It’s Shat-Tastic

With Shatner hedging on if he will have a role in Star Trek XI, it seems appropriate to show a promo of his new gameshow ‘Show Me The Money’…

and if that isn’t enough for you…here is another version, and yet another


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I’ll give him credit, Bill keeps moving. Captain of DirecTV, Denny Crane on a horse and game show host… his tastes seem… varied. And I thought that Ted Turner was “Captain Outrageous”.

And off subject, the new “Captain Kirk ” from Sioux City, Iowa is guiding his own enterprise on the Court in Chicago.
Go Kirk Henrich and Go Bulls!

I had an early call time this morning… thought i’d pop into my office first… check my emails… log onto TrekMovie (always a treat, Anthony)… Went to “It’s Shat-Tastic”…

There is now copious amounts of coffee on my desk, computer and shirt as a result of me expelling it through my nasal passages and esophagus. I’m still laughing my derrière off.

I’ve been watching this guy for nearly fifty years and I never get tired of him. His ability to move from bombastic buffoonery to Herculean heroics is testament to just how good he is… yeah, and I’m including “Big Bad Mama” and “Barbary Coast” (reluctantly, of course. i may have developed a “man-crush” but I’m not insane.)

Thanks again, Anthony, for the early morning laughs… By the way, does TrekMovie re-imburse for cleaning bills?

Well, so much for his rebirth as an actor… I mean come on he’s been doing films, TV, won an Emmy for Pete’s sake — and now a gameshow host??? Guess he really needs the money.

Bill is ALWAYS a popular, witty guest anytime he is on a chat show here in the U.K.

Yeesh, I think thats the Mirror universe Shatner.

I saw it…. don’t plan on seeing it again. The toupee glue finally reached the brain cells.