Trek And Abrams Making The Lists

IGN Filmforce have been counting down the top 25 film franchises and Star Trek ended up as #5.  Eric Moro, IGN Editor in Chief sums Trek up thusly:

Ever since The Original Series debuted on NBC back in 1966, there’s been a steady stream of Trek within the pop culture zeitgeist. Sure, I can spew off franchise facts like six TV series, 10 feature films (with an 11th currently in development from J.J. Abrams), tons of videogames, action figures, novels, comic books and two Las Vegas themed attractions. But perhaps more impressive is the impact the property has made on fandom itself—I’m talking the fan fiction, the fan films (most found on the Internet) and the yearly conventions. Even more impressive still is the impact these fans have made on the mainstream. One of many examples: After a massive letter writing campaign, NASA names the first space shuttle the Enterprise. Now that’s a powerhouse franchise!

Their list is a bit subjective, but they did have some critera. A franchise had to have at least 3 films to be considered and they factored in’commercial and artistic successes, impact on pop culture and how many ancillary items they spawned (videogames, comics, fast food tie-ins,etc.)’ Trek beat out some venerable franchises including Batman, Superman, Alien and Juruassic Park. The top 4 were Star Wars, Bond, Lord of The Rings and Indiana Jones. Although coming behind Star Wars and Bond is understandable, it seems that Trek could have clocked in at 3rd or 4th on pop culture influence alone.

Abrams MI Doesn’t make the list, but he makes another

One franchise that didn’t make the IGN list at all was the Mission Impossible franchise. Including the last entry by JJ Abrams, that franchise is one of the largest grossing of all time…oh well maybe they dont like Cruise. M:I:III did end 2006 as the 7th highest grossing film and the number one selling HD DVD. JJ Abrams also make a different list (everyone seems to put out lists at the end of the year). SyFy Portal named Abrams the top newsmaker of 2006. From the article: No one can create the see-saw news articlesspeculating back and forth about what he’s doing than Abrams working onthe new Star Trek movie.’ Very true…and it isn’t going to be any different in 2007 if has anything to say about it.


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It’s hard to think of Mission Impossible as a real franchise when the three films are so wildly different from each other in tone and style.

In terms of its cultural impact, Star Trek may have no rival.

40 years is a long time for folks to still be buzzing about a rickety, old TV show with its sometimes hokey take on an exotic future.

Yes, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and others have a mass appeal that likely outweighs Star Trek. But when it comes to content– the meaning behind the franchise, and how its fans relate to that show, Star Trek is truly unique. Star Trek is not about good versus evil like these other franchises. Instead, the show is about character, human or otherwise, and the “enterprising” and noble parts of ourselves. We touched on Star Trek: The Motion Picture earlier in the week, and that show (despite its dramatic shortcomings) reveals what makes Star Trek special. Sure, some of our best adventures were spent fighting Khan, Klingons, the Borg or some other badguys. But the stuff inbetween, the “human adventure” is what elevates the entirety of the material. And referring back to TMP, despite what your feelings are on the movie itself, ALL Trek fans look to one scene in particular as uplifting- when Kirk takes his first shuttle ride to meet “her,” The Enterprise.

We all want to be on The Enterprise. That’s why we keep coming back. That’s why we come here (!). Ah, it may be the Christmas spirit, but I’m feeling whimsical and happy thinking about these things. Happy Holidays, fellow crewmates. And a special thanks to Anthony and the gang for sailing their own true tall ship.

#3 Anthony,

See, I was being all romantic about Star Trek and you brought up money again! But I do have something to add to that issue as well. Star Wars is the “king” of the franchises not only because the movies did such great business, but even more so because its merchandising has been so strong for 3 decades. After Star Wars, I have to say (without knowing actual figures) that Star Trek has to be second. I seriously doubt that Bond, LOTR, Aliens, or whomever else comes close to what Star Trek has accomplished in this regard. So, Star Wars runs the table, but Star Trek (with those ships, books, its own action figures, video games, etc.) is a serious player in its own right. I think the breakdown is that Star Trek’s box office has brought in around $1 billion worldwide, wheras the merchandising has exceeded $4 billion. Hello! Star Trek may qualify as a strong #2 in terms of franchise value when you consider those numbers.

But all that love has to come from somewhere, right? That’s why I’m more into the mushy stuff I talked about above (see post #2) :)

I would say the big three franchises (not just movies) are Wars, Bond and Trek. They have engraved themselves in pop culture and have been in it for decades.


Remember that there were also two “Mission: Impossible” TV series, the first one lasting SEVEN seasons, and the second lasting two.

I nominate Adam for or resident science officer. Good stuff. Always has a wealth of facts to make cogent arguements. I would could see an arguement for Trek being the second most culturally significant franchise behind Star Wars.

#7 Picardsucks (great sn by the way)

I accept the position, just don’t ask me “How do you feel?” My katra is still a little shaky after these Johnnie Walkers I’ve been enjoying this evening. Scotch Whisky, most fascinating!

When making reference to something being a POP ICON one must examine influence above all. “Currency” is only important in that it is a tempoprary representation of public interest through an apparent willingness to invest cash into said product.

But to actually influence TECHNOLOGY is an astounding accomplishment.

When Buster Crabbe was flying those God awful buzzing rocketships with the flames coming out of the ass end in those Flash Gordon serials, the notion of actually doing so was pure fiction.
Decades later, out steps Neil Armstrong on the moon.

George Lucas himself stated that Star Wars was NOT science fiction. It was science fantasy.

Money is irrelevent.
Time and influence, are everything.

When you look at the Hindenburg and the time of the zeppelins, there was a HUGE industry sellling zepellin plates, books, posters, models, lunch boxes and the like.
Nobody remembers the Zepplin coloring book in their attic. They remember how Zeppelins affected air travel and how when the Hindenburg went down…. zeppelins, were suddenly not so popular.

THAT was the influence. Not the toys products and money, but how it actually influenced TECHNOLOGY.

The fact that a televsion show, not an actual revolutionary form of instrumentality, could influence how we live our daily lives means more that ANY number you could possibly conjure up.

Science fiction creates the idea, science FACT makes it a reality.

As I dont see any Tie fighters or light sabers kicking around,(as practical and useful as they would be…..;)

I’ll put my money on TREK.

Good points, SPOCKBOY

Space travel, medical diagnostics, and dozens of other sciences have common roots with Star Trek, I have a flip cell-phone that I operate a la James Kirk, much to the chagrin of my friends and loved ones.

I do however *really* want a lightsaber. It’s a can-opener, it slices, it dices, it makes all your other appliances obsolete!

I for one believe all these top what evers are flowed. True if you go solely on dollar values Star Wars is king of the hill as far as francises go. But if you talk about real world impact Trek beats all other francises hands down. As stated above what other francise has had the influence to have a Space shuttle named in their honor. How much technology we us today has even a small part of the ideas behind it being suggested by Trek. In fact it was Trek that was atleast in part responsable for Star Wars, due to the fact before Lucas Made Star Wars he aproached Paramount about wanting to make a Trek movie. Always cleaver Paramount execs told him to go away and the rest is history.
Happy Hols all LLAP.

If you ask me Bond is No.1 and our beloved Trek No.2

The opportunuity to cross-media merchandise trek (Toys,action figures,Tie ins etc)looks like it will be exploited to the max for the mainstream audience if that previous story about Transformers is any indication of the minds at work.The new Trek doesn’t necessarily have to be a cinematic hit but if it plays like a 90 min toy commercial and sells things other than theatre tickets it will still be considered a big sucess.

1} NASA names the first space shuttle the Enterprise ?

2} on evry Holidays no evey day ! Star Trek nat Star Wars or “Mission: Impossible”
Star Trek 10 movies to Star Wars 6 movies or “Mission: Impossible” 3 movies.
Star Trek tv 29 seasons
from 9. SPOCKBOY `George Lucas himself stated that Star Wars was NOT science fiction. It was science fantasy.
I’ll put my money on TREK. !


Star Wars… absolutely.

James Bond… 007’s been around for a loooong time.

Lord Of The Rings… mmmmm, maybe, maybe not.

Indiana Jones… Huh? Don’t get me wrong, some damn fine films with characteres that are iconic and resonate… but before Star Trek?

No way. No how.

I think Teenage Mutant Turtles should have topped the list. LOL.

Turtles aoo NO!
1- Star Trek
2- Transformers.
3- James Bond 007
4- ghost in the shell

6- Indiana Jones
7- Star Wars

89- the Turtles maybe . maybe 103 ?

yes my list of movies and seasons to wach so “Live Long and Prosper”
i love U TO Trek !

Hi there…

i think Star Trek should be number one… as some other people here said, Star Trek Technology has a huge influence of real life. But also, no other Franchise influenced people with the given moral, ethic understanding and giving care to ALL life on earth and not on earth :) Also, Star Trek don’t give a shi* on separating Life on Religion, Culture, Color or whatever. I, for my part, have learned so much off Star Trek, that i think, some parts could make it into a schoolbook.

But… Thinking of amount of Movies and time existing… Bond, James Bond is absolute number one, and Star Trek is number two …

Indiana Jones is everything. Star Wars is irrelevant.

So long,