City On The Edge Of Forever Remastered Promo

Here is the promo for this week’s Trek Remastered. Looks like the Guardian of Forever is getting a makeover. 

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…again thanks to our favorite loyal reader in Chicago 

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City has to be THE TOS episode. I can think of no greater example of what makes “Star Trek” great. I’m anxiously awaiting this premier, Having seen all of the remastered episodes to date, with the exception of “Miri” I can say that I’m pleasantly surprised. Though the Enterprise could use a little more detail and weathering, I’m still ejoying each new viewing. Harlan Ellison’s magnificent script and D. C. Fontana’s subsequent rewrite make this the best episode of series.

Watching the reworked episodes takes me back to when I was just a kid. “It’s like Deja Vu all over again.”

I’ll be buying the remastered series if for no other reason than this episode and to hear the opening sequence in Dolby Suround Sound.

This is truely a great year for TOS fans. With the advent of the new games, the buzz about the movie being placed in the TOS era and the remastered series, as well as the new books and “collectables,” it seems TOS fans have been vindicated after years of hearing about the dated effects.

This story speaks to the fact that there is a time for war and a time for peace. We also get to see Shatner strach his acting legs in this story.

I’ll never forget the impact this show had on me, when I first saw it. I could believe that Edith Keeler died and that Kirk had to suffer such a great loss. There are no easy, last minute fixes in this episode and that’s one of the many things that makes it great.

Turn off the lights, get some popcorn and enjoy.

Unless it’s Youtube, or my monitor settings, the Enterprise looks lighted differently?

Why is there a shot of the Enterprise orbiting EARTH in this new promo? I thought they were going to ‘change’ anything from the original story…

Why is there a shot of the Enterprise orbiting EARTH in this new promo? I thought they weren’t going to ‘change’ anything from the original story…

As we learned from last week’s “Naked Time” promo and subsequent episode, don’t expect to see, in the episode, what you see in the promo….FX wise, that is. Hopefully we will see some “ruins” on the Guardian’s horizon and perhaps a slight tweaking of the “time stream” so the images don’t look somuch like a newsreal of the 40’s. And maybe some subtle transitional changes with Spock’s tricorder display. Aside from returning some color to the stars, there isn’t a whole lot of enhancing to be done when you’re on the streets of New York. One thing I hope they don’t change is the pan of Kirk, up to the stars. It’s a great homage to the Twilight Zone and needs to be left alone to retain that “Twilight Zone” look and feel.

I just saw a commercial promoting Direct TV. It was Star Trek. Capt Kirk, Mr Spock and Checkov were on the bridge and they had on the red uniforms from their last movie. Is this new? It was on Fox News channel.

I caught a glimpse of that Star Trek Direct TV spot too. If anyone knows where to see it please post here! By the way, looking forward to City this weekend!

This sucks…The planet is supposed to be a dead world, and looked it in the original…now they have gone and fucked with that superior original effect!

City needs very little improvement….the only thing that needs updating are those god damned tri corders!

thank you for your time to-day!

That SOB “movie announcer guy” is stiill saying “Star TRACK”. I think he’s doing it on purpose now….

Oh I’m 99% certain the promo uses stock footage of the Enterprise circling the Earth from Miri and not the proper footage. Since as was noted the planet where the Guardian is found is a dead planet.

Thanks for posting the promo as a download feature. Appreciate it.

Matt is right! If you go to they show the NEW CGI planet for “City” and it’s not the one used in the promo. It’s just advertising people throwing in clips to get people’s attention, that’s all. Go to and then click on the Star Trek link at the top…then click on the City On The Edge of Forever Remastered ad/banner. It’ll take you to a page about the episode with pictures. Find the one marked remastered and look around a little bit.

Not sure if I am supposed to do this, since I’m new at posting at places like this…but I think this is the link:‘/startrek/page/redirect/external?id=29336’, ‘_blank’, ‘width=750,height=780,scrollBars=0’); newWindow.focus()

Oops-maybe not?

FYI to anyone interested in reading Star Trek books:

Pocket Books just released the first in a three book series called CRUCIBLE, which relates to the events set off by City on the Edge of Forever. I’m halfway through book one (McCoy: Shadows of Provenance) and I am extremely impressed. I have not picked up a Star Trek book in well over ten years, and I’m a pretty avid reader in general and I can confirm that this book is worthwhile. David R. George III has a strong handle on the characters and he fleshes out events surrounding the original series (the story spans decades) giving meaning to a lot of subtle moments in the series. Again, I hope to raise notice of this book as it is an excellent companion to TOS and the movies as well. Okie doke, that’s my tip of the week.

There ya go, Matt! Sorry about that, but hope it calms down all the “OMG, it’s Earth” people! ha-ha

Okay, they’ve actually made things worse here: The old version looks more like a dead world than the new version does….

It’s pretty, tho’…

Lee-It actually looks like a dead world WITH an atmosphere now, as it should. I can’t see what you think is worse…it used to look like a planet lifted from a black and white print, practicaally.

So, anyone taking bets on how long it will take before Harlan speaks up and complains yet again about what they did to his story???


The entire “paper mache’ / model kit looks more real over CGI” debate is entirely ludicrous, and I grew sick of hearing it during the Prequel Trilogy years.
Suspension of disbelief is what is key.
How one employs a CGI model versus a physical model is crucial.
We have all seen stock model footage using real world built models look as utterly craptastic as the worst CGI, conversely, some of the best CGI can pass as physical models.
Would anyone in good conscience argue the Constellation real world physical model looked better than a CGI Jedi Starfighter? To do so would not demonstrate much credibility, nor artistic eye.
The CGI U.S.S Enterprise being used on these remastered versions is perfectly fine, accurate, and features the Enterprise in a clear pristine way never seen before.
You can argue aesthetic choices such as hull lighting, star color, etc, yet these are again arbitrary aesthetic choices of style.
Yes, a starfield looks pretty and stylized having bright red, blue, and yellow stars to add a little diversity and punch, but unfortunately it isn’t realistic.
Across the vast gulf of space even red giants, blue dwarf , and yellow pulsar stars appear bright white to the naked eye.
Similarly, although not as dynamic or stylized, the Enterprise hull is flat camouflage grey and only under the most extreme lighting sources such as was done with Vejur, would the hull appear blue, green, or purple.
The Constitution Enterprise doesn’t have the pearlescent reflective quality of the refit, it is flat and monotone. Barring a nebula, Vejur, or getting a bit too close to a sun, flat camouflage grey is what you get.
I challenge anyone to provide a photograph of a purple, green, or blue space shuttle or I.S.S.


DOCTORED photographs don’t count ;)

Im with Lee, and I am not just saying this to argue but I prefer the old version of the dead planet faaaaaaaaaaaaaar better than the new version which does NOT look dead at all in that screen shot you can link to from here, its been hit and miss with Okuda and his team…and man!

For them to fuck up like this on City is a travesty!

Hire a better team who remembers what the ENTERPRISE REALLY LOOKED LIKE would be a great start!

THE Third Season Sots…were the most lovely and well done!

they better not fuck with them or this means protests and email campains to cbs/paramount!

“Hire a better team who remembers what the Enterprise really looked like would be a great start.”

Looked like according to whom?

My black and white television or your colored television showing the colors of a multi-generational transfer with over-saturated lighting?

I think what’s going on is that people are finally seeing what the Enterprise looks like and it is a bit jarring.

In the hobby world, the true color of the Enteprise was debated for two decades after the show was cancelled, and wasn’t entirely known until the 90s. Isn’t that sad?
And all due to televisions, different contrast settings, brightness, hue values, etc etc.
In the 70’s the Enterprise could be whatever color you wanted, and you could back it up with a publicity still.

If by “dead world” do you mean geologically inactive, no magnetic field, or no civilizations remaining?

I think within the context of the story they mean no life remaining and the ruins being the only reminder a civilization flourished there once, because let’s be realistic here, if the world was literally “dead”, they would not be setting foot on it.

Sorry to blow my cork and utter profanity’s but I am sure Harland wond like it too…All I know is “they” get it almost right about 70 percent of the time fx wize, …but sometimes, “it feels wrong”…as Scotty would have put it!…take what you will from that statement…but sometimes these new cgi shots,.. feel wrong”, not just to me, but many other trekkers both old and new!

….hope cbs/paramount is reading these blogs!

Hey Okuda AND your cgi happy pals…heres a link that shows what the Enterprise looked in 1969….give us THAT “feel” WE GET IN THIS SHOT!

a 37 year old screen clips looks more real than anything you guys have yet to do!

or if that doesnt work just look here…



Sorry guys, I’m all for the CGI work so far, but for me this lush looking little pleasure world is extremely out of place. On this one point I have to say the original is more appropriate.

But that’s just my opinion.

If you don’t like it, Don’t watch it. Personally, I’ve been a Trek fan all my life. I’m 25 now and have watched TOS straight through ENT. I’ve got all the DVD’s and appreciate each series for it’s own strengths. I’ve watched every re-master at least twice, looking hard and analyzing every detail. My conclusion? We are seeing a TOS that none of us could have hoped for. Bright, detailed picture, perfect sound, and very good CGI. You have to remember that they wanted to keep true to the effects and shots used in TOS and yet still draw a new audience. That’s what they are doing. And as a side note to Zora… The Okuda’s have been responsible for effects on Star Trek since TNG, you have not. They understand it, they live it, and they are doing a fantastic service for all of us right now. Be Grateful, or don’t watch.

I also think most of the effects are terrible. I also am seeing a pattern. All of the space/enterprise shots are poorly done. They have done a better job on other elements, such as the horta opening the tunnel, and background shots of Janus IV and in the Naked Time.

It’s not possible to please everybody in re-doing effects shots, but I honestly think they are doing a crappy job. They should spend more time and money to make it better or not do it all.

What “feel” are you referencing exactly Zora?

The thick black matte line surrounding the Enterprise, under illuminated hull, or the Lens Flare Supernova?

I thought the point of this little exercise was to modernize the effects, not mimic the “feel” by recreating bad matte work.

I like my Enterprises crisp and visible, that’s probably why I enjoy what the Okuda’s are doing.

Oh, how sad. The new world in CITY looks terrible! The old shot is so much better, because it artistically captures the concept of a dead world with its sad drab look – reminds one a bit of now-dry dead Mars, but with bruises. I also prefer the old big stars with lots of red to complement the planet.

The new Earth-like world may be more realistic scientifically, but it doesn’t appear in the shots I’ve seen to support the story concept nearly as well.

I must offer friendly disagreement with the old line of “If you don’t like it then don’t watch it.” It is fans’ passion for the show that leads them to offer spirited critiques. I’ve been an avid TOS fan for over thirty years, and I am delighted they are cleaning it up and FINALLY making a stab at updating the cheesier effects. But I also enjoy it when we wring our hands about the artistic choices they are having to make…so long as we praise their successes even as we bemoan their failures. I’m sure there will also be new things to really like in CITY, but the changes to the planet strike me as detrimental to its emotional impact.

This messge is for Granger. Please understand that my “old line” was directly in reference to Zora. I am in total support of critiques of the effects, as long as they are presented in a respectful manner. The way Zora spoke of the Okuda’s and the project in general was rude and tasteless. I would have hoped a Star Trek fan would have more tact and class than what he expressed in his comment. That’s all, I’m done ranting now.

i have a right to my say too you sassy youngsters…i paid my dues boy/girl whatever….

Christ!, I was sneeking downstrairs w/my brother to watch star trek on fri nites at 10 on the local nbc outlet (wcsh tv) every friday night!, from 1968 on ……


so….dont be a moon….lets get back to the moon!

Star Trek gave us all hope for a better tommorow, back in the day!….and it still does 40 years later , I know Okuda, im in the industry, myself, under a alias, ii just want to see epic trek episodes… treated with the respect they deserve..all the time with these “reconstructions” of theirs.

Okuda has been inconsistant, some of the old tech stuff looks better truth be told, and the sooner they realise it the sooner we will have a happy “medium”?

peace out…

Wow, I think LOTS of people need to peace out. Frankly I still don’t get how you people want this “dead world” to look like a place that virtually has no atmosphere. Heck, there is wind on the planets, “so there’s gots ta be clouds, people!” Other than that, it looks pretty dead to me. Nothing that looks like plant life on the shot I have looked at. Maybe I need glasses?

I loved it. 44 yr old, long term Trekker here and I loved it. I like both versions, but I thought the way the ship circled the planet, in the opening was beautiful

I honestly don’t know what to make of all the fuss. ????????

I’ve been watching this show since 69 and loved the planet. Makes perfect sense for a dead planet to have some atmosphere to it, or there would be oxygen to breath. The planet my be dead and lifeless, because in the past the life was killed by some cataclysm, but that doesn’t neccesarily mean that it will not support life.

I love this episode and have it on DVD. Have watched it many times, but I still saw it like a kid seeing through new eyes.

I’m amazed at my fellow “old school” trekkers that consistantly find some thing to crab about.

I’m honored that the attempt was made and love the new effects.

Thanks Okudas! Oh yeah and BTW, Love the sound on my dolby home theater.

Keep on Trekkin! =/\=

My only gripe is that they cut some scenes from this episode, although that could be my affiliate maybe? The cut scenes included Kirk telling Spock “We have a flop” (“A what?” Spock asks. “A flop–a place to sleep,” Kirk replies. “One might have said so in the first place, ” counters Spock)
and the derelict stealing McCoy’s “fancy heater” and disintegrating himself…..other than that, this episode looks fantastic—clearer and sharper than ever to me.

My .02 anyway