sirtis — no problem!

This crew wants to claim authenticity in certain areas, but then throws in other more modern Trek references when it suits them.

And please don’t bring up the non-canon TAS for the holodeck reasoning. If that is the case, then where is crewmember M-Benga?

252. Censored - June 1, 2013


Why are my comments being censored?

253. Captain Presley - June 1, 2013

Congrats to Vic Mignogna, Chris Doohan and all who must have labored long on making this episode. Why is it I left the theatre after watching huge Hollywood production of Star Trek last week with disappointment, but watched this episode with complete satisfaction? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy JJ Trek as entertainment, but this and the Phase II episodes seem like REAL Star Trek.

254. RedBrick1 - June 1, 2013

Awesome! The feel of TOS was captured amazingly well. To those that are criticizing them over details. Have you ever picked up a camera to film anything even as “simple” as a short film. Lighting, acting, camera angles, depth of field, head room, leading room, audio and more all come into play. You want “better” try it yourself. Great work by the Star Trek Continues crew!

255. CDR Arch - June 1, 2013

I wish someone could help the Starship Exeter team finish their last episode. It is so good so far but it needs to finish the last part. Anyone know how they are doing with that project. I am a huge new voyages fan. But Starship Exeter is the start of these fan films.

256. Mark - June 1, 2013

Gotta say, this was really great. The story was totally something Gene Rodenberry would write.

So what do I have to do to get a walk-on part for the next one? I’ll bring my own costume!

257. Gornbreath - June 1, 2013

What’s with Michael Forrest’s belly? Looks like he’s got a pillow under his shirt…

258. Boldly Going Again - June 1, 2013

241 If you look in the “Making of Star Trek” re: the original series by Whitfield circa 68/69 it states that Roddenberry planned on introducing the holodeck concept in the original show, but the main problem was again budget restraints.

259. K-7 - June 1, 2013

Thank goodness for budget restraints then.

260. Metron - June 1, 2013

256 It’s not his belly but your bad gorn eyes and bad disrespectful attitude.
Let’s see how you look at 85 if you even make it to that age.

261. K-7 - June 1, 2013

@257. That is a poor argument for “updating” what it suppose to be a new series that is as close to TOS as possible. It’s weird how stuff like the holodeck and Marina Sirtis — two elements primarily associated with TNG — get inserted here, but yet this show still can’t be shown in widescreen because that is “not like TOS”?

Either stick with the original look and elements or don’t? Picking and choosing certain things outside of the original series dilutes the whole claim of trying to be like Season 4. But if you are going to have some modern elements, then for Christ’s sake, given us widescreen???

262. Gornbreath - June 1, 2013

#258 — I may not…no guarantees…lol

I was glad to see Mr. Forrest back…but I was distracted by his belly.

263. Computer you will not address me in that matter. - June 1, 2013

@259 Illogical nonsequiter nonsense. Look at the original show and see how not everything was introduced at once but by progressive episodes as the show was honed: introduction of the nerve pinch, intro of shuttlecraft, intro of mind meld, etc.

Mirina is loved in the Star Trek Universe and was a close friend to the Roddenberrys so having her voice is a nice tribute. Even the enterprise computer voice had more than one voice so maybe they will use Nichele in the future, who knows.

If the producers and crew decide to do the show in wide screen great. If not, it’s still great considering it is through their time and money without profit. It is a testimony to their dedication and love of the original series.

264. Gornbreath - June 1, 2013

Vic’s voice sound like Shatner’s after he’s inhaled some helium.

265. Brain and brain what is brain? - June 1, 2013

262 I gotta give you that one. LLAP

266. ug - June 1, 2013

“an admirable effort made by the ever dwindling (and literally dying) old fan base”


“There, there, old Trek fans. Your Trek is died. Long live lens flare and generic action to maximize international box-office!”

267. Theatre Historian - June 1, 2013

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but its their call.
They are the creative force behind this, they are investing the time and money to film it.

There is nothing wrong with a production being shot in Academy Aspect ratio, you didn’t see people complaining about the Artist being in Academy Aspect ratio when it came out two years ago did you?

At the end of the day it’s their call.

268. Theatre Historian - June 2, 2013

Sorry MJ, I just don’t agree with your comments.

It was not awkward or uncomfortable to watch.
Michael gave an incredible performance as Apollo in this episode, it was very moving and heartfelt and that final scene was emotionally powerful.
There are many many people who felt the same way.

269. K-7 - June 2, 2013

@267. My point is that they are not being self-consistent about it. It’s like, OK, we want to be just like an imagined season 4 in 1969-1970. But, oh wait, we like TNG holodecks and TNG actors from the late 80’s/early 90’s, so we’ll include those? But modern aspect ratio — nope, we can’t have that, as we need to be like 60’s era Trek. Huh???

Either go full bore with the classic approach, or give us a modern aspect ratio since you are already introducing other modern elements anyway.

270. Dave H - June 2, 2013


I find myself either agreeing with you. If they are going to make all of the nods anyway towards more modern Trek series, then just give us the modern aspect ratio as well.

271. pauln6 - June 2, 2013

Actually, the Holodeck appeared in the Animated Series so it’s inclusion is canon (ish), although it was not featured expressly on the TMP deck plans. Still there’s no reason why part of the Rec Deck (including the bowling alley) couldn’t be adjusted for the Holodeck. Why bother restricting crew to a single sporting recreation? However, it should be truly holographic – not hard light and high tech like TNG.

This kind moral fable works quite well for fan shows but I think the proof of the pudding is in the action scenes especiallyif the sets are small. Last Phase II episode I saw was the Child, which had some nice tweaks from the TNG version and made me sad that we lost Ilia from the TOS franchise (I went so far to resurrect Decker and Ilia as part of a cheesy fan story on youtube). I haven’t seen the Klingon story yet, which i believe had a degree of action – is that one finished? If the action scenes are passable then they can really achieve great things!

Nemecek’s McCoy actually had quite a few of the subtle mannerisms of Kelley but he wasn’t chewing his way through his lines by trying to do an an irascible, gravel-voiced impression and that’s generally a good thing. The fact that Urban has managed to pull it off is more power to him but I’d rather Nemecek kept the essence of the character, which he has done. He does look a lot more like Dr Boyce but Urban is way taller and far more well-built than Kelley – he just gets away with it because his impression is so spot on. Trip Tucker and Pulaski tried to be McCoy knock offs and it is hard to do without coming across as unprofessional. Plus the actors will become more comfortable as they progress – look at the evolution of Nimoy’s performance from the early episodes for example.

It was an excellent first effort.

272. Hat Rick - June 2, 2013

This fan production is so good that it should be considered for commercial distribution. With a few tweaks, this episode could have been something seen on the Scifi Network, for example. The only thing that would bother me about that is the fact that if it were to be picked up by the networks, I wouldn’t be able to see it on YouTube!

Still can’t wait until the next episode! :-)

273. Hat Rick - June 2, 2013

One minor tweak I can think of is the elimination of the noise of footfalls on set, such as the first scene on the bridge, as I recall. This is probably more difficult than it sounds, as it requires custom editing of the live recording. If the original recording of the live performance still exists, the a quick way to eliminate the extraneous sound would be to mute the specific instances before post and then redo the post only in those segments. However, I’m not a sound engineer.

274. Exverlobter - June 2, 2013

Wow this is impressive. But for what series do i root for now? Cawley’s New Voyages/Phase 2 or this one? Will there be 2 competitive TOS-Fan series from now on?
I’M Confused.

275. Paul felderstein - June 2, 2013

Vic pretty much stabbed Cawley in the back, after failing to show up for the shoot for a critical night shot in Kitumba. Bitchy queen actor. Needs to stop casting his hot chick GF, who can’t act to save her life, in these things,

Good sets. Horrible Spock and McCoy. Old fat guy guest star. So many cringe-worthy moments of cornball sentiment, poorly done. Forced over the top ‘conflict.’ Badly needs dialogue coach/script editor. No wonder they’re desperate for scripts.

Only competition for Shat’s pipes is Cawley, so far.. Vic has a squeaky little voice. Hard to believe he’s a voice actor, but there it is. Kirk has to have a great voice in many modulations, and that you’re born with or not. Vic’s the eternal california dude voice. Don’t get me going on the lame chick GF.

Whats fascinating about it is that it’s bad in exactly the way a bad third season episode is bad. They truly did pick up where the show ended.

276. Paul felderstein - June 2, 2013

Oh Doohan, great voice too. Temperamental, but that’s the crummy script. It’s actually fun watching him. How the hell did they get Jamie Bamber to show up for the amateur hour? Marina Sirtis, sure, but an active young actor?

277. A Stranger in a Strange Land - June 2, 2013

275: Felderstein etal:

Okay I’ll bite. I have no idea what causes the pure bile, hatred, contempt and vileness from you and your comrades. What gives?

I wouldn’t mind so much except that I really enjoyed this production and nothing in it offends me in the slightest, let alone to the point of posting libelous and provocative insults.

Your wickedness is not constrained to the direct object of your hatred, the Kirk actor, but extends to an old man that wouldn’t know you from a hole in the ground. (Michael Forrest.) How dare you insult him, Have you no manners? No compassion? Not even sympathy for yourself should you live that long? Your grandparents? Your family friends?


278. anotherscott - June 2, 2013

I was distracted by the musical accompaniment track that appeared out of nowhere for Apollo’s song. Suddenly we have Star Trek The Musical? That was a bit odd.

Overall, I enjoyed this, finding it second only to “World Enough and Time” in the genre. In fact, this and that episode of Phase II are the only ones that I’ve actually liked. It may have only reached the quality of a “third season” episode, but that’s a lot better than what most of the fan productions have been, and I think it was a very impressive debut.

I had seen C. Doohan in the Turnabout Intruder vignette and thought he had the voice, but some of the delivery just didn’t work for me… but here, he nailed it, and I agree with those who prefer this Scotty to the Simon Pegg version.

I had also been uncertain about how much I would like this Kirk, but he was terrific. The difference in voice became unnoticeable to me after a few minutes (and the less authoritative cadence is no worse than Pine’s), and the comment above about walking the fine line of capturing Shatner’s Kirk without parody was spot on.

The doctor didn’t work for me. I laughed at the Truman Capote reference above, but it’s pretty on the money.

From a strictly “acting” perspective (without reference to how close people may or may not be to channeling their predecessors), I thought it was mostly pretty good. Apollo was terrific, the obvious seasoned pro. The worst was the McKenna character, I found hers to be the most distractingly off acting in the show. Facial expressions seem exaggerated and sometimes seemed to poorly match the lines. If the knock on Cawley was his over-the-top facial expressions (and he has gotten much better), this was kind of STC’s equivalent.

I agree with the criticism that the opening holodeck sequence had nothing to do with the rest of the episode. That seemed very un TOS like, where everything in a story seemed to be there for a reason. I might give it a pass, though, if it is intended as a set up for a future episode, though such setups would also be un-TOS like. And I have mixed feelings about using the holodeck in the series at all.

279. pensive's wetness - June 2, 2013

wow so much… criticism. though some of the poster’s conduct is disrespectful sadly. I really liked the episode. Sure I was distracted by red’s boobs, but I still digged the story, start to finish. Some of you folks and your complaints though… guess its boring around here without retards & drama…

280. Ensign RO- (Short for Roland) - June 2, 2013

Personally I thoroughly enjoyed this. Probably even a bit more that Cawley’s work. It did a real nice job of capturing the feel of TOS. It truly did feel like a continuation. I question some of the casting choices, but, it is a fan production so I can look past that and just enjoy it for what it is…more true to Trek than what’s on the big screen right now.

Well, done Vic and crew. I look forward to more episodes.

281. The Transformed Man - June 2, 2013

@ 275 Wow, bitter much? Frankly the name calling and bitterness between the productions (which actually seems to be coming more from disgruntled Phase II and Ajax fans) is a bit childish. But hey, I have no horse in this race, so here’s my quick take:

Far and away this fan production has captured the spirit of TOS better than any series before it (Starship Exeter is probably a close second… wish they would finish the dang thing). There have been episode of Phase II I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, but I always felt there was something “off” about them. However STC has the look, feel and sense of a production from the 1960s.

Sure I have some quibbles like one too many conference room scenes (I felt the final one could have been eliminated and most of the dialogue moved to the final scene in sick bay. Some of the acting is a little uneven, for example Larry Nemecek is quite good in some scenes, and in others a little flat, and in some scene Grant Imahara is trying a little too hard.

However, by and large the acting is top notch with particular nods to Vic Mignogna as Kirk and Chris Doohan as Scotty. Chris in particular seems to be channeling his father in both his mannerisms and facial expressions… brilliant work. However, the stand out actor is Michael Forest reprising his role as Apollo… simply outstanding. He has a wonderful grace and presence about him. I enjoyed his performance so much I went back and rewatched “Who Mourns for Adonais” then watch “Pilgrim of Destiny” again… it was a great double feature.

Keep up the great work!


282. Michael Miller - June 2, 2013

Regardless who makes them, these old school fan films are kind of pointless in a post JJ Abrams Trekverse. What I’d really like to see are fan films based on the the rebooted Trek. And maybe by people who know how to make good films. Sadly people with real talent don’t usually make fan films unless they seriously mess with the tropes of the source material.

283. Paul felderstein - June 2, 2013

The best thing about the inclusion of Sirtis is that she’s the original computer voice’s daughter :-) that’s a very clever in-joke. I loved it.

As for the rest: i only stated the obvious things all of you are thinking. Only logical. Feeling is not relevant. I’ll say this much: it IS better than Come What May. ;-)

284. Paul felderstein - June 2, 2013

‘The acting is top-notch.’

No, no, it’s not. In fact, it’s pretty bad. Forrest to give hm his due is by far the best actor in this thing. If anything this showis a great example of why casting is critical and really hard to do.

285. Paul felderstein - June 2, 2013

Stranger: i have an image of you keeling over in apoplectic rage just as you finished typing that

286. The Transformed Man - June 2, 2013

“No, no, it’s not. In fact, it’s pretty bad.”

In your opinion. Your previous personal comments regarding Vic Mignogna make it quite clear you have little to no objectivity regarding this project.

Vic Mignogna is quite good as Kirk, and Chris Doohan is excellent as well. Todd Haberkorn is fine as Spock he’s simply not given a lot to do in this particular story. Other secondary characters are fine as well. As I said before the only actors who seem to struggle are Larry Nemecek, who just suffers from being inconsistent from one scene to the next, and Grant Imahara who’s simply trying too hard to channel George Takei.

287. Paul Felderstein - June 2, 2013

Sorry, opinion about character of VM doesn’t invalidate anything. No, it’s not.

288. Gornbreath - June 2, 2013

I was distracted by the following:

1.) Reds boobs and smokin hot body
2.) Apollo’s belly
3.) Vic’s helium voice

Having said all that, I still enjoyed the episode and thought Michael Forrest was superb as Apollo. It was great to see him back in that role.

Larry makes a great writer, but not so good at playing McCoy. Sorry, Larry…lol!

Scotty was acted like he did when he was taken over by the hateful entity in Day of the Dove. He was way too “rabid”…and I didn’t think he was justified in hating Apollo so much. He didn’t that upset over Khan! LOL!!
Scotty has moments where he’s emotional…but for him to act like that through virtually a whole episode didn’t ring true…

I don’t hate old people. I don’t hate anyone associated with this. But, I’m entitled to my observations…lol!

289. dmduncan - June 2, 2013

I do hope that moving forward these fan films can get away from stories revolving around original actors from TOS built on the reality of their current ages.

As far as the craft itself, Vic did an overall better job of directing than many of the directors of TOS’s own episodes. It’s painful to watch Kirk (Shatner) stop speaking his lines and THEN get interupted by one of the other characters, rather than the other way around.

And I LIKED the 1.33:1 aspect ratio. That made it feel more like a continuation of TOS.

290. Apollo has spoken - June 2, 2013

282 This is more Trek than your drek will ever be.

291. dmduncan - June 2, 2013

BTW, “Red’s” actual NAME is Michele Specht. Have some freakin respect please.

292. The Transformed Man - June 2, 2013

Again your opinion. And yes, if I were looking at things objectively (which in this case I am as I don’t know any of the parties involved), I would definitely gather from the personal and derogatory nature of your comments that you “had an axe to grind.”

So no, your opinions are pretty irrelevant, and are patently biased, especially given the overwhelming positive reaction to “Pilgrim of Eternity” throughout the Star Trek fan community I’ve seen here, at Phoenix Comicon and on Star Trek message boards across the interwebs.

But I’ll leave you now to fester in your bitterness. I’m sorry but anyone who refers to the 85 year old Michael Forest as the “old fat guy guest star” must be a pretty loathsome individual.

293. Paul felderstein - June 2, 2013

Nope. Your arguments aren’t worth my time. Sorry. Not interested in getting into your games.

294. Dswynne - June 2, 2013

For me, it’s simple: I can enjoy all versions of Trekdom, since they all are derivatives (including the subsequent television shows and movies) of the original Star Trek series. Thus, I can enjoy the fan creations as love letters to TOS.

295. Red Dead Ryan - June 2, 2013


Fan films based on the new movies? Why? What would the point of that be? TOS happened in the sixties, and these fan films are recapturing that retro-coolness that can’t be replicated by J.J Abrams and co. or anybody else.

And on another note, I can’t believe the amount of stupidity and intolerance shown on this thread.

296. MJ - June 2, 2013

@275 “Good sets. Horrible Spock and McCoy. Old fat guy guest star. So many cringe-worthy moments of cornball sentiment, poorly done. Forced over the top ‘conflict.’ Badly needs dialogue coach/script editor. No wonder they’re desperate for scripts.”

Thanks for saying it like it is, Paul. Given all of the crew from this show seems to be posting here, and several of my comments have been censored for some reason, it’s goo that some “real” feedback is getting through.

That being said, the production values are generally very good here, and the potential is their for improvement. Need a new McCoy though desperately.

297. Shatoupee - June 2, 2013

Great production! My only criticism is the guy who played McCoy—terrible casting and a poor actor (even for a fan production).

298. Meni Tsirbas - June 2, 2013

Nicely done for a fan film. Obviously a lot of work and heart went into it. It’s good to see these labors of love get some decent funding for a change. Would be interesting to see more films from the various periods and timelines of the franchise. It certainly is a huge universe, and ripe for all kinds of fan tribute, interpretation, and even parody.

299. Trekboi - June 2, 2013

Sorry to say fan films are more about the egos of the people making them not the work.
I’m sure he who shall remain nameless (McCoy) enjoyed playing the part but it’s not about him he should think about the role & espect the character.
Let someone who can actually act do the part justice

300. Matt Wright - June 2, 2013

@ 296 – No censorship here, which means something being actively done to you. Sometimes posts get flagged for moderation, which one or two of yours was, any of those I saw needing approval I came through and approved yesterday evening.

Also guys don’t try to make the same comment 5 times over when you see your comment didn’t make it through the automatic filters, it doesn’t help anything and actually makes it worse.

301. Trekboi - June 2, 2013

I’m not saying all the actors are bad but some of them need to think of the role first
They should cast on acting skills or if they look like the original actores- trhey have to have at least one of these things to do the role some credit

302. Paul Felderstein - June 2, 2013

296. Thank you. Recast Spock and McCoy and stop disturbing people in the retirement home. That will fix a lot. Fire the hot GF. And as for VM, well, there are electronic fixes for voice , use ’em. His physical acting is fine for a fan film. Doohan, thumbs way up and I think he’ll get even better. Btw great use of 3rd season music. And nice sets.

303. Davexbit - June 2, 2013

wow! This is good. Great story. Feels like an original episode. The pacing and editing are great. Excellent! The saucer section of the ship needs a bit of work though. The sections are a bit flat. Small potatoes compared to a great show. When does the blu-ray come out?

304. Ryan Thomas Riddle - June 2, 2013

A solid first effort, but not without its opportunities for improvement on the next outing. I’ve posted my thoughts on the entire production, from story to action to the fanwank (holodecks, ship’s counselors) here:

305. Will - June 2, 2013

Why does McCoy have boobs?

306. Gornbreath - June 2, 2013

Replace everyone except Chris…and they need to direct him better so that his character rings more true. Scotty isn’t constantly pissed off….lol

307. anotherscott - June 2, 2013

288… Scotty’s emotionalism here was justified because of his attachment to Carolyn in the original episode this was based on. But it might have been nice to have some line of dialog referencing that, for those who may not remember the episode that well.

308. Paul Felderstein - June 2, 2013

307. Right! Forgot ’bout that. So did most people.

309. Paul Felderstein - June 2, 2013

Which brings to mind another problem: it’s one of the very worst original episodes, esp Kirk’s weird remark that he finds the one God quite sufficient. Really? Has all the Federation embraced the Anglican Church or something? (Clearly evangelicals and other anti-intellectual dead-ends won’t have survived). ;-)

310. RaymondS - June 2, 2013

I don’t get the criticism that using Marina Sirtis as the computer voice is bringing TNG into the mix, therefore a widescreen aspect ratio should be used. Huh? We are talking about the computer voice being done by the actress Marina Sirtis. If the character of Counselor Troi had been used you might have something. But don’t confuse the character with the actress. Remember Michael Dorn was in ST6, but he wasn’t playing TNG Worf, he was playing his grandfather. The same goes here- an actresses’ voice isn’t the same as the character she played on TNG.

311. Paul Felderstein - June 2, 2013

308. Bringing her in was inspired: she’s Majel’s daughter. That was quite clever.

312. Paul Felderstein - June 2, 2013

Anyway gnite, off to gather a few laurel leaves. So: Gary vs Apollo: which God would win? Gary Seven vs Apollo?

(Elizabeth Dehner would clean Caroline’s clock in about two seconds so that question isn’t on the floor).

313. Lt Bailey - June 2, 2013

Extremely well done. While a lot of people will try to compare it to TOS for every little thing, this comes very close. Close enough for me and I am a hard core TOS fan from the very start back in1966 when I first saw it.

314. Brought to you by Bang Bang - June 2, 2013

305 To feed the Tribbles.

315. Paul Felderstein - June 2, 2013

a good thing tribbles have no teeth!

316. Lostrod - June 2, 2013

I watched this a second time again this evening and enjoyed it even more.

Having watched Star Trek from its premier on NBC in 1967, I really appreciated how this captured the spirit of the show I grew up with.

Nitpicking over actors. And minor details is ridiculous IMHO. Enjoy it for what it is. However, I realize I may be talking to many people who grew up many years after the original run of the series. They may not truly realize what it was like to watch those episodes in the context of the time.

When Star Trek premiered, in my home town there were only two TV stations. One NBC and the other half ABC and half CBS. Most shows were still black and white. That little “the following program is brought to you in Living Color …” Meant a LOT.

Watching this made me feel like I was a kid again when there were only three channels on TV and no @&$!! remote! Being the bottom 2 out of eleven I was the one expected to get up and “change the channel” on the ONE TV SET IN THE ENTIRE FREAKING HOUSE!

Needless to say I’m proud to say that I said “why don’t we give this show a chance – it is in color?”

That’s my two cents worth.

Plus, it’s been a bad week on the job at the work this week.

Sigh. Getting old. And loving it!


317. JohnRambo - June 2, 2013

i love how they used the music. fits perfectly in every scene.

318. RetroWarbird - June 2, 2013

300+ comments is going to take a while to peruse.

This was a lot of fun – and despite the fact they’re based on a show we’ve all lived with for a lot of years, for what’s essentially their “Pilot Episode” it was particularly good. I’m highly optimistic about how it’ll play once everybody has settled into the groove a bit. So, bullet point pros and cons (more pros really).

1. Cast: Mignogna is pretty awesome as Kirk. The voice is a bit soft but being able to use Shatner’s cadence without sounding like you’re doing a bad impression, to say nothing of mannerisms, overall physical body type, jawline and exact-match hair sells him bigtime. Chris as Scotty is definitely one of those ‘the next best thing’ bits – he’s got his own quirks to work on and the part to make his own, but it’ll hopefully come. And Grant as Sulu is pretty inspired, actually. He was my number three. Spock, Uhura and Nemecek as McCoy weren’t as good as I hoped but were better than I expected – they pull it off convincingly regardless.

2. Crew: Sets looked perfect. Lighting was aces. And I didn’t expect to see the cheesy old enviro-suits, either. It looks and feels like Trek and I’m astonished how much that accounts for. The effects were also pretty delightfully dated feeling.

3. Story: This one had a pretty sharp writer. Some of the tangents felt a bit cluttered – Sulu’s bit was cool but felt like a cheap way to add danger and distracted from the cool philosophical beats (it’s really hard writing that; I always crave more exterior space-walking stuff). It was a busy script, and it probably focused on one or two too many characters. A narrower focused beam will cut sharper. That said, there was great stuff going on here. The high concept sci-fi of meeting Old Apollo was absolutely brilliant, as was the humanitarian lesson built into the whole resolution – AND there was a great metatextual element where the iconography of Apollo adapted and evolved before our eyes into the iconography of Christ, much the same way Christ artwork and iconography was transferred from Apollo to Christ in Rome. Absolute kudos to the writer, this was pure Classic Trek with that cherry on top.

4. Last bit – that was Mirina Sirtis doing the computer voice, right? I mean that’s just a stroke of genius.

I can’t wait for the next episode, I was riveted!

319. RetroWarbird - June 2, 2013

One other thing; I’ve got YouTube Channel on Wii, and it definitely made a huge difference watching it on my television instead of sitting at a computer desk.

320. Promo Boy - June 3, 2013

Thank you for a terrific episode and congratulations to all involved.
You captured the look and feel of the original series perfectly.
Sets- lighting- music– editing- acting- and special effects- outstanding.
Do I have minor quibbles or criticisms? Yes- but why burden the film makers with my two cents. The cast and crew did this for the love of the show- and for no fee. The results were amazing. (Mr. Doohan is a revelation– and I hope I look half as good as Michael Forrest when I’m his age!) Fans of the original series should be grateful and encouraging– not critical. All I have to say to the show producers is keep up the great work. And thanks.
I feel like it’s 1969 again!

321. falcon - June 3, 2013

Ugh. In a previous post I called him Steve Forrest, when he’s Michael Forrest. I get them confused sometimes. Steve, who starred in the mid-’70s ABC show “S.W.A.T.” recently passed away.

Also, I think if this episode was designed to be the first episode of a conjectural 4th season of Star Trek, it should look like television did during that time period – in other words, 4:3 aspect ratio, standard definition, still shooting with Mitchell cameras and Baltar lenses on Kodak stock.

My opinion is, if you’re going to update Trek for the 21st century, go all the way – new sets, costumes, CGI, and even actors. (Seems like a guy named Abrams has made a couple of attempts in that regard.) But if you’re creating something meant as an homage to the Original Series, it should be a true homage, and not a caricature. Vic and the boys have done a terrific job in that regard. Granted, the acting was somewhat uneven (Larry and Todd are most definitely NOT DeForest and Leonard), but overall it was an enjoyable romp.

As others have suggested, perhaps bring in Brandon Stacy as Mr. Spock (he did a great job in STP2) and see if John Kelley would be willing to revisit the role of Dr. McCoy.

322. anotherscott - June 3, 2013

309, Paul, at least that was just one disposable line. The far worse original episode in that respect was “Breads and Circuses” where a major plot points is that the crew can’t understand how these advanced people can be primitive sun worshippers, but it all makes sense when it is revealed that they are, in fact, Son worshippers. Ah, now they are civilized indeed! Ugh.

And to add insult to, well, insult… that lame conceptual device also depends on the culture having the same word for Sun and Son. Even if you forget about “Universal Translator” and decide that they are actually speaking English, well, the ancient Romans didn’t speak English either. Linguistically, it doesn’t work no matter how you slice it.

323. Kevin-TNG - June 3, 2013

I personally don’t think they should bunch this into the “fan film” classification. A few of the main cast members are fans, but the others are actual actors. When you have people like Jaime Bamber, Marina Sirtis, Michael Forrest and Chris Doohan (all good actors) in the cast, I believe it should be classified simply as a web-series. This is an incredible piece of work, and It sort of brings it down a notch when you cheapen it to a “fan” made level. It’s a good web series..period

324. Stargazer54 - June 3, 2013

Best of the fan films I’ve seen so far. Kept my interest all the way through, despite occasionally being pulled out of the moment by some of the casting. Production values were as good as anything you see on the SciFy channel. Overall, good TOS feel and TOS storyline.

It did feel like this also could have been episode #80. Which does hit the mark if going for “what if there was a season 4?”

More positives than negatives with me. Solid thumbs up. Looking forward to more.

325. Jovius the Romulan - June 3, 2013

309: In the original script, Kirk did not say that the one would suffice, simply stating that they had no need for gods period. However, NBC was alarmed at the implications of a religion-less future and forced them to add that line for fear of offending religious viewers. Nonetheless, it was a clumsy rewrite and, “We’ve moved beyond the need for your parenting,” or somesuch would have worked far better without getting into any ugly controversial territory.

320: I think that unlikely to happen. I was surprised enough when Kim Stinger joined STC, but I can’t imagine it would help the bad blood between Cawley and Mignogna for other actors who worked on Phase II to jump ship at this point.

321: The universal translator can only explain away so much, unfortunately. I don’t recall that being one of Star Trek’s most shining episodes, anyway. It and “The Omega Glory” don’t particularly hold up well today due to their United States/Christianity-is-best implications.

322: Technically it is a fan series, though. It’s based on an established property but being produced without the assistance of the copyright owners, who only allow such things to exist as long as they do not make any profit.

326. Paul Felderstein - June 3, 2013

“What if there was a season 4? And not only are we cutting your budget rven further, Gene, you have to work only with retired and amateur actors, that you have to humiliate yourself stealing from other productions since you can’t source the talent yourself; you can only shoot from a first draft, the stories have to be sequels of bad episodes, and we’re moving the show to 4am Sunday mornings on the schedule. Oh, and we have to shoot on sets in the redneck South. Hope that works for you.”

327. Paul Felderstein - June 3, 2013

“That works? Great! Then welcome to Season 4! Now is Diana Muldaur available again…”

328. Paul Felderstein - June 3, 2013

Unintentionally funniest scene: lil Vic dangling by those wires in the air. Anyone feel a sense of menace from that brillliant piece of staging?

329. WicketSC - June 3, 2013

I loved it. It was much better than Cats. I am going to see it again and again.

330. rogue_alice - June 3, 2013

CHRIS!!! You did a great job and a great tribute to your father. I felt you were the most believeable in a reprised role. I really saw some sublty that you brought to Scotty that made me see your father’s Scotty.

331. Paul felderstein - June 3, 2013

I think it was the best Star Trek parody I’ve ever seen, except for the John Belushi one from SNL.

332. star trackie - June 3, 2013

reading the comments, It seems the wave of nostalgia is what is really carrying this episode. And I love it…the look of the episode was spot-on TOS. But there are deeper problems. However, when you’re taken back to your childhood with such perfection it’s hard to get past the amazing TOS-like aesthetics and focus on the meat of the acting and story…which really wasn’t that great.
Reading many of the responses here I can now see why many fans don’t like JJ’s reboot. These fans really REALLY love the look of TOS and can be swayed by colored gel-lighting and set re-creations, even if the actors that walk these sets aren’t quite up to par. But, if things stray too far from what they are accustomed to, like JJ’s total re-imagining, many fans will automatically label it “bad trek” for the lack of velour shirts and ice-tray consoles. These fans want only what they had and will seemingly settle for a reasonable facsimile thereof. Just don’t try to re-invent the wheel!
Me, I love these fan films, but while a loving recreation of Trek’s sets and music from 1966 is great fun, it’s just not a viable direction for the franchise and people should really get that notion out of their heads.

333. Paul felderstein - June 3, 2013

Actually, I was thinking how hard Shatner would have sold the ‘dangling in mid-air’ bit and how irreplaceable he was to the whole effort. Someone observed somewhere once that he elevated what was basically ridiculous material; and if you don’t have actors that can do that, then it ALL looks ridiculous. More of a testimony to what an extraordinary actor Shat is than anything else. How to you replace a force of nature?

334. Paul Felderstein - June 3, 2013

328. Yes, agree on the nostalgia. But that old show has passed into…what was. LOL.

335. MidMoElMarko - June 3, 2013

Bravo! Well done by all involved….looked & sounded like an episode on my aunt’s old black & white. My uncle used to fight over the 10 p.m. Saturday time slot (I made him miss the news) and if felt like I was right back in that living room. A very high quality product considering no CBS, Paramount or other big $$$ studio behind it….let those who are grousing about microscopic quibbles get off their collective behinds and produce something better (or within a long 2-iron!)

336. Yosef Lindell - June 3, 2013

The technical aspects were pretty good, but not as good as New Voyages (Phase II). The acting was pretty much on par with New Voyages, which is, not that great. Vic Mignona was a better Kirk than Cawley, and Chris Doohan was a great Scotty. He’s the only one of the actors that was actually convincing. Larry Nemecek doesn’t really have much talent for acting, unfortunately.

However, this episode failed in almost every other respect. The story was bad. Really bad. The dialogue was poor. The whole thing dragged, and it was painful to watch some of those lines being spoken. New Voyages has become far superior in this regard. If anyone doubts this, just watch “World Enough and Time,” which was nominated for a Hugo award.

Someday, what I would really like to see is the cast of the J.J. Abrams films act in one of Cawley’s productions. Then we would have great acting and great stories in the true spirit of TOS.

337. USAFTrekFan - June 3, 2013

This was the first fan Trek production I’d ever seen, other than the mis-clicking one on YouTube then quickly navigating away. Fan films always struck me a desperate and kind of sad.

So, when I started the webisode I sat up and thought: “Crap, I should have made popcorn.” It *was* enjoyable and I actually had a tingle when I heard the music queues and sound effects from the original show. That lasted for 10 minutes or so. Then it was less enjoyable. Then not at all. Thereafter, it passed into a very surreal experience, like watching children pretend to be Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. No… Maybe more apt to say it’s reminiscent of a community theatre troupe recreating a well-known film. The Kirk and Spock impersonations are mildly amusing at first, but rapidly wore on me as I realized: there’s no levity or wink in what they’re doing. They’re deadly serious. They’re **Acting** ( with a capital A). They give these strange meta-performances, as if watching Shatner & Nimoy heavily distilled and filtered then poured into a corpse (or robot) that suddenly rises to start its recitation. It’s unreal. And more than a little strange to watch.

It came as no surprise the two principals are both English dub-over voices for anime. They’ve carved niche careers by acting atop someone else’s performance.

Only Apollo and (slightly less-so) Doohan really feel 100% genuine… One was actually in the series. The other, the son of Scotty. (Speaking of Apollo, I never felt the original episode as one begging for a continuation. It was an odd choice.)

The effects looked like they were created by a basement fanboy or girl. It’s shocking someone at Doug Drexller’s level (sp?; from ACTUAL Trek production) would put his stamp on this. Despite something I read on iO9, I don’t buy for one second it’s a model ship from the 60s. I suspect it was done on home computers in his free time.

So, for a fan film, does it work? Yes. Sure. I suppose. If you’re judging it *only* by those standards. But these are seasoned Hollywood folk who are now sitting in the front seat on the short bus after beating up the slower kids (*golf clap*). And trotting out convention friends for cameos strikes me as a desperate cry for legitimacy and press attention.

Star Trek Continues (and others if the ilk) seem a horrible waste of time and (likely) money. Seeing that it was so *technically* competent (I also have no doubt the principal actors *could* really shine in something else), it’s a crime they aren’t making something original. Good lord, we have enough remakes, reboots and sequels coming from Hollywood. We shouldn’t have to choke another one down in the independent arena as well.

(side note: why do people feel the need to take something they love and own it for themselves? Is it to bask in reflected glory? Maybe pretend be both the character and the performer? It’s very strange. We should love and respect original art and dispose of imitation… Then again, why do I feel the need to write about it? Because it’s an affront to the memory of something I love.)

338. Trek Expert - June 3, 2013

Jeez Louise, where the smeg did they dig up that old coot to play Bones?Mofo looks nothing like Karl Urban.

339. Superman - June 3, 2013

No offense to Larry Nemececk, but writing is not acting. Nor does he resemble McCoy in the slightest.

340. Clinton - June 3, 2013

Very well done. No fan production will ever have all the elements just right, but this is far beyond simply being a “nice try.” Minor quibbles I had about the exterior scene and finale “sting” fitting into a 60’s era Trek were not enough to distract me from enjoying this episode. And I loved the idea of introducing a counselor. Good job!

341. The Sinfonian - June 3, 2013

@340 That’s a good point, Clinton, about the exterior scene: I almost longed for Majel’s voice saying “Last episode on Star Trek…” which would have had a teaser starting with a review of “Who Mourns For…” Well, if this were truly the fourth season, then using some of Michael Forrest’s work TOS as Apollo could have been used in that manner. So, maybe there will come a “FAN EDIT” of “Pilgrim of Eternity”.
I agree with whomever suggested Dr. Helen Noel… who in a sense as a psychiatrist was put aboard almost as a counselor. But as lovely as Michele Specht is, she doesn’t project a Noel look. Is there another Trek character she might have been cast as? Or at least using a name rather than one lifted from “Time After Time”. I’d have gone with “Ruth ___” and tied her in with Kirk knowing Ruth from Starfleet this-or-that where she was a psychiatrist who had to evaluate Kirk after the original Obsession incident. Alas. Kirk going to end up with McKennah?

342. Sebastian S. - June 3, 2013

For me, this is the legitimate sequel to “Who Mourns for Adonais?”

A beautiful story; well-written with terrific FX, near perfect sets and some good to uneven but passable performances (these are fan films, not studio efforts, so I make allowances). Chris Doohan really captures his dad. And Grant Imahara (love Mythbusters) looked like he was just having a blast. Also nice (and surprising) to see Jamie Bamber in there, too (I’m a huge BSG nerd).

I was thoroughly engrossed in the story, which offered an intriguing twist on the possibilities of the Apollo character. The script was right out of TOS; it felt so true to the spirit of the show, I’m surprised it wasn’t written by Dorothy Fontana or someone connected with the show. Kudos to the ‘captain’ (in more ways than one), Vic Mignola.

And kudos to everyone involved.
After being just a little disappointed overall with Star Trek Into Darkness (I liked ST09 better), it was nice to go online and see ST as it was meant to be. As Kirk says in TVH, “We’ve come home.” This had more genuine ST feeling and passion in 51 minutes than STID did in 2 hrs and 9 min.

STC: “Pilgrim of Eternity” was TRUE Star Trek; with a story resolved in a genuinely Star Trek manner as well….

Well done!
If only they could merge resources with ST: Phase 2…

343. Paul Felderstein - June 3, 2013

Loved Apollo (Bamber) in show about Apollo. What’s next, a sequel to The Way to Eden?

“His name was Adama.” LOL

344. Federico Mercado - June 3, 2013

I thought this was really well done. This really seems to be the time for fan films. I’m interested to see the Sulu fan film that is finally being released after 25 years, that has George Takei in it. The trailer looks pretty damn cool.

345. Marja - June 3, 2013

I enjoyed it. For a fan production of a retro show I thought it was good. It certainly kept my interest!

I don’t have so many quibbles with Spock now. Chris Doohan was such fun to watch [especially his scene in the Jeffries Tube: “get off my ship!”] and the others were very good too. Occasionally I did get the feeling I was watching young Shatner … eerie. Larry Nemececk doesn’t resemble Dee Kelly at all, except for his blue eyes, which he rolled in a very McCoy-ish way.

I enjoyed Uhura’s song, to a point, but thought the audience should have begun applauding before she started taking her bows …. that said the actress, while not much resembling Ms. Nichols, does project an energy much like hers.

The primary issues to me, after acknowledging this is a fan production, are continuity and makeup:

– What’s up with Apollo’s hair? First he has it, then he doesn’t, then he does, then ….??
– Wasn’t he supposed to be restrained in Sickbay? Maybe not, after his operation ….
– Dr. McKenna’s makeup was very overdone, even by retro standards.
– Uniforms need better fitting – Spock’s was loose around the shoulders … Kirk’s looked just fine.
– Spock’s bangs need to be longer and his brows angled more steeply up and ending closer to his nose. The way the makeup is now just emphasizes every difference between him and Nimoy, and the roundness of the eyebrow line is [to me] distracting. All respect to the actor’s natural brows, but I think he may have to do a “full Brazilian wax” on them when he’s playing Spock, so the brows can lend more … authority. He does have beautiful hands [like Nimoy’s] and I enjoyed seeing his Spockian fingertip-to-fingertip display in the Briefing Room. His pacing and delivery of his lines has improved, but alas, no deep deep Nimoy voice … obviously something he can’t change! He’s getting the Spock gravitas down, though. Anyone can tell from the length of this part of my critique, a good and credible Spock is essential!

I hope that, since they’ve added a Ship’s Counselor, they’ll bring her and Uhura into the Briefing Room. While doing retro, at least advance beyond the 60’s sexism?

As someone else on this thread has pointed out, it would be great if they could back-light all the toggle/button boards at each station. They’ve taken pains to recreate their shapes and distribution, and probably their pretty colors, too, so the lack of backlighting puzzles me.

It was fun seeing Michael Forrest as Apollo and I really loved the story’s resolution – especially the shot at the very end, when “someone” appears to be getting younger. Hmmm!

I know it’s all done for love and is not [pardon the pun] a super-stellar production, but I think the team has done quite well, and this particular group of players is one I may just look in on again. Thanks for making an episode that really feels like TOS to me.

346. porthoses bitch - June 3, 2013

I had made a comment in the sticky and it was like a grain of sand. Commenting asto the fact that if Trek had filmed it’s first season in black & white then fandom might never have happened. 79 episodes went into syndication if 26 had been in black and white alot of stations wouldnt have bought it. It really needed a fourth season.

By the early mid seventies color televisions satuarated the country. Old show that were staples disappeared… mainstays like My Three Son had thier early season disappear..Many of CBS s rural shows disappeared. It’s not to hard to imagine Lost in Space,and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea had thier first seasons in B& W. Therare exceptions I Love lucy, the Andy Griffith Show ..and on the sci fi side you had Twilight Zone. just an interesting thought to persue.

One thing I always wonder…my introduction to Trek was Whitfields Making of Star Trek. How did that ever happen to be published a book about the making of a failed tv series.? I still pick up my tattered copy once a year and reread it…

347. Paul Felderstein - June 3, 2013

I kid because I love.

348. S9 Desilu - June 3, 2013

336 Sorry STC is better and truer than both of them.

349. I'll have you in arms in if you don't shut up - June 3, 2013

@337 What the hell are you yammering on and on about. The effects were amazing for a fan production. What BS: let us see you do better.

350. Basement Blogger - June 3, 2013

I’m not going to criticize this fan production not because I’m a Trekker. It’s because there’s little to get upset about. If the actors want criticism they can go their coaches and if the filmmakers want some feedback they can ask a Hollywood director to look at it.

But let me say this. It was good. The sets were astounding. And the one performance really stands out. Michael Forest as Apollo was spectacular. Wow, the man can act. Jack Trevino has written a philosophical episode that the big budget version of Star Trek could learn a lesson from. Yes STID had ideas but this fan show wasn’t afraid of being “talky.”

The biggest compliment I can make about any Star Trek production is this. They made Star Trek. In “Pilgrim of Eternity” they made Star Trek.

351. A Stranger in a Strange Land - June 3, 2013

There are a number of jokers here, using dubious names and with very similar, specific listed gripes, ripping this show to shreds for no apparent reason.

Some of them are merely tawdry, others downright frightful in their venom and vindictiveness.

Obviously, they are not real posters. They do seem to have a personal issue with “Star Trek Continues”. It may be no more than a single disgruntled stalker. Probably a few acting in concert based on writing styles and bizarre hot-buttons.

Sad, very sad. It takes the very worst stereotype of the “typical” Trekker and makes it real — turned against fellow fans no less.

There is some real hatred in their souls, hatred that will destroy them if they do not rid themselves of it. Of course, at least one saw fit to mock the surest source of peace, Jesus Christ, which is about what I’ve come to expect from people like that: pure, distilled hate for all things that remind them of whatever it is about themselves that sets them off.

349. I’ll have you in arms in if you don’t shut up – June 3, 2013

@337 What the hell are you yammering on and on about.

352. Theatre Historian - June 3, 2013

Some of you on here could really use a lesson in manners.
Wow so sad.

It’s one thing to make constructive criticism about something, but several of you are just down right spitting out the most nasty vile vitrol, I have ever had the misfortune of reading. Comments that really have no business being posted.

How quickly some of you forget the true meaning of star trek.


353. Mirror Tribble - June 3, 2013

it would be interesting to see a fan series with episodes featuring the voyages of the Jeff Hunter/Chris Pike version of Star Trek with original crew: Number One, the more emotional early version of Spock, Boyce, Colt, etc.

Great job and all the best.

354. Espenoza - June 3, 2013

Why are they introducting all of these TNG elements into this episode? I would rather not see a holodeck, or have Marina Sirtus involved in what I thought was suppose to be an TOS episode?

And as several others have said, if you are going to “modernize” this show with TNG elements anyway, then why not just further moderinize the aspect presentation of this show to give us a modern widescreen format?

It’s like these guys want to pick and choose where to modernize, yet try to claim this is classic Trek???

355. Classic Television Expert - June 4, 2013


As someone who has been researching classic television for twenty years, I agree with you. The producers of the show are making a claim that this is ‘classic,” yet they are obviously introducing elements from Trek shows that came 20 years or more later.

And yet, to do that, but then to claim they must present this show in classic aspect ratio, is in fact hypocritical.

356. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - June 4, 2013

@241. “Argh. The Holodeck sequence really got this started badly for me. I can’t stand the holodeck in TNG, and having the holodeck in TOS just completely rubs me the wrong way..

For me, this completely defeats the purpose of making new TOS episodes. What’s next, wall-to-wall carpeting on the bridge?


If having some kind of holodeck (which, by the way, was present in The Animated Series) defeats the purpose of new TOS episodes, and you’re so “Please!!!” about that in Continues, then tell us what you really think about Enterprise. Because, my God, didn’t that show completely defeat the purpose of being a prequel to TOS?

And while you’re at it, if TNG holodeck episodes rubbed you the wrong way, then did you even bother watching Voyager’s?

357. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point - June 4, 2013

That aside, I’ve never been too big on the fan productions, though I’ve watched a few. I honestly found myself surprised that I was enjoying this episode. I warmed up to Mignogna as Kirk, I liked Grant as Sulu (though I prefer John Cho), and I’m lukewarm on Nemecek as McCoy.

I liked the plot of the episode, and I thought Forrest’s return as Apollo was good. I’ll defeinitely rewatch it to get a better opinion of it, but as I said, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

And it bears repeating @354, @355, the holodeck first appeared in The Animated Series. Also, why is Sirtis as the voice of the computer a bad thing? It’s a nice homage to Majel Barrett, the definitive voice of the computer. Big deal, they made it sound more like one would think it would in 2013, as opposed to what people thought it should in 1966.

And complaining about the voice of the computer is a rather nitpicky thing. If this series takes off, can you write a new Nitpicker’s Guide book for this series, please?

358. Paul - June 4, 2013

This was great. My only gripes are the actor who plays Sulu does it like a impersonation of Takei, the red head woman wig is really fake looking, her acting wasn’t very good. The opening credits need improving, they look very amateurish. Other than those minor critiques I loved it!!!

359. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

351. Yeah, I thanks for defending Jesus, fhere, dude. It’s the surest path to something, all right.

360. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

351. Actually, regarding ol JC, LOL, my people find The One quite sufficient. LOL sometimes I kill myself.

361. Bassmaster22 - June 4, 2013

I actually really enjoyed it. It definitely had an original series feel and I didn’t have any problem adjusting to the cast. I think Vic actually makes a pretty good Kirk on several levels. Infinitely better the Pine who, all though is a good actor, brings nothing to the Kirk role other than the gold shirt.
Remember, this is supposed to be part of the original series not a reboot or a more modern take on the 1960’s vision of the future. I’m impressed with the production value and the story. I’m hoping they have many episodes ahead.
I’ll take this over any JJ bologna on the big or small screen any day.

362. Scott Reed - June 4, 2013

My only criticism is that the writers didn’t offer much of any back-story to this, recapping the original Apollo episode and establishing why the crew would be so apprehensive about his presence. Also, Scotty’s motivation was barely mentioned, or the reason for his anger and distrust. I think they should have set all of this up in the intro, rather than introduce the holodeck, which served no purpose to the story at all.

On to the good stuff: The actors portraying Kirk and Scotty were really great. They stepped into the roles and were able to channel Shatner and Doohan in an almost supernatural way, without turning into caricatures. Despite my quibbles over the script, the episode captured all of the elements of the very best episodes of TOS, with a moral that would have made Roddenberry proud. These are the kind of stories that he always envisioned for Star Trek. This didn’t feel like a contrived plot just to give Michael Forest an extended cameo–this was a story that needed to be told.

I’ve seen most of the fan-made episodes, and have been completely underwhelmed by all of the TOS actors who have appeared. But Michael Forest was outstanding–he fell right back into it, and was utterly captivating in his ‘tranformation’. I hope that he’s stayed busy acting throughout his career after Trek, because he definitely has the chops. Hopefully his performance on this will bring new opportunities to him, if he wants them.

The production was nearly flawless, and I can’t imagine how they could improve on the sets and direction. The epilogue was a nice bonus and managed to push beyond the usual ‘formula’ of the series. That scene would have been improved by better CG, though, to connect back to Apollo’s appearance on the original episode, but again that’s just nitpicking.

I hope the writers view these criticism’s and know they are made with good intentions. Great job to all involved, and THANK YOU for doing this!

363. Other Guy - June 4, 2013

Watched this a couple times with friends.

Each time they liked it.

A couple preferred it over the JJ-Trek-verse.

Millions wasted on new Trek when we could have financed 10 seasons of an upgraded Trek Continues.

Still waiting on Caw and co. for the next one.

364. The Inner Light - June 4, 2013

Okay, refereing to the original episode this is based on… Who Mournes for Adonias. Why does everyone say “Adonis.” It is Adonias (AAAD-O-NI-IS) which is a word for God.

Even Shatner in the Sfi Channel Recaps of this calls it Adonis. Hmmm

365. The Inner Light - June 4, 2013

By the way, I though these guys did a great job, but do agree with most of the posts that Spock and McCoy need recasting. Bring back Chuck Huber from the vignettes…

They don’t fit the part so much it did take me out of the story at times. Grant needs to stop overacting and imitating George, but Vic and Chris steal the show.

I do have a question… you guys talk so much about being authentic to the point of 4×3, etc (which you did… it was great), but then you recreate the credits that look nothing like the original (opening I mean). Why did you make that decision?

366. Ron Albanese - June 4, 2013

WOW … and wow. Sets, script, costumes, the FEEL of TOS! The Shatner guy really sets the tone, and the others fall in … even the McCoy guy has grown on me.

For me, this episode really was a surprise – and a much needed one!

As much as I love and respect Phase II (Elvis Trek!), the release schedule is topsy-turvy … and this sort of compliments it in a good way.

Oh – and I would be remiss to not say the same about the animated Farragut stuff!

I’m grateful for all it.

367. Nx01 - June 4, 2013

Did the site close because the movie came out?

368. BeyondtheTech - June 4, 2013

Finally got a chance to watch it. Wow, that was more than a typical Star Trek TOS episode. Loved it.

Nice touch with the epilogue.

369. Jovius the Romulan - June 4, 2013

Paul Felderstein: You having fun yet? O.o

A Stranger in a Strange Land: “Of course, at least one saw fit to mock the surest source of peace, Jesus Christ, which is about what I’ve come to expect from people like that: pure, distilled hate for all things that remind them of whatever it is about themselves that sets them off.”

Okay, so I can surmise by this sentence you consider yourself Christian but then I see this a sentence later…

“What the hell are you yammering on and on about.”

That doesn’t sound very Christian to me. And who was mocking Christ? I can’t find what you mean here.

370. Trek in a Cafe - June 4, 2013

Watched this in the morning to get my day going.

Having read no spoilers, I really enjoyed it. Love how the power of Apollo could be turned to good. Everyone’s above comments on the acting kind of stand for me too: Kirk and Scott great, Sulu, Spock, Uhurah, not too bad… McCoy…. ahem. Most excellent is the sound design – it felt like I was on the original Enterprise.

So, if this were not a fan production, would it have been OK to turn Apollo loose on the primitive planet? What about the Prime Directive? Was this in the spirit of the TOS and easily the ending is a decision they could have made then?

I also love how everyone above is divided about the whole thing. Same as STID.

371. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

368. Just don’t insult the Dear Leader. Next we’ll have a devotee from the RONK accusing us of mocking fhe Chosen One, Kim Il Jung. Now there’s a sure path to peace LOL

372. Chris Doohan - June 4, 2013

There were several comments asking why Apollo’s hair kept changing. The hair changed /grew during the scene in the crew lounge because of the adoration.

Thanks for watching. It is a labor of love and we really appreciate all the comments (at least the ones without a malicious agenda).

373. Jovius the Romulan - June 4, 2013

Chris Doohan: That was pretty apparent to me. I’m not sure why others didn’t get that it was rejuvenating him.

How did they achieve the final shot of him as much younger?

374. Doc - June 4, 2013

I liked it. Not to diss on Phase II but STC seems to be a superior product because its not very gimmicky. Apollo’s story seems really good and TOS’y than the Phase II ones which have a fair bit of fan service irrelevance within it *points to the Doomsday, Chekov episode, etc*

375. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

371. Better idea to change bad behavior, if the criticism is unwanted, then be hurt that the bad behavior was noticed and called attention to. Some people are parasites and you don’t want to get them involved in your creative projects,ever. Somehow they get confused and start to think they were the geniuses and somehow the project becomes theirs. They always self-identify, and then you know. So now we know.

Very nice work as Scotty, as I said in several posts.

376. cw - June 4, 2013

I like it too. Vic was good at Shat/Kirk and the rest of the cast was good too. I am a pretty big fan of James Cawley, and I have yet to see too many episodes of any trek better than World Enough and Time, but this one was good fun. Really liked STID too………i just like all of it. My favorite trek is whatever I have access to at the moment.

377. Chris Doohan - June 4, 2013

371 Paul

We take all negative criticism with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in.

375 cw

I really liked STID too. I’m sure it was my 4 seconds on screen that made the difference. :)

378. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

Just rewatched it to see if I was being too harsh. Naaah. Also realized people are confused about the hair because, if they watched it like me, they hit fast forward for most of the worst scenes and landed on things that looked like a curiosity or looked a little less embarrassing. Not being malicious, that’s how I really watched it. So a lot of the fine points were hard to get (and the cost of getting them was too high LOL) Also watched original and had same reaction: its about the Neediest most Co-Dependent Dude in the Universe who Really Cares if you love him or not. Yuk. Not one of Star Treks shining moments. I see what it was going for but it just didn’t work. One pf the more ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ sort of episodes, might work better for kids.

379. Jeff Moir - June 4, 2013

Mr. Doohan… Personally i thought it was very enjoyable. my whole thing with the fan series is that we’re not getting anything from the studio, I’m happy with the fan made offerings. That, and I think you did your father proud.

380. The Transformed Man - June 4, 2013

@377 Paul, at this juncture I think you just like hearing yourself talk. You really, aren’t offering ANY constructive criticism whatsoever. You simply harping on the same points over and over while adding some new snarky comment whenever you reappear… basically you’re spamming the thread.

And Mr. Doohan, great work. I’m looking forward to the crew’s next adventure.


381. Justin Toney - June 4, 2013

Very proud of this production. I have the privilege of knowing a few folks involved in that show along with having Vic as my headlining guest for BayouCon at the end of the month. (yes I inserted a plug)
Someone said it right, its like complaining that a free lunch wasn’t made by Gordon Ramsey himself! These people are putting their time, love, and most importantly their money into a production. Remember how you felt the first time you walked onto the set at Star Trek the Experience? It’s the same for all of us. No, I’m not involved with either production, I’m just a fan who is happy that someone is working their tail off to produce Star Trek since mainstream Hollywood isn’t ready for the episodical format.

We critique because we have a real love for this stuff. Star Trek fans hold their franchise to a higher standard and we expect only the best. We don’t get half pressed ideas that end up flopping, we get quality where it matters. What is exciting is that real people still believe in this stuff. Who cars about their religion, sex, or the status quo? Didn’t Gene Roddenberry make it a point to write about a time when people could tear down this kind of thinking and get along?

382. Chris Doohan - June 4, 2013

378 Jeff

Thanks. Wish he was around to see it.

383. Chris Doohan - June 4, 2013

380. Justin

Well said. Wishing for great success at BayouCon (yes, I inserted a plug for you too)

384. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

377. Thanks for another sterling meta-critique of my posts. Controlling, much? I’m flattered that I have your attention! And yeah, I LOVE hearing myself talk, now that you mention it. Now that I realize that, I can focus on it LOL

I’ve offered several constructive points, mostly about replacing actors and getting a story editor in place. You just don’t like my suggestions. Get in line :-)

And if you want to invite VM onto your set to participate in your project, be my guest. No one’s stopping you. Count the spoons.

385. The Transformed Man - June 4, 2013

Ahhhh the narcissism is staggering. I could give a flip whether you like STC or not. Suggesting replacing certain actors or problems with the story are more than valid criticisms. However, you have devolved from criticism to personal attacks. “Fat old guy” and “hot chick GF” aren’t exactly critiques, they are attacks of a personal nature resulting from whatever personal grudges you have with Vic Mignogna.


386. Chris Doohan - June 4, 2013

385 The Transformed Man

Damn, where’s a “like” button when you need one. Need to work on that Anthony. :)

387. Nathan - June 4, 2013

@ Chris Doohan

I really enjoyed this production. Blew me away to see Jamie Bamber in the episode as well.

Your performance was great. It was surreal at times because I kept hearing/seeing your father. You did a fantastic job!

388. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

384. Not really interested in speaking to you anymore, thx. Your personal attacks on me, which at this point are all you have to say, are bordering on harassment. Leave me alone.

389. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

385. Unlike. LOL

390. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

Whoops, that should have been:

385. Not really interested etc.

Love being targeted by a vitriolic self-righteous flamer. Whatevs,


386. Unlike. And disappointing, but not exactly surpising,

391. The Transformed Man - June 4, 2013

@ 387 Agreed Nathan.

@386 Chris, maybe in a future episode you could start sporting a Star Trek:TMP era moustache.



392. Theatre Historian - June 4, 2013

Has the team begun work on a second episode yet, and if so is there a time frame for when it will go before cameras, and even more importantly be released.

Really excited to see where the story goes going forward

393. Gabe Koerner - June 4, 2013

#81, #358, I don’t really think my opening credits on this look amateurish. I’m a vfx artist for a living. But if that’s what yer eyes tell ya…

394. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

Ah, I just remembered who was talking about Shatner elevating the material, it was, of all people, Dana Carvey, who is a major TOS fan. Can’t find the interview online but this point was that the material was often much weaker than it in fact appeared and that Shatner regularly rescued it. Adonais is SO weak it’s kind of amazing, and to the degree that it does work, it works not only because of Shatner but also Forrest doing a ton of lifting to sell it to the back rows. That tiny little set also works to help the show because it’s in effect a proscenium arch and the very stagey material works on a set that so closely resembles a stage. Speaking of narcissism, does it ever occur to anyone that Apollo badly needs a psychiatrist? What kind of a genius alien gets so psychotic he thinks of himself as a God? Especially one whose big trick is that he could shoot electricity out of his fingers at shepherds?

395. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

And don’t get me started on Sargon.

396. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

Oh by the way, nice Uhura. Where’d you find her?

397. chris Doohan - June 4, 2013

392. Theatre Historian

We will be shooting episode #2 this October. Not exactly sure when it will be released, but I would guess around the beginning of the year.

398. Basement Blogger - June 4, 2013

Somebody mentioned Star Trek New Voyages “World and Enough Time.” Thanks. Just watched it. Wow. If CBS won’t make Star Trek, it looks like the fans will. But one can dream.

399. Navy - June 4, 2013

I couldn’t make it more than a few minutes into it.

The problem I have with fan made Star Trek, is when I see those sets my mind demands the orginal actors for the parts.

What I would like to see is a restarted Star Trek. I would like to see Matt Jefferies Enterprise updated and modernized while still retaining her same shape and layout. I would like to see serious thought put into the technical aspects of the Star Trek universe so that there is no real argument room for the fans. An example would be, using a game engine to calculate the physics of the Enterprise moving through space and formulate a control procedure for the helm. Instead of bra stuffed technical manuals the series could have real flight manuals.

The problem with my idea is that it would be costly, because it would mean employing real world engineers to design as many aspects of the enterprise as possible to bring her to life as a “real” machine, even if only digitally rendered.

Fan made episodes based on old trek feels like a disservice to what came before, even if everyone involved has the best intentions.

JJ’s Star Trek isn’t any better because they put no real thought in the Enterprise or the technical aspects of the trek universe. Star Trek was just used as a story telling medium to make money with no real concern for the people who day dream all day about bringing Star Trek technology to reality.

At least Matt Jefferies was an engineer, and a genius.

400. A Stranger in a Strange Land - June 4, 2013

Speaking of ugly, self-parodying stereotypes that lead to nasty outcomes with lessons never learned …

360. Paul Felderstein – June 4, 2013

351. Actually, regarding ol JC, LOL, my people find The One quite sufficient. LOL sometimes I kill myself.

401. A Stranger in a Strange Land - June 4, 2013

The text you reference was a quote from another post not mine:

369. Jovius the Romulan – June 4, 2013

Okay, so I can surmise by this sentence you consider yourself Christian but then I see this a sentence later…

“What the hell are you yammering on and on about.”

That doesn’t sound very Christian to me. And who was mocking Christ? I can’t find what you mean here.

402. Trekbilly - June 4, 2013

Very nice work on this, Gabe!!!

403. Paul Felderstein - June 4, 2013

400. A unique way of looking at things! Hail, Caesar! LOL

404. Theatre Historian - June 4, 2013

Thanks Chris(397) Can’t wait to see what All of you have in store for us next, after such a great first episode.

405. bjdcharlie - June 4, 2013

Chris, sir
Best of luck on October shoot, really looking forward to another worthy episode. Kudos espec. to you and to Michael Forest, just WOW, fantastic all the way around.

406. ensign joe - June 4, 2013

Wow. I’m amazed. That was Star Trek.

Can’t wait till the next one!

407. Joe - June 4, 2013

Very well done. I think I will have to keep watching this as well as the Phase 2. Very well done.

408. Dswynne - June 4, 2013

@309 Paul Fielderstein: “(Clearly evangelicals and other anti-intellectual dead-ends won’t have survived). ;-)”

Apparently, neither will homosexuals, since they haven’t been depicted at all in the world of Star Trek. :-p

Putting aside your bigoted comments, Star Trek is about IDIC, so everyone is welcomed to express his or her beliefs and values as he or she fits. But Kirk’s comment about “one God” should be taken as a tongue-in-cheek remark about Apollo’s arrogance than a declaration of one particular belief system.

409. WannaBeatle - June 4, 2013

I’m only a couple mins into it, but, Chekov looks a lot like Martin Landau.

But, so far so good.

on a side note, how many fan productions are being made now??? holy moley!!! Even a buddy of mine does one, too (I believe it’s been mentioned here a couple of times)

410. stuck on an island - June 4, 2013

I would at least like to see it.
Streaming here stinks.
Where are the downloadable .mkv or .mp4 files?

411. stuck on an island - June 4, 2013

Nevermind, I found a way to grab it using 2Leech

412. Paul Felderstein - June 5, 2013

408. Peter Kirk, Phase 2, genius. Bigoted? Wow, never insult the longest running musical melodrama in history around here. The fans of The Star get verbally violent on a hairpin turn. Where’s the love, bubsie? LOLTypical.

413. Other Guy - June 5, 2013

Chris Doohan,

Could you comment on my last post? The idea about Paramount funding a fan-based series.

How much did your last production cost? There had to be an estimate somewhere along the way.

I would think if you totaled it all up it would be around 40K an episode.
This pales in comparison to the new Trek. I’d say it’s like looking down at a matchbook while standing next to the Empire State building!

Is there someone at Paramount that could bring this simple idea up at a board meeting? I could see a whole season being put out direct to disc for a fraction of this new Trek’s costs.

That is, not to take into account your casting expenses of course, Chris.

414. Megan Fox's Agent - June 5, 2013

410. stuck on an island

Go to the YouTube link and put an SS in front of the URL after the http://www..

Now. Go here and give me a solid view. It’s my latest production


415. Chris Doohan - June 5, 2013

413 Other guy

I’m not involved in the finances of STC, so I have no idea of the cost.

It would be nice if Paramount picked up a series like this for say Hulu+ or Netflix

416. 'Beach - June 5, 2013

@ Chris Doohan

Watched the ep last night. Great job.

I want to point out your performance in particular. Especially the way you capture your dad’s vocal timbre and accent, without slipping into imitation or parody. Kudos.

Caught you as the Transporter Tech in STID when i wasn’t expecting you to be there. Nice one!

It’s a great effort by people who clearly and dearly love TOS.

Again, kudos as Scotty, Chris. Great homage and respect to your dad.

417. Other Guy - June 5, 2013

Chris, Thanks.

It would have to least maintain the quality of the latest production.

But next time, take it a little easier on the Captain. You were very passionate in your performance. Good work, Chris! Actually, GREAT!

418. Gabe Koerner - June 5, 2013

#413, There are substantial reasons that Paramount funding a fan series is a BAD idea. Plus I doubt it’d be Paramount, who controls the feature film rights, it’d likely be CBS, who controls TV and merch rights.

A fan series is by nature a not-for-profit labor of love. Yes, as you say the costs are low and could likely be done justice for less than 40k a year. That’s because everybody’s volunteering.

The game immediately changes when it becomes funded by the actual right-holder. It now becomes Actual Star Trek Product that they can Actually Sell, and they’re laughing to the bank because its being made by people happy not to get paid standard union rates (or at all!) to do something that makes somebody ELSE money!

I’m an industry pro and have been seeing my job possibilities dwindle because of tactics like this that encourage kids to volunteer as interns out of school with the promise of eventual Hollywood career growth and they stay interns for 5 years “just because its soooo much fun to work on movies!” or worse, all the shooting abroad to avoid non union crews, and all the farming of my VFX industry to China.

Other Guy, you really ought to think before you come up with bad ideas that feed into a system that’s making it harder and harder for the average working joe in the LA entertainment industry make ends meet. I’m actually rather offended by your notion. I’m going to throw up now. Jesus.

419. Gabe Koerner - June 5, 2013

*40k an episode I meant

420. Gabe Koerner - June 5, 2013

*to avoid Union Crews. Crud, I should really not start typing 2 minutes after I wake up

421. Gabe Koerner - June 5, 2013

The closest I can recall to this being talked about is I helped my friend Roger Nygard (director of Trekkies) put together a pitch trailer for a DVD called ‘Garage Trek’ or something that would’ve been a showcase sampler of half a dozen or so of the more well known fan films with a short docu on the bonus features interviewing their casts and crews. CBS/Paramount (I forget who was involved, this was 06, RIGHT around the rights split) weren’t going to FUND the productions, simply distribute a DVD for sale of existing ones.

It was determined after a meeting or two that there were metric buttloads of legal issues to the point where it was feared the liability of litigation would outweigh its potential for profit.

A fan film is a fan film because it is a FAN FILM. Involving the corporate right holders not only change the nature of what it is, it teaches a studio that its totally okay to pay people substandard wages or not at all because the people involved are HAPPY to work on those terms. I know I’m repeating what I said before, but I really cannot stress how bad of an idea you had there, Other Guy.

422. Paul Felderstein - June 5, 2013

420. Think “idea incubation” and you’ll be on the right track. Did you see Amazon’s new fan fiction marketplace?

But, no, there’s no way any big media company (including the one I work for) will ever fund a fan fiction effort. The economics don’t make any sense, and you’ve gotta have a lotta love as a fan to live with the glaring problems with the productions. Beside, it works fine the way it is now. Doesn’t cost the license holder anything, creates a community, etc. But it won’t scale, which is all we care about these days. Your best bet, honestly, would be to take the company and skills you’ve formed, create an original idea and film that. But the best you could hope for, most likely, is that it would be bought from you and name actors would be put in place–and the sets etc would be completely rethought. Not a lot of people interested in recreating the 60s, as much as you (and I) like it,

Hey, I have an idea for you guys. The Wild Wild West. LOL Wait, no–Buck Rogers!

Episode 2: Spock’s Liver. I like mine with onions.

423. Paul Felderstein - June 5, 2013

420. That being said, no one is comfortable with this stuff floating out there outside a legal framework, so my guess is that, similar to Amazon FF marketplace for books, you’re going to see a minimal legal framework for video be put into place. Otherwise, technically, the fan productions are all committing IP theft and are left alone because, well, because people are curious to watch it work out, and there some fans of the fan films in the marketing departments. The problem is, there aren’t any, not one, in the legal departments.

424. Navy - June 5, 2013

Star Trek has become such a major part of our culture(s) that I wouldn’t be surprised if a legal means could be found to remove the rights from CBS and make Star Trek public domain.

I’m no legal expert by any means, however it was interesting that Colt manufacturing lost the AR-15 trademark as well as a couple of other trademarks. The reason being that the AR15 is so commonplace and manufactered by so many different orginizations it was unreasonable to allow colt to hold the trademark to the most accurate description of that rifle.

If CBS and Paramount were to lose their trademarks on Star Trek it would open the door for professional level productions to give Star Trek a go.

425. Gabe Koerner - June 5, 2013

#424, Apples to Oranges on the Colt comparison, and something that I don’t imagine would be even considered for another 30 or 40 years, or however long it takes for Star Trek to become an obscure thing of the past that nobody remembers (for example, you try to upload the latest episode of Game of Thrones to youtube? Immediate smackdown. But you want to upload old episodes of the Donna Reed show? Nobody seems to really care). But not only could the argument you propose not be made legally, it wouldn’t even be seriously considered by anyone, most certainly not the rights holding corporate entities.

426. Ricky - June 5, 2013

,Ok. they no need 190 millions for creating good trek…they have a bunch of good ideas…

427. WedgeX - June 5, 2013

“129. Pierre Drolet – June 2, 2013
Someone brought this website to my attention. What you guys looking at is my NNC 1710 render I model when I was at Universal Studio five years ago. We were trying to get the contract for the remaster DVD of the original serie and we didn’t get it. I got the reference image to build it from Doug and that’s it. Doug didn’t build this model for a fact.
I don’t mind when a fans post my models on the Internet and I feel very grateful knowing people like my work. I even create all new images for people who like sci-fi on my website. But that kind of stuff is something else when ex coworker you know take credit for your work. You be the judge.”


428. ActualQuestion - June 5, 2013

Isn’t it disingenuous to call this a “fan film”? With the amount of “pros” on the cast and crew? Yes, they might be fans, but I doubt all of them are. Also, fan films don’t generally profit from their efforts, whereas this one premiered at a convention, was advertised, and people paid tickets. Add to that, at least two of the main players make a good deal of yearly income traveling to and taking money from conventioneers and convention organizers. This kind of production could easily net extra appearances and increase their fees. Is it fair to call this a not-for-profit “fan film”?

Seriously, I’m just asking. This isn’t meant rhetorically or as an attack. I am honestly curious. I don’t know how this works.

429. In every way splended examples of homosapiens - June 5, 2013

133 Wow T’Pow, you just described STID

Why make a third rate rip-off the 60′s series? There’s no good reason for this creatively vacant exercise in TOS fanboyism to exist.

430. Stanky M - June 5, 2013

I thought the episode was great fun to watch. The attention to detail was impressive. As others have mentioned, it has much of the same feel as the Star Trek series. I could probably find things to nitpick, but nothing really sticks out as that important. Great effort! I’m looking forward to more!

431. Crazy Ben Finney - June 5, 2013

I just watched the episode and I have to say these guys did an excellent job. The sets, props, and sfx were fantastic. The actors had enough of a passing resemblence and played out the script naturally to where it felt to me like a continuation, and I thought Kirk, Spock, and McCoy had that camraderie from days of old. How about Chris Doohan as Scott? Spooky good. I’m REALLY looking forward to more from these guys!

432. Thomas - June 5, 2013

I haven’t seen this new film, and I have no plans to do so. I’ve never warmed to the fan films though I have watched a few of them, and after seeing STID, I believe I finally figured out why.

New Voyages/Phase 2 showed that a fan film could be more than just a passion project but also a quality product (in technical terms at least). Based on what others have said, Star Trek Continues seems to have set that bar even higher. Others have said on this thread that this film is a “truer” Star Trek than the last two movies, although I personally feel such a comparison is unfair; Phase 2 and Continues posit themselves as direct continuations of TOS, whereas the new movies (no matter what label people attach to them) are modernized reinterpretations of TOS.

Now I’ve finally gotten to my point, which is this: I would rather watch Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto , and others bring their own interpretations of the characters to life than watch someone try to replicate someone else’s performance of those same characters. I’d just rather watch Chris Pine play Kirk rather than watch Vic Mignogna portray Shatner portraying Kirk. But, to each his own.

433. Dammit Jim I'm a writer not an actor - June 5, 2013

433 If you haven’t seen it, how can you talk about it? STC captures the wonder of TOS despite a few flaws in it’s first episode. Substance over flash: Sci-Fi is about people and the human condition.

Peace Out

434. Dammit Jim I'm a writer not an actor - June 5, 2013

That was 432. What’s going on with these numbers? :^)

435. sean - June 5, 2013


Nope, not the way copyright works.

436. Thomas - June 5, 2013

433. Dammit Jim I’m a writer not an actor.

You’re right, I haven’t seen the episode so I can’t judge its’ quality. That doesn’t change the fact that I have no desire to watch it. I guess I’m just willing to leave TOS be and not see someone try to continue it.

I’m at a point where I would like to see a more modern take on Star Trek; not necessarily in the vein of the J.J. Abrams movies, either. While TOS still (largely) holds up, I never lose sight of the fact that its very much a product of the ’60s, just as TNG is very much straight out of the mid-to-late ’80s. Trek has always reflected the era in which it was produced, so any new series that comes about is going to have a more modern storytelling sensibility. A modern producer is not going to feel beholden to the way things were done before the way these fan films do. Of course, since they are supposed to be continuations of TOS, they’ve got to be like they were before. That has very limited appeal, even within the fandom.

437. Chingatchkook - June 5, 2013

I’m about halfway through watching this. Honestly, it is like a time-warp. It’s like watching Star Trek again for the very first time. These guys have done an amazing job…I’ve got goose bumps watching this.

438. Russ.... a Trek Fan from Way Back - June 5, 2013

@437 I agree with you 100%… I had goose bumps watching it, too. The STC cast and crew replicated the look and FEEL of the 1960s PERFECTLY. This episode could literally have been part of the 4th season of the original Star Trek.

And I also agree with the many people who have said Chris Doohan has masterfully captured his father’s style in the role of Scotty. In fact, there was quite a few times in the episode that I could have sworn I was looking at James Doohan playing Scotty, but it was Chris’s masterful acting.

And Vic Mignogna channels William Shatner into his own Kirk. Not too much.. and not too little. Dare I say “the Goldilocks Syndrome” in that it was “just right”? Hmmm…. “The Goldilocks Syndrome” ….. a great episode title!

Kudos to ALL the cast and crew for making such an enjoyable episode. It was a pleasure to sit back, relax, and enjoy such an amazing production. I look forward to the next.. and the next.. and the next…. well, you get the idea.

439. It was the best of times - June 5, 2013

Sorry doubting Thomas we love it.

440. K-7 - June 5, 2013

@438. LOL Your are joking, right?

441. K-7 - June 5, 2013

@355 “As someone who has been researching classic television for twenty years, I agree with you. The producers of the show are making a claim that this is ‘classic,” yet they are obviously introducing elements from Trek shows that came 20 years or more later. And yet, to do that, but then to claim they must present this show in classic aspect ratio, is in fact hypocritical.”

Well said. I agree 100%

442. Agree with self and repeat - June 5, 2013

Station K7 maintenance crew: report to fix broken record player.

443. K-7 - June 5, 2013

@442. Like you are not the same person who posted in 440. Like we all think those are different people…NOT!

:-)) LOL

444. Kev - June 5, 2013

I liked it and I was Glad to see Doug get a cameo role in it

I do have some Criticism though, With sulu he seemed to be pausing too much and focusing too much on doing a takei impression. which was really distracting in every scene he was in. Honestly I was glad when he disappeared for the latter half of the episode.

Plus I swear something about his haircut or his ears made him look like a vulcan.

Scotty seemed like he was trying to be too Scottish with his one or two line’s he’d say about the ship at the start. Although when he got angry it felt much more natural and scotty like than the one or two lines he’d say about the ships status at the start.

and to me it seemed like Kirk’s voice needed to be a touch deeper and there was this one odd time in it, think it was in the medbay that he sounded a little femmy, but other than that he was fine as Kirk.

It is worth noting that it took me an extra viewing to get used to the cast, made all the more jarring by how accurate the ship was.

as your art department and everyone did a damn good job at replicating the ship and actually its kind of funny how much stronger the Pre Refit looks than the refit after seeing Doug’s model of it.

and the reveal of bones was sort of a whoa who is this moment as honestly he doesnt really look like him, but he did a good job regardless.

It just takes some getting used to is what I’m saying, first time I’ve watched the fan series actually.

445. Kev - June 5, 2013

also I gotta admit Diana Troy as the ship computer took me out of it, like whoa wait a minute is that….

Basically my jist is you guys did a good job and I loved Apollo in this, but I think you guys just need to tone down some of the impressions a touch. It just feels like its too much to take in during the first sitting.

and without Apollo to draw people in they may not sit through the first 5 or 10 minutes to the real meat of this episode and see his really great and heartfelt performance in this.

Still regardless its nice to see this kind of stuff can still exist in this climate.

kinda gives me hope in this land of bad comedy, reality tv shows and BS CSI shows that cant even get the lingo and the logic right of a 3D printer that supposedly can perfectly print out traceless guns despite the fact that all guns need springs to function

anyways that Star trek and smart star trek could return to the small screen and be succesful

sorry some idiot on the CSI writing team must have been viewing Jay Leno’s garage and saw the 3D printer without doing any real research into it and it just pissed me off., fricking CSI BS

killer not shooter you idiots, there’s a big bloody difference.

just like with the no one has gone before, that implies no one has gone there before when there is already life out there that has lived there for years.

it makes far more sense to say where no man or woman because we, humanity are exploring it for the first time.

446. Kev - June 5, 2013

Sorry final part here as I didnt explain this. as a shooter can be someone who just shoots for fun and has never hurt anyone in there life with a gun and they mix that up for a killer who has SHOT, past tense someone with a gun in CSI

and theres a big damn difference in how its phrased, one is ignorant and offensive to anyone who enjoy’s guns, the other is accurate and respectful and implies a person is to blame, not the inanimate object made of steel like everything else in the world.

and that’s why the CSI crap gets on my nerves.

sort of like the no one bit in the enterprise motto, I actually liked it how Kirk Slipped up and said no man first in star trek 6 then corrected himself at the end.

sorry about the rant, its just that kinda crap really bothers me because I know there wrong and badly so with that.

also just for fun I’m listening to this trek themed music video from Maniac syth featuring TNG and TMP in it

447. Rob Rostad - June 5, 2013

Thanks again for a fantastic first episode guys! Looking forward to everything you do…

448. k7-11 apu-mj on duty - June 5, 2013

443: you posted 440 yourself. Have a nice day.

449. K-7 - June 5, 2013

@448: k7-11 apu-mj on duty — you posted 448, 442 and 440 yourself.

You are so transparent that it is laughable.

Pick one identity and stick with it. It’s time to man up, troll.

450. K-7 - June 5, 2013

whoops, 439, not 440.

451. Dave H - June 5, 2013


It looks to me like a single person here is trying to post under multiple names to just mess with you.

Just ignore them!

452. This TOS Rocks! - June 6, 2013

@12 – well said!!

453. Paul - June 6, 2013

Great episode!

454. BigDaddy - June 6, 2013

I have followed Phase II and enjoy it a lot, despite the long wait between episodes. Cawley and co. have done a great job with capturing the feel of TOS (and the acting has improved over time), but the Star Trek Continues team has done an even better job of capturing the feel of the original from sets, camera angles, lighting, music. Mignona delivers a great Kirk, ego and all. Haberkorn’s delivery of Spock’s lines was spot on despite not quite having “the look”. Chris Doohan does an excellent job of channeling his father and I am sure that his acting will improve over time. Kim Stinger captures the spirit of Uhura, and the kid who plays Chekov delivers a decent performance. Love the addition of the new counselor (and yes, she is GORGEOUS, too).

Weak spots: Imahara’s Sulu — terrible over-acting in the transporter room after the EVA sequence. Phase II Sulus have been consistently better. Nemecek does not deliver a very convincing McCoy — John Kelley has done a much better job, improving over time in his Phase II roles IMHO (limiting to fan films — Urban is in a class by himself).

Nice surprises: Jamie Bamber…I didn’t draw the Apollo parallel until someone pointed it out and then realized how obvious it was. Marina Sirtis as the computer voice. Brilliant.

Lastly, Michael Forrest reprising Apollo…loved the Shakespearean delivery. His abilities have not faded, his performance was thoroughly enjoyable.

Well done, STC team! It will be fun to watch Phase II and STC compete for who can make the better production. The fans will be the true winners.

455. cz - June 6, 2013

I just need a simple answer…
Can anybody help?

Which of the two are for gay viewers?
ST phase 2
or ST continues or are they both featuring male & male or girl and girl love?

456. Paul Felderstein - June 6, 2013

The other idea would be to approach this as a real business (which involving Dracogen seems to be a step in the direction of), find a property (Ender’s Game, like that), license it and make it for cheap. It would completely change your level of credibility. The problem is, right now, now only are you ripping off CBS, you ripped the idea off another guy who was ALREADY ripping off CBS. The mind boggles. So, you know, as much fun as it is to make Star Trek, grow up already. Get money, license a property, start a production company. If you’re going to be doing it anyway, why not do it with something you can make money with? That’s what no one in the business can figure out about either you or STP2: you clearly have the real chops to do this, so why are you wasting everyone’s time with with idea that maybe the CBS will “wake up” and fund fan film? I suppose the answer is that you’re giving a bunch of people who would never be near a real production a chance to have some fun and do cos play and yeah, that’s cool, I guess. It’s very generous of you to make that space for them. But it’s expensive, not just in terms of money but in terms of time, your own age, your career, your credibility.

There. Now I AM being helpful. See how easy that was? I’m already getting the warm and fuzzies.

457. Paul Felderstein - June 6, 2013

In fact, preaching here just gaVE me an idea for a cool new series which I am going to go pitch to some people right now. I almost made the mistake of writing it down here! Talk about not learning LOL. Hmmm and it could be done cheaply and Bamber apparently isn’t doing anything…c’ya later.

458. Illogical - June 6, 2013

Excellent! Am I the only one that got the Elise McKenna reference from the chick in sickbay? As in the Elise McKenna for the movie Somewhere in Time, with Christopher Reeves.

459. Paul Felderstein - June 6, 2013

458. Impressive. And a lovely movie.

460. THX-1138 - June 6, 2013

Hey Felderstein, you seem to be spending more energy on this fan production than the people who actually did it. Get outside and catch some sun, ya wet blanket.

461. Paul Felderstein - June 6, 2013

460. Heh. I wish. I have my own production problems I’m worried about. Get outside is funny advice from someone named after the biggest iconic “indoor” movie of all time. :-)

462. no heart Abrams - June 6, 2013

Gotta agree with many here. This fan production had more heart than STID, in fact, way more heart. Felt like I was watching the real deal. Thank you, thank you to all who worked on it.

463. Paul Felderstein - June 6, 2013

159. Religious propaganda? That’s a new one on me. Which religion? Please tell me it’s Scientology. LOL

464. Paul Felderstein - June 6, 2013

159. Never mind, found it. Yeah, this explains a lot. Narcissism is rife in born-again land, this is far from the only case on record. It’s part of that subculture.

465. "Beach - June 6, 2013

@ 460

Hello old friend.

I actually thought this ep was not bad. Imahara as Sulu needs to crank back the Takei imitation a notch, but otherwise not bad.

Certainly not bad enough to warrant all this vitriol and stupidity.

Jebus, y’all. Really?

466. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - June 6, 2013

I was extremely impressed with this production when they first announced themselves, and I can see that they did NOT dissapoint with their first episode! I was skeptical of how a production that is essentially the same as Phase II (or so I thought) could establish itself, but I can see now that they are lightyears beyond Phase II in terms of quality in every aspect.

My only complaint would be the holodeck (of course), although I like how they established that it doesn’t use solid-state holograms (they walk through them a bunch of times). I also don’t like how the Marina Sirtis computer voice doesn’t sound like the proper monotone, robotic TOS computer voice. I also don’t like the idea of a councilor on the TOS Enterprise – it seems like too much of a cop-out to TNG, plus everything that McKenna does could have been given to either McCoy or Uhura, which would have been a good thing because giving more scenes to established characters is better than ignoring them in favor of a new, shoehorned-in character (Ilia, Saavik, etc).

467. mark stanford - June 6, 2013

Absolutely amazing, the attention to detail is remarkable. if i won the lottery you would all be employed for life. thank you for your hard work, it is what i have dreamed of doing my whole life. i sincerely hope you can keep it up for years to come.

468. mark stanford - June 6, 2013

to TOS Purist:
as William Shatner has been heard to say, and i paraphrase; ” it’s not the color or number of windows that matter, it’s the quality of the story”

469. A Nonnie Mouse - June 6, 2013

I didn’t get the ending.

470. Crazy Ben Finney - June 6, 2013

A year of self sacrifice for the people of the planet had already done wonders for Apollo’s health and he had already regenerated a good part of his youth.

471. Paul Felderstein - June 6, 2013

A friend of mine just watched it and loved it. I have to have a talk with him LOL. Seriously, he’s a major TOS fan and said, “a lot of minor quibbles but wow was that fun to watch.”

So, different strokes.

472. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 6, 2013

Enjoyed it and though Michael Forrest’s performance was quite moving. Amazing how much Doohan anchored the cast. On second viewing I got used to the actors, which was also my experience with STP2. Amazing how much all the shows are anchored by those truly gorgeous scores. Biggest problem any fan production would have is to come up with a new one in a similar style, recorded by full orchestra instead on a computer. The music in the episodes esp third season is intoxicating.

473. Thomas - June 7, 2013

I just posted a suggestion to Anthony in the Feedback section about possibly opening a thread where people here could post their ideas for a new Trek series. Just out of curiosity, does anyone here think they would do it if given the opportunity?

474. Tonys used tribbles - June 7, 2013

Great effort!! Well paced, good story, good production techniques! The only thing I had a bit of a hard time with was with Michele Spechts performance, tone it down about 30% (make-up as well) and she will be fine:) Interesting that spiked high heeled boots are regulation now!

475. izmunuti - June 7, 2013

Astonishing! Thanks much to all. Watching was almost like finding a lost TOS episode. Shivers….

476. anotherscott - June 7, 2013

I’m surprised at the numerous comments about the Sulu trying too hard to imitate Takei. I had never seen, heard, or even heard of this actor before, so I didn’t know he was putting something on. It seemed natural to me.

477. Megan Fox's Agent - June 7, 2013

Simple question.

Will Star Trek Continues do a “fourth season” Khan episode?
I thought about this this morning and I came up with a brilliant idea.
JJ why didn’t you use just use this guy?! A REAL NO BRAINER! Duh!

I could write you a brilliant fourth season episode featuring a Khan that we really deserve to see after JJ’s ridiculous movies.

By the way, if you appreciate this idea, show your appreciation by viewing my latest YouTube video… GOLDPICKER!

478. THX-1138 - June 7, 2013

Just poking you in the ribs, Felderstein. From the looks of my own pasty Irish skin I could use some vitamin D myself.

My only real point was why you were so concerned about any perceived flaws or motivations for this production. I can understand fans of it gushing endlessly about how much they love it, but usually when someone doesn’t like something they usually say “meh” with a comment and then move on.

As far as why they do it, that should be obvious: they like to. It’s fun. And contrary to popular belief, the U.S. is still a relatively free country so they can build a sandbox and film themselves playing in it all they want as long as it’s legal and nobody get’s hurt.

So come on, Felderstein, let’s go get some sun.

479. BatlethInTheGroin - June 7, 2013

#180: That was melodramatic and stupid. Bravo.

480. cd - June 7, 2013

464 – I really didn’t see anything wrong on that YouTube clip. Whatever character flaws Vic Mignogna may or may not have, they didn’t appear in this, as far as I could tell.

481. Michael P-I - June 7, 2013

I’m working on drawing a “fotonovel” of fhe episode. Here are the first two pages, one of them in progress. Warning, amateur artist.

482. Paul Felderstein - June 7, 2013

481. Hang onto that day job. LOL They’re a good match for the quality of the episode. I do like the scene selection,

483. Michael Prenez -Isbell - June 7, 2013

More work in progress. Kirk and Spock discuss Apollo.

484. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 7, 2013

And a little more color. Whew. I think they’re fun even if not very good.

485. Megan Fox's Agent - June 7, 2013

484. Michael Prenez-Isbell

Your link is broken.

But seriously, Trek must be dead. Few if any posts today.

I though everyone would be on board with my idea at #477.

486. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 7, 2013

Link is fixed.

487. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 7, 2013

As finished as it ever will be. All those lights!!

488. Michael Hall - June 7, 2013

@ 486–

Not bad at all–certainly, better than I could do. And I wouldn’t be too concerned about the opinions of Paul Felderstein, who has heretofore demonstrated little talent for anything but LOLing and being a perfect prick. But don’t blame him; blame his Mommy for never teaching him any better. It’s even possible that he once had some capacity for decent behavior. Maybe Apollo could help, but I doubt it.

489. The Sinfonian - June 8, 2013

@485. It’s already been done. Ed Hickman’s fan film, “So Shall Ye Reap” was made in 1980. Now if Phase II or STC wanted to reshoot it… I’d be all in favor of that. The “Reap” script had a good concept… Ceti Alpha Five where Khan was abandoned turns out to have had a subterranean civilization that the UFP hadn’t discovered. But Khan discovers it…..
Only problem is that it was a pre-TMP era/”real” Phase 2 script, so Decker and Ilia are in it….

490. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 8, 2013

Put several more sketches up in same album but looks like thread is dead. Hmm.

491. Jonboc - June 8, 2013

#466. “). I also don’t like how the Marina Sirtis computer voice doesn’t sound like the proper monotone, robotic TOS computer voice. I also don’t like the idea of a councilor on the TOS Enterprise – it seems like too much of a cop-out to TNG, ”

Agreed. I shouldn’t have even been able to recognize the voice of Sirtis.. if you’re going to recreate TOS, then do it. These little bridges and nods to TNG are neither clever nor inspired. They’re just anoying and out of place in the 23rd century.

492. Paul Felderstein - June 8, 2013

489. It’s being made for a 2013 audience, not a 1966 one. Many of them love TNG too,and in that cosmos one led to the other. And it’s a show dude, not really rhe 23rd century. It’s completely appropriate.

493. Paul Felderstein - June 8, 2013

Glaring continuity question: where the hell did “Counselor” McKenna suddenly come up with a phaser, when she shoots Apollo: out of nowhere?

494. MJ - June 8, 2013

“Agreed. I shouldn’t have even been able to recognize the voice of Sirtis.. if you’re going to recreate TOS, then do it. These little bridges and nods to TNG are neither clever nor inspired. They’re just annoying and out of place in the 23rd century.”

I agree completely. If you are claiming its like an imaginary 4th season of TOS as it would have been done in 69-70, then I don’t want fracking holodecks, ships counselors, and TNG actors voices.

“It’s being made for a 2013 audience, not a 1966 one.”

No it’s not. The creators explicitly state that it is going to be like if season 4 had been done back then, right down to their dumbass decision to make us all watch it in the antiquated square aspect ratio.

495. MJ. - June 8, 2013

“Agreed. I shouldn’t have even been able to recognize the voice of Sirtis.. if you’re going to recreate TOS, then do it. These little bridges and nods to TNG are neither clever nor inspired. They’re just annoying and out of place in the 23rd century.”

I agree completely. If you are claiming its like an imaginary 4th season of TOS as it would have been done in 69-70, then I don’t want fracking holodecks, ships counselors, and TNG actors voices.

“It’s being made for a 2013 audience, not a 1966 one.”

No it’s not. The creators explicitly state that it is going to be like if season 4 had been done back then, right down to their dumbass decision to make us all watch it in the antiquated square aspect ratio..

496. Paul Felderstein - June 8, 2013

492. Ok, you win the argument. To hell with reality LOL Congratulations. Where do I send your prize money?

What IS it about this thread?

497. Made for each other: - June 8, 2013

492 & 493

498. Red Dead Ryan - June 8, 2013

Yeah, the producers boxed themselves into a corner when they told us that this show is going to be the fourth season of TOS. A direct continuation of the official TOS series. They introduced things like the holodeck and Marina Sirtis, which clearly don’t belong in TOS, but refuse to film in widescreen. Totally hypocritical here. They should have just declared this series as an “alternate universe” version of TOS, and then things like the holodeck and Marina Sirtis as the computer voice wouldn’t be out of place.

But when you film your fan series as a direct continuation of an actual tv series, you have to stick to canon.

And yeah, and keeping the square ratio is just silly. Widescreen is better, and if the TOS producers had the widescreen cameras that are available today, they would have filmed the show in 16×9.

499. having not so pleasing a thing as wanting - June 8, 2013

Loved it all guys. BTW according to ‘Making of St’, holodeck is on deck 8 on Enterprise for entertainment purposes. The holo sequence was a tribute to Gene R and ‘Have Gun will Travel’ of which he wrote 24 episodes. The Paladin like character is the man Kirk encounters in that scene played by effects master Doug D. At first I thought it was a nod to the ‘Spectre of the Gun’ episode a fav of mine, but apparently no: even though the background looks similar.


500. K-7 - June 8, 2013

The Holodeck never appeared in TOS episodes – period ! Enough with the non-canon references to the Holoceck supposedly being part of TOS series. It wasn’t. Case closed !

501. @wikiwackywoo - June 8, 2013

Effing impressive! A couple of cast changes and this is ready for prime time. So authentic! Hit all the beats. I was prepared to like it, but I LOVED it!

502. Red Dead Ryan - June 8, 2013

Actually, the more I think about it, the more problems I have with STC. One of the problems is that the producers should have thought it through ahead of time. Nobody was clamoring for Marina Sirtis as the computer voice. Nobody asked for a holodeck. C’mon, this is just common sense.

Denise Crosby SHOULD NOT have appeared in “Phase II”, and Marina Sirtis SHOULD NOT have been part of STC. Keep the damn TNG stuff out of it, please.

I have to revise my grading on this production, and give it an F. The producers should be embarrassed with themselves.

503. Theatre Historian - June 8, 2013

Please don’t take this the wrong way,
But what right do some of you have trying to tell people who are the creative force behind something what they should and shouldn’t focus on or include.
Its their energy effort heart money and time that goes into making it.

If you don’t enjoy it thats fine, but that doesn’t give the right to question THEIR creative choices on THEIR hard work. (that they did for sheer love with no monetary gain I will add)

If you don’t agree with those choices don’t watch, or even better create your own content and help expand the universe even further.

I am just tired of seeing the people who got all up and arms when there were fans who had complaints about JJ Abrams choices, are now coming and bashing the creative choices of this or other productions.

again please don’t take that the wrong way.

504. Theatre Historian - June 8, 2013

Furthermore you will see its the same handful of posters who are repeating their complaint over and over.
the majority of the viewers were entertained when you read online comments.

505. MJ - June 8, 2013

@496 “BTW according to ‘Making of St’, holodeck is on deck 8 on Enterprise for entertainment purposes. The holo sequence was a tribute to Gene R.”

That is faulty logic. If you are going to buy into this, then why not have a further tribute to Gene by getting rid of the transporter and only using shuttles to get the crew onto planets — becuase the making of Star Trek told us that the only reason we have transporters is because it was too expensive to do shuttle scenes for every episode….so hey, let’s have a “tribute to Gene” and no longer use transporters!

LOL — I don’t think so.

@497 “The Holodeck never appeared in TOS episodes – period ! Enough with the non-canon references to the Holoceck supposedly being part of TOS series. It wasn’t. Case closed !”


@499 “One of the problems is that the producers should have thought it through ahead of time. Nobody was clamoring for Marina Sirtis as the computer voice. Nobody asked for a holodeck. C’mon, this is just common sense. Denise Crosby SHOULD NOT have appeared in “Phase II”, and Marina Sirtis SHOULD NOT have been part of STC. Keep the damn TNG stuff out of it, please.”

Well said, RDR.

And for again, for Christ’s sake, if you absolutely have to introduce these elements from later Trek series, then at least be self-consistent and give us a widescreen aspect ratio. Saying you are traditional in “certain instances,” but then making exceptions in other areas, just causes confusion among your audience, and gives the impression of a disorganized and less than well thought out concept for this series.

506. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 8, 2013

500. Big like. Jeesh, didn’t anyone like my fan art :-( previously posted links.

507. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 8, 2013

499. Yeah my friends and I loved it too. Sn inspiring human story, well told, beautifully made. A lovely gem.

508. MJ - June 8, 2013

@502 “Furthermore you will see its the same handful of posters who are repeating their complaint over and over.”

Yes, you yourself have posted multiple times over and over here how we should’t criticize this production. Last time I checked, this is a comments section where people are supposed to come in with their opinions. Perhaps you should take your own advice and similarly stop repeating your “holier than thou” responses here. We get it — you repeatedly jump in here and critique us over and over. I understood your comments the first time, the second time, and the third time.

So yea, you are right with us in being one of the posters here who types the same “complaint over and over.”

509. MJ - June 8, 2013

Michael — hey dude, I thought your art looked cool! Thanks for sharing!

510. Theatre Historian - June 8, 2013

MJ with all due respect its not your place to tell them what aspect ratio to shoot in.
There are still a number of film makers who shoot Academy Aspect ratio.
and its THEIR CREATIVE CHOICE to do so.

Are you going to tell the director of the Artist he should have shot it in scope or flat instead of shooting it Academy like he did?

No one is confused about anything read the majority of the comments on the youtube channel and on the other places where the episode is no one is confused about anything in fact 99.9 percent of the posts are very positive.

again who are you to demand that The people who invest their heart time money and energy into something change how they do things.
They can do anything they like its THEIR project.

511. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 8, 2013

So, Felderstein, you claim you work for a big media company. As it happens, so do I. It’s easy to Google me and see my professional associations: and yet when I Google you I see nothing. Bluntly, I don’t believe you. Is that your real name?

512. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 8, 2013

507. Blush, gratitude.

513. MJ - June 8, 2013

“Are you going to tell the director of the Artist he should have shot it in scope or flat instead of shooting it Academy like he did?”

Yes, I would tell him that. I get the no sound b&W deal with that film, but would have much preferred a widescreen format.

This is a comments board, and you are not going to bully me into silence just because you personally have some weird idea that we should not share our opinions here on this production.

With all due respect, you are not going to silence me on this. Just like I don’t expect me to be able to stop your incessant whining about those of us who just happen to share our personal opinions of this production.

514. Theatre Historian - June 8, 2013

Whatever you say MJ, my last post was dated June 3rd and was commenting over the rude down right nasty mudslinging by a few posters. I havent posted in 5 days and before that it was one comment on June 4th asking when the next episode was scheduled to go before the cameras.
and then june 2nd to you saying sorry I disagree with your comment about the acting.

Hardly repeating myself
scroll through the comments man.

515. Theatre Historian - June 8, 2013

that should have said my last comment was on June 5th not june 4th lol sorry

516. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 8, 2013

FWIW Here’s Vic again.!/photo.php?fbid=345807262212093&id=100003484671185&set=a.259844624141691.63127.100003484671185&__user=100003484671185

517. Theatre Historian - June 8, 2013

510_ Not trying to silence you and my comment that YOU responded to was not even addressing you now was it.

but think and say what you want. like i said I havent made comment on ANYTHING in a week since June 5th and before that itwas 1 comment on June 4th, 3rd and 2nd that had nothing to do with people complaing about aspect ratio.

518. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 8, 2013

And here’s Apollo!/photo.php?fbid=346053575520795&id=100003484671185&set=a.259844624141691.63127.100003484671185&__user=100003484671185

519. Theatre Historian - June 8, 2013

You do understand
what Creative vision is right?

And that film makers follow THEIR Creative Vision right.

520. Really Dr. (& clones) you must learn to govern your emotions. - June 8, 2013

“The Making of Star Trek” by Stephen Whitfield 1968
Pt2 Ch2 ‘The USS Enterprise’

“The primary hull’s eight deck level contains four major facilities: a large recreation area, the main food preparation area (similar to the galley aboard our ships today), ship’s laundry, and a rather exotic entertainment center. Although this recreation area has never been shown in any past STAR TREK episodes. This set has now been built and will be seen in the third season. Gene describes it this way:

‘Men and women on a starship, so long out of contact with earth and so long away from other planets, too, will require a feeling of fresh air and sky and wind and scents. Because we are, in many respects, still animals, our mental and emotional equilibrium will require the familiarity of this. Man has been too long a part of earth to be too long separated. Therefore we intend to build a simulated “outdoor” recreation area, which gives a realistic feeling of sky, breezes, plants , fountains, and so forth.

One of the reasons for making a starship so large would be to have something like this – in fact to create a whole ‘community’ so necessary to a social animal. An automated starship like ours could probably be operated by ten people if necessary, but it would be a terribly limited, unhealthy, miserable life’

….The fourth major facility on the eight deck level is the entertainment center. Certainly man of the future will require entertainment as much as we enjoy motion pictures and television today. Probably entertainment will be three-dimensional in nature and perhaps even go further in that you will sit in a room and the story will take place all around you. In other words, a sophisticated extension of holography.

This technique will also have its effect in the traditional ‘mail call….’ “.
It describes how special cameras and projectors would send and receive 3D interaction from crew to family back home and vice versa.

So 3d halography is supposed to be available in form only: but full interaction like TNG is not quite there yet as is shown in the Paladin scene reminiscent of ‘Spectre’ of the Gun.’

And to Michael P. I: great job on the renderings.

521. MJ - June 8, 2013

“According to The Making of Star Trek, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s original plan did not include transporters, instead calling for characters to land the starship itself. However, this would have required unfeasible and unaffordable sets and model filming, as well as episode running time spent while landing, taking off, etc. The shuttlecraft was the next idea, but when filming began, the full-sized shooting model was not ready. Transporters were devised as a less expensive alternative, achieved by a simple fade-out/fade-in of the subject. ”

So if the point to Star Trek continues is to really honor Gene’s original vision, then in addition to holodecks, STC should get rid of transporters and use Shuttles only.

Case in point — the faulty logic of including non-canon TOS elements like Holodecks and abandoning transporters.

522. Michael P-I - June 8, 2013

517. “My god, they’re talkin about logic, we’re talking about universal entertainment!”

And thank you!

523. K-7 - June 8, 2013


Yes — one could come up with a whole laundry lists of “let’s honor Gene’s original vision” elements from documents Star Trek history. Obviously, it’s a slippery slope to go down that path though. The best approach is either to do it the original way entirely so that it looks nearly exactly like an imaginary 4th season episode, or just modernize it like Phase II. But this half-way point of picking and choosing some things to modernize, just causes confusion among all of us — hence the debate here.

524. Theatre historian - June 8, 2013

Personally I thought Bill Hader’s voice took me out of Into Darkness.
It just wasn’t needed, it sounded nothing like a computer. ;)

seriously though k-7 I hope you didnt take my comment in response to you a few days ago in the wrong light, I was just sayin at the end of the day its Vic and crews call to choose what they want to included and not included. Because its their money and time and energies and Their creative vision.

I am assuming so since we didnt have any exchange after that.

525. Michael p-i - June 8, 2013

Here’s Scott on the holodeck.

526. Michael p-i - June 8, 2013!/photo.php?fbid=345807372212082&id=100003484671185&set=a.259844624141691.63127.100003484671185&__user=100003484671185

Or rather this is.

527. Nx01 - June 8, 2013

Update your site the trek movie did well over all.

528. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 8, 2013

The Enterprise faces The Realm after destroying it. Work in progress.

529. Classic Television Expert - June 8, 2013

I agree with the comments concerning The Making of Star Trek. If you are going to try to add things based on it being a tribute to Gene, then you create a slippery slope. The example of replacing the transporter with Shuttles because that was Gene’s original intention is just as valid as putting in a holodeck since that was Gene’s original intention. And we could come up with many more examples. The “let’s make a tribute to Gene and update TOS” here makes no sense to me if the aim of STC is to portray what a real 4th season would have been like in 1969-1970.

As a student of television history, I would like to see fan series like this one stick to their stated goals, and not try to mix and match different pieces of Star Trek shows as was incorrectly done in this first STC episode.

530. Paul Felderstein - June 8, 2013

A slippery slope to what? You’re acting as ofsomething incredibly important were at stake. There’s nothing at stake. It’s a TV show. It’s STC’s interpreation of that TV show. If you don’t like it, make your own. It’s that simple. There’s no requirement for them to meet your standards. None at all. And they’re better off for it. You sound like a swaggering, tin-plated, overbearing dictator with delusions of godhood.

531. K-7 - June 8, 2013

#527 “You sound like a swaggering, tin-plated, overbearing dictator with delusions of godhood.”

Ah, you mean like somebody who has posted nearly 50 times on this thread…that would be a person who likes to hear themselves talk to much…which would be you, my long-winded hypocritical friend.

50+ posts and this guy says I am swaggering and overbearing? LOL I love this guy.

Who mourns for Adonais? Pauil Feldestein does, that’s who!. :-))

532. K-7 - June 8, 2013

#527 / Paul; Felderstein: “If you don’t like it, make your own. It’s that simple.”

# 302 / Paul Felderstein: “Recast Spock and McCoy and stop disturbing people in the retirement home. That will fix a lot. Fire the hot GF. And as for VM, well, there are electronic fixes for voice , use ‘em.”

Ha! What a hypocrite!!!’

Whoops! :-))

533. Classic Television Expert - June 8, 2013

K-7, I think Paul F may have been responding to me, but yes, I did reuse your slippery slope comments, so I am not sure?

In any case, I applaud your response. Yes, it is funny to see this guy complaining about someone else being critical of this fan production, when if you read some of his earlier posts, he pretty much trashed it. I guess he reserved the right to be critical of this STC episode only for himself?

It does seem like this Paul F guy is “the Sybil” of — pick a different day, and you get a different personality from this guy.

534. Jamesonian - June 9, 2013

These projects are always so sad to see. Grown men and women committing so much time and effort to imitate a television show. Everyone need a hobby I suppose but these Trek things suggest some unique psychological need in its participants. What’s next, kids? Are you going to re-do an episode of Mannix?!? Cool! Can I be the lead guy?!?

535. Michael Prenez-Isbell - June 9, 2013

I created a Facebook group for my Star Trek Continues fan art so I won’t have to keep reposting. Enjoy.

536. Paul Felderstein - June 9, 2013

531. The lead guy get the crap beat out of him every single show–it’s famous for it–so surrrre you can be the lead guy.

537. anotherscott - June 9, 2013

480, I agree. I am by no means a “believer” but I found absolutely nothing offensive in Vic’s comments in that youtube clip.

As for the argument about whether or not a primitive version of the holodeck was faithful to GR’s vision (as described in the Making of ST book) and equating that to getting rid of transporters because he originally wanted shuttles… aside from anything else, there’s a big difference between ADDING something Gene thought should be there but we happened to never have seen (holographic entertainment), and SUBTRACTING something that Gene may not have wanted at the start but was ultimately added. You can add holographic entertainment without invalidating any TOS concepts. You can’t remove the transporters without invalidating practically every episode in the universe this supposedly takes place in.

If a series is going to attempt to be a “fourth season,” and we don’t want to see endless retreads of only things from the first three, I think you should expect to see some new ideas… whether they are new alien races, new technologies, whatever. Why should they be automatically invalid if they actually foreshadow something we know is coming in their universe?

538. Red Dead Ryan - June 9, 2013

Yes, its a bit hypocritical of Paul Felderstein to criticise this production, but then to turn around and criticise others for their own criticisms.

It’s almost like he’s saying that only he is allowed to offer criticisms.

Also, if you make something for people to watch online, even for free, its incredibly naive to expect that people SHOULD NOT be able to offer criticisms. Once something is out there for consumption, people have the right to express their opinions about it.

Also, for those playing the “Gene’s Vision” card, the guy’s been dead for over twenty-years. The man (and what he’d supposedly want) is irrelevant now. And if you did go by what he wanted, well, TOS would be a significantly different (and most likely) not as good a show as the one we got with Gene L. Coon and D.C. Fontana at the helm.

539. Dswynne - June 9, 2013

@Above: more importantly, GR was not consistent with his own vision. Very few remember that GR originally wanted the Enterprise to land planet side, but couldn’t due to TV budget restraints, or that he refactored how fast warp speed was, when TNG was created. And don’t forget the unexplained changes in the look of the Klingons. But, GR wanted to tell stories first and foremost, and that’s what matters, yes?

540. Salvador Nogueira - June 9, 2013

Well, let’s face it: Paul Felderstein is in love with Vic. :-)

541. Rock n Roll ST - June 9, 2013

Fantastic job guys: don’t listen to nerdy naysayers. ‘Have Gun Will Travel ‘also dealt with morality plays: nice classic tv nod.

542. Paul Felderstein - June 9, 2013

540. Lol

My crits were pretty clear and mostly about casting. I’ll also add whatever opinions I hv about VM’s idea of Christian ethics (situational, contingent, self-serving), he made a pretty good show. I could care less whether it’s pure or if it incorporates TNG. The idea that the show paknted itself into a box is just stupid: guess what, they can change thier mind about sny part of it, sny time they want. Any one remember The United Earth Space Authority. There was never much consistency to ghe show. That was one pf its best features and legt them free to invent whstever thry beeded for a story instead of fretting sbout what yhey’d done before. TOS is best serm as a bunch of loosely connected independent feature films.

543. Paul Felderstein - June 9, 2013

Sorry about spelling, on phone in the dark.

544. Paul Felderstein - June 9, 2013

539. Yeah, the consistency of vision thing is a load of fundamentalist crap, from the folks that bring you the Perfect Word of God every Sabbath. The vision of Star Trek evolved, contradicted itself, rolled over itself as it went along, and still does. ‘Sjust the way it is. If you don’t like it, there’s the door that lets you out.

FWIW I thought several of the innovations in this episode were brilliant.

I have a confession to make. I watched it a couple of times and…I started getting used to the new characters. So let me modify my initial assassinations:

1. Spock. Actually, this guy’s an accomplished actor. Here’s my complaint: he’s playing Spock with Tuvok’s voice. Spock isn’t Tuvock. Stop that. Tuvok is in fact the ONLY Vulcan who sound like Tuvok. Spock is a man who is just barely keeping his emotions restrained, always remember that. Spock’s accent is educated, not robotic.

2. I am really kind of getting used to the pear shaped nerdy McCoy. Most of my doctors are pear shaped, I realized. And once you let go of the idea of De Kelley, I’m kinda starting to get into this different characterization. I think it could work.

3. McKenna. This is the real shocker. I now think I was totally wrong about this character and this actress. I think she’s great and I really like the character.

So SHOCK I changed my mind! Sorry I didn’t stay in the “box” I painted myself into, but I can be just WILD that way! LOL

Things change over time.

545. David G. - June 9, 2013

I don’t get why so many people are complaining about Marina Sirtis providing the computer voice in this thing that was made during 2012/2013 with an entire slate of actors (minus Michael Forrest) who aren’t the same ones who did these roles in the 1960s. Would it be that much different if the computer was voiced by someone named Marina Smith?

Why aren’t those same people also complaining about DeForest Kelley not providing the voice for Dr. McCoy in this?

Or complaining that the person playing Scotty is more than half a dozen years older than James Doohan was in 1969?

Or complaining that Uhura has a different hairdo than the one Nichelle Nichols had?

546. K-7 - June 9, 2013

Paul F: “So SHOCK I changed my mind! Sorry I didn’t stay in the “box” I painted myself into, but I can be just WILD that way!”

Seems kind of pointless to discuss stuff with you then. You will probably agree with me on stuff sooner or later if you don’t now. So what’s the point.

Turds continually change color in the sun, but they are still tirds. ;-)

547. K-7 - June 9, 2013

“Also, for those playing the “Gene’s Vision” card, the guy’s been dead for over twenty-years. The man (and what he’d supposedly want) is irrelevant now.”

For some of these fans with these silly fan productions of TOS episodes, if given the actual chance, I think would actually go for a “Weekend at Bernies” types of scenario and have the dead body of poor old GR with them to watch their show and claim that Gene liked it. :-))

548. Dave H - June 9, 2013

Looking at the incredible posting rate (nearly 10% of all posts here) of this Felderstein guy, one cannot help but be reminded of the other recent guy who posted at an incredible rate like this: William Bradley.

Come to think of it, about the time William Bradley “disappeared” about 1.5 weeks ago, this Felderstein character shows up here with his huge number of posts.

You can all draw your own conclusions from this.

549. Lee Butterley - June 10, 2013

So many relentlessly petty, nit-picking comments on this thread, if people are really horrified by including a bit of holodeck or how one particular person acts, maybe they should just switch off and do something else rather than spend days on end bitching about it on the internet.

I mean surely all this is supposed to be about enjoyment and fun?

550. Ambitious Greg - June 10, 2013

I’d like to blow my beans into the mouth of the chick playing the ships counselor in this.

551. Paul Felderstein - June 10, 2013

546. So unless my opinions, once stated, are unchanging then I am turd who changes color in the sun. You must be a lot of fun to be around, Comic Book Guy. Worst. Post. Ever.

552. Paul Felderstein - June 10, 2013

548. I am not Senator Bradley although I have met him, once, in my elevator. He is extremely tall but is not a Star Trek fan as far as I know.

553. star trackie - June 10, 2013

#545 “I don’t get why so many people are complaining about Marina Sirtis providing the computer voice in this thing that was made during 2012/2013 with an entire slate of actors (minus Michael Forrest) who aren’t the same ones who did these roles in the 1960s. Would it be that much different if the computer was voiced by someone named Marina Smith?”

It’s not that Marina did the voice, although it was gimmicky. I wouldn’t care who did the voice as long as it sounded like the computer voice. The voice of the TOS computer could not be recognized as Majel. Unlike her TNG computer delivery, the TOS computer voice was a purposely stilted delivery. It was mechanical. It was robotic. It said “working” to signal it was on or “computing.” There were specific sound FX that accompanied any discussion with the “computer”. It had character. A unique character which was replaced by a bland TNG-like computer reading by Sirtis…un-tampered with, no doubt, so we would all recognize it was her. THAT is why it rubs me the wrong way. It’s not the idea of replacing the computer voice, but the execution of it.

554. The Sinfonian - June 10, 2013

@553 As I recall at least one TOS episode…. the computer was made to talk flirtingly after an ‘upgrade’. The Blish novelization on that. The computer voice was changed…. therefore, for a “fourth season”, who’s not to say the Enterprise voice was modulated. New programs, software upgrades. Perhaps the stilted voice was a retro “trend” in 2266-2268, that faded away.
Both New Voyages/Phase II and Star Trek Continues stated up front that they were ‘moving forward’. Now, if someone makes a fan film series that “fills in the gaps between episodes”…. then heck yeah, that computer voice better sound stilted and metallic…. the holographs better not be installed yet…. and the only ship’s psychiatrists better be named McCoy and Noel.

555. MJ (The Original) - June 10, 2013

Paul Fedlerstein,

Seriously, dude, how are any of us suppose to take any of your opinions seriously at this point, given your continual vacillation here? You start off seeming to despise this show, and now all of sudden its the best thing since sliced bread? wtf?

I am starting to view you more of a court jester here versus someone with intelligent opinions. And I don’t mean that negatively — court jesters bring us levity and humor. They have their purpose.

556. K-7 - June 10, 2013

#551 / Paul F: “You must be a lot of fun to be around, Comic Book Guy. Worst. Post. Ever.”

Paul, normally, I might take offense to this. But knowing you, by next week you will reverse you view 180 degrees and be saying that my post here is “the best post ever.” ;-)

You make me laugh, guy. Never Change!!!

557. Red Dead Ryan - June 10, 2013

Paul Felderstein’s flip-flopping would make most politicians blush. :-)

558. VulcanFilmCritic - June 10, 2013

I usually try to avoid looking at fan-based productions because they only serve to remind me of how much better ST:TOS was than any “homage” could possibly be. And this depresses me, but “Pilgrim of Eternity” was a delightful surprise!

The story is a little derivative, and there isn’t much of a surprise ending, but, what the heck, it looks, it sounds, it feels like TOS.

What a coup getting Michael Forest to reprise his role as Apollo! They say old men become parodies of themselves, but not here. Mr. Forest is a pro capable of bringing all of the poignance of the original character to this role. Almost 50 years later!
And Diana Hale as Athena held her own in her scene with him. I would be a basket case knowing I had to do a scene like that with Mr. Forest. But she pulled it off.

Vic Mignogna is certainly Kirk-like, and he captures more of Kirk, I think, than even Chris Pine. He certainly has lots of Shatner’s moves down pat, but he reminds me more of another actor originally proposed to play Captain Pike, Jack Lord.

And Chris Doohan as Scotty. What can I say? I actually got a little verklempt watching him climbing up the Jeffries tube. Bravo!

As for Dr. McCoy, I’m just not feeling it. I know Larry Nemecek is Star Trek Fan Royalty, but what is McCoy-like in his portrayal? He does seem to have a flair for comedic timing and might have been better used in another episode as an obnoxious mining official, diplomat or minor villain.

The character of Spock has always been problematic, and no one, except for Zachary Quinto, has even gotten close to Nimoy’s nailing this character. Todd Haberkorn certainly has the facial bone structure and the slim build but seems to fall into the “bored robot” school of portraying Vulcans. Spock does not lack emotion, he suppresses it. Both Nimoy and Quinto understand this and they are ALWAYS showing tension somewhere in their faces: Nimoy with his constantly knitted brow and Quinto with his tight lips and stiff neck. Spock is a “cyclone in a bottle” and most of the good actors who have Vulcans (Mark Lenard, Celia Lovsky and Tasha Martel) knew this. Add to this “the [wisdom of the ages] that lurk behind Leonard’s eyes” and you’ve got an acting job sure to give you a migraine. Good luck with this impossible role, Mr. Haberkorn.

Kim Stringer as Uhura. Is that really her singing? If so, then she’s a real keeper. But I think she needs to be a little more of a diva, a little more sultry, and she need more elaborate hair. Uhura always looked more like a Supreme than a communications officer.

Grant Imahara absolutely nails Sulu’s voice. I hope the producers use him to good effect and not just to drive the bus. And Wyatt Lenhart as Chekov is probably closer to being the kind of tween idol the producers had in mind when they cast Walter Koenig to be a Monkees clone.

Michelle Specht is appropriately bubblicious, and surprisingly good as Dr. McKenny. Certainly no worse than the usual bimbo-of-the-week seen in TOS, but not as great as the strongest female guest stars.

As for production values, I would agree with #33 Raymond S, that unlike STID, this show has heart.
But it is an amateur effort at times with glaring continuity errors, and thank you #345 Marja, for noticing Apollo’s on again off again hair. How could the actor sometimes have his toupee on in some scenes and not in others? Gotta fix stuff like that before going Hollywood.

Definitely an A-plus for effort. A lot of people worked really hard in realizing this but a B in terms of overall presentation. Compared to ST:TOS’s pilot film “The Cage” it’s comparable, and I’m sure as time goes on we can expect even better shows.

559. Blue Thunder - June 10, 2013

Apollo has returned to the Star Trek realm. But the sadly in an episode produced by a group of people who have a very bad reputation. One of which, who gives a very unconvincing performance as Captain
James Tiberius Kirk, himself.

It’s a shame this episode was rejected by the Phase 2 production team. It had the potential to be something good and wonderful. Personally, I would have liked to have seen ‘Pilgrim Of Eternity'(after being heavily re-written)produced as a Phase 2 adventure instead of as the premiere episode of this steaming pile of cow droppings. I can understand why this episode was rejected and sent to the slush pile(the place of rejected script ideas that has become the only source of filmed episodes, since no writer wants to work with Mignogna and the Farragut Films staff).

It really boggles the mind as to why John and Tonya Broughton, Michael Bednar, Matt Bucy, Kasey Shaefsky, Dennis Bailey, and the Farragut Films staff would partner themselves with someone who has utterly tarnished, ruined, and decimated whatever credibility and reputation Farragut Films has. Especially after Mignogna’s unauthorized release of the Phase 2 episode ‘Kitumba’. An incident that made fan headlines last year and certainly did not help matters much for the Washington D.C. based film company. In fact, it pretty much was the final nail in their proverbial photon burial tube.

In the premiere of Star Trek – Continues, we are witness to what could have been a decent sequel to ‘Who Mourns For Adonais?'(an episode I once considered a personal favorite). Apollo returns to wreak havoc on
Kirk and the Enterprise in the first episode of this new series. Michael Forest(who originally played the Greek god of light and purity)reprises his role from the 1967 episode.

While there are some interesting moments in this episode(i.e. Kirk getting struck down(again)by Apollo, Uhura being fatally electrocuted by an energy discharge, Apollo’s speech in the recreation center, and Scotty’s resentment toward Apollo after the events from ‘Who Mourns For Adonais?’, and the exchange between Dr. Elise McKenna and Apollo about Carolyn Palamas’ fate), the rest of the episode seems more like a recycling and re-booling of a NG episode that involved another god-like entity losing his powers. While it was wonderful to see Apollo and the Enterprise crew(especially Scotty)make their peace, and watch the Greco-Roman deity start a new life(after learning something that the Olympian gods did not know before), it was not an impressive

If anything, it was a reminder of the dark side of Star Trek fandom taking physical form.

Like I said before about Vic Mignogna. Not only has he been branded as a toxic narcicisst, liar(a trait that he and Michael Bednar obviously share), thief, crook, manipulator, and other rotten things by many, his performance as the heroic Jim Kirk is nothing more than a belch from a bad onion. Or in this case the foul stench of someone passing
methane gas after eating spicy Italian food. Seriously, he doesn’t even have the voice for such a strong, heroic lead.

William Shatner, James Cawley, Christopher Pine, and Brian J. Gross certainly give better performances as James Kirk than this slab of rotten Fisher’s Ham(i.e. Mignogna).

It’s no secret within Star Trek fan film circles that Mignogna has a very controversial and very bad reputation. It is also no secret that he had tried and thankfully failed in his attempt to take over the entire Star Trek – New Voyages/Phase II production. The aftermath of that attempt led to
Mignogna and the Farragut Films staff(the Starship Farragut team)stealing newly constructed sets for the Starship Ajax production and going back on their promise to help the Ajax team with their film
(mostly because Mignogna and the Farragut Films staff lost out on obtaining the bridge set from the now defunct Starship Exeter production).

What it boils down to is this. Star Trek Continues is nothing more than Vic Mignogna’s attempt at petty revenge and personal spite against the hardworking, professional staff on the Star Trek – Phase 2
production and his constant pulling of new antics pulling over and over in his single minded obsession to destroy “friends” and the project he could not take over.

And that is only scratching the surface and putting a gloss on this situation.

It’s no secret that the glamour of filmmaking can have its elevations and pitfulls. However, when it comes to a fan film organization going into a partnership with a washed up Anime voiceover artist who has a very bad reputation….well, all I can say is this. The Devil and Daniel Webster have been given a new meaning. And a very toxic one at that!

Todd Haberkorn’s performance as Spock was certainly dull, dry, and regretfully one-dimensional. If anything, he could have learned a few things or more from Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto, and Brandon Stacey. Those aforementioned three gave better performances as our favorite and beloved Vulcan. Haberkorn would have been better off in a different role. Maybe he could play Hikaru Sulu, again. Who knows?

Wyatt Lenart’s performance as every Star Trek fans favorite nationalistic Russian navigator, Pavel Chekov, was not all that great, either. For starters, his eye color was all wrong(Chekov was brown-eyed, NOT blue-eyed). Second, his Russian accent just was not convincing enough. Lenart, for all intenets and purposes, was seriously miscast. Better luck next time, Wyatt. Walter Koenig, Anton Yelchin, and Jonathan Zungre are the better versions of Pavel Andreivich Chekov.

Larry Nemecek did the best that he could as Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy. Unfortunately, his weakness in his performance was the lack of a mild Southern accent(which the late DeForest Kelley wonderfully displayed)and the strong one-liners that were brilliantly conveyed by Karl Urban in the two Star Trek prequel/reboots. Larry’s greatest strengths are that of being a writer and a columnist concerning Star Trek. Sadly, acting is not one of them.

Kim Stinger’s performance as Nyota Uhura was better suited when she played the same role on Star Trek – New Voyages/Phase II. Especially when it comes to her singing voice. One wonders how much she was paid in silver to jump ship over to a production that she knew that would bring her some serious controversy. Judas would have obviously approved.

As for Grant Imahara’s performance as Hikaru Sulu…well, he worked for Lucasfilm during the making of the less than popular Star Wars prequel trilogy. He should keep his day job with Mythbusters or something better.

Christopher Doohan is probably the only shining light in this production. Sadly, it is a shining light that has severly faded by being part of this demented ‘French Farce’ of a Star Trek fan film. While he certainly recaptures the qualities of Montgomery Scott(who was played brilliantly by his late father and honored World War II veteran, James Doohan), it doesn’t help matters much that he is associated with a group of people who have a bad reputation in many fan circles. His talents are regretfully wasted in this less than productive endeavor. Frankly, his talents would be put to much better usage in either Star Trek – Phase 2 or the
J.J. Abrams films(for which he has clearly demonstrated).

Michelle Specht’s performance as Dr. Elise McKenna is clear statement as to why she is even in the film. While she is a very lovely
woman and an actress who seems to display some talent, her only reason for being there is just to be a symbol of nepotism. Being
Vic Mignogna’s soon to be wife, her role as a ship’s counselor(a rank and position that did not start until the NG era some twenty-
five years past)is merely window dressing. The only time we see something dimensional out of her is during her interactions with
Apollo, Jim Kirk(in a scene that was less than watchable – Kirk had his shirt off), and becoming overly emotional when she tried to
use a phaser on Apollo. I can see why Michelle is with someone like Mignogna. Similar mentalities and personalities think and act
alike. If not relate well.

I seem to recall that the name Elise McKenna was the name of the 19th Century stage actress played by British thespian Jane Seymour in
the 1980 time travel fantasy ‘Somewhere In Time’. Not only do we know where the entire sets from Star Trek Continues was taken from, we
now know where Mignogna hijacked the name for Michelle’s character from. Unoriginality indeed!

The bottom line is this. Pilgrim Of Eternity could have had potential had it been in the right professional hands. Sadly, it was not meant to happen. As a result, this piece of burnt celluloid refuse has become an eyesore that makes the bad points of Star Trek Into Darkness look pale in comparison.

Not even Jamie Bamber’s cameo(Apollo from the useless Battlestar Galactica remake – interesting Apollo connection, there)as the ill-fated
Crewman Simone helps the episode, either. It was probably for the better that his role was only a cameo and left at that.

I’m still amazed that fellow Louisvillian Stephanie Zoeller Hall(a renowned psychologist)was a part of this as well. Mental health certainly has been given a new meaning.

And what is with the ‘Spectre Of The Gun’ or Paladin homage at the beginning of the episode, anyway? Doug Drexler wastes his very productive artistic talents in that beginning segment.

The real downer of all, is Michael Forest’s participation in this piece of dreck. While it was cool to see Michael return in the role as a much older and wiser Apollo, costume, laurel leaves, and all,(especially his wife Diana Hale as the Greek Goddess Athena), and his explanation
of the relation between the Olympian gods and the phenomenon called the Realm, his stage talents are not entirely put to full use. Sadly,
Michael Forest has not aged well in the forty five some odd years since he appeared on Star Trek. At times, he looks like(at some points)an older Charlton Heston or Yul Brynner, physically. It would have been preferable if he had appeared on Phase 2.

Those who have worked on this madman’s production have certainly fallen under the category of ‘Guilty By Association’. Or to quote Star Trek fan’s post from a year past. “The folks at Farragut Films are in bed with a skunk. And the stink is going to stick with them.”

Spare yourself this menace to the Star Trek fan society and stick with Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase 2. The ONLY Star Trek fan film with professional experience in cinema/television production, acting, SFX, and quality artistic craftmanship and integrity. Or even the original series and the first six movies.

560. reni - June 10, 2013

Apollo’s hair growing and shrinking had to do with how much power he had at the time.

561. Theatre Historian - June 10, 2013

559) Don’t you think that sort of dirty laundry airing is best discussed privately?

the post comes across like a childish tempertantrum.

Personally I don’t care about behind the scenes drama, if a story moves me and entertains that is all I give a Damn about, and both productions are very entertaining.

Keep the vitrol out of it.

562. MJ (The Original) - June 10, 2013

@561 / Theater Historian: “Don’t you think that sort of dirty laundry airing is best discussed privately?”

Sheesh, Theater Historian, there you go again with you trying to silence some again here. Really dude, you “Gestapo-like” bitching that people should only say positive things about Star Continues or otherwise shut up is getting real old here. Blue Thunder’s inside information, kind of like break news of what really went on here, is extremely compelling and interesting to me. No, I don’t think he should be silenced, and I wish you would stop whining each time someone with a negative opinion speaks up on this production. It’s great that you like, it…fine! But please shut the hell up with your moaning about others that don’t like it.

@559 / Blue Thunder: “Spare yourself this menace to the Star Trek fan society and stick with Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase 2. The ONLY Star Trek fan film with professional experience in cinema/television production, acting, SFX, and quality artistic craftmanship and integrity. Or even the original series and the first six movies.”

Blue Thunder, I appreciate your recommendation, and even more, I really appreciate the very detailed analysis you provided that supports your viewpoint here.

563. Blue Thunder - June 10, 2013

The dirty laundry and vitrol was already out long before this.

564. Chris Brent - June 10, 2013

So Blue Thunder, are you Patty Wright or Christopher Michael Dolton? Stop hiding behind fake names like the sentenal68 and such! Your manifesto rants are on the verge of being a love poem. Thou protests too much! Just admit your love. You are as soft as a box full of kittens and taken as seriously as the cartoon in a bazooka bubble gum wrapper. So before your next tantrum go watch the new Liberace movie to get some insight into your not so open leader.

565. Blue Thunder - June 10, 2013

I’m neither of those people, and you are not who you claim to be, either.

The last time I looked, identity theft is a capital crime. I would think twice before using another person’s name just play a sick joke or make a point. Valid or unvalid, that is.

566. Theatre Historian - June 11, 2013

562- But is there really a need to continue a needless cycle seriously
we don’t need to be privy to behind the scenes drama.

It doesnt matter to me, what goes on, all that I care about is quality and being entertained both productions provide that.
Just cause someone else post on another thread means you needed to post a long diatribe(sp) on here.

Most of us just dont care to hear or read about it, and the long winded posts come across childish.

567. Blue Thunder - June 11, 2013

What’s childish is what that toxic narcicisst pulled. And what he will keep on pulling until someone stops him and stops him hard.

Talk about The Doomsday Machine of Star Trek!

Another clear sign that humanity hasn’t progressed for the better.

568. VulcanFilmCritic - June 11, 2013

@560 reni Thanks for the explanation. It probably should have been mentioned in the story a bit more so that it was clear.

569. Paul Felderstein - June 11, 2013

In the words of Uhura in Mirror Mirror “I’m afraid I’ve changed my mind. Again.” LOL

570. NoKhanPlease - June 11, 2013

So first of all, congratulations on a great episode. I really enjoyed it, and I echo everyone’s comments about the standout performance of Chris Doohan, who really nailed the role. I actually wish he could take over Pegg, who I always felt was miscast, despite him doing a better job in Into Darkness.

Not a knock on Pegg. He’s a good actor. But I actually feel that Chris Doohan could do a better job as Scotty.

But that said, I’ve read some comments about James Cawley. I don’t think anyone would call any fan production perfect, but in my opinion, the things Phase II have done have been utterly amazing.

They really are the pioneers in this fan film genre. Sure, other fan films existed before, but Cawley’s group took it to a new level. They actually got main TOS cast members to reprise their roles.

I always judge these productions by a different standard, and account for the fact that it’s not a studio production, and the acting may not be perfect. I’m much more lenient on these films.

My biggest complaint about Cawley’s group is that they don’t release the episodes fast enough. They are ambitious, have great ideas, but it may be 2025 before we see them. I mean that in a positive way though. I realize the difficulties, time and cost it takes, and am amazed that they get them out at all.

I’m glad ST Continues exists because essentially, they will double the number of these episodes I get to see. So no, I wouldn’t combine them with Phase II.

As for the controversy between the two productions, I can honestly say I don’t care. Vic could be the biggest louse in the world, but if he puts out a good video, I don’t care. I get why people are upset, but that’s just not my fight or problem. My concern is being entertained, and I really was entertained by this episode.

If Simon Pegg ever leaves, I really hope that Chris Doohan auditions for and gets the role. There’s no doubt he can do it.

571. The Sinfonian - June 11, 2013

@567: Reni beat me to it, but I’ll add… notice how in the Tag, that his hair is now black as soot, as it was in “Who Mourns…” The aliens have their own built-in fountain of youth. Damned convenient! The script could have nailed it home more, sure…. but it was reasonably obvious once they figured out good-deed-doing was as much or more powerful for them as worship.
@Blue Thunder: “Ye sow what ye reap.” Hopefully airing all that was cathartic for you, because if you keep that level of antipathy bottled up, I’m really worried for you. Even if he’s the Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan of fan filmage…. if you let him become your own personal Moby Dick…. you’re going to become the Ahab of fan filmage. Love conquers all. Phase II is good. STC is good. Difference of opinion do not have to lead to unending mortal combat. We’re talking fan films, not Highlanders. There can be more than one.

572. Chris Brent's Ego - June 11, 2013

So Blue if you were a stage actor in high school, college, and later in local independent filmmaking, please let us know all your credentials so we can critique your work as well.

573. Blue Thunder - June 11, 2013

@570 – Yes, it was very cathartic and cleansing. I thank you for your concern. It is very much appreciated.

@571 – Obviously the legal consequences of identity theft are not fully comprehended by some. Oh, well…

I wish fan films did not lead into mortal combat, let alone the difference of opinion there of. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t entirely see it that way. Whether it is professional jealousy or something entirely different, no one can really say.

However, when you have someone as toxic as Vic trying to pull the rug out from the creators of such cinematic art, then it unfortunately leads to such mortal combat.

I’m not the only one who has voiced this about Vic and his antics before. Others have and they have also been just as vocal and infuriated with his narcicissm and other bad traits.

Why people would let themselves be talked into working with him, I don’t know. As Spock would point out, ‘There is no logic in such motivations of twisted passion and personal gain.’

The illogic of waste. The waste of potential, resources, time, constructive purposes. I submit that the personal motivations behind STC’s conception is illogical because it cannot endure. I submit that it is also illogical for those to be a willing part of it.

Or in plain non-Vulcan English: Why be a part of some madman’s personal vendetta when you can be a part of something more useful and beneficial?

If some of those people can’t see such rotten qualities in such people, well to quote the late Peter Preston, “They are as blind as a Tiberian bat.”

574. jerr - June 11, 2013

I felt this was the second best episode of any of the fan films. The best being the sadly unfinished second episode of Starship Exeter (IMO).

The 4×3 format and broadcast lengths restrictions really helped the “feel” of this episode. I look forward to future episodes.

Perhaps Blue Thunder should take a page from James book and offer a simpler congratulations like he did in post 176?

575. Spock's Bangs - June 11, 2013

I want to see Vic vs James in a cage match!! Such drama!( not really! truth be told, I don’t think anyone, aside from those closely associated with either production, really gives a shit).

576. UPC57D - June 11, 2013

@573. Blue Thunder is entitled to voice his opinion. Where’s the harm in that? Others here have also posted negative opinions.

577. ST message to haters - June 11, 2013

578. THX-1138 - June 11, 2013

Blue Thunder

You are certainly entitled to voice your opinions and concerns. The problem is that nobody seems to care. Even James Cawley congratulated them. On this very thread. This would give the impression that he is a gracious person and apparently over any conflict that the incredibly vast majority of people here know nothing about. Your comments only seem to detract from James’ own comments, so you are doing him a disservice.

Your review seems born more out of a need to be vindictive and spiteful as opposed to lending any real criticism, so that can’t be taken seriously either. You come off as boorish.

And finally the validity of just about everything you criticize seems to be contradicted by the overwhelmingly good response this fan film has garnered. By comparison your comments seem to be mean-spirited and serve to only distance yourself from the reality of the situation, which is this:

By and large nobody at all cares about the squabbles and finger pointing between fan film productions. This hushed and veiled campaign has not produced any real evidence that a fan such as myself can take away from the discussion and say “Whoa, that guy is right. What a bunch of D-bags.” And so as such it just comes off as hearsay. Don’t expect the fans to scour the internet looking for evidence because nobody will. Produce some real evidence and not just a bunch of “he said-she said” garbage. I have been reading on this very board for a couple of years about this fight and I have yet to see anything real or actual. It appears to me to be a case of hurt feelings. So I issue a challenge:

Put up or shut up. Because truly, very, very, very few of us care. At all.

579. Kev - June 11, 2013

@559 So, do you like Phase 2? :-) I’m not sure why you wouldn’t like Star Trek Continues – the credits read almost the same – Jack Marshall, Ralph Miller, Doug Drexler, Kim Stinger….

580. Blue Thunder - June 11, 2013

@577 – Your challenge is accepted. While this may not be much in the way of evidence, I would like to think that this is a start.

Try visiting the anti-Vic Mignogna Groups on facebook. You might be surprised. Quite a bit of it is not ‘he said-she said’ garbage. You can take it or leave it on that basis.

@578 – Yes, I do like Phase 2. As to why I dislike Phase 2, I believe my critique explains it all.

581. Blue Thunder - June 11, 2013

Correction, why I dislike STC. Sorry about the typo.

I do like Phase 2. I dislike STC.

582. UPC57D - June 11, 2013

@580 – I understand what you meant, Blue Thunder. No need to apologize for the typo. We know you love Phase 2 and hate STC.

Sometimes when you get frustrated, you often say something different when you meant to say something else.

Welcome to the human race.

583. Blue Thunder - June 11, 2013

@581 – Thanks. It doesn’t take much to get me riled up to where I can’t see straight. That typo was an example. My apologies to the P2 staff who saw that post. That was accidental and NOT intentional.

Now that the aforementioned issue has been clarified and cleared up…

@577 – While I am thinking about it, you can also speak with some of the staff at P2. You want evidence? You can get it from them, too.

584. TrekGirl - June 11, 2013

There are two sides to every story “Blue Thunder.” Btw, I see the poster of #563 & #571 has got your number, identity wise…pretty easy since you often use the same phrases repeatedly…I knew who you were by the second paragraph. I have seen families of murder victims less bitter than you dude. I applaud the people who don’t have a need to respond to childish taunts. Although, I certainly hope they have stopped reading this thread by now.

585. THX-1138 - June 11, 2013

Blue Thunder

No, I’m not going to go looking for it. If it were a court of law a jury would be presented evidence and given a chance to form their opinion. It’s not my job to go looking for data to support someone’s argument when I just don’t care.

If you actually care, and have real, tangible evidence to support your argument, then present it.

John Wayne was sort of a racist, apparently. I still enjoy watching his movies.
Richard Pryor did drugs. I still find his stand-up routines funny as heck.
John Belushi and John Candy and Chris Farley all died from problems stemming from substance abuse. And when I see one of their movies on TV I stop and watch.
William Shatner was apparently a difficult a-hole to work with on the TOS set and that hasn’t stopped me from loving Star Trek and looking to his portrayal of captain Kirk as my first fictional hero.

In short, I don’t care about their shortcomings. I enjoy their entertainment.

586. Blue thunder - June 11, 2013

@583 – I have heard both sides. And this is the conclusion that I came up with. How you interpret it is of your own affair.

@584 – I believe I had presented it. It’s your choice whether you want to take the next step or not.

I’m afraid you are incorrect in your background information concerning the cause of John Candy’s passing. He died from a heart attack.(something that his family had history of). And it was one that was NOT caused by substance abuse. It was, unfortunately, due to his weight.

587. MJ (The Original) - June 11, 2013

@561 / Theater Historian: “Don’t you think that sort of dirty laundry airing is best discussed privately?”

Sheesh, Theater Historian, there you go again with you trying to silence some again here. Really dude, your “KG.B-like” bitching that people should only say positive things about Star Trek Continues or otherwise shut up is getting real old here. Blue Thunder’s inside information, kind of like breaking news of what really went on here, is extremely compelling and interesting to me. No, I don’t think he should be silenced, and I wish you would stop whining each time someone with a negative opinion speaks up on this production. It’s great that you like, it…fine! But please stop with your incessant moaning about others that don’t like it.

588. MJ (The Original) - June 11, 2013

@559 / Blue Thunder: “Spare yourself this menace to the Star Trek fan society and stick with Star Trek-New Voyages./Phase 2. The only Star Trek fan film with professional experience in cinema./television production, acting, SF.X, and quality artistic craftmanship and integrity. Or even the original series and the first six movies.”

Blue Thunder, I appreciate your recommendation, and even more, I really appreciate the very detailed analysis you provided that supports your viewpoint here.

589. MJ - June 11, 2013

“I have seen families of murder victims less bitter than you dude.”

This kind of comment has no place here. Fine, you don’t like his inside opinions on a Trek production, but to equate this with murder victims???

That has got to be the worst analogy and worst choice of words in this history of any post I have ever read here.

That fact that some of you are “literally” out to crucify this guy, leads me to believe that he is not that far from the truth here. If he was just making this up, then the response would not nearly be so horribly serious and vitriolic.

Blue Thunder,

You go right on telling the truth, man. Don’t let anyone here bully you into shutting up.

590. MJ - (The Original) - June 11, 2013

@583: “I have seen families of murder victims less bitter than you dude.”

This kind of comment has no place here. Fine, you don’t like his inside opinions on a Trek production, but to equate this with murder victims? wtf?

That has got to be the worst analogy and worst choice of words in this history of any post I have ever read here.

That fact that some of you are hell bent on nailing this guy, leads me to believe that he is not that far from the truth here. If he was just making this up, then the response would not nearly be so horribly serious and vitriolic.

Blue Thunder,

You go right on telling the truth, man. Don’t let anyone here bully you into shutting up.

591. Blue Thunder - June 11, 2013

@586 – Thanks, MJ(The Original). Well said, sir! Well said!

It’s about time that Star Trek fans become acquainted with the Freedom of Information Act.

592. THX-1138 - June 11, 2013

I see that my posts are getting deleted. Awesome. It’s as fair and balanced as Fox News.

593. C. Thomas Howell - June 11, 2013

Yes, I do like Phase 2. As to why I dislike Phase 2, I believe my critique explains it all.


594. Blue Thunder - June 11, 2013

Well, some people have a bad habit of showing their childish juvenille mentality at times. Poking fun at an honest typo mistake during a moment of blind temperment certainly proves #589’s true colors.

@589(and whoever else wants to make an ass out of themselves by poking fun at that typo) –

You can think and say what you want concerning that accidental typo. I really don’t care. You’re the ones who are giving off an immature aura about you.

We all know that it was accidental because of my lack of temperment(something that Patty Wright and Jim Bray can confirm)in my response to THX-1138’s challenge.

James Cawley, Patty Wright, and the rest of the Star Trek – Phase 2 staff know that I am a strong supporter of their production, and that I will continue to be a strong supporter of Phase 2 for however long the Phase 2 production lasts.

I believe some of the promotional advertisements that I have created for them will confirm my support, fierce loyalty, and devotion to them, as well as how much I like Phase 2, and all of the hard work, sweat, and professionalism that James, the other actors, and production crew have put into ST-NV/P2.

If what I have just stated above doesn’t clarify and confirm things, then that’s your problem.

I and the P2 staff know where my loyalties are. And they are with Star Trek – Phase 2.

End of speech.

595. 0000 - June 11, 2013

Nothing new happens here? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

596. Blue thunder - June 11, 2013

@588, 589, 590 – My pleasure, MJ. And thanks again.

The PTB behind STC are obviously threatened by honesty. An element that is sadly lacking in human society, today.

It’s time that such a noble quality be re-introduced. Along with some other old school-old fashioned values.

597. Blue thunder - June 11, 2013

@562 – My pleasure, sir. Thanks.

598. Jonboc - June 11, 2013

Such drama……oh well, you’ll always find those who thrive on it. And then there are those like myself…stick a fork in this thread, it’s done…and I’m out. Happy bickering!

599. CoffeeProf - June 11, 2013


If Vic Mignogna played Kirk, I would not watch it. I know the guy and he is a terrible terrible human being.

600. KevinA Melbourne Australia - June 11, 2013

What’s happened to TrekMovie??

No Posts for nearly 2 weeks with the a big ST movie still in cinema’s????

601. Theatre Historian - June 11, 2013

MJ All I am saying is that the vitrol and hate mongering is best handled between those two parties privately.
When has airing dirty laundry that is between two parties ever been benifical.

I have respect for you man, and enjoy reading your posts most of the time but seriously lately you seem to be putting words into my mouth or taking things out of context

. I have litterally made less than 10 posts in this thread since it started, and the ones you have glammed on to me about were not even addressed to you .

As far as I am concerend BOTH teams make an entertaining and enjoyable product, I don’t care to hear about backstage drama.
Let the shows speak for themselves.

this sort of drama being aired is going to wind up with CBS/Paramount saying you know what No one can make fan films with our characters, and start issuing Cease and Desists
And who is the winner then?

Seriously you can tell you dont think its better If parties have a legit legal grudge then take it to the courts or the police.

Thats all I am saying.

602. Michael Hall - June 11, 2013

“I and the P2 staff know where my loyalties are. And they are with Star Trek – Phase 2.

End of speech.”

Well, we can dare to hope. But seriously, what does your ‘loyalty’ to Phase 2–which I crewed on myself, btw–or Vic Mignogna’s qualities as a human being, have to do with the issue of whether or not “Pilgrim of Eternity” was a success?

603. Magic_Al - June 11, 2013

I liked it! Michael Forest did an amazing job recreating a character from so long ago. I enjoyed how the story began with Apollo very weak and feeble, because the viewer was unlikely to know how much of that was acting, or the actual condition of the actor after all these years. When Apollo regains his power and threatens the crew, it’s fun to see Mr. Forest reveal he has much more energy and power than he used in the earlier scenes. I actually said out loud, Apollo’s back!

604. CoffeeProf - June 12, 2013

I just saw the first couple of minutes of the video and had to stop. So it is Vic who played Kirk. I will not watch anymore of it. Vic has an ego that makes’s 60/70’s Shatner look humble. He treats people like garbage and has nothing but contempt for his fans. I have been a party to a lot of his s**t talking about fans at conventions after he pretends to be nice to him. He helped contribute to the downfall of ADV (who I used to intern for and his ego was LEGENDARY over at the office btw). And to make matters worse, one year, he made the guest relations head at A-Kon pay out of their own pocket for an earlier flight to Houston just so he could go on a date. If they want this project to actually succeed they need to get rid of this guy or else he WILL be the downfall of it. Unfortunately, most you guys don’t know Vic like a lot of people in the anime industry did so you don’t understand just how toxic he can be.

Mr. Doohan, I’m fairly confident that you did your father proud portraying Scotty, but I just can’t get behind this project as long as Vic Mignona is a part of it. I do wish you and everyone else the best of luck though.

605. The Sinfonian - June 12, 2013

Folks, I think the conclusion is that if Vic desired to emulate Shatner, he has achieved that both on and off the screen! Wow.

606. anotherscott - June 12, 2013

Funny, P2 advocate Blue Thunder complains about the color of STC’s Checkov’s eyes. I would probably never have noticed that, but it did take me a while to adjust to the color of Kirk’s hair in P2. I bet far more people know the color of Kirk’s hair than Checkov’s eyes. What a silly casting criticism for him to make from that glass house. But then, obviously, he is not the most objective critic. ;-)

I don’t really care about Vic’s off-stage history. Heck, I’ll still watch a Mel Gibson movie. Whether Vic is prone to act out of “spite” or not, I don’t know, but I think it is clear that he clearly has respect and great affection for Trek, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to see this production. I look forward to the next releases from both camps!

607. JKP - June 12, 2013

Nice! Captured TOS spirit wonderfully. Kirk and Scotty were great. Spock OK. Bones not so much. Apollo was great. As many have said, Vic really nailed the mannerisms of Shatner’s Kirk.

Really felt like a TOS episode. Lots of heart.

Boy I miss TOS. Hope these guys do lots more.

608. Chris Doohan - June 12, 2013

Again, thanks for all the support for STC. I was not going to respond to the “haters”, but I thought I should at least say this. The small group of them (yes, we know who you are) have posted the same negative “reviews” on almost every blog that mentions STC. The same people copy and paste the same “reviews” under several different names. A real review is great (good or bad), but the personal attacks come across as vindictive and childish. James Cawley didn’t have to respond to this thread, but he was kind enough to post a positive comment. I think you could learn by his example.

When Phase 2 news comes out, you will not see anyone working for STC spewing out any personal attacks on anyone working on the cast or crew.

Also, I’ve known Vic for a while now and have never seen him be anything but kind to our cast and crew, as well as his fans at cons. He is always gracious and friendly.

609. jerr - June 12, 2013

Well said Mr. Doohan! I wish your team continued success

610. Other Guy - June 12, 2013

Its been a few hundred posts since I said how I enjoyed the episode.

Thanks again STCs!


418. Gabe Koerner

“Other Guy, you really ought to think before you come up with bad ideas that feed into a system that’s making it harder and harder for the average working joe in the LA entertainment industry make ends meet. I’m actually rather offended by your notion. I’m going to throw up now. Jesus.”

I suppose this relates to the excess money spent on most “studio quality” Treks made these days.

Sorry, Gabe. But when I see a movie being made for anything over 50 million, I start to worry about ticket prices and the state of our Union.
Look these kids are doing good work, and its their passion.

It’s what Trek sorely needs!

611. John Gill - June 12, 2013

Chris and James; Haters are always going to hate, it is in their nature. Obviously they are jealous of the magnificent work and accomplishments you both have made in various fields lately.
Keep up the good work! The favor of the many out weighs the negativity of the few.

612. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - June 12, 2013

Thank you again Chris. Just Ignore the Dueshes who keep pasting and posting the same thing over and over.

613. dswynne - June 12, 2013

Mr. Doohan: I just wanted to say that it was neat seeing you play the transporter chief in STiD, and, should Mr. Pegg ever decides to leave his role as “Scotty” in the rebooted movie franchise, you would be more than a worthy successor. And good job on the STC stuff, and will be looking for more from you and your “crew”.

614. Theatre Historian - June 12, 2013

Well said Chris (608)
As I said earlier can’t wait to see where the story for episode 2 takes the crew.

615. MJ (The Original) - June 12, 2013

I just wanted to ad, Mr. Doohan, that you did a fantastic job on this. Thank you!

My main point here has always been that people who have some issues with the overall production should not be silenced or ridiculed, and I stand by this.

616. WGA 101 Best Written TV Series List ST #33, TNG #79 - June 12, 2013

617. Larry - June 12, 2013

This is very good, true Star Trek. The movie reboots were poor IMO.

618. Blue Thunder - June 12, 2013

@608 – Mr. Doohan, with all due respect, did you ever think that maybe Vic is just ‘acting’ kind, gracious, and friendly? Given Mignogna’s bad reputation and controversial history concerning fans and fan films, it is something I would definitely not put past him. #604(CoffeePot)makes a valid point about Vic’s personal history.

@611 – I wouldn’t call it a question of jealousy concerning the STC, I would call it a question of morals, ethics, and motivations behind the purpose of it. The real reason why STC was made in the first place. And the reasoning and mentality behind it would have no doubt made Gene Roddenberry roll in his grave. Star Trek is supposed to be about resolving social issues in a peaceful and tolerant manner. NOT breaking morals, ethics, and laws and trying to spitefully(as well as illegally)take over someone else’s project right out from under them and reshape it in their own twisted image.

619. Surak of Vulcan - June 12, 2013

618 Your behaviour is much worse. You win no converts with such unending stupidity. You’re only hurting sadly yourself. STC is fantastic and it’s getting rave reviews on many sites. Give up your hatred it will eat you up inside and ruin your life.

620. Blue Thunder - June 12, 2013

@579 – I believe my review explained all of that.

@602. Simple. Phase 2 is run by professional people who care a great deal about recapturing what made Gene Roddenberry’s original space odyssey so special. The hard work, laboring of love, excellent craftmanship, remarkable professionalism, dedication, honesty, and devotion clearly shows in their work. Such wonderful and impressive qualities are to be both admired and commended. They care about the morals and ethics established by Roddenberry’s vision.

Vic Mignogna’s qualities are sadly the total opposite. Especially after the immoral antics he had pulled on P2 in the past. I believe my review explained all of that in detail.

@619. I would hardly qualify my behavior as being much worse. Vic Mignogna’s behavior, ego, and modis operandi are certainly worse. And his methods quite unsound. I’m not interested in winning converts. I have no reason or cause for such a thing. I’m only interested in speaking the facts behind Mignogna’s perversion of something special and putting a stop to it. If he didn’t have such a bad reputation and committed such illogical acts(no pun intended), then maybe people wouldn’t write negative comments after being burned by him.

Is it logical to support a madman’s work that is nothing more than his petty, vindictive, and twisted form of personal spite against hardworking professionals and artists?

Personally, I don’t think it is.

621. Blue Thunder - June 12, 2013

And before you ask, putting a stop to it the way Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein did concerning the Watergate scandal and former President Nixon’s involvement.

Basically, the Freedom Of Speech!

622. Theatre Historian - June 12, 2013

I am going to ask you seriously and straight fowardly; what is keeping you from letting this go?

Why don’t you follow Mr Cawley’s lead, and wish them well and be done with it. If the he can wish them well, why can’t you?

623. CoffeeProf - June 12, 2013

Let’s not forget that Vic Mignona is a homophobic bigot and has launched into tirades against GLBT rights and has used his status to speak out against it. That goes completely against the spirit of Star Trek.

624. CoffeeProf - June 12, 2013

Don’t even get me started on how he is around the fangirls.

625. Blue Thunder - June 12, 2013

@622 – I believe CoffeeProf just answered your questions.

626. MJ (The Original). - June 12, 2013

Wow CoffeeProf,

I had not idea. I just did an internet seach of “Vic Mignona homophopic”, and hundreds of fans from many genres have been insulted and hurt but his homophobic-related comments over the years.

This is eye-opening — thanks for sharing this. We need to know about this.

Memo to Theater Historian — this is why we don’t silence people here. People have a right to know if someone involved in productions like this are treating people with intolerance and bigotry. I personally have zero tolerance for this type of behavior.

627. K-7 - June 12, 2013

Blue Thunder, CoffeeProf, MJ,

This makes me sick hearing about Vic’s intolerance.

I hope that the reason here that so many people were trying to convince us all not to discuss issues with the production staff on STC was not because they knew of this, and wanted it to be swept under the rug and pretend that this never happened???

This is exactly why we should bring this information out in the open. This needs to be brought forward here. Thank You!

628. Blue Thunder - June 12, 2013

CoffeeProf is not the only one who has zero tolerance for such inexcusable behavior.

Not only has Vic Mignogna shown his true colors in how he handles other people, he has proven how much of a hypocrite and a bigot he really is. Including up to being a liar, toxic narcicisst, thief, crook, and something a lot worse(in reference to the issue CoffeeProf described concerning fangirls).

Now you tell me. Should we be supporting the work of someone who has a very controversial history and bad reputation?

Vic Mignogna already ruined the reputation and credbility of Farragut Films and its staff by pulling the assinine antics that he pulled concerning the unauthorized release of Phase 2’s Kitumba, the failed attempted takeover of Phase 2, the illegal seizure of sets that he built for Starship Ajax, and what CoffeeProf revealed.

This is NOT hearsay or a ‘he said, she said’ type of issue. This is NOT trolling. This is NOT a flamming war. And it is certainly NOT a Sandbox issue.

It is bringing to light the truth about this maniac who has a committed some highly questionable acts that should have landed him in some serious legal trouble a long time past. Something that is long past overdue.

The people at STC are working with a petty, spiteful, and vindictive lowlife who has no morals or ethics, whatsoever. And that is someone they should NOT be associated with.

I don’t know what Michele Specht happens to see in such a person, but it is certainly both sick and sad all at once.

MJ is right. You people who have reacted negatively to this are really threatened by honesty. Like the old saying goes, ‘the truth hurts sometimes’.

629. Blue Thunder - June 12, 2013

My pleasure, K-7.

630. Blue Thunder - June 12, 2013

Here is some more proof that confirms vic’s controversial nature.

This is a quote from a member of the Starship Ajax production, who explained in detail what happened, and how Vic set that production behind by a year. Out of respect to that production member, his name is being withheld.

“Ok…here’s the whole STARSHIP AJAX story….We had just aquired the bridge set from another production; “Starship Exeter”, and had moved it to an airplane hangar to begin restoration. It had sat in a polebarn for several years, exposed to the weather, so it was in pretty rough shape. Vic had attempted to get his hands on it, but showed up 2 weeks late, so the owner, Jimm Johnson gave it to us.. When Vic heard that it was about to slip through his fingers, he hustled to Texas to get it. (You see, he wanted it to make his production, “Star Trek Continues”) Jimm told him, “Sorry pal, you never showed up. You snooze, you lose!” Vic was furious and threw a hissy fit…offered thousands of dollars for it…but Jimm’s mind was made up; the bridge was ours to keep. Vic then set about badgering us to get it…rent it…borrow it…He waved around his checkbook and that got the attention of the AJAX team. I wasn’t there for any of this, but I was getting constant calls from the guys to keep me in the loop. I’ve worked with types like Vic before, so I tried to warn the guys…told them to steer clear of this guy…he was just a bad news Hollywood type who will tell you what you want to hear, but screw you in the end. Finally, a deal was worked out that Vic would rent the hangar next to ours, help with our rent and send a crew to help us build all the other sets (Conference room, captain’s quarters, curved corridor, transporter room, sickbay) and an exchange would be made…Vic would get to shoot on our bridge, and we would get to shoot on the new sets. Now, keep in mind, restoration stopped on our bridge to do this and rent was still being paid for the space while our bridge just sat there. For a month or so, the work on the sets progressed and things were looking great. We were so stoked that we would actually have all the original Star Trek sets at our disposal…and THAT was when Vic yanked the rug right out from under us. He showed up late one night with a crew, packed up all his sets and left. He probably would have taken the bridge too if he’d had a key to our hangar. At this point, we had used up all of our building materials, our budget was shot, and to make matters worse, he stuck us for the rent. His final words? “Payback is a bitch.” His B.S. set us back over a year as we crawled out of the hole that Vic dug for us. He brought the whole mess to the folks who make “Starship Farragut”, making the same promise to them. You see, he got free labor and materials out of us and basically ruined us…all because we beat him to the bridge that he wanted. Do I HATE this vindictive a**hole? Yep….”

Furthur information about this incident can be also found at the following website links. Plus the information on Vic’s illegal release of Star Trek – Phase 2 ‘Kitumba’ about a year past. The latter incident being a violation of a C and D order from what was revealed. Hopefully, they are still available for access.

631. Blue Thunder - June 13, 2013

For those who have been wondering about the incident concerning Vic’s attempted coup of Phase 2, a production member on that fan film also revealed and confirmed this. As with the Starship Ajax production member, the name of this person is being respectfully withheld.

“So here is a “minor” tale from the Phase II side. For the episode being shot June 2011, James was set to play Captain Kirk’s father – as Kirk himself barely appeared in the episode. Vic begged and begged to have the part, and offered a friend to play another key role “Guy #1″ and James turned it over to him. Two weeks before filming was to begin, the actor for “Guy #1″ got a paying gig and bowed out. Therefore, we switched it back to James playing Daddy Kirk and put Vic playing “Guy #1″.

Vic called me. Sobbing. And I mean SOBBING. And BEGGING to play Daddy Kirk, saying it was his “only chance, ever, to play a Kirk”. When I told him we had no choice, he asked if HE could find someone to play the “Guy #1″ role. James told me to tell him he could try, but at this point in time we couldn’t help with transportation, lodging, or anything else a “real actor” might want. He called us later (not sure how many days) and had roped Colin Cunningham into it. Vic said Colin was available the entire two weeks and that Vic would pay the salary, food, lodging and transportation Colin wanted for working. James told Vic that if he was willing to do all that then, of course, he could play Daddy Kirk and we’d love to have Colin for the other role…as long as Vic understood we were not paying for ANYTHING.

So I call Colin to set up his lodging. It is then I find out that he is available for two days at the beginning of the shoot and two days in the middle, but had to go to Canada in the middle and at the end. NOT the entire shoot. (As he was a main character, and other stuff had to be scheduled in, we could not schedule around that.) I tell James and then call Vic to report the problem. Vic then yells at me for 10 minutes that it’s completely unnecessary for Colin to be there the entire time and I am causing trouble by having told James that because “he doesn’t need to be bothered with those kinds of details”. Vic then calls James and tells him I am lying and Colin is available the entire shoot. Vic then calls me back and yells some more about me telling James to begin with. (In case you guys don’t know, James is the creator and Senior Exec of our production…or HIS production LOL) I tell Vic I can’t schedule the guy for 4 days and we’ll just have to go back to James playing Daddy Kirk and Vic playing the other guy, and we need to thank Colin for his willingness to try to work with us.

O.M.G. Vic melts down completely. First yelling at me that “James can barely handle Captain Kirk, there’s no way in hell he could handle the other Kirk”. Then he sobs and begs some more. Then he goes back to saying James can’t act his way out of a paper bag. Vic insists we can film a heck of a lot more in 4 days than we are able to. Vic accusses me of causing trouble by telling James the truth and “upsetting him with a truth he doesn’t need to know. It’s better if James is ignorant of the details of his production.” Vic then calls James and tells him that yes, Colin is available the entire shoot and he doesn’t know why I am causing trouble and telling James otherwise. In fact, he says James should get rid of me for causing such trouble.

These calls to James and I, back to back, go on for about 45 minutes.

Oh. I forgot to mention…..while he is calling James saying one thing, and then calling me yelling cause I told him the truth…..wait for it…

James and I are sitting next to each other at a restaurant. It would have been funny as hell if it wasn’t so infuriating.

Long story short… Colin comes. Vic does pay his expenses. He is not available the middle days and expects us to provide transportation to Canada and back for him. When he finds out we don’t have the money or driver to do so, he stays in his room, refusing to come to the set during those days because Vic only is paying him for the 4 days. (Colin was an absolute professional and a joy to work with, btw. I am just pointing out Vic did not pay him for the entire shoot, as he agreed to do.) Vic and his business partner who attended made this shoot sheer hell – which is ENTIRELY different from our “fun summer camp” we are used to. Not surprisingly, we did not get all the footage we need to finish this episode. (We’re still working on pickups)

But here is the kicker- to this very day, Vic claims that James “stole” his money and “owes” Vic the money he paid Colin and for Colin’s requirements.

Folks, I was involved every step of the way with these arrangements, even listening in on speaker phone when Vic was talking to James, and I can ASSURE YOU that Vic absolutely agreed to pay everything needed and understood absolutely that there was no way in hell that WE or James could ever pay it, nor would we. But Vic states this as his #1 reason for “hating” James and trying to bring the production down.

And, that, folks, is just the tip of the iceberg…..

When James finally started screaming “hang the **** up on him! Hang up! HANG UP!” and then did it for me….I finally texted Vic “speaker phones suck, huh?” LOL and, yeah, this was the issue that Vic used to try to get his edit seen…”

This is not an exaggeration. From what I have heard there is SO much more. However, I have not been privy to the rest of the information concerning this. Suffice to say, Vic brings a path of destruction with everything he “works” on…

Loosely translated, he is known as The Doomsday Machine of Star Trek fan films.

And I thought Joseph McCarthy had nearly ruined lives in his foolish Communist with hunts.

632. MJ (The Original). - June 13, 2013

WOW… this is just horrible. Mind-blowing. Sad and deviant.

633. CoffeeProf - June 13, 2013

MJ, it’s all good. As someone who used to be entrenched in the anime industry (worked for numerous conventions, was a con-chair, headed up the largest Anime club in the state of TX, and interned at ADV which was one of the biggest anime companies out there RIP.), this is the just the tip of the iceberg with Vic Mignona and I can’t, in good conscious, stand by as he sullies something that means so much to us. Ego is one thing, but outright unethical business dealings, contempt for fans, extorting con staff for a plane ticket, sexual harassment, ect is another thing. The worst part of all this, he’s an ex police officer, puts out Christian albums, and was the song leader at First Baptist Church in Houston. With all that, he still does what he does. But people here still like him for his second rate impression of William Shatner? No sir, we can’t have this.

The most ironic part is that he puts out a panel to “dispel rumors about him” at conventions. Attempt and trying to get better PR much?

Unfortunately, people will still defend him and he’ll still continue to go on doing what he does because he was Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist and the fangirls like “getting a squeeze” from him.

634. Theatre Historian - June 13, 2013

You know darn well, my post only said that this might not be the place for airing questionable dirty laundry,and that vitrol and hate spewed rumor mongering is not something I care to read.

635. Jovius the Romulan - June 13, 2013

Blue Thunder, thank you for telling it like it is. This is pretty damn refreshing.

Second thought? I’m not sorry at all for what I said earlier in this thread. Because the more I learn, the more I shake my head.

Chris Doohan, I have respect for you sir, but you are quite frankly being hoodwinked. Like so many others before you. He’s charming as hell when he needs to be, but his true nature will reveal itself over time. Mark my words. I liked the episode itself, but cannot say I like much else.

636. MJ (The Original). - June 13, 2013


Open your eyes, dude. Open your eyes.

Sometimes the truth supersedes niceties.

637. Other Guy - June 13, 2013

Mr. Doohan, Why diid’nt Pine-Kirk give you command of Engineering in SDID?


Also, concerning my earlier comment at #610, about how I fear for Hollyweird’s huge budgets are crippling the ability to even produce a good movie these days due to the HUGE budgets, read this whopper of an article!



But here is the rub. You have to make it for under $1 million.

Think you guys can do that??

638. Other Guy - June 13, 2013

Sheesh. No one EVER listens. Eh, Gabe?

639. Other Guy - June 13, 2013

Oh Yeah, one more thing.


477. Megan Fox’s Agent – June 7, 2013
Simple question.

Will Star Trek Continues do a “fourth season” Khan episode?
I thought about this this morning and I came up with a brilliant idea.

JJ why didn’t you use just use this guy?! A REAL NO BRAINER! Duh!

I could write you a brilliant fourth season episode featuring a Khan that we really deserve to see after JJ’s ridiculous movies.

640. Kevin-TNG - June 13, 2013

618 Blue Thunder

You say; “Star Trek is supposed to be about resolving social issues in a peaceful and tolerant manner” Do you know the meaning of hypocrisy?

Seriously, this would make a great reality series. “Trek Wars” . I would watch.

641. Blue Thunder - June 13, 2013

@635 – My pleasure, Jovius.

@640 – If you require a definition for the word hypocrisy, you need not look any furthur than Vic Mignogna and his controversial actions.

642. Other Guy - June 13, 2013

Screw all the in-fighting.

You all should have had some kind of contract if you are going to bitch about $ issues.

I disregard all the above in-fighting. I just want good Trek.

Cawley got it started well, and whomever wants to keep the torch lit get my Views.

Vic included.

643. dmduncan - June 13, 2013

Re: Blue Thunder review:

OMG I could not get through that. Quickly devolved into an angry and bitter personal attack on Mignogna, with everything in the production becoming collateral damage of BT’s anger.

Look, I don’t know Vic or James or any of the people behind any of these fan productions. I only know what I see in the finished products, and Vic did a pretty good job of THAT. I rather enjoyed it for what it was, and frankly I’m not equipped with the knowledge to sit in judgement of Vic’s character.

Vic is a homophobic ex-cop Christian rock singer?

I don’t know or care, but if it’s true, congrats to Vic for keeping all that out of his portrayal of Kirk.

May the voyages continue.

644. Phil - June 13, 2013

Wow. First fan film I think I’ve ever seen that wasn’t garbage, and such vitriol. A shame, really…

645. Blue Thunder - June 13, 2013

@642. If anything is becoming collateral damage, it is the reputation of Star Trek, itself. Especially when it is at the hands of a toxic narcicisst.

646. Other Guy - June 13, 2013

Yeah, JJ!! (STID sarcasm engaged)

647. Phil - June 13, 2013

Somehow I doubt the executives at Paramount, Bad Robot, and CBS are lying awake at night fretting that their brand is being destroyed by a fan film….

648. Other Guy - June 13, 2013

That is why they failed, Phil @ #647.

Y’know. This whole thing about big budget Star Trek (and big budget films in general) is the production bureaucracy that grows around such big budget endeavors.

I seriously doubt the top level of these companies really care about much aside from their responsibilities to the Boards of Directors they are on.

How many of the BODs are Trek fans?

649. Other Guy - June 13, 2013

OK. Probably not a failure at the B.O.. But did they REALLY need to spend that much?

650. Matt Wright - June 13, 2013

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