Naked Time Remastered Promo

Our favorite loyal reader in Chicago sends us the latest promo for this weekends Star Trek Remastered episode. 

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Wow……that looks good! could it be that they’re getting better on a weekly basis? I have to wonder…..where our these CGI – group from? Is all the work done here or abroad? Nice to see these subtle changes you know?

That shot on the viewscreen of the Enterprise spiralling down into orbit was FANTASTIC!
I can’t wait for the episode with Captain Christopher, that should provide some amazing sequences!

“Risk gentlemen, that’s what this starship is all about….that’s…why we’re…..aboard her!”

I haven’t seen anyone mention that episode with the giant single celled space amoeba, that is another episode they can go all out on, impressive, most impressive!

It looks like the atmosphere on the planet is moving incredibly rapidly even before the Enterprise begins its spiral downward, which is a nice touch. It looks like a Hurricane Katrina planet!

Well…..I know of no weather condition (none exists at all!) that would cause any planet to spiral so rapidly. Of course this is only Tv – but! Though wouldn’t it be neat after researching to find a wayward planet that does just that? Your so called….Hurricaine Katrina planet?

It’s pretty obscured in the preview but I wonder if they’ve done a digital matte painting in Engineering to replace or extend the original forced-perspective set. WIth the video effect added to the preview it’s impossible to tell.

Ditto on the “amoeba” episode. I’m also looking forward to “Spectre of the Gun”, because I think there’s much that could be done with the skies to enhance the “eerie” aspect of the episode, which is it’s strength… All of my other looking-forward choices would be obvious ones.

I can’t recall exactly but, didn’t the rotation of Psi-2000 actually rapidly increase simultaneously to the Enterprise nosediving into the atmosphere?

Also, I don’t quite recall the figures but what is the minimum velocity of an object that maintains an orbit?
I know it’s trailblazin’ speed, so that combined with the planet increasing its rotation provides for a pretty dynamic orbital viewscreen shot.

Yes… as Psi-2000’s radius decreased, it’s rotation increased. I assume the logic applied here was similar to that of an ice skater. If an ice skater starts a spin with arms extended, the rate of the spin will rapidly increase as they pull their arms in to their sides. As Psi-2000 collapsed on itself, its mass became more concentrated in a smaller space, just like the skater, and the rate of rotation increased. I believe this would be due to the conservation of angular momentum: “This important concept carries over to more complicated systems: generally, for rotating bodies, if their radii decrease they must spin faster in order to conserve angular momentum. This concept is familiar intuitively to the ice skater who spins faster when the arms are drawn in, and slower when the arms are extended; although most ice skaters don’t think about it explictly, this method of spin control is nothing but an invocation of the law of angular momentum conservation.”

Also, remember that for most of TOS’s viewscreen shots, the Enterprise is orbiting at a considerable distance. But in Naked Time, she is skirting just above the atmosphere! And, as we’ve all witnessed, if you’re driving in a car at 60mph, the road right beside the car seems to whiz by, while the mountains in the distance seem to barely move at all.

The third factor invovled would be the speed necessary to maintain orbit. Just like Psi-2000, as the Enterprise pulled tighter and tighter to the surface of the planet, her own angular momentum would need to be conserved as well (unless braking thrusters were applied, which I doubt)! Plus, she would probably even need to increase speed in order to maintain an orbit.

All those factors combined: the increased rotation of Psi2000, the increased speed of the Enterprise, and the extremely close proximity of the Enterprise to Psi-2000’s atmosphere would make for an extremely wild ride… and an extremely awsome visual on the viewscreen!

oh sulu, you love to be tackled by kirk, dont you?

Lookin’ good!

And good lord #10 you just had to make a comment didn’t you…

I thought everyone might like to find out how to see the high quality previews from The URL for this episode is:

All you need to do is change the episoe number to see the others. Before you go trying to see any of the upcoming episodes they have not been created yet. The ones that are available:

I found some images of the CBs Digital crew working on Star Trek here …

Strictly tongue -in-cheek here: do you suppose they will “remaster” Apollo’s mysteriously-vanished aureolas? [sheepish grin]

After viewing Balance of Terror, I’m kinda disapointed……

Don’t get me wrong – the CGI is great, but they just replaced the Enterprise model with the CGI one. What I mean is that they left the same unrealistic flying pattern of the ship. When the Enterprise flyes towards the screen and to the right for instance, it seams that the front of the ship is slightly inclined downwards. So many hours and money spent to remaster the series, I think they could have put just a liiiiiitle more effort and fixed this issue. And the series wouldn’t loose its 60’s “feel” at all!

Or during the Enterprise firing its phasers scene….. where does beams come out from??? Here too, they didn’t change anything – just replaced it.

Anyhow, they still managed to do a great job in improving the special effects!


I’m much more curious how they will alter Apollo’s rather unceremonious, lackluster loss of his temple! Having seen what can be done with the old red haze fading effect in Devil, I have high hopes. Also, I’d like to see some real PALPATINE type lightning shooting from his fingers, this IS Apollo after all puny mortals.

Let’s go gather some laurel leaves and kick back and watch The Naked Time.

I watched the episode tonight and DL’d the trailer here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. NO OTHER Trek compares with the original “Star Trek!”

This episode rocked and the effects worked marvelously!