Comic-Con: Trek XI Producers are fans of the new Battlestar Galactica

producers.JPGLost and Trek XI producer Damon Lindelof (pictured in the middle) was asked for a reaction on Lost not being nominated for Best Dramatic Series Emmy for its second season (after winning for its first season). Lindelof exclaimed “Battlestar Galactica didnt get nominated either and thats a great show”. Fellow Lost and STXI producer Bryan Burk (pictured on left), along with Lost producer Carlton Cuse (pictured on right) joined in on the praise agreeing with Lindelhof’s assessment…as did the crowd of Losties who applauded the mention of Galactica.

Trek XI producers like the anti-Trek?
The much lauded Battlestar Galactica (co-created by former Trek writer/producer Ron Moore) has been touted (along with Lost) as redefining the scifi genre. Moore constantly points out how much BSG is nothing like Star Trek (or more specifically the Trek of the last decade). Battlestar Galactica could be defined as the ‘anti-Trek’, in his regular podcasts Moore invariably invokes Trek and how he endeavors to find a different way of doing things on each episode.That being said it is not surprising that the Star Trek XI creative team are fans of BSG, many of the recent comments coming from JJ Abrams sound very much like those of Ron Moore regarding how scifi needs to be a great drama first which needs to have realistic characters. Some hardcore Trekkies may not like the comparison or that the co-producer of Trek is a fan of the ‘anti-Trek’, but I believe that Trek does need a kick in the pants compared to recent outings (most of which it appears Abrams has never seen). Although Abrams has stated he wont be rewriting the canon (as Moore did with the BSG franchise) it is good to see that they are sympatico with the best scifi on TV.

Producers Lindelof and Cruse w/ Daniel Day Kim