Shatner Touts ‘Legacy’, Has Advice For New Kirk (+ New Legacy Shots)

On Wednesday William Shatner appeared on G4’s ‘Attack of the Show’ to talk about the new game ‘Star Trek Legacy’. Shatner (along with all the other Trek captains) lends his voice to the biggest thing in Trek gaming in years. Host Kevin Pereira noted "there are five captains theoretically, but clearly you are the one", to which Shatner replied modestly "well I like to think that." After spending most of the segment discussing cigars, Shatner pimped Legacy a bit saying: "It is a wonderful game, I think your whole audience should buy it." He then declared: "Star Trek is coming back," seemingly referring to Star Trek XI. When asked what he thought of other ‘Kirks’ from the various internet fanfilms, Shatner replied "they are not me." Afterwards he gave some additional interviews, including one with Geek Magazine’s Jeff Bond. Jeff tells that he asked Shatner if he had any advice for a new actor playing Kirk. Shatner’s reply: "imitate me"…got to love the Shat!

Go to G4 for the video

By the way…here are the latest Legacy screenshots provided by Bethesda… 




(Xbox 360)

(Xbox 360)

(Xbox 360)


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Tactical Assault

Star Trek Encounters

Star Trek: Tactical Assault

 Star Trek: Legacy



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These are very nice shots. Gamers have long known how good
the visuals can be. The remastered TOS is getting better. Its
time to go back to Star Trek V and replace those gawd awful
visuals. The shots in the disc menu are nicer than whats in the
movie. At the time the movie was in production they moved
money away from ST-V for other films it had in the pipe, its time
to put some money back and make the film visually better.

Yeah the Shat was screwed royally on that film, and as a result HE gets the blame.

Paramount was too cheap to go with ILM for the effects, and settled on unknowns with a spotty track record at best.

The original premise is a MUST read. Shatner had a damn good film lined up. No Sybok being Spock half brother and silly acting, but a legitimate Vulcan villain, also no singing nonsense.
It was a serious adventure film in tone, but the execs wanted humor inserted due to the success of Trek IV.

Not sure how you guys feel about fan edits, but I found this site a while back that has some ambitious plans for Star Trek V. It looks like it will take a while for him to realize his vision, given his limited resources.

There’s also a link there for a petition to get Paramount to do a Director’s Cut if you are so inclined.

ILM was busy with other movies and couldn’t do the effects, with all the love for tos now they should redo the effects shots and have a dvd re-issue. It’s all about the cash, yo!

Darth “dolla’s” Ballz

There’s nothing that could have saved ST V conceptually or as a film, sorry.

I saw it in a preview screening in Baltimore a day before it opened, and a couple of film critics walked out *well* before any substantial effects shots — their estimation of the film was, understandably, based on the direction and broad, off-key performances (“where did you get this power?” was a howler that came up before the opening credits) rather than whether the Shat got his rock monster on or not.

Shatner’s been making excuses and blaming other people for this turkey since the day it was released. No go.

rookie mistake, gentlemen. the top picture is flipped the wrong way! Or else this is a shot from the “mirror” universe

Take a look at the arrangement of the continents of what is supposed to be earth

sorry, second from the top

The symptoms of anal fissure include:

Pain during, and even hours after, defecation
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Watching Star Trek V

Darth “zoiks” Ballz

Bill Shatner wanted to do a “Director’s Edition”, but the “suits” vetoed it. Now if only Anthony Pascale could co-produce with Daren Doc and CBS Digital a Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Remastered HD DVD I’d be thrilled!

It does have potential, truly, with editing. Darth’s comment is not appropriate for this forum.

ILM’s main team was not available, and their “test” was poor according to Harve Bennett. Bran Ferren’s team did not have enough time, I think the strike of the Writer’s Guild created problems.

That was all documented in a book Captain’s Log , which is no longer in print.

No amount of tinkering can turn Star Trek V into a great movie, but underneath its poor box office and terrible reputation, the film does have its charms and its moments, and thus, the potential to be remolded into a better and more entertaining movie. Go back to the rushes and re-edit the film from the ground up, get Shatner and/or Nimoy to loop a ship’s log or two to patch up some of the ludicrous scientific liberties, CG every model shot in the film, and substantially overhaul the ending into something genuinely spooky or suspensful and closer to Shatner’s original intent (a la the ‘gargoyles from the pit chase sequence’), and you get a movie in the C+ to B- range, instead of the D to C- range of the theatrical version. It would sell a fair amount of DVDs based on curiosity alone.

There’s a decent movie in there somewhere. Not great, but decent.

I agree Scott, but I wonder if there would be enough revenue generated to make it profitable enough for Paramounted.

I have a friend who worked for ILM and now for Lucas Arts. There was no work or bid from ILM on Trek V becasue they were working on other projects, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters 2, Back to the Future, etc. There was no b, c, d team for this. As far as a writers strike that had nothing to do with the writing of Star Trek V. Bennett and Shatner wrote it after not finding a writer they wanted or could afford. The strike did delay production though. I was trying to invoke some light humor to the post and sorry if I offended anyone….

Darth “lite r up” Ballz