Abrams Needs Shatner and Nimoy To Approve The New Kirk and Spock?

The Toronto Star talked to Leonard Nimoy about Star Trek, Photography and his upcoming appearence at next weekend’s Fan Expo Canada. Nimoy was asked about Star Trek XI and the reported Kirk and Spock storyline, but he didn’t seem to know anything besides what has been previously reported. However when asked if he had any casting ideas, Nimoy said something quite intriguing

I haven’t gone there yet. I think it’s premature. Although I do, by contract, have the right to approve the casting

Want to Recast Us? Only After We Say So

Shatner too?
This notion that Nimoy has ‘veto power’ seems a bit surprising, and deserves clarification. The Star had interviewed Shatner before Nimoy and therefore could not confirm if Shatner had the same rights. If true, then previous reports about meetings between Shatner and Trek XI Producer JJ Abrams make even more sense. The original rumor about Matt Damon mentioned that Abrams was seeking Shatner’s approval; it may be that it was more than just a mere courtesy. Shatner did tell the USA Today that he thought Damon would be ‘great’, so we can assume he gave Abrams and Para his approval on that one at least.


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^ Ah. Of course. What?

I’d be surprised if this were true; my guess is that Nimoy is “talking through his hat,” as my dad would say, and doesn’t really know the contractural rules regarding recasting.