is Excellentia

The venerable Trek site Ex Astris Scientia has named it’s ‘Ex Astris Excellentia‘ award winner of the month.

The Trek Movie Report was launched just a couple of months ago as a hub for announcements and rumors about the upcoming feature film "Star Trek XI", as well as for news and reviews regarding remastered TOS episodes, DVD and game releases. Webmaster Anthony Pascale has created a cutting-edge Trek news site of a new kind.

Aww shucks guys…you are making me blush. Bernd Schnieder’s EAS site is definately an essential site for any Trekkie. On behalf of myself, Matt and all the other contributors, we are honored.

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Good going.

This place *is* rather more accessible and news-oriented than the Trek sites that have been around since before “blogging” caught on.

Mister Anthony Pascale,

Please take a well- deserved bow!

You and your cohort of contributors have made this site extraordinarily enjoyable, gratifying, enlightening, invigorating, amusing, engaging, diverting, interesting, enchanting, stimulating, informative and… well fun!

Josh, you are our resident thesaurus-tician… please, if ever we wanted you to be long-winded… NOW’S THE TIME!!!! ;)

But seriously, folks… With all due respect to your Mom who reads this… Damn fine job, Anthony… or, as the say down south, f**kin’ A, bubba!… and thank you!

Send me your address… there is a fine bottle of wine that will be coming your way. Cab? Pinot Noir? Perhaps, a Sangiovese (I had a wonderful one the other night!) You let me know what your oenophilic pleasure might be and there will be a bottle on your doorstep to facilitate the bending of elbows for your success and general holiday cheer!

Again, congrats!!!

Congratulations, Anthony.

Well deserved! :)

I personally appreciate this site because you are very up to date and avoid all the reports about the silly goings-on of past Trek actors. As someone who watched only four episodes of Deep Space Nine, one episode of Voyager and none of Enterprise, I really don’t care what those actors are doing.

I also appreciate the lack of ego in that I don’t have to slog through self-indulgent columns which offer the myriad details of the webmaster’s personal life–I have enough drama of my own with two teenage daughters!

Take your bows and then get back to work!

You guys really deserve the accolades…. great work!

Congrats, Anthony!

A very deserved award…. thanks Anthony.




BIG DAWG A.P. indahouse!!!

who loves ya, baybeeeeee???



Well deserved.

Since discovering TrekMovie a few months ago, I’ve all but deleted TrekWeb from my Favorites.

I must give my grandest of thankyou’s. I go to this page a fiew times a day in hope of updates. And quite often there are fresh new about interesting stuff. I even check in when at work, to the dismay of my boss. ;)
Thanyou for such a nice little site and congratulations on the well deserved award from the other Trek site I also frequent.

Wow this is awsome news, I want to thank Tony for making such a low key site that is fun to work at :)

Kudos to all! This is indeed a superb site.

For what little it is worth, in my opinion I actually like the blog comment format for reading and posting. “Keep It Simple, Stupid” works for me, and this format eliminates all of those distracting oddball graphics and useless signature lines too many posters clog up many forums with, keeps most postings down in length, and seemingly more focused on the topic at hand.

But I know others truly love forums and they do offer some real advantages over blog commenting. So I would just ask that, if possible, you consider disallowing big annoying graphical signatures and the like in the future forums. But whatever you wind up doing, live long and prosper!

The Mom of the Trekkie

Congratulations of your award from Ex Astris Scientia !
Fabulous news, and certainly well-deserved ! I am proud.
As the mom of the Trekkie, I know about 1 percent of what
you Trekkies know, but I do know that I try to aspire others
who are non-Trekkies to become more ‘educated’ into the
serious-minded sci-fi World.

Nearly 25 years after Blade Runner and eight after The Matrix,
the film industry is filled with talented geeks – filmmakers,
writers, and special-effects whizzes – who grew up on
Hollywood sci-fi and fantasy and who understand the power
of new digital tools to re-imagine the universe.

The material’s out there. Technology’s encroachment into the
human sphere – a constant theme of sci-fi — is on everybody’s
minds. There are plenty of subjects: nanotech, genetic
engineering, space elevators, the expanding knowledge of the
universe, digital invasions of privacy, our imperiled environment.

There is an interesting article by Jim Stotek of the Toronto Sun,
written in August of this year, in which Leonard Nimoy states in
a phone interview – “It was a long time ago, yet some of it is
extremely fresh in my mind. I vividly remember some of the earliest
makeup tests and wardrobe fittings, the first days of shooting. I
remember shooting with Jeffrey Hunter on the first Star Trek pilot
(1965). I got a phone call from the studio. They wanted a new pilot
and they wanted me back.” Well, they sort of wanted him. The most
common studio memo that greeted the original Star Trek pilot (with
Jeffrey Hunter as Capt. Pike) was ‘get rid of the guy with the ears.’
Instead, he became Trek’s most popular character, surviving even his own death in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

You Trekkies all already must know that Nimoy credits George Lucas
for giving Trek life, even though much was made of a rivalry between
Trekkers and Star Wars fans.

As to Star Trek conventions, Nimoy likens them to “taking a victory
lap. Everyone says wonderful things and strokes your ego. They
tell you how you have affected their lives in a positive way, and thanks
for all the years of Entertainment.” Nimoy is very touched by the
outpouring of affection and respect that he receives.

TrekMovie, that is it for today, but I will be checking your site,
as I do each and every day.
Keep the Road Smooth.

I have to agree with the above post. In this day and age of “flash this” and “java that”….in this day and age of browsing through “graphic intensive” pages only to find links to links to more links, .the simplistic approach of this site is very appealing. It’s simple yet infomative and the comments are always fun to read. Don’t get too fancy here, remember less is more..and right now, amongst a sea of sites crammed with everything but the kitchen sink, your site is a breath of fresh air. To all responsible, take a well deserved bow, you’ve earned it!

Congrats Anthony!

I can not even recall how I came across your site. Probably from another site about Star Trek or a similiar subject. Keep up the great work and how you are doing it is important. So stay the course!

My belated arrival nonwithstanding,

Many felicitations and congratulations to Anthony are in order for such a dynamic and atypical outlet for the expression of fan appreciation and love for all things Trek.

This is a very pleasant forum showcasing insightful guest authors on a variety of topics, spririted forum debate and discussion, and fascinating articles pertaining to the world of Star Trek.

Don’t rest on laurels!

Congratulations Anthony!
A well deserved Honor! I have really enjoyed your site. Please people, donate your time to this site.
Long Live and Prosper Anthony.

This is the best site to hit the ‘net in years. I’m glad to say I have been a loyal reader/commenter from the start. Anthony and Co., you run a class operation, and that reflects your love of Star Trek and your integrity as journalists.

I’ve cut back on coffee so I can focus more on My eye stopped twitching thanks to you guys!


-Adam Cohen

Accolades well deserved.


I also wish to add my congratulations on your site now gaining some deserved recognition. Well done Anthony and your regular contributers.

HOWEVER…this good news has now been overshadowed ANTHONY’S post #11 on the NEXT thread topic “Star Trek Legacy Ships”…better go read now people…

Got to admit I’ve really enjoyed coming to this site and reading the posts… I’m very sad that it’s coming down, but perhaps he’ll be back.

Congrats Anthony on the recognition though. i think you’ll be back. ;)


I think that post by “Anthony Pascale” in the other article is a hoax by a reader. The link off of the name is to Scott Gammans’ vanity site.

Congratulations to Anthony and everyone behind :) You guys deserve the recognition. This site has fast become my favorite site for Star Trek news.

Yes that post was some jerk playing an unfunny joke on AFAIK we aren’t going anywhere :)

Congrats, you really deserve it. It’s been years since there was a source of Trek news that kept me coming back everyday, but TrekMovie is it.

Hey congratulations, Anthony. I’ve been reading trekmovie for a few months now – love it.

We ‘Star Gazers’ consider Anthony’s site at the top of the Constellations.

Always up-to-date, accurate and trek worthy.

Well done, Anthony