Grunberg Co-Star Quinto Wants To Be New Spock

Zachary Quinto, who plays the villain Sylar on the hit show ‘Heroes’ wants to be the new Spock. In an interview with the Pittsburg Post Gazette Quinto says "I missed the ‘Superman Returns’ boat, so I’m angling for ‘Star Trek.’ People are constantly telling me I bear some resemblance to Leonard Nimoy." He also joked about how he would get Heroes co-star (and Abrams best friend) Greg Grunberg to get him an in with the producer of Trek XI: "Maybe Sylar should tell Greg, ‘I promise I won’t kill you if you get me an audition,’ …We’ll see what happens." So add his name to the long list of those who want to be in Trek XI. If Abrams doesn’t opt for big name stars for Kirk and Spock he could do worse than Quinto. (thanks to Steve M. for sending in a Quinto/Spock photoshop image)

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I barely remember him from 24, and I’m not sure if it was the character he was playing, but he seemed very young to me. And I’m not talking about physical appearance alone; he didn’t exude any gravitas (a Bauer trait) or come off as a wise, deep soul (Spock traits). I’m slightly skeptical.

I can’t recall the guy’s name, but what about the dude from HBO’s “Rome”?

This guy has rocks in her fricking nuggin IF he thinks that having any sort
of resemblance to Leonard Nimoy (as it that matters and he doesn’t have) would warrant any consideration for the part of the lead vulcan in this film.
He should instead concentrate on what lead characteristics or qualities that he might be able to bring to any role regardless of the character.
Time for this guy to wake up and smell the coffee

This is the guy from Rome, Tobias Menzies:

THAT is Spock.

The one thing I think should be remembered in everyone’s fantasy casting is that these guys are the “young” Kirk and Spock, plus they may have to make several sequels over a span of some years before they reach middle-age. So I think any Kirk or Spock choice over 30 is too old (and any choice over 35 is WAY too old).

Steve, that’s assuming we know what the story is going to be. We first heard it was Starfleet Academy. Now, we hear it’s about Kirk’s first mission commanding the Enterprise.

Anthony, do you have ANY insights as to the time during TOS in which Trek Xi will be set?

# 4 Yeah….that guy has a look that appears as though it was cast in stone.
I don’t know about a so called YOUNG Spock but he looks the part.

#7, it’s all about that whacky Vulcan aging. Ya can never tell how old they are!

PS Ray Liotta in a cameo as newly minted Commodore Christopher Pike, handing the keys to the ship to whomever they choose as young(er) Kirk.

# 8 : Yeah…..I just looked up a image of Ray Liotta on
Thats another EXCELLENT choice. Looks just like him. Darned if I can
remember but where was Kirks prior assignment before commanding
the Enterprise? They (Paramount) could tie in a story involving the ship
that Kirk is on with a story that Pike is on prior to moving on to a new
assignment. I’ll get back with ya…..any other fine ideas?

# 8: Ok…..he was a Lt. aboard the USS Farragut. That could make for a interesting story IF it was properly fleshed out (handled) just a thought.

I believe Kirk was bumped up from Lieutenant to Captain immediately, right?

Adam, I don’t believe that was ever stated canon-wise. But I could be wrong.

and as for Sylar as Spock… hmmm I don’t know. I’ll watch Heroes closely Monday night.

Well, I’m not Abrams, but I’d let the guy audition…


Per your response #6, even if it’s not Starfleet Academy, you’re still looking at guys under 30, in my opinion.Shatner and Nimoy were in their early 30’s when they made the pilot (34 to be exact)..Plus, like I said previously, if sequels are made over the years, I would think the producers would want someone young enough to handle the roles 10, 15 years down the line.
I’ve never watched “Heroes”, but this guy Quinto looks pretty good in the photos. At any rate, the next year sure is gonna be fun to watch!

Andy Samberg from SNL looks like Nimoy – Very much so in fact. He is in his mid 20’s. Don’t know if he can act but he does look alot like young Nimoy

Stern,distinguished ,austere,sophisticated, authoritative.And have Nimoy’s characteristic Vulcan appearance?.Good luck Spock hopefuls.

Question: if anyone knows the answer to this, chime in–

How soon before TOS did Kirk take command of the Enterprise? Months? A year? My point for asking is that if this is in fact the “first adventure”, they can skew to actors in their 30s. I agree with steve (#15) that from a production standpoint, if they want a new “franchise” they will be better off casting young actors, but there is some flexibility built in with respect to age.

And that point raises another question- what is the long-term plan for what follows this movie? It seems like most producers like the trilogy format (Spider-Man, X-Men, The Transformers is slated for a trilogy, and I think the next Bourne movie as well). If the trilogy plan is in effect here, then you can assume they will make Treks XI-XIII over the course of a ten-year period.

And a third question, more an opinion based one, should this prequel be the basis for the next phase for Trek? Since hearing that they were going to do a young TOS movie, I was skeptical of the worth of a new franchise based on old characters (with new actors). It is too early for me to judge whether they should extend this concept past one movie (because who knows what the concept ends up being at this point) but I have doubts about this being a viable way to re-start an ongoing franchise. As I said in another discussion, it seems like there is no Star Trek Czar making these decisions (film and tv are not under one roof now). What we need is more information.

I don’t want to see another actor portray Spock (or any of the other original actors). This is a really, really, really BAD idea.

Scott… you are such a fountain of confidence. Are we holding a place in line for you at the movie? Looks like you’ve already decided it’s not worth your admission.

If it’s Kirk’s first mission in command of the Enterprise then they need to have Gary Mitchell on board. Hmm. I have no idea who I’d cast are Mitchell. Ray Liotta would be great as Pike.

Yes, Gary Mitchell should be there. If it’s Kirk’s first mission in command of the Enterprise, there’s no McCoy either. I’d guess the time period is prior to Kirk commanding the Enterprise.

With Shatner and Nimoy likely contributing a cameo or flashback sequence and no Deforest Kelley available for that sequence, it’s pretty likely it will take place no later than TOS episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. But then, Spock served with Captain Pike “11 years, 4 Months, 5 Days” (as Spock says at the beginning of the Menagerie).

My guess is the timeframe is at least 12 years prior to “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Unless they want to disregard canon.

My problem with disregarding Canon is something as annoying and completely unnecessary as what happened in Nemesis — when the State of the Art Enterprise-E suddenly started firing off *Photon* Torpedoes again for the first time in almost a decade.

Please – be artful about how the story is crafted and for godsakes, don’t pick actors that are going to become a primadonna about typecasting and salary after the first movie has been made. How bad would it be for Trek if Matt Damon plays Kirk for one movie and then refuses to return for the next one?

Agreed, but I believe Nemesis wasn’t all that good of a story either.

Trek is such a big universe, it it really that hard to have an original idea without having to trample the backstory?

I do hope the next story is good and as much as I detest prequels, I hope it is done well with actors that do it justice.

I agree with Anthony Pascale. The story is the key to reviving or rebooting the franchise.

Battlestar Galactica has proved that fans will accept new actors in familiar roles (and in Galactica’s case completely revamped roles). What has made the show a hit is the totally fresh and unexpected approach and storyline. I remember an interview with Edward James Olmos prior to Galctica’s debut. Olmos stated that fans should not expect similarities with the old Galactica. Was he ever right! And this is why the new Galactica has succeeded where the old did not.

I’ve heard the positions that state that Galactica did not have the legacy of Trek. However, the issue is that fans want something new and exciting. Most of the Next Generation films were just normal TV episodes extended to the theater screen (and not particularly well). Fans could see Trek dying long before “Enterprise” fizzled.

I never cared for the original Battlestar Galactica. The new version has me hooked. I think Abrams can do the same with Trek. Whatever form it takes, whatever changes are ultimately made, can things really get worse? Let’s give Abrams a chance.

I can’t think of any current actor that has the necessary gravitas to portray Spock.

Heath Ledger would be interesting, but he is commited to the Joker.

I think finding a Jewish actor should be a priority in casting for Spock.


It’s a pity Adam Nimoy is a Director not an actor.

What about Croatian ER’ actor Goran Visnjic (dr. Luka Kovac) in the role of cpt. Pike?

I can dig it.

when is that script getting here?

You guys and your male models!

Newsflash, Nimoy was not an attractive man (at least not in a classical sense. Goran Visnjic? Zach Quinto? These are pretty boys! Nimoy had beady eyes, a long face and a large nose. He looked different, he looked like an alien with a face chiseled from stone.

Anthony, are you Quinto’s agent? Your photoshopping the hair and shirt is funny…

#18 Adam.

AFAIK the assumption in the Okuda’s Chronology is that ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ takes place a year into the mission and The Corbomite Maneuver a year after that, which makes sense, given the changes in uniforms, personnel, ship design etc.

I’m not sure of the Chronology’s veracity (strictly none, although it’s useful!), but it seems to fit. The cartoons could take place after season three, on the assumption that Chekov leaves after Turnabout Intruder.

Robert April’s appearance makes a nice bookend to the series, that way!

#32 Dom

Yeah, I totally forgot I own the Okuda chronology book. I’ll break it out later today. Thanks.

Lucky you!

I can’t seem to find mine!!!!

If we could sample Shatner and Nimoy’s DNA, we could clone them and accelerate their growth, thereby negating the need to recast.

Andy Samberg – totally Nimoy check out the pictures at his IMDB page.

Gary Sinise – Dr. McCoy (if he’s aboard yet) Scarry dead on Dr. McCoy and it’s all in the eyes, great actor plays a great humanitarian grump, plus in his early 40’s he’s the right age

And it’s going to be Star Trek so no more talk of any of the lame ass spinoff actors being in this (No Bloody B, C, D, or E) You Next Gen fans go away and chant with your crystals or something. There ain’t gonna be any preschools or psychologysts or poetry readings or repressed asexual characters who are so intraverted they can only interact and emote on a holodeck with phantoms. We’re gonna have fistfights, real peril, real humanity, beautiful women enjoying being beautiful and being made love to by a man who enjoys and knows how to do so, friendship , brotherhood, real family, a real villian for a change, real stories of social consequence wrapped up in a gripping action adventure without being preachy like the Socialist Utopia Generation. We are going to have Star Trek. I trust JJ he’s a fan like all of us and I am looking forward to the ride

I ‘d rather hear what Abrams says about casting rather than wishful thinking from the actors, however justified it may be. I’m one of those who think they’re looking for people in their 30’s. The poster kind of gives away the era, doesn’t it, unless Abrams doesn’t know how the shirts changed. Why not make the movie about the best part of the TOS era? Also, Battlestar, IMHO, shouldn’t be a template for this, it has a fierce fanbase, but a 2? rating and couldn’t make it on NBC. It’s a quality show but not a monster hit by any means.

A reminder at what Leonard Nimoy looked like during the period we wish to recapture:

He doesn’t have a brotruding jawline (Andy Samberg), he’s not a pretty boy (Goran Visnjic) and he does not look nor act like Zach Quinto. Sorry.

Again, this is my guy, Tobias Menziez:

ALRIGHT #36 !!!

thanks Brother.

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, Josh Hartnett is the closest to a young Nimoy I’ve seen, he even stands like him. Sinise is also a ringer for McCoy.

#39 Anthony

And that raises my biggest concern with this new movie- we’re expecting these actors to basically imitate Shatner, Nimoy, etc. The original actors are so unique in their presence and their mannerisms, I know at least for myself, the whole time I’m watching TREk XI, I’ll be sitting there evaluating how closely the new kids are imitating the original cast. This is the Trek movie we want?

Yes, I know the whole James Bond argument comes into play, etc. But James Bond has been more “rebooted” than “recast” over the decades. Changing geopolitical conditions and new technology, etc. has put the Bond continuity into flux, and fans of that series know not to expect too much uniformity. In fact, part of the appeal of Bond is seeing new twists on old concepts (the Aston Martin, the gadgetry,etc.). Abrams is going for a straight “period-piece” Trek movie. That’s a different approach than the Bond franchise.

I agree. Gary Mitchell should be there (or at least get a cameo/mention) and McCoy should not be on the ship. Further, they should have those gooseneck viewers on the bridge stations and Captain’s chair. Further still, they should have those clear plastic communicators like they had The Cage and the same phasers. Starfleet uniforms should look like they did in Where No Man Has Gone Before.

Dat’s right! :-D


No one other than Sinise should play McCoy. He’s perfect!

#38…that Tobias guy looks like a dead ringer for Nimoy!

Good catch dude!!!


I skimmed the thread and I could have missed it, but who’s thinking this isn’t a TOS film?
Gary Sinise would make a very good Bones.

#46 Anthony

I will absolutely heed that advice because despite my concerns, I am extremely excited about TREK XI. But are we to expect “Academy” era TOS or “Kirk’s first command” from the new movie? I ask because I figure you may have an idea based on your ridiculously good connections/intelligence.

And your answer will help us better shape our debate in terms of acceptable ages for the actors. Basically, I want to be able to play “fantasy trek-casting” with a little more confidence. Thanks!

“in a way I think that some Trek fans may have a lot of trouble enjoying Star Trek Xi. They will be watching it through the lens of trying to ensure it fits in with their precise view of the trek universe…they will feel the need to match all continuity and have the actors believably be the exact duplicates, etc.”

Well…Anthony as I have said countless times: You are THA MAN! But:

I want my fricking GOOSENECK monitors! Is that too much to ask? JJ just give me my gooseneck monitors and I will praise your movie from here to the Sigma Draconis! Oh…and it’s gotta have those WNMHGB uniforms!
And no McCoy on the Enterprise. Might be nice to see a phaser rifle like in WNMHGB too! Oh…and the Enterprise engine pods should have those spikes on them like in The Cage and WNMHGB!

That’s it…that’s all I want.

If just do all those simple things I will love Star Trek XI!

# 47 the picture at # 4 is better then the one at 38…..check out # 4 if you haven’t already. Also….Adam chose with pinpoint accuracy the actor who has the look of Capt. Pike…..But as previously mentioned whats with the look IF you can’t walk the walk and talk the talk…..(do the job adaquately) right?