Grunberg: ‘Amazing Actors’ Want To Be In Star Trek XI

greggrunberg.jpgIt appears that William Shatner isn’t the only big star bucking for a seat on the next Trek enterprise. JJ Abrams pal and expected Trek XI castmember Greg Grunberg is concered about the compeition he is facing for a good part in Star Trek XI. Grunberg tells SciFi Wire:

It would be great to have some great role. But people are coming out of the woodwork. Amazing actors are coming out from everywhere calling J.J. and saying, ‘I want to be in this movie!’

Abrams’ bringing new level of Hollywood buzz to Trek?
Besides the installed stars like Shatner and Stewart, Trek films have mostly attracted solid character actors (F Murray Abraham, Christopher Plummer, James Cromwell, etc). It will be new to have big name stars in a Trek film, but it may be essential if Paramount wants to bring in a new audience. The Trek Movie Report is told that no one has yet to be signed to the film yet, but rumors of Abrams being interested in Matt Damon persist. However, it is said that Abrams was the one initiating that interest. There are sure to be many other stars who are also Trekkies. A good guess may be Tom Hanks who could want another shot at Trek after schedules kept him from playing Zefram Cochrane in Star Trek First Contact 10 years ago.

If it says Abrams…expect Grunberg
Although Grunberg will co-staring in NBC’s new superhero themed show Heroes, to date most of his credits are due to his pal Abrams. Grunberg had already been listed as ‘expected’ on the (rather sparse) Trek Movie Report Cast Page. Grunberg had a part in Abrams debut film Mission Impossible III as well as recurring characters on Abrams first two shows Felicity and Alias. He also appeared in the pilot for Lost. Grunberg’s regular appearances in Abrams projects was spoofed on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this year. In the show ‘guest directed’ by Abrams, Grunberg was added to the band as a bongo player. Kimmel joked that the show was contractually obligated to have him on with Abrams. Grunberg speaks confidently to SciFi Wire that he will end up with something…hopefully a bad guy with little time in the make-up trailer

“He’s going to find something for me,” “We joked about that, with Bob (Orci) and Alex (Kurtzman) and J.J. (Abrams). We were all out, and I said, ‘Look, if you think I’m going to sit through eight hours of makeup for two lines, forget it.’ And Bob goes, ‘Oh, no, you will.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, well, I guess will.’ But hopefully they’ll give me something.” Like what, a Klingon? “I want to be a bad guy!”

Grunberg in the role of a ‘red shirt’ for the Lost pilot
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Where on Earth do you get this information?? Who *do* you know?? LOL. Tony P you’re my hero!

Thanks for the site, it’s the highlight of my day.


Now I understand… thanks for the clarification.

Shalom, my friend!

Let me know if I can be of any assistance…

Star Trek ,as a francise,is bigger than Bond.My point…Connery originated the Bond character just as Shatner,Nimoy & co. originated Kirk & Spock.I have NO PROBLEM with a new, re-invigorated ,Re-interpreted Star Trek with an all star cast.My Guess is it’ll probably be the next time I go to a cinema.

Note that IGN Filmforce, owned by Fox parent News Corp, also took part in the “Heroes” set visit and Grunberg interview.


Tom Hanks could be a good Christopher Pike. It would be cool to see Chirs Pike hand-off command of the Entperise to James….T….Kirk.

Maybe Tom Hanks as Dr McCoy? Somehow I can see that happening…