Grunberg Co-Star Quinto Wants To Be New Spock

Zachary Quinto, who plays the villain Sylar on the hit show ‘Heroes’ wants to be the new Spock. In an interview with the Pittsburg Post Gazette Quinto says "I missed the ‘Superman Returns’ boat, so I’m angling for ‘Star Trek.’ People are constantly telling me I bear some resemblance to Leonard Nimoy." He also joked about how he would get Heroes co-star (and Abrams best friend) Greg Grunberg to get him an in with the producer of Trek XI: "Maybe Sylar should tell Greg, ‘I promise I won’t kill you if you get me an audition,’ …We’ll see what happens." So add his name to the long list of those who want to be in Trek XI. If Abrams doesn’t opt for big name stars for Kirk and Spock he could do worse than Quinto. (thanks to Steve M. for sending in a Quinto/Spock photoshop image)

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