Star Trek Legacy Ships

After being delayed, the much anticipated new game ‘Star Trek Legacy’ has shipped. Bethesda Softworks has announced that the PC version has just been sent out to retailers and the XBox 360 version should ship next week. Legacy is the biggest thing in Star Trek gaming in years and sports a story written by DC Fontana as well as voice acting by all 5 Trek captains. The buzz on the game is quite good and TrekMovie awaits its review copy with anticipation.

Legacy Screenshot


All 3 new Trek Games available at Amazon… 

Tactical Assault

Star Trek Encounters


Star Trek: Tactical Assault

 Star Trek: Legacy



PC & XBox 360 

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Hope this game is good. Star Trek games tend to suck hard. They seem to be putting quite a bit of thought and effort into Legacy. The above Constitution looks pretty good, (Don’t know why they have deeply etched panel lines on the saucer and why there are floodlights hitting the connecting dorsal and along the engineeering hull) but some of the other ships look amazing (Plus we will apparently get the Dreadnaught from Star Fleet Battles. ) All the delays have me a bit skeptical though.

Is it just me, or do the nacelle caps and the colour of the sensor dish look off in that screenshot? :p

#2. John N. – You crack me up :)

You crazy rabble-rouser, you!!!

I sure hope Bethesda makes it possible to mod the hell out of this one like they did with the two later Elder Scroll games. I would love to see ships from all the fans that give starfleet much more diversety. See them and make them explode, since ‘sploding stuff is fun.

> The above Constitution looks pretty good, (Don’t know why they have deeply etched panel lines on the saucer and why there are floodlights hitting the connecting dorsal and along the engineeering hull) but some of the other ships look amazing

I think it’s probably to make it fit better with the earlier/later ships

I’ve been impressed with every single ship I’ve seen for this game….except one. And that’s the Constitution class. The model is not accurate, nor are the textures, and it’s the most polygonal model in the game (as far as the available screenshots go). Having this ship in the game is the biggest draw for me to get it, so it sucks that the one ship I want, is the one I’m least happy with. At least I have BC, who’s Constitution mod kicks the crap out the one above. Still, I hope Legacy does really well, and look forward to more Trek games by Bethesda.


Whatever the circumstances Anthony, I am gutted at this news, and am sure that will apply to most visitors here.

I just hope it’s not because of too traumatic a reason…and if it is…then I hope you can sort it all out, and recover from it in good time.

I want to THANK YOU for this excellent, fun, and informative site, whose demise I shall sorely miss. Perhaps it will be initiated by you in some other form in the future, who knows…I await your future explanation with trepidation.

A final THANKYOU too then to the hardworking team of CBS DIGITAL, who I know will produce some fantastic enhancements in the future for us all to enjoy, albeit under the constraints of time and budgetary matters. More “above” the Enterprise shots from the front and rear if you can manage please…and IF you can do something with some background set enhancements, and some tinkering with certain phaser disintegration shots that are a bit “suspect”, then I will be forever grateful, and snapping up those future High Definition DVDs, and watching with a contented nostalgia anew.

And I hope J.J. Abrams can give us a mightily fine Star Trek Movie experience that will please us all. Bring on the Original characters…in whatever form. And may the score be a memorable one too.

So good luck in the future ANTHONY PASCALE…and yes, I’ll allow myself to say it once…LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

Just a final thought…I now intend to go right back to the START of this site and read through ALL the comments that were posted here, and take a note of some of the excellent LINKS that some of you fellow contributers suggested…some were very helpful to me, thankyou all.

Regards from Peter Morrison ( “Cervantes” is just my tag name ), somewhere near mysterious Loch Ness, Scotland, U.K.


I sure hope it isn’t because of things that we have done/said here. Hearing about this site shutting down is very depressing. Your site has been a treasure of weekly info. Frankly, I’m not sure how I’ll get by without all of the updates on the remastered Trek along with everything else you have covered. You have had a fantastic site.

Holy moley! Just after winning an award as well! This is totally out-of-the-blue. Damn! This is the best ‘fan’ site I’ve come across!

Btw, how come posts 10 and 11 send us to

have checked out this site every day since it began. Live in the UK and will be sad to see you go!

Sad news indeed.

This site is brilliant and I am gutted to hear it going to be closed.
It’s the first site I look at each day and normally the last site before I go to bed too.
I didn’t comment on the other thread about wining the award as I decided to check this article out first.
But I was going to say that this site truly does deserve its award.

Many thanks Anthony and Matt for all the hard work that has gone into this site and to everybody else that have helped make this site so great.
It’s going to be a real shame when it’s gone. I don’t think there is another site out there that covers the Remastered episodes
In as much detail as it does here. It has collected a faithful gathering of fans, of which I am one and has become a great little community of its own. Thanks again for all your hard work Anthony, I hope its nothing serious and all is well.

#15, I initially thought “Anthony’s” post was a hoax. And you may be right, Dom, perhaps a reader is having fun running a prank. If so, Anthon will clear it up rather soon.

May be true (I hope not) but why would he drop a bombshell like that in the middle of a gaming thread?

I really hope that it IS a hoax… it would be sad to see you go…

#3 – Herbert – glad I could give you a chuckle… those new to the site may not have got the inside joke…. ;)

#22 – Anthony

Glad to hear it…. to the agony booth with whoever it was that is stirring up trouble for no reason!


You asked us if we could think of any improvements for this site, I got one: Let’s get some security in here to prevent the very slanderous comment that was made today about the site going down. Oh and an agony booth would be nice too.

Whew! That hit me harder than the cancellation of Enterprise (of which I truly was a great fan-though TOS is still the best)!!! People that pull pranks like that deserve more than a full spread of photon torpedos! Live long and prosper,!!!!!

New format? First we get the hoax about the site going down and now this? I’m going back to drinking coffee again until this all blows over…

Anthony, that’s pretty funny. Are we to expect a “new look” to the site anytime soon?

I think this site will be majestic when all of the imagery and themes are focused on the new film as more material is released from the production,

that will be exciting.

I vote for a TOS theme all the way. ST-Remastered has got me all sorts of nostalgic over the old shows and basking in that aesthetic would be really cool.

Anthony, how old are ye?

#22 – Anthony

Really relieved to hear that…

#23 – John N

Agreed John, maximum setting in the agony booth ought sort this hoaxer out!!! :O)

The Agony Booth is too good for him. I suggest A week’s detention in the screening room watching nothing but repeated viewings of the Lost in Space episode The Great Vegetable Rebellion!

Awww, I missed the hoax… I like the site as it is, simplicity is nice. Forums to get lost in? I dunno, I have a hard enough time keeping up with other boards… :-)

And, that constitution class ship looks like it belongs to the Mirror Universe for sure!!!

To the Agony Booth for anyone who angers me for no good reason.

Because I said so.

Glad the bad news was a hoax, Anthony.

I love the site and check it every day first thing and last.

Keep up the good work!


Just got back today to check out the reactions to the site closing down news, only to find out it was some asshole jerking around!!!

I am so relieved that this has turned out to be a hoax.

May the culprit’s left ear wither and fall into his right pocket…
Old Arabian Curse

This game is so full of bugs that it’s half-finished.

2 delays and they still can’t get it done on time. Expect at least 12 patches.